Thoughts on the Steelers pre-season game

With pre-season games, there a whole bunch of qualifiers to consider as you form an opinion.

You constantly have to weigh up good performances vs opponents faced, or acknowledge sloppy starts often happen during the first outing of a long season.

Any review has to be taken with a pinch of salt. I’m not going to pour over PFF grades and try and form serious views off the back of this Pittsburgh game. These are merely observations having finally watched the full thing on Sunday.

Typical Seahawks

Curtis Allen commented in the build-up that he was interested to see how prepared Seattle was for this contest. I shared that intrigue — especially with a new defensive coaching staff and a renewed focus.

Therefore it was a bit disappointing to see a familiar issue in the first half.

The Seahawks have a tendency to start flat in the Carroll era. That was definitely the case again here. They’ve also had a tendency to claw their way back into games — and that was also evident too.

Yet undoubtedly, for me at least, the need to ‘chase the game’ so frequently has cost at least as many games as the mantra ‘it’s not how you start it’s how you finish’ has won. This has particularly been the case in big playoff games.

The result of this pre-season opener was not important but it was disappointing to see a first quarter so maddeningly poor. I won’t blame the young cornerbacks for struggling in their first NFL action but Justin Coleman played like he’s close to the end.

Geno Smith and the offense couldn’t move the ball. He classically burned a timeout then took a sack to end one drive.

The tackling started appallingly and never righted itself.

Special teams appeared discombobulated — in coverage and on the Aaron Fuller brainfart as he tried to field a punt.

They didn’t look particularly organised or ready to play. I’m not sure whether the Steelers were that much better or whether they simply benefitted from this. Yet it would’ve been nice to see a little more control over the game in the first half, rather than the habit re-emerging of needing to improve as the game progresses.

After 12 years of this trend I think this will forever follow Carroll’s Seahawks and it’s tough s**t if you’re hoping for anything else. I’ve long felt the ‘it’s how you finish’ mantra could be refined to include something about not giving yourself a mountain to climb first. Seattle’s hiking boots are well-worn by now.

Geno Smith benefitted a little too much from his TD drive

I watched the first half live and felt Smith was having a poor game until his drive before half-time. The lights suddenly switched on and he moved the ball well. I can’t recall if this was due to a quicker tempo (I’ll need to watch it again) but his final act of the game was a score and that last impression seemed to stick. A lot of the mediocre play that came before it faded into the distance and he got quite the thumbs up on Twitter.

On the other hand, I thought Drew Lock looked pretty good to start. He led an immediate scoring drive, then another (plus a two-point conversion) and appeared sharp and on course to ‘win’ the contest of quarterbacks. Yet he finished with an ugly sack/fumble that lost the game and as with Smith, that final impression stuck.

I think the truth is both players look like a similar level of quality. And that is going to make for a mind-bending level of frustration when the regular season kicks-off for a lot of people.

With the way Carroll spoke after the game, I suspect he’s almost certainly decided internally that Smith is the starter for week one and it’d take something pretty special to change that.

The rookies looked very good

Visitors to this blog during the college football and draft season will know how high I was on Abraham Lucas. At one point, after the Senior Bowl, I also argued it wouldn’t have been a stretch to take Boye Mafe with Seattle’s original first round pick, had they not made the Jamal Adams trade.

For me they both warranted consideration in the first round and it was an absolute home-run to get both on day two.

Lucas looked outstanding, admittedly against a Steelers’ pass rush minus its best player. He blocked with physicality, agility and an edge. He knew where he needed to be — whether it was creating a pocket, latching on to linebackers at the second level or dominating 1v1. He looks every bit a long term answer at right tackle. I celebrated that third round pick with gusto when it happened and this was a really promising first look at a player with massive potential.

Mafe, meanwhile, looks every bit the athletic, physical phenomena his testing suggested. He was fast, explosive and exciting off the edge. He finished with two sacks including a sack/fumble. While many have talked about his raw qualities — I think it’s overdone. Watch him at Minnesota with the way he used his hands and power. He was tremendous at the Senior Bowl — winning in a variety of ways and looking like a natural rusher in the process. Watch his fumble last night. He used his hands brilliantly, then dipped around the blocker and finished. Textbook.

Right before this play he also made a crucial effort-tackle on a big special teams return by Pittsburgh, possibly saving a touchdown.

Mafe’s closing speed on the Kenny Pickett fourth-down sack was stunning. Look how quickly he covered ground.

He’s a scary player, with elite physical qualities.

The idea of Mafe and Taylor producing book-end pressure is by far, for me, the most exciting prospect on this roster currently. There isn’t a duo with their potential around. The Seahawks could’ve struck gold here with two second round picks. It’s a tantalising thought, after years of mediocre pass rushing.

Every year, players last longer than they should. Frankly, it’s barely believable Lucas and Mafe lasted as long as they did. More fool the rest of the NFL.

Generally I liked the defense playing with aggression. It was a pretty vanilla gameplan (understandably) but they still brought pressure from different positions. If this is a sign of things to come, sign me up for that.

The offensive line did a good job

The key to this season is to develop in the trenches and build on the success of the running game. This will set the table for drafting a quarterback next year.

The Seahawks ran for 159 yards and made it look easy at times. The starters and backups all performed well. There’s talent and depth within this group, with the potential to produce a unit for the long term.

How good does that sound?

It was also good to see Deejay Dallas and Travis Homer contributing. Homer looks bigger and more physical, yet he’s retained his quickness. Seattle’s running back group is attractive.

The other really noticeable thing was Charles Cross. He needed to gain good weight in the pro’s and he looks a lot bigger, without any negative impact on his blocking.

Final thoughts

The key takeaway is that while the sloppy first half and horrendous tackling are issues — the areas the team needs to develop in 2022 all shone enough to be reasonably pleased. Again, it’s worth repeating, this season is about setting the table for a new, young quarterback to eat in 12 months time.

My hope for the game on Thursday against Chicago is that the tackling wildly improves, the Seahawks start better, looks like a more settled and prepared outfit and that the team builds on its success up front.

The Bears are in the middle of perhaps an even bigger rebuild than Seattle. So this should be an opportunity for players to impress.

To finish — it was good to watch a pre-season game that wasn’t a flag-fest. The NFL needs to make these games as digestible as possible — not use them as teaching tape for the regular season. Also, well done to the Steelers for playing ‘Half Mast’ by Empire of the Sun in their stadium. What a wonderful track.

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  1. Gaux Hawks

    “I’ve long felt the ‘it’s how you finish’ mantra could be refined to include something about not giving yourself a mountain to climb first. Seattle’s hiking boots are well-worn by now.” -Pulitzer-worthy

    • Big Mike

      Ditto. Excellent writing Rob

  2. CaptainJack

    Yes, lock made a terrible blunder at the end and lost the football.

    I still want to see him get at least a crack with the ones against Chicago

    • Gary

      I would like to understand how getting drilled in the back by an unblocked rusher coming free from the blind side is a “terrible blunder”. I don’t fault Lock for losing the ball on a hit he didn’t see coming and couldn’t prepare for, nor do I think he had time to get rid of it. That blunder was on the line or the scheme, not on Lock.

      • Ben

        He probably should have ID’d the blitz pre-snap. that DB was lining up right on the line of scrimmage and really wasn’t making any secret of what he was doing. That’s where the QB has to either a) get the rb to block the blitzer and let the play develop or b) take the hot route and get what yards you can on the play. It’s not all on Lock, certainly. the RB could have chipped the guy as he passed regardless (as an example), but at the end of the day, the QB is the brains of the operation. That kind of thing is ultimately on him.

      • Rob Staton

        I think the point is that was a hot read and he should’ve diagnosed pre snap that a free blocker was coming

        • Roy Batty


          Both Pete and Drew acknowledged that Drew had a proper read on that exact play earlier in the game and dumped the ball off to the quick read. But, that last play was just a brain fart. He was probably pumped to finish with a game winning drive and didn’t notice the blitzer.

          It’s why they play preseason games.

  3. Mike

    Nice to see the young linemen on both sides play well. Wonder if they will try to trade Gabe Jackson?
    seems like they want haynes to start and have Curhan backup.

    • Rob Staton

      They should try and trade Jackson for anything they can get

      I would accept a free ticket to watch Top Gun Maverick for a sixth time

      • Mike

        😂😂 yeah there’s no doubt he would be cut if they could, but for some reason they guaranteed him money last year.

      • Mark

        I think it’s safe to say at this point that someone should get Rob the 4K Blu-Ray Collecters Edition of Maverick for Christmas. (Will Levis in the first round can be the late Christmas gift, hopefully.)

        Has anyone seen the last two Mission Impossible films – Rogue Nationi and Fallout? If you liked the technical stunt work in Maverick then those two films would definitely be your jam.

      • Elmer

        Having Lewis, Haynes, Curhan, (and maybe Eiland) at guard should be injury protection enough. I have not included Fuller because, based on last season, you wouldn’t want to have to rely on him. There probably won’t be much of a trade market for Jackson, tickets sound pretty good.

  4. Peter

    I’m pretty ambivalent about Pete these days. Certainly if I consider the team sale, etc.

    That said how you finish is just a platitude at this point.

    Evidence if not proof that the game has changed. In 2012 five qb’s posted more than 30 td’s. In 2021 that number rose to 8.

    I believe that a monster run game still works in today’s nfl. But the last season showed that there’s no finish to be had when you’re playing from behind as often as they do.

    Something needs to be done about time of possession. In this first half midway though the second quarter where it was trending to 2:1. Smith and Lock are not the guys I want making up ground in a game.

    Hopefully there’s a stable of RB’s developing and the run game can control the clock and the defense can get off the field moving forward.

    • CaptainJack

      The massive run game only came in the last 6 games last season.
      We were the most competitive over that stretch.

      Not a coincidence

  5. Big Mike

    “With the way Carroll spoke after the game, I suspect he’s almost certainly decided internally that Smith is the starter for week one and it’d take something pretty special to change that.”

    As I’ve mentioned previously, I think he decided that the day of the Wilson trade. It would’ve taken Lock playing like something akin to Joe Montana to change that. I still think Florio is right and he knows he can go this route because he has absolute power.

    • Big Mike

      And btw, I’m damned near as excited about Cross and Lucas as Taylor and Mafe.
      Please Pete, just play Abe.

  6. Hawkhomer

    I rewatched the game to pay particular attention to Geno and Drew. Geno is slow. In his reads. In his passing motion and running. Waldron ran a much simpler offense when Geno was out there to make completions.

    Drew was sharp, focused and made plays to receivers. Albeit, against Pittsburgh #2/3 defenders. That was a big mistake on his part. I hope that one blunder doesn’t sink his opportunity with Pete because I would rather watch a game with an occasional big blunder and have hope than know that once we get behind we are sunk.

    Pete, you aren’t going to bench Woolen because he blew his coverage, don’t bench Lock because he didn’t pick up the blitz.

    Just my 2.

  7. cha

    They are rebroadcasting the game on KONG 106 at 7pm if you are in the Western Wa area.

    • cha

      Rewatching the first half. Mike Rob keeps saying how they’ve simplified the offense for Geno. Waldron has reined it back for Geno and his nerves.

      Designed rollouts, easy passes to RBs in the flat, etc.

      Hmmm. I thought Geno was in full control of the offense and is purely a dropback and read the defense passer.

      • cha

        Near the end of 2nd Q

        Mike Rob: “I know Pete Carroll, he wants Geno to throw the ball downfield and get some explosive plays.”

        Play 1, dump off to walker
        Play 2, Walker run
        Play 3, Designed roll out, good throw to Fant but OOB (Mike Rob “If Geno had this play back he’d throw it a second earlier.”)
        Play 4, slant to Bo Melton, dropped

        • cha

          He did have a great seam throw to Cade Johnson.

  8. Bob Johnston

    I think Lock will be the starter. We already know Geno is not the answer unless the question is “who shouldn’t be starting?”. Unless Lock has been shitting the bed in practice and I don’t believe he has then why wouldn’t you spend the year evaluating the one guy who has any chance of being a long term starter?

    • Rob Staton

      I would put money on Smith being the starter

      Listen to Carroll after the game

      Nothing Carroll says suggests Lock is in his thoughts to start

      • AlaskaHawk

        I thought both their performances was raggedy. For a while I was lamenting how you could even evaluate the receivers when Smith was playing so poorly. But he finished better at the end of the half. Lock did great against the second and third string defenses, and by then the Seahawks offensive line was playing well. If not for his last series, he would be favored. Just wasn’t meant to be.

        I don’t think there is any rush on picking a quarterback for regular season, and no reason to stay with one quarterback if they start screwing up or get injuries. Just stay flexible !

        Was also amazed at Trubiskys journey through the Buffalo Bills to the Steelers. Wow.

      • Mr drucker in hooterville

        It should be Lock, but I have to keep telling myself, the goal is not to win. It is to prepare for the 2023 draft.

        • AlaskaHawk

          Yes – keep up the positive attitude. Quarterback struggling? Great! We will get a shiny new one next year.

  9. Al U

    What has happened to “Hawk Tackling” (aka rugby tackling)? It’s by far the most effective way to stop the ball carrier in their tracks. Drive your shoulder into the near hip with your head behind the ball carrier, wrad your arms around them and immobilise the legs. You wouldn’t last 5 minutes in a rugby game flapping at your opponents chest in an apparent attempt to tackle or dislodge the ball, which now seems to be the way that a good 80-90% of Seahawks tackles are attempted. Perhaps trying to wrap the player up and bring them down might not produce as many big hits but decent tackling could have easily saved us 100 yards yesterday.

  10. JimN

    Not so sure about Smith as the starter Rob. I hear your reasons, but take away the last fumble, and i see a QB that is probably every bit as good as any rookie QB. I consider him the 2021 QB choice. I SUSPECT that Pete is going to keep this controversy rolling and moving until the regular season. I predict that while Smith may appear to have the upper hand, it will be perhaps a decoy move, and then start Lock in the regular season. We sill see eh? Overall outstanding analysis. YOU are the best in the business.

    • Rob Staton

      Pete is pretty easy to read

      Nothing about his words suggests Lock is seriously in this battle, without a major swing in fortunes

      • CaptainJack

        I’m wondering… do you feel lock has ever been given a fair chance?

        Yes, he’s liable to make a couple terrible mistakes per game.
        I also still believe his upside is undeniably higher than Smith’s. And Smith is turnover prone as well.

        I… feel a bit bad for Drew honestly. Finally got out of Denver and his new team won’t even give him a fair look over geno smith.
        We’re really handing Smith the keys to the Ferrari for blowing out Urban Meyer’s jaguars?

        • Big Mike

          Also agree CaptainJack, 100%.
          “Always compete”. Uh huh, right Pete.

        • Peter

          Less a Ferrari and more my 89 ford ranger. Half a million miles. Can’t haul, can’t carry a load for s—. But still turns over even if it sits for 6 months in a field.

      • All I see is 12s

        Unfortunately, I agree. My only saving thought though is that I keep thinking about when Andrew luck retired in 2019 and the Colts immediately bumped up Brisset’s salary to that of a starter. The Seahawks did no similar courtesy or respect to Smith. I still think they want to lock a knock him off and be the starter. Hopefully that blown protection is something he can correct and be ready to go on 9/11.

        • Seth Bundy

          I think it’s appropriate that Geno starts Week 1. It’s fairly likely that each QB will get a shot at some point. I like the prospect of Lock taking over in, say, Week 4, rather than Geno taking over for Lock.

  11. mtpgod

    I’m still holding out hope the NFL suspends Geno for a year for the dui so I don’t have to watch him start any games this season. With my luck, he’ll get community service. Lock is probably not the answer, but with a full season of starts, he could improve. That’s not the case with Geno, we know who he is and he’s 1oo percent not the answer so I just don’t get why he’d get the nod.
    Also, it does look like Homer not only got bigger, but he seems a bit faster too, could be a nice option this year, I just need to try to wipe away the memories of him starting in the playoffs during his rookie year, not impressive.
    Also, if Jamal Adams has lingering shoulder issues and misses time, I’d feel just as confident starting Josh Jones or Ryan Neal opposite Diggs. Jones looked great late last year.

  12. CaptainJack

    Charles cross was the fourth highest graded offensive rookie according to PFF!

    The only problem… the highest graded rookie was… Trevor Penning…

    • CaptainJack

      Rookie first rounder*

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t really have any interest in PFF grades during pre season games

      • stanly

        What did you think about Cross’s performance Rob, didn’t call much out in the analysis above?

  13. Forlorn fan

    I’ve thought since the schedule came out that Smith would start day one against the Broncos, just to not add the pressure to a young QB who’s confident is down. I think Pete wants it to become Lock taking the job away with the support of the Locker room and Seahawk fans during the season. If regrowing his confidence is the plan, and giving him a legit shot at showing he belongs as a starting QB in the league. Going out and playing against a defense that knows you as well as you know yourself as your first game with the Hawks doesn’t sound beneficial, if you can just win the job bye week 3 or 4. Geno may start, but I expect and hope it’s a short leash. Chances are they both such and we just get a high draft pick which may be better in the long run anyway.

    • CJ McGee

      Completely agree –

      If you’re Pete/John and you’re going to go through a rough re-tooling year, you need to have a PR move up your sleeve.

      So, unless Geno completely unravels in the pre-season, he’ll be the QB to start the regular season, then half-way through when it gets rough, you switch over to Lock with mild fanfare to re-invigorate the fanbase.

      If you start with Lock in week 1, and he unravels, going back to Geno would confirm a dumpster fire of a season, and the fans would be up in arms.

  14. Forrest

    100% agree, Rob. Here were my takeaways:

    Boye Mafe real deal
    Justin Coleman looks slow and small
    Geno – meh. But, moved nicely in the pocket and WRs didn’t help him out with drops. Would like to see him with DK and Tyler before making a judgment.
    Not worried about Woolen or Bryant. Glad we’re getting them game time.
    Bellore looks like a fullback playing LB
    Ken Walker nice job
    Travis Homer nice job
    This team has a hole at kick returner. We need someone small and fast like a Leon Washington of old. It’s been a hole for awhile.
    We need a WR 3/4 like Miles Boykin. Can we trade a late pick for him? He sat down well in coverage, provides a big target and uses his body well. Someone like that could help on 3rd downs.
    Final thought: It’s the preseason and time to work on things. I wish Carrol would have worked on his clock management (a definite area where he could improve). Taking our second time out at 46 seconds from the 7 yard line left too much time on the clock. Call it at 35 seconds. Sure, it’s seven seconds and didn’t cost us, but use the preseason to work on your warts too. As mentioned, Carrol’s not about to change, but that’s still annoying and part of the problem.

  15. UkAlex6674

    I think Geno gets the start Week 1 for sure. Throwing Lock in at the deep end on Wilson’s return isn’t a good thing to do. I’ve posted somewhere else that I think Lock gets the start Week 3/4 when a few things have been ironed out on the O.

    It almost feels like Geno is being thrown to the lions. Actually it 100% feels like that. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing for Locks progression.

  16. GoHawksDani

    I think Lock is a better QB and Geno is a safer option.
    Lock made some interesting decisions that could be takeaways in the regular season. But also he throw much better, processed the situations faster and seemed more in control.
    Geno is worse than a backup. Not sure how many QBs I saw in this preseason that is hands down worse than him. But he makes more safe decisions than Lock. Lock could be something pretty OK (as a backup in the future and as a stopgap for now), but he needs some refinement.
    I think right now both suck bad, but Lock would be more fun to watch.

    LB is super thin
    CB group is a weakness
    I’m OK with DL, although not sure about DE/EDGE rotation
    Mafe’s stripsack was great, and him chasing down Pickett was the highlight of the game, but otherwise he was pretty stonewalled against 2nd/3rd string OL in the second half, which is not the best
    I really liked the OL, both OTs seemed pretty good already with tremendous upside.
    WRs are boring and I didn’t see anyone standing out. Which is OK while we have DK and Lockett, but if anyone would need to step up to be WR2, I couldn’t name anyone
    TEs played OK mostly, but Fant suck bad at blocking
    Kenny run OK, but he was a disappointment to me. Homer looked way better, and so did Dallas (OK different defenders probably, but still)
    ST played horrible

    • Henry Taylor

      I wouldn’t say Mafe was otherwise stonewalled, he had some other pressures and attracted some double teams.

    • Hawkdawg

      I think judgments on linebacker play should await the return of Brooks. Bellore has the diagnostic abilities, but not enough sand in the pants. #10 showed some quickness, but needs to make plays. It’s early.

      CB group will end up being a strength, not a weakness.

      DL needs Woods back.

      OL could actually end up being a strength, incredibly.

      Fant looks like a faster version of Jimmy Graham. No evidence of want-to or skill in blocking I could see.

      Robinson flashed, again, on the rush. Hope they give him a real shot this year.

      Way too early for disappointment with Walker. Blocking was worse for him than for Homer and Dallas. He brought his cuts from college. He’s going to be good.

      Mafe definitely flashed. Liked his hands and technique for a rookie.

  17. Thomas

    Again, I think the plan has always been to start Geno over Lock for the first game. They need to build Lock’s confidence and playing his old team is probably not good at this stage. There’s also the locker room dynamics if Lock hasn’t definitively put himself ahead of Geno. Lastly, Geno will probably protect the RBs just a hair better at the beginning.

    We’ll get a good look at Lock but not in the first game.

  18. Henry Taylor

    Having re-watched the game I will say Geno was better than I had thought, some drops and that failure by Fant to keep his feet in (who also had a pretty bad missed block on a sweep play) cost him some important completions. The thing the bugs me about him is that he’s just not very comfortable in the pocket, getting happy feet and spinning around despite no pressure if he doesn’t have a read. He did have some good runs from this but also an ugly sack, I suspect in the regular season it will be more of the latter.

    Lock looks better in the regard, plus his arm is so clearly the stronger of the two, but he also had the mental error that cost the game and a pretty atrocious miss over the middle. I’d still like to see him start against Chicago, but agree that Pete’s post game comments indicate that this is Geno’s job to lose (and this performance won’t have lost it).

    Biggest takeaway though is more evidence of this being a foundational class. Boye looks like the real deal, I feel very good about predicting a 6-8 sack season for him. Cross was steady eddy, Abe was awesome, especially in the run game (this might have been the steal of the draft). Corners took some lumps, but I like Bryant in the slot and Tariq was still fine given how raw he was coming out, even with the camp hype, still excited for him. Both WRs showed some flashes whilst both had drops, but Young especially looks like a cool ‘Power Slot’ type player. Even UDFA Vi Jones had a nice sack.

    Early days, but positive signs. If we can have a repeat performance in the 2023 draft we could be contenders again in no time.

  19. Eduardo Ballori

    Good recap man. For me its always hard to pick up the hand usage in the trenches but even I can appreciat the subtle handle placement on the TE that got him that 4th qtr sack.

    I think the CBs showed enough but gained valuable big league experience by getting their butts kicked in (not much but enough to use them as a learning opportunity. I hope they continue to trot them out in these games to really get them quality mins. They can be scary, all they need is time in the trenches.

    Nothing to add on Boye than you correctly pointed out. I’m interested in seeing Tyreek Smith whos been flashing in camp when healthy. If those to are as advertised and Darrell Taylor continues to show up…watch out

    Vi Jones intrigues me. He shows up with 6 tackles and a sack. If we get a bonus undrafted linkebacker in this draft with all that seems promising, this couldn turn out to be most complete draft since 2012.

    Keep up the good work boss!

    🇵🇷👊🏼 ,


  20. Spectator

    Carolina sure has a QB cluster going on with Baker, Darnold, PJ Walker and Corral. At least 1 maybe 2 of those will surely be gone as well via cut or trade, would we be interested in any of them if they were to be cut? Interestingly, Walker was the 3rd QB in their game, ahead of Corral, and looked decent. If anything, any are more exciting to me than Geno, and younger.

  21. Peter

    I don’t think the posters commenting on Lock’s confidence are entirely wrong. However watching those two play and having to expend so much energy about a qb’s confidence has me increasingly hopeful for a new qb in 2023. Personally I think qb’s should be full of hubris and a good measure of moxy and believe they can win in any situation. “We want the ball……” is the energy I want out of a qb.

    Hopefully Big Abe gets the start in the next game. Line combinations are important to work out but at some point the line needs consistency certainly to grow for the future.

    Pretty stoked for Homer. If Penny is going to Penny then Walker, Homer, Dallas could do well to keep the games in control.

    Future casting: hopefully next draft the team can use Denver’s pick to get a dlinemen of some note. Been far too long whether 4-3 or purported 3-4 that there has been a true force on the dline.

    Mafe. What a potential get.

    Nwossu. Please get better. After all the dogging on me in the comments sure would be nice to see you not getting paid 10 million for Rashem Green level results.

  22. V

    Rob, did you saw Dameon Pierce?

    • Rob Staton

      He has a big future

    • Henry Taylor

      Draft him in all your fantasy leagues.

  23. Rob Staton

    How TF did Trevor Penning get a good PFF grade???

    • Henry Taylor

      Even Saints fans are calling that grade bs.

      • Rob Staton

        It’s why we should ignore PFF pre season grades

    • Big Mike

      Good Lord that’s shite tackle play.

    • Mick

      So happy we didn’t draft him, we dodged a huge bullet there.

    • Dregur

      Apparently his run blocking was great. But…yeah. no one gets that grade with how man handled he was by a journeyman DE/LB in his passblocking.

      • Rob Staton

        Apparently his run blocking was great.

        Given how bad his pass-blocking was, presumably he carried the running back ball-carrier 90-yards on his shoulders while producing a Beastquake worthy run through the entire defense to justify a +90 overall PFF grade.

        • cha

          No doubt after being told by blonde Sandra Bullock that the defender is trying to hurt his family.

        • Dregur

          Penning-quake really doesn’t have the same ring to it…

  24. samprassultanofswat

    Rob: You are probably right. Pete Carroll will probably go with Geno Smith. To me it doesn’t make any sense. We know what Geno Smith is. He has never really done anything special. Drew Lock on the other hand looked impressive. Also he was in a bad situation in Denver.

  25. V

    Brady Henderson: The Seahawks plan to cut DB Ugo Amadi as part of their first wave of roster reductions, a source tells me. Amadi has been a rotational player at nickel and has been competing with Marquise Blair and Justin Coleman for that job. Teams have to trim their rosters to 85 by tomorrow.

    • CaptainJack

      This is a surprise for me.
      Corner depth is so bad.
      Ugo Amadi isn’t a great player. He may not even be average. Still…

    • CaptainJack

      Also this must mean they kind of dig Mike Jackson. He was kind of sticky

    • TomLPDX

      Man, that sucks. I like Ugo…is he that bad?

      • Rob Staton

        He was pretty bad last year

    • TomLPDX

      Maybe this explains it…

    • WallaSean

      I think they get some cap savings on this, they could circle back to him on a minimum contract.

  26. AL

    Best and worst PFF grades from preseason Week 1

    G Phil Haynes: 90.6
    QB Geno Smith: 84.5
    RT Abe Lucas: 81.5
    TE Tyler Mabry: 80.5
    OT Stone Forsythe: 79.7

    TE Noah Fant: 49.1
    OT Greg Eiland: 50.8
    TE Colby Parkinson: 53.1
    WR Cody Thompson: 54.1
    WR Deontez Alexander: 55.9

    OLB Boye Mafe: 84.9
    CB Ugo Amadi: 79.3
    CB Jameson Houston: 76.2
    DT Myles Adams: 75.9
    DB Marquise Blair: 74.1

    DT Jarrod Hewitt: 26.6
    OLB Alton Robinson: 33.3
    CB Tariq Woolen: 35.6
    LB Joel Iyiegbuniwe: 36.7
    OLB Darrell Taylor: 41.2

    • Rob Staton

      As noted though, PFF gave Trevor Penning a 90 grade for a game where he was beat like a drum

      So I think pre season grades are best to be ignored and let’s wait for the real thing when it’s best vs best

  27. V

    Tom Pelissero: Trade! The #Eagles are sending WR J.J. Arcega-Whiteside to the #Seahawks for DB Ugo Amadi, per sources.

    • Mick

      They drafted him instead of DK, no?

    • JimQ

      IMO – A big WIN for the Seahawks, JS doing his thing – beating the bushes.

      • CaptainJack

        Nah… arcega whiteside has been a total non factor in the league. Ugo Amadi is probably a more valuable asset. Not a fan of this trade

        • Rob Staton

          If you are cutting Amadi anyway what does it matter??

          • samprassultanofswat

            The seahawks were going to release Amandi anyway. So, let’s see if Arcega Whiteside has anything to offer.

        • Robbie

          I see this is as a win only because we were going to cut him anyway. But I’ll say, Justin Coleman looked awful in that preseason game. No sure what the plan is at nickel. Maybe they can get something out of JJ. if not, he’ll be cut too.

          • Peter

            Agree. Something instead of nothing.

    • Henry Taylor

      The Eagles had moved him to TE this offseason, I wonder if we plan to keep him there to compete for the redzone role with Colby Parkinson. Can’t see him making it at WR on this roster

      • seaspunj

        scratch and win for both teams… let’s see if JJ can contribute…

      • V

        Bob Condotta: Am told the plan is for the Seahawks to use Arcega-Whiteside at receiver.

        • Peter

          Hope he doesn’t get reps that should go to Young/Melton. Prefer the hope of the unknown than a fingers crossed reclamation player who has done nothing in the league.

  28. Big Mike

    Anyone stop to consider Whiteside is being traded for because Eskridge isn’t going to make it back any time soon and the veteran depth at the position is lacking?

    • Peter

      I’d have to think Goodwin is the veteran presence guy this team likes to have.

    • cha


      Eskridge, Goodwin and Swain all missed the game Saturday.

      Eskridge has been thisclose to returning for 2 weeks if you listen to PC.

    • Tien

      I doubt it. Arcegia-White couldn’t cut it at WR with the Eagles so converted to TE this Spring. He’s caught 16 passes in 3 seasons so not sure how much his veteran status matters.

  29. V

    Aaron Wilson: Seahawks placed Cody Thompson on injured reserve with a shoulder injury, waived Josh Valentine-Turner, Antonio Valentino, Eric Wilson and Deontez Alexander. Liam Ryan passed his physical and was activated from the physically unable to perform list.

  30. Gaux Hawks

    I still want to see Zach Tom on the Seahawks… I hope the Patriots try to slip him through to their PS.

    Zach Tom > Kyle Fuller

    • Rob Staton


      Zach Tom was a fourth round pick by the Packers

      • Gaux Hawks

        Oops, Packers… but looks like he’s pretty far down on their depth chart and there’s no way the Dolphins release Channing Tindall.

        Maybe I’m just getting greedy and still living in my 22 draft fantasyland.

        • Rob Staton

          They won’t cut him

    • Big Mike

      It’s good to dream.
      Not difficult to be > Kyle Fuller

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