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Later today I’ll be posting a new guest post from Curtis Allen on the D.K. Metcalf situation, plus publishing a new podcast with thoughts on the matter. Firstly though, yesterday I spent a couple of hours with my old podcasting partner Kenneth Arthur talking about the Seahawks and the draft.

Check it out here:


  1. Denver Hawker

    One thing I liked about the DK interview with KG was how he talked about Wagner.

    He gave a brief statement on Russ then went on about Bobby and how much he meant to him. I’m trying not to make too much of it, but for some reason it left me with a feeling that the locker room wasn’t led by Russ and wondered if Russ had distanced himself last year.

    Folks in Denver are already talking about the distraction Russ is by bringing his entourage everywhere, working with his own trainers and specialists, etc. I don’t have a problem with it, but could see how players, especially young guys like DK, might feel put off over time. Their likely separate data points, but his pointing to Geno in game may be related to some locker room division last year.

    • Jed Simon

      Who knows how high up the pyramid Russ might aspire to ascend, what deeper mysteries he might hope to unfold? Should his ambitions run full P Diddy, some teammates could take umbrage at his having planted truer allegiance. . .elsewhere. . .than in the brotherhood looking him in the eye mid-huddle.

  2. Ashish

    I never wish Russ is traded but it looks like Russ was not on same page with others on the mission. In that it is better he is in Denver and Hawks rebuild.

    • BobbyK

      Would you be on the same mission as your bosses if they were incompetent and had crappy off-season after crappy off-season for an extended period of time? The only thing these guys have done is have a good draft in 2020. The rest of the drafts look crappy. The rest of the off-season free agency periods look crappy. But, yes, lets follow some clowns who give a backup TE $24 million over 3 years.

      • STTBM

        Preach, Bob! Amazing how quick some fans are to turn on the best player in franchise history.

        • Big Mike

          Plenty of them turned on him before he was traded. There are people did not liked him all along for whatever reason or reasons. Great post Bobby. Agree 💯

      • Ashish

        I have no objection on why Russ wanted a trade. In fact, Russ is very good person that once he committed with Hawks he gave 100% and took decision after the end of the season. Reason I never wanted him to go, just how much he was committed to the team.
        On team, i really like how KC manages their resources. They let go Hill because of his cap space but use him to get more draft picks. At the same time got enough WR for their QB in free agency so they don’t have down year. JS and PC did good job till year 2015 i guess and then one mistake led to another and never recovered. PC and JS earlier used to acknowledge their mistake and move on, but not anymore. For time being stop trading big/rental players 🙂 Jimmy, Sheldon, Clowney,etc

  3. brendon light

    Wow! I didn’t think we would see a reunion after all these years!

    • Kenneth Arthur

      Thanks for watching! Seahawks Draft Blog has a great community, I have learned a lot from both Rob and the commenters over the years. This is such an exciting time to finally get to talk to Rob about players who could actually go in the top-10 for the first time.

      • Peter

        You two nailed it with this podcast. Been listening since the 3000 mock draft days. Always enjoyed those but both of you made that long listen sail by nice and quick.

        • brendon

          Oh man! I was a religious listener of 3KMD! Loved that show! Rob and Kennay are so great together!

  4. Spencer Duncan

    Seems like there is new amazing content every time I stop in. Thanks for making the off season so much more fun to follow for me over the past 10 years or so.

    Apologies for the long post but I couldn’t sleep yesterday and randomly started writing out a note last night so let me know if you guys think this would be a promising start to our 2 year rebuild.

    **Free Agency**

    Re-sign Duane Brown to a 1-year contract with 2 void years.

    Re-sign Brandon Shell to a 1-year contract.

    Re-sign Geno Smith to a 1-year contract.


    R1: DE Jermaine Johnson or DE Kayvon Thibodeaux
    R2: RB Breece Hall
    R2: LB Channing Tindall
    R3: QB Jack Coan
    R4: CB Montaric Brown
    R5: RB Snoop Conner
    R5: C Alec Lidstrom
    R7: RG J’Aytre Carter

    ** Offense **
    QB: Lock // Geno, Coan (R3)
    RB: Penny, Hall (R2) // Conner (R5), Carson, Homer, Dallas
    FB: Bellore
    WR: Lockett, Metcalf, Eskridge // Swain, Hart, C. Johnson
    TE: Fant // Dissly, Parkinson
    LT: D. Brown // Forsythe
    LG: Lewis // Haynes
    C: Blythe // Lidstrom (R5), Fuller
    RG: Jackson // Carter (R7)
    RT: Shell // Curhan

    Potential Cuts: Carson, Fuller

    **Base Defense**

    5T: Harris // Jefferson, Collier
    3T: Ford
    1T: Woods // Mone
    LEO: J. Johnson or Thibodeaux (R1) // Taylor, Robinson
    SLB: Nwosu // Cheap Vet
    MLB: Brooks // Barton, Rhattigan
    WLB: Tindall (R2) // BBK
    CB: Jones, T. Brown, M. Brown (R3) // Reid, Burns, Amadi
    FS: Diggs // Blair
    SS: Adams // Neal

    • Spencer Duncan

      Written before the Coleman and Iggy signings. Can easily replace “Vet LB” and Amadi with those 2 names.

      • Elmer

        BBK is coming off injury. I think he is a valuable depth and ST asset, we will see if he is physically ready. The chap knows how to play football.

    • CaptainJack

      Time to face reality, neither thibs nor johnson will be there at 9. You might have to take gardner, wyatt or davis. If you REALLY want a pass rusher, you’ll have to go with either Mafe or Ojabo.

      • Spencer Duncan

        Tough pill to swallow but I know you’re right. Got some hyped up for JJ.

  5. Denver Hawker

    Hawks met with Kyle Hamilton:

    I doubt he makes it to #9, but could he play a role like Isaiah Simmons? He’s tall and can probably fill in his frame as an OLB.

    • Henry Taylor

      Not in a 3-4 he cant.

    • Sea Mode

      Thanks. Added to tracker.

      Seahawks visits/meeting/interest Tracker

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t see where he goes before 9. That forty is a killer.

      • Denver Hawker

        That’s fair- his other numbers look great and someone could argue straight line speed isn’t as important for his role, but either way, hard to justify top 10.

        • Peter

          Not hard. Impossible to justify. 37 plus million tied up in three safeties? Gross.

          Cook or cross in the second or third. Okay. Not loving it but hey is JA ever going to play a full season? I don’t know and I’m fine with safety there.

  6. cha

    This tickled me. Nobody’s burning your phone up to pay Sam Darnold $19m guaranteed? I’m shocked. Shocked!

    Sheena Quick
    · 42m
    Scott Fitterer on Sam Darnold trade possibility: “No one has called about that yet.” Says the teams have to call you.

    • Elmer

      Deeply shocked. Pete probably ;likes him from USC days and he has a good chance of coming here to compete with Lock, Eason, etc. But they won’t eat $19MM IMO.

  7. Robert Las Vegas

    Rob I have given this some thought and I like your opinion the last super bowl winners went all in both Tampa and the Rams . Does the brick by brick method work. I am not sure that the Hawks plan of not sign big name free agents. And hopefully we can hit in the draftWorks.maybe Miami is doing the right thing signing the best left tackle they could get and trading for a major playmaker in Hill. If I were a Dolphins fan I would be pretty excited about next year wouldn’t you. How many Seahawks fans are overall pleased with off-season so far

    • Jabroni-DC

      We went ‘all in’ too. If you are going to sell out your future purchasing power (draft capitol) you had better select the right guys.

      Jalen Ramsey was a win. Matthew Stafford was a win.

      Jimmy Graham, Jamal Adams,,, eh, not so much.

      • Peter

        Percy Harvin.

        Good call. Pete has been doing this thing long before others. He’s just chosen incorrectly.

        • Jabroni-DC

          Because we went on to win the Super Bowl I didn’t include Percy. It’s the result that counts most to me.

          • Peter

            That’s fair. I don’t count him because we would have won either way.

          • Cambs

            But they lost the next Super Bowl. And Percy Harvin wasn’t on the field in a game decided on a couple of key pass plays. Nor was DeAndre Hopkins, who they could have had with the Harvin pick, nor was Golden Tate, who they sent away in order to pay Percy.

            And then that catastrophe led directly to the Graham trade and the collapse of the pseudo-dynasty.

  8. wimerek

    The teams have to call you? That’s an interesting statement… not “he’s our guy” or “It would have to be a good offer”; about the most “meh” response you could give haha poor Sam.

  9. Sea Mode

    Now that’s the kind of question media should ask!

    “Why should you be believed more than 22 women?”

    • Sea Mode

      LOL, come on…

      Albert Breer

      Browns GM Andrew Berry on suspension-proofing the contract: “We certainly understand the optics of it.” Says it was a cap thing to provide “Maximum flexibility to execute the rest of our offseason plan … That structure is very similar to a lot of (our) larger player contracts.”

      • cha

        Speaking of optics. As someone who enjoys digging through the cap, I get a real kick out of the 2022 number.

        A $230million dead cap hit to cut Watson and it would cost $219.972million against their cap.


        Cutting Deshaun Watson this year, next year with $219.972m dead, or in 2024 with $164.9m dead, could literally shut down the franchise.

        • Gross MaToast

          Odd, because signing him should have shut down the franchise.

          • Peter

            Kind of intrigued to see what happens to the browns if this doesn’t work.

            • Gross MaToast

              Radio Ad in Cleveland post-cutting Watson:

              “Hey, have you ever dreamed of being a professional football player? Do you have health insurance? Wow! Be a Brown this weekend and earn up to $200!!! while being on national television. Hey, even if you just like being in a steamy locker room with sweaty, near-naked men, this could be the opportunity you’ve been looking for? The Browns! Show your stuff, Cleveland!”

              Disclaimer crammed into the last three seconds of the ad:

              “The Browns are not responsible for treatment of injuries after the conclusion of the contest. Catastrophic injuries, maiming and death have been reported by previous participants, however, your outcome may differ. Contracts are based on a per hour rate and void at midnight of game day and are payable within 7-14 week days, post-game. Participants must provide personal transportation to and from game site. Offer null and void in Arizona, California, Colorado, New York, New Jersey, Maine, Michigan, Massachusetts, Montana, Oregon, Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Dakota, and American Samoa.”

              • CD

                GMT – I’m starting to come here just to look for your humour – keep it up, please!

  10. Henry Taylor

    How would people feel about Carson Strong in the 3rd round? The knee is a huge concern but it’s only because of that that he’d even be available so late on.

    Because his tape suggests some real upside. I guess the question is the player you might get at #72 otherwise worth sacrificing for such a high risk shot at QB? I think it could be, because you have to keep shooting your shot until you find someone.

    • Rob Staton

      Strong looked awful at the Senior Bowl and while the arm talent is there, he’s a complete statue

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      Behind Seattle’s O-line? He would leave the game on a stretcher.

  11. Jon Smith

    I’m sure the size and structure of Adams contract make it near impossible but if there were a way for Cleveland and Seattle to rid themselves of mutual roster turds I wouldn’t mind gutting through a season of Baker to be free of Adams deal. For Cleveland it’d be a name player in return(vs having to give up a pick to get Baker off the roster) who could help them now especially if they’re going all in ..but anyway it’s probably impossible, I’m not a capologist

    • cha

      0-1% chance

  12. cha

    So Ian Rapaport just earned a big chit from the Browns.

    Says with a straight face that the Browns are considering keeping Baker Mayfield and starting him when Watson is inevitably suspended.


    • ShowMeYourHawk

      “RIIIIIIIIGHT.” – Doctor Evil

  13. Ashish

    New mock draft gives hope, possible if one QB off board teams panic to get their QB. Hope Hawks don’t join that band wagon and get DE – JJ.


    • Hawk Finn

      As bad as that mock is, if you take the time to scroll through each link for all four rounds, you will come to Maurice Jones-Drew’s…attempt. Including Carson Strong as a first rounder. Is there an “analyst” this side of Skip Bayless that has worse takes than this guy?

      • Roy Batty

        I’ve been shaking my head at so many of these head-scratching, off-base mocks.

        Then I realized that, yes, the draft CAN get head-scratchy and off-basie quite quick.

        I have a feeling we will have more than a few “Holy crap, they went there” moments this year, mirroring the FA period and trades we just went through.

  14. Scotia Seahwawk

    Nice to hear you with KA again.
    Really enjoyed the podcasts you used to do together.
    They were quite spicy at times so always wondered whether there was an amicable parting.

  15. Hawk Finn

    Rob, what are your thoughts on Tony Pauline’s latest that Travon Walker could go #1?

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s entirely plausible

      Has every physical box-tick you need — good character. Very safe pick with massive upside.

    • CaptainJack

      Walker seems a top five lock at this point in the process. Jermaine Johnson could go top five also.

      • Rob Staton

        My guess is:

        Hutchinson top two lock

        Walker top five lock

        Johnson likely to go 7 or 8

  16. V

    Matt Miller: OL coaches from Seattle, Arizona, Houston, Jets and Titans lead workout for OL at BC Pro Day, including Zion Johnson and Alec Lindstrom at center


  17. dan

    Hey Rob, great content as usual..’nuff said.

    But can’t help but point out something no one is giving much attention to and deserves at least an article and podcast about; I can’t stop telling everyone about this since I saw it in the comments.

    DK’s diet! I need to know, exact amount of candies in each of the three bags, sugar content, etc. and what is in that one meal of a day he eats at 8pm after working out all day!

    Come on man, we need a deep dive into this one!

    • Rob Staton

      Incredible, right?

  18. Sea Mode

    He did not just say that. 🤦‍♂️

    Aaron Wilson

    Deshaun Watson: ‘I’ve always been hands on in the community of Houston.’

    • Sea Mode

      I am SO glad this is not our franchise right now.


      • cha

        Brutal. Just brutal.

        • Sea Mode

          There are so many more things I could post, but I won’t clutter up the thread.

          The answers given were absolute BS smelt from a mile away. And reporters (local and national) aren’t having it.

          • Roy Batty

            Rich Eisen had a great comment about Watson’s presser.

            He said it looked like a funeral, not a franchise player’s introduction.

  19. Trevor

    I really just want to see the Hawks add 3-4 core players in this draft. This is far from a Super Bowl roster but with a couple of quality drafts things can turn quick.

    In this mock the Hawks trade DK to the Jets for #10 and #38

    #9 Jermaine Johnson-( Edge FSU) he has everything the Hawks look for in a Edge and would be the perfect compliment opposite Taylor.

    #10 Derrick Stingley (CB LSU) Hawks need a legit #1 CB in this scheme and get it with Stingley

    #38 Christian Watson (WR NDst) Hawks find DKs replacement with another big fast WR. Love this guys potential.

    #40 Abraham Lucas – (OT Wash St) legit starting RT day #1

    #41 Cam Jurgens – ( C Nebraska) Smart, tough and ultra athletic. This may be early for Jurgens but he is the type of guy you can build an OL around. Perfect for the Waldron scheme.

    #72 Channing Tindall (LB Georgia) he could be gone but most of the simulators he is still here in Rd 3 and would be an absolute steal. Hawks could use #153 to trade up.

    #109 Zamir White ( RB Georgia ) Penney and Carson are both on 1yr deals. White could be awesome if her can stay healthy.

    #145 Jack Coan (QB ND) Rob has talked about him lots. Bring him in to compete at the QB spot and see what he has

    #153 Traded to move up for Tindall in early 3rd round

    #229 Cade York (kicker LSU) cut Myers for the cap savings and replace him with a young guy who has a great leg.

    A draft like this sets the Hawks to be competitive in 2023 with another good draft of they can figure out the QB spot.

    • Hawkhomer1

      Thank you to Rob for his hard work on filling out the horizontal board.

      I like what you have done here but I would prefer to keep DK. Even with what Rob layed out above, he is worth it as a character to rally around. You need those guys to be successful.

      I just did a mock on PFF. I know that it is late to adjust but I really like what I was able to come away with.
      traded back from 9 to 18 with the Saints and picked up 49 and 101 as well.
      Drafted Trevor Penning at 18. If you look across the league the 2 positions that have the best track record of high draft picks working out it is OT and Edge in that order.
      I then traded 40 with the Patriots for 54 and 85.
      At 41 Edge had already been depleted but I reached anyway because I think it is so important. I took Logan Hall. I think he will be a strong side Edge at the next level.
      At 49 I took Abraham Lucas.
      54 Leo Chenal
      72 Josh Pascal- doubling down on Edge to make up for the lack.
      85 Nick Cross- In the new scheme I think we will see 3 safety sets frequently
      101- Zyon McCollum- His measurables are just ridiculous. I think he can be coached.
      109- Zach Tom- This is a center pick. Tom has elite lateral quickness and is very smart
      152- Pierre Strong Jr.- He tore up the Shrine Bowl,
      153- Jalyn Amour Davis- Not sure why this kid lasts this long in almost every mock but I didn’t want to sleep on him any longer
      229- Jack Coan- Flyer.

      We keep DK and fill our holes at LT, C, RT, CB, add pieces at Edge and Safety. Take a flyer on Coan. Set up well for next year with a lot less glaring holes so we can have the option to trade up for a QB if we need to.

  20. matt

    Good to see Kenneth. Used to follow him a lot during the early Carroll years. Sounds like it’s his time to shine again with the Seahawks blowing everything up and rebuilding.

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