Notes: Mike Mayock’s rankings reinforce Riddick’s mock

Yesterday I made an appearance on ESPN 960 in Utah to discuss Bronson Kaufusi. You can hear the audio above. I’ll also be on KJR with Softy today at 5pm PST so if you get an opportunity check it out.

Plus — here’s a podcast with two days to go. Kenny and I will be recording another on Wednesday too:

Last week we linked to a mock draft by ESPN’s Louis Riddick which was interesting for two reasons:

1. It was different

2. It wasn’t totally absurd despite being different

It also presented a scenario where several potential Seahawks were still on the board.

Reggie Ragland, Kevin Dodd, Vernon Butler, Germain Ifedi, Jonathan Bullard, Derrick Henry and Chris Jones all visited the VMAC and were sitting there for the Seahawks at #26.

Mike Mayock published his top-100 yesterday and it continues on a similar theme. Look at the following prospects and where they’re ranked:

#26 Reggie Ragland
#28 Germain Ifedi
#29 Emmanuel Ogbah
#30 Kevin Dodd
#31 Vernon Butler
#32 Noah Spence
#36 Jason Spriggs

If Seattle’s board is anything like Mayock’s this group could be available to them.

Perhaps more interesting is the range Mayock had some other prospects ranked:

#57 Chris Jones
#58 Keanu Neal
#64 Derrick Henry
#65 Jonathan Bullard
#77 Bronson Kaufusi
#80 Shon Coleman
#92 Connor McGovern

Mayock is connected — and that perhaps gives his top 30-40 some genuine credence. I’m not sure he’s using total insider info though on a top-100. I would expect Keanu Neal, for example, to go a lot earlier than the late 50’s.

That said — there might be some useful info here. Are teams simply grading Jonathan Bullard as a second rounder? Could he be there at #56? Will Derrick Henry last until Seattle’s second rounder and could he be an option?

And perhaps more importantly — could we really see Shon Coleman, Connor McGovern, Joe Haeg and Joe Dahl available within range of Seattle’s two third round picks?

Imagine a scenario where the Seahawks came out of the draft with Noah Spence, Jonathan Bullard, Connor McGovern and Joe Haeg. Or any combination of the players listed above.

It wouldn’t be a total surprise if someone like Bullard lingered into round two. Especially after one scout described him as such:

“Is he a great player? No. Solid rotational player.”

This also reinforces why teams are really valuing the second and third round. Just looking at Mayock’s board you can see it’s stacked in that range. The Tennessee Titans played an absolute blinder in their trade with the Rams.

Jason La Canfora has really interesting things to say

So what are the Seahawks going to do per JLC? In a really detailed piece that is worth checking out, he had the following to say:

The Seattle Seahawks are not afraid to wheel and deal. GM John Schneider might be the best in the business and he loves this draft — especially deeper along. The Seahawks believe it’s the richest draft since 2010, and he is never averse to trading out of the first round when picking so low. If someone wants to jump up from the early-second round to here to get a quarterback, well, sources said other execs are well aware the Seahawks are open for business. They have a bunch of picks and wouldn’t mind having more.

It could be the Browns, Bills or Saints or any team that wants to get ahead of the Cardinals and Chiefs that could go QB late in the first round to get their guy, whether it be Lynch or Connor Cook or Christian Hackenberg.

Now, I will mention that the Seahawks believe their medical team and advanced sport science department give them a competitive edge (consider their work with Michael Bennett, for instance) so if a stud player slips for a medical reason and Schneider sees value there, that could be the pick. And they certainly have a need on the offensive line. All things being equal, however, this spot is ripe for a trade and there would be linemen on either side of the ball who Seattle would likely fancy in the top half of the second round.

I’m not sure what to make of the talk of a ‘stud player’ slipping. There aren’t many candidates — and they’re not going to take Jaylon Smith at #26.

Is this a Myles Jack thing? Or is it someone else?

The player in question could be Shaq Lawson. There’s been a lot of talk about a bad shoulder for Lawson impacting his stock. He actually has a nice athletic profile:

Height: 6-2 1/2
Weight: 269lbs
Length: 33 inch arms
40-yd: 4.70
10-yd: 1.64
Vertical: 33 inches
Broad: 10-0
Three cone: 7.16
Short shuttle: 4.21

At his size that short shuttle time is elite. His broad jump is highly explosive. His split is pretty good for his size and not far off the elite 1.5’s.

In some mocks Lawson is listed in the top-15 and in others he drops well down into the late first. Just keep him in mind based on what La Canfora is saying here.

Mayock lists him as the 13th best player in the draft.

Initially I linked these two sentences together:

If a stud player slips for a medical reason and Schneider sees value there, that could be the pick. And they certainly have a need on the offensive line.

I thought he was referring to an injured O-liner (aka Shon Coleman). On reflection I think it’s more a case of they’ll stay at #26 if:

a.) a stud player slips for a medical reason

b.) They really like an O-liner at that spot

So it looks increasingly like the Seahawks are going to move down unless there’s a major rush on O-liners and they get spooked into taking Germain Ifedi (for example) with their top pick. All the signs point to a trade down into the 30’s.

My prediction is when they finally start to take players off the board — they’ll be gunning for size, athleticism and impact.

When John Schneider talked about becoming the bully again — I think it’ll mean they want to get bigger and faster. They’ve kind of emphasised speed over size since 2013. This year I’d expect physical, big, tough and athletic to be the priority.

That’s evident from the list of names they’ve met with — Ifedi, Bullard, Butler, Jones, Henry, Dodd etc.

The exception could be if they see a truly excellent EDGE available (that could be Lawson or Noah Spence). Even then a hybrid DE-DT with size and rare mobility seems much more likely on defense.

How the ideal scenario could play out

I really don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up that Sheldon Rankins will fall to #26.

Daniel Jeremiah published a mock yesterday where that exact scenario happened. It’s worth noting that Jeremiah has consistently graded Rankins at about #26 on his big board. Contrast that to Mayock who has him at #11 overall.

Someone will undoubtedly take him before Seattle’s pick because he’s the most explosive defensive lineman in the draft. Here’s what would need to happen, however, for the ideal prospect to fall to the Seahawks:

1. New Orleans would need to take Paxton Lynch at #12

2. Miami and Oakland would need to pass on Darron Lee, pushing him to the Falcons

3. The Lions and Colts would need to be focused on their O-lines

4. The Bills would need to prioritise either a quarterback or an edge rusher

5. Scot McCloughan would need to be temporarily distracted or perhaps tied up and locked in a closet

6. Cincinnati would need to be totally zoned in on receivers and not put off by two going right in front of them to Houston and Minnesota

7. Pittsburgh would need to focus on their secondary

It’s asking an awful lot as you can see. You could argue stranger things have happened — but even this seems really far fetched.


  1. Alexander Hudson

    Step 5 is obviously where the ideal scenario really starts to fall apart. But if Rankins makes it to the neighborhood of #20 (right before Washington at #21), would it be worthwhile to sacrifice their native 3rd rounder to move up and take Rankins? (Assuming, of course, a 3rd rounder is even enough.)

    • Rob Staton

      Possibly. Although the options in round three look so rich this year — even for Rankins you’d have to think twice.

  2. Volume12

    Definetly smell a trade back coming.

    No matter what happens, I think Seattle will knock this draft outta the park, and come Saturday night and all of Sunday, we’ll be asking ‘is it game time yet?’

    • Volume12

      BTW, gotta agree about Mayock. He knows things man.

      • GerryG

        Agree his talent evaluation seems really good each year, not that I ever go back to check

  3. Trevor

    Rob love the list of things that would have to happen for Rankins to fall to us. I agree completely. Absolutely love the player but there is an incredibly slim chance he is there at 26.

    When I read Jason La Canfora’s comments about the Hawks sports science team my initial thought was one of excitement that this may be an indication that Shon Coleman was in play but it appears you think the comment meant that either an OL or a stud player with medical issue not a stud OL with a medical issue. Is that correct?

    If they want to be the bully again then Vernon Butler or Chris Jones in Rd #1 and Coleman in Rd#2 would certainly go a long way towards helping with that.

    • Rob Staton

      “it appears you think the comment meant that either an OL or a stud player with medical issue not a stud OL with a medical issue. Is that correct?”

      Yeah — that’s what I settled on.

      I think he could be subtly hinting at Shaq Lawson.

      • bobbyk

        Everything you hear about Lawson is that he practices like a crazy man, too. They love that.

  4. Trevor

    Looking forward to hearing you on ESPN this evening! Is that 5:00 PM PST?

    • Rob Staton

      5pm PST on KJR.

      • rowdy

        950 am

  5. Scraps

    Okay, I’m salivating now.

  6. Brain_Damage

    Hi Rob,

    I think you have done excellent analytical work with the TEF formula. Any concerns that Texas Sharpshooter Fallacy might be in play with your TEF metric? I think with Cable’s statement about his benchmarks that provides enough evidence to counter most doubts about the validity of TEF. The final test will be this years draft to see if they stay within the TEF parameters or not given the apparent needs on the oline.


    • Rob Staton

      Well, we get to find out this week!

  7. Volume12

    Would love Bullard and Coleman in a trade back.

    • Trevor

      Hard to argue with that. There are so many great options likely to be there in the early mid 2nd that a trade back really makes a ton of sense particularly if Rankins and Butler are off the board.

      • Volume12

        So true.

        There isn’t a guy mentioned in this piece by Rob, that I would hate.

        Matter of fact, there’s not many guys overall in this class that I dislike.

        Is it top heavy with premier talent? No. But the depth is awesome.

        • Trevor

          For sure the 2nd and 3rd rounds are stacked.

  8. Bjammin23

    If Neal was in play later, say 2 or? Could he be in play? I’d love to see him rubbing shoulders w/ bb and Kam. Special teams would be fearsome.

    • Trevor

      Neal in a hybrid LB with Kam at Safety would scare the hell out of receivers and TEs coming over the middle that is for sure.

    • bobbyk

      Neal won’t get past Arizona. No chance.

  9. Ukhawks

    Good set of articles on sleepers by position in field gulls. Really like Utahs S Carter they profiled; would be a great death hacker candidate. Tape looks great vs Mich

  10. Kenny Sloth

    The Seahawks have been well documented in their requisites for their Cornerbacks; must have 32″ arms, ball skills, and smarts. While very few in this class strike me as innately garnering high marks in all of these categories, many display several unique traits and intriguing factors at a position the Hawks have consistently targeted each year in the draft. Only seven players listed as Corners at the combine met the 32″ requirement; Daryl Worley (33 3/8″) of WVU, Jalen Ramsey (same) of FSU, James Bradberry (same) of Samford, followed by Artie Burns 33 1/4″ arms out of Miami, Brandon Williams of TAMU measured in at 32 1/2″ arms, while his SEC-mate, Rashard Robinson of LSU had 32 1’4″. Bringing up the rear of this group is DeAndre Elliot of Colorado State with an even 32″. Deiondre’ Hall is listed as a safety by the combine committee, but I like him better at Corner. Obviously, a player like Jalen Ramsey will be unavailable to the Hawks, so I won’t waste anymore words on him.

    We’ll start with the titular prospect; Deiondre’ Hall. Hall comes in at a very Seahawk-y 6’2 199 lbs. with those almost ridiculous 34 1/2″ arms. He was a top performer in the broad jump at the combine (10’07”) and improved his 40 and 10 by .10 each at his pro day, giving an accurate idea of his speed at 4.55 and 1.62. 6 picks and 3 FF this last year.
    For this evaluation I used tape from his 2015 games against NDSU, Portland State,

    Hall sheds blocks on the outside extremely well with his extraordinary length and has good burst upfield to sniff out screens and shut down those endeavors. Looks to strip the ball in the open field and does so with success. Consistent area of his game, very physical. Hall shows a great willingness to come up in the run game, but falls a bit short of the Brandon Browner mould. Shows a very eager burst when breaking out of his back pedal. Emotional player. Ripping at the ball on every tackle attempt. Shows some serious stiffness in the hips when tracking the ball over his shoulder. Relies too heavily on safety help and the press, doesn’t seem to trust his own speed, which may be warranted. Not displayed great ball skills in film study to this point. Doesn’t play the ball.

    Seems to either tackle very high, up at a guys neck, or very low, diving at his ankle from five yards away. Not a Hawk tackler, yet. Has great press technique. Obviously doesn’t kick step the way our Corners do, but shows strength and the agility to bail out of a failed press. Sometimes will jam a guy really well at the line. Would do wonders to learn that pole arm stab that Sherman uses.

    Had some snaps at Safety and showed very low positional awareness there, though his burst and willingness to be physical were on full display. Bites over and over on fakes when playing deep.

    Got caught on a double pump by Carson Wentz. Wentz had trouble with the full field comeback route; Important pro throw behind which you want to see him have more strength. Joel Haeg is flashing and finishing like a pro he is moving up my list of targets.

    Promised my homie I’d add a note about Hall’s secondary mate Dorleant. On the shorter side (5’11 185), Dorleant appears to have the requisite arm length. While he was played in a very different style than Hall, UNI coaches mention this as a possible reason he hasn’t received the same attention, he exhibited some of the same traits; coming up in the run, attacking the ball, and high physical upside. Has trouble sticking with guys and is abused in the red zone.

    Would have loved to do a bit on DeAndre Elliott here, but as I’m writing this I fail to even find a highlight reel of the guy. He’s 6’1 188 with 32″ arms. Jumped 41″ vert and 125″ broad. Decent agility drills finished second and eighth, respectively with a 3.93 shuttle and a 6.93 triple cone.
    That’s all I really got on him, could be a target for sure.

    James Bradberry has seen his stock climbing after the combine. He’s been a favorite of some on the blog because of his great frame and unique strength at the position. Had a freaky 11′ broad jump at his pro day, paired with his 1.52 10 yard split at the combine shows he is effusing athleticism. 16 reps of the bench press with those 33 3/8″ arms is considerably impressive.

    For this evaluation I used his tape against Central Arkansas from 2015 and Auburn 2014

    Obviously the level of competition is going to be a factor here, as well, but the first thing that jumps of the tape is how fluid he is, at his size, to turn and run with a receiver. No stiffness in his hips, very impressive at 211 lbs. Seems to have kind of slow feet, very choppy in his redirection. Shows sticky coverage skills and followed his man to the other side. Stays in the receivers hip pocket and doesn’t give up space on quick routes. Doesn’t use his frame to his advantage, looks very light/narrow not an intimidating figure like you might expect at that spot. Inconsistent effort coming up to stop the run. Even when left unblocked doesn’t always crash with authority. Very aggressive hand fighting and shows a bullying press technique. Looks to do his best Richard Sherman impersonation at the line occasionally using only one arm to press and wins. Doesn’t seem to run opponent’s routes backwards. Looks like he’s playing tag in that he sticks with the receiver as best he can and crosses his fingers. Wasted steps all over the place. Shows desire to deliver vicious hits. Very good long ball tracking and soft hands. Good shiftiness with the ball in his hand as one would expect. Good vision across the board. Seems blindsided by the speed and confidence of the Auburn receivers

    Got beat by Sammie Coates on a deep post. It only takes an inch.

    Rashard Robinson of LSU eeks by the 32″ requirement and sat on the bench behind a stacked LSU secondary. He eventually gained a starting spot, but lost it because he was suspended indefinitely for breaking into a former player’s house to apparently steal back some of his stuff. The Hawks did bring him in for a visit, so he could be an option for them.

    “I’m not sure he’s a bad kid, but I know he hates school. He’s really tough — ­typical south Florida kid. You know what you get. The interviews will work themselves out for better or worse, but you keep things simple for him and let him chase one guy around the field all day. He’s really good at that.” — Former SEC defensive coach. Doesn’t sound like a competitor to me.

    Daryl Worley coming out of West Virginia has some questions to answer for teams as he was suspended due to academic issues. To me this more often shows, not a lack of intellect, but a lack of mindfulness and forethought. He also is currently under suspension because of an accusation of assault on a woman outside a nightclub; claims he was protecting his girlfriend. Two shameful things to have on your record, in my opinion. That being said, Worley sure produced on the field for WVU; six interceptions and two forced fumbles last year to go along with three picks the year before. Ran a 4.49 at his pro day at 204 lbs. Has big hands to go along with his long arms.

    Worley is a very emotional player for the Mountaineers. Hitting the ground on bad plays, sprinting after teammates on positive ones. The only footage I could find was a ratchet highlight real by Rambo productions (“You gittin’ mad, While I’m gittin’ paid”). Very well spoken, responds quickly in interviews, very to the point kind of intense guy the Hawks like. Answers fast like Sherman.

    I used Boykin’s 2015 tape to check out Worley vs. TCU and very good receiver Josh Doctson. This was one of the most dynamic QB-WR connections in CFB. This is all I need to see.

    First play against TCU he almost picks off a Doctson deep post coming from THE OTHER SIDE OF THE FIELD! Playing way off against this spread offense, he is really locking down his side. Rather stiff hips when turning and running, loses footraces because of this even when he’s playing off. Gets a great end zone deflection, boxing out Doctson and shutting the play down. Few corners were able to perform so well against Doctson. Looks like he went out with a hammy a few drives later. Overall a decent showing, mostly because of the respect offered by Boykin and the TCU coaches.

    Haalopoulivaati Vaitai went out when his leg got rolled.

    Brandon Williams was originally a 5 star RB recruit from Texas that signed with Oklahoma, a minor neck injury and the Sooners’ bevy of talent at the running back position coupled Williams’ desire to be closer to his young daughter caused him to transfer to A&M. He played sparingly on offense in ’13 and ’14 before switching to Corner this last year. Has never intercepted a pass.

    Artie Burns played his college ball at Miami . When their mother suddenly passed away his junior year, Artie gained custody of his siblings and thus declared for the draft to support them. Kiper has Artie Burns in the first round, so I doubt he lasts to a point the Hawks will be looking to pick him up.

    Hall can be expected off the board as early as the 3rd, but most projections have him as a late fourth, early fifth. DeLoreant probably goes undrafted.
    Bradberry has been tabbed to go in a similar range to Hall, while Robinson and Worley are distinct day three prospects.
    Brandon Williams is an UDFA and Burns likely goes in the early second.

    Hope I could help shed some light on these players that may be looked at by the Seahawks. Keep in mind these were only the players with 32″ arms at the combine. They likely have many more targets and may even have a guy with whom they maybe aren’t as concerned about length

    • Volume12

      And yet they’ve gone against that this year.

      Every single corner or DB they’ve met with doesn’t have 32″ arms, except for Clemson’s TJ Greene. At least the guys that were made public and we know about.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Met with Robinson?

        They use visits as smokescreens too

      • Attyla the Hawk

        Worth mentioning that it’s possible we’re looking strictly at slot corner.

        Seems outside corner is loaded:


        Of those, only Lane seems competent at slot. Only have a couple guys we task with that:


        It’s also possible, if not likely that we are giving Lane a shot at the outside.

        Right now we have a glut of outside prototypes. Not having sufficient slot corners cost us dearly in SB49. Thinking we may color outside the CB lines in this draft based on specific lack of depth.

        • David

          I believe PCJS are projecting Tye Smith as a slot corner

    • Trevor

      Nice write up ! If they take a corner this year Bradbury and Hall seem to fit the profile perfectly. I just think they have so much developmental depth at that spot that they may skip CB till UDFA perhaps. I feel the same way about WR based on who they have met with as Vol 12 pointed out earlier

      • Kenny Sloth

        Yeah I agree just writing to write.

        I think they may target someone in the later rounds so he don’t slip to udfa.

        Hall is my favorite DB this year I like Justin Simmons at FS as well obviously

    • Del tre

      Nice evaluation of hall and the cornerback Class. Rashard Robinson reminds me a bit of tharold Simon who if I’m not mistaken has been described in the same way. That’s why I don’t want Rashard Robinson and I don’t think the Hawks looking to get him. And I remember trying to find a video of DeAndre elliot playing and I couldn’t do it. Makes me curious. I think the most likely situation is the Hawks take Bradbury or hall in round 5 or 6. Even though I really like hall and his ability to press Bradbury just looks more like a hawk on tape. I was watching a highlight video and he impressed me.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Yeah Bradbury is a real fluid mover for a man that size.

        • Del tre

          And also Kenny I didn’t know I was your homie! Haha man its like within the realm of possibility the Seahawks never do anything you expect. The answer is right there they tell you what they want and who it is but we still all have no clue

    • Darth12er

      Thanks Kenny, good read!!

      • Darth12er

        Brandon Williams is an interesting story. Pretty speedy too, 4.37 40 – if that’s right..

  11. Willyeye

    My final Seahawks mock:

    Seahawks trade down their 1st round pick #26 to Raiders for 2nd round pick #44 and 3rd round pick #75. Just as a reference point, according to the old draft trade value chart, it comes out to Raiders receive 700 points, Hawks receive 675 points. This version includes a few changes from my original mock on 3-22-16.

    2nd…Pick #44- T Jason Spriggs
    2nd…Pick #56- DE/DT Bronson Kaufusi
    3rd…Pick #75- G Connor McGovern
    3rd…Pick #90- G/C Joe Dahl
    3rd…Pick #97- RB Tyler Ervin
    4th…Pick #124- OLB Travis Feeney
    5th…Pick #171- WR/TE Devon Cajuste
    6th…Pick #215- FB Dan Vitale
    7th…Pick #225- WR Ricardo Louis
    7th…Pick #247- DT Justin Zimmer

    UDFA’s- QB Vernon Adams, WR Justin Berger, RB Daryl Virgies, G Sebastian Johanssen, C Bruce Johnson, T Ramy Kased, DT Connor Wujciak, DE Trent Corney, OLB Devante Bond, OLB Joe Walker, ILB Will Ratelle, CB Ian Wells, FS A.J. Hendy, SS D.J. Hunter, DT Joel Heath, DE Alex McCalister

    • Trevor

      Look s like a ton of great picks to me. Love the 3rd and 4th rounds.

    • HawkFan907

      Why would the Raiders trade up that high? They don’t have a need glaring enough to warrant that kind of move IMO.

      • Willyeye

        What if they want a specific player that will likely be gone at #44? What if they don’t like any of the guys that look to be available at #44? #26 gives them an extra 1st round pick…how do you know they don’t like 1st round picks? How do you know for sure they wouldn’t get with JS and trade? Some teams like higher picks…some teams like more picks. Maybe the Raiders will want another high pick in this draft.

        I’m probably wrong anyway. What are the chances that any one of us predict the trade down that JS might make? It was just a hypothetical trade.

      • Del tre

        Raiders desperately need a safety so if Keanu Neal I’d there and they think they can pick up a good corner in a later round I could see them doing it

    • Darth12er

      This would be great!! Don’t think Spriggs will last that far into the second. And I really think that if they want McGovern he won’t last until the end of round 3. In this scenario 75 just may work, I like it!

  12. Josh B

    Pete was pretty adamant that they weren’t going to reveal anything at their presser, but I feel he dropped a pretty interesting nugget

    He was asked about OL and he mentioned how he had watched film of some guys and that he couldn’t find one that got a go jump off the ball in the run game

    I felt that’s at least a little bit of signalling, intentional or not. We know how much they value run blocking, and we know how dismissive they are of OL coming out of college. We also know their record at drafting OL

    This feels like laying the foundation for justifying shying away from OL at the top of the draft. You can see an argument being formed along the lines of, “Why would we drop draft capital on guys who don’t do what we value?”

    I may be reading too much into it, and I certainly hope I’m wrong. Their OL strategy these last few drafts has been terrible. They need to change things up.

    • Rob Staton

      I think there could be some truth in what you’re saying there Josh.

      Subtly preparing the fan base for a non O-line pick first up.

      • Hawksince77

        I think JS already prepared us by providing the justification for drafting Britt – the huge drop off (as documented by Rob’s TEF) to the next guy, and reiterating there is no such cliffs in this draft (again, demonstrated by Rob’s analysis). There is no reason to spend a top pick on a position with plenty of quality options in rounds 2-4.

        All signs point to trading down in the first (assuming they find the right deal) and going defense with their first pick. Perhaps their first two.

      • Scraps

        Josh B says:

        “This feels like laying the foundation for justifying shying away from OL at the top of the draft.”

        Rob says:

        “I think there could be some truth in what you’re saying there Josh.
        Subtly preparing the fan base for a non O-line pick first up.”

        Scraps, way back on April 5, says:

        “Maybe Schneider is trying to get the fans ready for a pick that’s not an offensive lineman or a defensive lineman,”

        🙂 Of course, JT immediately said “I doubt JS gives a rat’s behind about fan reaction to his picks,” so maybe all three of us are wrong.

        • 12er

          We find out tomorrow! or not, but I have a feeling PCJS are gonna crush this draft. Looking forward to Pete’s draft clues today.

      • Eran-Ungar

        I have been ready and willing for just that since the end of the season.

        It has not been very popular opinion here 3 months ago but lately more are expressing similar views.

        • Rob Staton

          Doesn’t mean it’ll happen though.

    • Trevor

      I think you are spot on. I think he was prepping fans expecting OL early not to be too disappointed.

    • Steele

      As much as we have been setting up for OL in the top three rounds, Cable is king. If they continue with last offseason’s approach, OL 1. remains lower round 2. the picks will be potentially baffling WTF types 3. conversion projects. It will be a nervous training camp full of unknowns competing for OL, and they start the season with the OL a lingering question mark. They will remain highly confident, while we fret.

      It is quite possible, as always, that they will BPA a lot of the draft, period.

      I think it is reasonable to lower our expectations right now, and prepare for the above!

      • vrtkolman

        You are more pessimistic than usual today, Steele.

        • hawkdawg

          …and that is saying something. Not as confident as I usually am that he is wrong on this one, though. The Hawk’s faith in Cable to coach, and Wilson to stay upright, has made me nervous on a regular basis.

          Personally, what I heard from Pete today makes me think Coleman might be their first OL pick, somewhere in the second round. That guy can fire out and hit people.

    • Trudy Beekman

      It should be mentioned that Germain Ifedi could be flagged for a false start on every play with how closely he anticipates the snap.

      • Kenny Sloth

        I always think this. Is that good or bad, TB?

        • Lewis

          Bad, IMO, because once they get a rep as a jumper, they will be watched more closely.

    • Lewis

      The quote was: ” They’re not as aggressive and physically oriented as we’d like them to be and try to make them become. It is different and there is a problem. I looked a couple of guys this week, and I couldn’t find a running play where a guy came off the ball and had to knock a guy off the football—there’s not even a play in a game—so it’s hard to evaluate what a guy is going to be like”

      This goes back to what Rob has been talking about in terms of the difference between offensive and defensive linemen. It isn’t just the physical attributes but the actual physicality of the way the game is being played in college.

  13. RWIII

    Brock Huard likes Jonathan Bullard. Danny O’Neil says the Hawks don’t need to take an offensive lineman early. Dave Wyman says guards are a dime a dozen.

    Mike Salk wants a pile driver who can block defensive lineman on 3rd and 1; and 4th and 1 situations.

    Bob Skelton/ Jim Moore wants offensive lineman.

    • Volume12

      I agree about Bullard. Love everthing about him.

      He’s not done getting bigger either. This is a guy that’s gonna grow into a Sheldon Richardson like frame.

      • Darnell


        Get-off, hand use, motor, attitude, technique.

        If he can be the same player, but coached up and around 295 – look out.

        • C-Dog

          Yeah, that’s kind of I am envisioning, a 295 lb 3 tech at the next level.

      • J Boy

        What leads you to believe he’ll get bigger? His frame?

        • C-Dog

          I think frame.

    • GerryG

      Do the opposite of anything Jim Moore suggests

      • RWIII

        Rule No. 1 if you are a Seahawk/Mariner fan.

        Do the opposite of Jim Moore.

        • Rad man

          Jim Moore is a lot of things, but he’s not a know-it-all, and that’s refreshing

          • Coug1990

            I agree. I do not always like what he is saying. However, he does not take himself seriously. Too many talking heads take themselves so seriously and that everything they say is handed down personally to them from God like Moses and Mt. Sinai. Most of the time, what they say is gibberish or something hypocritical.

            • hawkdawg

              While Moore’s comments are just gibberish, without the hypocrisy? I guess that is better…

      • Josh emmett

        Haha, lay the lumber

    • bobbyk

      I see the guards are a dime a dozen thing… but we haven’t had a good guard for over a decade. If they were a dime a dozen, you wouldn’t think ours would have been so terrible for so long.

      • Eran-Ungar

        You have just pointed to the main issue that keeps misguiding many here –

        “we haven’t had a good guard for over a decade”

        It is a point of view that is based on pass protection.

        As far as PC and TC – We had some great guards like Sweezy and Carp. Other teams think so as well and paid those guys very handsomely once they became FAs.

        Run first team with run first Guards.

  14. Forty20

    Myles Jack could be firming as the player slipping due to medical reasons. There have been conflicting reports over the severity of his knee injury recently but Ian Rappaport is now reporting that Jack has cartilage separating from bone in his knee.

    Struggling to think of anyone else bar the two that Rob already mentioned in Jaylon Smith and Shaq Lawson.

    • sdcoug

      Just posted the same thing below. Wonder if that’s the guy

  15. Volume12

    Did PC just give us a draft clue?

    ‘Trapper by his furs.’

    He said this year’s draft clues are gonna be huge.

    • Darnell

      hmm to close to Tapper, too obvious.

      Maybe a West Virginia guy – they wear those coon skin hats in Morgantown.

      Or Pete is just clowning everyone by putting unrelated thoughts out there and letting fans read into it.

      • Volume12

        It coulda been nothing, but he did say today that draft clues were coming soon.

        So it either is a clue, or he’s gonna start giving them tommorow or more likely, Thursday.

        • JakeB

          It kinda sounded like they didn’t just already know the players they’re targeting but he also had his clues ready to go. That’s pretty impressive. I wonder what a clue for a trade down would look like

          • Volume12

            They know who they’re targeting.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Mountaineers? Bobcats?

      Nittany Lions?

      • Cameron

        Wolverines, Beavers, etc trapped animal mascots… hmmm.. Willie Henry, Seumalo?

    • Madmark

      I read about a Offensive guy that loved to hunt hehe. can’t remember who it was. VMAC visitor.

      • Kenny Sloth

        I think that was actually Bradley Sowell?

      • Kenny Sloth

        I think that was actually Bradley Sowell? No no mcgovern

      • RealRhino2

        Or is this something else? Talking about a guy with production rather than just measurables? That’s the meaning of the saying: “you judge a trapper by his furs”

        It was a favorite of Bill Parcells. Something to do with Parcells?

        • Rad man

          yup. production.

        • Trudy Beekman

          This makes the most sense. Notable sack numbers for 2015:

          Carl Nassib 16
          Emmanuel Ogbah 13
          Shaw Lawson 13
          Kevin Dodd 12
          Bronson Kafusi 11

          Those 5 are in the Top 10 in sack production last year. The trapper quote, combined with medical concerns, would seem to still point to Shaq Lawson.

          FWIW, Shaq Lawson plays a lot like Frank Clark or a stumpy Ziggy Ansah IMO with their bread and butter being an excellent bull rush and good leverage. Ziggy has worked out for the Lions, I would argue that Frank Clark would have been a Top 15 pick if not for the domestic violence arrest. Ziggy was given the “physical freak” narrative (debatable) that many thought could develop into a pass rusher since he had such limited football experience.

          Height: 6’2″
          Weight: 269lbs
          Arms: 33″
          40-yd: 4.70
          10-yd: 1.64
          Vertical: 33 inches
          Broad: 10-0
          Three cone: 7.16
          Short shuttle: 4.21

          Height: 6’5″
          Weight: 271lbs
          Arms: 35″
          40-yd: 4.63
          10-yd: 1.56
          Vertical: 34.5 inches
          Broad: 9ft 6in
          Three cone: 7.11
          Short shuttle: 4.26

          Height 6’3″
          Weight: 271lbs
          Arms: 34.5″
          40-yd: 4.79
          10-yd: 1.69
          Vertical: 38.5 inches
          Broad: 9ft 10in
          Three cone: 7.08
          Short shuttle: 4.05

          First is Shaq, second Ziggy, third is Clark. Ziggy was also the #5 pick if memory serves and we’re talking about someone potentially falling to 25. My point is not that they are indistinguishable, but that if you look at all 3, they’re not far off in their testing, and size is comparable between Clark and Shaq.

          Personally I love Shaq Lawson as a player. He’s short and stocky for an EDGE guy (though his arms are relatively long), but I think is a stark contrast to someone like Bronson Kafusi. Kafusi looks the part but his production seems to come a lot from being in the right place at the right time, not from being a disruptor. Neither is going to beat you with speed and bend around the edge, but Shaq is a big-time disruptor with his bull rush. He has production that doesn’t show up on the stat sheet.

          I compared him to Ziggy because Ziggy looked like a one-trick pony on tape, but the “physical freak” narrative that some guys get hit with meant that in the court of public opinion he had “upside”. I would argue that Shaq had similar numbers and should be closer to the “physical freak with upside” narrative than many give him credit for.

    • J

      We’re drafting a mascot to replace Blitz.

    • Attyla the Hawk

      Nah, I’ve heard Pete (mostly John though) use that exact phrase maybe 6 times over the years.

      I think that’s one of Schneider’s go to phrases.

      • Rad Man

        and they end to value production

  16. Darnell

    Too risky to go D 1 & 2 (ex: Buller/Frackrell) and pound the interior OL with the 3’s. Because that d value is really attractive.

    • Darnell

      ?? a question, not a statement

      • Josh

        I wouldn’t totally object and they might be willing to do it as they did last year.

  17. sdcoug

    Possibly he sees Myles Jack as the potential injury fall?

    A lot of speculation today about medical concerns, possibly limiting him down the road (in terms of a second contract), and thus causing a big fall on Thurs. Rob, you love to say…if an elite prospect is falling due to a medical, there’s a reason other teams are passing on him too. True, to a certain extent. Not all teams are currently constructed to take that shot, and Casserly also had an interesting story to share. When Parcells drafted Curtis Martin, Casserlly called parcels and said along the lines of “what are you doing, we had a medical on this guy. He’s a short-term career.” Parcels respnded “So did we. All these guys are short-term careers. They’re 3-4 year players.”

    • Josh B

      I remember reading an article a few years ago that compared ‘draft risers’ to ‘draft fallers’. I don’t recall much of the specifics, but it concluded that risers tended to fail expectations much more than average, whereas fallers tended to exceed expectations and were generally more successful. Overall that sounds pretty intuitive.

      Anyway, all this to say: I would not be shocked at all if Seahawks had an entire battery of medical professionals whose job was to sort out the ‘true’ fallers – those with legit, career-impacting injuries – and the ‘fake’ fallers who are falling based on speculation or ignorance

      This team thrives on fallers. Really intrigued to see what this means for them in such a deep draft

      • sdcoug

        Interesting; makes sense. I think it’s probably easy for scouts coaches, GMs to spend so much time evaluating nuances of each prospect that sometimes flaws are all they can see. Could be that Pete’s “what CAN a player do” mentality really helps them wade through this blind spot

      • Coug1990

        I remember that article. I believe it was written by Kenneth Arthur over at FG’s a year or two ago.

  18. TatupuTime

    My head wants them to trade back this year, but damn it be fun to watch the first round and see them select a player for a change.

  19. hawkdawg

    Gotta love Lawson’s Broad Jump number above. That has to be some kind of record 🙂

  20. Madmark

    Pittsburg takes Butler and we trade out. I’ll do Baltimore 36 and 104. If I go by Walts I can get everyone I want.
    36 Gemain Ifedi LG – no surprise here.
    56 Connor McGovern C
    90 Tyler Ervin RB
    97 Willie Henry DT
    104 Nick Vannet TE
    124 Devon Cajuste WR/TE
    171 DeAndre Elliott CB
    215 Rees Odhiambo LG.RT
    225 Andy Janoviche FB
    247 Vernon Davis QB
    The offense suffered the most last year and it needs an infusion of talent.

  21. Greg Haugsven

    Great write up Rob, and can’t wait to hear you at 5pm. I have to bust your balls a little and say that id Shaq Lawson only has a 10 inch broad jump I don’t think I want him. 🙂

    • Greg Haugsven

      Even though I might be the worst typer in here (id = if)

  22. Bill Bobaggins

    Everyone see this already?

    This is why you get excited about what Schneider will be doing the next few days. He’s the best in the business and will undoubtedly come away with some gems.

    • GeoffU

      I read somewhere recently, can’t seem to find it since, that 75% of the players PC/JS have drafted are still in the NFL. Either still with us or on another team. That’s insane. And that doesn’t even include all the undrafted hits.

  23. James

    We have explored the Leo position exhaustively in the past, and I believe the consensus was that John & Pete are looking for elite speed at that position. Noah Spence’s 4.8 40 seems to disqualify him unless the parameters have changed.

    Unfortunately, I think we can agree that Rankins will be long gone, so let’s not strain ourselves. Everything we are reading also indicates that Ryan Kelly will be picked earlier, so our internal debate about the center position may never be resolved.

    If we stay at #26, I seems to me it will be because: 1) there were no viable trade-downs available (not likely); or 2) we go for the best available OL (Ifedi or Spriggs) and call it a good day in the neighborhood. I just don’t see using #26 on a DL, since there is such a large group of them with similar grades… so that is a more likely scenario if we trade down.

    • Madmark

      I think we have a monster LEO already in the making. Frank Clark at 255lbs is going to be the monster.

      • James

        I suppose you never have enough Leo’s, but with Avril and Clem plus Clark and Marsh, add Noah Spence’s 4.8/40, and I just don’t see it. I don’t know who will be in the first Seahawks pick, but I know he will weigh over 300 pounds. (who else is curious to see Ryan Robinson, who mightily impressed before his injury and then was stashed on IR last season?)

        • GeoffU

          Clem may be too old, Avil’s on the way, Marsh cannot rush the passer. Edge is definitely working it’s way up to a need. Though I agree with you Spence is probably not the answer, and there may not be one in this draft.

    • Troy

      i saw a piece on ESPN where he improved his 40 on his pro day to a 4.7 or 4.75, people forget he had a sore hamstring during his combine

      • 12er

        It should be noted that weather conditions were awful at Eastern Kentucky’s pro day. Spence’s “official” pro day time was also 4.80 (1.62 split), but he was running on a wet field at temperatures just above freezing (reported by Tony Pauline). It’s hard to say how much faster he would have ran in normal conditions, but my guess is sub 4.7 and sub 1.6 split.

        It may not be a position of need, but Spence is the type of athlete the Hawks may consider at 26 or in a trade-back scenario.

  24. Dylan

    To Rob or the larger group, any thoughts on Pete’s comments about Browner at the press conference today? Said things like ‘he has special skills, we have a nice plan for him’ and ‘we are going to do some different things with him youll see in the future.’ Sure seems to indicate some sort of position change. I certainly found intriguing.

    • Rob Staton

      Very interesting! Although not sure what he means.

    • Josh emmett

      I’d love to see him as a 3rd safety in the box in a new nickel package with 4 down linemen and the 2 strong safeties in line with Wagner and Wright for a 4 LB look with Sherman and Lane on the outside with Earl over the top. Call it: Big nickel, they could probably stop the run well in that too. Haha

      • H M Abdou

        Big nickel is how you beat New England, I’ve seen the Jets give them fits over the past couple of years using that defensive formation.

      • David

        You’re basically describing a vanilla nickel with Browner as a slot corner. I would imagine if they did go the big nickel package it would be with 3 CB (Sherman/Simon outside?, Lane slot) with Earl playing high safety and Wagner, Browner and Chancellor in the box. Essentially replacing Wright with Browner if that’s what they are looking for.

        I would imagine they would bring Browner in to cover the TE which is why vs 11 personnel I would assume Browner would be replacing Wright instead of the slot corner as you would still need a smaller shifty DB to cover the slot WR.

    • Ignorant

      It seems to be a great idea to use him against high volume pass catching TEs. I think they are not sure they can replace Irvin’s TE coverage. Maybe the beat down Greg Olsen gave us is in effect here.

    • Bill Bobaggins

      Yeah…I’m thinking he’ll play that deathbacker role in nickel. He’ll be the reason that Greg Olsen and Tyler Eifert don’t destroy the seams this year.

      • Attyla the Hawk

        That was my immediate thought.

  25. coachmattson

    Charlie Casserley’s latest mock draft at has us taking Derron Lee LB at 26 and has the Packers taking Sheldon Rankins DL at 27, so maybe there is hope that Rankins will be there.

    Do you think we would take Lee LB at 26 if he is there to replace Irvin?

    Go Hawks!

    • GeoffU

      No, Rankins all the way. Not sure how Darron Lee projects as a pass rusher. Don’t think we’d take him.

  26. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I’ll be tuning in as I post right now.

    The one that caught my attention, in terms of slippage… Rankins.

    There are some crazy rumors that he will be around ~ #22 in the draft. I find this very hard to believe, but if this is the case, then a swap of 1st’s and throw in the 3rd from Seattle… this seems like a likely trade up target. Which team would need more picks or even want to do a swap. Hum…. NYJ get the 1st +3rd from Seattle…… 840 vs 850 points, almost a perfect match. If Rankins in fact, slips watch out for this trade up.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Sad Panda. Softy fat fingered the call… LMFAO

  27. Bill Bobaggins

    Just heard you on Softy’s show Rob…great work! I felt like I was listening to a good buddy on the radio.

    Love that you’re getting some love in the Seattle media.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks guys — hope it sounded OK!

      • Kenny Sloth

        My gf was like “you know that guy?!” lmao

        Thanks for making me look like a big shot

      • C-Dog

        Sounded great!

      • Scraps

        It sounded fine!

    • James

      I second that… Rob, you sounded like a pro, which you are!

    • Trevor

      It was a great segment Rob nice work. Hope they make you a regular next year. I am not sure how you find enough hours in the week. Great job.

  28. Lewis

    Don’t know if anyone else heard this earlier, but Miller/Kirwan had Dr. David Chao on earlier (recurring guest and sports medicine doc). They talked about Shaq Lawson. Chao said from what he has heard, Lawson is going to need surgery, but he could probably play this year with a brace and wait until the offseason for the surgery so it would have more time to heal.

  29. rowdy

    I would love shaq lawson and think he checks all the boxes. He plays on fire and can play the run and pass. The thing I like most about him is the ball is always his first thought. Watch where his hand is when he hits people, he always puts it on the ball and goes for the strip without missing the tackle.

  30. nichansen01

    We have talked about a ton of potential targets. I am going to give my final prediction now. Draft on Friday….

    Shaq Lawson, DE, Clemson

    • nichansen01

      For our first pick.

      • RealRhino2

        Laquon Treadwell. Just for fun. He’s good at the LOS and has something like the 3rd-highest wingspan of any WR in Zach Whitman’s database. If we’re willing to give up #31 AND Max Unger to win in the red zone with Jimmy Graham, a small part of me wonders why we wouldn’t give up #26 for Treadwell for the same reason. Maybe all those corner routes and fades to Kearse that fall harmlessly out of bounds would instead end up in the big mitts of Treadwell for six…..

        • Coug1990

          I’ll give it a try. If they think Graham is going to be healthy, then they already have the big redzone target with good hands on the team. Also, Baldwin became another redzone target last season.

          Plus, the Seahawks draft measured against their own team, not the league. So, there may be other positions where the drafted player upgrade will be greater over the current player than Treadwill is to Kearse

          • RealRhino2

            Maybe, but:

            1. Doubt Graham will be healthy all year, and even if you think he is, he might not be.
            2. Graham super expensive, Treadwell super cheap.
            3. 11 games, 2 TDs. And I don’t think it matters that they needed to “work him into the offense” or some such nonsense. Middle of the field, sure. Once you get down to the 10, pretty easy to figure out a couple of plays for Jimmy to run.
            4. I like Baldwin in the red zone, but the great majority of his TDs came 15 or so yards out or more, not really what I had in mind. He’s good at explosive plays where he can catch the ball crossing underneath and turn it into a score, but there were only a few times where we were sitting around the 5 yard line and went to Doug for a score. Think this would expand our arsenal quite a bit.

            I’m thinking back a little to the Superbowl, where we are sitting on the 5-yard line and need a go-to play to a WR. Or a 2-point conversion that we need. Treadwell wins off the line and wins balls in the air.

            • Coug1990

              Do you believe that John and Pete think more like you do or more like I do?

              Jimmy Graham was an all pro tight end before he came to Seattle. He had proven he can play in the NFL. Still, although he was set to destroy every Seahawk TE receiving record, there was an adjustment period.

              Treadwell has not proven he could play in the NFL yet. There could be an adjustment period for him as well.

              But, as I wrote above, the Seahawks draft against their own team. For a run first team, do you see them spending their top pick three years in a row on a pass catcher when there are other positions on the team that need help?

              • RealRhino2

                I’m not sure, but probably more like you do. But as you mentioned, we are a run-first team, but we sure have spent a lot of capital on finding difference-making receiving threats.

                We had just made two Superbowls without a superior TE threat like Graham. Didn’t seem like a big need. Yet we traded away a core OL and a 1st-round pick for him because he was unique.

                I view treadwell in the same way. To me, he’s Cris Carter. Similar size, similar speed, uses his body effectively, and if on a team without a diva star receiver that the OC feels needs to get “his” targets, I believe all he’ll do is catch TDs. That’s worth a bit to me.

                But yeah, he’d realistically be about #10 on a list of probables.

                • AlaskaHawk

                  Seahawks have been checking out some late round UDFA type tight ends. So they are shopping, it’s just not a high priority for them.

        • RealRhino2

          Okay, was half joking around, telling my son the Hawks were going to pick Treadwell. Put on some game film to show my son who he was.

          Now I actually want Treadwell. I don’t care about some made-up SLA thing. I don’t care if he doesn’t get 1,000 yards for the season. He looks like he could catch 10 TDs a year in the red zone.

  31. Trail Hawk

    Curious what anyone thinks about this scenario:

    Saints take Shaq Lawson at 12. Rankins is there at 14.

    Seattle trades:
    26 – 700
    56 – 340 = 1040
    90 – 140 = 1180 trade value

    Oakland trades:
    14 – 1100
    114 – 66 = 1166
    194 – 13.8 = 1179.8 trade value

    Seattle picks:
    14 – Rankins

    Anyone for this? It’s an interesting thought process to see who you’d take with the new pick order.

    • RealRhino2

      This is just me. I like Rankins. I like Butler. But there are literally a half dozen guys maybe just a tick below either guy, so I wouldn’t be trading up for any DL in this draft. I think there are other positions where there are real shelves that make trading up make more sense, but not DL.

      Also, I know you have to pay market price, but I would NEVER trade up in the early rounds off of some stupid draft value chart that was just a WAG from some guys 25 years ago. Actual research has shown that the JJ draft chart wildly overvalues picks in the early 1st and undervalues picks in the middle rounds, particularly the 2nd and 3rd. So there is no way I’m trading my picks in the 2nd and 3rd to get higher in the 1st if it matches the draft value chart, though I’ll happily trade DOWN on the chart. 😉

      Which means I’d probably never be trading up, but oh well.

      • Minnesotan

        I’m perpetually surprised that The Trade Chart gets deference like holy writ in the 21st century. It was inane when created, and there’s been a generation’s worth of analytics since that time consistently indicating that you get overpaid when you trade down.

        • Trail Hawk

          Not giving it “deference like holy writ”. It’s just another analytical tool we can use to estimate draft values. It seems to add up in the majority of trades. I’m open to a better metric if you have one.

        • Attyla the Hawk

          I disagree completely.

          The fallacy of this opinion seems more rooted in general distrust/enmity towards analytics as a concept.

          The trade chart wasn’t created in a vacuum like holy writ. It was a reverse engineering of a trade history that preceded it.

          The chart is/was merely a reflection of what teams already innately thought of the value. And served to create a value template on picks only so that you could avoid overpaying on trades relative to the mean.

          This fact is often obscured by time, misunderstanding or outright misrepresentation.

      • Trail Hawk

        But how do PC/JS evaluate him? Would you do this trade if it was Aaron Donald? Not saying he is Aaron Donald, but is not quite Aaron Donald worth it? If he’s viewed as that level of talent then this wouldn’t surprise me. Look what they did with Lockett last year. A majority of posters here hated that trade at the time. In retrospect it’s a no-brainier. They’re not afraid to make these moves if it’s a player they covet.

    • Nathan

      No, giving away too much.

      • Trail Hawk

        I’m not a fan of trading up. I agree you usually give up too much. Just not sure it’s giving up too much in this instance. Is Rankine most likely a bust, a contributor or a disruptional presence that must be accounted for? Will he give our edges more sacks? Is he the player most likely to help the LOB be the LOB again? Will he help us be a bully?

        Given the comments on the o-liners and about trading up in the presser yesterday this wouldn’t surprise me. They draft for needs, he might be thei biggest need at this point. Would this draft be so disappointing?

        4 – Sheldon Rankins – DT
        97 – Conner McGovern – OL
        114 – Joe Dahl – OL
        124 – Devon Cajuste – WR
        171 – Tyrone Holmes – DE/OLB
        194 – Daryl Worley – CB
        215 – Darius Jackson – RB
        225 – Lawrence Thomas – DL
        247 – Tra Carson – RB

        • Trail Hawk

          14 – Sheldon Rankins

    • Veryal

      I just think there is too much value in the 2/3 rounds to not have our 2nd pick until 97. We would likely miss out on some offensive line guys we’d like. But if they are confident in Rankins as “the guy” then they might consider it . I think its more likely if they were to do this, It’d be 26 and 56 for 14

      • Trail Hawk

        I agree with all you said. You’d have to be confident that he’s “the guy”. I also love the value in 2/3 rounds. I thought before that there would be no way this happens. With PC/JS’s staements on th OL prospects in the presser this now feels possible. Originally I was 90% against this, now about 50/50. It would all come down to is Sheldon Rankins an Aaron Donald type talent?

  32. Steele

    “Imagine a scenario where the Seahawks came out of the draft with Noah Spence, Jonathan Bullard, Connor McGovern and Joe Haeg.” Now that is a scenario worth not just imagining, but hoping for, although it leaves LT to Gilliam. A bit risky.

    The DTs are all problematic. Most are more LOS/run stuffer guys than pass rushers, indeed “solid rotationals”. Even Rankins is more that type than ideal. So many of the same type, few really stand out. What we need is a hybrid of Chris Jones and Rankins.

    As for Shaq Lawson. It would not surprise me. He is a Bennett type outside/inside. Is Bennett going to be around for many more seasons? Dodd and Spence are better pass rushers than Lawson, but Lawson has position versatility. How much did the injury affect his get-off, which I thought was lacking?

  33. Beanhawk

    Additionally, I wanted to give some props to Rob regarding Vernon Hargreaves. Listened to the McShay and Kiper “First Draft” podcast, and they both are hearing that Hargreaves is “falling” due to concerns that he doesn’t have the size or length to play outside. Kiper even admitted that he might fall into the high second. No way those guys (or any other draft expert) would have said such a thing in December and January… except Rob. Now, one team earlier could still pull the trigger, but clearly many in NFL circles are seeing the same issues that Rob has for months. Kudos Rob!

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks man

    • Steele

      Hargreaves has great hips and feet. A nice slot prospect.

      • Beanhawk

        Oh, absolutely. I am not anti-Hargreaves at all. I think he could be a fine slot player with outside potential perhaps (much like I felt about Jason Verrett). I just find it funny that after all these months, these size concerns are just now appearing in the mainstream media… it’s not a hidden injury, a DUI, bad forty time, etc. In fact, he was impressive in the combine workouts. It’s not like we didn’t know Hargreaves was small.

        • Steele

          National media is always late, way later than Rob, and don’t know the Hawks like Rob. But that national wave has a way of mucking things up at the last minute.

          • Coug1990

            Yep. Over the years, Rob has often been ahead of the game regarding players.

      • Troy

        a positive steele comment? has the rapture occurred???

    • Attyla the Hawk

      Have to second that. I do think the caliber of examination is just so much higher here than anything national. And clearly those national pundits that seem well connected are well sourced and appropriately cited.

      It’s getting more rare to see that kind of ethos in the media and blogosphere. I see it as a testament to the quality of this environment.

  34. Trevor

    It is really unfortunate for the NFL that the two most dynamic athletes on the defensive side of the ball Myles Jack and Jaylon Smith both have seemingly serious long term injury concerns. For me it is another reminder for fans to never give a kid a hard time for leaving school early. I think they should be able to leave whenever they want personally. For example why does Fournette need to go back to LSU next year. What does he have left to prove.

    • Trevor

      I say this thinking about that idiot Mora giving Jack a hard time about declaring after he got hurt.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I turn 21 this june. I don’t think you should have to wait but i think it would cause more problems than it solves having kids who can’t even drink legally making million dollar decisions.

      • GeoffU

        Yeah but that’s only because of the US’s stupid drinking laws

        • Kenny Sloth

          I think it has far more to do with frontal lobe risk/reward centers of the brain’s development than not getting drunk. If anything earlier introduction of alcohol stymies and suffocates neural development.

  35. Kenny Sloth

    I still can’t believe that poster was trying to roast Rob on Brandon Coleman.

    Dude got 500 yards last season as an udfa.

    He’s still growing, too! Could still set the ? on ?

    • rowdy

      I believe he had knee issues too that held him back in the beginning and made him drop out off the draft

      • Kenny Sloth

        Exactly. Rob doesn’t have the luxury of a team of doctors checking him out.

        Look at all he’s overcome. Tons of talent to produce in tthat way

  36. Cysco

    Seems inevitable at this point that we’ll be trading back. The only exception would be if Rankins fell. (stranger things have happened)

    I like the idea of swapping 3rd round picks with someone to drop back. There’s going to be a crazy amount of value in the late 2nd and early 3rd rounds.

    • GerryG

      If we drop back, I want an extra pick/guy, not just a better 3rd.

  37. williambryan

    Reason #5 ???

  38. williambryan

    Heard Gil Brandt on Sirius radio just basically guarantee that the Hawks will be selecting an OL from the big 12 with there first pick. He’s old but very connected.

    • Nathan

      Has to be Le’Raven Clark, doesn’t it?

      • Kenny Sloth

        Charles Tapper called him the hardest guy he had to face.

      • williambryan

        Or spriggs?

        • Volume12

          If they go with Le’Raven Clark watch the hate over that pick. It’ll be crazy.

          Spriggs is BIG10.

          • nichansen01

            He’s going to end up being big time in our league. He’s got elite foot quickness, he’s long and he’s smart. He’ll keep getting better once he gets to a pro offense and away from that stuff Texas Tech does and he’ll become one of the top five tackles in our league.” — NFC personnel director

            From WalterFootball:
            Clark is all potential, but he has the athletic tools of rare size, length and quickness to be a left tackle in the NFL. He should not play right away as a pro.

            Could be the pick, however unlikely he starts on the line in 2016.

          • Kenny Sloth

            My stomach churns just thinking about it.

            All that work and we take the guy we left out.

            • Lewis

              I seem to recall talking about Clark a fair bit before Ifedi came to prominence in the thought process.

          • Mishima

            My gut still their first pick (32 – 42) will be Clark. I’ll dig it.

            • Mishima

              iPhone: ‘…still thinks…’

          • Lewis

            Not unless it’s at 26. We’ve talked about him plenty, though not so much recently.

    • 12er

      Imagine its Vaitai from TCU

  39. GeoffU

    Probably means nothing, but it’s interesting that in Kenneth’s rolling stone article Shaq specifically mentions Pete:

    “Yeah, I talked to a lot of them; they all seemed to like me. Coach Dan Quinn. Coach Rex Ryan. Pete Carroll, those guys. I talked to a lot of teams.”

  40. Nate

    Rob did you see Dom Williams pro day results? 4.39 40 at 6′ 3′ with a 40.5 inch vert and 10′ 5” broad.

    Williams had career highs in receptions (75), yards (1,040) and touchdowns (11) in 2015

    Have you watched him at all and is he someone that sparks interest for you?

    • sdcoug

      As a guy who has watched every Cougar game, Dom can go up and get the ball. I think he’s got a lot of upside late in the draft. Improved every year. Not a pure burner but good speed and athleticism. The maddening thing about him is a when the case of oopsie drops surface, ala Kearse. Not sure if it’s just marginal hands or lack of concentration

  41. Steele

    Josh B posted above about PC: “He was asked about OL and he mentioned how he had watched film of some guys and that he couldn’t find one that got a go(od) jump off the ball in the run game”

    Should we therefore narrow the list to the guys who score high in TEF who are better in the run game?

    • JakeB

      Perhaps, but Pete wasn’t necessarily saying that the guy he was watching couldn’t block. He was explaining that many college linemen simply aren’t asked to line up and play the way the Seahawks play. So the team is forced to try and project how these linemen will fit in the Seahawks offense with basically no tape to support them. It was just kind of a continuation of the conversation about the differences between college spread systems and the pro game.

      • Steele

        True. But it still makes sense to consider the best run blockers. Cable may bias decisions towards them.

  42. Ignorant

    Tere’s this interesting zone in Mayock’s top 100: from 60-80.

    62. Deion Jones
    64. Derrick Henry
    65. Jonathan Bullard
    66. Kenneth Dixon
    67. Maliek Collins
    72. Ronald Blair III
    75. Halapoulivaati Vaitai
    77. Bronson Kaufusi
    80. Shon Coleman

    Sweetest spot for the Sehawks imo. If the draft falls this way, in this range we can solve most of Seahawks weakest positions in terms of depth/competition. Coleman/Vaitai would address lack of competition/depth at RT/LG, Bullard/Blair III/Kaufusi address lack of depth at inside-outside DE, Henry/Dixon would add HUGE upside to RB rotation. Major spot to trade into.

    • Ignorant

      Imagine draft falls this way, Seahawks then trade picks with the Ravens (26+90 for 36+70+142). Baltimore picks Ifedi to replace Osemele. If Vernon Butler isn’t there at 36, trade down with the Patriots.( 36+124 for 60+61), who gets ahead of the Buccaneers to get Emmanuel Ogbah and replace Chandler Jones.

      Seattles sits at the end of the second round with #56, #60, #61 and #70. OT Shon Coleman at 56, DE/DT Bullard/Kaufusi at 60, Kenneth Dixon at 61 and Connor McGovern at 70.

    • JakeB

      Interesting how high he has Vaitai. Don’t think I had seen him in that range anywhere else

      • Kenny Sloth

        It’s a fair projection real athleticism and swing tackle versatility.

        • JakeB

          Oh I agree and I’d love to see him end up a seahawk. I had been wondering why I hadn’t really seen him in the top 100 on any big boards. Thought I was missing something

        • Ignorant

          I was really impressed by his tape vs Buckner, and the tape vs Tapper.

          I think he’s an explosive LG next level.


    Damn that Jeremiah, I am now hopelessly daydreaming about Rankins.

  44. Nate

    I heard Pete and John both adamantly remind the media that they trade up. They have traded up twice. Pete say we read up (strongly) followed by fading out with and we trade down.

    • J

      Why would they tip their hand?

  45. RWIII

    Lllogosss: Don’t think Rankins is going to be on the board at 26. So go ahead and have a good night sleep.

  46. FourSoko

    I hope that the Swahawks draft rb Darius Jackson.
    He is from Michigan like Rawls and is crazy athletic!

  47. C-Dog

    32: R2P32

    56: R2P25

    90: R3P27

    97: R3P34

    99: R4P1

    124: R4P26

    171: R5P32

    215: R6P40

    225: R7P4

    247: R7P26

    Seahawks find a trading partner with QB needy Cleveland, shock many fans selecting Bronson Kaufusi at 32. I think Rob is genuinely onto something with him, like the “surprise” element comp to Bruce Irving in 2012. Seattle gets a highly athletic guy who can play inside/out, and it going to be very coachable. Probably more edge than interior, but I wouldn’t sleep on his upside kicking inside to 3 tech.

    Connor McGovern is a Hawk target and makes a ton of sense to draft and compete at center. IMO, I don’t think Seattle will wait to long to address OLB and RB, so I think Joshua Perry and Tyler Ervin make a lot of sense in R3. They do back to OL later down the road.

    At pick 99, the land Cajuste, and secure a needed big target as Graham is still mending. 124, they go big OT in Vaitai.

    Pipe dream thinking Simmons last until R5, but this is where I generally see them going DB, wouldn’t shock if they draft one sooner. If he’s there, he’s probably the steal of the draft. R6, they add corner. R7 they add another TEF OL and a nose tackle in Balducci.

    Not drafted positions include QB, FB, MLB

    • RWIII

      C-Dog: I really like Joshua Perry. It would be nice to snag him in the third round. The 2nd round is too. But Perry would be a great find for Seattle in the third round.

  48. Kenny Sloth

    Quoth LeRaven: NEVERMORE!

  49. coachmattson

    It seems like J. Reed DL Alabama is a younger version of Mebane. I recently saw an article that said excellent run stopper and relentless motor. Isn’t that what we are looking for? Reed stop the run on first and second down and then bring in Clemons on third? Thoughts?

    • C-Dog

      Reed’s an interesting player. Mostly a run stopper but can push the pocket.

    • 12er

      He probably doesn’t meet the athletic requirements the Hawks would require from a first round DT pick

  50. RealRhino2

    Fwiw Paxton Lynch looks like a mess to me. Wonder if someone else will be third QB. Don’t think the Jets will have to go up to get him.

  51. Volume12

    Anyone else think that Seattle is gonna use Browner in a 46 bear alignment?

    • mishima


    • Eran-Ungar

      It should work wonders against CAR’s triple option, NE, NYJ, BUFF…

      With Browner and BB in the box, you get a lot of bang for your bucks.

      • Eran-Ungar

        Here is something i read last year. interesting take on the topic…

        the part i loved most is at the end:

        “And remember: The genius of the 46 is that the QB turns down throws in Q4 that he makes in Q1 because he’s either injured and out of the game or shell shocked from the amount of abuse he endures. The 1985 Bears played 16 games and KO’d the starting QB 11 times.”

        Didn’t JS talk about being the bully?

        • C-Dog

          Very interesting stuff. If they get aggressive like the 46, that would be fun to watch. The 46 also requires disruption from the interior DL, maybe why they are looking at Butler, Jones, Bullard, etc.

          • 75franks

            and would be the perfect FS for the 46. would love this

            • 75franks

              *and earl would be

      • LantermanC

        Browner and Kam? Browner and BB are the same person.

        • Eran-Ungar

          LOL….sorry….Kam and BB….:)

          • Kenny Sloth

            I read it as ‘bam bam’ fwiw

  52. Volume12

    Penn St CB Trevor Williams a sleeper at the CB position.

  53. Eran-Ungar

    A deep draft class is a blessing and a curse. The blessing is that whenever you pick there is talent available to upgrade your roster. The curse is that it works for the other 31 teams as well.

    The deeper the class is, the less likely you are to improve your team relatively to the rest of the league by the quality of your picks. It becomes more about the quantity of available talent you can gather than the quality of your picks.

    In other words, the more picks you can gather, the more talent you will end up with. Combine that with the Seahawks tight cap situation and the amount of open roster spots for 2017 (26 available spots right now) and you end up with a perfect storm opportunity.

    IMO, unless someone like Rankins falls into their laps, they will trade back, possibly more than once (the Prich scenario). The top of day 3 should be a very valuable place to be. I believe they will attempt to gather 7 picks in rounds 2-4 and make a killing.(2 OL, 2 DL, RB, WR, LB)

    This has all the making of a legendary draft class.

    • Trevor

      I think you are exactly right Eran. Unless Rankins falls they will likely trade back a couple of times. So much value from picks 45-75 that this year it makes a ton of sense. If |Rankins is there they run to the podium.

    • C-Dog

      I tend to agree, but I think Butler might be a guy that keeps them at 26, as well.

    • Josh B

      I hadn’t thought about it in these terms before. I really like the way you put it and you’ve definitely convinced me that the answer is quantity over quality (so to speak)

      I think it’s going to result in a bloodbath of an August when teams cut all these promising rookies purely because they lack the room for them

      • Eran-Ungar

        The bloodbath starts Sunday night.

        If the Seahawks have over 200 players on their board and the whole draft is 253 players, there will be tens of players from their board undrafted and available as UDFAs. That will be the case for many other NFL teams.

        The phones will be on fire the minute the draft ends.

        • Eran-Ungar

          Ooops, Saturday night….

        • Attyla the Hawk

          Agreed. This UDFA crop probably is the difference between a middling/good draft and a great draft.

          I think a lot of current depth/projects’ spots on the team are going to be in serious distress this summer.

          • Eran-Ungar

            Always compete at it’s best.

            I always believed that it’s the day 3 and UDFAs that separate the great GMs from the rest.

            The Seahawks have been a league leader in cultivating and allowing UDFAs an equal chance to get better and compete.

            This is a great marketing advantage for JS when he picks up the phone. Join Baldwin, Rawels, Kearse, Gilliam, Lewis…come and be a starter.

  54. Coleslaw

    Trade back, pick up Josh Garnett a smart run blocker, good combo blocker and js talked about finding linemen who fit together. Get a third tounder and pick Deion Jones, Ervin and Haeg. Then Marquez North in the 4th. Add in who you like in the second with our original pick and you have a solid draft. I’d take Braxton Miller personally

    • Coleslaw

      Actually I’d take a DT lol or switch Jones with a DT instead

    • LantermanC

      Really think we didn’t talk about Braxton enough. He’s Percy Harvin ish in that he would be great getting carries and catches, and he’s a field tilter for sure. Depends how far he slides though.

  55. Trevor

    My Final 2016 Mocks #1 (What I would like to happen)

    *Hawks trade #26 to Browns for pick #32 and pick #100
    *Hawks Trade pick # 56 and #127 to N.O for pick #46

    RD 2 Pick #32 Chris Jones (DT Miss St.) Too much upside to pass on with Butler and Rankins off the board before pick #26.

    RD 2 Pick #46 Shon Coleman (RT Auburn) Nastiest OL in the draft. Please take this guy JS!!!

    Rd 3 Pick #90 Connor Mcgovern (G/C Missouri) I would be shocked if Cable does not take this guy.

    Rd 3 Pick #97 Tyler Ervin (RB SJ St)We need a pass catching 3rd down back and Ervin is dynamic.

    Rd 4 Pick #100 Nick Vannett (TE Ohio St) Best blocking TE in the class to compliment Graham and Willson and give our young OL some help.

    Rd 5 Pick #171 David Oneymata (DL Manitoba) My favorite sleeper pick in the draft

    Rd 6 Pick #215 Tyrone Holmes (Edge Montana) Edge prospect with potential to be a rotational guy early on and insurance in case Clem has nothing left in the tank.

    Rd 7 Pick # 225 Travis Feeney (LB Washington) People think he goes early but I disagree. I think he falls because of injury concerns. Great athlete but as Rob says the the most thing is availability.

    Rd 7 Pick # 247 DE to OL convert or WR to DB convert- Leaving this open for Hawks convert project.

    Two players not on the mock I love are Jatavius Brown and Devon Cajuste I just did not see a way to make them fit and you can’t get everyone.

    • C-Dog

      I think it could go down something very close to this, especially with the first 4 picks.

    • 12er

      Dream draft right there

    • Eran-Ungar

      Trevor, be brave!!!

      Do not make the 2nd trade, Coleman will be there at 56. Now you have the extra pick for Cajuste.

      • Eran-Ungar

        Trust me, dream big and aim high…

      • Trevor

        It would be the perfect scenario!

  56. sdcoug

    Good picks Trev. Intrigued by Jones; the type of player PC might feel he can motivate (if need be). Really want to see Coleman on this roster. McGovern feels inevitable, doesn’t it?

    My one insertion of personal preference would be finding a way for Cajuste. Irrational man-crush as a result of this site?…perhaps haha. But i would sooo like to see what he could add to our offense. A great puzzle piece in my opinion.

    • sdcoug

      Oops…guess I haven’t finished my coffee yet. That was obviously supposed to be a reply to Trev’s mock

    • Trevor

      I agree about Cajuste and I think the Hawks find a way to get him.

  57. Kenny Sloth

    Sounds like Clark is gonna be the pick. Bullard in play.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Hawks being very quiet about meeting with Connor McGovern. Don’t be surprised if these are the first three picks in some order probably Bullard Clark McGovern.

    • sdcoug

      Kenny are there whispers I missed, or is this your speculation?

      LeRaven Clark or Kenny Clark?

      • J

        Brandt said the Seahawks will be picking a big-12 lineman. If rigbt, its gotta be Clark.

        • sdcoug

          Whitehair? Lineman could be a D-line…Tapper? Ogbah?

          • J

            Can’t see Whitehair. Not enough length or size.

          • J

            He specifically said OL.

    • Rob Staton

      Source Kenny?

      • J

        Perhaos he is referencing the Gil Brandt Sirius Radio interview mentioned above.

        • Rob Staton

          Le’Raven Clark had the 9-foot broad jump. Close to 3.00 in TEF.

          • Lewis

            Yup, he didn’t do beat on the bench, but had solid vertical and broad with an aching hamstring.

          • williambryan

            Gil Brandt on Sirius radio said this basically. He also said its looked at as a foregone conclusion that the Seahawks will be taking McGovern and McGovern himself joked that he would be surprised if they didn’t take him based on all that he’s heard too.

            • Rob Staton

              So we can pencil in McGovern then… And maybe Clark too?

              • Kenny Sloth

                Schneider insisting they will address ol in the draft.

              • J

                Assuming Brandt is right. Which he could be wrong.

                • 12er

                  God I hope he isn’t, Clark’s such a project. If Brandt is right, I hope the Hawks at least trade back to around 40.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Sorry it was some guy on 710 said they really liked both.

        • Kenny Sloth

          He’s a big 12 tackle that falls slightly due to small knee concerns

          • Volume12

            That’s what I got in my mock. I’m about to post it.

        • Rob Staton

          OK, well at least it’s a step up from Uncle Chaps…

          • Kenny Sloth

            Uncle Chaps is confirming?! It’s a shoo-in

            • Volume12

              His hand is the size of a foot!

              Has one of the best SLA scores ever. Up there with Tyron Smith.

  58. Kenny Sloth

    Love that JS said ‘some years we use our visits as smokescreens, some years we bring in guys we really like. So we mix it up from year to year’

    Wily mahfck. Minimizing his tendencies.

  59. 12er

    Hopefully we can end all speculation about Rankins being a possibility after this tweet from Jason La Canfora:

    “Sheldon Rankins is going to end up going in the top 10. Maybe even as high as 4th overall to Dallas”

    • RWIII

      I was thinking Rankins might go to Jacksonville. The Jacksonville coaches, had him at the Senior Bowl.

    • vrtkolman

      I predicted an Aaron Donald leap for him, and wow that leap could be higher than I thought.

  60. Ed

    Unless Rankins and Butler are there, I see them trading back maybe multiple times. I also maybe see them getting Henry if he falls to middle of 2nd, don’t think an injured Rawls and disappointing Michael the only 2 backs.

    2nd Henry
    2nd Clark
    3rd McGovern
    3rd Haeg
    3rd Day
    4th Cajuste

  61. RWIII

    There is a TON of good defensive players in this draft. John Schneider needs to snag at least two in the first three rounds. You can’t just draft for need. You NEED to draft for TALENT. Folks: this draft the talent is on the defensive side of the ball.

  62. Kenny Sloth

    Good piece on Tapper.

    He’d be a great 5 tech for us.

  63. Sea Mode

    Rob, can’t wait for your FINAL mock draft!

  64. Kenny Sloth

    Pauline says jets enamored with fackrell, colts interested

    • Kenny Sloth

      Pittsburgh had a long sit down with Spriggs at his pro day

      Cardinals like EWU tackle clay debord

      • Kenny Sloth

        Gabe Hughes, one of my favorite sleepers at the tight end position, was as athletic as advertised at pro day

        Hughes measured 6032 and 240 pounds, had an arm length of 33 inches and completed 26 reps on the bench. His vertical jump was 33.5 inches, while his broad jump was 10-0. Hughes timed 4.63 seconds in the 40. His short shuttle timed 4.25 seconds and his 3-cone was 6.90 seconds.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Another tight end to keep on the radar is Anthony Norris of Southern Utah. He participated in the UNLV pro day last week as well as SUU yesterday. Viewed more as a blocking tight end, Norris measured 6035, 255 pounds, completed 25 reps on the bench, posted a 41-inch vertical jump and 10-8 broad jump. His 40 time at UNLV was 4.77, and yesterday, he ran 4.85 (though he did broad jump 10-11).

      • Kenny Sloth

        Sixteen teams showed up at Stony Brook for Victor Ochi’s pro day. Ochi sat on most of his Combine numbers, but participated in both defensive line and linebacker drills. He looked athletic and moved well, but admittedly is a work in progress at linebacker.

        The belief is Ochi would be a perfect fit at linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens, New York Jets or Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals are bringing Ochi in for an official 30 visit.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Atlanta Falcons, who worked out players in Washington State on Monday, then Stanford yesterday, had their entire front office on hand at today’s Boise State pro day. I’m told they were present for Kamalei Correa and Darian Thompson.

      Offensive lineman Rees Odhiambo struggled in the testing coming off the ankle injury, but looked good in position drills. The Miami Dolphins, Seattle Seahawks, Chicago Bears and Pittsburgh Steelers all had offensive line coaches on hand.

      I’ve known for a few months the Seahawks like Odhiambo as well as his teammate, center Marcus Henry.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Outside linebacker/defensive end Kamalei Correa also met with the Tennessee Titans yesterday and had dinner with the Pittsburgh Steelers last evening.

        Correa competed in everything but the 40 and bench press today, touching 34 inches in the vertical jump (33 inches at the combine), 9-9 in the broad jump (9-0 even at the combine), then timing 4.15 seconds in the short shuttle and 6.78 seconds in the 3-cone. As mentioned weeks ago, Correa is getting late first-round consideration.

        The Pittsburgh Steelers are one of the teams considering Correa late in Round 1.

        The belief from people at Boise State’s pro day is the Steelers will take the best defensive back seven player (safety/cornerback/linebacker) when they are called to the clock in Round 1.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Linebacker Elandon Roberts, who led the Cougars with 142 tackles and 19 tackles for loss, measured 5110, 235 pounds, completed 25 reps on the bench, posted a vertical jump of 37 inches and a broad jump of 10-0. His 40 times ranged from 4.49 to 4.53.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I reported the Philadelphia Eagles worked out several players at Stanford yesterday, including quarterback Kevin Hogan. I’m told offensive linemen Josh Garnett and Kyle Murphy were also participants in the workout.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Also, the Tennessee Titans had a large contingent in Columbus yesterday, working out the Ohio State defensive prospects.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Defensive line coaches from the Philadelphia Eagles, Tennessee Titans, Pittsburgh Steelers and Cincinnati Bengals put Javon Hargrave through a workout which lasted almost 45 minutes. Hargrave looked good, displaying terrific quickness, explosion and movement skills. He met individually with all the above mentioned teams.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Due to inclement weather at Southern Utah, the workout was moved to a high school about 40 minutes away where the players ran on what’s been described to me as a very fast track.

      Unofficially, Miles Killebrew ran in the 4.5s, while James Cowser timed in the 4.7s.

      A lot of teams are not sure what to do with Killebrew; is he a safety? Linebacker? It’s interesting to note the Cleveland Browns had their inside linebacker coach on hand for Killebrew.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Head coach Dan Quinn and other members of the Atlanta Falcons coaching staff will be in Stanford today working out Austin Hooper and Blake Martinez. Yesterday, they were in Pullman working out Washington State offensive lineman Joseph Dahl, receiver Dominique Williams and underrated defensive lineman Destiny Vaeao, a player people should become acquainted with.

    • Kenny Sloth

      The testing at Western Kentucky is done, and Prince Charles Iworah has been the star of the show. The cornerback measured 5097, 192 pounds, completed 25 reps on the bench, touched 38 inches in the vertical and 10-8 in the broad jump.

      His 40 times have been as fast as 4.32 to the mid 4.3s (4.35). There was a lot of rooting and cheering when Iworah completed his 40.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I’m told there was great interest in Cody Core at Ole Miss pro day yesterday, or at least much more than I reported. The San Diego Chargers and Arizona Cardinals were on hand to watch Core as much as they were there for Treadwell. Core’s performance yesterday may be good enough to squeeze him into the draft’s second day.

      Core has already worked out with the Dallas Cowboys and New England Patriots, and he has another workout scheduled with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He’ll also be traveling to Oakland for an official visit with the Raiders.

      One workout note: The Indianapolis Colts privately worked out Illinois State running back Marshaun Coprich yesterday

      • Kenny Sloth

        As was expressed to me, defensive line coaches from the Miami Dolphins and Cincinnati Bengals ran the defensive line workout and tried to break Robert Nkemdiche, but could not. Everyone in attendance was very impressed with his position drills with some calling it a “special workout.”

        Add the Denver Broncos and New York Giants to the list of team’s bringing Nkemdiche in for an official visit. Media reports have Jerry Reese at Ole Miss’ pro-day to watch Laquon Treadwell but I’m told he was there equally for Nkemdiche.

        The junior is presently meeting with the Dallas Cowboys

      • Kenny Sloth

        Wide receiver coaches from the San Diego Chargers and Arizona Cardinals were on hand as was Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Jim Bob Cooter. So to were the top brass from the Los Angeles Rams.

        All on hand to watch Laquon Treadwell.

        Except for a few uncharacteristic drops, Treadwell looked good in position drills. He looked smooth while running routes and caught the ball well.

        Treadwell is presently meeting with the Chargers.

        The Rebels other receiver Cody Core looked exceptional. Shuttle times from Core included 6.78 seconds in the 3-cone and a 4.34-second short shuttle. I’m told he looked great in position drills, running crisp routes and catching everything thrown his way.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Standing on his Combine testing numbers, Driskel threw about 60 passes and all but two (one short, one just out of the reach of the pass catcher) were on the mark. Many felt Drskel could really not have thrown the ball better.

        The quarterback met with the Denver Broncos and Detroit Lions today and has a workout with the Arizona Cardinals scheduled for later this week.

        Defensive tackle Vernon Butler improved on many of his Combine marks, timing as fast as 5.05 in the 40, posting a 33.5-inch vertical jump and 9-3 broad jump. He also looked good in position drills.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Thirty teams were suppose to show up for NDSU pro day, but I’m told due to the spring snow storm that hit the area, fewer than 20 have actually made it to Fargo. Cleveland Browns head coach Hue Jackson is on hand.

      Offensive tackle Joseph Haeg posted a 30-inch vertical jump and a broad of 9-3.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Su’a Cravens weighed in at 220 pounds and ran an official 40 time of 4.61, though several teams clocked him at 4.55 an 4.54. He did both linebacker and defensive back drills and as told to me he looked “Fantastic; he caught everything but a cold.”

      I’m told while Cravens can get his weight up to 240 if necessary, but teams like him where he’s currently. And as of late, most teams have him graded as a safety; not outside linebacker. Over the past two days, Cravens has met with the New England Patriots, Detroit Lions, Cleveland Browns and San Diego Chargers. And as expressed to me “there is scary interest from the Carolina Panthers” in Cravens.

      • Volume12

        Gotta love that name. Jim Bob Cooter. Makes me laugh every time I hear it.

        Sounds like a character from Archer. 🙂

    • Kenny Sloth

      Defensive back Kenya Dennis had a very nice day for himself. Dennis measured 5112, 200 pounds, ran the 40 in times of 4.46/4.47, posted a 36-inch vertical jump and a 10-4 broad jump, and completed 17 reps on the bench.

      Graded as draftable when the season started, Dennis struggled somewhat in 2015 after a terrific junior campaign. Teams feel he can play either safety or corner in dime packages. Dennis met with the San Francisco 49ers yesterday and was meeting with the New York Jets as of this positing.

  65. Volume12

    2016 Seattle Seahawks mock draft

    * This is different. Love it, hate it. Let me know if ya want. I’m rolling the dice which is what this is all about.
    * Also predicting a trade back. With who? Not sure.

    RD2- Jonathan Bullard, DT/DE, Florida
    RD2- Le’Raven Clark- OL, Texas Tech
    RD3- Connor McGovern, OL, Mizzou
    RD3- Paul Perkins, RB, UCLA
    RD4- Keivarae Russell, CB, ND
    RD4- Miles Killebrew, S/LB/ATH, S. Utah
    RD5- Aaron Wallace, LB, UCLA
    RD6- George Fant, OL, W. Kentucky
    RD7- Terrenn Houk, TE, BYU
    RD7- Liam Nadler, QB, Gannon


    Alex McAllister, EDGE, Florida
    Davonte Allen, WR, Marshall
    Soma Vainuku, FB, USC
    Marcus Henry, OL, Boise St.
    Jaydon Mickens, WR, UW
    DJ Hunter, S, Marshall

    Also considered RB Tyler Ervin, WR, Devon Cajuste, WR Keyarris Garrett, LB Travis Feeny, OL Max Tuerk, OL Spencer

    • Volume12

      *Spencer Drango, and OL Shon Coleman

      • UkHawkDavid

        So many options, so much talent! Thanks for all you do, V12.

        I’d go for some of the alternates you listed but would be delighted with any combination of what you’ve outlined.

        Rob – any chance we can get a thread just for PC’s clue this year please?!

        • Volume12

          No thank you.

          If it wasn’t for ya’ll and this community as a whole, I wouldn’t post. It’s why I stay far away from Fieldgulls.

      • Coug1990

        What range of rounds is Baylor’s Drango considered to be drafted?

        • Volume12


          • Coug1990

            Thanks 12

    • sdcoug

      Realistic picks and some good names. I personally don’t care for the Clark pick, but I get why it might happen. Would still like for Cajuste to find his way onto this roster; I think his grit would be great within our O and add a different element

      • sdcoug

        I think I can digest a Clark pick better if they secure a guy like McGovern…someone who can be plugged into the interior depending on where the biggest upgrade might be, allowing Clark to get time if it’s earned, but simmer and develop if need be with an eye down the road.

        • Kenny Sloth

          I feel the same way.

          Fwiw Clark is the only tackle that fires off the ball in the run game like pete was talking about the other day.

          • Kenny Sloth

            Comes from the same scheme as Ifedi.

        • Coug1990

          I agree with you. I think McGovern is going to be the better player. Clark is going to be a bust in my opinion. We’ll see in the long run.

      • Volume12

        That’s why I listed those names at the bottom. They’re also in play. I woulda loved to add my favorite players.

        BTW, why was Baylor’s Spencer Drango not mentioned more? Had a TEF of 91.35 and a wTEF of 2.91.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Not sure McCalister and DJ Hunter make it to udfa

      Like the Houk addition, but he’s a local guy. Seems to me they use visits and private workouts to lure udfa, but probably safer to draft him.

      Not crazy about Paul Perkins and I think they wait on RB until late. Probably don’t take Ervin either.

      I believe Nadler could be a seahawk.
      Battle it out with Sims for the backup spot

      • Volume12

        If they don’t, they don’t.

        I don’t care about the round. If I hit on a guy that’s all I care about.

        • Kenny Sloth

          I feel it

          You certainly may with that list.

      • Volume12

        Ihis ability hgotta ask what’s not to like about Perkins?

        Has some of the most unique traits in this class. Pad level is some of the best, he’s a tough, gritty between the tackles type of back. Fantastic receiver outta the backfield-30 recepetions on almost 300 yards. Doesn’t have breakaway speed,great vision, follows his blocks, can press the LOS, can weave his way through traffic/make defenders miss, lowers his shoulder into defenders, doesn’t lose speed or when he cuts, and his ability to create angles and use them against defenders is second to none.

        Very good backup RB and 3rd down back, which is what I think Seattle goes for.

    • nichansen01

      I like it alot. It is a bit different from what we have been seeing which is pretty awesome. Coming back to Killebrew is interesting to see. Perkins is slippery, might be a better pure back than Ervin.

      Scouts like Clark’s potential. Cable has to train linemen again coming out of college anyways.

      Why is Cajuste that much better of an option than Houk or Mitch Matthews? I don’t think he is.

      Also I love the picks of Fant and Nadler.

      • Volume12

        Thanks man.

      • Steele

        I can’t get with the Clark pick, hope it doesn’t happen. They need a guy who can start immediately or soon. LeRaven needs too much work.

        Stability of the line > potential and experiments

  66. Kenny Sloth

    Former UCLA offensive tackle Torian White, who’s played at Hampton the past two seasons, worked out in front of almost a dozen teams on Friday.

    White measured 6050, 317 pounds, completed 20 reps on the bench and ran the 40 in the 5.2s. Right now, I’m told the Seattle Seahawks, New England Patriots and Oakland Raiders are all showing interest in White.

    Northern Iowa cornerback Deiondre Hall ran as fast as 4.52 in the 40 at pro day, .15s fast than his Combine time.

    • vrtkolman

      Kicked off the team for sexual misconduct, before that was a pretty solid lineman until he went down with an injury in 2013. He started all games as a redshirt freshman in 2012. He wasn’t a noteworthy high school recruit.

  67. 12er

    From Tony Pauline via WalterFootball:

    “The draft stock of Sheldon Rankins and Chris Jones continues to rise. Why? I was told a week ago teams believe Rankins and Jones are the best interior pass rushers in this year’s defensive tackle class. A’Shawn Robinson, Jarran Reed and Vernon Butler are good players, but not nearly the pass rushers of Rankins or Jones.

    Not surprised by this at all, and completely agree that Rankins and Jones are the top interior pass rushers at DT. Any hope of trading back to draft Jones is probably gone, and the odds of him being there at 26 are decreasing.

    • Steele

      Yep. And again, Chris Jones just seems to have a style that others don’t really. A guy that gets into the backfield. Same question: do they want a consistent LOS gap discipline guy, or a pass rusher?

      • 12er

        My guess all along has been that they want/need both. Take a pass rusher earlier since they cost higher draft picks, then wait for round 3 or later for the run-stuffing DT.

        A good part about picking Jones is he could compete to fill the nickel DT role immediately (roughly 2/3’s of Seattle’s defensive snaps), and he has the size, length and athleticism to be groomed for the starting 1-Tech or 3-Tech in base snaps with some coaching.

    • Ignorant

      Which means odds of Butler being there after a trade down, rises.

  68. Steele

    On the eve of the draft, I will make a small concession on my views of Derrick Henry and Kaufusi. For similar reasons. Both of them have unusual size and height. That is what limits their lateral movement and quickness. But those are also their assets.

    If a team has a deep supporting cast that hides their negatives, their sheer size can be useful. If.

    Henry needs a great o-line. He doesn’t have a good first step. Once he gets going, THEN he is effective. Then he is harder to bring down, simply because of his size.

    Kaufusi can cause problems with things like batted balls and other length/reach things.

    • Steele

      Do the Hawks have an o-line that can open holes for Henry? I don’t think so right now. Lynch had problems with this line. The quicker Rawls had fewer problems. Henry is not quick.

      Do the Hawks have a defense that can accomodate a Kaufusi? Probably.

    • 12er

      Kaufusi combines his fantastic size and length with really good mobility. He could be a great pick.

  69. Madmark

    I don’t feel this is going to be a great defensive draft year. We lost 2 guys Irving and Mebane. Mebane has been replaced by Sealver Siliga who is on a one year 1.2 million dollar contract. He play 6 years and is only 26. I think they need a DT/DE to take drank Clarks place who slimmed down to 255. This excites me into believing that we are good at LB this year. Browner and Clemens being added just leads me to believe that this turns into a heavy offensive class draft and why not.
    In our 2 playoff games we lost they offense looked bad in a lot of phases. The TE blocking is an issue. Graham is injured, Willson and Helfet with 1 year left and Anthony McCoy retired. Its time to grab and damn TE that can block like a Nick Vannett. If you give this guy a year in the ZBS I think he’ll be a monster for helping that OL. If he grabs 20 passes in a year I think it was a win. If you run the ball I’ve never know this to not have a FB. Andy Janoviche can do this he has Helfet’s size and he plays exceptionally well on special teams getting 13 tackles in his senior year. We also need to address this backup QB situation. I think its time to groom a backup and I do like the Vernon Davis who should have a big chip on his shoulders. RW would be the perfect mentor. Funny thing is that Lynch is gone but some how I think we are in good shape Rawls and Michaels but we are in need of that 3rd down change of pace RB. The big play maker from Nascar package on offense. Tyler Ervin just screams Seahawk pick and thanks to rob we see the guy. He’s just explosive off the charts with 4.41-40 , 39″vj, 10’10″bj, 17reps. I try to imagine what this guy would do in the read option with RW. Then we have are offensive line. they are going to use 2 of the first 4 picks to get a C and LG. I think later they go for project T. The way I see it. The draft starts out like the 2011 only they get it right this time and I believe they manage to trade down in to top half of the 2nd and still get Germain Ifedi LG, Connor McGovern C, and Odhiambo T in later round. Doing this I have given my franchise QB a lot more talent to do more than I seen in those last 2 games in the playoffs last year. UG!

  70. coachmattson

    Recent mock on bleacher report has us taking:

    1. Kelly C
    2. Correa OLB
    3. McGovern OL
    3. Hargrave DT
    4. Drake RB

    I like it. I think all 5 would contribute year 1 and at least 2 would start! Thoughts?

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