Mel Kiper’s mock & does arm length matter at slot corner?

No Garett Bolles in round one?

In his latest projection yesterday, Mel Kiper didn’t include Utah’s Garett Bolles in the first round.

Kiper has been one of the few national pundits pushing the possibility of Bolles going in the top-20. In his first 2017 mock draft he paired Bolles with Denver at #20. He also touted the Bills at #10 as a possible option.

This week, he isn’t even in round one.

Instead Ryan Ramcyzk is the first offensive tackle to leave the board at #16 to Baltimore. The other two offensive tackles taken are Forrest Lamp (#22 to Miami) and Cam Robinson (#25 to Houston).

It follows a suggestion earlier in the week by Daniel Jeremiah that Lamp would be the first O-liner taken (in the top-20 no less) and Cam Robinson the first offensive tackle.

It’s possible Kiper has received some information about Bolles’ stock. In this weeks ‘First Draft’ podcast he stated Lamp, Robinson and Ramcyzk “won’t be there” at #26 and if any of the group falls it’ll be Bolles. Kiper referred to him as a ‘boom or bust’ prospect.

Here’s the thing though — if players like Reddick, King and Melifonwu are rising up boards, some of the presumed top-25 will be replaced. This is a draft class where even the worst case scenario will be attractive.

In my next mock I was planning to address some of the media sentiment this week by putting Forrest Lamp at #15 and Cam Robinson at #16. Bolles was set at #10.

Let’s imagine the Bills go in a different direction.

After Indianapolis and Baltimore, there are a collection of teams more likely to go defense than O-line: Washington, Tennessee, Tampa Bay. Denver could take an O-liner but then it’s back to defense — Detroit and Miami.

It’s eminently possible that instead of Jarrad Davis, Charles Harris, Jabrill Peppers and Budda Baker — the likes of Kevin King and Obi Melifonwu could go in the top-22.

If Bolles gets beyond Denver, he comes into play for Seattle. It’s possible they’ll go defense even if he’s available at #26. Yet his extreme tenacity, athleticism and grit could help turn Seattle’s O-line into a strength over the next 3-4 years.

Does arm length matter in the slot?

If Bolles, Reddick, Melifonwu and King are off the board, would the Seahawks consider drafting a specialist slot cornerback?

And if so, does arm length still matter?

Jeremy Lane played 71% of the snaps in 2016. Generally across the league, slot corners are playing around 70% of snaps. Increasingly teams are fielding an extra corner or safety and playing nickel in base.

If the Seahawks wanted an upgrade for Lane (possibly with the intention of moving him outside as one of the few experienced CB’s on the roster) they’d be presented with a decent list of options:

Budda Baker
Adoree’ Jackson
Chidobe Awuzie
Fabian Moreau
Howard Wilson

These five do not pass the arm length test (Seattle hasn’t drafted a cornerback with sub-32 inch arms since Pete Carroll took over).

They are, however, all very athletic.

— Budda Baker ran a 4.45 forty, had the fourth fastest three cone by a safety (6.76) and the fastest short shuttle (4.08). His shuttle time is comparable to Earl Thomas’ (4.05) plus short area quickness and change of direction skills are so important in the slot.

— Adoree’ Jackson is a sensational athlete and the most explosive kick/punt returner to enter the league in a long time. He ran a 4.42 at the combine but didn’t do any agility testing as he wasn’t 100% recovered from an ankle injury. He ran a three cone at his pro-day yesterday, timed at a reported 6.49. If accurate, that would’ve been the fastest three cone at the combine.

— Chidobe Awuzie ran a 4.43, jumped 11-0 in the broad and ran a 4.14 short shuttle. That’s the exact same shuttle time as current Seahawks starting slot corner Jeremy Lane. He ranked in the top-ten in both the shuttle and three cone and has experience working in the slot. Awuzie’s also capable of making plays in the backfield (four sacks, six TFL’s in 2016).

— Fabian Moreau’s tape is hit and miss. In USC’s game against UCLA he made a beautiful interception but also gave up a deep throw working against JuJu Smith-Schuster and a far-too-easy inside slant for a touchdown. Yet his combine was remarkable — 4.35 forty, 38 inch vertical, 11-4 broad, 4.12 short shuttle. In terms of upside he’s off the charts.

— Howard Wilson was the only cornerback other than Kevin King to run a sub-4.00 short shuttle. If the Seahawks drafted him, Wilson’s 3.94 shuttle time would be the fastest by any defensive back selected during the Carroll era. His 6.68 three cone was third fastest among CB’s, level with Gareon Conley.

Lane’s arms are 32 1/8 inches long. Here’s the arm length measurements for the five cornerbacks above:

Budda Baker — 30 3/4
Adoree’ Jackson — 31 3/8
Chidobe Awuzie — 30 5/8
Fabian Moreau — 31 3/8
Howard Wilson — 31 3/8

Three of the players (Jackson, Moreau, Wilson) have arms that are less than an inch shorter than Lane’s. Is it that much of a difference working inside?

It might be given the propensity for teams to put a tight end or bigger receiver in the slot these days. Using a safety or ‘Buffalo’ nickel instead guards against mismatches and enables you to retain some strength vs the run.

Yet there are productive smaller DB’s playing in the slot. And the Seahawks love dynamic athletes.

So while history tells us they’re unlikely to draft a cornerback with sub-32 inch arms, if they see the slot as a vital need area and sense an opportunity to get a cornerstone talent, it’s worth not completely ruling it out just yet.

And if other attractive options aren’t there at #26 (Melifonwu, Reddick, Bolles, King) it might be increasingly appealing.

Focus on Adoree’ Jackson

The five names above stand-out for different reasons. Wilson’s quickness, Baker’s agility and tenacity, Moreau’s brilliant physical profile and after watching more of Awuzie yesterday, he could easily go in the top-25. Stud.

Yet there’s just something about Adoree’ Jackson that says ‘Seahawks’.

Here’s a piece I wrote a few weeks ago about Jackson that was never published:

Under Pete Carroll they’ve never drafted a cornerback with sub-32 inch arms. We can’t ignore that and it’s why the combine is a vital tool (drills + measurements).

That said, we also know Seattle is prepared to make an exception. A 5-10 quarterback probably isn’t their ideal and yet here they are with Russell Wilson. It took Wilson, however, to be exceptional in every facet barring height. His athletic profile, leadership, production, backstory, huge hands, creativity, accuracy. So yes they’ll make an exception for the right guy, it’s just the right guy might have to be Mr. Perfect.

Adoree’ Jackson has always been intriguing. He isn’t big but he ticks enough boxes that if he only has 31.5-inch arms (31 3/8 at the combine) they might be willing to make the exception.

Here’s where he excels:

Cover skills

In this area, Jackson’s as good as any corner in this class. He shows the ability to feel coverage and react and flash excellent redirect quickness/recovery speed. He consistently plays the ball and will bait quarterbacks into mistakes. Despite his lack of great size his tackling is more than adequate for the position with sufficient aggression (a problem for some CB’s in this class).

The production validates all of this. He had 5 interceptions in 2016 and 16 PBU’s (tied 11th in the country with LSU’s Tre’Davious White). While many people will recall the way John Ross juked Jackson off his feet in the USC @ Washington game — that’s simply a perfect example of why John Ross is going to be a top-15 pick.

This interception, his second against Washington, is a really ill-advised throw by Jake Browning back across his body. That said — look at the quick reaction by Jackson, the closing speed and the finish:


No issues here. Jackson is well spoken and interesting during interviews. This heart-warming post-game piece with his mother was one of the highlights of the season:

What’s more, we’ve seen tangible proof of progress throughout his college career. This indicates he’s coachable and willing to learn. He turned from a gimmicky return specialist and jack-of-all-trades type playing offense and defense into one of the more accomplished cornerbacks in college football.

I noted three examples when watching his Draft Breakdown tape where he chased down a runner to prevent a touchdown. On each occasion he failed to give up on an apparent lost cause — making the crucial tackle.


He’s one of the most sudden athletes you’ll see in this draft class. He glides as a runner and shifts through the gears with natural ease. When he gets a head of steam — he just seems to be moving a lot faster than everyone else.

He might be the most dynamic return man to enter the league since Percy Harvin. He had eight return touchdowns at USC, averaging nearly 30-yards a return on kick-offs in 2016.

His third score on a kick return vs Notre Dame, hurdling the last defender, is a thing of beauty:

Also, this is not easy to do:

Jeremy Lane played 71.39% of the defensive snaps in 2016. Only five players played more defensive snaps — Bobby Wagner (99.35%), Richard Sherman (97.59%), K.J. Wright (97.41%), Deshawn Shead (85.09%) and Cliff Avril (77.04%). Michael Bennett would’ve likely made it six without his knee injury.

If Jackson was brought in to assume that role, they’d be getting plenty of bang for their buck. Add on the special teams value (especially with Tyler Lockett recovering from a broken leg) and there’s no reason to think the Seahawks would avoid drafting a nickel early.

Someone will probably take Adoree’ Jackson in the first round. Tony Pauline reported the following recently:

Despite the fact he’s likely to measure under 5-feet/10-inches at the combine most I spoke with say Adoree’ Jackson of USC is a lock first round pick.

They are willing to overlook Jackson’s height as teams have stamped the junior “a difference maker” at cornerback, as a return specialist and even at the receiver position.

There’s no denying the ‘difference maker’ tag and the explosive athletic traits he clearly possesses. He’s a special athlete. The type Pete Carroll has really admired in the past.

The question is — are the Seahawks willing to buck their arm length trend to go after a player like Jackson, knowing he can have an immediate impact as a kick returner and possibly start quickly as a slot corner?


  1. Trevor

    Another great article Rob! Wow you just keep pumping them out.

    I know the blog is Seahawks focused so it limits the # of fans who may be interested in your work but the quality and consistency of your articles is truly some of the best work in the entire sports industry. Thanks again and I am certain if you want to pursue it that great opportunities will present themselves to you soon. This type of work does not go unnoticed of that I am sure.

  2. D-OZ

    Jackson and Peppers. The most dynamic player’s in the draft. Wouldn’t surprise me at all to if the Hawks took either of them, even with with Obi still on the board. I thought the slot position was our biggest weakness last year. Either would give us options in the return game as well as weapon’s on offense. I am glad you got to this Rob, been meaning to bring it up, although I did suggest Jackson to the Hawks early on.
    I really believe for Seattle to stay @ 26 it would be for a special player. If both are already gone I would select Obi or Watt. So many options in this draft!!!! #26 is a really good spot to be in. Lots of options.

    • Trevor

      I agree have to think with all the talent in this draft that there are going to be some great options available.

  3. Trevor

    I have been a big Adoree Jackson fan all year as he just has that “It” factor. His team mates gravitate to him and when you watch the tape he just seems to be playing at a different speed.

    I think he would be an ideal slot guy with the huge special teams value as a bonus. Then longer term he is one of the few players I have seen with the type of range Earl has and could be a long term replacement.

    He is still incredibly raw and I would love to see what Pete and Richards could do with him.

    If Bolles, Reddick, King, Davis and Melinowfu (My Big 5) are off the board then I really hope the Hawks give Jackson a close look.

    • Sea Mode

      +1 for the Big 5, Trev!

    • Ishmael

      Ha I hadn’t seen your post until now, but you’ve come to pretty much exactly the same conclusions I have. Couldn’t agree more about the ‘It’ factor.

    • GeoffU

      He is also a hell of a return man, and we all know how downhill that went for us when Lockette got hurt. Despite arm length, I think there’s enough unique/special qualities about him to be in consideration at 26.

      • GeoffU

        Ugh, no-e

    • Dale Roberts

      If he could fill a need in the defensive backfield and tilt the field as a return man… yeah, that sounds like a PC kinda guy.

  4. Trevor

    Rob I had given up on Bolles completely and then in this post you offer just a glimmer of hope. Almost cruel 🙂

    I know the defensive talent in this draft is off the charts but Bolles is the one guy in this draft whom could really turn around the fortunes of our OL longer term.

    If somehow the Hawks could get Bolles in Rd #1 and Asiatta in Rd #3 then I truly believe the OL would be set for the next 3-4 years. 2017 would sill be a challenge but in 2018 an OL of Fant, Assiata, Britt, Ifedi, Bolles could be elite.

    • AlaskaHawk

      If Bolles was there at #26, I would take him. With the size of this defensive class they can still get a quality Cornerback in round 2, and safety or linebacker in round 3.

    • Ty the Guy

      Amen! Get that Utah left-side on our left side. Perfect scenario is my eyes. Asiata may or may not have to sit behind Glow or Joekel, but both of those Utah OL look real to me.

      Of course that is wishful thinking. I know we should end up with at least one starting caliber defensive player from this draft though. Too deep!

  5. cha

    I love the awareness Adoree displays on that last TD in the clip. Slowing down to set up the last blocker. So many guys at that point would just run full speed and likely get tackled. That’s special.

    • Sea Mode

      I was literally about to post the same words. And precisely this is what separates an elite returner like Harvin from a HOF returner like Hester.

    • Trevor

      You nailed it!

      That is what makes guys like Hester and Harvin such great returners. Set up blocks and when there is daylight they are gone baby gone.

      He is a guy that could easily score 4-6 TDs on returns both kick and Int per year and you know that is something Pete has to love.

      • Greg Haugsven

        There is lots of guys in this class who can cover well but not too many gus who can cover and make plays like him.

  6. D-OZ

    There will be OL options outside of the 1st. round. For instance, Garcia, although a little raw, is one of the most underrated prospect’s in this draft, won’t make it out of the 2nd round. Lot’s of options in day two.

    • peter

      Tackle options? Or former tackle to guard options, because that’s what I see a lot of in this draft. Guards.

    • peter

      I should have split these comments. I like Garcia as a tackle, perhaps a swing guy, or even more competition for GIlliam, fant, Joekel….

  7. peter

    I’m not an “insider,” so it’s hard to say what Kiper is thinking with the boom or bust comments about Bolles. But, I’m all for Bolles falling. There’s a ton of interesting defensive players that could be had throughout the later rounds. And years of following the draft have given me a fluidity in my thought process about who Seattle should take.

    That said I would love, love, love nothing more than to not spend yet another off season discussing what Seattle does or doesn’t do about the Oline.

    I’ve watched a ton of Bolles available tape and, read, and reread his backstory and if he’s there at 26 and the big time defensive players are gone (Watt, Obi, King,) and Seattle doesn’t take him the I will honestly question how bad Seattle’s process is.

    • Totem_Hawk

      “Boom or bust” may be becuase of his sketchy past i’m guessing?!? His play on the field leaves little doubt about his ability.

      • Volume12

        Boom or bust has to do with the fact he’s 25 years old and still raw.

        • Hawk Eye

          yes, 25 years old, only one year at major college, some questions about his past, etc.
          He will probably get drafted later than he should for those reasons, but hard to see him slipping out of first round with so many teams needing o line help

          • RealRhino2

            Serious question: Bolles has one year of tape at Utah. Fant has one year of tape in the NFL. Both are same age (Bolles actually a couple of months older, but why quibble).

            Is Bolles even a better prospect than Fant? I don’t mean as they approached their drafts, I mean right now.

            • Deryck

              Bolles has played more football than Fant, I believe he played high school football. He also played at Snow College (a junior college maybe?) before transferring to Utah. Not a 4 year starter but one solid year against legit competition.

              • Dale Roberts

                Yes but we didn’t use a first round pick on Fant. In terms of SPARQ Bolles only ranks in the 73rd percentile of for current NFL offensive linemen. That makes me wonder if he’s really special or just the best in this draft. Coupled with the issue of getting even younger on the offensive line I don’t think Bolles is a good pick for us in round 1.

              • RealRhino2

                Does that work for or against Bolles in the evaluation?

                I know in baseball, sometimes you hear guys rating players as top prospects having a good year when all they’ve done is barely keep their head above water in, say, AA, but it’s because they are 20 years old when the rest of the guys are 24, 25. Is that like Fant?

                If these were two prospects this draft class, would it be like Fant struggled but kept his head above water in the SEC while Bolles dominated but had some lapses at a small school (NFL vs. Pac-12)?

  8. Sea Mode

    Another quality article, Rob, 2-for-1 in fact! Trying not to take for granted how great you make it to be a Seahawks fan during draft season and year-round. Thanks again for what you do!

    This is what I like most about Adoree and what IMO keeps him on Seattle’s radar in R1:

    “What’s more, we’ve seen tangible proof of progress throughout his college career. This indicates he’s coachable and willing to learn. He turned from a gimmicky return specialist and jack-of-all-trades type playing offense and defense into one of the more accomplished cornerbacks in college football.”

    That, and the fact that it just can’t be understated how much it helps to have a locker room full of good dudes.

    Looking at the bigger picture of Seattle’s defensive strategy, we’ve seen a few teams with good QBs that have been patient enough to dink and dunk us enough in the short passing game, since we are focused on taking away the run game and deep throws. Maybe it’s time for an elite slot corner to help counter this “death by papercut”?

    Oh, and here’s video of his Pro Day workout. Easy speed. And catches a punt at the end with a football in each arm and another between his legs:

    • MSL

      And last season it was pretty much any team with a QB that doesn’t suck. They got dinked and dunked to death! I like the idea of a difference maker out there on 3rd downs.

      • Deryck

        I think that comes down to scheme more than players. When you’re focused on deep passes and run defense you’re susceptible to short throws.

        • MSL

          I would think on 3rd and 5 you probably don’t need to be overly concerned of the run or deep passes. You just need to get off the field. My point is it used to only be top QBs that could do it consistently enough to be successful. Last season all but the worst QBs could do it. There were times the defense just could not get off the field.

  9. peter

    Adoree Jackson is certainly an intriguing player for the slot. Maybe Lane picks it up but after his injuries he just doesn’t feel the same when watching him on the field. He can obviously play at an extremely high level and I think discounting 5/8″ on arm length is a potential foolish thing to do.

    I’m not that concerned with return skills. The NFL increasingly is shifting from making that a skill. It’s a big deal in college and can be a great thing for flipping the field. I think Jackson could be great is what I’m getting at regardless of his return skills.

    • Ishmael

      The NFL are trying to minimise it, but it still matters. Remember that clownshow season with Bryan Walters back there as our specialist fair catcher?

      • peter

        That was pretty brutal.

      • cha

        Never seen or heard proof of this, but I always felt Walters was just a warm body back there and was under team orders to fair catch as a Band-Aid measure, since their confidence level in him was about ‘all we want you to do is stand there and catch the ball.’

        • Ishmael

          I’m sure you’re right, not meaning to have a go at Walters. More pointing out that after that season they went out and traded up to get the best returner in the draft. It’s a position that matters to them.

      • vrtkolman

        I do remember that, right after the ET experiment failed.

      • Naks

        It was also brutal seeing Sherman back there when Lockett got hurt. We had to give up tyvis Powell to sign old man Hester. It is definitely a position you need depth in

  10. Ishmael

    Jackson is so smooth. Such easy speed, never has to shift through the gears.

    And he’s got the totally objective ‘It’ factor. Which, say what you will about him, Percy had in spades. I want more players who scare teams, I want them doing stupid shit on kickoffs because they’re scared, I want them up at nights worrying about how to deal with him.

    I think the team will love him, and I think he’ll love the team. If he’s as coachable as he appears to be, imagine what Carroll and Richard will be able to do with him?

    If Bolles falls and the Hawks don’t take him, I’ll be borderline apoplectic. But Jackson would be a pretty tasty consolation prize, I think he’ll be a star in Seattle.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Odd comparison but the way Jackson runs reminds me of the great Gale Sayers. He makes speed look easy. Like he’s running with a strong tailwind.

      • Ishmael

        Nice! That’s a great comp actually. Really dig it.

      • Kenny Sloth


        • Hawk Eye

          That is how Talib moves for Denver, smooth and effortless, and quick to the ball
          would love a Talib type corner, without the baggage

  11. Ishmael

    Just went back and had another look at his combine performance, his technique in the 40 is all kinds of sloppy which is bizarre considering his track background. If he cleaned it up he would have gone comfortably faster, knocked at least a tenth off his time. Go watch him compared to John Ross, night and day.

    Might go some way towards explaining why his field speed is more impressive than his combine speed.

    • Del tre

      Speed in pads is what matters and the only other person I’ve ever seen that is as fast as Adoree in pads is Percy Harvin.

      • Kenny Sloth

        And John Ross

        Who is simply just faster than pretty much anyone you name.

        One of the best route runners I’ve ever seen coming out as well.

        He cuts at full speed every time on a dime.

        Insane speed and quickness.

        He’s just faster

        • Trevor

          Ross is crazy fast and you are right his routes are really quick. If he can somehow stay healthy which is a huge question mark he could be and even better version of Deshawn Jackson which is who he reminds me of.

          • Dale Roberts

            Don’t forget about Paul Richardson.

            Check out this quote from a UPI article about Richardson’s return from the ACL tear:

            Richardson said he felt he was back to 100 percent about a month ago. He says he’s also faster than he used to be, which is an amazing thought considering he once ran a 4.28 in the 40-yard dash prior to the NFL Combine.

            “It’s definitely faster,” Richardson said, noting he has been timed to prove it.

  12. Daniel Bryan

    I believe Marcus Burley had sub 32-inch arms. Seattle didn’t draft him or sign him as a udfa but Seattle did send a draft pick to Indy for him. He was brought in to play nickel.

  13. DLep

    Ive also seen some discussions about Jackson, Awuzie, Moreau as potential free safeties as well. At free safety, you dont need to have 32 in arms to meet the pro bowl/all pro threshold for that position. Jim Cobern in fact, has Awuzie in his top ten overall but explicitly lists him as a free safety.

    Obviously we have Earl, but w his injury last year, getting a little older, could it be a possibility that Seattle is looking at these guys to play slot as an immediate benefit, but with the versatility these guys offer they are solid backups for Earl in the event of injury and then can eventually take over for him? Just thinking aloud.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I mentioned before that while I was watching coverage of the Combine, in particular Deion Sanders’ post 40yd interviews, I thought I heard Fabian Moreau tell Sanders that he sees himself as a safety in the NFL. His pec injury might cause him to fall within SEA’s native R2 pick.

      • peter

        You don’t think that’s a bit high though? I mean he’ll be coming off of injury and would a positional convert at a draft spot that I think they could still be hoping for a solid contributor right away…

  14. swisshawk

    The glimpse of hope regarding Bolles left me thinking how our current O-liners would line up as of today. Any ideas?

    • BobbyK

      LT Bolles
      LG Joeckel (Glowinski)
      C Britt (Hunt)
      RG Ifedi
      RT Fant or Gilliam (darkhorse; Rees)

      They aren’t going to draft Bolles unless he is their starter. They didn’t pay Joeckel $7 million ($8 million) to sit on the bench and already said he’s compete on the left side. They’ve said Ifedi is staying at RG.

      • swisshawk

        I would really like that

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        LT Bolles
        LG Joeckel
        C Britt (Hunt)
        RG Glowinski
        RT Ifedi (Fant or Gilliam or Rees)

        • BobbyK

          I like this line better. I just kept Ifedi at RG because that’s what they keep saying. The guard scenario would be back to pre-2016 though, as in the bigger/stronger guard was at LG, while the smaller and more athletic at RG. Then they still have the mauler at RT (like Breno and then Britt his rookie year… at least a RT whose strength was run blocking over pass protection).

          Gilliam is such a wild card. He has stretches where he looks legit. And then lengthy stretches where he outright sucks.

          For example, he looked good enough by the end of 2015 where we (and the coaches) thought he could/would replace Okung at LT.

          Then he was horrible. Worse. And rotted on the bench. But then got a chance again at RT at the end of the year and actually had a really good month to end the season.

          Was his struggles last year (early on) due to his injured knee that he had surgery on? Or because he’s spent most of his career not being good? But then how can he look really good a bit in ’15 and then be really good the last month of last season?

          If he’s ever going to shine, it’s going to happen in a contact year and that’s what he’s entering.

  15. Overtime

    You get amazing versatility with Adoree Jackson. He can play on offense at WR, return kicks and fill in at CB or FS. Long term he could be the replacement for ET. I have wanted this guy since the time he played Ross and the Huskies. His two INT’s that day got in Browning’s head.

    • cha

      To me, one thing that is tantalizing about him is he can contribute in 2017, even if only as a returner and occasional package weapon on offense, all the while learning the step-kick and refining his technique in the Hawks’ DB system.

  16. Sea Mode

    Sorry to change the topic for a second, but I just found some different highlights of Justin Evans than the ones I had seen before, which were pretty much just of his hits. I take back what I posted a few days ago about him maybe not being that special. He is.

    Besides the aggressivity and outstanding athleticism, the play recognition insticts are off the charts, Earl Thomas-like.

    Justin Evans Senior Highlights by AGGIELITE

    His tape vs. UCLA 2016 shows both the good and the bad. He’s the tone-setting leader, the guy lining people up pre-snap, the guy who shows up in the big plays when it matters most (2 INT, PBU to win in OT). He also misses some tackles and is caught off-balance in coverage a couple times, in one case giving up a TD to his TE assignment.

    He’s not getting the media hype because he couldn’t compete at the combine (after picking up a hamstring injury at the Senior Bowl), but boy does he scream “Seahawk” on film. 32 7/8 arms too. Rob, maybe you should profile him next because he could start in the Buffalo nickel role (I remember you including his name in that article) and be a perfect long-term replacement at Safety. If he blows up his Pro Day (which is fully to be expected) on March 30, he could very well enter into the discussion for the Seahawks R1 pick, or after a trade down if that’s the way it goes. And if the missed tackles and top-heavy Safety class pushes him down to our R2 pick… what a steal that would be! (i.e. don’t count on it…)

    Bottom line is: we gotta talk more about this guy for the Hawks!

    • Ishmael

      Have a look at his tape against LSU, it’s pretty rough. Obviously anyone can have a bad game, but it does highlight pretty much all of his flaws. I like him, but there are more than a handful of players I like more.

    • Ukhawk

      His pro day is on Mar 28th where it’s been mooted he will blow it up. I like him better than Obi TBH

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I said before the Combine the two most Seahawky DBs in this draft class IMO are Kevin King and Justin Evans. Very similar to Sherman and ET3, respectively.

      I think Evans can be had in the first half of R2, either after a trade down from 26 or a trade up from 58. I like him as a Buffalo, and he’s strong in run support.

      • Ishmael

        You reckon? He’s splashy in run support, makes some big hits, but I think a lot of his fits are very ordinary. Gets himself in a tangle far too often, takes some awful angles. It’s almost like he sees the RB late and struggles to get in position?

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Fair shout Ishamel. Flashy may be a more accurate descriptor than strong. Also, he can over pursue and find himself out of position at the point of contact (kinda like ET3). But the flashes lead me to think he’s a good coach away from being strong. The potential is there.

          • Ishmael

            Yeah that’s a fair point, I’m probably being too critical of him.

            • Ukhawk

              Like his skills & attitude, love his great plays & think you can fix his mistakes namely over pursuit/aggression

  17. Del tre

    Adoree plays the same way Clay Matthews does, with an urgency that might have you believe his pants are on fire. If Obi and Watt are gone Adoree is probably the best choice for slot duties. His athleticism and hops should allow him to cover tight ends on occasion and i doubt even Greg Olson could out run him. I would want to see another corner in the next few rounds as well. Incase Lane gets injured and Elliot disappoints id like to have another high potential guy waiting on the bench.

    • Kenny Sloth


      Loved the way he shrugged off concerns about his covering of John Ross

      I do think Ross ate Adoree’s friggin lunch that day.

      JRIII makes Browning look like an NFL QB lol

      Ducks fan, sorry not sorry

  18. astraeus

    Moreau tore his pec and is out 4-6 months per Pauline.

    • Shadow

      Dammit. Feel bad for the kid and not happy that this will drive the other cornerbacks up the board as a result.

  19. EranUngar

    A great article to get the old mind clicking.

    My immediate reaction was why not?

    They did bring Burley to play nickle with short arms. A player as exciting as Jeckson should not be ruled out over less then inch in arm size. With Lockett come back from a brutal injury, playing KR/PR may not be what the doctor ordered etc.

    But then, the Seahawks never drafted a CB higher then the 4th round. They had a system. They drafted CBs late. they drafted mainly for size and length. They never started them immediately. Many were gone after a year or two but those that caught on became “Seahawks cornerbacks”.

    Now, for many reasons, the Seahawks are likely to draft a CB (or CBs) before day 3, maybe even on day one.

    If they do go and get that guy that early, he should probably be their CB dream come true. He should display every possible trait and then some. He should be as close to perfect as possible. In a draft so deep and versatile in DB talent, they should get exactly what they want. That includes arm length. Drafting a CB this high from a class deep deep is not the time to settle for anything less then their perfect candidate.

    • EranUngar

      This question is raised every year. 2 years ago, after the losing the SB and with the secondary in total disarray (Maxi gone and Earl, Sherman, Kam and Lane were injured), a very smart man with intimate knowladge of the Seahawks posed the same question –

      It was asked regarding the 2015 draft class that was a far cry from the 2017 class –

      “Pete Carroll and John Schneider’s Seahawks haven’t drafted a cornerback with sub-32 inch arms. They love height and length at the position. Yet the 2015 class isn’t filled with long, tall cornerbacks. We listed some of the fits in this piece. You’re limiting yourself to basically Jalen Collins, Alex Carter, Byron Jones and Adrian Amos (a safety who might be able to play corner).”

      If there was a time to skip the rigid arm length criteria it was right there and then.

      The Seahawks did not draft a CB before the 4th round or a CB with less then 32 inch arm in 2015, when they did not have one healthy starter left on the roster and the draft class had very little to offer.

      Why would they do it now?

    • Sea Mode

      Fair arguments, but what is their perfect candidate in the slot…?

      • EranUngar

        No problem. As long as perfect includes 32 arms. IMO, it can’t be labeled “perfect” with shorter arms. Not for the Seahawks…

        • Kenny Sloth

          I think for this team ‘perfect’ would just refer to the trifecta of athleticism, character, and intelligence and no one trait or lack-thereof would be a disqualifying factor if they carried these traits.

      • Dawgma

        IMO? He’d look a hell of a lot like Kevin King: inhumanely quick and agile in short areas without sacrificing length, ball skills, or long speed.

  20. Kenny Sloth

    Really really good stuff here, Rob.

    I think something to note is that their exceptions have kind of come after the first 2 rounds.

    They waited forever for Wilson. Joey Hunt was a late late pick…

    Not sure we’ll make so many concessions for a guy with Jackson’s projected range

    • Rob Staton

      Fair point

      • Kenny Sloth

        Of course, he’s an asset all over the field and has the character.

        I can see us being all over someone like him if he falls.

        So many solid DB options, its hard to go wrong.

        If we go that direction early (1-2) it will be for someone extremely unique like Jackson Moreau Melifonwu King.

        My gut is screaming Justin Evans right now with the way players stocks are trending

  21. Dale Roberts

    Rob you should be an agent. Every time you write a “why not this player” piece we all fall in love with the guy. From the opposite perspective, are there first round talents that just wouldn’t be effective in Seattle’s scheme?

    I’m submitting a plug for a bit of an unorthodox pick. The Patriots have been quietly effective with a two pass catching tight deployment. Belichick innovates again. Wouldn’t that alignment fit right into Seattle’s power running personality? It could certainly help the o-line. This draft is the perfect opportunity to create that matchup nightmare. OJ Howard won’t be there at #26 but David Njoku might be. If neither are available then Evan Engram of 4.4 forty fame will be. Engram surely won’t last until our second round pick and Gerald Everett probably won’t last to our third round pick. Any of these guys would force defenses to scheme for that “big O” matchup. Inserting the speed of Lockett and Richardson could be a devastating change up that leads to big plays over the top.

    • peter

      It’s not totally unorthodox! there’s about three posters and a few lurkers that think Seattle could just as easily go Offense round one and then attack defense with the rest of their picks.

      I like Njoku quite a bit. And think that the overall receiving corp is not in as great of shape as other fans. I love that Seattle signed Lacy to reflect that the RB corp isn’t where it needs to be, but I’m still curious how they approach the draft for other offensive weapons.

      Do they look at Jehu Chesson in the third? Goodwin (WR,) in that range? A size/speed guy like Robert Davis?

      For me Seattle isn’t really good at developing WR’s. It seems looking back at the drafts and UDFA players like Baldwin and maybe Lockett are already good and just continue to push themselves. Krish Durham, Chris Harper, Chris Matthews, Kevin and Kasen Williams, who knows about Kenny Lawler….guys that have come and gone or hung around and not contributed anything.

  22. Volume12

    Seahawks met privately with Kansas OL D’Andre Banks- 6’3, 310 lbs.

    Says he can play every position on the O-lineman and comped himself to Kelvin Beachum.

    • Sea Mode

      Well, if it happened, that would definitely be a breaking of their trends like you have been mentioning.

      2.5 TEF
      77.39 wTEF

      • Volume12

        He’s definetly an UDFA, but Kenny brings up a great point.

        After the 1st two rounds, they’ll go away from what fans think they’ll do for the most part.

  23. Jason

    Now I don’t have to feel bad about mocking Bolles to hawks in round one when I do a mock on fanspeak.

  24. BobbyK

    One thing that makes me think they won’t be as interested in taking Jackson as early as he’s projected to go is because of they handled Josh Wilson. I remember knowing Wilson wasn’t in their plans on the outside. He was too small. However, I thought he would (and did) make a fantastic nickel even if he didn’t have the measurables (we knew from Carroll speeches prior that he preferred big/physical CBs). They clearly had no interest in keeping Wilson and traded him (for a 5th round pick). He was super quick and had that elite quickness and, like Budda Baker, had an uncanny feel for blitzing from the nickel, too. I have no problem with Jackson as our first pick if our main guys are gone, but I don’t know that the Seahawks brass would pull the trigger.

    • Tien

      Good point, Bobby. I remember being really surprised also seeing them basically giving Wilson away, who I thought was a pretty good corner…but as we know now, didn’t fit their measurements at CB.

    • Jesse James

      Pete never coached Wilson he was gone before Pete got here

  25. Comfect

    Thanks for the article (as always), Rob.

    I’m up here in Upstate NY, and I can say that the various local analysts are very skeptical that the Bills will go OL early; they tend to argue for WR, TE, or DB (since they lost both starting safeties and Stephon Gilmore from last year’s defense). That makes it seem more likely to me that they will pass on Bolles at #10, though I’m still not convinced Kiper is right that he’ll fall all the way out of the first round, or even to #26.

  26. Gray

  27. Attyla the Hawk

    Great conversation.

    I still expect not. There is an element we need to consider.

    Seattle has made exceptions. They just don’t make those exceptions in the first two rounds. Their picks in this range have a much higher — almost sacrosanct standard.

    If Jackson were to make it to say, #70 overall, I could see us packaging up to move up. The guys that weren’t the ideal (Lockett/Wilson) were guys we waited on until R3.

    So yes, we do deviate from the prototype. We just don’t do it in the top 64. And we’ve shown both patience and aggressiveness to get guys that aren’t ideal but excel in all other manners in R3.

    The topic is a good one. But I don’t know if our criteria demands we’ve established through draft history in the top two rounds is being complied with.

    • Volume12

      Same same. I just posted that exact thought above. After those 1st two rounds? Anything is on the table.

      • JimQ

        Earl Thomas is a free safety like Budda Baker is a free safety. In 2010 ET was measured with 31-1/4″ arms and was selected in the 1-st round. If the Seahawks see Adoree Jackson as a free safety and/or a future replacement for ET, his arm length is likely not going to be a problem, same with Budda Baker. Also, I recall discussions herein that a certain wing span could replace arm length (I don’t remember the wing span length though).

        • Volume12

          Yeah I’m with you on that.

          I was agreeing with Attyla about them being more likely to take guys that might not fit a certain profile after the 1st two rounds.

    • RWIII

      70. There is NO WAY Jackson drops to the 70th pick in the draft. This guy is a Freak. Every player says that they give 110%. Well Adoree Jackson gives 100% (there is no such thing as 110%), with his performance. This guy has made 5 or 6 “touchdown saving tackles. 8 returns for touchdowns in his career. In the Norte Dame gave he scored 3 touchdowns. He scored on a punt return, a kick off return. A. J. Also to a flat pass and scampered 55 yards for a TD. On ALL three TDS he was pulling away from the Norte Dame defenders.

      • Attyla the Hawk

        Well I’d be careful about tossing NEVER and NO WAY around.

        It happens every single season. I’ll just revisit a couple recent years:


        Guys mocked multiple times in R1 here:

        Shon Coleman (76)
        Adolphus Washington (80)
        Braxton Miller (85)
        Le’Raven Clark (82)
        Andrew Billings (122)


        Landon Collins (33)
        Devin Smith (37)
        Dorial Green-Beckham (40)
        Jalen Collins (42)
        Jordan Phillips (52)
        Jalen Strong (70)
        Eli Harold (79)
        TJ Clemmings (110)


        Xavier Sua-Filo (33)
        Joel Bitonio (35
        Ra’Shede Hageman (37)
        Marquise Lee (39)
        Stephon Tuitt (46)
        Jace Amaro (49)
        Allen Robinson (61)
        Jarvis Landry (63)
        Gabe Jackson (81)
        Louis Nix (83)
        Donte Moncrief (90)
        Martavis Bryant (118)
        Brent Urban (134)
        David Yankey (145)
        Cyril Richardson (153)
        Daniel McCullers (215)

        So guys who frequent the 1st round mocks in Jan-Mar constantly slip. Jackson has an injury red flag. In a year where the depth is amazing. If you look at history, the classes with the biggest slips tend to also be the deepest position groups.

        Maybe Jackson doesn’t reach 70. There are going to be good ones that do. There will be players we’ve seen frequent this board’s first round that will be there at the end of R2 and throughout R3. You can book it.

  28. EP

    Just food for thought:
    The system that Seattle uses for drafting offensive lineman in the later rounds is based off of physical measurables. This is done to identify potential hidden gems. As Seattle are picking later they miss out on the proven linemen so are forced to identify potential projects. They do this following a “strict” criteria in order to identify linemen that would be classed as explosive.

    Seattle has not drafted an early round corner in the pc/is era. Perhaps they follow a similar pattern when drafting late round corners. They identify players with ideal physical traits and build them into starting cornerbacks. If Seattle use an early pick on a CB perhaps the physical traits are not as vital as the tape/character of the player.

    Apologies if this is worded poorly. Difficult to think on a busy train.

    • Attyla the Hawk

      “If Seattle use an early pick on a CB perhaps the physical traits are not as vital as the tape/character of the player.”

      Seattle has been very consistent in strict adherence to elite physical players early.

      Actually, physical testing dominates our selection criteria in almost all rounds — even in R8. With very few exceptions.

      About the only ones I can recall were in 2011 (Carpenter and Moffitt) And even then, Carpenter was a much more impressive athlete than the alternatives available at our pick or later. And it’s worth mentioning that Seattle tried very hard to move back and not burn a first on him.

      Even Jordan Hill was a good athlete at the point we selected him. But again he was not an elite athlete. Probably about the closest to a proven, good athlete we’ve drafted.

      • EP

        Agree I mean more in reference to adoree Jackson who has amazing physical gifts but doesn’t match seattles desired height/arm length

  29. Volume12

    Sea Mode, you asked about Grambling St WR Chad Williams? Thought he was the best WR at the SR bowl. Seattle loves to draft weapons from the passing game from the SR bowl.

    Was trying to discuss, but he just got lost in the conversations. Should’ve done a fan post on him. He had potential Seahawk written all over him.

    Seattle loves to select WRs or TEs from the SR bowl. 3 years in a row now. Norwood & P-Rich, Lockett, and then Vannett.

    He’s dynamic, tracks the ball extremely well, highly aggressive. Plays pissed off. Physical, very smooth in and out of his breaks. Doesn’t panic like a lot of college WRs. They tend to drift toward the sideline.

    And that 4.3 speed at 6’0, 207 lbs.? I’m here for that bro.

    • Volume12

      *apologies. Forgot to delete one of my lines.

    • Sea Mode

      Thanks, V12, that’s great to hear. I guess I missed the buzz on him at the Sr. Bowl.

      No doubt whatsoever that we will not leave this draft without some kind of offensive weapon. Engram is still by far my favorite, but if he goes way too early for Seattle or they focus on defense early, then I could dig a 4.3 runner like this in or after R3.

      I’ll be checking out some highlights/games of him as soon as I get a chance.

    • Ishmael

      4.3 speed? I like that, a lot. I haven’t seen him at all, can he get open or is a possession kinda guy?

      • Volume12

        Little of both. Gets good releases, plays the ball well in the air, big time RAC ability. In the mold of a Lockett and Baldwin. That type of receiver.

        • Ishmael

          I’ll check him out, thanks for the heads up. I think guys in the Lockett/Baldwin mould are definitely worth keeping an eye on. Wilson is great at a lot of things, but he doesn’t like throwing a contested ball. Dudes who can get open are going to get a lot of looks.

        • Reggie Regg

          I’m sorry but in my opinion Chad Williams is nothing like Lockett or Baldwin. For starters he is about 6’2″ or 3″ and about 200 lbs. And he is STRONG. I hope we grab this kid. Our passing game at GSU is underrated. Thank you for bringing him up again he is gonna be a good one. GSU baby!!

    • AlaskaHawk

      Are you thinking third round pick?

      • Volume12

        No. I’m thinking like 4th-6th.

  30. Volume12

    This is what I mean by players move up and down the board based on injury red flags, mental evals, and character.

    • Ishmael

      That’s fascinating. It’s so easy to get caught up in 40 times, but it’s a great reminder that the real business is going on behind the scenes.

  31. Kenny Sloth

    4 new TJ Watt cutups on DBD

  32. Josh emmett

    Awesome read! A lot of the Seattle media has been barking about the lack of difference makers being drafted by the Seahawks on defense lately(sans Frank Clark obviously). I tend to agree, teams are attacking the Hawks where their difference makers are not: The slot, throwing at the linebackers, running in the middle of the defense where mebane used to swallow up everything. Get an awesome coverage linebacker that can make plays(Jabril Peppers?!??) draft a shut down nickel with ball skills(Adoree Jackson?!?) and find a damn nose tackle! They were running the defense the whole year with no nose tackle and 4 guys who played the 3 technique. I think the priority with a linebacker they draft is coverage skills.

    • Volume12

      That’s why they’re looking at so many nose tackles. Even though their run D was among the best in the league again, they were absolutely getting blown off the ball way too much. I’m still of the opinion that Reed will replace Rubin eventually.

      • Ukhawk

        Agreed. IMO it’s why they slipped in DVOA las year

      • C-Dog

        Yup. I think Reed is the eventual 3 tech, as well.

    • Aaron

      I like your take on getting a true NT somewhere in the draft. We were still very good against the run but by the playoffs I think McDaniel in particular ran out of gas. Reed is a 3 tech, McDaniel was a 3 tech, and Rubin played NT last year but is best at 3 tech. I’ve been looking around the draft for a true NT and don’t find a lot of them. How about one of these guys?

      Jaleel Johnson (Iowa)
      Jarron Jones (ND)
      Josh Augusta (Mizzou)

      Is Eddie Vanderdoes a 3 tech or true NT? Rob seems to like his potential, even if he is a little hit and miss in his fundamentals.

      • Ukhawk

        Someone pointed him out so won’t take credit but I like:
        Cornelius Henderson (Alabama St)

        • Ukhawk

          Sorry, Roderick or Rod Henderson not Cornelius…

          From Pauline:
          “Defensive tackle Rod Henderson measured 6004 and 339 pounds, down some 35 pounds from his playing weight. He completed 26 reps on the bench and posted a 28-inch vertical jump and 8-foot-1 in the broad jump. His 40 time of 5.22s included a 10-yard split of 1.79s. Henderson ran a time of 4.82s in the short shuttle.

          I’m told Henderson looked exceptional during drills, displaying great quickness and solid movement skills. The Seattle Seahawks, New York Jets, Kansas City Chiefs and Tennessee Titans were on hand for Henderson. This is the second time this week I’ve reported the Jets and Seahawks on hand to see a late-round/free agent wide-bodied NT/DT.

          • Jujus

            also grover stewart for NT
            Then I just found Patrick Ricard as a 3T

      • C-Dog

        I think Vanderdoes could do either, but might end up being a better 3 tech. The fact that they have looked a lot at Josh Tupou and Stevie T, they might be looking to get back to a bigger guy with a lower center and power, like Mebane had.

      • Sea Mode

        Glen Antoine, Idaho, is a true NT. 6-1, 329, 37 reps on the bench. JUCO tranfer. Said his most dominant game was vs. UNLV if anyone wants to take a look.

        I still think Stevie T might be the guy, though. The long arms at his height are going to give him a ton of leverage on OL. Bettered almost all his numbers at Pro day too. Came in 2lbs. heavier than at combine: 333.

        • peter

          I don’t usually watch many highlights on youtube but that’s a big nasty dude. I’m sure Seattle will confound us on draft weekend but Glen Antoine’s my guy.

  33. Volume12

    Seahawks at Jackson St’s pro day. Home of LB Javancy Jones.

    Also at Mizzou’s, Ohio St’s, Stanford’s, and I’m not sure about Utah & ND but would think they are.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Looked into JJones a few weeks ago when you brought him up for the first time. Definitely one to watch late on Day 3.

  34. Volume12

    This is CB Rodeshawn Joseph from Virginia Union. I had them at one of their practices this year but couldn’t figure out who for. Now we know. 6’0, 190 lbs.

  35. Bertelli

    I’m starting to think if the Hawks can’t get Bolles, Reddick, King, Davis or Melinowfu at 26, they will take JJ Watt. His numbers are insane and I’m not even sure he’ll get past Houston to pair up with his brother. I’m high on Jackson too, so he could be the pick. The good news is that it’s possible that someone else previously ranked in the top 25 will drop to us with some of these guys rising up so quickly. Anyone else think Kiper looks a little odd? I saw him on TV yesterday and he was acting kind of twitchy…Could’ve just been me. Great article Rob!

    • Rob Staton

      Personally, I think Watt is a R2. A player with great upside and agility but he needs time. He needs to develop a gameplan to get off blocks and max out his skill set. I think he might even end up moving down to 240lbs and playing ILB. But he’s a player who could be really good in a year or two.

      • Ishmael

        I’m actually really glad to read this. His frankly meteoric rise up the mock draft boards has been doing my head in, trying to work out if there was something I’m missing. Obviously the physical upside is there, but on tape he honestly looks like a solid second or third round prospect. Doesn’t seem to have a great first step, does a decent job setting the edge, gets through traffic okay, good motor, okay bend rushing the passer, pretty stiff in coverage. He might comp physically to Khalil Mack, but the tape isn’t there – at least not as far as I can see.

        And this might be cynical, and a product of watching too much cycling, but athletes heading off into the middle of nowhere to train before delivering incredible performances leave me cold as ice.

      • Dale Roberts

        Watt certainly has the measurables but what stands out for me is his commitment to honing his craft. Everything I’ve read says he’s a Russell Wilson like personality when it comes to work ethic and soaking up knowledge.

      • RealRhino2

        Heard one of the draft insiders say something to the effect of, “Steelers like Watt, but not with their R1 pick, though they think he’ll be gone by their R2 pick.” That sounds about right to me. In that 30-50 range.

        • Kenny Sloth


    • Ukhawk

      Curious about the 2 knee surgeries he’s had already

      • BobbyK

        Which could definitely knock him down. Good for those of us who want (or Watt) him.

  36. Bertelli

    You’re probably right, Rob. I just saw the test numbers you posted and he just seems like a freak athlete. Do you think the Hawks might trade up into the late teens if for instance, Bolles is still there? I don’t think he would last past Denver which is why I’m thinking #19 might be where we make a move. I don’t personally like it as it would most likely cost us two of our later 3rd round picks to accomplish it, but you never know! My dream draft haul would be King at 26 and then a move up for someone like Watt in the early 2nd.

  37. Sea Mode

    Pro Day TEF Watch v.2. I’ve been running through what I can find from Pro Days. I’m not up to date yet, but I usually find more data if I wait until a couple days after the event anyways. Here’s the full list so far, in order from highest to lowest TEF score:

    OG Jordan Roos, Purdue, 6040, 302
    3.38 TEF, 102.14 wTEF
    28.5 VJ, 8’10” BJ, 41 BP

    C/G Cam Keizur, Portland St., 6033, 303
    3.30 TEF, 100.14 wTEF
    35.5 VJ, 9’3″ BJ, 29 BP

    OG Jason King, Purdue, 6040, 304
    3.27 TEF, 99.4 wTEF
    31 VJ, 8’11” BJ, 35 BP

    OC Brian Gaia, Penn State, 6030, 292
    3.26 TEF, 95.32 wTEF
    28 VJ, 9’6″ BJ, 32 BP

    OT Chris Muller, Rutgers, 6055, 312
    3.25 TEF, 101.48 wTEF
    29 VJ, 9’2″ BJ, 34 BP

    OG Thomas Evans, Richmond, 6030, 305
    3.08 TEF, 94 wTEF
    30 VJ, 9’4″ BJ, 27 BP

    OG Jay Guillermo, Clemson, 6030, 298
    3.06 TEF, 91.2 wTEF
    28.5 VJ, 8’9″ BJ, 33 BP

    OC Xavier Dampeer, Auburn, 6026, 308
    3.05 TEF, 93.84 wTEF
    29 VJ, 9’0″ BJ, 30 BP

    OT Andrew Wylie, Eastern Michigan, 6052, 305
    3.04 TEF, 92.83 wTEF
    34 VJ, 9’7″ BJ, 20 BP

    OT Jylan Ware, Alabama State, 6074, 316
    2.97 TEF, 93.88 wTEF
    29 VJ, 9’5″ BJ, (24* BP)

    OT Mason Zandi, South Carolina, 6085, 309
    2.94 TEF, 90.86 wTEF
    31.5 VJ, 9’5″ BJ, 21 BP

    OT Tyler Catalina, Georgia, 6040, 330
    2.92 TEF, 96.24 wTEF
    31 VJ, 8’6″ BJ, 29 BP

    OT Nick Callender, Colorado, 6050, 321
    2.89 TEF, 92.87 wTEF
    34 VJ, 8’10” BJ, 23 BP

    If anyone has a chance to look into these guys game film and story and find any that can play, let us all know. Happy hunting!

    • Ground_Hawk

      Definitely some options for Seattle past round 3, if they are interested in adding to the OL competition pool.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I’ve seen Zandi, Ware, The Purdue guys, and I liked all of them actually.

      I wasn’t blown away by Zandi, but he’s got that bully to his game. Wouldn’t surprise me to be honest.

      That guy from Portland St. is one to keep in mind in the undrafted ranks, perhaps.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Does anyone know their arm and hand size by chance?
      This seems to matter in the pro… +34″ arms and large hands 10″+

    • Misfit74


      • DLep

        From that link

        Metric Analysis: Cam Keizur has an impressive profile as an athlete. Elite explosiveness with near elite speed for his size. He has the potential to be a high-quality guard in the NFL based on athleticism alone. There are some unknowns with arm length and hand size. However, he should be a highly sought after lineman regardless of the missing information.

  38. Sea Mode

    For anyone who was following:


    Former Washington DT Ricky Jean Francois signed a one-year, $3M deal with Packers, per source.

    1:33 PM – 23 Mar 2017

    • C-Dog

      Interestingly, Seattle doesn’t seem overly anxious to sign a veteran DT, yet. They might be liking someone in the draft, and what they already have on the roster. Any veteran move might be some real bargain basement shopping.

    • nichansen01

      Dang. I was hoping the Hawks would nab him…

  39. Allen K.

    As a side note: New NFL Celebration Rules:

    *Two pumps gets you a baby
    *Three pumps get you a fine

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Jumping over the line on FG attempts is now illegal.
      (according to John Clayton on the rules committee latest meeting)

      • Misfit74

        They should just ban ‘sexual celebration styles’. It’s embarrassing.

        No jumping over thy e line to block kicks is terrible. F*ck that.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          I really would rather not see A Brown twerking as well 😉

      • Ishmael

        FFS. The NFL really are a disgrace of an organisation.

        Instead of looking at any of the issues that actually matter – the incredible damage being done to players’ bodies and mind, structural racism throughout the league, painkiller use abuse, rife violence against women, and rampant PED usage – the clowns decide the worrying stuff is touchdown celebrations and kicks getting blocked.

        • Volume12

          Right? Don’t celebrate. Act like a robot. Show zero emotion. When did this become baseball?

          • BobbyK

            Ian Kinsler got flack for saying that. Don’t get caught. 🙂

  40. Misfit74

    I’m becoming more and more convinced we won’t land Melifonwu

    [Draft Analyst’s Tony Pauline passes along that the Tampa Bay Bucaneers put UConn DB Obi Melifonwu through a private workout on Thursday.
    Melifonwu has also recently met with the Lions and Panthers. Pauline notes that the UConn defender performed well on pro day — no surprise there given how he has aced the draft process to date — and writes that the 6-foot-4, 223-pounder “moved incredibly well around the field, displayed quick, fluid footwork moving in reverse and easily flipped his hips.” He additionally relays that scouts “were impressed with the explosion and acceleration he displayed out of his transition.”]

    • RealRhino2

      It’s okay; we’ll get somebody good. This draft looks stocked with talent. It feels that way because every time I run a simulated draft, no matter whose board I use or which guys I pick, invariably at each round I’m skipping past 3-4 guys, muttering, “C’mon, that guy’s not going to still be on the board here . . . .”

      You do that three rounds in a row, you start to realize that yeah, some really good players are still going to be on the board there….

      • Misfit74

        If Conley can be taught to use his hands and press, or if we think Q. Wilson is fast enough maybe they are alternatives if teams snap up King, Obi, Humphrey, Bones, and Reddick. It’s also easy to think we stay with our philosophy of mid-late round corners and surprise us. I can hardly wait. The draft needs to be in March!

        • Misfit74

          Bones *Bolles (autocorrect)

  41. michigan12th

    If Marlon Humphrey is still there at 26 why are we not getting excited and running to the podium for him? Am I missing something on him? He started out the year as potentially the top corner in college and now he is not even hardly mentioned as a top five. If he is there at 26 I think Seattle needs to take him.

    • BobbyK

      Definitely. He’s a guy I have pretty much ignored because I don’t see any way he makes it to #26. Almost the same reason I haven’t thought of some of the top 5-10 “locks.” He’s a guy I see potentially going to Buffalo or New Orleans at 10-11 (depending on the Malcolm Butler scenario with the Pats/Saints) though. Perhaps even Carolina at #8 if Fournette is off the board.

      • Peanut

        Saw a mockdraft on having Humphrey taken after our pick at 26, dunno which one. I think we reached for a O-line with the pick and I was like “Please”

        • RealRhino2

          Humphrey was there when I ran a simulated mock using CBS’s rankings:
          1. Humphrey
          2. Jarrad Davis
          3. Derek Rivers
          3a. Justin Evans
          3b. Ethan Pocic
          6. Robert Davis, WR, Georgia St.
          7. Chris Carson, RB, Ok St.

          • Peanut

            I’d take that

    • Misfit74

      I presume he’s long gone by 26,but if not big YES

    • Ishmael

      I think everyone just assumed he’d be a top 15 pick – especially with Jones gone. Be extremely happy if we got him.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I don’t know if he’s a great fit for us. He plays way off most of the time. He’s very athletic and physical though

    • Volume12

      Humphrey IMO is the most aggressive corner in this class in terms of run support.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Definitely true unless you consider Obi a CB

  42. LeoSharp

    Really liking the look of Ukeme Eligwe LB 6’2 239lbs Georgia southern. Former 4 tar recruit who was dismised from Florida state for violating team rules.
    Just looks better than the players around him and has standout production as you would want from a player who is up against lesser competition. Plus he’s contributes on special teams.
    104 tackles,, 9.5 TFL’s,, 2.5 Sacks,, 3 FF,, 3 PBU’s,, 1 Int

    • Misfit74

      Always love easily pronouncable names.

  43. Nathan

    Anyone got a tip for ‘1st rounder no-one saw coming’?

    I was just having a look at walterfootballs final mock from last year, and both guys go it pretty right. Most picks were within 5 spots of their eventual spot.
    A couple that fell outside this threshold that were understandable due to circumstances popping late) – Laremy Tunsil and Myles Jack

    Guys they had in R1 that fell – The big D tackles – Reed, Ashawn Robinson, Andrew Billings etc

    Also both had Reggie Ragland going to the Bills, got the team right, round wrong.

    The 2 they missed on who ended up in the first round – The 2 strong safetys – Keanu Neal and Karl Joseph

    Karl Joseph was real ‘one no one saw’ with both mocks(and I suspect most others) having him a full round behind where he actually went.

    • Misfit74

      Some things:

      Mixon in 1st round

      Guys like McKinley, Charlton, McDowell, Harris sliding down; some out of round 1

      Guys like Cunningham and Davis I can see 1st or 2nd

      Big run on WR and TE despite all the defense due to depth teams may wait; take guys like Rivers, Lawson later

      OL snapped up early, some over drafted (see: Cam Robinson)

      A zillion CBS and Safeties round 1 and early 2nd,

      • peter

        Honestly as little traction and as much distance from him being a bleep show as there is…I can see it. Maybe not quite the 1st but mid 2nd? Sure.

    • Mike

      I wonder how much “back testing” the Seahawks do. e.g.. we had that guy rated low but he ended up a Pro Bowler..what did we miss??

      • Nathan

        Yeah that’s an interesting one.

        Who’d be a GM? Imagine the nights you’d lie in bed wide awake going, ‘how did I miss that guy?’

        • peter

          Imagine every owner of every crappy team saying to their GM: “Tell me again why we didn’t draft Wilson, Wagner, Kam, and Sherman?”

    • peter

      Hope Walter’s current mock falls his way for us: Bolles and King. Hope Campbell’s current mock goes to sit in a corner and think about how bad it is: 2 interior Oline men in the first three rounds including a center.

    • RealRhino2

      Think safeties are always good for missed projections because it’s hard for “draft analysts” to evaluate them, and it’s even harder if you don’t have the all-22 for all of their games.

      My “surprise” 1st-rounder at this point would be Derek Rivers, DE, Youngstown St. Think he could go higher than many of the other names you always hear at that spot (e.g., Charles Harris, Takk McKinley, Taco Charlton, Tim Williams).

  44. Derron James

    I haven’t been hearing much about Dont’a Foreman. I know Seattle may not be interested in him but what happened?

    • Kenny Sloth

      I believe we let with him at the combine???

    • Sea Mode

      Signed Lacy.

      • peter


  45. Cameron

    Pauline on Utah Pro-Day:

    “Garett Bolles stood on his combine numbers but participated in position drills and left no doubt he’s the premiere left tackle in the draft. The question is how early will he be selected? Most I spoke with say definitely top twenty while some feel tp twelve is a possibility.”

    • RealRhino2

      Telling, though, isn’t it, that the “premier left tackle in the draft” is being talked about as “top twenty” or even “top twelve”? Last five years, top left tackle went 6, 5, 2, 1, 4. Everybody seems to have some warts this year.

      • Attyla the Hawk

        Draft position rarely (almost never) indicates relative quality across draft classes.

        Draft is way too fluid. You have to consider:

        – Team needs
        – Relative quality elsewhere at other positions
        – Depth of options at a player’s own position

        Any and all of these can conspire to move a player up or down a draft board. And they are never equal from one year to the next.

        QB is the only position that generally abides by this thinking. But that’s because all of these factors don’t generally apply. Almost every team in the top 10 of a draft has a QB question. The ones that don’t either got in the top 10 by trade, or just recently spent a top pick on a QB in a previous draft. Also, there is rarely depth of options at the QB position. Typically only one or two. And finally, QB value pretty much trumps relative quality and any other position.

  46. Ed

    Another LB the Hawks sign. When PC talked about giving breathers to Wagner/Wright, he really meant it. Not only signing FA, but will probably draft at least 1 too. Need a lot of playmakers on D and a few for O.

    • Derron James

      Michael Wilhoite, you aren’t joking lol. They are really going out for depth.

      • Volume12

        He’s an awesome STs guy.

        Still need a SAM. Wouldn’t be surprised if they signed Gerald Hodges too.

        • C-Dog

          Are we starting to think more and more that they have a few players in mind for SAM coming out of this draft?

      • Misfit74

        Him and Arthur Brown can play for Wagner / Wright. Even more draft flexibility now.

  47. nichansen01

    Michael Wilhoite. Not sure about him. Looks like secondary and DT will be the major draft targets. I don’t think this team is in love with this LB class.

    • Misfit74

      I get the sense they are prioritizing experience at some spots

    • peter

      I think it has to do with a change of scheme: if Seattle goes 4-2-5 then the needs go to DB’s. Also if you pull up the combine results there aren’t many LB’s that tested as well as Seattle goes for.

      I love Jarrad Davis and have warmed back up to Cunningham but where do they play in Seattle? Neither are pass rushers. TJ watt’s the opposite. He can rush the passer but minus one great INT can he play he coverage?

      As for the guys I like I can’t see Seattle taking either at 26 but I can’t see either at the end of the 2nd round. SO that’s why I think they are getting ready for a training camp churn and looking at smaller school guys.

    • vrtkolman

      Wilhoite sucks. If they didn’t love the LB class, I could see them overpaying Hodges.

      • Greg Haugsven

        I agree Peter, the numbers don’t lie. The Sam played 29% of the downs and the nickel played 71%. The more time that passes I don’t think they take a LB at 26. Reddick and Watt possibly because they can play DE as well to justify a first round pick. It just keeps feeling like it’s going to be a DB like Obi, King, or Jackson

  48. Volume12

    VMAC visitor alert!

    ND OL Michael Coe- 6’3, 300 lbs.

    • Volume12

      * North Dakota

      Anyone else get the feeling that Seattle likes a bunch of small school prospects this year?

      • Derron James

        I sure do!

      • Sea Mode

        They might actually just be pretty set on their targets at the top off the draft. If they don’t feel they need any more info, why alert other teams by bringing them in for a visit?

        Also, imagine what it must be like for a small school no name to be invited as one of the limited team visits. Which team are you likely to choose later as UDFA…? While the other teams are bringing in all the top guys, of which they will likely only get one or two anyway, Seattle is setting themselves up to win R8 of the draft yet again!

      • Attyla the Hawk

        Very much so.

        Getting the sense that we’re going to pick up picks in the 5th round via trade.

  49. Jon

    Any reason we wouldn’t show interest in Jared Odrick? Will he be our 1 year signing on the ?

    • Jon


    • C-Dog

      He had an early visit with NE and then they signed Lawrence Guy to a 4 year deal. IMO, teams might be a bit weary on Odrick and how much he loves football at this point. He might be a player that marches to the beat of his own drum, as he posted a picture of himself on a sunny sandy beach with a big sh#t eating grin on his face right after the Jags cut him, not necessarily showing himself as a veteran pissed off for greatness and hungry for a title.

      • southpaw360

        I wouldn’t put much stock in an offseason picture being on vacation. What do I know you could be right but the guy is rich on a sandy beach. I’d be smiling too!

  50. Robert

    This is another GREAT article! I thoroughly enjoy watching tape and marveling at the incredible athleticism. But I do believe the Seahawks might want a hybrid in the slot. Lane is ho-hum and not instilling any fear across the middle or in run support. Obi might be just what they’re looking for in the slot. His size and length probably offset anything he gives up in agility. But he has the potential to bring the fear factor as a thumper to make WR’s pay for daring across the middle of our D. He can be a big upgrade over Lane in run D, better impede the release of WR’s and better neutralize TE’s, who dwarf Lane and outrun LB’s and Kam. If Obi has the wits to be studious, the work ethic and instincts, I’d be drooling to see him as our slot DB/Buffalo as our defense evolves.

    • D-OZ

      If we want to beat NE in next SB it would certainly would help to have an excellent slot man, and someone who can match up with Cooks. The AFC East should be thinking along the same lines.

  51. Robert

    Howard Wilson must have been ticklish at the arm measurement. On film, he looks to have good arm length.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Agree, but the way he gives up separation shows it

  52. CLB

    More pro day reports at draft analyst, but the last 10 yard split #s for the DL from Maine can’t be right – a faster 10 yard split than every DL or LB at the combine – must be a typo.

    From March 23, Tony Pauline writes about the Ohio St. CBs:
    “Marshon Lattimore and Gareon Conley both looked terrific in drills. Lattimore was the smoother of the two, displaying terrific footwork and the ability to flip his hips in drills. Conley was not far behind in drills.

    When comparing the two, Ohio State sources told me Lattimore is the better athlete but Conley does everything right all the time. The Ohio State source told me Conley is a better version than Eli Apple, the 10th pick of last year’s draft. This is the second time this month that opinion has been passed to me. The first time was during the combine.”

    The Utah Offensive linemen looked great as expected: “Garett Bolles stood on his combine numbers but participated in position drills and left no doubt he’s the premiere left tackle in the draft. The question is how early will he be selected? Most I spoke with say definitely top-20 while some feel top-12 is a possibility.

    The Utes other tackle Sam Tevi also impressed scouts. He moved incredibly well for a big man who measured 6060 and showed decent range in drills. Tevi met with the New Orleans Saints and New England Patriots.

    Isaac Asiata also looked good, showing solid movement skills for a big man. Comparisons were being made to former first-round pick Josh Garnett, and most feel Asiata has solidified himself as a second-day choice.”

    A couple players I haven’t heard of but had great #s:

    “Receiver Francis Owusu of Stanford measured 6030 and 221 pounds, posted a 39-inch vertical jump and 10-foot-7 in the broad and then ran as fast as 4.34s in the 40. He looked good in pass-catching drills, snatching everything tossed in his direction.”

    At the Maine pro day: “Underrated defensive line prospect Pat Ricard measured 6033 and 300 pounds, completed 33 reps on the bench and touched 33.5 inches in the vertical jump. He timed 5.00 in the 40 (including an amazing 10-yard split of 1.48s according to the APT report), 4.50s in the short shuttle and 7.50s in the three-cone. Ricard, who can line up as a traditional defensive tackle or a two-gap lineman, looked good in drills.”

    The Stanford receiver must have been 3rd string, he only had 8 catches this past year and in the teens in catches the 2 previous years. The Maine DT was 1st team all conference the last 2 years – found this from Dec. 2016: “University of Maine senior defensive lineman Pat Ricard has been selected for the STATS FCS All-America third team, it was announced on Tuesday. Ricard, a defensive tackle, compiled 50 tackles for the Black Bears this season, including 15.5 tackles for a loss. That total ranked second in that category in the Colonial Athletic Association. The 6-foot-3, 285-pound Ricard also had 5.5 sacks, good for fifth in the conference.

    Ricard completed his UMaine career with 208 tackles, including 47.5 for a loss, along with 18 sacks, 11 pass deflections, three forced fumbles, a fumble recovery and two blocked kicks. The honor is one of many postseason awards Ricard has received this year, to go along with All-CAA first-team honors, a slot on the New England Football Writers’ All-New England team and ECAC Division I FCS all-star accolades. Ricard was one of 16 CAA players to earn STATS FCS All-American honors this season.”

    Sure hope we find as many talented and explosive UDFAs after the draft as possible. The Seahawks are one of the top teams at bringing in UDFAs, even if we have to pay one or 2 we want like Boykin last year and the Texas DE in 2015.

    • CLB

      Of course we have to sign and pay all the UDFAs to play for us. Remembered it was DE Jeffcoat of Texas (2014 Big 12 defensive player of the year with 13 sacks/dad played for the Dallas Cowboys) that we paid a $5000 bonus to pick us, and then last year we paid QB Boykin of TCU a signing bonus either 10 or 15k to come here instead of another team.

    • Rob Staton

      Interesting on Bolls. TP essentially confirming his stock hasn’t dropped since he last discussed likelihood of Bolles going early.

    • JakeB

      Saw this report too. Wild

  53. EranUngar

    Pete stated that LB depth, DBs and OL are obvious areas of interest for the post season. With 2 offensive linemen and 2 LBs signed in FA, OL and LB needs are partially covered. I’m not saying they will not draft anybody for those groups but it becomes more of a value/BPA picks and less “addressing a need” type of picks.

    IMO, it creates an opportunity to use most of our top picks (3-4 out of 5) to stock the roster from the deepest talent groups of this draft – DBs and TEs. I now expect to see at least 2 DB picks and a TE pick in the first 2 days.

    I think we will also see at least one DL pick in rounds 1-3. It could be a DT or SAM/LEO/EDGE pass rusher.

    It will also enable the Seahawks to go BPA at any point if they see a top talent dropping and available when they did not expect it. (Bolles, Reddick in the first, Watt or Bowser in the 2nd etc.)

    • Kenny Sloth

      I think we go Safety, LB, OL, 5tech, RB, CB, maybe an offensive weapon

      TE is a huge sleeper need.

      Would love to see an article detailing the most seahawky candidates at the position. And a review of the expense of our current TE group with an eye on their expiring contracts

      • STTBM

        I think they draft a TE if they can find one they like in round 3-6. I also suspect they will draft a WR, either a big tough guy or someone with insane speed. There are several big physical WR’s with really good speed that should be available in the later rounds, some with even more impressive measurables than Chesson, who Seattle clearly likes.

        Agree, they will take a DB, LB, and OL within their first 5 picks.

    • Rob Staton

      I think the moves they’ve made certainly set them up to focus on DB early. I suspect at least one linebacker will be drafted in rounds 2-3 though because the two guys they’ve brought in could easily be competition fodder. But that first pick increasingly looks like a DB.

      • EranUngar

        If the first round pick is CB and if they get a safety and LB in day 2, wouldn’t it make a lot of sense to also invest red shirt year in Sidney Jones???

        • Rob Staton


          It depends how they view achilles injuries. I’ve talked to people through my day job that say achilles injuries are the worst you can suffer. So they have to judge the extent of the injury and whether he’ll ever be the same player. They don’t want to mimic the 49ers, gaining plaudits for 2-3 years spending high picks on big name injured college stars and not a single one ever having a career in the league.

  54. D-OZ

    Shaheen had a great Pro-day. He is being discussed now in the top half of round two.

    • DLep

      Nkoku, Engram, Kittle, Smith, Shaheen, Leggett – I hope we get one of these TEs (first two being unlikely).

  55. Ross

    I don’t see them drafting a CB with sub-32″ arms. PC/JS like guys who can move around and play different positions. If you draft a “slot CB” with short arms because he’s working inside, you’ve then hamstrung yourself a little bit because he cannot (in PC’s mind) move outside if needed. Perhaps it’s a possibility with a UDFA or late rounder, because the risk is mitigated, but not in the top half of the draft. It’s too bad, too, because I love me some Budda Baker.

    If Bolles and Melifonwu are both there at #26, it’s a tough choice for me. And I’m now convinced that King is gone by our pick – his combine was too good.

    • Comfect

      I’m not saying this would be the thought process, and I agree with you overall that I doubt they’ll draft a sub-32″ arm CB, but I could see them potentially drafting a “slot CB” whose alternate position is S, not outside CB.

  56. Sea Mode

    Y’all see Utah S Jason Thompson’s numbers? Listed at 6-2, 208. We have a 3rd sub-4s shuttle this year:

    39.5 vert; 11-1 broad jump; 20 BP reps; 3.98 shuttle; 6.51 3Cone; 4.38 40yd.

    Transferred from Wyoming to Utah and transitioned from quarterback to safety. Bigtime ST player. Voted team captain. Said to be a student of the game, his notebook always full of a ton of details.

    RB Joe Williams posted an unofficial 4.36 40yd as well. (he had an official 4.41 time at the combine.)
    “I’m competitive, and I hate not being fast,” Williams said. “I didn’t really get the numbers I wanted at the Combine, so I thought I’d come out here and light it up one more time.”

  57. Sea Mode

    Speaking of Garrett Bolles, he’s a great interview too. Gave one at his pro day yesterday:

    Talks about how the struggles earlier in his life prepared him for the NFL, his age, his draft stock, what he’s hearing from scouts, and more.

    Isaac Asiata is fun to listen to as well:

    Q: How’s the conversations been going with the teams…?

    A: Really well. I think those are my favorite things. I had a couple coaches that, you know, they wanted to meet with me cause they saw what I did on the bench and they wanted to make sure I’m not just a meathead, you know, so I’ve got the brains to go with the brawn.

    Q: What are your expectations going in? Expect to be drafted? Any idea what rounds, or what are people telling you?

    A: Right now, I’m hearing, you know, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, which is nice. To me, that’s great. I want to get drafted, I want to hear my name and all that stuff. But the most important thing to me is staying. Not making it in the league, but staying in the league and being there for a long time and getting that 2nd contract, stuff like that.

    • peter

      Saw a video of Utah pro day this morning. And after they talked to Brian Allen about improving his numbers they cut to him doing the vertical. Pretty bad ass to see Bolles standing in front of him double pumping his fists and clapping him off for besting his previous attempt. Love your brothers.

  58. MontanaMike

    Thank you Sea Mode for the nice welcoming

    • BobbyK

      Is this MontanaMike from Bozeman?

      • MontaMike

        sorry, see below, yeah it’s me

  59. Jujus

    “Watched Maine DT Richard after @TonyPauline reported his 1.48(!) 10 split @ 300lb (John Ross=1.46) Quicks worth developing as late flyer/FA”

    WTF sounds like a 3T wet dream, anyone hear about this guy? Patrick Ricard He looks NASTY

    • Ishmael

      Is that an official split?? That’s staggering stuff.

  60. Ed

    Another FA LB signed by the Hawks (Terrence Garvin) a special teams stud. Competition. Let’s add some competition to the receiving crew. Need CB and S in the draft.

    • nichansen01

      Three linebackers signed! Love all these signings.

    • Peanut

      This this must be one of the few places where Seahawks “news” is discussed where the comment section isn’t filled with “SPEND THE MONEY ON O-LINE OMMGG”

      • Ed

        Yep, most here see the big picture. LIke Rob said, PC usually sticks by what he says. He said LB in his team needs and they are hitting that in spades. Maybe not to replace Wright/Wagner, but to have competition and not as large a drop off.

        • Peanut

          Had an argument with someone who clearly only plays madden without injury turned on. Couldn’t understand that two of the best LB’s in the league has to take some snaps off. I want to have Bobby and KJ be our duo for the rest of their careers, and that can only happen if they stay healthy.

          And as Pete said, could you imagine if they bring in a cheap FA, a Rookie or an UDRFA, and they work so hard and get so good they take the spot of one of our starters?How great would that be?

          • Ed

            Amazing. That’s what happens when you scout well. You don’t have to pay your stars again as they age.

          • Volume12

            Wait. Try to find a rookie 3 down LB when you have two of them?

  61. MontaMike

    Hi Bobby, yeah it’s me the one and only.

    • BobbyK

      Hey, great, glad you found your way over here. This is pretty much the place to be now that the TNT blog is basically no more. I might find myself in Montana in the summer of ’18. If I do, lets keep connected. Maybe we can meet up and talk Seahawks again. Hope you’re doing well!

  62. MontaMike

    Maybe not the only, but yeah it’s me. I hope you come back to town one day

  63. MontaMike

    The top prospects look good, I also like the UDFA’s we get, usually a few contribute to the team. That chip from not being picked really helps with the effort.

    • STTBM

      Hey, welcome aboard MontaMike!

      I am really excited about this Draft for Seattle. Seems like despite it being weak in OL talent Seattle should find at least a couple guys that fit TEF and have upside, like Asiata. And this years Class is loaded with big fast corners and safeties and even has a couple big fast WR’s and TE’s we should be able to land from the third round on down. For once, Seattle’s need positions are well represented in the Draft, as far as talent goes. They should be able to improve the team dramatically this offseason, between FA and the Draft.

      Our FA signings this offseason have been pretty good, IMO. I was disappointed that Seattle wasnt able to land Lang, its clear they prioritized him once they had Joeckl, and were even willing to pay him the same or more even though he’s a G. That shows they finally recognize the line is a mess and they cant wait years to get it up to par–what a relief! So the good thing is they got a young athletic guy who should be able to hold down either LT or LG, and they brought in another guy (Aboushi) to compete at G who seems better than the bottom of the barrel signings of last season (Webb, Sowell). And they arent done yet, they will add some bodies in the draft and FA too. So, pretty good decisions made on improving the line, at least on paper. They arent messing around!

      They have signed LB’s who excel at ST’s,w hich is always a good thing. Competition will be fierce there once again…Wonder what they are thinking regarding finding some pass rush from the DT position?

  64. MontaMike


  65. sdcoug

    A few rumblings suggest Sheldon Rankins and possibly Timmy Jernigan could be available, with 3rd-4th round pick compensation being suggested. Doesn’t mean NyJ or Balt would pull the trigger at that level, but neither team is expected to be able to pay those two next off-season.

    With 3 thirds at our disposal, would a play for Jernigan be of interest? Affordable this year (whereas Richardson is owed 8m), and you can determine over the season if he’s a guy you want to retain long-term. If not, you’re still looking at a comp pick. Seems he would be an immediate upgrade over anything we could land with a 3rd, and you’re still left with a 1, 2, and 3, 3 to find a CB, S, LB, WR, etc.

    • Ed

      Do you mean Richardson? The Hawks don’t really have the money for another $8 million, so Richardson is out. Would be open to it, but I think the Hawks stay out of it and get 2 CB 1 LB 1 S with 4 of their first 5 picks.

      • sdcoug

        Sorry, richardson. I’m getting old

    • red

      Jernigan is interesting maybe a third and a fourth if we can trade back some two years of control on the cheap.

  66. Ed

    Hey Rob, if Gordon gets reinstated, Browns have already said he won’t be back. Someone the Hawks would take a flier on?

    • Peanut

      Imagine getting him on a minimun deal. I wouldn’t say no.

    • Reggie Regg

      I sure hope so…… he’s an amazing talent.

      • Volume12

        Regg, BTW my man. Chad Williams is 6’0.

    • DLep

      re Gordon, new story today

      I really hope John makes inquiries if Gordon is reinstated.

    • Ishmael

      I would call him in about half a second flat

      • Misfit74


    • Rob Staton

      Maybe. Depends on cost and background checks. I think he might be done.

  67. MontanaMike

    Hi STTBM, yeah i’m super excited for the draft. I wish i had your psychic abilities for who they will draft. I never know who these guys pull out of a hat, in ten year i’ve only picked right twice and those were no brainers!

    • STTBM

      Eh, some years you can get a feel for what positions they will target in which rounds, then interpolating from visits, interviews, etc you can get an idea of who they are after and/or likely to get. Some years its not so easy–like when they drafted C-Mike, for instance.

      Rob has done a ridiculously good job of figuring out what Seattle looks for at positions like OL and DB, and seems to be on the right track with LB too.

      My big prediction this year is a big physical WR with speed like Chesson and/or a TE with Graham-like upside in rounds 3-6. A few names to watch but I really have no idea which ones they like best. Just WAG this year…

  68. nichansen01

    Love the active free agency, three linebackers.

  69. BobbyK

    The “linebacker depth” is solving itself in free agency. May only find ourselves with a LB in the 3rd round. Perhaps they go DB and EDGE early, or double-dip on the DBs.

    • Volume12

      Good. This LB class is weak.

      • Volume12

        Its gonna be a me freak athlete/physical specimen or a throwback. Meaning a guy that might not be the most athletic, but can actually get off a block and hold the POA with some size.

      • BobbyK

        Yeah. But if you’re the team that drafts Jarrad Davis it doesn’t matter if it was a weak class. It was a strong one for you. On the flip side, if we go with a DB who is a bust and everyone else turns out good (like us and WR three years ago), people will say it was a good DB class, even though it would have sucked for us.

    • STTBM

      Well, they have added competition. They still might target a LB in the first three rounds. Nobody they have signed is a sure bet to even make the team, but they got some warm bodies lol!

  70. MontanaMike

    Unless there’s someone who’s available we can’t say no to, i’d spend the whole draft on defense and see who doesn’t get drafted for everything else.

  71. nichansen01

    With Wilhoite, Brown, Pierre-Louis, Garvin and Marsh, do we even draft linebacker?

    • Jujus

      LOL YES, none of those guys are starters in the league, Marsh and KPL have shown JACK DIDDLY SQUAT. Garbage players.

      • Jesse James

        Marsh isn’t garbage, maybe you just have high expectations for him. He’s a solid backup and ST player.

    • sdcoug

      I think so. Depth (quality) signings, but you have to upgrade the options at some point. I wouldn’t be surprised to see KPL cut at some point, I’m favor of a drafted LB or two

      • sdcoug

        in favor of*

  72. Volume12

    Here we go!

    Tony Pauline with the scoop on O-lineman Seattle likes is gold man.

    Says their very high on W.Kentucky’s OL Forrest Lamp.

    • Volume12

      Why wouldn’t they be?

      I’d argue his tape against ‘Bama is the best O-line tape there is from any of them. He wins against power (Ryan Anderson), technique (Jonathan Allen), and speed (Tim Williams).

      • Volume12

        So this is why Seattle is meeting with and having O-line prospects that are 6’3-6’4, 310 lbs or so. In case they can’t get Lamp.

        And if they wanted Lang so badly, Lamp makes more and more sense to me.

        • Sea Mode

          Top TEF scorer at the combine, definitely no surprise. But in R1 I would think they would have to consider him for RT?

          I know you gotta go get the talent and then let the positions play out, but I’m having a hard time seeing where everyone lines up.

          Fant, Joeckel, Britt, Ifedi, Lamp?

          Joeckel, Lamp, Britt, Ifedi, Fant?

          • Volume12

            Odhiambo is also in the running for LT. Let them all compete and it’ll take care of itself.

            Lamp can play OT in a pinch or emergency, but I think he’s a LG. I know drafting another guard in round 1 might not make sense, but when you factor in all the comments about them really wanting TJ Lang then he makes even more sense as an option.

  73. Volume12

    This stuff coming out of Baylor breaks my goddamn heart! Jeezuz. 😞

    • nichansen01

      Disgusting, horrifying stuff.

    • STTBM

      Youre a good dude Volume. Too many people just dont care…

    • Ishmael

      It’s sickening. Although people are kidding themselves if they think it’s confined to Baylor, or college football in general.

  74. Volume12

    Keep an eye on 3-tech Harold Brantley. The frorgotten one.

    • nichansen01

      What a story. Will he get drafted?

      • Volume12

        IMO this dude is a 2nd round talent. Or was before that horrific car wreck. So due to that, he’s worth popping a 6th or 7th on.

        • Sea Mode

          Will check him out. Hook me up with a link?

          • Volume12

            If this one don’t do it for ya, there’s also Markus Golden & Shane Ray tape u can watch him on too.

            Mizzou DT Harold Brantley vs Florida (2014):


            • nichansen01

              On that second drive he was in the backfield for every play. Seemed to step off the gas and just play the run towards the end.

  75. nichansen01

    Apparently Wilhoite and Garvin are both very very bad. Not sure either will actually make the roster.

    • STTBM

      I watched Wilhoite, especially vs us, and I saw him make some plays. I think he needs better coaching, but who knows? At least he has the athletic profile to be a Special Teams contributor, which is no small thing.

      They are all just competition at this point.

  76. DLep

    Guys, Xavier Coleman? Vol I think you mentioned him on another thread. Man he put up some ridiculous numbers at his pro day, I believe the Hawks were measuring his arms? 40 vert, 10 and a half broad, 6.81 cone and 4.13 shuttle. Between 4.46 and 4.52 40. Very intriguing.

    • Sea Mode

      VMAC visitor. And yes, he put up good numbers.

      Wouldn’t surprise me either if they were looking for inside info and/or trying to disguise their interest in OG Cam Keizur.

      • DLep

        Yeah I actually hope they are after both. Might have to use a late pick on Coleman to get him it sounds like.

        • Volume12

          The pic I posted was of them measuring Virginia Union CB Rodeshawn Joseph.

          Coleman has some excellent tape. Very intriguing.

          • Nick

            Coleman looks amazing. What round do you think we target him?

            • Volume12

              6th or 7th

          • DLep

            Ah my bad. Cant keep up with all of your content Vol :).

  77. Collin Drew

    I’m starting to,think maybe Bolles age is going to be a factor. He will be 25 when the season begins.

  78. Sea Mode

    Bigtime TEF scorer at BYU, as was expected:

    Andrew Eide, listed 6050, 301

    3.35 TEF
    100.92 wTEF

    30.5 VJ
    9’5″ BJ
    33 BP

    Started all 13 games in 2016 at LT, but is projected to move inside. Even snapped balls at Pro Day per scouts request.

  79. Jujus

    » DE Chris Wormley (6-5 1/8, 297) ran the 40 in 4.82 and 4.87 seconds, had a 31.5-inch vertical, a 9-2 broad jump, a 4.55-second short shuttle, and a 7.08-second three-cone.

    seems like that would have been best times for vert, 40, SS and 3 cone… rd 1 option?

    • nichansen01

      Maybe a trade down option.

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