Obi Melifonwu pro-day numbers revealed

Obi Melifonwu ran the agility drills for the first time at UConn’s pro-day today:

Here’s an updated list of defensive back performances in the short shuttle, with Melifonwu’s time included:

Kevin King — 3.89
Quincy Wilson — 4.02
Budda Baker — 4.08
Obi Melifonwu — 4.09
Fabian Moreau — 4.12
Jamal Adams — 4.13
Ahkello Witherspoon — 4.13
Chidobe Awuzie — 4.14
Shaq Griffin — 4.14
Gareon Conley — 4.18
Shalom Luani — 4.21
Rasul Douglas — 4.26
Sidney Jones — 4.28
Cordrea Tankersley — 4.32
Tre’Davious White — 4.32

Melifonwu is 6-4 and 224lbs. His shuttle time is 0.01 seconds slower than Budda Baker’s at 195lbs. It’s quicker than every tested cornerback with +32 inch arms apart from Kevin King and Quincy Wilson. Melifonwu weighs 24lbs more than King and 13lbs more than Wilson.

Here are the short shuttle times for drafted/UDFA DB’s in Seattle:

DeAndre Elliott — 3.94
Tye Smith — 3.96
Earl Thomas — 4.05
Jeremy Lane — 4.14
Jeron Johnson — 4.20
Ryan Murphy — 4.20
Steven Terrell — 4.22
Deshawn Shead — 4.23
Brandon Browner — 4.24
Tyis Powell — 4.25
Winston Guy — 4.29
Richard Sherman — 4.29
Tharold Simon — 4.31
Kam Chancellor — 4.41
Byron Maxwell — 4.49

His three cone time (7.01) actually wouldn’t have cracked the top-15 among defensive backs at the combine, offering a slight contrast. Here’s how Seattle’s previous DB draft picks performed in the three-cone:

Earl Thomas — 6.68
Richard Sherman — 6.72
Deshawn Shead — 6.76
Winston Guy — 6.79
Steven Terrell — 6.84
DeAndre Elliott — 6.93
Jeron Johnson — 6.95
Tye Smith — 6.97
Tharold Simon — 7.01
Jeremy Lane — 7.02
Tyis Powell — 7.03
Ryan Murphy — 7.06
Byron Maxwell — 7.12
Kam Chancellor — 7.36

It’s interesting that Melifonwu has Kam Chancellor’s size and his agility dissects Earl Thomas and Chancellor in terms of three cone testing.

In the 60-yard shuttle, Melifonwu’s 10.69 would’ve set a new record at the combine and easily beat the top three times:

Kevin King — 11.14
Brendan Langley — 11.19
Shalom Luani — 11.22

According to Tony Pauline the Lions met ‘extensively’ with Melifonwu yesterday and will meet with Tampa Bay tomorrow. The Buccaneers own the #19 pick, with Detroit picking at #21. It’s not unrealistic he’ll go in this range.

Pauline also says 40% of teams are viewing Melifonwu as a cornerback. That could include the Seahawks. His tape matches up to the athletic testing. He will visit Seattle before the draft:

Melifonwu is the latest potential target to see his stock gain a tremendous boost. It started with Garett Bolles and Haason Reddick, now Kevin King and Melifonwu appear to be rising quickly.

He could easily be Seattle’s pick at #26. It’s just a case of whether he lasts that long.

Here’s a reminder of how Pete Carroll and John Schneider reacted to his 4.40 forty yard dash at the combine:


  1. CA

    Love it. Sign me up. Reload the secondary with two picks, an OT, and a pass rusher with your first four picks and I’ll be a happy camper

  2. Sean-O

    In a lot of the mocks, both Obi & King will be available when SEA picks. It will be fascinating to see which way they go (if it does come down to those two players).

  3. Deryck

    If King and Melifonwu are both gone by 26, which I think is likely, I think Seattle trades down to 31/32 and picks up a 3rd/4th rounder.

    • Hawktalker

      May also depend on LBs still available . . .

      • Deryck

        Do you think they would go first round on a guy who’s only rotating in with Bobby and KJ? Unless you mean a SAM, even then they played nickel 70% of snaps last season. I guess if someone like Jarad Davis or Cunningham is there they could take him?

        • Greg Haugsven

          I agree Deryck. That linebacker would have to be able to rush the passer as well so he could see more snaps. Thats why I dont think it would be Davis beacause he doesnt offer much as a pass rusher. Reddick (which is unlikely) TJ Watt maybe.

          • Deryck

            It would be interesting to see how TJ could do on the weakside or in the middle. He’s got plenty of quickness but probably limited in coverage (maybe due to lack of experience rather than lack of ability). If he could play all three spots he would definitely be an option,

            Reddick is/was the dream, could play all three spots.

            • bodidly

              I would guess they would want a lb who’s better at tackling, diagnosing play’s and pass coverage over pass rush. Wagner is amazing at blitzing and closing on qb’s

    • cha

      Having 4 third round picks in this draft…


  4. EranUngar

    The Seahawks just added Bradley McDougald as a FS backup for Thomas. One year 2M (700K guarantied)

    • Peanut

      IMO, total steal

    • Just a guy

      I wonder if that makes TB more likely to draft Obi?

  5. Mistral

    It’s difficult to see all of Rob’s highlighted players (and honestly they have become out favorites) slip out of range of Seattle’s 26th pick. I’m hoping that we could reach these athletes where they are, but it’s such a deep and complex goes of course none of these may be abailable when we pick. But if they are, we may want to secure these players by the end of round 3. We have no Rd 4 or 5 picks

    Rd 1 Obi Melifonwu (Hedge at a plethora of positions, athlete)
    Rd 2 Tyus Bowser (LB Competition, Good Support)
    Rd 3 Evan Engram (Fantastic weapon if he slips)
    Rd 3 Isaac Asiata (OL Depth)
    Rd 3 Cordrea Tankersly (Injury, deep class, we have some developing depth)

    I think this would give us some valid depth at all identified positions of need. Obviously many of these players may not be available but with the depth of this draft class I think it’s possible that if they are not available, someone of equal value will be. I tried to hit positions with less depth in the class before others (which is why you see Tank so low).

    • Allen K.

      Wow. Evan Engram with a 4.42 – 40 time and being 6’3″ 234lbs? Fast enough to line up outside and would be hard match up for smaller CBs. Would be a great pick if he is still available.

      • East Side Stevie

        Engram isnt falling to the 3rd round

    • Dingbatman

      That draft would be like Christmas!!! Not the present day Christmas where you are an adult and have responsibilities and the month of December feels like Santa is sitting on your chest. But the good kind of Christmas…like when you were 7.

  6. Nick

    Adoree Jackson ran a 6.49 3 cone.

    Could be a target for us. He would take burden off of Lockett in the return game too.

    • Nick

      That blows my mind. Seattle has to love that.

      • Ishmael

        Would be pretty special, I’ll be waiting for an official time though.

        Carroll’s there apparently, probably not surprising given his connections but still.

        • Nick

          He’d be able to play slot, FS, and (maybe) outside CB.

          He could also work his way into the WR corp.

          • Del tre

            He’d be great in the slot

          • Ishmael

            Arms will still be the thing I suspect, but who knows? He’s a fun player, I wouldn’t be unhappy if the Hawks took a shot.

            • Greg Haugsven

              I think he could sneak in there and be the pick. I believe he has sub 32 inch arms but he can play both spots and even safety if needed.

  7. Jeremy

    Isn’t it weird how Rob notices things during the season and predicts a rise in their draft stock MONTHS before professional pundits notice the same thing?

    Rob, if a team contacted you and said something to the effect of “We read your blog and can tell that you know what you’re talking about. We’d like you to work for us as an area scout.” Would you be willing to move to some random place in the US just to be an area scout?

    • Rob Staton

      Of course 🙂

      I won’t hold my breath though!

      • Mexican Hawk

        I guess this is the best compliment I can make Rob. All of us notice a player here and there, but draft after draft you notice the surge before others that do this for a living and have the highest of platforms.

        Congrats lad.

        Really what a great draft coming up, can’t wait. Though the journey like always is even sweeter than the destination. Thanks for contributing in a major way to that. Don’t post often, but I have mentioned it before: even if you opt not to hold your breath to those that put in the time something will come. What form or fashion only time will tell.

        • Mike

          Amen. Kiper, for all his flaws, created his own job essentially. There was talk of the Redskins having interest in Mayock for GM. You never know.

          On a side note, there’s been a lot of focus (understandably) on rounds 1-3. The late rounds are always throwing darts but I’d love a deep dive article to look at some hidden gems that haven’t been discussed as much. Thanks!

  8. cha

    Kiper mocked King to the Hawks at 26 in his latest. Neither Bolles nor Melifonwu get picked in his first round.

    • Dale Roberts

      Well that nails it then. If Kiper says they’re not going in the first round then they’re virtually guaranteed to be gone by #26.

      • cha

        It feels like every year Kiper seems to be a little more removed from the process. McShay runs circles around him whenever they do a segment together.

        • RWIII

          Cha: Agree. Todd runs rings around Mel Kiper.

          • Greg Haugsven

            Makes me think of Frank Caliendo….Todd, Todd, Todd. Funny as hell!

    • BHarKnows

      Kiper’s mocks are rarely anywhere close to accurate. No idea why that fool still has a job.

      • Hawk Eye

        might be the hair

      • Dale Roberts

        He created the entire mock draft business. The process seems to have passed him by but firing him would be like basketball firing James Naismith from the Hall of Fame.

        • Rob Staton

          I’ll stick up for Mel Kiper a bit here. He does, even to this day, still call things ahead of time. And he’s also quicker to acknowledge trends than others (eg putting Reddick at #11 on his mock when others still have him in the late 20’s or 30’s). He’s also connected with league sources. Probably even more so than some of the ‘former scouts’ that are in the media these days. Plus he’s pure entertainment. The face and voice of the draft and IMO should warrant some HOF consideration down the line.

          • Scraps

            All you say is true. Yet, Bolles not in the first round? How does he justify that, apart from forgetting? That’s just weird.

            • RealRhino2

              Agree on all points, Rob. How no Bolles in the first round? Because people have different opinions. I listen to a ton of NFL draft guys, and you’ll find more than a handful that don’t think Bolles is worth a first-round grade. They could be *wrong*, but it’s not like it’s crazy talk. I think Daniel Jeremiah had him #38 in his first top 50 list, so it’s not like Kiper’s some old man on his porch shaking his fist. Now, I think Bolles, Ramczyk and Robinson all go in the 1st because of positional need, but most draft pundits and scouts seem to think teams don’t really love any of those guys.

              BTW, I went back and looked at some of Kiper and McShay’s recent mock drafts from the past few years, and Kiper does as well as everybody else, if not better than some. I’ve found that all of these guys will get about 5-8 guys wrong in the first round (i.e., guys they had going in the 1st did not go in the 1st).

            • Rob Staton

              I’ve written a piece about it that’ll publish at 5:00am tomorrow.

              Kiper has been one of Bolles’ biggest advocates so either he just totally forgot about him (unlikely IMO) or he’s heard something.

            • mishima

              Bolles should go top 20, but I won’t be surprised if he slips due to the amount of defensive talent in this draft. Taking Bolles early has significant opportunity cost. Can you risk taking an older, less experienced OT and leave all that first round defensive talent on the board? It will be fun in here if the Seahawks are faced with that dilemma.

      • RWIII

        BHK: Kiper sounds good. Sounds like he knows what he is talking about. Kiper does know quit. But like I said. Todd McShay runs rings around Kiper. BTW: I don’t care to listen to Kiper anymore. I do have respect for McShay.

  9. Sea Mode

    Whoa, speaking of fast shuttle times, check this out!

    So, the Seahawks were among 14 NFL teams present at Missouri State pro day that just finished half an hour ago. And look who we have here…

    LB Dylan Cole, 6-0, 239

    4.49 40 (#2 of LBs at combine–I’m not counting Jabrill Peppers as LB), some reports say 4.52
    32 BP (#1 at combine by 5 reps!)
    39″ vert (#1 at combine by 2 in)
    10-5 broad (tied #2 at combine)
    4.02 SS (#1 at combine)
    6.82 3 cone (#2 at combine)

    Led the nation in tackles as a senior with 12.91 per game.

    Here’s some videos of the drills and interview snippets on his agent’s twitter:

    • Sea Mode

      Sorry, I meant he would be #1 in the 40 if you don’t count Peppers as LB.

      • Volume12

        There we go!

        That dude is a tackling machine.

    • Ishmael

      Sounds like a Seahawk if there ever was one, nice spot!

      • CLB

        Pete was saying they need some guys to play for Bobby and KJ (to at least spell them from playing almost 100% of the snaps on defense, and step up in case they get injured). Cole looks like a Bobby Wagner clone with the same height, weight (2 lbs. more for BW), speed, and strength.

        Great find, Sea Mode!

        • Sea Mode

          Thanks guys. Love digging for potential diamonds when I have time.

          And Rob and this awesome community make it easy to know what to look out for in particular.

    • Josh emmett


    • Dale Roberts

      He’s ranked the 25th best linebacker and 294th on the big board. An ideal Seahawk UDFA?

      Here’s another short article about his strength and his pluck.

      • Volume12

        Seems like a Brock Coyle type to me. Which ain’t a bad thing.

  10. Ishmael

    He’s a superfreak. Very rare athlete.

    Will be a fascinating draft, most interesting one for years.

  11. Overtime

    The signing this morning of Safety Bradley McDougal certainly tightens up our secondary. McDougal started the last two years at TBay. He put up good numbers as a free safety. He can certainly step in for ET at any time and will most likely be on the field in nickle and dime situations. He is a big improvement over Terrell. He can play either safety position.

    • BobbyK

      Rob – If you were making the final call for the Seahawks and King and Obi were there… who would you take?

      • Attyla the Hawk

        Or wondering if they move up and take both?

      • Rob Staton

        I’d happily take either. A good secondary coach or defensive coordinator will see limitless potential here and a chance to offer guidance to a potential stud.

  12. JimQ

    It should also be noted that the modern day combine record for the 60-yd long shuttle was broken this year at the combine by WR/KR-Shelton Gibson from W. Virginia. Gibson score a 10.71, beating out the previous record holder, Brandon Cooks.

    Obi, at his pro day with 10.69 = a new record. IIRC, the long shuttle is indicative of unique agility while running at top speed. That trait could be nearly as valuable as the short shuttle time.

    • Ishmael

      He really is a magnificent specimen.

      Would almost be a waste to turn him into a boundary corner tbh.

      • Volume12

        Why? How many corners are built like him in the league?

        • Ishmael

          Zero. It’s just a question of philosophy really.

          Reminds me a bit of Mike Zimmer and how he uses Harrison Smith. He could just leave him as a single high guy, but he likes to use him in multiple ways because Smith is capable of being used in multiple ways.

          I love the idea of being able to get a little more matchup specific in some ways. Being able to use someone like Melifonwu to go match up on monsters like Mike Evans, Gronk, Greg Olson etc. Really get the most out of his truly special athleticism.

          • Volume12

            He still could.

  13. JimQ

    Also note Gibson’s 10.71 was by far the best at the combine.

    IMO-OBi’s long shuttle at his size is an amazing #.

    • Volume12

      Its incredible. He’s the same as Brandon Browner with Budda Baker like agility.

      I see some people on twitter freaking out that Seattle wasn’t at his pro day. But if they’ve done more research on him than any other team and have met with him 3-4 times, do those people really think Seattle doesn’t know what his agility #’s are?

    • JimQ

      2-nd in the long shuttle at this years combine was RB-Christian McCaffrey at 11.03. That’s an incredible difference down to the 10.69 that Obi ran. Also speaks well for the traits of WR/KR-Gibson with his 10.71. Aren’t these type of records normally only broken by a 10th of a second or considerably less?

      • Mike

        It’s impressive, but I take all pro day times with a grain of salt. Hard to compare numbers when they are in different places and timed differently.

        Also, what IS the long shuttle and how does it translate to play by position?

        • Volume12

          Its long speed.

          The combine is tough on these guys man. It drains them. Its set up to do that. The pro days are a much more relaxed atmosphere.

          If pro days weren’t extremely important, teams wouldn’t show up for them.

  14. Volume12

    Thought this guy was a corner from day 1.

  15. Volume12

    PC at USC pro day. We know they scouted USC 3-4 times this year. Who they like?

    DT Stevie ‘T’?

    • Rob Staton

      Could be Adoree’.


      • Volume12

        Could be. He would break the trend, but not as a hybrid FS/nickel. Although TBH? I think Seattle might buck a bunch of trends this year. The only 1 they don’t IMO will be that freak athlete in the 1st frame.

        Jackson does have that character. Like he just feels like a star.

        • DC

          Special Teams demon as well.

          • Volume12

            That too. And like a lot of Seahawks he has this special bond with a parent. His mom battling back from breast cancer? As someone who lost their mom to that horrible disease? There is nothing, NOTHING, more adversarial than that.

            • Nick

              So sorry Vol12. Much love your way.

              You’re a great dude.

              • Volume12


                • CHawk Talker Eric

                  I remember when you were going through that V12, a couple of seasons ago I think it was? You dropped a few hints in your comments about being a caretaker that I recognized immediately.

                  I lost my wife to BC ten years ago (I can’t believe it’s been that long) and I really wanted to reach out to you back then to let you know that you weren’t alone, that others have journeyed the same path as you, each in their own way. I guess I didn’t because I wasn’t sure about intruding on your situation. But I thought about you often and held good thoughts for you and your loved one (didn’t know it was your mom until today).

                  While I agree with you that nothing equals the experience, I don’t think of it as adversarial. To me it was an act of pure selfless love, one of the few genuine such acts of my life. To take a front row seat for the relentless, inexorable decline of someone I love more than anything in the world, knowing the outcome had been decided against us, but showing up every moment of every day until the last with a tender smile and a positive outlook, assuring her everything would be okay (first for her sake, then for mine), that is real life, and real love. It is at once the heaviest burden and the greatest honor, beautiful and ugly and joyful and heartbreaking.

                  The game of football, the Seahawks, this blog and its community – these things make us friends. But our common experiences, and the support we can show for each other when we need it – these make us brothers. And I’m proud to be your brother.

                  • Kenny Sloth

                    Got me tearin’ up on the train 🚆 man 😂😪

                  • Dale Roberts

                    It’s a beautiful sentiment beautifully written. Thanks for sharing it with us.

                  • Scraps

                    Lost my beloved wife to cancer, too, two-plus years ago. I still can’t process it. Volume12, CHawk Talker Eric, peace…

                  • CHawk Talker Eric

                    Peace and comfort to you Scraps

                  • Robert

                    Wonderfully shared!

                  • Mike

                    Thank you for writing this. I love this blog. The content here–both from Rob and in the comments–is of a higher quality than other related site(s). I find myself almost exclusively reading here, and posts like this are among the reasons why.

            • DC

              Wishing you the best with that V.
              I saw a video of AJ’s mom I think after she watched him return a punt/kick for a teeder. There’s some serious love. Could we trade back once and still get him? On our team the slot corner is a starter and the ST ability could be the difference in 2 or 3 games over a season.

            • Ishmael

              Sorry to hear that man, can’t even begin to imagine what that must have been like.

              And thanks for your words CHawk, that’s a special piece of writing.

        • Ishmael

          He carries himself like that, doesn’t he? He’s going to love Sundays, going to shine when the lights hit him

      • RWIII

        If Obi Melifonwu is off the board it could be Adoree.’ The guy is a “Freak” athlete. I was watching “Path to the Draft” and I saw Adoree’ Jackson and I thought “Wow”.

    • Volume12

      Asuza Pacific? CB Kenny Norton III? Yes that Ken Norton. 6’1-6’2, 195-200 lbs.

      • Kenny Sloth


        • Greg Haugsven

          It does have a good family atmosphere in here which is something I really enjoy, we can disagree and even bicker from time to time but we are always fair. This is what it means to be a 12

  16. GeoffU

    Stop reporting on these guys, Rob. Every time you do they jump up the draft boards!

    • BobbyK

      They may be jumping draft boards, but I doubt they are changing much from the inside of real NFL front offices.

      • Sea Mode

        There are a couple front offices that would be much better off taking notes from Rob’s blog… 🙂

      • Rob Staton

        Players do move up after the combine in fairness. I know from a very good source that teams were expecting Trent Williams to be a mid R1 pre-2010 combine. His performance at Indy got him into the top five.

    • Josh emmett


  17. Jason

    If Bolles, Reddick, King and Obi are off the board who do you want if you can’t get a partner to trade down with?

    • Misfit74

      Who else is available? Humphrey, Wilson, other CB? Corey Davis? Njoku/Howard? Watt? Lamp? Another edge player?

      • DLep

        Yeah – Watt, Lamp, Njoku, J Davis would be up there for me. Maybe trade back and look at Willis.

    • Misfit74


      • Jason

        If those 4 are not available someone is going to fall. With injury issues would Allen fall? Do you think the hawks would consider him.

        • Greg Haugsven

          TJ Watt, Conley, Humphrey

  18. Misfit74

    We’ve signed depth at most all of our ‘need’ spots. Typical Seahawks Pre-draft planning. We don’t have to reach for needs, we can be flexible to maneuver around the draft, and get the best talents that fit our profiles.

    OT, OG, RB, TE, LB, S, K

    We haven’t signed a RFA/UFA CB of note , though we somehow retained Shead. We’re still looking at Franciose (LB/Edge) and Hodges (ILB).

    Certainly CB is priority #1 at this point.

    A CB/S/LB hybrid like Obi would be bananas! The ultimate trump card.

    • Nick

      Excellent points. They’re such a well-run organization.

  19. Ground_Hawk

    Thanks for the article, Rob! After this news on Obi’s pro-day results, there is little chance that he is available at 58. I think the likes of TB and Detroit could snag him away before Seattle’s 1st round pick, but if he is gone, then there will still be some tantalizing prospects around who dropped, because of the late rise of players like Obi, Reddick, King, and Watt. If it’s not right for Seattle at 26 though, they could always trade back, so JS can have his 8 draft picks.

  20. STTBM

    I am still hoping we get Obi Melifonwu or King. I will be seriously pissed if they are gone before 26 along with Bolles and Reddick. Not sure who I like more between King and Melifonwu, they are both ridiculous specimens.

    • Hawktalker


      • Ukhawk

        +infinity. I’ll be depressed if all 4 aren’t there at 26

    • vrtkolman

      King just seems too perfect to last until 26. Once his combine happened he was almost destined to go top 20.

  21. vrtkolman

    Gerald Hodges is turning into my latest free agent want. He could start at SAM and backup Wags/Wright as well. He is 26 and had a great year last year in SF. Visited or visiting today. He might be asking for too much, we’ll see.

  22. Matt

    I’m so unbelievably torn about Obi.

    On one hand, I love the idea of him as a chess piece on defense. I think this is an awesome idea.

    On the other hand, I am horrified at the thought of converting him to CB and just magically thinking his athleticism translates into being a good CB. After all, Sherman (great size) is hardly a remarkable athlete by NFL standards.

    He’s going to go in the first round, but considering what SEA needs, I just can’t get on board with him at 26. There are too many other potential options who are athletic with better production. I really worry that he’s Taylor Mays 2.0. If we truly want a CB, then don’t mess around and draft a CB at 26. There are plenty of awesome options, that might not be as sexy. If you want a potential chess piece to move around, then by all means take a shot on him, but your second round pick better damn well be a football player with a track record of production.

    For me:

    R1 – TJ Watt: Don’t mess around with the 1st round. Get a good football player AND athlete. Even better, he seems like the type who can eventually become the face of the defense.
    R2 – Ahkello Witherspoon: Yes, he has tackling issues. I trust that to be rectified by the LOB. He has a proven track record of great perimeter play. Looks a lot like Sherm.
    R3 – Dalvin Tomlinson: Underrated DT. Get more youth on the DL.
    R3 – Duwaune Smoot: Future LEO.
    R3 – Isaac Asiata: Competition at OG.
    R4 – Jehu Chesson: WR competition. Not sure he will be at this spot but you never know.

    Obviously this is heavy defense. But I think you just got 2 potential impact players, relatively early in their careers. Tomlinson and Smoot offer depth/potential at future spots of need. Both I think are *usually* late 2nd talents who drop due to the sheer quality of this class.

    Asiata is another athletic flyer with a nasty streak, while Chesson has the ability to be a strong #2. Relatively hidden at Michigan thanks to the Harbaugh offense.

    Bottom line (for me); we cannot get cute in this draft. Seahawks are clearly reaching a transition point where we simply aren’t more talented than every other team. We *have* to reload in a serious way. We can ill-afford another middling draft. The NFL shelf life is so short that without a proper infusion of talent, this team could simply become a perennial “lose in the first round” playoff team. I really don’t mean for this to be negative, but rather a sobering reminder that we are not the big man on campus anymore. This team (and FO) needs to be fearless AND smart in this draft. This is a really big year; perhaps the biggest that PC/JS will have in their NFL careers.

    • Matt

      And no, I’m not trying to be the anti-Obi guy. Just playing devil’s advocate. Great work per usual Rob. I love the dialogue on this site.

      • Ed

        I could live with that, but would prefer a S or another CB instead of Smoot

      • BobbyK

        Nobody can argue with a pick when it nets you a guy like Watt in the first. Especially a late pick in the round.

      • Ground_Hawk

        If Shaq Griffin is available, I’d rather have him then Smoot. Aside from that change, this looks like a preferable draft, for Seattle.

      • Sea Mode

        Thanks for the different point of view. I’m surprised though that after the concerns you express about Obi, the guy you propose in R1 is Watt, himself also a high-upside althletic project on defense. He just converted from TE a couple years ago, and will likely now face yet another position change to LB and will also have a lot to learn to succeed as a pass rusher in the NFL and match his stats in college ball.

        Not saying I think he will fail, but to taut him as the “safe” R1 pick is surprising to me.

  23. Peanut

    Didn’t one of Rob’s mock drafts from around January have us picking like this:

    RD1. Reddick
    RD2. King
    RD3. Obi

    ? Dunno really, but I just remember that all three has taken major steps after being already talked about on this site.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Naw he had the first two in one in like October

      Obi jumped into the radar as a wild card super athlete

  24. nichansen01

    Pretty active free agency for the hawks. McDougald, Lacy, Brown, Cox, Joeckel and Aboushi.

    Now let’s go get Hodges.

    • 503Hawk

      I believe they are all one year contracts. We wouldn’t be able to resign all of them next year. Doesn’t that set up well for potential comp picks?

      • cha


        One of these guys, either Lacy or Joeckel I believe, PC expressed a desire to lock down for more than a year after seeing how they do in the Hawks program. But if they both do well and earn the nice deal after walking in FA they could get a couple decent comp picks in 2019. Maybe alongside comp picks for Graham & Chancellor if they don’t resign.

        • Hawk Eye

          no chance to get comp picks this year, but very good chance to get them next year (actually 2019 draft) when Kam, JG, Lacy, the “Lukes”, Prich and others are free agents. Can’t sign them all, so hopefully the 2016 and 2017 draft picks work out and can step up to replace who goes elsewhere

          • East Side Stevie

            Who is cox

            • nichansen01

              Parrish Cox

              • East Side Stevie

                When did we sign him??

                • East Side Stevie

                  That must have been before Free Agency started

                • Scraps

                  We signed Perrish Cox in January, about the 17th or so.

                  I hope we get rid of him soon.

                  • Ishmael

                    Seriously, he’s a germ.

                    Totally contradicts anything the front office have to say about violence against women.

  25. nichansen01

    Seahawks also hosting LB Terrance Garvin today. Allegedly great special teamer.

  26. Dale Roberts

    Colby Patnode at Emerald City Swagger revealed two extraordinary athletes as possible late round picks. Patnode uses SPARQ which is not as granular as Rob’s methods but is still useful to identify superior athletes.

    Shaquill Griffin, DB UCF sports a SPARQ score of 134.1 to go with the size and arm length Seattle craves. His SPARQ score would rank 6th among DBs this year. For reference, Kevin King is the top SQARQ DB in this year’s draft with a score of 142.8 which is incidentally identical to Jalen Ramsey’s mark which made him 2016’s SPARQiest draft pick. Surprisingly Budda Baker’s SPARQ was only 114.2 while Shalom Luani’s was 106.4. Patnode also notes that Griffin also has an intriguing backstory.

    Roberts Davis WR Georgia State has an eye popping SPARQ score of 141.5 to go with a 6’3″ and 219 lb body. Zay Jones is second with a score of 133.7. Last years best was Moritz Boehringer with an unbelievable 146.1. Number 2 for 2016 was Tyreek Hill who had an impactful rookie season for KC.

    On the offensive line Bolles, Lamp, and Siragusa are head and shoulders above the rest. Bolles is this year’s top offensive lineman at 112.5. Interestingly, that only ranks him at the 73rd percentile for current NFL offensive linemen. If I’m reading it correctly only 5 o-liners in this draft rank as above average athletes at their position in the NFL.

    In order among edge players Bowser, Willis, Watt, Thomas, and Reddick are the top 5. SPARQ really seems to correlate to perceived ability at this position. Neither Garrett nor Mathis have scores listed.

    At linebacker Blair Brown, Duke Riley, and Ben Gedeon were tops with Cunningham and Biegel at 4th and 5th. Jarrard Davis was not ranked.

    Here’s the link for Emerald City Swagger’s latest mock draft:

    The following link talks about the Dallas Cowboy’s reliance on SPARQ and mentions Pete Carroll’s impact on their evaluations.

    This a list of 3 Sigma Athletes for 2017, 2016, and 2015.

    • Ed

      Thanks for more names to peek at

  27. Rawls1234

    What do you guys think about Larry Ogunjobi?

    • Dale Roberts

      He’s not blessed with the size or athletic talent to simply play to his potential and be great. He does have the talent to be an NFL starter by using his brain and unflinching perseverance. He’s a smart dude pursuing a double major in Computer Science and Biology and considering med school. He’s a Sheldon Richardson type that could provide some interior pass rush. The Hawks defense requires discipline and consistent execution, a mold I think fits this young man well. I think the biggest question will be does he love football or is it a means to an end. The more I read about this guy the more I like him, I’d like to see him in camp.

  28. EP

    Would be very weary of Detroit picking Obi. However, with the prospect of Obi and king being taken before 26, as much as I would love either of them, if we miss on them I will not be too bothered. If they’ve been taken it means that others have likely fallen. Others who we would no doubt take in a heartbeat. There will be a great player available for Seattle at 26 there is no doubt about that.

    • Misfit74


    • Dale Roberts

      I think you’re right. There will be great athletes available for at least the first and second round picks. The trick is to find the next Richard Sherman or Honey Badger. I hope they don’t take a O-lineman in the first two rounds. I know Rob likes Bolles but is he is special or just the best this OL poor draft has to offer. TJ Watt is my favorite but if the 4-2-5 is the preferred alignment wouldn’t a piece like Obi or even Budda Baker be more valuable?

  29. McGruff

    Per Draft Analyst . . . UCLA Cornerback Marcus Rios measured 5110/192 pounds, completed 18 reps on the bench (33 inch arms)and posted a 10-foot-4 broad jump. His forty came in at 4.49s, he timed 4.2s in the short shuttle and 7.22s in the three cone.

    • Sea Mode

      Wow, rare arm length for his height. Nice find. Could be an option in the slot. Will check him out.

  30. Coleslaw

    If all 4 of Reddick, King, Obi and Bolles are gone by 26 I’d want us to trade back and target another corner and get an extra pick.
    Or… I wouldn’t be against Mike Williams or Corey Davis if they’re around. Our offense has an opening for another outside receiver, and if we’re going BPA then why not

    • Ed

      I really think a WR or TE is a big need this year. Obviously not to start, but to contribute and then make an impact if/when Graham/Kearse/Richardson/Lockett are gone in 2018

      • Dale Roberts

        I’ve never seen a draft with this many uber athletic tight ends.

        Howard – 4.51 30in vert
        Njoku – 4.5 37.5 vert
        Everett – 4.62 37.5in vert
        Engram – 4.42 36in vert
        Hodges – 4.57 39in vert
        Smith – 4.62 38in vert

        These number are freakin’ amazing for guys averaging 250 lbs. All of these guys are athletic enough to work as big bodied WR’s. Adam Shaheen is only slightly less athletic but he’s 280 lbs. I say go with the strength of the draft and get one of these guys. At the very least they could be a special teams nightmare.

    • Misfit74


      • Misfit74

        Er, +1

        • East Side Stevie

          Im a afraid not Ed you dont win championships by drafting WR’s early. Not to mention think of all the WR’s we have drafted in the last 5 years and now think about where they are right now and how it worked out for them and how much they contributed, even last year we drafted Kenny Lawler and he didnt even make the final roster now granted he was a 7th rounder but still we dont need the mistake of drafting another WR we can address that in the UDFA market. Now I know you didnt necessarily say draft those positions early but you did say “big need” which tends to correlate to drafting a big need in the early rounds. We are set at TE already how could anyone argue that. Why do you think we drafted Vannet in the 3rd last year. Neither WR or TE is a need. We need to focus on the D. As John S stated he thought we were to young on the O line last year so therefore it would be a stretch to say that we are going to focus on the O line in the draft but O line is a bigger need than WR and TE.. We shouldnt expect to see them draft O line before the 3rd and if they are going to draft WR or TE dont expect to see that happen before round 6.

          • East Side Stevie

            Now its not for certain that Graham/Kearse/Richardson/Lockett are going to be gone for good after 18 I expect 2 of the 4 to still be on the roster in 2019 unless some legal issues or freak career ending injury occurs. But we have a plethora of young WR that can make the squad they are going to have to develop but odds are either Tanner or Kasen or Tyler slavin have a good chance of developing into at the very least a WR 3 on the depth chart. If Luke plays well this year I imagine we extend him and if another team is offering graham big big big money we would like to keep him. The selection of Vnnett last year was the planning for the future pick. It worked out well considering the fact that Brandon Williams left to the colts but we will replace Williams with some TE from our practice squad or from the 90 man roster come training camp time.

            • East Side Stevie

              I meant the very most a WR 3 ***

          • RealRhino2

            I think WR is a need, but not sure the FO sees it that way. Couple guys I wouldn’t mind us taking with one of our 3rds: Juju Smith-Schuster and Josh Malone. A bit of a reach for Malone, but we don’t a 4th or 5th, so…. 6-3, 208 at the combine, ran 4.41, former top HS prospect at Tenn.

            If we do wait until the 6th, I’d go for a guy like Kenny Golladay at N. Illinois. 6-4, 218, ran 4.51. A bit of a body catcher, but a good big-bodied receiver that we don’t really have right now, IMO.

            • Volume12

              Its a need. They’re grabbing one in this draft.

              The interest and visits of Rod Streater and Kamar Aiken tell us that.

              • East Side Stevie

                But V 12 why would we need to draft a WR when we have Tanner Tyler Kasen Kenny and Jamel? We usually do pretty well with the UDFA WR when we make that a priority UDFA position target. Majority of the WR we have drafted just havent panned out and I would hate to see us use a pick in Rounds 2-3 on a WR when we have Defensive needs.

                • Volume12

                  Doesn’t have to be a high pick.

                  And if Lawler or McEvoy don’t work out? And you lose P-Rich and or end up cutting Kearse? And if Jimmy leaves?

                  We’re left with Douggie and Lockett.

                • Ed

                  I’m not saying it’s 1st round, but if (Bolles/Reddick/King/Obi) are all gone and the Hawks can still get some solid DB (Luani/Tankersley) and (Anzalon/Biegel), I wouldn’t be unhappy about getting (Williams/Njoku/Engram) or (Williams/Davis). 2018 could see the Hawks lose most of their offense (Graham/Kearse/Richardson/Lockett/Lacy). Tanner has shown a little, Kasen and Kenny not much. Not a priority, but TE/WR is a need

                • Volume12

                  I get what your saying Stevie.

                  And this is just me, but I think they’ll take a WR or TE and whichever position they don’t will be prioritized in FA.

                • peter

                  They do pretty well with acquiring those types but when they’ve turned the draft towards WR’s it could be argued that they’ve done pretty well there as well.

                  Drafted WR’s”


                  Prich….might be good


                  Lawler….who knows. Percentage wise that’s not bad. Baldwin has been as good as it gets, but Kears? I don’t know and after that it’s kind of a crapshoot.

                  I think Seattle should look at drafting a WR. It’s a pretty slim corps of DOug Baldwin and a bunch of dudes we hope are going to be full strength and one hometown guy who was almost terrible. Definitely room for improvement this year in the draft

                  • HI Hawk

                    Norwood was another in the line of 4th round “nah’s”.

  31. Hawk Eye

    pretty sure we end up with a nice player at 26, or in a trade down, and should get someone who plays this year in rd 2
    But the key to this draft will be to find 3 players in rd 3 that can be real contributors next year and even this year. If the win forever mantra is in play, expect some good turnover the next 2 years.

    • Misfit74

      Or bad turnover, depending on how hard it will be to extend and re-sign key guys. I get the feeling we will lose some players we really like. 🙁

      I hope we prioritize Clark, Kam, and Graham, to name 3.

      • Dale Roberts

        Ages in 2019… Chancellor 31, Bennett 33, Thomas 27, Sherman 30… all of these guys could be gone in 2019. In a profession where speed is a DBs best friend only Earl Thomas would still be in his prime but will he want to continue? Can we afford these guys if they still want top dollar at less than their peak abilities?

  32. Volume12

    CHAWK, thank you for the sentiments and kind words my man. That was a great post. My favorite one ever on this blog, but we both know why that is. Missed u this CFB season. A lot. My Saturdays just weren’t the same.

    By adversarial I meant there’s nothing greater you can overcome then watching a loved one/best friend diminish away. Its an incredibly hard thing to do. It was almost 7 months ago I lost her and its still raw as hell. That post made me tear me up and I felt some type of way about it and had to spend a couple of hours to reflect. I thank you for that more than you’ll ever know.

    That’s why I am a caretaker and chose that as my occupation. I love to help others when they have a hard time helping themselves. No greater joy in this world than putting a smile on someones face.

    I always knew we were on the same wave length, but never knew we shared something so profound. My heart goes out to you as well.

    Your right. This community is amazing, led by Rob, and it really does feel like a brotherhood. That’s probably the main reason I spend so much time here. I know it seems like I’m rambling, but wow. What a post bro. 😅

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Wow right back. Thank you for that reply.

      Same wavelength for sure.

  33. Volume12

    This is the reason why I bring up mid rounders and UDFAs so much.

    In the last 10 years, Seattle has found 10 pro bowlers on day 3 of the draft. NE, GB, and Cincy are next with 6. That’s it. 6! Seattle has almost half as much. Not to mention the countless other contributors and starters they’ve found.

  34. Volume12

    Maybe its just me, but Seattle is killing it this off-season and there’s more to come.

    Who have we lost? Haushcka? That it? Tony McDaniel? While adding Lacy, Joeckel, McDougald, Aboushi, Brown, kept Thorpe, Shead, Luke, GG.

    I know these weren’t Calais Campbell’s or Riley Reiffs, etc., but Seattle was never going to add one of those names in the 1st place.

    Had this draft been better for O-lineman, they probably would’ve. When teams are so desperate for help at the position and there’s no solutions in the draft, we’re left with the Joeckel’s of the world unless we want to pay $10 mil for an average OT like Ricky Wagner.

    Sorry, not sorry. Loving this off-season. Everything about it.

    • Volume12

      And we get a K to compete with Walsh.

      • Dale Roberts


        Considering the players you mentioned, which one of these additions are a sure, impact signing?
        Lacy – no
        Jockel – no
        McDougald – no
        Aboushi – no
        Thorpe – no
        Shead – no
        Wilson – no

        Campbell – yes

        I’m not saying we should have signed Campbell rather that certainty and impact are valuable commodities, that’s why the other guys were relatively cheap.

        • Ryan Hawk4Life


          This team has never been built on “sure” guys. That would actually defeat the core mission of the organization (and has historically i.e. Percy Harvin).

          This team gives opportunity, an environment of greatness and challenges people to reach their potential. They mitigate the risk of people falling short and reward the players that deliver.

          Its really that simple and I have to agree with Volume12 – the offseason represents their philosophy. So many teams adapt and end up changing their core beliefs to get a short-term win – Win Forever is practiced every day by our organization, and we are lucky for it.

        • East Side Stevie

          Thats the whole point of them signing those players to 1 year deals….

          They knew going into the negotiation that it wasnt gonna be a for sure impact because a lot of these guys have question marks but for the low price it works out in seattles favor. Seahawks have consistently made 1 year prove it deals in the FA period.

        • Volume12

          They needed depth. Had to get it. The bottom fell out from under them his year because of it.

          Not making a like for like comp, but 2013. What was the one thing that stood out? The insane amount of depth they had.

          • Volume12

            I also think Campbell is an awful fit for a 4-3 and much like Malik Jackson last year, will be an overpriced FA for very little bang.

            • Misfit74

              Sounds like Campbell will play a 5-tech type of end, similar to Red Bryant’s old role. Could be devastating if they use him correctly.

              Cost and age made him a pass for us.

              • Volume12

                He’s much better suited for that role. It they try and move him inside I think he’ll put up fairly pedestrian #’s.

            • HI Hawk

              The Jags have been really bad at FA defensive line signings. It was Jared Odrick the year before last, Malik Jackson last year, so until I see it work I’m holding out judgement on Campbell’s fit on that defense.

    • Trevor

      I agree Vol Really did not like the Joeckel deal at all as it made no sense to me on any level but the rest off the off season ha been solid IMO.

      • Volume12

        Yup. 2 young O-lineman with plenty of potential, a 245 lb bruiser of a RB who is in his prime, a very good backup S, depth at LB, and competition at K. With another couple signings to come.

        • Josh


          Hopefully down to 245

          • Volume12

            Then they got one hell of a FB.

            • CHawk Talker Eric

              Lacy and Rawls/Prosise in the backfield at the same time makes for a helluva wishbone, with RW running the show. I’m saying. Can Lacy lead block?

  35. Question

    With all of the interest in USC, could they be looking at Juju Smith Schuster. A better version of Kearse?

    • Dale Roberts

      USC is generally a collection of NFL bodies so there will always be interest. I don’t see us going for JuJu unless he’s drops to our last pick in the 3rd round. We already have a bigger, better version of a big bodied possession receiver named Jimmy Graham.

  36. RWIII

    I am beginning to have my doubts that Melifonwu will still be on the board at 26.

  37. Dale Roberts

    All I’ve ever heard from the team and his teammates is that Tony McDaniel does a great job and is a great teammate (and at a reasonable price). So, why do they continue to make him a last second, if we have to, option? Can somebody explain please.

    • Volume12

      He’s nothing special. Does a lot of things that don’t show up on a box score, really is unheralded, but those guys can be found pretty consistently. They know teams aren’t going to go out and rush to sign a guy like that. You gotta prioritize your FAs.

      So if he’s there great. If not? No big deal.

      • EranUngar

        And, if signed post June 1…doesn’t count…

  38. Coleslaw

    Just some more thoughts on our receiver need.
    We have a good group, but we really are missing a big body presence outside the numbers, Graham could do it but for whatever reason he’s mostly used in line or slot. Richardson is unreliable still, Kearse well…. is Kearse, and Lockett is just too small to be used like that.
    I don’t think we pick a WR early, because this draft is loaded with tall, athletic receivers, we’ve gotta like one of them. Getting this guy allows us to have Baldwin and (lets say Chesson) outside, with Graham and Lockett inside. Instead of having Kearse be terrible in the red zone we could get a real playmaker to help on those fades and crossing routes

    • Coleslaw

      Lockett would get the 3rd corner in the slot instead of the 2nd corner outside. And Kearse won’t get beat by their 3rd corner lol. If they double team Doug, Chesson or Lockett would have a really good matchup, and you still have Graham and Prosise.
      Also, if PRich comes out blazing, we could have him and Chesson outside most of the time with Baldwin in the slot and moving around, and have Lockett mixed in the slot when Baldwin gives JC or PR a rest. What a great life that would be with Russell Wilson, Rawls, Lacy, and Prosise..

    • Misfit74

      I’ve been pining for a big receiver for years. Seems to just not be a priority.

      Zamora looks like Josh Gordon without the issues. He’s big and very athletic. #1 WR upside without the price tag of a Mike Williams.

      • Misfit74

        Another guy I love (via Josh Norris):

        Chris Godwin, Penn State

        Where He Wins: The best contested catch receiver in this class (85.7%). Sideline awareness is special to convert plays others cannot. Displays balance and power after the catch.

        Ranking explanation: Looking forward to seeing Godwin’s athleticism. Is he a cheaper version of Mike Williams, in terms of specializing in contested catches

        • Misfit74

          130.1 pSPARQ, 4th among WRs for Godwin’s athleticism 😀

          • Coleslaw

            Thanks man I’ll check them out!

  39. Ryan Hawk4Life


    Read the blog for years and continue to use this as my primary form of Seahawk news/entertainment. Proud of the entire community.

    My question is more around Round 2. Seahawks generally seem to be opportunistic as you have to be drafting late. What would keep them from targeting Sidney Jones IV in the second round and taking BPA in the 1st? In an ideal setting, you take Kevin King in the 1st, Sidney in the second and your 1,2,3 CB are the best in the country.

    Not to mention the continuity of Jones/King continuing into the NFL just sounds so fun. I guess this is a dream as I don’t expect Jones to make it to our RD2 pick. Love to hear your thoughts.

    • Rob Staton

      I think arm length could be an issue with Jones for Seattle, plus a possible desire to get two impact players in this deep draft with their first two picks. But equally he could be an option for them.

  40. Ishmael

    Something to consider, seem to be a few of the big dogs in the media who are sliding Dalvin Cook further and further down the board. He’s obviously got some red flags, and the combine wasn’t there, but before that there were plenty of people who’d tell you he was the most complete back in the draft, better than Fournette etc. etc.

    Now he hasn’t hospitalised a woman, so at what point do the Hawks start thinking hmmm?

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I had a similar thought. But they just signed Lacy, and there are 2 other starter potential RBs on the roster. At what point does value overwhelm need?

      • Misfit74

        I’d puke my guts out if we passed on Dalvin, but I’d understand it. We want punishers! Still, despite his inability to test well he’s fantastic.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          “The pattern of bad decisions are alarming, really. With my job on the line, I trust [Joe] Mixon a lot more than Dalvin Cook.” –NFL Scout

          • Ishmael

            He runs with a pretty rough crew apparently, and has made a lot of really dumb choices. If I can know that armed only with Google, God only knows what the teams have found out.

            Going to be interesting to see how far he drops, I’m predicting he comes off after Fournette, McCaffrey, and Kamara – some team just won’t be able to help themselves.

          • Misfit74

            I think Mixon may be the best back in the draft. My guess is 2nd-early 3rd round for him. It won’t happen, but I’d be thrilled with either Cook or Mixon in this team. We have enough leadership and organization to help players with issues stay on track. Frank Clark and Bruce Irvin both are recent case studies.

            • CHawk Talker Eric

              I’ve refrained from commenting on Mixon this entire offseason and I don’t want to start now. But I will say this: I won’t be surprised if he gets picked before Cook.

              • Sea Mode

                I think DEN takes McCaffrey and GB takes Kamara R1.

            • Ben

              Mixon is a player that I want on the team, but he’s a person I don’t want anywhere near it.

    • Rob Staton

      I think the Lacy signing all but ends the possibility of a RB being drafted early.

  41. Volume12

    Kenny, when I gave you those 3 late round safeties to check out did you ever get around to it?

    Next VMAC visit alert!

    Michigan St. S Montae Nicholson. Yezzir!

    • Volume12

      Exact same type of player as Obi. Day 3 guy though. Speed, size, athleticism, aggression.

      • Derron James

        Its incredible how much late round talent there is this year!

        • Volume12

          He’s been on my radar all year. I’m a big fan of his. Michigan St used him horribly this year for whatever reason. He is not a deep, center field type safety. Perfect for coming downhill and playing that overhang style like a Bam Bam.

          Love his personality too. Very cocky.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            Zierlein on Nicholson:

            WEAKNESSES Field toughness does not match his size. Ducks head into tackles and doesn’t consistently square up his targets causing excessive missed tackles. Rarely imposes his will as a hitter. Leggy in coverage. Takes time to get hips and feet synced up when asked to mirror route breaks. Has had self-described confidence issues. Looks unsure of his responsibilities at times and will lose track of deep coverage. Just eight passes defensed over last two seasons which is a meager sum.

            SOURCES TELL US “Big and beautiful with no impact on the game whatsoever. He just doesn’t have the aggressiveness you need to play this game on this level.” — AFC national scout

            BOTTOM LINE Nicholson has outstanding size and could test well at the combine and his pro day, but his tape is blah and no amount of workouts in shorts and t-shirts will change that. Nicholson’s lack of playmaking production combined with his unsure tackling make him a traits-only prospect who could have a hard time sticking in the league unless he finds more confidence and aggression.

            • Volume12

              To be fair, I hate those pieces. You read ’em and think, ‘does this guy like anybody?’

              And I also find it hilarious how he gets a quote from one scout as if the other 300 or are all unified in their opinion.

              • CHawk Talker Eric

                Didn’t mean to pass that along as gospel. And there’s a reason SEA have him coming to VMAC.

                Of the SPARQ’ed up Day 3 safeties I like Marcus Williams. 10 INTs over the last 2 seasons (5 apiece).

                • Volume12

                  He’s interesting for sure. Great ball skills, love the anticipation.

                  I wonder if he’s a corner.

                  Nicholson is so imposing. Much like Obi. I think where a lot of people get mixed up at is ‘what are you drafting a guy for and why?’

                  With these 2 its unlimitless potential.

                  • Sea Mode

                    Check out Yamen Sanders too.

      • Forty20

        I have seen Nicholson getting a little bit of buzz lately. Definitely feels like a poor man’s Melinfonwu…and the way Obi’s stock is rising Nicholson might end up as a neat consolation prize.

        • Volume12

          He’s very similar. It drives me nuts when people say they both aren’t aggressive. They’re indecisive. That’s a fixable issue. Spending more time in the film room and you’ll start to learn to trust your eyes.

  42. RWIII

    From what I am reading is that JS/PC some where in the draft is going to take a linebacker. More than likely this guy will be a player that no one has heard of. I don’t think John Schneider will take T.J. Watt. Actually if Melifonwu is not on the board the Hawks will trade down.

    Actually I am hoping that John Schneider grabs Cordea Tankersly. It might would be real cool if the Seahawk fans were chanting: “Tank! “Tank, Tank! The alone is reason enough to sign Tankersly.

    • Sea Mode

      Yup, the Sherman Tank at CB!

      On the other hand, if we Tank our season, we’ll know who to blame… 😉

  43. Volume12

    CHAWK, I know your an LA guy. What’s your thoughts on USC WR Isaac Whitney? That boy lit his pro day up! 🔥

    • Derron James

      I believe he broke his collarbone in a practice and missed 9 games . He really didn’t play all that much, and was a transfer out of Riverside Community College. He might have some decent potential tho.

      • Derron James


    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Man a couple of ‘SC WRs lit it up today.

      Like you said, Isaac Whitney, 6-2, 220lbs, 4.41 40yd, 36″ VJ, 126″ BJ, 12 BP

      And DeQuan Hampton, 6-3, 225lbs, 4.66 40yd, 41.5″ VJ, 132″ BJ, 21 BP

      No word on how they caught passes though.

      Also OL Jordan Simmons, 6-4, 339lbs, a guy nobody ever heard of, supposedly “looked terrific in position drills and easily moved his huge frame around the field. The story is Simmons had one ACL surgery then two more scopes before a bone spur was finally cleaned out. By the time he was fully healthy and ready to play there was no place for him to line-up on the Trojans talented offensive line. Expect this “no name” to be signed after the draft and he could surprise in camp this fall.” –Pauline

      • Misfit74

        Missed this when I posted below. Nice info

  44. House

    I’m extremely high on Obi and question if he’ll be there at #26. I also think King could be gone with Jones’ injury. Any thoughts of possibly trading back a few picks and grabbing Sidney Jones? I read an article saying he has hopes of playing in ’17 after surgery the other day. Drafting him in the 1st still allows us to have 5 years of roster control. We could potentially pick up a 4th rd pick for dropping a few spots. I have a feeling some guys are going to go much earlier and a few will drop, leaving us with 3-4 guys we figured wouldn’t be there.

    • peter

      That’s a lot of hope to put into one pick in the first round. Namely that he comes back in just one year, and that he is as explosive as he was previously on the field. I’d have to think if King/Obi/Watt (bolles and reddick) were gone that Seattle would look to trading back but start a whole new approach to the rest of the draft. Perhaps start looking at Offensive weapons early as an example.

      My big concern with Jones is the arm Length. It’s so hard to say when the team will budge on their parameters because they simply haven’t yet. Not DB length, not D tackle arm length. None of it.

      • House

        I agree with what you’re saying. I don’t personally see us picking Jones, nor do I advocate the move. Just found it interesting he’s aiming to play in ’17 and someone is bound to take him Top-50 IMO.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          I agree. I think Jones’ floor is NYJ @39.

        • Volume12

          Sidney is tiny. His BMI is ridiculously small.

          • Volume12

            Was the smallest guy at the combine. That’s potentially worrisome for a physical defense like Seattle’s.

            At these pro days most teams are trying to break you mentally and physically. And unfortunately with Sidney it happened.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Obi to TBB @19 or DET @21 is a very real possibility. He’s had several meetings with DET since Senior Bowl. And TBB is flying to UCONN tomorrow to work him out privately.

      • LeoSharp

        What about Dallas picking him up to play with Byron Jones?
        That could make it risky trading down since they have pick 28

  45. Misfit74

    WR Isaac Whitney 6′ 2″, 225 lbs, beat Adoree Jackson’s 40 time at USC’s Pro Day today: 4.41.

  46. nichansen01

    Tampa Bay and Obi makes too much sense.

    • nichansen01

      Reason they didn’t pay Mcdougald…

      • Volume12

        If Obi goes that high it’ll be because he was always going to. Teams already have guys in a set area when they’ll come off the board.

        These guys move up and down based on mental evals, character, and injury red flags.

        • Volume12

          This is why we see so many freak athletes go on day 3.

  47. Sea Mode

    Anyone get a chance to check out WR Chad Williams (Grambling) that Pauline reported looked good in drills and met or at least spoke with Seattle?

    6004, 207, 4.35-4.39 40yd, 35.5 vert, 10-3 broad, 4.21 SS, 7.12 3C

  48. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Good news, we have 15 guys we would love to draft in the first round this year….. bad news, 14 of them will be gone (or not selected) and crush our draft hearts. As for OBI, just because you don’t go to the guys pro day doesn’t mean you don’t like him. Sometimes you want to throw people off the scent of who you really really really want to pick in round 1.

    Someone mentioned earlier who would you take.. king or obi. For me, take the guy who can play either CB or S, more flexibility.

    The hardest thing for me this year, predicting the 2017 draft, is who and when will the QBs go.. will it be 2 3 or 4 guys in the first round? There is not a single 1st round team that is a SLAM DUNK for taking a QB in the draft. Not a single one. Saints, Jets, 49ers and Vikings among others may take one, but you can’t say definitively BAM they are taking a QB. There should be some outstanding options for Seattle… and if the top 4 mentioned earlier are gone, they likely trade back and or grab a LB type.

    • HI Hawk

      I agree with your take on the King v. Obi debate, the position flexibility adds a lot of value. Also, he is much more physical and I think that’s important. Besides, I think Witherspoon is every bit as good as King and he can be had in the late 2nd or early 3rd round most likely.

  49. RWIII

    Hey guys. Watch the Jets. Who will they take? They have released three starting offensive lineman. They also need a running back and a Quarterback . They also need a number one cornerback. Will they take Garrett Bolles? To me the Jets pick is going to be very interesting. The Jets also lost Brandon Marshall. In my opinion this is where draft really begins. If the Jets don’t take Bolles, your guess is as good as mine where he ends up. BTW: I don’t think Denver is going to take an offensive lineman in the first round. They have already made a significant investment in free agency. John Elway has signed Ronald Leary from the Cowboys and Menelike Watson from Oakland.

    Another wildcard is what Cleveland does at 12. Will they take a Quarterback? If the Browns don’t take a QB they might be a trading partner for the Seahawks.

    • Ed

      I think (Latitmore/Adams/Bolles/Fournette/Adams/Hooker) will be one of Jets pick. Their best bet as an organization would be trading back multiple times to gain picks.

      • RWIII

        Agreed. That just makes it more intriguing for the Jets

        • Ed

          Funny that in real life, they will probably draft Trubisky.

  50. RWIII

    BTW: If Obi Melifonwu is off the board. I don’t think John Schneider will select J.T. Watts. To me Watts is going to be a really good player in this draft. Long term I think Watt might be as good as Clay Matthews. However from what I am reading JS/PC have been checking a ton of linebackers in this draft. I wouldn’t be surprised if Schneider trades down and then takes Adoree ‘Jackson. Jackson is freak athlete . I think Jackson could play multiple positions. Jackson has made 5 or 6 touchdown saving tackles. You know that is going to make Pete Carroll sit up in his chair. Plus he also went to U.S.C. So you can bet Pete Carroll probably has inside information on Jackson.

  51. Jason

    Since we’re talking pro days, here are the UNC numbers

    One of my favorite lines because it’s now Seahawk-related

    “Even with this disappointing pro day, Hood has almost identical workout metrics to Eddie Lacy.”

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