Podcast: Seahawks @ Falcons preview & Deshaun Watson talk

This week Kenny and I discuss Seattle’s game in Atlanta and reflect on Clemson’s shock victory in the National Championship game.


  1. Volume12

    Rams now have the youngest HC in the league. Not sure about that move or the Doug Marrone one.

    However, I love the Vance Joseph to Denver and Sean McDermott to Buffalo hires.

    • Volume12

      That’s incredible. 31 years old!

      • Ed

        I like the Rams and Bills hire. Not sure on the other two myself.

        • Volume12

          IDK a whole lot about McVay other than where he was previously, but that’s dope a guy my age can be a HC of a professional football team. They might be adding DC Wade Phillips too.

          Which leads me to Denver’s new HC Vance Joseph. I see the next Mike Tomlin. And it’ll be interesting to see if he installs his 4-3 defense there.

          I still think KC ST’s coach Dave Toub would be a home run for any team.

          • vrtkolman

            I dunno about Joseph, his defense in Miami wasn’t that hot and regressed at a fair rate, plus he just looked extremely nervous in his press conference – almost like “Wait Elway really hired me? Ummm ok…”. We’ll see though!

            • Ed

              Yep, didn’t seem like a leader of men. Maybe as a coordinator, but not an entire organization.

            • Volume12

              Develops young talent and plays to his guys strengths.

            • CharlieTheUnicorn

              Elways has earned the right to pick whoever he wants… The Broncos have been in 2 of the last 3 SB and won one.

              • Ed

                And it’s all about to crumble. He bet everything on Manning and it paid off. They won’t be back to the playoffs for awhile. Raiders and Chiefs will be vying for top 2 spots in AFC West.

          • Trevor

            I like all the coaching hires except the Jags. Not a fan at all of Marrone.

            31 is crazy young for a HC. Sounds like an impressive intelligent guy. He would be smart to hire an experience DC like Phillips.

            • 503Hawk

              I hope they don’t hire Phillips. Image what he could do with all that talent LA has on defense.

              • CharlieTheUnicorn

                Phillips would be a fit with the Chargers and their current personnel on defense.

                • RealRhino2

                  Fit is my question. Sounds a lot like the old All-Star Fantasy Football ideas Dan Snyder had with the Redskins. Is he going to be asking Aaron Donald to 2-gap?

                  • Volume12

                    Donald’s talent transcend scheme.

                  • RealRhino2

                    Nobody’s talent transcends scheme; not how it works.

                  • Volume12

                    So Aaron Donald won’t fit in a 3-4 because of the scheme? JJ Watt couldn’t play in a 4-3?

                    Reminds me of last year when Joey Boss went 3rd overall to a 3-4 scheme, hut wouldn’t fit either?

                  • Volume12

                    You can still run a 1-gap 3-4 scheme. Your ends are a 4 technique and your MIKE and WILL don’t fill a run gap. They read the backside guard.

                  • Volume12

                    They have the personnel to run it because Mark Barron is perfectly suited for the Bandit or Robber position.

                  • Kenny Sloth

                    ^ he’s right you know

                  • RealRhino2

                    A longer discussion. That was shorthand. As is this. Question is whether it’s the player’s absolute best use. Not sure.

                  • Jeff M.

                    Wade Phillips system is traditionally a 1-gap one (as V12 mentions)–it’s not actually a ton different from a 4-3 under. He’s had a ton of success with smaller penetrating nose tackles rather than 350lb space eaters.

  2. icb12

    Whos left? San Fran and the Chargers?

    I’m thinking at least one them is going to a Pats coordinator.. Patrica/McDaniels.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      The odds are not good that the Chargers will wait until AFCCG week for them. The rumor was the interim HC for the 2016 Bills is getting a long look by the Chargers.

      Teryl Austin should be getting more consideration imo.

      • icb12

        Thats a good point.

        • Volume12

          I do think the Niners will go with an offensive mind. McDaniels, Shannahan, someone like that.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        According to Ian Rapoport SDC are finalizing a deal with Anthony Lynn

        • Volume12

          With Gus Bradley as the DC and Whisenhunt as the OC.

        • cha

          Don’t you mean LAC? 🙂

          Ugh.. Just typing that….

  3. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Seahawks RB C.J. Prosise is a game-time decision to play this weekend with a shoulder injury, according to Pete Carroll.

    I’m not sure what is going on… I’ve heard he is doubtful, limited and game time decision… all within 8 hours. I’m not sure if Seattle is being coy about him playing or if they legit do not know right now. Clayton seems to think he is out for the game at 1600 hours today on his hit on 710 ESPN in Seattle…. so who knows….

    • C-Dog

      I sense a coyness. They probably don’t want to tip their hand 100%, just to give the Falcon coaches something extra to spend valuable time thinking about.

  4. The Hawk is Howling

    I’m with you C-dog, that’s what I’m hoping as well. Man it would be sweet to have Rawls and Prosise together at last!

    Go Hawks

  5. Old but Slow

    Any word on how Reece is doing? He seems a key plus to the run game.

    • LordSnow

      He was a full participant in practice.

  6. Volume12

    Wisconsin OT Ryan Ramcyzk. Seattle is willing to draft injured players or prospects coming off injuries, and with him not being able to work out or post #’s at the combine, I’m almost convinced that’s gonna drop him.

    Former JUCO product and fits the tough guy mold.

    • Volume12

      *division 3

      • Volume12

        And I’m sure I’m in the minority on this one, but I actually really like OT Cam Robinson. Yes he’s got some issues off the field to work out, but he’s physically talented. Nasty. Great hips. Mauler in the run game.

        • Volume12

          Love the ankles too. Very important for O-lineman.

          • DC

            He’s most likely gone by Seattle’s first pick.

            • DC

              Cam Robinson that is.

              • Volume12

                Depends how teams feel about his off the field stuff.

                And I’m just merely pointing out that I like him.

            • Attyla the Hawk

              This draft is exceptionally deep. There are going to be names available in the 20s that have no business getting there.

              Did a cursory compilation of mentions yesterday of players listed as top 10 players, and found 19 different names. Top 20 mentions has 33 names.

              The reality is going to be that there are guys that *should* be long gone by the time we pick. But we’ll probably have 6-10 players we never thought should be there.

              There will be a handful of players that will emerge late after the Senior Bowl and the combine. If you have a top 20, probably 5-6 of those players won’t even be picked in round 1. That’s if you go by historical patterns.

              Cam looks like a prime candidate for a mid 2nd round slide.

              For refresher, here are some players projected even on this site to go R1 that didn’t (pre combine projections):


              Jaylon Smith
              Myles Jack
              Chris Jones
              Noah Spence
              Reggie Ragland
              Michael Thomas
              Jason Spriggs
              Jarran Reed
              Shon Coleman
              Andrew Billings


              Devin Smith
              Jalen Collins
              Jordan Phillips
              Randy Gregory
              Frank Clark
              Jaelen Strong
              Eli Harold
              Henry Anderson
              TJ Clemmings
              Michael Bennett
              Dorial Green-Beckham
              Nate Orchard


              Joel Bitonio
              Ra’Shede Hageman
              Austin Sefarian-Jenkins
              Marquise Lee
              Cyrus Kouandjio
              Stephon Tuitt
              Jace Amaro
              Allen Robinson
              Louis Nix
              Brent Urban
              David Yankey
              Cyril Richardson

              The reality is, things are going to change in the next 10 weeks pretty dramatically. Probably a third of the guys we think of at first round guys now will be sprinkled througout rounds 2 through 5.

              There are already more guys considered top 20 players than there are spots.

              • AlaskaHawk

                Every year I hear some statement that there are only 10 or 20 players with first round talent, as if there is some sort of limit that the Seahawks can never partake in. This is the year where it would be foolish to say there are only 10 or 20 first round candidates. There will be a lot of great picks through the first two rounds. Players that we will be talking about for the next ten years. The Seahawks just need to sort out their needs and evaluate the talents of the players.

                • Attyla the Hawk

                  To be fair, those statements are usually directly attributable to John Schneider. So at least for the Seahawks, that’s been true.

                  Our standard of 1st round grade seems higher than most other teams’.

                  • dawgma

                    Frankly, when you look at the probabilities NFL teams MASSIVELY overvalue picks at the very top of the draft. That god-awful Jimmy Johnson trade chart may have started it, I don’t know. The draft is, straight up, a probability engine. You don’t know how to beat the house here, Super-wise NFL GM, and if you start buying your own ‘draft genius’ press clippings you’re going to be looking for a new job. You didn’t beat the system; you got lucky and your coin came up heads a few times in a row, and that will turn if you get to make enough picks going forward.


                    According to the analysis, the ‘trade value’ picks chart starts to actually match up with the projected career value of those actual picks early in round two. I can pretty much buy that.

                    I’m so glad we have the FO we do. They seem to ‘get’ that they don’t have some magic formula – they’re going to go with their identify, draft and acquire as much talent as they can that fits that profile, and let those assets fight it out and play the odds. When you get certain you’ve figured a way to beat the system, that’s when the system beats you.

                  • Volume12

                    That’s what I hate about the combine and SR bowl. The combine is confirmation. Guys don’t move up more than 2 rounds after those 2 events.

                    For example, UCONN DB was widely believed to be a 3rd rounder before the combine. L’ville DT L2nd-E3rd.

                  • Volume12

                    *Sheldon Rankins

        • Coleslaw

          Yes! Cam is a beast and would be a plug and play RT for us, though I kinda want Ifedi on the edge cause the things I’ve seen him do this year especially in Run blocking scream tackle. He can be dominant setting the edge. Maybe stick Robinson inside at RG or even try him at LT. If they’re confident he could play anywhere then it would give them flexibility to choose between another Tackle or Guard later on.

        • Trevor

          I like him as a player too Vol. I think he has way more talent than Carp did. His off feild stuff and work ethic definitely need to be checked out.

          He definitely plays with a nasty edge and is a tone setter.

        • Kenny Sloth


          Its all about smarts and grit

          And he is jag in those regards.

          • Volume12

            He might not be smart, buft he’s a tough guy. I don’t doubt that.

            • Kenny Sloth

              If he fell to our second Id be tempted, but id trade down if he was bpa at our first pick (impossible imo)

              • Volume12

                I agree. I’m not advocating for him, just think they could possibly look into him.

  7. nichansen01

    Wade Phillips to the rams…

    • Magmatizer

      Just saw the news. As if the Rams weren’t already enough of a pain without a sound DC. It will be interesting to see how the dynamic of the team changes with all the personnel moves they have made.

    • vrtkolman

      This is Elway’s biggest mistake. I’m not a fan of the Joseph hire but letting Wade go is awful.

  8. Samuel

    Rob, what are your thoughts on Rasul Douglas? I know that cornerback isn’t on the long list of needs with Sherman at LCB and Shead presumably back for next year, but the guy just makes plays. Plus he has an interesting back story as well to show that “grit” that the Seahawks covet. He’s listed at 6’2″ and 203 lbs and was tied for the most interceptions in the country with eight. The guy just creates turnovers, which is exactly what this team needs. Pete Carroll said that some guys have the knack for dislodging the football (paraphrased) and pointed to Byron Maxwell as having that ability. He looks like he has long arms as well.

    Here are the links to his backstory and highlight video


    • Rob Staton

      I’ll check him out

      • JimQ

        A couple of “deep sleeper” CB’s that will likely be Rd-7/UDFA types with good production:

        –FROM FBS,—->-CB-Shaquill Griffin(385), UCF, 6-0/192 (Length unknown)
        (His Jr. brother is a LB with + pass rushing stats as well, must be an athletic family.)
        2016: 13-games, 50-tkls, 30-solo, 4-INT (1 for TD), 3-TFL, *15-PBU*, 1-BK
        2015: 12-games, 50-tkls, 38-solo, 2-INT (1 for TD), .5-TFL, *13=PBU*

        –FROM FCS, —-> CB-Tyler Williams(NR), Central Arkansas, 6-1/194
        13-games: *23-PBU*, 4-INT = #1 in FCS in total passes defended @ 2.1/per game.

        Additionally regarding—->CB-Rasul Douglas(136), W. Virginia, 6-12/208, — Is he a late bloomer??
        —->-33.3%-opponent passer rating against, = #1 in FBS., He’s a very “sticky” DB & covers well.
        2016: 12 games: 62-tkls, 45-solo, 8-INT (1 for TD), 3-TFL, 1-Sack, 7-PBU, 1-FF
        2015: 11-games: 8-tkls, 6-solo, 1-INT, 1-PBU, 1-FF.

        Rankings per cbssports.com, stats. per cfbstats.com

    • Schuemansky

      Great story. Hope he has success in the league, and why not with the Hawks. The great depth we had at CB is not there anymore, so the FO definitely should look out for a corner at some point.

      • Volume12

        Treston DeCoud, CB, Oregon St.

  9. Trevor

    Was just reading the most recent Mock from Matt Miller.

    He has the Hawks taking Bolles in Rd #1 and Demarcus Walker in Rd #2. I cannot think of a more perfect draft but also one that has almost zero chance of happening. That would be my absolute dream draft however.

    Seems like every national writer is mocking Bolles to the Hawks.

    I will go on record about two guys Rob has been talking about for a while now. Bolles will not get past the Panthers at #8 and Obi Melifonwu who no one even talks about will be a star at the Senior Bowl and Combine and end up being a top 50 pick.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I’ve heard that the QBs will go early and running back Fournette will fall to the Panthers..

    • KingRajesh

      I’m not certain the Panthers go OL at 8, especially if Fournette is there. Even if they do, I’m not sure they go Bolles there, as he might be too raw to start Week 1. If they do reach for OT, I could see them going Cam Robinson, who could. Panthers need to win now.

      • Trevor

        I think the difference between Bolles and Robinson is that one is a next level RT and one is a next level LT. That is why I think Bolles goes before Robinson.

        If Fournette is there I am sure they would have a hard time passing on him but to think he gets to 8 would be quite a slide for him.

    • JT

      There is hope yet for Bolles Trev. Check out what Bucky Brooks in today’s draft notes:

      “Utah’s Garret Bolles has been a fast riser on draft boards due to his athleticism and movement skills, but some scouts question whether he’s capable of developing into a franchise left tackle. An NFC scout recently told me that he worried about his Bolles’ strength and power as a top-tier prospect.”

      “He doesn’t have a great build and I don’t see enough strength or power to be a top guy,” said the scout. “He is athletic and moves around well, but I worry about his functional strength against big guys. … I see him as more of a developmental prospect instead of a plug-and-play guy.”


      There will hopefully be enough divided opinion among scouts so that Bolles is drafted behind Robinson & Ramczyk. That could put him squarely in Seattle’s range. I’m not expecting him to drop that far, but I’m not ruling it out either.

      • JT

        Another interesting tidbit from Brooks & Daniel Jeremiah’s notes today is that some scouts are saying there may be as many as 15 CB’s with top 40 talent. 15… that’s ridiculous.

        I don’t see CB as a big need, but some of that top 40 talent is destined to drop during the draft. A good developmental CB could be found in the 3rd or 4th round. I don’t know if Seattle would take a CB that high, but if they are ever going to, this is the year.

        Full article:

        • Volume12

          There’s 350 scouts in the league. They all feel that way?

          • Volume12

            I think the scary thing about that article is Tim Williams. Wouldn’t touch him with a ten foot pole.

          • JT

            Definitely not, but it speaks to the tremendous talent & depth at the CB position in this draft.

            • Volume12

              Oh, I meant about Bolles.

              I do think the CB position has very good depth this year.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Doesn’t Ramczyk need hip surgery? Will that affect his draft position?

        • JT

          He had hip surgery one week ago, and is expected to be sidelined 4 months. I’ve read it’s unlikely he’ll be able to complete the athletic testing. He’s a great athlete, so that certainly doesn’t help his stock.

  10. JT

    C.J. Prosise is officially questionable, and will be a game-time decision according to Coach Carroll. Let’s hope this isn’t classic PC over-optimism.

    Go Hawks!

    • dawgma

      “Questionable” and a full participant in practice. Pete isn’t fooling anyone in Atlanta, he’s playing.

      • Volume12

        I’d bet on him playing as well.

      • Logan Lynch

        Watching his actual press conference and listening to what he said about Prosise in context (and paying attention to Pete’s body language), I would not be surprised if he played. Then again, Pete has been known to play these games before and guys have sat out.

        This is eerily similar to the Percy Harvin situation…in injury only, not at all comparing the two players. Lets just hope this season ends the same way!

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