Report: Jadeveon Clowney to Seattle

This is a stunning and frankly barely believable trade. The price for Jadeveon Clowney was always going to be measured against the ‘rental’ nature of the deal. However, he’s still a terrific defensive lineman. This amounts to daylight robbery.

For at least one year of Clowney the Seahawks gave up a pass rusher with modest potential (Martin) and a player valued solely for his special teams ability (Mingo). They also give up a third round pick which could easily be reclaimed if Clowney leaves for big money in free agency. Alternatively the Seahawks could simply retain Clowney via extension or the tag.

This isn’t even a mild gamble. It’s a tour de force. And now the Seahawks have a defensive front seven to rival the best in the NFC.

Clowney, Reed, Ford, Ansah, Wagner, Wright, Kendricks.


A trade to get fans dreaming.


  1. TomLPDX

    Wow, it’s actually going to happen. Wonder who was involved in the trade.

    • Elmer

      JS should be ashamed of himself. Not! Taking advantage of Houston is fine by me.

  2. Nick

    Wow, you definitely were at the forefront of PCJS’ thinking, Rob. Your analysis continues to be the best around. I hope that Clowney will launch us into a top 10 D, but I’m still skeptical of the pass rush in general. However, I do believe our run d will now be spectacular. And hey, that was one of the stated goals coming into this season.

    • dj 1/2 way

      Is he the perfect LEO? Between Collins, Ziggy and Clowney we got the 5 technique and leo covered, and from here to the final playoff game it is all about health. Add in Poona and later Reed and that is a pretty good front seven. With good health they have a shot at an all time front seven and league leader in points allowed.

      Here is a reminder for us all. We have to win the division and get home field advantage in the playoffs to have the best chance at another Superbowl. It may come down to the two games with the Rams. I hope the twelves who can afford it are buying up tickets to the Rams home game against the Seahawks. That noise is worth even more on the road. Everybody enjoy the ride.

  3. Yo_Little_Brother

    Just love the excitement in moments like this and I love the Seahawks for that! Even though Reed, Ansah and Clowney all without a contract for next year will be tough to deal with.

  4. Spencer Duncan

    This off-season has been crazy. We went from freaking out about what we would do about re-signing the Big 4 (as Rob dubbed them) with very little cap flexibility and having no draft picks. Now, we sit with a bounty in our last draft, plentiful picks due for the next draft, tons of cap flexibility, our 2 best players re-signed, and a suitable (if not an upgrade, at least in terms of run D) with Clowney. JS/P worked some magic this offseason.

    • Spencer Dunan

      With that said, I really hope we took advantage of the leverage we had and don’t have to give up Britt/Ifedi. It feels good to not have to worry about our O-Line for once.

  5. millhouse-serbia


    I will watch CL two year in a row and now Clowney to Seahawks…

  6. millhouse-serbia

    3rd round pick + 2 players.

    • ZB

      Let’s just hope Houston doesn’t purposely fail those 2 players when they take physicals and end up getting another 3rd or something.

      • Glor

        More to the point, fail them after JC had signed his tender and then ship his ass to miami

        • drewdawg11

          My first thought was that perhaps we can say we found something in his knee that worries us and drop the value to a 4th. Kidding… kind of. 😉

  7. ZB

    Sweet. Exactly what we needed. I’ve always thought Clowney was more of a game changer than Frank Clark. I know Clark was more durable but when I watch Clowney in games he just seems more beastly.

    How could PC resist the temptation to grab one of freakiest athletes of all time at position of need?

    Go Hawks

  8. STTBM

    Rob, I know you werent on board with Seattle trading for Clowney at first, but you seemed to have warmed up to it a bit, or at least recognized it was a possibility. You were one of the first if not the first to say so, and document why. Excellent job! Lets all hope this turns out well for everyone…

    Im nervous to see who Seattle is trading….

  9. Uncle Bob

    Rob, on the earlier post you said you didn’t believe Fant would be involved because it cost too much in O line depth. I agree to a point, and I’m a Fant fan, but the idea that Seattle is uniquely positioned to help the Texans with both LT and RB talent (not big name but serviceable) in one move is intriguing. Fant was making decent progress toward a starting LT job before injury and the subsequent Brown pickup. One of Prosise/McKissic/MAYBE Penny and Houston has something to work with. I’m also not as sold on Clowney as many seem to be, though I’m also not completely negative on him…………………at the right total/actual price. Since he canned his agent that would seem to work against face to face negotiation success, but who knows how reasonable he is. He’s got very good athleticism when healthy, a very decent rusher, and good against the run……… profiles reasonably well for Seahawk need. I can’t put a finger on it, but I just don’t get the best vibe from him. But, i’m not on the payroll to make those decisions. In JS we trust………..

    • Uncle Bob

      Well, if Breer is correct then getting value for Mingo and effectively trading 3rd rounds, albeit a year apart, is great value trading. Hate to see Martin go, but ya gotta give to get. On the surface looks like a good swap. Now, let’s see “the rest of the story” before final judgement.

  10. Henry Taylor

    What wonderful news, depending on what players we’re sending, this seems like an excellent trade for the Seahawks.

  11. ZB

    Just saw a Niner fans remark after hearing about us getting Clowney….”Not good for us”

  12. Gerry Griesel

    Wow, this could be a good deal or awful one depending on the players…

    I mean if the OL were healthy, they have good depth, but they aren’t healthy so trading anyone is very risky.

    RB, definitely have one trade. A DE to get Houston a rotational piece would make sense. A LB? Kendrick’s is a one year rental and Barton balled out in preseason.

    We get third rd pick back so that’s a wash

    • ZB

      True about getting the third round back if we don’t sign him after the season. Here’s hoping he balls-out and gets like 15 sacks. D

      • Quinn

        Houston must have had some decent offers (other than MIA) if we’re dishing that kind of haul. Obviously depends on who the players are but it seems a steeper price than I expected. I have been hoping we would land Clowney all summer, although I thought we might have got him for a second round pick. Defence definitely gets better but it’s hard to imagine Houston accepting our depth players. Clowney’s health will define this.

    • GerryG

      Houston plays a 3-4 right?

      So Marsh, Mingo could be an rush option to trade for?

  13. ZB

    Rob, I’m curious to know what you think about Clowney. Oh…..wait, he’s writing an article about him right now.

  14. ZB

    Ok, so I guess the two player we are giving Houston are on defense. Anybody know what they need?

  15. Saxon

    If the rumors of Britt being part of the package are true then I’m leery. A third rounder is fantastic but losing a vital member of our OL affects continuity. Hunt has an ankle injury and Martin is a journeyman so I’ll be surprised if Britt is dealt.

    Not a big Clowney fan but he’s still a massive upgrade over what we currently have at DE. The one great thing about being a Seahawks fan is knowing that PCJS will leave no stone unturned. Always compete!

    • Lewis

      Yeah, Britt would be rough. The one other possibility, though, is if they are prepared to move Pocic into the middle.

      3rd rounder is ideal, just have to see who the players are.

    • McZ

      Pocic mostly played C in college and seems to have done his homework.

  16. Rokas

    So it seems that it cost us 3rd round pock+ Mingo+Jacob Martin

  17. Forty20

    If the rumours are true that we are dealing Martin and Mingo alongside the third round pick then the Texans aren’t just getting robbed…we are harvesting their organs too.

  18. STTBM

    Dying to hear which players we’re giving up. Clayton mentioned Britt as a possibility, others say Ifedi…I cant see how Seattle would risk disrupting their O-line…then again, I cant see Houston settling for Fant or anyone else on the line either….

    Penny?! Prosise?! Homer? A WR?

    • Coleslaw

      I’ve heard its 2 defensive players.

      So Calitro and someone else. I’ve heard Martin and Mingo.

      • Coleslaw

        It’s Martin and Mingo. Just reported.

      • ZB

        Martin, Mingo and Calitro……We really don’t need any of these guys. If this is true we just robbed the texans. Payback.

  19. Paul Cook

    If it’s a 3rd round pick plus Mingo and Martin…I’m in! Are you kidding me. Just think about all that went out and all that came in starting with the Frank Clark trade. Big win.

  20. Bigten

    I’m seeing that both players being sent are LBs. this could be the exact best case scenario. Rumor is Mingo is one name, could other be calitro? Mingo we are all down on, but likely won’t be cut. Calitro is good but not great, and leaves room for BBK to be retained still.

  21. SebA

    Sad to lose out on Jacob Martin in the trade but obviously in the grand scheme of things gigantic pass rush upgrade complete!

  22. Sea Mode


    Albert Breer

    Trade terms, per sources …

    Seahawks get: DE Jadeveon Clowney

    Texans get: 2020 third-round pick, DE/OLB Barkevious Mingo, LB Jacob Martin

    5:50 PM · Aug 31, 2019

    • Nick

      To quote Raible…Holy catfish.

      • Sea Mode

        It’s an absolute heist by JS. Right up there with the Brown trade.

        • Lewis

          Agreed. The worst case scenario is that he has a monster year and you have to back up the dump truck to keep him. Not a terrible thing, really.

    • Ashish

      Martin was only upcoming player with pass rush ability but he was 6th rounder. By giving only 3rd rounder that’s great

    • Tecmo Bowl

      Does JS get GM of the year now or does he have to wait? Complete fleece job! Could not have imagined a more one sided trade. Amazing!

    • Henry Taylor

      Goodness Gracious, can we make fleecing the Texans a yearly tradition?

    • McZ

      If true, we would send two players on the roster bubble to Houston.
      Bill O’Brien… meltdown-GM of the year.

  23. Lewis

    Holy cow. Only Martin and mingo

    • Ghost Mutt

      Incredible. We absolutely killed them on that trade. I like Martin, but he’s never gonna be more than a role player. And I was hoping Mingo would be cut (completely get the ST argument but I think we’re strong there regardless).

      Even if it is a one year rental, this is just a wonderful piece of business for us. Only two weak areas on this roster were DE and secondary. This solves DE, and the increased front four pressure will help out the back end.

      We’re honest-to-god Superbowl contenders this year

  24. TJ

    Depending on who the two players are, I love this trade. Word has been that the Texans were looking for RB and OL. While I would never assume, I wonder if the trade involved one of our RBs?

    Even though this may be a 1-year rental, getting Clowney for so much less then they got for Clark reminds us how skilled Seattle’s front office is. Of course, the devil is always in the details.

    • Tj

      OK… in the short time it took for me to reply, all my questions were answered. I love the passion and engagement of this blog!

  25. Kelly


  26. Coleslaw

    Man, I was salivating at the thought of Martin and Clowney together, the pressure masters. But I’m just PUMPED to have Clowney.

  27. Sea Mode

    Wooo hooo! This is better than I think even we expected!

    So, correct me if I’m wrong, but here’s the trade balance:

    Seahawks give:
    – Frank Clark
    – Barkevious Mingo ($4.1m cap savings)
    – Jacob Martin
    – 2020 R3 pick

    Seahawks get:
    – Jadeveon Clowney
    – 2019 R1 pick (LJ Collier)
    – 2020 R2 pick

    Simply incredible!

    • Ghost Mutt

      Just gets better and better when you see it in context like that. I’m giddy!

    • All I see is 12s

      I would throw Ansah in there too!

    • STTBM

      I had totally forgotten we got the 2 as well as Collier for Clark. Looks good thus far!

    • charlietheunicorn

      Ziggy Ansah also was signed with the money not spent on Clark.****

      So now you would have Ansah and Clowney for Clark, essentially.

  28. STTBM

    Martin and Mingo? Dang….I liked Martin a lot, but he was a bit light in the pants vs the run and didnt stand out in preseason this year. Seems like a fine deal for Seattle to me…

  29. Tony

    So glad I’m not a Texan fan right now. This is a pure mugging.

    Texans were like we want britt and ifedi.
    JS like 2nd and mingo and martin.
    Texans, ok fant and jamarco.
    JS, ok, 3rd and mingo and martin.
    Texans, no wait go back to the 2nd.
    JS, no.

    • Sea Mode

      Sooo glad JS stuck to his guns and didn’t trade any OL:

      Aaron Wilson

      Texans have agreed to trade Jadeveon Clowney to Seahawks, according to Jay Glazer. Among players Texans discussed with Seahawks: Justin Britt, Germaine Ifedi.

      5:19 PM · Aug 31, 2019

      • Tony

        So much for that thought of JS overpaying for players. Duane brown deserves props for his recruiting skills. Seattle becoming a destination for player requests. JS didnt panic and sat back and waited for Texans to crawl to him.

        • SwissHawk

          Good point – the Duane Brown trade looks even better for this

    • Tecmo Bowl

      Hahaha pretty much! Elated we kept Britt and Ifedi!

  30. Dawgma

    Speculation I’m seeing is Mingo and Jacob Martin with the third. That’s an absolute steal even for a one year rental.

    • Sea Mode

      Good news: it’s no longer speculation. Confirmed by multiple sources. Only pending physicals.

  31. Tecmo Bowl

    Thats correct. Truly awesome!

    Plus we save like $4m in cap space.

    JS working magic on the trade block like Russell Wilson in the pocket.

    • Tecmo Bowl

      Ment to be replied to Sea More’s trade breakdown.

  32. Aaron

    Martin, Mingo, and a 3rd rounder for Clowney???…pure highway robbery…how did the Texans ever agree to this???

    • Tony

      They had no other options. Completely mismanaged the whole situation. And clowney hand picked his spot. Lucky us.

      • SebA

        This is an example of why you have a GM…

  33. TomLPDX

    Is it safe to think that BBK will now make the 53 and be in line to turn into a ST star? Might work out for Shaquem as well. I was an early skeptic with regard to Clowney but considering what we got this is amazing news. Go Hawks!!!

  34. DCD2

    This morning, glad I wasn’t AFK
    Today is a good day

  35. SwissHawk

    So where’s the catch? This is too good to be true…maybe a hidden escalator clause based on JCs performance / Hawks making playoffs? There MUST be something else here?!!

  36. Paul Cook

    I just can’t believe this trade. Am I dreaming? There’s just no way you can look at this as a loss of any kind. Or at least you’d need a high-powered microscope to detect it. I’m going to be happy and astounded whenever this trade pops into my mind the next few days.

    • Ben Ft. Woth

      The same could be said about this offseason and only 4 picks with so many big names needing to resigned. Schneider deserves an A+ grade for the 2019 offseason and a huge bonus in his Xmas stocking!!! (Donald Trump voice: “HUGE!”)

  37. Ukhawk

    This is the power of being a perennial contender and of having a Top 5 franchise QB. Credit to JSPC.

    Success of the trade, and all the moves since Clark left, will be judged on Clooney’s ability to stay healthy, be signed to long term deal and remain productive.

  38. Tony

    What I love about these trades is we can never look back and say the hawks didnt take any opportunity to bring in big time talent. Simply an amazing job by PCJS to always find ways to bring in great players. This just continues to stun me.


    3 of the top 5 players on #Seahawks roster (Jadeveon Clowney, Duane Brown) pilfered from #Texans for:

    OG Martinas Rankin
    CB Lonnie Johnson
    LB Barkevious Mingo
    LB Jacob Martin
    Third-round pick

    That isnt criminal. That is some ocean 11 level robbery.

  39. Paul Cook

    To be perfectly honest, this trade is a complete success for me simply for what it does for us THIS season, with a little bit of luck in the health department. If we only had Clowney for a season or two, but he put us into contention during this time, that’s fine by me.

  40. paul difuria

    Remember Brady in the SB avoiding our edge rush by stepping up into a clean pocket. With Reed, Ford and Clowney coming up the middle, that pocket is going to collapse! Last year, you could see how they missed Bennett with his split fronts and lack of interior pressure. Clowney could really thrive — and Ansah coming off the edge…

    Schneider is not done. He could work some more magic before the day is done. Maybe some secondary depth. Go Hawks!!

  41. Saxon

    Actually I think Martin and Mingo fit the Texans 3-4 scheme pretty well. Mingo is better in space than down the line and Martin will be an upgrade as a situational rusher behind Mercilus. I get why they were intrigued by those two athletes since their front 7 has been average apart from Watt, Mercilus, and McKinney. When JS said “NO!” to OL I can understand their thinking with Mingo Martin.

    But, yeah, Texans got fleeced. Tremendous job by our FO! If Collier and Ansah can contribute we may go from terrible at DE to average. That will keep us in the deep playoff hunt.

  42. Awsi Dooger

    Fantastic job. I love it when the Seahawks are more ruinous up front, and more interesting overall.

    Besides, everyone should line up to insult Stephen Ross. I hope Clowney essentially laughed in his face.

  43. Dan

    Jason at OTC mentioned something that isn’t getting talked about enough. Instead of letting him walk and getting a 3rd comp, we can franchise him and trade him for at least a 2nd and likely a 1st+. I’m good with signing him long term, but if not, we could get another Clark-like return a year from now. That’s crazy.

    • STTBM

      Seattle may have agreed not to franchise Clowney to get him on board.

  44. MarkinSeattle

    On paper, we have two great DE’s and a talented young DE to rotate in. My biggest concern is keeping Ziggy and Clowney healthy. Hopefully a rotation of DE’s will help, along with an effective rushing offense to keep them off the field. The DT rotation of Clark, Ford and Woods should be solid.

  45. Denver Hawker

    Credit to JS for all the trades this offseason, built a better, younger team without locker room issues and added draft capital. Incredible.

    Tactical question: how does Clowney fit in our scheme, does he take the role of Collier (and pressure off the rookie)?

    I’m thrilled on paper, but still a big question mark on Ansah health/production ability. No doubt this trade helps offset that, but didn’t think Clowney is the same Edge rusher as Ansah/Clark.

    • Sea Mode

      Yes, I think it takes a huge amount of pressure off of Collier. We can start Clowney and Ansah, and work Collier into the rotation as he gets back healthy and up to speed.

    • Saxon

      If Schneider doesn’t win GM of the year after this challenging season then he never will. It has been a master class in asset acquisition. Limited resources to abundant resources. He’ll need his draft class to step up and we’ve got to win games but he has to be the favorite right now.

  46. Smitty1547

    Have been on the record as saying I’m not a big fan of Clowney under current conditions, health and contract but this was theft if the first degree.

    • Group captain mandrake

      I think I remember reading that he’s been very healthy the last couple years – only missed two games.

  47. Trevor

    If Ansah and Clowney can stay healthy going into the playoffs this is now a roster than can win the NFC west!

    If JS does not get executive of the year for his handling of the off season it is criminal.

    -Traded Clark and turned it into 6 picks
    -Extended the leaders on offense and defense with no drama (Wilson and Wagner)
    -Signed Ansah to a team friendly incentive laden deal
    -Stole Clowney from the Texans
    -Draft is TBD but looks like it has a ton of potential.

    Unreal job!

  48. Trevor

    Wow when Reed comes back our front 7 is going to be sick if all stay healthy. Easily the best in the league and deep.

    DL : Ford, Reed, Ansah, Clowney
    LB : Kendricks, Wagner and KJ

    They can let Green and Collier rotate in and develop now without any pressure as well.

    Going to be a whole lot easier to play in the secondary with that front seven.

  49. Sea Mode

    Per PFF (I mean, we all knew this anyways, but just to highlight it with some numbers):

    Martin, a second-year Temple product drafted in the sixth round in 2018, earned a 62.6 overall grade across 261 defensive snaps last season. Mingo earned just a 56.0 overall grade across 544 defensive snaps in 2018 and has earned just a 68.1 overall grade across his 2,101 career defensive snaps since going sixth overall to the Cleveland Browns in 2013.
    Not only is Clowney is coming off the best single-season run-defense grade of his career (91.2), but he also ranks fourth in run-defense grade (91.7) among the 102 NFL edge defenders with 500 run-defense snaps played over the past five seasons (2014-18).

    Stop the run, says PC? I think yes!

  50. Kelly

    Nascar Package?
    Ansah, Clowney, Ford/Reed, Collier? Reminds of having Clemons, Bennett, and Avril on the field all at the same time.

    • John

      That’s a bulldozer package.

  51. Quinn

    Texans feeling guilty after screwing us with J Lane?


  52. Volume12

    What a f***ing steal! Miami never made sense. He wasn’t gonna give them 10 wins to get into the playoffs and they were gonna pay him $20 mil next year after? All the while getting rid of a franchise LT?

  53. David Eshenbaugh

    Holy forking shirt balls.

  54. Peppapig

    Biblical move.

    The Golden Fleece.

    • SebA

      As an ancient history and archaeology student I’m going to have to correct you and say that the golden fleece is from Greek mythology, not the bible ^^ good analogy though!

      • Peppapig

        Your right.

        It was the fleecing that got me going.

  55. Madmark

    I really feel more confident in my pick that this team will go 11-5 this year.

  56. Volume12

    I hope Pete takes full advantage of Clowney. There’s literally nothing you can’t do with him from a matchup perspective. He can play in any scheme, front, or look. I would like to think he’s the holy grail of 5-tech’s that Pete has been searching for, seemingly spending drafts pick on every year.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Dude I’m working on a new stadium cheer. Which do you prefer?




      It’s Christmas morning in late August!

      • Volume12

        IDK that new ‘Joker’ movie with Joaquin Phoenix is coming out soon. What’s the tag line for that? 😉

        • Sea Mode

          It’s “Put on a happy face”, but that doesn’t really work here.

          “Send in the clowns” is the song that plays at the end of the trailer, so maybe Eric could almost make that into a song/chant more than a cheer.

      • Volume12

        CLOWney from OUTER SPACE! Not 100% sure hes even from this planet anyways.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Jadeveon be signing:

          I’m Cozmo D from outer space
          I came to rock the human race
          I do it right ’cause I can’t do it wrong
          That’s why the whole world is singin’ this song

          Jam on it baby!

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            ugh *singing* not signing

        • charlietheunicorn

          Houston, we have a problem

  57. Forrest

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  58. Volume12

    Gonna be awesome in 2 years when we rob Houston for Hopkins and add him to go along with Lockett.

  59. Stevo

    I got nothing to add but… SMILE, SMILE, SMILE!

  60. Chawk Talker Eric

    I hope this doesn’t come across as an “I was right” reply. That’s not my intention.

    But I’ve been saying for a week now that SEA were the most likely team to land Clowney. Firstly, he specifically named SEA as a team he’d play for. Second, he’s a natural fit for SEA’s defensive scheme. Third, SEA are known for making these kinds of major trades/additions in the final days of preseason. And fourth, and perhaps most telling for me, is the connection between Duane Brown and Clowney. Of all the players SEA could have obtained via trade from HOU in the last couple of years, the two they end up with probably know each other better than pretty much any other pair possibly could. Starting LT and starting RDE go up against each other every day in practice. These two are at the top of their respective positions. Just seemed like a fait accompli.

    I also have said, and I stand by it, that Clowney has the potential to change the arc of SEA’s season. Not many players in the NFL can actually do that for a team. Clowney is one.

    That we gave up only a R3 pick and two 2nd string OLB/DE is, as Rob so eloquently stated, daylight robbery. I won’t miss Mingo at all. I will miss Martin’s development; I rather liked him. But the first time Clowney makes a play in a Seahawks uniform, I’ll be like, Jacob who?

    This is the player we wanted and the deal we wouldn’t have dared hoped for.

    As an aside, the fact that SEA traded two players who in all likelihood would have made the final roster, this means they can now carry 6 RBs or a a 7th WR.

    Good times my fellow SDBers. Good times indeed!

  61. Sea Mode

    Tom Pelissero

    The #Seahawks are cutting WR Jazz Ferguson, source said. Had a productive preseason and could get claimed. Otherwise, likely back on Seattle’s practice squad.

    8:06 PM · Aug 31, 2019

    • TomLPDX

      Hopefully he makes it to the PS

    • adog

      what is jazz?

    • charlietheunicorn

      Raiders cut the WR that absolutely killed the Seahawks as well…. Dass(?)… he might find a spot as well.

      • Sea Mode

        Keelan Doss

        Maybe, but I’m thinking they like their in-house prospects better.

  62. Sea Mode

    Mike Garafolo

    #Seahawks are releasing DT Earl Mitchell, source says. They signed him after the Jarran Reed suspension. Could still be with Seattle this year. He’s a vested veteran so they might bring him back Week 2 rather than guarantee his whole salary by carrying him now.

    7:41 PM · Aug 31, 2019

  63. Sea Mode

    Hmmm… I didn’t realize they had used Clowney inside as well on passing downs:

    Sounds like a good idea to me!

    NASCAR: Ansah, Clowney, Reed, Collier?

    • Henry Taylor

      He’s more of a stand up lb in those clips, but moving him around a bunch to find mismatches (which is basically everywhere) can’t be a bad thing.

  64. Sea Mode

    LOL Russ…

    Russell Wilson

    Me: So you telling me you’re not chasing me anymore?

    : “Nah bro…all other QBs”

    Me: okay we’re cool we’re cool.. 😎

    Welcome to the squad bro! 🏈🏈🏈

    Seattle Seahawks and Jadeveon Clowney
    6:17 PM · Aug 31, 2019

  65. charlietheunicorn


    This will be known henceforth as the Golden Fleece.


  66. Michael Matherne


  67. charlietheunicorn

    Let me get this straight, you end up throwing in some spare parts and a 3rd round pick…..

    I wonder if Seattle is going to make another trade, they have too many 1st, 2nd round picks right now…. I’m not feeling so good about this… 😉

  68. bankhawk

    Wow, am I ever loving this! Whoever said ‘Release The Clown’ above: I’m seeing a promo campaign with J.C. as the ‘Pennywise Of The Gridiron’ (awesome timing with the film just now set to open!) and something ‘witchy’ playing behind it (sampling Dr. John’s ‘Walk On Gilded Splinters’?). Yow-NFC West-be afraid; be very afraid!’.
    On top of all that, I’m in Seattle and my brother in law has sprung for tickets (my birthday) to the Cinci game-my FIRST EVER at the CLINK!
    Yeaaahhh! Bring it!

  69. Sea Mode

    Just enjoy. (every loop gets better… 😉)

    • Del tre

      Yeah, we’re gonna win the Superbowl. Best front 7 in football bar none, and some of the best depth, then probably the best Seahawks offense of all time on the other side of the field.

  70. CHawk Talker Eric

    We should take a moment to recognize and acknowledge that in a single offseason, SEA traded their star pass rushing DLer for a 2019 R1 AND 2020 R2 picks, while trading a 2020 R3 and two bit players for another (better) star pass rushing DLer.

    Just run that equation through your head a couple of times, get a taste for it, know it, understand it.

    I hope I never again hear how the SEA FO don’t know what they’re doing.

  71. charlietheunicorn

    This is a good read and could explain a few things, like how Houston got to be a dumster-fire in the management of the team and mismanagement of the cap.. etc…

    Actually, pretty good read. It is one person’s impression of the mess, but I suspect it is not far off.. and they talk about how timing can be everything in a trade, JS illustrated this point this offseason with all the moves involving directly and indirectly Frank Clark.

    • Sea Mode

      Good read. Thanks for sharing. BTW, this paragraph is 🔥🔥🔥

      In trading Clowney for peanuts, the Texans also are giving up a key player during the third year of Deshaun Watson’s bargain rookie deal. Other organizations are desperate to add talent while their quarterbacks are on seven-figure salaries. The Texans, instead, are doing the opposite. In what could be related news, the Seahawks have an actual general manager and the Texans have a committee with several people, some of whom once shared wireless internet with Bill Belichick.

  72. Sea Mode

    #NFL #ExecOfTheYear

    Aaron Levine

    John Schneider began this offseason with four draft picks and Frank Clark and ended it with 11 draft picks (including three in the first two rounds) and Jadeveon Clowney. #Seahawks

    Russell Wilson extension…
    Bobby Wagner extension…
    Ziggy Ansah acquisition…

    Solid draft stock next season…

    Damn he’s good.

    5:58 PM · Aug 31, 2019

    • Sea Mode

      Or another way to see the trade balance if you include trade downs:


      Basically, SEA trades:

      – Frank Clark
      – Barkevious Mingo
      – Jacob Martin
      – 3rd Round Pick

      SEA Receives:

      – LJ Collier
      – ‘20 2nd Round Pick
      – Jadeveon Clowney
      – Marquise Blair
      – DK Metcalf
      – Gary Jennings
      – Ugo Amadi
      – Ben Burr-Kirven
      – Travis Homer

      Yeah, I’ll take that trade.

      5:55 PM · Aug 31, 2019

  73. Michael Matherne

    There is no downside for the ‘Hawks here. What is generally the worst thing that can happen after a trade like this? The player gets hurt immediately. That would suck, but even if that happens Clowney either becomes cheaper for us to keep, or still gets a huge deal and we recoup the 3rd rounder. Mingo was gone anyway, so all of this at the cost of a situational pass rusher with 3 career sacks.

  74. Sea Mode

    Sorry not sorry for cluttering the comments a bit, but this one is too good not to share…

    Josh Cashman

    Imagine walking into a weight room and seeing Bobby, Carson, Clowney, and DK.

    6:31 PM · Aug 31, 2019

  75. Sea Mode

    Surprise, surprise…

    Tom Pelissero

    The #Jets are cutting 3rd-round pick Jachai Polite, source said. The GM who drafted him is gone and now so is a young pass rusher. (@MMehtaNYDN 1st)

    8:35 PM · Aug 31, 2019

    • Bigten

      Saw this, and wow.

      • Bigten

        Also saw 2016 first rounder Joshua Garnett was cut by the niners

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          With good reason. Garnett has been bloody awful as a pro.

        • Sea Mode

          Saw that too. Is that the one they traded up for IIRC?

        • Coug1990

          There were many people and pundits that criticized the Seahawks for drafting Ifedi instead of Garnett. The Seahawks traded down like they do in every draft missing the opportunity to draft him. Good thing they did.

    • Henry Taylor

      Getting cut by the Jets is obviously not a good sign, but i honestly wouldn’t be against bringing him in.

      • Bigten

        I’m sure others would disagree, but +1 for me. He has the talent.

        • Sea Mode

          It’s a no from me. Sorry to put it bluntly, but I think he’s a loser.

          • Henry Taylor

            Like I say, getting cut by the Jets, who are starved for edge rush, is a really bad look. As was his whole draft process. But Im a sucker for upside.

  76. Sea Mode

    Rob’s roster predictions keep coming true!

    Tom Pelissero

    Another surprise in Seattle: The #Seahawks are releasing veteran CB Jamar Taylor, source said. He’d been the frontrunner for the nickel job for much of camp. Now a free agent.

    9:04 PM · Aug 31, 2019

  77. Sea Mode

    Two more cuts just in:

    Ian Rapoport

    Source: The #Seahawks have released DE Cassius Marsh.

    9:20 PM · Aug 31, 2019


    Ian Rapoport

    As part of the impact from the Jadeveon Clowney trade, the #Seahawks are expected to release starting WR Jaron Brown, a cap casualty, source said. They need to fit in Clowney’s tag.

    9:25 PM · Aug 31, 2019

    • millhouse-serbia

      Wooow…this is huuuge surprise…

      • TomLPDX

        Wasn’t expecting to see either of these two cut. I like Marsh and hope he catches on somewhere. Is Brown really a cap casualty or is there something else going on there. This might open the door for Reynolds because of his experience.

        • Largent80

          Blech..Release BROWN? AN IDIOTIC MOVE IN MY OPINION.

          • Sea Mode

            In JS we trust… (especially after what he pulled off today!)

            • Chase Cash

              It could also be like Sheads situation, just bring him back when the contract isn’t guaranteed.

          • STTBM

            He caught maybe 14 passes for 2.5 million or whatever last season…I think keeping young talent is more attractive than paying for that again this year. But yeah, odd that Seattle will start the year with one WR who has caught a regular season pass from Russ…

    • Henry Taylor

      There has been some pretty shocking cuts for sure

    • Coleslaw

      Consider Ed Dickson gone then, too.

    • GoHawksDani

      I don’t mind the Marsh cut. I just don’t feel he’s even OK player. I think Jackson and QJeff are better with more flexibility (I know different type of players but still). The Moore cut is a huge shock. I really don’t get it. He played good, has exp and not like we’re stock on healthy, good WRs.

    • lil’stink

      We didn’t need the cap space from Brown… I wonder if there is another big-ish deal coming.

  78. millhouse-serbia

    We are releasing Casius Marsh.

    • WALL UP

      They played the same position. It was expected.

      • WALL UP

        Brown is a different story. I think he stays..

        • WALL UP

          Unless JS has another trade up his sleeves.

          • WALL UP

            Jennings, or Reynolds makes the squad if Brown is let go. Very interesting.

  79. Paul Cook

    There is going to be some CAP pruning with the Clowney trade, no doubt. Not many places to do it.

  80. Robeetle12


  81. Coleslaw

    Even with cutting Brown, I still think this will be a high powered offense and we may be one of the top favorites for the super bowl.

    Think about this. After the Clowney trade, Seattle might have:

    -The best OL in football

    -The best LBers in football

    -The best front 7 in football

    -A stable of dynamic running backs

    -A breakout TE who will likely establish himself among the top at the position early this year, and solid depth

    -Russell freaking Wilson

    -Tyler Lockett, and a bunch of receivers who could really contribute. (Reynolds for example has been groomed for years now and is probably going to see the 53 man roster.)

    -2 whole sets of young, solid safeties, one set looking extremely dynamic. Plus Bradley McDougald to lead them

    -2 young cornerbacks who understand our scheme, and at the very least will be formidable and at least limit offenses.

    With Pete Carroll at the helm this is a super bowl winning team to me.

    • STTBM

      Best offensive line in the NFL?! Hyperbole Alert!

      Griffin is flat bad at CB. I was actually hoping Seattle would keep Shead and let him and FLowers start.

      I want whatever you are imbibing though!

  82. WALL UP


  83. Volume12

    There’s the move for a DB.

    Seahawks trade a 2021 7th rounder to the Jets for 5’10 CB Parry Nickerson.

    • Sea Mode

      Wow, not even a conditional 2020 R7, but 2021… 😂

      It doesn’t get much more bottom of the barrel than that.

    • Coleslaw

      I vaguely remember liking him out of college but hes slipped my mind

    • McZ

      And here comes the nickel…

      • McZ

        He was filling the void Buster Skrine left in 2018, and he did well enough to be called nickel of the futture by Gang Green followers. Then, Skrine came back, and he did not see enough snaps.

        Possibly, another robbery.

        • McZ

          Now, let the Vikes cut WR Brandon Zylstra for another robbery piece.

    • Coach

      Nickerson looks like a natural nickel corner (like another Coleman) – I like it!

      Here is his bio before his draft:

      • regan sayer

        4.32 40, great ball skills, natural nickel back, sounds great. In Pete I trust!

      • TomLPDX

        Looks promising! We should call him Nickelson though… 🙂

    • icb12


      Kid ran fast at the combine. Don’t know anything else about him though.

      • Ashish

        TE Jacob out who is going to catch the ball.

        • Sea Mode


    • WALL UP

      4.32 ballhawk. JS & company are on it!

  84. Tony

    Definitely need info on this. Should I be excited for justin Coleman 2.0????

    • Sea Mode

      Doesn’t really compare to Coleman as far as elite agility:

      J. Coleman: 5105, 185, 31.25 arm, N/A wing, 4.53 40yd, 10.33 BJ, 37.5 VJ, 3.98 SS, 6.61 3C, 20 BP
      Nickerson: 5103, 182, 30.25 arm, 72.75 wing, 4.32 40yd*, 10.0 BJ, 33.5 VJ, 4.29 SS, 7.31 3C, 15 BP

      *tweaked hammy on 1st attempt at Combine; the rest of the numbers are from pro day.

  85. Regan

    I don’t buy the ss or 3 cone numbers. Looks way quicker.

  86. Sea Mode

    Bob Condotta

    Am told Seahawks have released J.D. McKissic.

    10:20 PM · Aug 31, 2019

  87. Chase Cash

    It could also be like Sheads situation, just bring him back when the contract isn’t guaranteed.

  88. Coleslaw

    The 53 man roster in pretty much complete. The only real questions left are who the WRs will be and what OL we keep. Everything else can be assumed from the cuts.

    • Coleslaw

      looks like we’re keeping a FB, and 2 TEs. Fant will play 3rd TE.

      • WALL UP

        Don’t think their done yet..

        • WALL UP

          Will Willson return?

  89. Coleslaw

    QB: RW, Geno 2

    RB: Carson, Penny, Prosise, Homer, Bellore 5

    TE: Dissly, Vannett 2

    OL: Brown, Iupati, Britt, Fluker, Ifedi, Fant, Jones, Roos, Martin, Pocic 10

    WR: Lockett, Metcalf, Moore, Ursua, Reynolds, Jennings 6

    Offense: 25

    DL: Clowney, Ansah, Collier, Green, Jackson, Jefferson, Ford, Woods, Mone, 9

    LB: Wright, Wagner, Kendricks, Barton, BBK, Calitro 6

    CB: Griffin, Flowers, Thorpe, King, Nickerson 5

    S: McDougald, Thompson, Hill, Blair, Amadi 5

    Defense: 25

    This is my best guess. If Iupati wasn’t hurt right now I would swap Martin or Roos for Meder.

    • Bigten

      Should we assume that they are going to leave any room for cutdown additions?

      • Coleslaw

        Im probably not the best person here to ask, but im pretty sure they would just replace whoever they keep. They have to choose whatever player they pick up over someone else already here, so I don’t think we need to save room.

        • Bigten

          That makes sense.

    • GoHawksDani

      This seems a pretty solid 53 prediction

    • DougM

      There has to be better OL depth out there than Martin or
      Roos. They’re both horrible at protecting the QB.

  90. WALL UP

    I like the projections. It would be nice if these changes do occur.

    QB: RW, Geno 2

    RB: Carson, Penny, Prosise, Homer, Scarbrough ** 5

    TE: Dissly, Vannett, Willson * 3

    OL: Brown, Iupati, Britt, Fluker, Ifedi, Fant, Jones, Martin, Pocic 9

    WR: Lockett, Metcalf, Moore, Ursua, Reynolds, Jennings 6

    *Luke is sign after clearing waivers on Vet minimum.

    **Scarbrough is insurance for injury concerns, because they’re intent on running the ball. With eyes of a running back, he can play fullback as well, along with Poona on short yardest situations.

    Offense: 25

    DL: Clowney, Ansah, Collier, Green, Jackson, Jefferson, Ford, Woods, Mone, 9

    LB: Wright, Wagner, Kendricks, Barton, BBK, Calitro 6

    CB: Griffin, Flowers, Thorpe, King, Nickerson 5

    S: McDougald, Thompson, Hill, Blair, Amadi 5

    Defense: 25

  91. TomLPDX

    Demaryius Thomas just became available.

    • Volume12

      Same with Treadwell and Doctson.

      • Kenny Sloth

        And Shady McCoy

        • TomLPDX

          Looking at it from the point of view that we need a vet receiver. I don’t know what he has left in the tank

    • GoHawksDani

      But would we have money to sign him? Didn’t we just cut Brown because of money?

      • TomLPDX

        Only at the right price I’m sure. I don’t know what our cap picture looks like right now but we had money available, especially since Mingo’s salary went to HOU, reducing the impact of Clowney’s salary. Still, don’t know what it looks like.

  92. Volume12

    Rob mentioned him as one of his favorite prospects this summer. Ohio St CB Jeffrey Okudah. He was fantastic today. One of the most naturally gifted, physically and athletically, I’ve seen in quite a few years.

    Has a chance to be a dominant corner at the next level. He’s the type of rare DB I could see Seattle being interested in very early in this years draft.

    Currently I see CB, D-line, and TE as the big needs.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I think he’s a 2021 guy but Pat Surtain jr looks like a real talent

      • Volume12

        God, I remember watching his dad! I feel so old when I see him, Lorenzo Neal’s son, Michael Pittman, jr. Jon Runyan’s son.

        I agree though. Looks very good. That ‘Bama secondary is loaded.

        • Kenny Sloth

          How about this Stanford kid Paulson Adebo. Led the FBS in PDF. He just got truck sticked by Northwesterns Bowser 🚚

          Lol their QB is the son of Trent Green

        • Coug1990

          Damn. We are getting old.

    • Coleslaw

      CB is easily the biggest need now IMO. We should definitely look to upgrade there.

      I would put WR up there too, but I am optimistic about our group even without Brown.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Bit off topic but did you see true freshman BSU QB Hank Bachmeier vs FSU today? Gutsy gritty player who never gave up. Definitely one to watch.

      • TJ

        Yep, I’m a BSU alum, so I watched him with great interest. I was very impressed by his grit and toughness. He kept his composure after a rough start and battled. I think he is going to be very good.

  93. Lewis


    Houston sends two 1s and a 2nd for Tunsil and Stills?

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      IKR? By refusing to sign his franchise tag, Clowney controlled where he went. Otherwise, he clearly would have gone to MIA

      • Lewis

        I mean, you hope for their sake that it works out well for them, but they had to give up a heck of a lot to do it.

      • Chawk Talker Eric

        This whole thing stinks. Why would HOU sell their next TWO drafts for a franchise LT and an average WR?

        Adam Schefter
        So here’s the major components of the deal as of now, but it will be bigger….

        Texans get: OT Laremy Tunsil

        Dolphins get: two first-round picks and one second-round pick.

        And there will be more involved.

        I mean, I get why MIA did it:

        Ian Rapoport
        In the next two drafts, the #Dolphins have four 1st rounders, four 2nd rounders, and then two third-rounders with a potential third-rounder comp pick coming. That… is a LOT.

        • BobbyK

          I applaud the Dolphins for realizing they suck and deciding to build this thing the right way. They are now bad enough (though they were bad before this) to get that elite early pick so they can draft a franchise QB.

          Alas, this is the organization who had Dan Marino and never won a Super Bowl so the fact they have all these extra picks to help their soon-to-be franchise QB is a great move.

        • Awsi Dooger

          Other than Stephen Ross, the Dolphins finally have some sharp thinking atop the franchise. This is similar to the Rosen move. Methodical approach emphasizing value. If one value move doesn’t pan out, that means nothing. Just do it again. Then again. There is no reason to over think matters with the Texans right now. Just keep talking to them and a bargain will arrive.

          Besides, my estimate has always been that it will require 4 first round draft picks to trade up for Tua. I posted that on Dolphins sites several times. The Dolphins now own 4 first round picks between 2020 and 202. Just because the public overreacted to the national championship game and demoted Tua while slobbering all over Trevor Lawrence doesn’t mean the NFL as a whole was so stupid. Lawrence in his college career still doesn’t have one game that matches Tua’s season long average in yards per attempt from 2018.

          Targeting one potentially generational player like that is value. There is value at the extremes. The idiocy is fighting over moderate players and over paying for them. It’s like that television program Storage Wars. The sharp bidders prioritized the lockers that cost next to nothing, or the $10,000+ lockers. The idiots fought over the midrange lockers and often bumped them up to absurd numbers. Reminded me exactly of NFL free agency.

          I might mention that Tua is a lefty so Laremy Tunsil is not exactly protecting his blind side.

          • Sea Mode

            Was wondering what your perspective might be on the deal. Glad you are for it. At least you got a good haul in return.

          • BobbyK

            Personally, I would hate the idea of trading four #1 draft picks to get Tua. That’s why this Dolphins trade is so brilliant. They trade two good players and get nothing back this year. Plus, they were already a bad team. Be the team that can draft Tua for free. Not the team that trades the four #1 picks to get him. Now they’ve just “improved” their chances of getting Tua for “free” next off-season AND they’ve acquired ammunition so a young QB can have oodles of cheap talent around him, too. If they stick to this plan… sure, it would suck to be a Dolphins fan THIS year and maybe next year, but it certainly won’t possible next year and definitely not in 2021, 2022… They have so many picks that if Tua sucks and they lose badly with him anyway or it’s obvious he’s a complete bust, then they’re still sitting well to take Lawrence the following year (not that you want to do that). But there are 2 teams in the NFL… ones who have QBs and others who don’t. That’s it. That’s why this “trade Wilson” talk was so stupid this last off-season, imo.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            I agree 100% that MIA are all in for Tua next year. But the irony is they may not need multiple R1 picks to move up for him; they may be picking first anyway. Either way, they are well positioned to rebuild.

            I read somewhere that the feeling in the Dolphins FO is that Tunsil was a bit of an underachiever and too lackadaisical in practice. Any truth to that?

    • Sea Mode

      Dolphins are clearly in full tank mode.

    • Coleslaw

      If they get a draft pick where they can get their QB and dont have to trade up, watch out. They can really build something here. On top of all that draft capital they have tons of cap space. They aren’t paying anyone. Rashad Jones, Xavien Howard are the only ones worth anything on that roster

  94. BobbyK

    I was never warm to the idea of a Clowney trade for what I figured it would cost to get him. But this a good deal (great deal, as many have said).

    Always comPete.

    • Coug1990

      I’m with you. I was against this because I thought the Seahawks would have to give up too much for what was essentially a one year rental. However, while Martin is an ascending player, giving him up was more than worth it.

      • Rob Staton

        I have to admit… personally I always thought Martin was nothing more than a nice rotational piece. He might go on to be great in Houston, we’ll see. But to me it looked like he had limitations.

  95. Isaac

    Have u seen that the jets released Jachai polite? Shame

  96. DC

    Love the Clowney trade, world class work by JS/PC!

    Miami has to be hoping for Trevor Lawrence in 2021.

    I hope Tunsil protects Deshaun Watson well. He’s a blast to watch.

    Isn’t it nice to have a farm club in Houston?

    • Coleslaw

      Tunsil is a beast. I’m happy for Watson.

      Unhappy for my fantasy team. I wanted Fuller this year but Stills muddies that water big time.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        I dunno, maybe having Stills on the field at the same time opens things up for Fuller

  97. Coleslaw

    So, from my 53 man roster above, looks like we should swap Reynolds for Malik Turner.

    Rob was right again!!

    Other than that I really dont see anything changing unless they pick Meder over Mone, which shouldn’t happen.

    • Sea Mode

      Just looking over our roster position by position, as you mentioned in a comment further above, we are loaded with many position groups being at or near the top in the NFL. (even our specialists are cream of the crop!)

      What jump out to me as positions to possibly upgrade are CB, WR, and then possibly TE and just keep adding pass rushers.

      CB- remains to be seen how much better they can look with an upgraded pass rush. My guess is a lot better.

      WR- the talent and potential are definitely there, just the lack of experience and chemistry with RW worries me. If it becomes a problem as the season gets going, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them pull off another big trade for a proven receiver.

      If it all comes together and players stay healthy, this could be a really exciting season!

      • Coleslaw

        Agreed 100%. CB, DL, WR TE likely in that order. And TE is almost a luxury pick. Goes to show where our roster really is right now.

        Expect mid level cap casualties to be replaced by draft picks in the next couple years, too.

        I’m thinking of this with the idea that Clowney will get a long term deal here. And I LOVE it.

      • Doug

        The point about DL pressure making the secondary look better is right on. It works the other way too with the WR’s–if Russ isn’t running for his life and can survey the field for 3 seconds the WRs are going to be able to get open. The “chemistry” thing is really important for the scramble drill, but maybe we won’t see quite so much of that this year.

  98. Kenny Sloth

    Man Chelsea fans are the f******* worst

    • Kenny Sloth

      Scratch that. Evan Hill is the worst

      • Sea Mode

        lol 😂


  99. Paul Cook

    With the release of Jaron Brown, it goes to show that…

    a) They really love their run game now
    b) They like their young receivers
    c) They believe they can develop them fast with RW at QB

    I’m not sure who they might bring in from the waiver wire to shore up the receiving corp with more experience at a bargain basement cost?

    We’ll see….

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I’ve a feeling they’ll add a vet WR (and/or maybe TE) in the next couple of days. Seems unlikely they would go into the season with only one true veteran receiver.

    • Elmer

      Wait. I’m trying to catch up. Is Geno Smith gone too? Does that leave JT Barrett as the backup or are they bringing in someone else? Thanks for help.

  100. Paul Cook

    Geno Smith released? Hmm…intrigue.

  101. Sea Mode

    Bob Condotta

    Huh. NFL transactions are out and show that Seattle also has released Geno Smith. So, at the moment, no other QB on the roster besides Russell Wilson.

    12:56 AM · Sep 1, 2019

    Sounds like we are going to bring back McGough:

    Jim Nagy

    Alex McGough. Way better fit in Seahawks scheme then he was in Jacksonville. Hawks never wanted to lose him.

    1:01 AM · Sep 1, 2019

    • Rob Staton

      Might be a scheme to IR a couple of players as a stash then bring Geno back.

      • WALL UP


        • WALL UP

          Maybe Dickson.

      • Sea Mode

        Oops, see reply below. (stupid mobile…)

  102. Paul Cook

    Yeah, the Hawks FO is really trying to finesse this roster. I mean to the person and the dollar. LOL

  103. CHawk Talker Eric

    Current final roster (obviously subject to change; there’s no way SEA go without a backup QB):


    QB (1): Wilson

    RB (4): Carson, Penny, Prosise, Homer

    WR (6): Lockett, Moore, Metcalf, Jennings, Turner, Ursua

    OL (9): Brown, Iupati, Britt, Fluker, Ifedi, Pocic, Hunt, Fant, Jones

    TE (3): Dissly, Vannett, Dickson

    Total Offense: 23


    DE(5): Clowney, Green, Collier, Jackson

    DT (5): Ford, Woods, Jefferson, Mone, Tiuli

    LB (7): Wagner, Kendricks, Wright, Barton, Burr-Kirven, Calitro, Griffiin

    FS (3): McDougald, Amadi, Thompson

    SS (2): Blair, Hill

    CB (5): Flowers, Griffin, King, Thorpe, Nickerson

    Total Defense: 27


    ST (3): Dickson, Myers, Ott

    Total Team: 53

    • Bigten

      Tiulli was already cut right?

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        My bad. Not sure who the 53rd player is. The current roster still shows 53 with Martin and Mingo, but not Clowney, so there’s one spot unaccounted for.

        • Jrod

          Maybe you forgot Ansah?

    • Coleslaw

      Glad they didnt keep scrub OL just for the sake of it. Not surprised to see 4 true DTs. However, Tiuli will clearly be the odd man out once they find their backup QB

    • charlietheunicorn

      I had heard the FB made the roster, but is not listed (24 Offense then)

      Only 4 DE listed, but 5 on the list (26 Defense then). I can see them going 5 deep at DE, they need depth to continue to keep guys fresh.

      I’m also pretty sure Griffin might ultimately land on IR, but as Rob pointed out… could be a stash opportunity in the future.

      As for back-up QB….. Geno might make it back, Mr McGoo may also show up as well… but Geno would be a better option imo.

      • WALL UP

        Bellore was released per Greg Bell

    • WALL UP

      Also Branden Jackson.

  104. CHawk Talker Eric

    Ansah missing from the DEs 😒

  105. Sea Mode

    How would that work? Why couldn’t we just put those players on IR now? (Shaquem, Ed Dickson) You mean outside players who are injured?

    Greg Bell posted a screenshot of an official team communication with all the moves. Simmons is the only one listed on IR.

    • Sea Mode

      Ah, it’s the “IR designated to return” thing. To be eligible for that, a player has to be on the roster to start the season.

      • Sea Mode

        Also, this:

        Bob Condotta

        A reminder that Geno Smith does not go through waivers. So, Seattle may just have an agreement with him that he stays put for a day while the trade works itself out and then he re-signs. Like they meant to do with Tom Johnson last year.

        1:25 AM · Sep 1, 2019

        So all those who were released (“veteran contract terminated”) instead of waived (players with less than 4 years of experience) could, in theory, come right back without other teams interfering:

        FB Nick Bellore
        WR Jaron Brown (though from his Tweet it aint happening)
        DE Cassius Marsh
        C Marcus Martin
        DT Jaime Meder
        DB DeShawn Shead
        QB Geno Smith
        CB Jamar Taylor

        • WALL UP

          I really think they’d let Brown go, as their #2 WR.

    • charlietheunicorn

      You land on IR prior to week #1, you done.

      PUP can come back after a number of weeks, but you either go active roster within fixed amount of time or straight to IR.

      Maybe a little game of trying not to pay vested veterans a guaranteed salary for the whole season.

  106. Paul Cook

    If there’s one thing we know about the Hawks (PCJS) it’s that they LOVE a deep rotational DL unit. Going into this off season, I thought it not possible. Now they seem to be close to it. Time will tell.

  107. Kenny Sloth

    Lets g O

  108. Coleslaw

    I like what weve done at DE.

    Weve got the “stars” in Clowney and Ansah. The “up and comers” in Green and Collier. And the “solid depth” in Jackson and Jefferson.

    I like that a whole lot.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Agreed. Same with LBs. The stars in Wagner and Kendricks. The up and comers in Barton and BBK. And the solid depth in Wright and Calitro

      The best DEs in the League
      The best LBs in the League
      The best RBs in the League
      The best P in the League
      One of the best QBs and OLs in the League

      Barring major injury, Seahawks Nation have reason to be of good cheer

      • Coach

        I think we’ll be able to say at the end of the year one of the best special teams units and also kicker!

      • GoHawksDani

        Solid depth in Wright????? Are you kidding me? KJ must be the most undervalued player ever

        • Hawktalker#1

          Thanks for that comment. I was just about to post it until I saw yours.

  109. Coleslaw


    The draft is at 5:00 TODAY.

    25 minutes! Get in there!

    • TomLPDX

      Any spots left?

  110. WALL UP

    Pete glowed about his team after the win over the Raiders. He said, “This is going to be a good team.” He went out of his way to give praise to Martin when being asked about Mingo. That really stuck out to me since it was not solicited. Low and behold both were the pieces in the trade for Clowney.

    Pete’s words may not have been influential in the trade. But his assessment of his is spot on. It great mixture of experience and youth. Reminiscent of the 2013 roster. “This is going to be a good team.”

  111. Henry Taylor

    So are we rolling with 1 QB for week 1?

    • Henry Taylor

      Never mind I figured it out, the extra spot will be made available when the trade is finalised.

  112. New Guy

    Mone seems to be still there. Happy about that.

    Every time I’ve isolated on him he looks like he’s hunting running backs instead of just waiting for one to run into him.

    Hope he remains after all the initial turmoil.


    • Hawktalker#1


  113. Ericburg

    This clowney deal is great. But I’d rather kept Jake Martin and sent them a R2 pick. That probably wasn’t an option.

    Teams are not gonna be looking forward to playing these Seahawks. I love the way the defense backs have been punishing receivers during preseason. Best front 7 in the nfl should help those guys out a ton. If the O line can stay healthy (big if) we’re going to be physically dominating teams on both sides of the ball. Receiver and corner depth is concerning but I’m feeling good about this squad.

    • Rob Staton


      I think it’s great they kept the R2.

      • Coleslaw

        +12. Rob do you have any podcasts lined up? Hawks fans are pumped and we would love to hear your thoughts.

        Maybe even going live in a few days would be easier than an article. Idk. I just know I would love to hear from ya after all that’s happened today

        • Nick


        • Rob Staton

          Podcast with Brandan today hopefully

  114. DC

    Everybody PASS your physicals!

    Don’t ‘Lane’ us.

  115. charlietheunicorn

    Seattle Seahawks (per cuts tracker)

    FB Nick Bellore, WR Jaron Brown, DE Cassius Marsh, C Marcus Martin, DT Jamie Meder, DB DeShawn Shead, QB Geno Smith, CB Jamar Taylor, QB J.T. Barrett, WR Jazz Ferguson, TE Jackson Harris, T Will Holden, TE Jacob Hollister, LB Jawuan Johnson, WR Kahlil Lewis, S Shalom Luani, QB Paxton Lynch, RS J.D. McKissic, DT Earl Mitchell, WR Nyqwan Murray, T Elijah Nkansah, WR Keenan Reynolds, G Jordan Roos, TE Wes Saxton, RB Bo Scarbrough, DE Logan Tago, CB Simeon Thomas, G Landon Turner, RB Xavier Turner, T Brian Wallace, WR Terry Wright, LB Juwon Young, CB Jeremy Boykins, LB Justin Currie, DT Demarcus Christmas (PUP) , G Phil Haynes (PUP), G Jordan Simmons (injured/reserve), DT Jarran Reed (reserve/suspended)

    • Icb12

      Bummed to see Reynolds cut.

  116. neil

    Geno Smith gone ?? wtf!! Are they really counting on Wilson going injury free at 29+ years?? What are they thinking of resigning Ales McGough on the cheap ??

    • Hawktalker#1

      They could very likely resign Gino soon on a more favorable team friendly deal.

      That is the most likely scenario.

      • Lil’stink

        I think it’s so we can keep Dickson and Griffin and put them on IR. If we re-sign Geno to a vet minimum deal tomorrow we only save around 100k.

      • neil

        I think he will be more willing to go to the Colts if offered. He played about as good as any 2nd tier qb could with 2nd and 3rd stringers around him I really think they made a big mistake. They will get someone cheapr but probably not better or as experienced.

  117. Hawktalker#1

    To anyone familiar with our newest acquisition, Is Perry Nickerson really better than the rest of the cornerbacks we just released? It seems a little surprising.

    • Lil’stink

      Not sure how good Nickerson is, but I like the gist of this tweet:

    • regan sayer

      I wouldn’t second guess Pete when it comes to secondary players so yea, he’s better.

      • Hawktalker#1

        LOL OK

  118. DC

    It’s a game now.

    • DC

      Auburn does the PAC 12 dirty yet again.

      • ZB

        Nix looks bad. Good luck Auburn…..and Huskies.

  119. charlietheunicorn

    That WR Jaylon Redd kid #30 for Oregon has some speed…. exciting to watch him play with the ball in his hands. Really dynamic with the ball in his hands, however he is sub 5’10 and only 180 lbs. Might be worth keeping tabs on this CFB season.

  120. Coleslaw

    Shady McCoy to the Chiefs. Hes back with Andy Reid! That’s a great move for both parties. Shady doesnt have to be a workhorse, but he can be super effective. Damien Williams and Darwin Thompson are pretty good too. Chiefs shouldn’t miss Hunt.

  121. Sea Mode

    OMG! Hahahahaha Texans… I seriously can’t believe this.

    Adam Schefter

    Capper to Saturday’s trade: Houston paid Jadeveon Clowney a $7 million signing bonus while Seattle is paying the remaining $8 million of his salary, per source.

    Seattle also promised not to tag Clowney after this season, per source.

    3:27 PM · Sep 1, 2019

    Seattle must be clearing room for another semi-big move then by cutting Brown, Marsh, etc.? WR anybody?

    • Kenny Sloth

      Just saw this, what a coup. Exec of the year.

      I said the other day, this is a championship window and we need to take full advantage

      • All I see is 12s

        Yeah, so they started off with approximately 19 or 20 mill. Clowney cost eight so they’re down to 11. Then subtract brown and Mingo that’s what, 7 million? So we’re sitting there around 18 or 19. I would imagine they’re either rolling over for next year or yes, maybe another big move. But as we’ve talked about many times in the past, the Hawks do better with their homegrown wide receivers who are going to play the system, not the big-name. Should be interesting.

    • Henry Taylor

      This is amazing! But does taking the tag off the table make it almost impossible to prevent Clowney from hitting the open market? Unless he just loves playing here, a 1 year rental seems like an inevitably.

      • Rob Staton

        If he enjoys it, produces and the team makes a fair offer he could easily be signed before the new league year begins. And Michael Bennett re-signed in Seattle after testing the market.

        For the sake of a third rounder we can all be very relaxed about this, even if it doesn’t work out for the long term.

        • Henry Taylor

          Oh for sure ths trade is a win either way, but it’s even better if he gets resigned which is just less likely without the tag a fail safe.

          • Rob Staton

            For me the only negative is they aren’t able to tag and trade him themselves (as they did with Frank). But the fact they’re only paying Clowney $8m, he only cost a third rounder and they moved Mingo’s salary too is ridiculous. Clearly the Texans were all set to just rescind the tag and part ways. There’s no other explanation for this.

        • Lewis

          The other thing they should do, imo, is list him as a DE on the roster and make it clear to him they see him as/intend to value him as a DE.

          But yes, this is basically an extended trial run to see if they want to sign him long term (and if he wants to stay). Maybe the cap maneuvering is simply to save up some space to potentially sign Clowney and Reed. Maybe the do a deal with Reed early since they can’t negotiate with Clowney.

          • LLLOGOSSS

            He’ll surely be listed at DE, since we are a 4-3 defense, but the semantics don’t matter anymore as we won’t be using the franchise tag next year.

        • LLLOGOSSS

          The compensatory pick the following year actually makes it almost a wash. Mingo probably would’ve been cut; this deal was basically Jacob Martin and the value difference between a late 2020 3rd and a sandwich 2021 3rd.

  122. Coug1990

    Rob, what are your thoughts on new nickle CB Parry Nickerson?

    • Kenny Sloth

      Not Rob, but he ran a 4.32 40 and has really short arms. Pure nickle for us.

    • Rob Staton

      Not seen him

  123. Greg Haugsven

    Now that we found out the Texans are paying $7 million of the $16 I dont understand why they cut Jaren Brown. It appears as if we have around $19-$20 million in cap space. I still think there will be another receiver on this team come week 1. Whether it be Brown or someone else.

    • Elmer

      Be interesting to see if they try to re-sign Brown, Shead, Geno Smith. With all the roster movement going on, not sure where they stand regarding cap space.

  124. Rob Staton

    Jazz Ferguson back on the practise squad.

    Was convinced they’d be able to stash him that way.

    Big opportunity for him to make it work in Seattle down the line.

    • D-OZ

      GREAT!!! I was sweating that move. I hope it was an eye-opener for him. IMO

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Yep, you called it. I’m glad you were right. He’s got some potential.

  125. Azhawkfan

    Concerned about the o-line. As of right now we have two healthy guards. Hopefully an addition is to come.

    • Rob Staton

      Well, the only need two healthy guards to start. Iupati will be back soon so that’s three health guards. Fant could play guard too.

      Depth is nice but if the Seahawks had ideal depth in every area they’d be given the Super Bowl tomorrow.

  126. Aaron Bostrom

    What are your thoughts on the WR room?

    • Greg Haugsven

      Looking thin right now. I cant believe we will start the season with those 6. Feel like there is something else coming.

  127. Paul Cook

    This trade gave me a high-octane jolt for this coming season. The defensive line may not come into its own until the second half of the season (easing Clowney in, Reed’s suspension, Collier getting acclimated, etc…), but at least I know that, barring injuries, the unit I was most concerned about now has potential to be a top-tier unit as the season progresses. I’m also curious how the secondary will finally solidify, but I trust in Pete on that.

    How might you imagine our receiving corp evolving this year? I wonder who RW will end up trusting the most over time. If his pass attempts remain in that 26-30 area, I wonder how the targets will end up getting dispersed? I guess there’s no real way to know, but it sure is an interesting guessing game.

    • GoHawksDani

      If we think 30 targets, I think Lockett will be targeted around 10.
      Moore will be targeted 6
      DK 4
      Ursua 3
      Rest of the 7 will be between Dissly, Vannett, Carson, Penny, Homer and God please….Fant 😀

  128. Deryck

    Jachai Polite on Seahawks practice squad

  129. Kenny Sloth

    McLaurin, Nkansah, back

    Hear we’re claiming Jachai Polite

    • Kenny Sloth

      Scratch that. He’s cleared waivers and is on PS

      • Greg Haugsven

        Not a bad guy to have on the PS. Very odd situation there as he was just drafted 5 months ago. Maybe Pete can get the best out of him.

        • Regan

          Basically a free 3rd rounder, here ya go! Cherry on top of the sunday. Sure he’s very young and raw but he’s a beast rushing the passer, looks like a natural leo. Can’t wait for Rob’s take.

    • Bigten

      Dang lol got me a little excited seeing that we were gonna claim Polite.

      • Bigten

        I just saw we actually put him on our practice squad. I think this is very exciting and interesting. Maybe a tryout situation to gage where his mind is at, if we like what we see, he is added.



      • Kenny Sloth

        Meant Wright! Lol wrong Terry

        • LLLOGOSSS

          Man, you had me over the moon for a second, haha.

  130. Kenny Sloth

    Add Hollister and Simeon Thomas to the list

    That’s 6/10 so far

    • STTBM

      What about Terry Wright?! I like that kid, I hope we get him on the PS….

  131. Paul Cook

    Jachai Polite must be a real headcase. I guess there’s no real downside to taking a flyer on him, unlike Malik.

  132. Tecmo Bowl

    Police’s case is a bizarre one. He was a lock in the top 50, if not higher, before the combine. The interview in the link Polite says he doesnt really watch film of himself. Admits thats he’s been making it off natural talent. Clearly he needs to mature and learn how to become a pro. Hopefully he realizes that, and is ready to learn from the pro bowlers in front of him. Plus all the tape of Clark, Avril and Clemons to digest. Polite has similar burst, frame and pass rush knack as those 3 former Hawks. What a perfect opportunity for the player and team.

    Go Hawks!

  133. Sea Mode

    Just confirming.

    ig: josinaanderson

    QB Geno Smith tells me he is going to sign with the Seattle #Seahawks.

    8:25 PM · Sep 1, 2019

    BTW Alex McGough was claimed by the Texans.

    • Ashish

      Alex McGough deserves Texans 😉 I thought he was over his head probably would be good learning behind Russel.

  134. charlietheunicorn did a little poll of their normal contributors.

    None picked Seattle to make the SB and none picked any player, coach or GM to get a major award or trophy in the 2019.

    Talk about some fuel for the team, there is no national respect.

    I like it.

    • Sea Mode


      *rubs hands together*

      No drama. All football. Mission accomplished of turning our culture back around. Watch out, league!

  135. Paul Cook

    I just read that he had a $100,000 dollars worth of fines with the Jets for things like being late and unprepared. That’s a lot of money even if he got a 1.2 million signing bonus. After federal and state taxes, paying his agent, cost of renting in NYC, etc.., that’s like 20% of his money, the kind of money that he likely will never make again if he doesn’t catch on with another team.

    I wonder what his wonderlic score was?

    Anyway…we’ll see how long of a leash the Hawks give him.

  136. regan

    After all the moves we still have around 20m in cap space this year, est 17.5 rollover for next year giving us 82m for next year. More than enough to sign Clowney, Reed, Ifedi with plenty left over. Were sitting very pretty! Pretty amazing display of front office wizardry!


      Hopefully things work out with Ansah well enough to get him back on a Cliff Avril-type extension, too.

  137. charlietheunicorn

    (Seattle Times – Bob Condotta)
    “….Ferguson became one of six players who it was reported Sunday morning — teams could begin signing players to their practice squad at 10 a.m. Seattle time — had signed with the Seahawks.

    The others included four other players who were in training camp with Seattle: WR Terry Wright, TE Jacob Hollister, CB Simeon Thomas and OL Elijah Nkansah and Polite.”

    • STTBM

      Terry Wright! ANd Jazz! Dang, I got my wish for once!

  138. Paul Cook

    Yeah, this has been a pretty incredible off-season. Perhaps the 2nd best of the PCJS era. I’d have to think about it some more.

  139. charlietheunicorn

    Ok, I admit, this is a far out of reality scenario… but… Seahawks have some cap room and a certain prominent player on another team is disgruntled and being allowed to seek a trade…. he is talented, dynamic and from all indications… an awesome dude…

    Do you pull the trigger on a trade for RB Melvin Gordon?

    If this came to pass, would you hand the trophy for winning the offseason to JS?


      Um… no? We have a really good and cheap situation at RB. I’m not entirely sure Gordon is a better fit for this offense than Carson, who Pete rightly says defines the tough mentality for the team. Not to mention we invested a 1st rounder in Penny.

    • Bigten

      I am a little perplexed as to why we are cutting players for cap space. Mainly Jaron Brown. But I do not think, nor would I want, it’s for Gordon. I honesty can’t find a reason why the cap space is needed. Hopefully Rob can give a reason.

    • Volume12

      Texans will probably trade JJ Watt for Gordon or some sh**.

      • DC

        They tried to already but (San Diego) asked for a 1st round pick as well. Houston countered with 2 1st round picks (2022 & 2023) & Watt for Gordon. When the Chargers gm heard that he figured it was a prank call & hung up the phone…
        Whoops 😬

        • Volume12


  140. Greg Haugsven

    Looks like the Seahawks just resigned Geno Smith as we thought.

    • Sea Mode

      Waiting for Clowney trade to officially go through. Hope Houston doesn’t pull any BS with the medicals…

      • Sea Mode


        Aaron Wilson

        All of the Texans’ trades have been processed and are official now.

        10:48 PM · Sep 1, 2019

  141. Donovan

    Demaryius Thomas seems like a possible PC\JS target.


      Doubt that.

  142. Sea Mode

    So, the full Seahawks practice squad, per sauces…

    G Jordan Roos
    G Kahlil McKenzie
    S Ryan Neal
    T Elijah Nkansah
    DE Jachai Polite
    WR Terry Wright
    WR Jazz Ferguson
    CB Simeon Thomas
    TE Jacob Hollister
    G/C Kyle Fuller

    • Henry Taylor

      Good looking group, let’s hope Polite has finally learnt he’s gonna blow his shot if he doesn’t sort his act out.

      • STTBM

        Is this Khalil kid the son of Reggie Mckenzie? Most of y’all are probably too young to remember Mckenzie’s playing days, but he was a stud….

        • Sea Mode

          Yes, he is.

  143. JimQ

    I just looked up Clowney’s 2014 combine #’s. Pretty impressive. Clowney’s nickname is Doo-Doo, ??
    6′-5″ 266-lbs, 34.5″ arms, 10″ hands, 4.53/40, (#1 of all DL’ers.), 21-bench reps, 37.5″ Vert, (#2 of all DL’ers.), 10′-4″ Broad jump, (#2 of all DL’ers.), 7.27 – 3Cone & 4.43 – 20yd shuttle. -Some freaky #’s in there considering his size.

    Additionally; NFL stats per – Past two years with Houston;
    The 2017/2018 Seasons (31 games), 79-tackles, 18.5 Sacks, 37-TFL, 42-QBHits, 3-FF, 6-FR (2-TD’s)
    Combined stats look much better than I’d have thought, his sacks are great but not really super great, however add in his TFL’s & QBHits and his already acknowledge run defense and you see a pretty complete player that can still improve ’cause he’s only like 26 and may have played out of position a lot. Hope he stays healthy and works his butt off to justify his next big contract, hopefully as a Seahawk. I seriously doubt that $$ were the only reason Clowney wanted to come to Seattle, he also wants a certain “ring” and figures this is THE place to accomplish that.

  144. Bigten

    It’s almost certain that Dickson and Quem will be put on IR right? Who do we think fills those 2 spots? Geno is filling the spot vacated by the trade, but is it likely we add someone we cut? Or someone cut but another team?

    • Sea Mode

      I’m thinking Shead for sure.

      The other spot, maybe Nick Bellore or Keenan Reynolds.

      Or bump up Hollister to 53 and add Paxton Lynch to PS.

      • Hawktalker#1

        Would love to see either/both Shead or Hollister return.

        Would also really like for us to strengthen up our CB group, specifically, slot corner. Hard to believe our newest acquisition there is going to be strong enough.

        • DougM

          I understand the love for Shead but he’s just not the player he was. Putting aside his two big plays, he did a very poor job in coverage, always a step or two off the receiver and looked confused at times. Akeem King also had a poor preseason. It would be harder not to find someone better than those two guys.

  145. Tony

    Surprised no RB to PS. Would love to add Bo. And 4 OL? I like it, keep growing OL. I do like Simeon, jazz and Wright. Also the flier on polite.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s worth remembering that the practise squad will change constantly.

      Jachai Polite might be gone by Tuesday. The PS is in some parts a means to develop and keep players close. In others it’s a glorified version of a try-out.

      • Bigten

        Rob, do you not think polite has a chance? Who do you see us adding in those two extra spots?

        • Rob Staton

          I think it’s a huge long shot. He’s gone from first round lock to horrendous combine to third round fall to cut after one pre-season. Everything is spiralling for him. The practise squad, in this instance, is a chance for the Seahawks to bring him in and suss him out. Is there something to work with or not? Can they get into him? The Jets gave up on a third round pick after mere months. So clearly something isn’t right.

          It’s more likely he’ll be released by next week IMO than he end up working out in Seattle. But it’ll be interesting to see what happens. He has talent.

  146. RWIII

    He guys. Does anyone know who Jarron Brown signed with?

    • Rob Staton

      Nobody yet. Maybe he’ll come back next week.

    • RWIII

      BTW: In regards to Polite. Polite has all the talent in the world. Polite needs someone to straighten him out. If anyone can straighten him out it is Pete Carroll. If Pete Carroll cannot straighten out Polite I don’t know if anyone can. Probably the only other coach with even a wiff of a chance would be Belichick.

      • TomLPDX

        I was thinking more along the lines of coach Norton backed by Bobby/KJ/Kendricks/MacD/etc… If that crew can’t get him straightened out then adios dude,

  147. WALL UP

    I’m hoping Hollister & Bo make it back. There’s a chance Brown may come back, and Jennings goes to PS as well.

    • Rob Staton

      Jennings isn’t going to the PS.

      If that was happening he would’ve been cut. They’ve protected him because they believe in him and aren’t giving up on him after one summer.

      The moment he’s cut he gets picked up. There’s no chance of the PS.

      • WALL UP

        Yeah, that’s probably true, it would be a BIG risk. At a Vet bargain price, Brown is a very enticing piece to be added to the offense that he knows so well, being their #2 WR, not to mention his blocking attributes.

        Hopefully, DK can facilitate what Brown excelled at. Jennings needs development that will take a while, since he just isn’t quite ready yet. By the end of the year it could be a different story.

        Maybe (7) WRs..? Nah..That won’t happen.

        • Rob Staton

          Part of me wonders if they believe the younger guys could make Jaron Brown unnecessary later in the year. If that’s the case, makes sense not to guarantee his contract by having him on the week one roster against a Bengals team they should beat. So if he’s not signed by next week he might return. We’ll see.

          • WALL UP

            Hope so. I think he understands the business side of things and he would like to be here. He can really help the team as well. Maybe 7 WRs & 4 RBs, 3 TEs, if that time comes… We’ll see.

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