No, the Seahawks shouldn’t trade for Roquan Smith

August 12th, 2022 | Written by Rob Staton

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  1. cha says:

    Buck Reising
    Vrabel on taking Willis out after the second play of the third quarter: I wanted him to throw the ball. He didn’t, so we put in Logan
    7:52 PM · Aug 11, 2022·


    Malik Willis (Liberty)

    He has incredible arm strength, his running ability is a major plus and he has the potential to make magic happen on the move. However — he struggles to throw over the middle and flat-out rejects way too many easy completions, he too often refuses to take what’s on offer and he has a painful number of self-inflicted sacks.

    • Big Mike says:

      Ummmmmm, not sure who wrote that p0layer eval that’s the 2nd part of your post……….oh wait, yes I do know. 🙂

    • Seattle Person says:

      I was a little confused when so many praised him after that game. It seemed like he was still first read and go. He fled the pocket quite often. A big chunk of his passing yards was off of one play. It was cool to see his big arm but we already knew he had one. To me…Willis didn’t show.anything new.

    • Peter says:

      Iron on Iron indeed. How good are those two going to be after getting after one another…stupid good is how good.

      • Rob Staton says:

        Everyone should root for the Eagles and Jalen Hurts this year.

        They scare the crap out of me for the 2023 draft, trading up to get our QB

        • Henry Taylor says:

          No problem at all, love the way they’ve built their team and a lot of the players including Jalen Hurts who, despite his limitations as a passer, seems like a great dude and leader who has been working extremely hard to improve that area of his game.

          Probably my second favourite team in the NFC

        • seaspunj says:

          I want Giants Danny Dimes to do well because I can see them going after Levis

        • Peter says:

          For sure rooting for them to be good so their picks won’t mean as much.

        • Tien says:

          I can totally see the Giants moving up to get a QB if Daniel Jones sucks again…very possible!

          Also, there’s concern that Zach Wilson may have torn his ACL on a no contact injury. They’re waiting for results of an MRI. If so, the Jets might trade for JimmyG in the short term but then would probably in the running for a QB of the future in next year’s draft also.

  2. HOUSE says:


    You bring up excellent points sit and I completely agree that this year is a kind of let the players help and then draft a QB in 2023.

    I truly like the idea of taking that QB and then an OL/weapon with that second 1st rd pick.

  3. KD says:

    Let’s Ride!
    Can we do that again?
    Can we do that again?
    Let’s (puts sunglasses on) ride
    Can we do that again?
    *Gets on a horse* Let’s ride
    Can we do that again?
    *Kills guy in a shoot out* Let’s Ride
    Can we do that again?
    *Photophops his way into Braveheart* Let’s ride!
    Can we do that again?
    *The Death Star blows up* Let’s ride!

      • Mick says:

        I had a hunch it’s Russ but I wish I didn’t look. Anyways all the best to him in Denver and hope he can lead his team to the same result as they had in SuperBowl 48.

      • swedenhawk says:

        Egads… Yet another video to satisfy Rob’s addiction.
        Taking the piss out of Russell Wilson? Unlimited!

      • Big Boi says:

        Meh, this is getting to be kind of a tiresome narrative to be honest. I find it kind of weird that a grown man- who clearly lacks a tremendous amount of game and street cred himself- takes the time to put a guy on blast for being corny. Meanwhile, our starting quarterback could have killed someone in January driving 96 in a 60 swerving across lanes in his Rolls Royce, then was a downright jerk while threatening the arresting officers and here we all are just hoping the court system delays it till after the season. Seems kind of upside down to me and I feel like we celebrate and denigrate the wrong things. I’m sure it’ll be an unpopular take- kind of what I’m known for on this board haha- so blast away at my corniness.

        • Rob Staton says:

          I think people are just having some fun, big boi

          • Peter says:

            You’re both not wrong.

            Russ and his brand attempts are borderline unbearable.

            If his “brand,” was just being probably the most generous hawk that ever played I think he’d be way more revered. This “let’s ride,” stuff is ridiculous and completely overshadows the work he and his wife do.

            Alternately…..geno is a chump. And I really don’t care if he starts though I’d rather see if the team struck something that is near enough to gold in Lock. And I am a bit confused as to why Geno hasn’t been suspended for about four games for general “ass-hattery,” and being too thick to call an Uber.

            • Rob Staton says:

              I’m confused why he felt he needed ‘let’s ride’ to be a thing.

              It’s not doing him any favours

              • Peter says:

                Feels like nothing would have been better than that. You don’t need a catch phrase unless you’re in a 90’s sitcom.

              • HawkfaninMT says:

                This is where I am at with this bit of off-season distraction. He obviously had “Go Hawks” at the end of every interview which was subtle and a fan thing already. This seems like the response to that now that he is with Denver. Would be interested if he is pushing the narrative or the org… but either way it’s ok to not have something you say also.

                • TomLPDX says:

                  I think this is all Russ. And here we are still talking about Russ. Talk about rent-free in your head!

                  • All I see is 12s says:

                    After the last 10 years, a fan paying even the remotest attention can’t tell that Russell Wilson is a camera pandering egomaniac who needs everything to be about him, and I don’t know what to tell you.

  4. CojackTX says:

    I fully agree, but looking at the most recent depth chart, inside linebacker depth is shockingly weak. I assume this may be addressed at cutdowns. However, with Barton’s contract is expiring and him seeming like a fringe starter at best, I wonder if this position will be a priority for day 2 in the draft next year. Any exciting names out there to watch?

    • Rob Staton says:

      Well, exactly. Day two (or three) of the draft next year

      Not spending a fortune, resetting the LB market (again) and then needing to do the same for Brooks if he plays well.

      If LB was such an issue, they would’ve drafted one. They chose not to

  5. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Speaking of LBs, Leo Chenal looked pretty solid for the Chiefs today. He looks longer than I remember him being. Gave me a Luke Kuechly vibe, stature-wise.

    Speaking of Leo Chenal, so it’s pronounced “Chanel” like the house of fashion, and not Chenal, like the way it’s spelled?

    Caught parts of ATLvDET and GBvSF and even though it’s just preseason, I thought there was a clear, unambiguous difference in level of competition between the two matches.

  6. Ashish says:

    Excited to watch preseason opener. Eager to see defense especially both Corners Coby and Wollen. How is our running game shaping up? And both new tackles.

  7. cha says:

    Tomlin has said he wants to get his starters at least a quarter.

    What I’m looking for in tonight’s game

    Are these guys ready to play?
    We finally get to see the fruits of the Seahawks’ coaching changes on defense. On offense, the Seahawks are in Year 2 of the Waldron Experience. We definitely are not going to get elaborate scheming on either side, but that’s not needed. The guys showing up, knowing their assignments and the depth players not looking totally lost would be a joy to behold.

    Or will it be like last year? The first two preseason weeks were absolutely miserable. “Not good enough on either side of the ball” was the PC catchphrase we heard more than once. They followed it up with a bloody awful defensive performance to start the season – another near-historic stretch of putrid play.

    Can the coaches be a stiff wind that blows the stench off of horrific starts in 2021 and 2020?

    Which QB can handle pressure the best?
    The Steelers are an excellent test for this remade OL and QB battle. They led the NFL in sacks last year. It’s going to come from the outside (TJ Watt) and the inside (Heyward and Wormley). There are going to be times where they play breaks down and the pocket collapses. Who will handle it better?

    The rookies on display
    This is our first chance to see this deep class in action. And they’ll probably get a lot snaps due to injuries to guys further up the chart. Only Tyreke Smith is unavailable.

    Eskridge, Swain and Goodwin likely aren’t playing. Melton and Young should get a lot of opportunities to make their case.

    Penny is out as a precautionary measure. Even if Walker doesn’t play a ton, he should get some reps against the Steeler #1 D.

    Jones and Burns are not playing tonight. It’s the Woolen and Bryant Show at CB.

    The Right Tackle competition
    TJ Watt lines up over the RT primarily. Who gets the honor of facing him for a quarter? I’d love for the coaches to specifically not go out of their way to give the RT help on every play with Watt. Let’s see what we have there.

    The Wide Receiver competition
    Of the two rookies I’d personally give Young a slight edge over Melton at this point – he had a really good mock game performance. But Cody Thompson has also played well. Cade Johnson seems lost in the mix, and Aaron Fuller is running out of chances. If they decide to keep Marquise Goodwin that’s 5 WRs and there is not much room after that. It may come down to who the best gunner and most reliable punt returner is.

    The Linebacker depth
    Brooks is not playing, so who is next to Cody Barton? Iggy? Or Bellore? Do they have anything in Vi Jones or Tanner Muse? Is Joel Dublanko a thing?

    • cha says:

      Forgot about Penny Hart too.

    • TomLPDX says:

      It’s definitely going to be interesting! And please…no injuries (to either team!).

    • cha says:

      Are these guys ready to play?


      Woolen blew a man coverage call

      Geno can’t even get the offense ready in preseason. Or make a good decision.

      The defense has forgotten how to tackle behind the LOS.

      Fuller needs to get cut tomorrow for that punt decision.

      What is this team even doing out there?

  8. Rob Staton says:

    I’m not staying up for the game as I’ve got a long trip and a radio commentary tomorrow

    I’ll probably watch the first 30 mins then the rest in the morning

    Will post a few thoughts later on Sunday

    • Dave1401 says:

      Have you ever thought about doing a watchalong stream with Robbie and Adam during the preseason games? I think it would be amazing

  9. AlaskaHawk says:

    Seahawks defense against rookie QB Pickett. Smack! “Thank you sir, may I have another?

    • Rob Staton says:

      It’s Trubisky, not Pickett

    • AlaskaHawk says:

      I thought it was odd that Pickett would be first up! Trubisky did well shucking the linemen on the second series. Defense has to tackle when the have them in their arms.

      I’ve got to say the Abc signal was terrible at begining of game. Video is better now it no sound.

  10. cha says:

    Haynes starting at RG and pushes his man out.

    PC said he’s pushing Gabe Jackson for the RG job.

  11. uptop says:

    you have to pick one geno. bad pocket presence

  12. TomLPDX says:

    Geno sucks!

    • Rob Staton says:

      Spectacularly sucks

      That third down burned timeout followed by an avoidable sack was all I need to see from him, frankly. It should either be Lock or someone else. He shouldn’t even be here.

  13. jdruaint says:

    Top 5 pick here we come!!!

  14. CaptainJack says:

    Terrible geno smith play warms my heart.

    It’s lock time baby.

    Also the defense being terrible can only be a positive for picking high. Imagine if lock is actually good but the defense is so bad we still pick top five. Best possible outcome

  15. Rob Staton says:

    Our tackling has been awful to start this game

  16. Rob Staton says:

    I know Cha wanted to see if we looked ready to play.

    Suspect that has been answered…

  17. Romeo A57 says:

    Rob, I don’t think you will be missing anything good going to bed soon. Bad tackling, blown coverage and Geno not being able to convert on 3rd down. Comical special teams play. This could get real ugly.

  18. Troy says:

    If this is a preview for the regular season, I don’t think we will have to worry about trading up for a QB…

  19. Huggie Hawk says:

    Geno sucks. He sacked himself before that play even began. Taylor looks amazeballs. Loved Ken Sky Walker’s first run.

  20. Robbie says:

    Off to a hideous start. Long long season ahead of us.

  21. bmseattle says:


  22. TomLPDX says:

    Mafe! There is still hope!

  23. Romeo A57 says:

    Make! I still hate to see the Hawks being outplayed on offense, defense and special teams. Great throw by Rudolph there.

  24. Troy says:

    LOL. Defense is in mid season form. Like a hot knife thru butter. Missed tackles galore. And it drives me crazy when the DB doesn’t turn around to locate the ball.

  25. CaptainJack says:

    That’s a great learning moment for Coby Bryant. He will learn from that.

    • Rob Staton says:

      We’re all learning today

      • Romeo A57 says:

        Unfortunately we are learning that we may have been overestimating how competitive this team will be this year. I have been among the most pessimistic who did not see this team winning more than 5 games. At this point, I am trying to find 4 wins in their schedule.

  26. Blitzy the Clown says:

    The way NFL Network handled the start of the game was absolute shyte. In preseason, the early drives are what matter, not who wins the battle of the third stringers at the end of the game.

    The announcers are absolute shyte. They barely know Seattle’s roster.

    The Seahawks are playing like absolute shyte. Missed tackles. Geno Smith. Third and longs on both sides of the ball. CBs not making plays.

    At least the pass rush shows some signs of life. And Walker and Cross looks pretty good so far on offense.

    Emrace the suck

  27. Blitzy the Clown says:

    OMG Abe Lucas is a monster! Just drove his assignment into the ground

  28. TomLPDX says:

    Homer looking good. Did he make a jump this year? Would love it if he has.

  29. bmseattle says:

    Geno is giving up way too quickly.
    Our line is giving him time and space to throw.

    • CaptainJack says:

      Unless lock completely sh*ts the bed, I imagine the job is his after this geno performance

  30. cha says:

    Uchenna got absolutely buried by the tackle on that play.

    • CaptainJack says:

      He looks like a non factor. Looks undersized out there

    • cha says:

      Hey Chenna,

      When the LT outweighs you by 60 lbs, you’re not going to get much done just running square into him and trying to bull rush him.

  31. Rob Staton says:

    Tackling is so, so, so, so bad

  32. Rob Staton says:

    Josh ‘Jamal’ Jones

  33. Peter says:

    Not pleased to see that almost 2:1 time of possession.

    Pumped and jacked….come on guys.

  34. 206 says:

    Time of possession situation is the exact same as last year at this point

  35. Rob Staton says:

    Steelers playing ‘Half Mast’ by Empire of the Sun during that break

    Great song

  36. Gross MaToast says:

    You know, I’ve always been someone who sees a ray of sunshine in the darkest storm, ever the optimist, and to be honest the only quarterbacks on the field who have been better than Geno so far have been Mitch Trubisky and Mason Rudolph.

    For the life of me I can’t believe they:
    (a) re-signed him and that he will
    (b) make the roster and that
    (c) he is likely the starting QB for awhile.

    • Rob Staton says:

      You know, I’ve always been someone who sees a ray of sunshine in the darkest storm, ever the optimist, and to be honest the only quarterbacks on the field who have been better than Geno so far have been Mitch Trubisky and Mason Rudolph.


    • Dave1401 says:

      (d) got a payrise

  37. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Somebody better tell Art Rooney to lay off the caffeine.

    If he gets any more animated he might be mistaken for a cardboard cutout

  38. Jordan says:

    A little behind on watching this game, but man, Curhan is such a nice udfa find. Absolutely pulverizing guys before stepping out so that Abe can get some work.

  39. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Starting to see some teeth to the pass rush

  40. Mike says:

    Michael Bennett’s fun to listen to that’s about all I can take away from that first half.

  41. CaptainJack says:

    I seriously don’t get why they don’t want to give lock a chance at all.

  42. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Charles Cross looks pretty damn good.

  43. Jordan says:

    Charles Cross; so nice to have that spot taken care of in advance of the next QBs arrival.

  44. dand393 says:

    Both rookie tackles are looking excellent

  45. AlaskaHawk says:

    Geno , Geno – can’t believe Geno Smith and Homer are first half heroes.

  46. pdway says:

    too early observations —

    rookie class looks good – – liked everything I saw from Walker; thought Cross and Lucas both looked good (saw a double-block on a pass rush from Cross early that was impressive), and Mafe had our best play of the half. I also think we’re going to end up having decent depth at CB – – Woolen and Bryant made some mistakes, but both looked like NFL players to me.

    we are so thin at LB and WR. these are the games to see if your back-ups look like guys who belong on the field or not – and our LB’s look terrible. I don’t even really know who are 3rd best LB is (and i’m still not a fan of Barton); and at WR, I guess we’re counting on Eskridge to be WR3, but who knows if he can stay healthy – – and the rest of them look terrible.

    agree w everyone else here re Geno – – annoyed that PC had him play the entire 1st half. are we still trying to learn something about him? let us see the new guy….

    • AlaskaHawk says:

      First couple drives with Geno left me feeling it was unfair to evaluate receivers. With him playing. But we did get a good look at the good blocking!

  47. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Jake Curhan at RG

  48. cha says:

    Curhan at RG, Lucas at RT.

  49. CaptainJack says:

    Colby Parkinson has been a big disappointment. That was soft. He’d catch that but he flinched

    • mtpgod says:

      Yea he could be this year’s version of training camp star to get released, although Mabry was absent and had as many snaps as Parkinson so he’s not exactly getting pushed.

  50. downtownjewelrybryan says:

    drew lock


  51. Blitzy the Clown says:

    It took Lock only a few minutes what it took Smith the entire first half to do.

  52. CaptainJack says:

    Is dareke young… good?
    And so is drew lock?

    I’m so happy right now

  53. Blitzy the Clown says:

    That was solid, efficient opening drive for Lock. Nice mix of pass and run. Very enouraging.

    I like Curhan at RG next to Lucas. If they go with that instead of Jackson (please), that right side of the OL is BIG.

    And so far, Dareke Young is standing out from the other WRs on the roster not named Lockett or Metcalf.

    • bmseattle says:

      Haynes has looked good too.

    • Jordan says:

      Slight disagree in regards to Curhan at RG. So far not so good in this game; just plays too high, and I’m not sure he is well suited to fix that. Whereas he did look very, very good starting at RT today, especially in the running game.

  54. GoHawksDani says:

    Gonna be a long season…
    Geno sucks bad
    Lock makes stupid decisions but his throws and movement is better than Geno’s
    Mafe had that nice stripsack but doesn’t really seem he can beat 3rd string OTs
    Tackling sucks, CBs seem pretty bad. DL isn’t anything great either and LBs are bad also. Tbh the whole defense sucks bad
    Kenny was OK, but tbh Homer seems like 1,5x quicker than him and Dallas seems more punishing. I’m not impressed. Based on his limited snaps it’s nothing like some random vet, like Mike Davis for example couldn’t do.
    WR3/4 is non-existent with this team.
    I think I saw #98 in coverage, so that’s good we can still send DL to cover #facepalm
    Defense doesn’t seem that different neither the offense. Maybe more short and intermediate route but unless you can turn all those into 4-6 and 8-12 yards that’s a negative rather than a positive

    Good news that Cross seems pretty solid and Abe is not bad. Other than this I can’t really think any positives or standout performances. I hope we keep Homer, he was always decent as a backup. He’s quick, sudden and can catch and passblock

  55. cha says:

    Drew Lock has earned the start next week.

    PC may have already planned for it, but either way, it should be Lock.

    • SEAhemoth82 says:

      Without a DOUBT!

    • Romeo A57 says:

      Definitely need to see him wit the 1st Team on both sides of the ball

    • seaspunj says:

      Drew showed great poise and decision making. the running game was solid and allowed shorter 3rd down situations

      M Rob totally commentary cursed Drew Lock on the final minute blindsode sack fumble but overall I can enjoy this season if the Seahawks play like this.

      Stats were 30 pass attempts 180 yards 2 tds 25 rushing attempts with Geno getting a Rushing TD

      no complaints for 1st preseason game

    • Elmer says:

      Yes, but he coughed up the game. It will probably take all three preseason games to decide on starting QB. And yes, the pass rusher was unblocked.

      • Denver Hawker says:

        This is Lock vs Geno in a nutshell for me. I watched him last year against Cincy. He drove down the field, made a couple great out passes (strong arm), gets down to the 10 and makes a terrible option read, has the ball stripped out and game over. Teddy/Geno wouldn’t turn it over as easily, but also probably wasn’t getting down to the 10 that quickly either, if at all.

        • Rob Staton says:

          But Geno did literally that against Pittsburgh and LA last season

          • bmseattle says:

            Yeah, I don’t understand the perspective that Geno is the “safer” player, and less likely to make mistakes.
            He has more interceptions than TDs over his career, and we saw last year that he buckled at the end of games when we needed him to make a play.

            He’s “safe” in that he doesn’t take risks… until he has to.
            then we see him for what he is.

            Neither Lock nor Geno has shown that they can make big plays while avoiding negative ones.
            It’s very unlikely that Geno is still growing as a player at this point in his career, while there is a very slight chance that Lock can still improve.
            It only makes sense to play Lock and hope for that improvement, while, at the same time, providing a bit more of a watchable product for the fans.

  56. AlaskaHawk says:

    I’m enjoying the game. It’s good to see players on the field. I’m also enjoying Lock running the offense, he makes quick decisions.

  57. SEAhemoth82 says:

    Real Mike Rob and Mike Bennett have been commentary GOLD during this preseason game!

  58. TomLPDX says:


  59. cha says:

    Boye Mafe!!

  60. SEAhemoth82 says:

    Fellas, this rookie class looks special.

  61. CaptainJack says:

    I feel fairly confident saying… Lock is not the answer.

    Embrace the tank! Some of the young players have promise. Give them a ton of playing time this year and let guys develop and learn. Next qb1 is in the next draft.

  62. cha says:


    “Tackled really poorly tonight. Everything happened because our tackling was so poor.”

    Praise for running game, blockers, rookie tackles. “coaches pleased with what they accomplished”

    “Glaring part of game tackling was so poor.”

    • cha says:

      Geno time mgmt “Done exactly way we wanted to. Protection great.”

      Dublanko/Depth LB? “Need to see film. Joel done pretty good stuff in practice. Big play by Levi too.”

      “Every running back ran well.”

      Drew fumble? “Could have handled better. Hot off edge, he needed to see, didn’t see it. I don’t have clarification on call yet.”

      Geno runs? “Nice job. Protection really good.”

      Drives go as planned? “Didn’t get as many plays as we’d like in first half. Hoping he’d get a situation and he did, executed well. Pressure on both, they did well. Anxious to see how it looks when we break it down.”

      Poona lot of snaps in first half? “Numbers not there, had to suck it up and play for us.”

      Daryl Taylor OK? “He’s Fine. Showed flash we’re looking for. Anxious to watch Boye too.”

      Woolen TD steeler? “We made a mistake.”

      Woolen and Cobe? “Beat around a little bit. Every play happened they can make. Will do better. Great experience for them.”

  63. jopa726 says:

    Did anyone else notice how good Seventh Round draft pick WR Dareke Young looked? 4 catches on 5 targets for 30 yards with one TD..not bad for a guy from Lenoir–Rhyne University.

  64. Mick says:

    I was afraid of an ugly loss with only 6 points scored, so I’m moderately optimistic after watching the highlights. Was it Vi Jones with that sack that was almost a safety, is he playing with 50? The Lock fumble happened with Forsythe at LT, so at least we know for sure that Cross is gonna start there. I also put Pittsburgh’s last TD on Turner, who should not even make the roster. The good news is that Dallas and Homer showed up and we can distribute the playing time at RB, it’s gonna be a run heavy season. And the rookies are learning but they all show potential. I want a young team so if Goodwin isn’t close to awesome I’d cut him and keep both Melton and Young in the final roster.

  65. Rob is it just me or every time the Seahawks try this wide receiver screen pass it basically fails . lucky to get back to the line of scrimmage.when has it actually worked I can’t recall. Deebo takes 80 yards . Either are QB can’t makes that pass or the lineman can’t get fast enough.i am pretty much in favor of just getting rid of that play

    • Ashish says:

      That screen pass works once in 10 try. I hate when they call it for 3rd down for 11 and gets 1 yard.

    • CaptainJack says:

      I notice the WR blocking on the bubble screens is almost always terrible. Maybe we need a new WR coach

    • AlaskaHawk says:

      It’s the one screen the Seahawks have tried to use over the last five years. With limited success. It’s too predictable at this point. Just speaking in general, I wish they would throw the ball downfield instead of sideways behind the line of scrimmage.

  66. James P says:

    Just to add a couple of names that I haven’t seen above and I thought had a nice game. Alton Robinson had about 3 or 4 pressures and I was encouraged by how often he beat his man. And Myles Adams was consistently getting penetration. Numerous times someone darted through and it was no. 95. I thought those two plus Maye were the best players on D.

  67. Sea Mode says:

    Perfect example of how stupid some people can be looking for attention on social media.

  68. BruceN says:

    With so many rookies I expected a sloppy game and it sure was sloppy. What was discouraging was to see the Steelers run for 185 yards in total (6.9 yards per rush) and running thru our first unit defense with such ease. Our QB situation is terrible, picking between bad and worse. But I hoped our D was going to be better. There a few glimmers of hope and some of the young’s guys showed flashes like Mafe and Bryant (outside of his TD play but he was in good position, unlike Tariq). It was good to see the OL play well , especially Cross and Lucas. Running game was good too, although better in the second half, against the reserves. Hopefully the defense comes together or it will be an even uglier season.

    Cha, thanks as always for capturing Pete’s post game comments.

    • 12th chuck says:

      Poor tackling and o play calling was top 2 disappointments. It’s going to be a long season. The big plus, was not a whole bunch of penalties I guess

      • BruceN says:

        Fewer penalties were a plus. But that was the case with both teams, so I wonder if the refs were more lenient.

  69. AlaskaHawk says:

    Maybe someone can help me with this. The new 3-4 scheme looked exactly the same as the old 4-3 scheme. Am I confused?

    • Peter says:

      Reserve safeties. Green CB’s. No major improvement in LB’s. And some nice but not particularly fearsome guys up front.

      I’m hopeful still that as they get reps the scheme will tighten up. As well as when the starters in the backfield are back to full strength.

    • cha says:

      It was extremely vanilla coverage. They didn’t have the safeties or Brooks in and if they did they wouldn’t show you much anyway.

      But in simple terms the Seahawks used a bigger DE at LDE in 4-3. A Green, Collier or Dunlap, in the 285-295 range.

      In 3-4 you’ll see 240-260’s over there now. Mafe, Taylor, Alton, Uchenna. They can use their speed to rush and also drop as needed.

      You’ll also see lots of bigger types inside. Woods, Poona, complemented by rushers like Jefferson and Harris trying to control the gaps.

      • Blitzy the Clown says:

        Saw Robinson drop into coverage a couple of times as was his assignment. Didn’t see Mafe drop once and don’t recall Taylor do it if he did.

        I like our outside defenders, top to bottom. Sure, the rookie CBs took some lumps last night. But they need the experience and I saw flashes of promise here and there. Not too worried because Syd Jones and Burns are seasoned vets, and we haven’t seen Tre Brown yet.

        I like our OLB/DEs. Mafe showed something last night. Yeah it’s just one preseason game blah blah blah. I’m not getting ahead of him. But he flat out ran down Pickett from behind to set up the win opportunity for the team. He also just missed the QB on a few other rush attempts, and like the rest of the team, tackled fairly poorly. There’s room to grow on what look like a solid set of fundamentals.

        Taylor’s get off, while not the most consistent, is lightning quick. He too just missed the QB on several rush attempts. Expect him and Mafe to convert more of those as the preseason rolls on.

        Love how PC/Hurtt gave Mafe so many snaps.

  70. Blitzy the Clown says:

    I’m excited about the OL. For the most part, and with a few mistakes, everyone played well.

    Lucas belongs on the first team. Please, let’s stop starting Curhan, who I like very much and who is obviously a capable backup RT, and who played well at RG next to Lucas.

    Phil Haynes played solid minutes at both LG and RG. I’ve watched the replay and I like both Curhan and Haynes at RG next to Lucas. And I think Haynes, Curhan and Lucas are a big reason why DJ Dallas had a good night.

    Cross is the real deal, especially as a pass blocker. Any reservations I may have had about him are long gone.

    Even Forsythe played ok. That final sack-fumble wasn’t his fault. Or it wasn’t entirely his fault.

    I’m not so excited about the DL, particularly the DTs and big DEs. Leaving aside Mafe, in whom we might have something special, and Taylor, the rest do not inspire. Mone and Ford got abused by the Steelers’ OL, and our LBs weren’t capable of picking up any slack. Our defense is really soft in the middle, all the way through, from NT to the safeties. It’s going to be a problem.

    • Mick says:

      I looked at the snap count and we had a lot of DT backups on the field – M. Adams quite a lot of the time,
      Hewitt, Gotel, Valentino. Al Woods plays a huge role in our run D and of course we miss him, Jefferson, Mone and Poona should also normally play more. But yes, we should invest a high draft pick at DT, and the depth at position is worrying.

  71. dand393 says:

    A little review of the rookie tackles from Baldinger

  72. samprassultanofswat says:

    I saw a lot of positives last night. Drew Lock was impressive. The running game was clicking. Offensive line was moving people. Jake Cuhran looked comfortable playing offensive guard.Jay Dallas had a good game. If the Seahawks could had another running (Dallas) that would be awesome. Love the play calling by Shane Waldron. Waldron’s play calling set the Seahawk QBs up to be both successful and just as important (confident). I thought the pass rush looked solid. Boye Mafe looks like the real deal. Darrell Taylor looks like he is ready for a breakout season. Seahawk cornerbacks Coby Bryant and Tariq Woolen gained some valuable playing time.