Thoughts on the 27-17 win vs Dallas

— I think Tanner McEvoy will make the final roster if his groin injury isn’t too bad. He’s a bigger receiver and offers a different skill set to the others. He’s made some big plays in pre-season and they need to fill the Ricardo Lockette role. He’s not polished but he’s learning a new position. What he’s shown so far is impressive given the limited time he’s spent at WR. If McEvoy makes it, it’ll leave one more space for a wide out next to Baldwin, Kearse, Lockett and Richardson. It’s a tough call.

— The pass rush in the first half was a bit hit and miss again. Michael Bennett had a few pressures and Frank Clark had a really good inside move. Cliff Avril had the hit that ended Tony Romo’s night. Dak Prescott was pretty comfortable. It’s perhaps not surprising given Dallas’ quality O-line. Also impacting the pass rush was the productive running of Ezekiel Elliott keeping the defense honest. Elliott looks special — especially behind that line.

— Re-signing Tony McDaniel was a fantastic move. Quinton Jefferson is also flashing when he gets the opportunity. The depth on the D-line might not quite have the rush impact of 2013 — but at least they can use a decent rotation this year.

— The first team O-line had a good outing again. On first viewing there weren’t any noticeable mistakes. Dallas don’t have a top pass rusher on their roster so we have to take that into account. Yet as the game developed the running game opened up and Wilson was mostly well protected. When he was pressured he was typically able to extend the play (especially on the tremendous second TD).

— It’ll be interesting to watch the game again and focus on Sowell vs Webb at left tackle. I didn’t notice any whiffs. The interior O-line continues to look like a major strength on the offense, which has to be a relief after the way they started last year.

— Yes he’s playing behind a great O-line but the poise from Dak Prescott is admirable for a rookie. He just looks like he belongs in the league and Dallas, finally, can feel very good about the future after Romo. Prescott had a very accomplished college career and it’s a real challenge to work out why he’s a fourth rounder (with his physical skill set and upside) and why Jared Goff and Carson Wentz warranted multiple high picks. The Cowboys in fairness have drafted very well over the last few years with a couple of exceptions. In Elliott and Prescott — they could end up with the future of their franchise from one draft class. Having said that, how did K.J. Wright not at least break-up that initial touchdown?

— Troymaine Pope has played well and hopefully sticks around on the practise squad. I think Rawls, Michael, Prosise and Collins have the four spots taken. Collins showed enough burst in this game and some of that Arkansas power to warrant sticking as the #4. Has he been hurt the last two weeks? Has that slowed him? Maybe. It’s too soon to give up on him, even if Pope flashed in weeks one and two. The final game against the Raiders could be key here especially if Collins, Pope and Zac Brooks get the bulk of the carries.


  1. Drew

    Rob, what are your thoughts on Powell?

    He got a lot of snaps at corner rather than safety last night, and held up ok. The TD he gave up was a tough play to make, great throw and catch. The few other catches he gave up are those late breaking slant routes that are typical to complete against our D when the corners are playing the deep 3rd.

    • Rob Staton

      Mixed. He had a big impact in week one of pre-season and they clearly want to see if he’s capable of playing corner. But I think we’re seeing he’s a safety — at least right now — and needs work/time if he’s going to become a Shead type. I think he will make the roster.

      • Naks8

        Even in the first game, he stood out mainly for two plays; the int and the crack back block on st. It was a nice block, but the defender and returner set him up for a huge hit. I’m not sure he made the play happen, more like he finishes it. Same with the int, he was in a good position to make a play on a bad pass/tipped ball. The past couple of weeks he has disappeared when the play didn’t fall into his lap. However, if he can be a versatile player I like him as a prospect.

  2. LordSnow

    My only two concerns coming out of this game was lack of consistent pass rush from the starting front four, which has been the case all preseason; and the starting cb opposite Sherman. Normally we could understand the lack of pass rush because of that Dallas oline, but it’s really been inconsistent for all three games.

    RW finally looked like last season’s RW. No worries at all about the running attack. Collins really looked different out of the block than last week. He wins that roster spot over Brooks and Pope. You want to keep a darting, quick, shifty rb like Pope around on the ps for next year after Cmike signs with someone to be their full time starter.

    Prosise looked everything what you wanted in a third down back with upside.

    The long snapper still needs to get that right. He almost got Ryan killed.

    • LordSnow

      Also, was disappointed Elliott didn’t go back in after that dominant run drive they put on us. I wanted to see how he’d fare after we made adjustments.

      We have to factor in that Reed wasn’t playing in the middle. I didn’t think KJ or Kam had particularly good games. Kam needs to learn how to wrap again, and aside from the td he should have batted down, I thought Elliott and Morris were pushing thru KJ’s tackles.

      • Naks8

        It felt like the d line had a good initial push up front, but then someone missed their gap. They seemed to shore it up better in the 2nd half, but of course it was the 2nd/3rd string. I haven’t been too impressed with Mike Morgan at that last lb spot. What have you guys thought so far?

        • LordSnow

          I’ve actually been more impressed by Marsh in that spot than Morgan, but he must not be doing enough to take that spot in Pete’s eyes.

          • Phil

            My high hopes for Marsh have started to fade. He is really quick off the snap, but he doesn’t seem to finish. Off the edge, he doesn’t seem capable of dropping his inside shoulder and leveraging his way to the QB. On stunts to the inside, he seems to get lost in traffic. He could really benefit from some special tutoring from Avril or from some guy like Clemons.

            • C-Dog

              I like Marsh’s ability to play in space. At this point, I like him better as a defensive end. Personally, I think Morgan will hold down the fort and the team might be looking to add a linebacker through free agency after the cuts, or possibly even through a trade. Depth is a legit concern.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          There were some problems of setting the edge. The OLB/DE was getting washed down to the inside and the Cowboys were rushing outside…. strong side mostly.

    • RugbyLock

      Just sign Gresham back… yeesh…

    • David

      After what he’s put on tape, I don’t think Pope makes it to the PS. Remember Rod Smith got picked up by the Cowboys last year after extremely limited preseason snaps and one active game.

      • LordSnow

        Probably not, but unlike last year, the situation doesn’t look desperate at that position. It would be nice to have him in reserve, because if Cmike has a good year platooning and I believe he’s on a one year deal, I think he looks for starter opportunity and money next season. It would be nice to have Pope around for the assumption that Cmike is gone after this year.

        Unfortunately, I don’t think Pope is so good that you sacrifice a roster spot for some other deep spot just to make sure you keep him.

  3. WallaWalla HawkFan

    Pope won’t make it to the practice squad. If he does, he’ll get picked up by someone quickly. though I feel Kenny Lawler also should hit the practice squad, I don’t think he will last long there either.

    • Rob Staton

      Maybe — but pre-season is full of RB’s who flash. Pope might make the PS, might get picked up.

      • RealRhino2

        And 30 other WRs that flash. Every year we think all our WRs and RBs are going to get “stolen” before they can hit the PS. Has happened some with RBs, but remember these guys were undrafted (or barely drafted) for a reason.

        Lawler? Somebody — anybody — please explain why he’d get claimed. If he hasn’t shown enough for us, why would that be enough for another team (that passed on him for at least 6 rounds)? Kenneth made a good point on his latest podcast: that last WR, you’re really picking a special teams guy who can also play some WR, not the other way around.

        That ain’t Lawler.

    • Naks8

      I wasn’t impressed in the first game when pope was a returner, but maybe he’s better than that? If not then he’s mainly a rb with little special teams value right now. It would be harder for a team to pick up a 3rd or 4th rb with no st value. But maybe next week he will shine. Just my perception from what I’ve seen so far. As for lawler, for someone who is known for hands I have seen him drop 2-3 passes in limited action. Plus he doesn’t easily get open. And he looks really skinny. But I see him out there on st, so he’s trying to make the team in other ways. It will be interesting with him.

      • David

        Pope was a gunner at J-State.

  4. The Hawk is Howling

    Russell’s after game press conference really touched my heart. Talking about that kid I can’t remember his name who he said had 12 hours to live and they tried a last minute effort replenising his T-cells. I don’t know exactly how that worked but I am so proud of the awesome amazing human being that Russell is. His life is so much deeper then the amusement we call American Football. I Love that Kid, and he’s our boy!!!

    Go Hawks!

  5. Naks8

    I agree that mcevoy looks like he will make the team. He plays so many positions and seems to stand out once a game. His versatility alone is so valuable. If anything he can be a core special teams player and part time contributor

    • C-Dog

      Rod nailed it. He has a uniqueness no other receiver has on the roster. He can force his way onto the roster with a strong game against Oakland.

      • rowdy

        I’ve liked him more then Lawler every week, last week it seemed 50/50 on here for who they liked more. I think he makes the team after his catch last night. He showed a lot on the play, breaking his route on the scramble and finding the zone to sit in for the catch. He’s showing a high ceiling right now albeit it’s far ways away but he’s the type of player Pete keeps around.

        • C-Dog

          Yeah, he’s making an interesting case for why they may choose to keep him. Carroll has repeatedly mentioned his football intelligence, that’s a plus sign.

    • RealRhino2

      You should listen to the latest Seaside Chats podcast from FieldGulls. Persuasive that McEvoy’s versatility (like B.J. Daniels’ before him from last year) is essentially useless. You think, “…plus, he can play safety, he can play QB, he can play . . . .” Thing is, he was bad at those things, which is why he doesn’t play them. So no, he can’t play those things, because there are already two guys better than him at each of those positions.

      So he’s just a WR/ST guy, that’s it. Which isn’t to say he can’t be useful, but it’s not his versatility, IMO, it’s his unique height that makes him so.

  6. Kenny Sloth

    Jon Ryan looks phenomenal once again. Seriously, how is he not in All-Pro conversations?

    Gilliam looked great at RT, that right side of Ifedi, Gilliam is a huge boon in the run game.

    Its clear that our OL is just as athletic as you can get em. Justin Britt can really move.

    Tyvis Powell looked decent at corner. He was in position and his press technique was surprisingly clean.

    McEvoy might have a roster spot just for that explosive play facet. It was good to see him in a 3 point stance, if only for a play or two.

    LB looked a little cold outside of Wagner’s amazing first half.

    Anybody get to see McCray at FS while Earl played SS?!?!
    ETIII flew past three blockers to blow up a screen for a 1-2 yard loss on third down.

    • lil'stink

      I saw at least one play where McCray was the single high safety and ET3 was? Not sure if he was even on the field for that play. Also saw ET3 at SS for at least one play. Part of me would like to see ET3 take some snaps as our slot CB here and there with McCray or Powell as our FS, just to mix things up and throw the other team off a little bit.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        They flip flopped them a few plays. One play, Dallas went after McCray…. he broke up the pass or was in a very good position to make a play.

    • daniel

      I remember seeing et and mccray swich safety spots in the first preseason game as well

  7. Nick

    Really great to see Joey Hunt taking the #2 offense reps. And George Fant looked very impressive, albeit against reserves. I wonder if they are hoping to groom him into the LT in the following years.

  8. J

    Both McEvoy and Goodley impressed. Wonder if we keep 6 WR.

    Don’t know how you keep Williams off the roster, especially with Graham coming off injury and Vanetts ankle sprain.

    Gone 180 on Fant. Really struggled against Minnesota but impressed here.

    Webb looked good, even at LT.

    • C-Dog

      Right now, I’m think 4 running backs, 1 FB, 4 TEs, 5 WR with McEvoy being the 5th guy.

      The fact they were playing Webb at both tackle spots might indicate keeping 9 OL.

      • J

        Yeah I’m thinking the same. Wish we could find a way to keep Goodley though.

        OL: Webb, Gilliam, Sowell, Fant, Ifedi, Britt, Glowinski, Odihambo, Hunt
        TE: Graham, Willson, Vannett, Williams
        RB: Rawls, Michael, Procise, Collins, Tukafu
        WR:Baldwin, Lockett, Kearse, Richardson, McEvoy
        QB: Wilson, Boykin

        • C-Dog

          Interesting that you choose Fant over Evans. With Webb being able to play both tackles and guard that makes sense, and Fant may not last on the PS. I was thinking they would try to convince Evans to stick around as a top reserve, as insurance and a stabilizing presence with such a young squad. I can see it going either way. Really like Fant’s upside.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          I keep thinking they might keep Hunt as the LS…. and then they can keep Lewis as the back-up center. Personally, I would keep Poole before Fant. I’m pretty confident Fant would not get snatched up on waivers, since he would be a work in progress and would not make a 53 man roster across the league.

          The other guy, on thin ice, is Sowell. He has been better at LT than I anticipated, but he has not been “great” or even “good” in the preseason. I would say, average at best. When Webb went in in the 2nd quarter, the OL seemed to really gel and there were very rarely pressure on RW…. well, not constant, under assault pressure.. as had been seen in the past.

          • C-Dog

            I thought Sowell played decent against the Chiefs and Cowboys. Kinda got beat a bit against Griffin with the Vikes, but his initial block was good. My hunch is that the team likes him. It was mentioned post game on the radio that the players like what he’s bringing.

  9. Hughz

    What’s going on with Sokoli? Haven’t heard much of him in preseason.

    • C-Dog

      I think he might be on the outside looking in. Rees looks better at guard, Britt and Hunt look solid at center. If Evans is willing to stay as a backup, Sokoli seems destined for the PS.

      • Jarhead

        We must have been watching different games. Because I saw Odhiambo looking utterly lost out there. He was getting Ole’ed, getting beat with power, and not really even looking locked in. I just don’t see why people are high on him, because his play is far below average. Last night, Sokoli was blasting off the ball and knocking guys 3 and 4 yards back, his combo blocks were just vicious. And this was against the same competition tht Odhiambo was facing. I am of course a Sokoli fan, but I watch the OLine like a hawk during preseason. I disagree with any notion that

        • Jarhead

          Odhiambo has been better than Sokoli. I still feel that his athleticism and the progress he has made in the last 2 seasons will keep him around. Honestly I think he will be the surprise in the final 53. I think people may be seeing what they want to see in Odhiambo, because he hasn’t looked good at least two werks

          • C-Dog

            I totally get the appeal of Sokoli, and can see the possibility of him making the 53. He’s come a long way from last year. Odiamboo has had his rookie moments but he is making the team. If Evans isn’t kept, Sokoli is probably safe. Right now, I kinda have him sticking though for veteran leadership and assurance.

            • cha

              “He’s come a long way from last year. ”

              What makes you say that?

              • C-Dog

                Last year, he was scary raw during the preseason. This year he looks more settled in.

    • cha

      It’s odd how quiet the Hawks have been about Sokoli. The Hawks really seemed committed to him last season, keeping him on the 53 all year and not getting many snaps at all. As well, how firm they were in calling him a Center last season, not a Guard or OL, but this year giving him reps at LG. I wonder if they were expecting him to come to camp this year ready to really make some noise and he just has not progressed.

      • C-Dog

        It is interesting. I could have simply reflected the lack of depth on the OL last season and the uncertainty what they would be able to get from the draft. With Ifedi, Odi, and Hunt coming along well, and the idea maybe they want to hang onto either Evans or Fant, Sokoli could be looking at the PS.

        • Jarhead

          And Hunt couldn’t beat out Britt at C. He was always too small for this line. And Fant making the next 75 may be a reach in and of itself. He has next to no football experience and with Gilliam, Webb and Sowell- tackle may be totally locked up. With Poole probably being the 4th in the 75. Hunt can only play C- Sokoli and Britt can play G or C, and probably Glow too if they asked him. But Hunt being a true C, will get a look at his only position, but other guys could get more time on other spots because they offer more versatility

          • C-Dog

            Hunt was drafted to play center, and my hunch is that he’s going to be kept. I would phrase it that Britt has played that good at center, more than Hunt couldn’t beat him out. I agree Fant is a reach to make the 53, but I heard it said they think he is further along as a rookie than Gilliam was in the eyes of the coaches. He’s had a few wow moments and a bunch of lost ones. I think he is probably more practice squad headed than the 53. I kinda think they will let him play a lot against Oakland. We shall soon see. Go Hawks.

            • Jarhead

              That is the tough thing. Fant is like betting on an inside straight. It has almost everything you need, but one thing is missing- experience in this case. I would say that we have been willing to take on projects on the OLine more than any other team, but some other team may see the size and potetnual and can not resist taking the chance. If we can stash him on the PS for a year, that would be a lucky break. Because Sowell and Webb aren’t coming back next year, and having Fant as an ace in the hole would be a real luxury. Britt has certainly surprised me and everyone else I think, talk about 9 lives. But I think there was more of an open competition in camp than would be believed. I just think that Britt ran away with it from jump street and gave no one else a chance. The question is do we carry 2 extra tackles, an extra guard and an extra true Center? If not then a few from Poole, Evans, Odhiambo, and Hunt are goners. We need more utility guys who can play 2 different positions in a pinch. There are some tough choices this year. It reeks of 2013

              • C-Dog

                Yup. The interesting case about Hunt is that Pro Football Focus has him as one of the top rated OL in all the league for the preseason. I know a lot of folk take PFF with a grain of salt, but I think that is telling. I can see why the team might want to hold onto Lewis for the experience, but with Britt’s surprisingly strong transition, maybe that isn’t as necessary now, and the decision between Lewis and Hunt becomes about cap saving, in addition to Hunt’s decent play.

                If I were to bet in Vegas I would lean towards the team keeping three tackles and four guards, and I would lean on them hanging onto a pure center. Webb being either a swing tackle or a starter, Odhiambo (as much as you haven’t been impressed) being able to play tackle in a pinch. The 4th guard spot being either Sok or Evans, or maybe even Pericak, as some have thought he’s looked really good. My hunch is that it probably hinges on whether Evans will accept a backup spot. But I can also see the scenario where maybe they choose 4 tackles and 3 guards, knowing Webb can also play guard if they really love Fant’s upside, but I sense that is a long shot. But as you said, this team isn’t afraid to hang onto a raw talent with clear upside.

                IMO, this is a fortunate delema for the team to have, choosing between known experience and unknown potential. Depth is a beautiful conundrum.

  10. Vista

    There are some reports that Keanu Neal is out 3-4 weeks with a knee injury

    • vrtkolman

      I saw that play it happened on. Arian Foster juked him out of his shoes, and he tweaked his knee trying to make the tackle.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn


  11. vrtkolman

    Did anyone catch Tye Smith last night? I think the #2 outside corner spot is going to be a problem again. Not as bad as Cary, but still a step down from Maxwell. Lane is great, but what happens when he shifts to nickel? Shead is just meh, he was getting beat pretty bad on simple slant passes against Terrance Williams who is not good. I don’t think he has the athleticism to thrive. Simon looked awful.

    Right now my gut says Lane wins the #2 job and Burley (who has looked solid in the preseason) wins the nickel job. It’s a smaller backfield than Carroll wants but they can make plays. What are your guys’ thoughts?

    • Volume12

      Ehh. I think they’ll keep Shead outside.

      Can’t do anything about it this year,but starting next year, I’d like to see the CB depth chart as…

      CB1 Sherm
      CB2 Rookie or Lane
      Nickel Lane or Rookoe

      Backups or
      CB4 Shead and/or ‘Smitty’
      CB5 ‘Smitty’ and or Shead

      Keep Powell as that hybrid.

      CB, LB, OT, DE (a Bennett type), and one more offensive skill position, though that’s more luxury, whether it be WR, TE or RB are the needs I see right now which could totally change.

      Thing is, they don’t draft corners high or start rookies at that particular position, but it may be time now. PC is always willing to adapt.

      • C-Dog

        Great points. Mirrors my list exactly.

        Part of me is starting to sense that they may look to bring in a LB in the next week or two from another roster, either through cuts or possibly trade. Those runs to the left that Dallas did I think might be a bit telling. Heavy run teams are likely to test the SAM with Morgan there, and I thought Marsh looked out of position on a play.

        Next year sure seems set up to draft OT, LB/edge, and corner, but with Quinton Jefferson looking more and more promising at DT along with Reed, the thought of a Taco Charlton type being Hawk sure seems appealing.

        i think the big key at corner this season is Lane staying healthy. If he does that, I’m comfortable with Shead/Simon outside.

        • vrtkolman

          Jefferson and Reed look like great picks so far. Jefferson especially, since Hill appears to be a ghost rushing the passer again. I’m excited to see him during the regular season.

          When Karlos Dansby became a free agent, I really wanted Seattle to take a flier on him. I think you are right, they might be eyeing a few veteran linebackers who get cut.

          • C-Dog

            Jefferson looks solid against the run, which kinda surprised me. If Reed stays healthy, he will be a flat out beast. Really love those two picks.

            From what I’ve seen from Hill, he’s come to play the run better and can be decently active against the pass, but I think his pass rush got a bit blown out of proportion in 2014, a lot of his sacks where clean ups. He’s a good rotation guy, but those health issues are a major concern.

    • lil'stink

      I think Shead has been playing better than Lane, in all honestly. Terrence Williams isn’t consistently good but he’s far from awful.

      • East Side Stevie

        I agree shead has out played lane, a little. shead is never out of position or out of play he doesnt have the physical tools or the athleticism that sherman has but him always being in position and being physical helps him win the #2 corner.

  12. Volume12

    Zeke Elliott has got to be odds on favorite for OROY behind that O-line. Impressive showing. As was Dak Prescott. That kid has a bright future as a QB in this league.

    Not many guys, if any, are gonna run through a Kam Chancellor tackle. Why the hate for Kam? One of the most unique defenders in all of football. Guys name me one safety in the league that can set a hard edge in the box, blow up offensive lineman, cover all parts of the field, amazing in the run game, 6’3, 230+ lbs., and plays as fast and physicial? I’ll wait…

    And another thing. When as fans are we gonna realize that this is how they play defense. Cover 3, rush 4, keep everything in front of you, limit YAC, don’t give up explosive plays, and shut the run game down so it forces a team to become one dimensional and start ‘dinking and dunking.’

    Can they clean some things up? Absolutely. But, as we know, it’s a ‘see it hit it’ defense. They want teams to play that way. It allows them to play to their physicality and punish teams. As BWagz said, ‘opposing teams can’t play that way against our defense for all 4 quarters.’

    • Manthony

      I couldn’t agree more V12. I thought there was a couple petty penalties, one on Bam Bam was one of em. Last night’s game got me truly excited. I thought the Drive Dallas got the TD against our 1s was more of them doing well behind that OLine then our guys playing shitty.

    • J

      Prescott wasn’t that great. 5 YPA. Made some questionable decisions.

      • Volume12

        It’s the traits he shows and his poise in the pocket.

        Looks good for a 4th round pick to my eye.

    • lil'stink

      I think Kam was clearly trying to send a message by knocking Elliott into next week instead of just wrapping him up. No hate for Kam, just props to Elliott. I don’t think many backs would have stayed on their feet.

      It was just good to see Kam out on the field, moving well and doing his thing.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        It was about sending a message. Earlier Elliot had talked some trash about getting a 10 yard run on the Seahawks rush defense with the end around…… let’s say, he got hammered a few times … severely after that. Kam was but one of them. He was out of the game after that series I believe, since he was starting to take some big hits.

  13. Roland jose

    Great game!, oline looks great, so far, but this is preseason, schemes are vanilla, as long as they continue to gel and study hard and improve as a whole, the future is bright, I shut my mouth about being critical of wilson the last game, blitz recognition and pickup pre snap is gonna b big for him and oline cause schemes will be more complex as the regular season goes on ie. Minnesota showed a little of what it can do, but overall, good job!, the RB position is gonna be a hard judgement call come cut day, pope belongs in this league, but don’t think he makes this team, due to depth, and I like him alot. Defense needs to keep working, may need some time to work it self out, but everything else they do is still at a high level, need to wrap up on tackles. Will be exciting in mid to later half of the season when we are at mid season form., who is the starter at strong side LB, what rookie fre agents make this squad?

    • Roland jose

      Defensive pass rush, is what I ment in the last post, but a little scheming can help work that out too. Will hill make the squad?, who do you like out of the dline that has done well this preseason, besides the starters?.

      • Volume12

        QJeff, Tony McD, Clark, Hamilton, Marsh.

        As Rob said, this O-line may not have the burst, quickness, or pass rushing repertoire as 2013, but they seem bigger, more stout, and better depth at DT so far.

      • C-Dog

        I think they keep Hill, but I don’t think it’s an absolute. Lots of really good versatility in this group; McDaniel and Jefferson can play 3 tech and 5 tech, Rubin and Reed can play 1 tech and 3 tech. For this, I feel those four are locks. Hill can play nose and work as the pass rushing nose in the nickel, and that makes him a valuable enough to hang around in the rotation, although I like Hamilton’s play at nose. I think they can four ends in Bennett, Avril, Clark, and Marsh.

        I’m kinda anticipating they will add a player to SAM who can also fill as a rush end from another roster, perhaps, once they settle on the final 53. Don’t see Pinkins making the cut, and think they may want more experience than Marsh there, IMO.

  14. Josh emmett

    I loved seeing the nickel blitz’s because of the total lack of pass rush so far in the preseason. Most of the time an opposing QB is only making one read to one side of the field and getting rid of the ball anyway against the Hawks. That being said its a bummer the Hawks have a problem rushing the passer with the front 4. What did you guys think of Bennett? All I saw was a guy ripping up the field wildly in the run game creating truck sized cutback lanes for Zeke and him not getting to the qb. It’s a bummer, I like Clark but he is a little Bennett in the fact they are undersized and don’t do well against the good olines, they totally whoop up on athletically inferior olines but when they go against probowlers with sound technique everything falls on the secondary. I also liked the double A gap blitz I saw a few times and it’s exciting to see that they have figured out a way to get pressure when the Dline is getting handled.

    • vrtkolman

      Well, the good news is there aren’t many good O lines in the NFL. Dallas is in a league of their own.

    • Volume12

      I actually they got good penetration in the run game against Elliott.

      Problem was, if you miss that TFL it creates those cutback lanes because this defense is truly tied together on a string.

      If one guy is outta place it doesn’t matter what the other 10 do. It’s why PC preaches discipline and cuts guys that flash, but aren’t assignment sound and freelance too much. Kinda like DT T.Y. McGill last year.

      • Volume12

        And that penetration forced Elliott to bounce everything outside except 1-2 runs.

        I take that back. Give me RB Derrick Henry for OROY.

  15. kevin mullen

    KJ doesn’t do very well in one on one situations, especially in the red zone (i.e. last night’s game, the Gronk TD in the super bowl two years ago), against TE’s in coverage. Seems like when it’s man coverage and he’s on the opposing team’s TE, the QB’s tends to pick on him. Great run support and tackler in space but jump ball coverages, he needs some help.

    • C-Dog

      That was solid coverage on Witten though. Witten just made a tremendous catch.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Witten picked the ball out of KJs hands.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Why don’t we put KJ at Sam? He is great at the LOS. He can play all LB spots and LEO.

      I wanna see KPL at WILL.

  16. CharlieTheUnicorn

    — It’ll be interesting to watch the game again and focus on Sowell vs Webb at left tackle. I didn’t notice any whiffs. The interior O-line continues to look like a major strength on the offense, which has to be a relief after the way they started last year

    Sowell has not been progressing, according to the talking heads on local radio. Once Webb entered the game, more or less RW had all the time in the world (4 and 5 sec some drop backs). Sowell is about 1 cut down away from hitting the street. I was down on Webb, but after seeing him in person at LT…. he is going to stick. Webb, Glo, Britt, Ifedi and Gilliam are your starting 5 imo. That is incredibly large.. ok, massive OL for RW to hide behind. The inside 3 are continuing to improve and blast massive hole within the center of defenses (3 weeks now). I dream of what it would have been like with Lynch behind this line….

    • Rob Staton

      I watched Sowell’s snaps again last night and thought he played well.

    • Josh emmett

      I think they have 3 average ass tackles that aren’t great at anything but all realize you don’t have to be Walter jones, Steve Hutchinson, Robbie tobek to win a SB. Shit, you can be Paul Mcquisten, James carpenter, and Lemuel Jean-Pierre and help the team win as long as they are working as a group. That’s the message I get from Cable. It’s nice to have great offensive linemen but You can make your way to a super bowl with a bunch of average ass guys playing great as a whole unit. I for one can’t wait for the regular season as all you guys know Tom Cables system wears on teams as the game goes on that’s where the damage in the run game happens. I was a bit anxious and curious really about the Hawks drawing 2 of the most dominant DT’s in weeks 1 and 2 with Donald and Suh who are TEF monsters. But after a bit of the preseason I’m excited for the Dog Fight in the middle instead of getting whooped. Don’t be surprised to see a rotation at tackle as Gilliam seems to have a bit of trouble in the run game. Very excited for the young oline to make some noise.

  17. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Maybe I have it mixed up, but I thought Tharold Simon got abused over and over and over in the long passing game in the second half. Whoever he was guarding, the ball went right at him. I’m 90% sure it was #27, but I’ve not seen the rebroadcast. Let’s just say, he played himself off the roster.

  18. East Side Stevie

    Agree I dont see simon making the 53 and if he does I will be disapointed that we didnt release him

    • Rob Staton

      Prepare to be disappointed.

    • Sea Mode

      I agree with Rob on this one. He is finally healthy. Chronic foot problems fixed now in both feet. I think there is very little chance he is released before we see what he can do with a full, healthy (hopefully) season. Too much potential that he should finally be able to put together this year unhampered by injury.

      Here is a quote from PC’s press conference on Aug. 4:
      “Tharold Simon is off to a great start. This is the best he’s been. He’s had a problem with his feet for years and he’s never been able to get right and it has kinda cause something else to happen. He feels great and he’s in great shape. Technique wise he is having a terrific camp and he continues to keep winning so it just makes us stronger. It makes the competition at that spot for playing time real. He’s doing a great job.”

  19. Volume12

    IMO the biggest loss on this defense was LB Malcolm Smith. Incredibly versatile, high football IQ, tremendous coverage ‘backer, wasn’t a pass rusher but a very skilled blitzed.

    They need a matchup LB like him. Or maybe more of a guy that you see in college. Bandit, rover, star, whatever ya want to call it.

    Maybe that’s why JS was scouting the SF vs GB game?

    • Sea Mode

      The Packers apparently have a slew of OLBs. Perhaps he is looking at who might get cut or be available in a trade. I think it is possible the Hawks were hoping to get Fackrell in R3 when the Packers grabbed him. So far he hasn’t shown much in the pre-season and is likely to make the roster just due to being a R3 pick and future potential.

      Here’s the list of OLBs I gathered from their roster, divided into a couple tiers after comparing several articles on Packers blogs. (Hope the table format doesn’t get too messed up…):

      52 Matthews, Clay LB 6-3 255 30 8 Southern California
      56 Peppers, Julius LB 6-7 287 36 15 North Carolina
      53 Perry, Nick LB 6-3 265 26 5 Southern California
      95 Jones, Datone DE* 6-4 285 26 4 UCLA
      *Transitioned to OLB this off-season.

      55 McCray, Lerentee 6-2 246 26 4 Florida
      91 Elliott, Jayrone 6-3 255 24 3 Toledo

      51 Fackrell, Kyler 6-5 245 24 R Utah State
      93 Gilbert, Reggie 6-3 261 23 R Arizona

      Anyone of these last four stand out as potentially interesting the Hawks? Here are some tidbits on each of them from this article highlighting precisely the Packers ability to deal this year because of their depth:

      “Fackrell, a third-round choice, isn’t going to be cut. He’s athletic, fast and has an innate feel for rush. But, at this point, he’s basically a finesse player who isn’t doing much as a rusher or on special teams.

      Fackrell and Elliott are winless in 11 reps in one-on-one’s, and Perry is a meager 0-10-1. Perry was handed the starting job over Peppers, but Elliott might be in trouble unless he can start beating tackles again off the edge. He has been almost invisible in too many practices.

      McCray, the former Broncos special-teamer, leads outside linebackers with a 3-5-3 record (.409) due in large part to an effective bull rush. He has a special-teams personality and would be a tough cut.

      Gilbert, a rookie free agent from Arizona with 14 sacks as a defensive lineman, probably has played better than Fackrell, the other West Coast rookie. “Really good rusher,” one scout said after watching the Cleveland game. “Has a knack. Hustler.”

      • Volume12

        Sea Mode, cool stuff man. Very nice job.

        McCray flashed for me when he was at Florida and with Denver. Maybe I’m wrong, but I believe he was a DQ recruit.

        Gilbert is very interesting. Seattle did like a couple guys from Arizona this year in Lene Maiava and Will Parks, so I wonde if Gilbert intrigued them too.

        Jayrone Elliott would be the guy I’d target, but not convinced he’s a bubble guy. I like him a lot.

        And then there’s Nick Perry. Could he be a reclamation project? We know that this coaching staff and FO are incredibly patient and willing to develop guys, but is he too much of a lost cause?

    • sdcoug

      I say we just put Earl at OLB. Instead of using a FS, just add a 5th DL. QBs would only have time to release underneath, if at all. Boom.

    • C-Dog

      Good points, V12. I think there’s a chance they might try to add a LB after the league cuts on Tuesday, or possibly by trade. Depth at LB is the only thing I’m starting to find concerning.

  20. HD

    McEvoy makes the cut…his versatility ST ability, size and big play magic will make a great add for Seattle. I still think Seattle may find some LB and D Line help at the 53 cut down, or a trade. Bryant has an outside shot at the roster with a big game against Oakland. Hill is just a mystery…even when he’s on the field.
    Evans and Webb will be Seattle’s Vet depth, a plus deep into the season. Hunt just won’t go away…he makes this roster over Lewis.

  21. Volume12

    So, it’s Dak Prescott time. Tony Romo out until mid-season.

    It makes me wonder. Would Dallas have pumped that much stock into their O-line if QB Tony Romo wasn’t so fragile? They almost had to with him back there, and now they’re left with nothing on defense.

    As we’ve seen year in and year out, teams with great O-line aren’t getting far in the playoffs. Good lines yes, but not great.

    Look at Cincinnati for example. Arguably the 2nd best O-line in the league and they can’t get outta the 1st round.

    • cha

      I’m a little confused with Dallas’ team building strategy too.

      I understand Zeke Elliot is a big time talent but I tend to favor roster balance so I was a little amused they took him at #4. They already had a great OL and a couple quality RB’s, and a truly horrid defense. Why strengthen a strength at the expense of not strengthening a weakness? Jalen Ramsey sitting right there waiting to be plucked.

      Then they address defense in the 2nd round with a guy who likely won’t even play this season.

      • Sea Mode

        I actually think the selection of Elliot makes total sense. Why waste years of a great OL without a (potentially) great RB to run behind them?

        Preference for roster balance is understandable and likely preferable, but I guess if they have pretty much abandoned it altogether, their only chance is to go all out on offense and try to put up 35+ points a game. Plus, the better they can run and control the clock, the less their terrible defense has to see the field.

        For me, the real head-scratcher was Randy Gregory last year. The rest of the league made a statement by passing on him two whole rounds, and the Cowboys went for the risk instead of just looking for a safer, solid building-block. I guess they are just drawn the the big risk/reward guys like him, Jaylon Smith (for injury, I mean), Greg Hardy, etc.

        Add to that DeMarcus Lawrence and Rolando McClain’s suspensions, and the outlook just keeps getting bleaker. Maybe they can be back in time to make a better push in the playoffs though, assuming they even make the playoffs, that is…

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