Instant reaction: Seahawks win, move to 8-4

Home underdogs for the first time since 2011, experiencing a two-game losing streak at Century Link Field and needing a win to energise the season, not just keep pace with the playoff contenders.

This was a huge (and comprehensive) victory for the Seahawks.

In front of a national audience, Russell Wilson made a case to be a MVP candidate. If the Seahawks keep winning, he’ll be up there.

The defense, banged up and missing key players, limited the Eagles to ten points. Coming into the game they were averaging 32 points per game.

And more than anything this win will get people believing again. It will bring a drifting season back to life. Defeat would’ve had Seattle out of the wildcard spots and two games behind the Rams in the NFC West battle. They could’ve been toast.

Now they’ve beaten a team that were fancied by six points to win in Seattle according to Vegas. Maybe that put the chip back on one or two shoulders?

Nobody was doing the ‘electric slide’ tonight.

This will be a shorter review of the game because it’s 4:40am and in a few hours I’ll be driving to France. Here are some quick notes:

— The defense is missing key defenders but what we saw today is there’s still enough talent to make life difficult for a top opponent. That said, the Eagles started with a very conservative approach. If the two teams meet again down the line, that won’t happen for a second time.

— Jimmy Graham continued his incredible red zone scoring streak. He is a vital part of this team.

— Bradley McDougald had a terrific performance, making several important plays. Based on what he’s shown so far, he might be a priority re-sign.

— Mike Davis might not be a long term answer or the type of player who will get you +100 yards. For now though, he is just what they need to get ‘enough’ out of the running game. He played well again today.

— Wilson is just in majestic form. MVP? Why not? He doesn’t benefit from a fantastic running game like Tom Brady and Carson Wentz.

— Speaking of MVP’s — Bobby Wagner and Calais Campbell have to be at the front of the race for the defensive player of the year.

— Seattle started strongly and played clean football with only a handful of penalties. That is a major positive.

— The Seahawks are 8-4. It’s hard not to think about those two home losses to Atlanta and Washington and wonder what could’ve been.

— Today is also a reminder that as well as Philly, Minnesota and New Orleans have played — they’re not the 2013 Seahawks and are not unbeatable in the post-season.

— This result might focus a few minds in Philadelphia. Good. Their next game is in LA against the Rams.

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  1. Bryan

    What a championship mindset looks like. No Kam. No Sherman. Next men up play with grit and determination. What a win!

  2. Volume12

    Huge win. It really changes the landscape of the NFC.

    The D made a statement tonight against the #1 ranked offense.

    RW was incredible as usual. The WRs played well, Shaq made plays, McDougald did as well. Vannett is coming along nicely. Missed Kam a little, but not as much as I thought.

    Mike Davis had a solid game. Frank had himself one hell of a game. So happy for Maxi that he got a pick.

    The O-line looks like its finally settling down and getting figured out.

    Not much else to say. It was one hell of a performance through and through. The great thing is, we still control our own destiny with the Rams coming into the Clink. On to Jacksonville

    • Volume12

      Was glad to see this team go back to basics and play that backyard, playground, college style tonight. They played their game. Finally.

      • Trevor

        + 1

        I thought Bevell and Richards called good games as well.

        • Bryan

          Great point on the creative play calling from Bevell

      • C-Dog


        Was at the game, and should to my nephew that it was nice to see some Seahawks football again.

  3. Nick

    I agree with your assessment on Bradley McDougald. He is more of a priority to sign than P-Rich in my opinion. He is so unbelievably valuable—can play both FS and SS, and also allows for Tedric Thompson and Delano Hill to develop for another year or two.

    • Forrest

      Agreed. Right now I think Graham, S. Richardson and McDougald are priorities this off-season. P-Rich and Luke Joeckel would be nice as well, but probably on the outside looking in at this point.

      • Nick

        Completely agree.

      • Volume12

        Yeah, not a fan of Joekcel. He’s servicable and nice versatile depth piece or option B.

        • drewdawg11

          Why would he be nice to retain? Are we all watching the same guy? He’s absolutely terrible and a rookie free agent could do the same job for the league minimum. We need to keep BM, but nothing too crazy. He’s not a star, just solid. One year maybe. If the pups aren’t ready by then, they were the wrong picks. Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy. Sheldon is going to get paid. Is he worth the money? I think so… but I expected a little more from him. Mike Davis is playing really well. I’m happy for him.

          • hawkdawg

            Not sure I’d go that far, but I was at the game, and I bet the tape shows that the middle three on that line struggled pretty badly, especially the left and right guards. Some real ole’ blocks there. Pocic probably had the worst game of all five. Ifedi was actually not all that bad.

            • Mark Souza

              Ifedi was horrible again. I’m tired of seeing him standing around, hands on hips before the play is over. Block somebody until the whistle blows. Half the time he turns around to see either RW or the running back on the ground behind him. “I suppose I should of kept blocking, huh?”

              Someone should be riding his ass about this stuff. He’s a big strong man and opponents should be afraid to see him, but they’re not.

              • BobbyK

                Ifedi wasn’t that bad and coming off a good game last week (if you don’t think he was decent/good last week, then we watched different games). He’s 23 and playing RT for the first time in the NFL this year. He’s improving. He may never play in the Pro Bowl, but he’s going to be a better 1st round pick than James Carpenter ever was (not like that’s saying much, imo). I still remember when Carp got benched for Michael Bowie in a playoff game.

                • Mark Souza

                  Agree on the Carpenter comparison, but that’s a mighty low bar to set. My biggest problem with him at the moment is he quits before the play is over. It’s something he could fix today if he had the attitude, and I don’t know why he doesn’t.

                  The technical stuff he’ll get better at over time, but boy does he have ground to make up with technique.

              • Jusjamn

                Ifedi or Joekel will be replaced by Fant next year. I hope. They will not survive with the current run blocking. It’s just terrible.

  4. Matt

    Great win! Mike Davis provided a big boost at RB. Cleaned up the penalties. Maxy, Griffin and Mcdougald made some plays. Pass rush was disruptive and got home a few times. Jefferson looks like a different player now. Wags should be dpoy!

    Man what a big win!

    • Michael M.

      Wags is very deserving of consideration, and in a universe where Calais Campbell doesn’t exist he might even win it. Sadly the streak of no Seahawk winning an individual award looks destined to continue, and it really boggles my mind.

  5. Greg Haugsven

    Damn, driving to France. I get to drive to Woodland. Wanna trade. Good win but again I thought the Eagles played scared.

  6. Volume12

    Good point. That loss to Washington still hurts.

    • Forrest


  7. Volume12

    Remember when Mike Davis was just string there inactive?

    • Greg Haugsven

      Its interesting to me how much he looks like Lynch. His build and everything. Just needs some dreds out the back.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Davis has Great lateral movement to avoid tackles. He provided the boost they needed in the running game. Softened the Eagles up for McKissic later in the game.

      • Volume12

        That pitch from Russ to Davis was legendary stuff. Loved that.

        • Greg Haugsven

          That was a classic Russ play, not much risk but it was illegal…lol

        • C-Dog


          I’m still in shock over that play.

          • Hawk Eye

            watching the replay again, don’t think it was a forward pass. Might look like it because Davis was running forward, but the ball went backwards (I think)

            • Gohawks5151

              Seriously! I was so tired of the Collinsworth and Al talking so definitively that it was an illegal pass. He turns his body and the arm is going back. If anything it was even. Then they draw a line on a camera angle that is clearly at an angle. I think it was a good play.

            • C-Dog

              Yeah, I looked at it a few times too. I didn’t see it going forward. Someone messaged me while I was at the game and said Collinsworth was unlistenable.

              • neil

                It doesn’t really matter. Those things have away of evening out. The refs missed a pi when Richardson’s head was jerked back when he had his hands on the ball. Of the next four games I am most concerned about the Dallas game. Elliott will be back and that game will be their playoff game.

                • David

                  Most of the time those things don’t even out for the Seahawks. This seems like the first game that was actually called fairly on both sides. Many games this year the Hawks have been called for phantom penalties with absolutely zero reciprocal calls/no-calls in their favor.

                  That said, I don’t think that was PI (Richardson had already touched the ball) but definitely should have been a personal foul facemask or illegal hands to the face (which Clark seems to get called every other game) but that’s neither here nor there.

              • CHawk Talker Eric

                My brother said the same thing about both Michaels and Collinsworth. I didn’t mind them so much because I was too busy enjoying the game itself.

                But the lateral/forward pass was close enough either way that Pederson should’ve challenged it. It was also a pivotal moment in the game. SEA went from having to punt to setting up a TD.

                Overall, it felt nice being on the happy side of the refs’ calls. For once.

                • hawkdawg

                  Neither commentator cited the rule that controls on that lateral. To be a forward pass, the ball must move forward “initially” from release. It didn’t. It moved backward, or at the very worst in a straight line. Correct call.

                  • hawkster

                    It was a forward pass. The rule states a) OR b)

                    (a) the ball initially moves forward (to a point nearer the opponent’s goal line) after leaving the passer’s
                    hand(s); or
                    (b) the ball first strikes the ground, a player, an official, or anything else at a point that is nearer the
                    opponent’s goal line than the point at which the ball leaves the passer’s hand(s).

                    The b) criteria was met, it was a forward pass.

                  • LouieLouie

                    I think the Hawkster is right. I was a forward pass. That makes it even better, because Philly didn’t challenge the play.

                • cha

                  Is a no-penalty-call “challengeable” though? I might be wrong but I was always under the impression you can’t challenge a “that should have been a penalty” play?

                  • hawkster

                    I think your right. The irony is if Davis drops it and PHI recovers, then it is a turnover, and can be reviewed and found to be an illegal forward pass and not a fumble.

      • Andrew

        His ability as a pass catcher and surprising burst reminded me of Frank Gore. Not saying he’s the next Gore, that’s just who I thought of watching him.

  8. Forty20

    For all the worts and wrinkles in the 2017 roster, each time the Seahawks have encountered the (at the time) top billed offence this year they have answered the call.

    Week 5 vs Rams – The Rams entered the game touted as The Greatest Show On Turf 2.0. Gurley was subsequently stuffed and Goff pressured as a result. 10pts were scored against Seattle.

    Week 8 vs Texans – Defence was MIA but Seattle won the day in one of the most thrilling shoot outs in the modern era.

    Week 13 vs Eagles – Wentz made a couple of ridiculous plays to showcase his huge ceiling but the vaunted running game of the Eagles was clinically suffocated. Kris Richard dialled up some looks that threw Wentz in a spin.

    For everything that has gone wrong this year, we really aren’t that far away from where we need to be. We have shown we can consistently beat down the best offences in the league, our run home will show us where we stand against some of the elite defences.

    • Forty20

      And in saying that, Philly are one of the top billed defences and Wilson worked them over. If we stop beating ourselves, as we did this week, our rivals will start looking over their shoulders for the ominous footsteps.

  9. joel

    Glad you were rewarded for staying up all night in a hotel room hallway. Thanks for the recap, Rob!

  10. Trevor

    Russ has to be the most fun player to watch and fustrating player to play against that the NFL has seen in a long time. He looks like he is out there playing sandlot football running around like a little kid and is like the energizer bunny. He never seems to tire. He truly is remarkable for his passion and compete level as much as anything else.

    • Volume12

      He’s something else. One of the most impressive things is how much of a beating he takes every game. Seattle could put 5 of the best O-lineman this game has to offer in front of him, and he’d still scramble out of the pocket. Its a habit now that will never be broken.

      • Trevor

        That is so true. You could tell Duane Brown was a little frustrated a couple of time last night as he blocked his guy expecting Russ to step up in the pocket like every other QB.

        Another reason why continuity on the OL going forward would be nice as it much be hard for them not to get holding calls as well when he is doing all that running around.

        • AlaskaHawk

          It shouldn’t be hard to block for Russ, whenever a defender gets by you, just turn around and wait for them to come running back as they chase Russ. You got multiple opportunities to block the defenders.

  11. dumbquestions

    Great game. It really hinged on Wentz’s fumble through the end zone, and the subsequent series of PHI penalties that led to RW’s beautiful, blitz-beating throw to Baldwin. That changed the game from a dogfight to a grim but winnable situation. The game would have been winnable for Seattle without that sequence, but much more dangerous.

    The happy thing about that shift in the momentum was Seattle’s seriousness in the sequences that followed, and the magic of Russell Wilson, who is clearly the MVP. Seattle got a little lucky with the non-call on the cute lateral, but it was an astounding play nonetheless.

    Russell Wilson is maniacal. He is reaching historic levels. His will to win rivals any player I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been watching football for decades. The road ahead is not easy, but Wilson gives me hope.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Wilson’s will to win is Jordan-esque

      • JimQ

        RW is so confident and positive that his -will to win- rubs off on his teammates. I often have to tell my wife that the game is never over when RW is balling and I think his teammates are lifted and believe in success due to RW’s mental toughness and ultimate -will to win- every game. RW’s mentality may just be equal to his physical talents and that’s great to see in an NFL MVP level QB. I’m glad to be a Seahawks fan and we can all look forward to many more seasons with RW’s continual improvement into one of the very best QB’s in NFL history EVER. Go Hawks, indeed.

    • David

      True, but to be fair, the last 2 drives the Seahawks were clearly not making any attempt to score, only run time off the clock. So had the game been tighter, who knows what Wilson would have been able to pull off then. That IS when his play shines the most afterall.

  12. Lewis

    Love to see Vannett make big plays for the second week in a row. Great TD catch by Jimmy. To me, he looks like a different player catching the ball on the move than standing still. More slants and seam routes, no more posts.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I just checked his pay status and the Seahawks have him signed through 2019 at under a million a year. He is turning out to be a bargain!

      • House

        3rd round rookie contracts are very team friendly. We need to keep him on the field. He reminds me of Zach Miller in Oakland. I don’t see him as a feature pass catcher, but he can block, catch and he’s athletic

        • Michael M.

          Looks like they are making a concerted effort to involve him more. I wonder if this signals what they are thinking with regards to retain Graham or Willson

    • Kroy Nottuh

      Jimmy caught a high pass wih three defenders on him (zone coverage I think) earlier in the game and it showed me he came to play. That play, above the others, imprinted itself on my memory to let me know Jimmy was in the game!!

  13. Preston

    Great game! Maximum effort from all sides. Think it’s worth mentioning just how far the o line has come. It wasn’t so long ago we could expect Russell to be slammed to the ground 5-7 times a game. Noticed they’re getting better at run blocking too. If that trend continues and we get Carson back. Watch out…

  14. Volume12

    Jesus. Gronk can’t figure out what he’s supposed to do when the refs don’t call a PI on him. I don’t know, not give a guy a dirty, late hit and send him into concussion protocol.

    If u don’t suspend him you send the wrong message. Just because you can’t see the impact to his brain doesn’t mean it’s not as bad if he had snapped his ankle or torn up White’s knee.

    • Hawk Eye

      i was watching that game. Bad play, stupid play, he hurt the guy.
      Has to be suspended for that, guy was helpless and out of bounds.
      Lookrd like Gronk has watched too much wrestling

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        I Gronk Smash ~ Gronk

        He is a meat head. Everyone knew them in high school or college. Another reason to dislike the Patriots.

    • Ishmael

      It’s honestly one of the worst plays I’ve seen for a good long while. It’s a deliberate attack on the head of a completely unprotected player – well after play has stopped. We know how absolutely destructive concussions are. If he did that in any of the Australian contact sports he’d be gone for the rest of the season. The intent to injure was genuinely shocking.

      • Michael M.

        Would everyone please stop referring to what Gronk did as a “play”. This had nothing to do with football. Is it a “play” when a guy throws a punch? I realize I’m arguing semantics, but it’s just weird that people keep calling it that.

  15. Kenny Sloth

    If tonight was Russ showing why he should be MVP over Wentz, next week has to be Wagner showing why he needs to be considered over Calais Campbell.

    • SeaHusky

      If the defense holds Wentz and Co. to 10 points, they’re going to absolutely feast on Bortles. Just stack the box against Fournette and dare Bortles to beat us with his arm. I’m confident in our offense breaking through enough times to win us the game. 14 points might be enough.

      • Hawk Eye

        each week is different. Would also not be surprised to see this team have a brain fart in Jacksonville. Hope they don’t, but we have seen if before the last few years. Cannot count on beating Jacksonville because they just beat Philly

        • Smitty1547

          We can’t count on beating Eastern Washington because we just beat Philly, were bi-polar.

          It was fun to see us play a team that was dumber than us today though. Looked like we were playing mirror image. Bad penalties, bad challenges, bad time out, panicked early and should have taken the 3 instead of going for it on 4th down ( they must not have known they were playing the hawks and they would for sure have a let down and let them back in it)

          Big Big win, we unfortunately have put ourselves in a position that every week is a must win now though.

      • Kroy Nottuh

        Fournette is the real deal. And Bortles, for his flaws, is streaky. To me, the JAX game looks like the best chance to win is the tried-and-true Seahawks game plan. Solid run defense and base defense. Keep it close on the road. Give DangeRuss a chance to win at the end.

        And TURNOVERS!!! Get ’em, don’t give ’em……

        • Michael M.

          If by “streaky” you mean “Good when playing against the Colts defense which happens to be the worst in the league” then yes… I guess he is streaky

      • Robert

        Maybe. If IF/Than equations were a reliable predictor of NFL games, I’d be a professional gambler…and rich!

  16. Old but Slow

    Does Bobby Wagner ever miss a tackle? Not in my memory.

    The defense, minus Chancellor and Sherman, made a statement this time. Complain about our DC, but he called a great game, and I love that Max got at pick.

    Clark continues to grow as a player, and the D line in general is really coming together.

    McDonald was stellar, and all over the field. We needed him and he came through. A great acquisition.

    Just remember: clean mind, clean body, take your pick.

    • mishima

      How timely was that blitz from the slot? Got to Wentz’s body and mind.

  17. dingbatman

    Wow. Who would’ve predicted at the beginning of the year that our 2 most effective running backs would be Mike Davis and JD McKissic?

    • Smitty1547

      and carson

  18. Nick

    Rewatched the highlights…Nick Vannett had the best game of his professional career. He blocked incredibly well, improvised with Russ on scramble plays, and caught everything that came his way. Great news for the Seahawks offense.

    • Ishmael

      Great shout. He’s growing into his own hey? Took him a bit longer than we thought, but he’s getting going.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I’ve been thinking to myself over the course of this season, which TE would I rather have had SEA pick in the 2017 draft – Tyler Higbee or George Kittle?

      But then Vannett started showing up.

      • Nick

        I think Luke Willson probably leaves this offseason and we pick up a TE in the 3rd-5th range.

  19. Ishmael

    One other quick thought, Sheldon Richardson might not be getting splashy sack numbers but he’s been absolutely destructive. Takes over the LOS every week. If Bennett was healthy, and Avril too… Lordy. That’s football though I guess. Think the season would be looking very different without him.

    • Ground_Hawk

      Sheldon is the #1 offseason resign priority IMO. With both Bennett’s and Avril’s careers heading towards their respective twilight, securing a beast like SR could minimize the absence of their once great play.

      • C-Dog


      • Kroy Nottuh

        Yep. And I pray that McDowell comes back and the PC/JS braintrust comes up with another edge-rusher and CB – and then they are postioned for long-term dominance as their stars age/retire (see Patriots as a North Star).

    • vrtkolman

      Richardson had his best game as a Seahawk last night IMO. He was unblockable against maybe the best interior line in football. PFF gave him something like 8 pressures, plus his run defense. He’s such an important piece that is never talked about by the media.

      • Kroy Nottuh

        Yeah – but Bobby Wagner talks about him every week. When the DPOY is talking about somebody every week, we should listen…

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Sheldon is such a “LOB” type player – in terms of attitude and ability. He’s perfect for SEA’s defense. Richardson and Reed are an amazing foundation for the DL moving forward.

  20. Ed

    Some maddening play calling and plays, but all in all, the best all around game the Hawks have played to date. With how well the D seems to have played, might make it very interesting with MB, RS, KC and CA next year. The driving force for the D as of late (BW, KW, SR, JR, SG, JC, FC).

    Tier 1:

    McD/S. Richardson

    Tier 1.5:

    Graham at right price. NV can play and better blocker too. I would be ok with NV as starter next year and the Hawks drafted another all around TE in the 4th.

    Tier 2


    2019 FA

    Sherman (N)/Thomas (Y)/Brown (Y)/Wright (Y)/Lockett (N)/Avril (N)/Clark (Y)

    • Rob Staton

      I thought the play calling was great. Not everything is going to work.

      • Smitty1547

        I agree was good with play calling on both sides and more importantly they decided to play all 4 quarters, you may not be able to win a game in the first half but you sure can lose one. Told my wife when we crossed the 50 on the first possession before FG that we were going to win. One should not be so excited to cross the 50!

        • Michael M.

          I loved that the first play from scrimmage was a keeper on a RO – that told me they weren’t gonna hold back for the first three quarters like they have been doing.

          • Jusjamn

            Absolutely! That was an amazing call. Didn’t have the best outcome, but so much better than watching our RB slam into the Oline for no gain.

  21. Ehurd1022

    Mike Davis and Chris Carson…. what a 1-2 punch if Carson gets healthy.

  22. C-Dog

    A few thoughts.

    1. I woke up this morning confident that the Seahawks would win tonight, and perhaps even convincingly. Seattle had not lost three in a row at home since 2008, and were playing for their season. Even though they are without Kam, Sherm, Cliff and a seemingly dependable run game, going through the roster list, this team is still loaded up with veteran talent. I said it before and I will say it again, I like this team when it is backed into a corner. I can see a scenario where they could run the table a bit in December, and even steal the division back from those upstart Rams.

    2. I was at the game, and my voice is shot and my mind is practically fried. Russell Wilson is from another planet, something out of Star Wars, and it is an absolute joy watching him play football in Seattle. That said, Carson Wentz was seriously scaring the poop out of me in that 4th quarter a bit. To see him live and doing that in person, what a freak talent at QB.

    3. Bradley McDougald had a fantastic football game. I thought he’s been playing pretty darn well the last couple games, actually. If Seattle decades to keep him around, I’d be pretty good with that.

    4. Play of the game for me came from Sheldon Richardson stripping the ball at the goal line. It spelled out in my mind why I want Seattle to re-sign him above any other of the pending free agents; the guy is a total playmaker at defensive tackle. It’s rare to have someone with that athleticism and instincts against the run and pass. The sacks aren’t there, but other plays are along with the hits and pressures. The guy is fundamentally sound. Pay him, lock him up, and you feel great about the DTs for a number of years with Reed and Jones, as well.

    5. Nick Vannett had another nice outing, and is starting to emerge beyond an after thought on offense. It’s nice to see.

    6. Outside of Clark, Bobby, Mcdougald, and Sheldon, I thought Shaq Griffin had a strong night, defensively. Some sticky defense against the pass, and some really nice play against the run. I think he’s going to be a really good one down the line. Just has that look and feel.

    7. Loved seeing Mike Davis get active in the run game, but also the passing game. I could stand to see his touches increase though out these final games. He might not be the long term fix, but he could have a nice opportunity for himself if he keeps playing that way. Give us more Davis please.

    8. Love the play calling by Bevell tonight, and for the last few games.

    9. Love seeing Tyler Lockett get that TD.

    10. Russell Wilson MVP has a nice ring to it.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      4. How many times have we seen ET or Kam save a TD by forcing a fumble in the red zone? I’m telling you, Sheldon is bringing the LOB to the DL.

      • C-Dog


      • Robert

        3 times from ET and Kam! Did you see the replay of the Richardson forced fumble? ET flew in with the karate chop…again!!! But the chop missed and hit Wentz’ helmet! Possibly, Richardson ripping on the ball caused Wentz to not extend and for his helmet to tilt down, causing Earl’s chop to miss?

    • Logan Lynch

      Agree about Shaq. Dude’s got swag. He’s been so close on a few picks…those will come soon I think.

      • C-Dog

        Love him.

    • Mark Souza

      Totally agree C-Dog, especially on #2. How many QBs when wrapped up and going to the ground can hurl a 45 yard strike for a completion. Scary dude. Glad we’re past them.

      • C-Dog

        Unbelievable play. That dude is poised to be special for the long haul.

        • Robert

          That play was like Big Ben power, but with quickness and agility!

  23. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I hope the people who jumped off the bandwagon stay off it.

    This is why you watch the NFL and why you love the game(s). When the chips are down and the outcome is not determined….. you are entertained by amazing plays. Both QBs had some outstanding plays and both defenses played at an elevated level. Dare I say that this was the most complete game by Seattle so far in 2017.

    One of the best plays in the game was when the OL held up just long enough for RW to toss the pass to Baldwin outside the numbers down the field. Faced with a 0 cover all out blitz…. and were able to give a decent pocket….. Watch the 2 guards and center block 4 or 5 guys with 3 guys. It was beautiful.

    No time for let up…. a very tough defense faces Seattle next week. The top defense in the NFL in-fact. No time to sleep and no time to get “too up”…… time to stack some wins. Go Hawks.

  24. Sea Mode

    Finally, FINALLY, overcame the slow start bug! Look what wonders that did to open up our defensive play-calling as well, with Richard in a position to mix in a few timely blitzes.

    Really nice showing by Mike Davis. Now that’s what a spin move looks like in real time, Eddie… 😂

    Kudos to Wentz, too. Made some plays out there.

  25. PowerPeanut

    Mike Davis tipped 100 total yards, thats atleast some progress.

    • Trevor

      I thought he looked good.

      • C-Dog

        Really good.

        • Smitty1547

          Good vision, feet, and hands, with size, he’s bigger than I thought.

          • House

            He’s hungry as hell too. He ain’t trying to go back to working at Best Buy.

            • East Side Stevie

              Questioin is:

              What do you do with

              Mike Davis
              JD Mckissic
              Chris Carson
              Eddie Lacy
              Thomas Rawls
              CJ procise

              Camt keep em all

              Pete said Chris Carson is coming back.
              Im guessing they keep CJ on IR and cut rawls and put him on the practice squad?

              With all that money to lacy I doubt they just cut him.

              • C-Dog

                If Carson comes back to play late this season, I could see them dumbing one of either Lacy or Rawls.

                • Logan Lynch

                  Agreed. At that point, it will be all about which one of those two could potentially help at all in the stretch run. Honestly, to me it’s a toss up. Both have looked bad this season. Both have been injured. Neither offers much in the way of pass protection. Both have had successful stretches in the past. Really tough call.

                  • Michael M.

                    Dump ’em both and sign another rando off someone else’s practice squad. I honestly don’t see how someone could be worse than those two have been

                  • Bigten

                    Bring in Elijah hood off of raiders PS

  26. Trevor

    Some thoughts on the Hawks after this great win.

    -This team reminds me a little of GB in recent years with thier success hinging on they play of Rogers. Wilson has raised his game to that level and he gives them a shot against anyone.

    -Mcdougald was a great signing and though not Kam in run support is far better in pass coverage and gives this secondary a different look against TE and RB pass coverage. Seems like a must resign at this point.

    -I think Mike Davis, Mckissic and a returning Carson could give us enough in the run game to make a playoff run. This OL should only improve each week as well if they can build some continuity.

    -Justin Coleman was another great move by JS and gives us the slot CB this team has lacked. He has been consistent and incredibly under rated IMO.

    – Bobby Wagner is a flat out beast and tackling machine. He simply does not miss tackles and his consistency is off the charts.

    -How does Frank Clark only have 7 sacks? When you watch him he looks my powerful and dynamic than any other DE in the league. Perhaps it is scheme or the fact that the plays the run so well. No matter he is a key to this defense long term along with Sheldon Richardson.

    -When this team does not beat itself with penalties they are a dominant team it has to be a focus in December for Pete.

    -Bevell called a great game IMO and when this team starts like they did tonight they are unbeatable particularly at home. I hope we see more of that early in games getting Russ on the run and being a little creative.

    – The OL had a great game in pass pro against an awesome Eagles OL. It is so hard to block for a whirling dervish who would rather run all over the feikd than step up in the pocket but this group is improving each week.

    -To run the ball in the NFL consistently you need dominant Guards and the Hawks simply don’t. Joeckel and Pocic are solid in pass pro but simply not strong enough to move people in the run game. I think Pocic can with a season in the weight room. Joeckel is the guy on the OL I would like to see replaced with a dominant run blocking LG. If so the OL could be a team strength next year.

    Great win similar to last year in NE

    • C-Dog

      Great points. I can see Pocic taking a big leap next year. All the fundamentals seem there, just needs to get stronger.

    • Logan Lynch

      Frank is controlled chaos. His speed to power conversion is off the charts along with his speed off the edge. If he can ever master the strip sack like Avril, watch out.

      Side note on Frank, the refs really should have blown that offsides play dead. It was clearly unabaited to the QB and Wentz took an unnecessary hit because of it. I would’ve been livid if that happened to Russ.

  27. Trevor

    I know I am in a minority but when it comes to the draft I really hope we don’t take an RB with the first pick. I think the majority of the issues with the run game have been OL play and that Rawls / Lacy are just not that good.

    I think an RB group of Carson, Mckissic, Davis, Prosise and 3-5 round rookie are perfectly fine.

    This is clearly Wilsons team now so I would much sooner the Hawks spend that 1st pick on a dominant LG like Will Hernandez out of UTEP to make the OL a team strength next year or a big WR like Sutton from SMU.

    Then an RB in the mid round and young defensive talent the rest of the draft with a focus on LB and CB.

    • Mark Souza

      RB is still a major need. Don’t be fooled by one game. Prosise hasn’t been healthy enough to play in two consecutive games since… forever. We don’t know what Carson will be like when he comes back. Rawls was never the same after his injury. McKissic is a limited back who does one or two things well, running wide, and catching the ball beyond the line of scrimmage.

      Right now, Davis is our best back. We need to be better than that.

    • East Side Stevie

      They already have a Big dominant Pass catcher, His name is Jimmy Graham.

      They just drafted Amara Darboh and David Moore last year. Both of them are 6’2. You cant just keep adding players to an already deep young group when there are other needs. If P Rch leaves in FA then it just opens up more opportunity or Tyler Lockett Amara Darboh and Tanner McEvoy. The WR group is fine. Especially if they are wanting to get back to running the ball. Then they aren’t going to target an early round WR.

    • Kroy Nottuh

      I think it may be easier to find interesting talent at RB after the 3rd round vs. finding interesting talent on the OL. Cable’s projects aside, I think OL draft prospects are easier to identify than RB. IOW, I agree. Draft Guard / Tackle early, RB later….. some hungry kid out of a JC who is ready to blow up in the NFL with some coaching….

      • Rob Staton

        They’ve already invested enough early picks into the OL.

        • Jujus

          Im hoping Roos can make a big leap into the starting lineup. He is a strong man.

  28. Grasspunk

    Cool, another Seahawks fan in France. Can’t be too many of us.

  29. AlaskaHawk

    It just hit me that Russell Wilson plays the same way Floyd Mayweater boxes. Punch and jab and runaway, reset and strike again, run, run, jab, run, punch, run, run, jab, punch, run some more stick and jab. The opponent can never quite get their hands on him. And he wins those fights on points time after time.

    Great job by RW , the offense and the defense. One lucky strip, one lucky non call on the lateral, balanced by a non call on receiver being face masked. Love the quicker start..

    • Trevor

      nice comparison! Both incredibly unique athletes with incredible mental focus and self belief.

    • C-Dog

      Great analogy.

    • Michael M.

      Just want to point out that (as far as we know) none of Russell’s punches and jabs connect with the face of women. Floyd Mayweather is a garbage human being and doesn’t deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence as RW. I also think his fights are incredibly boring to watch because of his defensive style, where as Russell Wilson plying his trade is an absolute joy to take in.

      Not hating on your analogy, just really don’t like that dude

  30. Trevor

    I wonder if JS would take a flier on Josh Gordon.

    If that kid could keep it together can you imagine him with Russ on the scramble plays. Hi-light material weekly.

    His career is a travesty so far because I think he is the most talented WR in the league not named Julio or AB.

    • Nick

      I think the price will be way too high. But yes, it would be amazing. I would love Seattle to have a big WR like that.

      • Mark Souza

        Did you say “high,” tee-hee-hee.

    • Kroy Nottuh

      As long as he’s not locker-room cancer…. not sure if he is ready to put the team before himself……

    • Logan Lynch

      If we could get him to agree to a contract with a bunch of out clauses for a possible suspension, sign me up. Make it a low-risk, high reward type of scenario. Pete loves reclamation projects and there’s very little chance they could get a WR of his caliber at their projected draft position.

  31. Trevor

    What other team holds the Eagles to 10pts missing?
    -Naz Jones

    • AlaskaHawk

      I bet the Eagles fans have a few what ifs? running through their head. The strip on the 1 yard line with a touchback was critical to breaking their momentum. And the lateral critical to retaining Seahawk momentum. The ball bounced the Seahawks way this time – after so many games where it didn’t.

      Defensively I thought the line was better in the first half, and a bit tired in the second. Which gave Wentz more time to look for receivers. Hard to pick favorites. I do like Clarks effort and rushing ability. Wagner should be defensive MVP. Griffith played well. Even Maxwell had key stops in the end. McDougal playing safety, we need him as insurance for next year.

      Offensively = I doubted RW would be MVP on another forum, but if he plays like that the rest of the season – against at least three more difficult opponents – he just might be.

      Nice to get that spark off Davis and McKissic – the running game has been frustrating this year = but then I believe that your only as good as the blocking so I can’t blame the running backs. Speaking of blocking, it was a step forward, a little better. Joeckel got thrown around a few times. Probably better to be more deceptive in running rather than try to ram it down their throats.

      Vannett is a legitimate threat at tight end = sign him up long term ASAP. Graham had another good game TD wise. Baldwin is the best receiver by far, he has that mojo with RW. The others were good. McKissic’s catch was especially satisfying.

      Not sure who to compliment on offensive line, they survived a brutal defensive effort. It looked pretty bad at times, but also good at times. Just hope they can continue to grow and NO more injuries.

  32. Trevor

    Team that scares me most in NFC is NO at home. That offense and run game is sick!

    • Michael M.

      If only we had a Linebacker that was just as fast as their running backs and flat out doesn’t miss tackles…

  33. Totem_Hawk

    I was totally wrong about Jimmy Graham, he and Russell have figured it out. The secondary looked alot better. The Oline was much better, lower penalties, and 2 takeaways to 0…next week against Sacksonville is HUGE!

    • AlaskaHawk

      Sometimes it feels like RW prefers to throw to certain receivers and the rest spend most of the game running in diversionary routes. Last year he wouldn’t throw to Graham in the end zone. This year he will and it is like a revelation. Is Graham necessary because he catches TDs or because RW will throw to him??

      Vannett appears equally good to Graham to me. RW wouldn’t throw to Vannett early this season, but last game he started targeting him. Why?

      Where is Darboh in the overall scheme? Hardly gets a throw= kind of a red shirt year for him.

      Baldwin did a great job of blocking his defender without a penalty on that TD catch by Richardson(?) That is a skill. Someday Baldwin will be in the hall of fame along with Wagner.

      Not bitching at who gets the throws so much as saying that our fan perception changes based on amount of throws tossed at a receiver – and his catches. If RW ignores someone it doesn’t mean they aren’t a great receiver.

      • Totem_Hawk

        I like Darboh…i’m fine with letting PRich walk after this year and having Darboh, Lockett, Baldwin Graham, Vannett group…i’m fine with franchising Graham…TE franchise tag is one of the cheapest…

        • Kroy Nottuh

          I like that… other than the potential bad will from JG, that might be the winning strategy….

      • Logan Lynch

        For me, Vannett isn’t even close to Luke Willson yet let alone Jimmy Graham. I’m not ragging on Vannett, he’s shown up 2 straight games now and I hope this continues. More than likely he’ll have to be our #2 TE next season or potentially #1 with both Willson and Graham being FA.

        As for Darboh, it seems they have him in to block for the most part. And really, with the production out of Doug, P-Rich, Lockett, and Jimmy there just isn’t much else to go around.

        • Nick

          I wouldn’t be surprised if Seattle goes WR in round 2-3. They need a new talent base at that position.

          • East Side Stevie

            They aren’t going WR in Rounds 2 or 3. Right now we don’t even hold a selection in either of those rounds. They are going back to prioritizing the run. Its Pete Carrols team, and he wants it done by his philosophy. Regardless of how amazing Russell is playing, Pete isn’t going to shift his philosophy this late in his career. He is stuck in his own ways. Much like a grandpa when you go over to there house and they start bitching at you for petty stuff. He isn’t going to be talked out of abandoning the run and drafting another WR, when you still have Tyler Lockett Tanner McEvoy Amara Darboh and David Moore.

        • AlaskaHawk

          If you take a closer look at Vannett – I think you will find the Seahawks next great tight end. He is playing well and signed through 2019 for under a million a year. Willson will be let go at end of season.

          • Logan Lynch

            I hope Vannett does become the next great tight end. A true dual threat who can block and catch could unlock even more potential in this offense.

  34. Logan Lynch

    I’m just going to leave this here…

    Logan Lynch says:

    December 1, 2017 at 8:51 am

    This week is going to be a great test. If they can hold up against the PHI DL, they should be able to do the same against JAX or LAR…which happen to be the following two games. What a gauntlet!

    I’m hoping the PHI defense gets a little overaggressive this week and SEA takes advantage of it.

    One thing I really, really want to see solely for the purpose of irony is a Byron Maxwell INT.

    • C-Dog

      Nailed it.

      • Logan Lynch

        Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while. Here’s to hoping the next two games follow suit!

        • AlaskaHawk

          Here is hoping a rabid blind squirrel doesn’t find your nuts!!!

  35. Ed

    The Hawks D has held the top to offenses to:

    Eagles (10 points)
    Rams (10 points)

    It’s plain and simple. If the Hawks stay out of their way, they can win the SB. Penalties are down, OL is coming together and the defense is stepping up to the challenge. The big money guys (RS/MB/CA/KC) are either out or having limited impact the last few games. The young pups are balling.

    Let the FA go (Lacy/Joeckel/Wilson/Walsh/Wilhoite/P. Richardson)

    Try and bring back (McDougald/S. Richardson/Graham

    Scout the heck out of the draft and trade back to late 2nd:


  36. vrtkolman

    What a game! The announcers kept saying the atmosphere was that of a playoff game, and it certainly seemed like it.

    – What was up with the Eagles first half game plan? Wentz rarely tested our secondary, and instead played a conservative, run heavy game with lots of screens and misdirection. Also, I feel like they dialed up way too many blitzes on Russell on 3rd down. Not a good idea guys. I can confidently say Carroll and co. significantly outcoached Pederson.

    – It’s so nice having Shaq back, and not having Lane in the game. Shaq and Coleman are legit studs. Maxwell got burned a few times but also had a pick, so he’s basically back at the level he was when he was originally here. Great pickup there. McDougald isn’t Kam, but I don’t think Kam would have been able to keep up in coverage like McDougald did. They have adjusted well IMO.

    – The line wasn’t great, but it didn’t look completely helpless against the best D line in football. Joeckel had a terrible game. The team has utilized Mike Davis well as a scat back type, he’s equally dangerous receiving out of the backfield. Chris Carson could be the key addition for the playoffs, as someone who can get those tough yards between the tackles.

    – Nick Vannett! Not only is he coming around as a receiver, he laid a crushing block on one of the Eagles secondary players on the first drive. Is Luke Willson pretty much done here? I don’t remember seeing him at all the past two games.

    – This was the first game where the Eagles really felt the effects of their injuries. Clark absolutely abused Vaitai.

    Off topic, but this is a great time to a be a football fan in Seattle. The Huskies get a GREAT bowl matchup, and steal Bush Hamdan back from Atlanta. Fantastic.

    • mishima

      And Creature Man Jordan Roos absolutely stoning people on special teams.

    • C-Dog

      I’m actually willing to take a bit of a contrarian view and say that I didn’t have much of a problem with Pederson’s Game plan. Seattle was light at DL with Jones and Jordan out, and Cole inactive. I would feel good about my run game, and keeping my talented young QB in third and short chewing clock on the road. IMO, that’s why Richardson’s goal line forced fumble was the play of the game. Total momentum killer, and changed the complexion.

  37. Kenny Sloth

    In a Q&A on sbnations philly site Kenneth Arthur predicted a 27-10 win and got totally blasted.

    Called him “pompous” “arrogant” “homer”

    Im just sorry we couldnt cover that field goal

    • C-Dog


    • DC

      He is all those things, lol. He also predicted the victor!

    • H

      His reaction video this week was very sweet. Philly fans did not come off well in the comment section of that post. They acted like it was an insult to suggest Seattle even had a chance.
      Kenneth got the last laugh though.

    • Sea Mode

      Saw that thread. Many of them came over to Field Gulls later and explained that labelling opponents’ writers “cocky” is some kind of inside joke over on their blog. Whatever, I guess. A few did take it to heart though that he predicted such a solid win for Seattle.

      All in all, they’re good, but not yet as great as they think they are. And we’re not as bad/fallen off as they thought we were.

  38. Del Tre

    Repost from the previous thread, but it kind of got lost in the mix
    Go hawks! Also just gonna leave this here
    Saquan Barkley 199 for 1134 and a 5.6 yard average with 16 rush TDs 47 caatches for 594 at 12.6! And 3tds
    Myles Gaskin: 208 for 1282 for a 6.2 average with 19 rushing TDs 18 catches for 228 at 19YPC!! with 3 tds

    Barkley wasn’t exactly lighting it up against good competition, he had a fantastic game against Michigain but fell below 3ypc 3 yimes this yea including the game against Rutgers (myles was at 8ypc). Doesn’t scream to me that he’s anyone worth trading up for.
    Few interesting numbers, the consistency for Gaskin all 3 years has been insane, they’ve leaned on him in good times and bad times, and usually he pulls through.

    • East Side Stevie

      Its worth noting that Defense is King in the Big 10. Whereas Pac 12 Offense is King. Conference Competition level is different.

    • peter

      Gaskin I like quite a bit. but first he’s listed on the UW site as 5’9′” 192. So that’s a good 2inches shorter and 30 pounds lighter than Seattle’s ideal profile. ANd most teams for that matter for a three down back.

      Feels like with the emergence of JD mckissic it might be a redundant pick, unless he’s going to take over for return duties for Lockett and a sort of “Weapon,” player like Procise.

      I will bust your chops a bit however that the Huskies haven’t exactly played a “who’s who,” of formidable defenses in the last two seasons while Gaskin and the rest of the team have been putting up good to great numbers.

      Again I’m not against the player I just don’t see Seattle picking a gadget/return man sooner than the late third and unfortunately without that third round pick and other needs higher than that style of player I can’t see Seattle making that pick. I’d love to see a dude from Lynwood play for the ‘Hawks however!

      • AlaskaHawk

        I like Gaskin, but at that light weight he might slide a long ways down the board. As the Seahawks have found out, durability can be the most important asset of a running back. I would prefer a Love over Gaskin if we are going in smerf territory.

  39. H

    Does this win mean that a Rams victory next week might actually help us? The West would still be in our hands and it’d move us to within one win of a first round bye, with the tiebreaker over the eagles
    I doubt it happens though, still not a huge believer in this rams team

    • DC

      It might. Won’t know until the season is over though.

      • East Side Stevie

        We need Rams to lose not Win. Philly doesn’t effect us they aren’t in our Division.

        • H

          Conference standings…

          • East Side Stevie

            Right but nobody in Philly’s division is catching them. They have 2 more wins than us. If you go for the rams to win, then your just scraping along still chasing the Division lead. If the rams lose then we have a chance at claiming the Division.

            • Bigten

              Either way we need to beat the rams. If we win out and they do as well but lose to us, we could have a shot at a bye if eagles lose again, maybe the cowboys? Regardless we need to beat the rams. Rams winning could help us get a bye

              • Michael M.

                Football Outsiders’ “DVOA odds report” currently gives us a 1.3% chance at a playoff bye week… There is simply too much that would need to happen to the teams ahead of us for it to be realistic at this point (Thanks a lot Redskins). Root for Rams to lose at every opportunity

                • East Side Stevie

                  I agree Michael

  40. DC

    That was the most enjoyable game to watch of the season for me(missed HOU). Hawks played clean and at our best. Nice to see the newer guys really stepping up. As great as RW is, Wentz made some Houdini like plays as well. Philly has a QB on their hands. Fun game.

    The 6 NFC teams currently in playoff position look to make the post season one hell of a dog fight. Here’s to the Hawks winning out. Calais Campbell next week…. ughhh

  41. New Guy

    I like Duane Brown and what he does for the work ethic of the O line and augments their belief in themselves.

    His years of NFL experience have taught him to move the DE out of the way and channel them to a place behind where the typical NFL QB would be most likely to be. He’s very good at this.

    Uhhhh, of course… that is not where Russel is likely to be. On replay we continually see Duane moving them the deeper spot where Russel is actually more likely to be – complicating Russel’s options.

    This is something that should be looked by Cable and Bevell. I’m not sure what the answer is but there must be some way to change Duane’s instinctual behavior into something that works more for the Seahawks’ style.

    I doubt that they ask Russel to change his behavior so I would think it would be on the experienced newcomer to make an adjustment.


    • Logan Lynch

      I like Duane Brown because he’s built like a fire hydrant. I noticed a few plays where he got his mitts on the DE and just engulfed him…so nice to see. He just looks like a bad, bad man.

      • Sea Mode

        Those shoulder pads he wears tho… 🙂

        • Logan Lynch

          I assume he just wears two pairs of Bennett’s shoulder pads. One pair for each side!

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I respectfully disagree. I think they work on Wilson stepping up in the pocket, not bailing out behind.

      • GoHawks5151

        Agree. The spin is a big tool for Russ. Duane did his job running his man on the sack “he” gave up. Watch again and Joeckel gets eaten so Russ could not step up if he wanted to. It’s gonna take some time to figure out but signs are pointing up

      • SeaHusky

        Yup. As Russ ages, he won’t be able to rely on his patented scrambling ability as much as he does now. Better to continue augmenting the OL and training Russ to become more comfortable trusting his protection and stepping up more.

    • Volume12

      The answer is in Seattle never protecting Russell adequately through the years. Nothing to do with Bevell or TC. He’s so used to having to look down the barrell of the gun (free rushers coming at him) that he retreats so his receivers can execute their routes. So Russ is gonna end up running into more sacks than most QBs.

      Again, it’s a habit that’ll be nearly impossible to break. Its who he is now. And with Brown, same thing. Its something he’s been taught and will be tough for him to ‘unlearn.’

      • AlaskaHawk

        The beginning of this year he was trying to stand in the pocket and wasn’t doing the read option. With the rotation on offensive line – It really didn’t work. Now he is scrambling too often – but the pocket collapsed quickly.

    • pran

      OL allowed too much pressure… left side of line is also not that good

      • Greg Haugsven

        For sure some of the pressures that happen are Russ’s fault and not the OLine.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Best bet might be to give all the defensive ends the inside move and hope they pile into each other while Russ bails out the side.

        • Greg Haugsven

          Sounds good on Pass plays. or do the opposite but the QB and the tackles for sure need to get on the same page so you arent filtering the DEnds right to Russ.

  42. Hawk Eye

    my biggest takeaway from the game was the pressure the d line put on Wentz.
    Wentz still made a couple miracle escapes and throws, but the pressure made him miss more.
    Probably the best pressure from the Hawks this year.
    If they can keep that up, they go back to being a top 5 D and scary in the playoffs.

    • Logan Lynch

      Was just going to post this. 12 QB hits and 3 sacks. Those hits came from all over the DL too: Clark 2, Bennett 1, Jackson 1, Smith 1, Jefferson 2, Richardson 2.

      The Jefferson ones are exciting. He looks explosive and nearly had Wentz on that miracle throw.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I thought the defensive line looked great the first half and a little tired the second half. But they held on till the end of the game.

      • vrtkolman

        Makes sense, they were missing some depth and couldn’t rotate the players they normally do.

  43. Volume12

    I’m with Trevor on a RB and here’s why. Seattle found Mike Davis and JD McKissic off a PS and Chris Carson in round 7. They can motivate these guys to be quality starters like no one else can. Its incredible honestly.

    Still shocking that they couldn’t get Alex Collins going because he’s a pro typical Seahawk esque RB.

    Give me someone like Sony Michel or Royce Freeman on day 2.

    • Greg Haugsven

      I would be up for Michel, but which pick? We dont have a day 2 pick. I know they will trade back but that will most likely get you a day 3 pick.

    • Sea Mode

      I mentioned the same the other day. Also because RB’s are so easily injured (and not just ours).

      I like Trevor’s idea too of grabbing a Guard if there is one worth the pick. This is RW’s team now, gotta protect him and give him time to throw. Still not sure Joeckel is the answer for the kind of money he will probably be getting from someone.

      But, on the other hand, I like Damien Harris so much already… What to do? 🙂

      • Nick

        Agreed. I think WR or OG is where we should go with our first selection. Would love to give Russ another dynamic WR, especially if we let P-Rich walk (which seems likely).

      • AlaskaHawk

        If Harris is there when Seahawks pick – they should run to the podium. Time to draft a difference maker for the offense. If Carson and Davis work out – great, now they have 3 running backs – just like the world champion Patriots had last year.

        • Greg Haugsven

          Have done alot of Mocks and we could get Miller at WR if they wanted a smaller guy or Will Hernandez at guard. He would be a plug and play guy at LG. I still would want a RB though.

        • Greg Haugsven

          Harris would be my first choice as well.

          • C-Dog


            • JimQ

              A serious candidate for a Seahawk draft pick at RB is a kid that has had a pretty darn good year! Likely he will be available with a day 3-pick, possibly RD-4 or 5 – maybe.

              RB-Rashaad Penny, San Diego St., 5-096/220, 4.52/40 +/-,
              2017: 12-games:
              —-275 rushes for *2027-yds, 7.37-ypc, 19-TD’s*, 22.92/rushes-game, 168.92-yds/game,
              —-18/142 receiving with 2-TD’s.
              —-2-punt ret. for 70-yds, 35.0/avg., 1-TD
              —-15-KO-ret for 459-yds, 30.60/avg. & 2-TD’s.
              24-TD’s total for season & obviously a workhorse, 3-down RB with decent size/speed/power.

    • Icb12

      Collins never got a legitimate shot in Seattle.
      They just never showed him any confidence.

      And he looks good now. Very quick. Quicker than I’ve ever seen him.

      I’m not big on rolls Royce
      Finesse in a power back body. I want to see him bang more and bring more attitude. Great feet and vision though.
      I think he would fit the Texans well with Watson.

      • vrtkolman

        I don’t agree with the notion that he never got a legit shot. In fact he was getting a lot more playing time towards the end of the season last year. He never game them a reason to show him confidence. He looked like the worst running back on the team in preseason.

        It’s time to accept that he was not good here and is now good elsewhere. Maybe he needed being cut to spark that fire in him. His success now doesn’t guarantee it would have happened had he stayed in Seattle.

        • AlaskaHawk

          Or that the blocking sucked early this year.

          • Hawk Eye

            they let him go because of fumbles. He looked quicker this year in training camp, but they figured Eddy and Rawls would be ok, plus Carson looked good. They hoped Procise would be healthy, McKissic looked ok, and Davis looked interesting. They really blew it on the first 2, Eddy has lost a step and Rawls forgot how to run behind blockers.

        • Icb12

          I disagree.
          I don’t think 30 career regular season carries is enough to be considered a “legitimate” chance.
          I also don’t think he looked like the worst back in preseason. I thought Lacy and Rawls both looked worse.
          Much worse in fact. And considering prosises lack of playing time all together. I just don’t think the cut made sense.

          You’re right of course that he may never have put it together in Seattle.

          But there’s a chance that I’m right and he just never really got the opportunity or the confidemce from the coaches.

          One thing for certain. .. alaskahawk is definitely right and the blocking sucked.. 🙂

        • David

          Late in the season vs Arizona when he had to step in bc Rawls got hurt, Collins looked fantastic. Re-watch that game – he broke off some great runs.

          • Kenny Sloth

            So many people apparently are very bad at knowing what they’re seeing.

            The difference between a patient runner and a slow dude

            The difference between a bad player and a timid rookie.

            We always knew he had star potential, but sometimes what is possible with one team was never possible with another.

            Plus Marty Mornhinweg is one of my favorite OC

    • C-Dog

      I would be quite happy with either Michel or Freeman in Seattle.

      • Greg Haugsven

        I would take Michel, Freeman reminds me to much of Shawn Alexander. Big and soft.

  44. Volume12

    John Elway is gonna be all over Eli Manning isn’t he?

    • Volume12

      Or Tom Coughlin Jacksonville.

      • Sea Mode

        I thought the latter seemed most obvious.

        • Hawk Eye

          Doesn’t Jacksonville already have a guy that throws lots of pics?

    • Icb12

      A lot could depend on what Carson Palmer and Bruce Arians do as well.
      The cards could really change the QB market. If Palmer hangs it uo..Arians has a documented dislike of working with rookie QBs.

      Alex Smith, Eli, tyrod all going to be shopped.
      And what happens with tannehill and Cutler? One isn’t significantly better than the other.
      What does cousins do next?

    • AlaskaHawk

      I’ve never been a big fan of Eli Manning. Seems like the defense was more important than his performance during the superbowl. Now he has lost his small bit of performance. The team has had an uneven record over the years.

      • cha

        A fair number of OBJ’s awesome, sprawling catches happened because they were badly thrown balls by Eli.

        Highlight reels are great but solidly executed play is even better.

  45. Kevin

    Just a fun tidbit. The Seahawks staring line consisted of 3 1st round picks and 2 2nd round picks.

    • Nick

      Do you think they go with G early on in this draft? I’m thinking they may go for it.

      • Hawk Eye

        I don’t think so. They will have 2 firsts and 2 seconds on the line when Joeckel leaves. I think they are counting on Pocic starting and getting a little stronger, and Rees and Fant competing for the last spot,
        Pretty sure they will expect the line to improve with an extra year of almost the same line. Maybe Roos gets into the picture. I think they will go RB and defense in the next draft

        • AlaskaHawk

          I didn’t think Pocic was that bad considering it was only his 2 start at right guard. How many players have Seahawks tried there this season. And with that Eagle defense – there was a lot of room for a big disaster.

          • SeaHusky

            I thought Pocic has played relatively well in his starts. He has great awareness and possess great technique; he just lacks the muscle to play effectively against huge DTs consistently. An offseason training program should bulk him up enough where he can physically hold his own more next season.

            • Hawk Eye

              i think the technique is something that is a better base than great athletic tools for an o lineman. He has athletic traits, just lacks “man strength” at this point. His strength will improve over next 2 years. We will see if Ifedi can improve his technique as much as Pocic can improve his strength. We have seen the results of “athletes” on the Hawks o line. Now give me some guys that are already trained

              • SeaHusky

                Completely agree. Give me guys who already possess sound technique over raw guys who are athletic. I’m tired of athletic specimens who never pan out because they are incapable of learning proper hand usage or have cinder blocks for feet.

    • cha

      One false start and no holdings yesterday.

      2 sacks and one was a RW keeper to run the clock out.

      This is progress!

      • Greg Haugsven

        For sure progress,.Ifedi again on the false start but it is getting better.

        • House

          Pocic is helping Ifedi IMMENSELY. I watched the game back and several times I saw Pocic talking to Ifedi and gesturing. Pocic previously playing C is helping Ifedi with timing. I hope they keep these 2 guys together…

          • Kenny Sloth

            Idk about aNY of that

  46. Hawk Eye

    Pete says Carson is coming back. Won’t commit to when, but sounds like by the end of the year

    • DC

      If he comes back at 100% by playoff time that would be a helluva shot in the arm.

      • C-Dog


        • East Side Stevie

          Im predicting he makes the trip to Dallas. Shead as well! I hope and pray they each provide a boost.

        • AlaskaHawk

          I’ll predict that Elliot won’t be in playing shape and the Seahawks will contain him.

          • Greg Haugsven

            Ill predict that a Seahawk fan will hire Jeff Giluly and Tonya Harding to make sue Elliot doesnt even play.

            • East Side Stevie

              Haha not sure I get this reference, but it sounded funny.

              • Greg Haugsven

                It’s funny if your old enough to remember. Google Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan knee injury and you can understand.

                • GoHawks5151

                  Haha… Yep… I’m young too… So sad this needs to be googled…

                  • Michael M.

                    First time a SDB thread has made me feel old…

                • House

                  Well played Greg. I don’t know if we need to knee-cap Zeke. lol

              • Kenny Sloth

                Come on guys.

                Thats a classic!!

                • Magmatizer

                  It’s even funnier with the Tonya Harding biopic coming to theaters this week.

                  • Kenny Sloth

                    Like these guys cant be much younger than me lol

                    I thought it was one of those things everybody just knew.

                    Referential intellect is a sign of the cultured mind.

            • AlaskaHawk

              Wouldn’t they have to date the knee capper first?? Hmm

  47. Joshua Smith

    This team is probably just as good as the 2013 team. There is a lot of luck involved in the NFL. Luck regarding who on your team gets injured, luck involved with who on the other team gets injured and is inactive when you play that team, luck regarding the officiating, luck regarding your strength of schedule, etc. The Seahawks offense is by far the best it has been in the Russell Wilson era. We simply arent as lucky as we used to be, and we are getting hosed by the officials time and time again these days. In 2013 we were not unbeatable – we barely beat the 49ers in the NFC championship game and were benfited by both the officiating and by the 49ers suffering at least one major injury (Bowman). We were also lucky in the 2014 nfc championship game. The absence of Lynch has nothing to do with the supposed downfall of this team. What has really hurt us is the decline of our special teams play. Haushka was lights out in 2013 and 2014. Kicking matters A LOT. And luck matters a lot. In other news, Ryan Ramzcyk is having a great rookie season and nobody on this blog besides myself was talking about him during the draft for some reason. Just thought I would pat myself on the back there.

    • DC

      But there were some rooting for Cam Robinson. But you get your pat on the back because he in theory would have helped. Regarding the 2013 team though I disagree. We likely won’t see a Hawk team that good again. The stars aligned that year and we were incredibly deep with very timely health.

    • GoHawks5151

      Best team from start to finish that year. Semi close scoring games hides the truly dominant defensive stats. Russ had 4th quarter magic back then too. Not to mention the Niners and GB were really good teams. Better talent than the NFC field this year. Agree on the special teams though.

    • peter

      It’s not for “no reason.” You’re right very few people hyped Ramzcyk. But Seattle had just gone nearly 4 straight drafts going after a very unique physical profile which it appeared Ramzcyk didn’t or wouldn’t fit. It wasn’t until the Pocic pick that Seattle picked outside of their formula.

    • Michael M.

      I don’t think this team is nearly as good as the 2013 team

  48. Greg Haugsven

    Had my favorite Mock Draft yet off first-pick. It was based off us having pick #24. I traded back with Cleveland for pick #33 and pick #65.

    Pick #33…Damien Harris

    Pick #65…Will Hernandez

    Ill take that all day!

    • C-Dog

      Excellent scenario!

      • Derron James

        I would also love if we could add a big jump ball guy, like Auden Tate or Jaleel Scott.

        • Greg Haugsven

          It might be Amara Darboh next year.

    • Jujus

      waste of time unless we start with pick 32.

    • Trevor

      That would be two awesome picks!

  49. SheHawk

    One great memory from last night’s game. After game we were slowly filing out I was looking down to field by the hawks tunnel….I see Sherman on his scooter exiting field -long after most of the team was already gone. Huge cheer went up. 😁😁
    Kam and Sherman may not be on field physically but they’re presence still felt. I bet he was talking to Quill Griffin and Bmax the entire game. Griffin is wisely soaking all that advice up.. really thought he’d get his first pick last night but glad BMax got his. Ok so Next week off Bortles it’ll be a pick 6.. We are so fortunate to have McDougal as well and NO question how important Earl is to keeping us in the hunt.

    Last night was the “super moon” – which amplifies things. There’s tons of energy moving and it’s supposed to be chaotic but hawks thrive on that…If you’re ready to soar super moon is kick off to a big push forward… wind beneath the wings! We’re ready to make the push to SB. ……we’ve lost some stars but new stars are stepping up.

    Agree with posts on Sheldon. He just makes big plays when needed. LOB is entire defense now The entire team will get better when Carson, Jones and perhaps Shead rejoin team. Go hawks we’re catcher fire at right time.!

    • Sea Mode

      Cool memory, thanks for sharing. Hopefully Avril is well enough to be back out there soon as well. Mentoring can be huge for DL as they notice flaws in the opponent’s OL and set up moves to be used later on in the game at key moments.

  50. Isaac

    I haven’t read through the comments but has anyone seen the video posted on Twitter with russel Wilson entering the metropolitan grill in Seattle. It will seriously put chills into your body. Found myself chanting MVP along with them!

  51. Michael M.

    Pretty poorly coached game from the Eagles. The most egregious mistake is obviously not challenging the forward lateral, but I was equally perplexed by the decision to punt on 4th and 2 with 18 seconds to go in the half. Really dumb call IMO

    • Del Tre

      The lateral was not forward, Davis was just running forward, you can see the ball move back a yard

      • Michael M.

        The ball was closer to the goal line when it was caught than when it left Russell’s hand. Forward pass. To put it in relativistic terms, your frame of reference has to be the field – not any of the players

        • Jujus

          by that definition throwing a ball over your head backwards while running is a forward pass. The ball will still travel forward continuing the momentum you had.

          This is really a joke that so many Fans cant understand Physics.

          • Michael M.

            Are you agreeing or disagreeing with me Jujus?

          • Michael M.

            Because it sounds like you’ve never actually read the rule.

            • Jujus

              I believe.its a spirit of the law vs a letter of the law issue

        • Del Tre

          Neil deGrasse Tyson

          FYI: The lateral that @DangeRussWilson threw to @MikeDavisRB in Sunday’s @Seahawks @Eagles game was a legit “Galilean Transformation”. In their reference frame, the ball went backwards. It’s not their fault they ran forward faster than the ball

          • Michael M.

            “In their reference frame” is the key… From the reference frame of the field – which is the one that matters according to the rule – the ball traveled forward

            • Forty20

              In this case, and as someone with a long history in rugby league and union, I would argue that it is the NFL rules that need to be adjusted.

              In both those codes where forward passes are illegal, the ball leaving backwards from the hands of the passer is the key indicator on the legality of the pass. Given how fast the elite athletes in those codes are often moving when they pass, momentum has to be accounted for in the rules.

              To the letter of the law currently in the NFL it was an illegal forward pass but mechanically, and in-line with American football’s sister and cousin codes, it was a perfectly executed lateral pass.

          • Michael M.

            Del Tre,

            You realize what Tyson is saying here, right? He’s pointing out that from the frame of reference of the players (Russ and Davis) the ball traveled backwards, which is why it appears at first that it was a legal play, but it was in fact an illegal forward pass

            • Ground_Hawk

              The NFL better kick the tires on Stephen Hawking then, so that he can join Mike Pereira in solving such matters…

              • Bryan


    • cha

      I don’t think the lateral play was challenge-able. You can’t challenge a ‘no penalty’ call.

      • Michael M.

        I’ve not seen anything definitive one whether the play was eligible to be challenged or not. I believe I’ve seen it challenged on calls closer to the line of scrimmage, where they have checked to see if the QB’s body is beyond the LOS or not, so I think it is challenge-able

        • Kenny Sloth

          Would it not be an unadvanceable fumble if deemed thrown with forward momentum?

          Why would it be unchallengable? I cant think of any reason why you couldn’t challenge it.

          • CharlieTheUnicorn

            I concur. The review would be whether or not the ball had been legally advanced to the first down marker and would the first down stand. If in the review of that “process”, advancing the ball, an illegal act occurred, then the 1st down would be nullified or the play overturned from the call on the field. I’m still not sure why the Eagles coach didn’t toss the red hanky right away….. it was too big of play (momentum shift) to mess around…

            • Kenny Sloth

              What if the wind carried a lateral pitch forward??

              You have to turn around and make the ball land a yard behind you while you’re runninh?

  52. Greg Haugsven

    Hey guys, Ive been diving into the salary cap for 2018 every which way and I really only think we can keep 2 of the big four free agents. We will also have some RFA decisions to make as well. Of Graham, Joeckel, S Richardson, and P Richardson I only see us keeping two. My vote would have to be S Richardson and Graham at this point letting the other two walk. This is also based on Avril playing out the last year of his deal. I dont think he will want to go out the way he did. If he does retire that would change things an open up another $7.5.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Then maybe you still spread that around or even use it to extend Clark.

    • cha

      Sherman and Earl entering the last year of their deals in 2018. I wonder if extensions could be helpful to ease the 2018 hit.

      • Greg Haugsven

        With my process Ive included extensions for both Thomas and Brown but not Sherman.

  53. Volume12

    Watching some of the SR bowl WRs, where Seattle takes them from (if they aren’t a Jr obviously), and Mizzou’s J’Mon Moore is very, very interesting.

    2016 highlights: (who’s that body/build look like)

    6’3, 205 lbs.
    2017 stats: 60 rec, 1017 yds, 10 TDs, 16.95 YPC

    • Volume12

      Also hoping UCF’s Tre’Quan Smith goes pro. That kid has a tremdous skill set.

    • Volume12

      And if Seattle wants to grab that fit the physical profile of guys they currently have on the roster, but can go up and get it, win contested jump balls, and get YAC? Maryland WR DJ Moore (5’11, 210 lbs.) could be that guy. Lots of simillarities there to Golden Tate.

      • Forty20

        Speaking of D.Moore, Seattle’s own recently promoted David Moore was listed as a running back in the inactives tweet by the team this week. Minor error from the media team or something to it?

        • C-Dog

          Hmmm.. interesting.

    • Icb12

      Jmon has maddeningly inconsistent hands.

      Drops so many balls.

      Side note. What do you think about the guy throwing him the ball drew Locke?
      He looks like a late round Patriots pick to me.

      • Volume12

        He’s NFL talent for sure. Day 3 guy, unless he comes back. With Josh Heupel becoming the UCF HC I’m not sure he does return though.

        If he goes to the right team he’ll end up a steal for someone.

  54. Volume12

    Don’t know what his position is or where he plays, but USC’s DL Rasheem Green might be the most raw/crazy amount of upside athlete in this years draft (if he declares). Length, strong hands, disrupts everything.

    • C-Dog

      Been interested in this guy all year long.

  55. Volume12

    Really wanna see how Wazzu’s OL Cole ‘Moose’ Madison (6’4-6’5, 315) measures, tests, and performs at the SR bowl and combine. He’s got a lot of nasty to his game. I mean his catchphrase is ‘play nasty.’

    Was the nation’s highest graded returning tackle this year according to PFF and last year finished 2nd behind Forrest Lamp and above Connor Williams.

    And any O-lineman that has the nickname of ‘Moose’ is totally my sh**.

    • Volume12

      Looks like a dude that can play both guard positions and backup that RT spot for someone. Day 3 guy for sure.

      • Kenny Sloth

        He’s probably all pac12 for me.

        • DC

          He got 2nd team All PAC 12

          • D-OZ

            The very same Moose I was talking about 2 or 3 weeks ago…

            • JimQ

              But, is he the real Moose at Washington State? Their OL must be really underrated.

              OG-Cody O’Connell, WA State, 6-075/370 —–Seems to have the size of a tall moose.

              “unanimous All-American and a finalist for the Outland Trophy after starting 12 games at left guard last season. O’Connell was rated the second-best offensive linemen in the country in 2016 by Pro Football Focus.”

  56. Volume12

    Tough break for Oregon.

    Huge fan of Willie Taggart, can’t blame him for wanting to go home and coach a program like Florida St, but he handled the situation badly. Sending out tweets and recruiting kids to Florida St and in discussions with them while still on Oregon’s dime is…ugh.

    If I’m Oregon? Go get Kevin Sumlin. He’d be a great fit.

    • peter

      Kevin sumlin for sure. or go back in their history a bit and go after an offensive coordinator who made some hay with lesser talent in beau baldwin?

      I’m reading some talk about Wilcox. that’s what got UO in this place to begin with always going back to or staying with people from the same “tree,” so to speak.

      I like Sumlin because he has ties all over the country for recruiting.

      • DC

        I want them to hire whoever keeps them between 3rd & 6th in the PAC 12 North with an obligatory loss to UW most years.

        • peter

          ha! agree but I’m one of those who like all the pac 12 and want whomever prevents a 2 sec team final four!

        • 503Hawk

          Ha, ha. As a native Seattleite I enjoyed the barb.

          • Pickering


    • Kenny Sloth

      Man. Taggert wasn’t here a year. Literally. Not even 12 months

      Im a huge un-fan of the dude.

      I can absolutely blame him for wanting to go home

      • Kenny Sloth

        Who hires that?

        Like he kept a QB-less team treading water. Thats it.

        Best thing he did here was bring Freeman back for another season.

        • Pickering

          It’s hard for me to have sympathy with Nike U’s sports program. As much as I like just about all things Oregon, for the past couple decades the U of O sports programs have been excessively money-focused, even more so than most other college’s. Sports is big business. Too bad so many college team’s have made money-making their highest priority.

          • Kenny Sloth

            U just mad washington schools aint as marketable!~~

            I mean Oregon is consistently competitive/dominant in more sports than just about any other school.

            • peter

              I’m from Seattle originally and live near Eugene now. Got to say it always strikes me as a bit funny when I hear “NikeU,” when I feel like there are a ton of boosters from a few small companies in Seattle like Microsoft, Amazon, Google, etc…!!!

              Not for nothing but UW isn’t hurting in any way shape or form for resources…

              Now the woeful Beavers….that might be a conversation.

              • Kenny Sloth

                No argument here. Some people have very purple tinted lenses

                • DC

                  It’s a mental challenge when your little brother growing up starts kicking your ass for 15 straight years. ☹️😤😢
                  We no likey

                  • Kenny Sloth

                    Good point. Huskys have a great history thats got a decent bit more meat than Oregon as far as football goes.

    • C-Dog

      I’ve been a big fan of Taggart, but if I were a Ducks fan, I would p.o.’d to the point of absolutely wishing him complete failure at Florida State. I think the reality is that Oregon wanted him and to tap into that Florida pipeline, and that this is a classic case of Careful What You Ask For scenario. Can’t really blame him for taking that job.

      Sumlin would be interesting. I’d say no way to Leach, or Kiffin, Mora Jr, etc. If I’m the AD, I might look at someone with some NFL pedigree, and I’d also vet strongly against coaches that are looking at the gig as a stepping stone.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Dude. I literally despise this cat now.

        I definitely am not a fan of FSU (Bowden withstanding) and I wish him all the worst.

        Idk what he did for our team. Seems like he did a lot for himself and his staff.

        I almost wouldnt mind Bret Bielema.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Or Brady Hoke if Tennessee doesn’t retain him.

          I liked him as our DC

          • DC

            This is not a comparison of coaches Kenny but when Sark bolted for USC in his frowned upon way there was a little sting even though it seemed he had reached a ceiling. He did us(UW) a great favor. Peterson is a superior coach.
            Oregon is an established brand now, they will pull out of this fine.
            ps, I hate the Ducks

            • Kenny Sloth

              Thanks. He’s made his own bed. I don’t gotta crap in it to see it fall apart jaha

        • Volume12

          He wasn’t there long enough to do anything.

          He turned around W. Kentucky and UCF. Imagine what he’s gonna do with the resources and brand of Florida St.

          • Kenny Sloth

            I think he was starting to crack some football states.

            He was going to recruit Florida, Texas, Georgia, Michigan

            Maybe his 7 floridian signees gave us a lasting presence, but I doubt it.

            • Volume12

              There’s only like 7 states where 80-85% of these guys come from anyways.

              California, Texas, Florida, Georgia, Ohio, Virginia, Alabama

  57. LeoSharp

    A guy I’ve been scouting recently

    Jarvion Franklin WMU RB 6’0 225

    Leader on the team
    Runs hard and drives his feet for extra yards
    Fast cuts that he can string together
    Shows great hands on swing passes and check downs
    Physical blocker run/pass. steps up into the pocket leaving space for the QB
    Experienced in shotgun and read option looks

    Doesn’t appear to be a home run threat.
    Poor running technique and knee drive
    Can be slow in reading stretch plays. Doesn’t cut uphill with enough urgency
    Nearly lost 2 fumbles against Wisconsin in the Cotton Bowl
    His analytical profile isn’t the most exciting

    Apparently started his freshman year running a 4.53 But has since reduced that to a laser timed 4.48 at 235lbs. Most sources list him at 225lbs and is expected to run a 4.64 forty. It’s gonna bee interesting to see how he does at the combine.

    In many ways he brings to the Seahawks what Eddie Lacy should have. Physicality, explosiveness, ability to break tackles, cool spin move and a heavier RB.
    The need at RB may show itself to be less significant if Chris Carson can come back and play well after injury, a day 3 option like Franklin could be all that’s needed.

    • peter

      I’ve been following Franklin since I heard him on a national radio show. Kid is very sharp, presents very thoughtfully, and seems to love the game.

      I agree with some of the “Cons,” on your list but strangely Seattle doesn’t seem to value being a home run threat as importantly as other teams and him running a 4.53 or thereabouts won’t disqualify him from Seattle’s draft boards.

      All in all a good find I think.

  58. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Prediction for the Seahawks / Jaguars game

    9 to 6

    • Icb12

      I’m assuming that’s a TD and a safety on Seattles part.
      Because there is no way Walsh makes 3 field goals

      • Kenny Sloth

        Jesus. If someone knocks on a tree in the forest, does your prediction still come true

    • AlaskaHawk

      If the Seahawks can’t keep building their offense with at least 24 points I will be disappointed. Their annual poor start has grown into an average to good offense (depending on progress of running game). If they have any hope of finishing this season on a high note, the offense has to keep improving.

    • Gohawks5151

      Davis and JD get mismatches and the ever elusive screen pass returns to create a few big plays. Tyler and Vannet get a few nice plays vs the weaker coverage guys. Doug is Doug. Russ is Russ. A nice yet uncomfortable 20-6 win. Of course if it is any kind of warm and humid down there this all means nothing. That’s our real weakness.

    • Logan Lynch

      I have 3 predictions:

      1) Some Calais Campbell-induced terror and angst

      2) A handful of magical Russ plays

      3) At least one boneheaded Bortles turnover…Shaq in his return to FLA possibly?

    • cha

      Feels like special teams can tip the edge either way. I like the Hawks’ chances if that’s the case.

      Lockett can tilt the field and give the offense a short field, that will go a long way towards a victory.

      • Greg Haugsven

        This type of game feels like a race to 20. First one to get to 20 points wins the game.

    • LeoSharp

      If the Seahawks don’t turn the ball other I think they realistically score over 24 points.
      This will be the best QB and defense the Jaguars have played all season. They have feasted on bad offenses so far this year and one of the Seahawks best players (Baldwin) will be directly attacking one of their weakness (the slot). Their offense is essential Leonard Fourenette is the offense, if he’s shut down as expected then a blow out is possible.

  59. Kenny Sloth

    Kaepernick-Smith is like the Montana-Young of social justice.

    How many white dudes were given every opportunity to take Collins job xD

    • AlaskaHawk

      How many athletes have forgone their last year of salary and discovered the team manager and money men are happy to cut them out? Dwayne Wayde with Miami Heat comes to mind.

    • Hawk Eye

      I am trying to follow your Trumpian logic, but my brain is mathematical and things have to make sense.
      who is Smith? Young? Pretty common names, got theoth 2 figured out.
      what Collins are you talking about? Alex????
      needs some info/perspective to see if you are trolling or ???

      • Hawk Eye

        “the other 2”,
        need an edit button:)

        • Volume12

          Assuming it’s Kaepernick and Alex Smith. The ‘Collins’ is Kap.

          • Volume12

            Or actually, it could be LaQuan Smith.

            • Hawk Eye

              Kap and Alex Smith, Montana and Steve Young
              Got it!

      • Kenny Sloth

        Collins is the possessive form of the name Collin.

        Sorry if your arithmetical mind can’t keep up.

        • Hawk Eye

          not without the apostrophe though, that is what indicates possessive
          plus it is Colin, one L
          Sorry for being confused, but need the whole formula son!

          • Kenny Sloth

            I forgive you.

            • Hawk Eye


            • Kenny Sloth

              Also sorry for being a complete git.

              Pretty rude comments throughout

              • Kenny Sloth

                Rereading makes me feel like a vile, petulant troll.

                Forgive me, actually.

                • Hawk Eye

                  all in fun Kenny, no problemo

  60. DC

    Congrats to Vita Vea on being named PAC 12 defensive player of the year!
    Better be recruiting some DTs.

  61. Kenny Sloth

    Anybody else liking David Bright at Stanford?

    Not sure we need another draft pick among the OL, but he’s a tough player.

  62. D-OZ

    I like Bright, not as much as Moose though….

  63. Ishmael

    Grim news about Warren Moon. Don’t think we’re going to be hearing from him for a while.

    • white-salmon-hawk

      Innocent until proven guilty. Dislike this fad, a modern day witch-hunt against men.

      • Hawk Eye

        I am a fan of Moon going back to his college days and in the CFL and I like his insights on football. But this is strike 3 on him. He had a previous harassment charge from a cheerleader and a domestic violence charge by his ex wife. More like history repeating itself than innocence.

        Lots of guys will deserve to get the tables turned on them, as women have had to deal with a lot of crap from men who held some power over the years. But I can also the other side where guys are just following instinct and the worlds oldest game goes on and they get accused of things that are more innocent than what they are accused of. And women who went along with it to gain what they wanted, may use it again to get revenge. Going to be a lot of people telling the truth who won’t be believed and a lot of people lying who will be believed.

      • AlaskaHawk

        The majority of the cases reported in the media are accusations from multiple people. When you get three or more, it is like watching the smoke from a forest fire. You can deny there is a fire. You can ignore it and not do anything about it. As the numbers grow and the smoke becomes thicker, there is a point at which you don’t really care about the legalities. You have to run from the fire.

    • Aaron

      To the victims, may God heal them as only He can heal. To Warren Moon, may he seek God’s forgiveness. Truly awful!

  64. Ed

    So funny, Elway was thought of as the GM of the game just a few years ago. He was nothing before Manning and is showing he is nothing without Manning. Glad the Hawks have the best in the business. Do it again JS. Trade back 2 or 3 times and find more Shaq Griffin and Nazir Jones please.

  65. Logan Lynch

    I had a thought about the IR return situation this morning. Obviously, one of those 2 return slots is earmarked for Chris Carson. Question is, do they even use the other one? And if so, who gets it?

    My first instinct is, oddly enough, CJ Prosise. After he was injured (again), Pete mentioned how it would be a race between Carson and Prosise to see who comes back first. Prosise was hurt in week 10 and has to miss 8 weeks due to the IR return rules, so he wouldn’t be eligible to come back until the postseason. It’s a longshot, but could be a small shot in the arm if they need it.

    Could it be Tre Madden? Pete said his injury was pretty serious, but there hasn’t been full disclosure of what it really was as far as I can tell.

    Rees Odhiambo? He had surgery on both hands, so I’m sure he lost a lot of strength during his recovery.

    Everyone else on IR has season ending injuries it seems and anyone who gets hurt now would miss the window to even come back. Maybe this is a year where they only use one of their IR return allotments.

  66. Greg Haugsven

    OK guys, while we wait for Robs next post lets play the GM game. For this exercise we are going to have about $30 million in cap space for 2018. This includes:

    Extending both Earl Thomas and Duane Brown.
    Releasing Jeremy Lane
    Releasing Jon Ryan

    Right now we would only have 36 active contracts for next year so we would need to fill out 15 more to get to the 51.

    Let me know who you want to resign and who you want to let walk and we can go from there. You can also give your opinion on Chancellor( remember he has a $12 million injury guarantee so he most likely wont retire) and Avril and we can work that into the equation as well. The $30 million has nobody retiring.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I’ll go with the majority of the fan base that support an elite defense. Sheldon Richardson is vital to that effort. I’m not sure if Chancellor will be playing next year, but we don’t get any savings from cutting him.
      In the secondary I would resign Maxwell, Coleman and McDougal.
      Possibly resign Smith and Jefferson on the defensive line.

      On offense, McKissic and Davis the running backs should be given two year extensions at current rates if possible. Lets say around $500,000 each. I’m iffy on Grahams value, since he has become Wilsons primary red zone receiver I think they have to pay him. Fortunately Vannett is locked down through 2019.
      Take a stab at Signing receivers Richardson or extending Lockett for 2-4 million. I don’t think they have shown as much as Golden Tate did before he was stolen away for 6 million.

      I’m kind of disgusted with the backup guard situation. If they can’t play guard (Glowinski and Aboushi) then clear them out. How long will they carry Hunt? Is this a last try out for him as a starter. Anyway I would clean house in the off season and recruit a new bunch as backups.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Should add Shead to the list. He plays great when he isn’t hurt.

    • cha

      I’ll play.

      It’s hard to project where Hill, Thompson and McDowell are in the Hawks’ plans for 2018. Have the 2 safeties shown enough to earn playing time? Will McDowell ever play a snap in the NFL?

      Knowing the Hawks are in a championship window they probably resign Mcdougald especially based on his play of late.

      If Avril decides to play he’s a bargain at his salary. He absolutely stays if he wants to. Anything from McDowell in 2018 should be considered a bonus.

      I think PR is gone. It’s a tough choice and someone else will get the benefit of the Hawks being patient through his injury recoveries. But Baldwin is Baldwin, Lockett IMO will take a big step forward next year towards being an top player, and they have Prosise in packages, Darboh, Moore, and possibly Grayson they seem to like. Take the PR comp pick in 2019 and draft a WR in 2018 for depth.

      Resign Sheldon to a Jernigan type contract if he’s willing.

      Don’t cut Ryan, that last season of his deal was never meant to play out at that number. Negotiate another extension at about $1.75m/year.

      Franchising Graham buys the Hawks another season to address TE long term without a huge commitment.

      Rawls and Lacy are not resigned initially. Bring Rawls back on minimum one year deal if/when he gets no bites elsewhere. Maybe in the season after vet contracts are no longer guaranteed. Otherwise, bring in Bishop Sankey for depth if he’s healthy and draft a RB to compete with Carson & Prosise.

      Approach RW’s people about starting a dialogue on an extension.

      Draft LB, WR, DE, G, CB

      • Greg Haugsven

        All good stuff guys. OK let gI’ve Sheldon Richardson a new contract. I believe he is a little better than Tim Jernigan so for arguments sake we are going to give him a 4 year $52 million deal ( APY of $13 million). If we go with a $10 million signing bonus the structure could look like this:

        Year. Base. SB. Cap Hit
        2018. $6 mill. $2.5 mill. $8.5 mill
        2019. $10 mill. $2.5 mill. $12.5 mill
        2020. $12 mill. $2.5 mill. $14.5 mill
        2021. $14 mill. $2.5 mill. $16.5 mill

        So with his $8.5 million cap hit that takes us to $21.5 million left with 37 players on the roster.

        • Greg Haugsven

          How about giving Jimmy a 3 year $27 million deal? Too much, not enough? His first year cap hit off that with a $6 million signing bonus would be about $7 million (franchise tag would be about $10 million). Do we vote yes or no for contract?

          • Sea Mode

            Both of these numbers would be good for the Hawks, but how much is guaranteed is important because on that depends whether or not you can realistically cut them or not if they underperform.

          • cha

            I’d be OK with that contract for Graham. He has the body-position game that isn’t super dependent on speed, so his game should hold up the next 3 seasons if his health does.

            I forgot to mention McKissic in my writeup, I think he could continue to develop as a gadget weapon type player that doesn’t have a foundation position in the offense but when he comes onto the field, defenses have to keep an eye on him. Breaking Mychal Hendricks’ ankles is just a glimpse.

            • Greg Haugsven

              OK so we give Jimmy Graham a 3 year $27 million deal. That takes our cap space to $14.5 million with 38 players under contract. We good to let PRICH and Joeckell walk assuming the both will receive lucrative contracts? I’m also wanting to give Justin Coleman an original round tender which would cost us about $2 million, we good with that?

              • cha

                Sure. He’s earned it.

                What about Sherman? A 3 year extension that lowers the 2018 cap hit?

                • Greg Haugsven

                  OK so now we have 39 guys under contract and $12.5 million left. We still have to fill out the roster. So most of the players on the top 51 that fall between 40-51 have cap hits of around $500k each. If we just add those for now for the remaining 12 players we have about $6 million left (money goes quick). We can still add guys in and just replace one of the guys with a $500k cap hit and just apply the difference. What other guys do you want to add? I saw you said McKissic (he should be around $600 k as he is an ERFA guy) Did you want Shead, Maxwell? Do you want to extend Sherman for 3 years if so whats the total money? Right now we just have $6 million left and still have to think about the Draft, IR and practice squad. We could cut Avril? Whats your thoughts Cha?

                  • cha

                    Maybe a 2 year $28m extension that tacks onto 2018 for a 3 year $41m total deal. Gives them say $5m of 2018 cap room. Takes him to his age 32 season.

                    Bring back either Shead or Maxwell, I’d lean towards Shead for versatility.

                    Bring Wilhoite or similar LB back on a similar deal.

                    Bring a kicker in.

                    Look at Mike Davis.

                    Fill the balance with draft picks and UDFA’s and keep a little room for late-offseason additions.

                  • AlaskaHawk

                    McKissic, Davis, Shead, Maxwell, and McDougal have all contributed this season. I would like them to return.

  67. Kyle

    So, are we allowed to berate Rob off the sole fact he hasn’t published a new article to devour in 4 days? Or do we quietly keep that to ourselves while spam checking the page every hour? Lmao, Rob I don’t know what I’d do without you. Luckiest fan base that you chose the Seahawks.

    Now, to football. Im confused with the resign P. Richardson movement. The guy is good, we all know that. But he is consistently injured. His contract year he is crushing it, but every other year he has been seriously injured and unavailable. Id keep him for a very modest sum at most, and only after I lock up Sheldon Richardson, JMFG, and extending ClarkNessMonster. Id then seriously consider making a bid at Carlos Hyde before allocating that money to Paul.


    • AlaskaHawk

      It really depends on price for Richardson, in the 2-4 million range I think he is given consideration. At 2 million I would take him or resign Lockett. Otherwise, I don’t think either is worth it. My take is they have good speed, good hands, but don’t have the ability to fight for the ball with defenders.

      Darboh can high point and has a shot fighting for the ball. Vannett can high point the ball too.

      I would need to see more fight in Richardson and Locket, they are basically the #3 receiver behind Baldwin and Graham, and in all likelihood Vannett. And you can’t pay a premium for a #3 on this team.

      • Volume12

        Sure ya can. It’s time to build around RW and continue to draft hidden gems on defense.

        • AlaskaHawk

          They have been trying, their must be about 8 guards on the team and 6 running backs. Plus two free agent offensive linemen that are costing a lot, and Jimmy Graham.

      • Sea Mode

        $2-4m in a heartbeat. But that’s crazy talk, IMO. I think he will easily get around $8m from someone, pricing himself out for the Seahawks. I prefer to save up and keep Lockett around beyond next year anyway.

        Speedy guys like Lockett don’t win by fighting for balls, they win by separation created by elite speed and route running. I wouldn’t worry about that in the least. Plus, PRich has gone up and grabbed quite a few balls over and through defenders. Not sure why you would cast him as one who doesn’t fight for the ball. (Lions last year, Giants this year, for example)

        P.S. When have we seen Vannett with any kind of high-pointing ability?

    • 503Hawk

      Ha ha. Funny post Kyle. Makes you wonder if Rob is doing his own Tour de France.

      • Kenny Sloth

        He likes when people send in content. Even if he doesnt post it sometimes he gets inspired by takes and prospects.

        Thats something I’d like to see. If Rob could expand his site and have more community led discussion such as SBNation fanposts it would make it easier to open thread late games and foster more discussion yhat he wouldnt have to necessarily facilitate

    • Rob Staton

      Apologies for the lack of content this week. No wifi at Euro Disney! Have a mock draft ready for when I get home.

      • Hawk Eye

        I was there 2 years ago. €70 for 5 burgers and fries at the McDonalds, or somewhere around there. But not huge lines and the train is pretty good to get there. We were there in March, kind of chilly. Must be cool there now. Have fun and stay warm!

      • Sea Mode

        No need to apologize; we’re just spoiled and we know it and love it!!!

        (I do find it pretty shocking they wouldn’t have wifi though…)

        Can’t wait for the mock. Safe travels.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Maybe thats the point.

          Happiest place in Europe has people put down their phones.

    • Sea Mode

      Haha, you caught me guilty as well with the spam checking… 🙂

      • Greg Haugsven

        Its OK Rob, sometimes we just make up our own posts and have fun with them. Its always fun having someone to gab with about Hawk talk as my wife, 2 daughters and my dog dont give a shit. Ive tried teaching my 10 year old about the salary cao but she dont care but she does lover her some Jimmy Graham Cracker.

  68. Volume12


    • Kenny Sloth


      Gus Bradley should be HC oty for wht he’s done with Jacksonville

    • cha

      Another reason to like PC. He could’ve taken the guy apart for asking such a stupid question, but he worked around it and actually gave the guy a decent answer.

      • Trevor

        Agree completely Pete is a class act. In today’s world where most coaches would have killed that guy he gave him a pass and got to give Gus some props. Both Pete and JS are the classiest in the NFL IMO and just another reason I am glad to be a Hawks fan.

  69. 503Hawk

    Woe! I just saw this. Bad, bad, news.
    The Pittsburgh Steelers announced on Thursday that injured linebacker Ryan Shazier had spine stabilization surgery at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

    • Hawk Eye

      that sounds like career ending surgery maybe. Avril, Kam, Shazier. Is this a fluke season, or are these more common, we just notice it because of these guys. I would have to think considering the size and speed of these guys and the way they hit, it might be more common.

      • Volume12

        Injuries will always be a problem for guys like Shazier due to his lack of size. No different than Indy S Bob Sanders.

        Love the way they both play/ed the game by flying around with reckless abandon and thumping dudes though.

        • cha

          Looked like a problem with his form though. Got to keep that head up. Leading with your head just doesn’t hurt the other guy sometimes.

          • Sea Mode

            Reminds me though, the helmet to helmet shots in that game were so intentional and just terrible to see. I get that they are bitter rivals and all and there is history there as well, but come on, man. Nobody wants to see that.

            I know BWagz doesn’t want to introduce targeting and have players get wrongly ejected, but something has to be done beyond just taking some pocket change. Hockey style penalty box… sit out for 5-10 min while your unit is on the field…?

            • 503Hawk

              Sea Mode… For years I thought about the “penalty box” being added to football. I always thought it should be X amount of plays or until your opponent scores, whatever comes first. It would have to be for only certain penalties and would have to be a reviewable like what they do in CFB.

              Having said that… The NFL is getting close to being unwatchable because of all the penalties. (And TV timeouts.) I was at the Philly game… night time football games are electric!!! But at least once a quarter they have these longgggg breaks in action. I think that is were the NFL suffers in the flow of the game and why CFB is so much more exciting.

              • Old but Slow

                The game has become so violent, even with the stricter rules, that I would like to see an experiment with very few pads and no hard helmets. Rugby style. That could effect the players’ approach to contact, and reduce injuries.

                The violent collisions and decleating snot bubble hits would be reduced for sure, and that would turn off some fans, but the increased focus on strategy and tactics would be enhanced.

          • Volume12

            Yeah, that’s a huge problem in and of itself. The fundamentals of the game just aren’t there anymore. At any level.

            I keep harping on it, but most of these guys have such bad habits that it’s impossible to break them. Can’t unlearn something you’ve been taught for 10 years. It takes time and these guys don’t have that in the NFL.

            That’s why the NFL will always value raw, moldable athletes. As they should.

            • DC

              And because of the time it takes to develop these guys on the job it might be worthwhile to explore a 5th Year team option for all draft picks in the next CBA. It would have to be a good raise for the player but at least you’d have one more option year to develop and evaluate your class.

  70. Sea Mode

    Idk who the guy is who could actually turn around that organization, but man drafting all those picks for the Browns sure would be fun!

    • Volume12

      Can’t turn an organization around when that organization won’t let a GM even see if his draft class will pay off in more than a year or two.

      Yet HC Hue Jackson is about to be like 2-30 and still have a job. That mans a legend at this point.

      • Sea Mode

        Yeah, I love that: keep Jackson around for continuity. To help continue their losing streak or what?

      • cha

        I don’t disagree but someone had to go after whiffing on Goff, Wentz, Watson and the botched trade with the Bengals. That is pitiful.

      • Kenny Sloth

        They need a real system there.

        Even a bad one.

        Pete and John came in with a clear plan to turn thi franchise around.

        Ive never seen that in Cleveland

        • 503Hawk

          Maybe that’s why we haven’t heard from Rob. He’s not in France. He flew to the Mistake on the Lake to interview for their GM position! Such subterfuge by our favorite Brit. I like it! 🙂

        • Volume12

          That analytic BS Cleveland was obsessed with only gets ya so far. Gotta get a feel for who a guy is. Computer #’s that some nerd comes up with to support his theory or narrative won’t do that.

          Yup. Build your culture first. Target a type of personality, athletic profile, something that connects your locker room on a human and emotional level. Not spreadsheets.

          • vrtkolman

            Analytics in baseball works so well because it’s literally only the batter against the pitcher. There are too many other factors in play in football.

            • peter

              nailed it. that singular moment of a solo pitch to a solo batter is so much easier to quantify than all the pieces needed per side of football to be successful.

            • Volume12

              Exactly. Like I always say. Football ain’t rocket science. Its a dumb sport and some guys try to get waaaaayy to cute with it.

      • H

        I feel bad for the guy. They had a long term plan to rebuild their roster with lots if draft picks whilst accepting the lumps theyd recieve along the way.
        Who knows if Wentz or Watson would have worked out on their team, philly and houston are certainly better environments for a rookie qb. And the trade off for passing was the treasure chest of picks and cap room they have lined up (as well as the decent players they did pick up) but now the organisation that made this long term gamble will not get the chance to see it through.
        If anything i think Hue should have gone, most people were of the thinking the browns had enough to make a step forward this year and he wasnt able to get it out of them.
        Fun situation for Dorsey now though… 2 top 10 picks in the top 2 rounds, you have to be able to find some franshise players there.

      • Matt B.

        I’m firmly in the camp that the Front Office was not the problem there, the amount of talent that they had started to accumulate was pretty impressive with only a few misses (Britt for example), not to mention the draft capital that they would have again this year… Whew. When you look at the roster it’s fairly clear to me that Hugh Jackson is not doing well as a head coach, and this is coming from someone that thought bringing him in was a great idea in the first place. To have that kind of record this season with the talent they had points to a coaching issue not a FO issue IMO. Also, this whole idea that the Browns are idiots for not taking Wentz/Goff/Watson? We just going to conveniently leave out Mitch Trubisky, Paxton Lynch, and several other top prospects from that list? Also, we just going to forget how Wentz and Goff’s rookie seasons went? Whose to say that with better coaching (and weapons) Kizer couldn’t have a turnaround like that next year? I think the Browns have a good chance of turning it around this next year due to simply to the crazy amount of talent on that team (in spite of the coach) and Dorsey will get praised for turning it around while riding on the coattails of what the FO has done these past couple years.

        • Volume12

          I actually like Kizer. Think he has a lot of natural traits that can’t be taught. According to Davis Hsu, so did Seattle FWIW.

          Agree with ya as well. Thought the Browns would be much, much better this year.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      The rumor is the old GM from the Chiefs… that was fired out of the blue this spring/summer.

      You could argue, he put together a VERY good defense and provided the offense with some play makers via the draft and free agency. His evaluation of players was pretty spot on…. he took risks or project guys or guys with character… and they paid off… T. Hill for example.

      He is the one guy I think could turn them around… in a big hurry. They have 8 or 9 picks in the first 3 rounds… with the right evaluation of talent…. they could be a 4-12 or better team next year… and if they hit on the right QB (Baker Mayfield perhaps) and get Josh Gordon back on track…. they have some very nice pieces to build something good.

  71. Michigan12th

    Did anyone hear Steve Young talking about the Jacksonville Jaguars defense, and comparing them to the Broncos defense that won Superbowl, and the 2000 Ravens defense? Why does everyone ignore the 2013 defense of the Seahawks? It was way better than the Broncos defense that won the Superbowl, and you can make arguments that it was better than the 2000 Ravens, and maybe even the 85 bears. The media just doesn’t want to recognize how h=good the Seahawks were in 2013. It’s ridiculous to me. Further I would argue that this is the best defense ever assembled, because of the longevity of greatness we have seen from them, being the lowest scoring defense on the NFL for four straight years, in a salary cap era. No way can you make an argument the Superbowl winning Broncos defense was the best, none to be made period!!!

    • 12th chuck

      not to mention the broncos had the best offense ever. EVER. the defense didn’t flinch or look back, and could have easily been a shut out.

  72. vrtkolman

    I was actually excited for last night’s game, but that was one of the worst games of football I’ve ever seen. Injuries to key players, awful play, bad coaching decisions, and horrid reffing. Thursday night football continues to suck.

    • cha

      A little too much deja vu for my taste.

      A brain fart nixes a field goal chance as time expires in the first half, and the Saints lose to Atlanta by 3?


    • AlaskaHawk

      Really? I enjoyed the game. Too bad about the injuries. Not in favor of Thursday night games, but I thought it was a good one. Seahawks would kill for either teams running game. Loved seeing Ingram out there making yardage.

    • Volume12

      Shocked that the NFL produces another trash game. *I’m not*

      • AlaskaHawk

        You should be shocked that GCI in Alaska stopped carrying Fox because Fox is asking for a 300% rate increase. Guess which station Seahawks is broadcast on? Fox this weekend. I’m sure I won’t be getting a rebate on my TV package from GCI. Just love being a captive audience that won’t get to watch Seahawks game.

        • Volume12

          That’s enough to trigger me and I don’t even live in Alaska. Do they show the Hawks games at any bars?

          BTW. What part of Alaska are you from? My uncles used to live up there. One of them worked on the crab processing boats and the other lived in Homer as a fisherman/tour guide on the Kenai river. It’s beautiful up there.

          • AlaskaHawk

            Homer is one of my favorite small towns by the Ocean. Great halibut fishing out of there.

            I live in the state capital, Juneau. A mountainous area with the ocean on one side. Very nice when the weather is good – which is half the time. Latest forecast= rain or rain and snow for the next 10 days.

  73. SheHawk

    Rob enjoy euro Disney. In mean time -check out great article in WSJ sports about #29 Earl…..No one player more important!. AGREE. We can win SB as long as we have Earl. McDougal is doing great, quil Griffin, Coleman and BMax… death row DLine and best LB duo in league….

    Can’t wait for our offense to expose how overrated Jacksonville D is. Game will wake up the league to how much better our current D is than everyone thinks. JS masterfully acquired depth and PC focused on not beating ourselves with mistakes…. Let’s hope O line holds up and Russell magic once again rules the day. Go hawks

  74. 503Hawk

    Just heard John Dorsey was hired by the Browns. Good for Cleveland. Loyal, loyal fans.

    • Volume12

      Cleveland started a GoFund me account for $100,000 to throw a parade when they go 0-16. The most Cleveland Brown thing ever would be if they end up running the table.

  75. Volume12

    Remember when Seahawks twitter, led by the ‘draft guru,’ was piecing together clues that Seattle was looking to draft a QB early to replace RW? Fun times.

    This team would be like 2-10 or 3-9 without him.

    • Sea Mode

      Absolutely. And on that topic, great stuff from Bucky here. The stats he throws out are simply amazing to step back and look at:

      • Volume12

        Fun read. I enjoyed the hell outta that. I like guys like Bucky who can break the game down for fans without all the x’s and o’s mumbo jumbo and word salads. Less is always more.

      • Ishmael

        He’s good. I like that the shackles are slowing coming off him as well, he’s stopped toeing the party line as much, starting to say more of what he really thinks.

    • Ishmael

      Honestly, one of the all time stupidest weeks of any sports fandom ever. Let alone the Seahawks. It was embarrassing at the time, and it looks completely deranged now. For some reason I don’t think those tweets are going to re-emerge come draft time as the latest example of his visionary insight.

      • Volume12

        Hahaha. Nope.

        You know he’ll put together a cluster of like 7-8 names and then when Seattle takes one he’ll re-tweet saved post. And then get mad online that Seattle took guys he doesn’t like and was adamant they would never select.

        • Ishmael

          It’s almost like we’ve seen this before ahaha

  76. Sea Mode

    Well, there we have it. From Pauline a couple days ago:

    I was surprised to hear several area scouts grade Georgia running back Sony Michel ahead of his teammate Nick Chubb. They believe Michel’s game projects better to the next level compared to Chubb’s and that both will end up in the draft’s second round. At this point it’s not an opinion I share, as I think highly of Chubb and believe he will be a first-round selection.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Good, maybe Seahawks can trade down to top of second and still get Alabama running back Harris. Maybe two running backs taken in first round. I think top of second is the sweet spot for a lot of the running backs.

      • Sea Mode

        Certainly sounds like top of R2 will be perfect. Here’s another one. Looks like R1-R2 is going to be REALLY heavy at RB this year:

        Ronald Jones/RB/USC: Jones capped off a terrific season with 140 yards rushing and two TDs during the Trojans’ Pac-12 title game victory over Stanford on Friday. His productivity improved in every category compared to a year ago, including rushing yards (1,486 yds vs. 1,082 yds) and touchdowns (18 vs 12). In most cases this season, it was the running game that made the Trojans offense click and not the quarterback — if Jones was not carrying the offense, then Sam Darnold struggled. I’m expecting Jones to enter the draft where he will end up somewhere in Round 2.

        • Volume12

          Thought RJ2 would be a great for a team like Philly. They need someone who can give them what Sproles did.

          Like Chubb a lot myself, but recently I’m all in on Sony Michel. IMO he’ll be the Alvin Kamara of this years draft. Not skill set wise, just a guy that goes later than he should and will light it up.

          • Volume12

            Volume12 says:
            December 2, 2017 at 5:01 pm
            Love RB Sony Michel.

            Violent, shifty, runs behind his pads probably better than any back in this class, plenty of burst, still has a lot of untapped potential. Not gonna be a home run hitter, but will move the chains consistently. He’s starting RB material.

            Has a whole lot of drive too-

            Real physical between the tackles actually. Good pass protector too. This kid is gonna be the steal of the draft at the RB position.

            • Volume12

              Sony Michel vs Vandy (2017):


              • Nick

                I said in an earlier thread I think Sony Michel could end up going in early Rd 2 and I stick with that.

          • Nick

            I wonder if Seattle doesn’t prioritize early RBs, like we did with DBs last year, because there is such good depth at the position. Get my drift? They feel like they can get a Rd 2 talent in Rd 3 and feel like they need to address other positions where there isn’t such good depth.

  77. 503Hawk

    Has anybody else spent much time watching film on the Jags. They remind me sooo much of the 2012-13 Seahawks, especially their D. This will be a very interesting match. If the Hawks can play mistake free football (turnovers, penalties), gain the field advantage with special teams, I think it will come down to the last couple of minutes in the fourth. We will see just how good our team is in this “December to remember”.

    • Greg Haugsven

      there going to win this game just like the way they did 3 years in a row in Carolina. im guessing no one gets to 20.

      • Del Tre

        If we ever get a field goal before they score we win, Blake Bortles is horrible when hes down

  78. Sea Mode

    Hey, guys, I think there’s a lot to like about this guy as a possible Kam Chancellor replacement (hopefully after a couple more years of Kam…):

    SS Kyzir White, West Virginia (Sr.)
    6-2, 216

    Perhaps best known as brother of the Bears ever-injured WR Kevin White, his brother Ka’Raun also plays WR for West Virginia. But unlike his brothers, Kyzir White said he ended up playing on defense because “I just like to hit people.” Good start…

    4-star JUCO transfer. More Seattle boxes checked off…

    Quickly became a leader of the defense after his first year at WV (2016): “It is kinda weird because I just got here last year,” White said. “I’m fairly new. But being that I played a lot of games last year and got a lot of experience, I’m looked upon to be a leader. I’m ready to take that role.”

    Played ball in Virginia. Aren’t like all of Seattle’s players from there…? 😉 (the Whites are actually from PA)

    Production: had 59 solo tackles, 6 TFL, 3 INT this season. For reference, Kam had 26 solo tackles, 3 TFL, 2 INT his senior season. Of course, Kam played further off the LOS I think, but still good numbers regardless.

    Ball skills: on display in INT in video below.

    There is only one highlight vid of his available on YouTube, but it’s not very well done and I think some of his best plays I found are inserted into this interview of him and his brother:

    Life as a Mountaineer: Ka’Raun and Kyzir White

    Could we get him in R3-R4? Possibly. Here’s what Tony Pauline wrote about him back in August:

    Kyzir White received some high grades from scouts and has been stamped as a top 45 choice in some circles, but presently the senior sits as a third-rounder on our board.

    White, a junior college transfer who donned the WVU uniform for the first time in 2016, offers terrific size (6-foot-2, 215 pounds) and plays big football. He’s a devastating hitter, forcing the action upfield or intimidating opponents who dare challenge his space. White lacks great speed and is very rough around the edges in coverage. He has a great amount of upside, which will have to be met before we stamp him as a top-45 pick.

    Anyway, definitely one to keep an eye on.

  79. Greg Haugsven

    looks like Chris Carson wont be playing this season.

    • Sea Mode

      Listened to it, and Carroll wasn’t as firm as that article made it out to be. “A little bit of ankle turn, just caught it a little bit.” He said they were optimistically looking to have Carson back on the practice field next week or the week after, now that probably won’t happen after the “little setback”. They wont know until like next Wed. where he’s at.

      1:40 mark

      We do know PC tends to understate and lean towards optimism. Maybe still for post-season though.

  80. Rowdy

    Officials are deffintly going to make this game bad for us. How the fuck was that taunting? Ramsey complained way more

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