Breaking: Seahawks get two extra third round picks

Before we get onto the big news today, I recorded a podcast with the UK Seahawkers this week. You can listen below. We get into a ton of combine related subjects. It starts five minutes into the piece:

I also wrote a Seahawks combine guide for Field Gulls which you can read here. I’ll be doing a combine preview on here early next week plus we’ll have the usual live blogs from Friday to Monday. If you have any requests or ideas for the combine coverage this year let me know in the comments section.

Onto the compensatory picks…

There was an expectation that Seattle was going to get a third rounder for Bruce Irvin and a fifth rounder for J.R. Sweezy. Russell Okung’s contract, having been voided by Denver, wouldn’t result in any extra picks due to the signing of J’Marcus Webb. The Bradley Sowell addition would also count out any extra picks for Brandon Mebane.

Luckily for the Seahawks, the NFL had other ideas.

It now means the Sweezy and Mebane deals are cancelled out by Webb and Sowell. Okung’s contract in Denver gives the Seahawks another third rounder.

They’ll pick five teams in the first 106 picks — 26, 58, 90, 102 and 106.

Adding to the intrigue, comp picks are tradable for the first time this year. So the Seahawks can move up or down using #102 and #106.

For example, using the NFL trade chart Seattle could move up from #58 to #49 using the #106 pick if they wanted. Securing two of the top-50 players in this draft class would be a major plus.

And if you deal #106, you’d still have two picks in round three to come.

Even if there isn’t any movement, the Seahawks have gone from possibly losing their second round pick a few weeks ago to now picking five times in the first two days of a loaded draft.

This is a major opportunity to reload for another tilt in 2017.

What’s more, with no major free agents hitting the market this year — the Seahawks are unlikely to miss out on a similar compensatory haul next year if they want to make a big move or two in free agency.


  1. Sea Mode

    Somebody send that combine guide in to JS and get this man hired!

    Seriously, great, great stuff, Rob. What more could a Seahawks fan ask for leading up to the draft?

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks man 🙂

      • AlaskaHawk

        Yeah I just read your post on field gulls and was going to compliment you. Lots of good stuff in there. Will you post the same article here some time?

        • Rob Staton

          I will do a slightly different piece for here next week.

    • RWIII

      Guys: With TWO THIRD ROUND COMP picks in this draft. John Schneider and Pete Carroll have to be given each HIGH FIVES. That is going to give Schneider 5 picks in the top 106 (of a deep draft). NICE!!!

      • Troy

        A little fun and probably wishful thinking but this is how the board fell on Fanspeak… I would be over the moon if it even came remotely true. HaHaHa

        26: R1P26

        58: R2P26

        90: R3P26

        102: R3P38
        TEXAS A&M

        106: R3P42

        210: R6P26

        226: R7P8
        RB JOE MIXON

        • Nate

          Sick mock!

        • Kenny Sloth


  2. cha

    Rob you wrote this on the last post for Brantley as a prospect:

    “he’s a highly disruptive presence at his best. The problem is, he tends to drift in and out. There are games where you barely notice he’s on the field. At other times, he was unstoppable.”

    This is something commonly said about interior DL’s. I’m not saying it’s wrong but why do you think this happens so much with DL prospects? Do they dominate so much in HS they don’t work on their technique/effort and get consumed at the next level at times? Get swallowed up by coaching schemes & game planning? Immaturity / lack of effort?

    Or is it just a straightforward way of gauging a prospect’s impact?

    • Rob Staton

      I think the really good interior DL’s are so rare. It’s one of those things where people don’t realise how few good interior pass rushers there are in the league. Most are highly inconsistent.

      I don’t think there’s a rhyme or reason for it really — more a case of it’s a difficult position to be dominant.

      • Shadow

        What are your thoughts on Quinton Jefferson? I know he didn’t get much time last year before getting hurt, but I thought what we did see showed some promise.

        • Rob Staton

          I thought his Maryland tape was really promising. Would’ve been intriguing to see if he’d developed into a productive option. He’s worth being patient with — and they made quite a significant trade to get him a year ago.

          • Hawk Eye

            I think that Kawaan Short hat that rep in college and that is why he was not a first round pick.
            I wonder if some of the bigger guys who play D line have conditioning issues in college that afects their motor. And that changes once they get into a professional situation where they can focus on football and also maybe just a natural maturity issue. Some guys don’t change, so the secret is to figure out WHY they lack effort sometimes in college

            • Rob Staton

              I was a big fan of Short’s at Purdue. Thought he should’ve been an option for Seattle at #25 that year and wrote a piece on it.

              There were some weight/conditioning concerns with him but his tape was very consistent IMO.

              • Nem Beselek

                I think Montravis Adams compares real favorably to Short this year. And yeah, I was real disappointed when they didn’t make a move to get Kawaan Short in the when they had multiple opportunities, the year he came out.

                I really hope that either Adams, or the guy from OSU, Vincent Taylor are high on their draft board, because getting a DT that can collapse the pocket is such a high priority in my opinion.

                • Trevor

                  I am a big Adams fan as well and if not I agree Vince Taylor would be a nice plan B.

      • RWIII

        In my opinion Brandon Mebane is one of those players. I think Mebane was highly underrated. Hawks run defense was not as good this year. It wasn’t bad but not at the level it had been when Mebane was in the lineup.

        • Scraps

          But then how do you explain the Seahawks had the number one defense against the run last year (by average run)?

          Mind you, I think Mebane is underrated, too. But the parts the Seahawks made to replace him with seemed like they worked.

    • Attyla the Hawk

      “This is something commonly said about interior DL’s. I’m not saying it’s wrong but why do you think this happens so much with DL prospects?”

      I think this is highly related to overall skill, raw athleticism and instinct.

      This isn’t really just limited to DL prospects. I mean we see it in other forms for even skill position players:

      1. Zone guy, not able to press
      2. Can’t run the whole route tree
      3. Rounds his routes
      4. Poor at pass pro
      5. Waist bender
      6. Lunges/grabs
      7. Takes poor angles

      Every position has these lack of skill buzz phrases. In the case of DL in college — they are not unlike most other college players. They aren’t very technically proficient. That is, they rarely learn how to execute secondary moves when their first move is defeated. Nor do they learn how to recognize which moves to counter. Or to read a lineman. They either win straight away or they just patty cake or try to bull their way through with pure athleticism.

      DL is definitely skilled. And we know that the more athletic big players opt for the DL anyway. So they typically harbor a natural athletic advantage over OL. So they often times find enough success just by being better athletes to not require they really hone their skills properly.

      You can drift in an out game by game simply by matching up against better players or not developing your position skills properly. Few players just leap off the screen skill wise like an Aaron Donald did. He was very much a late bloomer player who really didn’t possess great size or length. He had quickness and really good phone booth strength and used that plus exceptional balance and feet to really master moves upon moves upon moves.

      DL isn’t really any different than any other position. Most rookies are like rookie pitchers. They all have a screaming fastball but can’t be good until they hone the other pieces to go along with it.

      • Mr. Offseason

        Great post ^.

    • purpleneer

      Um, there is a clear and simple tangible reason for it, aside from the lack of technique development. DL is, by a wide margin, at the top of the list for performance decline due to fatigue. Most of the best big guys up front play enough snaps to feel the incentive to pick their spots and conserve energy, along with noticing a high number of plays on which max effort goes for naught just due to offensive design.
      Aside from missing chances to put it away with their offense, the Falcons blew a 25-point lead in a championship situation largely by having insufficient depth on their defense, most notably on the DL which performed well until they got worn out.

  3. nichansen01

    Garrett Bolles should go early. In a couple of years I think he will be the best tackle in the league.

    I think there will be some guards to check out at the bottom of round 3. Mama, Bisnowaty, Dawkins, Gennesy, and Sharpe should all be in consideration.

  4. Trevor

    Wow great write up Rob perhaps your best yet! Thanks again

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks 🙂

  5. Sea Mode

    Some great talking points from Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks’ MTS notes today:

    – Derek Barnett prehaps better than Miles Garrett? Comps to DROY Joey Bosa. (Brooks)
    – LSU’s Malachi Dupre and Tennessee’s Joshua Malone as potential No. 2s in the passing game. (Brooks)
    – TE as deep as CB, RB. Jake Butt comp to Jason Witten. (DJ)

    • All I see is 12s

      This is the time of year everyone starts going crazy. 1st impressions are usually the best

  6. Sea Mode

    Bucky Brooks also just published his analysis of top 5 OL:

    1. Ramczyk: comp Taylor Lewan.
    2. Bolles: comp Nate Solder.
    3. Robinson: comp Ereck Flowers.
    4. Lamp: comp Zack Martin. (Mayock said Lamp “may be his favorite player in this draft)
    5. Feeney: comp Clint Boling. (Brooks lists Seahawks as a potential fit along with Jags, Saints)

    • Greg Haugsven

      It would be nice if Lamp could play a tackle spot. Have to check out his arms at the combine.

      • Forty20

        Didn’t Lamp measure up as a T-Rex at the Senior Bowl? 31″ arms or something like that? Doesn’t preclude him from becoming a productive guard but it almost certainly removes him from Seattle’s considerations.

        • Sea Mode

          Yup. 31 1/8″

  7. lil'stink

    It’s being reported that we are receiving not one, but two comp picks in the third round! Talk about an incredibly pleasant surprise if true.

  8. millhouse-serbia

    Hi, I am from Serbia and I am a huge Seahawks fan.

    For the first writing I wish to announce that we get 2 comp pick in 3rd round! 😀

    • All I see is 12s

      Glad to see the 12s fly in Eastern Europe!!! Welcome.

      • Mr. Offseason

        Welcome Millhouse!!

  9. pob12

    Hawks are getting a 3rd rd comp pick, so Sea will pick 1-2-3-3-3-6-7

  10. Peanut

    John Boyle

    The #Seahawks have been awarded two third-round compensatory picks in the 2017 draft, numbers 102 and 106 overall.

    Let’s all just remember the greatness that Seattle has found in round 3-7 over the PC and JS era.
    Also, comp picks are tradeable this year, so that may turn into something great.

  11. Kenny Sloth


    5 PICKS ON DAYS 1/2

    Time to move up!!!!

    • Ishmael

      You reckon man?

      I honestly love the idea of just going balls deep on this class. Even trade down again for a second and a fourth. If Bolles or Reddick fall I’d stay, but otherwise I’d prefer to drop down I think.

  12. Nathan_12thMan

    This is awesome. We either grab one of the R1 worthy guys (likely Bolles, Reddick or Ramcyzk) or we trade down and get even more draft capital. This allows (as you said) John to pick more or package picks up and move up.


    I know it would be partially stupid but can I just sit over here fantasizing about us signing a OT in FA (like Okung or a RT) and then Bolles (or even Ramcyzk) falling into our lap at 1-26 and then us trading up and grabbing Lamp? I get that is partially stupid because 1) we have other needs to address and 2) We invested in Glow and Ifedi at OG) but still…with OL being such a critical issue for us, us seeing in ’15 how our offense looks when our OL blocks well…I honestly feel like we are an average OL away from being scary dominant. Lamp sounding like a future pro-bowl/all-pro guard and Bolles/Ramcyzk legit OT’s…

    I know, I know, we won’t do that and we probably shouldn’t. But damn…if Shead hadn’t gotten hurt (so CB could be a way lower priority) it’s possible we could have blitzed our OL need by trying to get a really good OT & Lamp.

    • lil'stink

      Get a 3rd round pick for Okung, and then re-sign him one year later? I love it. And I believe it cost the Broncos a comp pick as well 🙂

    • Kenny Sloth

      Simply changing the OL won’t necessarily improve it.

      I’ll say it again for the people in the back.


      • BobbyK

        It would if we traded for Smith, Frederick, and Martin from the Cowboys. 🙂

      • Hawktalker

        True, BUT, an upgrade is an upgrade is an upgrade . . .

      • Scraps

        But Kenny, we have to blow up the line every year that’s disappointing! We have to! Otherwise the fans won’t see you’re serious about improving!

      • Nathan_12thMan

        Continuity and cohesion are extremely important. But if you think Bolles couldn’t beat Gilliam and/or Fant at OT…you might be hitting the bong a bit too hard. Same thing in regards to Lamp versus Glow & Ifedi.

        It would suck to basically call it quits on Ifedi after his (awful) rookie year, but if we did do what I laid out, and if Lamp did turn out to be a high quality guard (like a Zack Martin type) then you just say screw it, we flubbed on Ifedi (not saying he couldn’t develop and turn out to be a good backup or a starter somewhere) and we replaced him with a high quality future pro-bowler.

        And I mean come on…the odds that Fant and/or Gilliam are the future of our offensive line at OT is pretty ridiculous. A lot, and I mean a lot, of things would have to go right for even one of them to develop enough that their quality of play is acceptable as a long term starting OT for a team in its Superbowl window.

        • Scraps

          Well, fortunately Pete doesn’t think it’s ridiculous….

        • MCake

          The problem with the idea of replacing Ifedi, as Kenneth Arthur has mentioned before on Twitter, who should we have gotten instead in the draft? Most of the elite OLine talent goes in the top 15-20 range and picking at the bottom of the barrel will never help with that.

          It sucks that Ifedi had a rough rookie year but what was the alternative? Sweezy?

          • Naks

            Ifedi’s problem seemed to be mental. He was thinking too much instead of playing. He should be fine this year as long as we don’t move him to tackle

            • Mr. Offseason

              Ifedi was not that bad. He had some technical missteps but even the most polished rookie linemen do. Aside from our other OL problems, I’m counting my lucky stars that we got Ifedi. How he wasn’t considered a top 20 pick is pretty incredible considering

              1) The dearth of OL talent in the NFL

              2) The amount of OL who have the physical talents + playing experience Ifedi does.

              Ifedi is only going to get better and you know that eventually he’s going to be a solid starting lineman in the NFL at worst.

              What is the point of heaping praise on OL prospects if we can’t accept their rookie missteps?

  13. AndrewP

    Definitely makes things interesting… For instance: If Boles somehow falls to 18, might they use one of their 3s to go get him?

    Worried they still don’t have a 4/5? No worries; use one of their other 3s to do that.

    Oh yeah, they can still draft in the 3rd RD, even after those first two moves.

    Certainly more options available now than there were 60 minutes ago.

    • AndrewP

      Or, if they get ansty, and decide they HAVE to have Reddick, they can go up to 18-20 and guarantee it, and still have capital to play with.

      Not to get too excited, but, this is a REALLY good day for the franchise.

    • lil'stink

      I think they would have to use their 2nd to move up that far.

  14. Poko

    Wow! It’s amazing!
    We may get Bolls or both Davis and Baker.
    I’m really excited

  15. Shadow

    A few weeks ago there was talk that Seattle would have to forfeit their second-round pick. Not only do we keep our second, we get TWO extra 3rds instead of just one!

    Considering the offseason hasn’t even started yet, things are going very well so far.

  16. DLep

    ‘What’s more, with no major free agents hitting the market this year — the Seahawks are unlikely to miss out on a similar compensatory haul next year if they want to make a big move or two in free agency.’

    Rob, you are getting my hopes for Calais up again …

    • Greg Haugsven

      The fact we aren’t losing a big FA this year for sure opens up the door to sign a big one. We’ll see when free agency starts in 2 weeks.

  17. vrtkolman

    I’m glad the NFL is taking action against these “option” contracts Denver and Jacksonville tried to exploit, and of course the fact it benefits Seattle is fantastic!

    • Kenny Sloth

      Yes this is a great day for Seattle and the NFLPA

  18. Matt B.

    Feels like Christmas time for us Seahawks draft followers, what an amazing surprise! At first blush, I have to think we would look to trade on of the 3rd Comp picks for a 4th and a 5th so we don’t have a full two rounds without any picks on day 3. But whatever the case, always good to have the ammunition and flexibility to move around the board or if the talent is still looking good through the 3rd round, take advantage with three close picks. Next week is going to be quite enlightening to get a feel for how this class stacks up and what the depth beyond the 1st couple rounds looks like. We’ll have to start getting a feel for who’s left at the bottom of the 3rd. In any case, happy Friday everyone!

  19. Hawks22Fun

    Super Awesome News!!! I like what Shadow said, the league isn’t letting teams get away with these ‘option’ contracts… Teams will think twice now if it costs them…

    NOW, since we have no big FA to be signed elsewhere, I like DLep mentioned, wonder about Calais Campbell… Yet!

    If we can sign ONE, only 1 starter at OT, right or left, or 1 starter at CB/S, then this draft opens up HUGE for Seattle!!!

    1 – Reddick 2- King 3- Moton 3 – Witherspoon

    All day long…

    • DLep


  20. SoCal12

    Trade-able comps definitely spices things up.

    Is there anyone you would consider potentially trading up for Rob? Or do think we try and dig deep into this class with lots of picks?

    Either way this is great news to start my day

    • Rob Staton

      It depends on the situation. Could see them going up to get someone in R2. The options in the top-50 are really attractive. Could also see them moving down in R1 or R2. Great flexibility. But they can target guys and go get them which is the fun bit.

    • RealRhino2

      I’m not Rob, but since I was thinking about your question anyway, thought I’d answer. I really don’t think there is anybody we would strongly consider trading up for in the 1st. I think of it like this: who would have to fall? IOW, who is the best at their position group that we would really covet and not dare to miss out on?
      QB: None.
      RB: Fournette? Maybe.
      TE: Class is so deep, and we already have JG and Vannett, so none.
      WR: I guess if you LOVE Mike Williams or Corey Davis, but doubt we love them that much, not a great position of need, always the deepest group.
      OL: I think we plan on keeping Fant at LT w/o overdrafting him. So you move up for a RT? I don’t think Bolles is really the mauler RT Cable seems to want. Not sure Ramcyzk is, either. Move up for Cam Robinson, who could be a dog with off-field issues? Suprisingly, no to all three, IMO.

      DT: None.
      DE: Unless Solomon Thomas falls, none.
      LB: No. Miss out on one guy, who cares? Others to choose from that will work fine.
      CB: See LB.
      S: See CB

      So to me, you need a clear-cut outlier star at a position of need for us to move up. MAYBE Fournette, Corey Davis, Solomon Thomas. Can’t see any others.

      • Kenny Sloth

        I’d still move up for Reddick.

        There isn’t a player that matches his versatile and ferocious play

        • Nem Beselek

          The only problem I see with Reddick is that for all of his athleticism, much like Irvin was, he’s kinda one dimensional.

          I haven’t seen much highlight video of him at the SAM position, but from what little I saw of him playing that spot at the Senior Bowl he looked very stiff and slow to diagnose what was going on in front of him. I know he started out playing safety in college, but he looked kind of awkward playing in space at the Senior Bowl.

          I know his athleticism is basically off the charts, but I actually see him having a similar career track to Irvin’s, spot LEO play to start with, and eventually developing into a good SAM. And if that is so, is drafting a spot LEO player at #26 that important to us this year, when we have such glaring needs at OL, CB, DT, and the SAM position?

      • Naks

        I agree. Trade out of first and get more capital. Then use 3rd rounder to trade up from original 2nd rounder. We could get two major contributors. There’s no one we have to have, but there are a lot of guys that fit well.

  21. Nathan

    From Tony Pauline:

    People are sleeping on North Carolina State safety Josh Jones — who we presently grade as a third-round pick — but that may change after the combine.

    I’m told the junior is likely to measure a shade under 6-foot-2 and tip the scales around 215 pounds. His 40 times are expected to be in the low 4.4s while his vertical jump could top 40 inches

    • Kenny Sloth

      Thanks for this…

  22. Schuemansky

    Really big news. The extra pick at 106 alone is worth about the 11th pick in R4 and R5. And as Rob stated, trading up to around 50 and maybe getting guys like Obi or King if they are still there got a lot easier all of a sudden.

  23. Robertlas vegas

    Wow what a pleasant surprise I think we all agree the seahawks will be very active for all three days of the draft.I can trading up and trading down as well .I can see a case scenario where the trade on of the three for a fourth and fifth round pick.thank you rob for everything you do

  24. Kenny Sloth

    Okung being his own agent ain’t lookin too dumb now

    • Kenny Sloth

      Or maybe it was? I’m no good at contracts. Hahah

      • Hawks22Fun

        It surely did help out Seattle!!

        Especially if he resigns with the Seahawks…he leaves for a year, makes 5-7 mill, gets Seattle a 3rd COMP pick, then returns home to play his best year!!! HAH! Would be one hell of a story…

        • pqlqi

          I am almost certain the Seahawks trade down. They will not be satisfied drafting only 7 times, and the gap between pick 106 (3.43) and pick 210 (6.36) is an amazing amount of time and talent going off the board.

          My 2 cents..
          58: R2P26 CB FABIAN MOREAU UCLA
          102: R3P38 WR NOAH BROWN OHIO STATE
          226: R7P8 G BEN BRADEN MICHIGAN

          • pqlqi

            well that wasn’t supposed to post here.

          • Rob Staton

            Maybe, but the thing Seattle needs is quality and five picks in the top 106 of this draft (or four with two in the top 50) might be significantly more beneficial than trading down just so you have a pick in round five.

            • LLLOGOSSS


  25. Schuemansky

    Actually our R2 and compensatory R3 picks could get us a pick at around 41. Not that I would like to give up 3 picks to trade up, I would prefer the opposite, but it still opens up a lot of scenarios.

  26. Volume12

    Great news. Day 2 of the draft is gonna be lit!

    Although, if I were a betting man I’d put my odds on the Seahawk fans being super excited for the draft and then when they make their actual selectioins, majority of fans will go, ‘men.’ ‘OK draft, but they could’ve took so and so.’ Happens every year.

    • Volume12

      * ‘meh.’

    • Ishmael

      Ahaha this is 100% correct. Get ready for the outrage.

      • Greg Haugsven

        If they trade out of the first round again and pick up an extra 3rd you could be drafting 6 times on day 2.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I’m always underwhelmed by half of our picks.

      Like there’s one really emotional guy in the war room that just HAS to take certain players and the rest just sigh and pull the trigger.

      • Volume12

        I think PC and JS each have a couple guys they want, and they probably call in the RB coach if they want one and say ‘who you like here?’

        Like CJ Prosise screamed Pete Carroll pick. Nick Vannett was a total JS guy.

        • Sea Mode

          Totally. I think you can tell by the press conference afterwards which of the two pipes up first and longest about a player.

          • Kenny Sloth

            Do you think guys like Garrett Scott and Joey Hunt are Tom Cable??

            • Nem Beselek


    • RWIII

      Volume 12 :You are exactly right. Every year you get your hopes up for the draft. Then comes the draft. And you say Why did he pick that guy.

  27. Hawk Eye

    pleasantly surprised to hear the Hawks get a 3rd rounder for Okung, but that is fair. Denver and Jags were playing games with their contract offers, hoping they would be seen as 1 year deals. But that is tricky and it cost Denver a 3rd round comp. GOOD.
    3 3rd round picks should make things interesting

  28. HawkFan907

    Awesome write up on Field Gulls Rob, it is great to have someone with your insight. That pick in the 3rd is huge! It give us the flexibility to move up like you mentioned, or stand pat and grab Elijah Hood. I was worried that we would have to wait to grab a RB until day 3. That’s not the case anymore. We can fill holes at CB, S, LB, OL and RB in the first two days. What a blessing this has been for us!

  29. Trevor

    What would be really funny is if the Hawks resigned Okung to a team friendly deal, got the 3rd round comp this year and did not have to give up a comp pick next year because now he is a street FA.

    • Tien

      If Okung is willing to sign for something reasonable like $5 or $6 million a year, I would love it as it would provide stability at the LT position while Fant gets at least a year to learn in practice.

      • Rob Staton

        I have to say — the best way for Fant to get up to speed is playing. If they didn’t feel that way I doubt he would’ve started at all last year. He needs proper NFL reps, not a bit of attention in camp and then a seat on the bench. Legit reps to get to where they want him to go.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Wow! How about that…

          It’s like they don’t want to take several steps back!!

        • Trevor

          I think it is pretty much a given that Fant will be our LT next year barring injury but bringing in a veteran like Okung or Whitworth to compete for the RT spot and depth make a ton of sense. We do not even have a backup OT under contract unless you consider Rees an OT.

          I think of all out OL that Fant has the most upside so I am fine with letting him run with the position. No player in the history of the NFL was thrown into the fire less prepared than he was last year. We should see a monumental leap in year #2 if the coaching staff does their job.

          Rumor has it Fant has been in Sea working out at VMAC almost all off season which is a great sign.

          • Sea Mode

            He had better be! (says the casual fan from his armchair… 🙂 )

            • Kenny Sloth


          • AlaskaHawk

            yes Fant has the most upside because he’s the worst. And I’m not blaming him for that. He really needed a year of practice at the NFL level first. Next year will give us a better look at him. But egads this is a mess. Either some players have to improve or they got to find others.

            And having Okung, even as an expensive backup is worth it. Because if Fant goes down it will be even worse.

  30. Trevor

    Having 4 picks on Day #2 with his draft class is huge and opens up so many options for JS. Best news of the off season so far.

    Also makes SDB alot more fun than it would have been if we had lost the 2nd as speculated and not gotten this comp pick.

    What I have learned from the last two weeks with the whole injury report and now the comp picks is one thing IN THE NFL YOU WANT TO BE ON THE SAME SIDE AS THE STEELERS. Still bummed about those bogus calls in the 2006 Super Bowl.

    • southpaw360

      ESPN is predicting/projecting Calais Campbell gets a 3 year deal worth $31.5 million total. What a steal that would be for the Seahawks! It would be glorious to sign him to that and still have our 5 picks in the first three rounds of this draft.

      • Rob Staton

        I think he’ll get $12-14m APY over three years.

      • BobbyK

        That’s pretty much the exact contract Bennett signed. I can see the Seahawks paying that for Campbell. If it goes any higher, I don’t expect the Seahawks would do that (pay him more than Bennett).

        I salavate at the thought of signing Campbell AND having 5 picks in the first 3 rounds.

        I wonder if this pick increases the odds that the Seahawks take a “luxury” pick in the first two rounds IF they have a guy rated quite a bit higher than everyone else. Take McCaffrey as an example. If the Seahawks have him ranked 9th overall and the next best player on their board is 20th… I wonder if knowing they have another pick on day two would help entice them to take the BPA at an area that Carroll did not talk about. Or they planned on taking one of those third round picks and moving up in the second to get a CB/ of their choosing, with a LB and OL in the third round.

        There will be some deals though because we know there’s virtually no way the Hawks will go through the entire 4th AND 5th rounds without making a pick until the end of the 6th. They’ll do something.

  31. Donald

    You could also trade all three 3rd rd picks and move up and get an extra 2nd rd pick at #59, right after Seattle’s other 2nd rd pick at #58. Having 3 picks in the top two rounds, top 60 picks, could be interesting depending on who is there.

    • BobbyK

      True. But I doubt they will go from the end of the 2nd until the end of the 6th before picking again.

      • Redhawk87

        Another big issue is that the chance for immediate impact is not that diminished between rounds 2 and 3 (drops off significantly after round 3). So they would be trading 3 chances at a player with each around 80% chance of landing a definitive role on the team for 1 player with a 90% chance of landing a definitive role. Just statistically speaking, you’re more likely than not that all 3 of those 3rd rounders will contribute, with less than 1% chance that none will contribute.
        The only circumstance where I would get rid of day 2 picks is to move up on day 1, to get someone we think/hope will become one of the best at their position. After that, it’s not worth it to have a net loss of day 2 picks.

  32. BobbyK

    I haven’t yet read about how the NFL has a conspiracy against the Seahawks. What gives?

    • Tien

      Haha! Yeah, I get tired of reading those conspiracy posts.

    • Kenny Sloth

      They can’t arbitrarily discriminate against this team.

      And we just happened to be on the same side of the fence as one of the good ole teams (steelers)

      • Kenny Sloth

        Since you wanted a consipiracy 😉

        GOODELL IS THE DEVIL! Go Hawks

        • Hawks22Fun

          The NFL broke a decades long streak of AFC/NFC on sunday/ saturday during the wild card week when we played Minnesota in the coldest game in quite a while… The ‘league’ did that to force us to play in that cold, hoping we would lose…almost did…

          The next day? Not even close to as cold…


          • BobbyK

            I was at that game! They were really doing it to prevent me from making it to work the next day.

  33. Aaron

    Wow! What a break for the Hawks. No penalty for Sherm’s injury being withheld, and a 3rd because we lost Okung, this is awesome! If we somehow got Okung back it would be an absolute slap in the face to Elway. They get Okung and don’t make the playoffs, we lose Okung and use a journeyman and basketball player at LT and make it to the Divisional round. They don’t pick up Okung’s option and MAYBE can’t restructure, Okung hits free agency. Hawks bring him back on a 2-3 year club friendly deal, our o line gets the veteran tackle it needs, Broncos go from bad to worse on their o line.

    • Aaron

      Aside from that laughable scenario for the Broncos, how about this draft now! I could see us easily moving down if Ramczyk, Bolles, and Reddick are gone by 26. Some team in the early second or end of round one is going to want a QB like Denver last year. Would love to see us trade down and get a fourth or fifth. Now more than ever I hope the focus of FA is OT and DL and let the draft focus be on DB and LB with o line and RB in the later rounds and UDFA. If I were JS I would be so jacked right now! I’m not him and I’m ecstatic!

      • RWIII

        Aaron agree with everything you said. Accept for one thing. I think every year we need to add a defensive lineman early (first three rounds). Especially a pass rusher. In free agency the cost of guys who can get after the passer is becoming a major issue. It nearly impossible now in free agency to sign high price defensive lineman. Plus Bennett/Avril are not getting any younger. I am nor the only one with this philosophy. John Elway also makes his defensive line a priority every year in the draft. John Elway won a Super Bowl with this philosophy.

  34. Kenny Sloth

    Please John Schneider DONT bring back Okung/Giaco/ByMax et all.

    Please DO save the cap and roll it over to re-up someone like Frank Clark.

    The Future of Seattle Football

    • Totem_Hawk


    • Scraps


    • bankhawk

      I like your thinking, Kenny!

      • All I see is 12s

        Agree, agree, but disagree on bmax. I would welcome him back.

        • Greg Haugsven

          I’d take Okung back in a heatbeat. Above average LT. Could get him for cheap. Instant continuity. There would have to be roster bonuses in there to protect from missing games

          • Scraps

            How would you say we would get him for cheap?

          • RWIII

            I would take back either Okung or Maxwell for the RIGHT price. In the case of Maxwell it is highly unlikely. It will be interesting to see where Okung /Giacomini end up.

            • Mr. Offseason

              I think you can get back Giacomini for a pretty cheap deal. He actually was cut with a failed physical designation. He’s 32. How many teams are going to want a scheme-specific player who is starting to show his age? If he can be brought in on a Brad Sowell-type contract I would be more in favor of that than paying Okung $5-6m.

              Giac may not work out but he provides interesting competition for Garry Gilliam.

  35. lil'stink

    Cleveland got four comps today (3-4-4-5). The 3rd and first of the 4th round comps go away from previous trades. If my math is correct their 2017 draft picks stand at 1-1-2-2-3-4-4-5-5-5-6. Holy moly.

    I wonder if JS hasn’t already called to have a friendly conversation with their GM 🙂

    • Ed

      And they will draft 5 more WR. ha ha

    • Hawks22Fun

      Hah, yes…probably has him on speed dial!

      They are definitely the team to trade picks with…Cleveland is like a bank this year!!!

      • Volume12

        Out of all those WRs they took last year, they could’ve had Julio Jones and OBJ or Julio and Aaron Donald. Cleveland has passed on some generational talent.

      • HawkFan907

        Hopefully the Browns won’t fleece us like they did in draft day… worst movie ever

        • Volume12


        • All I see is 12s

          It was ok… didn’t expect much

  36. Kenny Sloth

    Pedestrian podcast; more like the Green Cross Code Man, amirite guise?

    Where’s David Prowse when you need him!

  37. CLB

    What fantastic news this is! Seahawks have seven picks – the first-rounder (26th overall), second (58), third (90), third (102), third (106), sixth (210), and seventh (226). This is such a great draft the first 3 rounds, especially for DBs. This is the first year that compensatory picks are tradeable, so this is more ammunition if OT Bolles falls to the 20s in the first round and we want to trade up to get him, or if we want to package a couple of our 3 3rds to move up into the mid-upper 2nd round for a player like Melifonwu, King, or Baker if they’re still available there. Even if we stay pat, that’s 1 more high pick we have to get another excellent player in this draft!

  38. Totem_Hawk

    Turns out Okung negotiating his own deal and basically letting John Elway write his contract ended up netting the Seahawks a 3rd rounder. NICE….should the Seahawks try to sign Okung?!? Hell no…

    • Volume12

      I’d rather see them use of those 3rd rounders to move up in front of a team like Denver for example, and add an O-lineman.

      • Totem_Hawk

        I’ve been doing a few mock drafts and i prefer keeping all these picks but if a trade means they get their guy that’s cool with me.

        • Volume12

          Yeah that would be ideal, but they got some ammo now. Can’t see them not using one pof those 3rds for something unless they move outta the 1st.

          Important to keep in mind that out of all the teams with a 60% win percentage or better from last year, Seattle now has the most draft capital.

      • Redhawk87

        This is pretty much the only trade I’d do if I were them, but is entirely feasible. Trade pick 102 and 26 to a team just before Denver (like the Titans) if Bolles is still there, and grab him to be our future LT. If no to trade and Bolles and Reddick aren’t there at 26, trade back into the early 2nd round to grab an extra 3rd rounder (so we’d have early 2nd, late 2nd, early 3rd, and 3 late 3rds).
        A team like the Jets might be inclined to move back into the 1st if they don’t like their QB options and a good QB is available. Snag someone before the early 2nd rounders have a chance, all of whom are likely to be very interested in QBs.

        • Pauld

          I think this is right on unless they do something interesting by trade/free market.

          • RWIII

            Guys. I really like what John Schneider did last. He traded down in the first round. Picked up an extra third round pick. He still got the guy he wanted. Then in the 2nd round traded up to get the player be wanted. He could that again this year. If the player he wants is not their at 26. I could see JS trading down.

    • Nem Beselek

      The basic question to me is “is Okung going to be better option going forward than Gilliam?”

      I think the answer is probably no. I think we may have been seeing Gilliam’s ceiling at the end of last year, and that is that he is a serviceable right tackle. Okung definitely has a higher ceiling, but he was hurt often while he was playing for us. Don’t you think he gritted his way through this season, and probably played through several injuries, just because he knew he had to if he was going to get his contract picked up by Denver?

      If so, it’s going to be like drafting an Alabama player, all of those injuries are going to come home to roost this year, and he’ll be on the IR more than he is on the field.

      I like Okung a lot, as a player and even more as a performance. However, from purely a business standpoint, giving him more than $5 mill. a year is really risky, because I expect him to be on the injury list, at least some of the time this year, it would take money away from some other position/player, it would delay or prevent Gilliam’s development, if he is going to continue to get better.

      • Nem Beselek

        Okung as a “person”. (auto-correct)

  39. BobbyK

    I was sick last year after Fackrell and Hargrave went just before our three picks in the 3rd round. Schneider even made a comment about how it wasn’t “fun” watching players they really wanted taken just prior to them. He may not have been referring to either of those two guys I had my heart set on, but I’d bet he really wanted one of the two at least judging by his comment and context. I wonder if that will make them a little aggressive in the third round this year with moving up with one of those picks or if they like where they are sitting based on there being so much more depth in the draft this year (where better players will be there with their late picks in the third).

    Either way, it’s extra exciting to think we’re getting another good pick on day two.

    I wonder if the Lockett leg injury would make them a little more prone to drafting McCaffrey, as McCaffrey is actually a little bit of WR depth, too. There is no punt return depth on the team and you’d think they would want to remove Lockett from that role anyway with him starting at WR and now with this serious leg injury. I don’t think they will draft McCaffrey, but he’s a guy who is going to make an impact, imo, next year unless he goes to a team who don’t have an OL – like the Vikings.

    • Volume12

      They need another WR or TE don’t they?

      I like this Joe Williams cat. RB from Utah. IMO he’s going to have an explosive combine. Yes, there’s the whole rumor that he quit on his team, but his tape and backstory say otherwise. Might be able to fill that role as a return man.

      Also, on a different note, Pitt RB James Conner. Could be the perfect RB/FB hybrid they seem to want to find.

      Both of these guys have overcome a ton of adversity and both exemplify grit.

      • Totem_Hawk

        I’m a Joe Williams guy too…he just makes plays on the 2nd level others guys dream they could make. The game and the RB position comes naturally to him. The Seahawks could probably get him in the 5th round and i’d love it!

        • Volume12

          Day 3 guy for sure. Very exciting runner. Tougher than his size and actually runs well between the tackles.

          • Totem_Hawk

            Oh forgot our comp 5th is now a 3rd..6th round i guess then.

          • Kenny Sloth

            Good pass blocker too.

          • Kenny Sloth

            I’ve been Liking Wayne Gallman more and more and liking Deshaun Watson less and less.

      • BobbyK

        Need a lot of things on paper:

        Need a real backup QB who won’t destroy a season if the starter goes down. Need a starting RB who hasn’t gotten hurt every year of his career since high school. Need a backup and third down RB who doesn’t get hurt four different times in a year (missing a majority of the year). Need depth at WR and TE. Need a starting right tackle who wouldn’t be considered a guy who would get cut from a lot of teams…

        Defensively, need another pass rusher, run stuffer, a third LB who can play and then depth after the initial starting three LBs, a starting CB opposite Sherm, added depth in the secondary, and/or a Buffalo nickel. Also need to know that we need a back-up FS, as ET is to the defense as Wilson is to the defense.

        Lots of needs…

        That being said… nobody in the NFL has a top 22 players as good as the Seahawks. I firmly believe that. It’s our depth that isn’t elite. This draft could help change that. As I’ve said before, defensive players develop/contribute more than offensive players and going defense heavy early can really help our team, especially since our 4 offensive players drafted in the first 3 rounds last year all have a year under their belt.

        • Volume12

          The key is distinguishing ‘wants’ and ‘needs.’ Can’t fill all your needs. But they can take care of 1-2 in FA, 4-5 in the draft and 1-3 in UDFA.

          While we all ‘want’ a RB that can stay healthy the fact is, no one at the position does. Or wanting a backup QB.

          And like you say, reloading defensively is a need. As is fixing the O-line.

          • BobbyK

            “While we all ‘want’ a RB that can stay healthy the fact is, no one at the position does.”

            But there’s a difference when the starter hasn’t stayed healthy for almost a decade. Why would 2017 be any different?

            And CJ had four different injuries his rookie year. It’s not like he tore an ACL early in the year and missed 14 games after that. He got hurt, came back, got hurt, came back, got hurt, came back, got hurt, and then almost came back (would have had the team won).

            That’s a disturbing pattern for each player, no?

            Lynch got hurt a few times in his career and missed games. Everyone does. But he didn’t get hurt and miss time every year for over a half decade in a row. I see a huge difference with that.

            “Banking” on a healthy Rawls/Prosise is irresponsible, imo. Banking on a healthy Richard Sherman or Justin Britt is responsible because they have a history of staying healthy. Just my opinion.

            • Kenny Sloth

              You would prefer a player tore his ACL than sprained his wrist and chest?

              Maybe he was just acclimating to only his 3rd year as a running back and his first in a pro s&c program.

              • Kenny Sloth

                You make some solid points, and I respect all the time you’ve been watching the game (much much longer than me, I assume).

                But I don’t know that the stats support consistent reinjury for these players

            • Volume12

              Disturbing? Ehh.

              I think what’s more worrisome is fixing the LOB than a pretty damn good backfield of Rawls, Prosise, Collins, a rookie and or FA.

              RBs can be found anywhere.

              Everyone will point to Zeke Elliott, but Chicago RB Jordan Howard, a 5th rounder, was close to doing what he did behind an O-line nowhere near as talented as the unit in Dallas.

      • peter

        I don’t know why I have been dragging on this guy. Just watched DBD to see Williams vs. Huskies. Pretty stoked. Not as violent as Rawls, but I love when a RB chooses to go North/south/downhill as often or more then side to side. Excellent speed. Think if he could learn to see the voids in the ZBS he could be pretty explosive. Looked pretty engaged inteh passing game which is hard to do at Utah becasue that thing is a mess.

      • peter

        And just watched more of James Conner. Pretty big believer. Obviously the adversity in sickness and injury is tremendous, but the dude’s stats don’t lie. I think a player like that could really help Seattle. comes from a very balanced pro system. Looks to me good at all the fundamentals, catching out of the back field, rolling out to flats, pass blocking, and just a solid down hill runner. Actually one of the few RB’s who legitimately looks worse as he tries to bounce outside and just looks super fluid going forward.

        • Nem Beselek

          I really like Conner a lot, that and the fact that he seems to be kinda flying under the radar for a lot of publications gives me hope that we could get him in the third, or even later. I think he could be such a good compliment to the RBs we already have that getting him just makes so much sense.

          If by some chance we don’t end up with him, or maybe Samaje Perrine, I hope Brandon Cottom develops into a power back type of player. Someone that we can bring in on power situations, and can still catch the ball well in the flats.

    • Ukhawk

      Maybe fate, if we took Fackrell last year, we wouldn’t necessarily be primed to get Reddick/Davis/Cunningham/Bowser this year.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Green Bay sniped him from us I’m Positive.

        Zero source

        • Mr. Offseason

          Sometimes a player gets taken away that you really want and they don’t turn out to be that good. Pretty sure Fackrell didn’t make any headlines with his play last year.

  40. Cameron

    FYI fanspeak has already updated the draft order for their simulator. I had fun with mine.

    26: R1P26
    58: R2P26
    90: R3P26
    102: R3P38
    106: R3P42
    210: R6P26
    226: R7P8

    • Trevor

      That would be a pretty awesome draft class!

    • Cameron

      If a guy we want is not there at 26 I can see a move down to top of the 2nd and picking up another 3rd. Draft would then be:


      3rd round looking like lots of nice talent still available.

      • Volume12

        A trade up is highly likely as is a trade down.

        They go from 106 to 210 with 0 selections in between? Can’t see JS sitting there watching 2 full rounds go by.

        • Cameron

          As I’ve stated in prior blog posts the Seahawks have drafted 9.42 players per draft on average in the PCJS era. The fewest they’ve ever drafted is 8 and currently they have 7 picks, so I would think adding a pick or two is likely. There’s nothing precluding them from moving up the board while simultaneously accumulating picks.

          • Volume12

            Nope. Not at all.

            They’ll move up if they really want a guy who’s fallen down the board for whatever reason.

            Depending on what they do in FA, a trade back or two seems to be in the cards.

    • BobbyK

      Reddick and King without having to trade up in the first two rounds? Sign me up! That’s exactly what we need in the first two rounds.

      • Cameron

        I consider this scenario pretty unlikely. Might have to move up the board in the 2nd to get KK but probably worth it.

    • RWIII

      I have heard a lot of good about Tedric Thompson. If the Hawks want him they better take him in round three.

      • Sea Mode

        Yup. Perfect for R3 comp.

  41. Volume12

    FA DT Earl Mitchell signing a 4 year deal with SF.

  42. Volume12

    What about FA RT Mike Rammers? 6’5, 310 from Portland, Oregon. 27 years old. I’d expect them to add a guy like this.

    • Volume12


      • BobbyK

        Von Miller makes most RTs look bad, but I’m not sure who the MVP of the Super Bowl was last year for the Broncos… was it Miller for the Broncos or Remmers of the Panthers (for the Broncos).

        But you’re right. He’s on the upswing even though he’s not overly good – which may make him cheap. And most opponents aren’t Von Miller. Miller would do the same thing against Gilliam. At least Remmers is good in run blocking, which Gilliam isn’t.

    • Aaron

      I really like Remmers. He got forced into LT duty after Oher had his concussion and didn’t look very good, but he is a natural at RT. Guess it depends on if the Hawks think they need a vet LT to compete with Fant or a RT to do the same for Gilliam. Personally I like Fant but hope Odhiambo makes a run for LT next year. I didn’t see Odhiambo as a guard even before his embarrassing incident in the Falcons game. If we could replace Gilliam or move him to LT competition that’d be great. Both tackle spots need competition, and not just the journeymen type.

      • Volume12

        I’d leave Fant as odd as that may sound. He’d never be the same. Dude would be looking over his shoulder continuously and it’d have a profound impact on his confidence. Ya gotta let him play through the mistakes.

        Odhiambo needs to stay on the left side. That incident proves it. He always moves to his left because his muscle memory has been programmed that way playing LT for Boise St.

        • purpleneer

          Or maybe a guy should get a little work on the right side before being forced into it in a playoff game. The roster limitations make in downright stupid to be as stubborn as Cable is with regard to right and left guard. And his actions indicate that all his lip service about versatility is BS.

  43. Coleslaw


  44. Volume12

    I’m liking NC WR Mack Hollins that Daniel Jeremiah is out here hyping up. Older prospect, amazing STs player, huge kinda quirky personality. Productive too although he’s coming off an injury.

    How many 6’3-6’4, 210 pound guys are gunners like this?

    Let’s keep an eye on him.

    • Sea Mode

      Good to have you “back”, Vol. Don’t know if you’ve been busy lately or just resting up before heavy draft season hits!

      • Volume12

        Busy and burnt out my man.

    • JimQ

      I’m going to be watching: –WR-Shelton Gibson, West Virginia, 5-11/195; A likely 7th round pick,
      2016: 43-receptions for 951 a healthy 22.12-ypc with 8-TD s + 29-Kick Returns for 633 a 21.83-avg.
      He’s speedy, 40 time TBD.

  45. Cameron

    Daniel Jeremiah – “This draft is so deep. I have about 70 guys worthy of a top 50 spot. The 2nd/3rd round is going to produce a lot of future pro bowlers.”

  46. HawkTalker #1

    Another 3rd pick also lest you trade down and get a lot of high value players on lower rounds. Time to fill some gaps and bring back the LOB to full force . . . And yes this is intentionally DB heavy. Nickel, dime, penny, every bit of coinage in there . . . Time for another positive change.

    26: R1P26

    58: R2P26

    102: R3P38

    106: R3P42

    149: R5P5

    170: R5P26

    198: R6P14

    210: R6P26

    216: R6P32

    226: R7P8

    • Kenny Sloth

      Your late round picks at DB make me not want to target one early

      • peter

        That’s just it for me. I love Kevin King. And there are tons of great DB’s at least that’s how it’s looking right now early on. But when I think of how Seattle has acquired DB’s in the past and the talent out there with Decoud, Allen (prototype size/length/vert guy maybe?) Johnson, and Luani for this community in the third but a lot of mocks so late he isn’t listed. I wonder if it’s possible to attack and redefine the LOB as well as add some offense early on.

  47. Josh emmett

    I posted a few times about how nobody knew for sure about okungs contract. I love this news. I think about this draft like this: they finally have a shot at landing a top tier free agent because of lack of compensatory picks from the awesome 2013 draft class(hahaha). Gimmie Dontari Poe. Pay him to only play 1st and 2nd downs. Vince wilfork got 5.5 million a year to play as the 1 and 2 round run stuffer. I like that dude, he is huge, him and linval Joseph are just large human beings that kick butt! Haha, anyway get Poe, I think they are going to let the oline Gel more and you might see a3rd round pick thrown at the line for a tackle. Don’t sleep on Ohdihambo challenge for playing time next year(healthy all season and that was his big question coming into the draft). I think they are going to roll the dice with Procise and Rawls next year so I could see them not making a splash early with oline or RB. Wide out? Tight end? They are coming into next year with an inconsistent Prich that doesn’t take the top off the defense like they want. Kearse had the worst year of his life. Lockett is coming off a major injury. Baldwin is dope but he needs help. Anybody like Corey Davis? Could they get Mike Williams or the joker tight end out of Miami(couldn’t remember how to spell his name)? Or do they go defense heavy early? Lots of possibilities with 2 late third rounders. Exciting

  48. CharlieTheUnicorn

    They’ll pick five teams in the first 106 picks — 26, 58, 90, 102 and 106.

    26 – LB/SS
    58 – DT/DE
    90 – RB
    102 – TE
    106 – CB

    5 picks in the first 106 is not a bad spot to be in….. very intriguing. I’m almost 100% positive there will be at least one trade down by Seattle, to get a 4th and 5th round pick…. for funsies.. and to mess with everyone’s mock drafts.

  49. Darth12er

    Wow, I know that fieldgulls write up is basically a summary of what is written here…but it was a great read! I’m looking forward to the similar write up for this site.

    Rob, have you done an article about Justin Evans yet? I may have missed it, but I don’t recall one. That paragraph has me awfully intrigued!

    • Rob Staton

      Bits and pieces on Evans. See the buffalo article a few days ago for example.

  50. 503Hawk

    I was in meetings all evening, finally come home and I immediately go to SDB to see if I missed anything.
    What GREAT NEWS! I’m sooooooooo excited.

  51. Del tre

    I’d love to see the Hawks pair up 2 of our 3rd round picks and go for another early second round pick to get in on the second wave of corners.

  52. Kenny Sloth

    I actually was really intrigued by Antonio Garcia’s performance against Clemson!!

    He’ll be one ti watch at the combine

    • D-OZ

      Garcia could make it into the first round, post combine. I like him a lot.

  53. EranUngar

    It feels like the perfect storm. Having 5 picks in the top 3 rounds of the deepest draft class we have seen in many years. Sounds almost too good to be true.

    The draft strategy this year will play a bigger role than the actual talent evaluation work. I see one of the following:

    The trade up strategy:
    option 1: Use the extra 3rd to move up in the first to get a guy they must have. (Bolles, Reddik…)
    option 2: Use the extra 3rd to move up into the top 50 in the 2nd.

    Spread the picks and control the draft:
    If they see the top 100 as loaded with talent they like – Trade our 1st and 3rd for top 2nd, top 3rd picks. We’ll have an evenly spread 5 picks on day 2 (top 2nd, end 2nd, top 3rd, 2 X end 3rd)and a full night to prepare and make a killing.
    If they feel there is talent on day 3 and hate to wait till the 6th – Trade the extra 3rd round for a mid 4th&5th round picks.

    The trade back option:
    If they see enough option left at 26, trade back to the top of the 2nd and add a 4th/5th…

    This is going to be an incredible year….

    • Kenny Sloth

      Expect at least one trade

      We need more picks.

      JS doesn’t like to go a whole round without a pick

      • Rob Staton

        In fairness though, he’s gone a whole round before a pick before due to trade. Whitehurst, Harvin, Graham etc.

        And while it’s certainly possible they’ll do a deal at some point — there’s also equally an opportunity to take advantage of the depth in rounds 1-3. Five picks in the first two days is a chance to max out the draft class. Trading those picks might get you a R4 or R5 — but you might not be better off for it.

        • Trevor

          I agree it really depends on how the draft falls and who they target. It is one of the things JS is supposed to be really good at (telling when a player will be available).

          If they can come out of the first 2 days of this draft with 2 starters (LB and CB) and 3 other guys (RB,DT,OL) who can contribute in yr #1 that would be an incredible draft IMO.

          • Kenny Sloth

            Good points guys.

            I was wondering what John Schneider’s history of pick delay might look like, after I said that.

            It’s all anecdotal.

            They don’t move up last year for anyone but a free falling Jarran Reed

            • AlaskaHawk

              Lately they have done better in UDFA than the late round picks = so no biggy if they don’t move down for an extra pick. I would be more interested if they moved down in first round and traded on of the third round picks for a second rounder.

              I also liked the idea of giving a third to move up in the first if it netted Bolles as left tackle. I wouldn’t move up for a defensive guy as the draft is so well stocked with them.

        • LLLOGOSSS

          Wow, forgot about two 2nd rounders for Whitehurst… it hasn’t always been smooth sailing 😆

      • bankhawk

        It will be interesting-I know we need depth, but its tough to pass on chances at immediate difference-makers!

  54. Trevor

    I think Bolles, Ryan R and Reddick all go in top 20. If that happens then I really hope tires to trade back into early 2nd with Cle ideally or SF, Bears Jets to pick up a 4th and 5th round pick.

    Use the depth of this draft to really re-stock the depth of talent on the roster after some no so great draft classes.

    Rd#2 Early (Tradeback ) Obi Melinowfu (S Clemson) Freak athlete who can become the ideal defensive chess piece in todays matchup NFL.

    Rd#2 Tyus Bowser (LB-Hous) He has the potential to be a true 3 down LB and offer huge pass rush upside potential. One of my favorite players in the draft.

    Rd#3 Rasul Douglas (CB- W.Vir) This guy just looks like a Hawks CB. He battles and has great length and ball skills. Reminds me a bit of Maxi. Could come in and compete for a spot opposite Sherm year #1.

    Rd#3 Comp Karem Hunt (RB-Toledo) Incredible balance and wide base running style like Beast Mode had. He is tough, durable, never fumbles and is a great short yardage guy as well. He would be the ideal compliment to Rawls and Prosise IMO.

    Rd#3 Comp Issac Assiata (G-Utah) Can play Guard or Center. He plays with an edge you have to think Cable would love. My dream scenario for the OL is that Ifedi goes to RT and Glow back to RG then let Rees and Assiata battle for the LG spot. Assiata can also back up Britt at C.

    Rd#4 (Tradeback) Eddie Vanderdoes (DT UCLA) Loved his play at the Shrine game. A year removed from ACL and in shape he could be a steal and the type of pocket collapsing DT the Hawks could use.

    Rd#5 (Tradeback) Deatrich Wise Jr (DE Arkansas) Very raw but huge upside as a pass rusher with great length at 6-5. I think he has the potential to develop into a Daniel Hunter type edge rusher.

    Rd#6 Eric Stauber (TE-Drake) Really like this guy in a loaded TE class. Could come into replace Luke WIllson as TE 3 next year.

    Rd#7 Jaylan Ware (OT-Alb St.) Very raw but has the athletic profile and ideal length for an LT developmental prospect.

    Rd#7 Zane Gonzalez (K Ariz St.) One of the best kickers in CFB who could come in and compete with Blair Walsh for the PK spot.

    This type of draft would give the Hawks a couple of guys that could come in and start right away but most importantly really improve the overall depth and speed / youth of the team overall. They would be taking a huge step towards having an SB type roster with a ton of youth.

    Adding Obi, Bowser and Douglas on the back end of this defense would really add to the speed of the unit IMO. How does this 3rd down Nickel D sound.

    NASCAR Pass Rush (Bennett, Avril, Clark, Bowser)
    LB (Wags, KJ)
    DB (Sherm, Kam, Earl, Obi, Douglas)

    • Nem Beselek

      I really like Bowser a lot. I actually think he ends up being a better pro SAM than Reddick, at least early on in their respective carrier’s.

      • Ukhawk

        Bowser seems like he could fit in a 4-3 or perfectly as a 3-4 olb, might interest lots of teams..

    • Greg Haugsven

      All really good thought out comments Trevor, I like it. Responding to the very end peice, who would cover the slot reciever? Not sure Obi or Douglas is quick enough.

      • Trevor

        That is a great point actually Greg.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Maybe the most important pick of all is Zane Gonzalez. Time to add some competition for the field goal kickers

  55. Trevor

    I hope the Hawks address the OL in FA but if they don’t then I think there is one viable option. I am assuming Bolles is a top 15 pick.

    Take Moton and Assiata some where on Day #2 whether via tradeback or trade up.

    Moton comes in an he and Ifedi become the right side of the OL for the future. Let Cable and the coaching staff determine who is the RG and who is the RT. That would be the biggest and potenially nastiest right side of any OL in the NFL in a year or two.

    Assiata comes in and really helps bring an edge to the unit. He can compete for either Guard spot and backup Britt at Center.

    2017 OL (Britt, Fant, Gilliam, Glowinski, Ifedi, Moton, Assiata, Rees) That would be a big tough and explosive group of young players. If Cable annot turn that unit into a very quality unit within a year or two then there is something really wrong.

    LT Fant
    LG GLow (Backup Rees)
    C Britt (Backup Asiata)
    RG Ifedi or Moton (Backup Assiata)
    RT Ifedi /Gilliam or Moton

  56. bankhawk

    I have yet to see any tape on Moton-bearing in mind that Gilliam showed a bit of upturn at seasons end, does he honestly look like a player who could come in as a rookie and wrest the starting job away for himself? In principle, I am all for an addition to the pile-even ì we miss out on Bolles.

    Also, Rob-really enjoyed The Pedestrian Podcast. Id love to hear a bit more on the lads over at Sea Hawkers U.K. I had sort of assumed that you were some sort of outlier in terms of the breadth and depth of your knowledge of the sport I love most. I know a bit of your backstory as a 12. But just how many followers do the Hawks and the NFL at large have over thêre?

    At any rate-we are really lucky to have you and this blog you have created!

    • nichansen01

      To me, no. Looks like a backup guard who could start after a redshirt year :”(i.e. Glow).

      • lil'stink

        To me, at least on paper, Moton kind of comps to Gabe Jackson. I think he could be a good guard, but I’m not sure if Moton is a good fit for the ZBS. And his arms are currently listed as being less than 33.5″. Maybe the combine changed my opinion on him.

        I’m overhyped on Dorian Johnson right now, but he seems to be a better player and a better fit to me. If his arms measure 33.5″, and Haason Reddick and a few others are off the board at #26, I like the idea of considering him for our first pick. If you get a new starting LG I think Glowinski still has tremendous value as a solid backup who can play multiple positions. And if Johnson could make the move to RT that’s just an added bonus.

    • Rob Staton

      A lot of Seahawks fans over here now. When I first moved back to the UK I was probably one of about an active group of 15-20. Now it’s probably in the 100’s. Game is really growing over here.


        That’s awesome, I’m really glad we can have more sports to connect with Europe on. Met a German guy traveling in Curaçao a few weeks ago who was a Raiders fan, knew his stuff, too. Was pleasantly surprised. He said American football is especially popular in Germany.

        • Smitty1547

          What happened to the German WR last year anyone know? Ive mentioned i would love to see an article of all the past prospects we have discussed here and updates.

          • CharlieTheUnicorn

            Moritz Böhringer was “practice squad member” for Minnesota Vikings in 2016.

            • Smitty1547

              Thanks Charlie could not remember his name to even look.

            • stregatto

              Thanks for using the Umlaut! 🙂

  57. Cameron

    I wonder if the Broncos structured Okung’s deal thinking they wouldn’t lose their 3rd round comp for Brock Osweiler.

    • Ed

      So glad Elway got his lunch on it. He got lucky with Manning, it’s going to be Raiders and Chiefs.

      • Volume12

        Remember 2 years ago when multiple people wanted that Denver defense and we should do what they do? Anyone still feel that way? 😉

  58. CLB

    We were the only team to get 2 comp. picks in the 3rd, all are listed here:

    And the pro days are coming up right after the combine, also listed at NFL’s website –

    CBS sports and Walter football also have pro day reports either later in the day, or a day or 2 after they happen, usually more extensive coverage at the bigger schools.

  59. Sea Mode

    So a lot of people are saying JS is almost certain to trade down so as not to go almost 3 full rounds without a pick. Currently, the gap between R3 comp pick 106 and R5 comp pick 210 is a total of 104 spots.

    Well, I figured I’d do the favor of putting together the historical data on this. Enjoy (and correct me if I do something wrong, cause it was all by hand)!

    Biggest gap from each PC/JS draft year: # of picks w/o Seahawks selection, (overall spots), players:

    2010: 51 (60-111 overall) Tate-Thurmond and (185-236 overall) McCoy-Davis
    2011: 50 (25-75 overall) Carpenter-Moffitt
    2012: 44 (181-225 overall) Guy-Sweezy
    2013: 62 (1-62 overall) Michael
    2014: 45 (1-45 overall) Richardson
    2015: 63 (1-63 overall) Clark
    2016: 50 (97-147 overall) Odhiambo-Jefferson

    Here’s 2013-2015 again excluding the R1 trade outs:
    2013: 36 (87-123 overall) Hill-Harper and (158-194 overall) Willson-Ware
    2014: 44 (64-108 overall) Britt-Marsh
    2015: 61 (69-130 overall) Lockett-Poole

    Maximum # of picks JS has sat idle: 63 picks
    Maximum # of picks JS has sat idle (excluding R1 trade down): 61 picks
    Average # of picks JS has sat idle each year: 52 picks
    Average # of picks JS has sat idle each year (excluding R1 trade down): 48 picks

    So I think we can safely conclude that JS has no problem sitting idle during approximately 50-60 picks, almost two full rounds.

    In recent years, he has shown that it seems to matter less as long as he gets his guys (Lockett, Jefferson). This might make sense because, with depth of talent all the way down the roster, perhaps quality begins to be valued over sheer quantity of players selected.

    In any case, it would certainly be a huge difference if he went over 100 picks this year without a selection.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Wow! Great work SeaMode. That’s exactly the type of pick history we should look at.

      Obviously despite his claim that he prefers to not go a round without a pick, he won’t force his hand during a run of mediocre players.

      Not afraid to jump up during thosw runs though for specific players

    • CLB

      Pick 210 is our round 6 pick, we no longer have a round 5 comp. pick for Sweezy, it was upgraded from a 3rd and 5th round comp. picks to 2 3s because of Okung’s deal. I definitely do agree with you about quality over quantity. Would like to see us rather than pick up more lower round picks by trading out of the 3rd, use our 6th and 7th, maybe combine it with a 5th next year, to trade up into the 4th, or combine them with one of our 3rds to trade up into the 2nd round.

      We will probably sign 3-5 FAs over the next couple months before the draft, hopefully quality but not too expensive help on the OL, DL and maybe another RB. And we always sign a LOT of UDFAs after the draft for OTA/mini-camp/preseason competition – we have the most UDFAs of any team and it’s well known. In addition, JS sends out extensive paperwork to all prospective UDFAs describing how they will have a better chance to make the team here than anywhere else. That’s one good thing about George Fant, his situation was reported so much in 2016 and shows all possible UDFAs that don’t make it by round 7 of the draft that if a guy who’s played hardly any football can make this playoff team, anyone could make it.

      So between the handful of free agents from other teams (4?) and a similar amount of undrafted guys we always bring into camp after the draft that inevitably make the cut, I’d be happy if we found 5-6 excellent players in the 2017 draft as high up as we can get them in the first 3-4 rounds – players that can be starters or excellent backups/rotational players for now, hopefully eventual pro bowlers, rather than hope to strike gold with lower picks like with Kam and Sherman again, that rarely happens. Rob has pointed out that the DBs and other position groups have levels; why not draft 5-6 of the most athletic best players in the draft with the least flaws in the top few rounds?

    • Misfit74

      Brilliant info!

      • Volume12

        It all depends on how they value these guys. For instance, do we know if Seattle has a guy they must have but he won’t come off the board untyil round 4 or 5? Nope.

  60. Coleslaw

    36**- Kevin King CB
    58- Tyus Bowser OLB/DE
    90- Antonio Garcia OT
    102- Derrick Nnadi DT
    106- Jordan Leggett TE
    150?- Isaac Asiata G

    • Nathan

      Nnadi returned to college.

      • nichansen01

        With three picks in round 3, I don’t see them trading back at this point.

        • Coleslaw

          It’s still likely. We’ve spoken about plenty of situations where the talent at 26 would be equal for the next 10-15 picks.

  61. Totem_Hawk

    Glad to see the NFL counted the total contract Okung signed; that is only fair. Otherwise teams would start a trend of these BS one year deals with ballon back end years the team can just not take the option on. Those deals are bad deals for the players and hopefully the NFL’s decision dissuades teams from trying that structure in the future.

  62. Volume12

    While JS has sat idle, he’s also never had less than 8 picks. Last year, I personally thought was more of a rebuilding year than people think this year is. How many rookies made this team? 13 or something?

    It will be very telling what they think of this roster come draft day.

    • Totem_Hawk

      The big question is how much draft capital goes where? I think this is the year to spend four out of our top five picks on defense. A CB, LB, EDGE/DE, and either a 2nd DB or DT…id spend the other pick on either G, or a Tackle…

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        3rd round… TE, RB and CB

  63. Jerkson

    Walter football just updated their mock with comp picks
    Round 1: Ryan Ramcyzk, OT
    Round 2: Carlos Watkins, DT
    Round 3: Montae Nicholson, S
    Round 3: Tyus Bowser, DE/OLB
    Round 3: Kevin King, CB

    • Greg Haugsven

      Not bad,wouldn’t mind seeing an RB in there.

    • Misfit74

      One of the better hauls, I’d say

  64. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I found it very odd that 11 (?) comp picks were handed out with a 3rd round tag.

    • Hawks22Fun

      They won’t tell us their formula, but it seems to be based on amount of $ and success in the year…

      Seems somewhat like a subjective process…

  65. Old but Slow

    Should we not expect to see a QB in our draft? We are still not solid at the position if Russell goes down. It seems that JS usually picks one.

    • Mr. Offseason

      This regime has only picked one QB, and he was a special player. I really don’t think they like taking QBs unless they really feel there is something special there. The caveat would be that Schneider is more trigger happy with QBs than Carroll is, I think. In 2011, the story was that Schneider wanted to take Andy Dalton. But Carroll convinced him to take Carpenter instead.

      Because QBs are so unpredictable, and it takes such a long time for them to get comfortable with any NFL scheme, I think the Seahawks just don’t like taking QBs. They figure they might as well wait for the Trevone Boykins of the world, who they pay nothing and give up no draft capital for. Obviously Boykin is a long way off from becoming anything close to a starter. But so would a QB taken in the third round. For this organization I’d say it’s better to play it conservative with the QB position.

      • Rob Staton

        I’m not sure that Dalton story is true you know

        • MCake

          Wasn’t it the other way around? Wilson was always JS’s guy so why would he pull the trigger on what he was a lower commodity. I think Pete was the one that wanted Dalton

          • MCake

            on what he saw as a lower commodity*

            • Rob Staton

              I have no way of confirming this but a source who got quite a lot right at the time told me Seattle was going OL with that pick a couple of days before the draft. He said the only way they were going QB was after a trade back into R2 and Dalton wasn’t the name he mentioned if that happened.

              • Nathan

                Kaepernick the QB?

  66. LeoSharp

    A few years back Zach Whitman a SPARQ analysis did a series of profiles on the type of athletes the seahawks have drafted at each position, he also made some suggestions on who might be drafted and you’ll notice a quite a few of those names have found their way onto the Seahawks roster at some point e.g. Jordan tripp. The link is to the last profile and it can be used to easily navigate to the the other positions. Just some more things to look out for at the combine.

    • LeoSharp

      He also did a complete database of the combine and pro day numbers for the guys entering the draft last year which was really is useful for looking at potentially seahwks targets. A link to his website and and some greater explanation on what SPARQ is

      • Misfit74

        That SPARQ stuff is fantastic, as is

        • LeoSharp

          Yeah it is, great visuals really lets you see how seahawk players are usually uniquely athletic in a particular area, such as the Linebackers being great broad jumpers (10ft +) and the safeties doing exceptionslly well on the bench press (20+ reps)

  67. Greg Haugsven

    OK guys, if one player is destined to be a Seahawk who is your choice? For me some reason I think it’s Adoree Jackson. Can play inside, outside. Could play free safety if needed, makes plays and can also return kicks.

    • Kenny Sloth

      He got absolutely shredded by John Ross

      • Greg Haugsven

        I disagree, Jackson tore him up except one play where he fell down. If you look at the stats he did but when you watch the game Jackson shut him down

        • Cameron

          Yeah shredded is a bit of hyperbole. Jackson has flaws. He bites on fakes. He peaks inside too often. I love the potential though and am eager to see his combine.

        • Kenny Sloth

          You guys are trippin. John Ross caught everything in Jackson’s tape

          The two picks were nice plays but ugly ugly misthrows by Browning.

          • Kenny Sloth

            Maybe you’re not trippin per se and he didn’t get shreddddeddd per se

            He’s raw raw rawww

      • Rob Staton

        Well, he gave up one big play vs Ross who might go top 20

        • Kenny Sloth

          He also had two picks on horrible Browning throws.

          Browning was like 8/10 for 120 yards 1 TD and 2 INTs going after Jackson

          Most of those receptions were Ross on slants curls and outs.

          He didn’t get beat for a good reason…. Like Ross legit torched him at the line.

          He has a good jab-press and ball skills.

    • Coleslaw

      Samaje Perine

    • Hawkfaninmt

      Kevin King

    • Darth12er


    • HawkTalker #1


      • Kenny Sloth


    • Ground_Hawk

      Tedric Thompson

    • D-OZ

      TJ WATT.

      • Smitty1547

        Kevin King

  68. michigan12th

    Since 2012 we have not gotten much return from the 5th round and later in the draft besides; Jeremy Lane, JR Sweezy,Willson and we’ll see what QJeff and Collins do. The 4th round has not been much brighter for us either; Marsh and Glowinski, we did take Jaye Howard but cut him though he is solid. Other than that we have not been getting the difference makers in the later rounds lately.

    Since JS/PC had so much early success the rest of the league has been poaching our guys and copying our system and taking the players JS/PC used to take in the later rounds to stock the shelves, now it is very cut throat for players that fit the Seahawks profile and they are hard to find in the later rounds. I think we are better off using these picks for quality instead of quantity. So unless they do a small trade out of the first round to the early second, I agree with Rob we should take the best players available in the first three rounds and bring in the UDFA players to compete for roster spots to add to our depth. GO HAWKS!!!!

  69. michigan12th

    Let’s just hope this years draft will be as good as the 2012 draft.

  70. Ukhawk

    What about re-considering a move up for a Fournette now that the Hawks have 3x3rds?

    In a deep draft, this would be a typical JSPS zag to everyone’s zig in a draft where everyone is fixated on its depth.

    Derrick Harvey trade in ’08 was #8 for 26 71 89 125
    Julio Jone trade in ’11 was #6 for 26 59 124 & 22 (’12)

    In the 1st scenario, you’d get arguably the next AP for the extra price all your 2x3s and a 4 (18′)
    In the 2nd, you give up an extra 2,4 and a 1 next year (spread the payments!)

    I think I’d be down with one if these to get Beastmode II, and still retain 2 picks in the 1st 3 rounds this year!

    Alternatively Trade Down if someone wants a QB:
    Tim Tebow trade in ’10 #25 for 43 70 114 to pickup a #2, 3 & 4

    • Ukhawk

      S/b 2x3rds not all your 3rds

    • Misfit74

      As much as I’d still like Fournette in Seattle, he has nowhere near the lateral agility and creativity in tight spaces that made Lynch so successful. He has many good qualities, though. Still, I’m against paying big draft capital in a trade up for a RB. I also prefer Dalvin Cook as long as he is medically sound.

  71. Kenny Sloth

    Marquez White CB at Florida State one of the best no-one’s talking about

    • Kenny Sloth

      Nobody targeted him when Jalen Ramsey was there either.

  72. RWIII

    Guys. I mentioned this before. But it bears repeating. Last year John Schneider traded down in the first round and picked up an extra third round pick. Then in the 2nd round he traded up to get Jarran Reed. In this year’s draft if the player JS wants is no longer on the board I could see Schneider trade down again. If that were the case. I could see JS trading up again in the 2nd round. There is going to be a lot of talent in the middle of the 2nd round that JS would love to have.

  73. RWIII

    Guys. What do you think about taking Joe Mixon? I know this would be a Public relations nightmare. I have seen the video. It is sickening.
    With that said. This guy is a game changer. I heard his interview on the John Clayton show. He sounds like he is remorseful. If Seattle does not take him. Some one else is going to get a potential pro bowl player. Should the guy be punished for the rest of his life because of one horrible mistake? I know I have done some things I have regretted doing. I know it’s all going to come down to what Paul Allen says. But I am wondering what Seahawk fans think.

    • Volume12

      Personally? If they draft him it wouldn’t bother me. He was 17 years old on a campus in Oklahoma. We all have our favorites, but I root for the name on the front of the jersey. There’s gonna be blowback, a lot, but only for a short amount of time until he starts making plays and solidifies himself as one of the great young backs.

      Thing is, would Seattle take him? I’m not overly convinced they would.

      Want a ‘troubled’ prospect to keep an eye on late in the draft or UDFA? Miami LEO Al- Quaddin Muhammad aka AQM. Keep an eye on him.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I just don’t want anyone to draft him.

      I want to begin a zero tolerance precedence in the NFL. People deserve second chances and it’s sickening that these players are told “hit, hit, hit” every day of their lives and then trapped in an emotional circumstance, expected to be prepared to react rationally.

      He did football at the wrong time. It’s a hard subject to wrap my mind around.

      Literally no support system for these kids’ psyche.

      The NFL has psychological support; why not mandate college programs do as well.

      Some day I’d really like to do a podcast focused on the social issues and implications of the sports world. Gay players, DV, political views, and how those things effect chemistry and the fanbase

      Something that really stuck out to me was the cloud of euphoria blanketing the state after we won the super bowl

      • Volume12

        Its just such a gray area my man.

        Religion, politics, and sexuality are 3 taboo subjects and like you mention its a shame really. Its 2017. I got a cousin who is a gay man and the sh** he gets is horrifying. Who cares what a person does in their bedroom or the privacy of their own home. And then we hear ‘I don’t want no gay dude hitting on me.’ Really bruh? Really? You think that highly of yourself that every sex finds you that attractive?

        • Kenny Sloth

          I mean. I’m real pretty so it makes sense for me, but I see that misthink a lot.;)

          There was actually just the first openly gay college recruit given a scholarship for football. I think it was at AZ st.? First name of My-King

          I don’t think it’s longer than 10 years before we see an out player contributing to a pro squad.

          Hopefully someday we can see a woman (especially a transgender lady) being succesful on a roster~ there’s some tough broads out there. All its really gonna take is someone who can throw and run imo. If she can take a hit and swat away a hand helping her up. Now that’s television.

          Who knows of the legality of this specific issue though!

          • peter

            I think you both make some great points about everything above. I can actually agree with Kenny that in a perfect world the NFL would have a zero tolerance policy for all of this. But then how big would be the net of offenses? Would Adrian Peterson just have been done 2-3 years back? Would Zeke Elliot be made to sit until a full inquiry was made with his alleged troubles?

            • Smitty1547

              I want us to be the team that gets him, as long as it’s not before the 3rd and really hope he slides to 7. Its a tough game you need to weigh risk vs reward and he’s a HR hitter that is a need. He’s stayed clean and out of trouble since incident, his team mates seem to like him. Clark seems to have paid off and there were equal concerns about him, just not a nasty looking tape. Tyrek Hill is a douche bag but man he would have looked good in a Hawk uniform for a 6th round pick.

  74. Old but Slow

    I can’t help it, I’m so excited. The combine comes next week, and we can get some better numbers. Size, arm length, hand size, ego strength, the whole ballgame. Kinda.

    The numbers will activate some sites to give us stuff like SPARQ and stuff and I can completely ruin a whole day! I can’t wait!

    Maybe a whole week. Maybe I should get a life.

    • Volume12

      I got a feeling the ‘magical’ electronic timer is gonna be very unkind to these guys.

      • Kenny Sloth

        I think you’re absolutely right.

        We’re placing a ton of stock in high school numbers and Husky Combine type deals..

        I wish I had all these players come to my place for a bbq

        Then I could tell ya who to draft.

        “Ohhh he don’t clean a rib, pass”

        • Volume12

          Pick up that burger right there. Set it back down in the exact same spot. Ooh, but don’t press down on it too much you’ll lose all the juices. Now flip that same burger. There we go. Don’t flip it too much. Yeaaahh.’

          Let’s see if anyone can get where this joke comes from.

          • Kenny Sloth

            Ohhhhh…. Thats not just Bob’s Burgers is it???

            I’m Lit (and so are you if thats what its from xD)

            • Volume12

              Most of the time, yes. But let’s keep that between me and you. 😉

              I do love Bob’s Burgers BTW. Not as good as Archer though.

              • Volume12

                Kenny, I feel like if we get together this summer for some Seahawks TC me and you will be making a couple visits to the dispensary.

                • Kenny Sloth

                  Maybe one or two. 😉

                  That’s something I’d like to make happen. For real

          • CLB

            Peter in Family Guy?

            • Volume12


    • peter

      No way Old…! Getting the draft arm length, vert, 3 cone, all that stuff is great. Like a mini xmas. It’s great for us and I doubt he would say but after being here as a lurker and poster since the before there was TEF (awesome BTW!) and physical traits (awesome info again to use) I have to imagine Rob loves seeing the landscape shift allowing him to talk about new players.

      To be fair I’m pretty nerdy and get stoked to see some no name, as of yet, kill a few drills and get to start scrambling around looking for anything that resembles tape.

  75. Nate

    Dion Dawkins could be a bargain in the draft similar to Odhiambo last.
    Move Glow back to RG and put Odhiambo at LG, Move Ifedi to RT and keep Fant and Britt in place.
    This would allow Hawks to focus on D early.
    Kevin King is a good Lane hedge in the 3rd if we can pull it off!

    • Kenny Sloth

      It’s not as bad a year as some make it out to be.

      There’s been an average of like 4.5 tackles taken in the first frame in the last five years.

      And like 9 in the first two rounds…

      The draft is very anecdotal, with narratives and subjectivity playing such a big role every year, but there’s a consistent pattern of OL getting overdrafted

      • bankhawk

        On the topic of O-line getting over-drafted, and vis-a-vis the intermittant criticism of our O-line picks during the PC/JS era, has anyone seen any site that tabulates first round line picks (or just high picks) going back over, say ten years and rates their relative successes or failures? Sure seems like thêre have been almost as many busts as studs (êspecially at the critical LT spot) over the past 10 or 12 years league-wide, but that is just subjective and I dont trust my memory.

        • Kenny Sloth

          This guy last year was tracking by something he called slaytics which was size/length/athleticism and overall draft return on value.

          He found ideals at most positions under which players had a historically lower chance of panning out or showing return on value.

          Brandon Coleman was actually the only receiver ever to have a positive return while being under the positional threshold, so that’s a nod to Rob’s eye.

          • Volume12

            With all respect to dude, you can’t base everything on what a formula created spits out. Like what’s a positive return?

            Are we expecting more than 15-20 blue chippers in any draft? Because in reality, about 75% of these guys are only to going to be good or OK. Not great.

            • Kenny Sloth

              For sure, it’s just an interesting exercise.

              He has a few formulas he used, but it looks like he took down the results from last year.

              It’s basically exactly like TEF for every position, based not on Tom Cable ideals, but empirical data from relevant classes (don’t remember how far back he calculated)

              It gives concepts like Vernon Adams had a 3.8% chance of being “succesful” (i know)

              Which is dangerous information to tell a casual fan.

              It’s a resource, but tape is everything.

            • Kenny Sloth

              His name is Ethan Young over at pro football spot!

      • Volume12

        I don’t think its that bad either, just a lack of depth besides at guard.

      • Nate

        I agree.
        I was more excited for this season than last, before last season started…now with the comp picks, even more so 😎

  76. D-OZ

    At #106 I hope we select Jerod Evans QB V. TECH.
    The third best TE in this class is Adam Shaheen from Ashland. 6’5” 277. Fast, good hand’s, Red zone nightmare. Fair blocker and working to improve in that area. Tough and very hard worker. He is going to push other TE’s down the board. Looking like a very good class for TE’s.

    • Kenny Sloth

      No kidding on Evans.

      He’s got such natural touch in the ball I can barely believe it.

      He needs a ton of work though always throwing back shoulders like it’s nothing. He really needed to go back to school next year.

    • lil'stink

      Backup QB is a need for us that doesn’t get talked about much. I wonder if Wilson wouldn’t have sat a game or two last year if we had brought T-Jack back. It will be interesting to see if they bring anyone into camp who can challenge Boykin.

      • Kenny Sloth

        I don’t think we’ll use a pick on QB.

        There’s always UDFA….

  77. D-OZ

    Another player I like a lot is Keionta Davis DE/3Tech, Chattanooga. 6’3” 274. Reminds me of a young Bennett.

  78. D-OZ

    Another safety to check out is Orion Stewart From Baylor. GO HAWKS!!!!

  79. Ukhawk

    While we are on the subject of Mixon, what about another troubled but talented player, Josh Gordon??

    • peter

      I like that idea better then mixon. Honestly. Gordon has been his own downfall but what would be the back lash if anything in essentially buying what amounts to a lottery ticket in paying for his services for a year?

    • Hawkfaninmt

      An article about him popped on fieldgulls the other day.

      I’d be interested what the price tag for trading and for his services would be? Can’t imagine the Browns would be asking much… also, the obvious question, will he actually be reinstated?

      May go back and read that article again, and see what they had posted as projections for these things

  80. bankhawk

    The idea of taking a flyer on locking down rights to Josh Gordons services should he be greenlighted to play next season definitely intrigues me (at the right price). The idea of drafting Joe Mixon, however, makes me cringe. Not that I believe his life should be over for one post-adolescent screw-up. I dont roll that way. But I would just dread the sh…storm in the media if they went for him.

  81. Smitty1547

    Mixon one screw up (Yes I know a horrible one) Gordon is on like #5 and seems to not care one bit.

    • bankhawk

      I want to make it clear that I dont feel well enough grounded in the facts of either of thêse young mens situations to stand in judgement on either of them-and indeed, its not my place to do so beyond the normal range of natural human reactions any fan would have upon hearing their stories.

      I guess they feel different to me in that Mixons case involves some pretty extreme violence. In Gỏdons case, its more a question of whether hed be able to fulfill his obligation to the organization or not, though it changes if he has been wasted behind the wheel of a car, thus endangering the public safety.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Broadly vastly couldn’t be more different scenarios.

      Incomparable situations.

  82. Bob

    They’ll pick five times, not “five teams”.

  83. Sea Mode

    embed test on old thread. disregard.

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