Peter King’s mock draft is pretty wild

I’ve come to loathe mock drafts. There are too many. And a lot of draft ‘analysts’ these days have stopped talking about players and prefer to spend their time checking-in with their agenda-driven league sources.

However — in the days leading up to a draft a mock published by a well known reporter is the fix you need. You know you’re clicking on that link. And you’re going to enjoy reading the mock, however accurate it ends up being.

Peter King’s mock draft is extremely different to the others out there.

I don’t think this top-10 is going to be as unpredictable as people think. The order that the players go in might be a bit of a jumble but by now we know what this class is. It lacks great quarterback talent. It lacks obvious ‘blue chip’ top-10 picks. We’re likely to see teams fall back on the premium positions (trenches) and seek to make the best of a bad situation by getting a good offensive or defensive lineman.

King has Jermaine Johnson dropping to #23 overall to Arizona. I would suggest this is practically impossible. When you run a 1.55 10-yard split at his size, dominate the Senior Bowl, do everything to show you’re an alpha at the combine and showcase a complete defensive end skillset on tape — you will be drafted early.

His floor is probably Atlanta at #8 but he could easily go in the top-five. I wouldn’t get your hopes up that he’ll be there for Seattle. Tony Pauline has been discussing how he’s an option for the Jets at #4.

My league source felt he deserved an #11-20 grade but that was mentioned some time ago. I’m noting it because I wouldn’t completely rule out Johnson still going in that range. But his stock has just risen and risen and there’s been nothing to suggest it’s stalling on the home straight.

It feels inevitable that Travon Walker, Aidan Hutchinson, Ikem Ekwonu and Evan Neal will go very early short of any unknown injury flags. There has been a bit of talk around Neal, who hasn’t done any testing pre-draft.

It feels somewhat safe to project Sauce Gardner will also go in the top-10 one way or another. The other two spots in the top-eight could easily be made up by Kayvon Thibodeaux and Charles Cross (who I maintain is overrated).

There’s also a chance a receiver is taken.

If it plays out like that — regardless of the order, it won’t really be that unpredictable.

King’s projection though has some significant shocks.

Kyle Hamilton is taken at #7 to the Giants and Drake London goes #8 overall to Atlanta. I wouldn’t expect either to happen.

I don’t think Sauce Gardner will be drafted at #4 overall either. For me it’s pretty clear that will be a pass rusher or offensive lineman.

I do think there’s a chance we see an early run on receivers though (especially given the price-tag of the position these days).

King’s suggestion for the Seahawks is practically too good to be true.

He has Seattle moving down from #9 to #13 with Houston, so the Texans can jump in front of the Jets for a receiver. I’ve been saying the #9 pick is a great position for the Seahawks and that’ll stay the case provided the Jets keep the pick. Teams will be wary of New York selecting a receiver or lineman.

The Seahawks acquire the #68 pick for moving down — which would be an early Christmas present. Then at #13 both Thibodeaux and Johnson are still available.

That would be a miracle. They’d probably need to give Kevin Costner a ring about making ‘Draft Day 2: Electric Boogaloo’ if they pulled that off.

Reading King’s scenario for the Seahawks gave me the best dopamine hit I’ve had in months. Then reality kicked in and I realised this was about as likely as Italy agreeing to replay the final of Euro 2020.

Here’s King’s blurb:

Perfect Pete Carroll pick. Thibodeaux’s an LA kid, he’ll be supremely ticked off at not being the first edge off the board and falling this far, and Carroll knows how to feed into the mental game that fuels players. That, plus Thibodeaux would be the kind of top talent that the Seahawks never get to pick in the draft because they’re always picking at the bottom of the round, or later. Thibodeaux, if he works out, would be a good pick for a team devoid of a top-end pass-rusher, in a division with some serious passing games.

I’d like this pick, in this spot, for Seattle. I’m not alone. “Thibodeaux at 13 would be a coup for Seattle,” one GM told me Sunday when I apprised him of my diabolical plan to send the Oregon edge down the draft board.

It would be perfect. So would the chance to pick Johnson in the same slot.

But the likelihood remains that both will probably be gone by #9 and the Seahawks will face the scenario we’ve been discussing for some time. Do you take a chance on talent and select Derek Stingley Jr, do they try and fill a hole by just selecting Trevor Penning or can they trade down?

If, by chance, King’s scenario comes true (even if it’s only one of Thibodeaux or Johnson) — it’d be party time.

Elsewhere, Todd McShay has connected the Seahawks to Jordan Davis out of the blue today:

I’m hearing a lot of noise about the Seahawks taking a hard look at Georgia defensive tackle Jordan Davis here. The massive run-stopper had a legendary combine workout, and he has been sneaking up boards ever since — and Seattle could take him in the top 10.

I’m also told that Seattle really likes Stingley. The talented cornerback has been mocked all over the place. Some teams love the ceiling, best displayed by a six-interception freshman season. Others are hesitant to use an early pick on a player limited to 10 uneven games over the past two seasons. But he is getting more love than previously thought, and he might not make it out of the top 10 after all. And there’s even a chance he goes before Gardner.

If not Davis or Stingley, the Seahawks could fall back on offensive tackle. They have a hole on the left side right now — but there’s also a good chance Ekwonu, Neal and Cross are all off the board by the time Seattle is picking.

Tony Pauline, along with McShay, is also connecting the Texans with Stingley Jr at #3.

A lot of the themes we’ve been discussing seem to be coming to fruition — no quarterbacks in the top-10, Carolina taking a tackle, Stingley better than Sauce.

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  1. Old timer

    I can’t remember a year where the best players came off the board as expected, which is why King’s craziness here isn’t so far-fetched.
    A lot of GMs out there are like PC/JS and think they know something that others don’t. So we always end up with something no one expected.

    • Rob Staton

      Not sure why people keep saying this

      I can’t remember the last draft with a crazy shock in the top 10. Even Clelin Ferrell had some top 10 buzz.

      Almost always the top 10 are the top 10 really

      • Peter

        Because sport is about many things and one of them unfortunately is narratives.

        Watching your live stream half the comments are people arguing about a qb not with the team and their personal narrative about that player.

        Devontae Wyatt is falling in the draft because of a narrative. There’s not been yet with four days to go one single piece of alleged multiple incidence but because multiple sports adjacent websites keep retreading alleged info then *tada* he has character concerns.

        You saw rumblings about Thibodeaux. Where is this supposed info?

        Even i used to think there was big shake ups in the draft because I could remember the time JAX drafted Tyson Alualu (sp?) It wasn’t until you dispelled that idea for me that I could then let it go.

      • Old Timer

        I didn’t say ‘crazy shock.’ I said players didn’t come off the board as expected. Like when you had the 49ers taking Mac Jones last year and they took Trey Lance.
        It’s not that I think King’s draft is correct. I honestly think none of the mocks I’ve seen will end up being correct. As far as I know no mock draft maker has ever hit on a round of the draft 100 percent correct.

        • Rob Staton

          Yeah but we all knew it was Jones or Lance. It wasn’t a huge killer surprise.

          And there isn’t a comparable situation in this draft

  2. no frickin clue

    Peter King was only about a year and a half late to the whole “hmm, perhaps there’s trouble in paradise” story over the power struggle between Pete/John and Russ. If he’s got his finger on the pulse of the league, he ain’t pressing down too hard.

    • Kyle

      Peter King has been in the top position of NFL journalists so long he has the privilege of being incredibly lazy and writing about whatever he wants. His asides about the good coffee drinks he’s ordered are a sign of a guy who doesn’t have to work that hard. He’s shameless in his HOF lobbying and plays favorites in all his columns: and I say this noting he seems to really like John Schneider so the Hawks generally get good coverage from him. There’s always something useful from him given his status but I often hold my nose to read it.

      • Peter

        Waaaaay back when SI was a publication and not a click bait generator I enjoyed his rambling meandering “mmqb,” columns.

        I always thought he was better at the scenarios that involve emotional thought. Why certain owners have their gm’s do certain things, that sort of stuff.

        Hard to parse who has the better intel right now.

        This time of year is filled with actual info and chicanery.

      • Sean

        He is not lazy. He writes a lot every Sunday for the Monday column. I really don’t care about some of the stuff he writes, but he’s not lazy.

        That said, I don’t see mock drafts as his strong point.

        • Rob Staton

          What I like about Peter King is he always talks about how desperate he is to have the best mock.

          He puts so much work into it — because he wants to win.

          He literally said that on his podcast today.

          I respect that.

  3. cha

    If the Seahawks were to trade down and nab thibodeaux at 13, and Johnson was there after 22, I’d trade up to get him.

    Draft plan be damned, you’ve just turbocharged your defense for the next 10 seasons or so.

    Oh and I’d also permanently block Benson Mayowa’s phone number after that.

  4. Kyle

    Draft Day 2: Electric Boogaloo!

    Awesome, Rob, simply hilarious. That was a ridiculous movie and yet I enjoyed it far more than most football themed films, maybe because the writers had to create some impossible scenarios to heighten the personal drama.

  5. UkAlex6674

    I can see Atlanta taking a WR at 8 with Ridley not available (that is right isn’t it?). They need someone to take some heat off Pitts.

  6. Trevor

    King and Mel Kiper have their Seniors moments but both are still connected in league circles. They always get a couple of key insights right.

    I am praying that this is the case here. I would do backflips if the Hawks could trade back and land either Johnson or Thibodeaux. Absolute dream scenario and too good to even wish for honestly.

  7. Peter

    If somehow both were available at #13 surely you go get Jermaine Johnson?

    He’s a three down player offering pass rush with plus level run defense.

    It’s probably a function of age but I’m less convinced that people are motivated by things like where they are drafted. Surely there are some players but to think someone is going to have a fire inside because they are not a top ten and instead #13 overall…..I don’t see it. If we are doing an intangibles draft then the nod goes to Johnson for betting on himself and giving up on a near lock championship to prove to everyone what he can do.

    I also want dawgs on this team moving forward. For those jonesing for UK based content the “pedestrian podcast,” fairly recently did an interview with Tyvis Powell former journey man with the seahawks and niners.

    Hearing how aggressively the LOB worked in practice and the film room made me long for a team where “iron sharpens iron.” Corny as that phrase is I can’t see a single player pushing anyone on the team to be their best. And I think Johnson brings that over Thibodeaux.

    • no frickin clue

      Agree 100%. If Jermaine Johnson is available at #9 overall, I’m not dabbling with cutesy small trade-downs. I write his name on the card and think about what I’m doing next with #40 and #41.

      • Hawkster

        Yup. JJ is there at 9 and you just fill out the card and turn it in. The only player in this entire draft I feel 100% that way about. Sure, there are others where it is likely the besty idea to take the pick, but for me only one that is 100% just take him.

    • Brik

      Thibodeaux is almost 2 whole years younger than Johnson. Their athletic profiles are very similar. Both would be great picks, but I pick Thibs. Johnson is older because he had bad grades out of high school

      Reason: I’m being completely judgmental but I think people’s sense of who someone is, is impacted by how people look. Thibs looks like a dude I’d smoke a blunt with. Johnson looks like someone I’d go out partying with and get in fights. I can see JJ as having much more worrisome character concerns, especially including his high school grades. Take no stock in this personality profile, it is all from their draft profile pictures.

      • Peter

        That’s fair.

        I like Darrian Beavers because his profile pick at uconn he looks like a nice choir boy.

        Two years later at Cincinatti his profile pick looks like a guy getting ready to collect money from someone who owes him back wages. And that’s what i want in a LB.

        I like Thibodeaux. Just feel for no reason besides the senior bowl that Johnson gets dudes up resdy to roll.

      • Rob Staton

        The problem with Thibodeaux is when he talks you often want him to stop.

        Johnson is going to be a leader of men

  8. GoHawks5151

    What a dream. Make it so Peter. Atlanta is such a wildcard to me. I know they need pass rush but I think they may be the team to blink and start the run on receivers. Losing Julio and Ridley in back to back years is a bad look for a franchise that just traded it’s best player ever too. Sometimes it’s optics that makes the decision for you. Offensive players and their stats are easier to quantify than a Edge guy unless he really blows up

    • Brik

      I don’t think anything is easier to quantify. I actually think ends are easier to judge than receivers. With that said I think a better reason is that the drop off in WR talent compared to DE is much bigger. Falcons can get a good DE in the 2nd. WR is more hit or miss.

  9. Rick


    One of the mocks out there had an intriguing idea.
    wondering on your thoughts of the possibility/probability of something like this being able to happen.

    Seahawks move down from 9 to a team like the Commanders, Vikings, Texans and pick up an early third pick, a fifth round pick and a sixth round pick while giving up a fourth round pick.

    They would then make a move with the Saints and pick up 16, 19, 49, 98 while giving up say 12, 40, 41, 77.

    The idea would be that with picks 16 and 19 they are hoping to get two of the three Trevor Penning, Tyler Linderbaum, or Zion Johnson. They would then use pick 49 to get Abraham Lucas. Three offensive linemen with their first three picks.

    Game plan would be that with pick 72 they would take Sam Williams and with pick 98 they would take Michael Clemons. Maybe Clemons would be available with the pick after this one and with this pick they would take Dameon Pierce.

    Entire game plan for the draft would be to load up on the trenches. Offensive line, Defensive line. Running back. Linebacker. Maybe if there is a cornerback available that is a good value you sneak one in.


    • Rob Staton

      It’s very very unlikely

  10. Peter12

    Trading up for a non QB is rare. In this year without a QB in the top 10 however it could be possible.

    Seahawks trade up to 6 from the Panthers.

    Seahawks get their passrusher, Panthers still grab Cross.
    Panthers get a third rounder which would be their only day 2 pick.

    Panthers GM has a Seahawks connection. Fitterer and John work out a deal that helps both franchises. Win-Win.

    1. Walker
    2. Hutchinson
    3. Thibodeaux
    4. Neal
    5. Ekwonu
    6. Johnson
    9. Cross

    • Rob Staton

      Giving up a high third is a hard sell

      • GoHawksDani

        So you’d rather take Penning and Pierce for example than Johnson?
        I think this could be an awesome move.
        Move up to 6 grab JJ.
        Grab either OC (Jurgens for example) or LB at 40. Trade back from 41 to late R2 and pick an RB or CB. Or you can even stay put and get your guy.

        A draft that’d get either JJ or KT and two of these (if not traded back in R2): Jurgens, Lucas, JAD, Tindall, Chenal, Bonitto, Obinna Eze, Raimann, Strange, Linderbaum, Travis Jones, JAD, Emerson, Paschal, CTB
        I listed a ton because at 40 and 41 there might be options.
        But I’d love a defensive draft with JJ, Tindall, JAD or if they want a more balanced one (plugging in holes) then JJ, Obinna Eze (or Lucas), Tindall

        If they draft any of these 3 players everything else is a bonus.

        If they stay put or trade back and pick Penning that feels a bit wasted pick. Even if they draft Lloyd that has bigger question marks than JJ. Not sure ANY R3 pick could make my questions go away (I like Pierce for example but there are interesting RBs later also and they’ll likely feature Penny anyway)

        • Rob Staton

          So you’d rather take Penning and Pierce for example than Johnson?

          I never said that

          • GoHawksDani

            I know, and don’t wanna give words to your mouth. But if all the big time passrushers are gone, our most likely options would be:
            stay put at #9 and pick Penning, Lloyd, Zion Johnson or Stingley
            trade back 3-6 spots, pick up a mid-late R3 and do the same (minus probably Stingley and maybe Lloyd too)

            I just feel like there’s a good chance that they can only pick JAGs or guys with less positional value between 9-15 and also in R3. I rather have 3 (#6, #40, #41 – or even 2 if we trade up from #40 also and pick for #6 and maybe #24 or something) BAMFs with good positional value, guys who could be cornerstone, elite players for the next 8-10-12 years than risk to get out of the first 3 rounds with 5-6 JAGs or only OK/good players. And I fear they won’t pick Stingley, and I have hard time see anyone between 9-15 that could be a value pick there other than him

            • Rob Staton

              You’re not getting ‘JAGs’ by trading down a few spots

    • Ukhawk

      I like this. Go get your guy. I hate the idea of settling and not finding that ever elusive edge rusher!!

  11. schuemansky

    Rob, given how much value the Seahawks are attributing to the Senior Bowl performances isn’t it rather improbable that they still could select Penning even after trading down?
    Even with their history of filling holes in the draft, they should realize the faults of the prospect and the fact that they are not a rookie OT away from competing?

    • Rob Staton

      Who knows

  12. Robbie

    Now this gets me excited again! After our mock draft yesterday I was feeling a bit doom and gloom. This gives me life again. Lets GOOO!!!!!!

    • Big Mike

      I posted this at the end of the last thread but it got lost in the shuffle I presume…………Robbie, no hat yesterday! First time I’ve ever seen the top of your head. And black hair no less. A different look to be sure.

      • Robbie

        I like to keep people on their toes Big Mike! LOL I get comments on the dark hair red beard all the time. My gramps was dark Irish so I get that from him!

        • Big Mike

          Yeah I would’ve guessed red hair too. The black hair was a real surprise.

  13. Forrest

    If the Seahawks like Davis, Johnson, Penning, Stingley, they should move back and pick up a third. Washington, Houston and Minnesota should be the targets. Then they could select one of those players, if one is still there, or move back again with the Eagles, Saints or Chargers (if one is not there). Zion Johnson or Linderbaum could be a fall back and they might be able to move back a third time with a team that wants to jump the Steelers fir a QB or with the Steelers to get a QB. That would set up an ideal draft.

  14. Troy

    Rob, it seems like a lot of national writers have Jermaine Johnson lower due to his age (he’s 23) and the fact that his one productive season came when he was a lot older than most of the competition. Do you have a comparison for someone getting drafted in the top 10 like that as a D linemen? It seems like teams may be weary of that.
    The comp that comes to mind with the production, age, and senior bowl performance is LJ Collier, with the qualifier of course is that he is nowhere near as twitchy as Johnson

    • Rob Staton

      1. Those national writers are talking rubbish

      2. Let’s never write a sentence that compares Jermaine Johnson and LJ Collier again

    • FWBrodie

      Why is Jermaine Johnson being labeled a one year wonder when he out produced all of the top pass rushers in the draft in 2020?

      2020 Sacks/Games:
      Johnson: 5/7
      Hutchinson: 0/2
      Thibodeaux: 3/7
      Walker: 1/7
      Karlaftis: 2/2
      Ebiketie: 4/6
      Mafe: 4.5/6

      Hutchinson had 3.5 career sacks before breaking out as a senior in 2021, and yet not once have I seen someone label HIM as someone with one year of production. It’s a lazy comment being regurgitated about Johnson all over the place. Johnson had 5 sacks in 7 games with playing SAM with Georgia in 2020, and in 2021 Georgia’s sack leader had 6.5 sacks in 15 games. That should tell you a lot.

      • Troy

        These are great points.

        However, my initial point was the breakout at a particularly advanced age like Jermaine Johnson has done, as opposed to having any sort of breakout season. Aiden Hutchison is a year and a half younger than Jermaine Johnson. Walker and Thibodeaux are two years younger. Age matters quite a bit, and I think there’s legitimacy in people thinking he could go lower partially due to that (here’s a good column with evidence )

        • Rob Staton

          It’s bunkum.

          Typical stuff where you cast an issue, without context, onto another.

          Johnson was great at Georgia, just rotated and blocked off by the best defensive line possibly ever. He goes to FSU and dominates. Now people are saying ‘oh he’s old only broke out in 2021’. Rubbish. More like he had the bollocks to go somewhere where he was going to be ‘the guy’.

          Worst time of the year when people who probably know nothing about the draft start writing articles about things like age.

          • Palatypus

            I’m old enough to remember people writing things like that about a JC transfer to Miami that played DT.

            That worked out pretty well for us.

  15. Big Mike

    For me the perfect scenario is a trade down to #17 with the Chargers who move up for either Penning who they apparently like or Jordan Davis to turn their run D from shit to good with one pick. Then Seattle uses that pick to get Zion.

    • Peter

      Unless the big “if,” happens to Johnson then getting Zion to me is the right move.

    • Spectator

      With out the chargers having a second round pick, what are you suggesting we get in return? Is a 2023 1st too much to ask for? haha

      • Big Mike

        3rd would be fine

        • Spectator

          I wouldnt be a fan of only getting a mid 3rd in return for that kind of drop, but even so, it would seem unlikely for the chargers to not have any day 2 picks.

    • Hawkster

      Thinking Pashal and Muma or Chenal would put some nasty in run D with later picks.

      • Hawkster

        read that wrong, thought you were saying SEA gets Davis. I’m all in on Zion in the later teens.

  16. cha

    More Pauline nuggets

    Another Draft Day callback with GM and owner wrestling over which card to turn in #1 overall?

    Boye Mafe has a fan in the Chiefs GM

    Ekwonu not suited to play LT (shocker) ?

    Houston taking Stingley at #3?

    • Henry Taylor

      Lance Zierline has said the Texans have done loads of work on Stingley and there’s that Lovie Smith quote about needing corners. Honestly I could see it (and I would praise the pick fwiw, the Texans need to take a shot on some stars).

      What’s interesting from the Seahawks perspective is if that happens, and the Giants are actually really high on Cross and take him. That leaves 6 more picks to go on Hutchinson, Walker, Neal, Ikwonu, KT, Johnson and Sauce. In other words, 1 has to fall to Seattle.

      • Rob Staton

        I still don’t see any way Houston goes corner at #3

        It’s not how Lovie builds his defense

    • Sea Mode

      Warren Sharp

      one of the NFL’s most inept owners is battling one of the NFL’s most inept GMs for the #1 overall pick in the draft

      winner announced live on national TV


      • Big Mike

        Too funny

    • Palatypus

      Boye Mafe seems like a perfect fit for the Chiefs and I’m going to hate it when they draft him.

  17. InTheKnow

    Adam from PFN clearly doesn’t understand how leverage works. He suggests the Seahawks trade #72 for Baker if the Browns eat half of his salary.

    “The Seahawks could make it work financially, and Mayfield certainly has a higher upside than Drew Lock and Geno Smith. But they should only give up a Day 2 pick if the Browns defray some of the cost.”

    Who are we bidding against to give them that?

    • Big Mike

      Maybe Carolina but I don’t think either team goes higher than a 5th and more than 1/4 of his salary. And if either team even offers that, the Browns ought to consider themselves fortunate cuz both could just wait out the inevitable cut. The only thing a trade does is guarantee one team gets him over the other.
      Prediction: he ends up in Carolina before the draft is completed.

    • cha

      This is one of those issues that the media harps on but never seems to truly grasp, and prefers to just use it as a juicy talking point since the league has done it’s typical ‘go quiet’ mode leading up to the draft.

      The Browns hammered Baker’s trade value the second they traded for Deshaun Watson. Baker then hammered his value further by mouthing off about the whole thing on that dumb podcast appearance.

      The Browns are just waiting for a miracle. Some other team as dumb as they are to convince themselves they need him.

      Absent that happening, there’s nothing left to do but pay someone to take him off their hands.

      • FWBrodie

        The podcast we all want to see: Baker Mayfield vs. Sam Darnold battle for who’s been disrespected the most.

        • Rob Staton

          As long as we don’t have to watch them play each other…

        • cha

          It would be 58 minutes of Baker whining and 2 minutes of Darnold occasionally looking up from his phone and going “uh-huh” and “oh, that sounds tough for you, Baker.”

          • jed

            This podcast would have to be hosted by Sam Bradford.

  18. David Ashton

    We would all be doing cartwheels and frankly, I am well up for cartwheels if it pans out awesome.

  19. Rob Staton

    I’m on Jake & Stacy today at 1pm

    • Robbie

      Sweet!!! I’ll be listening

    • cha

      I’m not going to tell you to vent on picking Penning at 9.

      I’m also not not going to tell you to vent on picking Penning at 9.

      • Big Mike


  20. Eric

    There have been a lot of cases of the Seahawks becoming enamored with unique talent. Many cogent points have been made here for why it doesn’t make sense to take a defensive tackle with Seattle’s first round pick, yet considering Jordan Davis’s physical attributes and the importance the NFC West places on running the football, I wonder how surprised people should be if Seattle does draft the mammoth Davis.

    • Roy Batty

      Then trade down, get another pick in the second or third, grab an edge in the first, then Chenal in the 2nd. The guy is a run stuffing machine.

      • FWBrodie

        I don’t think Chenal is a fit for the Seahawks. Too big, too stiff, coverage is a weakness. He’s nothing like they’ve drafted at LB before and also nothing like any of Fangio’s 3-4 inside linebackers over the years who have all been around 6′ 240lbs.

        • Ben

          Yeah I’ve struggled to come up with the right fit for Chenal… and have really been all over the place. At first I thought he clearly wasn’t a fit, then his combine numbers were stellar, but even still, what’s his role look like. Being in the rush role over the center would be great, but I don’t know if the defense can handle having 6 players (3 DL, 2 edge, Chenal) that can’t do much more than a short drop regularly on the field.

          He’s more of a traditional thumper type for the Steelers. Two downs and short yardage. It’s just he’s also a freak athletically, so maybe he could do more in coverage if asked of it. He looked passable in short zone.

          His three cone is 6.98, that’s 0.3 seconds faster than Tindall, with 20 more pounds! He doesn’t look that fluid on the field but potential might be there…

          In the past defense, he’d be stellar SAM. I think he’d still be a great add as a player to have on the team, but don’t know if he’s the right fit if he does go in the 40/41 range.

  21. TomLPDX

    Full disclosure: I’ve been a Peter King fan for decades and still am.

    I actually loved his mock. Do I think it happens? No! But it is fun to get another perspective. He and Paul Burrmeister (sp) are going to do a podcast later today discussing this, should be entertaining.

    Look forward to hearing you later today on Jake and Stacy.

  22. Sea Mode

    Nice to hear the Seahawks like Stingley!

    • Sea Mode

      Breer has us liking him too.

      Seattle Seahawks

      First round: No. 9
      Total picks: 8
      Needs: OT, CB, QB, pass rush, LB, S

      What you need to know: This is another team I’ve heard Corral connected to, but both Seattle and Atlanta could be looking at him more in the early second round area. Both also have two second-rounders, so either would have the capital and flexibility to deal back into the bottom of the first round to, perhaps, scoop him up there. If it’s not a quarterback here, Pete Carroll and John Schneider do have plenty of other needs to shore up. The dream come true would be an edge rusher like Walker or Thibodeaux, or a tackle like Cross falling into their laps at No. 9. The more likely best value here would be a corner—and word is that this could be a landing spot for Stingley (Seattle had a big contingent at his pro day in Baton Rouge) or Gardner—so long as Seattle’s willing to take one that high. The highest pick Carroll and Schneider have used on a corner in their 12 previous drafts was 90th (Shaquill Griffin in 2017). Northern Iowa’s Trevor Penning is another player linked to the Seahawks as a fit, but ninth would be very rich for him.

      • Sea Mode


        • cha

          I’m down as long as he understands #24 is a short-term rental, not a long-term ownership situation.

          • Big Mike

            Yeah we’ve already seen another player in that jersey and I don’t remember who it was. Maybe it was only exhibition season but nonetheless it looked wrong. Him I could live with for a number of years.

  23. Hoggs41

    Pick 68 would be to much when the Texans have pick 80 as well. The trade chart matches up much better with 80 than 68. Just no way Thibs and Johnson are both there at even 9. I wonder if these guys just do mocks to be different or if they are serious. Either way is it Thursday yet because it just feels like these last days linger so long as I cant wait to see what happens.

  24. Hoggs41

    Ill ask this again. If the top 8 go like this in any order and the Seahawks cant trade back who is the pick that people would want?


    • Hawk Mock

      I just want them to fall on their sword at that point.

    • Brik

      In this situation the top WR and QB are still on the board. Hopefully someone want to trade for their guy. If that doesn’t happen then we will probably pick Penning or Lloyd. Hard to say because we would be over drafting anyone at that point.

    • Sean

      That isn’t happening. Floor for Garrett Wilson is 8

      • Rob Staton

        That isn’t his floor

    • Ben Ft. Worth

      If that scenario happens, then I’m trying like he’ll to trade back to acquire more picks for Day 2. If forced to make a selection, I’d be ok with Penning, Z. Johnson, Davis, or T. Linderbaum, ratings be damned.

  25. Big Boi

    I keep going back to this point in the first post-Russ press conference and it REALLY bothers me:

    The way John suddenly gets a smugness, “According to?….” and then Pete tries to redirect. I’m REALLY hoping they’re not overthinking things and going QB early but this times like them tipping their hand a bit when they almost NEVER tip their hand.

    • Sea Mode

      Meh, I think they are mostly just messing with Dugar there.

      Though the little shake of the head and whisper by Pete at 36:30 is interesting and his laugh throughout the clip does seem pretty nervous/forced.

    • FWBrodie

      Anytime they get big and loud like that, you should be very suspicious and start trying to figure out what they aren’t talking about rather than what they are.

      • Big Boi

        See, I don’t think they are going big and loud. It looks to me like John is trying to not answer the question and just can’t help himself. Pete then does his darndest to stop him from talking, then tries to bring up tight ends, then wide receivers. It’s that John “I’m the smartest guy in the room” moment and Pete feels like he’s saying too much. “Loud moments” are all these tidbits that reporters are being given which specifically are given out in order to throw other teams off the scent.

        I mean, be honest, NO ONE is talking about them taking a QB with 9. This honestly feels to me like a slip up. I hope I’m wrong. But it caught be wrong then and it still does.

        • FWBrodie

          I think they NEED people to think they’re looking at the quarterbacks. They need somebody to move up and take one off the board and bump everybody on their board down a spot.

          These guys don’t leak info, especially not directly into the mic. Would be extremely off character for them to slip up like that.

  26. Jordan

    I do like that there may be some rumblings about Seattle having interest in Stingley and Davis. That indicates that hopefully they are trying to suss out who is the bluest of blue chips amongst possibly available defensive players.

    For me, this is preferable to taking a good, not great, OT just because of need.

    Having your OTs are in place in time for the arrival of the QB of the future should be the goal; which doesn’t necessarily mean 2022. Kinda sucks to say, but if you have to sacrifice Geno or Lock to the wolves for a season, so be it.

    9. Sting
    40. Jurgens
    41. Edge (I see it as more valuable than off ball Lber)

    Players who would warrant that selection in any draft.

    • Trevor

      9 Stingley
      40 Jurgens or Lucas
      41 Sam Williams

      Would be a great start to the draft IMO.

      • Hoggs41

        Would work for me. I think I would prefer Lucas in that situation but Ill take it.

      • Seattle Person

        I dig that. I just don’t understand why Cross gets so much love and Lucas doesn’t. Has to be a SEC thing. They both have strengths and weaknesses.

        • Matt

          I think it is more that people hear “Best pass protector in the draft” and then think “Oh, pass protection is really important” and end up with top 10 pick.

    • Hawk Finn

      Why are you mocking two pro wrestlers to us?

      • Jordan


  27. GoHawks5151

    I think I find solace in the fact that in the past few years Seattle has ignored their biggest need. This year that would be OT. I fully expect them to draft BPA at 9 and then fill out the D and IOL. They will realize they have next to no one in July and acquire a OT that is in dispute with their current team or sign the Benson Mayowa of OT’s. Circle of life complete.

  28. cha

    Quick cap space recap:

    OTC has them with $15,702,502 of cap room

    They have yet to factor the Geno Smith signing. I’m guessing the incentives are NLTBE so we’ll just take the $3.5m salary & signing bonus against the cap.

    That leaves $12,202,502

    OTC says their 8 picks as they stand will hit the cap approx $6,552,657. That will go up or down as they maneuver around the draft.

    That leaves $5,649,845 (keep in mind those picks don’t actually hit the cap until they are officially signed to a contract later this summer)

    After June 1 they will pick up $5,100,000 from cutting Carlos Dunlap

    So in essence they’ll have approx $10,749,845 available June 1.

    Other considerations:

    -They’ll need some injured reserve and practice squad money. Call it $3-5m.
    -If they extend DK Metcalf, they’ll likely absorb some more cap in 2022. Probably $2-3m more.

    There are some savings they can squeeze out of the current roster:

    -Only $500k of Geno’s $3.5m is guaranteed. There’s $3m there.
    -They could cut Chris Carson with a post-June 1 and save $4.6m (let’s say minus a $2m veteran injury benefit for a failed physical designation). So call it $2.6m
    -Cutting Jason Myers could save them $4m, however unlikely that is.
    -They can probably negotiate Phil Haynes down from his $2.54m RFA tender to about $1m or so like they did with David Moore.

    -They can extend Shelby Harris and/or Poona Ford and save a few million.

    2023: They have $66,213,328 worth of effective cap space with 23 players contracted. Keep in mind they’ll have 2 full drafts of players added, so they’ll probably have about 41-44 players contracted by the time 2023’s free agency rolls around and a healthy chunk of that $66m will be available to spend.

    • Big Mike

      Would it be too negative of me to post something about how they will have plenty of money to sign a bunch of mediocre players like Will Dissly, Benson Mayowa etc?

      • Hawk Finn

        Yes. It would also be dead on balls accurate, so no judgment. 🍻

    • HawkFan907

      If they draft a guard then Gabe Jackson is on the chopping block too, adding even more cap space. Lots of ways to create the space to re-sign Brown or Shell.

      • cha

        Oh yes I forgot about that. Good catch.

        They could pick up $6m with a post-June 1 cut of Jackson.

        • Henry Taylor

          Isn’t Gabe Jackson’s 2022 base already guaranteed? So a post June cut provides a net zero cap relief?

          • cha

            Yeah they’d have to trade him to someone to get that benefit and it’s hard to see someone wanting to pay him $6m.

          • Rob Staton

            According to OTC you save $6m by trading him post June 1st.

            A bag of footballs will be suffice.

  29. Seattle Murphy

    Sure appreciate all the extra articles, Rob. Exciting week! But I totally agree; even at 9 the Hawks will miss on the blue chip pass rushers. Don’t know what the great Peter King is seeing.

    • Spectator

      Hedging his bets. If it doesnt come to fruition, he can say he was just creating talking points, but if it does, he can be seen as a true insider or expert.

  30. unHappy Hawk

    Unless hubris gets in the way – it should go like this:

    1. If one of the 4 top edge rushers fall to #9 take him
    2. If all edge rushers are gone then wait for Stingley and if he is there then take him
    3. If the top 8 projected all go then look for the trade down ( I agree we are in ideal spot at #9 for folks looking for wide receivers, tackles, and J Davis. and acquire draft capital to build out our rebuild core.
    4. Lock is our QB for 2022 – wait for 2023 to draft one and focus on good bad ass football players regardless of position.

    Better have a plan in place so they don’t get stuck on the clock at #9 and panic because the board fell weird or a trade offer you thought would happen didn’t.

    I think Peter King’s mock is off but the thought of a prime player falling into our lap seems very plausible given the GM’s on the Jags, Texans, Lions, et al. being worse than our decision making group given their collective record over the last decade v the Hawks.

    • Big Mike

      Agree all the way around with your thoughts

  31. Olyhawksfan

    The importance of this draft is really starting to sink in. It’s been discussed, but the reality is finally catching up to me. Sink or swim time.

    • Rob Staton


  32. Ukhawk

    In fairness, Peter king said this is the most unpredictable draft in years

    Speaking of predicting, here is the #1 ranked guy (Rob, know you’re 10th you stud).

    I like some of his logic in terms of why we may get our guy if teams above pick based on need.

    This gives me some hope:

  33. Richard aka DesertSeahawk

    On your youtube video today at the beginning of the Trevor Penning discussing that he is the 4th best tackle in the draft and may not be a left tackle” choice.” If left tackle is the need, who are the true left tackle choices in this draft that can be a Seahawk left tackle. I can see a Lucas, Bruss, Petit Frere, or my choice Obinna Eze at right tackle. So, please,

    • Richard aka DesertSeahawk

      Sorry, it’s been awhile, …So please, what is your opinion on the true left tackle candidates and right tackles other than Lewis (resigned) as the future line candidates. Thanks as always for the best 1st person Seahawk player expert.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s not a good draft for LT

      • Richard aka DesertSeahawk

        Rob, thanks for responding back. If it’s not a good draft for LT, then it’s a stall till 2023, right? They resign Duane Brown and maybe till 2023 and a new batch?

        • Rob Staton

          That’s what I would do

    • FWBrodie

      Zach Tom of Wake Forest might be worth taking a swing on in round 3 or 4. Tad undersized, but does have the 33+ arms. He was a two point stance tackle in what seemed like a somewhat gimmicky offense, but he probably has the best pass pro footwork in the draft. Did a really good job against Jermaine Johnson. The run blocking will be a bit of a projection but he’s so athletic it’s not crazy to think he could figure it out quickly and they did run some, it won’t be completely new. Was all ACC center in 2019 before moving to tackle so you get some nice versatility/insurance.

  34. CaptainJack

    King’s mock is truly, awful. Stopped reading after pick 5. Player descriptions are so inaccurate. He doesn’t really know these prospects and is just using mock draft trends to make these selections.

  35. L80

    Hey Rob, I was waiting for you to come on J & S and I got a call from my friend that moved to Italy from here in Texas !!!

    So I missed it, will you link the interview so we can hear it?



    • Rob Staton

      Will do

  36. cha

    Great spot Rob.

    I loved the 10 minutes running up to it, with these “your place for expert draft analysis, insights you can’t get anywhere else, and everything you need to know about the 2022 draft”…of course they’re talking about the station as a whole but as a run up to your spot I like to think that isn’t a coincidence.

  37. V

    Jordan Raanan: A player who will go higher Thursday than most seem to expect is FSU edge rusher Jermaine Johnson. Some I spoke with believe he will ultimately be best pass rusher in this draft. Seems to be a Top 10 lock. Maybe even sneaks into Top 5? #nfldraft

    Connor Hughes: Watch the Jets at 4. Yes. 4.

    • Rob Staton


  38. Jordan

    Daniel Jeremiah has Cade York (K) in his top 150 – I imagine that’s a higher than most kickers in most drafts. Hawks need to get better and cheaper at that position.

    • Ben

      100% worth a 7th in my mind to try and free up a couple million. At least bring in a real UDFA.

    • Rob Staton

      People need to let this go

  39. CL

    Framingham State (Mass.) University DE/OLB Joshua Onujiogu, who had a pre-draft visit with the Patriots on their day devoted to local prospects, also recently had a visit with the Seahawks.

  40. Mark

    @Rob I was reading up on Jordan Davis and some people are comparing him to Vita Vea. Can he truly push the pocket up the middle like Vea? If so sign me up. I thought Vea was very disruptive in that Super Bowl game against Mahomes

    • Rob Staton

      He isn’t Vea — that’s just people linking two big men

      Davis is a quicker player who can two-gap well and occasionally shoot a gap (which is rare due to his size). Vea is just a mountain of a man who wins with brute force. However, when I saw him live I remember him running to the sideline and being stunned by how easily he moved. A truly freakish powerful athlete. Davis might be big but he’s different.

  41. jdruaint

    PFN Today

    24.Zion Johnson
    OG Boston College

    41.Boye Mafe
    EDGE Minnesota

    43.Travis Jones
    DT Connecticut

    55.Abraham Lucas
    OT Washington State

    58.Cameron Jurgens
    OC Nebraska

    72.Sam Williams
    EDGE Mississippi

    87.Cam Taylor-Britt
    CB Nebraska

    98.Channing Tindall
    LB Georgia

    129.Dameon Pierce
    RB Florida

    145.Damarri Mathis
    CB Pittsburgh

    153.Kevin Austin
    WR Notre Dame

    229.Jack Coan
    QB Notre Dame

    • Trevor

      Great draft if only it was as easy as it seems on the simulators.

    • Palatypus

      I would run naked through the Cordova Mall if we landed Mafe there.

      • TomLPDX

        Is that place still standing?!

        • Palatypus

          Yes, it was the other mall that got all messed up by a hurricane. Where Academy Sports is on Davis Highway.

  42. CL

    Some of you might enjoy this “mock draft”, definitely made me laugh!

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      I laughed, then I cried:

      9. Seattle f/DEN: Kyle Hamilton – S, Notre Dame

      In a shocking pick, John Schneider and the Seahawks actually get good value in the first round. The Jamal Adams trade was a major win, so this Geno Smith-led roster looks ready to win right now. The Hawks will heavily consider RB here but ultimately spend more resources on the all-important safety position. Their priorities, in order – RB, S, LB, P, RB2, Blocking TE, DL, WR, OL (bad), QB, OL (good).

  43. Dinosaw13

    Just draft stingley at 9 if he’s there. “You cut the film on, he is a STAR” ⭐️

    @DeAngeloHall23 loves what he sees in @LSUfootball CB Derek Stingley Jr. 👀

  44. uptop

    Liked your Jake and Stacy appearance today Rob!

    At this point I just really am excited to see it all play out and where the dominos fall.

    • Rob Staton


  45. samprassultanofswat

    If the Seahawks select Trevor Penning with their first pick. Then trade back into the first round and take a QB. I am going to be Pi$$ed.

    • Rob Staton

      I am going to get pissed, to numb the pain

      • Big Mike

        Weed is legal here, I’m good.

      • LetLockCook

        Can’t wait for the 4am (Rob time) drunken livestream breaking down Sam Howells upside

        • Big Mike


          • TomLPDX

            When he is laying on his back after getting sacked.

  46. Palatypus

    You know the real question is do we take…

    Special K?
    Iced T?

    You already know I am all about Martika.

  47. All I see is 12s

    I don’t know if many of you listened to his accompanying podcast, but king said that he talk to a GM who doesn’t believe any of these quarterbacks could be a top 12 quarterback in the league. Or something to that effect. He mentioned it was a quarterback needy GM and it just sounded like the kind of thing John Schneider might say. Especially because we know that king and Schneider have a relationship. Did anyone else get that impression?

    • TomLPDX

      Yeah, I did when he mentioned it.

    • Rob Staton

      Sounds plausible

    • FWBrodie

      In the column he mentioned that he (King) was in Seattle at the Mariners game Wednesday night.

  48. Rob Staton

    Been thinking about Jordan Davis and McShay’s connection — who I really like (Davis and you know, I like McShay too)

    I just can’t imagine a team in the same division as the Rams, 49ers and Kyler Murray thinking a big interior nose tackle is the way to launch a new era

    You’re not stopping those teams by plugging the middle

    • Zane

      That’s a very good point. All teams that stretch you horizontally.

    • AW

      This report just feels like the Seahawks trying to get someone to trade up to 9.

      • Rob Staton

        Tend to agree

    • Henry Taylor

      I would argue Davis does a lot more than just plug up the middle. He’s shockingly effective against wide zone for his size.

    • JC3

      Don’t underestimate the importance of a mobile Tony Siragusa!

  49. Zane

    Picking through the overview of our position groups in this article, it becomes clear for me what we need to do with our first 3-4 picks. (

    Three urgent needs we can address. Get one from each group and celebrate.
    1. The whole OL; every single position, saving perhaps Lewis, could use an upgrade. Just get a cornerstone player.
    Targets: Z. Johnson, Linderbaum, Jurgens, Lucas.

    2. Pass rush. We need another dog here.
    Targets: J. Johnson, Sam Williams, Karlaftis, Wyatt, Ebiketie.

    3. LB; what do we have behind Brooks? Even he isn’t that great in coverage.
    Targets: Tindall, Lloyd, Troy Anderson, Walker, Chenal.

    • Bankhawk

      I like the ‘Chinese Restaurant Menu’ format here. If it plays out that we actually do come away with “one from column A, one from column B,… etc”, I’ll be cracking a brewski in celebration.
      If we don”t, it may just be a brewski in lamentation. 🍻😉

  50. Brik

    Do Seahawks care about the Wonderlic? Looks like Zappe and Howell got the brains. Corral and Pickett do not.

    Saw that we’re looking into Kwon Alexander. That would be a great pickup and keep us from needing to spend a high pick on LB. Good hedge bet. He’s young enough to keep around a few years too.

    • Palatypus

      It’s called DACEB

      You fill out the bubbles D…A…C…E…B.

      That’ll get you through your S.A.T.s

    • Hebegbs

      I firmly believe if the top 4 pass rushers are gone by #9, Seattle will have a trade partner to come up and grab a top receiver there. Plenty of need considering the WR market off-season and trades. I think it is then Penning or Z Johnson and an extra 3rd maybe another pick (5th?) all depends on how far they drop obviously. This is looking more plausible by the hour unless top end of draft has some odd surprises.

      I just don’t see us taking Cross or corner at 9. Don’t see it happening.

    • Palatypus

      You do bring up a good point about the Wonderlic, Birk, and how nobody here talks about it.

      The thing is unless someone gets a perfect score or a zero I don’t think it means much. IIRC it’s 60 questions and 60 minutes and they are SAT style questions. Much like how the bench press answers the question “did I go to the weight room” the Wonderlic answers the question “did I go to class.”

      I think one of the Mannings got a perfect score. Might have been Peyton, but probably Eli. But if you are Marshawn Lynch? You would probably just take a nap.

      • Rob Staton

        Nobody here talks about it because it’s bollocks

    • Palatypus

      Hee’s a thought experiment.

      Let’s say that at pick #40 there are four linebackers on the board that have roughly equal grades. These are their Wonderlic scores.

      Quay Walker 51
      Chad Muma 46
      Channing Tindall 32
      Leo Chenal 12

      How does this affect your decision process?

      • Palatypus

        ^ These are not their actual scores, I just made it up after a couple beers.

      • Brik

        QB is the most important position to get an intelligent guy. He needs to know how to run the whole offense. Needs to know every position on both sides of the field. That said, I have no idea what kind of questions are on the test. There may be better tests out there for football IQ.

        • Benjamin Davis

          I know one of the random questions on the Wonderlic would be for instance, what letter vowel is half way between C and P.

          You have to answer 25 questions in 6:00 and no calculator is allowed. Thats basically 0:15 seconds per question. Just FYI.

  51. Stigs

    Don’t know how I didn’t realize this until just now, but with how tricky a spot the #9 pick is for OL and EDGE, how strongly do you think the Hawks were planning on having at least Ojabo there when they made the trade? For some reason missed the timing of that injury.

    • HOUSE

      I think it’s possible. I don’t think Seattle would’ve taken a job at 9, but that was another edge option and had he gone in the top-8, somebody would’ve fell to us

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