Projecting prospects from the Senior Bowl

Yesterday we posted a mock draft that had the Seahawks trading down twice, moving from #18 to #33 and acquiring third and fourth round picks in the process. We didn’t, however, pair them with any players. So today I wanted to look at potential options and project where they might go pre-combine.

All of the players included attended the Senior Bowl apart from Nick Chubb, who was invited but didn’t participate.

Below you’ll find my own notes on each prospect and the range they’re currently being projected according to (via Lance Zierlein).

Darius Leonard (LB, South Carolina State)
He did it all at the Senior Bowl — plugging gaps vs the run in the game, playing with range at the second level, performing well in coverage drills and delivering a couple of solid hits. If he has a big day at the combine he could easily land in the second round as teams look for the next Deion Jones. The video at the top of this article feature a collection of Leonard’s highlights from the game in Mobile.

Why would the Seahawks be interested?
Multiple reasons. K.J. Wright’s contract expires in a year. The depth at the position is still lacking. They don’t have a possible impact player they can use at SAM. They just re-hired Ken Norton Jr. He has +34 inch arms, +10 inch hands and an incredible wingspan of 82 inches. The Seahawks loved K.J. Wright’s length (34 3/4 inch arms) and Leonard is similar. He’ll need to run well in the forty and the short shuttle.

SDB projection: Round 2 (with a good combine) projection: Rounds 2-3

Nick Chubb (RB, Georgia)
For some reason everyone seems to be down on Chubb at the moment. Yes there are some concerns. His medial check at the combine is important and it’ll be interesting to see how much the knee injury has impacted his athletic profile. He’s a north/south runner and not exactly Alvin Kamara. There’s still a lot to like. Pre-injury he was one of the best athletes ever to test at the SPARQ workouts and in 2017 he looked more like his usual self. He runs tough and with physicality. He’s surprisingly quick in the open field. There’s still a home for a Jonathan Stewart or Frank Gore type in this league.

Why would the Seahawks be interested?
They value explosive power and athleticism over speed at running back (at least they have until this point). If Chubb tests anywhere near his pre-injury level he’ll be one of the most explosive players to enter the league in a long time. He’s a Christine Michael level athlete with none of Michael’s lack of focus. Seattle wants an old school running game and Chubb represents that. He was also coached by Brian Schottenheimer at Georgia.

SDB projection: Round 2 (medical checks are important though) projection: Rounds 3-4

D.J. Chark (WR, LSU)
Chark isn’t the biggest (around 6-2 and 196lbs) but he has a knack of getting open and showed off a genuine suddenness at the Senior Bowl. He regularly beat a weak looking crop of defensive backs in Mobile and turned it on during the game. Defenders give him a big cushion and he uses it to his advantage. If his forty time matches his apparent playing speed he could be a big riser. At the Nike combine he ran a 4.46, jumped a 37-inch vertical and had a SPARQ score of 108.7.

Why would the Seahawks be interested?
Paul Richardson is a free agent and there’s a lack of quality behind Doug Baldwin and Tyler Lockett (a free agent in 12 months). The Seahawks have regularly spent high picks on the position — Golden Tate, Percy Harvin, Richardson. They might have bigger needs this year though.

SDB Projection: Rounds 2-3 Projection: Rounds 2-3

Ogbonnia Okoronkwo (DE, Oklahoma)
It seems like the draft media are holding back on Okoronkwo due to his height. It really shouldn’t be that much of a deal. He has 34 1/2 inch arms so while he’s not the tallest, length is certainly not an issue. His wingspan is pushing 80-inches. He has longer arms than Brian O’Neill for example. Simply put, he’s one of the best pass rushers in the draft. He tried a bit too hard on the first practise day at the Senior Bowl but then settled down and had a productive week.

Why would the Seahawks be interested?
The last sentence in the paragraph above sums it up. He can get after the quarterback. A good combine will really help his stock. In Seattle he might have to be a specialist pass rusher or even a SAM/LEO at 243lbs. For that reason, he’ll have to be quick and test well in the forty and 10-yard split.

SDB projection: Rounds 2-3 projection: Rounds 4-5

Da’Shawn Hand (DE, Alabama)
The former #1 recruit in 2014, Hand was rated even higher than Myles Garrett. His career in Alabama never lived up to expectations. Other big names like A’Shawn Robinson, Jarran Reed, Jonathan Allen and Da’Ron Payne made the headlines. Hand merely made the rotation. That said, the physical potential is still there. At the Nike combine he jumped 35 inches in the vertical and posted a 100.38 SPARQ score.

Why would the Seahawks be interested?
They need to find defensive linemen they can build with. In the past they’ve found value in free agency, now they could do with finding some talent in the draft. Hand is 6-4 and 282lbs so can play some inside/out. He also has +34 inch arms and a strong 81-inch wingspan. Someone will take a shot on this guy.

SDB projection: Round 3 Projection: Rounds 2-3

Marquis Haynes (LB, Ole Miss)
Haynes is a flat out playmaker. At 6-3 and 233lbs he isn’t the biggest and he’s likely going to need to be moved around or even limited to a specialist role. However, he consistently impacted games in college and did the same in Mobile. He forced a strip-sack for a touchdown and on another play absolutely destroyed Brian O’Neill with a bull rush. He had 39.5 TFL’s in his Ole Miss career and 32 sacks.

Why would the Seahawks be interested?
As with a lot of these players, the combine is big. Haynes will likely need to be a certain level of athlete if he’s going to be considered a SAM/LEO in Seattle. That said, it’s rare to find a player with his history of playmaking quality outside of the top-two rounds.

SDB projection: Round 3 projection: Rounds 3-4

Durham Smythe (TE, Notre Dame)
Widely considered the best ‘Y’ tight end in the draft, Smythe’s blocking will appeal to many teams. College football just isn’t producing many traditional TE’s any more. For teams determined to run the ball and feature their tight end as a blocker, Smythe is a collectors item. Zierlein suggests he plays ‘like an offensive linemen’ in his blurb. He also had a terrific Senior Bowl, showing he’s much more than a mere blocker. Former four-star recruit.

Why would the Seahawks be interested?
Seattle gushed about Nick Vannett’s blocking ability when they drafted him in 2016. Clearly this has been a point of focus. With Jimmy Graham’s days in Seattle seemingly numbered, getting a player who could be Zach Miller-lite in the future could be appealing. The only concern? He has great size but short 31 1/2 inch arms.

SDB projection: Rounds 3-4 projection: Round 4

Tyquan Lewis (DE, Ohio State)
Despite some negative reviews elsewhere, I thought Lewis had a good Senior Bowl week. He showed versatility and an ability to rush inside/out. He made a splash in the 1v1 drills and in the game itself. He’s a tough character, well spoken and seems focused. He’s a shade under 6-3 and 276lbs but he has a near 80-inch wingspan. Lewis has some explosive physical skills — he jumped a 37-inch vertical at the Nike combine and managed a 108.57 SPARQ score.

Why would the Seahawks be interested?
They need to find at least another unheralded gem for the D-line rotation. If this is the end for Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett in Seattle, they’re going to have to look for alternatives in free agency and the draft. Lewis rushed the EDGE well in Mobile but also had some success stunting inside.

SDB projection: Round 4 projection: Rounds 5-6

Austin Corbett (T, Nevada)
Tenacious and smart, Corbett was incredibly durable and started 49 of 50 games during his college career. At times in Mobile you saw him really get after defenders, work well on double teams and play with the kind of attitude you want from your O-liners. At 6-4 and 310lbs he’ll likely kick inside to guard (he has +33 inch arms).

Why would the Seahawks be interested?
If they don’t want to spend yet another high pick on the O-line, they could invest in a player who’s been compared to Joel Bitonio by Mike Mayock. We’ll see if Corbett can get anywhere near Bitonio’s impressive combine numbers — but he’s a versatile player with experience at multiple positions (and we know the Seahawks like that).

SDB projection: Round 4 projection: Rounds 3-4

Andrew Brown (DT, Virginia)
There were moments during the Senior Bowl were Brown wowed you. There were also moments where he barely registered. He’s a former top-10 recruit with a ton of athletic potential. He’s 6-4 and 295lbs with +35 inch arms and a wingspan of +82 inches. In High School he was already 6-4 and 295lbs and ran a 5.06 forty at the Nike combine with a 4.47 short shuttle and a SPARQ score of 103.11 (highest among DT’s).

Why would the Seahawks be interested?
Consistency is his big problem. Talent is not. The Seahawks love to back themselves to get the most of untapped talent. With that kind of size, length, speed and power, Brown could be a useful rotational defensive linemen and at the very least could provide a cheap interior run stopper.

SDB projection: Round 5 projection: Rounds 6-7

Kemoko Turay (DE, Rutgers)
Turay stood out during practise week in Mobile, just looking quicker and more explosive than most of the other players working the EDGE. He was noticeable and had several good snaps in the 1v1 drills. He’s had some injuries in his career and at times his technique was suspect (little in terms of hand-use and not much of a counter). Yet in terms of pure potential, there’s something to work with here. He’s 6-4 and 252lbs with nearly 34-inch arms and an 80-inch wingspan.

Why would the Seahawks be interested?
Stop me if you’ve heard this before but the Seahawks need to find cheap talent to bolster their defensive front seven. Turay looks like he might genuinely have the speed and quicks to play DE or SAM/LEO.

SDB projection: Round 6 projection: Rounds 6-7

This is just a collection of some of the players I could’ve included from Mobile. There are also a number of intriguing players who didn’t attend the Senior Bowl or declared as underclassmen.

I also wanted to highlight two tweets today:

If Isaiah Wynn doesn’t go in the first round, something isn’t right.

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  1. Sea Mode

    Another great write up. Thank you!

    Andrew Brown is a guy I am really intrigued by. I didn’t notice the inconsistency (though I certainly didn’t watch all the drills/scrimmages either).

    For me he is a guy that can occupy blockers and hold the point of attack, but also has incredible untapped pass rush potential. When you can see in real time from the broadcast camera that he was consistently the first guy off the snap by a long shot, that’s special. (maybe he was just taking advantage of the cadences/snap counts, which I imagine with just three days of practice were kept very simple)

    I will definitely be going over his college tape, even though I understand he was misused there.

  2. Kenny Sloth

    These round predictions feel much closer than in years past.

    I’ve lamented our inability to adequately project players before and get mad at myself when my grades don’t reflect the process, so this kind of discussion starter on prospect draft positions is great for me

  3. Ed

    Saw your blog in Seattle PI. Next step, USA today, then ESPN!!

    • Rob Staton

      That would be delightful 🙂

      • All I See is 12's

        No disrespect to the Seattle PI journalists, but you would be/are a giant step up from their current coverage.

  4. Trevor

    Awesome write up! Love when you include your projections on range>

    Lewis, Brown and Turay would be awesome Day #3 picks to add youth, speed and athleticism to the defensive front 7. Brown has the potential to be an impact 3 Tech IMO.

    • Tecmo Bowl


  5. cha

    “The only concern? He has great size but short 31 1/2 inch arms.”

    Are short arms a bigger issue for blocking or pass catching in TE’s?

    • GerryG

      It’s a game inches… I’d say both when you consider the number long athletic freaks they have to match up against

      • Sea Mode

        Definitely both, like GerryG says, but above all blocking because you are going up against long DE and OLB, and often the longer guy gets his hands on the other and wins the leverage battle.

        That said, it is likely that his arms are probably closer to 32 1/2, because Senior Bowl arm measurements consistently come up shorter than at the combine by anywhere from half an inch to a full inch. That wouldn’t be as drastically bad then. We’ll have to wait and see.

        In any case, Luke Willson also has 32 1/2 arms, which is on the shorter end for 6’5″ guys, so at least there is precedent.

        And most importantly, Smythe has shown on tape that he can get the job done, shorter arms or not!

  6. Trevor

    Seahawks are on the clock at #18

    Vea, Edmunds, Price, Ronald Jones, Wynn are still on the board.

    Cleveland offers #33 and #65.

    Do you trade back or take one of the five players above at #18?

    • Rob Staton

      You’d take one of the first two names but they won’t be there.

      • Trevor

        I agree I see Edmunds mocked outside top 15 a lot but I don’t think he gets out of top 10.

    • Aaron

      Vea won’t last past the Chargers at 17. Edmunds won’t make it past 15. I think the Hawks are only going to stay at 18 if, and only if, a player that’s ranked top 10 on their board lasts until 18, otherwise trade down.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Seahawks trade into the mid 20s. Wynn, Price and RJ2 are on the board.

      Which would you take? Or would you trade back again?

      • veryal

        if i got a trade to move back another 5-8 places I think you do it, otherwise I think you take RJ2 or Wynn. None of the above are bad choices there though.

        • Greg Haugsven

          Trade back no matter what. Thats what should be on a lime green sticky note in John Schneiders pocket just like in Draft Day.

          • Greg Haugsven

            Depends if we can get a guard in free agency. Guess I go Jones.

          • cha

            The Hawks came off as such jerks in that movie. Can’t imagine JS gloating to another GM while eating pancakes.

      • Sea Mode

        Jones for me at that point. I’m with Rob: he’s special.

    • Sea Mode

      Edmunds and never look back.

  7. peter

    excellent breakdown. of rounds. I particularly like that you subtly highlight this communities enthusiasm often increases a players draft stock to be about a round higher than they may really be.

  8. Allen Mattsen

    Tremaine Edmunds has me very excited but he’ll likely be gone by 18. Vander Esch is worth a look. Roquan will be gone too.

    I’m very excited for this year’s guard class. Wynn, Hernandez, and Nelson are all top-40 players. I have to think we are in the market for a Guard and planned this out in advance given their current and 2017 guard situation. Joeckle likely isn’t back. Pocic may hold down RG but a mauler like Hernandez or a stout space moving pass protection guy like Wynn would be awesome.

    My favorite is still Guice at 18.

    • Allen Mattsen

      I, also really like Chubb, particularly if his testing proves he has his speed, explosion, burst, and power back. I think Guice is more creative and elusive, plus has great burst, vision, power, and a very Seahawky demeanor.

  9. Coleslaw

    DeShawn Hand in the 3rd sounds pretty nice. Imagine the slim chance of our DT rotation next year being Sheldon, Reed, Jones, McDowell, Hand, Bennett. That would be nuts!

    • GerryG

      I’d say there is 10% chance Bennet and Sheldon are both Seahawks next year

      • LeoSharp

        Sheldon Richardson should definitely be the one to stay. The second half of his 2017 season was fairly dominant. If you project that over an entire season then he’s looking more similar to Grady Jarret or Mike Daniels. That is the sort of player that is considerably harder to replace.

        • Logan Lynch

          Are we talking the Ifedi version of “fairly dominant”?

          Kidding, had to get that in there.

          I like Richardson and agree that he is harder to replace. I would only want him back on a team friendly deal. Maybe another 1 yr if he doesn’t find a good market. I just don’t want to pay him $12M – $15M per season.

          • C-Dog

            The thing of it is, I don’t see him taking a team friendly deal. I think being a rare athlete at that position who is young in a year that doesn’t look like it is producing a deep draft, he will probably get a deal elsewhere that Seattle won’t be able to match.

            • Logan Lynch

              I would be totally OK with that. No need to hamstring the cap any more than it is. Roll with Reed, Naz, Possibly McDowell, Dion Jordan hopefully, etc. and get a pretty good comp pick. If SEA can’t/won’t match the deal it’s most likely too rich for them and would result in a probably 3rd/4th round comp. My only fear would be Sheldon taking a 1 yr prove it deal somewhere else like Dontari Poe and ruining the comp pick scenario.

              • Hawk Eye

                greater fear would be giving Sheldon a big contract and then he relaxes.
                I think he turns it on when he has to, but gives nowhere near the effort of Bennett and Avril. Cannot give big money to anyone who runs hot and cold.
                So I am not keen on guys like Sheldon and JG on top $$ contracts, the team needs more dawgs, not guys who dog it

                • Logan Lynch

                  I generally feel burned by the last few contract extensions that haven’t panned out. Personally, I would only be willing to pull out the blank check for Wagner and Frank right now on defense.

          • LeoSharp

            Anything less than 14M for Sheldon Richardson could be considered a good deal. Considering the 6-9 ranked DTs by APY

            6) Jurrel Casey 15.1M
            7) Malik Jackson 14.25M
            8) Linval Joseph 12.58M
            9) Timmy Jernigan 12M.

            He has previously shown he is a superior pass rusher to Joseph and Jernigan but lacks the consistency of a Jackson or Casey. I think there is probably zero possibility of him getting a long-term deal that puts him in the top 5 but a deal between 14.25M and 12.58M seems reasonable considering his current age, upside, and scheme fit. Without him, the Seahawks are extremely short on the Dline

            • Logan Lynch

              Thanks for the data to back that up. I was just pulling numbers out of thin air, but that seems to be right in the wheelhouse.

              • LeoSharp

                John Clayton has suggested they franchise tag him at the est.14.1M. With that, they have the additional ability to trade him and recoup draft picks which is another option instead of a standard one year deal. That wouldn’t be ideal but it gives the Seahawks an additional year to see what they get out of him.

        • cha

          Sheldon’s performance was “good not great” for the big investment the Hawks made in him.

          I wonder how much of that had to do with Richard’s scheming. If they resign him and he can be more of a 6 sack / constant disruptor without giving up much in the run game, that will go a long way towards re-establishing a dominant defense.

          • GerryG

            Brand new system he came into at the last minute too.

            I am hesitant to give him big bucks…to many Jets beat folks that are afraid of him. However, the DL depth is a massive need.

            • Greg Haugsven

              Looking at those numbers he appears to be a goner.

  10. SeahawkeyezSubj80

    I mostly work Saturdays and don’t have a chance to watch College football even if I was to record them. Thank the football gods for Rob and this blog, which I so heavily rely on to guage my beloved Seahawks. That being said, what about Jaylen Samuels? His highlights are intriguing. any opinions? How are his pass protection skills?

    • SeahawkeyezSubj80

      *pass blocking protection skills

    • Trevor

      He is definitely a playmaker but I don’t know if he is an RB or WR. Interesting guy for sure a little like a less dynamic Percy Harvin. A team like NE would likely use him creatively.

  11. Ground_Hawk

    Great work Rob! What are your, or anyone’s, thoughts on TCU’s OL J. Noteboom? I’ve not seen much of him other than the TCU vs. Standford Alamo Bowl, and also his Senior Bowl performance, but what I have seen looks promising.

    • Ground_Hawk

      *TCU vs. Stanford

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks GH!

      On Noteboom, I thought he had some good moments at the Senior Bowl but also a few rough moments too.

  12. vrtkolman

    Love Darius Leonard if they could somehow pick up a late 3rd and get him there. I really think that one of the biggest “developmental failures” of the team was Kevin Pierre-Louis. I think Pete and company were really counting on him to be that explosive, fast SAM linebacker that would have been a cheap Bruce Irvin SAM replacement for 3 seasons. The Deion Jones before Deion Jones. It’s a shame that didn’t work out.

    • Logan Lynch

      Unfortunately I think the hype train kicked in too early on him considering the fact they compared him to Navarro Bowman right off the bat. Hard to live up to that from the get-go.

      • Hawk Eye

        yep, I remember that. Never even came close to post injury Bowman.
        But sign me up for Leonard or someone like him in round 2 or 3 (with a rb after the inevitable trade back)

    • Drew

      KPL was in the mold of a WILL not a SAM. They tried him at SAM a few times and he didn’t fare to well. He doesn’t have the size to be up on the LOS like Bruce was.

  13. millhouse-serbia

    Rob, did you write something about Rashaan Evans? And if you didn’t, what are you thoughts about him? Do you see him as a possible late first round pick for us?

    • millhouse-serbia

      Ok, I found this.

      Another player that is talented and will go early is linebacker Rashaan Evans. He is fantastic to watch — a relentless, physical defender who makes every hit count. He doesn’t just bring down the quarterback or running back — he brings the pain. Working out what is his best position will be the tough part.

      For Alabama he moves round, sometimes playing inside or working the edge. He’ll blitz and rush the passer. At 6-2 and 232lbs his future at the next level might be WILL or MIKE. He doesn’t really have the length to be a LEO. The combine will be important to determine how early he goes. First round is a distinct possibility. He has good character too. Ultimately though he looks like the type of player you admire throughout the process but doesn’t land in Seattle. He screams AFC North, probably Baltimore

      So based on what you wrote Rashaan evans and Vander Esch are more mike type and Leonard would be better fit for us. Am I correct?

      • Rob Staton

        I like Evans a lot so I’m loathe to rule him out completely. The combine is big for him. Leonard is a better fit at SAM I think because of his range in space. Evans better at the LOS.

        • millhouse-serbia

          How old is Leonard? I can’t find his date of birth.

          • Sea Mode

            DOB July 22, 1995

            Will be 23 years, 1 month, and 15 days old when the 2018 regular season opens (Sep. 6)

  14. Bill

    Another name to consider is Fred Warner LB BYU. Seems like a natural move to SS. Not a thumper like Kam but has good size, speed and vision. Projected round 4-5.

    • Sea Mode

      Thanks for the suggestion. I took a look at him a couple days ago and, while he certainly has good instincts and tackling, he looked a touch slow to me even at LB, let alone SS.

      Just my very quick first take though and I’m open to being shown otherwise.

      Talking LBs though, this guy is at least a bully at Mike. Wow…

      • Mark Souza

        Awesome video, Sea Mode. The kid can definitely play and looks very quick and athletic. Did he get an invite to the Combine?

      • Bill

        Adams looks like a force. Surprised to see he is not on prospects list. I think it is crucial to get another quality middle LB, we have seen what happens when Wagner is not available.

        As far as Wagner, being a little light for LB, the combine will determine whether he has the speed to play at SS

        • Bill

          correction: Warner

      • H

        Wow! great share, hits like a train and looks to have great instincts to shoot the gap and get to the ball carrier behind the los.
        Seattle has to take a LB in this class, deepest position group imo

        • Bill

          Agreed. Current NFL thinking is to marginalize the need for quality LB depth based on % of plays used. But maybe what should be considered the importance of the plays they are used. Extra LB’s are often used on 3rd/4th and short and goal line defense situations. Getting the Defense off the field.

          • Hawktalker#1

            Hits like a train is right. Love that guy. They also seem like measured power hit, not the swing for the fences big hits (and misses) that Karl Josephs showed when he was all the rage.

  15. Lenny James

    Rob & Fellow bloggers

    I find myself going back and forth on what we should do this upcoming draft. One trade back seems to be the right way to go. Either a late first or an early second as our initial pick. How about we trade our first round pick for 2019 for draft capital in the 2018. History as shown we don’t like drafting in the first round anyway. Plus it would help our cap not drafting in the first round. This draft is loaded with talent at key areas that we need. In this scenario we could still make one last SB run in 2018 with the players that we have( Sherman, Earl, Bennett, KJ) before there contracts expire. All while accumulating talent for the future in this years draft. Maybe we get two 2nd round picks in this years draft for our first round pick in 2019 or possibly a 2nd and a 3rd.

    I’ll use Robs trade back scenario from 18 to 33 plus a scenario in which we bargain our 2019 1st round pick.

    33. Best gaurd available (Hernandez, Wynn)

    2nd rd( via trade) Best RB available ( Keyron Johnson, Rashad Penny, Nick Chubb, Sony Michel)

    2nd rd (via trade) Edge Rusher or DT

    3rd Best OLB/ Edge Available

    4th rd TE.

    Second scenario( stay put at 18, in addition get a 2nd and 3rd for for 2019 first round pick)

    18 Ron Jones

    2nd (via Trade) OL BPA (Hernandez or Wynn)

    3rd DL

    4th round BPA TE

    We continue to develop the DB’s we drafted in 2017, we need a few of those guys to step up and hopefully we get McDowell back at 100%. Let Jimmy, P Rich, Lane, Richardson, Kam, Avril, Joeckel, Lacy, Rawls walk. Extend Earl, resign Duane Brown, Coleman, and McDougal. Then we stack picks for 2019 with our compensation picks

    • Greg Haugsven

      The thing about trading our 2019 first round pick is we don’t have a 2019 second rounder. If we make that trade we wouldn’t draft until round 3 in 2019. No bueno.

      • Lenny James

        I’m confident we could acquire a 2nd round pick somehow in 2019. How about trading Bennett, Kam or Avril for a future 2nd rounder in 2019 or all three, lol

    • Patrick Toler

      Of course FA will greatly impact the draft plan. I’m pretty confident that they will try to hedge as much as possible to allow themselves maximum flexibility on draft day. I’d be surprised if they didn’t sign at least one FA RB, OL, TE, DL, and LB. Like everyone else of course I expect them to trade down. I

      • Hawk Eye

        the last time the Hawks were involved in trading a future 1st round draft pick for a 2nd round pick was in 2009? They traded a 2nd round pick for a first in the next draft, which they used to pick Earl Thomas.
        so count me as a “no bueno tambien”

  16. GerryG

    Trading the 19 pick means you dont pick until Rd3 in 19. That is paramount to suicide imo.

    The cap needs to be trimmed, and no more draft picks leveraged or win forever is done.

    • Smitty1547

      Then Wilson gets hurt week one, and we win 3 or 4 games and have traded away the best pick we would have had in a decade?

  17. Roland T Jose

    I was listening to seahawks radio monday 01/29/18, and Tony sofley was talking about prospects that he liked @ senior bowl and the bowl game that he helps put on, don’t remember which one, anyways he doesn’t talk about Wynn at all!, he is all over the other guard Hernandez, they don’t even talk about Wynn at all even on other broadcasts that I listen too, are the not paying attention!, I watched most of the senior bowl practices, Noone could beat wynn, and he didn’t get a chance to play tackle!, his versatility, athletic ability, and technique is great better than hernandez, hernandez doesn’t move well in space, but his strength somewhat makes up for it. Wynn is a legit and safe 1st round talent, if he was 6 feet 5 he would be the first tackle taken!, why aren’t they talking about him!?

    • Hawktalker#1

      Shhhhhh stop Talking about him. 🙂

      • Roland T Jose

        Lol!, true that brother!, I wonder how much input Solari is gonna have in the draft or is Pete and John taking this in their own hands!

  18. LeoSharp

    There are very few teams in need of FS who aren’t directly competing against the Seahawks in the NFC. Most likely candidates appear to be the Raiders, Chargers, and Steelers. All of these teams need to win now.

    Raiders: 10th pick
    Just signed Gruden to a 100M deal have a young QB and a terrible defense. This could be another splash move to start off the Las Vegas journey.

    Chargers: 17th pick
    An ascending defense with multiple makers but no true FS. With Rivers nearing the end of his career this could be the move to send them over the edge

    Steelers: 28th pick
    With Ryan Shazier’s football future in jeopardy, they have the opportunity to improve the defense and would be able to pay whatever they were going to pay Shazier to Earl. The biggest thing holding the Steelers back is their defense and Earl offers an immediate upgrade.

    The main issue is what do you do with those picks.

    This draft lacks a true talent at FS so it’s unlikely they draft one early.

    Vita Vea is very talented but he’ll probably never be an elite pass rusher. With Jarran Reed already on the team do they want to sink even more into stopping the run?

    Tremaine Edmunds or Roquan Smith could be great picks but to maximize their value they would have to play every down at WILL

    Harold Landry and Sam Hubbard are effective DE’s but they’re both on the lighter side so don’t really have the ability to be consistent strongside lineman. With Clark predominately playing RDE. It just introduces competition at what is already the strongest position on the Dline moving forward.

  19. Greg Haugsven

    Alex Smith traded to the Redskins. That means Cousins looking for new home. Cleveland?

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