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I’ve listed some quotes from Pete Carroll’s appearance today on the Brock & Salk show for ESPN 710. He began by discussing Bruce Irvin’s role on the team next year…

“Raheem Brock played 650 plays for us last year. If we can get him into the 700’s that’s three quarters of the plays. The position he plays we have in our defense. Most teams don’t have an outside backer that just rushes. He plays Clem’s (Chris Clemons) position. For us he fits perfectly into our make-up. Clem’s going to try and raise this kid up. He’ll play a lot is what I’m saying.”

Brian McIntyre pointed out that Brock actually only featured in 50% of Seattle’s snaps the last two years.

On interest from elsewhere: “We’re pretty confident right now that he would have gone with the very next pick.”

Carroll said he’s been searching for the ‘perfect’ LEO: “I’ve been looking for this guy forever. Jevon Kearse was that kind of athlete. He was a little bit taller than bruce, but the same speed. That’s the kind of guy. There’s only a few guys who fit the role.”

On working with Irvin, who has had issues with the law: “He’s been waiting all his life for something good to happen. Not a lot of good things have happened for him. We’ll help him manage this. He still has a way about himself, he can go in the wrong direction sometimes. You go through the mistake and the thought process of it and next time you don’t make that same of choice.”

Carroll talked almost as a father figure on approaching the team’s young guys, particularly Irvin. I also see this as a pure Carroll pick. The team invested a lot into Alex Gibbs’ opinion before the 2010 draft in zoning in on Russell Okung and Trent Williams. It was the same case for Tom Cable last year with James Carpenter and John Moffitt.

On other players of interest: “If Barron was there when we were picking that would’ve been a really exciting opportunity too.”

On Michael Brockers, now of the St. Louis Rams: “Brockers is a fantastic first and second down player. I love the kid. He has a great personality. That’s a great pick for Jeff.”

And Carroll is confident of dealing with Arizona’s Michael Floyd: “We kind of like playing against bigger receivers with our guys, so we’re OK there.”

Rounds two and three take place today: “We were hoping to come up with another two because we love the guys available. We’ve got our eyes on a couple of things and we hope we can pull it together.”


  1. Matt Erickson

    Re: Brockers: “Brockers is a fantastic first and second down player.”

    I could be wrong, but that sounds like a bit of a tongue-in-cheek, backhanded compliment. Like, “Hey, good job guys, you got a limited run-stuffer who you’ll be pulling off the field on third down! But he’s a great kid, I love his personality, so there’s that.”


  2. Mel

    I still like the Irvin pick, but his past does concern me a bit. The way Carroll keeps talking about him smacks of Holmgren and Koren Robinson. I feel Holmy got too close to Robinson, protected him, and to a degree enabled him to make many of the mistakes he made while in Seattle. I wish the best for Irvin because he’s had a very difficult life, I just hope Carroll keeps him accountable

  3. Rob

    Live chat begins again at 15:30 PST. Hope people will join us.

  4. D

    A lot of good taelnt left. I personallly love the TE from Celmson, and dare I think the thought Upshaw?

    That would blow_my_mind.

  5. Alex

    I don’t know why, but I keep on thinking our 2nd round pick might be Vinny Curry (if there) or Jerel Worthy (if there). Both of them are pass rushers. In the case of Jerel Wothy, he might be the pass rushing 3 tech this team has been looking for. Even though he’s inconsistent, when he’s right, he’s dominant. Also, with Branch leaving next year, they need to groom a heir 3 tech.

  6. Rob

    The exciteable fan in me wants Rueben Randle. Badly. That guy can play. Stephen Hill is another, raw but what potential. Everyone knows I like Upshaw but I think he goes to Baltimore. Lamar Miller one to watch. Look at RB’s and LB’s. The team likes Zach Brown and he could be the choice. Mychal Kendricks is another LB with speed. I think it’s fair to say they want speed after yesterday! So much talent in R2. I even wonder if they’d move up or down… because the depth is incredible.

    And Peter Konz can play guard as well as center. You will get a ten year starter there.

  7. Griffin


    I can see how you would see a comparison with Holmgren and Koren Robinson, but I think you might be forgetting how different Carroll and Holmgren are. Carroll is used to working with people who have sketchy pasts/history; he knows what sorts of challenges they face. I don’t think Holmgren ever had any similar experience.

    I think that Irvin’s best chance to put that crap behind him is under Carroll.

  8. Hawkfaninmt

    Totally agree D!

    Allen > Fleener

    Would not mind seeing the Hawks trade their 2nd to a team with 2 2nds and take Allen and an OG or LB

    Allen and Kendricks maybe?

  9. Hawkfaninmt

    i could also see Baltimore taking a TE to pair with Pita if Fleener is there. i would think Balt would like Fleener then Upshaw.

    So i hope that either Fleener is there, or we trade up to get Upshaw

  10. Jeff M.

    Don’t want to get my hopes up too much, but would love to still add Upshaw.

    Irvin backs up Clemons and plays across from him on passing downs as a designated pass rusher. Upshaw is the base SAM, spells Red occasionally (as strongside end in a more orthodox 4-3 look) and maybe gets some snaps rushing inside (I kind of like the idea of Clemons-Jones-Upshaw-Irvin on 3rd and long). Should be plenty of snaps for both and the front seven just keeps getting bigger, meaner, faster, more flexible.

  11. Lenny253


    That Irving Jersy looks SICK!!!!!!

  12. woofu

    Rollerball “sick”, accept they can’t get paid to kill.

  13. Richard

    Can we all agree to get his name right. It’s Irvin no “G”

  14. Joe The Jarhead

    I agree with Rob, Konz would actually be the one surprise pick I would be very excited about. No injury history, versatility, high football IQ. He would be much preferable to Brown or David. A highly talented WR would also be great to add talent for Barkley when we bring him in next year. RB has value later on so Miller is not high on my want list, but needless to say Upshaw is my number one with a bullet. Hopefully having Upshaw available last night and passing on hin to trade back is a sign that they are targeting another player

  15. Tom T.

    Rob, I totally agree about Randal and think he is the next Hakeem Nicks…I just fear that he will be the Rams pick to start round two.

  16. Mel


    You do make a good point with Holmgren and his background. I know he spent a decade as a high school coach and teacher, but upon further investigation, those schools were hardly on the “bad end” of the spectrum. Two were Catholic and the third was a pretty good school in San Jose. I would agree that Carroll has worked with a few more troubled kids in his time. Thanks for adding a new viewpoint

  17. Turp

    Rick Reilly summed it up nicely:

    “It’s a brassy move from Seahawks coach Pete Carroll. Then again, this is a man who goes into South Central L.A. at midnight on Saturdays to talk to gang bangers about their future. He can more than handle any troubles Bruce Irvin might have.

    Immediately, the Seahawks get out a speaker phone and put Irvin on it. Asked why he changed his first name from B.J. to Bruce, Irvin said, “Because B.J. was the one getting in trouble.”

    Think we’re going to like this kid.”

  18. Michael (CLT)

    This is a PC pick all the way. JS did not look all that pleased with it. That said, Carroll is the real defensive coordinator.

    Big things coming for this defense. In a good way.

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