Quarterback chaos

Trades are now formally allowed and seemingly will be disclosed once agreed, despite the inability to complete deals until later in the week. There’s been lots of news so far, so let’s get into it…

Matt Hasselbeck

All the talk today is that Hasselbeck will not be staying in Seattle. There’s been speculation about a big offer on the way from Tennessee and Michael Lombardi reiterated that suggestion. Steve Young put the 49ers into focus yesterday by suggesting they could be a possible suitor. Danny O’Neil lists the Seahawks among interested parties and it seems clear he at least remains an option for Seattle.

No deal can be completed with anyone but the Seahawks at this stage, so if Hasselbeck is staying in the PNW it could be concluded before free agent deals can be officially announced. I suspect the situation remains fairly fluid – the Seahawks don’t want to commit too much money and years to a soon-to-be 36-year-old quarterback with recent injury history and a not spectacular statistical record. At the same time, they don’t want to cut their nose off to spite their face at the quarterback position. If Hasselbeck gets a remarkable deal elsewhere, he’ll have to weigh up the offer (if it remains) from Seattle and decide what is the best move. That could be staying with the Seahawks.

*Update*– A news service called @incarceratedbob is reporting Hasselbeck and Tennessee have agreed terms in principle (link below). Nobody else has confirmed or denied this yet:


Carson Palmer

The Bengals held a press conference today fronted by owner Mike Brown who reiterated his stance on not trading Carson Palmer. The general reaction is that the concept of a potential trade is now dead.

It’s a hard sell to argue anything else at this stage. Palmer could still force the Bengals hand by turning up at training camp, absorbing a salary of $12m and making life difficult at a time when the Bengals wish to move on. The statement today may even have been an attempt to call the quarterback’s bluff on retirement.

And let’s be honest, if you’re not faced with a brilliant offer at this stage, why rush if you’re Cincinnati? You have your replacement quarterback. Problems only start if Palmer decides to show up and I understand he’s in Cincinnati today and met with the Bengals owner.

Nevertheless, a deal hasn’t been completed and we’ll have to wait and see if Palmer rides off into the sunset or not.

Kevin Kolb

No trade as of yet between Philadelphia and Arizona. The Philadelphia Inquirer is reporting that the Seahawks remain a possible trade partner. Jason La Confora believes the Eagles would want a first round pick from Seattle. Either way it appears to be a two-horse race with two NFC West rivals being used to drive up the price. This twitter account namechecking the NFL Network even insists Seattle has over taken Arizona in the Kolb stakes.

Trading the #25 overall pick for Kevin Kolb in the 2011 draft would’ve been understandable. It’s a similar range to where he was originally drafted by the Eagles and it would’ve at least enabled Seattle to invest in the long term future at quarterback. Trading an unknown first round pick in 2012 is a completely different situation and should be avoided at all costs.

For example, if Kolb struggles in year one without the assortment of offensive weapons he enjoyed in Philly, he could end up costing a top ten pick. That would be a hard sell for this front office and could forever define the new regime, particularly if it prevented the Seahawks drafting a top young passer in the draft. That’s a huge gamble.

Of course the other angle is should success come Seattle’s way in 2011 with Kolb under center, then it was a risk worth taking. The stakes are high though. 

Charlie Whitehurst

While the mayhem ensues around free agency, Whitehurst quietly arrived at the team’s facility today and will be the only quarterback available for the team when training camp begins on Wednesday. His position may strengthen simply by being the man on deck. We’ve stressed before that the Seahawks maintain faith in Whitehurst – they traded for the guy. He may get his opportunity after all.

For the sanity of fans accross the NFL and in particular Seattle, let’s hope this drama has a (positive) ending very soon.


  1. ba_edwards24

    You seem a little salty, Rob. Kinda Twitter-flipped on Farrar or whoever. Chin up ay ol’ chap? I’m gonna laugh when, in 48 hours, JLC tweets that “the ‘Hawks have agreed in principle to acquire Carson Palmer from Cincinnati for a pair of conditional draft picks.” This stuff is so fluid its tough to accurately speculate anything until it has been set in stone.

    • Rob

      We’ll see what happens.

  2. Rugby Lock

    Just saw this in the Seattle Times about Hass…


  3. Darnell

    Mike Brown talking about Carson Palmer not honoring his commitment is annoying.

    Brown didn’t honor commitments to Antonio Bryant, Rashad Jeanty, Laveraneous Coles, Odell Thurmon etc etc amongst others.

  4. James

    Carson Palmer can be traded any time he wants by simply showing up at training camp. He can check in and then immediately go out on a holdout, not returning until that cut-off date around the start of the regular season. Mike Brown says he won’t trade Palmer based on “principle” because Palmer “gave his word.” But Brown owes Palmer $50 million over the next four years and will not pay it, no matter what principle is involved.

    A #1 pick next year for Kolb is too high, because it could be a top ten pick. The Seahawks could offer a #1 if it is not in the top ten, and if in the top ten, then the #1 would be for the 2013 draft. The Eagles probably wouldn’t take the offer, but it might drive up the price the Cardinals have to pay.

    I am in the minority in supporting the idea of a Whitehurst/Jackson QB this year. They can find out if either guy has the right stuff, and if not, then they will land one of the big three next year, since the Hawks will be picking in the top ten. With the Hawks schedule this year (games against the Steelers, Ravens, Eagles, Falcons, Giants, Cowboys and Bears!), they would do no better than 6 – 10 even with Hasselbeck.

    • Rob

      There will be more to the Palmer story. I suspect the Bengals may be more willing to make a trade when they’re set to receive something immediate.. such as a player or picks shortly before a draft. I can’t see Palmer kicking up a storm, but this isn’t a story that is dead yet even if that’s the consensus view. The Seahawks did have serious interest in Palmer and that may or may not remain.

  5. John_S

    Looks like Tarvaris Jackson is the man….


    • Rob

      Well, all we can say is good luck Tavaris and let’s hope he’s a success.

  6. Osprey

    Not surprisingly Matt Leinart has reportedly agreed to terms with the Seahawks as well.

    I may be one of the few happy and optimistic hawks fans about all of this. We have 3 guys who are hungry and are out to prove they are NFL starters and all 3 are capable backups at worst and come at bargain basement prices.

  7. Frank

    TJ really wow, Lienart is kinda a forgone conclution that that would happen. I don’t think either of them are as good as clipboard jesus. I think this is more posturing for Mike browns benifit. Palmer is to old and Kolb is all hype please dont trade the farm for either of these shmucks. Give Whitehurst a year whats the worst that could happen, Andrew luck?

    • Rob

      At least training camp will be interesting…

      • Osprey

        Yeah I have to agree with this. Preseason should be VERY entertaining this year.

  8. Your Mom

    Would feel a whole hell of a lot better if Palmer was the QB. Damn you Bengals

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