Saturday draft links: Bolles, Reddick, Melifonwu updates

Firstly, congratulations to Kenny Easley. If you missed BobbyK’s article yesterday, check it out here.

Tony Pauline has some interesting info on Garett Bolles (T, Utah) and Justin Evans (S, Texas A&M):

The buzz continues to build around offensive tackle Garett Bolles. As posted earlier this week Bolles has been stamped the superior athlete from this year’s offensive tackle class and several people have told me for a month now he’s the best left tackle in the draft.

Bolles is likely to measure a shade under 6-feet/5-inches at the combine, which may turn a few teams off, but from what I’m hearing don’t be surprised if he lands in the top half of round one.

I’m told Evans, who had two solid practices at the Senior Bowl before sitting out Thursday with injury, is expected to blow up the combine and put up Byron Jones type numbers.

The belief is Evans could land in the late part of round one and I’ve heard his name linked with the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys presently have four defensive backs up for free agency including two safety’s, starter Barry Church and JJ Wilcox.

Bolles could end up in the top-10 as the best left tackle in college football in 2016. Evans’ athleticism and intensity shows up on tape and it wouldn’t be a surprise if he rose like Karl Joseph a year ago and found his way into the top-25.

Daniel Jeremiah says teams are not excited by this years quarterback class:

I couldn’t find a scout or executive who was excited about DeShone Kizer or Mitch Trubisky. When you’re talking to teams that already have an established signal-caller, there’s no reason for them to feed me false information. In fact, it would benefit them if these quarterbacks went early, dropping talented players at other positions into their lap.

Sometimes the NFL is hard to figure out. The lack of interest in Deshaun Watson compared to the building buzz around Jared Goff a year ago is bizarre.

Jeremiah has also info on Haason Reddick’s stock:

Most impressively, he showed excellent run instincts and the ability to sort through the trash and find the ball carrier in team drills. Reuben Foster is the top inside linebacker in this draft class, but Reddick is putting some pressure on Florida’s Jarrad Davis for the No. 2 spot.

After the combine Reddick will probably be considered a clear top-22 pick. There just aren’t many players with his combination of size, extreme athleticism and versatility. He can play any of the three linebacker spots and rush the edge. He’s an incredible player.

It’s interesting though that Jeremiah notes he’s closing in on Jarrad Davis as the #2 inside linebacker. It goes to show that even if Reddick moves up boards — it might just create a different opportunity for the Seahawks if they want to take an athletic linebacker in round one, be it Davis or Zach Cunningham for example.

Reddick, however, is pretty much the perfect type of prospect for the Seahawks. It’s a shame to think he’ll be off the board by #26.

Bucky Brooks offers some insider info on two players we discussed during the Senior Bowl week — Obi Melifonwu (S, Connecticut) and John Johnson (S, Boston College):

“They did a nice job at both spots,” said an AFC college scouting director. “I wouldn’t want them to play outside extensively, but they are certainly capable of playing on the island in spots. … Every team is looking for a guy who can (handle) dual responsibilities in this league.”

Both players could be on Seattle’s radar.

This video of Melifonwu was posted on Draft Breakdown yesterday.

The draft tracker was updated today with reports on some of the Senior Bowl competitors.

Melifonwu got the following review from a AFC Pro-Personnel Director: “He’s a freak. He’s going to blow away the combine. He’s fast and will post some of the best vertical and broad numbers at his position. He’s going to get a lot better in the pros and he has that elite size that will get him overdrafted.”

Lance Zierlein added: “Big and athletic, he may lack the coverage qualities and instincts needed to work as a “last line of defense” player in a pass-happy division. Melifonwu is an effective downhill tackler who has the ability to match up against tight ends and make a living near the line of scrimmage. His football instincts aren’t up to par, but the size and traits will be extremely enticing for teams who covet traits first.”

The Seahawks don’t necessarily consider ‘traits first’ — but they’re an important part of what they look for in the early rounds.

Alex Anzalone (LB, Florida) got a positive review with a NFC Personnel Director stating: “You saw at (Senior Bowl) practice how gifted he is athletically. He just has to prove he can stay on the field.”

There’s no doubt Anzalone could be an intriguing player. His issues staying healthy are the only concern, otherwise he’d potentially be a first round possibility. Having only checked today, I wasn’t aware he was a former 5-star recruit according to Rivals.

Boston College safety John Johnson is a player to keep an eye on. A NFC Secondary Coach said of Johnson: “He’s really caught my eye out here. Had to go look him up with one of our scouts to find out more about the kid. Way more athletic than a lot of the safeties you see out at this game.”

He excelled during Senior Bowl drills.


  1. AndrewP

    Rob- Let me be the latest in the line to congratulate you and Mrs. SeahawksDraftBlog on the newest addition to the family! Having a 2nd kid means 4x more work now, but in a few years the youngins will start playing with each other and the two elders will get this crazy thing called ‘down time’… It’s the best!

    Anyway, the falling QBs could definitely be an interesting twist for the Hawks. It may lead to their desired players being gone, but open the possibility of someone moving up from the 2nd frame to get a player who has fallen much further than anticipated (Kiser?). This could be beneficial for the Hawks, especially considering they are already light on a pick, and could be lighter depending on the Sherman investigation. Could they perhaps move all the way down to 40, but pick up a 3rd rounder in the process? Definitely something for ‘us’ to consider in our February ‘pontifications’.

    • Rob Staton

      I think moving down is certainly possible. This draft more than others previously might have some really attractive options at #26. But they could also move down and get some nice options too. So it’s something worth considering for sure.

  2. C-Dog

    Congratulations on the new family addition, Rob!

    Just piggybacking on Volume 12’s suggestion that Rasul Douglas might be the corner Pete Carroll would love to have, which I kinda think is pretty spot on in many ways. A couple other Senior Bowl players that seemed to have had a nice week for Alex Anzalone, and Eddie Vanderdoes. I think it’s been suggested a number of times that Anzalone could be an appealing target for Pete, but what’s your take on what Vanderdoes did during practices? I know Pete did not list DL as a concern, but if he’s sitting there in R3, could they see some Jordan Hill-esque value there, or better, to rotate in with Reed and Q Jeff?

    26: R1P26

    58: R2P26

    90: R3P26

    105: R3P41

    184: R5P39

    211: R6P26

    229: R7P8

    • Rob Staton

      I thought Vanderdoes practised well in Mobile. His career at UCLA was a big disappointment IMO. And he still needs to lose another 10-15lbs. But he has lost some weight already and he was all the better for it at the Senior Bowl.

      • JimQ

        C-Dog: I enjoy your frequent Seahawks mocks, thought I’d share what I do to try and figure out the Seahawks draft. About every 2 weeks I perform this exercise as the draft season progresses. After this weeks projections, I feel the Seahawks have a good shot of at least meeting their team needs by position. The off season free agency potential to likely find the needed “interior DL rusher” and possibly an OL veteran OT would make a lot of sense added to this draft. My most recent effort:

        Assuming the top team needs are: DB/OLB/RB/OL/DL (not necessarily in that order), the players listed below would seem to be available per *TODAYS* rankings at 1/30/17 update. Note: IMO, rankings are historically the most accurate of the ranking services and at least updates their rankings frequently. ** Obviously ** the rankings **WILL CHANGE** on a lot of these guy’s prior to the draft, thus I have projected 4/5 different players that are currently available for each pick & mostly each need in the first 5 overall picks, after those picks, the rest of the selections can probably go for best athlete available (or for positional backup needs missed in 1-st 5 picks).

        —>AFTER a Likely?/Possible? trade down of #26 to upper Rd-2 & add a Rd-3 pick @ approx. #100-ish. This would leave the Seahawks with approximate picks of: 40-ish, 58, 90, 100-ish, 105 –and then– 184, 211, 229 & UDFA’s later in the draft. Note: current rankings shown as (xxx).

        (???)…(40-ish after trade down)—(Note: OT-G. Bolles(38), will very likely be long gone).
        –FS Baker(43), ILB-J. Davis(44) DT=Brantley(50), OT-Moton(53), DE-D. Walker(54), SS Melifonwu(55)

        (CB)…#58-CB-K. King(79), CB-A. Jackson(69), CB-R. Douglas(88), CB-A. Witherspoon(174)

        (OLB)…#90-OLB-Bowser(94), OLB Anzalone(109), OLB-Phillips(146), OLB- Lee(117), OLB Gilbert(296),

        (RB)…#100-Trade)-RB-S. Perine(114), RB-Hunt(121), RB- Foreman(137), RB-Hill(154), RB-Williams(180)

        (OL)…#105C-OT-Wheeler(105), OT-J. Davenport(128), OG-D. Sharpe(111), OG-J. Morgan(151)

        ………Later Round Picks #184, #211 & #229.
        (184)-DT-Charles Walker(186), DE-Keionta Davis(188), WR-Chad Hansen(194), PK-Zane Gonzalez(196)

        (211)-RB-DeVeon Smith(202), SS-Tedrick Thopson(206), OT-Javarius Leamon(220), DE-Joe Mathis(223),

        (229)-OLB-Tashawn Bower(226), CB-T. DeCoud(244), WR-Jehu Chesson(278), SS-S. Luani(393)

        ….(UDFA’s)-DE-Odenigbo(302), OT-Andreas Knappe(350), ILB-Jordan Evans(353), QB-Zach Terrell(362),
        TE-Anthony Auclair(367), WR-Quincy Adeboyejo(392), RB-Elijah Hood(402), RB-Anthony Wales(473), WR-Tanner Gentry(691). ……LOTS of talent throughout this draft…….
        —-My current favorites—-
        FS-Baker (Find interim spot for him, eventual FS to replace ET one day -or- maybe Melifonwu instead?)
        CB-King or Douglas (either guy should be LOB material – IMO)
        OLB-Bowser or Phillips (long needed SAM LB w/spot rushing abilities)
        RB-Perine, Hunt or Foreman (big, complementary RB’s with maybe a shot to be workhorses)
        OT-Wheeler (best available at this draft position, can Cable make him fit in = a big ?)
        DT-Walker (rotation DL to supplement the FA vet that will very likely be brought in.)
        DE-Mathis (injury makes him drop in value, could end up being a later round “steal”.)
        SS-Luani (underrated SS with good upside, developmental guy -or- CB-DeCoud, a developmental guy).
        & most of the UDFA’s.

        • Volume12

          C-Dog, I’m surprised you didn’t go with Michigan DT Ryan Glasgow. 😉

          • C-Dog

            I love Ryan Glasgow! I sort of have a sneaking feeling he might be a riser after the combine if he performs decently. The analytic guys love him.

        • C-Dog

          Thanks for sharing, JImQ!

          I definitely pay attention to cbssports, and Tony Pauline. Yeah, it’s way too early to get fully locked into a lot of these guys without the combine results, but love the process of starting to get an idea on them, but it’s a fun to start getting a picture of who the Seahawks would probably like.

          Right now, I have it in my mind that corner is probably the teams biggest need position, as that seems to be the indication from Carroll. If that’s true, I think we have to look at how aggressive they are at filling needs with those first picks. If player X fills the need and fits their prototype, it seems like they often grab them early, especially if they don’t see many others down the line. I think Ifedi and Britt were pretty good examples of guys they had to grab right away for the OL because they weren’t going to get their TEF players later. Bruce Irving was labeled by Pete Carroll as being the best pure LEO prospect left on the board. So, with that, and the fact that there wasn’t a lot of length with he corners at the Senior Bowl, I kinda think cornerback might stand a better chance being the first position taken, even if there is a higher rated LB, safety, DL, etc. I think this team goes Best Player Available at Biggest Need more times than not.

          • Volume12

            You seen him posing in that Seattle Sonics jersey?

            • Volume12

              A bit like Jarran Reed in the Mariners hat, or when Zac Brooks retweeted someone saying how grateful they were to be a Seahawk before the draft.

            • C-Dog

              Who? Douglas?

              • Volume12

                Glasgow. This should be it.


                • Volume12

                  Reppin’ Seattle! I’ll take a Kyle Williams type.

                  Look at Asiata behind him. Wild man.

                  • C-Dog

                    Sweet! Absolutely, I’d love to see Ryan Glasgow lining next to Jarran Reed on Sundays. I’d take Asiata on the OL as well.

                  • Volume12

                    I’m just connecting imaginary dots. He’s an option no doubt.

                    But, I went back to what you said about PC telling whoever they were keeping close tabs on that Michigan D. And apparently Washington really likes him. And we know Seattle, Washington, GB, and KC like a lot of the same players.

                  • C-Dog

                    Yeah, when I heard that from Brock Huard, I really started paying closer attention to that defense. Glasgow did a lot for them, and was able to get pressure at nose, and also move around some. I wouldn’t be shocked at all if they’re interested. I think think they Kyle Williams comp is a really good one.

        • Sea Mode

          Nice thoughts, both C-Dog and JimQ.

          While we do know, as you have both said, that a lot of these guys will not be available that late, there are also always guys that we talk up so much and end up pegging higher than they will go.

  3. John

    I don’t understand the fascination with Obi. His tape against Houston is just meh….unless I am missing something?

    • JT

      His tape in general is not Round 1-worthy. But that’s looking at him as a pure safety, which the Hawks are highly unlikely to draft on day 1 or 2 imo.

      The two questions relevant to us are:

      1. How would he translate to playing deep zone coverage as an outside CB in Seattle’s cover 3 scheme?
      2. Would the Hawks be willing to tweak their scheme to use Obi as a match-up weapon against big slot receivers and TE’s?

      He showed some flexibility in his hips during 1-on-1’s at the CB position during Senior Bowl practices. Carroll will be salivating after this 6’4, 220 lbs freak athlete blows up the combine. This team isn’t afraid to take chances on elite athletes early in the draft. He’s a potential target as early as late Round 1, if the Hawks believe they can immediately transition him to the CB position.

      • LeoSharp

        The problem I have is he doesn’t fit the style of SS or FS that the Seahawks use, hes more like the 3rd safety you bring on in nickel and that’s not really something Seattle has ever down, they might use him as a Dime/ Match up piece but that doesn’t seem to be worth a 1st round pick with the other needs that should be addressed. You’re left projecting his as a CB or a match-up piece which would be a huge gamble because that has not been his role at Uconn so you have essentially no tape just traits

        • Volume12

          He’s no different than Germain Ifedi. Much more raw athlete than finished product.

          • Volume12

            There was no way Seattle was gonna draft a guard in round 1. Had never used someone there that wasn’t 6’4, 310 or so.

          • LeoSharp

            Difference was Ifedi was still playing the same positions he’s always played and likely had more good reps at his projected position than Obi at corner. He fit an immediate need and was still nearly not picked at 31 which could have been Jarran Reed. Safety really isn’t an immediate need, so if he can’t play CB i doubt he get’s picked up by the seahawks in the 1st and he probably won’t be available much later than that

            • Kenny Sloth

              Wrong. He’s actually always been a guard save the two final years of college

            • Volume12

              No one is saying he’s strictly a corner. It was a thought.

              Ifedi isn’t a tackle. His flaws are exposed inside where in theory it should be easier to hide them. Those won’t go away at tackle.

      • D-OZ

        OH, butt he doe’s fit!!! Nickle and dime and cover specialist, on TE’s and all these big rangy WR’s in the NFL.

    • Rob Staton

      I suppose the fascination really is down to the way we understand Seattle loves tremendous athletes they can shape and develop — and Melifonwu is 6-4, 219lbs with 32.5 inch arms and capable of running a 4.4, jumping +40 in the vert and having an all-round crazy workout. Plus he can be developed to play inside and cover TE’s bigger WR’s, maybe some outside work and if Kam continues to miss 3-5 games a season he can fill in at SS too.

      • Volume12


        Disrupts catches, has a great awareness for how routes are developing. Tackles everything, movement skills are incredible, he covers so much ground with ease and quickness.

        For some fans, they want a big safety to be a ‘box safety.’ That’s not an endearing term. It means your physical, but lack the athleticism to match up with TEs or bigger slot WRs. Not Obi man. His coverage skills for a safety his size is unreal. Almost unseen.

        NFL Offenses are using so much pre-snap motion now to try and create these insanely difficult mismatches that defenses in the NFL aren’t equipped to handle. And as you point out, he can be the defensive equivalent of it.

    • RealRhino2

      No, he played like butt. In fact, that’s my scouting report for Melifonwu: plays like butt. I don’t think PC will be salivating over him, I think the idea of him as a “mismatch” piece is misguided, and think Mayock is off his rocker. But I like to focus on what a guy can’t do.

      Think we should take a look at the comments from one of the anonymous scout/personnel people cited: doesn’t have football instincts, but has traits. In my mind, the two positions where instincts are probably most important (relative to “traits,” whatever that’s supposed to mean) are safety and running back. Since he’s a safety, not having great instincts is a big red flag to me.

      A trip down memory lane:

      One FS = 6-3, 230. Ran 4.43 in the 40, 2.58/1.56 in the 20/10 yd. split. VJ 41″, BJ 10′-5″. We’ll call this FS “Obi” for short.

      Other FS = 5-10, 208. Ran 4.49 40, 2.65/1.62 splits. VJ 32″, BJ 9-5. Smaller, slower, less athletic (less “traits?”) We’ll call this player “Earl Thomas” for long.

      Everybody was sure that Pete Carroll would take “Obi” in the draft because the Seahawks desperately needed a FS, Obi had played for PC at USC and was obviously better than the mystery FS we’re calling “Earl Thomas.” Just look at the numbers! I bet Obi was a matchup nightmare! Only problem was, Taylor Ma– I mean, Obi, had poor instincts and wasn’t that great at actually playing football. “Earl Thomas” was. I’m fine with Melifonwu if we are talking about a box safety, a Kam hedge. But that’s not worth R1 or even R2 to me in this draft.

      • Rob Staton

        He wouldn’t be playing strictly safety in Seattle.

        And Melifonwu is nothing like Taylor Mays.

        • RealRhino2

          You mean he’d also be playing linebacker?

          • Rob Staton

            No. See my other response.

          • Kenny Sloth

            Lol Mays doesn’t even play a similar position to Melifonwu

            • Kenny Sloth

              It’s like you’re saying that since his athletic profile is similar to Eric Berry’s we’ll pass on him and he’ll get cancer

      • Rob Staton

        Some further points also…

        1. If you focus on what a player can’t do instead of what he can do, you’ll never draft anybody. None of these college players are close to perfect.

        2. If you draft Melifonwu it’s with the intention of covering a dynamic TE or big WR who moves around a lot (eg Mike Evans). In that situation traits are as important as anything.

        3. Nobody I knew expected Pete Carroll to draft Taylor Mays. I can link you to the pieces I wrote for this blog discussing how he wouldn’t go in the first round. It was a lazy link because of the USC connection. I mocked Eric Berry to Seattle at #6 in my final mock and never mocked Mays to Seattle.

        4. Taylor Mays being a bust doesn’t mean every player with a really great physical skill set will also be a bust. Let’s not forget, Pete knew all about Mays having coached him at USC. He had the inside track there. He didn’t pass on Mays because he had great traits. Neither was Mays as fluid or loose working in space as Melifonwu.

      • Kenny Sloth

        You won’t be projecting a single Seahawk accurately with that attitude

        • Volume12

          You’ll never like anyone with that outlook.

          • RealRhino2

            I like lots of guys and just last year projected Ifedi to the Hawks. What I don’t like is hearing how a guy is great because he’s a great athlete when I’m also hearing he has poor instincts. Not at safety.

            • Rob Staton

              Where has anyone said Melifonwu is “great”.

              Consistently we’ve talked about how his traits specifically fit a role that is not safety.

              • D-OZ

                It’s about what a player can do, not what he can’t do. that’s what coaches are for.development…
                Did you watch the Senior Bowl? Obi got some pretty good reviews. Chased down runners down field and had some tight coverage at the goal-line. Hawks could have use more of that this past year.IMO He also got rave reviews from his collage coach who has coached some good one’s. Harrison for one. Said he is better.

                • Rob Staton

                  Yep seen his college coach talk about Obi. If anyone missed it and wants to see what he said, there’s a couple of videos in this piece I wrote about Melifonwu back in November:

                  I saw him at the Senior Bowl. The NFL Network didn’t show a ton of the DB drills unfortunately but what I saw he looked good. Combine will be interesting.

      • Ishmael

        I appreciate the argument, and agree that tape is more important than the combine.

        Trying to make the comparison between the scenarios is a pretty big red herring though.

  4. Volume12

    Wow, BC DB John Johnson is damn good. I think it was Peter that was discussing him with him earlier this year, and its like watching Justin Simmons all over again. Very interesting.

    • Hawktalker

      Just watched some tape. Agreed wow. Appears to be a great cover corner, fast, sticks like glue and one of my favorites, he really gets his head around and appears to have great ball awareness that help him deflect or pick balls that get close. Also great special teams and appears physical against the run.

    • peter

      Yep. ( cue the horn tooting). I think he could play safety and as a Seahawks 4rnd pick I’d love him. But….where I really see him is as a corner. Its the position he started with and just by watching tape I’m guessing height/length are going to be perfect. Plus with his safety skills for tackling, closing speed, plus his stickiness I’d monitor him for Shead’s spot or at least competition with back up safety skills.

      • Volume12

        Ahh, it was you.

        We have to keep in mind that some of these measurements will change at the combine, and teams also do their own as well. So if someone is 31 1/2″ maybe for Seattle they got him at 32″.

  5. Misfit74

    Z. Cunningham would be one hell of a consolidation prize if Reddick is gone. Clearly it seems we can kiss Bolles goodbye. Positional scarcity hurts our chances of landing an OT starter that’s more or less a sure thing.

    It’s misinformation season. I’m skeptical and wary of drawing any conclusions regarding reports and information on players or position groups this time of year.

    I think the Seahawks will have a decent sized group of players they’re prepared to draft at 26. I think Bolles could even top that list. I think they would have to consider an offensive skill player if players like Corey Davis, Njoku/Howard, Fournette/Cook fell unexpectedly, also.

    How the CB (and S) class shakes out after combine and pro days will provide some indicators as to just how many are 1st round talents.

    This is an exciting time of year, makes me anxious, and wanting to study more prospects. I wish we had more player measurements! At least we could cross some guys off.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Cunningham reminds me too much of KJ. Insane length. Great stack amd shed. But he looks like a WILL. An oversized ILB.

      If we did take him; KJ can play every LB spot and DE in Pete’s eyes

  6. Ishmael

    Let’s be real, I think we all know why Watson isn’t getting hype like Goff and Wentz did.

    Just thinking about Melifonwu… I wonder if the nature of the laws protecting WRs, and generally giving an enormous advantage to passing teams, is going to lead to a situation a bit like what we see with the offensive line at the moment. You just take the freakiest athlete you can get your hands on, because they’re the only one who really stands a chance, and then do your best to coach them up.

    You’re not picking a guy like Melifowu to play a position, you’re picking him to play a series of specialised roles. You’d get him to cover TEs, drop down and watch RBs in the flat etc.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Are you insinuating that it’s because he’s a soft spoken black man?

      That might not be too far from the truth these days

      • Ishmael

        More that he’s black in general. Scouts, especially anonymous ones and those in ‘draft media’ tend not to be super into that. People have a subconscious bias about what they like in certain positions, it’s the same with coaching as well. There’s one black Quarterback coach in the entire NFL, that’s almost flipped when it comes to RB coaches.

    • Rob Staton

      If you’re drafting Obi it’s exactly for that reason I think. Not saying he can’t become an outside corner — Seattle somewhat successfully moved DeShawn Shead to CB — but it takes time. And while outside CB might be a long term plan, making him a defensive chess piece for at least a year or two helps you get him on the field, plus as you noted Ishmael it’s maybe a more important role in the modern NFL.

      • Ishmael

        Exactly. I don’t quite understand why some people want him to be a corner tbh. It’s going to be a conversion project that’ll only start paying off two, three, seasons down the line. If you want another big boundary corner then take King and let him go to work.

        I like Seattle in their big nickel packages, and a guy like Melifonwu gives you the chance to get seriously multiple with it. Put him or Kam up on the line, drop them both back and blitz Earl, drop all three back in zone… Possibilities are as limitless as the creativity of the DC.

        • Rob Staton

          If there was one piece of information I’d like to acquire in trying to project this draft for Seattle, it’s how they feel about being in nickel.

          If they’re looking at LB and were hoping someone like Haason Reddick would be there at #26, that to me would signal a preference to go back to being in a lot of base, drafting another three-down LB and being comfortable with that third guy being able to cover or rush the passer.

          But if they’re comfortable being in nickel or actively prefer it because they can use a nascar front, an extra DB and leave KJ/Bobby on the field, then it really opens up the possibility of a chess-piece like Melifonwu or a dynamic nickel corner being in play at #26.

          It felt like Atlanta caught them in formations they weren’t entirely happy with and then hurried up a bit to prevent them matching up. I do wonder if they want to go back to being ‘this is who we are, deal with it’. That means a base formation capable of any scenario or at least a very versatile alternative like a Melifonwu.

          • Ishmael

            This is total guesswork, but I suspect they’re probably more comfortable in base – which would be why Pete specifically brought up wanting another linebacker. I think Irvin was missed more than we thought he would be this year.

            With Irvin they were able to sit in base and dominate against the run, but they were also flexible enough to deal with the pass without having to make big substitutions. Against a team like Atlanta who will kill you with pre-snap motion and run/pass options, you can see why getting back to a really strong base would appeal.

            Again, this is total guesswork, but my feeling is they’d be more inclined to go for a safety early and put together a big nickel than taking a true nickel corner. They signed Lane up last year, so they’re clearly comfortable with him – even if he did have a down season.

            • daniel

              If they want to be in nickle more doesn’t that also no longer make it necessary for an early round linebacker that they pick to be capable of playing leo. Obviously you would prefer that they could, but does it make it more likely they pick an anzelone, jarrad davis type player.

  7. Cameron

    It’s a cold and boring Saturday so I decided to play around with the mock draft generator over at I was looking to address the 3 biggest team needs as I see them – 1. OT 2. DB and 3. EDGE.

    I got this.

    26: R1P26

    – Easily projects as our starting LT or RT depending upon how FA goes. Not sure if he’ll be there at 26 but if he is Seattle should sprint to the podium.

    58: R2P26

    – This was the toughest pick for me. Lots of good DB’s and EDGE players still on the board. Tankersley was there, Kevin King was there, etc. In the end I took the guy who I believe is most likely the best athlete of the bunch. Watching Jackson there’s just something so intriguing about the way he moves – he’s so loose and pliable in the hips and runs with high knees and quick turnover. You watch how brilliant he is when he has the ball in his hands and then you remember his best position is cornerback. He’s undisciplined, (prone to double moves) so he’s not a player without risk. Positionally I believe he can handle the outside – his bail tech is some of the best I’ve seen, but he’s shifty enough to play inside too.
    90: R3P26

    – This was an easy pick. Hunt is an early day 2 pick for me so seeing him late round 3 means he’s great value. RB not a huge need, but having a stable of backs may make sense given the durability concerns with our present group.
    105: R3P41
    184: R5P39

    – Will he be available this late is the biggest question. I want to say no but then again the depth of this draft means good players will drop – particularly when postional value and team needs are considered. It’s a deep group of edge and LB’s.

    I am concerned with our pass rush, which is a funny thing to say considering how good we were in that department in 2016 (at least statistically). I think we are overly reliant on Cliff Avril and stunts (especially w/ blitzing) to generate pressure. Let me ask you, besides Cliff Avril, who on the line presents a challenge to an OT with regards to a pure edge rush (i.e. not bull, not stunt, etc). Need more speed here imo.

    211: R6P26

    – Impressive blend of size and speed. Can high point. Gets to top speed quickly. He’s like Chris Durham but better.

    229: R7P8

    The Colorado contingent fills out the draft.

    • Cameron

      FWIW if Seattle can’t land their OT in round 1 they may as well trade back and try to draft 5 times on day 2. There’s just far too much talent across the board not to.

      • Hawktalker

        I have this thought often myself. I wonder if there are actually a short list of players that if they felt a 26 the Seahawks would take them rather than trading down.

        Bolles, Reddick, ??? Would be interesting to try and generate that list:

        • Cameron

          OT: Bolles, Ramczyk
          RB: Leonard Fournette, Dalvin Cook
          WR: None
          TE: None
          OG: None
          C: None
          DL: Jonathan Allen
          Edge: Myles Garrett, Solomon Thomas
          CB: None
          S: None
          LB: Reddick

          • Sea Mode

            CB: Sidney Jones
            LB: Cunningham
            S: Malik Hooker

    • Trevor

      That would be an all time great draft!. Not sure it could ever happen particularly Bolles who is a top 10 pick IMO. But love the players if available.

      • Greg Haugsven

        I agree, the Seahawks should be arrested for stealing if they could get those first 4. I just did one of those drafts and took Bolles and Jackson myself.

  8. WALL UP

    The is music to my ears! The silence on the C-Ham front is great!. Jeremiah doesn’t even have him listed in his top 50! If JS can’t run to podium @ 26 for C-Ham, I’ll do it for him! This would be a perfect fit for the back end of that front 7. More so than Reddick? Yes.

    Zach’s length and ability to shed is immeasurable against an area that has weaken somewhat this past year, the run. With his long frame, Zach has room to fill out and get stronger as well. I can’t begin to speak on his football IQ. To select him would make this not only the most talented LB group, but also the smartest in the league.

    Reddick would be a great player for the Hawks, don’t get me wrong. Zach though, can play all three positions, very well. Reddick will excel at Will or Sam against the pass, and yet not as much against the run, IMHO.

    As you can see, I’m all in for Zach @ 26. It sounds like there just might be a chance.

    • Rob Staton

      Hate to be the bearer of bad news — but I wouldn’t get your hopes up too much.

      It appears Lance Zierlein hasn’t done his scouting report on Cunningham yet — and that might be the same for Jeremiah. If so, they’ll likely be impressed. But I’ve seen him in the top-15 on the Rotoworld mock draft and according to this link the league values him greatly:

      If Reddick and Cunningham are both there at #22 there’s a chance one of them makes it to #26. Miami’s desperate need for a LB though likely takes one off the board — and if Cunningham lasts that far, that might be his floor.

      Best chance of him lasting is probably Jarrad Davis having an insane workout.

      • Volume12

        Giants might take one, Houston might, Detroit has a glaring need there as well.

        Let’s just say the entire league is in need of good, quality LB’s.

      • Misfit74

        Cunningham has long been my #2 LB in this class and that also seems to be the consensus from most sites I’ve been reading.

        I’m also intrigued by McMillan, but early indication is that he’s not going be versatile enough to cover. Jalen Reeves-Maybin is a mid~late round guy who I think can play.

      • WALL UP

        This is not the first rodeo for Zierlein and Jeremiah. How is it that they have not taken note of such a dominate LB as Zach, and not even place him near his deserved ranking? My take is that Zach is not flashy. He just gets the job done, fearlessly.

        With all the buzz on Reddick, if both are available @ 22, I hope Miami does take Reddick with Zach potentially falling to the Hawks. Pauline also has him @ 25, when he was higher in earlier rankings by him. I hope the trend continues, although many still have in the teens.

        Essentially, some look @ the flash of a player, rather than their workman like approach to the game. Players like Zach makes it look easy, just not flashy. We’ll see how things go @ the combine.

        What concerns me about Reddick is how his eager pursuit leaves him at times either, running past the play, or gets engulfed in the wash of blockers. Sealing the edge may be a challenge.

    • C-Dog

      I’d be totally happy with Zach Cunningham being a Seahawk at 26. Even though PFF has Seattle as the top rated front 7, nothing wrong with making your strength stronger if you can also address other needs. Pete was pretty direct that they want to get younger and more talented at LB.

      • WALL UP

        Rotating those three, on 3rd dns, would give them a breather rather being on the field on every play. KJ & Wagner were gassed by the end of the 4th quarter. Zach could fill that void of covering TEs and play ST as well, with his length.

        • Volume12

          Why would you ever take Wagner or Wright off the field? Teams are having trouble finding 3 down LBs as it is. Those guys are rare man.

          • WALL UP

            As I mentioned, the Hawks have left only KJ & Wagner on the field on 3rd dns. Chasing TEs, RBs & sometime WRs up & dn the field is beginning to have an affect on their play. It’s a long season.

            Rotating 3 equally talented players in dime coverage will keep all three fresh for that playoff run, the long haul. Fresh legs will affect their production as well. That’s the kind of help I think Pete was alluding to. They had help, not the quality of help that will lessen the load.

            • Volume12

              No, I’m pretty sure he was alluding to the fact that they can’t have what happened to ET or at corner happen at LB with KJ or BWagz. I’m not against Cunningham. Wright and Wagner both are coming off career years. They leave them on the field all 3 downs for a reason.

              • Volume12

                I don’t get why you would take them off the field for a rookie?

                • Wall Up

                  C-Ham is just not any “rookie”. Not wanting to date myself, but he has Lambert like traits that will keep him in the NFL for a long time. All he needs is for his frame to fill out, and it will, then he will be a force to be reckoned with.

                  What makes him fit such a comparison is the ability to shed and wade thru baggage in pursuit of the ball. He does this thru his length, leverage and leaping ability. Lambert came in the league @ 6-4 220lbs. Yes, back then the players were a bit smaller, but Jack excelled due to those same traits and fearlessly vicious pursuit.

                  No, there will not be another Jack Lambert. But, Zach Cunningham does possess similar traits. No, he will not become the DPOY as rookie, nor is he just any ordinary “rookie.

                  Where Zach can fill in occasionally for both KJ & B-Wag are against empty set 3rd dns and ST. One of the weaker areas of is over the middle of the zone and coverage against TEs. Zach will fill that void.

                  He’s strong enough to jam at the line of scrimmage, and fast enough to track him down fill. Also, his length and leaping ability can strengthen the weak spot of the zone, the middle.

                  ST is another area the “rookie” can give B-Wag a breather. The emphasis is not to replace them on 3rd dns, but to develop a rotation for different sets that will combat those weaknesses of their D. Also, fresh legs can keep them flying around for the ball. I did notice a slight decline in that regard.

                • Wall Up

                  Regarding partsing Pete’s words about help for the LB group, they did carry at least six players on their roster to fill in due to injury. But, there was a drop off of production. He also mentioned that they would look to bring in maybe two.

                  The two I hope are available are Javancy Jones @ 185, or 211, & C-Ham. Those two would add depth to the LB group with no drop off of production, due to injury. But, it will also keep the the players with fresh legs.

        • C-Dog

          Great point. They would also probably have the athleticism to stay in the base defense more often like they did in the Super Bowl years.

  9. PPast

    Congratulations to #45! Retire Kenny E’s number.

    • Volume12

      Yes sir!

    • C-Dog

      Fantastic news!

  10. JT

    Pre-combine CB grades

    Top 5-10 talent – Marshon Lattimore

    Lattimore is the total package – the only CB I’ve watched in this class without a weakness to his game or physical profile. Good size, with prototypical speed & athleticism. Fairly sticky in coverage, and made plays all 2016 season. Plays with physicality and smarts against the run, and is a sure tackler for a CB. He could easily go top 5 if he crushes the combine.

    Top 15 talent – Sidney Jones, Tre’Davious White, Cordrea Tankersley

    Jones and White are great players, and maybe the 2 most natural cover CB’s in the draft. Do they have the height/length/weight combo to pique Seattle’s interest if one falls to 26? Tankersley is tall, long and an impressive athlete. I think his stock could soar post-combine. Unlike Jones and White, Tankersley played the vast majority of his snaps at RCB, a factor we shouldn’t underrate in a potential Hawks’ first round CB selection (since Sherman plays LCB).

    First Round talent – Marlon Humphrey, Gareon Conley, Teez Tabor, Joudan Lewis

    There’s a lot to like about this group, though I don’t think the Hawks would have Round 1 interest in Tabor (characters questions) or Lewis (size). Conley and Humphrey have size, athleticism, and coverage ability. Conley plays soft against the run, and Humphrey is the opposite, but the Bama CB misses more tackles than you’d expect. He also has some minor issues in the deep part of the field.

    Top 50 talent – Kevin King, Rasul Douglas, Quincy Wilson

    King has surreal height & length, and has freaky short area athleticism. He’s sticky and contests the catch very well. Deep speed is a question mark, as well as his strength. Douglas’ stock is rising, for good reason. He gave up a lot of plays this year, but also made more plays than any other CB (8 INT). Wilson is so physical in coverage (in a good way), but, like Conley, I was disappointed in the run defense effectiveness from a player of his size. Both King and Wilson played predominantly at RCB this season.

    Top 100 talent – Ahkello Witherspoon, Treston Decoud, Chidobe Awuzie

    Witherspoon is 6’3 and had 19 PD’s this year. He’s also perhaps the worst of the names mentioned so far at defending the run. The combine athletic testing will be key for him. Decoud is intriguing due to his size and athleticism. He put some good play on film, apart from a couple mid-season games (he reportedly played through injuries at the time). Awuzie is the top blitzer and run defender in this class at CB and he’s got great versatility. I think he could easily be drafted 2nd round, but probably isn’t a Seahawks target.

    Yet to watch – Fabian Moreau, Marquez White, Channing Stribling, Brian Allen, Desmond King, Adoree Jackson, Cam Sutton, Corn Elder

    Mayock loved Moreau at the Senior Bowl. White, Stribling and Allen are all really tall, long CB’s. King is a great football player, but could be moving to safety with his questionable athleticism. Jackson, Sutton and Elder are too small to be Seahawks targets in all likelihood.

    • Hawktalker

      Interested in your ranking of Jackson

      • D-OZ

        Howard wilson is a top 100 also.

    • Sea Mode

      I would not put Jordan Lewis in Rd. 1. Struggled a bit at Sr. Bowl and does not have the size (5-10, 188, 31″ arm). I would put him more in Rd. 3, but of course I could be wrong.

      You can probably swap him out for A. Jackson. While he is still raw at CB, he is a difference maker on KR with elite speed and athleticism and can even contribute in some offensive packages if desired. Just find any way to get the ball in his hands. Rd. 1 lock via Pauline’s sources.

  11. Totem_Hawk

    I think Bolles goes #8 to Carolina. Michael Oher their LT hasn’t recovered from a midseason concussion and is getting old and Mike Remmers their RT is below average. They have zero depth at tackle also.

    • Trevor

      I agree Bolles will be a top 10 pick if he tests as expected at combine. I know it may seem silly to say but I could see him going as high at # 4 to the Jags if not then I agree #8 to Carolina.

      I have watched everything I could find on him and have been so impressed.

      • Totem_Hawk

        Yes, top 5 is very possible. The more scenarios I run the more I see the Seahawks taking either a LB, S, or CB in the first 2 rounds. Linebacker depth is slim in this draft. They will have to take a LB early and they need a SAM LB badly..

  12. Jason jones

    I am liking Reddick and Cunningham at 26 if available. Curious who you guys think is a better fit and why?

    • Hawktalker

      Assuming the Bolles does somehow last to 26, big assumption, the hard question is . . . do you take him or one of the other stud D players available?

      • Sea Mode

        Not even a question in my mind. OT is by far our biggest need and just look at how deep the defensive class is.

        • Jason jones

          I was just trying to get a conversation going about Reddick and cunningham.

          • Sea Mode

            I apologize, Jason, you’re absolutely right. Got side-tracked with that first response. And this is a great question to discuss since we like both so much here on SDB.

            While either one would be great, I think for now I would go with Reddick for the Hawks. I just re-watched both of their highlight videos. Both are physical, athletic, instinctive, as we know. Here’s what I see differentiate them:

            1. Tackling: Cunningham gives you that extra length, but his tackling technique is terrible. Of course, that is a coachable thing, but when Reddick hits, the ball carrier goes DOWN. Cunningham, on the other hand, reaches away from his body, wraps around the upper body and pulls down from behind. The athleticism and nose to sift through traffic and get to the ball is there, but he’s going to miss a good many tackles until he breaks that habit.

            I think the GIFs here illustrate this well:

            Of course, he ranks among the leaders in tackles and solo tackles in all CFB, but for me, tackling is #1 priority for an LB so someone who needs to totally change their tackle form and pad level makes me think twice.

            2. Pass rush: this is the big deal-breaker for me that swings me towards Reddick. He offers a lot more in pass rush. 9.5 sacks in 2016. Of course, he was at DE and that’s going to show up on his tape and in the statline, where as Cunningham was at ILB so has little experience rushing, and even less off the edge (0 sacks in 2016). I think we need to take the one who can rush best from OLB if we want him to stay on the field on all 3 downs, and that is hands down Reddick for me. Bends the edge really well. I’m taking the Bruce Irvin/Von Miller physical comp.

            3. Intangibles: while Cunningham is known for his high football IQ, Reddick is much more personable and has no problem explaining schemes and concepts in interviews, whereas Cunningham just resorts to general comments.
            (Look up “Haasan Reddick post game SMU” on YouTube and you will see what I mean)

            This might be fine, maybe he just doesn’t like interviews and that is fine, but it gives me the impression Reddick will be a much more vocal leader on the field and in the locker room. He seems to have that natural leadership and lead-by-example work ethic (having #7 at Temple- single digit jerseys are worn by those who are deemed by their teammates to be the toughest members of the team). This isn’t a big knock on Cunningham, just hasn’t come accross to me as much as an Alpha dog personality. (once again, in what very limited sources I have available.)

            That’s all I got for now. I’ll be interested to see whether you, Rob, and the community agree with my assessment. Thanks again, Jason, for the chance to discuss this!

            • Wall Up

              To look at that GIF from a different perspective, that’s a 300lb guard that was tossed aside to get to the ball carrier. That’s almost a Kam like feat against an ex Cardinal tackle. Reddick tries to evade them and is at times washed out of the play.

              There has been a lot of concern about missing tackles with C-Ham. The majority of cases for missing is due to his length. He reaches areas to attempt tackling a bal that most can’t come close to contacting and is skewed as missing an tackle. When does get a hold them the do go down, judging from the numbers.

              Only so many can lineup on the edge to rush the passer. Avril and now Clark will see the bulk of that activity. One of the main issues Irvin had was that he wasn’t able to rush the QB the way that he wanted. They moved him out of the original Leo spot held by Clemons because he had difficulty setting the edge against the run. Playing OLB in their scheme gave him fewer opportunities.

              Reddick’s ability rush the passer is a definite plus. B-Wag has excelled at this of late. Having two in an all out blitz could leave the middle wide open to slants, crosses and the like. C-Ham can drop & cover while even a corner can blitz from the blind side, i.e. Raul Douglas or in a latter Rd Decloud.

              Rushing the QB from the OLB position isn’t the greatest need. Setting the edge with drops in coverage with occasional blitz appears to be there priority, other wise Irvin would still be here. Plus that large contract from Oakland.

              This could be a mute point if Bolles falls to 26. But we know, that will never never happen. But, to continue this healthy discussion, I’m still all in with Zach, he can play all three slots if needed.

              • Wall Up

                Cell phones are cumbersome at times. You can miss a lot of words. Sorry about that.

  13. Ishmael

    Awesome to see Easley in the Hall. Davis too. Think it bodes well for Lynch’s chances as well, recognising transcendent talent and performance over the accumulators.

    Although speaking of accumulators, brutal for TO to miss out again

    • Volume12

      TO should absolutely be in.

      Glad for LT too.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Several iconic / generational rushes that will be shown until the NFL folds. The rush vs the Saints, in the playoffs, might get him a HoF jacket one day by itself. He also was in 2 SB and has 1 ring, which can’t hurt. Very unique player, hopefully the stuffy ProFRA will not slight him for his “lack” of cooperation with the media throughout the years. 48 voters and he needs 75 or 80% yes vote….. not 1st ballot, but maybe 3rd or 4th.

      • Ishmael

        Iconic is a good way to put it. He’s one of the defining players of the generation, that’s the sort of thing that should get recognised IMO.

  14. Coleslaw

    I think Anzalone is very realistic if he makes it to the 3rd round. He’d be the value pick for that guy backing up Wagner if not Wagner and play SAM

    • Volume12

      I can’t see why he wouldn’t be there in that range. He’s played 18 games in 4 years.

      • Volume12

        My mistake. 30 games.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          Seattle needs guys who can stay healthy, ot guys with injury concerns. Perhaps he will be the 4th round pick… very likely to slide. SF won’t be drafting hurt guys like in years past 😉

  15. Volume12

    JT, here’s a speed rusher for ya. Under the radar. Nice day 3-UDFA option. Pure LEO. Love the explosion and swim move. Love how fast he plays.

    His agent said he was 6’4 with 35″ arms, but 33 1/4″ is what the CGS said his arms were. Defensive MVP of that game too.

    53 tackles, 17.5 TFL, 12.5 QB sacks. 6’3, 252-260 lbs.

    Arkansas ST DE Chris Odom (dad played in the NFL for 13 years)

    • Volume12

      *oops. Meant Cameron.

      • WALL UP

        Not any longer. Good find Vol.

    • WALL UP

      I would use a 7th Rd pick for him, either 231(CAR) or 249(SEA). He’s got a good motor.

    • JT

      Way under the radar, but probably not for too long. It would be cool if he got a combine invite, but looks like he’ll rock the athletic testing at his pro day regardless.

      Odom earned PFF’s 1st team all group-of-5 conference honours, along with Shrine standout Trey Hendrickson on the EDGE. Even in the Sun Belt, his level of competition was much better than what Tyrone Holmes faced at the FCS level in 2015. Holmes went round 6, and Odom could go (a lot?) earlier than that.

      There were lots of other great prospects who made the PFF all G5 team: Kareem Hunt, Corey Davis, Zay Jones, Carlos Henderson, Michael Roberts, Gerald Everett, Forrest Lamp, Taylor Moton, Tarell Basham, Tanzel Smart, Larry Ogunjobi, and freshman sensation Ed Oliver.

  16. Volume12

    How didn’t BWagz get any DPOY of the votes?

    • C-Dog

      Just my hunch, but perhaps because he plays for Seattle, and the national narrative on the 2016 Seahawks seemed to be “What’s Wrong With The Seattle Seahawks?” – even though they won 10 games, their division, and made it to the divisional round of the playoffs with a defense that wasn’t as “dominant ” as it used to be. Also, I kinda think outside of the Seattle market and fanbase, there’s a growing sense of people being really done and over with this team. So, yeah, I will throw out the world against Seattle card. Why not?

      • Volume12

        Good. Let the bandwagon fans jump off. The 20’12’s.

        Seems to me that last year was a little bit of a rebuild for them.

  17. JT

    New Kareem Hunt tape on draftbreakdown vs. 13-1 Western Michigan:

    Pure awesomeness. I seriously don’t know how he gets out of the 2nd round.

    • Sea Mode

      Don’t think he will either, although I must say I have cooled a bit on him. There is no denying his outstanding balance and ball security, but I think he will just be solid, not great at the next level vs. better competition. (in his defense, he did have a great Sr. Bowl performance).

      I guess for me I’m just not seeing the athletic upside to sell me on him. What you see now is what you get, which isn’t bad, but is it really that much better than a lot of the other guys who will go later?

      For example, I think Devanta Mays in Rd. 5 is similar value with better upside. Have to check out his health status though.

    • Rob Staton

      Still think he’s day three.

  18. Robbie

    Saw this on rotoworld “According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, the Seahawks won’t be penalized heavily if at all for not reporting Richard Sherman’s MCL injury.”

    So that’s great news! Able to keep our second round pick.

    • Wall Up

      It would be hard to substantiate a reason for doing so. They actually were following the rules. If anything they may try to adjust the rules for reporting all injuries. But, that will be Bill all over again, listing every player on the active roster. I’d be surprised if they even fine them.

    • Sea Mode

      Awesome. Don’t know how they could have really made a case after Sherm played in the pro bowl (even getting a nice pick).

  19. Hawk Eye

    Congrats to #45 getting into the HOF,
    also the answer to the question: What would happen if you could get a safety that hit like Kam, covered like Earl and had ball skills like Sherm?
    As good as the LOB is, none of them are as good as Easley was. He was the LT of DB’s

    • 503CHawk

      Well worded.

  20. Matt B
    Interesting article I stumbled across about a potential cheap under-the-radar tackle we could tackle in FA. Not a ton of experience but whenever McGloughan praises a guy my ears perk up.

    • Wall Up

      That’s a great possibility for the Hawks to work out a deal with a good old friend. I doubt if McGloughan would be pleased to help out some team in their own division. I can see a sign & trade possibility for a future pick from the Hawks for him.

    • Sea Mode

      Nice find.

  21. Donald

    Hi Rob,

    I have been hoping that the Hawks could somehow find a way to get that “Big tall” WR , like Corey Davis. But with Reddick and Cunningham and other defensive players being more of a need, I found another potential tall WR that has my interest: Josh Reynolds WR Texas A&M . He is 6’3 or 6’4, and can adjust quickly to underthrown or mis thrown passes in mid air.

    What do you think of him? He could be a great target in the 3rd rd.

    • Rob Staton

      I thought he had a decent Senior Bowl. I’m not 100% convinced he’s worthy of a pick that high. It’s kind of a funny group of WRs. Players to like but not love essentially. The idea of a big target is appealing but I think they might focus on the key areas in R1-3 — CB, S, LB, RB, OL.

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