Report: Seahawks targeting Anthony Richardson

Mike Florio has written an article today relaying some information he’s hearing:

How about this one? There’s chatter in league circles that the Seahawks could take Florida quarterback Anthony Richardson with the fifth overall pick in the draft.

It would be a surprise, to say the least. But some believe the Seahawks will take Richardson at No. 5, if he’s there.

I don’t think it would be a surprise at all and have been suggesting for a number of weeks that I think Seattle’s two key targets are Will Anderson and Anthony Richardson. Anderson gives them a productive, powerful edge-threat with alpha leadership qualities and a potential impact player. Richardson is exactly the type of physical unicorn Pete Carroll loves to develop and John Schneider is a traits-based projectionist at quarterback.

A report like this doesn’t do Seattle any good if it is indeed true. I think there’s a very real chance someone will trade into the top-three picks specifically to target Richardson. For all the hand-wringing over what he is today, the upside is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. There’s nothing stopping Richardson developing into a Josh Allen type player. For that reason, I think there will be some teams seriously thinking of jumping up to #3. Division rival Arizona would certainly love to spoil Seattle’s potential plan, while acquiring extra stock themselves.

I noted this on my live stream earlier — a lot of people call Richardson a high-ceiling low floor player. I actually think his remarkable physical talent raises the floor. When he works the pro-game out, he could be a fantastic player. Give him time, be patient with him and the rewards are exciting to think about.

Tomorrow I’m going to publish my full interview with Tony Pauline (check it out) but here’s a clip from the conversation where Tony calls Richardson to Seattle ‘a perfect fit’ while praising the mentoring capabilities of Geno Smith:

Now, admittedly, we hear a lot of things in the media. For the last few weeks everyone has been predicting Jalen Carter to Seattle. Recently there’s been a shift with Daniel Jeremiah citing sources that have made him think that won’t happen. Tony, in our interview, voiced a similar view on Sunday.

It’s possible the wider media is catching on at last but anyone who follows the Seahawks closely could see why Schneider and Carroll in particular could be enamoured with Richardson. Corbin Smith even reported a lengthy meeting between Schneider and Richardson’s agent at the Florida pro-day, while Carroll had an audience with Billy Napier. On top of that, Richardson spoke openly in the media about his connection to the Seahawks during their combine meeting.

There’s been a blossoming relationship brewing here.

I spoke to someone who knows the Seahawks very well yesterday and asked his thoughts on the quarterback class. He thought the upside potential of Richardson would likely put him at the top of Seattle’s quarterback board.

The Seahawks have ample picks to address their defense and take a quarterback. Will Anderson looks increasingly likely to be off the board by #5, there are injury concerns with Tyree Wilson and Bob McGinn’s explosive report on Jalen Carter makes him seem even less likely to be the pick than ever before.

This all brings Richardson into view provided nobody trades up first. It’s also why I think moving up isn’t out of the question for Seattle. We started the off-season saying if Schneider finds a quarterback he loves, we should back him to make a move. That should still be the case today even if it means ‘paying the iron price’.

A few quick mentions…

Check out this shorter video I did for the FTN Network discussing the draft and the Seahawks:

If you missed the live-stream earlier check it out here:

The Tony Pauline interview will be live on Monday and on Tuesday I’ll be streaming with Jeff Simmons.

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  1. TheOtherJordan

    Kudos to you Rob. You were on Richardson well before anyone else and you were very right. If he’s there, I think he’ll be a Seahawk.

  2. Danny Z

    Man Rob, you nailed this ages ago. Seems like everyone is playing catch up to you. I hope we get a chance to draft him, the potential alone is more than worth the risk. 4 days to go!!!

    • Tommy

      It’s a bonus, risk taking pick, so take the chance on a QB. It’d be different if it was our only 1st rd selection but with 4 in the top 52, it’s worth the upside on a QB at #5.

      I hope we don’t use any of those other top 52 on a TE, which many mocks have us using.

      The best available pass rusher at #20 or #37.
      The best available Corner or WR at # 20 or # 37
      The best available LB or NT at #52.

      Find a Center in Round 3. More D-Line in Rd 4. BPA on board after that.

  3. Niro

    Rob sold me on Richardson originally and the more I learned the more I fell for him as a prospect. He’s just so exciting and I would do flips if the Seahawks managed to land him even if it took 5+20+37 although hopefully they could get him for less

    • seahawksfan1201

      For that many picks if he’s not Mahomes level by 2024 they messed up

    • Tommy

      If it’s more than #5, forget it. This is the draft that we can fill many holes, too.
      Pass rusher, DT, CB, WR, LB, C. We have big needs to get a SB roster and have flexiblity to still take BPA of those needs at 20, 37 and 52.

      The Detroit Lions and Hawks have the opportunity to use this draft to get us back to a NFCCG and potential SB. Yes, the Detroit Lions are also very close and with their 2 first rounders, they have that same opportunity.

      Go Hawks!! Don’t try to get too smart like ’16-’21. All that crazy trade downs netted us squat! Moving up for DK was likely the only real banner selection.

      Be like 2022!!

  4. Mark

    Find it hard to believe that Seattle as an organization has been so tight lipped would let this info slip out, unless they wanted it out as a smoke screen. I am on board with AR as well, but this maneuvering in the media pre-draft day has me thinking they want another team to jump ahead so Anderson slides to them.

    • Mark

      Whatever it is, I have to say it is master class of media manipulation and miscommunication by the front office. From the QB tour to the last minute Jalen Carter visit. All I can really say on the matter is I have no effin’ clue who their target is at 5.

    • Andy J

      The org doesn’t have to let anything “slip” for the league or the media to make educated guesses about their thinking. Heck, all the really have to do is read the SEAHAWKS draft blog. There is only so many prospects that make sense at #5. Despite what pundits say, a lot of the league has a good idea how PC/JS think and act (unlike a lot of the brand new coaches/GMs within the top-10). Plus it’s common knowledge they scouted the QBs and talked to Richardson’s coach/agent.

      What remains interesting is Florio’s comment (quite generally held) that this “would be a surprise.” How this could surprise anyone is beyond me.

      • Rokas

        100% this.

    • Tommy Boy

      The one guy I really don’t want is Will Anderson, unless someone can link game tape to change my mind.

      Even the highlight reels seemingly were the first few games of the year vs lesser competition.

      If we can’t get Richardson, I’d rather take the risk with Carter.

      We all know there will be MANY busts in the top 15 of this draft, there ALWAYS is and I’d put my $$ that Will Anderson will turn out to be a decent player, but nothing I’ve seen screams All-Pro, dominant have to draft him if he falls.

      I would be sick if the Hawks end up taking Anderson at #5.

      If we select Richardson, Wilson or even Carter who has risk, I’d be pleased but Will Anderson, the consummate pro who screams NFL average, I will pass on. Different player and position but this is how I felt about Aaron Curry, (documented in 2009) when everyone had him at the top of the draft board. What did he excel at WF? straight line speed. Never rushed the passer! Had tight hips with poor 3 cone and agility. I never understood the love. Same with Anderson.

      What does Anderson excel at? He’s just decent at a few things but doesn’t scream dominant take over a game talent. He doesn’t and neither did Aaron Curry and why I took so much heat 15 years ago.

      GO Hawks

      • Tommy Boy

        Not that anyone cares but the guy I wanted the Hawks to draft instead of Aaron Curry, maybe drop down a few spots, was the Beast from Texas, Brian Orakpo.

        I can’t remember if I saw great tape of Orakpo vs Trent Williams or Russell Okung but I remember Orakpo screamed game changing defensive player. Aaron Curry NEVER screamed game changing defensive player.

        Will Anderson does NOT scream game changing defensive player. Good all around player but nothing to be feared.

  5. Ross

    I’m really curious to know if Seattle will take Stroud if Richardson and Anderson are both off the board at 5. I would hope so but who knows. I trust JS with this decision.

    • DawgyD

      Depends on their board I guess. Do they like AR enough over Stroud to potentially trade up to 2 to make sure they get him ?

      Just need either Houston or AZ to go Defense and we get at least one QB, which is my preference.

  6. Edgar

    Florida fans are actually glad to see him leave. Let that fester a bit-

    • DK

      The Georgia team is glad to see Jalen Carter go.

      Florida fans are thinking he was supposed to come in and carry them to the SEC title or something. Kid played well down the stretch and if it wasn’t for him, they probably wouldn’t have made a bowl game.

      Mahomes was 7-5 he last year at Texas Tech, Josh Allen had a losing record at Wyoming his last year. Then Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray won the Heisman and went to the CFP and aren’t setting the NFL on fire.

      John Schneider says you need to project what a player can become vs. what they are now. This is the same GM who was all over Mahomes and Allen. Convinced Carroll that Wilson was the QB to take.

      UF fans still are probably still mad Tim Tebow never had a hall of fame career.

      • Rob Staton

        I bet Florida fans also really enjoyed 31-3 without him

        • GoHawks5151

          Go Beavs! 👍🏾

          • Gomhawk

            I Did

    • seahawksfan1201

      Florida fan I know thinks he should have come back for another year, which, ok, but given he’s now being talked about as a top-10 lock seems like he made the right choice for him

    • Brodie

      Bull. Shit. I know Gator fans and every one of them are bummed that he won’t be back.

      SOME Buckeye fans are happy Stroud is gone. “It was time” – “Couldn’t get us over the top” MOST realize they’re better off with him than without.

      I’d like to see these Florida fans who are glad he’s gone. Are they excited for the QB battle between Graham Mertz and Jack Miller? The guys I know are already chalking 2023 up as a lost year.

    • Lord Snow

      Not buying this Edgar. The way these quarterbacks have been picked apart If This Were a true statement and Floridians are trying to drive him out of the state we would have heard of it by now. All I’ve ever read is that the kid is awesome.

    • Malanch

      Let what fester, Edgar? Have you made a point? Are you suggesting NFL teams should build their draft boards according to what each fanbase thinks? What happens if a fanbase represents more than one opinion–is polling involved? Walk us through the mechanics of this process, if you would.

    • BK26

      Yeah they are glad to turn the page and see their future like in the bowl game. Nice try.

      • Gomhawk

        Like all SEC fans, they just take pride in Alabama and Georgia dominating while they chant SEC. No one else does that…

        • Malanch

          To be fair, the football programs in Tennessee, Auburn, LSU, and Florida have also won national championships just since the start of the BCS/CFP era (1998–present), which no other conference can even pretend to touch. But yeah, the “SEC! SEC!” chants are strikingly cringe-inducing. Personally, I like that the conferences out west don’t make a religion out of college football. It’s unwholesome.

          • Gomhawk

            Fair. SEC has had success, but yes, cringeworthy chants, and I find conference pride bizarre. I’ll root pac-12 for SOS reasons but even then I often can’t bring myself to do it.

  7. SEAhemoth82

    Can you cite a source for your claim?

    • Rob Staton

      What claim?

      • SEAhemoth82

        Didn’t hit the reply for Edgar’s comment Rob

    • SEAhemoth82


    • Malanch

      Ope, here is the poll Edgar was referencing (with one hundred percent of Florida alumni and fans responding):

      QUESTION: How do you feel about Anthony Richardson leaving the program after only 13 career starts?

      A) Noooooo! We won’t see his talent in Gainesville for another generation! (0% of votes)
      B) Bummed. That skill, that charisma, that arrow pointing up—and only 21. (0% of votes)
      C) Yeah, whatever. Par for the course for this moribund program. (0% of votes)
      D) Woo hoooooo! 53 percent completion rates no more! (100% of votes)


  8. seahawksfan1201

    This report makes perfect sense if who they really want is Stroud, just sayin

    • Sean

      Hoping this is the case. Stroud > Richardson. Watch their performances against Georgia…and please, no excuses about their supporting casts.

      • Malanch

        “Stroud > Richardson. Watch their performances…”

        No excuses necessary. Only a reminder: It’s about what they are going to be, not what they used to be.

      • BK26

        Exactly! No excuses! The four 1st round receivers, offensive linemen and running back getting drafted, the team making the playoffs the last two years didn’t help Stroud. It’s all him. Even Stevens.

        Watch their performances for the year. There is your answer. Their situations mattered. One thrived with his hand held, the other persevered and grew by himself. We’re lucky to have either.

      • Chris

        Are you suggesting that scouts and teams should not consider the level of talent on a prospect’s team or the quality of an opponent when evaluating players? A truly brilliant scouting philosophy you’re developing there …

      • Patrick Toler

        Stroud played a great game, but you can’t ignore that he played that game in the context of being hand fed his pre-snap reads while playing behind a loaded line and throwing to an incredible receiver group. If we are going to judge QB prospects purely off what they’ve shown on film, then I can’t figure out why Colt McCoy and Tim Tebow didn’t make it to the hall of fame.

        • seahawksfan1201

          “you can’t ignore that he played that game in the context of … throwing to an incredible receiver group.”

          JSN didn’t play at all and Harrison got knocked out with injury. So, no.

    • Rob Staton


      People act like this is John ringing up Florio with a misdirection

      It’s clearly just what people in the league think might happen

      • seahawksfan1201

        Sure but those people aren’t throwing darts at a wall they’re using available information to make an educated guess. That information and, therefore, the guess, can be manipulated. Five days ago, in context of the team sending Hutch to work out Tippmann, John P Gilbert at Field Gulls wrote:

        “Why would a team show interest in a player they don’t intend to draft? Just like 2017 when the Seahawks drafted center Ethan Pocic, they wanted to keep things quiet so never had Pocic meet with Tom Cable. Instead, the Seahawks sent Cable to meet with Garett Bolles, and leaked that to Tony Pauline in the days leading up to the draft.”

        A meeting with a player’s agent, like the one you mention Corbin Smith reported between the Hawks and Richardson’s, would be a perfect false breadcrumb to leave since you can be very confident the agent will talk about it to anyone who’ll listen. So this could absolutely be intentional deception.

        • BK26

          And also a complete waste of time. People make too big a deal out of “oh we need to hide that we are doing this so let’s try and trick them by doing this!”

          It’s called due diligence and it’s looking like it’s the route they might go.

          There is way too much time between the combine and pro days and the draft. Like Adam said…it’s almost knocked all of the excitement out of the lead up.

  9. Katal

    Would love to draft Richardson; he’s my top target. It’s wonderful to think that if Arizona gets cute and lets, say, Vegas jump us, we’ll still have at least one phenomenal quarterback fall to us – or Will Anderson. That is all right. We’re in great position heading into draft week.

  10. JimQ

    I find this tidbit from Wyman & Bob’ – John Schneider show “interesting”. Near the beginning of the broadcast JS mentioned their pre-draft plans for the coming days before the draft. One of the last days they would “meet with Jody” to go over all of their options -specificity including- trading up & and trading down with their two first round picks. I would conclude that:

    (1) Major decisions, including their draft plans have to be run by the boss first? Confirmation of a power shift?
    (2) PC/JS likely have serious plans in place to move up and/or/down to be determined by how the draft falls. They will soon have their board firmly set, so now it’s wait & see. (Maybe 5 & 37 & change for 2? and then trade down from 20 to recoup some draft capital????) Could be plan “A” IF Young goes #1 & they covet AR??

    • LouCityHawk

      I’ve run a lot of simulations involving moving up for 5, 37.

      You’ve got to be very aggressive with the rest of your draft, but it frankly isn’t a huge barrier.

    • Steve Nelsen

      I don’t think it is running the decisions by Jody so much as it is giving her a heads up on likely media/fan reactions so she isn’t caught off guard. Especially this year with all the strong divisive opinions about drafting Jalen Carter or whether or not to draft a QB.

      Lots of teams do something like this before the draft. For instance, the Detroit GM will also be briefing their owner this week and mentioned the likely media response if they drafted Jalen Carter as a topic. The owner is responsible for setting the “values” for the organization under which the employees operate. So, if there is a question about whether a pick fits organizational values, that is up to the owner.

      • LouCityHawk

        Compare this with Irsay, Tepper, Bidwell, and other owners who like calling the shots with the high picks.

      • Mark Miller

        Agree with you.

        CEO/Owner of an org (re)/sets and manages the organizational culture etc. This is a heads-up meeting to be aligned with senior leadership. She has backed PC/JS and giving her a read in on the proposed possibilities and how they fit within her remit and area of responsibility is a courtesy and awareness for the boss.

        Of course, the boss could have objectictions and or concerns to be discussed as well so we shall see.

    • Malanch

      “Confirmation of a power shift?” –JimQ

      As I’ve gathered, the pre-draft briefing/consultation with ownership is standard procedure. But yes, major decisions definitely must be laid out ahead of time. Pete and John ain’t doin’ Jack without Jody’s say-so. A hypothetical trade-up from #5 would definitely be something for her to mull over, especially if the fellas are talking QBotF.

    • Sea Mode

      Nah, just a courtesy to make the owner feel part of it on an important and exciting day for the franchise. The Allen’s always sat in the draft room on day 1 just to watch, but they never interfere (thank goodness).

      • Malanch

        I’d say it’s much more than “just a courtesy to make the owner feel part of it”. Not that Jody’s going full-on Jerry Jones or anything, but her visible involvement with last year’s draft seemed to signal a drastic departure from Paul’s more peripheral presence. I don’t necessarily think she’s directly affecting Pete’s and John’s specific personnel choices, but I definitely do get the sense that she’s yeaing and naying at the junctures of their process flowchart. Pete and John have publicly embraced this sudden shift in ownership style, and it’s a good move on Jody’s part. A fire needed to be lit under the arse of the current regime.

  11. LouCityHawk

    More and more I’m feeling like the draft board will fall like this:

    1. Young *we can lock this in I think
    2. Levis *Colts trade up after Titans trade up to 3
    3. Richardson *Titans may be targeting Levis/Richardson – my sense is they prefer Levis.
    4. Anderson *Texans may try to trade down twice, but my sense is they are going to try and add as much premium defensive talent as they can.

    5. That leaves Stroud, Wilson, Carter or wild card.

    In that scenario, I suspect that Stroud would be the quick choice. If Richardson is indeed the top choice, then moving up to 2 is the only choice to guarantee that.

    • Gaux Hawks

      I think someone just mentioned this, but Houston/Indy and Arizona/Seattle trades are probably unlikely.

      Why would Houston let Indy trade up? Just take your guy…

    • Vichawkfan

      Houston trading back with Titan and/or Colts (inter-divisional) is slim.

  12. Michael Hasslinger

    Such an impressive skill you have. Your natural cadence and fact-based delivery are clear, concise, and easy to absorb. I don’t always agree with you, but I admire your skill. Thank you for sharing your love with us who also love the Seahawks. Great stuff. Hoping for Stroud, would love Richardson/Levis/Young. I’ll need to be convinced with Anderson (Say hello Aaron Curry).

    Thank you again.

  13. Lord Snow

    Pay the iron price! Saw comment above that trading up giving up three picks first second and third I believe and if he doesn’t become Pat Mahomes in 2 years then it’s a waste. I’ll tell you what a waste is taking the number five pick which is house money and not trying to fill the most important position in Pro Sports. It doesn’t work out? Then you gave it the best shot. But make no mistake this is not a Jamal Adams type trade. That’s the kind of stuff that Torpedoes franchises

    • Lord Snow

      Sorry my bad two firsts and a second. And I would pay that to get Richardson but it may not even take that considering the rumors that few teams want to trade up

    • Wilson502

      Couldn’t agree more, completely echoed my thoughts lol.

    • seahawksfan1201

      But what if that’s not enough? Should they consider trading their whole draft plus next year’s first and DK? And more importantly why do you guys keep referencing the “iron price” when giving significant resources to (presumably) a division rival is clearly paying the Gold Price and would get you disowned by any true Salt Lord?

  14. cha

    It is interesting to me that it is Florio saying this.

    He’s said for weeks the drama it would create in Seattle at QB isn’t worth taking one of the four. He has waved off reports as draft trade posturing.

    And now he reports on Seattle’s interest in AR without much of his commentary.

    I’m not saying the rumor is 100% true but Florio will report what he’s hearing even if it doesn’t jive with his viewpoint.

    • Chris

      For a smart guy, Florio says a surprisingly large amount of dumb things.

  15. Jordan

    Beautiful thing about #5 – Anderson or any of the 4 QBs.

    • Tim

      And at #5, you will receive less fan blowback if you missed out on a real gem taken before your pick. For example, if Young gets hurt right away, Carolina fans will say, “you knew he was too slight of stature, why didn’t you take the Cam Newton clone!”

  16. Wilson502

    As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, it appears that Richardson is the primary target (like I suspected he would). If they are really that interested in him, then they need to just quit pussyfooting and make the move up to #2 and get in front of AZ. This report just all the more confirms my stance on moving up, relying on hopium is a failed strategy if you feel like your guy wont be there.

    • Wilson502


      • BK26

        Pay the Iron Price. He will sit in the Iron Throne, the prince that was promised!

    • Lord Snow

      If you let him get away and let events happen to you rather than making them happen then you end up with The Tavares Jackson experiment, trading for Charlie Whitehurst, signing Matt Flynn, and you likely will not get lucky with a third round pick in Russell Wilson. I don’t want to go through that again, just go get your guy!

      • Wilson502

        Exactly my point. “Letting events happen to you” is just a fancy way of saying you’re relying on hopium. With the draft capital they have, there’s no excuse to be relying on hopium, just grow a pair and make it happen.

        • Lord Snow

          People are worried they’re going to lose that 20th pick in a trade up. Like that in itself is a guaranteed star. That could very easily be justin britt, germaine ifedi, LJ Collier, Rashad penny. They think next year go get Caleb Williams or Drake May. How are you going to do that without a number five pick? Go get the guy right now, end of story.

          • Wilson502

            Expecting this fanbase to actually utilize critical thinking or use sound arguments in their reasoning is a fruitless endeavor. Its like most of the fanbase has collective amnesia and refuse to learn from past mistakes.

            • Mark Miller

              With respect- to questions others fandom like this is out of line frankly. You are of course intitled to your opinion, but the fact that people have the hutzpah to disagree with YOU is very telling.

  17. Chavac

    If there’s anything to this and that’s who they want, then they seem to be in a decent position to let things fall to them. If Houston takes Anderson then I assume someone will put together a better package to go up for Stroud over Richardson. If Houston goes Stroud then AZ can snag Anderson, which seems like a solid fit.

    Any way you slice it, it seems like they’re coming away with a really good player. Man how things would be different if they were just picking 1 spot further back.

    • LouCityHawk

      Why would you assume someone would move up for Stroud, not Richardson, and who?

      • Chavac

        To me, a one year college starter with significant accuracy concerns isn’t a pick most teams can accommodate, nor do most of those teams have a serviceable QB who has had success in their system to sit him behind.

    • Wilson502

      “Letting things fall to them” = hopium. This strategy has such a huge risk of backfiring that it’s not worth even entertaining.

      • Chris

        If they’ve got a similar grade on Levis, Richardson, and Stroud then trading up isn’t worth even entertaining.

        • Wilson502

          I wouldn’t be surprised as indicated from this article that Richardson is highest on their board.

          • seahawksfan1201

            This article is just guesswork from other teams’ personnel and for all you know it’s predicated on an expectation that Stroud and Levis will be off the board by 5

  18. Chewy

    Pete and John never let their interest leak out pre draft. Has any mock draft ever guessed the top Hawks pick since 2010? This is 100% a plant by the Hawks. Why you ask? Because we want teams to trade up for the 4 QBs. “With the 5th selection in the 2023 draft, the Seattle Seahawks select Will Anderson from Alabama”

    • dregur

      Last year, I think Charles Cross in the last week was being mocked to the Seahawks with some regularity.

    • UkAlex6674

      And Ifedi in 2016

    • Rob Staton

      Has any mock draft ever guessed the top Hawks pick since 2010?


    • Malanch

      “This is 100% a plant by the Hawks.” –Chewy

      No, not a hundred percent. I’d bring that number way down.

      Not all MSM pre-draft content is team-generated disinfo, and not all talkers are merely useful idiots, cluelessly serving the league’s franchises year after year after year. The primary agenda of these network propagators is to drive up ratings in order to deliver audiences to advertisers, which can’t be done by peddling the same tedious product day after day after day. Market differentiation is necessary.

      Richardson as a serious consideration for the Seahawks has been a topic of discussion at SDB since last fall—unwavering even in the aftermath of some of his clunkier performances—so it’s nothing “different” here. But for the lockstep D-line-or-bust MSM crowd, it’s quite the radical proposition. It’s juicy. Debate-inducing. Definitely different. Cha-ching.

  19. Palatypus

    I don’t see the divisiveness amongst Seahawks fans anymore. It’s a dialectic. This place is praxis, and I don’t mean the Klingon moon.

    Recently at the dog park, a local radio guy here in Pensacola said about me, “This guy right here knows more about the NFL draft than anyone I have ever met.”

    But that’s not me.

    It’s all of you.

    • Ben - Fort Worth

      Go to Marinertalk dot com and click on Seahawks forum, and you’ll see me battling it out daily with Seahawks fans over Jalen Carter!!!

    • Malanch

      “I don’t see the divisiveness amongst Seahawks fans anymore. It’s a dialectic.” –Palatypus


      …But then, we in the West are living in a world that has largely been machined through Hegelian dialecticism, so inevitably this will extend to nearly every expression of contemporary culture. Polarities are widening and hardening; discursivity now defaults to the polemical. Unity within an NFL fanbase lasts for about three hours and 15 minutes, seventeen Sundays out of the year.

  20. Palatypus

    Also, for the record, my “draft crushes” from this segment after going to all the Senior Bowl practices this year were Tyjae Spears and Keeanu Benton.

    Last year at the one Senior Bowl practice I attended it was Boye Mafe and Abraham Lucas.

    • Coach

      I love those 2 as well! I’m hoping:

      1. Anderson Edge
      1. Trade back and get an extra 3rd
      1. Tippman C
      2. Benton DT
      2. Brents CB
      3. Spears RB
      3. Tank Dell WR3 & one of best punt returners in the draft

      I would love the contributions these 6 would make and I think they would definitely raise the bar for our team both with their play and their character/leadership for years to come!

      Go Hawks!

      • Happy Hawk

        But no QB – ouch after losing Wilson and being gifted the #5 pick.

        • Wilson502

          Trading away your franchise QB and not have a plan to replace him just makes the RW trade a massive failure in my view.

          • Mark Miller

            Wow. Forest- meet trees

  21. Quinn

    Peter King’s mock draft is interesting. Not only does he have Hooker at 12, AR dropping all the way to 23, he has the Seahawks taking Carter at 5 over Will Anderson and Zay Flowers at 20. Under pick 5, he noted that:

    “I don’t discount the impact of the last problem defensive tackle the Seahawks drafted—Malik McDowell early in the second round of 2017. He never played a down for the Seahawks after having a host of off-field problems. And the red flags around Carter certainly are notable. Two other things, as a person with a team that’s done a lot of work on Carter told me: Seattle defensive coordinator Clint Hurtt will be firm and demanding with Carter; he’s an old-school coach who won’t take passive effort.”

    So if Clint Hurtt is the coach that will be demanding of Carter, how is he a good fit again? I swear these national media guys are full of bollocks when they write these things.

    • Rob Staton

      ‘Interesting’ is certainly one description for it…

      • Julian L

        Rob, I think I’ve only heard you mention it once, I can’t remember where, but I think your most accurate comparison to Jalen Carter’s bust potential, purely on character concerns was Isaiah Wilson. That was a really good comp. I think you should push that more?

        • Malanch

          “I think you should push that more?”

          Pushing implies agenda. No agenda necessary. Information and perspective will suffice.

    • Patrick Toler

      Peter King is great great at what he does. Mock drafts not being ‘what he does’.

      • TomLPDX

        And he’ll be the first one to admit that.

    • Malanch

      “Clint Hurtt will be firm and demanding with Carter.” –Peter King

      Oh, well wow. I hadn’t thought of that at all—this changes everything!

      • Rob Staton


  22. Mick

    Yes, let the dice roll. Not certain he’ll become a star, but he might, so why not take a chance. It’s also the best place for him, no pressure to play, can sit and learn, Geno would help him through, we got a new QB expert, ideal conditions to develop as a player. I’ll be so happy to see him at #5.

  23. Big Mike

    Well, what to think? I have predicted AR to Seattle at 5 all along but hey, maybe it’ll be CJ there. Helluva consolation prize if so.

    Tennessee and the Raiders are the teams that I worry about with AR because they have the QBs in place to redshirt him for a year. The question will be whether or not they want to spend the draft capital (a lot of next year stock mot likely) to get to where they need to to draft him. If you want him PCJS, go to #2.If you are fine with one of the other QBs or Anderson, obviously then stay where they’re at. In all honesty I do believe someone is going to take Anderson before Seattle’s pick so one QB will fall to the Hawks.

  24. Frans Geraedts

    On the state of the Seahawks dynasty (an ongoing thought experiment)

    1. There is no light between Carrol and Schneider.
    2. They always think long term.
    3.When they traded Russel Wilson it was because they had finally concluded that they could not win a Super Bowl with him if they would have to pay him the coming rate.
    4. There are two ways to win the Super Bowl. Have a good enough rookie qb and a very good roster; have a brilliant qb and a good enough roster (and then there is the rams way).
    5. Mediocre qb’s are overpaid and guarantee mediocrity.
    6. When they traded Russel Wilson they switched (back) to the good enough rookie version of Super Bowl team building. That is what Jodie Allen called “you guys are back in your wheelhouse”.
    7. 5 years with a young qb fits Carrol to a tee. Going out with a bang.
    8. They have with Geno and his contract created an ideal situation for a rookie qb that is not ready yet, but could become a brilliant qb.
    9. Imagine the Carrol legacy: another (successful) run at a Super Bowl in the next five years and then leaving behind a Mahomes or Allen type of qb for the team; all on the foundation of a culture that can be sustained.
    10. Schneider will after those five years guide the team for a new owner into a (second try at) brilliant qb plus good enough roster. His main task would be to find a coach that will maintain the culture.

  25. Gomhawk

    Good point about Richardson’s high floor. A fantastic athlete/runner on a rookie contract can open a window for contention if the other resources are spent right.

    • Malanch

      Dan Orlovsky was the first MSMer I heard dare to suggest that Richardson might have a high floor (this was about a month ago), but his has remained a lonely island. To me, it’s just common sense; i.e., if a high-ceiling prospect with elite tools and requisite drive is developed by competent coaches with a sound plan, why in the world would is floor be low? Are we back to that 53 percent completion rate again? …Oh gawd, don’t tell me it’s blind W-L record, probably the easiest pre-draft “statistic” to piss on and laugh at.

      As I see it, the primary complication of the Richardson projection is the simple lack of game volume. The sample size is small enough that his floor-to-ceiling range is necessarily wider than that of a prospect with greater game volume—but this says nothing about how high or low that floor-to-ceiling range is. To claim his floor is low despite the insufficient sample size is to declare certitude about the uncertain, an obvious contradiction in a low-information context. The “boom or bust” trope gets mindlessly passed along from talker to talker, simply because that’s how pop media works. I credit Orlovsky for thinking for himself.

      • Gomhawk

        Good take. I don’t wanna compare Richardson to some recent QBs because he’s unique, but Lamar and even Colin Kaepernick had success as athletes who can sorta throw on rookie deals. Justin Fields also. I think some of the big arm busts ppl think of weren’t fast. I see more upside with Richardson’s throwing than those guys tho.

  26. Ishmael

    “Only last year, they escaped a situation in which the quarterback had become too much of a focal point for the team. Why create a situation in which excessive attention will be devoted to the quarterback position, once the fifth overall pick is devoted to a quarterback?”

    … Lol? What do you even do with that sort of argument, it’s deranged stuff. Richardson to Seattle has been an incredibly obvious fit for about six months now, and became even cleaner with the deal Geno signed. It’s actually a pretty good case study in how bad the draft media as a whole is. The big boys get their talking points in early, everyone else tucks in after them, and narrative is set.

    • GrittyHawk

      I had the same reaction. So because Wilson was acting like a child and wanted a huge contract, that means what exactly? We will never draft another QB again? We’ll never even allow the team to have a good QB for fear that he might become the focal point of the offense? KC and Philly really out there struggling with the excessive attention paid to their QBs, right?

      • Ishmael

        QBs can only drafted in non-attention seeking rounds from now on. First is too early, third is going to be Wilson all over again, sixth is asking for Brady comparisons, seventh is too much pressure to live up to Purdy. Anyone looking likely in the second, fourth, or fifth?

    • Malanch

      “It’s actually a pretty good case study in how bad the draft media as a whole is. The big boys get their talking points in early, everyone else tucks in after them, and narrative is set.”


  27. Robert Las Vegas

    Rob I have been watching Michael Mayer tape and I what I can see is he isn’t a great athlete I wish he did better at the combine but he catches everything and he is a willing blocker and he will probably have a 10 year NFL career. And he kinda reminds me of Jason Witten who played for Dallas all those years.he is going to be a solid pro

    • GrittyHawk

      I disagree that he isn’t a great athlete. His short area quickness is elite. I don’t know why they still haven’t updated with the correct numbers from his pro day, but I believe his true RAS is 8.92. 40 time is not a super important metric for TEs since they will very rarely run straight down the field at full speed.

    • Patrick Toler

      Jason Witten who had 13,000 receiving yards, 10+ pro bowls, and a couple of all pros. Yep that would be alright for a mid first.

      • Peter

        How about a less sexy pick that I’d still take…

        Greg Olsen first ten years in the league.

  28. GerryG

    Agreed with the high floor take. IMO you could design a qb run based offense day 1 that would be difficult to defend, which to me is a high floor.

    I’m not suggesting some team take that approach, he needs a year to learn the NFL, but the running ability makes for a high floor.

  29. Seahawcrates

    Just listening to Salk and Brock this morning while walking my dog. Mike has had his “come to Rob moment” on the road to Damascus. Said what Rob has been saying all along. No way Seahawks take Carter. If Anderson is gone, the only smart scenario is to go quarterback. He described it like an epiphany, the scales falling from his eyes. My dog London looked back at me and we just smiled together ruefully.

    • Seahawcrates

      Rob, it’s a real pleasure to follow you. I don’t watch much college football so your insight into the draft is invaluable to me as I’m so Seahawk centric. I’ve learned a lot from you and especially appreciate your reasoned and supported approach to your opinions. So appreciate your work and effort. I’m a much better fan because of you. Hiking the Highlands in a couple weeks. Will drink a good scotch in your honor, my man!

    • Rob Staton

      Welcome, Mike 🙏🏻

      There’s plenty of room for more…

  30. Robert Las Vegas

    One thing I know is come this Thursday half the Seahawks will be happy and delighted and half will be mad as hell. Rob remember oh way back when early draft mocks broke out and Myles Murphy was projected to go to the Seahawks At pick 5 .and you were shooting that down rather quickly doesn’t that seem forever ago.

  31. Rob Staton

    Albert Breer
    Todd McShay
    Tony Pauline

    All talking about an O-liner going at #3

    Breer & McShay saying Arizona might take one, Tony saying someone might trade into that spot for one

    • Quinn

      Rob, the only problem this could pose is that Tyree Wilson would be in play at 5. Would you be convinced that one of Stroud/Levis/AR be ranked ahead of Wilson? JS’s comments on the radio gives me hope. “Not reaching for guys. We don’t care if the pick is unpopular with the fanbase.”

      • Rob Staton

        Well I think a QB would be more unpopular with fans than DL

        Wilson is not an exciting player IMO. Plus he’s an older BIG 12 defender playing against crap left tackles, with injury issues

        If they pass on Stroud/Richardson for that it will be massively underwhelming. I don’t think they will.

    • Mick

      Rob do you think it’s gonna be Skoronski or Wright if someone gets an O-liner at 3?

      • Rob Staton

        The momentum seems to be behind Paris Johnson Jr

        • Mick

          Thank you, I’m sure you’ve seen him, do you think he’s better than Cross?

          • Rob Staton

            I rated them very similarly — not crazy about either going into the draft

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