Pre-combine mock draft, big changes: 19th February

This week I’ve tried to project what a lot of mocks could look like immediately after the combine.

We’ll do another one next week to compare. Let’s see if some of the moves here come off.

For example, I’ve got Mike Evans at #5 going to Oakland. I suspect he’s going to run a lot faster than people think — possibly matching Vincent Jackson’s 4.46 in 2005.

If he does that to go along with everything he’s shown in college, he might be a top five pick. He might be the first receiver off the board.

And that’s no slight on Sammy Watkins. I have him going to Tampa Bay at #7. I just wonder, after weeks of Watkins being the perceived #1 wide out, whether a change will occur next week.

We’ll see.

That’s just one example. There are others…

— Will Jadeveon Clowney convince the Texans they have to take him with the #1 pick? Or will he leave the door open for a quarterback instead? In this mock, I think he performs well enough to be the first name called.

— Can Kelvin Benjamin wow onlookers with a crazy work out at 6-5 and 230lbs? He’s a physical freak and this setting could suit him. By this time next week is he a consensus top-10/15 player?

— Two of my personal favourites — Ra’Shede Hageman and Brent Urban — will both perform well enough to get a little more attention. That’s my projection. Although I hope Urban doesn’t use the whole ‘moody Canadian Hockey Player’ persona during team interviews.

— Justin Gilbert is being tipped to run a fast time. Does he become the consensus #1 corner after running a fast forty?

— Can Brandon Coleman silence a few critics about a lack of production with a first round work out? I think he’s capable, he also has to clear medical checks over his knee.

Then there’s the players not involved here…

— Will Austin Seferian-Jenkins give his stock a boost, or does he run a middling 4.7 and remain a second rounder at best? I’m not expecting a sensational work.

— Stephon Tuitt, for me, looked cumbersome and ineffective in 2013. Does he show up in better shape or does he remain a 320lbs monster with marginal athletic skills?

— Will Allen Robinson actually run in the 4.5 range? I think it’s very possible, hampering his hopes of a first round grade.

— Is Kony Ealy really worth the first round chatter? I guess we’ll see what he’s made of during drills.

We’ll come back to this mock next week and review the before and after.

I’ve also gone in a different direction with Seattle’s pick at #32.

Over the last few days I took in some Demarcus Lawrence (DE, Boise State) tape. He’s generally ranked anywhere between rounds two and four by the internet pundits you all know.

I think he might be flying under the radar a little bit.

He’s far from the finished product. You’d want to get him in the weight room and add a bit more upper body power. He’s capable of carrying another 8-10lbs I reckon without losing any speed.

He also needs to develop a better bull rush and perform better against double teams. Again, these are things that can be rectified with pro-strength training.

Here are the positives — wonderful, long frame (ideal LEO size at 6-3 and around 250lbs). He’s a natural pass rusher with 20 sacks and 34 total TFL’s in two seasons after leaving the JUCO ranks.

Lawrence is a very fluid athlete who knows how to get off a block and explode to the ball carrier. I like the fact he plays with an edge — this is an underrated feature in a pass rusher. He’s a violent dude. But at the same time, he never seems to lose control and he has terrific balance.

I like his hand use, even if it could be even better (extra strength will help here). He’s got a great motor and he’ll chase across the field to get involved. Always finishes plays.

In a year where there aren’t a ton of great pass rushers, he’s one of the better ones. There are a few character issues (suspensions) that need to be addressed. Hopefully we’ll get some info on that during the combine.

He’s not going to be on every wish list. I’m not sure he’s got the coverage skills or mobility in space to convert to a 3-4 linebacker. He lacks the size to play a lot of downs at end in an orthodox 4-3.

Yet for the Seahawks he fits quite nicely. They can line him up across from Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett (if he re-signs) and limit how many double teams he faces. In that type of situation, I think you could generate an instant impact.

Seattle needs to consider the future at defensive end. Chris Clemons might be cut this off-season, while Avril is a free agent next year.

They spent a year training Benson Mayowa and Bruce Irvin could always return to the LEO. Even then, there’s no guarantee Mayowa takes the next step and Irvin might remain at linebacker.

Adding a long, athletic pass rusher into the mix might not be such a bad idea. The Seahawks tend to see things differently compared to other teams, and they might see some value in this particular edge rusher at #32.

I also wouldn’t rule out a late surge. Chandler Jones ran a 4.87 at the combine two years ago, but ended up going 21st overall. Lawrence could experience something similar — but I think he’ll run a lot faster than that.

I’ve included his 2013 tape vs Nevada at the top of this article. Take a look for yourselves. Check out that last play to end the game.

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#1 Jadeveon Clowney (DE, South Carolina)
If Clowney performs as expected at the combine, this will be an easy decision — however much they need a quarterback.
#2 Jake Matthews (T, Texas A&M)
It’s up to Matthews to flash the kind of athleticism Luke Joeckel failed to show at last years combine.
#3 Johnny Manziel (QB, Texas A&M)
He could be the sparky competitor Gus Bradley needs at QB to continue the building job in Jacksonville.
#4 Teddy Bridgewater (QB, Louisville)
After all the changes, who knows what to expect in Cleveland any more?
#5 Mike Evans (WR, Texas A&M)
He could blow up the combine. Seriously. Adding speed to the size and production could put him in the top five.
#6 Greg Robinson (T, Auburn)
It would be the perfect review of the strength of this draft if Robinson lasted this far.
#7 Sammy Watkins (WR, Clemson)
He’ll do everything well in Indy and won’t get out of the top ten. It’s just a case of how high does he go?
#8 Blake Bortles (QB, UCF)
He’s a decent fit for Norv Turner’s offense, and they need a quarterback badly. He’ll throw at the combine apparently.
#9 Kelvin Benjamin (WR, Florida State)
With his size, a good showing this week could put him in the top-ten mix.
#10 Khalil Mack (DE, Buffalo)
Detroit could field a front four of Mack, Suh, Fairly and Ansah. All four are top-15 picks.
#11 Anthony Barr (OLB, UCLA)
I’m still not overly convinced by Barr. Ray Horton’s arrival as defensive coordinator means they need a 3-4 OLB.
#12 Taylor Lewan (T, Michigan)
He could easily go in the top ten and this is pretty much his floor.
#13 Zack Martin (G, Notre Dame)
Doubling up on the offensive line might not be a bad idea for the Rams.
#14 Calvin Pryor (S, Louisville)
Every team in the league is looking for a rangy safety. The Bears need one badly.
#15 Eric Ebron (TE, North Carolina)
Terrific athlete with the potential to be the next big time tight end. He’s predicting an “illegal” work out on Saturday.
#16 Aaron Donald (DT, Pittsburgh)
If he shows above average athleticism at the combine, he deserves to go this early. Geno Atkins-esque.
#17 Marqise Lee (WR, USC)
Baltimore always seems to get great value in the draft. They consistently make smart picks.
#18 Jarvis Landry (WR, LSU)
Terrific receiver. It’s a toss up between Landry and Odell Beckham Jr who goes first. They’re both fantastic players.
#19 Cyrus Kouandjio (T, Alabama)
He could easily go earlier based on potential, but he needs to impress this week to move up a talented tackle board.
#20 Ra’Shede Hageman (DT, Minnesota)
They won ten games without a very good offensive line last year. Hageman is better value than any of the remaining tackles.
#21 C.J. Mosley (LB, Alabama)
Green Bay needs to keep adding toughness to that defense. It’s holding them back.
#22 Brent Urban (DE, Virginia)
Long, talented defensive lineman. Could have a big weekend. Personality is very ‘Canadian hockey player’.
#23 Jace Amaro (TE, Texas Tech)
Big, third down converting tight end. Would have an instant impact in this offense. Needs to avoid a Gavin Escobar type work out.
#24 Justin Gilbert (CB, Oklahoma State)
Touted to run very fast this weekend. It’s not a great corner class, so Gilbert has a shot to create some separation.
#25 Xavier S’ua-Filo (G, UCLA)
Major upside and could impress on Saturday. Has the potential to ‘wow’.
#26 Morgan Moses (T, Virginia)
The Browns might wait on a receiver and instead secure a book end tackle for their new quarterback.
#27 Darqueze Dennard (CB, Michigan State)
The Saints could use a new corner and Dennard is probably the #1 or #2 corner available.
#28 Brandon Coleman (WR, Rutgers)
Insane potential. Give him a year and he could be big time. Has a chance to silence a few critics this weekend.
#29 Louis Nix (DT, Notre Dame)
Didn’t have a great 2013 and won’t be Dontari Poe at the combine. Needs to turn up in better shape.
#30 Odell Beckham Jr (WR, LSU)
I’m not going to lie — this would be tough to accept. Beckham is such a good player.
#31 Ha Ha Clinton-Dix (S, Alabama)
Not a brilliant 2013 season and will probably struggle to match Calvin Pryor’s work out on Tuesday.
#32 Demarcus Lawrence (DE, Boise State)
Keep an eye on how he performs. He has the required length and speed. He might be flying under the radar a little bit.


  1. AlaskaHawk

    Good choice. Even if we keep Clemons we can always use another defensive end.

    • Kyle N

      Just finished watching some vids of Lawrence after someone mentioned him in the comments of the last article. He definitely looks like a Seahawks to me on the field although I haven’t heard much about his personality. I certainly like him more than a guy like Dee Ford who just seems to disappear and have negligible impact too often. I think like Rob said this would be an ideal position for him but only if we keep Bennett. Take the pressure off Lawrence and just let him rush the passer his first year while he adds strength and can improve his moves/techniques against NFL level left tackles. I can definitely buy into him with our first pick.

  2. Jordan

    Odell Beckham to the 9ers would thoroughly depress me. Im liking me some Demarcus Lawrence though

    • CC

      I agree but SF has to get someone to offset what we have in Percy, so we should expect they will pick impact players. If we want to stay the best, we’ll have to beat the best – likely our own division.

  3. JHart

    Nice work Rob. All of the draft conversation has focused on the trenches and pass catchers (rightly so) but I was wondering if you’ve seen any potential first round surprises? Maybe an athletic lb that could free up Irvin to move back to Leo/prepare for KJ’s possible departure (FA 2015 I think). Or maybe a safety that could be an E Thomas (I know you can’t just replace Earl) insurance policy and allow the Hawks to play more of a big nickel look with Kam down in the box as a defacto LB. Or maybe the hawks look to plan for losing some combination of Sherm/Maxwell/Thurmond in the coming years and go with a corner.

    I certainly would peg the big needs as pass catchers, d-line and o-line but JS and PC have been known to throw a curveball or two and was curious if someone outside of the big need areas has really caught your eye.

  4. stuart

    Rams get a lot better. I really like your reasoning here. It must have been tough coming up with this, one final mock pre-combine or doing exactly what you did. Personally I like the direction and the freshness this adds. Is it ads or adds?

    This does seem like a Seahawk 1st round pick. I can hear Mel Kiper now (lol)…

  5. jake

    Ha Ha Clinton Dix is a steal at 31. He’s going to 49ers if anything. They’ll want to shore up their piss poor DB. I want Seahawks to draft Kelvin Benjamin….so badly. Him and Percy…

    • Kenny Sloth

      HHCD doesn’t have a very good boom-boom. Meaning he doesn’t explode out of his backpedal and break on the ball fast enough for me.

  6. Kenny Sloth

    Dag nabbit, Rob. Always one step ahead of me. I’ve been high on Lawrence since I saw a Boise State game early this year. Never got around to bringing him up. Oh well.

    Nice spicy little mock, btw.

    • Kenny Sloth

      You’ve got your eyes on Marcus Smith of Louisville, right, Rob? He’s a phenomenal LEO prospect, too. I think he’s better than Lawrence. I think it’s a reach in a major way if we take Lawrence in the first. If we’re taking LEOs in the first I’d prefer Marcus Smith. I also like the guy from Arkansas; Chris Smith. Michael Sam lived in the backfield this year, too and is ideal leo size. Not sure how though. Jared Stanger over at Field Gulls said it best. He’s just slippery.

      • bigDhawk

        I agree Lawrence would be a reach in the first unless he has a Bruce Irvin-like combine. The reason we took Irvin when we did was because we had good info that other teams behind us in the first were seriously considering taking him. Lawrence will likely be there at the end of the second if we want to wait. He is a good looking player otherwise, though, and I’d be happy to end up with him at some point in the draft. I like Rob’s attempt to think outside the box with our pick, because that is likely to be what happens – something none of us saw coming.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Yeah, for sure. I was thinking along the same lines.

  7. Cameron

    Does OBJ really fit the San Fransisco MO at wide receiver? They seem to like big WR’s even more than we do. I think they’ll be looking for a replacement for Boldin. Let’s face it Kaepernick isn’t the most accurate QB, and he needs wides with a big catch radius and frame to hold off defenders.

  8. Cameron

    I’m curious Rob, seen a few mocks (Bucky Brooks at NFLN) mock Mike Evans pretty late into round 1. What part of the draft does he fall to before John Schneider starts making phone calls?

    • seahawks509

      I’d personally say at around pick 15. Can’t see us making a serious offer inside or around pick 10 because of the Harvin trade last year. IMO if he happens to fall past pick 15 then he becomes one of the biggest steals in the draft.

    • Rob Staton

      He won’t fall out of the top ten for me. Not sure what the people writing those mocks need to see.

  9. Josh

    In this scenario, how do you see the Hawks using Irvin? I know there’s rumors of him moving back to LEO if Clemons is gone. I hate to say it, but he’s pretty clearly the 4th LB and would probably be a backup. KJ could move back to SAM where he had a larger impact while Smith plays the WILL phenomenally like he did for the later part of the season. That leaves Irvin as the odd man out.

    • Rob Staton

      Either he returns to DE or stays at LB. Either way, you can’t have enough good pass rushers.

  10. KyleT

    My favorite Leo in this draft range is Marcus Smith. Extremely explosive, great motor and has a few different moves to get to the QB

  11. EdC

    I think it would be a mistake to get a leo in the 1st. I really think Irvin has shown the ability to get to the qb. He needed a 2nd move and play the run better, he should be given the shot.

    Outside of BG (if he leaves) and Miller, we are losing rotational players (Bennett/Tate). We have Wilson for Miller, Hill for Bennett and Baldwin/Harvin for Tate if we don’t resign anyone.

    I could see us dropping out of 1st and picking up another 2nd and 4th.

    With that, we can go WR/DL in 2nd and OL/TE in 4th.

  12. Brian

    Bridgewater is thoroughly unremarkable and unexciting, but if I’m a Browns fans I would be happy to draft him. Even an average QB is miles better than anyone they’ve had in the last decade.

  13. KyleT

    If Tate leaves in FA…I have a seaky suspicion we are drafting De’Anthony Thomas in the later rounds… We had to pay attention to how weak our return game was without Harvin healthy. And more importantly how much better the offense clicked when his speed could open things up. This team tries to be bigger then a single player. DAT is our insurance policy against a complete drop off if Harvin gets injured.

    • David M

      How awesome would it be to see Wilson in shotgun, Harvin to his left, DAT to his right, you could run a read option or have both run out recieving routes, that would be an explosive play with TD written all over it

      • xo 1

        I like DAT as Harvin insurance from a skills standpoint but I struggle to see him as a Tate replacement. I recognize that may not be what you were saying, but I don’t see Tate leaving as having any bearing on DAT. More fundamentally, as a big Oregon fan, I don’t see a fit with the Seahawks. Unless there were far more serious injury issues than was made public, Thomas’ failure to show back up after his injury – including the bowl game – more than three full months from the reinjury and more than two months after the possible reinjury against UCLA – suggests a lack of urgency that isn’t Seahawky. I don’t know Thomas and every thing I’ve read makes him seems like a first-rate guy, but I’m not seeing much grit in his game.

        • KyleT

          Yeah I was thinking more from a roster spot perspective than an actual replacement of Tate. According to the draft rankings of DAT he may be available in a late round, so I could see taking him plus another receiver earlier.

          Maybe it’s just me, but our offense looks night and day different when we have serious speed that can get to the edge. That personnel difference is a big reason why the Eagles offense as a run first offense is so much more effective. If you paired a team with that effective of an offense and our defense… we are talking 19 and 0 and it wouldn’t even be close!

      • Ben2

        Not a huge college football guy but I live in Eugene so I tune into the ducks regularly – DAT is fast but small. I don’t like his ball security either- it just seems like bigger defenders are able to strip the ball away from him too easily. He’d be worth a late round flier though (6th rd maybe). Hey, does anybody know if we’re going to get any compensatory picks this year ?

    • Kenny Sloth

      I don’t think DAT has the speed to excel as a Harvin in the NFL. Can take hits all day so he might stick at Slot Receiver.

  14. seahawks509

    I really love Demarcus Lawrence’s hustle. He takes nice angles and can run down a RB. Thanks for pointing this guy out. I personally feel he’s better on his feet rather than putting his hand down in the dirt. I could see a transition to OLB kinda like Irvin. Can never have enough pass rushers though.

  15. Brik

    It appears JS/PC agreed with me on the WR situation. Now i can believe Sidney is expendable since it isnt a rookie taking over as the red zone threat, also draft experts are seeing Benjamin the way i have seen him, easily top 20. Allen Robinson is now my favorite if he is there at 32, dudes got ups and I see a lot of TDs in his future. Got to be honest, Lawrence does not look very good. He only can disengage when hes running in a different direction and his only move was running around the OT. He looked “better” at RE too, didnt do much when he was where our LEO would be. Over ran on run plays and if his main focus was the QB, i expect him to at least put more pressure on him. Not once did i see him put his hands up when the QB was throwing. Overall i think he lacks every quality to make him a good DE in the near future. Id grade him a C-

    • Rob Staton

      “It appears JS/PC agreed with me on the WR situation” — in what way?

      I’m also not sure we’re watching the same player with Lawrence. He looks like a heat seeking missile to me. I didn’t see any issue disengaging, in fact shedding blocks appears to be a strength. “Running around the OT” isn’t easy either. As for not putting his hands up, maybe it’s just this game because he actually did this and made a huge interception in another game. “Overall i think he lacks every quality to make him a good DE in the near future” — that’s way too much of a sweeping statement.

      • pf

        I assume Brik is talking about this:

        • Rob Staton

          That signing will have virtually no impact on Seattle’s draft or free agency plan. He’s a future’s guy.

          • Brik

            Got to be honest i Must’ve been watching a different guy on a few plays my first view. I need to see more video because I think any success he had was due to an inferior opponent and not to him being great. I still saw all his success was against the RT and any time the LT got into him he was done. I do like his motor. Still I believe we can do better at that pick for a LEO.

          • Brik

            Also about the WR, I think u will be surprised with how much use we get out of Matthews. Now with Rice gone, unless we resign him, I expect him to lead the team in TD receptions.

            • Rob Staton

              I admire your faith in Matthews, but he’ll do well to even make the first bout of cuts.

  16. MarkinSeattle

    Rob, there is a problem with your revised mock draft. Those who built mock drafts up to this point have convinced themselves, largely by looking at other mock drafts, that they guys they have targeted at the top and the best players. So while they will allow for one or two suddenly emerging guys, as well as players to be nudged up or down 5-10 spots, the group-stupid-mind-think consensus isn’t going to allow them to admit they have been wrong and dramatically overturn their previous mock drafts. They will look at guys who were previously “rated” as a top 10-15 pick, and think “well you can’t possibly drop out of the top 25, he has top 10-15 talent!”, even when is was a bunch of subjective guesses that put the guy there in the first place.

    Most of the more sleeper type guys you have are unlikely to jump in the mock drafts following the combine, while only 1 or 2 will. Take Coleman, here is a guy who is being touted as a 3rd or 4th round draft pick by most of the big thinkers. He could jump into the 1st round of mock drafts, but I don’t think we will see him, Hagemon, Urban, Benjamin and Donald all jump up. Donald especially won’t test well and is seen by most as at best a second round pick. My gut says that there will be one DL who jumps (likely Hagemon) and one WR who jumps (is that Evans or Benjamin, although there are a handful of places saying Evans is borderline top 10-15, so he might end up a consensus top 12 guy by everyone). It seems like coming out of the combine, you see one guy at each position grab the headlines and take a big step forward (which is dumb, but people are obsessed with the “big winner of the day” mentality).

    The other thing to keep in mind about WR’s is that as you observed, this is a very deep WR class, so some mocks will keep guys down a little bit based on depth and the ability to get a good WR in the second round. The same likely goes for OL, although the combine doesn’t seem to impact OL that much (with the possible exception of BP and very rarely 40 times).

    I do think you have a very good updated mock draft, and I think that it dovetails well with how the Seahawks think (who seem to be among the best at drafting right now). So I look at your mock more as how the players should be ranked rather than how the mock drafts will change in the next month or so.

    • Rob Staton

      I appreciate that Mark.

      I will say this on Donald though — expect big things. Tony Pauline reported today +30 reps and a 4.7. He’s built like a tank, even if it’s a smaller package.

      • MarkinSeattle

        I wasn’t trying to diminish Donald. I was mainly thinking of his overall size and the propensity of people to look at numbres. Although I will say, if he runs a 4.7, that is very damn impressive for a DT and it might be enough to nudge him into the top 10-20 (overcoming fears about his height).

        • Robert

          I Hope He Trips In His 40 And Falls…To#32!

    • Kyle N

      I agree with a lot of what you said, but I think you are underestimating the “sheep” group think a little bit. Maybe some of the hacks will just copy other peoples mock drafts, but most of the legit guys put a ton of time into evaluating players by watching tape, talking to NFL front offices and scouts, and NCAA coaches. Not to mention cross examining with previous years drafts and how the players projected into the NFL. Obviously there is some subjectiveness to all this, but I think there is a lot of objectivity as well.

      It’s also worth noting that most draft guys have a different focus than most teams. They are trying to rank a players overall talent and how it compares to the rest of the class, while teams are looking at talent, but also how it fits in their roster, positional needs (now and for the future), as well as how their mentality would fit with their atmosphere.

  17. Madmark

    I don’t see Breno going anywhere else at age 29 and having been bounced around the league already. I think that line will be keep for next year with Okung, Unger, Sweezey, and Breno as for Carpenter I still have a question mark. We have Bailey and Bowie who could push this year for that LG spot. If Carpenter doesn’t start then having him for a backup for a year doesn’t hurt this team when you start to look at the injuries of this line over the years. It appears that Cable is training Fat Rabbit to be the center/guard backup. I think we could get a really good player with lots of potential at round 32.
    I would watch the FA market for those defensive lineman and wait for the right deal to come our way.

  18. adog

    I would like to the see the seahawks use one of those 5th round picks to grab a young qb who can learn and grow with Russel. I’m not sure where he will go, but i like Shaw out of South Carolina. It is vital to have a young back up to sponge up a living legend like Russel. I expect Carroll and Schnieder to make a move in the middle of he draft for a young qb.

    • Kyle N

      I think this would definitely be a surprising move considering what good luck we’ve had finding pro bowl caliber talent in the 5th round. Ideally this QB would never play a meaningful down for us, so I think it’s more likely we see an UDFA come in that doesn’t use any draft capital.

    • David M

      I think they have one in B.J. Daniels

  19. hawkfaninMT

    The thing I love most about this site is that every mock draft is a little different with a different player to focus on…

    I am still of the midset, and I will continue to be, that Benjamin will last to 32 and he will be our pick. There are always WRs that drop that should go higher than they do. Other teams value the OL more now than they have in the past, along with DT… Leads to WRs dropping for a variety of reason every year it seems. Dez Bryant, DeMariyus Thomas, Alshon Jeffery… The list goes on, and I feel like Evans, Watkins, and Lee are going to top 20… That is going to leave us benjamin and I am plenty happy about that!

    • Kenny Sloth

      I believe Lee will be a bust. He dropped like 11% of his passes.

      • Kyle N

        Give the guy a chance. For all we know, he just needs some Lasik eye surgery.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Someone Will give Lee a chance and hopefully some contacts or something.

  20. Jon

    So I was just thinking. Is there any way that we go after Jonathan Martin from Miami. I realize he is damaged goods, but I feel he was a capable Tackle in the NFL. Would it be possible to give up a late, 6th or 7th round pick for him

    • Rob Staton

      I wouldn’t have much interest there. Looked like a pretty limited tackle in college and nothing about his time in Miami changes that view. I know he’s had these issues in the background, but it’d be a substantial leap of faith to think he’ll suddenly turn it on.

      • Jon

        thanks, I did not remember him from college at all, and figured him to be a cheap pick up.

  21. CC

    The best part about all these mock drafts is that Seattle is picking 32! Super Bowl Champs!

    I think we have acquired some depth in the last few years on the defensive side and I think a few of those guys will step up. I think the pick will be on offesnse this year. This year the D was amazing and at times our offense sputtered. RW must have been hurting more than we know – but I think with the best defenses in the league in our own division, we’re going to have to get better O line play from the tackles and to help Percy, we’ll need a sure handed big target that RW can get the ball out quick too. WR/TE IMO will be the pick.

  22. Matthew Baldwin

    Mike Evans: I read that his fastest 40 time was like 4.56 and that was in HS when he weighed about 25-30lbs less. I’m hopping he runs a 4.6 and is there at 32.

    Not unlike Keenan Allen from last year. A borderline first round talent, dropping to the 3rd after a 4.7 40 IIRC but great players/prospects.

    • Kyle N

      It’s a weird paradox to root for players to do poorly at the combine. We think of guys like Evans as top 10 talents and if they do well at the combine then they solidify that spot. However, if they do poorly they’ll dip. Does this mean that a top 10 talent is falling to us, or just that he wasn’t a top 10 talent to begin with? Do we want players that we take to do poorly at the combine because that means we are taking a player that did poorly…(is Evans the guy we want if he runs a 4.65? What if that’s his true speed?). Food for thought.

      Sorry if that makes no sense.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not sure I see it that way with Evans. I think he’s going to run a 4.4/4.5. Allen for me always looked like a slower guy who could play. I’ll admit I didn’t really trust Allen and he proved me wrong a little, but I also feel somewhat justified when he said he nearly quit football when he didn’t start week one for the Chargers — like he had a divine right.

  23. red

    I read that there is some buzz that Clemson WR Bryant will run in the 4.3S and measure a tick under 6’5.

    • MJ

      They are even saying he could go high 4.2s. Just a freak show.

      I really wouldn’t hesitate to draft him at 64. His upside is literally Josh Gordon with a little more speed. That’s scary.

      Though, he might just be a deep threat early and have to evolve over the next few years. One thing is for sure, he is an extremely rare athlete.

    • Kyle N

      Wow, he is really fast. So quick that you can tell Tajh Boyd had an extremely hard time not throwing the ball behind him, so it actually makes it hard to evaluate him at times as he has to go back for so many balls. He also just obliterates the coverage at times (from speed and just from DB confusion) so it’s basically just a game of pitch and catch. Going to try to find so more tape on him that shows more than just his highlights.

    • Rob Staton

      There is that buzz. I think his bark’s better than his bite though.

      • bigDhawk

        I agree. He seems to play a lot shorter than his towering height.

  24. red

    Joe Don Duncan TE 6’3 268 10 1/2 hands biggest hands for TE at combine interested how fast he runs the 40. Jace Amaro long arms small hands 9 hands smallest of all TE at the combine.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Joe Don is an effing baller.

  25. Colin

    Adam Schefter reported that the salary cap has been set to $130 million for the 2014 season- a 5% increase. Great news for the Hawks.

  26. Robert

    Does Anyone Know How To Stop My Verizon Droid From Auto Capializing Every 1St Letter…Only On This Blog???

  27. Hawks420

    Here’s my Seahawks pre-combine draft wishlist for all seven rounds.

    round #1 TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins 6-6 276lbs 4.7-40time I know most say not to take a TE (or leo) in the 1st but pick #32 is late enough for me. I love this pic, played his HS ball in Washington and collage at UW. Great hands and good run blocker. I think he would be prefect as are TE of the future.

    round #2 OG Cyril Richardson 6-5 350lbs 5.3-40time This guy reminds me of Carp but he keeps talking about “hard work”

    round #4 OLB Adrian Hubbard 6-6 255lbs 4.7-40time I also like OLB Ronald Powell and think either one and Korey Toomer would be a cool battle for Mike Morgan’s roster spot.

    round #5 OT Seantrel Henderson 6-7 331lbs 5.0-40time So athletic and mite be the fastest 330lb lineman on the planet. I think he could really be awesome in are zone blocking system.

    round #5 FS Marqueston Huff 5-11 198lbs 4.4-40time He plays so fast sideline to sideline. A ball hog and play maker. Would love Earl to show him the ropes and finally have a capable backup.

    round #6 WR L’Damian Washington 6-4 205lbs 4.4-40time This guy has been through so much and done nothing but come out on top. His mother died watching him play HS basketball forcing him and his three brothers raise themselves. Even without what he’s over come I’d still like him as a Hawk.

    round #7 DE Larry Webster 6-6 250lbs 4.6-40time Just the size and speed of this guy gives him so much upside and my 7th round pick…

    • Kyle N

      That awkward moment when I can’t tell if this post is sarcastic.

      • Hawks420

        Sorry, I wasn’t trying post a mock-mock draft. I know PC/JS are going to do a better job but I can’t wait that long so here’s my favorites. With ASJ, l’Damian Washington and Marqueston Huff being the guys I’ll follow in the NFL.

        Stats and round availability from

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