Rapoport: Seahawks unlikely to lose second round pick


  1. JT

    Thank God.

    Not surprised tho, called this from the day of the initial report.

    • Rob Staton


      • JT

        smh… It made no sense for the NFL to leak the possible penalty instead of just imposing it, unless they wanted to gauge fan & media reaction. Goodell is pretty predictable in how he operates at this point.

        • arias

          Or he looked at the facts of Sherman playing every game including the pro bowl and decided to pursue an inquiry like he did so he didn’t potentially overreact.

          That would be the common sense thing to do at least.

    • C-Dog

      Yeah, I felt pretty strongly that the league wouldn’t go through with it, as well. Just way too over reaching, and that arguing could be done with the “significance” to the injury.

      • Tien

        On the other hand, based on Pete’s exact words “significant injury”, I really thought there was a good chance that Goodell would take away our 2nd round pick. So glad, things worked out!

    • John_s

      I would not be surprised that they were set on getting penalized but when the Steelers didn’t disclose Bell’s injury it changed.

      Rooney is on team Goodell and there’s no way that Goodell would penalize one of his guys.

      • arias

        Maybe. Though people were saying the same thing about Kraft before he handed down the deflategate punishments.

        I think he probably looked too at the other teams like the Jets that he only fined and saw it would be hard to make a consistent case of docking the seahawks draft picks. No doubt the Steelers played into it too. It was a gross overreaction.

  2. Totem_Hawk

    The NFL should bring bk the injury designation “probable” that would avoid some of these super minor injuries not being reported. Sounds like the NFL had half a dozen teams not reporting minor injuries similar to the Seahawks. They would have had to punish them all or punish none. Injury report rules need clarification/simplification..

  3. Trevor

    That is great news! Pete can breath a little easier. Still a blunder and hopefully next year they just report everything no matter how minor to cover thier asses.

  4. Sea Mode

    Oops, discussion moved over here.

    Anyway, Jason jones posted a great question and I was hoping to hear more opinions on it:
    Cunningham or Reddick if they were both available? Who is a better fit for Hawks and why?

    • Sea Mode

      Here’s where I’m at right now (re-posting):

      While either one would be great, I think for now I would go with Reddick for the Hawks. I just re-watched both of their highlight videos. Both are physical, athletic, instinctive, as we know. Here’s what I see differentiate them:

      1. Tackling: Cunningham gives you that extra length, but his tackling technique is terrible. Of course, that is a coachable thing, but when Reddick hits, the ball carrier goes DOWN. Cunningham, on the other hand, reaches away from his body, wraps around the upper body and pulls down from behind. The athleticism and nose to sift through traffic and get to the ball is there, but he’s going to miss a good many tackles until he breaks that habit.

      I think the GIFs here illustrate this well: http://www.thephinsider.com/2017/1/25/14367344/miami-dolphins-draft-needs-prospect-zach-cunningham-linebacker-2017-nfl-draft

      Of course, he ranks among the leaders in tackles and solo tackles in all CFB, but for me, tackling is #1 priority for an LB so someone who needs to totally change their tackle form and pad level makes me think twice.

      2. Pass rush: this is the big deal-breaker for me that swings me towards Reddick. He offers a lot more in pass rush. 9.5 sacks in 2016. Of course, he was at DE and that’s going to show up on his tape and in the statline, where as Cunningham was at ILB so has little experience rushing, and even less off the edge (0 sacks in 2016). I think we need to take the one who can rush best from OLB if we want him to stay on the field on all 3 downs, and that is hands down Reddick for me. Bends the edge really well. I’m taking the Bruce Irvin/Von Miller physical comp.

      3. Intangibles: while Cunningham is known for his high football IQ, Reddick is much more personable and has no problem explaining schemes and concepts in interviews, whereas Cunningham just resorts to general comments.
      (Look up “Haasan Reddick post game SMU” on YouTube and you will see what I mean)

      This might be fine, maybe he just doesn’t like interviews and that is fine, but it gives me the impression Reddick will be a much more vocal leader on the field and in the locker room. He seems to have that natural leadership and lead-by-example work ethic (having #7 at Temple- single digit jerseys are worn by those who are deemed by their teammates to be the toughest members of the team). This isn’t a big knock on Cunningham, just hasn’t come accross to me as much as an Alpha dog personality. (once again, in what very limited sources I have available.)

      That’s all I got for now. I’ll be interested to see whether you, Rob, and the community agree with my assessment. Thanks again, Jason, for the chance to discuss this!

      • C-Dog

        First thing, what a luxury to have to choose. That said, what a pain in the ### to have to choose. From what I saw Reddick do at Temple and what he did Senior Bowl week, I would have a very difficult time passing on him. If Cunningham comps more towards KJ, and Reddick comps more towards Bruce, I think more towards Bruce wins out for me. Just my opinion, but I feel this defense really missed Bruce Irvin this year. I think that might have been what prompted Carroll to bring up LB the way he did after the final game. If Reddick has that unique ability to rush, hit, cover, tackle, see his way through things with physical freak ability, I don’t know how you say no to that if you are looking to add a linebacker.

      • HawkTalker

        It really depends on how they run at the combine. Ideally, I would like to see someone like Bruce Irvin with 4.5 speed at that position. We may not find that. Reddick, Davis, McKinley or Foster would all be great. I don’t see OLB as our greatest need. So, it may be someone with less resume for depth in a later round.

      • RWIII

        No question Reddick is a playmaker. Don’t think Reddick will still be on the board when John Schneider is on the clock.

    • JT

      Reddick by far.

      tbh i don’t think the Hawks will consider an LB in round 1 unless the player could double as a pass-rushing DE in nickel. They have far more pressing needs than SAM LB. A player like Cunningham wouldn’t see the field enough to be worth the draft capital, both in the short and potentially long-term. The Hawks play nickel close to 2/3’s of all defensive snaps, and pro bowlers Wagner and Wright are entrenched as full time LB’s. They could use some LB depth to lighten their load a little bit, but no draft pick is going to supplant those guys in nickel.

      To the best of my knowledge, Cunningham & Davis rarely rushed the passer, and did so exclusively as blitzers when they did. On the other hand, Reddick looks like he can excel in all phases, meaning there’s a potentially large role available to him in the short & long term.

      The Hawks need an impact player at the top of the draft this year, and Reddick fits that description for the Hawks scheme a lot better than the other possible first round LBs.

      • Volume12

        Reddick hands down.

        Cunningham is a pile sniffer. I have questions about his ability in space. I don’t think this dude can cover a TE at all.

  5. Seahawcrates

    I sure hope this report proves accurate. Lots of talent at the top end of this draft. I’ve been struggling to imagine having to miss out on a Kevin King or a Tyvus Bowser in the second round because the team fumbled away the pick.
    This not reporting nightmare that hopefully won’t be feels like all those wasted timeouts, eminently preventable.

  6. Kenny Sloth


  7. Ed

    I think another year will make the OL improve, so I am not a fan of going OL with 1st pick. Competition is fine, but after 3rd round (with players that have played the position).

    Whether they trade back or not, group of players I would be happy with as Hawks first pick:

    Jones CB
    King CB
    Reddick LB/DE on passing downs
    Cunningham LB/DE on passing downs
    Baker S
    Charlton DL
    Walker DL

    • Coleslaw

      I’d throw Jarrad Davis and Adoree Jackson in there but I like all those guys at 26

  8. Volume12

    What’s with the draft narrative this time of year? I see it everywhere. Drives me crazy every year.

    1. Everyone is a top 100 pick. There’s only a few guys who will boost their stock from the SR bowl or what have you. Teams aren’t going to disregard the tape for 1 week of practice.

    2. Either a guy is great or he sucks. There’s no in between. A guy can be just good and still draftable.

    • RealRhino2

      I’m guilty of #2 because I’m not a pro scout. Forget hedging my bets and waffling, I like bold pronouncements. Former NBA scouting legend Marty Blake had basically two grades: can play, can’t play. I like that. And I think I’m following our Glorious Leader Chris Petersen. On a radio hit the other week I heard him say sometimes his assistants are disappointed with him because they show him tape of great players, expecting him to jump off the couch in excitement, and his response is, “Okay, he’s good enough.” Sounded like he looked for guys that were “good enough,” then looked for other things to tell him whether they could ultimately become much better than that.

      Plus, it’s just nice shorthand. When I say Melifonwu plays like butt, it’s just shorthand for him not showing enough for me to get real excited about him. He can still be fine (R3 for me).

      #1, OTOH, drives me insane. It’s part of what drives my doing your point #2, as a reactionary measure. Just look at the posts on this page. Everybody’s going to be gone by #26, apparently, even though they were 3rd-rounders just two weeks ago. Cunningham gone, Reddick gone, every OT gone, etc. We do this every year. Rob mentions a guy, people start jumping on the bandwagon, all of a sudden he’s a 1st-rounder.

      • Rob Staton

        It is worth noting some of the players we talked about glowingly last year:

        Sheldon Rankins
        Keanu Neal
        Will Fuller
        Jack Conklin

        Were all gone by Seattle’s pick as we often discussed would happen as a community.

        And some of the names we talked as being realistic options:

        Germain Ifedi
        Vernon Butler
        Derrick Henry

        Were available.

        There were also some that fell unexpectedly (Myles Jack, Jarran Reed).

        So while it’s very true that sometimes we can overrate guys who truly fit Seattle (and this is why I do the comparison mocks, looking at national projections to see who we might be counting out unnecessarily) — it’s also not improbable that Reddick, Cunningham, Bolles and Ramcyzk won’t be there. In fact I think, pre-combine, that is a very realistic prospect.

      • Volume12

        Fair point about Obi.

        As for ‘Glorious,’ dont make me insert a Bobby Roode gif here. 😉

    • Cameron

      This stuff happens every year and we don’t really learn. Also, we should start keeping a database of ‘x player won’t be there at y draft slot’ declarations and have a good chuckle after the draft.

  9. RWIII

    Guys: Yes Reddick IS a playmaker. Would love to have him. But there is very little chance he will still be available when Seattle makes the 26th pick in its draft. Same with Bowles

    • Cameron

      Personally, with a few exceptions, I think we should refrain from declaring a player ‘out of reach’ until at least after the combine.

  10. RWIII

    Great News about NOT losing the 2nd round pick. Hopefully Pete Carroll learned his lesson

  11. Coleslaw

    That’s HUGE! Great news.
    Now on to why I came to post. I just watched some more Perine highlights/tape and he really looks like John Stewart to me. I just can’t see the Hawks not liking him. I really want him in our committee especially with Prosise struggling to stay healthy.

    • Volume12

      When I first read this, I thought it was Jon Stewart from the ‘Daily Show.’ 😁

      There’s a football player for ya.

  12. Cameron

    Anyone else get the feeling this cornerback class is being set up to fail? The more I watch the less distinctive the individual players become – this group is mostly standard issue db’s that will mostly be very good pro’s but no superstars.

    Travel around the draft web and you will find varied opinions on who the #1 corner is: Teez Tabor, Marlon Humphrey, Sidney Jones, Marshown Lattimore, yada yada yada.

    In my opinion there’s not a can’t miss prospect in this group. Teams drafting a corner late 2nd round are going to get 95% of the first few corners off the board.

    • Volume12

      I feel that way about the RB class after Fournette and Cook. Kamara and McCaffrey? Same guy. McNichols and Dayes? Same guy. De’Veon Smith and James Conner? Same guy. Jamaal Williams and Wayne Gallman? You get my point by now.

      • Volume12

        *after Fournette, Cook, and Nixon.

    • Volume12

      Its about scheme with these corners. Maybe more so than any other position, scheme is the biggest factor for CBs.

  13. Volume12

    Who’s everyone got in today’s SB?

    • Kenny Sloth

      ATL even though New England is probably cheating

    • Kenny Sloth


      • John

        ATL 31-24

    • John

      ATL 31-24

    • John_s

      My heart says Falcons 38-24.

      My head says Pats 24-20

      • Volume12

        That’s my thoughts exactly bro.

        I expect NE to throw out every variation of Cover-1 imaginable.

        But, I’ll say….. ATL 27-NE 23.

        Devonta Freeman SB MVP?

        • John_s

          Yep I can see them bracketing Julio all day long leaving the RB’s and Gabriel open to a huge game.

          Freeman is a great choice for MVP.

          I say the RB’s combine for 200 total yards, Gabriel with a TD and Ryan MVP

          • Hawks22Fun

            I want the Falcons to DESTROY them…cheating and all…

            38-17 Dirty Birds!

            The Stunning of the cheating Pats…

  14. RWIII

    If New England wins this Super Bowl it will be their fist SB trophy w/o cheating.

    • Volume12

      Although a backpack with Surface Tablets, highly recommended BTW, that ATL had a ton of their info on mysteriously disappeared for a short while.

  15. John

    ATL 31-24

    • John

      Please ignore double post as I did not realize that I needed to click on the reply button above in V12’s post.

  16. RWIII

    Logically you say New England. However, personally I think this Atlanta defense is UNDERRATED.

  17. WALL UP

    Just for kicks take a good look at this pile sniffer – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCl0Nw5QJ20

    Then compare him with this one – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-OJMFzyYCs

    Which one runs around piles, or thru linemen to create piles?

    Which display cover skills and can also rush the passer?

    C-Ham is a BAD man. I just have to stick up for some mischaracterizations of his capabilities. He is the complete package. It’s always good to share your opinions & share film that helps shape your views.

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