Quick thoughts on the loss to Minnesota

This was a sloppy performance with a few positives. The first half was particularly disappointing. The passing game had no rhythm and the defense failed to generate much of a pass rush.

There’s no reason to overreact. The Seahawks have occasionally floundered in the first half at home only to smother an opponent in the second half (see: San Francisco 2014). We’ll never know what the starting offense could’ve done after some needed half-time adjustments.

Even so it was hard to watch the sacks. On one, there was a clear overload blitz on one side with linebacker Anthony Barr. Garry Gilliam was left covering two rushers and it was an easy sack. Russell Wilson is at the stage of his career where, even in pre-season, he needs to notice that and shift protection or make a quick throw.

As Pete Carroll testified after the game, a lot of the issues were down to the quarterback and not the O-line. It’s not like pass-rushers were abusing linemen like we saw against Denver in pre-season last year. This was a well coached and talented front seven out-scheming the quarterback and offense. In fairness to the O-line, they did an excellent job in run blocking.

Seattle’s defense rested several key players but it’s pretty clear the they rely on Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril to create pressure. That’s not such a bad thing — not many teams have a starting duo as good as this. But while comparisons have been made to the 2013 roster this off-season — one of the big differences is the quality depth on the D-line. Frank Clark and Cassius Marsh still flashed a little — as they did last week.

Here are some other quick thoughts:

— Christine Michael’s cut-back running was again superb. He again showed great explosion and looked a threat every time he touched the ball. He also made a difficult grab in the passing game. This could be his time.

— Troymaine Pope was superb, albeit against second stringers. He showed the kind of burst we saw with Thomas Rawls a year ago. He fits this offense. Alex Collins, for all of his qualities, just doesn’t have that same burst. Is Pope pushing to snatch a roster spot away from Collins (or Zach Brooks) over the next couple of weeks?

— Kenny Lawler had a really nice game, getting open and converting some first downs. He appears to be winning a roster spot especially with Kasen Williams and Kevin Smith sidelined.

— Special teams coverage was interesting to watch. Marcus Burley had a couple of nice plays including a punch-out fumble that was overturned on review. Special teams value could win a guy like Burley a spot on the roster.


  1. Forrest

    I’m liking Lawler and Pope’s chances of making the roster a little more. If they both have two more solid games I see them sneaking in. The same can be said about last week’s stars, Powell and McEvoy. I think Collins is fighting a uphill battle; he’s a great back, but I don think he quit fits Seattle. So again I’m thinking that one or two of Lawler, Powell, McEvoy, and Pope make the final roster. From the PC press conference it really sounds like Webb might be a goner as well. I also did not see much of Evans.

    I still liked the starting O-Line for the most part. Sowell and Gilliam looked a little shakey on a few plays, but the interior looked godly most of the time. The 2nd and 3rd stringers looked really good as well. One guy that I am almost positive will make the roster as a backup is Sokoli. The guy was beastly on run plays, and I didn’t see him get beat on any pass plays either. He was pushing guys down field on several run plays.

    The defense looked fine when they weren’t racking up penalties. Clark and Marsh are going to be beasts. Those guys are the future. Reed looked great as well. McDaniel looked good for a 31 year old. Burley is valuable. Didn’t really see much of Simon or Browner.

    Reed and Vannett were the only two reported injuries. Reed is apparently fine, but Vannett might have a high ankle sprain. Hopefully they’ll be OK.

    Last note, Russell walked into at least two of the four sacks. I think he’ll be fine, but that rust better be gone by game four of preseason. Boykin will be the backup; he can be a mixed bag, but he is also playing a little more ballsy because it’s preseason.

    • Drew

      I think Powell will make it over Terrell or even Browner. Saw Browner on the field several times, but he didn’t do anything.

      I like Collins but it doesn’t seem like he has the burst to hit the hole or find the right hole in a zone scheme. I expect Webb and Siliga to be gone. McDaniel the Big Amigo played great for not doing any work throughout the summer.

      As for the one overload blitz it looked like Collins didn’t pick up his block to help out Gilliam.

      I like Lawler, but he isn’t a special teams guy, so I don’t know how he makes it.

      Man I love seeing the interior OL get some push in the run game! Out of the issues the OL had, it seemed to be communication or identifying assignments correctly or whatever, not from completely whiffing. Britt looks solid at C.

      • Rob Staton

        I think Browner will make the team, along with Powell. I think they see a role for Browner vs TE’s.

        • STTBM

          I hope youre right, Rob. I think BB would be a key part of this team, and if that comes at Simon or Terrell’s expense, Im ok with that. Terrel didnt do much except get beaten for receptions this week…

        • CC

          So did he not play to keep what they want to do with him under wraps? It seemed like the perfect spot to test the plan as the TE was open several times.

          • cha

            I hope that is the plan. It was frustrating seeing Minn go up the gut on TE plays again and again.

    • rowdy

      I think mcenvoy has a clear edge on Lawler at this point

      • Forrest

        Because of physical measurables and positional diversity? Yes. But I think if Lawler has another two 30+ yard games, while McEvoy doesn’t, then Lawler has the edge. The question is, who has more “heart” and “fight?”

        • rowdy

          That is my thought. Lawler has been touted as a redzone catch radius guy but tanner looks like a better red zone threat, plays special teams and has came through big in crunch time. Personally I think if either make it on the team, injuries will be the reason.

          • Kenny Sloth

            Yeah he plays special teams

            But that time at safety did nothing for his tackling.

            He looks really bad on teams to my eye

            • Mr. Offseason

              McEvoy is a big body who can make catches in the red zone. But he is green as grass. He should not be here Sept. 3 on a roster this deep guys.

  2. LordSnow

    The vikings showed in a limited way, that they, along with teams like Carolina and the Rams are the seahawks kryptonite. Good front sevens with interior strength tend to give RW fits. It’s a good preseason game for us. RW needs to learn how to handle these kinds of defenses. Granted, these defenses are good for a reason and give everyone fits, but this is who we will face in the playoffs, and RW has to find a way to adjust.

    As to the game itself, it seemed no one fighting for a roster spot stood out to me. No one made a special move to separate himself. It was pretty meh all the way around. If I were to use the first two games as an example, I’d still keep Kasen over Lawler and McEvoy just based on experience.

    The only player who was considered on the bubble as we went into training camp and has seized a roster spot is Cmike.

    • smitty1547

      Burly stood out to me, I was thinking and hoping Smith makes team and still am, but Burly stood out. Would like to see both make team which means some one like Simon or browner would need to go.

    • Volume12

      LB Kache Palacio played good. Might be worth stashing on the PS.

    • David


      • LordSnow

        I like Pope and what he’s done. He’s earning himself a spot somewhere on someone’s roster. I’m not sure that it’s on seattle yet. I mentioned Cmike because frankly, fieldgulls articles aside, he has seized that #2 spot. But I don’t know if we’ve seen any special ability that would make them overlook why they drafted Collins, Prosise, and Brooks. We’ll find out in a few weeks.

        • LordSnow

          Special ability in Pope, that is. Cmike has special ability.

  3. Ukhawk

    Thought the team generally looked lethargic, subdued and unaggressive.

    So many starters not playing at the same time it’s hard to judge at this stage.

    Agree Pope looks like a good COP back vs backups but my money is on Procise when fit.

    OL didn’t look bad but quicker decisions by Dangeruss will make all the difference

  4. Barry

    I wouldn’t say half, but many of the early sacks last season were as much on Wilson as the line. This was frustrating to see in a new season.

  5. Rik

    We saw a lot of success in the second half of last season with quick-developing pass plays. My expectation was that we would see the same thing this preseason. But nope. We’re back to slow-developing plays with quarterbacks hanging onto the ball and waiting and waiting then getting sacked. Russell had numerous opportunities to get rid of the ball, but instead took drive-killing sacks. Our 1st team offense has yet to put a point on the board.

    My other concern is pass defense. We gave up a ton of completions to their 2nd and 3rd string quarterbacks. Wagner in particular seemed to get burned on coverage down the middle of the field several times.

    • Volume12

      This is a one read offense. The way it is.

      • Volume12

        Yeah, the zone is killin’ me. What happened to the man defense mixed in?

        Wagner is getting too deep in his drops.

        It cracks me up. The only way to beat this defense, ya can’t run on them, is checkdowns to RBs and seam throws to TEs. Does it need to cleaned up? Sure. How many other defenses in this league have one weakness?

        Denver for instance is different.

        • Rik

          The commitment to zone could be part of their “vanilla” preseason to avoid tipping off teams to the regular season defensive scheme. Here’s hoping.

      • Jake

        Whats a one read offense?

    • Rik

      Unusual to hear Pete Carroll pin so much blame on Russell Wilson. Pointed about need to get ball out more quickly to help O-line. #Seahawks

      — Gregg Bell (@gbellseattle) August 19, 2016

      • Volume12

        I’m hoping your right. I miss DQ though. He’ got Atlanta’s D looking excellent.

        Watch Russ closely next time. He’s got one read and a hot. They ain’t there, he panics.

        This is year 5. On that blitz, he has to see the overload and what the D is showin. But, maybe they aren’t calling audibles. Because it let’s the young/bubble guys play more loosely and freely.

        • C-Dog

          I thought Pete said in the press conference that Russ recognized the overload, called the adjustment, but the line didn’t adjust, the other three sacks were on Russ.

          • David

            Russ read the blitz and called the adjustment and Collins (who isn’t doing any favors for himself) missed the block

        • Barry

          The one read and hot, followed by panic was exactly what I was livid about last year.

      • LordSnow

        Unusual for Pete, but maybe he’s thinking that RW has been around long enough where even in preseason, he needs to be past this. This is rookie stuff out there and it will be on him, not his oline, that gets himself hurt.

        Coming off to the sideline on one series it looked like Bevel and RW were jawing at each other a bit, so maybe Bevel was telling him he needs to be better than this.

        • C-Dog

          I thought it was good to see PC call him out. Here’s the reality check. It’s preseason, Russ has a limited time to make plays, his instincts got the better of him and he wanted to extend, bad on him. Not worried about this going into the real season at all. He will adjust.

          • CC

            Agreed – RW needs to step up now that this is his offense. He’s being paid as one of the best QBs so he needs to figure it out. I also think it is good for the team to remind him that he has to be better – I expect RW to respond.

    • cha

      Just $.02…

      The first half reminded me of the preseason game in Denver after the Hawks embarrassed them in the Super Bowl. The Hawks came in vanilla like a preseason game should be, and Denver came in looking for blood, blitzing, extra hyped up, etc.

      The Vikings were trying all kinds of overloads and blitzes. Brock commented at one point more than Zimmer is usually known for.

      I could be wrong. But it felt like the Hawks were playing “normal” and the Vikings were trying to settle a score after a heartbreaking loss in the playoffs. Yes RW should have gotten rid of the ball sooner, but it felt like it was hard to pin a lot on the OL vs DL as they had different agendas.

      • STTBM

        Maybe, but they benched Bridgewater for the game. Kinda hard to say they were out for blood when they never gave their starting QB a single play. But I get your point, their D is fantastic, and it sounds like they were showing more looks than normal for Defenses in preseason.

  6. CA

    I thought Goodley looked great. Will be looking to see how he performs on special teams as he might contribute there better than Lawler- who I also like.

    Go Cougs

    • j

      Liked how physical he was.

      • STTBM

        From the plays I saw, Goodley looked faster and more physical than Lawler or McEvoy. He really looks good! He has some heft to him as well. I like him, and I would like to see him make the team over Lawler. Lawler just doesnt get much separation, and we havent had good luck with tall skinny WR’s (Hackett, Rice, Stephen Williams, etc).

        • Coleslaw

          Lawler will not make the team, his advantage is crazy catches and he’s not showing it, he’s showing that he can do what kasen and kevin did all last year. I think it’s either Kasen, McEvoy, or Goodley. Kasen as the solid well-known option and the others trying to show they can be different than all the other big receivers we’ve had.

          • Kenny Sloth

            Kenny Lawler is a draft pick so he has the upper hand in club control over K William,s K Smith, Tanner McEvoy, and Antwaan Goodley

            • Coleslaw

              Not at all. The FO does not look at conpetition like that, and you know it. Who has the most undrafted players on their roster? Plus, he’s a seventh round pick, not a lot of draft capital at all. He isn’t what we thought he was, get him on the practise squad and see how he develops.

            • Barry

              Coleslaw is correct. There have been many 4th round WR’s Pet has let go over a UDFA. Doug Baldwin wouldn’t be on the team and Chris Durham would be.

  7. Volume12

    All the sacks were on RW. But, that comes with the territory of having a mobile QB. Perfect example is the Everson Griffen sack.

    Gotta find a way to keep Pope. 3 RBs drafted, and the UDFA is out there flexin? 2nd stringers or not, he’s showing NFL level traits.

    Blown away by how much Frank Clark continues to improve. So active. Non-stop motor, can’t keep him blocked. His ability to disengage is special.

    How did we get Reed again? Monster! Loved seeing him as a pure NT and Rubin as that shaded 3-tech.

    • LordSnow

      Also, I would bring back Gresham to push that rookie snapper. Without Ryan’s big quick hands, maybe another punter would have fumbled those bad snaps away or got them blocked.

      And the bad snap on the 53 yarder, those can be game changers. If Haushka hits that, Boykin likely isn’t in a stressful situation to throw that int for a td.

      I think the rookie has made 3 bad snaps in the last four tries. He needs some competition.

      • Volume12

        Good point/observation.

        Frese is struggling for sure.

        On the other hand, how about Jon Ryan? His leg looks incredible.

        • Manthony

          Anyone see the Punt Ryan caught on the sidelines?

          • Sea Mode

            Crowd gave him a big cheer for it too. =)

    • cha

      Pope earned himself a job last night. Now whether it’s with the Hawks or someone else remains to be seen. But I liked what I saw too.

    • C-Dog

      I think my next jersey is going to be #90. I’m really stoked about Reed. He’s going to be a different player than Mebane. More explosive. I think he will do fine this year, but wait until year 3.

  8. neil

    We can all agree the O line did a pretty good job, and the sacks were on RW. But it is also Britt’s responsibility to alert the O line and QB to overloads and possible stunts. However, after only 4 years, RW may have lost a step of quickness, and his Houdini spin move is going to be far less effective from now on.

    • sdcoug

      I’m not sure Russ has lost a step. If I’m thinking of the play you’re referencing, Russ made his escape with the spin move but then appeared to slow down as he was looking down field I guess. It was odd. I expected him to run clear before looking for a throw, or to just tuck and head for the first down marker. Pre-season and all, but was a ‘WTF Russ?’ moment for me

      • STTBM

        Wilson isnt immune from brain farts. From fumbling on the first play from scrimmage AT HOME vs the Niners in a playoff game, to forgetting it was third down and throwing a deep in-completion when he could have run for the first down, he’s made some mistakes as bad as any QB outside of Sir ButtFumble.

        And he’s had games where he wasnt mentally prepared (the first AZ game a year or two ago) and couldnt seem to hit a barn door.

        The guy isnt perfect, thats for sure. He still cant regularly hit Lockett in stride deep; imagine what Drew Brees, Rothlisberger, Brady, or even Luck could do with Lockett…

        The good thing is that Wilson ALWAYS bounces back. After that AZ game, Carrol called him out, and he responded by tearing it up the rest of the season. Wilson maybe didnt have his head on as straight as he usually does, but you can bet your butt he will be 100% ready to kick ass next week, as its his last warm-up before the games count (last preseason game he usually doesnt play much).

    • David

      He definitely slowed down, looking downfield, as if he didn’t realize there was a big man directly behind him.

  9. Volume12

    I can’t see RB Alex Collins going anywhere. One game? Yes, he lacks the burst of Rawls, Pope, C-mike, but he’s doing things completely different than he did at Arkansas.

    Took Lynch a whole season before he picked up TC’s ZBS.

    He’s a good backup to have. Especially if Prosise is fragile.

    But, is Seattle’s run game perhaps shifting to more of a run game that favors slashers than bell cows?

    • STTBM

      I think they are moving towards running up the guy far more often. C-Mike is doing an amazing job of doing just that. Running well that way keeps the D on its toes, unable to be as aggressive and makes them think twice about pinning their ears back and pass rushing from the snap if there is any chance of a run coming.

      I dont see Seattle using guys like Stacy or Prosise more than C-Mike and Rawls, but they may use them more than in the past. Spreading the D out while using a back who can pass pro, run, and catch like a WR is a great way to counteract todays athletic defenses.

      • STTBM

        Up the GUT. Sheesh…

      • bigDhawk

        At the very least, CMike might be the third down back they were looking for in Prosise.

    • Manthony

      Yeah, I seen a little bit of the grit that Beastmode had in Collins. I seen him make something out of nothing a couple times, one time he picked up like 7 yards for the first after it looked liked they were bottling him up near the LOS. Pope may have surpassed Brooks, but I think he has some more to do before I think he’s passed Collins. Pope is a gamer tho

      • David

        Are we speaking of strict on the field play and not college pedigree? Pope hasn’t passed Collins? What games are you watching. This is my tally thus far, Collins has: stonewalled twice on 3rd/4th and 1. Missed a pass protection on an obvious blitz that Russ called out (Pete said this in the presser), dropped an easy slant pass. Had one decent run where he juked a guy.

        Pope has: scored the game-winning 2 pointer in KC through contact and a defense selling out on the run, tore up the Vikings backups with at least 2 runs over 20 yards, showed the suddenness, burst and acceleration to break through the second level (which we haven’t seen from Collins), showed the ability to chip a guy before going out for a pass 10 for 80-something last game with another score.

    • LordSnow

      I agree that Collins isn’t done yet. Even beastmode said it takes about half a season to adjust to the zbs. Fortunately, with Cmike coming of age, it appears we can afford to wait for Collins. I think Cmike as a feature back would be a 1200-1400 yard rusher, but with Rawls and cmike as a 1-2 duo it would be more total yards/more efficiency/less chance at injury.

      Prosise is a wild card and an exciting one at that. Can’t wait for game 3. Would also like to see some handoffs to prosise on passing downs just to see what he could do.

    • Kenny Sloth

      If you go back to passing downs at Arkansas Alex Collins is an excellent pass protector.

  10. Phil

    IMHO, the Seahawks are at their best when they run lots of read option or play action passes off read option. In the preseason, opponents can pretty much ignore RW as a running threat and this limits the effectiveness of our offense.

    In this game, we had too many drops by our receivers. Never seemed to get into a rhythm with the ones on the field. If this had been a regular season game, I bet we would have kept running CMike until the Vikes showed that they could stop him. In fact, maybe the way that you negate some of the effectiveness of the “athletic” DL guys is to keep pounding the ball at them — then start going play action.

    • Sea Mode

      Great points. Totally agree!

      This and the lack of game planning I think is what made the difference. When they game plan, RW should be able to recognize those stunts coming from a mile away and adjust.

  11. Frank

    Since it seems like we are pretty crowded at Rb this year and have favored the smaller running receiver, why not try to make Collins a FB? I think he has the toughness, and Athletic profile to be successful, if he has the vision? He could still be a goal line back if you pulled A DL for FB on those plays. I haven’t seen yesterday’s game yet, who played FB with the first offense?

    • STTBM

      Well, Collins hasnt exactly shone in blitz pickup, and since blocking is the biggest part of a FB’s job, I dont see much reason to think he’d be an option there just yet.

      • Kenny Sloth

        He had excellent protection tape from Arkansas

        • David

          Unfortunately it hasn’t crossed over to the NFL yet. Missed a big one versus the Vikings.

  12. James

    Don’t pay too much attention to this Vikings game. Since 2014, the Vikings preseason record is 10-1. Zimmer clearly thinks that winning in the preseason creates a winning organization, so he throws all his blitzes and the kitchen sink against opponents, who do not game plan. Of course, Zimmer is completely wrong in this, because it really tells his team that they can only win through the back door and lose their advantage in the regular season. Almost all the sacks given up by the Seahawks were against their sophisticated blitz schemes, including a number of safety blitzes. The starting OL is going to be much improved over last season, though as Rob wisely observed in his previous post, OTs to match 6-3, 260 speed DEs are basically impossible to find. So Pete and Tom appear to have settled on the strategy of putting huge wingspan guys out there who at least take a couple of seconds to run around. I wonder if the league’s response will eventually be 6-4, 275 OTs with quick feet, if there are any still alive on earth. It makes me wonder if we made a mistake playing Sokoli at OG, since he alone seems to have the athletic ability to match the Von Millers of the world.

    Tony McDaniel looked great and he is a huge improvement over Siliga. Whither Tye Smith or Ryan Robinson, two promising prospects whose names have yet to be mentioned? I just want to see two improvements: 1) find someone (Browner?) to stay with the TE; and 2) find a rush package to collapse the pocket up the middle (Avril, Bennett, Clark, Marsh?) and stop letting 45 yr old QBs step up into the pocket and throw junk underneath.

    • C-Dog

      I was a bit considered about this game, thinking the Vikings would come in with this kinda edge, after the way they lost to us in the playoffs. I think they were definitely bringing the heat defensively. Russ should have recognized that and gotten rid of the ball. IMO, I think that’s why Pete called him out a bit in the presser.

      Still, there’s a number of positives to take away from this. Good run blocking, good run D, some great running, some decent explosive play on offense. Just need Russ to play more like the smart guy he is.

      • C-Dog

        “Concerned ” not considered

    • 503Hawk

      “AMEN”! to that brother!

    • vrtkolman

      Interesting points about the Vikings preseason record. Carroll used to be this way too. I don’t think it’s necessarily right or wrong. It obviously worked in 2013, but in 2012 and 2014 we started pretty slow. This is the first time Carroll has had a truly veteran team (probably since his time before USC), so I’m sure his approach to preseason has changed. Zimmer has a young team and wants to create a winning culture.

  13. Manthony

    Man, that might be the way to get Collins, Pope, and Brandon Bryant on the roster. Idk who played FB I missed the most of the first half, turned in as the Bikes scored there TD.

    Also, I’m stoked to have some dogs on this D. Frank is ready. Cassius is ready. McDaniel and Browner are back. The LOBs intact!

  14. vrtkolman

    So far the draft class looks very good. Reed and Jefferson looked great and will probably have a big impact this year. Vannett just looks like a good tight end. He doesn’t do anything exceptionally well but he is extremely solid at everything. I think he takes Willson’s spot sooner than later, Willson is still the same player he was as a rookie. Hoping we get to see Procise next week against a pretty bad defense.

  15. CharlieTheUnicorn

    1) I liked Boykins game last night. Yes, it was not a come back. Yes he had a horrific pick 6. Yes there were a few problems with pressures… and taking a big 17 yard sack. The poise, the command of the offense and the confidence to toss the rock 45+ yards down the field even after all these issues earlier in the game…. the team responding to him and the energy level of the offense picked up when he was in the game. If he is not the back-up QB for Seattle, I would be shocked.

    2a) Again, the LG / C / RG play was decent to excellent. Vikings threw a few exotic blitzes at them and they did a fair job of picking them up…. the sacks were almost always on the QB holding onto the ball too much. 2b)I thought the OL play of all 3 lines(or mix of players) in the game were 100% better than game #1. RT/LT is a concern, but I’m not panicked about it… as I mentioned to a friend, they are already looking better than week #1 of last season. The run blocking was very good… against a very good Vikings front 7.

    3) Penalties and Punt return gaffs were the big story to me. Both of these aspects put the team in very tough spots, making getting the offense in gear exceptionally difficult. I think the word is discipline. Some reason, Seattle has a problem with the punt returners, not named Lockett, catching the ball….

    • Ukhawk

      I’m most excited by the run blocking of the 1s. The offends all starts there, they are moving people off the ball and it will be far more effective when Wilson is a threat to run in the regular season.

  16. Kenny Sloth

    Brandin Bryant looked good. Bigger than he did in college.

    Will Pericak looked like the best OL of the 2/3’s at RG

    Pope showed decent wiggle and vision to get to the edge. Some of those chunk plays are TFL’s versus one’s. Looks small without the burst to make up for it.

    I think the FO are noticing Collins’ lack of burst. He was an excellent pass protector in college.

    McEvoy showed the same rawness from the first game. Not really all up on his dick like most tongue fanbase. His special teams play was pretty horrendous. That was supposed to be his way onto the roster.

    I think Lawler helped himself. Doesn’t seem ‘too skinny’ anymore, but could still pack some weight on that frame. His ceiling is higher than McEvoy’s I think.

    Antwan Goodley might have had the best game of anybody.

    Quinton Jefferson is a grown ass man.

    Marcus Burley looked great. Tye Smith not so much.

    Ok. Montario Hunter has dropped 4 punts/kick-offs this pre-season by my count. Makes me sick

    • Kenny Sloth

      McEvoy’s ceiling. His absolute ceiling is Ricardo Lockette. Lockette had greater potential than he does.

      McEvoy will never ever develop into AJ Green. No amount of years on the practice squad will help him jump.

      Here’s his pro day numbers no 40/knee

      Dates: 03/09/16
      Height: 6057
      Weight: 230
      225 Lb. Bench Reps: 17
      Vertical Jump: 33 1/2
      Broad Jump: 09’09”
      20 Yrd Shuttle: 4.29
      3-Cone Drill: 7.00

      His little hop to beat a 4th string DB was likely the extent of his leaping ability.

      • Volume12

        To be fair, I don’t think or at least hope not, that anyone is expecting this guy to be another AJ Green.

        I’d go with Goodley. I loved him coming out 2 years ago, and wanted Seattle to draft him early on in the draft process.

        IMO, Baylor WRs get unfairly knocked.

        • rowdy

          I have to agree with you. Tanner or Lawler don’t impress me much. I’ve might of missed something but I didn’t think Lawler looked all that good last night. For every positive play he had a negative play

          • Kenny Sloth

            Lawler, to me, has an upside of a Jermaine Kearse type. Possession receivers with narrower frames that make improbable grabs in 50/50 situations.

            Could be superior to him one day.

            McEvoy’s true ceiling is much lower. He will always be looking for a way to contribute.

            Are we looking to develop contributors or future starters?

            And there’s no wrong answer there. Itd be interesting to take a look back at the kind of depth we have kept around/cultivated

            Seems to me we keep a healthy dose of each, but the contributors have been veterans while the youth guys are generally players we expect can become red chippers that will consistently be starters for us or other teams.

            • Kenny Sloth

              That being said, Pete does love those ATH guys. Players that have switched sides of the ball have seemed to be considerations every year for them.

              He drafted Sherman, Prosise

              Converts players himself, regularly, and preached versatility.

              Earlier in camp, I had him on the PS as a DB.

              When it comes to the Practice Squad, I always think what people have room for on the roster. In this day and age lots of teams WILL have room on the roster for a tall pass catcher.

              Are the Seahawks one of them?

              He is obviously still learning the position evidenced by his own pass interference call, but he does have upside as a ST ace, Hail Mary threat, and all around Ricardo Lockette.

              But do we have the space to wait for him to develop into a part time contributor? When we could get sure hands and known ST ability in guys like Kasen Williams and Goodley.

              Does Tanner McEvoy perhaps bring an x-factor, that spark of competitor?

              He Did lead Wisconsin in picks last year.
              He Did pull down a gamewinning TD
              He drew pass interfence. He was the first guy down the field on one punt.

              He has value and could be a very good player. This team does like fresh clay

        • Kenny Sloth

          That was certainly hyperbolicious

          BUT he is a longshot to make the team and his gunner play needs some serious work.

          The hype train is a little too heavily loaded at this point.

          If he even makes the roster it’ll be a very pleasant upset.

          He certainly gives us some size that no-one else in the receiver room brings to the table.

        • Saxon

          You’re complaining about a 33″ vert from a guy 6’6″ 230 lbs? Um…that’s pretty rare and takes his verticallity to almost 10 feet, without factoring his arm length. Pete wants unusual athletes and McEvoy qualifies. There are only 5-10 AJ Green types in the NFL, so that’s a ridiculous comparison for a UDFA. But he could become another Mike Williams, which this offense could use.

          • Kenny Sloth

            Well it lines up pretty well with his explosion based on his broad as well. And broad jumps don’t give an advantage to any participants. He jumps like Germain Ifedi.

        • Nate

          Goodley really stood out to me as well. I think he may be a surprise addition. I’m with you on Mcevoy I doubt he makes the roster. I also don’t see him being picked off by other teams either.
          He will be a practice squad development guy no doubt.

        • David

          I’m actually surprised that when the Hawks were running thin in RB, they decided to move Farmer to the 3rd down back role and not Goodley. I think Goodley would be great in that role and has the body-frame to excel in it (5’10”, 209)

      • Barry

        Not a good assessment to mention Aj Green as a comparison to McEvoy. I was surprised to see him at WR, and that Pete seems done looking at him at safety. If he was anywhere near Aj Green level he would have been a standout Wr at Wi.

        If the kid was more physical I think he would have stuck at a Safety position. He clearly has talent but looks like he will also be a victim to that talent and won’t be able to capitalize on that. At Least this year.

  17. 503Hawk

    Concerning the “initial” 53 man roster; obviously it won’t be strictly positional. They have too many talented young guys they would like to try to stash on the PS to develop. For example, I could see them keeping Hunt over Lewis, then try to stash Hunt and resign Lewis, knowing that the latter would probably still be available.

    Last week it was stated that KC had 7 players who had formerly been on the Seahawks. I could envision 2 WR, 2 DB, DL, RB all signing w/ other teams. Or, maybe PC / JS will try to trade one or more players.

  18. 503Hawk

    Other observations…
    Is B. Wagner the most over rated player on the D? I get that he is one of the best ILBs, but the drop off from Kuechly to him is amazing.
    They need to resign Gresham (?), LS from last couple of years.
    Living south of the border I don’t have access to the practices so I have to rely on others analysis’; I have yet to see what all the hype is about Collins.

    • Coleslaw

      The Panthers run a 3-4 defensive scheme which means there are 2 middle linebackers instead of one. Kuechly isn’t asked to hold down the LOS like Bobby is. The Panthers use him more like a weakside linebacker but coming out of the middle. They also had a better D line last year allowing him to drop back into coverage more. Long story short, Wagner and Kuechly switching teams = Wagner and Kuechly’s stat sheet also switching.

      • Volume12

        Carolina is a 4-3. They are the best in the NFL at seamlessly transitioning into their sub package. It’s almost like they morph. Every team has some type of 3-4 look. Seattle and NE use 3-4 personnel in a 4-3 defense.

        Their scheme is almost identical. Discipline, gap integrity, get pressure with your front 4, and the LBs drop off into deep zones.

        Considering that Kuechly base the best instincts outta any LB, and his strength coming outta BC was coverage over the middle of the field, I’d say he should be more effective than BWagz. Kuechly was also Seattle’s highest rated defensive player in the 2012 draft, and considering they went with Wagner, I’d bet they saw similarities.

        Every game is gonna be like that if you want to beat Seattle. When the WRs start making explosive,chunk plays down field, then I’ll worry about the pass defense.

        Teams will start fast, basically do nothing but throw the playbook at our D, we’ll make half time adjustments and suffocate then for the rest of the game.

        They’ll get beat only when they can’t limit explosive plays, avoid negative plays, or get gashed in the run game, but that happens 1-2 a year? And our DT depth looks very good right now with QJeff, ‘Tuba, Reed, and whoever else makes it.

        • Volume12

          *has, not base

        • Kenny Sloth

          Good stuff, man.

          I was thinking we should do a like scouting the enemy thing this year

          Try to guesstimate both teams gameplan

          Relate it to scouting the Seahawks somehow

        • Coleslaw

          Man, I guess you’re right, for some reason I thought about how they have 4 solid linebackers, wonder how much 3-4 they run cause I totally thought they were 3-4 haha.

        • Coleslaw

          Also, on the DT depth, I think we have great depth all along the line. I looked at Bob Condotta’s 53 man roster projections and the way he has it looks awesome! We have 5 run blocking DTs (Rubin, Reed, McDaniel, Hill, and Jefferson looks solid too). 5 Pass rushing DTs (Bennett, Clark, Hill, Jefferson, Bryant) and 5 edge rushers (Bennett, Avril, Clark, Marsh, Jefferson, Bryant could probably do it too). Looks good to me!

          • Volume12

            Let’s not forget DT Justin Hamilton. Dude makes plays away from the LOS and is what, 300+ lbs.?

            Hoping he makes the PS or ‘ghost roster,’ but there might be too much good tape on him now.

            • Kenny Sloth

              I loved Hamilton’s play against KC!!

              He was really strong and was shedding tackles inside. Perhaps he beats out Siliga or McDaniel

      • Barry

        Volume12 Is correct on the personnel groupings for all teams.

        Wagner was not as sharpe last year as he was the previous year. But the D on whole wasn’t either. Even though we still looked good on the points side of things that says as much about the scheme on D and how Bevell handles the offense as a whole. The team is directly designed that way. Bend don’t break, wear the opponents out, finish.

        Wags and the D as a whole played better when the D line had more beef in the rotation. Larger D-ends like Big Red to completely dominate the first down run, and bring that physical presence.

    • 503Hawk

      I get all that you are saying about schemes and surrounding personnel. And I do believe he is one of the better ILBs. I’m just echoing (albeit w/ stronger words) what people like Brock Huard & Dave Wyman (he esp knows a lot about LB play) said last year and have repeated again after only 2 preseason games. I’m sure part of the reason in the departure of Norton. Wagz just doesn’t consistently live up to the hype.

      • Volume12

        503Hawk, I totally get what where your coming from my man.

        BWagz has struggled in pass coverage last year and so far this year. But, at least now they know what they gotta clean up.

        I thought missing DQ was the culprit, but damn, I totally forgot that Kenny Norton was a big part of what our LBs did. ?

  19. vrtkolman

    So far DeShawn Shead has looked the part of a solid #2 CB. I thought Simon would, but he has disappointed so far. Shead has some athletic limitations, but so did Maxwell. If he takes that next step I think he could really solidify the secondary.

  20. kevin mullen

    Pope looked like the player that Tyler Ervin could have been had we drafted Ervin. A few plays he showed a lot of burst. I’m rooting for him to make the roster as Collins hasn’t done anything and Brooks sidelined.

    • 503Hawk

      Kevin, you wrote exactly what I was thinking. Based on just one preseason game and against twos & threes, but he will get snatched up by some other team.

    • David

      100% agree. Really hope Pope makes the team, with his play on tape now, I don’t think we can sneak him onto the practice roster. I feel like Collins and Brooks would be easier to stash on the PS as they haven’t shown anything so far.

  21. Volume12


    Buffalo has now lost Reggie Ragland, Shaq Lawson, Marcell Dareus, and I feel like I’m forgetting someone else too.

    Rex Ryan has got his work cut out for him boy.

    • cha

      Enempkali, aka the LB who punched out Geno Smith last year, tore his knee and is out for the year too.

      • Volume12

        Yes thank you!

        And they just released RB Karlos Williams, but that defense is almost decimated. DT Kyle Williams is always hurt too.

  22. Volume12

    Texas A&M EDGE Daeshon Hall is very exciting. Was on my radar after last year’s breakout, but man didn’t realize some of the subtle nuances to his game.

    Goes 6’5-6’6, 255-260 lbs., athletic, former BBall player, from the Seattle area, long, good technique. So much talent and full of traits, but needs to put it all together. Tons of upside/potential.

    The power he possesses in his hands is unreal. Just clubs O-lineman to death.

    I recommend watching him destroy the LG and RT of Ole Miss with that specific move.

    • Volume12


      • D-OZ

        Been following him since he went to A&M. So far he has not gotten much national attention. Look who play’s on the other side, Possible first pick in next year’s draft. He is a very good player in his own right. Pretty deep DE class next year.

        • D-OZ

          I was ticked he didn’t sign with the Huskies.

        • Volume12

          I actually think he’s got better technique than Myles Garrett. Garrett is just such an explosive, natural pass rusher. Wins with speed, but Hall is a bit better at converting speed to power, and that club move of his is excellent.

          See a lot of Von Miller in Myles Garrett. And it has nothing to do with the fact they come from the same school.

          Seattle seems to like guys from A&M. 6 or 7 of them currently on the roster.

          Check out A&M S Justin Evans. Range and explosion for days competitive, and one of the most physical, aggressive, hard hitting safeties I’ve seen so far. He plays hard and fast all game long. Comes from MGCCC. Or JUCO. Same place that Jarran Reed and so many others have as well.

  23. Steele

    Four good quarters on both sides of the ball.

    That is what I would like to see from this team, every game. Getting into the bad habit of coming out flat for the first half is unacceptable. No matter what the halftime adjustments.

  24. Volume12

    Like Zach Whitman said, ‘it’s weird that RB Derrick Henry is doing good things. Only has great athleticism, insane production, and a crazy strong work ethic.’ ?

    Reason him being a big back wasn’t worrisome for me was the his hips move, and how loose they are. Shoulders square to the LOS, foot pointed the sideline, just natural ability.

    Tennessee could be very dangerous once they get a secondary in place and one more pass rusher.

  25. Vista

    The Hawks resigned Tukuafu and released Amosa.

  26. Sea Mode

    Rob, your man Devon Cajuste had a nice 40yd grab for the Niners yesterday.

  27. neil

    Granted it is pre season, but the Vikings were able to exploit the Hawks defense the same wa y most teams did last year. Run their recievers deep then drag their tight end or running back into the void 15 yds down field. Richard has to get that cleaned up.

    • Sea Mode

      I am surprised not to see Browner out there with the 1’s. I thought that is exactly what they brought him back to do.

      Maybe they just don’t want to show their hand yet and put tape out of that personnel package, but I sure hope practice is enough to ensure proper communication among the secondary with Browner in his new role.

      • STTBM

        Thats what Im hoping. I like BB and am excited to see if he can fit in. However, it could be he’s having difficulty picking up the nuances of the SS position, and/or that he really has lost a step, speed-wise.

  28. Roland jose

    I didn’t see the 1st half of the game, but if in fact it is Wilson’s fault, he needs to work more on pre snap recognition, and getting ride of the ball sooner, I know that this is a running team, but if he only throws 20 to 25 times a game then the quality needs to improve, he is now in his 4th season so he is supposed to breakout in this department, he needs to take that step forward, it’s unfortunate that he has a new line, but that’s where he has to take command of it, has he been really working at it?, I know he has been working on all kinds of business stuff outside of football, and of course his marriage, all kinds of this stuff pulling him away from getting better, nessesary evils for sure!, gotta make that money!, don’t get me wrong I love Russ, but if he doesn’t take this next step, to becoming a complete QB, all that business stuff going on won’t last.

    • STTBM

      Could be Wilson got a little overconfident in the line. Plus, Sowell letting his man go before hearing a whistle is disgusting, I dont care what anyone says. You dont do that!

      Wake-up call for Wilson; preseason can still get you bruised/injured, and you cant wait forever to throw the ball even if the line is better than at the same time last year.

      • GeoffU

        From what Pete said, Wilson made the correct line call to adjust, but they didn’t hear it.

    • C-Dog

      I would be more concerned if Russell hadn’t already demonstrated his ability to do all this during that ridiculous 8 game stretch last year. I think he’ll have no problem picking it up again. He got the ball out quickly against the Chiefs, last week was probably a brain fart.

  29. cha

    Joe SchadVerified account ‏@schadjoe 3h3 hours ago
    Adam Gase says C Mike Pouncey could miss the opener. This is terrible news for the Miami Dolphins offensive line.

    • STTBM

      Was going to ask what that had to do with the price of tea in China…lol, duh, we play Miami first game of the season…Boy am I out of it!

  30. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Here is my 2 cents as well

    I believe McEvoy will stick with the team. He will be a TE / WR hybrid. The Jimmy Graham back-up with similar size and speed. Lawler will stick with the team, until the time that all the TEs are healthy and ready to play. It looks like it might be 1-2 weeks into the season before this occurs. Lawler will then be cut, while McEvoy will stick after the roster reshuffle.

    I still think Collins sticks with the team. Not because of the drat capitol expended, but his running style. He reminded me of Lynch when he first started in the NFL, not incredibly flashy, but patient and he delivered some nice hits on defenders. He was also very good at creating YAC…. in tight spaces.

    LG / C / RG look like they have been solidified. When guys have not taken the job by the horns, it is disappointing. I want to see Webb this week in the game. If he doesn’t play, or is still injured.. he will get cut. I thought Sowell looked ok. Some of the blitzes or pressures he yielded were not all on him, but were on RBs and or RW not adjusting the blocking scheme. I do not recall almost a single pressure yielded up the A-gaps…. which was my big positive from the game. Britt might get a ton of crap from blogs about his play, but he is performing at a very high level already…. just need to iron out a few pressure calls / minor technique issues (occasional pad level too high, etc).

    • 503Hawk

      would they cut Webb w/ all the guarantee $ ?

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        Yes. I ‘ve thought they might form the get-go… if he is not panning out, no reason to keep him on roster. Will it make it tougher on them to cut him, sure…. but they’ve let other mistakes go in the past.. who had some decent coin due them.

  31. STTBM

    As for which WR Seattle keeps after final cuts, I have no idea. I thought Kasen Williams would run away with it, but he’s been dogged by a bad Hammy. Goodley, Lawler, McEvoy, Hunter, etc have all had their moments–and Kevin Smith has the experience and the physicality to stick–but all have failed to consistently stand out. They are all so different in their specific skill sets too, that whoever survives the first cut may be chosen more for offering something different than for beating anyone else out with overall play.

    I believe there is a chance whoever sticks for the first round of cuts might not be safe long. Williams, Smith, Goodley, McEvoy, Hunter arent terribly likely to be picked up by other teams, so they are good candidates for the PS. And Seattle is known for bringing guys up and sending them down bi-weekly, using the PS as a rotating minor leagues or rehab assignment. We could easily see one WR make it for a week or two or three, then get cut in favor of the new hot prospect on the PS that week, until someone separates themselves with consistency.

    • cha

      I think that is what will happen to McEvoy. He’ll come up for a game or two, have a Chris Matthews-like game where he jump-balls a couple passes and maybe draws a big PI, and then be inactivated an maybe cut to the PS.

  32. East Side Stevie

    Goodley,Williams,Smith all have been with the team whether it be practice squad,training camps, spring ota’s and the final roster through transactions more than just this year. Now how much this means to the coaches or front offices when it comes time for the final 53 I dont know. However it is my gut feelings that those three would have a slight edge but who knows. Lawler has flashed a little and was drafted this year so he will definitely continue to compete. With the roster cutting down to 75 is there any WR that you currently see being let go? Douglas ? Montario ? McEvoy ? Another last minute though nobody has really been talking about EZ I like his potential and he has already proven to be an Nfl WR because he was with the texans so theres no doubt he has the talent he just needs more target oppurtunities so he could be a sleeper.

  33. D-OZ

    Lawler and McEvoy make the team. Lawler has a higher ceiling than Smith and Williams or anybody else outside of the top four WR’s. McEvoy keeps getting underestimated.

    • RealRhino2

      How does Lawler have a “higher ceiling” than Williams? What is it that gives him that?

      Williams is bigger, faster, jumps higher, jumps farther, and has the better pedigree, for what that’s worth. Wouldn’t the slightly better athlete have the higher ceiling?

      • Volume12

        Better athlete, but better overall receiver? Remains to be seen.

        If Williams was ever healthy or ever flashed, but he hasn’t been nor done.

  34. East Side Stevie

    Eh, Idk we will just have to wait an see. No Dez Bryant thursday, has a concussion so he’s out good news for us cowboys have played well during this preseason. But looks like Zeke Elliot will make his debut. Can’t Wait!

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      This is good news… Elliot playing. Now we can see exactly where the defense is against the run. Might be without the future star DT, due to injury…. but overall, the defense should be up to the challenge. Bam Bam Kam is also scheduled to appear for some snaps… here to putting a few good licks on Elliot.

  35. James

    Ya’ ll reassure me, please, that John and Pete are just joking that Rawls might play in the final preseason game in Oakland? On that field, that baseball infield, is everyone insane?

  36. Volume12

    C-Dog, responding to your mock on the last thread.

    Dane Brugler pulled 6 NFL scouts who their favorite prospect was and one answered DL Taco Charlton. Tons of potential.

    I love Arkansas Deatrich Wise, Jr though. Nowhere near maxed out, only started 6-8 games and had great production. Uniquely built, freakish length, and the fact he can rush from the interior is exciting. His UOH is unreal.

    And then ‘Bama OLB Ryan Anderson. Nothing this guy can’t do. One of the most physical players in the country, and has this POFG attitude. Combine all that and I’d be surprised if Seattle doesn’t show interest in him on some level.

    • C-Do

      Seriously, love me some Taco. Wise is really interesting as well, and Anderson. Looking at the roster I still feel a mild concern at edge and SAM. Love the DT situation now, but would really like to see some unique length at the 5 tech.

  37. Volume12

    Is NE in trouble? God I hope so. We know about the (endless) news of Brady’s suspension for 4 games.

    RB Dion Lewis is out for 2 months. RB LeGarrette Blount is good for a handful of games.

    They traded away DE Chandler Jones. Now DE Rob Ninkovich tore his triceps. And fans worry about our depth at pass rusher?

    OT Sebastian Vollmer is out for the year. OL Shaq Mason has a broken hand. And this is a pretty bad O-line to begin with.

    Edelman has been banged up all summer.

    LB Jerrod Mayo retired IIRC, or was that last year?

    I guess it’s a good thing they’ve played in one of the weakest divisions in football for a decade +.

    • vrtkolman

      Brady is at that age where steep regression happens in QB’s. It doesn’t always happen, but it wouldn’t be a surprise even though he claims yoga is going to keep him going strong at 45 (haha). Their offensive line is a disaster and I don’t think Martellus Bennett is as good as everyone thinks he is.

      The good news for the Pats is that the AFC looks pretty weak overall. The power teams are weaker than last year (Denver, Pittsburgh) and I don’t see any upstarts unless KC or Cincinnati can finally perform in the postseason.

    • East Side Stevie

      Interesting that you point New England out because news broke today that they traded their starting center to the redskins

      • Steele

        Bryan Stork was their starter, but he was injury-prone (2 concussions), inconsistent, and a guy Brady did not like because he missed line calls. He also got into fights in practice. David Andrews is their preferred starting C.

        They are decimated with preseason injuries, but you can never count them out. They do the next-man-up thing well, peak when it counts, and don’t care. Brady aside, they don’t have an urgent short term window.

        • East Side Stevie

          Cleveland LB Barkevious Mingo was traded to New England today he is a former 2013 first round draft pick. You are right about not counting them out they are always making moves.

  38. 503Hawk

    Just saw that the Chargers pulled “their last offer” to Joey Bosa. Do you think PC / JS would…
    (player & picks type of thing)?!
    Personally, I thought 3rd overall was too high for him, but just image the possibilities!

    • C-Dog

      I wouldn’t put it past them, but I think it’s pretty remote. I personally think the 3-4 might be a bad fit for Bosa, and he would be better served in 4-3. Do they trade the 2017 first round pick? Mike Bennett and a pick? The other thing to consider is how much of a red flag this hold out is with his character, and how he would fit into the Seahawks culture. I think I’d pass.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        He is a “ME” guy by his actions. He would not last 2 days in Seattle, where they play for each other. Not to mention, Chargers are unable to trade him, since he has not signed.

        • cha

          Sounds like you’re buying what the Chargers are selling. They’ve always and forever played hardball with their rookies. Since Bosa isn’t bowing, the team has gone public in an ugly tactic to shame him back to the table on their terms.

  39. Coleslaw

    McEvoy has been being used as a TE, something to watch for tomorrow, especially considering our dilemma at TE. If Tanner can just be a competent blocker on the edge I will be 100% convinced that he will make the 53. At least until Graham and/or Vannett are back.

    • Volume12

      Looking forward to Prosise playing myself. Was wondering when he was gonna get through a week of practice unscathed.

      Main reason why though, is because this offense seems to be lacking one more explosive element. And I know Jimmy and Rawls will help out in that phase, but I just think PC has been looking for this kind of weapon after ‘you know who’ failed to work out.

      • cha

        “offense seems to be lacking one more explosive element”

        Paging Paul Richardson…Paul Richardson…please get out of the trainer’s room and report the field immediately!

      • The Hawk is Howling

        Me as well Volume12! Prosise has that extra gear and looks like he’s gliding on air! With his receiver background and how Russell exstends plays I see him making an immediate impact! Hope the offensive gets rolling tonight!

        Go Hawks Forever!

        • Volume12

          Hey man! How’s your summer been? Been meaning to talk with ya.

          I saw you mention that you got to attend training camp this year. Very cool. I’m jealous. I didn’t get to go this year for the 1st time in 3 years. Great experience though huh?

          • The Hawk is Howling

            Oh yeah it sure was! Being so close to the players is such a trippy experience. Everything seems so smaller since I’m used to only watching ball on the Telle. It’s always great to hear your opinions since I think you are very wise in your American Football knowledge! I’m personally rooting for Pope so he can get his little girl a room full of toys. He reminds me of Justin Forsett. I think he’s taking Alex Collins spot. I also love what McEvoy brings to the field he’s so divirce I think Pete loves that about him and if he can pull off tight end duty’s I think he makes the 53.

            Huskies are going to be a blast to watch this year also. I’m going to take me Mum and G-MA to a game. Not sure which one yet? Hope the Coug’s are good this year also that passing attack with Faulk is going to rack up a ton of yards.

            • The Hawk is Howling

              Oops forgot to answer your question. My Summer has been really good been a busy bee doing landscaping and painting and I’m going to be starting a job with the Seattle parks department. Been cutting back on the drinking hope to quite in the near future. That’s the reason some of my posts in the past have been outlandish and probably a little strange for some. I was smashed which is my favourite time to write on this blog. Just opened my first Raineer Tall Boy!

              How are you these days? Still in Spokane?

              The poster formally known as “Thy Hawk which is most Screeching”

              • The Hawk is Howling

                Hey Rob, you a fan of the Scottish band Mogwai? They have an album called “The Hawk is Howling” silly Mogwai Hawks don’t Howl, they Screech. So that’s the story behind my new name.

  40. Sea Mode

    Shoot, another huge bummer: Nick Martin out for the year with ankle.


    As Rob predicted, he was playing quite well. Best of luck to him in his recovery.

    • Rob Staton

      Big shame, would’ve been fascinating to see him play as a rookie.

  41. Jarhead

    Oof, the news about Bosa and the Chargers is getting rough. As much I doubt Ifedi’s ability to become more than a serviceable guard in his career- he signed and came to camp and gave us a body. That is saying something in today’s NFL I guess. I scratched my head when San Diego forst drafted Bosa for scheme fit and for his character off the field. I remember some on here posted about what a great pick he was and how talent will always translate to scheme. Well things certainly aren’t panning out that way it looks like. The Seahawks don’t always get guys that pan out, but they pick guys that want to come here and get on the field. That is underestimated I think

    • Volute12

      I was one of those people.

      Still think he can be a good football player. Let’s see him get on the field first. And SD as an organization is at fault just as much here. SD needs to get off their high horse and stop trying to be the hero here. There’s a reason QB Eli Manning and Peyton wanted no part of this team. Same old thing.

      Talent won’t always translate to scheme. But, when picking in the first couple rounds, it should. Even more so when you’re a top 5-top 10 pick.

      Scheme becomes maybe the most important factor after the 3rd round or so.

    • vrtkolman

      I don’t blame Bosa, he is getting royally screwed by a cheap organization.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        The Chargers might be cheap, but they are giving him the contract which was specified by the 2011 CBA ratified by the NFLPA. He makes a certain amount of money, according to draft position. The reasons for this hold out / labor dispute are beyond dumb. He now might be risking being under club control for 6 years, instead of five… since he might miss the whole 2016 season.

        Take the 17M GUARANTEED bucks and be happy. His mom needs to shut her trap as well.

      • The Hawk is Howling

        I don’t understand your comment? The only player in this year’s draft who would have gotten more guaranteed money was Carson Wentz. How is that screwing him over? Now I will agree that that there is something up with the Chargers organisation for this has happened in the past. Personally I think he just doesn’t want to play for them. John Clayton say’s it’s too late for them to trade him and he would have to sign a contract first. Part of the equation is that his Dad played for maybe 5 years for the Giants if I am correct, so he didn’t grow up poor and desperste. I think the whole thing is absurd. He should be thankful!

        • The Hawk is Howling

          My comment was directed to Vrtkolman.

        • vrtkolman

          From what I read, the details of the guaranteed money are pretty shady and unlike anything ever offered to a top 5 pick before. There is dispute about when it is paid out and I thought there was some sneaky injury clause in there too.

          Bosa certainly isn’t putting himself in a positive light here, but there is something up with the Chargers organization.

          • The Hawk is Howling

            Yeah your right man it must be something, sneaky might be the proper adjective.

    • Volume12

      I was one of those people.

      Still think he can be a good football player. Let’s see him get on the field first. And SD as an organization is at fault just as much here. SD needs to get off their high horse and stop trying to be the hero here. There’s a reason QB Eli Manning and Peyton wanted no part of this team. Same old thing.

      Talent won’t always translate to scheme. But, when picking in the first couple rounds, it should. Even more so when you’re a top 5-top 10 pick.

      Scheme becomes maybe the most important factor after the 3rd round or so.


  42. vrtkolman

    I think Dan Quinn can be a good coach, but man his offensive coordinator is a joke. Matt Ryan looks like a scrub, and they can’t run the ball at all so far this preseason.

    • vrtkolman

      Should have said Dan Quinn can be a good head coach.

    • Volume12

      I like what they got going defensively, but your right. QB Matt Ryan has regressed every year. He’ll hold this team back.

  43. The Hawk is Howling

    CJ !!!


  44. vrtkolman

    And Romo is already down clutching his back. Unbelievable this guy is playing in preseason.

  45. The Hawk is Howling

    Damn! I feel bad for Romo he’s a good dude. Is this going to be a Bledsoe to Brady type thing? Prescott is playing great so far.

    • Volume12

      My Summer hasn’t been great my man. My mom is struggling in her battle with cancer, so I’m taking care of her. She’s been through so much these past couple years. Not quitting, more like the time on the clock is running out.

      Yeah I’m still in Spokane. Wish I still was in Seattle personally. But, it is what it is. Glad to hear your doin’ good and cuttin’ back on the drinkin.’ But, your posts never bothered me.

      • The Hawk is Howling

        Thanks Volume12, my Love and happy thoughts are with you and your Mother!

  46. Volume12

    Prosise sighting! Good run in a bad situation.

  47. Volume12

    What the f***? You can’t defend that any better!

    BTW, CB Jeremy Lane looks awful. They need another corner so bad.

    • vrtkolman

      That is super discouraging. On the very first play of the game, Shead got beat bad by Terrance Williams who sucks.

    • vrtkolman

      And yeah, Wright had that covered on point. That is a 1 in 100 catch.

  48. The Hawk is Howling

    Zeke took two hits from Bam Bam and spun out of them. Guy is the real halfback deal. Prescott looks good too. KJ Wright almost had it but it’s Whitten and he’s a legend. That 3rd down Prosise run was promising!

    • vrtkolman

      I think Elliot is getting in our guys’ heads. Were too busy trying to hit him instead of tackling.

      • The Hawk is Howling

        Your right about that VT Kam is trying to lay him out instead of going for the tackle. It’s early in the year and could you imagine the energy they feel playing for the 12’s. We’re bad ass this is just getting the kinks out kind of game.

        • vrtkolman

          Yeah, not worried at all. If teams start putting up 21 points on us in the first half in regular seasons I’ll start to worry.

          • The Hawk is Howling

            Exactly, and they will not. That Panther game last playoff’s is the only time we got taken im the first half in a long while. As Matt Cassell say’s on the Pete Carroll ESPN 60 minute USC documentary.”Were a second half team” because he knows how to make the adjustments. I guess it’s just to loud and too much chaos to do it during the game before they can hear one another and get on the same page. That makes sense right?

  49. The Hawk is Howling

    Richardson TD sweeeet!!!


  50. The Hawk is Howling


  51. The Hawk is Howling

    We need more Prosise running! Also Precise running! That was one helluva catch by Paul Richardson right! Kenny Sloth where are you?

    I Love me this game, so much more fun than any other sport. Besides sex!

  52. The Hawk is Howling

    “CHawktalkerEric” you still alive? I sure hope so!!!

    • Volume12

      Right? I miss him.

      • The Hawk is Howling

        I know we were the three amigos for a moment. When did you last hear from him. He’s definitely a good bloke!

        • Volume12

          Damn, it had to have been after the draft when Rob was breaking down the picks.

          Can’t wait for some breakdowns from Rob on college prospects.

  53. The Hawk is Howling

    The Seahawks new mantra. ” When the going gets tough from the get go go man, go oh brother not another mother F*#*#r going to go now!

    Go Hawks

    • Volume12

      Haha! I li!e that man. You always make me laugh.

      Thank you for the sentiment BTW. Much appreciated.

  54. The Hawk is Howling

    Who hoo! what a touchdown Tyler Lockette, just kidding Lockett is perfect for Dangeruss’s scrabbling ability. A perfect pairing! We are so lucky! That was so sweet!!!

  55. Volume12

    Lane has looked much better since that 1st drive. BWagz looks more fluid this game too.

    The defense hasn’t player great, but man this offense is on straight fiah!

    O-line looks really good. C-Mike’s burst and lightning quick first step are unreal.

    Nice to see P-Rich get going, and I’ve liked what I’ve seen from Prosise.

    S Kelcie McCray has made me a big fan of his with his play tonight.

    • The Hawk is Howling

      Yeah I hear ya Vol. McCray was traded for his special teams play as one of the best gunners in the game and we got yet another steal. I believe it was last year’s 5th round pick. Homie is a baller!

      • Volume12

        Yup. Your right. He’s really the only backup safety we got behind ET and Bam Bam.

        And again, your spot on. Lockett is a stud bordering on a star.

        • The Hawk is Howling

          At this point it’s Powell over Browner also. For he is doing great and much younger. They might still have an impactfull plan for Brandon, we shall see. It’s almost sureal he is on the team since his block on Kearse is what opened the lane for that Patriots cb to pick off Wilson and steal that game back. Damn. Sad Face, sorry I even brought that up. In an alternate universe we won that game for a second year straight.

  56. Volume12

    Collins baby! That’s my guy!

    Boykin is something else. You can’t teach what that kid has. So similar to RW.

  57. The Hawk is Howling

    I know Boykin is the perfect backup for Wilson. Now he’s a steal undrafted because some security guard messed with him. Oh yeah it was an off duty cop. No offense to the police I love them for protecting us and it’s a rough job. Some knuckleheads who are cops are looking to be the man and get people in troubled water’s just because. Peace to all yo!

  58. East Side Stevie

    Wow encouraging game, any player in particular that stood out to any of you besides boykin and russ?

    • The Hawk is Howling

      Of course Tyler”The Ninja” Lockett. McCray is for real he’s definitely our second tier safety. I still am liking#6 Tanner I think he is a keeper. Feel bad for the Dawg boy’s Williams and Smith but they could be called up any time. Notice how Pope didn’t play much to me it’s a sign that Pete wants to keep him on the roster. Or I’m crazy. Actually I’m Cragie Sea!!!

      • Volume12

        The O-line. Dominant in the run game, but very good in pass pro. As Craigie said, McCray too. Big game for him I thought.

        OL J’Marcus Webb looked solid. C-Mike stood out.

        Guys that flashed for me. P-Rich, Brandon Williams, Prosise, Clark, and QJeff. I like Jefferson more and more.

        This interior O-line continues to blow me away. If we can add an OT with one of our first couple picks this next draft, the O-line could become a strength of this team.

        And if this was a ‘dress rehearsal’ like they say the 3rd game is, then damn man, how good is this offense gonna be when Jimmy and Rawls are added to it?

        • C-Dog

          Jefferson is looking more and more solid inside. Good penetration, kinda reminds me a bit of Rocky Bernard.

          Loved the immediate impact of Prosise and seeing Collins get going, but man if Michael keeps doing what he’s doing and keeps his head on straight, he could become the story of the year for this team even with a healthy Rawls.

          Love how the interior of the OL is coming, and good to see Webb get some at both tackles, actually thought he looked decent at LT.

  59. Volume12

    Miami DT Ndamukong Suh couldn’t even stand up straight. Was bent over and being helped off the field. RB Arian Foster looks good.

    Oh, and if ya follow draft twitter or NFL twitter at all, WR Jarvis Landry sucks ya’ll. Remember, (sarcastic tone) just because a prospect or player isn’t great, but rather good, he’s bad. i.e. WR Jermaine Kearse.

  60. C-Dog

    Few general thoughts.

    The return of the the quick passing game really fits Russ, and getting those backs going early and often, he’s going to kill defenses with play

    Michael is in a contract year and is playing like it. This is a very good thing for himself and the team.

    Prosise looks like he could be special.

    Quinton Jefferson is really flashing now.

    Webb played well at both tackle spots, making the situation more interesting.

    Tanner McEvoy is making a strong case for being on the 53.

    Lockett, Baldwin, and a healthy Paul Richardson on the field together in games this year? Have fun with that DBs.

  61. nichansen01

    To be honest, every corner not named Sherman looks like hot garbage. How about Tankersley in round 1 next year?

    • nichansen01

      Also Powell looked bad and Browner hasn’t done anything. Very little good depth at safety beyond Mccray (and Mccray in my opinion is overrated anyways). So thomas and sherman are really are only two good defensive backs. Kam cant seem to stay healthy and is not only awful in coverage but looked today like he forgot how to tackle. Doesn’t seem like an imposing threat anymore.

    • Rob Staton

      Don’t agree here. Not sure what you’re seeing.

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