Jalen Collins, LSU cornerback, is a special talent

Every now and again you come across a player who just jumps off the screen. Jalen Collins is one of those players.

Is he the finished article? Absolutely not. Does he possess tremendous upside and potential plus every single athletic and physical trait you want in a #1 corner? Oh yes. The idea of this coaching staff getting the opportunity to work with Collins is tantalizing. If it’s going to take a special cornerback for Seattle to consider spending a first round pick, consider me convinced. Collins is the real deal.

When you watch the video above, don’t be disappointed when you see Notre Dame complete a couple of slants against Collins. Consider this instead. That’s two games against supposed high power offenses. How many big plays does he give up? How much yardage does he concede in those games? Then head over to Draft Breakdown and watch his performance against Alabama and Wisconsin. Play after play he’s right there — ultra tight coverage.

Physically he has the works — height (6-2), size (198lbs), long arms and general length. He has soft feet and great hips to drive on the ball and change direction with fluidity and snap. Recovery speed is vital for any corner and he has it — when he loses track on a route he’ll react and regain position. He has the leaping ability and arm length to play the ball in the air and the instinct working in zone to read the play and break on the defender. We’re talking about a naturally gifted corner with very few flaws.

The problem is — he only has ten starts. Ideally he stays in school for another year and builds on what we see above — but he received a very favorable grade from the draft committee (no surprise). Sometimes you can see the lack of experience show up on tape — there are technique issues working in press and he can be a bit more patient at times. Nobody should be concerned about that. The Seahawks have the best secondary coaches in the league led by the ultimate #1 defensive backs coach in Pete Carroll.

Collins is everything you look for in a corner — the height, the speed. He’s not a crazy run defender but he’s willing to get involved. Because of the emergence of the Legion of Boom and the lack of great depth at the position, it won’t be a total shock if Collins goes much earlier than people expect. If he’s there at #31 — I sincerely hope the Seahawks consider pulling the trigger presuming Byron Maxwell walks. Yes — the offense needs help. But the identity of the team is really down to Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch and the LOB. Pay the first two, replace Maxwell and that is maintained. Collins’ arrival would secure all four secondary spots for the next four years, delivering consistency to a key group.

He’s not the only player with exciting physical talent — Virginia’s Eli Harold would be a great addition to the defensive line and has the length, burst, speed-to-power conversion and grit the Seahawks like. I could see a home for Todd Gurley or Melvin Gordon in Seattle depending on the situation with Lynch. But none of the receivers or offensive linemen appear to rival Collins and Howard for upside, potential, scheme fit, physical ideals and pure talent.

It’ll be fascinating to see how fast he runs at the combine. Richard Sherman ran a 4.56. I almost hope Collins manages a similar effort to keep his stock under control. I suspect he’ll break the 4.4’s. Any team looking for a prospect with comparable physical traits to Sherman will look at Collins. He’ll need some work but any self-respecting coach would back themselves to deliver with these tools at hand. Collins could be special.

What else is happening today…

Jason Cole — he of the ‘Pete Carroll and John Schneider don’t see eye to eye’ rumors of yesteryear — is suggesting Ndamukong Suh wants to play in Seattle. He also admits it’s a pipe dream. Suh is expected to earn a contract worth over $100m as one of the truly special defensive linemen currently in the game. With so many teams loaded with cap space (Raiders, Jaguars) he will have the opportunity to earn a monster salary. Big market teams like the Jets also have around $45m to play with. Seattle’s at $23m according to Spotrac — and that’s before any new contracts for Wilson, Lynch, Wagner, Sweezy, Maxwell, Carpenter, Irvin, Okung or whoever else you want to pay. Adding Suh would be an incredible move for an already elite defense. But you’d have to risk so much to get it done, if it’s even possible. The only chance could be if Suh was willing to take a one-year deal (why would he?) with the Seahawks back-loading Wilson’s contract. It’s a nice thought, but totally unlikely.

Derek Stephens has written up a piece on Field Gulls listing his wide receiver rankings. He also includes a Seahawks-focused list of options for #31 with Jaelen Strong in the top spot. Stephens: “Strong’s unique ability to repeatedly make the circus play or the tough catch in traffic despite lacking cleanliness in his routes and fluidity in his movement, make him someone I could see the Seahawks taking a strong interest in.” My own personal take? Strong made ridiculous catches all year and shows fantastic hands, high pointing skills and control. The big issue is — he rarely creates separation forcing the need to make difficult grabs, he lacks explosion running over the middle and is he strong enough to get off press? It’ll be very interesting to see Strong’s bench press and forty time at the combine — they could make or break his chances of going in round one.

And finally — if I made a list of realistic options at #31 who really stand out (I will do soon) — Texas defensive tackle Malcom Brown would be included:


  1. Volume 12

    While the idea of DT Ndamukong Suh being a part of this defense is salivating, I’m not expecting it.

    The more you breakdown and discuss CB Jalen Collins Rob, the more I think it’s likely him and CB Tran Wayne are 1-2 of the possible 1st round CBs.

    On a different note, if Seattle was to sign TE Jordan Cameron, axe TE Zach Miller, and draft a mid round TE like the photo of Davis Hsu projects, one guy who I’m very excited to see at the combine is Texas A&M TE Cameron Clear-6’5 or 6’6, 270 lbs., IMO he’d be a great blocking TE, which he is, with a ton of upside to develop and work with. He was almost criminally under-utilized.

    Rob, although we agree DT appears to not be the biggest need, I still think they end up drafting one, have you had the chance to take a look at Houston DT Joey Mbu? If so, what are your thoughts on him and where do you see his range?

    • Rob Staton

      I haven’t watched Mbu yet, sorry.

      I think they need to do something on offense. And if there’s any chance of adding Suh — as much it’d be exciting to see him in Seattle — I’d rather they pay less to bring in a Fitzgerald or V-Jax to the offense.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Totally agree. If SEA think they can afford Suh, then they should spend the money on Fitzgerald instead.

        I couldn’t think of a better veteran WR fit for this team.

        • Rugby Lock

          Definitely a better way to spend the money!

  2. southpaw360

    The more I read about Collins here the more I want him in Seattle badly. That being said I can see him being picked high for teams trying to copy Seattle’s winning ways. To get a chance at him we will have to trade way up. I would love to lock down the defensive backfield for the next 4 years. Our championship window would stay open at least that long.

    • Rob Staton

      He could be a top-25 lock after the combine.

  3. AlaskaHawk

    Rob- I’ve been quiet lately. I’m still reading your articles and just want to thank you for your fine efforts. Here is hoping for an excellent draft.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Alaska. Appreciate it.

      • Hawksince77

        Let me echo Alaska. This remains my favorite Seahawks site. First place I go, and where I linger the longest.

        Thanks, Rob.

        • Rob Staton

          Thanks HS77.

  4. Forrest

    I have a strange feeling that the Hawks are going to cut a lot of “excess waste” this off-season. The fact that Shu said he wanted to go to Seattle is the most interesting part about this situation (he probably knows their cap situation, and is looking for a specific price). I think they let Maxwell chase the money, cut at least 3-4 or their “unnecessary” players (Miller, Jackson?), sign Wilson and Wagner, and then have one big splash in FA like a WR/TE or someone like Shu to just push the defense over the top, or boost the talent on offence. The draft will probably be mostly offensive, except for a CB or two (maybe a D-linemen). If Lynch retires or leaves, then RB early, if he stays, then WR/TE early. I think Lynch will get extended/restructured, then they’ll target someone like Nick Chubb down the road…

    • Rob Staton

      I agree I think we might see some movement. They have 10-11 picks and might cut away some of the older veterans and use the infusion of youth to fill holes — while freeing up room to make a choice FA addition or two. Could easily see McDaniel & Miller cut to create a few million. Let Jackson and Carpenter walk. Trust B.J. Daniels to backup Wilson, draft a guard at some point to replace Carp. Add some DT depth. And then maybe use the money to bolster your offense.

      • Forrest

        Makes sense. Offense is definitely the priority this off-season though. The defense just needs a couple of young CBs and some D-line depth.

      • Hawksince77

        Okay, here is the craziest idea you ever heard, triggered by your comment about trusting B.J. to back up Wilson.

        PC preaches competition. Who is the one QB on the planet that could actually compete with Wilson, and who might be available for say, a 3rd round pick?

        Ironic, wouldn’t it be, if Seattle could trade for RG3. Wouldn’t that be something? If they can turn him around, get his head straight, fix his game, and turn around in a year or two and trade him for a first round pick, and in the meantime, have the best back-up QB in the league.

        Just a crazy thought.

        • arias

          Too crazy man.

        • Rob Staton

          It’s a nice thought HS77 — but it’s hard to show someone is worth a first round pick if they never take the field.

        • peter

          Seems bellichekian to me!

  5. rowdy

    The ND game didn’t look that great but it seemed it had more to do with position and game planning. Tackling definitely wasn’t a strength but the effort is there and on one play I couldn’t believe he recovered to break up the pass. If he has a great combine and runs below a 4.4 there’s no way he will be there at 31.

  6. drewjov11

    I wasn’t seeing an elite player on that tape. He may have potential, but I wouldn’t take him early based on that. I would have to see more.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not sure what else there is to see at college level Drew. Corner a very difficult position to master in college.

      • drewjov11

        If I’m basing an assessment just on what I’ve seen on the field, Marcus peters is a better player. Now, would I trust him after being kicked off the team? I don’t think that I would invest a higher pick. Like I said, I would have to see more. No doubt he’s tall and lanky and can move. Just wanted to see a more physical player.

        • peter

          I think tho perspective reflects more what fans of either Peters or Collins prefer as that neither do to circumstances have significantly more tape. Full disclosure in a fan of Collins so when I see Peters I see a player who hits hard and has a nose for the ball. I also see a player who over pursues to make splash plays and puts himself out of position easily.

          Collins I could see where the lack of athleticism between the two I evident and probably more pronounced if you like Peters.

          • Volume 12

            I like Drew, am a big fan of CB Marcus Peters.

  7. rowdy

    This has nothing to do with this article but looking at the huskies class I started watching film on jake browning (hoping he can beat out miles). Really like what I seen from him. Really accurate and has great touch. Good scrambling ability always keeping his eyes down field. His footwork seemed good, doesn’t throw off balanced and looked good throwing on the run with decent speed. This guy gets the ball off in a hurry too, no wasted motion, just test it rip. The only thing I wish he had was better arm strength but the film I seen was from his junior year so I’m sure it got better.

  8. Ho Lee Chit

    Nice find. Nice write-up. I could certainly see the logic in taking Collins at #31. He would ensure the LOB wins the All Hair award. As good as he is, he probably struggles in the first year against NFL WR’s. Do we red shirt him or throw him into the fire?

    • TwistedChopper

      I think you put him in competition to win the job against Lane (if ready), Simon, or anybody else. Typical Pete Carroll.

  9. smitty1547

    So now we have Atlanta, Jacksonville, and Oakland probably all looking at the same kind of players and run the same defense as us. That can not be a good thing.

    • rowdy

      They all pick so early it won’t really matter til the 4th round but I thought the same thing.

      • Volume 12

        Do they have the eye for talent that PC/JS do?

        Look at last year for example. Seattle had no 3rd pick, but they had 3 4th rounder’s, because they knew that was where the so called ‘sweet spot’ or true value type of talent would be. Outside of Arizona Cardinals WR John Brown, I can’t recall one rookie from the 3rd round of last year’s class that stood out/made an instant impact.

        • rowdy

          Agreed, most of are talent is also coached up and put in the right spot to succeed. I just see them going after the same body types and athleticism as us. Raising the chances of taking the players we would go for. The league has been trying to Copy us the last 2 years anyway so I don’t think anything will change much.

  10. rowdy

    I seen the list from field gulls and wasn’t impressed with the seahawk players list he had. It seemed like he just went off of highlights and ignored the negatives. The list was full of inconsistent and under achieving players, except for smith. He also left off agholor who is becoming a player I really like and prefer us to trade down to get.

  11. bigDhawk

    I guess my main question about Collins is how much of an upgrade is he over Simon? It would have to be significant and immediate to justify a first round pick. He seems to get thrown at a lot in college. If he is our opening day right-side CB then Sherm might not be targeted all season, just the same as if Simon were the starter.

    Brown reminds me a little of Mebane. He is not particularly explosive, just very solid and steady. You never see him getting blown off the line. He is always moving forward, getting into the backfield frequently and redirecting the play into his LBs and DEs for the finish. Depending on what happens with our cap, we might find ourselves in need of replacing Mebane as well as Maxwell. While I’m not sold on Collins stepping right into Maxwell’s shoes, Brown would be a much better candidate to fill Mebane’s shoes. That said, I want both Maxwell and Mebane back badly.

    • arias

      Considering how Simon played in the playoffs when he was targeted a combined 21 times, surrendering 17 catches for 205 yards and four touchdowns for an opponent passer rating of 146.9 I’m really not sure how Collins would not be an upgrade over Simon.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        That’s pretty harsh, and I’m not a Simon fan. He was trying to cover one of the quickest, shiftiest, agile WRs in Edelman. Marcus Burley would have been much better.

        If Sherm hadn’t hurt his elbow, SEA probably has Burley on the SB roster instead of Simon.

        • Arias

          Sherman hadn’t hurt his elbow in the Carolina game yet it was Simon and not Burley on the active roster, yet he still gave up 2 touchdowns and 114 yards.

          Bottom line is that when Maxwell is gone next year, if Simon is playing RCB he will always see the opponent’s best receiver so the opposing quarterback can exploit the mismatch. Are we going to make excuses for him then too as to why he didn’t hold up against the other team’s #1 receiving option?

          • MFNewguy

            Burley is a slot guy. Going in to the SB with both safeties banged up plus Sherm they needed the extra bodies for those spots. Remember earlier in the year they ran with this group in the nickel and Simon did hold his own. He looks to have regressed some down the stretch. Don’t forget Maxie didn’t play much his first 2 seasons, this is Simon’s 2nd season, but he didn’t do anything last year. They didn’t know what to expect from him in training camp.

            I personally would like them to get another nickel corner that can play outside. More in the build of Lane. I like any one of the following Quinten Rollins, Eric Rowe, and Damian Swann.

            • peter

              I haven’t checked out Rollins yet but I agree Rowe or Swann to play inside then out could be awesome

              • MFNewguy

                Rollins is raw. Only played one year of football. Everyone was singing his praises after senior bowl. Played basketball before. I think he will measure out like Lane but faster. Does anyone know Burley’s arm length?

            • Volume 12

              CB Quinton Rollins will probably be a 2nd rounder worst case scenario. This kid is too good have only played 1 year of football. Head coaches will like that, because he doesn’t have many bad habits.

              • Jim Q

                FS-Tra’Mayne Bondurant, Arizona, 5-096/212, projected 4.54/40(avg), 4.43(low). Further info coming from combine I’m sure will show some “quicks”.

                I remember this kid from last years Arizona vs: Oregon game, at the time I remember he looked like a “water bug”, quickly moving around and covering well. He had a great game that day too. I’m especially impressed with his tackle for loss, interception & forced fumble #’s, they show he is a very active guy and a very hard hitter and as such he is a likely Legion of Boom candidate, **especially as a slot corner**. Bondurant is currently ranked as a Rd-7/FA in the upcoming draft and IMO is undervalued at that rating. Besides, he has a catchy name & I can hear Streve Raible yelling his name right now. I think this kid should be at least a Rd 7 pick for the Seahawks. See his career stats below.

                “”Bondurant has starred the past two seasons in Arizona’s hybrid “Spur” role, a rover-safety/outside linebacker role in a 3-3-5 scheme that asks him to wear multiple hats. This **versatility** makes Bondurant intriguing but also a projection to the NFL as it minimizes some of the ‘tweener traits that scouts may find troubling when determining whether his future at the next level lies.””

                80-tkls (57 solo), 6.5-TFL, 2-sacks, 3-PBU. 1-QBH, 1-FR/for TD, 5-FF, & 2-Int/1-for TD,
                72-tkls (46 solo), 7.0-TFL, 2-sacks, 5-PBU, 1-QBH, 1-FF, & 4-Int/ for 2-TD’s
                74-tkls (49 solo), 11.5-TFL, 0-sacks, 7-PBU, 2-FF & 2-Int.
                45-tkls (33 solo), 3.5-TFL, 1-sack, 6-PBU, 1-FF & 1-Int/for TD
                Career #’s:
                271-tkls (185 solo), 28.5-TFL, 5-sacks, 26-PBU, 2-QBH, 1-FR, 9-FF, 9-INT, 5-def. TD’s.

                • Volume 12

                  S Tra’Mayne Bondurant is indeed a very good player.

                  What was him walking out on the team this summer though?

    • Rob Staton

      I didn’t see a player getting throw a lot — especially given how often ND threw in that game. In terms of physical talent he’s on a different level to Simon IMO.

  12. kevin mullen

    If theres a remote chance for Suh, here’s the potential cut list: Mebane, McDaniels, KWilliams. These three guys would net another $7mil.

    • John_s

      That’s a lot of depth you’re losing for one guy albeit a great player. That would leave only Jordan Hill as DT

      • kevin mullen

        I agree, but that’s probably what we’re looking at in a guy like Suh. He’s gonna eat a ton of cap space plus the snaps. At that price point he’s gonna have to play Michael Bennett type snaps like this past year.

        And with 10 draft picks, we’ll probably gonna have to draft at least two DT’s in this scenerio.

      • Attyla the Hawk

        That is a lot of depth. Basically left with Hill and Suh.

        But remember, run stuffing specialists kind of grow on trees from a draft perspective. You can get very good ones in the 70-110 range of virtually every draft.

        Paying 10+ million in salary for positions/roles that can be adequately filled with late day 2/early day three rookies is kind of a mistake. One can (and probably should from a cap/team spend perspective) get by on the cheap at run defenders/DT depth positions. Instead, we’ve avoided investing in those types of prospects in the draft in the last several years — save Jesse Williams who just hasn’t been fortunate with injuries.

      • bigDhawk

        Agree. Our problem on DL this year was not a lack of a single dominant player, but a lack of rotational depth. We need at least a couple big bodies in the middle, especially if we lose McDaniels, and one more legit edge rusher to fill the Chris Clemons role.

        The three-headed rushing monster of Bennett, Avril, and Clemons was what made that SB48 front seven so special, and the more I think about it, the more I think we need to find another Chris Clemons. Granted, we have Marsh coming back next season, but I’m not sure the have him pegged to fill a pure edge role. Though he is likely to have a draft trajectory similar to Aaron Donald last year and might be long gone by 31, Eli Harold makes more and more sense to me. If not him, a big, tall, long edge rusher like Deion Barnes – Penn st, Shaquille Riddick – WVU, or Danielle Hunter – LSU would be nice in the mid-rounds.

        • Ed

          Would you rather have Eli Manning and Jay Cutler or Aaron Rodgers. With Suh, you don’t maintain the same rotation, so you don’t need more average guys. How would you not want Suh for Williams/Mebane/McDaniel. Get a DT in the draft and rotate Hill/Suh/Benett/pick. Suh is the inside push we never really get unless Bennett moves inside. If you can get special players, you get them.

          • bigDhawk

            As I said, 2013 defense was so special because of the pass rushing trifecta with Clemons. It allowed us to get solid interior push with rotational players like McDonald and the NASCAR package, which completely disappeared this season. Signing Suh at his market value would probably cost us Mebane, a Wagner extension, an Irvin extension, any hope of a Maxwell extension, and an Okung extension, whom so many here are more fond of than I am. Suh is special, but not that special. So to your point about getting special players if you can, well, we can’t, so we won’t. All the cap problems Percy’s contract caused would be doubled with Suh, unless he wants to sign for less than Mebane money, which won’t happen.

            I’ll maintain, get another Chris Clemons, and if Hill can stay healthy he will play the McDonald role. Then get one or two more Hill-like players on the inside and we’ll have our 2013 front seven again. Sure, there is more than one way to do things, but we are not the Raiders or Jaguars with tens of millions in cap space and rosters devoid of young talent. Suh does not represent a good cost to benefit value given all the young guns we need to retain, unless he wants to sign for about one third of his market worth. which the player’s union won’t let him do.

        • Volume 12

          W. Virginia’s DE-LEO Shaq Riddick is a very intriguing guy. Raw, but again, not many bad habits, and the sky is the limit for this kid.

          • bigDhawk

            Yeah, that game he had against Baylor really jumps off the screen. I also really like Deion Barnes of Penn State. He reminds me a lot of Chris Clemons – a big, long guy with solid edge rushing ability but also really solid against the run. Harold might have freaky upside potential, but he is a bit smallish. Barnes and Riddick are high on my list to redux the Clemons role from 2013.

  13. drewjov11

    I still don’t see why they resigned wright before bobby. Irvin may be the odd man out. Hopefully Pierre Louis can come back and be solid. Mebane, miller, carpenter, Jackson, etc. it’s going to be an interesting off season. It Wilson gets over 20 million per season, this team is going to be strapped.

    • John_s

      They had to extend KJ or else he would have gone out to the free agency market and who knows how much he gets. Wagner is still under contract for 2015 and he is not able to be extended until after his 3rd season which would be this offseason

      • drewjov11

        And??? He’s not vital, no matter how muh the team likes him. He is always touted as some great coverage linebacker, yet he’s always gettin whipped by someone downfield for a score. When he filled in for bobby he was weak against the run. Sorry, that’s $7 million we could have saved. I don’t think he was someone who needed to be signed. Now we have less cap room.

        • David

          KJ wright was up for an extension before bobby because KJ wright was drafted a year ahead of Bobby.

          Kj Wright actually isnt as bad as you’re saying. in my opinion. i mean hes better then the M. Smith who would possibly be his replacement if we didnt resign KJ.

          KJ wright played well against Jimmy Graham last year. his versatility is another reason why i think the hawks resigned him. the run D wasnt as good because they had to move KJ wright to MLB and bring in Smith (KJ’s replacement) who pete even after the KC game said he wasnt doing that good of a job. who would you rather us have grabbed up? KJ is one of the better LBs in the league. didnt say he was the best but one of the better ones. he can play all 3 LB positions.

          • Volume 12

            Seattle is not going to ham-string themselves by giving RW a big deal. They’ll get creative. IMO I think they’ll back load it.

          • drewjov11

            If someone else doesn’t get to stay because we signed wright, that’s silly. You can’t pay three linebackers well and expect to have a balanced roster. Bobby shoukd make more, now you’ve lost Bruce Irvin. Also, I’m not talking about one game. I remember being in the stands in Glendale last season and watching him get beat repeatedly in coverage. I’m saying he’s terrible. He’s decent. But… We can go cheaper there and sign someone else instead. We need to upgrade some spots. Anyway, I don’t hate him. I just woukdbt prioritize him, that’s all.

            • Brett

              They will pay Bobby more. Wright is a better player than Irvin.

            • Volume 12

              How many LBs are 6’4, 250 with KJs length and intangible? With that said, Bruce Irvin is becoming one of the more unique LBs in the league. Not too many athletic freaks like him. I remember reading an article where Bruce said ‘he owes football and Seattle for saving his life.’

              Why can’t you lock up all 3 LBs? Name me one better LB core in he league. Seattle’s defense is predicated so much on their LBs making plays in space. Even going back to his USC days, PC always had 3 very good linebackers.

        • Ed

          I agree. I always thought KJ would be odd man out, but he plays inside and out. That’s why. Wagner/Wilson/Irvin are musts in my opinion.

        • bigDhawk

          KJ has been great in coverage for his career. Getting beat by Gronk in the SB I’ll chalk up mostly to telegraphing man coverage on that play. Plus it was one great player just beating another in a situation similar to Beastmode knocking off Darnelle Dockette’s helmet on the goal line for the score in 2013 in that RS game at Arizona. That didn’t make Dockette a bad player. It was just one great player making a better play than another great player. It happens. I’m totally on board with the deal we gave KJ. Replacing him with Malc or KPL as a starter would have been a big downgrade.

          • arias

            KJ was just ok in coverage this year, not great. It was insane to have him cover Gronk one on one, that’s a mismatch waiting to get exploited. KJ is the biggest reason Seattle’s defense against tight ends suffered this year seeing how he was responsible for 7 of the 12 touchdowns conceded to the position. That leaves a lot to be desired.

        • Brett

          You’re massively underappreciating Wright.

          • JeffC

            I think what he’s saying is he’s overrated as a pass defender

  14. Ross

    Suh in Seattle is never gonna happen. As fantastic an addition he would be, I think we all understand there are too many players to resign and not enough money. There are some guys in the locker room who just wouldn’t take that very well.

    In saying that though, Percy Harvin and Sidney Rice show us some important things. First, they show that Schneider and Carroll are willing to offer big money to free agents. Second, they that show Schneider and Carroll had incorporated some huge contracts for free agents into their plans for the future, knowing they still had a brace of players to extend like Wagner and Wilson. Finally, whilst both Harvin and Rice were both free agents, one was clearly a respected member and leader of the team, and the other was traded in the middle of the season for a sixth round pick after less than ten full games, because he was a cancer in the locker room. Suh has a nasty steak on the field, but off it he’s a model teammate.

    Probably overthinking the situation. The smart move is to keep the team moving in the same direction and resist the temptation to make a headline grabbing move. These rumors probably aren’t even true, if I’m a big time free agent, I’m not zoning in on a team that’s trying to conserve money, I’m zoning in on the Raiders.

    • Ross

      But this isn’t a free agency blog, this is a draft blog.

      I haven’t come across many sites that have Collins ranked in their top 32s. Trae Waynes and Marcus Peters seem to be the top two. Sometimes even Alex Carter is ahead of him. I’m almost hoping he flops at the combine or something because I think he’s way better than Carter and way more draftable than Peters. A couple of teams are a decent secondary away from having really good defenses so there’s a massive need, as Rob has already said numerous times.

      I think you’ve got to go D-Line if not Collins, or just move back. I doubt there will be a first round worthy guard/tackle or receiver left, but there should be at least a few edge rushers or interior guys left. Harold or Brown, maybe Philips if he doesn’t also flop at the combine.

      • peter

        The free agency stuff does apply a bit though and some times quite a bit. Quick agreement Suh to the Raiders and a touch more offense next year they could be sneaky good. Not that I care but they seem close for some reason.

        The thing with Collins is the lack of game film I think/hope slows his roll just a bit and perhaps a 4.52 at the combine. Right now very few mocks have him as high as he is at the site but the tape….sure like Rob says he’s not finished yet but there’s say Sammie Coates potential (I know he’s a wr but bear with me) and then there’s Collins who looks ready now. Which after all is what we all want after the cmike, carpenter hold out injury, prich no passes thrown to until the final four games program, right? Collins looks like he could play snap one game one and frankly improve over Simon from the start. Draft Eric Rowe in the court to take over as a rangier Lane and *tada* LOB 2.0

        • Volume 12

          Outside of Florida DL Dante fowler JR and maybe Clemson OLB Vic Beasley, I don’t see many pass rushers in this draft who will have an instant impact.

          • peter

            Agreed. There are a few I like but I its hard to predict their contribution in year one.

          • John_s

            What do you think of Bud Dupree. I think he’s got a chance to be a good rusher

            • Volume 12

              He frustrates me to be honest. There’s so much to like about him, but I think he’s somewhat redundant for Seattle, because he’s a lot like Bruce Irvin. However, IMO he’s nowhere near as fluid as Bruce. If he goes to a 3-4 defense he’s got a good shot to produce early. Houston would be a good fit for him.

              Having said that, I think Gregory, Shane Ray, guys like that will be good, but instant impact I’m not sold. I could some of these guys having a Bruce Irvin type rookie year, which isn’t bad, but for a top 10-15 pick? I just think there’s guys in rounds 3-4 who may give you just as much.

          • bigDhawk

            Deion Barnes and Shaquille Riddick are two players with legit upside that could be available in the mid rounds. Riddick flashes explosiveness and has room to fill out his tall, long frame. Barnes reminds me all the world of Chris Clemons. He’s a big man with decent edge rushing ability and above average run-stopping ability. Plus he’s a high-character guy from Penn State. I like both these players better than Dupree.

            • Volume 12

              Yeah, IDK if Dion Barnes has the speed and 10 yard split that Seattle likes. Usually for the LEO position they’re looking for 4.4-4.6, and you’d have to ask Rob, but I think they look for guys with a 10 yard split of 1.5-1.7?

              • bigDhawk

                We’ll see at his pro day. He wasn’t invited to the combine which seems odd. Just watch his draftbreakown video. He gets into the backfield and is disruptive with a good nose for stopping the run like Clemons, who at his advanced age when he last played for us probably didn’t run at the splits you mentioned either.

  15. M

    The other wild card here is does Mebane actually make it back to his prior level of excellence.

    It sounds like he has a hamstring avulsion which, if that’s the case, means there’s around a 75% chance he makes it back.

    Something the Seahawks need to think about unless I’m reading more into his injury than I should.

    • peter

      Not doubting you but did anyone else catch hamstring avulsion? Yikes that could take quite a bit longer thrmen initially thought

      • peter


  16. James

    Great stuff. I’m definitely not opposed to a CB in round 1. I think the Hawks could take 2 CBs this draft.

    Have you had a chance to look at Ladarius Gunter out of Miami? Could he be a possible late round CB target?

    • Rob Staton

      I haven’t James, sorry. Will take a look.

  17. Cysco

    the idea of adding Suh to this team is laughably unbelievable.. I’m not even sure Madden would allow you to do that.

    Rob is turning me into a believer on Collins (much like he did with Bitonio and OBJ last year). I’m just wondering if the Hawks would be willing to take a CB so early given their stance on drafting the position. Perhaps having no clear successor to Maxwell might force the matter? Is he really THAT special?

    • arias

      I lean to the more pertinent question as “Is Simon that bad?”, to which I would say … maybe, but they simply can’t take the chance in case he actually is as bad as his playoff performances would indicate. They need to bring in quality competition for that RCB spot next year that will push him for that spot, and a late round pick would be too raw to be able to expect it.

      It’s going to be challenging maintaining the level of defense we’ve come to expect. JS has got his work cut out for him getting the right players that will thrive under the shrinking cap crunch.

  18. matt509

    I’ve been saying all season that we need to go offense first in the draft. We put most of our money in the defense, we can fill holes on defense in FA, the draft should be for helping Wilson. Now I just get the feeling defense will be our first pick. Feels like there will be a lot of defensive talent to choose from and very little “special” players on offense available. I definitely see another trading down like we did last year. If one of the defensive players we like aren’t there I feel like Devin Smith could be in a similar role as Richardson was last year. We write his name on the card and try to find a trade partner. If we can’t find one we draft him and if we do find a trade partner we draft him with that pick. He’s the guy Seattle likes, but not in the first. This is going to be one of our most important drafts.

    • peter

      I still think they could go defense first pick and still load up on some real quality interesting pieces to add to the offense several picks worth starting as soon as the second round.

      Regardless whether Lynch stays, which I hope he does, they have to ease his load a bit kind of like how they did at the end of the season. And Wilson I think is truly being hampered without having two more solid consistent weapons. Part of me wants splash like Dorsett and smith or even DGB but part of me wants Walford, Williams, Justin Hardy just three really good players that I think could all improve one or more roster spots which is part of a successful draft.

  19. CHawk Talker Eric

    Any chance PC gives Josh Shaw a chance?

    • Rob Staton

      Possibly — the story at USC was very strange though and he was hit and miss at the Senior Bowl.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Is it fair to chalk up his Senior Bowl performance to his lack of playing time last season? He played in just 3 games in 2014.

        He has the size – 6’1″ 200# – but there are concerns over his straight line speed; he might be better suited to zone coverage. He closes on the ball quickly.

        I like him in R5 or later.

  20. red

    This kind of what I am thinking draft and free agency.

    1. DB Collins/Peters/PJ Williams need to see mesuarables on Williams has 41 inch vert more of zone guy.
    2. Lorenzo Maulden Leo
    3. Breshad Perriman WR High points ball well mesuarble similar to Dez Bryant

    Trade low 4 and 5 with and the jets 6th round pick move up to top of 4 pick 106ish

    4. Jamil Douglas OG
    4. Tyrus Thompson OL comp pick
    5. Whitehead FS take Johnson spot on roster comp pick
    5. X Williams DT
    6. Sifirin/Saxton TE
    7. Alford WR/Returner

    Free agency cap we are at about 119m now.

    Russell first year + 8mil 127
    Cut Miller -2.3 =124.7
    2nd RD T Kearse +2.3 =127
    Wagner first year ext +3 =130
    Sweezy first year ext +2=132
    extend lynch reduce first year by 1.5=130.5
    sign TE Gresham/Cameron TE +4=134.5
    Draft + 4? = 138.5
    Dumpster Dive DL +2.5=141

    Maxwell and Carpenter leave in free agency.

    • Volume 12

      Not bad Red. IF Maxi does indeed leave, and it looks more and more like he will, I’m with ya that CB could/should be a priority or high pick.

      I wonder of we’ll see extensions for a couple guys during the 2015 season like we saw with KJ and Avril. Maybe Bruce and Sweezy?

      • red

        I think we extend Wagner this offseason seams like a no brainer. You could roll the dice on Sweezy and give Carp his money and hope he resigns during this year or as a UFA next. The big question is how much do you think Carp is worth on the open market? If he is a 4mil a year guy I think we back load his contract and keep him. Also who do you think is more important to the team Carp or Tony MC beacuase you could cut Tony and give his 3mil to Carp but we are getting a little thin at DL with Mebane injured and Hill as well.

        • peter

          Pretty well thought out Red! Nice work

        • Volume 12

          That’s a tough call between Carp and Tony McD, But if I had a gun to my head and had to choose, it would be Tony McD. I thought he played brilliantly in the Super Bowl and had a couple of TFL and splash plays. He’s a guy who understands he’s here to do the dirty work, he’s a vet, and there’s not a ton of 6’7, 300 pounders who consistently get good leverage.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            Also, SEA already has Carp’s replacement on the current roster. Not so much for McD.

            The more I think about it, the more it looks like Mebane won’t be back. None of his $5mm next season is dead money. Not to mention $5mm is expensive for a 30 yo 1T coming off hamstring avulsion injury.

    • Onur

      If we have 10m (after lynchs reduce) cap space, why wont sign with randall cobb first year 6-7m cap hit.Or with byron maxwell?

      • red

        Because in 2016 you would be likely over the cap Over the cap has us 83 mil for 2016.

        Russell to make +21= 104
        Okung to make +10=114
        Beast +9=123
        Wagner +8=131
        cut unger -4=131
        Gresham/Cameron +5=136
        Irvin +5=141
        Draft +4=145

        No space for Cobb or Maxwell. Draft expensive position DE CB LT hope to find a starter save lots of money.

        • Onur

          Thanks but i cant understandone thing, lynch would be 5-6m(he has 7,8m cap hit now i guess) after -1.5 reduce and next year +9 =14-15 m?? I think i dont know these cap things.or math.

  21. JaviOsullivan

    Before signing Suh I prefer Paea and cost much less.

    With the Lynch contract extension is difficult Seattle draft a RB but Jay Ajayi is very interesting project. Power, fast and Seattle measurements. I think in 3rd would be awesome but finally, he will go before.

    Rob, what do you think about Jay?

    • Rob Staton

      Personally think he was average in the Boise State games I saw. Just unspectacular. Could be productive in the right scheme but not a guy I’d go to bat for. Mid rounder fair.

  22. Turnagaintide

    Yeah, Collins deffinately has all the tools. I don’t know why people aren’t talking about him more. The one negative thing I have noticed with Collins is that he isn’t very physical with receivers even while playing press man but maybe I’m just use to watching the L.O.B.

    • peter

      At Walter football they did move Collins up to their number two Cb prospect and either McShay or Daniel Jeremiah mocked him to the Ravens as the number 26th pick unfortunately I think he may be another player who moves out of the reach of the 31st pick after the combine.

  23. Grant G

    It’s a highlight video granted, but watching this I could see Derek’s assessment of Jaelen Strong.

    We always talk about separation requires speed, route running, or size/catch radius. With Strong, he’s not creating space with his legs but has that “doesn’t have to be open” aspect that some of the great big receivers possess. Reminds me a bit of Brandon Marshall or Boldin.

    • Volume 12

      Yeah, I kind of like WR Jalen Strong. He’s competitive, good size, former JUCO guy and you right, he doesn’t have to be open to produce.

      Having said that, I can see Rob’s points as to why he’s not high on him. He drops a lot of passes over the middle, and for a guy his size, that’s troublesome. Also, he seems to have heavy feet and while he makes highlight grabs, he struggles to do the routine things.

      • Rob Staton

        I always worry about receivers who can’t get open and rely on spectacular grabs to make plays. At the next level there’s always a chance the spectacular plays don’t happen as often and then you’re left with a plodder. In fairness to Boldin and Marshall etc — they can get open. Boldin in particular.

  24. Volume 12

    One guy that I personally like quite a bit as a possible bargain FA for the defense is Baltimore Raven DL/OLB Pernell McPhee- 6’3, 280 lbs,

    He’s improved each year he’s been in the league, has a TON of versatility, great motor, and would give Seattle a big DE, could play 3-tech, and in an emergency type situation, back-up the SAM LB spot. Instant upgrade over a DL Demarcus Dobbs and DL David King. ‘Kills 2 birds with 1 stone.’

    Only making 555,000$ some odd dollars, and I have to believe he’d love to come play for a team like Seattle on a 2-3 year deal for 4 mil or so.

  25. Volume 12

    I know Rob isn’t a big fan of this kid, but one guy that I really like is Norfolk St DE/OLB/TE Lynden Trail-6’6, 262 lbs.

    He’s a freak athlete, amazing length, great versatility. I think he’ll run a mid 4.5 40 yard dash and have a very impressive 10 yard split. He’s somewhat of the ‘swing for the fences/home run selection’ that Seattle targets every year. I think his athleticism, length, and personality will really catch Seattle’s eye.

    Great 3rd or 4th round pick that could back-up Avril at the LEO spot and eventually Bruce at the SAM. You could bring him along slowly, use him as a speed rusher on 3rd down only, and potentially down the road you’re looking at a Jason Pierre-Paul type. As a former TE, you could also use him similar to hoe Houston uses JJ Watt down on the goal-line. Keep an eye on Trail.

    • Rob Staton

      I thought he was raw with potential in the Senior Bowl game. On the tape he looked a bit lost at times. Didn’t dominate small school competition which was a concern. But I only saw one game.

      • Volume 12

        He is definitely raw, but that upside, athleticism, and length is so appealing. He does appear lost at times, and I think that’s due to the fact he’s a guy who need’s to put his hand down in the dirt and just go after the QB. Kind of like what KC asks of Justin Houston out of the 3-4.

        There’s a ton to work with, and with the right coaching he could be a matchup nightmare. I’d love to see PC get his hands on a kid like this. He’s a project pick, but a unique project.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          You’re not the only one bullish on him. So is Bradley:


          It’s a good article. The part I like most is where he talks about why he went to Norfolk. “[W]hat drew me there was the mass communications program. That’s what I want to do when football is done.”

          That’s one of the most level-headed statements I can remember from a nfl prospect.

          • Volume 12

            Thanks CHawk that is a good read.

            I’d loved to take credit for spotting this kid, but it was actually Jim Q who first turned me onto him about a month or two ago?

    • OZ

      I’m hoping the Hawks come away with him in the draft. Like him a lot. Athletic Freak!!!!

  26. Ho Lee Chit

    Offensive Line cap hit and contract expiration dates

    LT Russell Okung $7.3M 2015
    LG James Carpenter $2.4M 2014
    C Max Unger $5.6M 2016
    RG JR Sweezy $676K 2015
    RT Justin Britt $1.1M 2017
    LT Alvin Bailey $587K 2015
    RT Garry Gilliam $604K 2016
    C Patrick Lewis $585K 2015

    As you can see, we have a lot of guys whose contracts are up in the next two years and they are going to want to be paid. With a $20M QB it is essential we keep a quality line in place but it has to be affordable. Okung’s cap hit was $11.2M in 2014. Seattle is near the top of the league salaries for the LT and C positions. We have to groom some backups (Bailey and Gilliam) but they are also due for a big raise.

    In order to manage this Cameron Erving on a five year deal becomes awfully tempting in round 1. He would only cost $1.4M per year. Carpenter will probably leave for a $4M deal somewhere else. We cannot afford to pay him and Russell Wilson. I see Britt moving to his LG spot next year. Either Bailey or Gilliam can adequately replace Britt at RT. We cannot keep Bailey if we do not play him. Erving becomes a bargain because he can backup all five position on the line. He offers contract leverage with Okung and Unger as he could replace either. Next year we will probably lose Okung. Erving would make an adequate replacement while we shop for a new LT. The following year he could replace Unger. Having Erving would really make this transition to a new O Line a lot easier for Schneider over the next couple years.

    • Rob Staton

      Erving played tackle at FSU but there’s a reason they moved him inside. I’m not sure he can fit into any leverage talks with Okung. He could play guard or center though. As much as the line has several parts reaching the end of contracts, I expect them to keep Okung and Sweezy and Unger is done until 2016 lessening the need here.

      • Ho Lee Chit

        This from CBS Sports.

        “Erving earned All-ACC First-Team and All-American First-Team (Sporting News, USA Today, SI.com) honors as a junior (at Left Tackle) , among a slew of other accolades. He also established himself as one of the nation’s top offensive linemen, even contemplating a post-junior year exit for the NFL before deciding to return for the 2014 season.”

        He did not move to center until after he had played 22 games at left tackle. The move was a result of injuries along the FSU line.

        “Injuries forced Fisher’s hand where Erving’s move to center was concerned, but it wouldn’t have been possible without an adequate solution to replace Erving in protecting the edge. Freshman Roderick Johnson (6-foot-7, 330 pounds) has taken over Erving’s left tackle spot, and Erving said a mouthful in assessing Johnson’s play in practice against FSU’s top NFL prospect on the defensive line “Sometimes he does better on Mario Edwards than I do,” Erving said -“

        • Volume 12

          OL Cameron Erving was pretty awful at LT this year. He showed no improvements from 2013-2014, and actually got worse. Injuries may have forced the move inside, but if there hadn’t been an injury, we’d be talking about Cam Erving as a day 3 prospect. That injury was a blessing in disguise for him.

          As a C, OG, and possibly a RT he’s an exciting guy.

        • Rob Staton

          That’s all well and good but having touted Erving as a first round left tackle at the start of the year and followed his progress — I can assure you the switch wasn’t just down to injury. And it’s not often you move a strength at left tackle inside to cover anyone.

          • peter

            I don’t know if its as simple as snap Baileys moves to the right tackle or Gilliam honestly. Frankly I think its more realistic that Bailey takes over at Carps spot. If he comes into camp in shape anyone with eyes can see he can hold his own and improve on the left side.

    • bigDhawk

      The OL player I really, REALLY like in this draft is Donovn Smith, LT, declared RS Junior from Penn State. He had a great Senior Bowl game and Nate Orchard said he was the best offensive lineman he faced all that week. Also watch his video against Nebraska on draftbreakdown. He absolutely snuffs out Randy Gregory the whole game and makes him look average. This guy is a legit LT prospect who could replace Okung in 2016 and might very well be there at 31. Play him at LG in 2015 then let Okung Walk and let him take over LT in 2016 with Bailey starting at LG. I’m really high on this guy.

      • Rob Staton

        The idea of letting Okung just walk away really troubles me.

        • bigDhawk

          I’m on the other side of the fence. The idea of signing him to a long-term, franchise LT contract really troubles me, until he can demonstrate he is actually a full-time franchise LT, and not just an injury-prone, part-timer who had one pro-bowl season.

          • Rob Staton

            The injury stuff is overstated with Okung. He missed half a season last year. Apart from that it’s only ever been the odd game.

            • Jarhead

              Rob he missed significant time in his rookie season with an ankle injury and again 2011. He also missed half the year when the DE from Philly hip tossed him and tore his pec. Injuries have been a huge hurdle for Okung’s performance and Seattle needs to consider that. It was much more than just “an odd game”. Don’t old pros say the most important ability is availability?

        • OZ

          Will not happen….

      • JaviOsullivan

        I like in 3rd round

        • bigDhawk

          He looks like a legit NFL LT to me. He’ll likely go sooner than that.

          • Ralphy

            It’s crazy how many people take Okung for granted. I don’t know if it’s because everyone watched Walter Jones for all those years but Okung is a great LT. He’s had some injuries (and some false starts) but he has shut down a lot of the top pass rushers over the years and has helped pave the way for Lynch becoming one of the top RBs in the league. I would hate to see him leave.

  27. CHawk Talker Eric

    Anyone else like Rob Havenstein RT from WISC in R4-5?

    6’8″ 335# He’s an absolute run block mauler. A little stiff so not the greatest pass pro but he’s a freaking mountain. Started every single game at RT for the Badgers the past 3 seasons.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Reminds me of Giacomini

      • Volume 12

        I really like Havenstein as well, He does have a little Breno to his game. He’d absolutely be a great pick in rounds 4-5. Him and SD St OG Terry Poole are two of my favorite O-lineman that appear to be getting overlooked.

        He’s also a great guy, with amazing character, He used to have long, flowing hair, but cut it all off and donated it to ‘locks for love,; which is a charity that donates people’s hair to survivor’s of cancer, He did it, because his mom had cancer when he was in High School, so it’s obviously something that is near and dear to his heart. I could really see him instantly fitting in with this team.

        Couldn’t you just imagine him and RW accompanying each other to the Children’s Hospital every Tuesday together?

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          I know he’s rumored to have a great work ethic. Didn’t know about the other stuff. He caught my eye while watching Gordon highlights.

          • Volume 12

            Good eye my man, He moves so well for his size. He does need to distribute some of his excess weight into his back-side so he can anchor more consistently, and get drive from his legs.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          I gotta think the kids would love Havenstein. Especially if he grows out his hair again. He’d be like Robbie Coltrane’s character in Harry Potter. Haggis or something.

          Poole just might be the 2nd or 3rd best nfl guard in the draft.

          • Volume 12


            OG Terry Poole is my personal preference to replace Carp or back-up Alvin Bailey if he’s the one who slides into the LG spot.

    • Forrest

      Yup…guys a beast!!! Definitely a run blocker though, but his size makes up for not really being a great passblocker.

    • Ho Lee Chit

      What I heard is that he is considered too tall to slip inside and play guard, especially with a 5-10 QB. Most guards are in the 6-4 range.

      • Volume 12

        IMO he’s a RT.

      • peter

        Except for ok Tom Cables main dirt bag bestie Robert Gallery, just a thought

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      He will be gone by the end of round four, if he has a nice combine. I may even go in the bottom of the 3rd round, to the right team. He has already had a nice “all-star” game on his resume, raising his draft stock.

      • Volume 12

        Another interesting RT and LT prospect for that matter, is a guy that Rob has previously banged the drum for. NC St OL Rob Crisp-6’7, 300 lbs., he’s battled back from multiple injuries, has great length, good foot speed, and some impressive athleticism.

  28. Volume 12

    Rob, one guy I’ve seen mentioned quite a bit on here, and who I’m also a fan of is N. Iowa DT Xavier Williams-6’2, 325 lb., 33.5′ inch arms, 10+’ inch hands, this year he had 93 tackles!, 14 TFL, 8 QB sacks, and in 2 years has blocked 6 FGs. That’s some crazy production for a nose tackle.

    He’s tenacious, high motor, former wrestler, and looks like he has a high football IQ (would love to become a Head coach after the NFL). I was just wondering, have you had a chance to check this guy out yet?

    • Forrest

      Honestly my favorite DT this draft! I’ve heard that he was a really great team leader as well!

    • Rob Staton

      Heard a lot about him but yet to check him out.

  29. red

    Hi Rob

    I know you have been writing up CB Peters and Collins. Have you seen any tape on PJ Williams? not super tall but good on the press on the outside don’t think he as was used well at FSU. Tony Pauline says he has vertical of 41.5 looks like has a body like Lane a little about 6feet arms 31-32. I am hearing some late first early second on him CBS has 33 on big board.


    • Rob Staton

      I intend to focus on his specifically in the coming weeks but what I saw during the season — I wasn’t overly impressed. But then nobody in that FSU secondary stood out.

  30. Volume 12

    Seattle does need to find at least a developmental big receiver in this draft, so what does everyone think of ‘swinging for the fences/taking a chance’ on Michigan WR Devin Gardner-6’4, 215 lbs.? Could he be a bigger version of Pats WR Julian Edelman?

    WR Devin Gardner has really good length, I’ve heard he’s a freak athlete, he’s a tough and gritty kid. Extremely high character as well. Does anyone remember when Ohio St QB JT Barrett went down this year? The first kid there consoling him and holding up his head was Gardner, He also has befriended a young cancer patient and become really close with him. Sounds a bit like RW, huh?

    He’s from east Detroit, never knew his father, bused 45 minutes to a different high school so he could play football, almost flunked out of high school, because he was running the streets, but his older brother who raised him and was basically a father figure to him, kept him on the straight and narrow.

    I can’t tell ya how many times I’ve seen this guy lay his body on the line for his team while at Michigan. He didn’t get a combine invite, but was pretty impressive during the Senior bowl week of practice.

    What are your guys thoughts on taking a shot on WR Devin Gardner?

    • OZ

      Very good developmental Guy. Give him a year and I think you’ve got something.

      • OZ

        I’ll tell ya. The more tape I watch of Phillip Dorsett the more i like him. Explosive… Harvin anyone? Without the flags.

  31. SunPathPaul

    We need a more dynamic WR corp with size, speed, and diversity.

    Chris Matthews can play some “if” we compliment him with another big target WR and TE. Chris Matthews played well, but when B.Browner was put on him, only one catch. Thus to really have matchup problems to challenge the defenses, we need another 6’4″ + WR and TE!

    Imagine Baldwin in the slot, Chris Matthews out wide, Luke Willson in line, and add in:

    Another 6’4″ + WR on the other side like DGB/Funchess/etc.

    Another 6’4″ + TE to terrify defenses like Maxx Williams/Clive Walford/Jesse James…

    Having 2 large WR’s and TE’s will give us many awesome personnel packages for Russell Wilson to exploit. Then we need one more thing—

    A Speedy quick WR/PR/KR…

    Phillip Dorsett would be my choice in this category. Might be a 4.3 guy!
    Would we take him at #31? I’d consider it! He is smaller than RW, but that speed and skill he has would be a breathe of fresh air if he can get consistently open…we need that!
    Plus, if he does PR/KR we are getting a triple threat then. I know it’s a few plays a game, but instead of stagnation like we have now, we have dynamism at that position!

    Any of these others: Tyler Lockett, Jamison Crowder, Antwan Goodley, Justin Hardy would be nice.


    Do we agree on the large WR and TE, then a 2nd Speedy WR/KR/PR?

    • Volume 12

      My personal preference is K-St WR Tyler Lockette. Highly competitive, good character, a willing run blocker, was the go to guy at K-St, and still torched opposing defenses, plus K-St’s offense isn’t exactly a high volume passing attack.

      I really like WR Phillip Dorsett as well. Is he a run blocker though? Even with P-Rich being skinny, he’s still a fantastic run blocker.

      WRs Crowder, Goodley, and Hardy are all very good options as well. The 5 smaller receivers you mentioned are all actually at the top of my favorite WRs list in this draft. Don’t forget USC Nelson Agholor.

      Seattle does need a big WR, but I’m still not sure that DGB or Funchess is the answer. This class is really lacking big targets at the top of the draft. WRs Darren Waller, Vince Mayle, Devin Gardner, and I would’ve said Deontay Greenberry, but I’ve heard his run blocking is terrible, and he has a ton of drops, all may be better options in the mid rounds.

      As for the TE spot, I just have a feeling that TE Jordan Cameron is going to end up a Seahawk. If that’s the case, then obviously Zach Miller is likely a cap casualty. and that lessens the need/pressure to go TE early. Again, a blocking TE would be nice. Ohio St’s Jeff Heuerman (wouldn’t surprise me to see him go in the 3rd, I think he’ll turn in an impressive combine) Iowa St TE EJ Bibbs, Delaware TE Nick Boyle, Texas A&M Cam Clear (who I really like) will all be available later on.

      • Ho Lee Chit

        Take a look at Rice WR Jordan Taylor. At 6-5, 215, 4.5 he is a big body that can make the tough catch down field or catch the slant route. He has put up three solid years as Rice’s top WR. He would be similar to Luke Willson but is too thin to ever line up in line as a blocker. Taylor should be available in the late rounds.

        • Rob Staton

          Taylor not invited to the combine which was interesting.

    • Jim Q

      I agree with the 2-WR, 1-TE draft to get more weapons for RW3, however I can’t really see Dorsett as a viable kick returner. He has a limited number of returns as both a punt returner and a kickoff returner, but his yardage #’s on those returns are well below average. (http://www.cfbstats.com/2014/player/415/1040249/index.html). Returning really is a specialist position and is much more difficult than many think. Speed is important, but IMO, experience as a returner is even more important. I very much like Dorsett and Smith as WR’s and think either would add a deep threat and the ability to get open with quickness. I don’t think either should be considered a returner just because they are fast, otherwise they would have better #’s as a returner coming out of college.

      Lockett/Agholar are both excellent WR’s that also have produced well as returners and IMO either would be a wise Seahawk pick (Rd 2/3?) when it comes to the return game which is a surefire need. There are a number of “tall” WR’s that should be available in the mid to late rounds, although that tall guy may have to be more of a developmental pick. Personally, I’d prefer Tyler Lockett in Rd-2/3 and a TE in Rd-4 and a bigger WR in the mid-to-late rounds. That would leave plenty of picks for many of the other needs.

      • Volume 12

        I agree Jim.

        This is off topic, but one guy I haven’t seen mentioned on here in awhile is Indiana HB Tevin Coleman. I’ve heard he may be high on the Seahawks draft board.

  32. Ross509

    Anyone interested in haloti ngata (he’s got a hard name hahaha), on a 1 or 2 year prove it deal? He’s 31, due 8.5 mil and the Ravens want to renegotiate his contract

  33. David M2

    Good read on DGB over at Field Gull’s. If he’s there at #31, this read makes him look like a Seahawky pick

    Why the Seahawks should draft Dorial Green-Beckham (Link)

    • UKhawk

      Take DGB…after taking Gurley at 31 and trading up in the 2nd!!! Sign Fitz, Marshal to mentor he & Matthews

      • Volume 12

        That’s some wishful thinking. Where are all the targets going to come from for Fitz, DGB, and Marshall? Seattle isn’t going to be a passing offense as long as PC is here.

        Seattle is going to draft or sign WRs who are comfortable getting a handful of opportunities a game.

        Fitz would be nice, but I’m not sure Arizona is going to release him, in fear of he may end up in Seattle, in the same division, and then having to face him 2 times a year at the minimum. If anything, they’ll trade him to the AFC.

    • Rob Staton

      He has undoubted talent. But there are people on Twitter (I know) speculating on some extreme character concerns. I’m not going to mention them on here, but if some of this stuff is true it would make total sense as to why Missouri kicked him out and I personally wouldn’t want to roll the dice. Every team will be doing their homework. We won’t know the real truth until the draft.

      • Volume 12

        Rob, have you had the chance to check out Arkansas DL Darius Philon? He seems like a good penetrating, undersized 3-tech with impressive length, but I can’t find much on him.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        I’ve been leading the anti-DGB brigade from the start. I went so far as to refute any connection between JS’s visit to Mizzou and any interest in drafting him in Rob’s post about that.

        But since then I’m coming around to a different opinion. I still have major concerns about his off-field conduct, particularly the DV incident. But I have yet to read about any on-field or locker room issues with DGB.

        His background growing up in Springfield MO, then going to school down the road at Mizzou, reminds me a bit of Tyrann Mathieu and the off-field problems he had that came from trying to focus on playing college football while hanging with the trouble-making homies of his youth. It strikes me as a sound reason for why DGB left Mizzou – an attempt to remove himself from the distractions and negative influences that accompany a difficult childhood.

        DGB’s game tape speaks for itself. I suspect the FO has asked Justin Britt what he thinks of DGB as a teammate. Perhaps JS visited Mizzou to inquire further. I just wonder why he would tip that info. It was a deliberate mention.

        At any rate, I don’t think DGB will be drafted in R1. He represents too much risk. But if CMike was worth a R2, then surely DGB is as well. If Gurley isn’t available at 31 (and I doubt he will be), I’d be in favor of SEA trading back into R2 and using one of their R2 picks on DGB.

  34. Ed

    Rob, I know Suh would be near impossible, but what can the Hawks save by making these changes:

    Cut/Restructure/Not resign:




    Would we be able to sign:

    Gresham or Bennett
    T. Smith or Cobb
    Paea or Odrick or Fairley or Bowers
    Clayborn or Hughes or Pierre-Paul or Graham or Sheard

    Would love to sign Maxwell, but not in the cards. If we could get a TE, WR, DT and DE in FA it really frees us for BPA or even take a CB in 1st round. Would this all be possible with or without Lynch?

  35. James P

    Hi Rob, I know the requests for opinions on favourite players are stacking up, but I wondered if you’d seen much of Wash State DT Xavier Cooper? After watching the Malcom Brown tape above I watched all of Cooper’s and came away really impressed. 6ft 4, 300 lbs, penetrative, good hands, good range of moves. I would play him as a 3 tech in our scheme, but he’s got the length to play the 5 if we needed him to. Wash State play a 3-4, and he spent a lot of time at DE, which is out of position IMO. The only negatives I could see were a slight issue finishing, having got through the LOS, and a need for a bit more awareness. Sometimes he would crash through the line on a disguised run play and the RB would be past him before he’d got his head up. But the motor is non-stop and I came away really impressed. I’d draft him in R2 in a heartbeat. If you haven’t viewed the tape I’d be interested in your more expert opinion!

    • Volume 12

      Wazzu DL Xavier Cooper is a guy I think Seattle will have monitored pretty well having played in-state and being from Tacoma. He reminds me of a more athletic version of what they thought they were getting in DT Jessie Williams.

      He does have good size (6’4, 300-305 lbs.), can play the 3-tech and 5-tech positions, has a great motor, plays with passion, and fires off of the snap.

      Here’s what really stands out to me though. It’s his spring/summer testing numbers. This kid runs a 4.78-4.8 40 yard dash, put up 27 reps at 225 pounds on the bench press, and has a 32 inch vertical. He’s a fantastic athlete and only being a junior still has a ton of upside. He’d be a great selection. I just wonder where his range/value will end up being.

      Is it true that he’s dyslexic?

      • James P

        Volume 12 – thanks for the numbers, I didn’t know that. The vertical doesn’t surprise me, you can see it in his first step, which is really sudden. Range-wise I think R2 at the moment, but that could easily rise after Combine/Pro-days.

    • Rob Staton

      Cooper is on my list to watch this week James — looking forward to seeing what he offers.

  36. Ukhawk

    Meant either/or someone to mentor like fitz or Marshall etc

    I like DGB more and more as a risk to take esp if he lasts til the 2nd. As a prospect he has very high upside as he’s got all the tools but some maturity questions. Where better than to come into a team like Seattle; positive attitudes, competition brotherhood, teaching rich environment?? No risk, no reward as Hawks rarely will have a chance to draft this type of player. Plus he’s young, moldable unlike Percy; and if it doesn’t work out so what…will hopefully be signing more 4th and 5th rounders to multi year contracts..,,

    • Volume 12

      His back story is very ‘Seahawky’ that’s for sure. Bruce Irvin could be a pretty good mentor for him as well.

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