Not so instant reaction: The Seahawks are broken

The same old problems, game after game.

Useless on third downs.

An opponent dominating time-of-possession and registering 17 (!!!) more first downs than Seattle.

The total inability to run the ball (18 yards from the running backs).

An offensive line that is bullied week after week.

A quarterback who is nowhere close to his best.

The frustrating inability to cook up a game-plan that features your best players (in no game, ever, should D.K. Metcalf’s first catch come with 62 seconds left in the game).

A passive defense that is soft, doesn’t unsettle opposing quarterbacks anywhere near enough and is too easy to move the ball against.

And the pièce de résistance — when a busted coverage in the final seconds presents you with a chance to tie the game, the two-point conversion is basically a long drop-back with very little creativity. Following that, you pull off a modern-day miracle in winning back the football on an onside-kick — only to lose it again because your players aren’t lined up properly.

You can only repeat yourself so much before some action has to be taken by this franchise.

The entire team is broken and the Head Coach and his staff have absolutely no idea how to fix any of it.

The Seahawks are a bad football team. They are going to give the Jets a top-10 pick. The journey to this point has been entirely predictable.

Major change is required in the off-season.

There’s nothing else to say.

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  1. Andrew M

    Russell Wilson has to go to a new coach, or that coach has to come here. He’s been shite for a year now and we’ve just watched his worst stretch of games.

    • Shane

      Just a Hawks fan’s opinion here, but Im tired of watching Russ’s game, and hoping the Hawks are able to trade him for a big draft haul for 2022 and 2023, but with every poor game he plays this season his value keeps dropping. Russ is an athletic QB who isn’t athletic anymore. His athleticism has decreased, but his game/style hasn’t compensated for his decline in athleticism. From 2015-2018 I hoped he would change it up and settle down in the pocket and take quick shots in a ball control type offense. In 2019 it was obvious Russ would never develop into that player. I still think he has a few good years left, but he has to be in the right system with a great RB, great D, be strong up the middle of the O line, and a coach willing to let Russ throw deep and take weird sacks. The Hawks can’t offer that siruation to him in the next 2 years, probably not even 3. As a fan, I’m ready for the next show. Might be 20 yrs till we get another franchise QB, but Im ok with that. I have more hope tearing it all down and starting everything fresh than I do rebuilding around a mid 30’s Russ.

      • Rob Staton

        That’s fine.

        But don’t you dare spend those next 20 years pissing and moaning if that’s what happens. If you want that, you have to own it.

        • Shane

          Oh I’ll piss and moan if it goes 20 years. Its what fans do. I’m ready for a new head coach and a GM who will develop this team through the draft. A situation like that is what will drive me back to this site in February, March and April. But with the near bankrupt draft they have for 2022 its hard to want to pay attention to the draft. I hate reading about players we’ll never have a chance to draft. PC and JS have slowly strangled my draft hopes the past 5 yrs, and 2022’s draft situation is nearly dead… Im ready to be hopeful and excited for the draft again. I’m ready for football in late winter and early spring. I’m ready to read your awesome research of the college ranks and be hopeful we might get some of those guys who’ll develop the Hawks into the next SB team.

  2. Tony

    So many head scratching and mind blowing decisions by this club. But adams personifies the biggest. Again another game where he pulls up on a td. Just no effort. Even if you don’t think you stop it, you atleast try to. That is your highly paid “superstar” making big business decisions. This is the accountability you not only allow but reward. Go back and watch those early PC teams. Everyone played to the very last inch or second.

    • Rob Staton

      Nothing embodies the fact this has gone so wrong quite like the fact the Seahawks are going to end up having spent a top five pick and a pick in the early 20’s plus a third rounder to acquire Jamal Adams.

      A top QB wouldn’t cost that much more.

      • Rob Staton

        All that grief for calling out this trade too 🤦‍♂️

        • Saucetrich

          People blinded by their fandom unwilling to see the truth of a mismanaged roster. You were always on the money about the Jamal trade. At this point, I’m worried the Seahawks aren’t gonna be able to retain DK…

          • Gary

            I’m at the point where I hope the Seahawks aren’t gonna be able to retain DK, and that he’s part of the housecleaning.

            • Roy Batty

              I don’t see DK wanting to stay. The teams is terrible and will be terrible next year.

              The only way he accepts a new contract is if a new regime is installed and they pay him $20 million a year.

              I don’t see a new regime starting off their tenure by blowing that much on a diva and not in the trenches.

              • bmseattle

                If I was DK, I’d want out.
                What is there to look forward to with this team?
                Even if Russ stays, what then?
                There were multiple plays last night where Russ didn’t even glance DK’s way.
                That’s not the treatment a #1 receiver wants from his QB.

  3. GoHawksDani

    No one can tell me, Russ is good right now. And it’s not the hand. And it’s not the OL.
    He has issues. AWFUL reads. What the hell was the 2 point try? Throwing into triple coverage… Everett boxed out his guy, Lockett could’ve been a better option. But no. You throw to Swain into triple coverage.

    What the hell was that sack? Is he concussed? A 6th round rookie QB knows you throw that away. You’re outside of the pocket. Throw that away when the defender is closing. Or at least try to throw away while you’re pushed, or mid-falling down. Nah. He just fall down.

    Everyone can say, it’s on the whole team, it’s on the defense, etc etc. No. It’s on the offense. It’s on Waldron and Carroll too. But most of all it’s on Wilson.
    He didn’t have a single beautiful throw.
    His throw to Swain? Wide open, every QB should be able to make that.
    His throw to Lockett? A desperation heave to the direction of Tyler. Nice catch by 16, but it was not a special throw.
    Otherwise he missed his guys even when they were relatively open, he made bad reads and took bad decisions all game long.

    The defense got tired by the end. And they suck against the screens (probably coaching issue), and can give up some dumb plays. But they played well in general. ToP is not bad because of the long driver of WFT. It’s because of the 3 and outs by the offense.

    Does the OL suck? Sure…But plenty of OL sucks around the NFL. WFT had to play some backups too. And Brown, Jackson, Lewis shouldn’t be that bad. Shell is mediocre, but not awful. Yes, Pocic is awful, but this should be a mediocre OL, not awful overall.
    WRs, TEs should be decent if not good or even great. RBs…yeah, nothing fancy, but Collins is not a really bad RB. Dallas and Homer are backups mostly, but some teams can work with maybe even worse.

    This team is this bad because of the offense. And to me right now it’s at least 50-50 between coaching and the QB. With a bit better coaching this offense could be mediocre, or with a better playing QB too.

    I’d trade Russ without a doubt for #5, #7 and 2023 R1 and R3 for example in a heartbeat. He had some issues previously (not being able to use the middle well, having issues with short throws and jump balls, holding the ball too long), but now he is not a good QB. It might be just a hiccup, but a decline also. But even a bad or mediocre QB can do what he did in the last couple of games.
    And if being bad is a tendency for this team, I’d rather be bad with some additional picks and money than with a high priced QB who plays sh&^t.

    My offseason plan?
    Trade Russ, trade DK, fire PC, fire JS, fire KNJ, fire Waldron, trade/cut Wagner, trade Adams
    Rebuild slow, embrace that this team might suck for 2-3 years at least. Build a monster OL, build a strong run game, build a strong DL in that timeframe. Get some good CBs, get a good defense…and then try to win if you have these all. It might take 2 years or 20. I don’t mind as long as we’re moving forward.
    But if Carroll stays for next year, I can’t stay
    If KNJ, Waldron stays I’m going to have a hard time.
    If Russ stays, I might be OK with that, but I won’t trust this team to deliver

    • Hawkdawg

      His TD to Everett was a brilliant throw. Could not have been better. But the throws, and reads, he missed were mystifying.

      • GoHawksDani

        It might’ve been…my mind probably just erased that between the mind numbing number of questionable decisions. I can live with some, but the sack at the end and throwing into that coverage to Swain for the 2p conversion…those were absolutely horribles

        • Blitzy the Clown

          The sack at the end was meaningless. He threw a first down pass on the next play. Should he have thrown it away? Yeah, but let’s have some perspective.

          Russ isn’t making good reads because he has NO time to make them. You say “Brown, Jackson, Lewis shouldn’t be that bad” but Lewis didn’t play last night. He was replaced by Kyle Fuller, who was next to Ethan Pocic. I challenge you to find a worse OL that played for any team in week 11.

          Name another QB who reasonably could be available with the repeatedly demonstrated ability, demonstrated again last night, to put his team in a position to win a game they had no business of winning.

          I couldn’t care less if you hate Russ. But be accurate in your hate.

          • Elmer

            It all comes back to the OL in my opinion. The OL is bad. How are the RB’s supposed to run without blocking? How is the QB supposed to operate without protection? JS should have to answer pointed questions about bad drafts and the bargain basement approach to bringing in free agents.

    • Chris

      It’s not the ToP that matters, it’s the number of plays. When you let a WFT with Heinecke run 15 consecutive plays in a row, you’re a bad, horrible, terrible offense.

    • Fudwamper

      Sorry, that throw to Lockett, the drop it right over his shoulder “heave” was vintage Wilson.

      What was bad was the balls sailing over people and the throw to the right of wide open Everett, his accuracy is just off. That 2 point was a tight window throw which wilson pushed to far to his right. 2 feet to the left and Swain catches it.

      I think the accuracy issues are hearing ghosts, getting pressured up the middle, and not following through with his throws in traffic related to his finger. He just doesn’t have time and the way Pete plays O, there needs to be a run game and there isn’t one.

  4. MattyB

    the kitchen at Seattle is the same as a Carl’s Jr kitchen just churning out the same old non-nutritional shiite – upgrade all round please even if it means replacing your favorite coffee machine

    • jeff

      Maybe you have a poorly run Carl’s Jr. in your neck of the woods, but a well executed Famous Star or Western Bacon Cheeseburger are two of the finest burgers in their price range and deserve far better than to be compared to this shite football team.

      • Call Me AL

        Now fans are choosing well executed Famous Star or Western Bacon Cheeseburgers over their favorite football team. Truely a new low point in Seahawks football… LOL

  5. John Roberts

    WFT 17, WTF 15

  6. Bankhawk

    Too right, Rob! Well said, each and every word of it. 🤦‍♂️

  7. Marcus

    The rest of the season should be about finding out who should be here next year and beyond. To me, that includes Wilson, but more on that in a second. The ‘22 preseason should start now. Let the audition begin.

    Carrol needs to be gone. He hasn’t delivered on the reincarnation of his vision. Schneider too. He’s gotten too cute too often with “grading for the team” instead of pure BPA. That’s left the team with too many LJ Colliers in the draft. It’s also likely why he’s never delivered on his vision to regular draft QBs.

    Speaking of QB… This game was a microcosm of everything that Wilson is in isn’t. He’s a big reason why the offense couldn’t stay on the field. He’s the reason they almost tied it. He’s the reason they didn’t tie it. But the most concerning thing for me today was what he wasn’t. On a day when the running game went nowhere and the defense was playing just ok enough (17 points allowed on 70+ defensive snaps), Wilson couldn’t put the team on his shoulders and dominate in a way the best consistently do.

    For me, the most important question to answer is whether or not Wilson can be the focal point of an offense (the kind of offense he wants) for the rest of the season. I say put it all on his shoulders and see what happens. Can his play transcend scheme and OC? Can he adjust to a league that’s adjusted to him?

    It’s time to find out.

  8. One Bad Mata'afa

    The failed 2-pt attempt: the reason we drafted a 8’4″ tall TE…

    Kidding, in part. But it’s a good summation of this team’s complete ineptitude. A bunch of parts thrown together…the epitome of making a stew by cleaning out your fridge. Russ looks checked out, your special teams pro-bowler can’t even line up properly on a play that he does repeatedly…I could go on and on but what’s the point

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think Russ looks ‘checked out’. I just don’t think he’s right. That finger injury is clearly an issue. He is missing on throws he never misses on.

      • Clayton B Russell Jr

        Rob, Russ looks unemotional, no spirit. I would too knowing that for the last 5 plus years, no one has really done anything to protect him, give him an offense scheme that is difficult for defenses or provide the offense with a defense that can lock down the Opponents WR’s or pressure the QB. Russ is playing as if he wants Pete to be gone or like he is tired of this Run first BS. It is obvious to me that the game has passed Pete by and looking back, I truly wonder if Pete and his coaching philosophy ran all three coordinators out of town. Especially, starting with the Super Bowl loss play call.

        I don’t know for certain, but Pete obviously has major control of the team. Does that mean, John Schneider has been caving in and drafting/trading what Pete wants done; not what John Schneider thinks should be done. The team has been spiraling backwards even with their winning records. Most of us noticed it over the years, luck was on their sides until they reached the playoffs and then the truth was exposed.

        As Marshawn likes to say now in the USA (Subway Commercials) to be Fresh, you gotta Refresh. That sums the Seahawks up perfectly. Hopefully, we can refresh by getting rid of the coaching staff but does Russell want anything to do with a rebuild? As that is what we are talking about.

        The Grey Cloud has been over the Seahawks for a few years and now it’s about to pour. Hopefully, any transition does not take a decade ala (Miami, Raiders, Cleveland, Cincinnati.) Teams constantly rebuilding with 1 good season every 10 years or so.

        • Marcus

          I’d say stoic is more apt. Wilson is one of the most driven people on the planet. It takes a lot of spirit and emotion to sustain his level of dedication. He’s certainly not lacking in that department.

          • Clayton B Russell Jr

            As a leader, is Stoic what you are going for to inspire your team, knowing your coach is always looking to run first and the offensive scheme is still predictable?

        • Chris

          Russ looked pretty pumped when we initially recovered the onside kick…

          • Clayton B Russell Jr

            When you are down most of the game, things not going your way, I too would get excited if there was another opportunity and I knew, most of the plays would be passing.

      • Marcus

        Agreed. Russ hasn’t checked out. That’s not in his DNA.

        Also agree that the finger has to be contributing to some of the inaccuracies. That said, he’s been making some terrible decisions (terrible sacks and eschewing easy throws for low percentage deep shots to name a couple). And it’s been happening for awhile.

        The team hasn’t been able to score consistently for a year now (last half of last season and most of this one). They live an die by the big play. Thing is, they haven’t been able to hit in the big play with any regularity since about the Vikings game last year.

        Some of that can be attributed to philosophy and scheme. Some of that is the lack of talent at key positions (line). And yes, some of that is absolutely Wilson.

        • Rob Staton

          I do think some people maybe over-analyse Wilson though. I could be completely wrong on this but I suspect if we all spent time reviewing where other leading QB’s throw, we might discover a lot of them missing open options too. And this has been a down year for QB’s across the board. None of the top guys have played their best football.

          You don’t go from 2012-to-early-2020 Wilson and then become bad without there being a reason for it. I think the totally useless running game, an offensive coordinator who isn’t up to snuff, an interfering Head Coach and a crap O-line are all part of the problem. These are not just excuses for Wilson — who deserves blame. But those other things exist.

          • Marcus

            Fair points. And I think you’re spot on. Too many people either refuse to criticize Wilson at all or think he outright stinks. I suspect that reality is somewhere between those two worlds. Wilson is a part of the current woes, but he isn’t “the” problem.

            Wilson has already proven he can lead a championship caliber team when complimented by a strong running game and a good defense. I think that’s just as true today as it was in 2012-2015.

            PCJS haven’t delivered the combination of running game and defense since then. Conversely, Wilson hasn’t shown he can shoulder the load for an entire season.

            Wilson is capable of the short rhythm game. He’s done it. We’ve seen it. But, for some reason, he seems to resist it. I think that’s where Carrol and Wilson couldn’t be more alike. They both have little respect for the “dink and dunk” type of offense.

          • Hawkdawg

            Overall, I think Rodgers has been excellent, if not at his very best. But that’s about it.

            Russ’s reaction to the recovery of the onside kick did not look like a checked out player to me. Of course, we found a way to screw that one up as well, but that’s just a theme of the season.

      • MikeB

        He does clearly have lingering issues from the injury. I imagine that has created some hesitation. His throws are often way too late. Which only makes it more infuriating when he forces ill advised throws into double or triple coverage when freddy swain is 20’ from any defender or DK has the back quarter of the end zone to himself and is waiving for the ball (clearly within view of the guy he chose throw to).

        I cant tell if its his mental game being off (along with the finger), or if his blind spots have been thoroughly mapped out by DCs and that defenses can now cheat up on which parts of the field to defend.

    • UkAlex6674

      He’s not checked out. He’s bummed out that he is going to have a losing season on his record. His will to win is so strong, I personally don’t think it’s in his make up to check out.

      • One Bad Mata'afa

        “Checked out” may not be fully accurate, and apparently struck a cord. But anyone could see there wasn’t much emotion or fire last night. Maybe ‘mentally sharp’ is more admissible? He took a big sack near the sideline when all he had to do was flip the ball out of bounds. At this point in his career, that’s a fairly glaring mental blip. I

        And to be clear, I’m not putting this all at Russ’ feet. This entire team is in disarray.

  9. Big Mike

    Paul Cook: since you seem to be the #1 Husky fan here, I’ll ask……what do you think of the DeBoer hire?

    • Call Me AL

      I really like DeBoer and what he brings to the table on the offensive side of the ball. Paired with a solid defensive coordinator, this might be something special. I read and suspected their #1 choice was Matt Campbell, offering him 7 mil a year. I watch all of the Iowa State games and am not that impressed with him. His teams often look poorly coached and I think this years team really underperformed.

  10. UkAlex6674

    The D did well to keep them to 17 despite being on the pitch for 41 minutes. They have been improving but what worries me is if say for the last 2 or 3 games the O catches up and the season ends on an upbeat tone. Would that entice Carroll (if he is thinking of leaving) that there is enough meat on the bone to stay?

    • 12th chuck

      kept the points down, but gave up a 10 min. drive in the 4th, t.o.p. is a huge factor in some of the losses

      • Marcus

        TOP certainly factors. The defense can certainly do better. But I’d wager a more effective way to even out the TOP is to not have your offense go three-and-out on five straight drives.

        I’d also wager the most important stat is points. They offense ranks 25th in points scored. The defense ranks 6th in opponent points scored.

        I wouldn’t go too hard on the defense right now.

        • Chris

          Are we holding the good teams to low scores or just benefitting playing a lot of bad teams?

          • Marcus

            It’s a bit of everything. They’re 4th in red zone defense, 6th in points allowed, 22nd in defensive DVOA, and last in yards allowed.

            That suggests they’re good at preventing touchdowns but not particularly good at getting off the field. And that matches the eye test. A bend-but-don’t-break defense that’s doing a lot of bending and a bit of breaking.

  11. BK Matty

    pardon my ignorance but couldnt they have challenged the horrifically bad and game altering call on that PI at teh end of the first half? Or was it a holding call that isnt reviewable? Either way between that and what is the most preposterous rule in football the refs were a nightmare too, they were just as bad as the Hawks were all around.

    • Rob Staton

      PI isn’t reviewable any more

      • bk matty

        thanks, that was really one of the worst calls Ive seen in ages and borderline criminal given how long after the play it took for em to call it, really seemed suspicious…. Totally changed game too.

  12. Malc from PO

    When Pete’s analysis/takeaway is “we were really close at the end, just need to clean things up”, the circle will be complete.

  13. DC

    I haven’t seen anything on Pete’s presser, anyone know if there was anything telling from it like last week?

    • 12th chuck

      seen a small tidbit on pft this morning, once again kind of throwing shade at Wilson, about film doesn’t lie, missed some throws etc., but totally leaving out the fact of the d stinking it up so much

      • DC

        Nothing about the running game?

  14. sonicreducer

    What is Jamal Adams doing on the 2nd McKissic touchdown?? This is the 2nd time he has refused to lay a shot at goal line and just let the ballcarrier waltz right in the endzone. Pete paid 17 million for that? What happened to “defend every blade of grass”?? He makes me sick. Oh, Earl Thomas, where are you?? lol

    • DT

      Dude is defintiely out there making “business decisions” when it’s not a highlight play hit.

    • Simon McInnes

      Rewatched it and disagree on that one. He had a bad position, so if he lunges at the ball carrier, the most likely outcome was that he knocks Wagner away from being able to tackle McKissic. As it happens, Wagner could not complete the tackle anyway, but we cannot just use hindsight on these things.

      • sonicreducer

        Sorry, I completely disagree. I watched it again from a few different angles. Jamal had ample opportunity to lay a good hit on McKissic and simply refused to do so.

    • SeaTown

      Speaking of Earl. You know I was really ticked off when he gave Pete the bird after breaking his leg. Looking back, I was wrong. He was right.

  15. Call Me AL

    This arctile accurately sums up the Seahawks problems across the board. The cumulation of years of poor team building, both roster and coaching staff. Its really a travesty that things have degraded to the point that RW can no longer carry this team even against mediocre teams. I believe Russ’s finger is causing him issues and thought he came back to soon. But, this teams trajectory was in plain view long before he injured his finger. What a waste of a franchise quarterback.

    Ownership needs to step up and make a statement right now by firing Pete Carroll.

  16. Nicholas

    I think B Wagz needs to face the inevitable and pack on 45lbs so he can play next to mone and woods.
    He’s one of my all time favorite Seahawks and it’s a little tough to watch him try and keep up. Time to turn the keys over to Brooks.

  17. bmseattle

    Every other team seems to have a clever little rub (pick) play they run at the goal line, and/or for 2 point conversions.

    What do we do?
    Just drop Wilson back 10 yards (making the throw more difficult) and hope someone comes open?
    We didn’t even roll him out to threaten the defense with the potential of a run.

    This team feels like a high school team in the way it is coached.

    • Rob Staton

      They’ve not run a two-point conversion all season.

      And that was their go-to play call with the game on the line.

      Speaks volumes.

  18. bmseattle

    Isn’t it great to hear people say how “Adams is playing better” now?

    They are so desperate for the trade to not be a disaster, that him making a couple tackles a game, and being in the right spot to catch a deflected interception, is some great thing.

    • Fudwamper

      I hated the trade and sign, but he is playing better. Not 17 Mil better but he playing better.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      I commented in the game thread that Adams will never be worth what we paid (and pay) for him, but I always want him to play well. And aside from McKissic’s 2nd TD, Adams played well last night.

    • Scot04

      It should go down as the worst trade in franchise history.
      The value of this upcoming 1st just compounds things.
      It’s feels like we traded three 1st round picks.
      I remember people saying it wasn’t as big a deal because they would be two low 1st round picks.
      It was a horrible trade that made 0 sense the day we made it; & that was before knowing the compensation.

      If they truly wanted him they should have traded for him before the 2020 draft when we knew the value of the 1st #1. Why did we wait if we thought that highly of him?
      We were fine at Safety; As Rob said it was a total “Panic Trade.”

  19. cha

    End of the 2nd quarter. Washington has just scored off of the Collins fumble. Seahawks have 1 minute and a timeout in their pocket.

    Washington’s kicker is visibly injured and the chances of a turnover/punt and long FG try being successful are miniscule.

    First play – 8 yard pass to Everett. Great start
    Second play – short incompletion to Everett. OK fine.

    3rd and 2 at the 36 yard line w :32 to play.

    Seahawks call a run to Deejay Dallas.

    Not only is it completely idiotic to call a short run to Dallas (again!), it does not matter if he converts the first down!

    You’ve committed yourself to burning the timeout, and now you’re at, what, the 40 yard line with :23 to play and you have one shot, maybe two if you have a perfect sideline play, to get into FG range.

    So instead of 3 or 4 shots downfield, you trot out your worst first-down play and option, knowing that you’ve completely burned two plays and a timeout.


    Pete said Russ told him before the final long drive, ‘we’ve done this before’. Why didn’t either Pete or Russ say that at the end of the half?

    How big would a FG have been in this close of a game?

    • Sean

      This playcall drove me crazy. It is just dumb football. Also, why did we only have 1 timeout left when we started the drive?

      I am just sick of the really stupid game management, year after year.

  20. SeaTown

    If Jodie Allen is in coma and decides to just let PC/JS run this team into the ground for another year, Shane Waldron can’t come back, right? I mean he’s in way over his head. PC fired Shotty after he oversaw the highest scoring team in Seahawk history. How do you let Waldron survive this disaster?

    • Rob Staton

      Waldron clearly isn’t up to the job.

  21. SeaTown

    Wait till Detroit beats the Hawks for their first win.

    • Noah

      And once that happens, wait until the apologists come out to try and defend it once again.

  22. Sneekes

    It’s a perfect storm of QB finger injury, QB poor decision making, inadequate OL, shitty play-calling, virtually no scheming.
    I’m calling that 1/5 bad luck, 1/5 on Russ and 3/5 on Pete/Waldron.

    • Scot04

      Nice breakdown of offense. Here’s the defensive breakdown:
      5/5 Pete

  23. JimQ

    The lack of direction & play calling is very much a big part of the problem. I think the Offensive players are starting to question what the heck they are supposed to do & feel limited by coaching decisions. Defensive players are feeling the heavy toll of being on the field so long. I predict another “players only” meeting may be the “final shoe to drop” for PC’s coaching career, and it can’t come quickly enough.

    PC isn’t dumb, he’ll eventually see it’s time to hit the rocking chair, maybe that happens pretty soon or at the very least, when this season is over. It’s been a good run, but all good things eventually come to an end & it’s time for PC to face reality for the good of the team.

  24. Simon McInnes

    General rules question – was it ever explained what the illegal formation on the onside kick recovery was? As far as I could see, they had five players either side of the kicker, so could not think what else applied.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s about having a player inside the hash mark.

      • Simon McInnes


  25. Group captain Mandrake

    Wilson looks broken, and without him this offense in 1992 bad. Scary.

  26. Tomas

    Trade anyone, or no one, but don’t trade Russ. He’s playing with a seriously screwed-up finger on his throwing hand, and we’re acting startled and concerned he’s lost his remarkable passing touch? All he needs is a few months rest and a competent HC and OC, who among other things understand that offensive lines are rather important to a team’s success.

  27. Tomas

    My comment above made in general, not directed at Mandrake, who makes a fair observation. However, I’m confident Russ is merely temporarily “broken.” My big hope is he escapes further injury this year.

  28. Elmer

    OK, the offense is bad. In two words , Pop Warner. No offense meant to the Pop Warner kids. There are clearly several causes, but which of these do you all thing is the most harmful single cause?

    a. the OL can’t run block
    b. the OL can’t pass protect
    c. they have no quality RB’s. If you are getting neck vertebrae fused, you probably should quit football
    d. the QB can’t function because the OL can’t protect him
    e. the QB can’t function because there is something wrong with him
    f. the in-game play calling is bad
    g. the offensive scheme is bad, too simple, too elementary, too easily defended against

  29. SeaTown

    What an indictment of Carroll and Waldron:

  30. STTBM

    Despite the ridiculous lineup penalty on Nick Bellies, our Special Teams has been great. Izzo should be retained by Seattle, if possible, but I still feel the entire group excepting him, from GM and Head Coach to the quality control guys need replaced.

    Russ needs a coach who will challenge him to make throws into tight windows, to use the entire field rather than just throw sideline crossers and seam routes, and to throw timing patterns.

    Under Carrol and Carl Tater Smith, Russ has become afraid to make so many throws every qb in the NFL makes. They ignore the middle of the field, especially the End Zone. You cannot do that in today’s NFL, and there is no reason to with a QB of Wilson’s caliber.

    Trading Wilson is asinine. Not one damn good coach would prefer three first rounders right now over inheriting Wilson. Russ needs a great coach, an coach, and Offensive System. He needs coached up, not replaced.

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