Podcast: Skipping Bowl games & Seahawks vs Cardinals

This week I give Kenny my views on where the Seahawks are at right now, the Sherman drama, some thoughts on possibly the most intriguing safety in the draft class and Leonard Fournette & Christian McCaffrey skipping their Bowl games.


  1. daniel

    Rob, in previous posts you’ve said that because the seahawks are so reliant on their passing game it makes their offense more fragile and I am still a little confused about a couple of things.
    1. Why is a dominant passing game more fragile than a dominant rushing game?
    2. Why would being on the road be more likely to through a passing game out of wak than a running game?

    • Rob Staton

      1. I wouldn’t call Seattle’s passing game dominant. I think it’s potentially explosive but also potentially a complete car crash. This is partly due to Wilson not being 100%, the poor O-line play and the way teams are deciding to totally focus on the passing game and rush, instead of needing to commit to stopping the run with an eight man box.

      2. The passing game is more easily impacted by crowd noise and environment. Conditions (eg the cold in GB) especially.

      • Trevor

        Agree completely. That is why Dallas scares me. A dominant run game rarely has an off day and almost always results in the QB being under less pressure.

        I agree with you 100% Rob about Wilsons injury and play this year being partially a result of a poor run game. In the past teams had to focus on stopping the run first which created a lot of 1 on 1 matchups for our WR and more big play opportunities for Russ with the safety having to come down into the box.

        Teams now have no respect for our run game and pin their ears back on the pass rush and drop safety into coverage. Russ has not adapted to this change in scheme by the defense and 2 of the picks in GB were a direct result of this.

        Russ will instantly improve and so will the pass pro when we have a legit run game again. Plus our defense will not play the incredible amount of snaps they did this year as we will be able to control the clock a little.

        I think the type of football the team is playing this year is making Pete pull the hair out of his head and the reason a lot of the guys seem to be so on edge. Sherm being the most obvious. This change in the look of the offense is clearly not sitting well with everyone.

      • Mishima

        Happy holidays! And much thanks for the constant and continued excellence.

        I’ve been questioning whether RW can be an elite QB without an effective running game. Thoughts?

        • Rob Staton

          I think he can — but he’s at his very best with a fearsome running game.

          • C-Dog

            Have to agree with this. John Elway won his Super Bowls when Denver committed to a power run game. He was still an elite thrower, but it was a balanced attack.

            • STTBM

              I disagree that Elway was still an elite passer when he won his SB’s. He was elite in understanding defenses, but his arm was fading and he was no longer an elite passer.

              • C-Dog

                Hm.. he still seemed pretty elite to me as I was stewing in AFC West envy.

      • daniel

        Thanks for the thoughtful responses. Why is the passing game more easily impacted by crowd noise and the environment, conditions, etc. than the run game?

  2. Elliott Atkinson

    Rob correct me if I’m wrong, but I think you have stated your stance is that College Football played should be payed. Just out of curiousity do you think all College Athletes shoud be compensated or only football players.

    • Rob Staton

      I think there should be compensation for any player competing to make money for an organisation. I don’t know anything about other college sports to go into too much detail — but I know the extreme amounts of money college football brings in. To ask players to put their body on the line in such a violent sport for free, at the risk of their future careers, to me warrants some form of compensation.

      • Ground_Hawk

        This is why I don’t knock players, especially RB’s, for skipping bowl games before they declare for the draft. Most of them have done their time.

        • Volume12

          I thought Zeke Elliott’s comments were hypocritical.

          Something about he’d do anything or give anything to wear the scarlett & grey colors of Ohio St.

          Wait a minute. Didn’t he declare as a junior?

          • Ground_Hawk

            It sounds about right that a hyped up college player would say that, so I’m not doubting you. When did he say that though, after a game?

            • Volume12

              No after Fournette and McCaffrey decided they were sitting out their teams bowl games.

              • Ground_Hawk

                Oh ok. Yeah, that sounds hypocritical to me. It has to be tough for these younger college guys to live with the possibility of having their football careers cut short during collegiate playing time; much like Jaylon Smith last year. I respect their choice to take ownership of their lives, even if it bothers some people.

          • Ishmael

            Funnily enough he did leave as a junior, but not before putting his coaches on blast. ‘I’m disappointed in the playcalling, and the situations we were put in, and I wish it all played out differently… There’s no chance of me coming back next year.’ Oh, and the NFL is still doing its level best to drag out the investigation into the domestic violence accusations against him. McCaffrey and Fournette should absolutely care what he has to say.

          • RealRhino2

            Don’t think it’s all that hypocritical. Difference between committing to a team for the year and committing to a team forever.

            I disagree almost 100% with Rob and Kenneth’s take on this issue, and find most of the arguments supporting the idea to be unsound.

            I know guys like Brooks and Jeremiah have said it won’t make a difference, but I wonder. Think of Cam Newton in the Super Bowl. He falls on that ball, Panthers have a chance. But he made a “business decision,” the same kind of business decision these guys are making here. Is that what teams want? Guys making personal business decisions dictate their play? Now what happens when they are on an NFL team and they get a little dinged up in game 8 of the last year of their contract? Are you saying there’s not a teeny bit of concern they’ll make the “smart business decision” and sit out rather than get on the field? We’ve already seen it with Fournette, and that would have already been a big red flag to me. Vs. Florida, “too hurt, can’t play.” Oh, but there’s a pre-game scuffle. “Now I can play.”

            In the NFL, if you CAN play, you DO play.

            These guys saying it shouldn’t make a difference to NFL teams sound like the new girlfriend of a guy who cheated on his old girlfriend to be with her, saying, “Oh, I’m not worried he’ll cheat on *me*, he only cheated on *her* because they weren’t right for each other” (or some other excuse). Keep telling yourself that, sister.

            • Volume12

              It is hypocritical. He obviously wouldnt do anything to wear the Ohio St jersey again or he would’ve come back. He would do anything but leave money on the table and be a top 10 pick? Come on.

              How are they not committed? McCaffrey has touched the ball over 1,000 times. 1,000 free times. There’s your scholarship right there.

              As for Fournette. That wasn’t the case at all. They, the coaching staff held him out, Florida and LSU got into it, insulted each other and this guy says ‘No I’m playing. I want me some of them.’ What’s not to like about that?

              • Volume12

                Money makes the world go ’round and these kids go where its at.

  3. DC

    The tweaks and additions that Seattle will make this off season should have this goal in mind. We are going into Lambeau Field in the dead of winter. BEAT THE PACKERS. If we can do that then we can beat anyone anywhere. That means two things to me. 1 is that you get Rodgers off the field by hitting him. Not just moving him off his spot because he still works great while moving. Actually HIT HIM over and over. 2 is to keep him off the field and that means controlling the clock. I’d love to add a solid RT, TE, FB & another RB. If Ifedi is that RT then we can add a OG. The not so old saying is you throw to score and you run to win. The sky is not falling here folks. We are winning it all next year.

  4. DC

    Anyone familiar enough with the Ravens to know if their impending UFA RT Ricky Wagner would be someone Seattle should pursue?

    Also, felony charges aside, as a pure football player thoughts on Alabama’s Cam Robinson as a RT rather than a LT?

    • Rob Staton

      Not a huge fan of Robinson. Personality concerns, attitude concerns. Sloppy technique which is unusual for an Alabama guy. Suggests he maybe gets by on physicality. I think he falls on draft day barring a fantastic off-season.

      • Trevor

        That is what makes Robinson such anomaly. How many players go to Alabama and start as freshmen at a premier position no less. Then start for 4 years and win multiple national championships under Nick Saban and then when they are ready to go pro the biggest knock is sloppy technique?

        Almost every Alabama players technique and discipline are off the charts. This guy is the polar opposite yet Saban started him his whole career despite the supposed attitude and off feild issues. Is he that talented that Nick just would not give up on him or did he just suck it up because he had no other options at LT? It is just a really weird situation. Physically he would be the perfect RT in our scheme.

        He can be a star or an absolute 100% bust it seems.

        Rob or anyone had Saban ever commented on Robinson publicly?

        • Volume12

          I’ll be very surprised if one of their selections isn’t someone from ‘Bama.

          PC loves that program.

          • C-Dog

            Volume, what do you think about Bama’s Eddie Jackson as a single high safety? I thought he was looking pretty decent before the season ending injury.

            • Volume12

              There’s some things I like about Jackson. And some things I don’t.

              Seems to be a great athlete and has a ton of potential at the safety position.

        • DC

          That’s what makes him interesting. Cable often says that he’d rather mold the guy as a pro. Is he getting by soley on physicality?
          Granted he’s going to have to pass TC’s attitude, smarts & grit check to get selected by Seattle. They will vett him. Obvious red flags, obvious potential.

          • nichansen01

            I would love cam robinson on the seahawks. Physically imposing. Just a beastly physical player technique aside.

  5. Sea Mode

    Hey, all. Shoutout to Vol.12 and everyone who heaped some praise on RB Jamaal Williams in the last thread. I took a look and am gonna throw some more his way: potential David Johnson/Matt Forte 2.0. (body type and running style, probably not quite the top speed though)

    Here’s a “side-by-side” of his and David Johnson’s highlights:

    Now that is the kind violent runner I like to see. Has the vision and agility to cut through the inside holes in a pro-style zone blocking system, and is quick to turn the corner on the outside as well with his long strides like Johnson.

    Interesting story as he became a starter and ran for 12 TDs as 17 year-old true freshman. Said being so young forced him to start working harder a lot earlier than others his age. Mom ran track at UCLA. Caught a some passes the first couple years too, so one could say the potential is there even though he was not used much in the passing game the last couple years. 5 fumbles, 2 lost in 726 carries over 4 seasons.
    Stats page: http://byucougars.com/athlete/m-football/jamaal-williams

    So four years of college ball and he will be just 22 next April. Missed second half of the 2014 season with a knee injury (surgery). Was hit low while coming down with a pass. According to his coach’s presser: “His first question was did I catch the ball.” Sat out 2015 season, withdrawing from school for undisclosed personal reasons. Said that time helped him mature. His teammates also noticed he came back in 2016 significantly bigger, faster, and stronger, so he wasn’t just lounging around in 2015 either. Missed 3 games this year with an ankle injury.
    Article: http://www.todayspigskin.com/nfl-draft/top-rb-prospect-havent-heard-byus-jamaal-williams/
    Video showing a bit of his growth over the years, injury and recovery:

    Humble, fun-loving personality off the field (has “Mamma’s…Boy” tatood across biceps so when he raises/flexes his arms to celebrate a TD she can see it), but clearly passionate on the field.
    Interview after yesterday’s bowl game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=807h12_PLMQ

    Tons of upside, system fit, good pro comps, battled adversity. He might just be our guy. If they think he can catch passes, even moreso. Sea Mode, out.

  6. Volume12

    NC RB Elijah Hood and Oklahoma RB returning to school.

    Not such a deep class no more. Next years is looking better. Maybe not at the top though.

    • Volume12

      *Joe Mixon

      • Ishmael

        Smart by Mixon. I don’t think anyone would have touched him this year. A year removed from the video, a year where he can try to rehabilitate his image… Maybe he starts moving back up into the first couple of rounds.

        Bit annoyed Hood is returning, he would have been a nice addition.

        • Volume12

          Agree on Nixon. Very smart.

          Hood? I’m conflicted on. Has all the tools, measurables, production, etc. But there was just something about him I couldn’t ? get behind. Seems to be a very stiff, rigid runner.

          • Volume12


            • Volume12

              I think they really like Prosise too. Seem to have a lot of time for him.

          • Ishmael

            Yeah, I agree. My concerns with Rawls and Prosise are purely around their ability to stay healthy, nothing to do with talent and production. Hood would have been a nice, productive, complementary piece to lean on – a bit like what I suspect they thought they’d get with Alex Collins.

            Ah well, take him off the board and keep looking.

            • Volume12

              I get that. Tough to argue against it.

              I just don’t know if there’s anything at RB this year other than complimentary pieces. Fournette, Cook are different. They have star quality. Foreman might too, but with this RB class getting thinner, teams might not wait it out when it comes to that position.

    • nichansen01

      And freeman (sorry if this was mentioned before)

  7. Volume12

    Little reminder for offensive skill players come draft time. But, I think we all knew this.

    PC mentions JD McKissic and his ‘special quickness.’ Speed kills.

    • Ishmael

      I love speed, it kills. Can’t teach it.

      Was it you talking earlier about moving the offence to a Mularkey/Harbaugh ‘exotic smashmouth’ type deal? Because I could get all the way on board with that. The other thing I’d love to see would be a Kyle Shannahan play-action heavy deal, but that is very reliant on excellent play up front.

      • Volume12

        Definetly miss seeing the play-action stuff myself, but yeah the line play and RW’s injuries have negated a lot of that.

        I did mention that. Just something I’ve been pondering. I’m seeing a lot of spread style elements and pre-snap looks in this offense. And you gotta have speed to run it. Like you said, can’t teach speed and we know PC has a border line obsession with it.

        • Volume12

          Davis Hsu brings up a great point.

          Look at the control on this RB stable. All different shapes, sizes, and styles.

          Rawls, Prosise, Collins, McKissic, Cottom, Pope, Madden, and Magee. I get the feeling they want to add to this group and just have one hell of a competition this summer!

          • nichansen01

            Too much rotation and inconsistency at the position. Same with DT. How many streets FAs did we rotate in at the two positions at various times this year?

            • Volume12

              They always churn the roster. Always. Injuries have played a huge part in it. Name me 1 RB in the NFL, that hasn’t got hurt? If we had Le’Veon Bell, would the discussion be, he gets hurt too much? And if the answer is yes, then maybe you shouldn’t pay big money to RBs.

              What DT have they rotated in though? Jenkins, because they wanted more size?

    • Logan Lynch

      Not comparing the players at all, but you have to wonder if PC sees the impact Tyreek Hill is having for KC and wanted to find his own version of that? McKissic has that WR/KR background that they’re trying to get mismatches for as a RB. Could be a bit of a roster mirror hedge for Lockett too. You can see the effect he can have on the offense, which was much less explosive when he was injured early on this season.

  8. nichansen01

    What are the chances Husky Lavon Coleman returns for his senior year?

    • Kenny Sloth

      Imo, much more likely than not.

      Unless he really needs the money, he has the chance to propel himself way up draft boards if he’s the #1 back on a contender team

      • Jeff M.

        Unless Gaskin is injured, he won’t be the #1. Maybe they split the carries a little more evenly (and maybe lean on the run game even more heavily with the two top WRs leaving) and end up with two 1000 yard rushers next year, though.

        • dylanlep

          Pettis only a jr and he probably stays just FYI

  9. C-Dog

    With the likelihood of Bolles being out of reach, and maybe the notion that Seattle addresses DL through free agency, should we consider again the idea of drafting the BPA on the OL that is perhaps a guard, and moving Ifedi to RT, which might be a long term plan of the team anyways?

    By signing a veteran DT, really seems like that would free up the team to help shore up the run game, and still possibly add another productive offensive target for RW, and all Cooper Kupp ever seems to do is run routes and catch passes. If the first three picks go to some gritty players for the offense, they can draft defense the whole rest of the way filling any needs and depth. John Carraway could be that rush linebacker to be had in the mid portion.

    27: R1P27

    59: R2P27

    91: R3P27

    134: R4P31

    206: R6P27

    214: R6P35

    229: R7P11

    • peter

      I’m thinking in this scenario, trade out into the thirties skip Feeney pick up Foreman earlier giving them hopefully a third or a fourth rd pick back.

      I like Krupp I think he could be had in the fifth. I get it that the PNW knows he has great numbers and dominated against PAC-12 schools. Realistically I think bias and time zone bias is real. I just can’t imagine teams putting a whole lot of effort into scouting EWU vs. OR. And every year some dude has ridiculous FBS stats and falls aside. In the draft. Me personally Krupp for the hawks but later.

      • C-Dog

        Most projections I see on Kupp seem to suggest a day 2 talent, though. I can totally see them taking Foreman first if his workouts are good. I’m just thinking BPA for the offensive line, especially considering Tom Cable said this week that they are fine with 4 of the 5 parts, but still trying to figure out the 5 part. For me, that strongly suggests that the first player they draft next year will very likely be another offensive lineman.

  10. HawkFan907

    With Hood going back to school, I would love if the Hawks took Jamaal Williams in Rd. 3 or 4. His running style is so physical and he has so much swag. He would be a great compliment to Prosise and Rawls. Prosise is a dynamic weapon, Rawls has amazing feet and top end speed, and Williams will run into you and drive you backwards. Sounds like a solid backfield to me.

    • Volume12

      Yeah, that’s what Williams is. Not great burst, but will turn 2-3 yard runs into 7-8 yard runs. Great balance, vision, and that toughness you mention. The burst doesn’t bother me too much, because he’s, to use a DJ term, ‘slithery.’

      Gotta love that personality too. Seems contagious.

  11. Logan Lynch

    Vol mentioned Davis Hsu above, and I’m going to paraphrase another interesting thought he had yesterday (if you don’t follow Davis on Twitter and consider yourself a Seahawks fan, you’re missing out on some great analysis). Davis listened to all of the post-draft pressers yesterday and connected a few dots that could give us some information on the future of the OL. Now, before I get started, a few disclaimers. These are Davis’ thoughts, not mine, though I do find them interesting or I wouldn’t post them. Also, these were from after the draft, so obviously plans could have changed after actually getting time to work with these guys.

    On Ifedi, as we remember, Pete basically said they were going to use him at guard this year with the thought he may be a tackle in the future. He has said he prefers the right side and that’s where he has been used this year.

    On Odhiambo, he prefers the left side. Pete said they drafted him to play guard and that he would need time to learn the position. I believe Odhiambo said in a 710 interview that it took him until a few weeks into the season to be comfortable as a guard since he had most of his experience as a tackle.

    I believe Cable has said in the past he would like a physical mauler (paraphrasing) at RT, a more athletic RG, a bigger road grader at LG, and an athletic LT.

    Davis combined all of these thoughts together and posed the question: what if the plan all along was to have Ifedi play RG this year (possibly an easier transition into the NFL than the tackle position), then move him to RT next year, with Glow sliding back to RG and Odhiambo taking over at LG? Presumably, the front office expected Gilliam to take over LT, but Fant playing there still gives them the athletic LT they wanted. All of the other switches would fit the profiles they were looking for at each position, with Britt blossoming into an above average C.

    Now, again, these plans could have been blown up and completely changed, but I still think it’s an interesting talking point. With all of these RBs returning to school, could we see a focus on DL and finding another great offensive weapon on the outside early on instead of RB and OL? It will be fascinating to see how this all shakes out.

    • Rob Staton

      Possibly in terms of the OL plan. I would expect some competition to be added in the middle rounds still if a Bolles isn’t there in R1. However, I still believe they need another RB. DL especially the interior will likely be a complete off season priority (FA and draft).

      • Logan Lynch

        Completely agree with you, Rob. Even if they have the OL plan listed above, there still needs to be competition brought in to combat injuries, or the off chance of hitting on a mid-round OL (similar to GB with Bakhtiari). And judging by the amount of RB churn, they will definitely add to that competition. It just depends on how the draft falls and if they can get “their guy” at a point that makes sense.

        As others have said, I expect SEA to court a big name FA DL. They’ve had good success with this avenue in the past. Calais Campbell is on the top of my list, personally.

        Side note, thank you for all the great content you put on this website. It really is a fantastic resource for not only Seahawks news, but NFL Draft preparation in general. Great community as well. Thoughtful and respectful. Good job!

        • Volume12

          That’s really interesting and could be the case. We know JS has a great ability to foreshadow what positions will be strengths and weaknesses when it comes to future drafts and it makes sense considering the lack of talent at the OT position this year.

          If that is the starting 5 next year, we would still need depth at G and OT as both of you mentioned. And we also know they’ll take and develop a freak athlete along the O-line in UDFA as well.

      • Ed

        Have heard that hear before and it makes sense, but then it becomes the same old problem. Basically a brand new line because you would have 3 new starters:

        LG Obi
        RG Glow
        RT Ifedi

        I would make that happen now, it’s not like the oline can get much worse at times and it will give you a better idea going into the offseason.

    • C-Dog

      I’ve definitely had this thought a number of times.

    • STTBM

      I agree with both you and Rob. Need another mid rounder OL and another RB, one who could conceivably carry the load. I love me some Rawls, Prosise and Pope, but they have not been durable.

      Ive been bloviating to anyone who cared to listen that Glowinsky might need to lose 10-15 lbs, regain the athleticism that made him special, and move back to RG–also that would require Cable to go back to using his RG to pull often, as he did when Sweezy was here. I always felt Glowinsky was destined to be the stud RG Sweezy was supposed to become.

      And Ifedi may actually play better at RT than at RG; the suddenness and phone-booth fight of G in the NFL sometimes doesnt work for natural tackles. I would love to see our line start out next year as Fant-Odhiambo-Britt-Glowinsky-Ifedi.

      • Trevor

        I am with you. I think it is definitely our best option as the roster currently stands. Still not sold on Rees at LG though and if we go that route and Bolles is gone in Rd #1 I hope they take a guy like another Swing guy like Morton in Rd #3 to add depth and competition at Guard.

    • daniel

      If that’s the case and they manage to address d line in free agency does that mean they could spend a luxury pick earlier in the draft?

  12. Ground_Hawk

    I know there is talk of Utah’s (LT) Bolles going in the 1st, but what about his teammate, who also starts on the line next to him, (LG) Isaac Asiata? I have seen Asiata projected in the 5-6 round range.

    • C-Dog

      I think he’s definitely a consideration in the later rounds for depth.

  13. Ed

    As stated above, I would be good with a line of:


    As Rob said, would still like some competition in the mid rounds, but I really don’t want to spend a 1st or 2nd on OL. Trade back, get more picks:

    2nd Nandi
    2nd Foreman
    3rd S
    3rd DE/LB

    • C-Dog

      If they didn’t go after a veteran DT, I would be all over drafting Nnadi and Foreman R2.

  14. Trevor

    Just reading a mock were Eric Galko has Bolles mocked at #3 to the Jags. He is clearly not a sleeper anymore.

    That being said I don’t see anyway that Caldwell could go out on a limb and take him at #3. Maybe if they trade back.

    In my mind the most sure thing in the draft would be the Jags taking Fournette if he is there. No team is in greater need of a ground game an identity than the Jags.

    I love Bolles but if they pass on Fournette to take him and he doesn’t play at an elite level day #1 then Caldwell will be following Gus out the door.

    Clearly a draft guy trying to make a point and get clicks IMO.

    • Volume12

      Galko and Optimum Scouting aren’t bad.

      I appreciated the mock because it wasn’t the ‘usual faces in usual places.’

      Caldwell has to hit on this top 5 pick. Bortles is awful, Fowler isnt very good either. Florida schemed his production. And Malik Jackson was a waste of cap space. Overrated and doesn’t fit in a 4 man front.

      • Rob Staton

        Jax might draft another QB with their first pick.

  15. DC

    The decision on where Ifedi plays next season has a significant impact on what we are looking for in FA. Either way the top priority remains the same.

    #1 DT/DE Calais Campbell. Top of my “non-pipe” wish list. Arizona is aging and possibly on a total implosion course. CC is now 30 and ring-less. Perfect fit here, come get some jewelry. Flooded DL market as it stands today could lead to a value signing.

    If Ifedi stays at RG,
    #2A RT Ricky Wagner. Fills the hole. I trust the Ravens’ choices on the OL. They have only $20M in space for 2017 and make their living on the comp pick treadmill. Might let him walk. Should be an immediate improvement over our Gilliam/Sowell combo.

    If Ifedi moves to RT,
    #2B TE Martellus Bennett. One of the best all around TE in the game. 3TE sets with Graham, Bennett & Vannett would open up some amazing possibilities on offense. Add a healthy Prosise with a good FB/H-back and the run/pass options stretch the field to the max. 3TE, 2RB, 1WR where Graham or Bennett can motion out wide with Lockett or DB on the outside. Or 3TE, 1RB, 2WR. Lots of possible looks out of the same initial formation. Unite the Bennett brothers in Seattle and let them win rings together.

    For offensive line reinforcements in the draft, would OT/OG Forrest Lamp last until our 2nd round pick? Starting to like him and his versatility would be a great fit here.

    BYU RB Jamaal Williams has been and remains my favorite RB in CFB since watching him vs Arizona. No idea what round he goes and no one is talking about him outside of here that I know of. Rawls, Prosise & Williams absolutely works for me.

    • vrtkolman

      Rick Wagner would be a great get. I would prefer that while keeping Ifedi at RG, where hopefully he sees big improvement his Sophomore year.

      • John_s

        I would love it if they can bring in Ricky Wagner. Instant upgrade on the right side

  16. AlaskaHawk

    Look what Ezekiel Elliot got his lineman for Christmas: John Deere Gator 855d ATVs that start at $17,000 each.

    Russell Wilson gave TVs to his Offensive line, and first class tickets to the entire team. Nice!!

    • vrtkolman

      Elliot should give his line his entire salary this year. Joking! Elliot is great, but that Dallas line is going to down in history as one of the best units of all time.

      • AlaskaHawk

        If they hadn’t wussed out when they played the Giants – I would agree with you. I mean come on!!!

        • AlaskaHawk

          and that Dak Prescott….

          You know he’s a rookie!!!

          (I’m just practicing my smack talk for later this season)

  17. Ukhawk

    Missed responding to Robs last post asking for suggestions based on a hypothetical draft.

    In my view, while trading up for a Fournette seems attractive (to me included), I just don’t think JSPS will do it. I think this is the case as neither would the Pats consider it which is a model franchise. If we’ve learned nothing else this year, draft depth to counter injuries and roster turnover is vital.

    Instead I’d advocate a much smaller trade up (using JS’s predictive abilities) to snag Bolles a few places up.

    Altertively snag Nandi (Maybe by trading back?) and what about then considering Feeney in the 2nd (even trading up) as he may be available due to his limited PT this year. He’s aggressive and would form a nasty, powerful ride side with Ifedi at RT?

    While some players are moving up boards, it appears Williams & Phillips are slipping due to character concerns. One might also be available and present an alternative at the bottom half of R1.

  18. EranUngar

    The issues of this roster are pretty clear and we know that JS uses a sledge hammer approach when dealing with team needs. On the other hand, JS has been on record many times about the “double wammy” risk of having to draft for a specific position rather than the best upgrade for the team.

    Last year the team had no cap space to address needs in FA and was forced to draft for immediate needs. This year they should have at least 15-20M to address needs in FA. I also believe that unless Kearse rebounds in the playoffs, this team will not pay him 6.8M next year and that could add 5M to the FA pot.

    With that they could get 2 high caliber additions – DT&OT. Maybe even a RB for a year as injury insurance for Rawls and C.J.

    I know that JS would love to enter the draft without a “must” position for his top pick. It would enable the Seahawks to use the strengths of this draft class with their top picks and add OL/RB depth in the middle rounds.

    I think that a safety (Earl&Kam missed 10 games this year combined) and EDGE rusher to reduce to load on Bennett and Avril and grow into a starter in 2-3 years could be a great move for a team that could be aging in 2 years time. It will also help with extension negotiations.

    My master plan is OL/DT and vet RB in FA and Safety + EDGE in the top 2 rounds.

    • schuemansky

      I´m with you 100%. And it is quite probable that your master plan is quite close to JS/PC´s approach.
      At least one of Williams, Foster, A. Jackson, Baker should be available maybe even trading down like last year.

    • Rob Staton

      That would work towards the strengths of the draft, something JS has looked to do in the past. This is a very strong draft at S and EDGE.

      That said, I suspect they will really like Shalom Luani depending on how he tests at the combine. He might not cost a first or second rounder and that would add a nice safety to the roster. And an EDGE would have to be really explosive, Frank Clark physical profile type. There are EDGE prospects I like — but not seen a Frank yet. The combine will reveal more.

      Plus if there’s any chance at all they can get at Garett Bolles, I suspect they will keep that option open. And even if they bring in a FA interior defender, this is looking like a good class for DT disruptors — so they might double down (FA + draft). I like the idea of adding multiple pieces to the interior DL.

      • EranUngar

        It would be best if they can indeed double down on short tern FA talent and long term draft picks to grow along them.

        Once you secured your immediate needs in FA, It opens up your draft to pick the best without positional restraints. DT/DE/OT/S/RB…even CB if the right one is there…

        • Rob Staton

          It’s very rare that a team is in position to ‘pick the best player without positional restraints’. As far as I’m aware the Seahawks haven’t been able to do that since 2013. I can’t imagine they’ll address their needs in FA completely. But it would be nice to find an interior DT or a DE/DT type to create a bit more pressure there and possibly some OL competition before going into the draft.

  19. Mac

    Hey Rob, I was wondering what you would think of us getting Eddie lacy. Assuming he could stay healthy and fit, is there any scenario in the cap to grab him and Campbell in free agency? and use the draft to build the o line, a SS/LB, CB and tight end.

  20. John_s

    Here’s my way too early mock draft.

    1) Budda Baker FS/ Slot Corner
    2) Curtis Samuel WR
    3a) Tanoh Kpassagnon DE/DT
    3b comp) Brian Hill – RB
    5 comp) Anthony Walker – LB
    6) Chad Wheeler – OT
    7) Davonte Fields – LEO

    The first 3 picks bring position versatility all 3 can play multiple positions as well as contribute on special teams. Brian Hill I just love him as a runner. Walker fills the Malcolm Smith cover role that they hoped KPL could do. Last 2 picks are high upside guys with off field issues that will knock them down

  21. Al4. askaHawk

    As I wait for the much anticipated rematch of Seahawks and Cardinals – here are a couple things I would like to see from the Seahawks to show that they are improving and are playoff worthy:

    1. Jump to a lead in the first quarter. Seahawks often have slow starts and conservative plays in the first quarter/half. It’s time to kick this offense into gear and act like champions.

    2. Establish the running game or establish the passing game? I don’t care! Establish something on offense and move fore ward. It’s time to show your skills.

    3. Defensively it should be bend but don’t break. Get your hands on the ball and make Cardinals concerned.

    4. Lets see some improvements in play by Lane, Terrell, and the defensive tackles. Time to get into playoff mode!

    5. Home field advantage is a real thing for the Seahawks this year. Use it. Winning a close game at home is not enough – they need to conquer and crush.

    6. And finally – Win the turnover battle. Go Seahawks!!!

  22. AlaskaHawk

    As I wait for the much anticipated rematch of Seahawks and Cardinals – here are a couple things I would like to see from the Seahawks to show that they are improving and are playoff worthy:

    1. Jump to a lead in the first quarter. Seahawks often have slow starts and conservative plays in the first quarter/half. It’s time to kick this offense into gear and act like champions.

    2. Establish the running game or establish the passing game? I don’t care! Establish something on offense and move fore ward. It’s time to show your skills.

    3. Defensively it should be bend but don’t break. Get your hands on the ball and make Cardinals concerned.

    4. Lets see some improvements in play by Lane, Terrell, and the defensive tackles. Time to get into playoff mode!

    5. Home field advantage is a real thing for the Seahawks this year. Use it. Winning a close game at home is not enough – they need to conquer and crush.

    6. And finally – Win the turnover battle. Go Seahawks!!!

    • AlaskaHawk

      Early indication, defensive line looks great , offense looks awful and just fumbled the ball away.

      • LordSnow

        10 days to prepare like this? The pass blocking again is a disaster. And Kearse…change your “dirty work” approach. If they are calling you for OPI’s now, change how you set your picks. That was ridiculously blatant.

        It’s going to be like this in the playoffs too. The oline blocking like matadors.

  23. The Hawk is Howling

    Who hoo! Another game I’m a happy boy!
    Enjoy everyone!

    Go Hawks!

  24. rowdy

    Cut kearse

  25. Vista

    So I missed those first couple minutes. I know someone fumbled and there was a pass interference. Who fumbled and who was the interference on?

    • Vista

      Was Kearse the PI call?

    • rowdy

      Kearse got the pi and Reese had the fumble. Off and defense looking bad

      • AlaskaHawk

        Bad handoff? Not sure who was at fault. Running game has been disasterous.

  26. John_s

    Jermaine Kearse… Leads the league in OPI’s

  27. Kenny Sloth

    Why is the NFL the most dramatic, emotional soap opera on television.

    Game of Thrones level suspense (the draft is coming), zany characters doing ridiculous things.

    Earl Thomas might be retiring, Richard Sherman is the meanest guy alive.

    Just weaving storylines and intense highs and lows with built in local rooting-incentives.

    Obviously you already knew football was entertaining. I’m stoned. Go Hawks, merry Christmas Eve SDB!

  28. Vista

    The O-line is painful to watch today

    • lil'stink

      Also 2 series without calling a single play for Rawls.

      • Vista

        I don’t think the coaches trust the o-line at all

    • Trevor

      It has been for 3 years. This year it is historically bad.

      • Vista


        • AlaskaHawk

          Offensive line is hitting rock bottom.

  29. Trevor

    If anyone things OL is not the biggest need on this team this off season then they have not watched this team play.

    Those first two drives are typical of this whole year.

    This OL is historically bad and unless they fix it there is no way this team can realistically compete for an SB it is as simple as that.

    • LordSnow

      I have no hope they will fix it before the playoffs. If we make the sb, it will be because the other teams fold in some way.

      • Trevor

        Ifedi is still absolutely lost on any type of stunt. He needs to go out to RT IMO.

        • LordSnow

          That last sack was horrendous by Ifedi. But I’d really like RW to throw that away in that situation.

      • rowdy

        I don’t think we could beat any playoff team at this point

        • lil'stink

          I do. We will just struggle mightily with teams that have a defensive line like the Cards.

    • lil'stink

      Just realized that we could have signed pro bowl tackle Donald Penn for just over what we spent on Sowell, Webb, and Kearse. And Ifefi just got beat on a pretty mediocre stunt. Lol.

      Time for another hot buttered rum. Or several.

  30. Vista

    Yeah, no rushing yards is a problem

  31. Vista

    That drive survived on Cardinals penalties and not much more

  32. AlaskaHawk

    Not to pick on any line men in particular, but Ifedi cannot pick up stunting linemen. He just isn’t agile enough to switch. Resulting in another RW sack.

    • Trevor

      Agree he has to go out to RT he looks lost at G after an entire season.

      • LordSnow

        For most of the season I have not been in agreement with this. Now I am.

        He has not improved.

    • lil'stink

      I think he’s agile enough. He just seems to have horrible instincts. On that last sack Britt looked to be in good position, the edge rusher was contained (ish), and Ifedi still got beat to the inside on the stunt. Hopefully this season is the wake up call they need to change their philosophy regarding the OL.

  33. LordSnow

    Blocked field goal so fitting for that drive. I have to put that on RW. Throw the ball away man. On plays he should sit in the pocket he scrambles. On plays he should scramble he sits in the pocket. He ignores field position and treats everything like needing an 80 yard bomb.

    • rowdy

      That’s exactly what I was trying to say

  34. rowdy

    Has anyone noticed how russle runs into pressure a lot lately?

    • LordSnow

      It’s like he’s lost that scrambling ability that they were saying “impossible to defend” the past four years in the league.

  35. AlaskaHawk

    When will Lockett run kicks upfield? He doesn’t seem aggresive this year. Need someone who is willing to risk the big hits.

    • rowdy

      I agree he hasn’t been a factor at all this year

      • Kenny Sloth

        He’s been good to my eye. Maybe top 5 this year? Probably optimistic

  36. Vista

    It always seems like Hauschka kicks very low, like he is trying to kick line drives rather than arcing it through the posts

    • LordSnow

      I don’t know how he got to be a pro bowl alternate.

      • Vista

        It is probably because the kickers this year are all around terrible this year

  37. rowdy

    Russle runs into pressure again

    • LordSnow

      He can’t see the field. It can be the only explanation. At some point, you’d think a guy would try to protect his body, but he’s not seeing anything out there. Maybe he needs lasik.

      I’m out of speculation.

      • JT

        Maybe he’s shell-shocked after a season full of college level pass protection…

  38. Vista

    This O-line play plus the great D-line play from Arizona is absolutely horrendous. And the crowd is now booing us. This is going great

  39. rowdy

    At some point even rob is going to have to complain about about playcalling

    • LordSnow

      I’m thinking, okay, set up simple dump offs that will get tackled for 1 to 2 yard gains, but at least it won’t be 3rd and 18 every series.

    • lil'stink

      Really have to wait to wait and watch the all-22. Wilson seems to be holding on to the ball too long.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Doubt the play calling matters when players aren’t blocking and Wilson won’t throw ball away. Lots of poor decisions being made.

      • rowdy

        That’s when the play caller needs to adjust. It’s the same story every game and he continues to try the same gameplan.

  40. STTBM

    This line is a total shit-show.

  41. Vista

    Oh good, Chancellor is getting his foot looked at

  42. Vista

    Shead needs to turn his head.

  43. AlaskaHawk

    At least the defense is performing.

  44. LordSnow

    well, thank you Jermaine Gresham.

    • LordSnow

      Frank Clark, whatever he said, is the equivalent of getting a sack.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Yes I’m curious about what got him so upset that he would take his helmet off to argue. Big penalty and ejection hurts the Cardinals.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Oh nice blind side hit by Lane.

  45. LordSnow

    Count me in on the “sign Calais Campbell” bandwagon.

    • STTBM

      Not unless he can play Oline…

  46. AlaskaHawk

    Offense starting to move with quick pass game. Who knew that quick passes are effective? (Sarcasm mode). My as well scrap the running game because it ain’t working.

  47. Vista

    That went well

  48. Forrest


  49. STTBM

    Game. Set. Match. Seattle playing for Draft slot now.

    This team is an utter debacle this season.

    • lil'stink

      So 9-4-1 and a division title is a debacle? Disappointing, perhaps. But a debacle? Now

  50. LordSnow

    There you go. Arizona with the 80 yard bomb. Playing with more passion than seattle. Attacking the spots where we are injured. ADJUSTING THE GAME PLAN to attack where the opponent is hurting.

  51. AlaskaHawk

    LoSing Thomas and Chancellor is going to kill the Seahawks coverage. Youch!

  52. rowdy

    Hawks can’t do anything right at this time

  53. STTBM

    Even with third and fourth stringers, AZ’s Oline puts ours to shame.

    This has to get Cable fired. It’s a disgrace.

  54. Vista

    I just realized that the Browns won their game today

  55. Vista

    Touchdown but I think Locket has a concussion.

    • Vista

      Oh yeah, his head smacked the ground pretty hard

      • Vista

        Oh look at lockets leg. Its broken

  56. STTBM

    If Lockett is hurt bad this year can go straight to hell…

  57. LordSnow

    DAMN IT. Even when our offense makes a great play it leads to an injury! I can’t believe this!!!

    • LordSnow

      That’s a broken leg rght there.

  58. rowdy

    Lockett out for good

  59. STTBM

    It’s gotta be broken…just awful!!!

  60. rowdy

    There’s goes the only player that was really showing any heart on the offense

  61. STTBM

    Can’t believe a kid that talented gets hurt so bad in a game doesn’t really matter…

    I think I’m going to puke.

  62. Forrest

    Even the announcers are getting emotional…heartbreaking…

  63. AlaskaHawk

    This has been a horrible game for Lockett – ended with a great catch but so sad about his leg.

  64. STTBM

    This is Rawls Deja Vu…only worse!

  65. AlaskaHawk

    First and goal here we go. First try into the strength of the defense is stopped. Should have run left around the end.

    • LordSnow

      Wilson might want to try a run around the end.

      • LordSnow

        Nope, into the pile.

        • AlaskaHawk

          Son – Your going to drive me to drinking
          If you don’t stop that offense from stinking.

          • AlaskaHawk

            Oh lord a 4th down sack. Fifth sack of half.

            • LordSnow

              OMG and a fumble gives them a chance.

  66. rowdy

    Wr looks to be a major need next year now. I don’t even to see the play again. His ankle just flopped like it wasn’t attached anymore

    • LordSnow

      This is why I’m not for the Fournette selling th draft thing. Too many needs that draft capital can help in that area. You can’t get thru a season without major injuries. Depth is a must.

    • lil'stink

      Lockett looks to be done for the season but anything beyond that and people need to stop over reacting and wait to see the actual diagnosis.

  67. STTBM

    Seattle should punt lol!

  68. STTBM

    Hahaha! This team can’t beat the Browns now lol!

  69. JT

    Man I could cry for that guy… Get well Rockett

  70. The Hawk is Howling

    Seeing Tyler hurt just took the heart out of me for this game. The only part of football that makes me sick to my stomach. We can only hope it’s not career ending. F-ing Damnit!!!

  71. AlaskaHawk

    Who hoo fumble

  72. Forrest


  73. Cysco

    What a disgrace.

  74. lil'stink

    If Bevell didn’t just get himself fired on that goal line series than I don’t know what to say.

    • Rob Staton

      Yes, he put this OL together.

      • lil'stink

        5’10” QB trying to sneak it from the goal line by reaching over his offensive line. I realize that the knee jerk reactions from us get annoying at times, especially with the coaches and play calls, but man… This team just can’t afford to waste plays like that.

  75. Michael (CLT)

    Seattle has no shot at the super bowl with this offense

    • Forrest

      Depends on who the opposing defense is…

      • Michael (CLT)

        No. I appreciate the pragmatic approach. This teAm is fatally flawed

    • STTBM

      Seattle won’t beat even the Niners playing like this.

    • AlaskaHawk

      It makes me wonder how the offense got as far as they did. They always look terrible at beginning of season – this year they are finishing bad. Wilson will be lucky to survive this game. 5 sacks and 7 hits in first half.

  76. LordSnow

    Kick the damned field goal. Shit.

  77. STTBM

    7 tries in goal to go come up empty. This reminds me of the offense in our 2-14 season.

    The very definition of ineptness is playing out before our eyes…

    This team deserves the Playoffs less than the 7-9 Division winner.

    • LordSnow

      Without a few goal line stands this year, we would be right there with arizona recordwise. The margin for success has been so narrow with this team. The miracle finishes were bound to catch up with us. It needs a serious infusion of talent at multiple positions.

      I’m not one of those who believes we are among the most talented teams in the NFL. It needs more.

      • rowdy

        The defense is imo but the offense is tissue paper

      • STTBM

        This team is one of, if not the single-most talented in the league. It’s the Coaching and everything to do with the Oline and key injuries that have ruined this season. They haven’t looked like a real team all year.

        • LordSnow

          Limited depth. Starting units have talent. Depth is questionable.

    • rowdy

      That’s why I say we need offense over defense. A better offense could things a lot easier on the defense. This is pathetic.

  78. HawkFan907

    Is Jimmy Graham on our roster still? WTF are we doing. Totally inept. We are out in the first round.

    • AlaskaHawk

      He had some good blocks early in the game.

    • Michael (CLT)


    • rowdy

      A good OC could open things up and adjust. I’ve never been one to blast are OC but he’s not getting the job done.

      • Trevor

        No OC could call a good game with this OL. There are not that many plays in anyone’s playbook when you have instant pressure on pass plays and instant penetration on run plays.

        • JT


        • rowdy

          You could not call plays that dont depend on the oline holding blocks. You can continuously not run plays at your weakness.

  79. AlaskaHawk

    Even the announcers are talking about how Seattle has tried to train up journeymen and it is not working this year. Unfortunately the team has too many needs to just draft offensive linemen.

  80. Trevor

    How can this OL be so bad after a full year under the genius Tom Cable who has hand picked each of them?

    I keep hearing how we have spent lots of draft capital on the OL and a discussion about Cables talent evaluation or coaching is like blasphemy. If we have a great coach, talent evaluation and ave spent lots of draft capital on the OL why is it the hands down worst in the league with one game left in the year?

    • LordSnow

      Next offseason I wonder if they consider junking the zbs and go to a more traditional blocking scheme.

      • JT

        Next offseason I wonder if they consider junking the bums (all the tackles), and rostering competent NFL linemen…

      • Trevor

        I agree the ZBS is not nearly as effective since the changed all the cut block rules. We have big athletic guys. Let them lineup and power run block.

    • JT

      Consider this too Trevor – the OL has been really healthy for the most part this season. The talent level is just pathetic.

    • AlaskaHawk

      They actually drafted in 1, 3 and 5 th round last year. But only using Ifedi. And no tackles drafted- pretty weird.

      • Trevor

        Ifedi should be a Tackle if the plan was to use him at G they should not have taken him in Rd #1

        • LordSnow

          Who was it, linehawk saying Fant/Odhi/Britt/GLow/Ifedi next year?

          • STTBM

            I’ve been calling for it too. Can’t be worse than what we got now…

          • Trevor

            I think was the hope that with another year together and getting coached up they could gel as a unit. I did not think it was a terrible idea at all but wow that 1st half is hard not to over react to.

  81. Ground_Hawk

    Hopefully Lockett recovers well. Thoughts and prayers are going out to him.

  82. STTBM

    Rawls is made of glass…

    • rowdy

      Been saying that but people don’t want to hear it here

  83. Trevor

    Really hope PRich can step up and show something in the 2nd half.

    • AlaskaHawk

      And hoping no more injuries.

  84. Forty20

    Alex Collins starting to flash. Nice couple of runs and a reception along with a good chip to help Gilliam.

    • AlaskaHawk

      About time they played him.

      • LordSnow

        He looks quicker to the line than previous games. It must have been an injury that was speculated.

  85. STTBM

    Patented Wilson Underthrow…It got Lockett killed and that’s at least the fourth Underthrow today…

    • Trevor

      He is shell shocked this year. He has had the snot kicked out of him and just looked flat our rattled most of the time. Even when there is no pressure he sees some and runs into it.

      He will bounce back if they can fix the OL

  86. Cysco

    I’ve never been one to point fingers at the coaching staff, but I’m freak’n done with this crap. We’re trying to teach dudes off the street how to play a complex blocking scheme like the ZBS? We’re playing a team that we KNOW is going to blitz to the living hell and you’re not prepared? This offensive is an embarrassment. There are college teams that could do a better job.

    The seattle defense has every right to be pissed and the fans deserve better. We have a championship caliber defense and an offense that is arguably the worst in the league.

    1st and goal from the .5 yard line after losing one of your star young receivers and you can’t rally enough emotionally to score? Thank god I live in Dallas now and am forced to root for the Cowboys since it’s damn near impossible to root for this team.

  87. Trevor

    Alex Collins showing a flash! Wow and I had completely written him off to be honest.

    • AlaskaHawk

      The coaches had written him off early in the season do to a fumble when he ran into the back of the inept offensive line. They finally get desperate enough to play him – and yes he is a decent running back.

      • STTBM

        Where did this come from?! Collins showed nothing all year, then suddenly is shot out of a cannon!

        • LordSnow

          The rumoured injury after the last preseason game could be true.

    • rowdy

      He showed more potential then Rawls has

  88. STTBM


  89. AlaskaHawk

    Kearse finally gets a touchdown.

  90. Trevor

    Two guys whom I have criticized to no end this year Kearse and Collins lead us to a TD. Too funny

    • Forrest

      I know right!

    • Trevor

      Collins actually looked good on that drive and it was not just one flash run. He was the workhorse on that drive even had 15 yd run called back. Have to give him props for that.

    • lil'stink

      Collins looked patient and explosive that drive, and the line looked like they opened up some holes. I think there must have been at least one or two amazing motivational speeches during halftime

  91. LordSnow

    Kearse finally gets one. Hallelujah. Need him now to step up with Tyler L out.

  92. AlaskaHawk

    Unbelievable that Seahawks are still in the game. Don’t worry about me being a flip flipper. When Seahawks win I’m still going to call for Bevell and Cables heads for in the off season.

    • STTBM

      Bevell doing what can be done…Dude deserves a Purple Heart…

      • AlaskaHawk

        Bevell needs to field a competent offense at the beginning of the season.

  93. STTBM


  94. STTBM

    Need a turnover…

    • rowdy

      That basically was a TO

      • STTBM

        Yup, close enough I’ll take it…

        • rowdy

          We all will lol

  95. STTBM

    Not a good throw by Wilson…incomplete.

    • LordSnow

      He really lacks zip on his throws this year and I wonder if his pec is still hurting.

  96. LordSnow

    What a great catch by baldwin.

  97. LordSnow

    Short passes, RW seems to throw everything high.

    • LordSnow

      Nice, now a blocked punt.

  98. STTBM

    Can’t win with Wilson unable to hit a barn door…

    • AlaskaHawk

      Maybe they should use Collins. Notice how offense went away from him again?

    • LordSnow

      He’s been off target most of the season on the deep throws. The lockett throw was underthrown as well. Really not playing well this season.

      • JT

        Playing through an injury and shell-shocked from pylon-level pass pro all season long

  99. AlaskaHawk

    Another blocked punt

  100. STTBM

    WTF?! Just hand em the game until they finally nail the coffin…

  101. nichansen01

    We look like we really really don’t want to win this one.

  102. AlaskaHawk

    Gresham back in for Arizona. Chancellor back for Seahawks. Should be a great 4th quarter.

    • LordSnow

      Only if RW plays like an NFL qb and hits throws he should hit.

  103. LordSnow

    As much as we hate the Earl Thomas and Lockett injuries, imagine if you’re a Titans fan…

  104. AlaskaHawk

    Seahawks could really use a Fitzgerald to play along with Baldwin. That would be crazy! I think they are passing enough now to justify a first round wide receiver.

  105. Trevor

    Arizonas OL is almost as bad as ours and we have gotten almost zero pressure. Where has the pass rush gone?

    • AlaskaHawk

      They hit Palmer hard on his pass to Fitzgerald- just a half second late.

  106. Nathan W.

    Wow. That DPI call on Wagner…. are you kidding me?

  107. AlaskaHawk

    Damn. So here is the question. 11 points behind will they run with Collins once in awhile- or is it all passing for rest of game?

    • Forty20

      The drive following the Kearse TD was infuriating. We finally establish the run with Collins and then immediately go away from it.

      • DavidM2

        No one how to kill the rhythm of a drive with questionable playcalling like Darrell Bevell.

        • DavidM2

          *knows how

  108. LordSnow

    Seattle doesn’t want that week off during the playoffs.

    • AlaskaHawk

      They can start planning for off season one weak earlier.

  109. Forrest


  110. AlaskaHawk

    Wilson to Baldwin could set some records.

  111. LeoSharp

    As I’ve thought all year when the passing game run’s through Baldwin its significantly better. He is to the passing game what lynch was for the running game. He’s just so reliable your’re almost always guaranteed something.

  112. LordSnow

    Too easy for the cards to answer our td.

    • LordSnow

      This was one of those games where Earl Thomas’ loss has been severely felt.

    • AlaskaHawk

      So much for our great defense.

      • LordSnow

        I’m in disagreement with other posters that our defense is okay. It’s not dominant. It’s good, not great. It really misses Mebane. It needs an edge setter. Lacks inside pass rush. Needs to start thinking about the post Kam and maybe post Earl future. If KJ or wags went down, we’d really be hosed because the depth isn’t there.

        • rowdy

          The defense probably averages 40+ minutes a game. If they didn’t have to play from behind and be worn out every game there would be no question they would great.

          • LordSnow

            That was certainly a big stop.

        • AlaskaHawk

          Need another dominant corner and safety in today’s pass happy world.

  113. Forrest

  114. Forrest


  115. WALL UP

    They should have a 5tech against the run.

  116. Derron James

    Very disappointed in Bevells play calling.

  117. Forrest


  118. nichansen01

    Good game.

  119. AlaskaHawk

    Down to the last 2 minutes with Seahawks have a chance to win!

  120. Nathan W.

    This kind of suspense is what sports fans live for.

  121. rowdy

    Graham time

    • Nathan W.


  122. rowdy

    Let’s get this!!!

  123. AlaskaHawk

    OMG yes – this was Russell Wilsons half.

    • AlaskaHawk


  124. LordSnow

    Hauschka sucks

    • LordSnow

      Second game against arizona this guy has cost us.

      • Michael (CLT)

        This team is seriously flawed

    • JT

      No he doesn’t… Go Hawks

      • Michael (CLT)


        • JT

          Don’t blame Hausch after that game

          • LordSnow

            Ok, I won’t blame him. He needs to MAKE HIS DAMN KICKS

  125. Nathan W.

    Oh my god Hausch$ I trusted you,

  126. nichansen01

    Can’t say I’m surprised about that

    • AlaskaHawk

      Two teams that play Seahawks tough. Arizona and L. A. – and now Green Bay.

  127. Forrest

    Heart attack mode activated!!!

  128. Michael (CLT)this team is not talented

    Jay Ajayi. Sadness.

  129. AlaskaHawk

    Johnson has been killing the Seahawks all day. Coach said they would give him 30+ touches. It’s paying off.

  130. AlaskaHawk

    Oh lord – after all that work to come back in the second half and it ends like this.

  131. LordSnow

    This one hurts maybe more than any game this season.

  132. nichansen01

    Fuck Steven hauschka. Fuck him. Ban me I don’t give a fuck whatever but fuck hauschka

    • Nathan W.

      Chill dawg, its unreasonable to place your entire game on the kicker.

    • Forrest

      How would have him making that extra point changed the outcome? Be reasonable here.

      • nichansen01

        Missed one earlier

        • Forrest

          That one was blocked…low, but still blocked.

          • nichansen01

            Lost us the game in zona. Two critical misses today. How can you defend him?

            • Forrest

              I’m not defending his misses, I’m saying your comment is out of line. A lot of President Garrison rhetoric going on in that comment. The Arizona game earlier this year was bad on him…justified rage, but the game today? Two points…still would have lost.

              • Forrest

                Oh right, the other kick was a field goal…so 4 points…the original comment is still a little overblown and unnecessary…

      • LordSnow

        Maybe. The approach changes when you’re playing from behind vs a tied situation. Nevertheless, the offense lost the first half and the defense lost the second half. This team is flawed and it isn’t as good as people think. It needs additions. It needs to look at its philosophy, and that means coaches need to look in the mirror.

  133. Coleslaw

    Lane got beat and it cost us the game. Corner IS a need. Can’t just ignore shitty play week in and week out.

    • rowdy

      Kam getting beat is what cost us

      • Coleslaw

        Lane getting beat got them in field goal range.

        • rowdy

          They were already there

          • Coleslaw

            No they weren’t? They went from like the ARI 40 to our 40

  134. Nathan W.


  135. Forrest

    -_- Well…#3 or #4 seed it is…

  136. John_s

    Chancellor needed to be better on the coverage with Johnson. Just awful

  137. WALL UP

    Tuff season!!

  138. Ed

    There goes a bye and possible home game if Dallas lost. Now they face either Packers or Giants.

    I haven’t all season, but who still wants to pay SH 3 million next season.

    D didn’t play that well all game. No pressure.
    O didn’t play well for most of the game.

  139. STTBM

    Can’t blame the loss on Haushka and Chancellor, but they both failed when we needed them…

    I’m done watching football for the year. Hoping we move Glow to RG, Ifedi to RT, and actually draft an NFL quality tackle…

    • Michael (CLT)


  140. LordSnow

    Most frustrating thing about this team is that one half one unit completely sucks and shows why they need to draft, sign free agents, change philosophy…while the other unit plays lights out. Then the half switches and the roles reverse.

    The Seattle Sybilhawks.

  141. hb

    can’t believe i’m saying this but russ is not good. doesn’t get it out when he needs to. always holds on way too long. always things about making a play instead of being smart. very thin line between being reckless and trying to make a play. russelll hasn’t figured it out after people have figured him out

    • hb

      take out the russ is not good. he’s good. even great. just saying he can’t get it out in time when he needs to

      • hb

        only criticism is that he holds it too long. he seems like he sees it then hold it. not sure cuz haven’t seen the all 22 but he seems to hitch then stop…still love russ but he seems like he could let it fly sometimes

    • nichansen01

      As much as I hated this game it wasn’t really one I can trash Russ too much for. He got four touchdowns did a nice job running and got the offense moving without any run game to really speak of.

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