Percy Harvin – torn labrum?

Not the kind of news fans were hoping to see at the start of training camp. And this is why championships are not won on paper in July/August.


  1. Colin

    Percy will be fine. My prediction.

  2. austin

    I think he ends up being fine but who knows, maybe its wishful thinking. Big blow if he’s out for any length of time. Thought I saw on twitter though that a doctor said surgery is very rare for this unless its a huge tear.

  3. Brandon

    Unless labrum tears are terribly difficult to diagnose I highly doubt the second doctor is going to see something else. I just did a quick search and looks like lineman can get away playing with the tear, but a receiver seems to be a different story. Not to get too bummed before we hear confirmation, but If he’s gone for the year, ouch. McCoy, Scruggs, Harvin lost before the pads ever start banging.

  4. Clayton

    Although disappointing, we had a really good offense without Percy Harvin last year.

  5. James

    We can only hope he can play this season at full speed. If he needs surgery, are the Seahawks doctors to blame for a mis-diagnosis? Surgery, if needed, absolutely should have been done way back in Feb/March. Collective-finger-crossing-time.

  6. Bill Bobaggins

    Was listening to a guy on sports radio saying that it can be scoped like a miniscus. 2 – 3 week recovery if that’s the case. If it’s a complete tear, it’s more like 3 to 4 months.

  7. Rob Staton

    This bothers me. Usually in this kind of situation there’s no smoke without fire.

    • Turp

      Pete usually does not reveal much about injuries. This is really not good.

      Tate and Baldwin playing in contract years, and hopefully we will see some growth from Harper. Not all bad though; we’re still a run first team.

      • Rob Staton

        I could take a great deal of solace from the presence of Tate, Baldwin, Rice and Miller usually in this situation, but this time I’m struggling. It’d be unfair to jump to conclusions or criticise anyone before we know the full facts, but one of the concerns with Harvin has always been how banged up he’s been. And people were very quick to justify his laundry list of issues when the trade happens. There’s generally a class half full approach in Seattle whether it’s the fans or media. But those issues did exist. So before he’s even taken a pass in Seattle, to potentially have a torn labrum bothers me.

        Let’s not polish things up here… if it’s a torn labrum he’s missing at best a large chunk of the season, possibly (probably?) all of it. Then you wonder what’s next. Will it be something else after that? And then you wonder if his massive contract becomes a problem when guys who can stay healthy (Okung, Sherman, Wilson, Wright, Tate, Thomas, Browner) all reach a time when they need re-signing. I really hope we’re not talking about that particular subject next week and this is just a minor scare and no big deal. But the wait to find out more info will be excruciating.

        • JW

          I find the narrative on Percy’s injury history interesting. he’s missed 9 games in 3 years (before missing time last season, he’s missed only 3 games in 3 years). Missing 3 games a year qualifies as some kind of defining feature of a player, I guess. But what’s odd to me is how it’s different for other players. For example, in your post you cite Okung as a guy who can “stay healthy”. Okung has missed 11 games in 3 years.

          Harvin had a far more injury free start to his career than Okung has had, thus far.

          • Rob Staton

            I was more referring to a player who’s contract will expire while another guy is getting paid and injured. EG – Okung staying healthy the next two years and it being an issue because of Harvin’s salary. I was looking at the now not the previous.

            • JW

              I see. Fair enough.

              I do think the general/national narrative on Harvin is not accurate wrt his injury proneness. Without doing much research (read: almost none) outside of the one ankle injury he seems to be rather typical of NFL WRs in terms of games missed.
              He skips a lot of practices. But he does play hard and he does run hard, and maybe that adds to his dings and bruises and perhaps that’s something he’ll have to reconsider (This is why I never bash a player for stepping out of bounds rather than lowering a shoulder for an extra yard unless it’s a critical situation- it’s not really worth it, it seems to me).

              I’ve never been totally sure about the trade to acquire him given the existing roster talent, draft and cash capital involved. But my reservations aren’t based on his injury history.

        • Kip Earlywine

          Shit happens.

          Whatever the outcome of this injury, it has nothing to do with Harvin’s previous durability issues (which were mostly headaches that have since been cured). It’s just a tough break.

          I predicted that Harvin would miss some time with Seattle just because of how he plays the game at his size, but this injury happened during innocuous offseason activity. Basically, a freak injury. A fluke.

          I don’t know why anyone think it’s will be season ending. Every medical source I find on it says 3-4 month recover time. You can string out PUP list de-activation for most of that period, up til week 11 or 12, of the NFL season, IIRC.

          Also, the team doctor who diagnosed recommended AGAINST surgery. Not sure why that hasn’t been reported by most sources- it’s kind of an important detail. They aren’t seeking a 2nd opinion to overrule the 1st opinion, they are seeking a 2nd opinion to play it safe. HUGE difference.

          • Rob Staton

            There is some mixed sentiment on labrum injuries. One or two people have suggested you don’t come back from it and it would be a season ender.

        • A. Simmons

          I know if I were Schneider and Carroll, I’d cut Harvin while I could if this turns out to be a minor labrum tear that he doesn’t want to play with. From what I understand of the contract we have an out this year. After this year his guaranteed money kicks in. If Harvin’s tear is minor and he acts like a whiny little female dog, I’d adios him off the roster and let someone else deal with the headache. I’d rather keep a Golden Tate that wants to be great, has already bought in, and gets along well with Russell than a whiny, no practicing, I’m better than all of you Harvin with a poor attitude. I’d rather look stupid for making the trade in the first place when I cut him, than look stupid when he becomes a long-term problem hampering my salary cap.

  8. Turp

    In other sad news, I feel bad for Swope.

    Cardinals sixth-round WR Ryan Swope has been forced to retire due to lingering concussion symptoms.
    Swope, the No. 174 overall pick, was a pleasant surprise at the Combine in February, running a 4.34 forty. But he suffered multiple concussions at Texas A&M, and he has never gotten over them. Swope is making the smart long-term health move, but it’s a shame he never got to put the pads on in the NFL.

    • JW

      that’s really too bad. he was an exciting prospect and great college player

    • Kip Earlywine

      Great news for us, sucks for him.

  9. Austin

    Why do you keep saying all of the season? the very worst case scenario would have him missing 10 weeks or so of the regular season. If they can have him for a playoff run and the playoffs he isn’t missing the whole year.

    • Rob Staton

      Not many players miss around 10 weeks of the season then just settle into the team for the playoffs and have a major impact. Let’s not forget here, he’s not working out in those ten weeks. He’s not running routes. He’s resting up, then doing physio and rehab. So the chances are a healthy Harvin just waltzes onto the field in the final quarter of the season and has an impact are very optimistic IMO. Not many players have labrum surgery in late July/August and made it back that year.

      • Kip Earlywine

        I’d be shocked if they IR him. Even with surgery he’ll probably get back by early November. He should be up to speed weeks before the postseason. A ton of Harvin’s value will come in the postseason, so I’m not that upset about him missing most of the season. DJack missed most of the 2005 season, returned late in the year, and had a very strong playoffs during our SB run.

  10. Austin

    Not many players are Harvins caliber either. I agree it will take him some time but they’ve paid too much money and he’s too good to not try. My original point is that he’s definitely not lost for the year. I think we can all agree that we hope its nothing major!

  11. austin

    Kip I agree with your Djax example. I think people are panicking and assuming the worst. I don’t see any possible way he misses the whole year and I do think its possible to come in late in the year and be a very valuable piece of the offense. Is it ideal? No, but can it be done? Yes. I also wonder why people aren’t reporting that the first doctor advised against surgery.

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