Pete Carroll hints Seattle will feature a ‘Buffalo’

Pete Carroll spoke to John Clayton at the owner’s meeting this week. You can hear the piece here and it’s worth a listen.

Here are some of the higlights:

— With Deshawn Shead currently injured, Jeremy Lane is ‘next man up’ at outside cornerback

— The Seahawks still intend to fill Mike Morgan’s spot on the roster and Morgan, a free agent, remains an option

— Cornerback and linebacker are the two positions of focus on defense

— Carroll stated they’re also ‘always looking to upgrade the pass rush’ adding it’s ‘a good draft for some guys who could help us’

I think the most intriguing thing, however, is the increasing focus on this position:

That’s an image we first looked at in February when discussing the role of a ‘big nickel’ or ‘Buffalo‘.

Seattle ran a 4-2-5 for a large part of 2016 with Jeremy Lane playing 71% of the defensive snaps as an orthodox nickel corner.

John Schneider’s comments on the SAM linebacker position this week suggest they’ll continue to start an extra defensive back:

“When you look at the SAM linebacker position, it’s really hard to say you’re going to take a huge risk on somebody or step out on a limb for somebody because the reps are… it’s 15 to 17… or something like that, is the average. So that’s why you see that position in our defense, it’s just a nickel league now.”

Carroll further emboldened the suggestion they’ll use a big nickel when discussing Bradley McDougald’s role in Seattle:

“Maybe we can do some things with our packaging so we play three safety’s at the same time. We’ve looked at that over the years and done that at times.”

So considering they’ve already signed McDougald, what can we take from all of this?

— With Lane moving outside, at least to begin with, it creates a hole in the slot somebody is going to need to fill

— McDougald might play a high percentage of snaps as a big nickel or he might compete with a rookie

— McDougald might win the nickel job outright or he might spell it with someone else depending on the match-up (eg a dynamic slot corner)

— They might have McDougald try to win that job (similar to Brandon Browner a year ago) and if it doesn’t work, start a more traditional slot corner (as they did with Lane in 2016)

The talk of an extra safety being on the field and the lukewarm discussion of the SAM position highlights why Pete Carroll and John Schneider appeared to look so excited after watching Obi Melifonwu at the combine:

Melifonwu is a unique player. There really isn’t anyone else like him in the league. Linebacker size, 4.40 speed, highly explosive, supreme agility and short area quickness.

For this specific role he could be the new standard. And a virtually unmatchable standard at that — considering how rare his physical profile is.

And that’s why, despite everything we’ve talked about recently with Adoree’ Jackson, he could be a highly coveted prospect for Seattle.

Jackson could be an option for very different reasons. He’d be the compliment to McDougald. A player who might take 90-100% of the snaps one-week and 20-30% the next depending on the match-up. If he wasn’t playing much on defense you’d still be getting his extreme special teams value. So it still makes sense.

However, if Melifonwu is there at #26 he might be their guy. The question could be — will another team beat Seattle to the punch. Will another team acknowledge the way this league is going and consider taking the ultimate Buffalo?

And if he’s not there that might be when you consider the alternatives — slot corner (Jackson, Baker, Awuzie), outside corner (Tankersley, King, Conley) or another safety (Evans).

An alternative would be to draft someone like Shalom Luani later on.

As for Carroll’s mention of the pass rush, it’s an interesting note. With five picks in the first three rounds the Seahawks should be able to find someone they like. It could be, for example, someone like Daeshon Hall. It could be a T.J. Watt, Vince Biegel, Jordan Willis or Tyus Bowser. So while it seems very likely Seattle will go DB with their first pick, the EDGE class is deep enough to consider the options in rounds 2-3.


  1. Nathan_12thMan

    Given their investment into J.Lane this year, I am down with him getting first crack at CB2. But honestly I hope we have someone (R1 CB, Desir, Thorpe, Elliot, D.McCray) that can beat him out for the job. If J.Lane plays like he did in ’16 then we should want him to be a versatile backup (backup both outside and inside CB) and a special teams ace gunner.

    I am curious Rob, if we drafted say Kevin King in the first round, do you think he would be the immediate CB2, no doubt? Do you know if he used the kick-step technique on the Huskies?

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’d be a challenge for him and he’d have to compete.

      Which is maybe why they won’t go outside corner early and might go for the slot instead. We’ll see.

    • JT

      Nathan – FWIW I think King would be the heavy favourite to start at RCB in week 1 if he were the pick at 26.

      The Hawks have never started a rookie CB under PCJS (barring injuries), but they’ve never drafted one before the third day of the draft either. While the specific technique the coaches teach will take some getting used to for any rookie, King is far more talented than all but one rookie CB the Hawks have drafted. Recall that Richard Sherman played very well as a rookie when pressed into action. King is arguably the same type of talent coming out of college, and his 1st round pedigree would be a factor in the competition.

      Lane cannot be relied upon, as he’s never been both healthy & effective in the same season. The depth players will compete, but none have proven anything in the NFL that can be banked on. In many ways, King is the ideal 1st round pick – size, athleticism, talent, the UW connection, and experience playing the RCB position of need.

      That last factor shouldn’t be discounted. There’s a learning curve to playing CB on the “wrong” side of the field, just like there is for WR’s who only play on one side in college. Sherman almost exclusively plays LCB, and the numbers suggest he’s much more comfortable & productive on that side.

      Cordrea Tankersley & Quincy Wilson also primarily played at RCB last season, while Ahkello Witherspoon & Tre’Davious White played about half their snaps at the spot. Humphrey, Conley, Sid Jones, and Rasul Douglas all played primarily at LCB, to name a few.

      • Greg Haugsven

        I still feel the pick will be Jackson. Dynamic in the slot plus his return skills might make it tough to pass on. Obi comes in second.

        • JT

          Perhaps the most strict athletic threshold the Seahawks have at any position is height & length at CB. Every single CB they’ve drafted or signed as a UDFA in the PCJS era has 32+ inch arms. It’s unlikely that they’d break that trend at any point in the draft, let alone the 1st round pick.

          Jackson is a a fine slot CB and excellent return specialist, and it’s not out of the question that Seattle would draft him. However it’s more of a long-shot than it is a likelihood.

          • Rob Staton

            They’ve signed a slot corner with sub-32 inch arms before.

            ‘Long shot’ isn’t the word I’d use for arguably the most dynamic athlete in the draft.

  2. Sea Mode

    Whoa! PC just let his tounge slip bigtime talking about OL at the meetings:

    “With what Joey [Hunt] has shown us this year, we think he’s ready to take on the starting center role for us. He’s done a phenomenal job with his communication and all that. That will allow us to kick Justin [Britt] back out to RT to compete with Germain and Gary for the spot.”


    • Nathan_12thMan

      Whoa! Game changer for sure. We are gonna have good OL depth this year at multiple positions!

    • Volume12

      When I brought up that tweet about Britt saying this was the first off-season he was looking forward to without having to change positions, that was shot down.

      • Rawls1234

        April Fools!

    • nichansen01


      • Volume12

        Personally, this is what I always take away from anything PC says. ‘In an ideal world or scenario, we would like this or that. But, plans/things change.’

    • Del tre

      What a very serious proposition. Maybe they’ll finally move Sherm to wife receiver too!

      • Del tre

        Woops wide*

    • Dlep

      😂 nice link

    • EranUngar

      April 1st could be hazardous to fan’s health…

    • Kenny Sloth

      But Hawks fans still be like “we rely too much on TEF. Just draft a reliable quality OL. Fire Tom Cable” lol

      • Josh Smith

        What would it take for you to critisize the front office just once?

      • 75franks

        exactly Kenny I’m mean the hawks oline has been great for years!!!

  3. Peanut

    Slowly falling in love with Jabrill Peppers. Thoughts? He’ll probably be gone by 26 though.

    • Volume12

      I’m still trying to figure out what he is. Is a returner worth a 1st round pick?

      • Sea Mode

        I think he’s a nickel corner or SS. This video breakdown at least puts into perspective how his skillset was (mis)used at Michigan last year and I like him a lot more after watching that:

        • Volume12

          I think he’s probably a safety too, but his TFL productivity kind of proves you want this guy close to and attacking the LOS. But, does he have not just enough size, but bulk, to take on bigger, stronger O-lineman?

          • Sea Mode

            Take them on, no. Beat them to the spot every time and force the runner another way, yes.

            I think he is a Bucannon clone minus the arm lenth:

            Buchannon: 6010, 211, 32 3/8 arm, 4.49 40yd, 4.26 SS, 36.5 VJ, 10’5″ BJ, 19 BP
            Ja. Peppers: 5113, 213, 30 3/4 arm, 4.46 40yd, N/A SS, 35.5 VJ, 10’7″ BJ, 19 BP
            (Sha. Luani: 5113, 202, 32 0/8 arm, 4.55 40yd, 4.21 SS, 31.0 VJ, 09’7″ BJ, 12 BP)

            • EranUngar

              And a 1.54 10 yard split….

            • Volume12

              Just me, but I don’t think he’ll be anything close to Bucannon. Not saying he’s a bad player, not saying I dislike him, just don’t know what he is if he doesn’t go to a very creative defensive mind.

      • EranUngar

        I think he is a perfect buffalo…

        • Totem_Hawk

          +1 im coming around on Obi.

    • Mike

      if we go safety with #26..I would much rather go Peppers than Obi..

      Just seems like that kind of guy that will have a phenomenal ten year career in the NFL..

      • Hawks22Fun

        Peppers has only 1 INT to his name… #Concerned

        • Mike

          true..though they had him lining up as linebacker his senior year..

          more of a gut feel on my part..I think he’s a day one starter in the LOB..and a great returner also

          proven excellence on the big stage…

        • AHawk

          If you get a chance, check out Brett Kollmann’s report on youtube.
          Changed what I thought of Peppers.

          Rob: Would you rather have A. Jackson or Peppers?

          • Rob Staton

            I’d happily have either player, AHawk.

            • Ground_Hawk

              Rob, this comment of yours is why I appreciate this community as much as I do. You always seem willing to explore all of the options, and you do not allow yourself to become completely enamored with a prospect. This makes it possible to unearth so much of the different talents available, year after year. Thanks, for your work, and time! Cheers!

        • Kenny Sloth

          That interception came late in the third against Ohio state

          Watch the tape before thumbs downing a player

          • Greg Haugsven

            I think he would be an option for sure. Freak athlete that’s versatile.

            • All I see is 12s

              Carroll’s comment about playing McDougal in a 3 safety look Makes me think that they won’t be quite as eager to add a safety for the Buffalo look as they already have that need filled. The more I think about it the more I think that an elite caliber Nickel back might be what they’re looking for. I.e. Jackson peppers or Baker

              • All I see is 12s

                King can play nickel too

              • Misfit74

                They technically have every need filled.

                How well filled is debatable. I don’t think McDougald is being paid like a starter, necessarily.

                The LBs we signed aren’t either.

                Joekel: kind of starter money.

                We have competition at every position , freeing us up do draft a good match of talent/value and need.

                Based on Pete’s comments, etc, I can see Buffalo, slot corner, or outside corner, and DL/Edge, as well as OL at the top.

          • Ishmael

            People love volume stats at this time of year, it gives them a pre-built narrative.

        • Rob Staton

          Peppers’ one interception is an overstated narrative. He played linebacker last year basically to take away the outside run. Reddick, Foster, Davis, Cunningham and other top LB’s all had zero or one interception in 2016.

          • EranUngar

            Kam Chancellor has 1.6 int/year in 7 years.

  4. Del tre

    Daeshon Hall would be a Frank Clark type pick. Someone who can help us get some pass rush immediately but will also develop. I saw hall relentlessly pursuing and even pushing the QB from the pocket into Garretts hands. He would completely reestablish D line depth.
    If we snag him in the third thats a fantastic value, in the second and its still great. I love the flexibility of this draft no matter the position we want we have 5 picks in the first 3 rounds and there are always other attractive alternatives to each pick. Go hawks!

    • JT

      Hall could be an immediate upgrade on the 4th nickel pass rushing position that Marsh manned for much of last season, while teaming with Clark to give Bennett & Avril more rest. He’d be a solid pick with one of the 3rd rounders.

  5. Sea Mode


    “I hear about all these traits that Taco (Charlton) has. What are they? He has long arms and ‘upside’ as a rusher. Is that it? (Derek) Barnett ran faster, worked out better at the combine, plays stronger and has way more production. If Taco had really explosive numbers, that would be one thing, but I don’t even think we should be arguing about which guy goes earlier anymore.” — AFC national scout

    • Coleslaw

      To me it comes down to intangibles. Taco might not be the greatest athlete, but the burst he gets off the snap beats pretty much everyone. He’s like Bennett in that way. Must time the snap, but when he does, you’d better watch out.

      • RealRhino2

        Funny, just listening to two draft analyst types say they were disappointed with his burst. The way I hear people talk he’s sounding like a R2 guy. One thing I think Rob was spot on about in yesterday’s column was that there will be surprises at the top of the draft. There are just so many flavors of guys stacked up at Edge, S, and CB that whoever comes off the board will just depend on a team’s scheme and what kind of guy they prefer. Think some forgotten and small school guys like Carl Lawson and Derek Rivers both go before Taco, for example. But could also be completely wrong!

    • JT

      I respect the job NFL scouts do, but this quote seems ignorant of Charlton’s impact.

      Charlton played only 22 games the last 2 seasons due to minor injuries, while Barnett played 26. Even so, Charlton still managed 15.5 sacks & 22 TFL (10 & 13.5 last season, respectively). Taco also received plenty of rest throughout games, as Michigan’s defensive line was absolutely stacked with NFL talent and depth. Barnett was essentially a 100% snap player. More snaps = more tackle & sack production.

      Charlton also posted a better Sparq score than Barnett at the combine, and improved his 40-time at UM’s pro day. He also has fantastic length. I’m a fan of Barnett’s game, don’t get me wrong, but Charlton checks every box.

  6. cha

    Rob, am I right in thinking the Buffalo position does not have a prominent pass rush component? And if someone like Melifonwu is the guy, do his skills/short area speed open up some creativity in play packages for Wagner & Wright to blitz? That seemed really effective in 2016 when they tried that.

    • Rob Staton

      A buffalo has the athleticism to operate in coverage plus safety size to be able to match-up with bigger targets and offer some modicum of run support. They can scream off the EDGE in a blitz occasionally.

      • HOUSE

        After watching more tape on Obi, we NEED this guy… He’s got coverage skills to cover a TE and short area quickness to help contain the run. Drafting him kinda fills 2 holes (DB and LB)

        • Mike

          we were all convinced we “needed” Ifedi last we still think that way??

          • JT

            We were convinced we needed an offensive lineman, but Ifedi was a big question mark as a prospect.

            The Hawks don’t necessarily “need” Obi. They have a big need at CB that Obi might fill, but he didn’t play the position in college. He can fill a role however, especially in the long-term. His athletic upside is mesmerizing, and IMO, he’s a far superior prospect to what Ifedi was last year.

            • Mike

              I’m seeing similar hype in here for Obi that I saw for Ifedi last year. May mean something..maybe not..

              • cha

                Let’s give Ifedi a little more time. He had problems last year but he had some road grading moments too.

                • peter

                  I think Ifedi is going to be pretty good this year. One more year in the system, hopefully not healing an injury at the beginning of the season. I’m pretty otpimistic

                  • peter

                    I can spell, I promise!

            • House

              You’re right. I should clarify my words a bit… Obi FILLS needs we have. I personally believe our #2 CB is already on the roster. That being said, a special guy like Obi creates flexibilities and opportunities in our scheme.

              Ifedi being drafted and used as a RG was a surprise to me. I felt he was a RT and should’ve played RT. I know it’s no walk in the park for a rookie to come in and start on the edge, but I guess we’ll see what he’s made of.

  7. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I really think it will come down to Obi or Adoree… at #26.
    Obi for all the reasons already outlined…..
    and Adoree because he is a threat to score on every play he gets his hands on the ball (no matter position). I’m thinking Percy Harvin, without the baggage. When someone mentioned this a few weeks ago, it really got me thinking he would be the fall back plan for Seattle if Obi was indeed gone by 26.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Im 100% with you Charlie. Maybe Peppers as he offers some unique traits as well.

      • Dutchenstein12

        I agree with all 3 and possibly throw Budda in too (smaller version of Peppers with more experience playing db). Hopefully somehow a couple are still available and we can trade down 3-4 spots.

  8. nichansen01

    What would this blogs reaction be to drafting Corey Davis if he slips?

    • RealRhino2

      Can’t speak for the blog, but my reaction would be jubilation.

    • Mike

      like him..but dang…we have enough trouble keeping Baldwin & Graham busy…

    • JT

      I’m a huge fan of Davis and view him as a top 10 talent. In fact, his game reminds me of a 6’3 Doug Baldwin so much. The pre-draft injury and sub-par competition in college makes it a plausible scenario.

      Even so, I don’t know how I’d feel. WR just isn’t a need, and the Hawks have pressing needs at CB & OT. Even DT & LB are higher priorities.
      On the other hand, PRich is on an expiring contract and Kearse is a strong cut candidate next offseason. A future WR core of Baldwin, Davis and Lockett could potentially be the league’s best.

      Screw it, I’d be ecstatic.

    • Overtime

      Sign him up. He is just what we need on the outside. A true #1.

  9. Matthew Baldwin

    If JS is saying SAM isn’t a priority early in the draft because it’s only 15-17 snaps, how many snaps would they roll out the Buffalo Nickel? 6-8? Maybe that gets to 10-12 if you’re going up against a Gronk/Olsen? Totally guessing.

    When PC featured the Bandit D a few years ago, that was only a few snaps IIRC.

    I think they draft Obi at 26 if they feel he can play outside CB and then maybe move him to the TE when needed as the chess piece but he’d have to play outside CB IMO to go at 26. i think Obi would fit JS bully comments from last year on the outside but not in the middle of the field.

    • Mike

      Let’s not get hypnotized by the workout stats..

      I’m thinking Peppers or Baker..those are your ten year starters right there

      • peter

        Could you elaborate? I like budda and Peppers but “x” years into his college career he was still being shifted around to find his ideal spot. Is he a LB? Is he a safety? Where does he play?

        I guess I don’t consider Obi’s play plus his testing numbers to be some sort of incomplete parts. I think he was a good safety, that his coach loved, then he tested through the roof. Obviously there’s some sort of draw for PC as that to my knowledge they haven’t even spoken to Peppers or Budda but spoke to Obi several of times now.

    • JT

      Matt – Those are strong points. . I believe the Hawks view Melifonwu as a developmental CB with the ability to effectively play any position in the secondary. They could start him out in the slot or as a big nickel safety and give him plenty of snaps.

      Obi is a unicorn though. No other safety available to the Hawks in this draft is going to come in and get those nickel snaps in passing situations (except perhaps Justin Evans). A CB would be a better option in coverage. In “base” packages on early downs, a decent SAM would be much better than non-Kam safeties at holding his gap at the line of scrimmage.

    • Overtime

      I think they get something done with Mike Morgan. He is the same size as Obi and Pete is comfortable with him in that role.

    • 12thmannorth

      Seattle played nickle roughly 70% of there snaps last season. So when playing a 4-2-5 the 5th db could be a “buffalo” type player, meaning he would see almost 70% of defensive snaps. Imagine Bucannon from the Cards he played 76% of snaps for them in a similar role i believe.

      • BRSeahawks


  10. D-OZ

    Obi has to get by Tampa Bay and Oakland for us to have a shot at him. If I was New Orleans I would take him with my first pick. As I have stated a couple of times already, he has Kenny Easley type range.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I see NO taking Ross at WR.. if he makes it that far. Cooks replacement.

      • peter

        Fair but that team needs defense for a change.

  11. D-OZ

    Three team’s that are showing a lot of interest in Obi.

  12. RWIII

    My gut tells me that Budda Baker will probably go in the 35-45 range. Baker is a 1st round talent. But his measurables will work against him. If somehow he slipped all the way to 58 you would have to jump on that like st*nk on you know what.

    • Mike of those guys you think down the road..dang….why didn’t we take him when we had the chance!!

    • Misfit74

      Agreed. Baker would be an excellent Seahawk at the right value

  13. Old but Slow

    Do any of you have anything on Korey Cunningham, OT from Cincinnati? Rob Rang has him going number 27 in round one in his latest mock.

    • JT

      Some sort of mistake there. Cunningham in a junior who didn’t declare, and didn’t work out at the Bearcats’ pro day.

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s probably meant to be Zach Cunningham.

  14. RWIII

    Melifonwu is visiting a number of teams that pick before Seattle. Melifonwu will visit Tampa Bay, Detroit, Philadelphia and New Orleans. All those teams pick before the Seahawks Melifonwu is also going to visit Pittsburgh and Dallas. Pittsburgh could make a trade and move ahead of Seattle.

    I Don’t think John Schneider is going to have a chance to snag Melifonwu. Unless he trades up. If Schneider does trade up later on in the draft he will have to trade down to make up for the loss of a pick. If Schneider doesn’t make a move and Melifonwu is gone then Schneider might trade down. If he gets the right offer. That’s what I would do.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Many teams do due diligence when it comes to draft picks. Just because a guys come in or don’t come in for a visit … may not always indicate how willing a team is to draft the guy.

      A good example, Pittsburgh has some need for young LBs and pass rushers. I would think S might be down the list for them. If they view him as a CB, then perhaps they make a trade. Another example, Philli needs a WR bad. They have some guys, but no REAL #1. They could also go TE…. to help out Wentz.

      I think a dark horse team might be the Browns. They need secondary help and have 2 1st round picks. Imagine, they get Garrett and come back and get Obi. Instant upgrade for the defense.

      • Del tre

        Teams could also be trying extra hard to mislead Schneider. The feel he has for the draft leaves me confident

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        DET need DB help badly. And they’ve spent as much time with Obi as SEA.

        TBB just lost Bradley McDougald and they’ve had multiple meetings and a private workout with Obi.

        Both teams pick in the range that Obi is likely to go. Either are as likely to take him as anyone else.

        Not so much with PHI or NOS, or CLE for that matter. Picking Obi at 11, 12 or 14 would be a bit of an overdraft. Also don’t see CLE taking Obi regardless because they have other more pressing needs, like QB.

  15. Dale Roberts

    Earlier in the day (before I read Rob’s article) I had fun with the following draft on Fanspeak:



    SENT: ROUND: 2 PICK: 26

    SENT: ROUND: 3 PICK: 38

    SENT: ROUND: 2 PICK: 27

    • LeoSharp

      Jordan Willis looks to be the ideal Leo target in this draft class going by his measurable’s and playing style. Could definitely be the eventually replacement of Cliff Avrill and been the new king of the strip sack.

      • Misfit74

        The part of Willis’ game missing is he is a linear athlete; he doesn’t have good bend around the edge. I’m not sure how problematic this may be for our scheme, or for teams that may be looking at drafting him. McKinley is similar. Charles Harris and Barnett are better at this, but Harris is more a snap jumper and moves guy. Barnett is pretty refined but not a Supreme athlete himself. The pass rushers in this class are hard to slot in terms of projecting draft position, value.

    • Ground_Hawk

      Willis’ tape against Stanford was impressive, his athleticism can be seen on tape.

      Here’s the link:

      If Seattle drafted him that would be outstanding, but I think it would have to be early, because he looks like a top-40 pick to me.

      • Misfit74

        Check out Derek Rivers. 37.5 sacks and 56.5 TFLs in 4 seasons. Tested very well, too.

  16. Bob


    Do you think the Hawks would completely change their plans if a Riddick, McKinley or J. Davis dropped to them? Seems they’d have to take an outstanding defensive BPA like that since this draft is deep in DBs don’t you think?

    • peter

      I love Davis but if Reddick fell I think he’d have to be higher than Obi, King, Adoree…for me anyway. He’s absolutely ascending, great measurables and can play in space for coverage plus rush the passer.

    • Ukhawk

      Wonder if Reddick can make it to 26 given he is probably slotted beyond Foster & Davis on most boards?

    • Rob Staton

      Maybe on Reddick.

  17. nichansen01

    Go zags!

    • Greg Haugsven

      Good win. Now it’s time to take down the big dogs in North Carolina.

  18. RWIII

    BTW : If Obi Melifonwu is off the board. And JS/PC are interested in T.J. Watts they better grab him at 26.

  19. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Should Seattle consider a vet min deal for Dion Jordan?

  20. RWIII

    Let’s assume the Hawks go with a defensive back (not a given ) . The Hawks could go in a number of ways with their secondary round pick. In fact if the Hawks might even consider Wide-Receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster from U.S.C. It’s possible . The Hawks could go Adoree Jackson and JuJu Smith-Schuster. Back-to-Back

  21. C-Dog

    With the 26th pick of the 2017 NFL draft, the Seattle Seahawks select, Obi Melifonwu, defensive back, University of Connecticut.

    26: R1P26

    58: R2P26

    90: R3P26

    102: R3P38

    106: R3P42

    210: R6P26

    226: R7P8

    I think the mentioning of three safety packages from Carroll and the recent comments from Schneider about the diminishing usage of SAM, might make Obi, Budda, or another safety-ish player of high end potential a pretty likely pick if they stay at 26. I still like them to walk out of this draft with two other players added to the secondary, and the prospect of adding Tankersley with Obi is pretty exciting in terms of adding physicality back in with the LOB.

    R3 could be the area they look to address pass rush, and I thought it was interesting Kris Richard was in personal attendance to the ULCA pro day with Vanderdoes there. Seattle has been looking pretty intently at DTs, and Vanderdoes is a former 5 star athlete who showed up nicely at the Senior Bowl and the Combine. Putting two and two together, I don’t think it’s too far a stretch to consider Richard was looking a bit extra at Vanderdoes to see if there is inside rush potential there. They could also double down a bit with the three picks in this round and also take an edge player like Biegel, who coincidentally could also play snaps at SAM.

    If they don’t go OL day one, I would have to think that they will look day 2. If Bisnowaty comps to Ricky Wagner, could be a candidate for RT. If they stay true to the idea of moving Ifedi to RT, maybe Bisnowaty, moves inside to guard, where it is also suggested he might be better served.

    Chesson adds depth to WR, and Xavier Coleman adds to nickel corner.

    UDFA’s include QB CJ Beathard, FB Freddie Stevenson, TE Darrell Daniels, RB Elijah Hood, G Jessamen Dunker, DT DJ Jones, LB Jimmy Gilbert, CB Treston Decoud, S Xavier Woods, and K Zane Gonzalez.

    • peter

      I like this. I’d rather Asiata in the third, as opposed to Vanderdoes, since I think honestly he could beat out Glowinski and Joeckel for the LG spot.

      I’ve watched Chesson and honestly I don’t see him as depth. I don’t know why but he seems built for Seattle to me and I think he supplants Kearse if given an honest chance to compete. I like Bisnowaty quite a bit in that draft area. It’s a good list of UDFA’s but I think Gonzalez gets drafted in the 6th.

      • C-Dog

        I’d love to see Seattle draft Asiata, but I am genuinely pretty intrigued about Vanderdoes, and what his former 5 star recruit self might bring. If he can keep his weight around 305 at the next level and works in a rotation, as Seattle loves to roll with, I’d be pretty stoked if they were able to take him in R3.

        I agree on Chesson. Personally, I think Seattle is likely going to trade back, maybe a couple times and try to get more middle round picks. I could see them drafting Chesson higher the R6. I think they are going to take a WR in this draft.

      • Ukhawk


        Personally I’d go elsewhere in R2 and get Douglas/Griffen in R3 instead of an OT

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Richard could have been scouting Fabian Moreau. After all DB’s are what he knows best.

      • C-Dog

        Could very well have. Although, Moreau does not measure as ideally long as they like their corners, but neither does Jackson.

        It is interesting that Seattle presently does not have a lot of depth at DT, also has not been very active in FA bringing in veterans at that position, thus far, but as been looking at a fair amount of players in this draft class, some that are projected as day two players. It feels like DT could be a target that might be a legit consideration for them higher than some might suspect.

    • RWIII

      C-Dog: Solid draft. However I think 3rd round is too early for Vanderdoes. Don’t know enough about him. But he does have some medical concerns.

      • C-Dog

        From a medical standpoint I can see that concern, but If Seattle was willing to take Odhiambo R3 with his injury history, I would have to think they might well consider Vanderdoes R3, as well, especially if they think he has upside as an interior rusher. Also, I kinda feel with the dearth of DTs in this class, athletic guys at that position are going to get pushed up by a few DT needy teams. Vanderdoes might not even be there at 90.

    • D-OZ

      I don’t think Tank makes it to #58. Borderline first rounder for me. I think you will see his stock go up as we get closer to the draft.

      • C-Dog

        Could be. Does his track record of giving up deep plays concern you if you were drafting end of round one with other quality corners still on your board?

        • Sea Mode

          I personally think the run on CBs will start R2.

          Just 3 go in R1 (Lattimore, Humphrey, King) and then 10 in R2!

          Impossible to predict, of course. Just my hunch.

          • Volume12

            💯% this.

            Clemson was also one of the schools they scouted the most this past season too.

            Last year for example? 3 of the schools they scouted the most were ‘Bama (DT Jarran Reed), ND (CJ Prosise), and Ohio St. (Nick Vannett).

            • C-Dog

              Carlos Watkins had himself a nice pro day, Volume. Does he move up your board at all in terms of Seattle?

          • C-Dog

            I think you’re onto it, Sea Mode. That’s a solid hunch.

  22. EranUngar

    “As for Carroll’s mention of the pass rush, it’s an interesting note” –

    I really hope it is an interesting note.

    I have said it here a few time before :

    Avril & Bennett are playing too many snaps to be fresh and effective all season long and are not getting any younger. While the Seahawks where in the top 10 at number of sacks, they where at the bottom 10 at average distance from the QB when passing. It is unlikely that they will pay Clark, Avril & Bennett in 2 years and need to bring in the future replacement.

    I supported Watt/Bowser because of their pass rush capabilities. I’m glad to hear PC address the pass rush too.

    • EranUngar

      It also brings me to the BUFFALO pick. One of the best ways to add pass rush pressure is using a buffalo blitz when the inline TE he covers helps with pass blocking. A 1.54 10 yard split (Peppers) could come very handy.

    • Del tre

      If we are going to go for a pass rusher, I’d go for someone like Daeshon Hall rather than a Linebacker. Having Hall would mean 3 of 4 guys on the line can rush from all 4 spots. Scary how good the defense should be next year.

      • C-Dog

        I like Hall to develop as another DE/DT type behind Bennett.

    • C-Dog

      If they miss out on King, or Obi, I would be totally happy if Watt ends up being their first pick.

    • Rob Staton

      It’ll be a R2-3 pick most likely IMO.

      • EranUngar

        I agree. Certainly not a 1st round pick.

  23. KD

    This is an interesting situation where Pete Carroll used to be the trend setter (The rest of the league is all about passing the ball, but we are going to run the ball, big corners with length, etc.), but now seems to be thinking that they see the trend happening and want to get ahead of the curve.

    Are the Seahawks giving up on the traditional 4-3 or are they looking to set the trend for what the Nickle should be?

    • C-Dog

      I think they are probably doing what most of the league is probably doing these days, and seeing more value in adding players that fit their nickel if that’s the package they are going to likely be in most of the time in most games. So long as Carroll is HC, they will always be a 4-3 under in their base, but that version of the 4-3 is a bit of a hybrid anyways.

    • Old but Slow

      Hopefully this is just JS adjusting to the league, always looking ahead to see what changes will help make the team more effective. With more teams featuring TE, and sometimes 2 or 3 tight ends, all who can catch and run, there needs to be a complementary response. Buchanan has opened some eyes to what can be done, and I am looking for our front office to find the perfect fit. What kind of athlete will it take to fit their vision? We have a hint in the attempt last season to use Brandon Browner in that role.

      Big, strong and fast (Obi), or smaller with instincts (Baker), or some different animal altogether. It would not surprise me if we find 2 players in that role depending on who they are facing. Quick and smart to deal with the Amendola types, and a fast banger to deal with the TE emphasizing teams.

      • Volume12

        It they went with someone like Budda, that’s setting a trend.

        Buffalo is a ‘big’ nickel package. Its not your ordinary ‘put the slot CB out there.’

  24. millhouse-serbia

    If Taco is there at 26th I think that, without doubt, he is seahawks first round pick.

    Mcdougald will be starting slot corner (buffalo) and as Rob said earlier about King as a starter: ” I think it’d be a challenge for him and he’d have to compete. Which is maybe why they won’t go outside corner early and might go for the slot instead. We’ll see”.

    That is why I think that there is a real possibility that JS will go DE-EDGE in first round.

    • C-Dog

      I’d love to see Taco Charlton in Seahawks blue on Sundays.

    • Rob Staton

      EDGE that early is unlikely IMO. Seattle is looking to add a rotational piece. The fourth rusher on the roster in R1 with needs on the back end? Not sure about that.

      • millhouse-serbia

        If PC sees Mcdougald as a starting buffalo do you think that Obi or Adore would have more snaps than Taco?

        • Rob Staton

          McDougald probably doesn’t win that job if they draft Obi.

          And Adoree’ is playing defense, offense and special teams.

      • Coleslaw

        But after Bennett had just 3 sacks and has had lingering injury problems for the last 3 years ( played through a lot of it)? They might want some insurance. Him and Cliff aren’t getting any younger

        • Rob Staton

          Bennett has never been a big sack guy. He has, on the other hand, been consistently disruptive.

          People have been saying Bennett and Avril are getting old since they got here. They really aren’t that old.

          Adding another rusher is likely, just not at #26.

    • Overtime

      Like you, I am coming back around to the DE-EDGE position early. Cassius Marsh had a poor year with zero sacks. Avril and Bennett cannot play forever. We are also short a couple bodies inside behind Rubin and Reed so we should consider DT. Malik McDowell, Takk McKinley and Jordan Willis all seem pretty attractive. There are so many quality DB’s we are certain to get a good one in R3. I expect the unexpected. Someone we don’t anticipate like OJ Howard, Corey Davis or Ramczyk will fall into our laps. Trading back then becomes an option.

  25. Del tre

    I think Adoree Jackson being described as Percy Harvin on defense is spot on. He’s the same type of guy where one play he will drive you mad, for percy is meant reversing field or taking the ball out when he clearly shouldn’t, for Adoree that means biting on a juke, getting eaten by the turf monster, giving up a long td. Then after they drive you mad they’ll make you forget everything, look at Adorees games where he hasn’t been stellar as a corner, he makes up for it in spades as a returner or makes some great plays on the ball. Goodness this is an exciting draft.

  26. Ukhawk

    Niggling thought JSPS may go for McDowell in R2. He has the body type & athleticism to be that inside/ out, 5T guy. He played out of position last year at zero on a weak MSU team but was immovable vs run/double teams. Very effective rusher off the edge with huge upside physically & technique wise.

  27. Steele

    I’m not thrilled about the idea of Lane being outside.

    Although nobody thinks it will happen, let’s toss this one out anyway: would you trade Sherman for Malcolm Butler? This idea is getting a lot of play with NE fans.

    • Rob Staton

      I wouldn’t and I doubt Seattle would either.

    • peter

      It can get play with their fans all day. What would that trade be Butler for Sherman and New England’s 2nd and third? I know I sound like a honk, but Butler isn’t even in Sherman’s air yet. I’m pretty indifferent at this point about Sherman being traded or not. It makes a ton of sense if yu look at it objectively: Cap savings, value of trade, would the team even sign him to yet another expensive contract in two years?, Does the team let him walk for a 3rd round comp in two seasons?….Malcolm Butler on the other hand has one good season. When he can rack up 5 more seasons then there can be a like for like trade.

      Sherman has sort of become a chore to listen to his rants. But very few if any CB’s play at his level for as many seasons as he has.

  28. MontanaMike

    The way the mocks are going we will get somebody good but all the guys we’ve discussed may be gone unless we move around in the draft. With all the quality bodies in UDFA, I would be happy to pick a few impact players and then see who is left. Potential is great but we have a few holes to fill and we need players that are ready now, even if it means fewer picks of great talent.

  29. Overtime

    Pete and John signed three LB’s, Michael Wilhoite, Terence Garvin and Arthur Brown. Garvin and Brown are only 26, while Wilhoite is 30. All three can play special teams. Wilhoite is an ILB. Brown’s bio indicates he can play inside or at WLB but sometimes gets over powered inside. Garvin appears to be a SAM. His bio indicates he excels at coverage in the flat against RB’s and TE’s. He came out of college a little undersized and was referred to at the time as a ‘safety like nickle backer’. He has added weight and is now listed at 235 lbs. Add in Bradley McDougald and it appears the Hawks have filled in the gap in our roster. I am especially excited about McDougald because his presence would seem to push Jeremy Lane to RCB. Last season our run defense suffered with 190 lb Jeremy Lane defending on 70% of the downs. A bigger body is needed. Mike Morgan is still a possibility and Pete mentioned that he is “still out there”. We can feel good that if the season were to start today we have the people we need to field a versatile defense. Now we just need to find the gems in the draft.

    • Volume12

      Arthur Brown was someone PC wanted all the back when he was still at USC.

  30. Volume12

    Tell ya what, this Brandon Wilson, DB, Houston? This kids stuff is screaming Seahawks at me. I will be shocked if they walked away from that workout not blown away.

    Tough as nails man. They used him as around the box as a SAM. Kid has FS speed, instant impact on STs both ways.

    What a hybrid. Nickel corner that plays bigger than he is, dynamic, athletic, late round corner? Check, check, and check.

    • Volume12

      His versatility at a discount is too damn appealing.

      • Volume12

        Coverage skills are A+. Excuse me while I clean my drool up and pick my jaw up off the floor.

        IMH(to god)O, this cat has a chance to be a special, weapon at the nickel position. Unique as they come.

        Did I mention he was the only player in the country to have multiple TDs on all 3 phases?

        • nichansen01

          Will he be there round 6?

          Or this guy a third round candidate?

          • Volume12

            Kind of tough to work out.

            I don’t think Seattle will go a full 2 round between the 3rd & 6th w/o a selection. I would expect a trade back at some point. Whether its a 4th, 5th, or maybe both (as Rob mentioned in his last mock).

            He’s giving me Honey Badger like vibes.

            • CHawk Talker Eric

              This kid has some impressive stats

              5’10” 198lbs
              4.36 40yd
              41″ VJ
              133″ BJ (11-1)
              24 BP

              In 2015 & 2016:
              101 total tackles, 6 TFL, 2 sacks, 2 INT, 3 FF
              41 KO returns for 1121 yds (25.5 yd average)
              41 rushes for 194 yds (4.7 ypc), 2 TDs
              11 recs for 101 yds (9.2 ypc)
              52 plays from scrimmage for 295 yds (5.7 avg) and 2 TDs

              Projected R6 but might be worth snagging earlier.

              I have to admit I was confused about which Wilson SEA were interested in at HOU pro day. I initially assumed it was Howard but know now it has to be Brandon.

              • Ishmael

                What’s the knock on him?

                Good production + great testing, what am I missing?

      • Overtime

        I like him as a Safety. Let him backup ET. He is a combination of Christian McCaffrey and Adoree Jackson. He needs to focus on one position. The Kick-Six is incredible.

    • Coleslaw

      Nice! I’ve been looking for alternative slot corners of a pass on Jackson Baker and Awuzie. This guy seems like the perfect match

      • Coleslaw

        If we* pass on them lol

  31. Volume12

    Wisconsin’s TJ Watt? Footwork is bad. He tips off the O-lineman. He’s has this bad, bad habit changing his stance basically telegraphing his intent.

    When he drops his inside foot back, he’s rushing. And he’s dropping into coverage vice versa.

    Can not figure out why him and the other EDGEs are doing this. Are they seeing something? Impatient?

    • williambryan

      Had this talk with Davis hsu before concerning Oline tipping with their stance. The truth of it is that the game situation, down and distance, and scouted tendencies do all the tipping mecessary. It’s 3rd and 8… everyone knows it’s a drop back pass. So a guy like Watt is going to put himself in the best stance to rush because there is no benefit in disguising.

      • C-Dog

        Nice take.

      • cha

        I guess I can see that point but at the pro level it’s not a good idea to tip your pitches like that.

        Especially in the Seahawks defense. In a 3rd & 8 situation they are just as likely to rush 4, drop 7 back and concede a 5 yard dump-off to keep the play in front of them as they are to pin their ears back and all out rush.

        As well you could be tipping WHERE you’re blitzing from by your feet placement as well, straight upfield or stunt, etc.

        So I’d argue yes there is benefit in disguising.

      • lil'stink

        Watt also doesn’t have very much experience playing LB. He should only get better at the next level.

    • Misfit74

      I’d still prefer a guy who is inexperienced and still realizing how to rush and still tapping his potential, with top notch athleticism like Watt than someone who knows how to rush but can’t match up athletically to many/most of the players already in the NFL such as the Ryan Anderson’s of the world. Watt needs coaching, a better pass rush plan, and time, but has a high ceiling.

  32. Stephen H. Pitell

    Given: There are 25 or more first round grades this year as opposed to 15 in most years. Remember that last year only 15 first round grades according to either Pete or John, and yet Ifedi and Reed were both still available when we drafted last year. With 25 or more first round grades, more than a few will still be available at 26. This bodes well for those predicting we trade down in the first round ….if….the FO is willing to take any of those first round grades which fall and are not in LOVE with one specific player.

    Rob is so convincing in his arguments on any given day that many here fall in love with that guy forever. Adoree Jackson is the latest to receive Rob’s seal of approval and after that many are convinced he is a MUST HAVE. Some are so enamored of King or Obi from previous seals of approval from Rob that one or both are considered MUST HAVES or are even willing to move up to get them.

    The way I see it, some of these MUST HAVES will still be available in the second round. While Hawks’ fans are focused on LB, EDGE, and DB’s many other teams are going to go WR, QB, TE, OL, or some other position we are ignoring.

    Personally, I’m not committed to a first round choice yet, but moving down from 1.26 seems to make the most sense to me. End up with a couple of first round talents in the second round. Like King and JJ Watt or Bowser. Or Obi and Budda. I have no faith in my guesses, but am more than willing to get excited by whoever they pick.

  33. Volume12

    Any WWE fans on here?

    • Ed

      When it was good, heck yeah. The early days of:

      Macho Man “Ooooooh yeah”.
      The Animal Steele.
      The Hart Foundation
      The Million Dollar Man
      Superfly Jimmy Snuka
      British Bulldogs

      Those were the days. Stopped watching just before NWO league started.

  34. MontanaMike

    Thanks for the write up on Arthur Brown Volume12, I was already stoked on McDougald. I also think most rookies and third year players improved in the off season, i really hope Reed and Ifedi bulked up a bit, and i think this might be frank Clark’s year to make an impact. I would be ecstatic if we ran away with the NFC WEST from the getgo. I’m so excited for the draft.

    • Coleslaw

      With all respect, Clark had 10 sacks last year, it’s safe to say he’s arrived

      • Misfit74

        We surely need to extend Clark in the near future. He’ll break the bank on the open market.

      • STTBM

        You are both right. With 10 sacks, Clark has arrived. Yet he was inconsistent, and will likely improve. Scary thought for the rest of the NFC West!

  35. Misfit74

    A few alternative thoughts:

    ~Derek Rivers, Charlton, or Other DL/DT, could still be a surprise DL pick round 1~2.
    ~Josh Jones an alternative to missing Obi or passing on him for another position early.
    ~I still love me some Kevin King…how do we get him AND Obi?
    ~Edge LB/SAM may still be a relatively early round selection, but only if helps the pass rush significantly.

    ~we are left to wonder how the team feels about the WR situation – and it is a situation. Injury (Lockett), contract/health (PRich), Kearse (ineffective), McAvoy (role player).
    ~~I hope we add someone like Chris Godwin, who could be a feature type NFL receiver, compliment to Baldwin
    ~~~a late round deep threat like Robert Davis, Zamora, or Krishawn Hogan might be smart. Wilson an excellent deep ball thrower.

    • Overtime

      In keeping with your thoughts … Cassius Marsh seems to be on the way out. He had zero sacks in 2016. They moved him to OLB and even with Mike Morgan injured and Bruce Irvin in Oakland, he lost reps to Jeremy Lane. Is he a LB or DE this year? Now we go out and sign 3 LB’s to ‘compete’ for the position. Meanwhile, Mike Morgan doesn’t seem to want to re-sign. It feels like the players got the word that the SAM position was going to improve and they may not be in the plans This is Marsh’s contract year. His dead cap charge is only $117K. Pete says, “We can always use more edge rushers.” Will we look for another Bruce Irvin in the draft or another Frank Clark? Maybe both?

    • RealRhino2

      Just reading the draft tea leaves out there, I don’t think there’s a good way to get King and Melifonwu. King and another safety, yes. Melifonwu and maybe Akhello Witherspoon, yes.

      I’d like to add a WR, but don’t want Godwin or Zay Jones or anybody who is basically a better version of Kearse. 6-1, 200, decent route runner. Just for me, I’d probably rather pass. Feel like I’d rather get a Curtis Samuel type, super shifty YAC guy, or big-bodied ‘X’ receiver, a guy who could be prototypical WR1 if all goes right. I could be way off base, there.

      • Misfit74

        I’m not too keen on comparing a potential 2nd or 3rd round WR talent to former UDFA and replacement-level (or worse) Jermaine Kearse. The team will want an upgrade if they spend the capital for one of the better WRs in the draft.

    • lil'stink

      I still haven’t seen any tape on Josh Jones that makes him look like he should go in the 2nd round. Not saying he shouldn’t, but he looks pretty bad I’m the games on DB. I like John Johnson and Delano Hill as buffalo types that could be had in the 3rd round or later.

      If we draft both King and Obi I think it means we traded Richard Sherman to do it 🙁

      Devils advocate: if you can get King and Melifonwu, but it means you have to trade Sherman, do you do it?

      • Misfit74

        No, give me proven elite during our title window over an unproven, yet talented rookie in most scenarios, anyway.

      • HawkTalker #1

        Not if you want to win. I’m assuming the FO still does.

  36. RWIII

    I don’t think that Obi Melifonwu will be on the board at 26. In fact Rob has Obi going to Oakland at 24. So then if Adoree Jackson is still on the board at 26 what will John Schneider do? He can take Adoree Jackson or he can trade down. There is a chance Adoree Jackson could be board at 26.

    Hypothetical: Let’s say John Schneider trades down with Chicago. Chicago wants Patrick Mahomes. When the Hawks pick at 35 ( Bears pick) Adoree Jackson is gone. Is it worth losing Adoree Jackson to get an extra pick.

    Brock Huard likes Tre’Davious White. So even if you lose Adoree Jackson you can probably get either Budda Baker or Tre’Davious White at 35.

    I would give Baker a much higher grade than White. The problem is you don’t know if Baker will still be on the board at 35. Baker is a much better tackler then White. Kevin King is probably gone if you trade down.

    So if you trade down you might get a chance at an extra third but you might lose your chance at Adoree Jackson, Kevin King and/or Budda Baker. Do you really want Tre’Davious White or even a Chidobe Awuzie as your first pick in the draft? Just so that you can snag an extra 3rd round pick?

    • Kenny Sloth

      I like Tre’Davious White as much as anyone, but does he fit that unique athlete we usually take early?

      Not really… He’s kind of basic. He’s really solid and Will likely be as a pro, but does the unique ability match the investment?

    • Sea Mode

      Speaking of just that, oh shoot:


      Titans worked out Connecticut’s Obi Melifonwu (6-4, 224, 4.40) as a cornerback today, according to a source. Like his size, cover skills

      11:11 AM – 2 Apr 2017

      • JT

        I can see the Hawks viewing Obi as a CB as well.

        RWIII/Kenny – There’s an outside shot they take White, just like there is with Jackson. But it doesn’t make sense based on what we know of the Seahawks. Taking a short CB with sub 32″ arms in the first round (Jackson) would be akin to taking a mediocre athlete in the first round (White). It would be like drafting an OL in R1 who doesn’t test explosively – a huge departure from longstanding philosophies.

        The Hawks have never drafted or signed a UDFA CB with arms as short as Jackson’s, or athletic testing as mediocre as White’s. While it’s certainly possible that they’d buck the trend at some point, doing so with the premium 1st round pick seems unlikely. I wouldn’t get your hopes up for guys like Jackson, White & Baker, despite all being great prospects.

        • Rob Staton

          They have signed a player with arms as short as Adoree’ Jackson’s. His name is Marcus Burley, signed specifically to cover the slot.

          We could also argue they were only signing/trading for/interested in big QB’s until Russell Wilson arrived.

        • JT

          Yes, they traded* for Burley before his 3rd season, making Seattle his 4th NFL team at the time.

          The Hawks haven’t applied the same athletic thresholds for veteran (depth) free agents as they do for draft picks. Just in the last year they’ve signed Sowell, Webb, and Aboushi on the offensive line – none of which meet their athletic ideals shown through draft history.

          Burley was brought in for depth, since Lane was the only slot CB on the roster at the time. It turned out well because Lane got hurt early in 2014. It’s one thing to break the trends on veteran depth guys like Marcus Burley & Bradley Sowell. It’s another matter entirely to do so with their mos-t important draft pick – something they’ve never done with any draft pick:

          I’m not ruling it out, because Jackson’s a good player & fantastic return specialist, but it’s unlikely.

          • sdcoug

            How do you know their previous draft ‘thresholds’ apply to slot corner?

            • JT

              I don’t. However even the slot CB’s they’ve drafted or signed as UDFA in the PCJS era have 32″+ arms as well. Thurmond has really long arms, Shead was the actually the slot CB in 2015, and Lane has been been the primary slot CB since Thurmond left. I think Tye Smith could have been considered for the slot as well, given his top-notch agility scores.

              • Rob Staton

                Thurmond played outside and slot corner in Seattle. Lane started outside as a rookie.

                You keep glossing over the Burley addition. Why?

          • Rob Staton

            You’re not in a position to say it’s unlikely though JT. Because they ‘have’ added a slot corner with sub 32-inch arms. FWIW it’s my understanding they had interest in Bradley Roby in 2014. He has 31.5 inch arms too. Plus they’ve never drafted a primary slot corner before. You’re holding a marker they’ve generally saved for outside corner’s and now using it to review how they may or may not judge the slot.

            And one thing Carroll has consistently loved is extreme, sudden athleticism, fantastic special teams value and players that can score every time they touch the ball.

            It doesn’t mean they will draft Jackson but it’s a stretch to say it’s ‘unlikely’.

          • JT

            I think anyone is in a position to make a judgement call on the upcoming Seahawks draft, especially if it’s based off extensive scouting & analysis.

            Thurmond played the slot and boundary positions, and so have Shead & Lane. That fact supports the notion that they prefer positional versatility at Corner over pure slot CB’s. I also have reservations that the Hawks would go for a pure slot at the top of the draft, even if such a player did possess 32″ arms. But we can save that for another day,

            Furthermore, I haven’t glossed over Burley; I addressed it directly when he was brought up: “The Hawks haven’t applied the same athletic thresholds for veteran (depth) free agents as they do for draft picks.”

            Even so, the addition of Burley is factored into my analysis. There’s just a lot more info & evidence to believe long CB’s are far more likely. I believe several players across a variety of positions will be higher on the draft board, among those available at 26.

            I’ll do you a favour though Rob. If the Hawks draft Jackson in the 1st round I won’t bother you with any more comments or analysis on SDB. I’m confident in my scouting & analysis here.

            • Rob Staton

              You’re full of it, JT. You really are.

              • Scraps


            • JT

              Was I full of it when I argued at length about Chris Jones this time last year? You were incredibly condescending when I suggested that he was as good a prospect as Sheldon Rankins.

              How about a few weeks ago, when we argued about the usage of nickel and the role of the SAM LB? I corrected you by saying that that the Hawks now play in sub-packages 70% of the time. Naturally, you deleted my comments on the subject after that, and have since incorporated that fact into your SDB posts anyway.

              How about a few months ago when we argued about the merits of PFF, and you laughed me off again? Not one week after that, you posted an SDB article centered around a PFF post stating Seattle had the top front 7 in the NFL. You’ve since started to quote PFF analysis in more and more of your articles.

              How about last year, when I accurately gauged where the Hawks would use their draft capital at every position on the roster in one draft-day prediction post on SDB? That included drafting an OL in the 1st round 1, and another on day 2 (results: Ifedi & Odhiambo), a double-up at DT with a run-stuffer and pass-rusher (results: Reed & Jefferson), a receiving RB (Prosise), a late-round WR who is at least 6’2 (Lawler), and no DB’s or EDGE draft picks. In that post alone, I named Ifedi, Fant, Prosise, Brooks, Vannett, Elliott and Vernon Adams as likely targets, who all proceeded to get drafted or signed days later. If I’m confident in my Seahawks draft prep, it’s due to hard work and that kind of track record.

              How about the spreadsheet I put together for the SDB community to identify and list possible draft targets?

              You’ve been nothing but dismissive and even rude now, apparently. But I’ve still contributed to your blog anyway. I know you’ll probably delete this post afterwards, but don’t worry, I won’t bother you anymore once the Hawks select Jackson at 26.

              • Rob Staton

                You know one of the reasons why I think this blog succeeds, JT?

                I don’t relentlessly think I’m the smartest guy in the room.

                I’d recommend taking that position yourself in the future.

                • JT

                  Is it not hypocritical to be condescending as you say that, as you often are?

                  I think this blog succeeds because of your expert analysis on the Seahawks in preparation for draft day.

                  Forgive me for challenging some of it when I disagree.

                  • Rob Staton

                    You really don’t know when to just move on, do you?

                    Enough already.

    • Misfit74

      I think the team will only trade down if they know they can do so and land a guy they’re really like. Short answer to your question for me is no. I prefer to stay put generally speaking and because I only really like a few weeks guys at 26.

  37. Peanut

    Has there ever been a draft with so many players with grades that could make them a first rounder? Or top 40, cause man day 1 and 2 is going to be crazy!

    Also Rob, or anyone, now that Obi and Reddick, maybe even Kevin King, has moved themselves into the first round, who have they “pushed out”?

    • Rob Staton

      Possibly Dalvin Cook, the big name receivers, Zach Cunningham, Justin Evans.

  38. Old but Slow

    While we can get an idea of the order of things, there is likely to be an outlier, maybe a few, where a team falls in love with a player who others see as going later. As we did when we drafted Irvin.

    It would be somewhat surprising but not shocking if a player like DeMarcus Walker, or Witherspoon, Tankersley, Awuzie, etc, gets taken before 26, which might push a desired player down to us.

    Would we pull the trigger on Dalvin Cook, Humphrey, Peppers or Bolles?

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s very likely that they would consider pulling the trigger on Humphrey, Peppers or Bolles. I wouldn’t expect any of the three to be there at #26 though.

  39. Old but Slow

    The idea of trading back to acquire more picks in such a rich draft is very appealing, and I have to think that several teams are thinking the same thing, so it might be a good time to trade up in the first to target a player they want.

    With the depth in this group, the price to move up might be especially low this year, and one of our third round picks might get us up to a better pick than in normal years.

    That said, it is not my first choice. Trading down to early 2d round and adding extra picks is the most attractive option.

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