Jake & Stacy (710 Seattle Sports) radio appearance

If you missed it earlier — I was invited onto 710 to speak with Jake & Stacy about the draft, check it below. You can also listen via Apple podcasts here.


  1. cha

    Chris Simms Mock

    1 Jaguars: EDGE Aidan Hutchinson
    2 Lions: EDGE Travon Walker
    3 Texans: T Ickey Ekwonu
    4 Jets: CB Sauce Gardner
    5 Giants: T Evan Neal
    6 Panthers: T Charles Cross
    7 Giants: EDGE Jermaine Johnson II
    8 Falcons: DT Jordan Davis
    9 Seahawks: DT Devonte Wyatt
    10 Jets: WR Jameson Williams
    11 Commanders: S Kyle Hamilton
    12 Vikings: EDGE Kayvon Thibodeaux
    13 Texans: LB Devin Lloyd
    14 Ravens: EDGE George Karlaftis
    15 Eagles: WR Drake London
    16 Saints: T Bernhard Raimann
    17 Chargers: DT Travis Jones
    18 Eagles: CB Trent McDuffie
    19 Saints: WR Garrett Wilson
    20 Steelers: QB Malik Willis
    21 Patriots: T Trevor Penning
    22 Packers: WR Chris Olave
    23 Cardinals: CB Derek Stingley Jr.
    24 Cowboys: G Zion Johnson
    25 Bills: RB Breece Hall
    26 Titans: G Kenyon Green
    27 Buccaneers: CB Andrew Booth Jr.
    28 Packers: S Daxton Hill
    29 Chiefs: WR Christian Watson
    30 Chiefs: EDGE Boye Mafe
    31 Bengals: C Tyler Linderbaum
    32 Lions: QB Kenny Pickett


    • Rob Staton

      Also worth noting that Chris kind of just went with the guys he liked. Spent five mins talking about Thibodeaux/Stingley (he doesn’t like either player) then gave them Wyatt (who he really likes)

      • Roy Batty

        Didn’t he leave KT out of the top 5 on his EDGE ranking?

      • Peter

        Don’t agree with Simms here entirely.

        Will say I think Seattle could do way worse than Wyatt and my early gut thought, though Seattle has bodies on the line i don’t think anyone can be as special at d tackle at the next level as Wyatt might be.

        Were it me? Between a panic/need pick with penning or a truly disruptive player in Wyatt and no trade partner I’d go Wyatt.

        I’d go at nine in order: Stingley, Wyatt, Zion, before i took penning. Yep..a guard. Looking for special talent and/or per Adam on the podcast guys that i feel most likely are getting big second contracts.

  2. Rob Staton

    Quick repeat comment that Lewis Cine is one of the top-20 players in this draft

    • Hawkster

      While on board with build through the trenches, I’d be perfectly pleased to get Cine in the 17-21 range and maybe pick up 2nd and a 3rd.

      Cine is a second contract building block.

    • Peter

      Really starting to think Cine is a guy they come back into the first for.

      Were it not for Adams and to a lesser extent Diggs i think a lot of folks on this site would love Cine.

      • Bmseattle

        Does he have the range and ball skills to play single high, free safety?

        • Peter


          Ball skills. Depends on how you measure it. If Earl is the standard fans want (and I do,) earl thomas had 8 ints his final year in college which is awesome. No passes defended for him since he caught everything.

          Cine had one interception. However he did have nine passes defended. I rate turnovers more importantly for field flipping but that’s a pretty good number.

    • Peter

      And to further back this up NFL.com just posted an article about Cine being a potential first round riser.

  3. Dane

    Heard you while driving around today. Could easily listen to you on jake and Stacy for an hour. You’re great on the radio.

  4. Isaac

    Your interview was so good. I’m getting really excited about the draft. Someone needs to get these mock draft simulators updated to reality. Maybe you should have one next year.

    • Roy Batty

      I have to continuously ignore certain players when doing the mocks. It’s so incredibly unrealistic to trade down 2 times, pick up an additional 9 picks spread out over ‘22 & ‘23, then grab J Johnson.

      Pure fantasy.

  5. ShowMeYourHawk

    So, via PFN:

    27. Tyler Linderbaum
    OC Iowa

    41. Abraham Lucas
    OT Washington State

    43. Boye Mafe
    EDGE Minnesota

    60. Channing Tindall
    LB Georgia

    83. Jalyn Armour-Davis
    CB Alabama

    91. Dameon Pierce
    RB Florida

    109. Kevin Austin
    WR Notre Dame

    129. Damone Clark
    LB LSU

    145. Jelani Woods
    TE Virginia

    151. Jack Coan
    QB Notre Dame

    153. Percy Butler
    S Louisiana

    167. Josh Paschal
    EDGE Kentucky

    A lot of trading around. Thibodeaux was there at #9 and I gave real pause to taking him. In the end, I was able to secure TB’s 2023 2nd & 3rd rounders, which should assist as additional capital for grabbing our stud QB next year. Not really sure how realistic it would be for Clark & Paschal to actually be available where I grabbed them. Anyways, I’d be pretty stoked with a comparable return this weekend…

    • Luka

      Nah bruh if KT is there you run to take him. He is very similar to Micah Parsons

  6. Gaux Hawks

    Rob continues to corrupt me with his “great length of talent.”

    Putting my money on Boye Mafe being our first pick after trading back.

    Hopefully they can then grab Abraham Lucas with 40 and Cam Jurgens with 41.

    Sneak out of the third round with Dameon Pierce and Channing Tindall (from trade back).

    Pick up Cam Taylor-Britt and Jack Coan on day three.

    Rob, you continue to corrupt me.

  7. mtpgod

    I keep seeing Tindall being available in the 3rd round on these mocks, Rob that is not going to happen in any world correct? If we get him at 40/41 I think it’d be a great draft, or am I competely lost on this whole process…

    • Rob Staton

      Classic media being wrong on Tindall

  8. Denver Hawker

    Walter Football reporting sources saying several teams have medically “flunked” Evan Neal. Big if true. Any credibility to that site’s past intel?

    • SpennyDunks

      No credibility

    • Rob Staton

      Peter King said yesterday something along the lines of some teams have concerns about his longevity but 20-25 will be prepared to take him in R1

  9. Mike

    Does anyone in the SDB community know a good place to find all 22 film for scouting college play?

  10. Bankhawk

    I know it’s draft week, and I don’t have much knowledge about Major League Soccer in the U.S., but I just saw the promo spot with Marshawn Lynch stumping for the CCL Championship game in Seattle on May 4th.
    Like I said, I don’t know much but welcome any education by way of commentary that anyone cares to offer.

    • Buf

      Its a big deal. If the Sounders win, they’d be the first MLS team to ever win it.

      Not to mention, they’d be going to the FIFA club world cup afterwards to play big name South American and European teams.

      I suppose you could compare that to a Canadian football league team getting to play the Seahawks.

  11. Sea Mode


    Earlier this week, we reported that Joe Douglas was all in on Deebo Samuel and ready to use the 10th pick of the draft to acquire the talented skill player from San Francisco. A league executive confirmed this to me on Sunday and also said if Douglas could pry DK Metcalf from the Seattle Seahawks with the 10th pick, he would make that move.


    • Scot04

      I’d prefer 35, 38, & 69 as it’s almost equal value but we need to fill multiple holes & trading down could be difficult. Guessing both the 49rs & Seahawks will both be trying to squeeze out a little more.

    • Rob Staton

      Think if any trade was happening it would’ve been done by now — Deebo or DK

  12. V

    I missed this yesterday

    Seahawks: “What you need to know: This is another team I’ve heard Corral connected to, but both Seattle and Atlanta could be looking at him more in the early second round area. Both also have two second-rounders, so either would have the capital and flexibility to deal back into the bottom of the first round to, perhaps, scoop him up there. If it’s not a quarterback here, Pete Carroll and John Schneider do have plenty of other needs to shore up. The dream come true would be an edge rusher like Walker or Thibodeaux, or a tackle like Cross falling into their laps at No. 9. The more likely best value here would be a corner—and word is that this could be a landing spot for Stingley (Seattle had a big contingent at his pro day in Baton Rouge) or Gardner—so long as Seattle’s willing to take one that high. The highest pick Carroll and Schneider have used on a corner in their 12 previous drafts was 90th (Shaquill Griffin in 2017). Northern Iowa’s Trevor Penning is another player linked to the Seahawks as a fit, but ninth would be very rich for him.”


    • Peter

      Imagine taking Corral in the second….a random collection of ideas from posters:

      1. Needs a year to learn a pro system but since it’s geno and lock who does he learn from?

      2. Then you get to 2023 with even more picks and have no real idea if he’s good/great/ or you drafted him too high.

      3. Does he even get to sit and learn? Pete rarely cares about guys riding the bench but he also likes to win. Bit different starting lawyer milloy over Kam than it is having geno and/or Lock potentially stalling out your offense.

      4. Is he even better than Lock?

      5. Being the QB after a great QB… ( stop with the russ sucks/sucked shtick) and someone who a lot of fans loved ( again we all have opinions about the FORMER qb but most fans want to put on their jerseys, yell “sea-fence,” and see Wilson whom they view as a winner out there on sundays,)…is a much harder task than most people realize. And frankly rarely works.

      6. Non qb related. A tackle like Cross falling to Seattle is the opposite of a dream. And a cross/penning move back into the first for a qb….woof….that’s got first overall pick 2023 written all over it.

      • Big Mike

        Good post. You only take Corral if you’re willing to let him sit most if not all of the season and are prepared to NOT draft a QB next year.

        “stop with the russ sucks/sucked shtick”…..don’t worry my friend, this coming season will put an end to all of that.

        • Peter

          Exactly on Corral.

          I see posts and you tube stuff about draft a,qb then draft a qb then draft a qb til you get it right. What’s strange is Seattle didn’t do that the first time around. They just built the team. I worry that the difference between taking fliers on the Jack Coan’s of the world and moving back into the first or early second is how you go from a once contending team to being the Browns of the PNW.

          • cha

            Yes they absolutely did churn the position ‘until they got it right’ the first time around. Just technically not in the draft.

            • Peter

              I’m even fine doing it in the draft. I honestly don’t if anyone can predict that corrall, ridder, willis are going to much different than Coan. Or that any of them are better than Lock.

              If the draft had a more top end talent i could see third round picks with a lot of these guys.

              Late firsts early seconds? I dont know, I’m not very comfortable with it.

  13. cha

    Pelissero writes Ojabo might be ready to play in October right after saying it’s too soon to know his progress??

    It’s still too soon for doctors to say with certainty how Ojabo is recovering from the torn Achilles he suffered at the Wolverines’ pro day on March 18. He’ll be drafted lower than he would’ve been if healthy. But if everything stays on track, Ojabo could make his NFL debut sometime in 2022 — perhaps as soon as October. So why couldn’t he still go Round 1?


    • TomLPDX

      If a team has the luxury to take an injured player that is rd.1 worthy then I’d say go for it. Fortunately, Seattle doesn’t have that luxury. If he were somehow available in rd. 3 I’d think hard about it though. Always think about building the future, not just the present.

      • Big Mike

        Could also be looked at as “unfortunately” my friend.

      • Spectator

        I would argue that if any team does have that luxury, it would be Seattle. We aren’t going to be contenders next year anyways, build for 2023 and beyond. A player with rd 1 talent in the early second would be perfectly fine by me.

        • Peter

          I honestly don’t know Ojabo is a rd. 1 talent and not just a freaky athlete doing one thing. I like the intangibles but a guy with one year of production playing exclusively inba just get after it position? Hard to say how he would habdle more duties in the pros.

          Is he last year or is he another in a line of freaky new to football players that can’t translate?

        • Cheese22

          If Ojabo is an option in the second since we’re not contending next year, the same could also be said about Penning in the first. Gives him a year or two to develop before Seattle is realistically ready to compete. It also improves their chance of a higher pick next year when a QB is the priority.

      • Jerry

        I don’t follow this argument. The Hawks will be bad next year. Despite all their declarations otherwise, they are rebuilding.

        I’d argue that Seattle is one of small number of teams who best situated to draft a guy who won’t contribute much in 2022. If they view him as a legit 1st round talent, they should grab him.

    • Peter

      6 months is mid to late September.

      9 months is December.

      Realistically for that position and how fast leg muscles atrophy I think he’s a scratch next year.

  14. Hawk Scott

    Outstanding segment, Rob! My only qualm is they kept it too short. I could’ve listened to your insight all damn day. It’s one thing to read your analysis on this site, but it’s just a whole other experience getting to listen to your thoughts uninterrupted. Great job!!!

    Can’t wait ’til Thursday!!!

  15. RR12

    Thanks Rob for all of your hard work. I always enjoy your analysis, especially at this time of year. I believe your content is the best out there.

    I’m curious: do you think that Abraham Lucas is an option for Seattle to take with their first pick? Out of the two, who do you think is the better prospect at tackle for the Seahawks, Penning or Lucas? Is there much of a gap between them in terms of their ability to start right away and their ceilings that would make you prefer one over the other?

  16. calgaryhawk

    Quick question to do with next years draft. At this point, how does Seattle look for receiving Comp picks next year? I understand they could and most likely will sign a veteran or two after the draft that could change things.

  17. samprassultanofswat

    Guys: Did you see where Chris Simms had Trevor Penning. Simms has Penning going at 21 to New England.

    Daniel Jeremiah has Penning as the #20 ranked player in his draft.

    BTW: Someone needs to explain to Mike Sauk that it is okay to take a corner at the #9 pick.

    BTW: Someone on NFL Network just had Seattle taking Desmond Ridder at #9. As John McEnroe would say. “You cannot be serious.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lFIQ-1SUZnw

    Pete and John both said they were high on Drew Lock. If that is the case why would trade up to take a QB.

    If the Hawks take Penning at #9. Then trade up to get a QB. (With all this defensive talent). I think I am going to go out of my mind. I am going to BLOW a head gasket. As Vince Lombardi would. “What the hell is going on out their.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4V0TYIO6yv4

    1)Please! Please! Please! Value over need!
    2)Don’t sleep on Drew Lock(Shelby Harris)

    • Dregur

      I just don’t think the Seahawks are that high on QB’s, and the “Seahawks drafting a QB high” is a media narrative rather than reality.

      Just based on Schneider’s comment alone that “That’s happened in the past too, where all of a sudden, I think it was the year that Jake Locker and [Christian] Ponder, and that whole group of guys went, or it was pretty quiet, and then they all went really high.”, if you read between the lines, that is not a group of QB’s that should have gone high, and the results proved out.

  18. unHappy Hawk

    Rob Rang Mock:

    #9 Penning (OT)
    #40 S Williams ( Edge)
    #41 L Chenal (LB)
    #72 L Fortner (C)
    #109 D Pierce (RB)
    #145 Chase Lucas (CB)
    #153 Juanyeh Thomas (S)
    #229 EJ Perry (QB)

    • Dregur

      That’s not terrible, but I just wish it wasn’t Penning at 9 (or really in the first round at all). I just don’t like him that much, even if we trade down. I’d rather draft Zion Johnson.

      • JJ

        I think as long as we do not take a qb in the first 2 days of the draft we will be ok.

        • Seattle Person

          Jeremey Fowler reporting that the Seahawks really like Howell and Willis at #9. Too convenient for me…The rumors are strong with a couple days left in the draft.

          • Seattle Person

            *Correction. Reports are they like Willis at #9 and Howell later in the draft. Who knows what to believe.

          • Rob Staton


            Hope that was worth it Jeremy…

      • UkAlex6674

        I like Penning. I think he will be held to account by the O-Line pros on whichever team he lands on, and be able to reign it in (not so much it takes the edge away from him).

        • Peter

          That might be a good prijection but circling back to Seattle with Lewis, Blythe, curhan (?) Who holds him go account?

    • Robbie

      There are so many bad mocks out there. So many people predicting Penning right now, I just can’t with him. The more I watch his tape the less I like him. I see a guy who over compensates with the tough guy mentality, gets too many flags, and needs a lot of help with his technique. I’m going to be really bummed if we kick off our rebuild with him. I’m watching his tape trying to like him so I can be excited come draft day if it happens. Sadly I just don’t see it. Take BPA regardless of position. Please don’t reach for a need.

      • Tecmo Bowl

        “The more I watch his tape the less I like him. I see a guy who over compensates with the tough guy mentality, gets too many flags, and needs a lot of help with his technique.”


        Struggles even getting a paw on a defender at the second level. That’s not going to get easier in the NFL. Penning has upside and has an aggresive nature you like to see. He’s going to struggle big time his first year at least. If we take him at 9 or after a trade back, he will be starting day 1 at either LT or RT. How will he react when a cacophony of bad publicity and chatter hits him in the face? Can he work through that? Ask Ifedi, Penny and Collier how it affected them.

  19. cha

    Derek Stingley Jr. = Stephon Gilmore
    The peak of what Stephon Gilmore was as a press-man cornerback is almost exactly what Derek Stingley Jr. could be. Stingley could actually have an even higher ceiling than Gilmore’s 2019 campaign, where he was the best in the world and intercepted 6 passes. This NFL Draft comp felt too easy.

    Stingley possesses ball skills without being overly aggressive on double-breaking routes. He just naturally elevates and floats. It’s almost a shock that his arms came in under 31 inches because of how he contests passes.

    They have a similar frame and overall athleticism. Gilmore may be a tad faster while Stingley is a bit more physical, but they both can crowd receivers playing both in and out of phase.


    • Blitzy the Clown

      Saw someone compared Stingley to Darrelle Revis and I like that better than Gilmore


    • Seattle Person

      I just like how he can mirror and stay with the best of them without being handsy. Sauce grabs a lot when he’s subtly beat.

  20. Big Mike

    Unless one the big 4 pass rushers falls to #9 unexpectedly PLEASE just draft this guy. Injury concerns, yes. But a guy that has this kind if upside hasn’t been available to Seattle in a long time. Don’t eff this up.

    • Big Mike

      Obviously in reply to cha’s post about Stingley

  21. HawkFan907

    Rob, say Thibodeaux falls to us at 9. Dallas is rumored to want to trade up and target Thibs. If they dangle their 2023 1st and a 3rd rd. pick this year along with 24, would you make that move?

    I think I would. It’d give us more ammo to target a QB next year, and fill some more holes. At 24, I feel like a player we might be overlooking after a big trade down is Kyler Gordon. His 40 was mediocre, but he had outstanding agilities, he is local, and he is an exceptional tackler. The 31″ arms are longer than Stingley’s. He isn’t afraid to stick his nose in and get physical either.

    It also puts us in the right range for Lucas, Lloyd, Mafe, or Wyatt (if the character flags cause him to drop this far)

    • Robbie

      I would take this ALL day. Anyone willing to give up a #1 next year I’ll take. It allows us so much room to get Will Levis. Thats the guy!! I’ll sale out to get him LOL

      • HawkFan907

        I feel like it would definitely take a future first to move up that far. Similar moves over the years:

        2021 – CHI: #11 NYG: #20, 2021 5th, 2022 1st, 2022 4th

        2017 – KC: #10 BUF: #22, #27, #91

        2017 – HOU: #12 CLE: #25, 2018 1st

        I know there isn’t as much “value” at the top end of the draft, but Kayvon is one of those potential blue chip players and teams like Dallas who think they are a piece away might be willing to pay a pretty penny to move up that far and draft him.

  22. Keith M

    Another WF nugget about JJ and Thibideaux. This seems to be a lot of smokescreen to me.

    “While Thibodeaux’s poor reputation has gotten publicity leading up the 2022 NFL Draft, another edge rusher who is receiving poor marks for character has flown under the radar, Florida State defensive end Jermaine Johnson. Multiple team sources say Johnson’s character issues are significant, with one director of player personnel labelling Johnson as worse than Thibodeaux. Teams received negative feedback from Georgia, and the character issues played a part in Johnson transferring from the Bulldogs for his senior year. Johnson did well in the pre-draft workouts and at the Senior Bowl, so he is probably safe as a top-20 selection. But if he slides, the makeup question will be what is dragging him down.”


  23. CaptainJack

    AT this point:

    IF stingley is there, I take him and feel great that you just secured a 20 year old star cornerback.

    IF he’s not… it means someone has been pushed down the board (most likely, Gardner or an OT). If Neal or Ekwonu drop, I take them (unless you have medical red flags on Neal). If Cross drops, I trade down and bait someone to take him.

    If the top three OT are all gone but Gardner is there, I feel good but not great about that take (I like Stingley better at this point). He’ll be a good player, but you’d probably get a decent trade down offer if he’s there. Coin flip.

    I agree with Rob that there’s not any chance in hell Jermaine Johnson drops to 9. Walker and Hutchinson are pretty much consensus top two picks at this point (but could go in either order). Thibodeax, I do think there’s a slight possibly he falls to 9, but then it’s still unlikely. Probably only possible if both Gardner and Stingley go before 9, and then you kind of have to take him there.

    Taking Penning before a trade down would be a shame. It means you are either passing on a decent trade down offer or Stingley/Ekwonu/Neal/Gardner. Someone better than Penning will be at 9.

    • Hoggs41

      People need to stop thinking you can snap your fingers and trade down. All they can do is “try” and trade down. They might just have to take there guy at 9 even know the value isnt fully there. Sure they could take the BPA on their board but what if its Kyle Hamilton or Garrett Wilson? It might be someone 15th or 16th on their board.

  24. cha


    Doug Kyed
    Teams who could be looking to trade up in the draft: Seahawks, Jets, Saints, Cowboys.

    Teams who could be looking to trade down: Most, but Panthers, Giants, Vikings are among them.

    Guessing he means from their second round spots, not their top 10 spots.

    • Tecmo Bowl


      Panthers GM Scott Fitterer concedes he’s explored trading down at his presser. How far back would he be willing to go? “I think the comfort level would be in the teens … if I had to put a number on it.”

      Garafolo on NFL network just said “if NYG trades back from 7 It won’t be very far.”

      Trading up to 6 or 7 would be out of character for JS/PC. IF they did I bet its for one of the top 3 OTs. Could see edge rusher too, but they’re backed into a corner at OT and the cliff of plug and play tackles, is massive after Cross. Cross has his doubters and needs to work on his hand placement desperately and get stronger. He does have great feet, performed well in testing and proved himself in the SEC.

      The report from Kyed is the second mentioning Sea trading up. Tony P specifically mentioned targeting a QB trading back into round 1. This is not the news I’ve been looking for. Penning and Corral or Ridder? No thanks.

      • Big Mike

        If they trade up, please let it be to get a pass rusher.

  25. Trevor

    Albert Breer who I kind of like had a mock out today that shared a lot of the same thoughts Rob has had the last couple of months.

    Stingley to the Hawks

    Davis to the Ravens at 14

    Penning to NO at 16

    Pitt and NO take QBs at 19,20

    Andrew Booth and Lewis Cine both go in Rd 1


  26. unHappy Hawk

    Bucky Brooks mock draft. Seahawks take Kayvon T ( Edge) at #9. see:https://www.nfl.com/news/bucky-brooks-2022-nfl-mock-draft-4-0-steelers-take-malik-willis-vikings-land-jam

  27. cha


    IG: JosinaAnderson
    · 57m
    Spoke to a league source on Baker Mayfield. At this time, the #Seahawks still don’t sound overly eager on dealing for the #Browns quarterback &* his salary at that price in a situation where they feel Cleveland has to eventually move him. Still worth monitoring.

    • Big Mike

      Way to tweet the obvious Josina.

    • Nick

      She can say nothing new with such authority.

  28. Sea Mode

    Not quite sure if this data is actually useful in any way.


    • Peter

      The first reply if these numbers are indeed about Johnson says it all “doesn’t care about football.” Okie dokie…

      “People questioning his motor.” Also okie dokie.

      • Henry Taylor

        I thought those were sarcastic remarks about KT.

        • Peter

          Maybe so. Original thread was about KT. Replies in this thread had someone complaining about Johnson.

    • Peter

      And these data points from a guy who thinks ridder should go at nine….

      • LetLockCook

        Has this metric been an indicator of success?

        • Peter

          I honestly don’t know. But I’d like to see at least ten years of this to see a correlation.

          As it is the entire league seemingly should be running to the podium for Bonnito and doing a hard pass on Hutchinson let alone Johnson.

          • Peter

            I kid of course.

    • Spectator

      I would argue that it is.
      The longer the time to get a sack, means that the more likely it can be jotted down as a “coverage” aided sack, or WB holding ball to long, or scrambling. More variables. It doesn’t just have to do with the player beating the tackle straight up. The faster the sack would correlate more with the player beating the Tackle.
      But there are still a lot of variables that come into play. Double teams, assignments, etc. that’s why the tape matters more. But this is still an interesting stat, and correlates well with the win percentages we have seen (Bonito was at the rope of that last too if I remember).

      I’m very interested in Bonito and hope he is a player we grab.

      • Big Mike

        FWIW Chris Simms had him ranked above Kayvon.

    • DougM

      Those numbers confirm my belief in Ebiketie.

  29. Julian L

    I can see a world where an alternative front 8 happens. I think we assume too much that there is a logic to drafting that we must all accept. Other teams for their own reasons, will always pull a pick out of left field, as the Seahawks have often done, which would lead to the Seahawks having a different dilemma at #9 than we’re currently anticipating. I can make a logic for the following happening;

    #1 Travon Walker – Jags
    #2 Aidan Hutchinson – Lions
    #3 Ahmad Gardener – Texans
    #4 Garret Wilson – Jets
    #5 Ikem Ekwonu – Giants
    #6 Malik Willis – Panthers
    #7 Jermaine Johnson – Giants
    #8 Chris Olave – Falcons

    The Texans might feel the Pass rusher class is deeper than for CB’s and want the first pick on Secondary talent. The same can be said for the Jets looking for a Wide Receiver, they might not get the pick of their guy if they wait until #10. The Falcons will want a WR who can start the first week of the season. The Panthers might be panicked into drafting a QB if they can’t find a trade partner, as they don’t pick again until #137. I’m absolutely not convinced the first 8 are going to fall so neatly as 4 Edge, 2 Tackles, 1 CB and another.

    Such a scenario as above would give the Seahawks, a choice of Thibodeaux, Stingley or Neal at #9 It could all still be to play for.

  30. EP

    Would really enjoy a longer format conversation between you and Jake Heaps, Rob. You do remarkably well in the 15 mins you get but there’s so much I feel that you could get into with him if time afforded it.

  31. Sea Mode

    Cross… 😬

    Jeff Simmons

    “I’ve heard Stingley is in a group of players Seattle likes, along with Cross and Thibodeaux” –

    Breer makes point that new defensive staff/system might change Seattle’s valuation of taking a CB high.

    • Denver Hawker

      Whatever is said right now about Seattles interests at 9, I presume to be trying to drum up interest in trades.

      • STTBM


    • Hawk Mock

      The two guys I’ve seen linked to them that I do not want are Cross and Penning. So, of course, I’m trying to prepare myself for one of them being the guy. Gonna be pretty devastated if Stingley and Thibodeaux are there and we take an ass clown instead.

    • Jordan

      Not a fan of Cross?

      Appears to be a really solid pass pro LT prospect. Or, lol, at least according to the people who know way more about Oline evaluation than I do – Zierlein, Damien Woody, Elgton Jenkins, Duke Manyweather, Geoff Schwarz

      • Peter

        Cross played in an air raid which ran the ball about 27% of the snaps.

        Maybe he’s an extremely good pass protector. His major weaknesses are his strength and his hands. Seems like he might not add any value for a team that claims it wants to run the ball.

        • Hawkdawg

          Look at clips of him up against Sam Williams on rush snaps. Dude was not impressive.

          And that says nothing about his run blocking, nor about his meh testing.

        • Jordan

          I’ll certainly be curious to see where the NFL grades him. As guys with the expertise and experience in oline play – such as Woody, Jenkins and Schwarz seem to really like him. Granted, experts in a field aren’t the be all end all; but I certainly give their opinions a lot of weight.

    • CaptainJack

      Cross isn’t as bad of a prospect as most on this blog make him out to be. I don’t think he’s a top five talent, but he’s decent.

      • Rob Staton

        The conversation has been far more nuanced than ‘decent’ or ‘rubbish’ though

  32. Silly Billy

    If the rumors about us trading up are true, and they mean from 9, here’s that would look like comp-wise (using PFF Tables):

    #9 to #1: both 1sts in ’23 (lol)
    #9 to #2: Either both 40 and 41, or 40 with a ’23 1st.
    #9 to #3: Just one 1st in 23. PFF says it’s a 35% we could get it done with just #40
    #9 to #4: #72 might be able to do it (PFF says it’s 54% chance). Could also do it with just a ’23 2nd
    #9 to #5: #72 should do it on its own. Another option is to swap #41 (our 2nd) with #67 (their 3rd)
    #9 to #6: #109 might do it (61%)
    #9 to #7: #153 should do it. PFF also says #229 could do it (67%) but seems odd to me.

    • Silly Billy

      I think it’s pretty obvious moving up to the 1-3 would be a gross overpay.
      But I’ll admit I am intrigued by the idea of moving up to #4-6.

      if any combination of Ikey/Neal/Thibedeux/Walker are available… why not use #72 to move up?
      Even better if one of them is at #6. Carolina needs picks, so if giving up a 4th rounder means we get one of the best T/Edges in the draft… then jump on it!

      • Hawkdawg

        Heck, #7 could be good enough, if Johnson is still on the board!!

        • Peter

          I’d defintely do that. Have to get star power at an area the team is weak at.

      • J

        Yeah I feel like we could recoup what we spent by trading down from 41.

  33. Zane

    I’m actually starting to come around on Cross a bit. He’s not a perfect LT prospect, but he has what you’re looking for in terms of the frame and movement skills. His tape against Alabama is truly impressive.
    His testing was a mixed bag- good forty, decent broad jump, good short shuttle, mediocre vertical, bad 3-cone, bad bench.

    He’ll be a 21 year old rookie, so there’s reason to he think he can fill out and get stronger.

    • Zane

      The fact of the matter is that you need a solid LT. Russell Okung wasn’t perfect, but he was a reliable building block that enabled the offense to function.

      • Ace

        I don’t think Rob and others on the blog are trying to say that he is bad. But a decent LT with flaws and needing improvement isn’t a top 10 pick. Stingley is. So is Kayvon, Walker, Johnson, Neal, etc.

        It’s difficult to add Cross into that list of untapped potential and impactful generational talent that the others seem to have. That’s why whenever he *is* mocked in the top 10, he’s considered overrated. Picks 15-30? Much better value. Not Top 10 imo.

        • Peter

          Pretty much all of this.

          It’s value. Of course Seattle needs tackles. You’d just hope with this first pick of a bew era it was someone you could really hang your hat on.

          This is a down tackle class much like the qb’s. Maybe Cross is one of the top ones. But being the best or near best at a position that is getting lapped in quality by other positions isn’t , to me, ninth overall material.

  34. V

    Chris Cluff: Per @TonyPauline, the Saints have talked to the #Seahawks about moving up to 9. The Saints have 16 & 19. The Eagles (15 & 18) also are looking to move up. Both likely targeting WR, trying to get ahead of 10.

    Also per Pauline, the Seahawks are thinking about moving back into the first round for QB Desmond Ridder


    • Denver Hawker

      Trade 9 to NO for 16 and 50? Sounds alright I suppose. Hate the idea of doing that to get Ridder though.

      • Rob Staton

        It gets worse.

        It’s Penning and then Ridder

        • j hawk

          Look at the bright side, if we got Penning and Ridder we will be well on our way to the #1 pick next year. I will probably puke on the spot. Hopefully this is lying season at it peak.

        • Peter

          Can you imagine……trading Wilson and getting breno giacomoni and a guy who looks like mariota’s stunt double as the way to kick start this?


          Hell go for the hat trick and if Cine is there in the second get a WR instead.

        • Tomas

          Sadly, what the Hawks really need – a new HC/GM – is not available via draft.

          • Hawk Mock

            Literally, my worst-case scenario. How can these guys even dream up my worst-case scenario? I’m just dumbfounded if this is their plan if true. Just praying a blue-chipper falls at this point and they aren’t stupid enough to kick a gift-horse in the mouth and just make the pick.

          • SeaTown

            That’s why I have barely paid attention this off season. Rob does such great work but he gets me fired up every year and then I come crashing down after PC/JS muck it up. Whatever the worst case scenario is for this draft, that’s what I expect to happen. 🙁

  35. Brik

    Anyone think Jordan Davis could play LT?

  36. j hawk

    Well upon further review….. I could get warmed up to the Desmond Ridder selection, especially if we could get his main target Alec Pierce. Watching Ridders film, his delivery looks a little odd but he makes all the throws and gets the ball in the right spots. He has pocket awareness and a little speed. He might be worth a shot in the draft.

    • Mr drucker in hooterville

      But not R1. Lock is better. Wait until next year.

  37. Brik

    More seriously… Anyone remember what it was like going into the first draft where we had the 6th pick? Did PC and JS take much and try to lead people away? Did they consider trading the picks? I don’t remember anything about it.

  38. Ashish

    Reading the comments makes me feel nervous. Feels like there are 100 ways to screw up. I trust Pete will find 101th way to disappoint us.

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