Podcast appearances

Thought I’d pass on a couple of recent podcast appearances:

Sea Hawkers Podcast appearance (also includes an interview with Ricardo Lockette’s father):

3000 NFL Mock Draft with Kenny:


  1. Volume12


    Are me and you the only ones that thouroughly enjoyed ‘Rockette’s’ presser?

    I tried bringing it up as a discussion. Thought more people woulda felt the same. Oh well.

    One of the best press conferences I’ve ever listened to.

    Gonna really miss him. His personality and style of play was just so infectious.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I just don’t wanna talk about it T-T

      • Volume12

        I get that.

        But, at the same time, it brings up something that more fans need to realize.

        These guys don’t owe us a damn thing. They put their lives/livelihood on the line for our entertainment.

    • Rob Staton

      Great press conference V12.

    • Sea Mode

      T’was amazing. I was wowed, even knowing how much the Hawks preach grit. That is the stuff our guys are made of and what makes our team truly special, far beyond their on-the-field performance.

    • C-Dog

      Outstanding presser from an outstanding former Hawk. For the next generation of Hawks coming in out of this draft, I hope they all took the time to watch it b/c that guy is what being a present day Seahawk is all about, without question.

  2. H M Abdou

    Rob, thanks so much for being part of our lives. And thank you to Lockette the Rocket, the Beastquake 2 play from 2014 at Arizona was just another example of how well Ricardo blocked!

  3. 503Hawk

    Looks like Russ just got hosed for his commencement speech at Wisconsin by a former NC State player.
    Said player, Kalani Heppe, says 80% of Wilson’s speech about his time at NC ST is made up.

    “Three sides to every story”.
    Be interesting to see what, if anything, comes up from this.

    • 503Hawk

      I’ve heard bits & pieces; for me it was quite the moving speech. Got me totally pumped up!!! Makes you wonder what’s the axe this former teammate wants to grind.

      • Del tre

        Russell gets a lot of hate outside Seattle it’s kind of surprising people tend to call him fake I don’t agree but whatever all the people talking are nobodies

        • Del tre

          All the people talking bad about wilson* sorry didn’t want to be unclear

      • 503Hawk

        Just like all of you, I love Russ, but there is a nebulous side to him. Selfishly speaking, I just hope he continues to give his career 100%. This talk of a “celebrity quarterback” seems to have some merit. Just give us one more SB trophy.

        Have been watching game tape for the umpteenth time. Can hardly wait.
        GO HAWKS!!!

    • C-Dog

      Yeah, I’m taking this as kind of a ridiculous non story, typically blown up out of proportion by a football hungry media. Couldn’t believe it got as much traction as it did on sports radio today. Good lordy. He embellished a bit during a commencement speech. Hell, I embellish probably every day without even knowing I’m embellishing. Go Hawks!

      • H M Abdou

        I think that for some people, Russell gives off the same vibe that people used to (and still kinda) say about Alex Rodriguez. Those people feel that Russ isn’t genuinely humble, but just appears so in front of cameras and mics.

        I don’t know if their feelings are justified, because I don’t know Russell Wilson personally, I’m just saying that is how some people feel.

        • Kenny Sloth

          He seems kind of like he puts on a front of heroism for the cameras. I bet he’s a lot darker and more cynical in private

          “Man, f!$# Percy!”

          Haha, I looked up his astrological chart. Very watery

        • C-Dog

          Yeah, I get that. I kinda think folks should relax a bit on that. Here’s the deal, away from the cameras he is probably a LOT more alpha and dare I say arrogant than he comes across, and that is okay. You probably want that out of your quarterback, but he’s rigidly wired to do certain things a certain way.. probably also not a bad thing for your quarterback to be, honestly.

          He carefully curbs his words and gives canned answers in his press conferences. Always talks up the players around him, talks up the other team, doesn’t get too excited about wins, or upset about losses. Totally glass half full mentality, much like the head coach. IMO, he will never deviate from that, and people who are skeptical of his neo goody goody imagine probably want to see some form of a boogie man inside him somewhere, and maybe wish him to be a little more “real” like Angry Doug.

          But do they really want that?

          Do they want to see him yelling at Coach Pete and Darrell Bevel on the sidelines that he needs to throw more for the team to win? No, my guess is that probably wouldn’t come across very well to the coaches, teammates, or fans. Probably best for the QB to maintain a level head, give the canned speeches, and show up to Seattle Children’s Hospital every Tuesday, and always end every presser with a Go Hawks.

          Maybe it is the A-Rod effect still sprinkled without the psyche of this fanbase, but jeez Louise, folks that hold him in this regard, lighten up a bit.

    • Ehurd1021

      I guess the kids who called Russel a “me” player and criticized him for the speech didn’t even play with Wilson. Its amazing how much jelousy and hatred people have – or just anger for the truth.

      Took this from Online:

      Heppe did play for NC State. He just wasn’t on Wilson’s team, graduating in 2007. Wilson didn’t even get to NC State until 2008, where he played for three years. Manning was Wilson’s teammate for two of those years, and he apparently isn’t willing to condone the “me player” narrative.

  4. Kenny Sloth

    Seahawks waive LB Christian French. Pick up Khairi Fortt.

    Khairi Fortt from Cal. Pretty decent marks: 6’2″/248, 4.68s, 1.66 split, 30 bench, 36″ vert, 10’00” broad, 4.35 ss, 7.12 cone.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Fortt is on his 4th team and is known more as an athlete than a LB type.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Specifically left off his designation to avoid foot in mouth.

        At least he’s more athletic than French.

        • Volume12

          He was a VMAC visitor back in 2014.

          Transferred from Penn St after the Sandusky incident.

          Another guy that has awful tape, but matches their athletic profile.

          • Kenny Sloth

            Good memory. I just remember the name and testing numbers

  5. nichansen01

    Anquan Bolden is still a free agent. Any chance seattle beings him in to camp a la fred jackson?

    • j

      Maybe as a guy to compete with Lawler/Williams. Don’t think they would guarantee him a roster spot, though. And not sure he would sign in that situation.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        He is looking for 4M a year or so, doubt Seattle would pony up the cabbage.

  6. Volume12

    I was given a heads up on this kid, so felt like sharing.

    Only a R-SO, but he’s fantastic. Love this dude.

    Ohio St DE Sam Hubbard- 6’4-260 lbs., former safety and 5 star recruit.

    His motor is relentless. Hand use is jaw dropping for such a young prospect. Power at the POA is grown man/NFL level stuff. Uses his length exceptionally well, keeping guys off his body and disengaging with ease.

    Doesn’t have a lot of moves in his repretoire, but that’ll come with time.

    Hubbard is special IMO.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Is this for the current year or a future year watch-list?

      • Volume12

        This year.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Man, I want to get scouting, but I’m where to start!!

          I usually wait until the combine when I have a nice solid list and something to base it on.

          Do you have any resources you’re using to find tape and genuine prospects?

          Also what do you call a guy who isn’t elite (blue chip), or a career contributor/starter (red chip ala Luke Willson)?

          I know those are some of the phrases the Seahawks use.

          • Colton

            I use draftbreakdown.
            If I’m looking for specific players, just CBSSports. You can look at their rankings for 2017. If the player doesn’t have film on DB, look for their teammates film from 2016. I.E. I use Mackensie Alexander’s (CB, Clemson) film to watch Cordrea Tankersley (the CB opposite him. My favorite player so far in the 2017 draft). You just have to be able to find him before the snap.
            If that doesn’t work, you can always resort to looking at the opponent’s tape. I use WR tape to watch underrated CBs a lot. Depending on the position, QB and OL tape work best to watch opposing defensive players. Likewise, front 7 players work well if you are trying to watch offensive tape. I have also watched full games on youtube (sometimes they exist if you search the 2 teams and the year. They are normally 2 hour long vids) but I wouldn’t recommend. They are a pain in the ass.
            Also, if you’re trying to “discover” players, try “on the clock” from fanspeak. It generally gives a good idea of who we might be be looking at in the draft next year.
            Hope this helps. If not, well- I tried.

            • Kenny Sloth

              Haha thanks yeah, pretty sure we crashed DB last year

              I do most of these already, just adding to my tool belt.

              I like OL tape the best, because you see basically every play.
              Not like Alabama DL, where you can’t even follow the score.

              Will definitely check out Tankersely, though. Alexander was very up and down game to game.

              Wish there was a real junior combine

            • Volume12

              Tankersley reminds me so damn much of Byron Maxwell when he came out, better, but man are they are as similar as similar gets.

            • CharlieTheUnicorn

              CBS only really has Seniors on future year projections. Walterfootball has some different names and underclassmen, which can be useful. NFLdraftscout guide does future projections of most major players in CFB out 2-3 years. Optimum scouting also has some guys to watch in 2017 or 2018 (2 or 3 years out) I believe.

              • Colton

                You can look at 2018 and 2019 guys too on CBS. You just have to figure it out in your head. All 2018 prospects are eligible and just the redshirts in 2019 are.

  7. Kenny Sloth


    Another great study by FO looking back at draft value in the modern era

  8. Kenny Sloth

    Alabama star LT Cam Robinson is facing at least 3 felony charges for possession of a stolen gun and narcotics (officer smelled marijuana, likely the drug in question).

    DB Hootie Jones implicated on 2 charges

    Louisiana state has a mandatory minimum of one year in prison for such a conviction.

    • nichansen01

      Well we can cross him off the watch list for next year.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Hell ya that’s some thuggish ruggish ish. No thank you.

        Don’t be surprised if we interview him though.

        Could completely derail their season. They were already replacing 3 spots, I think.

        Falls on senior Korren Kirvin (sp?) to step up when the blue chip’s start teein off.

        I’m only looking at OL that show some propensity for firing off the ball.
        Or whoever our coaches look at.

      • Volume12

        He was a top 10 pick. Best OT in this year’s class which is bad anyways.

        Right now, and this is just May keep in mind, he’s the only Tackle I could see in round 1.

        But, after this fiasco, who knows.

        • Volume12

          Bad class for OTs.

          • Kenny Sloth

            I’m taking a closer look at Rob’s early 50 and yeah, no-one’s flashing.

            This might actually be a better group of guards than tackles.

        • Colton

          Check out Connor McDermott from UCLA. He could be interesting. Seems to be pretty good. Not sure I’d pull the trigger round 1 but someone might.

          • Volume12

            Very good pass protector.

            I like McDermott too.

            Bisnowaty has a shot too go late in round 1 as well.

            No one’s flashing on the O-line or in general?

            You checked out Ohio St’s Pat Elfein? Kid is a brick wall. Playing C this year and IMO it fits him much better. Could see Seattle really liking Elfein.

            • Kenny Sloth

              On the OL. LSU got some hogs, though.

            • Colton

              Oh yeah. Elfein is #1 on my OL watch list. He seems like a good fit for us. Not sure he would make it to us in round 2 though (I’m assuming we take an edge rusher round 1). Kid is a stud!

  9. Kenny Sloth

    Going on the road as a pro scout sounds so appealing to me.
    Getting up early watching a couple games in the facilities watching a practice or two getting some interviews in then taking off again.

    Anybody here ever done anything like this?

    I know John Schneider got his job in Green Bay originally because he wrote Ron Wolf a letter.


    • H M Abdou

      I actually have heard that it’s a very difficult life. Very hard work, long hours, lots and LOTS of travel, and VERY LITTLE compensation.

      And people who think that it offers the same level of fun and entertainment as watching games is making the same mistake as a bookworm who is applying for a bookstore job thinking they will get to read a lot. You don’t get to read a lot if you work in a bookstore, it’s just like any other retail job.

      Same with being a scout (especially as you just start in the business). The real evaluation of players will be done by your higher-ups.

      But if it is something you must do in life, then by all means go for it. Even the John Schneider’s and Ted Thompson’s had to start somewhere, right?

      Hope my reply helps.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Yeah, I’ve definitely heard the consensus affirmation of what you say.

        I love being on the road, my dad was a trucker for a time, I just want to get better at football.

        The consensus on learning football is to be around the league.

        I don’t know though.

        There’s no million dollar contract waiting for my 5’5 frame.
        Might as well try for a little fulfillment while I toil.

        • H M Abdou

          What I would do, if I were trying to see if it might interest me: the next live football game you watch, say for example the preseason hall of fame game, watch it as a scout. Don’t watch it as a fan. Take notes. Organize your thoughts and opinions on which players caught your eye, whether in a positive or negative way. It’s not the same as dissecting coaches film, but at least it will show you the MINDSET of scouts as they watch games.

          • Kenny Sloth

            Yeah, I like your suggestion, I will definitely do that.

            Redrafting my letter to Schneider.

            Planning on attending OTAs, as well.

            I’ll try to cop some exclusive SDB stuff

  10. KyleT

    Any thoughts on the recent hawk blogger article about the Seahawks challenges in 2015 on D, particularly on 1st down and their desire to use BB and more dime/man packages in 2016? Could be really interesting if this defense evolves into a more multiple scheme in 2016.

    I’m not sure the local sports talk shows have caught on to this though. They are still talking about who’s going to be the SAM…The SAM LB may only play 20% of snaps this year. That’s also probably why we didn’t invest serous draft capital.

    We have Browner and potentially McCray and Powell as depth in the 3rd safety/LB role.

    Having 2 guys like Reed and Rubin who can both eat double teams, makes this personnel group even more likely to be successful and yet stay true to the attacking principles of the 4-3 Defense.

    Perhaps that’s why they had Reed rated so highly this year and why they took him in the 2nd round? This may not have been something they would have done a year ago as squashing the run was a base down concern vs something that enables them to play a a lighter scheme on any down including early running downs.

    • vrtkolman

      I’m hoping Kris Richard steps up his game this season, because his soft zones last year killed me. That Hawkblogger article was pretty condescending though, he actually said that because THIS Hawks defense led the league in defense, the rest of the defenses in the NFL just suck. Pretty lame actually.

      • KyleT

        Yeah, there were some things in that article that were pretty out there, but the stats were interesting. It’s also the first article I’ve seen linking the stats on first down to the idea of using a big Dime package and BB / match ups more vs just vanilla zone, so credit there.

        Without seeing the stats this also passes the eye test to me and why I was advocating for a serious investment in a 3 down DT. Passing on 1st down against us was just money, not to mention the TE issue. Pete’s solution looks like it’s to fix the coverage problem rather then just try to get a pass rush home faster, given the available resources and how interior pass rush is the most expensive commodity short of a franchise QB.

        I can’t help thinking Reed seriously helps them with this approach as well though. I’m also really interested to see how much playing time a guy like Jefferson gets vs Hill and whether Bryant makes the team. We may end up with personnel that can play a big Nickel/Dime defense really well this year.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Hope Richard coaches himself out of Seattle this year. Love the production line and not a big fan of his scheme alterations.

        Does anyone know if Richard Sherman rolled down in Cloud coverage this year?

        • D-OZ

          It is Pete’s Def.

    • 503Hawk

      This is interesting stuff. Was going over game tape from 2015 AGAIN; nobody can deny this D has had issues w/ TEs. Would love to see Pete & K Richard mix things up a bit. Maybe they have just been waiting for the right mix of players. They certainly have a lot of new “toys” to experiment w/. But heaven help us if Avril or Bennett go down for any length of time!

      • Volume12

        I get what he’s saying.

        PC is gonna change up this defense that’s been the best in the league for 4 years? And will be remembered as one of the greats? And changing the way NFL teams draft CBs? Ballsy.

        Remember, this team is built from the back to the front. Not vice versa like 80% of teams.

        It says to me that they’re worried about the CB spot opposite Sherm. IMO it’s a glaring need.

        Everyone wants a pass rushing DT, but if you don’t stop the run on 1st and 2nd, how can you worry about pass rushing?

        • KyleT

          Right, but aren’t you kind of missing the point of stopping the run on 1st down if the league average is better than Brady against you on 1st down passing against your base defense? It didn’t go away at any point last year and was one of my lasting impressions of the playoff loss and the last Rams game. This team had no answer. Remember the stat was 7 yards / attempt. Why run the ball on 1st down with that?

          But you cannot really roll your nickel package out there on 1st or you will get run on until you go back to base…unless your nickel can stop the run just as effectively as base…I think that’s what may be brewing…

          My larger point here is that if this is actually happening, it’s a bigger story then what the OL looks like in Sep. This team has accomplished what it has, because of it’s defense. If that’s changing and introducing a wrinkle that the league has no answer for, we could see a 2013 like performance paired with an even better offense. It could also go completely wrong…either way it’s the biggest story nobodies really talking about.

          • Volume12

            No, not missing the point at all.

            Teams are averaging that against Seattle because the corner spot opposite Sherm is a weakness. And until someone steps up, it’ll continue to be. That was just my point though.

            As for the 46 Bear? I’m not sold that teams have no answer for it. There’s a reason teams stopped running it. If PC adapts it though and adds wrinkles to it like you said, then yeah, it could be potentially suffocating for opposing offenses.

            It’s a way to hopefully get teams to stop killing us on wheel routes up the sideline to their TEs.

            And like you said, Jarran Reed will definetly help us out on 1st down.

    • C-Dog

      The guy who wrote this ins’t Brian Nemhauser, who’s writing I tend to enjoy. This WDFORD has some fun word-smithing, but he wrote a piece right after the draft that honestly made me want to puke in my mouth a bit about how he thought the Hawks blew it trading back and taking Germain Ifedi. I almost wanted to respond to it, but thought maybe it was best not to get my blood further boiling.

      Here is a thing about Pete, as I have noticed it to be stealthy consistent. A lot of people generally gravitate towards his consistencies, “He always loves to run the ball, “He loves long corners,” “He loves versatile linemen,” “He loves to use a tall receiver”, yada yada yada. Well, at USC, and in NE, he always had tall pocket passers, and in his third season here he trusted the keys to his offense on a 5-11 scrabbling QB, and hasn’t looked back. At USC, he always had tall WRs, but here is only really used extensively a tall WR in Mike Williams for a season. Last year they opened up the passing game out of necessity with some pretty jaw dropping success. Folks who clamored that they wouldn’t take a run stuffing DT high in the draft because Pete always trusted cheap renta vets to do the job, they traded up in R2 for Jarran Reed. IMO, Carroll’s most underrated trait as a coach is to adjust his philosophies to fit talented players with unique skill sets.

      Jarran Reed might well evolve into a 3 down player, but at first he will be a run destroyer on early downs with athleticism to disrupt the pocket. Brandon Browner allows them an assured defender on tight ends. I don’t think cover 3 will go away, but against teams that have offenses that can threaten the base cover 3? Yeah, Carroll’s going to be rolling out some adjustments for that this year.

      Best thing about Coach Pete is he is never too set in his ways.

      • KyleT

        This is a fantastic point!

  11. 503Hawk

    BTW; can’t help but think Mebane’s comments will just add more fuel to the fire w/ this locker room full of “disrespected” Alfa dogs. Many of them seem to use things such as this to help keep the fire burning brightly.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Which comments 503?

      • Colton

        He said the Chargers defense is “more talented” than the Seahawks defense. It was mostly referring to draft position (how SD has a bunch of 1st rounders and Seattle has 5th round guys). I honestly think it was just to boost some confidence into that Chargers D though. He is expected to be a leader and that group has really struggled.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          I read it as “what he is supposed to say” more than the truth. If you don’t believe that about your own team, then you would be unemployed quickly.

  12. Kenny Sloth

    Rob, love the logo and new cycling banner. Very classy and professional.

    Can’t wait to see what the future has in store!

  13. Kenny Sloth

    O/T How many more years do you guys see Pete Carroll coaching?

    I know he’s working on a contract extension, as he’s only on the books for this coming year, but he only signed a two year extension the last time his contract was in the last year’s of it’s terms. Perhaps he gets more years on this one.

    He’s 64 and in seemingly timeless shape, probably has a cryogenic sleep chamber, w/e.

    Levy coached till he was in his 70’s.

    And who would be a likely replacement?

    If you asked me it would be Richard. He’s not my favorite Seahawks coach, but he’s embedded so deeply in that culture, that I think he almost emulates Carroll. Love that Lofa Tatupu is a coach. Hopefully D coordinator someday *u*

    • Volume12

      Probably 2018 or 2019. The core of this defense, except for BWagz and ET, will probably be gone then too.

      Seattle went young on offense this draft to buid around RW and the run game.

      It’s time to start replenishing this secondary. Not worried about the D-line, because JS always finds plug and play starters there in FA.

      Next HC? Rocky Seto. Or Tom Cable.

      • Colton

        I don’t think ET or Sherm go anywhere in the next 6 years. We are already in a constant rotation at CB2 so that’s not a worry. It may be time to look for Kam’s replacement though.
        Also- I think we take an EDGE rusher R1 next year to replace Avril long term. Perfect draft for that. A lot depends on Clark too. Not too sure how we replace Bennett. Could end up being 2 guys, and I’m not sure we have the availale $ to spend on FA pass rushers.
        Finding good replacements for Kam and Bennett could be the key to success past 2018.

        • Volume12

          I agree that they take an EDGE first overall.

          As for 2 of them sure, but it also depends on what David Perkins and Ryan Robinson do as well.

          Replacing Bennett down the line? Frank Clark is still gonna rush from the interior. And Seattle does have the $ to add a big FA there if they wanted. Bennett also said he wants to stay in Seattle long-term and I could see that happening the more I think about it.

          Baldwin, Luke Willson, Gilliam, Shead or McCray (maybe both) are the only FAs we got that need to be re-signed and probably will.

          • Kenny Sloth

            I think Shead and Willson will leave.

            Vanett and Powell hedges for that event.

            Yeah probably going edge early.

            Time to find a LEO.

            Timmy Williams from Bama has great hand fighting and at least 3 moves in his repertoire

            • Volume12

              I don’t think Vannett is a hedge for Willson at all.

              Vanett is completely different.

              Unless Willson has an awful year, I think they like what he has to offer and what he brings to the table.

              Williams is a top 10 talent IMO. Needs to show he can be effective in the run game, but designated pass rushers go early every year.

              • Kenny Sloth

                Needs to get faster off the ball and around the edge. Especially for a smaller guy.

              • Kenny Sloth

                Willson drops a lot of passes for a receiving TE. Jack of all, master of none or however that saying goes.

                I think we’re limiting Vannett’s potential among the fans. Just because he doesn’t snap off his routes doesn’t mean he’s a specialist 6th OL.

                Vannett tested very well for an inline guy so I doubt there’d be too much drop off there.

                Side note; would you say Luke Willson is ‘more’ athletic than Jimmy Graham? Different types of athlete obviously.

                • Volume12

                  Good question.

                  No, I think Graham is more athletic.

                  As for Vannett. Key word there ‘potential.’

                  I don’t think fans are limiting what he can potentially be down the line. I think he’s gonna be used exactly like a young Zach Miller was.

                  Realistically, only 2-3 rookies are gonna be immediate impact players in year 1. That’s not to say guys like Lawler or Vannett for example won’t fill or play a role early on.

                  • Kenny Sloth

                    Young Zach Miller had 800 yards in season.

                    Can’t pay everyone 5 mil contracts.

                    Someone isn’t gonna be here.

                  • Volume12

                    Who said he’s getting $5 mil? He can be kept for half of that.

                  • Kenny Sloth

                    Maybe Per year. 5 mil over 3 years duh. And that’s just in guarantees with a fat discount haha. No he’ll be a Raider or something

      • nichansen01

        Probably Seto… Cable and Richard might both sign elsewhere.

    • Colton

      I think we get 3 more years out of Pete. By then, Sherm, Earl, and Kam will be 30. Also Avril and Bennett will be gone (or at least declining big time). Best case scenario, 5 more years. Worst case- 2. Just the last year or so you can see him age big-time. This group has really taken a toll on him.

      My ideal replacement would be DAN QUINN. The guys absolutely loved him and considered him a genius. It would be worth it IMO to trade for him. Maybe a Percy-type deal (a 1st the year Pete leaves and a 3rd the next year).

      If not Quinn, probably Tom Cable. He has experience and is already an “assistant HC.” Definitely not Bevell, and Richard doesn’t seem like a HC type to me, but I wouldn’t be against it.

      How about Russell Wilson player-coach!?!? lol

      • Kenny Sloth

        3 years after his final super bowl hahah would be my guess

    • 503Hawk

      Do you think it might depend, at least in part, to when he wins another SB?
      Would agree w/ V12 that part of it is if they can keep the team young and hungry w/ their guys.

      Richard, Seto, Cable

      • Kenny Sloth

        I think that is all solid.

        3 years after his final super bowl sound right?

        I still think Richard is the top contender. Seto a close second.

    • vrtkolman

      I would try to pull Jim Harbaugh away from Michigan actually!

      • Kenny Sloth

        Bold as always hahah. I couldn’t deal with that. It’d implode before his third year here

      • smitty1547

        He would love to stick it to SF

    • C-Dog

      I think he will likely extend for 2 or 3 more seasons beyond this year. Although, he doesn’t strike as someone who is slowing down as a coach. I wouldn’t be shocked if he signs another extension down the line after this next one is up. I can see him taking this thing into his 70s.

  14. Colton

    Man- I’ve never gotten involved in the comments here, but this is great! I love the little community that exists here. Intelligent discussion and creative ideas. Awesome!

    • Volume12

      Let me be the 1st to welcome ya aboard.

      Hopefully ya stick around during the CFB and NFL regular seasons when the real fun starts.

  15. JakeB

    Apparently a Hawk is making their debut appearance tonight on the top 100 players list. ADB? KJ? No-E? Rawls maybe? I suppose 71-80 is a decent range if it’s Doug, but the homer in me thinks he should be higher.

    • 503Hawk

      Baldwin came in at 72. Not bad for an UDFA!
      Probably only he and Russ make it from the offense. On D, Sherm, ET & Bennett for sure. Maybe Kam, Wags, and KJ. What do you think?

      • JakeB

        I think I had heard how many Seahawks there were total but have since forgotten. I agree with the 3 you mention on defense. Wagner should be on there but it’ll be interesting to see whether he is or not. KJ just flat out gets no respect from anyone outside of the NFC West. I think if he was on the list he woulda made his appearance already. Kam is coming off a weird year so it’s hard to say with him.

        • smitty1547

          He does not deserve it this year!

        • H M Abdou

          I like Wagner but I think he’s a little overrated.

          • Kenny Sloth

            I was thinking KJ might surpass him this year. His instincts are jaw dropping.

            Plus his versatility is insane PC says he can play 4 spots
            Sam, Will, Mike, Leo.
            Not sure if Bobby could play Will?

  16. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Pete Carroll most likely will coach through 2019… my gut feeling on it. Perhaps 2020.
    Nothing about PC however has followed the traditional pattern. Perhaps he will want to coach until 75… which is another 10-15 years or so. As long as the Seahawks are rolling, I’m sure Paul Allen will cut fat checks to PC and JS.

  17. Volume12

    This Michigan team is so loaded with draft eligible NFL talent it’s ridiculous.

    On offense:

    Probably the 1st receiver off the board in 2017 with Jehu Chesson.

    3 stud O-lineman in C Mason Cole, one of the best C prospects in the class, OT Erik Magnuson. And a really good athletic guard in Kyle Kalis.

    One of the top 3 TEs in the class in Jake Butt.

    A load of a RB in DeVeon Smith. Talk about a workhorse man.

    Now it gets scary.


    The next Myles Jack in LB/S Jabril Peppers. Probably a top 10-15 talent. He’d now weighing 220 lbs.

    DL Chris Wormley. Best 5-tech in the draft. Can also line up at 3-tech. Needs to be more consistent, but one of my favorite players for next year.

    DT Maurice Hurst. Onr of the most underrated 3-techs eligible for next year. Stud.

    DE Taco Charlton is a 6’5-6’6, 280-285 lb physical freak.

    DT Ryan Glasgow, Graham Glasgow’s little brother, is a solid mid-late round defensive tackle.

    They got a 6’3-6’4 CB in Jeremy Clark. Sleeper.

    CB Jourdan Lewis is tiny, but one of the best corners in the country.

    And S Delano Hill, 6’0-210-215 lbs., is a good looking/late round safety.

    • KyleT

      I want my Butt jersey in 2017!

      • Volume12

        Nice. 🙂

        There’s so many jokes , ‘Butt’ I’ll leave that alone.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Michigan will be an OL NFL draft factory starting next year……. and you know the guys will be fine football players, since they have a nutcase coach who demands excellence from the OL (and the play in a pro style offense).

    • C-Dog

      Taco Charlton is definitely a player on my radar. It’s going to be a lot of fun watching the Wolverines this year.

  18. Madmark

    I was reading farther up and Vannett the TE we drafted was being talked about. I started thinking about some earlier thoughts I had. Graham is not a TE he jusy can’t block but he doesn’t even know how to get in the way at least. He’s a big WR period and you can’t ever change my mind. Willlson is in the last year of his contract and what he brings is a pass catcher, who at least knows how to get into some ones way. Nick is the Miller replacement. So I lose with 4.8-40 speed but I get 4.2 20yd shuttle as the win. You could very well see Graham due to money or Willson due to being highly recruited next year. To be quite honest I wanted this guy and it great Seattle saw the same thing to actually draft him.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I chickened out at the last mock draft and didn’t pick him. I suspected Seattle might go TE in the draft… and this was the guy I wanted… since he is a complete TE, not the new fangled “pass catching” TEs all the rage in the NFL. Welcome back to old school 2 TE football… smash em in the mouth and push them off the ball.

    • Kenny Sloth

      So you expect to see only 2/3 TEs sticking around next year?

      If Coby Fleener can get paid, Luke Willson will draw enough interest to price himself beyond what we can pay.

      At this point Jimmy Graham is more threat than production. Really liked his tenacity last year. He went a long way to show this city and his teammates he wasn’t soft.

      I remember a lot of our team was dissing him before our playoff game against NO. Perhaps trying to ball so hard took more toll on his body than he realized.

      I just want to see him come down with a couple jump balls.
      For all his accolades and merits this is an area that Russ has apparently overlooked. Throwing jump passes over the intermediate middle.
      Very risky passes of you miss, but Jimmy is anti-miss serum.

      Jimmy could be the heart of that offense this year, next to ADB.

      Loved his passion and shit talking towards the end of his season.

      Anyone know a nickname for Jimmy?

      How about Air Force 88

      Crazy 88 like Kill Bill vol. 1

      Those are pretty bad, but..

      • Kenny Sloth

        Willson had 4 drops in 22 targets in 2014. Could be undervalued by the league.

        I think I’d have to defer to V12’s assertation that unless he balls out this year (unlikely) we could probably bring him back for real cheap.

        Good slice blocker for us

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          He will get a decent deal. Cook got a nice deal and was not the “best” TE on the market this year or last year. He might get the 5-7M a year type of deal from the right team. There will be several teams looking to spend mad cash in 2017, so anything is possible.

          • Volume12

            Seattle has a lot of money to spend on offense this coming off-season.

            This year’s TE class, which is the best it’s been in a long time, will have an impact on FAs.

            I’m gonna trust Bob Condotta and Stephen Cohen on this one.

            • Kenny Sloth

              No diggity in regards to this TE class.

              Best class in years.

            • CharlieTheUnicorn

              It really depends on whether they resign ADB. I keep thinking they might let him test the market and fine his true worth, not as a slight to him, but as a way of showing him the ultimate respect, enabling him to get the top dollar he is worth. I think he will be in the Golden Tate price range, so that is some nice coin.

      • Madmark

        Don’t get me wrong about Graham he is the big guy WR we are looking for. Last year they was learning where they wanted to use him. Well see what this team does after this year but I know Vannett here for the next 4 years and I like that. Who knows if Graham is reinjured he may not be worth 9 million or so. They definitely did take care of need for talent on the offense this year.

  19. D-OZ

    MDB you need to just shut the H$$L up and play ball……Think before you speak bro! What kind of message are you sending to your newly acquired teammates. I’m sure they are loving you bro. P.S. you are not going to be singed to an extension. just sayin 🙂 Lots of good Receivers waiting in the wings. Wow harsh or WHAT!!! There are more repores to be built…

    • Kenny Sloth


    • Volume12

      That’s ridiculous.

      After RW, who is ‘the’ guy on offense?

      Lockett might be in shortly, but who leads us in the locker room on the offensive side of the ball?

      Douggy Fresh is a perfect fit for this team.

    • D-OZ

      Knee-jerk reaction 🙁

  20. Nathan

    Fellas, while we’ve got sweet FA to talk about.

    Where would I base myself for a couple of weeks if I was to go on a ‘football holiday’ Where would I see the most possible games?

    I was thinking either Florida or California somewhere, with both having a few NFL and college teams.

    Any other ideas?

    • Volume12

      Florida, California, Texas, Ohio, Georgia, the Maryland/Virginia area (NC and W. Virginia are a stone’s throw from there too), the gulf states (NO, LSU, Auburn, ‘Bama, Ole Miss, Miss St, LA Tech)

      And maybe I’m just biased because I live here, but the PNW is beautiful man. Our Hawks, Udub, Wazzu, Boise St, Oregon, Oregon St, E. Washington and the red turf.

      • Nathan

        Isn’t it a bit rainy up there?

        I will get up to watch a hawks game at the clink.

        • 503Hawk

          Oh yes Nathan, it rains ALL the TIME!!! Actually, we only say that to out-of-staters who are looking to relocate. It really only rains from about Oct to July 4th. Our springs and summers are SPECTACULAR, and clear Jan / Feb days are INDESCRIBABLY INSPIRING!!!

          • 503Hawk

            🙂 Almost forgot that.

            • 503Hawk

              Many of us native Northwesterners survive on a liquid diet… Rain, fine wine, micro brews, and of course, good coffee! Come on up for a visit. No doubt you will enjoy it. (minus the traffic)

          • Nathan

            Of course I’ll visit.

            I was thinking along the lines of trying to jam as many games in as possible, ie, thursday night home game for the Bucs, then head to one of the unis for a game saturday, fly up to seattle for a sunday game at the clink.

            Or, Chargers home game on a thursday, saturday uni, and so on.

            • CharlieTheUnicorn

              Cali / WA: Oakland, SF, SD, LA and SEA… that would be 10 NFL teams (if only NFL games)
              Wisc/Minn/Mich: You could catch half a dozen top CFB teams in action and possibly 2-3 NFL games. It would be like a “scouting” trip for the blog, you could expense account the trip on Robs tab! 🙂

              • Nathan

                I would need to be sober to do any scouting, wouldn’t I?

                • Kenny Sloth

                  I suppose I rarely am.

  21. Volume12

    Great stuff with PC and Angela Duckworth.

    Asked about how they determine who has ‘grit’ and PC says ‘not something we’ll ever share over the air’ or something to that affect.

    Can listen to it on Angela Duckworth’s facebook page if interested.

    When looking at 2017 prospects or potential Seahawk targets, keep this in mind. ‘Profound Character.’

    • Volume12

      Add Portand St to that list.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I think “we” as a blog group might have a good general feeling what they are looking for… adversity, character, determination….. on the field and off the field. You can’t measure it, but you can look at past Seattle picks and look for the same traits and backgrounds. “Self made men”, might be a good term to think of in this situation. They never pick a guy who has been handed the silver spoon, if everything is equal, they will pick the guy who has overcame and endured life.

  22. Volume12

    This defense is loaded!


    DeathRow ya’ll.

    DB Budda Baker has got that sideline to sideline range. Plays with the same reckless abandon that ET does. In a good way. Love how he plays the run. Can definetly be another Tyrann Mathieu type of playmaker.

    CB Sidney Jones is one of the best corners in the country. His tape blew me away.

    LB Victor Azeem is such a fun guy to watch. In the same mold as a Reggie Ragland, but could be even more athletic.

    LB Keishawn Bierria is always around the ball. High football IQ with this dude.

    CB Kevin King is a freak! 6’3, 190 lbs. One of the most intriguing corners in the country.

    King runs a 4.51 40, 39.5″ vert, 6.40 3 cone, 10’10” broad jump, 4.02 SS, and IIRC 32.5″ arms. These aren’t HS #s either. They’re from 2 months ago at Udub’s junior pro day.

    Didn’ t even mention DT Elijah Qualls either.

    BTW, TE Darrell Daniels ran a 4.4 40 at 235-237 lbs.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      A sidenote about this…. you can credit Chris Peterson for the U of W rags to riches story about new recruits. He is not only getting quality players, he is able to recruit across the country and pull in some of the “big name” guys. KJR was talking with a recruiting service rep on air and they said that one of the top, if not the top DT in the whole USA may end up signing with Washington. They already have a top 20 class, but if they pull this kid in, they could shoot up to top 7 for 2017 recruits.

  23. H M Abdou

    Dan Quinn is on NFL Live now

  24. James

    I cannot figure out Tom Cable. On the one hand, people who know far more about football than I do (Pete Carroll for example) are of the opinion that Cable is a truly great coach, among the elite OL coaches in the league. His OLs are always among the leaders in the run game. Yet his OLs more closely resemble bowling pins in pass pro, in that when struck, they going flying backwards, tumbling and rolling until arrested by the force of gravity, more likly to knock each other over than the opponent, while Russell Wison runs for his life.

    And that is not all, his draft picks are hardly earmarked for the Hall of Fame… Carpenter, Moffitt, Britt, Poole, et al. We cannot say that he is only given failed DTs to somehow convert into pro bowl OLs, for the draft capital has been spent to little avail.

    We hope that Cable, like the rest of us, has learned from his mistakes. Carp, Moffitt and Britt are mauler types, maybe even Poole, too . Are we seeing a shift in strategy, in that Ifedi, Odhiambo, Glowinski, even Gilliam, are much more athletic than the earlier crop? This is definitely ‘The Question’ going into training camp, in that a solid OL (they don’t even have to be great), sound in the run game and good in pass pro, is all that is between us and another championship.

    • Colton

      He’s a great coach (at least for run blocking). No one ever said he was a great scout! hahaha

  25. 503Hawk

    Rob & most of the rest of you enjoy / focus on scouting the college game and how certain players can help the Hawks, (thus …”Draft Blog”) I on the other hand enjoy scouting the Hawks and seeing what positions I believe they need to upgrade. For about the eighth time now I have gone through the 2015 game tapes. (Today I finally deleted the home game against the Rams. Ugh!!!)
    Because of my background I enjoy focusing on the O-line. Here some observations. Take it for what it is worth.
    PC said recently that they want the 5 BEST guys on the O-line; thus the continued Britt to center experiment. If we take that, plus the addition of FA’s & recent draft picks, here is what most of think what opening week will look like:
    LT – Gilliam
    LG -Glowinski
    C – Lewis
    RG- Ifedi
    RT -Webb
    That would leave Britt, Sokoli, Odhiambo, Poole & Hunt as the backups. Eventually, would it be Hunt-Odhi-Ifedi on the right?
    The reason I don’t like Soko or Britt (or Nowak) at center is because they are all converts. There is so much to being an NFL center; strength, technique, knowledge, and experience. Lewis brings immediate stability, but I think Hunt is eventually going to surprise us. He may lack the size / strength, but checks all the other boxes.
    If Kelly had fallen to 26 or 31, would the Hawks have selected him?
    We open at home against Miami, then at LA Rams, Jets, Bills, Cards twice, Car… Those are some pretty TOUGH D-lines!
    Whoever they put out there, they are going to have their hands full.

    Let me know what you think.

    • Kenny Sloth

      What is your opinion on Britt’s pro play, given your background and focus?

      For as unathletic as Kelly seemed, he was actually in like the 95 percentile in SLA for NFL centers. Surprised me because he ranked middle of the pack for all OL and that’s what I was looking at.

      • 503Hawk

        As I’ve stated many times on this blog, Britt is not as bad as everyone thinks. Yes, he struggles in pass protection. (That’s why I find it ironic that some suggest he move back to RT. Playing in “more space” will exacerbate the problem, not make it better.) But watch his run blocking skills carefully. He consistently is a good run blocker who consistently gets to the second level. Much like Carpenter, he is very strong.
        Also, I think we fans need to cut him some slack with all of the jerking around position-wise he has gotten. Especially when you realize he got, what was it, a WEEKS notice that he would start at guard. And, he has played through some injuries.
        He has a place on this team. They may not extend him, but I cannot image they will release or trade him with two years left on his contract.

        • Kenny Sloth

          This aligns with my thinking also. I think he’s now one of the most versatile young athletes playing on the OL in the NFL today.

          It’s unfortunate he was taken so early with so many expectations. As a fan, you almost expect a solid #2 wr or a 9+ sack specialist in the second round.

          He’s going to have that intelligence, grit, and athleticism. It doesn’t go away because Sweezy missed an assignment, or RW didn’t throw the hot read.
          Lowlights are especially deceptive among OL.

      • James

        If Cable can find 5 OLs who can both pass and run block effectively, then Britt seems an ideal swing guy. He just does not seem like a natural center, too tall to get underneath the nose guards, and a step slow to get to his block, but I hope I am wrong. As a swing guy, he could have real value over the final two years of his contract. He has experience and could hold down the fort if a starter goes down. Remember, the Seahawks generally only activate 7 OLs, the 5 starters plus two swing guys. Sowell is the only viable OT backup, so that leaves one slot on the active game roster, and Britt can potentially handle guard or center in a pinch. If a starter goes down long-term, I would think Odhiambo would be activated at OG, or probably Hunt at C unless Britt shows more than expected? Certainly, there is cause for hope for the OL. Ifedi, Glowinski, and Odhiambo assuredly seem like a pass pro upgrade over the previous draft picks Carpenter, Moffitt, and Britt.

    • 503Hawk

      BTW; The only thing I will miss about Sweezy is his grit / mean streak. He whiffed many more times than Britt ever did.

      Our friends over at Hawkblogger have a nice article on the ability to resign Balwin. Interesting read.

  26. Kenny Sloth


    Hausch Money blasts in a penalty kick from Steve Zakuani’s Zakuani & Friends charity event. The game also featured Landon Donovan, Eddie Johnson, and Chad Ochocinco.

    Great event for a great cause. Can’t wait to go next year.

  27. bankhawk

    Stat wonks to the rescue, please! I waded through Jason Drakes recent post over at Field Gulls and am sure it provides a very useful lênse through which to view PC JSs most recent draft strategy as well as coming shifts in roster composition, but im something of a stat illiterate. Anyone out thêre care to offer relections or comments that will ground it a bit more in everday football terms? i think i just read something significant, but it was a bit of a behemouth for my limited cognitive gear, and im not certain i grasped the full import of it.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Essentially, a top WR will have more impact on a game than a top RB. I completely disagree.
      A top RB will keep a team in the game and the defense fresh. If you happen to be down in the 4th, the opposing defense has been pounded and pounded, tiring them out. I hate advanced stats in general, they can be cooked up to advocate anything or any point of view. I prefer to see the game with my own eyes, then make some judgements.

      Would you rather have Calvin Johnson or Adrian Peterson ?
      Setting the attitude, tone and physicality for a team, RB ALL DAY LONG.
      1970 Steeler football more or less.

      • Kenny Sloth

        It almost seemed to me he found evidence claiming that running absolutely leads to winning.

        Seemed to reserve running as a compliment to the passing game. Said teams go 60-40 pass-run

        PC says he wants balance said by their count they were 51-49 last year with best balance in the league

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          He was saying, if you invest early in the draft… invest in a WR. Well, that is my take on it.

          The hidden truth is that most teams can’t hold other teams to under 20 pts on average each year. If you have to out-shoot other teams, then you have to throw the ball… ALOT. This is kind of a premise of the West Coast offense, dictate the pace and spread the ball around via the pass… even if the pass is to a RB and is more or less meant to be a run off tackle.

          With Seattle, you have a defense that can hold opponents to under 20 points, so why not control time of possession and wear out the other defense. The less chances an opponent has to score points, the greater chance you will in the game. Well, this is my take on how PC thinks / approaches games.

          In 5 years, the NFL will come around full circle to rushing offenses. The CFB QBs just can’t operate pro offenses efficiently (60/40 rush/pass) or it will go so far off the edge with pass happy offenses (70+% passing attempts) that I will no longer be a fan.

          • Kenny Sloth

            I definitely got that too, it just seems intuitive to run the ball To seahawks fans.

            Throwin body blows shortening matches.
            Hope we’re not looking at another Chip Kelly-esque disaster with spread passing. That would be awful television. The length of games would be unbearable

    • Volume12

      You run to win and throw to score.

      • Davidinbellingham

        That is the main point of Jason’s post. Running the ball not only improves run effectiveness, but much of the gain from running is actually in increased pass effectiveness. Drakes post is possibly the most insightful post on fg this year.

  28. Kenny Sloth

    Dom Easley signed with the LA Rams

  29. Old but Slow

    Rob, in the podcasts you seem to be saying that Odhiambo has a decent chance at getting the starting job at LG. If so, then we would have our two rookie O-linemen at the guards with experienced players around them (assuming that Lewis is the center). That seems more workable than having a couple of rooks playing next to each other, and with the strength of those two newbies, Lewis (or whoever) may need to be less powerful to be effective.

    It also seems odd to me that Sokoli has not seen some consideration for RT. Big, athletic, quick, powerful–he would seem to be a logical player to try there, and it would bring more versatility to the depth.

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