Updated podcast: 23rd May

Kenny and I have a final run through the 2016 draft and some of the talking points it provided…


  1. James

    Photos from the Seahawks practices hint that Britt is running at C with the first team OL. Any of ya’ll have access to a database comparing the starting centers in the league? I don’t want to have to look them up team-by-team, but I wonder if Britt would be the biggest starting center in the NFL? This would be a monstrous OL (best guess at real height/weight): Gilliam, 6-5, 318; Glowinski, 6-4, 323; Britt, 6-6, 322; Ifedi, 6-6, 331; Webb, 6-7, 334. Possibly the biggest OL in football, yet also more pass pro potential than last year.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      According to John Clayton they are approximately 5th in total weight in NFL. Rams, Cowboys, 49ers and a few others are all really close at the top. The difference is that Seattle has better overall athletes than some of these lines, the main disadvantage is that they also have some inexperienced NFL players (or players at new positions). I wonder if RW can see over the line 😉

      • Greg Haugsven

        Those guys you mentioned aren’t that big. Those weights are inaccurate

        • Monkey

          According to Seahawks.com player profiles, all of the heights listed are accurate. All of those weights are 5-8 lbs higher than what is currently listed, but there’s no indication how up to date the site is (obviously Webb and Ifedi’s entries were recently added). But those weights are still very close.

          5-8 lbs on a guy whose over 300 lbs is a fairly pointless detail to quibble over.

          • James

            Re Ifedi, both a Seahawks scout and the A&M coach said he is over 330. Webb is said to be slightly heavier than his listed weight, and Gilliam said he gained weight over the off-season. Glow was said by a reporter who interviewed him to appear to weigh at least 10 lb over his listed weight, carried in a massive chest and shoulders. Only the Seahawks know for sure, but I am fairly certain the weights projected above are closer to the truth than the roster weights.

  2. Martin

    When Russell played at Wisconsin he had the tallest offensive line in college.

    • East Side Stevie

      thats an opinion that russel stated when he was on john gruden football camp
      not actually accurate but wisconson did have one of the largest in the nation

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        The OL of Wisconsin was comparable to NFL OL size. It might not have been the biggest OL, but it certainty prepared him well for the NFL, navigating the goliaths and finding passing lanes.

        • rowdy

          I remember when he was drafted they said Wisconsin oline would of been the 3rd biggest in the nfl

  3. Brendan O'Leary

    Aloha Rob! I recently picked up the daily C&C post over at Field Gulls and I just wanted to say thank you. The community you’ve created here on Seahawks Draft Blog is incredible, and the content you provide during the college season and the lead up to the NFL Draft is so, so, so appreciated. The Seahawks fan base is lucky to have both you and the dialogue created here on your site. You make my job easier than it should be and I wanted to express my gratitude. Enjoy some well deserved time off! Take care and Go Hawks.

  4. Beanhawk

    As a longtime follower of the SDB, I have to reiterate how much I love these podcasts. Thank you, Rob and Kenny. One of the best additions to the site in the past couple of years.

  5. Kenny Sloth

    I like Kyler Fackrell as a dark horse DROTY candidate in Green Bay. That defense has some solid pieces around him. His athleticism should be on full display. Could reach double digit sacks plus some turnovers for them. They picked up Jason Spriggs as well, I believe.

    Interesting squad up there. Should be the other favorite to reach the nfccg along with Seattle.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Perhaps Carolina comes back down to Earth in what appears to be a long year for Panthers fans.

      Doubt Cam continues his MVP form. With a year to study and gameplan that wishbone option offense it will take away the edge Carolina took advantage of last year. I am also not sure if their tackle play from last year was sustainable.

      • vrtkolman

        They might have the worst secondary in football this year. They will probably have to start a bunch of mid round reaches at CB, and their best player is a JAG safety who had a career year roaming the side of the field that Josh Norman wasn’t locking down.

      • HawkPower12

        Cam and the Panthers won all those games against a VERY WEAK schedule. They only played 2 teams with winning records all season.
        They are NOT as powerful as they seem. I predict Cam will have a bad year. He lost in a horrible fashion, giving up and whining like a little girl after. I lost respect for him. Thus, his pouty routine is coming back in 2016 as they lose games…

    • Nathan

      Green bay have a pretty nice draw too.

      I think they’ll restore order in the North, and go 6-0 in the division, and grab the #1 seed.

      • 503Hawk

        6-0 in the division would be tough. Minnesota’s D is pretty nice.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I have a funny feeling Eli Apple might get a lot of chances to make plays with the NYG. They might be ok on offense, but the defense is a work in progress. If he shadows #1s for opposing teams and/or sometimes plays in the slot, he will get lots of chances to make INTs.

      • Kenny Sloth

        I have a feeling those Giants CBs will not live up to expectations.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          NYG are due for a SB run every 5-6 years 😛

          • Kenny Sloth

            I know, disgusts me. Think they’ll have a Head Coach hangover?

    • C-Dog

      Don’t know if he will win DROTY, but I think Jarran Reed is going to be poised to make a pretty strong impact for Seattle as a rookie. He didn’t like falling into R2, and that’s a powerful dude to be playing with a chip on his shoulder. I remembered him saying in rookie mini camp that he’s intent on working on all the areas where scouts might have downgraded him, i.e. pass rush. Going to be really interesting to watch.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Could earn a pro-bowl spot if he plays 3 downs for us.

        What does our Nickle and some line project as? 4, 3, 2 DL? All are possible.

        Would love to see some official all-rookie squads.

        Preseason awards watchlist, Rob?

        • Kenny Sloth


    • vrtkolman

      Fackrell double digit in sacks as a rookie? You are crazy man! 🙂 It’s just too hard for rookie pass rushers to make a big impact. Rookies much more athletic and talented than Fackrell have had major issues their rookie year, look at Vic Beasly last year for example.

      • vrtkolman

        Players* not rookies

      • Kenny Sloth

        Full Definition of dark horse
        a : a usually little known contender (as a racehorse) that makes an unexpectedly good showing
        b : an entrant in a contest that is judged unlikely to succeed

        Sorry to go all mirriam Webster on you buddy but I wanted to highlight two words.

        Unexpectedly, Unlikely.


        6’5 245 with room on the narrow perfect modern pass rusher frame.

        Beasley admittedly blew his numbers out of the water, but goll dang if that wasn’t the fastest get-off in this draft class, on-tape.

        Beasley was also playing the difficult to master LEO spot.

        Fackrell is far more likely to get 5-7 sacks, but yeah he’s definitely not Beasley. Not comparable situations

  6. 503Hawk

    FWIW; ET came in at 66 (21 last year) on Top 100 list today. I’m sure he dropped in part because of his injuries. But as much as I love him, he is a horrible open field tackler. Doesn’t break down, just comes in like a missle.
    With him at 66, I can’t see Kam making the list this year.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Which is unbelievable also. How many defensive plays singularly changed the outcome of a game and arguably the team’s whole season more so than Kam’s career ending FF on Megatron’s goalline gallop?

      In Earl’s tackling. While the results aren’t as otherwordly as the rest of his game, Earl’s tackling technique is sublime. He is just so damn fast. Human body can’t stop that fast.

      Do you prefer slowing him down behind the LOS, or stopping him for a 5 yard gain?

      • 503Hawk

        Not sure of your playing or coaching background, but “breaking down” is a basic part of tackling. Remember I am a fan of ET, just sayin…
        BTW; Frank Gore had a post game comment a few years ago (the game where he ripped off a 50+ yard gain in the 4th quarter to set up their game winning FG), in which he mentioned that tendency by ET. He also said that once in the open field, when they got into the secondary, they were coached to look for the cut back specifically because of said tendency.

        If you and I have noticed this for years, who know the professionals who live in the film room know about it.
        (That’s all I’m saying.)

        • Kenny Sloth

          Well put, to add, I would say he is a fine tackler. Missed 12 in 2014, pretty high count, he also played through injuries. I think that Frank Gore run was included.

          I suppose you can make a concession for his size, but that seems unfair.

          He’s an ankle tackler. I played Free Safety in the same way.

          That death roll, though.

          You’re right though, he misses that step in his processes

    • Volume12

      There’s no way in hell that 65 players are better than ET.

      If 65 guys had better years than he did last year, than it’s not really the 100 ‘best’ players.

      I’d take maybe a handful of guys over him? And even as I write that, I doubt it.

      • Kenny Sloth

        For real for real, we should do an SDB community top 100. I think collectively we probably caught every snap around the league

      • JakeB

        It was funny to me listening to his fellow DBs around the league just gush about some of the plays he had made. Basically put him on a pedestal, yet he only came in at 66. Seems like the defense is perceived as having a down year last season while still giving up the fewest points. MJD was on Dave damesheks podcast earlier in the week pretty much saying the defense was giving up 30 points a game. That’s fine. I’m sure our boys are listening.

        • nichansen01

          Earl at 66 is an outrage.

        • 503Hawk

          No doubt they have been listening for awhile now. SB49; giving up a 10 point lead in the fourth. 2015 season; they gave up way too many leads. (Cincinnati)
          Certainly a lot of the problem, going back to SB49, was all of the injuries. ET, Kam & Sherm were ALL INJURED going into the SB. Lane & Avril both get knocked out on the two interceptions we made… AND WE STILL ALMOST WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • CharlieTheUnicorn

            2 yards and about 1 min away from the win.

            • Volume12

              Avril man.

              IMO had he not got hurt that SB, we’re back to back champs. Kearse wouldn’t of needed to make the best catch in SB history no one will remember. And ‘the worst call in SB history’ (I disagree) would be irrelevant.

              • CharlieTheUnicorn

                Lane going down changed the game. Then the bit of a cheap shot on Avril compounded matters. Even then, they were back in scoring position due to a crazy catch with time running down. Funny thing, the next play was a rush by Lynch that was stopped by a shoe string (literally) tackle by Collins I believe. Otherwise, Beastmode would have scored and Seattle would have been looking for a three pete! 😉

                • 503Hawk

                  Have to admit, at times I still really struggle w/ that loss.

                  • Kenny Sloth

                    I feel we’ve not yet reached neither the highest nor lowest points of this dynasty.

                    I rarely think about that loss anymore. Been a whole year and two of their players are on our squad, but nothing’s changed.

                    We got the dogs. We got the juice. We still them bois.

                    Their window is still closing and I’m honestly sick of the league being riddled with cheaters and beaters.

                    Glad they didn’t let him get away with it.

                    Is that pick because he threw it into his body?

                    I’ve seen him throw that same pattern to the same jersey since Raiders preseason 2013. And he had the exact same placement on the ball. Right under the numbers. Belly button

                    Obviously we now know that is not a spot only his man could get it.

  7. 503Hawk

    Was able to listen to Brock Huard today. He was allowed at practice yesterday. Here are a few brief highlights.
    *Glowinski looks like a natural fit at LG.
    *Ifedi doesn’t have the footwork of Okung, but he is massive & stronger in the lower body.
    *Britt has had no problems w/ the snaps. Huard feels his challenge will be making all of the calls.

    *He believes T Jack will be back. Boykin has a ways to go.

    If any of you hear tid-bits from OTA, I would love to know.

    • C-Dog

      My gut feeling is that they are going to give Britt a legit shot at winning the center job. Kinda think their sights are set on fielding the biggest OL that they can. Whether he does is another matter.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I find it hard to believe that anyone would consider Britt at center when the Seahawks already have an experienced center and Britt has not performed well at guard or tackle. It is just incredibly silly and reminds me of the Nowak experiment which also ended badly.

        • C-Dog

          Well, apparently, they are considering it for now.

        • vrtkolman

          I totally agree with this. The one non-injury thing that can derail our season is making questionable personnel decisions and throwing Britt out as the opening day center definitely fits that questionable criteria.

    • Old but Slow

      After looking at a few games from last season featuring Boykin, and I have real hopes that he will stick. He seems the perfect option to have a backup that somewhat mirrors what Russell can do. In the tapes I saw, he showed a very strong arm, but the ability to put touch on the ball in a place for an effective run after catch. His run ability is strong, although in college he ran too often, and needs to learn to slide. Going head first into NFL safeties is not a way to stay healthy. His passes are accurate and crisp, and he showed poise and toughness.

      TJack has been a faithful and true Seahawk, but there comes a time to find a younger man to fill the job, and this may be the time.

      • James

        There is another factor in this QB decision… a roster spot. Add T-Jack, and you will have to carry Boykin as a 3d QB on the 53 man roster. No way he would clear waivers onto the practice squad, he was too highly sought as a FA, and assuming he shows well in pre-season, some team will grab him. And carrying a 3d QB on the 53 means you have to release a top young prospect who will also not make it through waivers (ex: Lawler, Powell, Hunt, a promising young guy you would like to stash inactive for a year).

  8. Kenny Sloth

    Can’t wait for Seattle’s dank dime packages this year.

  9. coachmattson

    I see Leary G for the Cowboys requested a trade. Thoughts on him going to the Hawks? Do you think he would be worth it and what would we trade? Christine Michael and next year’s 4th?

    Go Hawks!

    • Beanhawk

      I would love that trade if for no other reason than we can trade Christine Michael back to the team we traded him to last year (and they subsequently cut him).

      In all seriousness though, I get the feeling that the Seahawks really want to work with what they have at this point. I don’t see any late free agent OL additions. We certainly don’t have a good, solidified oline, but it seems that we are pretty deep with “potential” at this point.

    • nichansen01

      We already traded away both of these assets though!

    • 503Hawk

      Where would he fit? They already have Glow, Britt, Ifedi & Odi who can play guard.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I do not see a point of trading away a 4th for a possible back-up guard. Hold the course!

    • Colton

      Let’s ship them a CB. They could use Marcus Burley. We have lots of depth that they could use, specifically in the back 7 or WR. If not, a 6th would do. If we cut Sowell, we get a 6th rd pick for the Mebane comp. So if we do that we would essentially be trading Sowell for Leary. No brainer to me.

      Leary’s cap # is 2.5 mil. Sowell would only bring 200k dead money. We have ~4m extra available right now, before a TJack signing. So essentially, this move would cost us 2.2 mil (first 500k is taken away because he is replacing that cheap contract. Someone may want to check my math). Totally worth it, if nothing else, for very good depth this year.

      It could be, though, that both Glow and Rees look really good and we don’t need another LG at all.

    • vrtkolman

      He’s only a guard and we have two good, young guards we have invested in. I’m fine with the guards we have now.

  10. smitty1547

    Dallas just got a lot stronger at RB, and they cut Michael last year, no way he would be part of trade there unless injury bug hit them. Leary however would be a nice get.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Reply fail lol, but I agree. Had the same thought

  11. Nathan

    Lasted about 15 minutes and couldn’t take any more of Kenneth. His quarterback rants kill me.

    I tried.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I wish they would package it up like a radio station. Clips/interviews 17 minutes at a time. This would make it much easier to listen to what you want to and come back later to a section you wanted to listen to again.

      • Kenny Sloth

        They should do guests all of training camp.

        Yeah also dislike that it seems almost like there is a 65-35 ratio of Kenneth-Rob.

        Almost like listening to jeopardy in that Kenneth has jumbled up, careful prompts and Rob deftly fires off thoughtful bullets

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          They have a list of questions and topics they want to cover. I’m ok with that…. otherwise it turns into a garbage YouTube channel about Star Wars Ep 8 theories. We mustn’t have that now can we.

          I think they sound fine, but drawing it out into 1 hour is a bit much. I think the topics sometimes get a little thin. Perhaps they will pull some more interviews with Seahawks or former Seahawks. Rob also sounded perfectly fine on the radio in the states….. once you got used to the accent. ^.^

          • 503Hawk

            Trying for constructive criticism here… We love Rob’s professional, intelligent, objective analysis so much, it would be nice if the pod casts were like that. For instance, I enjoy listening to Brock’s “Blue 42”, John Clayton, shows like that where people aren’t talking over the other. You get an opinion for sure (I don’t always agree w/) but it is inciteful, professional, etc.
            Personally I don’t listen to the pod casts because they lack these qualities.

            • RealRhino2

              Love the podcasts, and (sorry, Rob), Kenneth is my favorite part. Strong opinions delivered in a funny way. It would be worse if it became too structured and buttoned-down.

              • CharlieTheUnicorn

                This is a good point.

                Podcasts are not meant to be polished, they are more “raw” or perhaps visceral.

          • Kenny Sloth

            53 man ‘rasta’

  12. Volume12

    Some interesting notes from OTAs:

    Looks like Simon is the starter opposite Sherm when lane moves inside to nickel.

    CB Tye Smith is bigger, stronger, faster according to PC.

    PC said he thinks Jimmy and Rawls will be back for the season opener. I know, PC optimism, but stikl exciting.

    RW said this team has a ‘mid-season feel’ to it. Everybody’s very competitive.

    PC sounds very excited about our ‘TE destroyer’ Brandon Browner.

    3 way race for FB. Cottom, Tupuo, and Madden. But, when asked about it, PC immediately went to Cottom.

    Boykin seems to be impressing everyone.

    They’re teaching RW intricate details about the differences in 3-4 and 4-3 looks. Apparently Russ hasn’t had to do this before.

    PC raving about Ifedi. Said he’s ‘really smart, and very impressive.’

    If interested, the Browner interview is a great listen. Some very cool quotes in there.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I think the Russell Wilson education isn’t surprising. These young guys are much worse at football than we ever imagined.

      Some back-up QB was just the other day thanking Madden (the game) for helping coach him on reading defenses.

      • C-Dog

        Personally, I think this whole “Master class” thing with Russ is a bit blown out of proportion. A QB is always going to be thinking about what a defense is trying to do. Russ played WCO in college and is 4 NFL seasons into his career, I’m pretty sure he knows the differences between a 43 and a 34 defense. My guess is that as they are expanding the offense, they are going to continue putting more on him as a passer, and the media is hanging onto a statement made 3 months ago, kinda maybe making this a bigger deal than it is.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          I think the nuances of rolling coverages and how to “fake” defenders out is what they are driving at…. simple terms, looking off defenders and delivering dimes down the field. I also agree, I think it was a buzzword (Master Class), more than anything else. Now I have to decide, is RW worth a round 4 or 5 draft pick in FF… 🙂

          • C-Dog

            It was kinda funny in both Pete and Russ’s press conferences when each were posed the same question, they both had kind of an instant reaction that almost read, “oh yeah, that whole thing,” and then each gave an answer to the effect of limited time due to the CBA, but chats here and there.

            • Kenny Sloth

              I would tend to agree. Obviously he’s a professional QB, but there is so much to learn about football strategically. You keep getting deeper and deeper in nuances to learn, you manage to miss some stuff playing for NC state, moving to Wisconsin, moving to Seattle.

              You’re always gonna be growing, though, obviously I doubt Cam Newton’s canned motivation in Madden 16’s skills trainer would teach him anything.

              I feel that Russell is developing very slowly in Seattle’s system, and that they’re controlling his progression very poignantly.

              • C-Dog

                I’m kinda likening the Russ situation in Seattle to what was the Brady situation in NE, and the Big Ben situation at Pitt. Young QBs that were asked to game manage teams built on strong defenses and a running game, each player going to Superbowls, but after they got into their second contracts, more was expected of them and their offenses opened up.

                I think the second half of last season was a solid glimpse as to what can be expected of Russ in Seattle moving forward. Under Pete, this will still be a balanced attack, but, they traded for Jimmy Graham, they drafted P-Rich, and Lockett with relative high picks, they drafted an offensive weapon who can catch the ball out of the backfield in Prosise. I think it’s in the cards that this offense will open up more to Russell now. IMO, I think his development is moving on pace to what Brady and Ben’s were.

                • 503Hawk

                  Excellent comments! Like you, I believe this is all part of the grand strategy of developing Russ into one of the best (including his off the field maturation). Football is so much cerebral, especially for QBs. Look at Manning, and even Matt Hasselbeck, in their “golden years”. Limited / diminishing talents and yet still able to perform. That’s what makes guys like them such good coaches once their playing days are over. They can pass on all of these little nuances that just can’t be explained in a book (or blog).

                  • Volume12

                    I agree with Charlie.

                    The nuances and intricate details are probably what they’re attempting to drive home with Russ.

    • C-Dog

      Also, for what it is worth, the starting Nickel DL consisted of Clark and Avril at DE and Jefferson and Hill at the DTs. Jefferson ran with the starters playing Bennett’s strong side end position.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Great notes, C-Dog

        • 503Hawk

          Nice incite. Where did you get that from? Any other tid-bits to pass on?

          • C-Dog

            It was reported both in News Tribune and I think also in the Everett Herald.

      • vrtkolman

        Cool stuff about Jefferson. Hope he develops quickly, we need someone up the middle who can clean up Avril and Bennett’s monster edge rush.

        • C-Dog

          JS said they had a 3rd round grade on him. My hunch, considering his character makeup, and skill set, I think he stands a pretty decent chance to make a niche in the nickel rotation, for sure.

  13. Kenny Sloth


    Hey guys, put up a scouting primer on the senior QB’s in the 2017 class

    • Volume12

      Good stuff Kenny.

      Auburn QB Jeremy Johnson, while possessing all the physical upside in the world, looked awful last year.

      No Iowa QB CJ Beathard? This is a tough, gritty, NFL level talent. Is he a face of the franchise type? No. But, very athletic, accurate, makes good decisions. Great poise.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Thanks, V12.

        I’ll have to check him out. Regret leaving out JT Barrett think I’ll add a blurb on both? before the next set

  14. Old but Slow

    Helpful, Kenny, thanks, and good job.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Give ya boi a rec, OG

  15. James

    Dear Pete, please allow me to respectfully point out that you have on your football team the greatest 300 lb athlete in the history of football. JJ Watt is a very distant second. And not only that, this sparq-god has, over the past two seasons, been taught blocking techniques by Tom Cable his-own-self. Sokoli to Fullback! Thank you for your attention to this matter. Sincerely, #12.

  16. 503Hawk

    Have a four day weekend ?, but a long honey do list ?. Here are some brief cliff notes concerning 2016 schedule. (I value your feedback, let me know what you think)

    MIA – New offensive minded HC (Adam Gase) on opening week, tough D, first week w/ our new O-line
    @ LA – Home opener for them, J Fischer nemesis, TOUGH D-line
    SF – New offensive minded HC, hurry up O
    @ NYJ – 10am start, D minded HC, very talented D all three levels
    ATL – Dan Quinn, M Ryan
    @ ARZ – Night game, Arians, Palmer, talented team in the win now mode
    @ NO – Brees
    BUF – Monday Night, tough D
    @ NE – Sunday night, mid Nov, Bellichek & Brady
    PHIL – New QB?
    @TB – J Winston, O playmakers, D playmakers
    CAR – Sunday Niight, Cam & crew, their D
    @ GB – @GB in Dec, Rogers and Co
    LA – Thursday Night, J Fischer, their special teams, their STUD D-line, new QB by then?
    ARZ – Arians, lots of playmakers on both sides of the ball. Palmer still up right this late in season?
    @ SF – Niners trying to play spoilers? Hawks trying to rest starters?

    Hmm, 10-6 & wildcard again?

    • vrtkolman

      Miami might be one of the worst teams in football this season, really though every team in football has a tough D line (except for Green Bay). That’s just how it goes in the NFL, D lines are way better than O lines for the most part.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Maybe add score predictions/ gameflow anticipation?

      Add top performers and crucial aspects, I.e. 3rd down, red zone, if you think we’ll turn it over. We almost always do in AZ.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Love closing out the season with back-to-back-to-back division games.

      Very good for controlling your own fate.

      • Volume12

        I’m more confident in what we have then worried about game planning for other teams.

        This schedule looks much easier on paper than the past couple seasons have.

        Week 2, week 4, week 10, week 14, and week 16 look like the 5 toughest games.

        • 503Hawk

          Thinking they could lose to @ NYJ, @ TB, @ GB, @ NE, LA & ARZ = 10
          If everything goes well, 12-4 & win division.

          Such a great draft they had, but so often it takes a year for guys to gel / contribute. (That being said, Reed & Ifedi probably start, Procise & Varnett see a lot of time.) Think too about the O-line… IMO, has the potential to be the best we’ve had since 2005. But new starters at ALL FIVE POSITIONS?! Maybe it’s a good thing that we have an early bye.

          • Volume12

            I think so. About the bye.

            PC has said numerous times how he wishes they didn’t have byes in the middle or late in the season. Of course, evey season is different and brings it’s own unique set of challenges.

            Byes can stop their momentum. That’s usually the time of year our boys get going, and the only way to improve and work out your kinks is to continue to play.

    • Del tre

      Who would Seattle lose to for a 10-6 record?
      Miami should be a pretty easy W in my opinion they don’t have Olivier Vernon or a talented enough offense to negate their bad defense. hawks win 28-13 top performers Russell Wilson 12/15 2 tds Thomas rawls 21 carries 145 yards 2 tds miami was bottom 5 in the league in run D top receiver doug baldwin 75 yards 1 td

      The Rams are a team that people are foolishly talking up, they just lost their #1 corner starting free safety so thats half of their secondary gone, then they lose chris long who was solid depth and one of the only leaders the rams have they also lost nick fairly their starting D tackle. The rams are blatantly a 3 or 4 win next season sure the hawks have struggled with them before this year they aren’t going to have the same problems the do not have the personal on offense or defense to stop the hawks in any capacity this year. They lost one of their best receiving options in cook.
      Hawks win 21-3 Top performers Russell wilson 25-35 300 yards 2 tds 1 int Top rushers Rawls 45 yards collins 25 and procise 35 (one 20 yard rush) tyler lockett return td bonus Doug Baldwin 150 yards 2 tds

      SF dumpsterfire win 31-10 Top performers, Wilson 15/20 220 yards 1 td Thomas rawls 100 rushing yards on 13 carries 2 tds, collins and procise both have big games as the hawks play ball control in the second half rushing the ball 40+ times top receiver Tyler Lockett 115 yards 1 td

      NYJ don’t have a qb and their secondary is only getting older the defense is good but they don’t have a running game even if matt forte stays healthy he isn’t going to be as impactful as chris ivory was as he has been injury prone his entire career and has shown lots of signs of slowing down. top preformers Russell Wilson 275 yards 2 tds CJ Procise for 100 yards on 13 carries (one 55 yard run) with 50 yards receiving and a td off of a wheel route. Thomas Rawls with 10 carries for 65 yards and 1 td
      Hawk win 21-17

      ATL is good but in century link? With a new and improved o line that just got done playing the rams, dolphins and jets teams with great defensive lines? I could see russell wilson not even getting one pressure. Hawks win 31-27 in a shootout top performers Russell wilson 25/30 350 yards 3 tds CJ procise with 200+ all purpose yards (ROTY chatter starts up) Julio (unless sherman follows him) goes for 120 and 3 tds trying to win the game himself and Devonte Freeman and Charles Tillman give us trouble with each having a long td run

      @AZ can just be penciled in as a w im not projecting anything here other than Thomas Rawls having a 145 yard game

      @NO The defense is not good and it remains not good this year the game is close early 14-14 heading into the half but then the hawks send them home with a 27-14 w. top preformers Thomas rawls 25 carries for 175 yards and 2 tds Russell Wilson (i know what im about to say is crazy) 14-14 1 td for 200 yards

      Buffalo really just isn’t imposing to me they were up against the cap so tight that really the only thing that happened was them losing talent really wish Harvin hadn’t retired would have been fun to see us go at it with him. The seahawks also aren’t going to let lesean mccoy get much seeing that he is a east west runner. Hawks win 28-21 top preformers Tyrod Taylor 245 yards passing 2 td 65 yards rushing 1 rush td

      @NE is a game i could see losing thats fine the final score will either be extremely close in the patriots favor or the seahawks will blow them out Hawks lose a close one 24-17 Russell top preformer with 2 4th quarter tds and 33/38 passing (lots of innefective screens and slants for low yardage until the 4th quarter) the run game is completely stiffled thomas rawls 30 yards 15 carries procise 4 for 5 yards Collins 2 carries no gain

      @TB i could see them stealing a game from us probably not but maybe so in the though of fairness I’ll give them a Russell Wilson stinker and a 14-7 win Russell Wilson 10/25 2 int a pick six to go along with an earlier special teams blunder Thomas rawls rushes for 75 yards on 20 carries

      CAR is a game i see us winning in a blowout fashion as well they have a terrible secondary now as well as still lacking an edge rush. as a whole they had a draft that didn’t make any sense you don’t draft 3 corners to make up for josh norman none of them are going to replace him. They also drafted vernon butler who will either ride the bench because he is a run stuffer or play a very limited role. They could easily have 6+ losses by the time they play us their schedule is easy but still not the cup cake gift of last year they might go between 6-10 and 10-6
      Top Preformers Russell Wilson 23/25 3 tds 315 yards passing Thomas Rawls 27 carries 105 yards and 2 tds and Alex Collins cleans up in the fourth quarter looking like Chris Ivory rushing for 100 yards on 19 carries final score 42-14

      Phili lol lol lol thats not an abbreviation for laughing out loud those are philidelphia eagles fans reaching for help
      Whatever im going to do some lazy analysis of the rebuilding eagles and say this one is a blowout Wilson doesn’t play the 4th quarter and Treyvon Boykin auditions for trade offers

      LA at home with the 12th man roaring the 3-11 LA rams come to town Todd Gurley is already being completely misused and overused by the LA rams gets 20 yards on 20 carries as the seahawks pitch another blowout

      ARZ its at home and I’ll be there we will probably lose by a narrow margin as the cardinals begin to gel as Nkemdiche and Jones come down off of their synthetic weed and combine for 5 sacks in the game. Russell Wilson fails to find the frequently open tyler lockett enough and the seahawks fall 28-27 top preformers Russell wilson 2 tds 2 int 1 fumble feels the pressure all game long with 15/25 passing for 155 yards Tyler Lockett 145 yards 2 tds 20 yards per catch
      49ers lose thomas rawls shows up and puts on another 200 all purpose yard game 31-14
      these are clearly a bit optimistic 13-3 isn’t unrealistic i would argue that it is more likely than 10-6 given how unbelievable our run defense will be especially if Jarran Reed is a star sooner than later then when teams pass on the hawks for 1st down they will actually generate more pressure

      • nichansen01

        Run d was great last year… But now with Reed as an upgrade to bane and siliga adding good depth/rotation value, and Clark getting more playing time in Irvin’s absence (superior run defender to Irvin by far)… Watch out.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          Good Good @ nichansen01

        • Del tre

          one thing is almost certain next year, our run d is going to shut teams down

          • Kenny Sloth

            What do the stats say about rookie dt’s?

            Probably lots of sink or swim stuff

            • Del tre

              Hm I did a quick search but didn’t find much I’d be pretty interested in trying to figure that one out. The only two recent rookie dts that stick out in my head are Aaron Donald and ndomkung suh. Kawaan short had a pretty solid rookie season bit nothing to write home about. But just in watching the tape of jarran reed he is so dominant and disciplined against the run i really dobut he wilk struggle with the transition in college i dont think i ever saw him get pushed off the ball. I really can’t wait to see if the Hawks can get some pass rush out of him.

  17. Kenny Sloth

    Hey, Rob, I had a couple questions in anticipation of an historic Copa America Centenario, the first to take place in the U.S.

    First maybe just a projection? Who’s your favorite to win?

    Second how do you view this American Home Field Advantage? Is it a factor? Unfortunately, it seems more fans will be cheering for Lionel Messi than the increasingly youthful USMNT.

    Third have you gotten a chance to look at any of the U.S.’s young prospects. Obviously, guys like Deandre Yedlin play in EPL, but we have seen great ball by Hawaiin striker Bobby Wood should sit above Clint Dempsey as our main scorer, Christian Pulisic is getting meaningful First team reps with a major Bundesliga club. One of the best American prospects in a long time. Jordan Morris wasn’t called up this time, but what do you think of his potential?

    Who needs to step up with the retirement of the greatest American futbol player of all-time, Landon Donovan.

    I know you don’t get to watch a lot of MLS (probably none), but if you could Give me some insight?

    Also, what do you think of Jurgen Klinsmann?
    Sepo’s hate him, we want him gone, thoughts?

  18. Volume12

    This situation going on at Baylor is strange. I wish I could say that some of it is unbeleivable, but when it comes to wining football games and making shmoney, it’s not. Not a good look Waco and Art Briles.

    Can’t wait to see where WR KD Cannon ends up. Love this kid.The next DeSean Jackson IMO, but with more length. Much better route runner than Corey Coleman, who I’m a fan of, too.

    Cannon is every bit the deep threat Will Fuller was for ND. He can make tough, contested catches and go up and get it, unlike a lot of downfield threats.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I was talking about him a few days ago can’t wait to see what kind of season he puts together.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      CFB: Baylor is prob more typical than atypical in CFB environment. Back in the good ol days, you always heard about “walks of shame” on campus, when the sorority girls went to the “sports” fraternity parties and bad things happened. Alcohol, young and dumb, college, animal house mentality….

      HS: The case of the disabled player in Idaho (HS level) being violated in many ways (physically, emotionally, etc)… is not indicative of what we love about football, but shows there are meat heads that should lose their jobs, face severe consequences for their actions and should not be allowed around others.

      NFL: Hardy with his DV and Ray Rice with his DV issues are front and center, but I believe the NFL has cleaned up it’s act behind the scenes….. mostly. It is sad that people have not gotten beyond being responsibly for themselves and looking out for others welfare.

      • Volume12

        While I agree with this, the fiasco at Baylor is so much more.

        Shawn Oakman’s sexual assault goes un-investigated?

        Sam Ukuwachu was a walking timebomb. Udub HC Chris Petetsen gave Briles everyhing on this kid, warned him, told him there was something that was gonna surface, and Briles put winning games above it. I mean come on! When was the last time that Baylor was relevant before Art Briles?

        Were sitting/suspending Oakman and not commiting to Okwuachu really gonna cause Baylor not to be in contention for the BIG12 title?

        Multiple allegations against the football players were never looked into.

        They refused to do background checks on recruits.

        Never vetted these guys, never did character analyization, etc.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          The Oakman thing is being investigated now…. charged… let’s hold off on his guilt or innocence until the trial is completed. Maybe the coaching staff knows or thinks a team need “dirtbags” to kick butt in football. I disagree with this premise, but not every football player is polyanna or lily white. Real people have real problems, elevating football players into role models and idol worship is a huge problem. Let them be who they are, then if they are reprehensible human beings… so be it, they face the consequences.

          I think it was much more reprehensible what happened at Penn State. Literally a 45 year cover-up of a pedophile abusing multiple (tens of children) on the site and with knowledge of multiple faculty, athletic staff and more than likely the HC (Joe Pa). It is unfortunate, it took him to be in stage 3 or 4 cancer for this to come out, because he never got to face the courts for allowing this to happen. Enabling a pedophile to have access to children is almost worse than the actual pedophile.

          • Kenny Sloth

            It’s a dark subject, but we can’t forget. Can never allow such a travesty to ever occur again.

            One man hurting and devastating a much smaller woman’s body and mind is a horrible thing, but I am also much more appalled at the systemic degradation and blind terror these athletic department’s have allowed be conducted.

            It is a conglomerate of individuals that these coaches are tasked with corralling and I don’t necessarily envy them.

            I would be quite distraught if one of my employees was convicted or even accused of some of these things.

            And it seems no campus is completely devoid of knucleheads and deviants, Jameis Winston at FSU, Cam Robinson, now, at Alabama, Cliff Harris at Oregon, Trevone Boykin, Randy Gregory at Nebraska.

            I hope no-one ever stops talking about guys like Winston and Roethlisberger’s checkered pasts, because both those dicks have been accused of some far from laudable activities.

            Worse than Brett Favre sending pics of his junk for which he was crucified in the media.

            • Brad

              Agree 100 per cent Kenny, well put!

  19. CharlieTheUnicorn

    My early fav for SB 51

    Steelers vs Seahawks

    • Kenny Sloth

      Packers-Steelers rematch for me

      I think GB gets the lucky bounce this time around

      • H M Abdou

        Giants vs Ravens is my Super Bowl 51 prediction!

        • Kenny Sloth

          Oof please no. What is this 2007? Haha

    • C-Dog

      Seahawks vs Raiders

      Seattle gets back to the big dance with a refreshed re-engerized LOB playing behind a once again deep defensive line rotation, and more creative play calling from Kris Richard, and Carroll. RW3 picks up from the second half of last year with quick decisive passing to a talented collective of weapons, with continued growth from Tyler Lockett, steady play from ADB, Chop Chop, and healthy play from deep threat P-Rich. Vannett adds in line security while JG and Luke Willson flex outside. The rotation of Rawls, Collins and Prosise keep the attack balanced enough. All this adds to pressure taken off the newly formed OL that gets it’s best play by the season’s end.

      Bold prediction is that the Silver & Black is finally back this year, shock the NFL world by not only making the playoffs, but making it all the way to the Super Bowl. To add further spice into the mix, Beast Mode suits up and plays in the game for Oakland, making the experience both fun and really weird for Seahawks fans.

      • Old but Slow

        You been eating those funny little mushrooms? Seriously, though, I am also very excited about the prospects for the Seahawks, may the bounces find us, and there is little doubt that we have a wealth of talent. The common complaint is about our offensive line, and probably deserved, but it is also true that there are very few really good lines in the league.

        Not so sure that the Raiders are quite there yet, but in the AFC you never know.

        • C-Dog

          Funny little mushrooms, be damned! I’m swinging for the fence giving the dark horse nod to the Raiders in 2016. Just really like what they have at quarterback and how they have loaded up on the OL and DL. It will be interesting to see what comes out of it in a year they are looking for a new home. IMO, I think they can make a run if they stay healthy.

          My NFC dark horse team to go deep is probably the Vikings. That extremely tough playoff loss to Seattle probably makes them pretty hungry, and I really like the offseason they had in FA and the draft. They could be a really tough team this year.

          • Kenny Sloth

            I agree to an extent with the reasoning, but not necessarily the outcome. Yeah, the Vikings played us hard, but they are relying on an aging back, an underperforming OL, two young WRs, a pretty desolate secondary, very little pass rush, and the underrated Kyle Rudolph.

            I could see a deep Raiders push in the playoffs. I think their secondary will hold them back.

            Gotta wait a year, add some breadcrumbs to those meatballs, let it coagulate.

            • Kenny Sloth

              Sorry I’m hungry aha

              • C-Dog

                Yeah, IDK, maybe I am higher on them than a lot of other, but my gut kinda thinks the Vikings could be a really tough team this year. I think they got a taste last year.

                Looking at the roster, I think they got a pretty stout DL with Griffen, Robison, Floyd and Joseph, with some decent pass rush rotation in Tom Johnson, and Danielle Hunter. Good young LB corps. I see the back end of their D pretty loaded up.

                If AP stays healthy, which he could very well, and they also have Jerick McKinnon, who I think kinda has some underrated upside, I think that ground game is going to be something to continue building off. Like the addition of Boone on the OL. Love the addition of Treadwell. If Teddy gets a bit more beyond the game manager mode, and throws more down field with decent effect, they could be a genuinely tough match up for teams.

                • Kenny Sloth

                  Thought Teddy was playing really well last year think his upside/ceiling is a little low. Potential pro bowler later on

                  • C-Dog

                    Yeah, I agree with that. I don’t think he was ever be in the flashier or more dynamic realms of passers, but in the realm of Dalton, Cousins, Carr, etc.. he can be good enough.

      • 503Hawk

        Wouldn’t that be cool! Two former AFC West rivals during it out in the SB. What a classic that would be.

        SB51 NFC: GB, SEA, ARZ, TB (dark horse)
        AFC: PITT, CINN, NE, KC (dark horse)

        Said it before; barring significant injuries, 2017 could be our year (all of this young talent w/ their rookie year behind them)

        • 503Hawk


          • C-Dog

            TB might be an interesting team as well. Kinda leaning towards the Vikings have a strong season, maybe getting past GB for the division. For some reason, not totally sold on GB this year, kinda think they will be poised to do something similar as the last couple years, start strong, and then injuries expose their lack of depth.

            Seahawks Raiders Super Bowl would be awesome. The rest of the country might complain because it features to left coast teams, but I think the match up could be a lot of fun, and it would be great to juice up that old rivalry.

            • Volume12

              I do think Oakland makes the playoffs this year. Not sold that they’ll make any noise there though.

              Oakland needs a RB, TE or one more weapon for Carr, and another piece in that secondary somewhere.

              Loved the draft class from every team in the AFCS.

              Houston is a TE, CB, and S away from being a damn good team.

              As for the NFC. If RB Matt Jones can replicate his early season form, I like Washington as a dark horse. Not sure you could consider them that though. GM Scot McCloughan has got this team on the right track. And we all know that PC really liked QB Kirk Cousins (rumored too).

              • 503Hawk

                You nailed it. Scott McC. has had his behind the scenes signature on a lot of rebuilt teams that have done well in the post season.

              • Kenny Sloth

                Shoot, I really liked Kirk Cousins. Surprised they took him along with RGIII but it looks genius now.

                I don’t think Scot was with the Washington team at that time though.

                Either he was in his second stint with San Fran (picked Navarro Bowman) or was taking a personal health sabbatical

                • Volume12

                  No, your right. He wasn’t with Washingon then.

                  My point being, PC is one of the great talent evaluators of this generation. Pro and college.

                  ‘Captain Kirk’ is a talented dude. Always has been. I feel like he’s just getting started.

                  • Kenny Sloth

                    That is so true. His Bruce Irvin selection was so inspired in retrospect. I almost cried when it happened because I thought we’d take him over a round later.

                    The Jets were about to take him before we leapfrogged them.
                    Apparentally Rex Ryan cussed them out after.

                    Just genius’ riding the high of scamming the shorts off the rest of the league

                • C-Dog

                  McCloughan was in Seattle the year RG3, Luck, RW3, and Cousins were drafted, and was apparently in disagreement with JS in taking Russ at 75, thinking he would be available in the 4th, but JS wanted him there and thought Philly would probably gobble him up.

                  I like Cousins, thought Seattle was maybe going to take him, but pretty glad things worked out the way they did.

                  • Kenny Sloth

                    Are you sure about the Wilson story?

                    I know PC was pounding the table for RW in the second, but JS stared down the barrel and waited on that pick. Good GMs

                  • 503Hawk

                    FWIW; the way I heard the story was that JS went to Madison and fell in love w/ Russ. Talked him up a lot to Pete. It was JS that decided he was a difference maker, could “tilt the field”. JS wanted him in the 2nd but PC said ‘no, we need our LB’. Then w/ Synder’s insistence Russ was taken in the 3rd.
                    Of course none of us know what the real truth is. The important thing is that we got a HOF QB!

                  • C-Dog

                    Couple things, here. I think the legend has it that JS wanted to take Russ in R2, but Carroll really wanted Bobby Wagner for his D, and JS was left sweating bullets until pick 75.

                    There was some network video piece done over the last year or so about the drafting of RW3, interviewing different scouts and members of the Seahawks brass, and McCloughan admitted while he like RW, he was not a fan of taking him at 75, and thought they could possibly get him in later rounds. Things got, I think, a bit heated between him and JS in the war room for a moment.

                  • Kenny Sloth

                    I must have it backwards.

                  • Kenny Sloth

                    I think Scot was drinkin’ back then, too.

                  • Volume12

                    PC is on the record saying ‘RW was Darrell Bevell’s project.’

                    Bevell fell in love with him. JS went to Wisconsin to scout him. And then he presumably found his ‘must have.’

                  • CharlieTheUnicorn

                    I think JS (or his minion in the Carolina’s) spotted him at NC State, when they were scouting for another guy. He transferred to Wisconsin….. and his play, team captain after only being on the teams for a few weeks and overall poise in a pro style offense… put him on the MAP for all the Seahawks scouts.

                    RW is just the latest example of many teams out thinking themselves…. passing on a player with 99% of what you are looking for….. now if he was 6’4″.. top 3 pick! It happens almost every year.. guys get passed over over and over.. who become stars or even superstars.

                  • James

                    The next example of teams out-thinking themselves will be Joey Hunt. Undersized as is Russ, but whose size gives him other advantages in quickness and leverage; and playing a postion-C, same as QB, where intangibles are the determining factor. Hunt’s on-field performance was R1 quality, as was Russ’, but he was seriously downgraded due to size “limitations.”

  20. HawkPower12

    I feel the offensive line has a chance to really take a step Forward this year. I know they are all new at their spots, unless Patrick Lewis plays Center, but I feel this way because of Russell and Bevel.

    “IF” they start off with how they played in the second half of the season, quicker plays, getting the ball out, then the O-Line will get a chance to build ‘confidence’. That can go a long way!

    As far as Lynch returning, what a waste of time…he isn’t…at least he will never take another Seattle snap…He RUINED our chances against Carolina, and he was why we got SO FAR behind. It had become Russell’s team, having the best 5 Game QB performance in NFL HISTORY. Then what did they do? FORCED the ball to an out of practice Lynch.

    Play #1, stuffed for a loss…
    Play #2, a forced screen PICK 6… to whom? Lynch

    The radio guys on 710 including John Clayton believed Christine Michael deserved to start that game. If he had, we would have WON, EASILY. But we forced Russell to play second fiddle to Lynch, and he destroyed our chance…SAD. As soon as i saw him on the field, I knew we had lost…then in 2 plays, PICK 6…


    Trust me, I loved him when he was Beast Mode, but it was unwise to resign him last year, and give him $5million in FREE MONEY that could be used elsewhere…

    FINALLY we have a team without a ‘entitled’ player that does whatever the hell he wants…including flipping off his own coaches.
    Marshawn does NOT understand that if it wasn’t for Pete Carroll, who he dislikes, he would be NOTHING. If he stayed in Buffalo would he EVER be “Beast Mode”? NO. Pisses me off that Pete saves his career, and he treats Pete like crap…

    #GoCJProsise #GoAlexCollins

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I wouldn’t put it all on Lynch for the Carolina game. The team came out flat in 1st half.
      There is an old phrase, if you can play…. the team will overlook almost anything.
      I’ll never forget seeing Lynch carry the ball and literally WREKT the Saints in the playoffs. In 50 years, that single play will still be talked about….. that is how good he was at the time and he may still be under-appreciated by the locals. Also note, Lynch was on the team that won a SB. Give him his due, he earned.

      • RealRhino2

        Lynch was very good, but I don’t feel he was ever underappreciated by locals. It is weird, though, how he seems to be unhappy with the Seattle FO when we basically enabled him to turn around his career, which could have gone very badly if he’d never ended up with an organization willing to give him so much room for his BS.

        There’s a reason we got him for just a 4th-rounder and conditional 5th/6th, and that’s because of Marshawn’s behavior.

        But to me, Lynch is like a girlfriend that caused all kinds of drama. The good times were exciting, but at tome point it’s just time to move on. That time came with Griffey, and that time is now for Marshawn. I wouldn’t put the Carolina game on him; it’s more like the coaches felt beholden to use him when he came back, which aggravated our problems. Main problem was the interior OL and Russ. Russ took several bad plays and made them much worse, and even during our great comeback he made a huge mistake that probably cost us any real chance to win, taking a bad sack rather than throw to the open guy (that the play was designed to get open).

        • C-Dog

          Danny, O’Neil wrote a decent piece a few months ago kinda time lining when the whole Marshawn and Seahawks Brass thing started to go South. He basically theorized that seed was planted during the negotiation of his first FA contract with the team after they brought him in. The market was on the decline for RB, but he felt strongly that since so much of the offense went through him, he should get more than what the market said he should. JS simply wasn’t going to budge and pay him more than the market, and Marshawn apparently never forgot that.

          Also, and this is just my own take, but I think the emergence and fan excitement and marketing fandom in Russell Mania might have played a factor in Marshawn perhaps thinking the team might move away from him sooner than later, and they were preparing to “phase him out” with the additions of Michael on top of drafting Turbin the year before. When all the weird sh*t was happening in 2014 with players divided in the locker room, those that liked and didn’t necessarily like the QB, I think this is where some of the roots might have been.

          Personally, I love Marshawn the player, from what I can tell about the dude off the field, think he’s equally if not more impressive, but I will not miss the disconnect with the management and the HC, possibly even the QB, and welcome this new era of Seahawks football. Sometimes, I think it’s just good to hit the reboot button on certain aspects, and I think this is probably one of them. But I will always remember very fondly of the player and person he was in Seattle, and wish him nothing but the best that life can offer him in whatever he chooses to do, retirement, or not. Just don’t see him playing anymore football in Seattle.

          • 503Hawk

            My 2 cents worth…
            #€%¥! I LOVED watching Marshawn the Beast play football. Truly one of my 5 favorite Hawks of all time. I LOVE how much he gives back to his community. I LOVE how he helped bring the NFL spotlight to Seattle for the first time. I LOVE that he got us a Lombardy & oh so #€%¥ close to another. And yes, I believe he is HOF material. I will ALWAYS LOVE HIM for what he did for Seahawks football.
            Having said that, he could be a self serving SoB diva. Not only flipping off his coaches, but note the look on his face as he walks by a horrified Pete Carroll after the pick in the SB. What kind of statement was that?!
            And yes, whoever said it nailed it; if PC had not brought Marshawn to Seattle, if PC had not written the script, produced and directed the movie, there would have been no “BEAST QUAKE”, no “BEAST MODE”. He would have been another wasted talent that nobody would ever hear from again. He needed Seattle and the opportunity that PC gave him, and PC & the Seahawks needed him.
            Thanks for all of the memories, we will never forget you. “The Beast is dead, long live the Beast! It’s time to move on.” GO HAWKS!!!
            Long live the Beast

            • Kenny Sloth

              Who’s your pick for Beast 2.0?

              Alex Collins aka Baby Beast aka Micky Finn

              Thomas Rawls

              CJ Prosise (tougher runner than any analyst outside of Rob give him credit for)

              Christine Michael?

              It was probably Baldwin last year.

              My pick is one James Graham. He was jawin it up last year til he got hurt.

              A quick Wikipedia search offered some startling revelations.

              Born in Goldsboro, North Carolina, Graham had a difficult upbringing. At age 11, he was placed in a group home by his mother where he was physically beaten by older children. In high school, with help from a church youth counselor who took him in and eventually adopted him, he improved his grades, became a basketball star as a senior at Community Christian in Wilson, North Carolina[4] and at Charis Prep in Wilson, North Carolina, and earned a basketball scholarship at Miami.

              That’s pretty horrible. You can see his dog

              • 503Hawk

                Great thought provoking question Kenny, and great inciteful answer.
                I’ll have to give it some thought, check out the preseason.

                I am so looking forward to this year. It seems as if they have been rebooted. Feels so much like the 2012-13 seasons. It seems they have that spirit, that swag, that attitude, that pissed off attitude. Some old vets (Clemmons, Browner) brought back. A lot of young difference makers (Clark, Lockett, Reed) who seem to have that same Alfa dog attitude. And a lot of healthy guys coming back (Kam, ET, Sherm, Simon, Lane [CRAZY! That’s our entire starting Nickle Package]) that have the warrior mentality.

              • C-Dog

                Personally, I think there will only be one individual Beast Mode, and that is Marshawn, but the Beast can live on as a collective, and that might be a better overall thing for the team.

                On the DL, Mike B tends to go pretty Beastly splitting time inside and out. A refreshed and refocused Kam can bring some of that. Jarran Reed can grow into a bonafide dog, and by judging off his college tape, brings a pretty brutish style to his tackling (don’t envy the RBs being on the receiving end of some of those). Clark has some serious attitude as well with his tackling and hits. Browner and Clem could both bring some nasty veteran attitude.

                ADB, will surely continue his sparky attitude and play. Love your take on JG. I like the upside of Ifedi to bring a nasty attitude inside at Guard. Collins has a running style that somewhat comps to the Beast, especially if he hangs onto the ball. Vannett could bring some attitude as an inline blocker and receiver. Coach Pete tends to single out Glowinski as a natural tough guy.

                I kinda think, and hope the spirit of Beast Mode might be sprinkled throughout the roster this year.

            • Kenny Sloth

              From Town Hall 2014

              One of the Twitter inquiries came from Pro Bowl left tackle Russell Okung, who wanted to know if there might be some tackle-eligible plays included in the offense this season.
              “As soon as we can find a tackle who can catch we will,” Carrol cracked.

              Didn’t Gary Gilliam play TE?

              George Fant, too?


              • Volume12

                If we’re talking about a unique character or personality, it’s Alex Collins for me.

                Collins aka Mick Finn aka BuddaMode is one of a kind when it comes to that.

                But, MosesBread is right there too.

                BTW, not only was Jimmy Graham thrown in the back of a van, dropped off at a shelter, beaten up by kids older than him, he called his mom in tears begging her to come pick him up and she hung the phone up on him. The lady that took him under her wing passed away last year. RW was by Jimmy’s side the whole team.

                The Seahawks are more than a team. They’re a brotherhood.

                • CharlieTheUnicorn

                  One hell of a back story, Jimmy Graham has ~ Yoda

  21. Kenny Sloth

    From Town Hall 2014

    One of the Twitter inquiries came from Pro Bowl left tackle Russell Okung, who wanted to know if there might be some tackle-eligible plays included in the offense this season.
    “As soon as we can find a tackle who can catch we will,” Carrol cracked.

    Didn’t Gary Gilliam play TE?

    George Fant, too?


    • J

      Fant is a one year football guy. Not a lot of TE experience.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Gary Gilliam play TE? Yes. He also caught a pass in a game from the OT position I think… or was he the 6th OL in the game… not technically one of the starting 5 guys.(?)

  22. 503Hawk

    Shout out to the contributors the last few days.

    As mentioned before, Rob, Kenny, V12, et al, you guys excell at scouting the college talent, ergo I defer to your opinions on those matters. My love is scouting our beloved Hawks. So the recent topics / threads have been most enjoyable. Thanks to all of you for the stimulating, inciteful thoughts, comments, and opinions. It’s made the offseason bearable and has me fired up!

  23. 503Hawk

    Sitting here watching NFL NETWORK’S “America’s Game – the 1981 49ers”. Here is the interesting part; R Cross, R Lott and the crew tell about the early years under Walsh how they lost a couple of games and how Atlanta not only beat them, but out hit them. Cross says; “We weren’t mad because we lost. We were made because we got out hit.” The players say that never ever, again got out hit during the Walsh era.
    Doesn’t that sound like last years Hawks? Man, I feel like emailing PC and having him show this to the team.

    • Del tre

      Post it to his twitter and email him I bet he would love it

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        It would be interesting to get Mike Holmgrens take on this time of the 49ers “dynasty”.
        Hit him up on twitter, if he has one.

  24. 503Hawk

    FYI; today at 2pm on NFL NETWORK, “America’s Game – Seattle Seahawks 2013 Season” w/ interviews from PC, Russ, & Sherm. It’s a very well done series, so set your record button.

  25. C-Dog

    Been getting a bit itchy lately poking around at the upcoming CFB prospects. Was able to do a way too early simulated mock for the Hawks. Looks like 2017 might be thick with edge rushers, and Seattle might be inclined to dive into that pool. Also, I tend to agree with Volume 12 that Seattle may draft drafting corners earlier than in years past.

    Given the major emphasis directed towards the offense in 2016, perhaps they flip the script and go more defensive. Also think they could look in the middle rounds for a QB to groom.

    25: R1P25

    57: R2P25

    89: R3P25

    135: R4P32

    146: R4P43

    171: R5P25

    207: R6P24

    244: R7P25

    251: R7P32

    • bankhawk

      I dont pretend any familarity with the player-but wow! What a great name for a FB player-Weston Steelhammer! Ya cant write that stuff!

      • Volume12

        Wow! Corey Davis in round 4 would be a robbery. I’m suprised more people aren’t familiar with him. He’s a late 1st-early 2nd round talent for me.

        One of the best receivers in CFB. He’s got it all. Size, route running, deep speed, production (2 straight years of 1400 + yards), toughness, grit, run blocking, the backstory.

        • C-Dog

          Yeah, right now the Fanspeak page has him rated more as a middle round pick. Maybe because he plays at Western Michigan?

          Whole season of CFB to change that though. Don’t know much about his back story but his size and production definitely has a lot to say.

          • Volume12

            Love Sidney Jones. That ‘death row’ defense Udub has is legit. NFL difference makers at every level.

            Carraway is a terror off the edge. Continually in the opponets backfield wrecking havoc. Long too.

            Asiata has some Mike Iupati to his game. He moves people off the ball man.

            Heard good things about Tyquan Lewis, but haven’t focused on him yet. I’ll check him out,

            • Volume12

              Forgot to mention Beathatd. That’s my guy. Might be the most underrated QB in the country. Something about him that I really like.

              • C-Dog

                Very efficient pro style passer, decently athletic. Isn’t going to wow people with his measurables, but a high floor kinda QB. I like him too

                • Kenny Sloth

                  This is the QB prospect your grandpappy’s been waiting for.

                  Thick frame, plus mobility, deep arm, high upside touch.

                  Uses his weapons well, checks down/throws away.

                  12-2 first year as starter. Lost two biggest games. Real gut check this year.

                  • C-Dog

                    Injuries and frame might be the things to hold him back some. Very interested to see what Boykins does in camp, but like the Seahawks looking for a solid accountable CFB QB coming out of a pro system to groom.

                    RW3’s second veteran contract won’t be that far off, all indications are that is could be another monster deal, and who knows what his mindset will be if Pete hangs up the coaching whistle. Always a good thing to have something in place in the wings. If Russ signs again, and Beathard evolves, you can trade him for a high roundish pick. Also, didn’t like how Seattle lacked a plan in place when Hasselbeck started getting banged up and then started declining. A lot of stuff can happen in football over the next 4 years. Just a good thing to have all bases covered.

            • C-Dog

              Yeah, if Sidney does in ’16 what he did last year, he’s coming out. I think the Seahawks would love to add a player like that.

              Tyquan’s a pure weak side end. Quietly lead the Buckeyes in sacks. Sounds like a great kid. Family first guy. This is a nice write up about him and his family.


              Since the team already has Clark, they might easily go another direction with the first pick, but if this is a deep edge rush year, why not take one of the best early? Or even grab a couple, like him and Carraway? Bennett and Avril aren’t going to be playing forever.

              • Volume12

                The guy I’m high on from Ohio St is DE Sam Hubbard. He’s a special talent. What he did last year as a R-FR was extremely impressive.

                As always, if most of the juiors declare this year, more and more do every year, the premier/top end talent in this year’s draft blows 2016 outta the water. Not even close.

                OL looks weak. DT looks okay. QBs look good. TE class looks pretty good tpo.

                RB, EDGE, LB, CB, S is loaded. And IMO this WR will be sneaky good. It’s got every kind of wideout. And it’s deep with big, tall targets.

                Of course this is at first blush. A lot can change as we know. But, the EDGE class is ridiculous. I’d compare it to the WRs of 2014.

                • C-Dog

                  Yeah, that’s exactly what I’m seeing. Hubbard will probably get more attention than Lewis if he catches on. Plus, if Clark comes on more this year, as he should, he’s probably the future RE. They might be looking at more of a strong side end, and I think definitely strong side backer. A lot of those as well.

                  Looking at what Seattle has done with the OL recently, and to an obvious extent the DL, I think they did a solid job addressing the interior of the lines, center being the one position with a major question mark, and they could address that obvious need early. Very interested to see how Joey Hunt plays through the preseason.

                  I think Quenton Jefferson could be another very interesting player to monitor this year. He’s listed as a DT, but I think if he stays healthy and becomes any part of the rotation, he could be the heir apparent to the 5 tech role. He looks pretty solidly built for that.

                  I kinda see, outside of center, Seattle focusing intently on perimeter talent, LB, Edge, CB, WR.

                • Kenny Sloth

                  I actually think this is a pretty bottom heavy DB class. I don’t see a Safety worthy of a first round grade. Maybe that kid from LSU. Alabama’s top guy ought have a down year, will fall.

                  Not a fan of this CB class much. Deep, I guess. Unless 5 mediocre guys fly off the boards. Average.

                  I also am not in love with any 1 receiver yet. KD Cannon, Jehu Chesson, Malachi Dupre impressed me.

                  Top heavy WR class.

                  The OT’s are crazy this year. Literally. In addition to, obviously, Can Robinson’s pending gun conviction, Chad Wheeler of USC missed their bowl game needing a psychiatric evaluation done by the police.

                  RB and Edge is where it’s at. DT will have some pass rush potential. Best TE class in years. Could see 4+ gone in the first 75 picks.

                  One to watch; DT Malik McDowell. A force of nature for interior penetration at MSU.

                  Destroyed CJ Beathard’s national title hopes. Flashed the whole game giving him nowhere to step up.

                  The LB’s inside, at least, look solid throughout.

                  Should be a great class overall.

                  • Volume12

                    Safety: Udub’s Budda Baker, LSU’s Jamal Adams, ‘Bama’s Eddie Jackson, Florida’s Marcus Maye, Arizona’s Paul Magloire, UVA’s Quinn Blanding, Michigan’s Jabril Peppers, Texas A&M’s Armani Watts, Miami’s Jamal Carter, Nebraska’s Nate Gerry, Kansas’ Fish Smithson, Ole Miss Tony Conner

                    WR: Clemson’s Mike Williams, you mentioned Chesson, Cannon, Dupre. LSU’s Travin Dural, W. Michigan’s Corey Davis, Clemson’s Artavis Scott, NC’s Bug Howard, Nebraska’s De’Mornay Pierson-El, Florida St’s Travis Rudolph, Texas A&M’s Josh Reynolds & Ricky Seals-Jones, USC’s JuJu Schuster-Smith, Penn St’s Chris Godwin, ND Torii Hunter, jr, Miss St Freddie Ross, Ole Miss’ De’Morea Stringfellow & Quincy Ayenbadejo, OK St’s James Washington, ‘Bama’s Ardarius Stewart (might be my personal fave), W. Virginia’s Shelton Gibson, Iowa St’s Allen Lazard, Oregon’s Darren Carrington

                    CB: LSU’s TreDavious White, Tennesse’s Cam Sutton, ‘Bama’s Marlon Humphries, Florida’s Jalen Tabor & Quincy Wilson, Iowa’s Desmond King & Greg Mabin, Udub’s Sidney Jones & Kevin King, VA-Tech’s Brandon Facyson, Florida St’s Marquez White, Clemson’s Cordrea Tankersley, UCONN’s Jamar Summers, Ohio St’s Gareon Conley, NC’s Des Lawrence, USC’s Adoree Jackson

                  • Volume12

                    E. Washington WR Cooper Kupp, Wazzu WR Gabe Marks, L’ville S Josh Harvey-Clemons (more potential with him)

                  • Kenny Sloth

                    Ready.. Go.

                  • C-Dog

                    Definitely some interesting DTs potentially in 2017. Not sure if Seattle will go early again at that position, but think they may snag another one at some point with Hill in a contract year, and Rubin another year older. Kinda think Reed is poised to become a core player to potentially build around, and sort of think he might end up more at under tackle than hovering around the center.

                    Really like McDowell, Wormley,Carlos Watkins, Montravius Adams, Christian LaCouture, Charles Walker.

                    Some interesting sleepers could be Eddie Vanderdoes, Lowell Lotulelei, Ryan Glasgow, Christian Heyward, Elijah Qualls.

    • vrtkolman

      I’m thinking Sidney Jones goes top 20. He’s a shutdown corner in the NFL.

      • C-Dog

        If he has another year like last year, I think he very well could.

  26. James

    With a number of folks already projecting the Seahawks 53-man, including their own official website:


    …it brings up the issue of the practice squad, specifically which players can be expected to clear waivers and go on the PS, or which cannot be released off the 53-man without losing them to a waiver claim. Here are some thoughts below. Obviously, we are projecting at this point, since how these guys play in the preseason games will determine their likelihood to be claimed on waivers; but as of today:

    – All the rookies through the first five rounds will be retained on the 53 man. The biggest questions relate to Joey Hunt, Kenny Lawler and Zac Brooks, plus the UDFAs, plus a few 2d year veterans.

    – Based on early returns, or the eyeball test of their game tape, the following are the Seahawks players who I do not believe would clear waivers if not protected on the 53-man: Joey Hunt, Kenny Lawler, Trevone Boykin, Tye Smith, Stanley Jean-Baptiste and Tyvis Powell. Anyone who doubts Joey Hunt, just look at his flawless fundamentals and his on-field dominance in the TCU bowl game against Ole Miss and Nkemdiche, and how well he played against the behemoths of the Big-12, such as the Baylor DL.

    – The players that are really on the bubble, in terms of being claimed on waivers, are Brandin Bryant, Kasen Williams, Kristjan Sokoli and Kevin Smith. It seems that teams generally do not claim QBs, OLs and WRs off waivers, since it is difficult to give a spot on your 53-man to players at positions that need time to integrate into the playbook. The positions more likely to make the transition are DB, LB, RB, DL, and are therefore more at risk to be claimed. I love the potential of each of these four guys noted above, but there may not be room for them on the 53-man, and I suspect that Pete and John would hold their breath and light candles hoping they would somehow make it onto the practice squad.

    – These players should clear waivers, in my view, and could populate the PS: Zac Brooks, Tanner McEvoy, David Perkins, Jake Heaps, Montese Overton, Brandon Cottom, Taniela Tupou, Will Pericak, Steve Longa, Terry Poole and George Fant. Again, any of these guys who pop during the preseason games could find themselves in demand by other teams.

    …the Seahawks have brought aboard a tremendous infusion of talent, and we all want to see as many of them as possible retained to be developed for next year and beyond. Your thoughts about these projections?

    • James

      Even the loss of a single key developmental player is critical to Pete & John. For example, what if going with T-Jack as the backup QB for one more year has the following consequences: Boykin would have to be kept as an inactive 3rd QB on the 53 man roster, taking someone else’s roster spot. Boykin is the ideal backup of the future, since Bevell would not have to change the game plan if he subs for Russ. He would not clear waivers, so he has to be kept on the 53 man. But what if the cost to do so is to lose Tye Smith, a very promising CB for the future? If at all possible, Pete and John would therefore go with Boykin so they could keep Tye Smith or his equivalent. Roster management, even down to that last roster spot, can have huge implications for next season and beyond.

      • Volume12

        I’m buying what EDGE David Perkins is sellin.’ Hope he makes this team so damn bad. Seattle has a couple of nice, developmental pass rushers in him and Ryan Robinson who got a lot of reps with the backups during OTAs. As did DT Justin Hamilton.

        Not sure if Bryant is a FB anymore. Looks to be between Cottom, Tupuo, and Madden.

        I like Zac Brooks on the PS because he can also play WR.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        He was not a “hot” commodity in FA. He might clear wavers, however.. he could easily be poached off the PS if some other team gets thin at QB during the season.

        • Kenny Sloth

          I thought George Fant had a great deal of Buzz and the FO were pretty fired up for his potential.

          • Kenny Sloth

            My bad

    • Kenny Sloth

      Joey Hunt and Zac Brooks seem like PS locks. The league passes on them several times each they must have higher priorities than backup center and 3rd down scat back.

      George Fant seemed like a hot commodity post draft. Not sure he clears.

      They sound high on Cottom. Could beat out Bryant, but you hope there’s a spot for him. Really unique movement abilities and aggression from his college tape.

      Starting to think Poole makes the roster at RT.

      Having Justin Britt as a back-up is so valuable for us.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Joey seems to be one of the guys in the inner circle with the rookie class, he’s also our cheapest option with club control.

    • C-Dog

      Really tough to gage it right now, way too many ifs, and variables.

      Locks on the OL should be Gilliam, Glowinski, Ifedi, Odiemboo, and Webb. Beyond that, it’s really interesting. If Joey Hunt plays well and holds up despite concerns about his size, Britt or Lewis, clearly Sokoli could be on the bubble. Lewis I would guess is a lock given the team knows what they have in him and probably want him on the roster as security. But if Hunt really shines, and the future is present with him, do they want to keep two undersized pure centers on the roster at the expense of a swing talent such as Britt and or Sokoli? Britt is probably fairly safe as a swing player if he doesn’t win the starting center job.

      As for DL, the locks, to me, are Bennett, Avril, Reed, Rubin and Clark. Probably they want to keep Siliga is probably fairly safe as the backup nose unless Hamilton shines. Jefferson might push Hill towards the bubble, but Hill dropped his weight to 290 likely to get back to his role as a pass rushing nose. Jefferson, I think, might be more of Bennett’s backup than anything else. I think Brandin Bryant could be a pretty legit ex factor. Don’t know how much more they are going to try him out at FB, think they might focus him more on the DL, and he might be the one really pushing Hill if he shows discipline on top of those athletic moves. Clemons might be someone they want to hang onto, unless someone like Robinson takes the next step. Marsh is probably making the transition to SAM and will be kept for his special teams play and versatility if he doesn’t win the starting SAM role.

      WR locks are ADB, Kearse, and Lockett. P-Rich is probably pretty safe. Lawler, Williams and Smith might be in a battle for the 5th and final spot if the want to carry a bunch of RBs. Prosise can also line up as a WR, and potentially also Brooks.

      This is just my hunch, but FB might come down to Cottom and Madden. Both got some praises from Carroll, and he noted that Cottom is unique, and Madden is a good special teams player. I kinda see a little Mike Rob potentially in Tre Madden, personally. Tupou is probably the dark horse out of the three.

      TE should be JG, Vannett, and Willson. Helfet got himself bigger in the offseason, likely sticks if JG isn’t ready to go for a while into the real season.

      RB is where it gets interesting. Rawls, and Prosise are the most definite locks. Collins is about as close to a lock as a 5th round RB can get. Michael and Brooks are in for a battle. IMO, it would be a stunner if Collins doesn’t make this team, then you have to ask, does the coaching staff want to got with 3 rookie RBs behind Rawls, if they keep 4, which they may?

      LB locks are Bobby and KJ. I think beyond that, the competition is up for a lot of grabs. Morgan knows the system, is a solid special teams guy, and has the inside track at SAM. It seems to me the team might have more faith in Coyle than KPL mixing in with the starters. This is a big camp for KPL. Pinkins could be an interesting dark horse, and I think they brought in a host of interest UDFA prospects in Pete Robertson, Steve Longa, David Perkins and Montese Overton.

      DB locks are ET, Kam, Sherm, and Lane. I think they got a special role for Browner that if he holds up through camp, he will be safe. Powell might have too much upside for them to risk not having on the 53. If Simon finally stays healthy, he might earn the starting RCB job. Tye Smith has built is body up in the offseason and might be a legit dark horse ex factor. Shead could be on the bubble. Ditto Burley. JBS probably needs to come on in a major way. Same for Farmer, and Deandre Elliott. McCrary an Terrell could be in a position battle if Powell looks like the real deal and they want to hang onto Shead’s versatility.

      QB I think really comes down to if they feel Boykin can roll with this offense if called upon. Major question mark, but my hunch is that they are going to give him a legit chance, even if they bring T-Jack back. If is struggles, he’s probably going to the PS. If not, and he picks things up enough, T-Jack or Heaps, or other veteran is cut.

      I think PS candidates will probably be, Tanner McEvoy, David Perkins, Montese Overton, George Fant, Tre Madden, Zack Brookes, Kevin Williams, Jake Heaps, Steve Longa, Taniela Tupou and Brandin Bryant. Anyone who doesn’t get picked up who they see the potential upside in down the road.

      • Volume12

        Someone will make this team, definetly the PS, that isn’t on the roster right now.

        Who that is, no idea.

        • C-Dog

          Excellent point.

      • Del tre

        My bold projection for 2016 tye smith starts at RCB

        • C-Dog

          He’s a player I’m very interested to see how he comes on, for sure.

          • Del tre

            His tape from college was amazing, I just hope he can be everything tharold Simon wasn’t I just think it’s time to stop wasting a roster spot on him, too many penalties, not healthy enough its great that he gave up a 44 qbr but you can’t project that over the course of a season.
            Smith lane and shead should essentially assure that if a player gets injured there will be little to no drop in play.

  27. Kenny Sloth

    Can’t wait to see Alex Collins unleash his beast. I wanna see what that kid’s made of.

    Like the BuddaMode moniker. He’s like ‘Shawn but a little more Zen. Little more polite. Can’t wait to see his composure when he’s a veteran.

    Little bit of Arian Foster to his game.

    Helluva blocker.

    JS is good friends with Bret Bielema

    • David M2

      Bret’s name always reminds me of similarly spelled eating disorder. Can we call Collins Bubba Budda since he’s from Arkansas, or maybe we could call him Bubba Budda Mode or BBM for short which would make him 2K retro unless you’re still on a BlackBerry device?

    • H M Abdou

      Well, as Rob knows, I’m a BIG CMike fan, so I’m biased towards him making the team. But I also am impressed by Alex Collins. He does seem like a nice kid in addition to being talented.

      And by the way I do think it’s possible they might keep both CMike and Collins: if they keep 4 RB’s. I’m disappointed that so many 12’s on website comment boards and Twitter are showing indifference or hostility towards CMike.

  28. Kenny Sloth

    Is it just me or is it really odd having a first rounder in camp?

    First one since Bruce Irvin

    I forgot first round draft picks threw ceremonial first pitches in their respective cities.

    Seems like the mainstreams eyes are on Ifedi. Reporters ask Pete and Tom about him first.

    His entourage seems to include Hunt, Vannett, McEvoy and Prosise. With Collins the top dog?
    That’s what I had hoped to see. Alex Collins the leader.

    Ifedi and Jarran Reed seem to get a lot of respect, at least among the rookies.

    Side note; He is insanely quick off the snap (GI), some have attributed this to false-starting, yet I rarely saw him flagged last year. Thoughts?

    • Volume12

      Good eye aka observation.

      A lot of people complain that he’ll bet get called in the NFL for those.

      But, what I see is an uncanny, almost Michael Bennett like snap anticipation. It’s extremely rare to see an offensive lineman have a defensive lineman’s ability to do that.

      And we all hear the negatives about him not ‘punching.’ But, an O-lineman doesn’t punch. They strike. A lot of that is due to his wingspan. His arms are so long and heavy that he carries his hands low.

      To sum it up, I do think he’ll get some BS calls, but that’s okay. The majority of the time he’s gonna be the 1st guy off the ball. He’s such an intelligent cat that he’ll be able to get away with a lot. Sherm is the same way.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Yeah the reason I can confidently insist he isn’t jumping is when he does drills he embarrasses other OL when he comes off the ball. It’s like watching Ronaldo working out with other wings. Just is on another level.

        Just seems like he could be a pro bowler at 4 spots on the OL.

        Please be a HOF OL Germain lol

      • Old but Slow

        In one game I watched on Breakdown, he was called for a false start on the first play from scrimmage, and then he talks to the linesman and he was never called again. Amazing quickness for such a big man.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Would love to review that exchange if you remember the game.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I was at the game. He is a man child. A bit thin in the legs, but from the torso up, he can handle anyone.

      • Volume12

        He’s mixin’ it up already. Gettin’ into to it with Frank Clark.

        The only rookie since TC has been here that’s helped install formations to the rest of the O-line. TC seems to be blown away by him.

        Terry Poole might surprise some people. Gettin’ a ton of reps with Webb hurt, and is said to be a ‘completely different player.’

        • Kenny Sloth

          Poole’s on my final roster over Sowell.

          Do you feel good with Britt and Poole as the primary reserves? Could Odhiambo spot start?

          • Volume12

            I do feel good about those 2.

            Absolutely Odhiambo could spot start. I loved the Odhiambo pick.

            IMO he’ll be a starter in 2017.

            Seattle had to tear the O-line down and build it back up. It just wasn’t working. What they’re doing on the offensive line is no different than what Carolina is doing at CB. I like both. 2 teams that stay ahead of the curve.

            • CharlieTheUnicorn

              Let’s be honest. The OL was bad for a portion of 2015…. might as well scrap it and start over. Can it really get any worse, I doubt it.

    • James

      Observers say there are 3 players on the team who pop out just walking onto the field: Ifedi, Graham and Clark. No surprise that all three are the only first rounders on the team (Clark would have been but for his charges, subsequently dropped). Even on a field of world class athletes, R1 guys go in R1 for a reason, and they are an amazing thing to behold.

  29. Volume12

    Damn. S. Carolina OLB Skai Moore done for the seaaon. One of my favorite players. That’s a shame. Incredible talent.

    Stay safe UCLA. Tragedy.

    • Kenny Sloth

      6’2 206 lead team in tackles 3 years. Herniated disk in neck. Shame. Can we expect to see him workout at the combine?

      • Volume12

        Not sure. Thought he said he’s returning for 2017.

        It’s interesting to me. He’s an ideal LB/S hybrid that’s so en vogue in today’s game, because of coverage skills. But, it seems like the NFL may be shifting back to running the ball.

        So, are these guys just a fad?

        There’s only so many Deone Bucannon’s and Kam Chancellor’s.

        • Kenny Sloth

          There will always be roster spots for those hyper athletic types. Rangy, versatile hitters never go out of style

          • Volume12

            Sure, if those guys can get off blocks. Skai Moore is one of the few undersized LBs that can cleanly do that.

            A lot of these guys are space players. If, and it’s a big if, the NFL reverts back to bigger run formations, ya gotta wonder how these types would hold up.

            And I’m not talking about Ryan Shazier’s, Malcom Smith’s, etc. Those are true and true LBs.

            Deone Bucannon is such a unique player and to a certain extent, Mark Barron.

            • Kenny Sloth

              Who are you talking about?

              • Volume12

                I’m generalizing. I’m talking about these LB/S hybrids.

                While there will always be a spot for those types, how much will they see the field if the league shifts back?

                • Kenny Sloth

                  Sure. It’ll probably take a team that’s devoid of receiver talent. Almost like Carolina did last year. I think we’ll see a few years of dime package dominance and regression before we see a resurgence of big box defenders.

                  In 20 years the whole defense will be 6’2 215 hahaha

  30. 503Hawk

    NFL Top 100 update: @ # 59 Michael Bennett, up from # 90 last year.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      #53 (or so) QB Blake Bortles

      • Kenny Sloth

        Blake Bottles #2 in the league in TD passes. Really solid spot for Bortles, Bennett is just so low. He is top 30.

  31. Kenny Sloth

    Yesterday was red zone day for both sides of the ball.

    Collins looked great.
    No red zone weapon outside of Graham and Baldwin.
    Defense smothered O.
    Helfet is on his way out.

    I think Lewis’ communication is the issue at Center.
    Britt has ‘new lease on life’ excited for C trial.

    Tharold Simon working well in camp. I think he or Browner pushes Lane inside, but Lane might be the base outside guy.

    Tyler Ervin is Brian Westbrook
    CJ Prosise is more like Matt Forte

    • 503Hawk

      Kenny, where did you get the info?

    • vrtkolman

      Good stuff, who do you follow to get this stuff? Helfet is a JAG and I hope Brandon Williams makes this team somehow.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Hugh Millen baby

      • Kenny Sloth

        Helfet appears to have lost the degree of athletic edge that kept him here.

  32. James

    Could it be that the Britt to Center might actually work? Those of us who have been subjected to his turn-stile pass pro against the speed guys – Von Miller, Aaron Donald and their ilk – are justifiably skeptical. But if he isn’t isolated in pass pro, then just maybe this might go better than expected? I happened on the replay of the Seahawks/Broncos OT game on the NFL Network yesterday, and Britt’s brilliant blocks of two Denver defenders on Beast Mode’s game winning TD run up the middle was a reminder of just how good he is in the run game.

    • C-Dog

      I think there’s a chance. There won’t be a ton of isolation blocking on his plate, and if he can get the calls down, that will certainly help. One thing that concerns me is his height and how he was handle short explosive nose tackles and the Aaron Donald’s of the world. To me, he never looked comfortable at guard, but because the switch happened so abruptly during training camp, I also want to give him the benefit of some doubt.

      Also, one thing in his press conference I kinda detected is that he didn’t necessarily come across overly confident this is a job he is going to win. That might be a good thing, in that it will make him work harder, but it was a bit disconcerting. Personally, I’m kinda rooting for him to succeed.

      • James

        As I recall, Pig Bailey was penciled in as the LG, but his utter collapse (did he show up entitled and out of shape?) forced the Seahawks to move Britt from RT to LG, and Gilliam at RT. This turned out to be a good thing, because if Gilliam had not played for the entire season, I doubt he would have been ready for the move to LT. I am eager to see how Joey Hunt plays in the preseason games. He is one of the most natural Centers I have seen, even more natural than Kelly from Alabama who went R1, fundamentally flawless, but as Cable says, can he “play” in the NFL, which is code for, can he handle DTs who outweigh him by 40 lbs? He did so in college, dominating guys like Nkemdiche and Billings, but now he is with the big boys.

        • James

          The ideal scenario to me is Gilliam-Glowinski-Hunt-Ifedi-Webb, with Britt the swing guy. Seattle only activates 7 OL, so Britt and Sowell would likely be the only other active players, meaning Britt would be quite valuable as someone who could play T-G-C. Odhiambo can redshirt; will Sokoli and Lewis battle for the final OL roster spot, and can Poole come from behind and move ahead of Sowell? Then next year, Ifedi moves to RT, Odhiambo takes over RG, and we finally have an OL in place for a while.

          • Kenny Sloth

            I think that is the ideal scenario, but maybe Hunt needs a few months in the system to get strong.

            Really like his upside in making the calls, but he needs a little more sand in his pants. Yeah he did pretty well against Buckner and Nkem, but how will he fair against Mike Daniels and Ndamukong Suh, two of the best bull rushers in the game?

            I could see him taking over midseason.

            Could also envision Webb going down forcing GI to slide over.

            Wouldn’t it be something if he was just hella dominant and won ROTY or something?

            • James

              I agree that a year in the weight room adding 10+ lbs of sand in the pants is what he most needs at this point. His upper body is surprisingly strong, apparently he did 34 reps leading up to the draft.

            • James

              Joey did 34 reps of 225# on the bench press at the TCU Pro Day. This would have tied for the most lifts among OL at the combine, along with Christian Westerman’s 34. As a comparison, Ryan Kelly did 26, Nick Martin did 28, Evan Boehm did 24, and Graham Glasgow did 23. Germain Ifedi, with his super long arms, did 24 and Rees Odhiambo did 23. Joey’s 34 reps are outstanding by any comparison. And a Center’s job is mainly to get underneath his guy and turn him left or right as required. Joey has the strength and leverage to do that. I think he is going to be the next late-round Seahawks gem.

              • Kenny Sloth

                Classic Center opposite of prior M.O.

              • CharlieTheUnicorn

                Interestingly, Cable said that Glowinski is the strongest OL member they have right now. I never would have guessed that from looking at him.

  33. JakeB

    Prisco puts 7 Seahawks on his top 100 list yet he’ll undoubtedly pick them to lose 12 different weeks next season

    • vrtkolman

      He’s just a troll at this point. He actually has Wilson ranked #7 among QB’s, lol.

      • Kenny Sloth

        John Clayton joining 710 10-12 I think permanently. Justin’s gone thank God.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          Too much John Clayton imo. I like listening to other prospectives and takes. As was mentioned before, at least Justin and G connected with younger listeners and brought some “flavor” to KIRO. You can’t deny, G is very connected with the Seahawks locker room and got interviews others wouldn’t or couldn’t get.

  34. vrtkolman

    Tom Cable’s questionable answer to one of the questions on Brock and Salk:

    “B&S – You’re going to have an almost entirely new offensive line this year, once you get it settled and everything worked out throughout training camp, how long should it take before we can accurately judge how that unit is doing?

    Cable – The answer to that is it doesn’t matter does it? Day one of training camp they’ll start judging. They are already judging and we aren’t even practicing with helmets on.
    Are we winning? That is the only thing that matters.”

    Offensive line play is evaluated based on if the team wins or loses? Is Cable really that dumb? Or did I misread something here? Not a very optimistic answer from our offensive line coach.

    • Volume12

      ‘How can we accurately judge how that unit is doing?’

      Are we winning ball games and not losing due to the play of the offensive line? That’s what he means.

      And right now during OTAs they aren’t doing anything other than teaching guys the system, getting loose, and back into football shape

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      It does come down to wins. I think he was honest, you can’t tell jack until people hit each other in anger. He has already stated Ifedi is picking up the offense much faster than he thought he would… he is able to go from the white board to the field during installs and has had no problems at RG.

      Just give them a chance…. plenty of time until Week#1 and the Flying Fish hit Seattle.

  35. Kenny Sloth

    Picture this. Week 16, Seattle is 7-7 losing to a Palmer-less Cardinals at home. Needed this win to secure a playoff bid. 4th quarter Russell is sacked on a playaction pass, who missed the assignment?
    Jmarcus Webb? Britt? Does Gilliam go down in flames?

    Is Ifedi not the saviour we’ve billed him to be?

    If this rebuilt offensive line continues to struggle who is to blame next year?

    Is it Cable?

    Counter; if the OL is the best here since 2005 Who is the reason?

  36. Kenny Sloth

    Tom Cable on Brock and Salk

    “We just look for the guys that are smart and tough and have been really reliable over their career, physically and socially.”

    This is a big quote, this factor is as important as our TEF research.

    • Kenny Sloth

      “It’s who’s got the mental capacity to execute under duress. It starts with that. Physically, who is big enough, powerful enough to win in one-on-one battles. And the third thing is their health history. Have they been healthy, have they been able to overcome any minor injuries and keep playing? The really good ones, the ones I really envision to knock it out of the park, as you’d say, would have those three traits.”

      There you go. Getting real close.

      • Kenny Sloth

        players who are comfortable being uncomfortable. Thinks that is a really important trait that you have to go, really get with these guys one on one, not just watching their film. They look tough and play hard yeah but who are they really?

        Can you get into the school, their background, ask about them and where they come from. If they don’t mind straining, being uncomfortable, then they probably fit to us. That is our thought on reliability.

        Do they have a good health record? Sure they do, okay well do they like to work? Do they play football because it is cool and they get paid or because they like it? They like the grind, they like the hurt, if you will. If they are okay with that then those are the guys with the ingredient of grit we look for.

        They will persevere when it gets hard, they’ll be accepting of failures and understand failure is actually a learning opportunity and they won’t go in the tank on you because some internet company says they suck or whatever that is, they will kinda look by that and through that and say “well, that is just their opinion, this is who I am and what I do.”

        • Volume12

          ‘Internet company.’

          Ha. I love that. PFF.

          • Volume12

            This is what JS said. S-T-R. Smart, tough (can be mentally tough), and reliable.

            TC is just reiterating.

          • vrtkolman

            That is great!

  37. Kenny Sloth

    Anyone else stoked for Copa?!

    U.S. never had HFA like this before. Best mix of youth and veteran talent in years.

    They might push for a quarter final bid if they get a lucky draw.

    This tourney is Argentina’s to lose, though.
    Finals Prediction
    Argentina 3 – 1 Brazil

  38. H M Abdou

    RIP Muhammad Ali – The GREATEST!

    • Volume12

      I’ll second that. The G.O.A.T.

      The original slick at the mouth, educated hands, beating cats before they even got in the ring.

      2 icons in 2 months. Sad man.

      RIP Cassius Clay aka Muhammad Ali.

      • H M Abdou

        His conversations with Howard Cosell are great not only for their boxing significance but for their humor! Worth Youtubing!

        • Volume12

          Yeah, I was watching those this mornin’.

          Guys like Richard Sherman, Michael Bennett wouldn’t be who they are without Ali.

          Ali did just as much for the sports world as Jackie Robinson IMO. He was unique. Spoke his mind. Showed us that it was okay to be different and embrace individuality.

          Dude lived with Parkinson’s for 30 years. That’s the definition of grit and a fighting spirit.

          Kind of the circe of life that the man who invented trash talking really couldn’t speak anymore.

          Just a sad day.

          Incredible athlete and an even more incredible human being.

          ‘I’m so bad, I ll make medicine sick.’ – Muhammad Ali.

          • H M Abdou

            Well said!

  39. Kenny Sloth

    After a 4* recruit to Nebraska, when prompted, claimed, impetuously, he would ‘put him to sleep’, and his tweet quickly began to go viral, Fournette put it to rest with:

    “continue to grind and chase them dreams young boy I know it was a joke I’m not trippen but make sure you get better everyday and hope to see what you do in college.”

    The LB showed remorse and respect immediately and it was practically a non-story.

    This guy is going to be the face of a franchise. The maturity and leadership. He knows how to be the focal point of a fanbase, dapping up little kids, mentoring younger players.
    Fournette is the kind of guy you know is going to garner respect and admiration from his peers in the league. He almost has a Quarterback like understanding of his position and platform as the face of LSU.

  40. Kenny Sloth

    Lots of really low release points from this Junior Class of QB’s. Brad Kaaya, especially. He has countless passes batted at the line. Luke Falk has this issue to a lesser degree. Something to watch.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I actually prefer Kaaya to Watson as a leader. Watson kind of strikes you as tunnel vision. He’s not gonna be the leader at his next job. He’s the kind of guy who flies under the shelter of his coaches wings.

      • Volume12

        I really don’t think any of these guys are top 10 material, but they will be. If Goff and Wentz went 1 and 2 Watson and Kayaa will be up there too.

        Miami HC Mark Richt should really improve Kayaa. He always gets the best from his QBs and that’s his speciality. Miami’s got a couple pass rushers that I’m excited to see this year as well. They’ll actually play in in a scheme and for a coach who will know how to tap into that potential.

        Watson could hit a clipboard 50 yards downfield. But, it’s the underneath stuff he’s gotta improve on. I wanna see him go through his reads when needed. With that said, he can be a Marcus Mariota kind of guy.

        Texas Tech QB Patrick Mahomes is a guy to watch. 6’3, 320 lbs., highly athletic, very mobile, arm strength is unreal. You can’t take your eyes off this guy when that team plays. Exciting talent.

        • Kenny Sloth

          He has some tools for sure. Showed some iffy arm strength on out routes. Good touch and placement his receivers dropped a bundle of passes.

          • Volume12


            • Kenny Sloth

              Sorry Mahomes. Reminds me of Driskell a bit

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          Watson is going top 5. He has name recognition and has put up some nice numbers. He is mobile. With RW, CK7 Newton and RG3 taking the league by storm, this will push his stock upward. And if you need a QB, who the heck would you draft anyhow???? Not many options.

          • Volume12

            I agree that he’ll go top 5 or so if he keeps developing. But, actually being a top 5 talent, and getting drafted there are 2 different things.

            Mariota and Winston were legit. Right now, I don’t see Kayaa and Watson on the same level.

            • CharlieTheUnicorn

              I loved Mariota coming out of college. I hated Winston coming out of college. Both have been servicable or better QBs in their first years. This is their make or break year….

              I tend to agree, the top QBs in 2017 are not up to 2016 standards.. and are a far cry from 2012 or so. 2018 is supposed to be the next “loaded” year for QB… but we will see.

              • Kenny Sloth

                Same I thought both were talented but I was not touching Jameis Winston’s Jamarcus Russel-esque profile.

                No-one in this class is exploding off the screen with a live arm.

                • CharlieTheUnicorn

                  Perhaps the NFL will finally quit rushing guys to play. Very few times has it worked out in the long term. The proliferation of spread / fast paced CFB offenses make the QBs not ready for the NFL game. Let them sit 1 or 2 years and get the Aaron Rodgers treatment.

                  Sadly, then you pull a RAMS like move… and morgage the farm for a young QB, the organization is put in a tough spot to have them play immediately, perhaps ruining them (see RG3 / JaMarcus Russell, etc).

  41. Volume12

    Damn. Another one gone.

    RIP Kimbo Slice.

    This dude’s street fights are forever memorable. One shot and he put cats to sleep.

    He was a huge part of putting youtube on the map.

    • Kenny Sloth

      For real so many great foghts even his losses. So entertaining

  42. vrtkolman

    It seems like the Superbowl Loser’s Curse is already affecting Carolina, whether they want to admit it or not.
    – They botched the Norman situation and reached on three mid tier CB prospects to compensate.
    – Kawaan Short hasn’t shown up yet for their team’s OTAs at all and their local media thinks he is holding out.
    – Johnathan Stewart still has lingering foot issues from an injury he suffered 4 months ago in the Superbowl. There’s nothing more Johnathan Stewart than lingering foot issues.

    Lingering injuries from deep playoff runs and players putting money ahead of the team. We know this story all too well after reading the 2015 Seahawks season.

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