Podcast: Seahawks so far, Eagles, running backs & no dancing

I was invited on to the Field Gulls podcast this week to talk through a few different topics. Why are the Seahawks on a two game losing streak at home? Russell Wilson in December. Running backs in the draft. And most importantly — making sure the Eagles aren’t dancing at Century Link on Sunday.


  1. swisshawk

    Really looking forward to listen to the podcast 🙂 It’s a shame that you aren’t invited more often.
    Until I find enough time to enjoy it, I have a question for you. In yesterdays piece about RB’s you mentioned Harris and Johnson as 2a/2b. Which do you think is better running out of shotgun?
    The Seahawks seem to like running out of it since 24 retired (my estimation, no hard evidence), so it could be an additional factor to consider (with all RB’s)

    • Rob Staton

      Probably Kerryon — very patient runner. Harris more north and south but has great vision and explosive qualities.

  2. Sea Mode

    Thank you for the new content, Rob. I must admit it’s not a format that works for me most of the time, but I appreciate the work you put in as always and hope I catch most of the thoughts in written form anyway.

    If I may, just copying this over from the tail end of the last thread so you guys can either temper or join in my optimism. This Sunday will obviously be a huge test that will go far in telling us if we still have what it takes to compete with top playoff teams this year.


    This makes me VERY hopeful for our chances even this season. #3 pass protection unit this week, 0 sacks? Clear steps forward both individually and collectively, with hardly any help needed from TE/RB blocking? Heck yeah!

    If Russ figures out that he can start to trust the OL again and step up into an actual pocket, watch out League! Going on a tear down the stretch like he did in 2015 is not at all out of the question. He has already uploaded “MVP Protocol 2.0” anyway this season and arguably has even better weapons to throw to than back then now that PRich and Graham are healthy and have found their groove. And if Carson can make it back for the playoffs…

    • Logan Lynch

      This week is going to be a great test. If they can hold up against the PHI DL, they should be able to do the same against JAX or LAR…which happen to be the following two games. What a gauntlet!

      I’m hoping the PHI defense gets a little overaggressive this week and SEA takes advantage of it.

      One thing I really, really want to see solely for the purpose of irony is a Byron Maxwell INT.

  3. Kenny Sloth

    Nice World Cup drae. Belgium is my dark horse so watch out.

    • cha

      No big time Group of Death, although F looks tough.

      It feels like the “most even” draw I’ve seen in a WC. I can’t wait!

      • Greg Haugsven

        Shouldnt have many more groups of death anymore with the 4 pot system they are using.

        • Greg Haugsven

          I still cant believe we arent in it. That sucks so bad.

          • Kenny Sloth

            If you had a group of 4 us teams, one would dominate two would disappoint and the fourth would bomb the f*** out

          • Sea Mode

            Haha, we should organize our own round robin with Italy, Chile, and Holland…

      • Kenny Sloth

        Except Russia’s draw with Uruguay.

        Call it the group of life.

        • cha

          I’m not sure what’s better – a free pass into the next round or getting flabby off lame competition and potentially getting blown out in the next round.

    • H

      Are Belgium are dark horse at this point? They’ve been the “dark horse” for the last 4 or 5 tournaments. If anything England are a dark horse. As a spurs fan it’ll be a fun game, and nice to have some sport I care about during the long summer.
      Go Hawks!
      God save the Queen!

  4. Volume12

    Gonna be hilarious when Oregon loses Taggart to Florida St. What are they gonna do? Call Chip?

    • Volume12

      Once again, CFB owns. This coaching carousel has been more interesting and dull okf more drama and soap opera antics than anything the NFL has done this year.

    • DC

      It would be soooo great.

      • DC

        They will go after Wilcox.

    • SeaHusky

      Probably promote from within and elevate either Cristobal or Levitt. Either way, that recruiting class is about to evaporate if he leaves. Good for UW if they want to poach some of the better ones.

  5. Volume12

    People think Herm Edwards at Arizona St is gonna help attract recruits because they recognize his face?

    They’d be surprised how many football players actually don’t watch football at all in their spare time. Why would they?

    Secondly, millenials ain’t watching Fox sports or ESPN.

    Lastly, and this is shocking. Most recruits don’t care about the results of games. They don’t spend their Saturdays watching it like we do.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Kids my age won’t even know the name.

      Its NUTS how few kids watch football.

      I love hearing kids talk about who they model their game after. Those are the kids doing the work off the field to be successful.

      Guarantee ET3 watched NFL in college.

      • DC

        Herm’s claim to fame is his rant, “You play to win the game!”

        He’s up there with Dennis Green & Jim Mora.

        • Volume12

          Nah. Denny Green was a damn good coach. I got nothing bad to say about the man who recognized the talents amnd actually had the balls to pull the trigger on the greatest WR of all time aka Randy Moss.

          • DC

            “They are who we thought they were!”

            The famous rant clips.

    • cha

      Herm hasn’t coached since 2009, and in college since 1989. In 2018, he’ll be 9 years removed from coaching.

      He must have wowed them in his interview.

      • BobbyK

        Or his former (co) agent hired him.

  6. JimQ

    Rob, re: podcast, how do you do it? You always give an answer, but those rambling, 200 word, 5/6 topic questions you are being fed has to give you pause. Overall, I think these podcasts could be shorter and more informative if the questions were more brief & explicit, but maybe that’s just me.

    • mishima

      Not just you. I can’t get past K. Arthur’s first question/monologue.


      Still planning on doing your own podcast?


      • Rob Staton

        I intend to do a podcast. It might be nearer the draft season though. With guests. When I start something I want to do it properly and don’t want to disappoint anyone. So stay tuned.

        • mishima

          Looking forward to it. Best of luck.

  7. Sea Mode

    Wow, cool:

    Seahawks OL Pass Blocking Efficiency Rank (per @pff):

    Since Week 1: 24th (75.7)

    Since Week 4: 14th (79.1)

    Since Week 8: 8th (82.3)

    Last Week: 3rd (90.4)

    The improvement is undeniable.

    7:48 PM – Nov 28, 2017

    • SeaHusky

      The improvement is definitely noticeable, and it should only get better once Brown and Joeckel are able to get some more reps playing together. Wilson needs to adjust his internal clock now, as it was clear he was scrambling out of the pocket prematurely at times last week. His scrambling definitely saves us from a lot of sacks, but I’d like to see him step up more and remain poised within the pocket when there is one present.

  8. DC

    Stanford vs USC coming up…

    Hawks in attendance?

  9. East Side Stevie

    I have a question for anyone who has knowledge on the draft:
    If the seahawks pick in the first round is at 24; Lets say that they trade down twice (completely out of the 1st round) what capital can that get them?

    • Sea Mode

      Usually a late R3 or early R4, depending on supply and demand of teams willing to trade in any given year.

      The trade chart is just for reference, but usually is a pretty good starting point and ends up pretty close to being followed, though the GM asking for the trade might have to take sleightly less value to top off the deal. The GMs have an updated version they pass around and I believe most use.

      Here’s the classic version, with last year’s draft order slotted in:

      • HSea Mode

        And if you are interested, here’s and updated version made last year based on all trades made since the new CBA in 2011.


      • JimQ

        Here is a hypothetical trade down scenario I’m currently using for my own mock purposes. Obviously any trades require willing trade partners & it’s possible the Seahawks pickup up to 3 additional picks as a result.
        Rd-1——(Native pick), —–#26–to–32————-TRADE DOWN OF 1-st RD pick.
        —–TRADE DOWN #29 (640-points) *FOR* – #36 (540-points) & #100 (100-points)
        —–TRADE DOWN #36-T–(540-points) *FOR*- #44 (460-points), #108 (78-points) & #148 (32.6-points)

        • East Side Stevie

          Thanks guys!

  10. Greg Haugsven

    After watching some Alvin Kamara highlights I get so frustrated because of what Prosise could be if he wasn’t broken all the time.

    • peter

      or if they had just drafted a Kamara, one of maybe 6 RB’s to fit their mold in size and explosive traits last draft. Smooth pass catcher and decently patient runner.

  11. drewdawg11


    Ronald Jones is growing on me for a potential Seahawks’ feature back. He’s gotten better this season. Homerun bitter but he’s playing physically. Semi-reminiscent of Eric Dickerson with that upright running style. Obviously there’s only one Eric Dickerson.

    • Volume12


  12. Trevor

    Would love to see the Hawks somehow come out of this draft with Will Gonzalez (LG) and Bryce Love (RB). I think it would completely reverse our Run game from weakness to a strength.

    Gonzalez is a beast and combined with Brown on the left side they would be dominant in the run blocking game. Then combinging Love with Carson I think you have a dynamic 1-2 punch with a big power back in Carson and a true home run hitter in Love.

    • DC

      Wouldn’t mind that haul one bit.

  13. 503Hawk

    UCF v Memphis.
    Will Paul Allen please throw money at Scott Frost for OC and heir apparent for Pete Carroll!!!
    I have seen UCF several times this year and they are so creative / imaginative on O. Really fun to watch.

    • East Side Stevie

      Is scott frost going to Nebraska?

      • SeaHusky

        Yup. Wild week of coaching changes for CFB.

        • Volume12

          That’s the best coaching change out of them all IMO. Just an amazing get for Nebraska. They’ll be a top 10 team again in no time.

          • Volume12

            Those Nebraska teams in the mid ’90s were lit! Scott Frost, Tommy Frazier, Lawrence Phillips, Grant Wistrom.

  14. Kenny Sloth

    Sounders won their 2 leg playoff 5-0 and look like a much better team than last year’s championship squad.

    Toronto FC looks much better, too, but the Seapeat is alive

  15. Kenny Sloth

    Man, Baker Mayfield needs to get a grip. Now it’s borderline putting his team at risk.

    Now his coach has to defend him and he looks like a huge jerk every week.

    Ask Kingsbury why Mayfield wasnt gonna get a scholarship at Texas Tech.

  16. Volume12

    What is this UCF/Memphis game? Batsh** insane is about the only way to describe it. Good lord. Never leave CFB.

    • Volume12

      Over 1400 yds of combined offense!

    • Volume12

      This game is proof of why getting rid of the BCS was trash. Got damn! Run that game back 2 or 3 more times.

  17. Pickering

    Rob previously mentioned Anthony Miller from Memphis. His line today:
    Rec: 13
    Avg: 13.7
    TD: 3
    Long: 68

    I’m sure he’ll be long gone by the time the ‘Hawks draft.

  18. Volume12

    So… Jimbo Fisher leaves Florida St (Tallahassee) who’s fan base is obsessed, for Texas A&M (College Station) who’s fan base is bordering on cult like status? Seems reasonable.

    Let’s see what the overrated Jimbo does in the SEC.

  19. Icb12

    Early draft wishlist.

    Double dip on pac12 RB
    Bryce love and Vic Enwere

    Jeff Holland auburn- still being underrated.
    Harrison Phillips – still being underrated IMO.

    And a big WR. I’m not particular.
    But if I see Tyler lockett the Smurf going for jump balls in the end zone anymore… Ugh.

    • Volume12

      Love me some Auden Tate. IMO, has the most upside of any receiver in this class.

      • DC

        Would the Hawks be able to get Tate beyond the 1st round iyo (after a trade back or two)? We’ve been looking for that type since Pete’s arrival.

        • Volume12


          Keep an eye on UCF’s Tre’Quan Smith (6’1, 210). A R-jr, but he’s a dude. Could see Settle really liking him. Freakish skill set.

          • Volume12

            * Seattle

  20. Volume12

    Love RB Sony Michel.

    Violent, shifty, runs behind his pads probably better than any back in this class, plenty of burst, still has a lot of untapped potential. Not gonna be a home run hitter, but will move the chains consistently. He’s starting RB material.

    Has a whole lot of drive too-

    • Volume12

      Real physical between the tackles actually. Good pass protector too. This kid is gonna be the steal of the draft at the RB position.

  21. Volume12

    Turnover CHAIIINNN! So disgusting. 😉

    • Volume12

      Hope Santa brings me one for Christmas.

  22. 503Hawk

    So the Final Four will be:

    • Greg Haugsven

      If Ohio State wins then let the debate begin. Ohio State probably deserves it but Alabama is probably the better team.

  23. Old but Slow

    At this point I will settle for a set of games that showcases the best running backs that we might take. Auburn, Georgia, Alabama, and Penn State (do they qualify?).

  24. Old but Slow

    With the game with Philly today, we enter the 4th game under Carroll/Wilson against a team with 10 wins. So far, we are 3-0 against those teams. I like our chances.

  25. Volume12

    Is Ohio St. the new DBU? Lattimore, Roby, Hooker, Conley, Apple, Malcolm Jenkins, Vonn Bell, and now Denzil Ward?

  26. Hawk Eye

    We will see how the Hawks play today. I am optimistic they can win. Pete seems t be able to get them up for big games, and they like the underdog mentality. Remember, they were big underdogs against Denver in the Super Bowl. I can remember Pete getting a little irritated by questions before the game about how great Denver was and he said, “remember, they have to play us too”
    But at this point, winning against a good team means everything has to go right, a couple of mistakes and they won’t win.
    Looking at the current team and how JS/PC have operated in the past, I think they go RB and CB with their top 2 choices in the next draft. I doubt they draft another O lineman high. I doubt the keep Joeckel because they are just getting too tight to the cap, but they have 2 1sts, 2 3nds and a 3rd round pick on the line without him, and I think they don’t invest much more high draft capital. I can see them drafting a LB to start preparing for life after KJ and Pete never has enough pass rushers. If PRich leaves, I think they use Darboh, Moore and maybe Procise to replace him. At 6-1 and 220, Procise would be a bigger receiver, although we all know the caveat with him.
    TE is a possibility, but I think they try to keep JG, let Luke go and promote Swoopes. If JG leaves, I think they keep Luke and use TE more for blocking. I think Swoopes is intriguing, but don’t know much about how he is developing.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Tight end wise they also have Varnett – he caught a touchdown last game. Darboh is playing a little but it feels like a redshirt year for him. He looks like he can high point the catch – a much needed skill in Seahawks land.

      The Eagles and Rams are going to be the two big tests at end of season. I’m optimistic but the lack of a running game and stubborn adherence to running have a high probability of contributing to a loss. The usual slow first half offense will be a disaster. The Seahawks need to call plays that are effective from the get go.

      I’m not worried about the defense, even with injuries they have a lot of talent left. Maybe they have gone from #1 defense to #3 or 4? Not much of a slide.

      I was reading that if Seahawks win their chance of making the playoffs increases to over 70%

      Go Hawks!

  27. Volume12

    Strongly dislike the current 4 team playoff gimmick in CFB, but these 2 semi-final matchups are gonna f***ing rule.

    Clemson vs ‘Bama in a rematch, and a Baker Mayfield led Oklahoma vs the 2 headed monster at RB for Georgia. Inject this into my veins now please.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I wanted 8 teams from the get go. With first round played out in bowl games. This is imperfect but better than before. Listened to a long dicussion in the tsa line. Over whether Ohio State (?) Should be in top 4. It’s hard to boot Alabama- they probably should start as #1 seed based on historic record. You can bet Saban will light a fire under his players. And no coach leaving distractions this year.

      • Volume12

        I trust the computers more than a bunch of crotchety old ADs. That’s just me though.

        ‘Bama’s brand absolutely played a part in getting them in.

        I was always hoping when they went to the playoff format, that it would be 6 teams. 1 and 2 get byes.

        Not a fan of the semifinals as bowl games either. This year we should’ve got a 🔥 a** traditional BIG10/PAC 12 matchup between Ohio St and USC. Oh well, Ohio St vs UCF or USC in the Fiesta bowl needs to happen.

        • Volume12

          And how is Wisconsin 6? After the top 4, did they just pick randomly?

          • Volume12

            Probably a bit biased here, but I say let the committee book the matchups WWE style.

  28. drewdawg11

    Bama looked more mortal a couple of times this season, but they never look awful. Ohio State has looked really bad more than once. Oklahoma clowned then, Iowa whipped them. They aren’t elite. They are a step below. Talented, but not elite.

  29. Sea Mode

    Wow, 4yr/$52m extension for Alshon Jeffery. 27m guaranteed.


    • Kenny Sloth

      Wow. You’d think he could pull in half his targets.

    • Ground_Hawk

      The dream of Seattle keeping both Graham and PRich just became more uncertain. I could imagine P. Richardson signing for at least $6.5 mil/year, and JFG might realistically ask for $9 mil/year, so there would be $15.5 mil of next year’s $19-$20 mil of available cap space. Maybe we start seeing more of Darboh out there, to get him live action experience, in case PRich moves on?

      • Rob Staton

        One way or another we’re going to see some moves in the off-season.

  30. Volume12

    CFB analyst Jesse Palmer with some incredible insight (on some bullsh**).

    ‘Wins and losses matter more than your resume.’

    But… but wins and losses is literally the resume.

  31. Hawk Eye

    Gronk should get suspended for 1 game. Dirty cheap shot on Buffalo CB out of bounds after an int. No reason for it and the guy got hurt. And Amendola with a cheap shot on same play that gets the Bills player with the penalty. Edlman and Amandola both are dirty players. Besides the cheating (and the winning, let’s not kid ourselves) they have unbearable fans and are not a likable team.
    ANYONE but the Pats to win the SB!

    • Pickering

      A cheap, vicious shot. He admitted he was wrong, but saying it was ‘football’ weakened the apology. He deserves a minimum one game suspension.

  32. Icb12


    Collins with 15 carries for 75 and 2 TDs.
    Plus a couple catches.

    Tell me why Seahawks cut him instead of Rawls or Lacy?
    He might not be elite, but he could have helped this team.

    • Volume12

      I’d take A guy over no guy/s.

  33. vrtkolman

    Marcus Peters just flat out quit on his team. He wasn’t even ejected, he just walked off the field and into the locker room after chucking an official’s flag into the stands. What kind of a bitch move is that? There were rumors that he punched one if his coaches at UW, which is why he was kicked off the team. He is a major headcase.

    • Icb12

      Majorly talented headcase

      • vrtkolman

        One of the best in the league no doubt, but his attitude is awful.

  34. Volume12

    Some real fun matchups this bowl season:

    Stanford vs TCU
    OK St vs VA-Tech
    Wisconsin vs Miami (talk about 2 polar opposites)
    BC vs Iowa (hell yeah! That game better be like 10-9 in the snow)
    Ohio St vs USC (should be the Rose bowl)
    Udub vs Penn St. (Vita Vea against Saquan Barkley)
    Auburn vs UCF

    • Volume12

      Oregon vs Boise St.

      • DC

        Call it the “(sucker) Punch Bowl”

      • Kenny Sloth

        Yeuh yeuh yeuh yeuh yeuh

        Thats actually an exciting game for us tbh.

        Dont expect this mediocrity to last down there.

        Taggert is perfect for the UofO brand

    • Icb12

      It’s a wonderful bowl schedule.

      Off topic. But WTF is Arians doing challenging that? Opening kick. Good grief.

    • DC

      Love UW vs PSU
      Tempted to go to that one… but won’t

  35. vrtkolman

    Kamara is a monster, did you see him take that monster hit from Shaq, recover, and then slide in on 4th and goal?

    • vrtkolman

      He looks small and lanky on the field, but he’s got some Lynch in him where he can absorb and bounce of hits.

  36. DC

    Cardinals need to win today! Help us out.

  37. DC

    Will Willie Taggart make the move already?!? Get out of the devil’s lair. FSU get your s**t together and make it happen!

    • Kenny Sloth

      Damn dude. He JUST got to Oregon. Give the dude a second to chill.

      He spent longer than that at USF

      • Kenny Sloth

        Hasnt been here a year D:

  38. Kenny Sloth

    I haven’t been so excited for a match in a while.

    Since GB week 1 at least

  39. Ishmael

    Very decent first drive. Wilson running, some quick passes too. Hate the draw on 3rd and 10 though.

  40. Ishmael

    Making Wentz earn it early. Couple of marginal hits. Don’t mind it tbh.

  41. Hawktalkse#1

    They are coming out with a fire tonight.

    If I didn’t know better, I’d say they really want to win this game. 🙂

  42. Hawktalkse#1

    Holy cow. Yeah, let’s trade JG. He’ll old and unproductive.

  43. Hawk Eye

    10-0 start.
    someone pinch me, am I dreaming?

  44. Ishmael

    Jimmy Graham – loves a touchdown.

    This has been an excellent first quarter. Backs to the wall and the boys are showing up. Not perfect, but better than they’ve looked for a while.

    • drewdawg11

      And people think we should let him walk. I don’t get it.

  45. Trevor

    That was by far our best 1Q of the year!

    Kind of feels like the NE last year when everyone was expecting the Hawks to get blown out and they flipped the switch. Hope they can keep it up.

  46. Kenny Sloth

    …. This game you guys….

    The chess match of it in this second quarter.

    This game is for sure my aesthetic.

    Im just so happy we’re ahead…

  47. Kenny Sloth

    Also welcome back ByMax

  48. mishima

    Need to revise (read: eat crow) my opinion of Graham. Had no idea his red zone catch rate (14 / 18!) was so high. Dude is being targeted more, but he’s catching almost everything, lately.

    I was wrong: The Wilson / Graham connection is on like Donkey Kong.

    • Kenny Sloth


  49. Del Tre

    Go hawks! Also just gonna leave this here
    Saquan Barkley 199 for 1134 and a 5.6 yard average with 16 rush TDs 47 caatches for 594 at 12.6! And 3tds
    Myles Gaskin: 208 for 1282 for a 6.2 average with 19 rushing TDs 18 catches for 228 at 19YPC!! with 3 tds

    Barkley wasn’t exactly lighting it up against good competition, he had a fantastic game against Michigain but fell below 3ypc 3 yimes this year. Doesn’t scream to me that he’s anyone worth trading up for.

    • Rowdy

      Great post but would repost it tomorrow. It will probably get lost during the game

      • Del Tre

        Will do! Thanks!

  50. John_s

    Incredibly impressed by McDougald. He has been the player of the game on defense so far IMO

    • Trevor

      Agreed! His pass coverage had bee great and an upgrade over Kam to be honest. He is not as good in run support but he has been very very solid.

      Maxwell has been great as well IMO.

  51. Kenny Sloth

    Gorgeous play design by Bevell on that inside screen to Mike Davis

    • Kenny Sloth

      And that nickel blitz from Coleman was genius by Richard and Carroll

    • Trevor

      I think Bevell has called a good game. I liked how he started the game getting Russ moving.

      • Kenny Sloth

        I agree, really put pressure on the defense and the whole team has played so loose

  52. Hawk Eye

    the rumors of the Hawks demise may have been greatly exaggerated….

    playing a great game, need to finish, don’t allow Wentz to pull off any “Russell plays”

    • PowerPeanut

      like that one? hahaha

  53. Hawk Eye


    • Hawk Eye

      i just jinxed it, Wentz pulls off a couple of “Russell plays”

  54. Trevor

    Would love to see the Hawks be able to run the ball in 4th and close this thjng out.

    That 3rd down conversion by Wentz to Agholor was sick and hurt.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Davis has been just ok. I see some holes he has missed

  55. Trevor

    Wagner is just a flat out beast!

  56. Trevor

    Wow two long 3rd down conversions with ridicuosly good passes. That really sucked

  57. Kenny Sloth

    So well called

  58. House

    That pitch play was just FILTHY… Russ is out there playing LIGHTS OUT!

  59. Trevor

    With Aaron Rodgers hurt the two most elusive QBs in the game are playing tonight. Wow there have been some crazy plays.

  60. Del Tre

    So resign McDougold at 8-10 mil a year? He is a member of the LOB after tonight, for sure. Despite Maxwells ugly play (i think there might have been a bit of grabbing, maybe the wr got away with something) it honestly seems like the D is playing better without Chancellor. McDougold is better in coverage, and the D line is stepping up against the run, feels a lot like the 2014 run. Go hawks

    • House

      Only way McDougald gets signed anywhere near there is if Kam retires, which is unlikely.

      I envision McDougald leaving for a big pay day somewhere, unless he just LOVES his role and playing for Seattle. I can’t see him turning down that much $$$

    • Greg Haugsven

      No thanks on $8-10 million. He ain’t playing that good.

      • John_s

        12 tackles, played the run well and locked up the TE. He played an excellent game minus the penalty on the slide.

  61. Trevor

    Justin Coleman has been such a great pickup IMO he has been the best slot CB the Hawks have had in the PC era. He does not get much press but I think he has been so solid and consistent.

    He and Mcdougald were great gets by JS to give us the depth we lacked in previous years and I hope they can lock up both guys going forward.

  62. Greg Haugsven

    Just don’t let Maxwell f#%k this up.

    • House

      He didn’t!!! lol

  63. drewdawg11

    Anyone crying for Joeckel to be retained, he’s been absolutely destroyed all night. He’s trash. No thank you. I’m ready to draft Will Hernandez.

    • Trevor

      + 1

      • Greg Haugsven

        Yeah, him and Maxwell have been getting beat like they stole something

  64. Greg Haugsven

    What a bad throw that is, had guys open shorter

  65. GoHawks5151

    Maxwell!!!!!! Poetic Justice if I even seen it!!!!!

  66. Trevor

    Does Wags ever miss a tackle. I don’t think so, it is pretty incredible really.

    • House

      NO… and it is F’ing amazing!!!

  67. House

    Another plus with tonight’s game… Collinsworth has to eat a big sh*t sandwich and has to talk about the Seahawks in a positive light. That dude rags on us any chance he gets. I swear his wife/daughter fell in love with a Hawk and ruined his life.

  68. Trevor

    Something about the Hawks in December and Prime Time games. They were almost a lock tonight if you believe in trends.

    When you see them play like this those two losses which should have been wins hurt even more. This team can still beat anyone on a given night. This has to be huge for thier confidence.

    • AlaskaHawk

      The loss I hated the most was against the Washington Redskins. Someone should have put a boot to their butts afterwards.

  69. Trevor

    If Carson can come back healthy then he, Davis and Mckissic might not be too bad.

    • Greg Haugsven

      I would be happy with those 3. Davis was good today.

  70. Greg Haugsven

    Good win, I thought the Eagles played and coached scared. Hopefully not next week when they get the Rams.

  71. Hawk Eye

    great game, now we’re on to Jacksonville.
    Cannot ruin the capital gained tonight, hope Philly bounces back next week

  72. Kenny Sloth

    This is definitely not prime time for Rob.

  73. Forrest

    What a game. Jags, Rams and Cowboys look a little less scary now. Also, is 12-4 possible?

  74. Alex6674

    I don’t predict many games….but proud to say I called this one right performance wise and that we got the win!

    Now the thing is we all got our tails back up and are excited for the rest of the season………BUT REMEMBER……..the chances of us going back to the penalty ridden, sloppy execuution team of but a couple of weeks ago is still very high next week! So let’s all keep it level headed and before we annoint Mike Davis as the new C

    • Alex6674

      urt Warner, and the O line the re-incarnation of the famous Redskins Hogs, let’s get our collective realistic heads on for the next game!

      That said….I’m so pumped for next week!

      Prediction……I think we will win by 6.

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