Tony Pauline interview & Monday draft rumours

Here’s my full interview with Tony Pauline…

Yesterday Mike Florio revealed, “There’s chatter in league circles that the Seahawks could take Florida quarterback Anthony Richardson with the fifth overall pick in the draft.”

Today the speculation continues, with the various reporters trying to unearth what might happen this week.

Todd McShay is hearing strong Seahawks interest in drafting a quarterback at #5, while he also says “Jalen Carter isn’t expected to be the pick.”

I have a strong sense Seattle won’t leave Round 1 without a quarterback. The more I talk to execs, scouts, coaches and agents, the more I think the Seahawks could be targeting Stroud or even Florida’s Anthony Richardson at this spot, depending on who is there. Stroud is 21 years old and Richardson is 20, and the idea is either could sit behind Geno Smith in the short-term and develop into the answer for the long-term.

If both are gone, that means either Anderson or Wilson will be there, and I expect that’d be the direction Seattle goes. Multiple sources have told me Georgia defensive tackle Jalen Carter isn’t expected be the pick. I don’t see Carter falling out of the top 10, but it’s reasonable he could slide to the back end of it.

One final note on Seattle: If it doesn’t take a quarterback at No. 5, keep an eye on Tennessee’s Hendon Hooker at No. 20, the team’s other first-round slot. He’s older (25), but it’s another option for a team thinking about the future under center.

This would align with what I’ve been projecting myself — a comfort level with Will Anderson or Anthony Richardson, with Tyree Wilson and C.J. Stroud being potential alternatives given the speculation about a defensive scheme switch and Stroud’s suspected fall.

Albert Breer, however, has a slightly different take:

This, to me, is the ceiling for Carter. I’ve heard that Pete Carroll loves the Georgia game-wrecker, and that the Seahawks had a good 30 visit with him. That said, Seattle GM John Schneider has had his ups and downs with such gambles in the past, and it’s fair to wonder if his experience with Malik McDowell a few years back would have a material effect on whether or not he’d spend the fifth pick on someone with Carter’s file. I also wouldn’t rule out Richardson; Schneider and Carroll really liked Josh Allen a few years ago, and there are some parallels with this one, including the fact that they wouldn’t have to rush him out onto the field as a rookie. As for the second pick? Sounds like Seattle is comfortable enough with its roster to go best player available there, with a trade down always being a possibility as long as Schneider’s finger is the one on the trigger.

Breer, unlike Daniel Jeremiah and McShay, isn’t saying that Carter to Seattle is unlikely. I suspect, however, that what he says he is extremely plausible. I can well imagine Pete Carroll being a fan of Carter’s on-field performance when he’s at his best. I’m also sure it’s possible he had a good official-30 visit. Drew Rosenhaus would’ve prepared his client sufficiently to get the job done in that regard.

Yet the point Breer makes about Schneider’s comfort level is also important. The Seahawks have been here before and know how important this pick is. I’m afraid there’s just too much going on with Carter, as we’ve discussed ad nauseam, and I’m not surprised the likes of Jeremiah and McShay are starting to hear expectations Seattle will pass on him. Bob McGinn’s explosive article featuring Carter did not portray someone who I would ever expect the Seahawks (and many other teams) to take in the top-five.

Breer’s line on BPA at #20 is also very interesting and speaks to what we’ve been debating. He also acknowledges a trade down could be likely with the second pick. That all feels very ‘clued-in’ so we’ll see if he’s right about the other stuff.

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  1. DW

    I have hyped myself up for Anthony Richardson so much that the only two outcomes for me from this draft are; relief (we choose AR) or extreme disappointment (everything else)

    I am ready to be hurt 🙂

    • Steve Nelsen

      I am right there with you DW. I warn about the “confidence bias” affecting the way we experience the draft every year but…here I am absolutely convinced that Seattle can get a QB of the future AND improve the defense and that Anthony Richardson is a future MVP.

      • Scot04

        I’m perfectly happy with any of the 4 QBs.

    • LetARichCook

      Bring him home!!!!

    • Chase

      Im happy if it’s stroud too

      • geoff u

        Stroud, Levis, AR, Young, I don’t care just get me one of them and preferably whomever’s at the top of their ranking.

    • Blackthorn

      Absolutely in the same boat DW.

      • Forrest


    • BobbyK


  2. Tim

    You sure nailed it Rob. Nice work. My Hawks friend is coming over for the draft and he seems ill prepared for the scenarios that you (and now the draft reporters) are projecting. He even scoffed at the idea of drafting a center in the first round even after a trade down from #20.

    • OakleyD

      I also agree with your Hawks friend.

      I don’t think there is a Center in this draft that warrants a first round grade – I don’t see a game changer at that position.

      I’d be happier getting whoever is left with one of our 2nd rounders, preferably our 2nd pick in that 2nd round as well.

      At 52 I think both Wypler and Tippman ‘should’ be available – although if JMS goes in round 1, you may have to prepare to take them at 37 if the Hawks see the need as that great.

      I honestly think Evan Brown is an upgrade over Blythe and allows us not to reach.

      There are later round picks I would be comfortable selecting also at Center and developing behind him: Scruggs, Forsyth, Olu Olum Stromberg – all good options

      • TatupuTime

        I’m with you on there not being a first round talent at center in this draft. Hopefully it’s a 2-3 round pick they use.

        There seems to be a lot of confidence in Evan Brown as an upgrade. He’s a decent depth piece, but I’m just really surprised at how confident everyone seems in him. He’s only guaranteed $1M, with a $2.2M cap hit. Money doesn’t predict play, but it does give a sense of how the league saw him as a FA. There are other teams without a good center options, and teams with a below average center situation that passed on him. Different players, but plenty of people also thought Blythe could do the job after he was a good starter for the Rams and then lost his job to Creed Humphrey in 2021. Brown very much looks like a guy who could start for a stretch if you need him, but has very little likelihood of being good and ideally just a hedge. In other words he’s exactly on par with most of what they’ve rolled out there in the last 10 years. I absolutely hope they address center in one of their top-4 picks.

      • YDB

        I like the thought of a center at #52 as well (or somewhere thereabouts). Taking a center in the 1st is just “pushing” a player due to percieved need — something JS has been adamant about not doing this year. Not only that, its at a low value position. Plenty of holes in this roster means plenty of other needs to look at earlier.

        • Ben - Fort Worth

          In a perfect world, #52 would be awesome. I think y’all are gonna have to prepare yourselves that we’re going to have to take one earlier than that if y’all want the C you desire.

          • YDB

            I’m definitely not in the Center Or Bust camp. We have greater needs at premium positions I would rather see addessed early. This is only off season 2 of the rebuild, so building the line from the outside-in would be a better process in my opinion.

  3. dahveed

    this is what I suspected all along about the internal conversation at the vmack .
    I see the tape very differently on Carter and also look at how Pete sees this oppportunity tohelp mold this young man. But we have already discussed this and How much that effects John pick.

    • dahveed

      when I say I see the tape differntly I mean from Rob .

      • Peter

        With respect I don’t think you see the tape differently than Rob. Myself. Or others.

        Even national media use the term “flashes.” Dude literally flashes on tape.

        Carter takes over games at times. You know who else did that: jadeveon clowney. And yet Clowney never matched his potential to the field. He’s had a solid career where teams consistently hope “this is the season,” and it just never materialized for a full career.

        • dahveed

          yeah that is where we see things differently ..respectfully I Dont just see flashes I see destruction and dominance in crucial moments and offenses gamplanning around one player (88) .But we all shared our differences already on how we vie this.

          • Spectator

            Just out of curiosity, do you not also see the gassing out, taking plays off, disappearing for long stretches? Did you not watch his play in the Ohio State game? Or are you just watching highlight reels?

            • dahveed

              repectfully in the Ohio state game I saw a whole gameplan that put Stroud on the move to avoid Cartermy pont)
              sure he was gassed but dont just pick the narratives that serve your stance
              he also played injured and through major injuries

              • 509 Chris

                I saw him get stood up by wypler a ton. It didn’t look like any special planning just a guy that didnt have the gas to get around an athletic and in shape center.

              • 509 Chris

                To be honest I wasn’t as down on Carter as a lot of people around here until that Ohio State game. It really put his conditioning and work ethic into perspective for me.

          • MountainHawker

            You see offenses game planning around a player that’s only on the field for 40% of snaps?

        • Edgar

          Love this site and all that Rob does. We need Dline dominance. I’d rather swing with Carter….than go with a QB his own fan base thought to be marginal.

          • Chris

            He was marginal. The plan is to train him.

          • Peter

            Unfortunately we are most likely not getting dline dominance at 5, 20, 37, or any pick.

            I’m getting a little sleepy doing the “work,” for others.

            But Simmons and Cox the two names that Carter gets aligned with the most took 2-3 YEARS to play meaningful amounts of snaps and 3-4 YEARS to become heavy production machines.

            Even if they draft in order: Carter, mazi smith, benton. Or any combo you can think of…probably the team is a bit better at stopping the run. Not great. But a bit better. For about 2 to 3 years before everything clicks.

            Per Florida: I’ve not seen any evidence of this comment.

            I have seem Florida cheer their butts off for a qb who couldn’t throw a spiral and a future murderer…..pinches of salt and all that.

          • BK26

            You keep saying this and it just isn’t true. Best player that they have had in years and when he sits out the bowl game they get completely destroyed. I understand that you have your narrative but it’s just a flat lie.

            • Edgar

              I have followed Florida as I am a fan. 90% basically laugh at this thought Richardson is a ‘unicorn’.

              Aaron Donald has single handedly wrecked the Seahawks for years. Again…Id rather take the chance on Carter.

              • Peter

                But even if Carter becomes great he’s not Donald.

                Not the same size.

                Not the same athlete.

                Not the same production.

                Not the same snap counts.

                You’re hoping for fletcher cox. A really good player. Carter wasn’t considered Donald in college by any metric except seahawks fans.

              • Rob Staton

                The Donald comp is so unbelievably lazy

                Donald is elite because he’s the biggest competitor in the NFL

                He is relentless

                Carter’s approach is the antithesis of Donald’s

                • Peter

                  Turns out I’m pretty sure we’re getting trolled.

                  The premise being that Florda fans are like “thank God Richardson is gone.”

                  I just wasted about five minutes of my life looking at their qbs since Florida was relevant.

                  Pretty sure they have no opinion on qbs since they’ve all been a mixed bag of not good for almost two decades. Kyle Trask, Jack del rio’s kid, you get the picture.

              • PJ in Seattle

                Aaron Donald puts more work into his conditioning and training in a week than Jalen Carter has his in his entire college career.

                He’s been able to get by being lazy, because he has some elite physical tools and can outplay most of the guys around him even at 75%. Lots of people have god-given athletic abilities and still totally wash out of the league for other reasons.

                If you marry elite tools with a relentless drive to compete and be the best, you have a franchise-shaping winner. But if you’re coming up short on either side of the ledger, it is a very long shot you’ll ever amount to much in the NFL.

              • BK26

                I’m talking about his own fan base wanting him gone. You can think what you want as a Florida fan. Doesn’t make the rest of it true. I doubt you speak for the rest. You should know that he is all that they had to root for last year.

                Comparing Carter to Donald is both wrong and insulting to Donald.

              • Joshua Smith

                Aaron Donald didn’t win a SB until after Stafford shows up. For whatever your feelings on Stafford he provided top level QB play.
                SF has yet to win a SB with their vaunted defense. You know how is winning SBs, Mahommes. You know who is in the conversation every year, Cincy, Buff, KC, SF, Philly (IF they get good QB play).
                My point is if think both positions have boom or bust potential the boom of QB is much more significant in terms of actually winning a SB.
                Now if you just want to “dominate” the offensive lines in our division then, yeah, root for an all defense draft the next few years, be patient and in 2-3-4 years we will have a stout defense that sniffs the SB but can never quite get over the hump… (49ers???)

          • Lord Snow


          • Ben - Fort Worth

            First you’ve got ROB STATON’S stance on Jalen Carter.

            Then there’s Edgar’s and the other half of Seahawks fans:

          • Mr Drucker in hooterville

            Edgar, why do you say Carter will dominate in pros? He didn’t dominate in college…except for the sporadic moments when he did. Dominance requires maximum effort and attitude…..which Carter has neither. Take him at 20 if he’s available.

            • AlaskaHawk

              At this point I have to wonder if people aren’t just trolling Carter’s name to get a reaction. He should come with a warning sticker. “Draft at your own risk”

            • Edgar

              The unicorn is Carter, that is all I’m trying to say here. If you can plug him into the middle and get top 3rd of the league Dline play…its a huge value for this team. He’s already proven that he’s good. So coach that up, instead of a massive project-

              • AndrewMR

                Top Dlines don’t win SBs though. They help for sure. But Carter isn’t turning the Hawks into the ‘85 bears. C’mon man…
                1. He’s the opposite of Seahawky. Doesn’t love football
                2. He can’t impact a game (running downs or passing downs) if he’s gassed and playing a low% of snaps

              • Mr drucker in hooterville

                If you have to coach up a player who isn’t self-motivated, he shouldn’t be a #5 pick.

    • Cheese22

      “and also look at how Pete sees this oppportunity tohelp mold this young man.”
      I really, really hope helping mold Carter is not part of the equation.

  4. dahveed

    As for Richardson or Stroud I have been going back and forth. If there is a choice to be made I think I would go Stroud if he falls.Richardson is si appealing and in my mind you cant go wrong but Stroud to me has the touch and timing that I could just not pass up .

    • Sean

      Agree that Stroud is the better choice. Saw Peter King’s mock had Richardson going 23 to Minnesota; that seems like a more reasonable range given the small sample size and uneven play at Florida.

      I know very few people on this blog want to hear this, but don’t be shocked if Richardson falls much further than many are expecting. Might end up being a classic case of teams viewing a player much differently than media and fans.

      • Peter


        Feel very confident that if Atlanta looks up at the screen and sees his name at 8 that will stop any slide.

        The king or florio mock at 23 to the vikings is pretty interesting. I mean he’s not mocked anywhere near that range in any mock, not in Vegas, not pff, except for by a guy who is historically not good at mocks.

        • Sean

          Neither was Malik Willis at this time last year.

          • Starhawk29

            I’m sorry, but thats a lazy take. Malik Willis and AR are VERY different prospects. Willis had tools, sure, but his tape was awful. Not just mediocre, awful. He routinely missed open receivers, looked to run before he passed, and ran an option and screen heavy offense. He was hyped up only because the media was desperate for a qb to talk about.

            Richardson ran something closer to a pro-style offense, featuring checks at the line and multiple reads. He had good pocket presence, decent decision making, and is the type of athlete Willis dreams he was. Richardsons tape is closer to mediocre than awful. You see improvement. Thats why Willis went in Rd 3, and AR should go top 10.

          • Peter

            I know we all like different players that’s the fun of a draft site. Starhawk29 lined it out pretty well below.

            Malik Willis didn’t even look decent at a below fcs level conference.

      • Rob Staton

        23 is not a reasonable range for a player of Richardson’s talent

        • Sean

          We’ll see, I suspect many folks on this blog might be in for a big surprise on Thursday night when AR falls much further than they ever believed was possible.

          • Ben - Fort Worth

            No, just you when Richardson is on the card at 5.

    • PJ in Seattle

      I’m kind of stunned by what’s happened to CJ Stroud’s stock in the past two weeks. It all seems very fishy to me.

  5. Edgar

    Gonna be a fun Thursday for sure

  6. Peter

    I love how the week of the draft….national media are gaming out what Rob has been talking about for essentially the entire season.

    Absolutely ridiculous. Or if you’re more of a positive person absolutely awesome that you are here reading the thoughts of a guy dialed in on his “hobby.”

    Hey Pete- you have never as a head coach at the pro level gotten through to a player who didn’t want it. Not one time. Not ever.

    You have molded a culture supporting the greatest cast of weirdos, misfits, and wired up type A+ ballers. Stick to that.

    • Big Mike

      Well said my friend. Pete can work well with hunger to be great. Without self-motivation, it’s been a struggle. They even said as much several months ago. But yeah, there’s a chance they draft Carter. Uh, no.

      The Hawks are gong to get a truly outstanding QB prospect by staying where they’re at unless 4 QBs go 1-4 and then they’ll get a helluva EDGE guy. If they’re targeting one specific QB, trade up for him. It’ll have to be with Houston tho.

      My gut tells me they stay because they’ll be happy with any of the top 5 players much as Rob has been predicting for months now. They know the roster is far from complete and to have 9 more picks after #5 will really help fill in some gaps.

      • Big Mike

        I believe they think at least one of the QBs fall to them and I believe they are confident in their ability to work with any of the 4 in their “QB friendly system” that moving up is not in their plans.

        • Peter

          I’m prepared for a lot of the draft. But I think stick and pick is the best overall move.

          • TomLPDX

            My sentiment as well.

            • JimQ

              I think it may be a strong possibility that they trade up to #2 (using #37 & perhaps a 2024 pick for
              Richardson) & trade down at #20 to recoup some draft capital in the 2023 draft. Assuming Young goes at #1. Trader John will work all the angles to get “their guys”-IMHO.

              • Wilson502

                I think trading up to #2 has to be a strong consideration. It’s just too risky to leave it chance your QBoTF just falls to you at 5.

    • LouCityHawk

      Nat Media and surprisingly even some Hawk focused people seem to be stuck in 2017.

      I’m also not going to make any names, but there are some who are definitely cheating and scouting by highlight videos and summaries by others.

      My feeling is this is the week where they are actually sitting down to do the work. This is when their mocks get graded.

      Declaring Keion White the best defensive player in the draft sounds great in January, but do you really want to say that days before the draft?

      • Peter

        Love keion white. Its not just best defensive player. It was 8th BPA overall.

        • LouCityHawk

          That is a hot take.

          I’d love Keion White at 20, suspect he might be gone as he is much more attractive than a lot of the other players that are names from blue blood programs.

      • Hawkdawg

        It’s not clear to me that very many of these mock draft authors actually “do the work,” ever. Unless the goal is only to arrange talent in order, “the work” includes not only many hours of tape, but a team-by-team analysis of needs, history, etc. And if they haven’t started by now, it’s too late anyway.

    • Rob Staton


    • Chris

      I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the media has been stealing his stuff. I bet a lot of them do very little Seahawks research (or any real research period) until a couple weeks before the draft and inevitably check out his blog. That Josh Allen statement from Breer seemed a little too spot on.

      • glor

        I mean, why wouldn’t they.. I’m pretty convinced very very few of these pundits are doing anything beside talking to or looking to the few people that actually put in the work. But that being said, I don’t really follow any of them..

        What bothers me is that the hawks haven’t kept their interest contained, thus it makes the draft more of a crap shoot as to the possibility of losing out to someone trading above us much higher. I get that we won’t lose out on a great player at 5, but I just think the odds of landing our preferred player are worse now.

    • jed

      Considering the national media guys are pretty far off on the Seahawks, I wonder how much closer they are to other teams? Knowing the national people want to focus on the teams that drive ratings, do you think they have a better read on the Cowboys or Eagles or Chiefs relative to the Seahawks?

      I’m curious how bonkers the national media really is. Of course getting a mock draft right is kind of like getting the NCAA bracket right. A billionaire that wants attention can offer a silly sum of money for the correct draft or bracket since it’ll never happen.

      • Peter

        I would think so.

        Lance zerlein lives in Houston and is connected to the team.

        Jeremiah worked for the ravens.

  7. TwilightErros

    Yeah, it sure seems most of the different directions from media have been hyperbole and smoke, distracting us one way or the other to create conversation. And Rob has been right all along. Now lets see of that is what actually happens… Man I hope Richardson is still there when they pick! At the very least we then get to know if they like him or not.

  8. Peter

    Between options I don’t want:

    I’d take the potential of Carter over the hope of Hendon Hooker.

    For those that would groan over a Carter pick at least there are elite flashes, fairly ridiculously developed skill set from a guy who doesn’t really give it his all.

    On the other hand. Not sure when folks join SDB or even how much they pay attention to college ball.

    But Hooker is old. Injured. And most importantly a carbon copy of college Geno. Same simple Simon scheme. Same gawdy numbers. Same b.s. talking point ” he could been the heisman winner!!” Who cares….the heisman is as likely a predictor of pro level success as pulling names out of a hat.

    The whole premise of sitting a qb is they are young and have potential advancing the current qb. Notably Favre and Rodgers…Alex smith and Mahomes.

    So a slightly cheaper Geno in two years with a twist that if Geno is expensive likely the team is solid to good and if geno is cheap likely the team has fallen off a cliff…..

    I’m not going to “quit watching the team,” if they draft Hooker. But i will be thoroughly deflated wasting ANY pick on a guy with a ceiling no higher than the current qb and a floor that is who knows where since it took Geno about a decade to figure out how to be a pro qb.

    • dahveed

      I agree IF they do opt for Hooker I certainly would be dissapointe at 20
      3rd round if he slid maybe

      • Peter

        Third round? Maybe that.

    • LouCityHawk

      Agree 100%

      Very few Seahawks picks would as troubling to me as Hooker. I’d get behind him, but when I’ve tried to do a 2-3 round Mock I usually find myself thinking “which team would take a swing on a QB that won’t start until age 25, would have to learn a whole new system, and didn’t display elite traits at the lower level?” Especially with some really good and talented players in the top 100.

      With Carter, my hope would be that his brush with losing his meal ticket might motivate him. Reality is that dropping to Day 3 would the only real wake up call he could get.

    • cha


      I think fans have talked themselves into “top 4 or Hooker.” There are many other options, including doing nothing and riding with Geno and Lock and re-assessing their options in 2024.

      The injury, age and scratching 2023 off are bad enough factors. But retraining his mind for the pro game is what concerns me. He will be rehabbing his age 25 year, his age 26 year if he starts right away and is effective, that would be a real accomplishment.

      Hooker seems like one of those players you hope some other team takes before your pick so it pushes more talent down to you at your pick. If somebody else is enamored with him, bully for them.

      • Jabroni-DC

        I’d take Bennett in the late 3rd-4th range over Hooker in the 1-2 range. Dude’s a gamer.

      • 509 Chris

        Reassesing in 24 sounds awful. Unless things go horribly wrong this year they’ll be so far away from the top qb prospects, and never in a million years would Carroll be ok with trading 3 future 1st’s or something like that at the end of his coaching career to set up the future with a qb. This is the time they have to see that.

      • Big Mike

        Someone’s gonna come back up into late round 1 to get Hooker or the Vikes are gonna take him with their native pick imo.

        • Peter

          Fine for me. As long as it’s not the team we root for. Florio is gonna be bummed even it’s not richardson in a free fall.

    • UkAlex6674

      I like Jake Heaner for a late round flyer.

    • MountainHawker

      I don’t see the point of Hooker to the Hawks. He doesn’t do anything better than Lock, is nearly the same age

  9. LouCityHawk

    I suspect that the Hawks would go Richardson over Stroud.

    It is interesting how Stroud is falling I wonder if it is the S2 and interviews?

    • Rob Staton

      Either works for me

    • Peter

      Since I don’t place any great stock in the idea that guys working in front offices are more knowledgeable than fans, see: every team that has ever sucked for evidence. I could honestly see teams being dazzled by things like S2.

      I also think there could be a concern of “ohio state qbs.” The first one that lives up to their promise will be well….the first one.

      • CL

        While I totally agree with Rob’s take on the S2 score, it’s still notable that the inventor basically said that all four of the quarterbacks “scored really, really well”.

        So either Stroud just sucked in one of those nine categories, or it was straight up wrong.

      • LouCityHawk

        I get that, I’ve always treated Buckeye QBs as radioactive and was completely out on Stroud until the Georgia game. Just rewatched as I am developing a much warmer opinion of Wypler and wanted to focus on his game, Steoud had a touch of magic that game.

        Richardson really is quite a bit better than everyone thinks though. He had a touch of magic in every game.

        I do think Greg Olson knows a whole lot more about the QB position than I could ever hope to learn. From the day he arrived I’ve been assuming QB to the Hawks with pretty heavy confidence. You don’t hire Richard Petty or Alain Prost then hand them the keys to a Toyota Corolla and say “win me some races”.

      • YDB

        The “ohio st. qb concern” should be a non-issue when evaluating a prospect. That is, unless you see “UF qb concerns” as an issue as well, which we shouldn’t.

        • Peter

          I don’t. But I also think there’s aot of gm’s swayed by fans, mocks, etc,

          • YDB

            I would sure hope that would be the case. Any GMs that are scared to draft a player due to the schools past history could be leaving a great prospect like Stroud & Richardson on the board for someone like JS to snatch up.

    • Zane

      Wouldn’t be shocked if the PC/JS rate Stroud higher than Richardson.
      He has a gritty, competitive nature that Carroll has always sought at the position. Plus he’s young and fits the Schneider prototype physically.

      • Sean

        And Stroud throws with incredible accuracy and touch, can use his legs when necessary. But he doesn’t jump as high as AR!

  10. JC

    I sincerely hope we trade down at 20 and somehow acquire a bad team’s 2024 1st. Having another team to root against and a flyer high pick in the following draft is SO MUCH FUN.

    • LouCityHawk

      My hope has been that Fant, or maybe even Adams gets flipped for 2024 value.

      I really want the trade down from 20 to give us 1 more bite at the Apple before pick 100, I’d like to see another trade down from 37 or 52 that might net us a pick just after 100 as well, to scoop up a player that got missed.

      • Big Mike

        Adams? Trade value? Please don’t take this as a personal attack but…………bwa

        • Big Mike

          Adams? Trade value? Please don’t take this as a personal attack but…………bwa ha ha ha ha
          I’d wager they couldn’t even get a late 7th for the guy. I’m serious.

        • LouCityHawk

          I mean, a conditional 7th?

          • God of Thunder

            No. Seattle gives up Adams AND a 7th … to get rid.

  11. Dustin

    Sounds as if the national draft “experts” recently found this blog.

    • Hawkdawg

      Agreed. I wonder how much of this “chatter” is attributable to that. This business seems like one big circle jerk at times….while this blog in particular is the real thing in comparison.

    • Peter

      I just have these images ever year of some staff assistant typing “seahawks,” “draft,” into the old Google enough times that they finally find this site.

    • Rob Staton


    • Mr Drucker in hooterville

      I wish KIRO710 and KJR950 in Seattle would find the blog.

      • Romeo A57

        710 definitely knows about Rob as he used to be a guest on there. Rob doesn’t fit their narrative that Geno is great so they don’t need to plan for QB , or that the Seahawks or only a few DLs away from beating the 49ers.

        • Chris

          Yeah, 710 knows. I’ve heard Brock casually name drop Rob on air.

  12. no frickin clue

    If Pete really does love Carter, then assuming that at least one QB and Carter are still on the board at #5, maybe this choice at #5 will tell us who has final say in the front office, when push comes to shove.

    • Patrick Toler

      Of all of these reports the ‘Pete likes Carter’ piece seems the least plausible. Who is Breer getting that from – Someone in the Seahawks inner circle? More likely from Rosenhaus. Everything else that is getting reported is presented as coming from a variety of league sources, which makes sense as teams are all talking to each other and able to make educated guesses about what they think other teams are doing. But I’m skeptical that someone from Seattle is directly and accurately telling Breer about Carter’s visit.

      • samprassultanofswat

        Toler: Agree. This Pete loves Carter talk has to becoming from Rosenhaus.

        BTW: I would take Calijah Kancey over Jalen Carter.

        • Hebegbs

          Pete loves Carter. Lol. Of course Pete would indicate that to media sources even if he hated Carter. Why would he tip his hand when there is a chance someone that does really like him would trade up ahead of Hawks and leave Sea with a player they really want.

          Can’t wait until this Carter talk to Sea is done. If Sea does take him at 5, I’ll be incredibly bummed out Thursday night. I just don’t see it.

  13. Zane

    Give me one of Stroud or Richardson – anything else will be a let down at this point. I love them both as prospects and fits for Seattle.

    Love the talk of BPA at #20 too. If Mayer, Bijan or perhaps Kancey is there you have to be prepared to take them.

  14. Steve Nelsen

    This is where it gets tricky. We know Rob would be happy drafting any of the four QBs. But, is Seattle happy with any of the four? We don’t know. We know they interviewed each in depth. Is there a concern that came up like with Thibodeaux last year that has nothing to do with film and was completely a surprise when it came out almost a year later? We don’t know.

    Pete loves everyone so I wouldn’t read too much into this report about Pete liking Carter. But, I do think there is a real chance that we have not discussed of trading down. John mentioned the possibility a couple days ago. And if Will Anderson gone at 5 and the only remaining QB is not one they are ready to draft, trading down seems likely.

  15. hawkfaninmt

    We’ve seen the success having prolific QB-WR duos in college team up in pros… what about a QB-C duo? Stroud-Wyler?

    If Stroud were to be the pick at 5, do we think it would improve the grade on Wypler?

    • LouCityHawk

      I recently sent someone the Ohio Oline versus the Mich D to highlight why I think Mazi Smith is really not very impressive given his physical traits. Watching that again I was really impressed with Wypler, watched several more games with him.

      I’m close to wanting Wypler as a ‘must have’, similar in desire with Abe Lucas last year.

      • PJ in Seattle

        I don’t know why Wypler isn’t getting more hype, but I’m grateful for it. Means he will be there for us and we don’t need to reach for JMS.

        I think Wypler could be an All Pro in the right situation.

        • Ben - Fort Worth

          I don’t like Wypler as much as I love Tippman, even if that means drafting him in the first round.

          • Hawksorhiking?

            I think it was Fieldgulls who wrote it, but apparently the Seahawks smokescreened their interest in Pocic by visiting players they weren’t interested in. So maybe they are interested in a different center like Wypler. Made sense when I read it.

  16. LetARichCook

    Probably been asked before but what’s fair comp for moving from 5th to 2nd or 3rd?

    • Jabroni-DC

      This chart may mean something or absolutely nothing.

      According to it, if Seattle traded #5 (1700pts) & #20 (850ps) you’d be close with 2550pts to the value of the #2 pick (2600pts).

    • LouCityHawk

      5, 37 works on all systems for either

  17. Blitzy the Clown

    I think this a lot of bollocks. Particularly Breer’s comments.

    Just take a step back and look at the tone of his comments vs. McShay’s.

    McShay talks about the Seahawks as though they’re one cohesive unit. Which is what you’d expect of a professional sports franchise, especially one as well run and successful as Seattle have been under Schneider and Carroll.

    Contrast that to Breer, who’s basically saying there are two camps in Seattle’s FO, and depending on who wins out, that’s the direction Seattle will go in.

    Breer’s comment reads like he gets his information about how the Seattle FO works from the worst parts of twitter.

    I’ve heard that Pete Carroll loves the Georgia game-wrecker

    Yeah, and I’m gonna call bollocks on this too. Pete never said this. Firstly, Carter is not a game wrecker. Again, Breer reads like a twitter draftbro. Secondly, receipts or it didn’t happen (hint: it didn’t happen).

    I can imagine Carroll making an off hand remark, or general comment like any of us has about how good Carter when he’s on his game (for the several plays per game he has the physical stamina). But I’m willing to bet money Carroll never said “I love that Georgia game wrecker!”

    GTFO with that.

    Sorry but I have no patience for this time of the offseason, and it’s become incomprehensibly worse this year.

    I’m thinking these sports journos get paid by the letter.

    • IDhawk

      To be fair there have been some obvious “Pete Carroll” picks vs “John Schneider” picks in the past. Russell Wilson being the obvious example.. I could see the reported love for Carter being a case of Carroll doing his usual positive language stuff. It’s not like he’d ever say “yeah that guys a real piece of shit”. Or maybe the source is Drew Rosenhaus…

    • Patrick Toler

      Breer has been getting direct texts from Rosenhaus for a decade (at least):

      It feels like that is where this report is coming from.

      • MountainHawker

        Wouldn’t surprise me if the Carter to Seattle “buzz” is entirely Drew driven

    • dahveed

      If you have to Game plan around a player : your a Game wrecker
      If you dont think Carter is worth the risk or that he doent love football or any of those exapmples I can totally respect that
      but strickly on field he is a force.
      Its like listening to Reublican and Dems fighting where eack cherry pick info
      Im kinda hoping the Hawks get Anderson now just so the fans can all get behind that ha

      • Blitzy the Clown

        strickly on field he is a force

        Is he?

        6 sacks and 18.5 TFL in 3 seasons is how you define an on field force?

        I think we have vastly different standards for what constitutes an on field force.

        • dahveed

          WE DO

          • Blitzy the Clown


            • Big Mike

              dahveed: he’s a force when he’s on the field? OK, I disagree along the lines of what Blitzy posted but I’ll say this, even if he is the bottom line is he’s playing 40% of the snaps so he’s not a force over half the time cuz he’s on the sideline (likely trying to catch his breath)

        • 805Hawk

          I keep hearing how Carter has amazing pass rush moves and how he puts so much pressure on the QB. When I watch highlights, I agree that he looks like it, but his stats scream otherwise. How, if you are that talented as a pass rusher, do you only have 6 flipping sacks in three years. Maybe it’s the number of snaps he’s off the field or that he’s exhausted most of the time? Run stopping is another story. I think he’s legit there. I’m just not buying that he’s going to vastly improve our pass rush.

          • Dahveed

            ahhh the only way I can respectfully answer this question is to say
            ….. that’s the fantastic game of football for ya!

    • LouCityHawk

      PC likely loves Carter, and probably 100 other players in this draft, that is what makes him a great coach.

      Carter may have benefitted greatly from being coached in college by PC.

      Think about your own profession and your drive to prove you are the best…

      JS is the other part of that equation, and what isn’t reported is how PC feels about Anderson, or the 3QB who might be there. He probably loves them all! JS has to do the shopping, PC is the cook – to paraphrase Holmgren.

      • Mr drucker in hooterville

        I bet Pete loved LJ Collier

  18. Lord Snow

    I would suspect that Schneider knows what they’re looking for either Houston or Arizona. It wouldn’t surprise me if he had one of those call me if you’re going to make a trade with someone and let’s see if I can beat it agreements.

    • seahawkward

      Arizona aren’t trading with a division rival, let’s get real. Only way they would take an offer from Seattle is if they paid a very expensive premium over anything offered by other teams. Don’t see Seattle doing that.

      • Dharma Dan

        The confidence with which people declare this as “known fact,” that Arizona categorically will not trade with Seattle because they are in the same division does not match up with actual reality.

        Last year the Lions and the Vikings did a deal in the first round. The year before that, the Cowboys and the Eagles did a deal in the first round. Are the Seahawks and the Cardinals as fierce of rivals as the Cowboys and the Eagles? Arizona has a new coach and a new GM. They surely care more about getting the best value they can than they do about what happens up in South Alaska after the trade is done.

        Being rivals is surely a factor that GMs consider when they are putting together their trades, and I’m sure ownership has a voice, but this flat declaration that division rivals don’t make big trades is simple-minded and frankly untrue.

        • Ben - Fort Worth

          If Houston goes defense it won’t matter if Arizona trades back with Seattle or not, the Seahawks will have a rip at a QB. It just might not be the one they want.

  19. RR12

    I agree Rob, I think it is only natural that Carroll loves the talent he sees on the field from Carter. The 3 technique position has been the premier pass rusher on the interior in his 4-3 under scheme and the team performed at its best when they had dynamic guys on the roster at that position. It doesn’t mean that they will pick Carter with a top 5 pick. Both things can be true. I think you have been spot on in your analysis this whole time. I would be shocked if Schneider, having come out with all these remarks in public about a renewed emphasis on football character, suddenly does a U-turn and takes Carter at 5 – especially if he has a big arm, high character QB on the board that he loves, who he can build a roster around into the future.

  20. seahawkward

    For as much as all of this national news makes us on this site happy, it’s actually the worst thing that could happen for those of is who want Richardson. Talk like this is the best thing that could ever happen for Arizona. They have to be extremely pleased. They’ve been trying to trade that pick for weeks. They’re most definitely going to be getting some good offers from the Raiders and Titans now. Maybe even the Vikings. It’s getting to the point where we might as well just take Arizona’s name out of our minds for who they’re going to draft at 3. And if that’s the case, the idea of 2 defenders going ahead of Seattle isn’t happening anymore. Teams generally only make big trade up’s for franchise qbs.

    • LetARichCook

      All speculative but it could be from AZ. AZ realizes Bryce and Will Anderson are coming off the board 1,2. Wanting a defender but not seeing a gap in the risk/reward for Carter, Tyree, Gonzales and Witherspoon they start floating the colts and Levis connection. No one calls now they float AR and Seattle trying to generate movement. Just some tin foil hat stuff for ya

  21. seahawkward

    Lance Zierlein, who is very connected with the Texans, said on his Houston radio show today that the Texans aren’t taking Levis at 2. Flat out. He said that the betting odds stuff is just because of sharps making bets and Vegas responding to balance future bets.

    • seahawkward

      Lance also said that this is why you shouldn’t take gambling odds as anything close to indication of the picks. That they are nothing but sharps and betters trying to find value picks. And that once too many do so, Vegas moves the needle to stop those bets, because Vegas doesn’t want any scenario where too many people could possibly win money off them. They want the bets spread out. I’m fairly certain Mr Staton told us the same. Lance said if he were betting today, his value gamble would be Stroud at #2. But that’s just based on odds. Not anything he thinks will happen. Says he has no idea if the Texans are still considering CJ. But he did flat out say no to Levis @ 2.

      • seahawkward

        Lance goes on to say that much of the Tyree Wilson to Houston at 2 talk could be bunk. Because he was the first person to mock him to Houston at 2. And that he did so with zero knowledge of the team liking him. Just by putting non-related bits of information together. Then said Peter King then mocked him at 2. Lance found out that King did so after talking to the same source Lance did. And that after King, he’s seen other mocks. Basically Lance is saying that this shows how the group think of mocks cam spread so easily, and how little it can end up meaning in reality. Because Lance has all the info King got, and he by no means would tell anyone that the Texans want or even like Wilson. Because he has no idea.

  22. Forrest

    I believe we’re moving to a 4-3. Assuming that, name a player who we could take at #20 or above who is a day 1 starter on our defense?

    If we take Anderson or Wilson at 5, you could make an argument, there’s nobody.

    • Mick

      Will McDonald or Ade Ade could earn starting spots at 20, or perhaps a CB if they drop.

      • Mick

        I forgot Kancey.

        • Kyle R

          Yes! Kancey makes a lot more sense to me in 4-3.

    • Awm

      Well they seem to need a 5 tech still so Keion White or Keanu Benton? I believe they just signed the starting 3 tech in FA…

    • Steve Nelsen

      Moving to a 4-3 would open up lots of possibilities for Draft Day starters on the defensive line. The only two starters on the roster are Jones and Reed who both can play DE or 3-tech DT. At 20, there are likely to be plenty of options for a 5-tech DE or a 3-tech DT.

      That said, moving to a 4-3 would also exacerbate the complete lack of depth at defensive line on the current roster and put Seattle in a position of drafting for need. Right now, the only starter need on a 3-4 is NT and you can find a serviceable NT on Day 3, maybe as a UDFA (like Poona and Mone).

    • Joe Strummer

      Now hiring:

      Did I miss any?
      Seattle has a lot of holes in the lineup that a talented rookie could potentially fill. I fear the conversation will be similar this time next year.

    • Seattle Person

      If we do move to a 4-3 it does open up the draft a little bit for the Dline. Ade Ade, Myles Murphy, Lukas Van Ness can be potential dynamic 5-Techs. Even someone like Kancey I can see more as a 5T or a big DE on base downs.

      The potential move back to the 4-3 makes a ton of sense. It gives them an option to select a QB early and the options at #20 and beyond for DEs/DTs opens up so much. Someone like Keion White fits at 5T in the 2nd round.

  23. Madmark

    I’m going to make a prediction that the first 3 picks of this draft for Seattle will be offense. If Bijon Robinson and Michael Mayer are here Seattle is not going to trade down. I’m hoping that everyone goes to sleep RB position.

  24. Aaron Bostrom

    I really hope we nab one of these quarterbacks! In addition to Richardson’s tantalizing tools and upside, I think another reason Seattle will love him is his character and personality. Watching him throughout the draft process, you get a sense that he’s a perfect fit for the always compete mantra and will legitimately have fun doing it. This seems like a perfect match to Carroll’s outlook.

  25. geoff u

    So AR and Stroud are probably 1-2 in their rankings? It’d be nice we can get one at 5, but if someone else is planning on moving up we need to outbid and get our guy. Houston is the obvious trade up spot. They wont want to trade with Indy or Tennessee and guarantees us the pick of the litter minus Young.

    • seahawkward

      Trading to 2 will likely cost us #20, possibly more. You better be damned sure of whoever you take then. Needs to be a sure thing. Doing so for a gamble or project can end up looking like SF and Trey Lance. Don’t think Seattle has the luxury to make such a missfire, as SF was able to get away with. I fully get the temptation and desire. But that’s potentially scary if it’s not a home run pick.

      • geoff u

        Eh, what do we normally get at 20? LJ Collier? IFedi? Penny? A piece of Jamal Adams? Whatever.

        If it doesn’t pan out, I’ll still applaud the effort. NOTHING is more important than a franchise QB and you do what it takes to get one. I won’t knock them for taking the shot, though I may question their evaluation of whomever they take if someone they pass on pans out better.

        • Peter

          Thanks for nothing.

          Just checked and yep all those picks in the 20’s have been almost as useless as the 4th round WR’s.

      • PJ in Seattle

        I think #5 and #20 could very possibly get it done. It’s the Raiders I think we have to worry about who could be in the mix driving the price up for #2. Possibly Atlanta as well.

        In the end, if you are in love with one of these QBs, you can’t sit there at #5 and pray that they fall. You do what you have to do to get your guy. If that’s #5 and #20 – fine. #5.#20 and a 2024 second rounder? Also fine. Hell, if you’re convinced this may be your only shot in your career at a Mahomes, Herbert, or Allen you even caugh up next year’s first if that’s what it takes.

        I know JS is working this pick trade market with every GM and positioning himself to do whatever he needs to do to come away with a player they can’t live without with their first pick, wherever it ends up being.

  26. Shane B

    If Darrel Wright T is available at 20 would you select him

    • OakleyD


  27. Blitzy the Clown

    Well there ya go confirmation of who Houston’s first pick will be 😂

    • LetARichCook

      Unpopular but Levis whole bit and personality is a huge read flag for me. The amount of forced bravado from him… feel like I’m being sold a used car.

      • Peter

        Outside of mahomes….and they trade off their is his family….what starting nfl qb isn’t a caricature?…..maybe the low key herbert? Sometimes burrow sometimes not.

      • GrittyHawk

        Is that actually a red flag, or do you just not like his personality?

      • TatupuTime

        I’m pretty indifferent to liking a player’s personality. There have been a ton of top quarterbacks over the years that are complete freaks. You have to be an egomaniac for the job. The difference between the likeable and non-likeable QBs is partly how well they are able to hide that fact. I think it’s difficult for most celebrities to stay grounded (and he’s not necessarily famous yet, but he’s been a pretty massive big man at campus at Kentucky).

        What matters is how his former teammates and coaches feel about him. I have very little actual insight there, but haven’t heard a single red flag. Not one anonymous scout that says his teammates didn’t like him. No player openly bad mouths a former teammate (well except maybe Sherm), but you can tell when it is a stock answer of he’s a “good dude” versus the guys that teammates go out of their way to talk about. Levis’ former teammates go out of their way in interviews to talk him up. They give 2 minute answers to what he’s like as a teammate. Plus on the field he’s going to play hurt and he’s going to take massive hits to win. Teammates will respect the hell out of that even if they aren’t best buddies off the field.

      • Rob Staton

        I’ve spoken to Levis, his team mate and the staff at Kentucky

        Any concept that there are character flags with WL is total and utter bollocks

        • Malanch

          Believe it or not, Colin Cowherd actually offered up some football-related analysis on Will Levis yesterday—the first time I’ve heard him come up with anything beyond the usual “Gunshow” taunts. Of course, Cowherd didn’t bother doing this until after the rumor mill had already churned up Levis-to-Houston and Levis-to-Indy possibilities. He even put an Andrew Luck comp out there. Just watch: If Levis goes Top 5—patently unthinkable by MSM conventional wisdom—Cowherd will try to backtrack and claim how he was onto Levis first. Maddening. And whoever his little sidekick is (Salacious Crumb?), he typifies the flat unwillingness of follow-the-wind talkers to offer specific, analysis-driven content when it comes to Levis.

  28. Andy J

    Interesting phrasing, impossible to not read into… “as long as Schneider’s finger is the one on the trigger.”

  29. Andy J

    Pete Carroll’s infectious personality makes it easy for anyone to misconstrue him as “in love.” He always speaks about players in the most positive way possible. How many times have we seen media hyped players, often linked to the Hawks, passed again and again, in the late 1st, the 2nd, and even the 3rd round, by the team? Heck, Pete loves to be mischievous.

  30. Gross MaToast

    I feel like I failed my S2 this morning, but I’m working on a theory that Bad Franchises tend to Bad Franchise the draft. Given premium draft positions year after year, they tend to out-think themselves, un-think themselves, out-cute themselves, or simply do stupid shit. The Seahawks surfed the edge of this wave for the better part of a decade, emerging briefly last year to show they can still do it if they set their mind to it. Can they do it again, or will we celebrate Malikmas 2.0?

    Personally, I want Richardson, Ade Ade and Downs. Those guys seem like Seahawks.

    • Andy J

      I can’t help but want the two athletic dynamos in this draft: Richardson and Ade Ade. Seems like a pretty great strategy to turbo-charge the talent and speed on the field.

      Add an additional BAMF who’s horny to punch people in the mouth and KA-BOOM… LET’S FUCKING GO!!!

    • Gaux Hawks

      chef’s kiss… GMT, chef’s kiss.

    • Peter


  31. Andy J

    Just thinking out loud…

    Draft *needs*:

    1-2 RB
    1 WR
    1 OLine
    2-3 Dline
    1 LB
    1 DB

    • Mr Drucker in hooterville

      1 QBofF.

      • Edgar

        If that is the goal…then why not draft 3 QBs with their first 3 picks because it’s a 20% hit rate just going after 1-

        • Mr drucker in hooterville

          I now realize we are not supposed to take you seriously. Forgive me.

  32. Beastie

    If we do get Richardson is there a chance we see him used in wildcat similar to Taysom Hill in NO? At least for year 1 when he is developing. I would be interested to see how his athleticism is used.

    • OakleyD

      If DJ Dallas can do it……….I’m sure AR can!

    • FloW

      I really get your thought from a fan-perspective but do you really want to risk the future of the franchise for some gadget plays? I wouldn‘t. Put him in bubble-wrap for year 1 and let him develop.

      • OakleyD

        In all honesty, I can see Richardson having a couple of packages (especially goal line packages) where they utilise his skill set.

        However, I’m not sure we can fully evaluate the benefit of this until we see reports from training camp / practices

      • UkAlex6674

        Or expose him slowly to an NFL game day huddle and learn how fast the game at the Pro level is?

        Not sure I’d want any QB to sit for a full year then go in cold starting in Year 2.

        • FloW

          You are right, there is also some risk in doing that but are we sure that 1 year is really enough for AR? Maybe he would sit year 1 completely and depending on his progress the plan would be to ease him in in year 2.

    • GrittyHawk

      I really doubt it. That would mean either sacrificing another position to have 3 QBs active or making him the backup, which we absolutely should not do and would also make little sense with how much we’re paying Lock. If you’re gonna draft Richardson he needs to sit the entire year.

    • Patrick Toler

      It may be a game by game decision based on whether they can afford to carry a 3rd active QB, but they will not be able to help themselves. And as noted, I would be a lot more excited to see Richardson doing this than Deejay Dallas.

  33. Schadyhawk001

    Excited to hear Tony’s interview especially after seeing this report circulate the internet apparently from Tony Pauline that seems to go against what Rob suggested Tony mentioned in his interview

    “There is a belief around the league that the Seahawks will target DL Jalen Carter with their #5 pick, per Tony Pauline”

    • Rob Staton

      Tony provided an update on that…

  34. ShowMeYourHawk

    I suppose the decision at #5 could come down to the longevity of the front office staff. If John is likely to outlast Pete at his current post, he has the obligation to select his guy, right? If Pete and John really are a package deal, or if the belief is that John leaves or is let go when Pete retires, Pete’s preferred player is potentially on the card submitted.

    Factoring in the likely sale of the team in the next few years, it adds to the mystery. I’m beginning to think that the selection of the player at #5 is going to offer some insight into how the team plans to operate off the field in the short term, especially if they go QB.

    • PJ in Seattle

      There’s no question that when it’s time to sell the Seahawks to Bezos, having a young, studly QB still on a rookie deal and waiting in the wings would only add a premium to the valuation.

  35. Jabroni-DC

    Pauline on Jerrod Clark today:

    Jerrod Clark, DT
    Strengths: Massive interior defensive lineman who projects to nose tackle. Fires off the snap, immediately gets his hands up, and knocks blockers off the line. Flashes a tremendous first step off the snap that makes him impossible to stop. Plays with proper pad level, consistently gets leverage on opponents, and keeps his feet moving.

    Possesses outstanding lower-body power and bullrushes double-team blocks to collapse the pocket. Holds his ground against triple-team blocks and is impossible to move off the point. Displays good change-of-direction ability and short-area quickness and works to get down the line of scrimmage in pursuit.

    Weaknesses: Must develop more moves and be quicker disengaging from blocks. Marginal pass rusher. Didn’t perform all that well during Senior Bowl practices.

    Overall: Clark is a massive lineman who plays big football and does an outstanding job occupying blockers and clogging the middle of the field. Though he’s not much of a playmaker, Clark has enough ability and upside to be used as a zero-technique lineman on Sundays.

    • Steve Nelsen

      Perfect Day Three NT pick

  36. Blitzy the Clown

    Matt Miller @nfldraftscout

    Been thinking a lot about what a first-time GM told me before the draft.

    “We want a 10-year starter. The first pick you make can’t be a bust. So I’m gonna play it safe and hit a double instead of striking out swinging for a HR.”

    Wonder if we see that strategy this week?
    9:58 AM · Apr 24, 2023

    Lots of talk about how Anderson isn’t Bosa or Garrett. Maybe not, but he’s one of the bluest blue chip prospects at his position in memory. He’ll be a 10-year starter. He won’t be a bust.

    With first-time GMs picking at 2 and 3, absent trades, it’s just not reasonable to expect Anderson to get past both.

    My money is on Houston at 2.

    • PJ in Seattle

      I think you’re right and Anderson will be a boon for whoever lands him.

      That said, it feels a little like the Aaron Curry situation to me. Safest pick in the draft, lock for 10 years of Pro Bowls, and all that. I’ve gone back over the years and tried to figure out why I had that one so wrong, and I am still not sure.

      For whatever reason, Curry who looked like a lot like Will Anderson in terms of potential and proven college performance, just looked lost when he got to the NFL. I really don’t see that happening with Anderson, but that nagging little pessimistic voice in my head is always there.

      • seahawkward

        Think you’re experiencing a bit of desired combination bias here. Curry wasn’t close to the player in college. Now I realize Curry was more of a pure lb and not the pass rusher. But Anderson had 34.5 sacks in 3 seasons. Curry 9.5 sacks in 4 seasons. Curry was considered a safe pick. But never in a game altering way like Anderson is. Now I fully understand why dome don’t think Anderson will be a Bosa level stud. But that’s not the same as saying he could be a Curry. Massive difference.

        • geoff u

          Curry wasn’t a pass rushing linebacker so you can’t compare sacks. What you can ask is, what the hell are they doing taking non-pass rush linebacker at #4??? Massive mistake.

          • GrittyHawk

            100%. Curry was always going to be a terrible value at that pick. Off-ball LBs who don’t rush the passer should not be taken in the top 5.

            This is also why I don’t understand the Nolan Smith hype train. He’s probably the closest Curry comp in this draft. Great athlete, yes, but I have a feeling some team will regret taking a 238 lb Edge with mediocre production and isn’t a good pass rusher in the top 15.

        • PJ in Seattle

          That was a pretty poor draft class in hindsight. Curry wasn’t even the first defender taken – that was Tyson Jackson the DE from LSU to the Chiefs. But leasing up to the draft a lot of poeple had Curry going #1 overall to the Lions.

          The game was different then, but almost every analyst had Curry pegged to be the player that ultimately Bobby Wagner became. At the time, I don’t recall a single person saying it was a bad pick.

          I am not knocking Anderson and saying he will have Aaron Curry’s career. But they were similiar in that Curry was seen as the safe, can’t miss pick. Maybe not the homerun ceiling, but the solid double as mentioned here.

          • seahawkward

            Yes, that was an awful class. One of the worst ever. Only thing that makes the Curry pick easier to swallow.

    • cha

      Somebody quoted a source saying Carter is a swing for the fences pick and Anderson is a solid double.

  37. Brett

    Rob here are some nice words for you from Matthew Freedman who writes for Fantasy Pros which is a very well read website:

    Mentions you and your “excellent analysis” with a link to the blog in the Seahawks section at #5

    I wanted to point this out to show that you have been getting some recognition out there!

    • Huggie Hawk

      Nice find and shout out. And yet he still mocks Carter lol…

  38. Ben

    KJ and Gee Scott talking life after retirement, NFL draft, etc.

    • Scot04

      Can’t believe KJ is serious about Hooker at #5 over Richardson or Levis.

      • PJ in Seattle

        I respect the heck out of KJ but that is just lunacy.

    • TomLPDX

      Hey Ben, thanks for posting this link.

  39. DriveByPoster

    At this point I am getting quite excited that the ‘hawks will be making a pick early on, regardless of who it is (Richardson shows most promise for me but if you had asked me at this time last year I would have galloped to the podium for Will Anderson). It was getting kinda dull watching the first round with no Seahawks pick or through three quarters of the first round only to see them trade back. So yaay for an early pick! 😀

  40. Donovan

    Entertaining predictions, especially how Hawks decide b/w two available players at #5:

    • geoff u

      In a recent “Peter King’s Football Morning in America,” he writes this: “It’s become almost a cliché, how many team officials think the Seahawks will take Carter with the fifth overall pick.”

      If you’re a Carter fan, guess that means the smokescreen failed. If you’re a QB fan, they pulled it off to perfection.

    • Big Mike

      Very entertaining

  41. Jordan

    Seahawks to draft Richardson has moved from +450 to +250 since yesterday. Titans at +220 the current betting favourite for AR.

    Value out there that I like: Broderick Jones first offensive lineman drafted at +1000. Behind Johnson, Skoronski and Wright.

  42. J Junker

    I don’t buy into these supposedly leaked S2 scores. One of the founders of the test has said to take leaked scores “with a grain of salt”. Also this:

    “We have seen, ‘Hey, so-and-so scored the highest in the class, or the highest ever, and so-and-so scored low,’ and it’s like, ‘Yeah, that’s not true,’” Ally continued. “With that being said, this class as a whole—all the guys in the discussion—have scored really, really well.”


  43. samprassultanofswat

    Pete loves Carter. First of all that has to becoming from Rosenhaus. Number Pete loves EVERYBODY.

  44. samprassultanofswat

    Here are some of the Diamonds in the rough that has caught the eye of Rob.

    If they last to day three:

    Chandler Zavala
    Anthony Bradford
    Emil Ekiyor Jr
    Dorian Williams
    Jay Ward
    Rezjohn Wright
    Cory Trice

    Hopefully John Schneider will snap up one or two of these guys.

    Chandler Zavala was first team from the All-Mountain Conference. And Zavala is defintely a Mountain of a Man.

    Anthony Bradford: I sure wouldn’t mind having having Kenneth Walker running behind Anthony Bradford and his 332 pounds of muscle. Would love to see Bradford pile-driving Aaron Donald.

    Emil Ekiyor Jr: Played four years for Nick Sabean and the Crimson Tide. Enough said.

    Dorian Williams: Was the leading tackler for Tulane in the Cotton Bowl against U.S.C. Obviously Williams Loves football.

    Jay Ward: Versatile. Has played cornerback, slot, safety, dime and nickel defense. Although narrow in stature he is known for his strength and toughness. A definite asset in run defense. A sure tackler.

    Rezjohn Wright: Was named all Pac-12. Not afraid to get physical. Plays with an attitude. John Schneider likes players who want to be the bully. Rezjohn Wright fits the bill. A poor man’s Devon Witherspoon.

    Cory Trice: 6’3: Intelligent, physical corneback. Has a lot tools. No doubt Richard Sherman would love to develop Trice.


    No doubt there are many diamonds in the rough in the later rounds. Hopefull John Schneider and the Seahawk front office can pluck or two of these hidden gems.

  45. Sea Mode


    • KnoxHawk

      Long time coming! I predict an exponential rise from here

    • cha

      Well deserved!

    • Rob Staton


      I think that’s way small for what is produced so hope it keeps growing!

    • Big Mike


  46. Phil

    For those of you outside of the Seattle area, Bob Condotta is a reporter for the Seattle Times and he covers the Seahawks. He and some other reporters for the Seattle Times came out with a joint mock draft of the first round this morning,

    I’m not a Carter fan, but you have to wonder if Condotta has any inside sources with the Seahawks. Then again, Condotta may be a part of the Smoke Screen Squad.

    By the way, Condotta has Young at #1, and Stroud at #2, Anderson at #3, and Richardson at #4, and Levis at #8, and Hooker to Minn. at #23.

    • Phil

      Whoops – he has Carter at #5 and Myles Murphy at #20. Sorry.

    • Rob Staton

      The Seahawks aren’t going to tell local reporters their plans

    • Patrick Toler

      Condotta actually managed to predict Cross, Woolen, and Melton last year. Though he also wrote that if Thibodeaux lasted he would be a no brainer, so I’m guessing his insight is fairly limited…

  47. cha

    Florio and Simms with some strange reasoning on taking AR at 5.

    Florio thinks AR at 5 is a mistake because of the QB turmoil.

    But acknowledges there is chatter out there.

    Simms: “I don’t see it within the DNA of JS and PC.”

    Florio then admits AR’s ceiling might be too high not to take. And JS and PC have job security in 2024 when there might be new ownership for the Seahawks if AR is amazing.

    Simms counters with the entire defense could collapse if they don’t spend 5 on a DL, and the offense is fine and if they collapse because of D their job security could be in jeopardy.

    Then they slide back to the old familiar trade down scenario.

    • Rob Staton


      • Big Mike

        This. The entire defense could collapse if they don’t go DL at #5? Hyperbole much there Chris.
        Never mind that we have 9 more picks including another 1 and two 2s.

        • 509 Chris

          Ya thats why new england had all those awful defenses the last few decades. They never had the #5 pick!

    • GrittyHawk

      If this FO is in such dire straits that not drafting a rookie to play 400 snaps next year results in the defense collapsing they really should have been fired already.

    • Purpleneer

      Another example of the prevalent wrongness. In actuality, the defense needs work but is not nearly as bad as most think. And the opposite for the offense; it really is far worse than many Seahawk fans and national media think it is.

    • Malanch

      Chris Simms nods in the affirmative when Mike Florio says, “Seattle may be the spot for Richardson, and I know you and I agree that it would be a mistake.” After this, Simms adds the “I just don’t see it within the DNA of Schneider and Pete Carroll” quote that cha posted above. Seems to me that Simms could have better explained his stance with, “I just don’t see it within the DNA of myself.”

      One of the more irritating qualities of the MSM draft pundit is the deep understanding of team draft proclivities that he or she projects. Well, in the case of the Seahawks, they know dick, and they prove it annually. This time around, it’s usually some form of ‘Jalen Carter is the quintessential Seahawks pick…’ or ‘Pete Carroll loves to get his hands on guys with challenging backgrounds…’ or ‘John Schneider is risk-averse—there’s zero chance he trades up in the first round…’ or ‘Their front seven has been their downfall for years, so they have to go D-line…’ and so on and so forth.

      In actuality, Pete’s and John’s operation of the team has evolved continuously during their tenure; while some trends and preferences can be traced back over multiple years, the two have largely preserved a mysteriousness about their overall process—despite flat-out telling us plenty about it! It’s difficult enough for us to take what we know about their modus operandi and apply it to our draft prognostications, but at least the majority of us don’t oversimplify things on account of some special knowledge of Pete’s and John’s unchanging natures. The MSM is determined never to get this.

      To wit, here is a nice little demonstration of blunt ignorance regarding basic draft board functionality, courtesy of one Chris Simms: “With Seattle, I don’t think it’s quarterback (at #5), but what if (Jalen Carter and Tyree Wilson) are off the board? Then would they turn their attention and go, ‘Wait, our board has changed here…Where do we go from there?'” Ridiculous. Boards don’t change on the fly, not unless incompetents are running the show. (Many GMs have explained this.)

      Simms continues by going back to the usual stance, whereby talk of going quarterback at #5 is just Seattle trying to drum up trade-down interest, but then he ends with the most wishy-washy nonsense yet: “Or maybe they take Richardson. But either way, it adds to the value of that pick.” How in the effing hell would Seattle drafting Richardson at #5 add value to the pick if drafting Richardson at #5 would be a mistake? LOL!

      …Uhhfff. Well, on the bright side: only Rick Mirer* days left until draft night!

      *I couldn’t bring myself to pay tribute to Josh Brown.

      • JAFreeman

        This is a nice post – well written and interesting.

    • MountainHawker

      I honestly don’t think job security is even a thought for them. Let alone a reason to draft or not to draft a player.

  48. Mort

    For fun today I went to “He who shall not be named” to see what he has said since to be honest I just remembered about him and he had just put out his latest mock. Oh boy, it was terrible. I clicked off almost immediately as he had us trade back to 7 to take Hooker. I will not post is mock to give him clicks but what a difference between him and Rob. Rob you are a stand out in a sea of terrible draft analysis. I just wished more national analysts would give you time because you are the best. Keep up the great work and I can’t wait until Thursday.

  49. Sea Mode

    Ian Rapoport

    The #Giants have agreed to terms with #Rams FA DT A’Shawn Robinson, continuing to beef up their defensive front right before the Draft, sources tell me and @MikeGarafolo. He gets a 1-year deal worth up to $8M max value with the opportunity to find a home with NYG.

  50. Sea Mode

    So if AZ does manage to trade down and target an OT, as was the report a couple days ago, maybe this is their guy?

    Albert Breer

    Two guys I think the NFL is higher on than all the people pumping up two mock drafts per day …

    1) Illinois CB Devon Witherspoon.

    2) Ohio State OT Paris Johnson.

    Either could go as high as 3, and I see both as pretty locked in to go inside the Top 10.

    Mike Garafolo

    FWIW word is Kyler Murray likes Paris Johnson a lot and has let that be known inside the #AZCardinals’ building. Johnson visited there recently.

    • Rob Staton

      Tony Pauline in our chat yesterday talked up Paris Johnson going in the top three

      • geoff u

        Please let it be so!

      • Ryan

        Oh please please please please

    • Blitzy the Clown

      If I was making the calls, I’d trade down most likely with Vegas and pick up their R2.

      Then I’d try another small trade down to the low teens and take BJ Robinson. Or stay put at 7 and take him there.

      Then I’d package my R2 with that Vegas R2 to move back up into R1 for Darnell Wright.

      That’s how I’d try to start my tenure as GM, by fixing the offense with Robinson and Wright.

      • Sea Mode

        Are you drafting Wright to play RG or moving Lucas?

        • Blitzy the Clown

          I was talking from the Arizona GM perspective

          That’s what I would do if I was Monti Ossenfort

  51. YDB

    It’s agent SZN and the NFL has to just love the confusion being created by all the conflicting narratives. You have to tune in to see what will happen!!!

    I would think that the only way they stick & pick at #20 would be if someone completely unexpected falls or they cant find a trade partner.

  52. samprassultanofswat

    “Tony Pauline in our chat yesterday talked up Paris Johnson going in the top three”

    That would be nice. I hope it happens.

    Prediction: If the Hawks can land Anthony Richardson then everything will fall into play.

    Talent over need!!!

  53. Sea Mode

    Kenny McIntosh had a virtual meeting with the Seahawks.

    Lukas Van Ness had an official 30. 👀

    That makes 26/30 visitors known. I have a feeling with the renewed emphasis on character, there’s going to be several picked from those visitors.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Hmm Van Ness is another 4-3 DE to visit VMAC…

  54. samprassultanofswat

    BTW: Let’s rally get the Hawk fans something to talk about.

    How about:

    5) Richardson

    20) Mike Mayer

    37) Joe Tippmann

    Seahawk fans would be blowing head gaskets everywhere.

    • Sea Mode

      Personally, I would love it.

      Would signal to me that they simply went BPA and would give the chance to evaluate current DL back in the 4-3 before making huge draft investments. (of course, they would still be adding to the defense on day 3 in that scenario)

    • GrittyHawk

      That would be a dream draft for me. Throw in Pickens or Benton at 52 and there aren’t enough clean pants in the world for my excitement level.

      • Awm

        Yes Yes yes 👏

      • Robbie

        LOL thats a lot of pants 😀

    • cha

      There is an argument to be made that “defense wins championships” has had its day in the sun.

      A dominant offense + an adequate defense could be the ticket. By the time those 3 are firing on all cylinders, the two expensive safeties will be off the books.

      • TomLPDX

        A day that will live in infamy!

        • Big Mike

          I only drink socially but that day I will be getting drunk in celebration.

      • Wilson502

        Completely agree that defense wins championships has completely gone by the wayside, though I would argue that elite QB play and a dominant OL have always been the recipe to the promised land. With this last SB, the Eagles led the league with 70 sacks in the regular season, and that defense didnt do jack squat to stop Mahomes. Mahomes has now won 2 SBs with below average defenses. The old days of “defense wins championships” is not sustainable or really viable in the modern NFL. All the great defenses that carried their teams to SBs could not sustain it and were 1 yr wonders.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      I have long argued that the only player or two players Seattle would stick at 20 to take instead of trading down are Mayer and Robinson.

      Which is why I don’t think we’ll see a deal for trading down from 20 until Mayer is off the board.

    • geoff u

      I would blow a head gasket too, but out of pure excitement.

    • Chris

      I would be 100% for that draft. Absolutely ideal, and I’d possibly go further and draft a guard with 52 for good measure if the right one was available.

  55. Malanch

    “I’m also sure it’s possible (Jalen Carter) had a good official-30 visit. Drew Rosenhaus would’ve prepared his client sufficiently to get the job done in that regard.” –Rob

    During a stream last week between Corbin Smith and Rob Rang, the latter said that NFL teams commonly dispatch undercover personnel to tail top prospects en route to their official visits. He didn’t offer any detail, but it makes sense: If a team is about to unload tens of millions of guaranteed dollars on a guy, they would logically want to learn what he’s truly like—as in, how he conducts himself and treats others when (he thinks) nobody is watching.

    …And who would know the ins and outs of this game better than Drew Rosenhaus?

    If the Seahawks thus employ undercover assets, I wonder: Would they cover the Sea-Tac to VMAC leg only? Would they actually board prospects’ flights, sitting a scant number of seats away? Would they only track the inbound journeys, or would they complete full itineraries? I’d guess that Rosenhaus could expound at length on each of these questions, and for every team in the NFL at that. Who knows, maybe he has his own spies.

    At any rate, I expect Jalen Carter has received a full briefing on precisely how to mind every last mannerism, from the minute he leaves his home until the minute he returns. If anyone can snow an NFL team, I would have to think it would be a Rosenhaus guy.

    • Chris

      I would hope any undercover agent would at least spill a cup of coffee on Carter. See how he reacts.

  56. Jefferson

    The strategy of Carter’s agent to only have visits with top 10 picking teams is questionable. What if a team picking 13 wants to trade up to 9 to get him? Nope. What if he falls past 10 and that same team says no because they couldn’t do their due diligence? What is the likelihood that he drops to 20 and beyond? Any of these out of the money scenarios would be fun to see.

  57. Jace

    It is what it is now.. but man do I wish the Chargers just could have just won Week 18 against Denver and we had pick #3.

    I shouldn’t be complaining about a top 5 pick.. but would feel a lot better about our chances of A-Rich or Anderson at #3 than I do at 5.

  58. Blitzy the Clown

    If JMS and Wypler are the Bryce Young and CJ Stroud of centers in this draft, then Joe Tippmann is 100% the Anthony Richardson.

    Which is a colorful way of saying I’m 100% in favor of Tippmann in R2

  59. Blitzy the Clown

    I personally don’t need any more reason to be all in on Anthony Richardson with our first pick.

    But in case you do…

    Cameron Wolfe @CameronWolfe

    I spent a few days with one of the most unique QB prospects we’ve ever seen — Anthony Richardson — to learn his story and all that makes him this draft’s most interesting player.

    My profile, take a read:

    • Blitzy the Clown

      “Nobody wants a quarterback with a 53 percent completion percentage. I don’t want to be that guy either,” said Richardson, who spent nearly every weekday from Dec. 26 through March 30 training for six to eight hours per day. He split his time between on-field workouts and weight-room sessions and throwing, mechanics and film sessions.

      “Anthony isn’t the perfect prospect,” said Will Hewlett, one of the private QB coaches who helped him prepare for the draft. “But where is the ceiling? I can’t find it. He’s got limitless potential. He’s the age of a college sophomore. Do I believe there will be at least 6 [points of] growth in his accuracy percentage in the NFL? Absolutely. And there is potential for even more.”

      “I personally felt I was letting him down, and others felt the same,” said Pouncey, who caught Richardson’s first college touchdown pass, in the Cotton Bowl against Oklahoma in 2020. “Ant walks softly but carries a big stick. He’s not a rah-rah guy. But when he talks, you listen. Ant goes hard in everything he does. But that day showed me just how much football and winning means to him.”

      • Blitzy the Clown

        No snark. No schadenfreude.

        I wonder where Carter would be in the draft process if he’d spent 5 days per week, from the day after Christmas to the end of last month, splitting 6-8 hours each day between on-field workouts, the weight room, and film sessions.

        • Big Mike

          If he had done so, #2 overall to Houston would seem a lock.

          • Blitzy the Clown

            Chicago might have kept the top pick and made him it

            • geoff u

              Yep, agree with you both. What a waste.

              • TomLPDX

                Sad really, if you think about it. Such a waste of talent.

          • Peter

            UT bump said the quiet part: that nobody is going to trade up for carter…..

      • geoff u

        If this team can get Geno to 70%, they can do the same with AR.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          Even if they can get him only to the low 60s, with his athleticism and ability to extend plays he’d be all but unstoppable

          • UkAlex6674

            I’m not ready to give him his gold jacket just yet!

            • TomLPDX

              I don’t think any of us are…but the dude puts in the work and is pissed off for greatness. Let’s see if he makes it! As a Seahawk!!!

    • Steve Nelsen

      This is an amazing story. When he is asked to describe his “perfect coach” it sounds so much like Pete Carroll. This kid is driven to be great.

    • Malanch

      After all the millions of mocks that have come out, most of which have put Richardson’s draft ceiling no higher than #4 (and some of which have had him falling past #20), I STILL don’t see any way he makes it to Seattle at #5. If the Hawks have circled him as their prime guy, I’d guess they would have to swap with Houston to get him—but would the Texans give him away like that, just because he’s not Year One ready? All other prospects pale in comparison to him, in my (admittedly limited) view.

  60. Big Mike

    So guys, in the unlikely event AZ were to take Paris Johnson at 3 (based on discussion above) and Houston takes CJ at 2 and Indy goes Levis at 4, who do you take at 5, Richardson or Anderson? I still go AR but I think the Hawks take Anderson if that were to happen. Thoughts?

    • Blitzy the Clown

      If Arizona are cool with Paris then they’re gonna try to trade down. There’s no reason to take him at 3, unless they can’t get a trade offer that makes sense.

      But if the offer comes from say LV at 7, then they’re guaranteed to get Paris after trading down anyway, so the compensation would need to be reasonable for Vegas, something like their R2 pick this year (maybe plus a late day 3 pick).

      That’s a convoluted way of saying I don’t think Arizona will be unreasonable in what they demand for #3, especially if they get back a top 7-8 pick. They still get their guy and pick up at least another top 7-8 R2 pick and I think they make that deal.

      Which means the problem then becomes Ant not lasting to 5 even though Anderson would.

      • Big Mike

        Makes sense. In that case, welcome to Seattle Will Anderson.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          Assuming Levis to Indy, that would mean a Stroud/Anderson choice at 5…

          I still want the QB. I wonder what they’d do.

          • Wilson502

            Seahawks should just Pay the damn iron price and move up to #2 and lock down the QBoTF. Will Anderson does absolutely jack squat to elevate this team to greatness or increase the value of the franchise for that matter with a pending sale. Ive lost count how many times weve seen great pass rushers on bad to mediocre teams and they are always limited by their QB play. Leonard Williams with the Jets, Myles Garrett with the Browns, Khali Mack with the Faiders, etc.

            • Blitzy the Clown

              FWIW I think the first two picks are all but locked in with Carolina taking Bryce Young and Houston taking Will Anderson. I’m equally confident about predicting Levis to Indy at 4.

              If that holds, then Seattle are guaranteed one of Stroud or Richardson at 5, and depending on whether Arizona trade out of 3, they could have their pick of both.

              I don’t see the need to move up.

              • Wilson502

                Again, this is where theres slight disagreement, you cant rely on AZ not trading out of 3 or Houston taking Will Anderson. I would make a deal with Houston and lock down your QBoTF, Youre literally never getting this chance probably ever again.

    • Scot04

      Personally I’d go QB Anderson in that scenario also; but 100% agree that Pete likely goes with Anderson.

      • Scot04

        QB Richardson, lol not Anderson.

        • geoff u

          Making Anderson into a QB? Tom Cable would approve.

          • Scot04


            • Hoggs41

              Anderson for me.

  61. MountainHawker

    New QB school. AR vs GA

  62. Blitzy the Clown

    Rogers finally traded to the Jets

    Adam Schefter @AdamSchefter

    Trade compensation, per sources:

    Jets get:
    🏈Aaron Rodgers, pick No. 15, a 2023 5th-rd pick (No. 170).

    Packers get:
    🏈Pick No. 13, a 2023 2nd-rd pick (No. 42), a 6th-rd pick (No. 207), a conditional 2024 2nd-rd pick that becomes a 1st if Rodgers plays 65 percent of the plays.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Jets also came to terms with their C Connor McGovern today, which kinda takes them out of the JMS/Wypler/Tippmann hunt

      • Big Mike

        Good news. One less competitor for our C of the future.

    • Big Mike

      I’m a big uniform guy…………. for the older folks here, does Namath agree to Rodgers wearing #12? Now sober Joe seems a decent guy so my guess is it’s a yes.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        He’s switching to 8 the number he wore at Cal. Though Namath did give him his blessing to wear 12.

        • Big Mike

          Thanks Blitzy. Not surprised Joe was OK with it.

        • geoff u

          I’m glad Aaron switched to 8, that was respectful of him. It always seemed weird to me that Rice took Largent’s number for that brief time.

          • Big Mike

            Definitely respectful. Gotta give it to Rodgers for that one.

            • Mr drucker in hooterville

              Off topic: Joe Namath’s legend is better than his actual performance. A SB win and thats it.

              • YDB

                Don’t forget, he also did the coin toss in SB 48.

                • Malanch

                  That’s right, YDB, and Namath’s “quick release” coin toss was the turning point of the game. After that, it was all Hawks.

  63. dahveed

    a few fun facts ;

    Most agents prepares thier young players befor meeting with teams

    Carter isnt woking as a divisional spy to ruin the seahawks

    the Media ‘isnt in on the smokescreen’ they just have thier opinion.

  64. UkAlex6674

    No one seems to be touting the Lions to pull a sneaky move up to grab a QB. They have the draft capital, and a QB a rookie can sit behind.

  65. Ukhawk

    Rob, Phenomenal interview with Tony P!!

    You are the man!!!

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you

  66. Big Mike

    So Tony mentioned in his interview with Rob that PFN will be livestreaming the draft and if we want to know the pick before its announced on TV, we could get the info that way. I know Rob will ask that people not post spoilers here which I totally respect as I am sure we all will. I know he asked that be the case last year and to my knowledge none were posted here. However, I want to know for myself how I watch the livestream on PFN. I was just at their site and saw no link though I get that it’s early. Am I missing something or have they just not posted it yet?
    Btw, I only want to do it for our first pick, #5 overall. After that, I’ll be fine with either NFLN or ESPN (please come back to NFLN Mike Mayock!).

    • Rob Staton

      They post it on Twitter — you’ll be able to watch from there

      And in advance of Thursday I would request NO tipping picks again, not even hinting or expressing reaction until they’re announced. Then feel free to celebrate or vent!

      • Big Mike

        Thanks Rob. I don’t do twatter so I’m out on the livestream.

        • Glor

          Haha, same here

      • Wilson502

        Rob have you considered doing a draft day livestream? I think it would be awesome to do a draft day stream, I think many of us would enjoy watching you do a livestream event during the draft.

  67. LouCityHawk

    May have missed it if someone has shared this article.

    Really dives into Ant, his background, his growth, his mechanical development, and I mean it is long and gets into the minutia. Really enjoyable read though.

  68. geoff u

    Boy, mock draft “experts” sure think we’re gonna go Jalen Carter and WR in the first round. Who pays these geniuses?

    • TomLPDX

      Ignore those idiots!

    • LouCityHawk

      Downs/Zay make a lot of sense at 20, not saying the Hawks wouod do that, but I sure would.

      • AC

        I know it’s a new world but I’d be hesitant to draft a 170 lb WR in the first.

    • Rob Staton

      Roll on Thursday

    • Mr drucker in hooterville

      Who pays them? I believe Drew Rosenhaus. Thats who.

  69. Allen M.

    Great interview! Thank you.

    I see the top of the draft going like this, regardless of team:

    1. Young
    2. Stroud
    3. Richardson
    4. Levis
    5. Anderson

    Which would make me invariably sad. However, all it takes is a small trade up from Seattle to secure Richardson of they really want and belive in him. All that said, Will Anderson would be an amazing addition to our defense.

    Scenario two:

    1. Young
    2. Anderson
    3. Stroud
    4. Levis
    5. Richardson (Seahawks)

    Full tilt pants off moment.

    • Malanch

      1. Young
      2. Richardson (Seahawks)
      3. Anderson
      4. Levis
      5. Stroud (Texans)

  70. Gaux Hawks

    certainly feels like the seahawks (wilson) got a much better deal than greenbay (rogers)… am i missing something??

    • Rob Staton

      Age is a big factor I’d say

    • samprassultanofswat

      Gaux. The Jets overpaid for a rental player. How many years does Rodgers have left? What happens if Aaron Rodgers only plays one year?

      BTW: I remember at the time. 710 ESPN Said we did not get enough. Now as it turned out Seattle made out bandits.

      • Wilson502

        I would hold the thought of Seattle making out like bandits until after this draft. Yeah we didnt have to pay his absurd contract, but its a moot point if they dont use the draft capital to get a QBoTF.

        • seahawkward

          This is a very small-minded and stubborn way of looking at things.

          • Wilson502

            I mean not really, franchise QBs are the most valuable commodity in the NFL. Not having a viable plan to replace said franchise QB after trading him away for a haul of picks really devalues the trade.

            • 805Hawk

              Agreed. If we don’t end up with a QBOTF, Geno regresses back to mediocrity, and Russ has a resurgence under Payton, the overall feeling about the trade could change. That said, it was still time to part ways if Pete was going to keep coaching for a while.

            • seahawkward

              Respectfully disagree. There’s more than one valuable position in football.

              • Wilson502

                You can disagree all you want, I said QB is the MOST valuable position in football (this is not refutable). I never said other positions aren’t valuable, but QB is by far the most valuable and has the most impact on the franchise.

              • Malanch

                “There’s more than one valuable position in football.” –seahawkward

                Straw man fail. (sigh)

  71. Glor

    Rob, did you see the controversy over WR Calvin Austin’s 40 time? They clocked him at 4.33 or something like that, but if you look at the video, he actually broke the plane at 4.01

    • Malanch

      Glor, pause the replay and you’ll see that, with Austin fully into his acceleration more than a yard past the strike, the clock is still sitting at 0.00. So, yet another mighty mite runs in the low 4.3s—nothing to see here.

  72. Palatypus

    Mass hysteria.

    Dogs and cats living together.

  73. Niro

    My personal opinion is that in 10 years people will look back at this draft and all 4 of the big QBs will have achieved at least some level of success.

    • Rob Staton

      Their landing spots will be key but I agree

      • Wilson502

        And if JS fails to get one for whatever reason, then he will live to regret it the rest of his career.

  74. Glor

    Fantastic interview with Tony Pauline Rob!
    Thanks again for all the hard work you are putting in. Super grateful you are part of our hawks community

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you for watching and reading!

  75. Ashish

    Quality conversation and provide great insight how draft day can have a twist based on Oline Left tackle position. Very good chance we get AR with #5.

  76. vichawkfan

    Great interviews Rob. It’s been a see saw with Richardson’s projected landing spot. As far as 1 through to 23 I saw in Peter King’s last mock.

    I’m 80% sure that he will be there at 5, and I’m 20% sure that Seattle will take him if he is. Too many years of scar tissue from drafts past.

  77. Denver Hawker

    Are the Packers a team that could jump the Hawks for a QB?

    I know we have better picks to offer if needed/wanted to play defense, I’d be surprised to see Love the starter without drafting competition.

    • Palatypus

      I’m hoping that he wins the starting job so they can call the offense The Ministry of Love.

      1984 is one of my favorite books.

  78. Huggie Hawk

    Great interview. My favorite part may have been Tony’s line regarding Pete and John’s stability: “Russell Wilson couldn’t get them fired” ah haha, great stuff.

  79. YDB

    Excellent interview. Thanks for posting it.

    One of the things that perked my ears up was Tony tempering talk of Carter’s percieved laziness a bit. “I never saw him take plays off” and mentioning how the double and triple teams he was facing contributed to him looking gassed is quite a bit different from what the current narrative surrounding him. Even when he talked about players getting to do what they want at school, he mentioned him in the same rarefied air as OBJ.

    I’m really nervous that they may look past any of the circulated red flags and take a moon shot at that talent; however, at least I will have some way of rationalizing it if they do pick him. Here’s hoping for Stoud/Anderson/Richardson.

  80. Hawkster

    Great interview. You (Rob) and Tony have really established a comfortable rapport that just makes a fantastic dialogue between a couple of well informed draftniks. Superb.

    Meanwhile, I’m thinking good chance Mayer is going to GB at 13, they definitely want WR and TE, they grabbed Watson last year a great deep threat, and I just think Mayer is perfect for LaFleur’s scheme.

    They want to toughen up on DL and while Rashan Gary is OLB his ACL injury made everything harder for that defense. But they also lost Campbell at ILB for 4 games which if I remember they lost all of them. Point is a TE like Mayer for the not-so-new, new guy, (Love) fits the LaFleur playbook. GB likes to pick SDB crushes.

    Still sticking to the notion that QBs go 1-4 and that trades happen for those in the first 4 that don’t want a QB. It’s a QB league and there are QB needy teams. I think ARZ would love to trade to #5 … except it is Seattle sitting there. If Seattle was 4 and Indy was 5 I think Arizona would swap to #5 in a heartbeat … unless they really really really want Anderson, but then there wouldn’t be this trade talk.

  81. Leonard

    Seattle will take Richardson at 5 and then trade back up using the 20th pick and second rounder and take Carter if he’s available at 9.

    • Rob Staton

      They really won’t

  82. Hawkdawg

    That clip made me look up Miles Murphy’s pro day testing numbers. 1.59 10 yard, 4.51 40, 7.22 3-cone, at 268 lbs. I must have missed this. Good numbers.

    • Steve Nelsen

      His Pro-Day numbers, especially the 10-yard split was very encouraging. Could he be there if they make a small trade back from 5?

      • OakleyD

        Based on his tape alone he should be there at 20……

  83. Old but Slow

    This predraft season is like a water torture. At this point, I would be quite relieved if we moved up to #3 or #2, so I could be more comfortable. Not that they couldn’t still screw it up, but it would lessen the odds.

    For what it is worth, my top 3, in order, are Levis, Richardson and Stroud, with Levis and Richardson switching the order depending on my mood. Would I make a great GM or what?

  84. Steve Nelsen

    I really enjoyed the Tony Pauline interview Rob. It was obvious that you both were having fun.

    Interesting discussion about Dawand Jones. Cool that you both interviewed Ade Ade and I would love to see him in Seattle. But it sounds like the second pick in Round One will have to be a center and Ade will be gone by 37.

  85. Old but Slow

    My A+ draft (for today), but not what I expect, and no trades although I expect there will be at least one:

    5. Levis or Richardson
    20. Will McDonald
    37. Adebawore
    52. Keanu Benton
    89. Jonathan Mingo
    123. Cory Trice or Rezjohn Wright
    151. YaYa Diaby or Moro Ojomo
    154. Juice Scruggs
    198. Chris Rodriguez or Kendre Miller
    237. Charlie Jones or Zach Kuntz

    So shoot me.

    • Palatypus

      If 20, 37, and 52 go that way I will be doing backflips.

      • samprassultanofswat

        OLD: I like McDonald, Benton and Adebawore. I like those players alot. But it is highly unlike the Hawks would take DL at 20,37,52.

        BTW: I am kinda old but slow myself. Rob said if Mayer was there at 20 he would snap him up. Now I understand why Rob would do that. I also get it why Rob would trade down from 20. There is probably a block players in their range. Where they could trade down and get an extra pick.

        Question for Rob: Looking back a year ago. Any comments on the selection of Boye Mafe.

      • Malanch

        “If 20, 37, and 52 go that way I will be doing backflips.” –Palatypus

        And if #5 goes that way, I will be (watching Anthony Richardson) doing backflips.

    • Big Mike

      Love it except no Center. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out.

      • Old but Slow

        Scruggs is a center. And thanks for the feedback.

      • Hawkster

        I’ve been warming up to taking a flyer on Juice at center and keeping day 2 at higher value positions. Tha said, to me what’s missing is safety. Can never have too many safeties, and can never pay them enough.

    • Ashish

      First 3 is something i will be thrilled with. At 20th small trade will allow to take center and 3 down running back.

  86. Gaux Hawks

    1. CAR: Young (am I the only one that doesn’t get this?)
    2. HOU: Anderson (this is starting to make sense)
    3. DET: Stroud (they take advantage of an affordable jump)
    4. INDY: Levis (makes perfect sense)
    5. SEA: Richardson (moons and planets align)

    • Rob Staton

      If Indy and Seattle aren’t taking Stroud, though, why the need to jump?

      • Sean

        99% confident four QB’s won’t go in the first 5 picks. Expect one to slide out of the top 10.

        • Rob Staton

          99% is a bit much even if you think it might happen

          • Sean

            From Seth Walder model:

            “If you look at the individual range of draft outcomes for each quarterback, they all look certain or quite likely to go in the top eight. But whether one of the quarterbacks is available later is a different question altogether. In order to answer it, we have to simulate the draft many times and when we did, the results surprised me: There was a 64% chance a quarterback lasted to pick No. 8, and it wasn’t until pick No. 12 that we can be more than 50% confident that all four quarterbacks are gone.”

            Okay, so maybe not 99%, but pretty high. It just has become tiresome seeing so many people on here losing their minds about 4 QB’s going in the top 4. It almost certainly will not happen.

      • Gaux Hawks

        Valid. But secure a top QB with considerably little draft capital (maybe 55 or 81). Also seems like an ideal partner for ARZ, only moving down to three spots to 6. Feels like a win/win.

  87. Palatypus

    I’m curious.

    How many of you can confidently pronounce Adetomiwa Adebawore.

    • bmseattle

      I can’t even pronounce Palatypus.

      • Palatypus

        And I can’t spell it.

    • Mr drucker in hooterville

      Whats Goodell going to do? I hope he has started his pronunciation coaching already.

    • Big Mike

      No chance

      • Sean

        Simple, just say “Ade Ade”.

    • geoff u

      I can confidently pronounce it wrong.

  88. MountainHawker

    My desire and want for Richardson to be a Seahawk is probably unhealthy at this point

    • Steve Nelsen

      If there is a cure, I don’t want it.

    • Vichawkfan

      Thanks for sharing they article Mountainhawker – some really good insight on who Ant Richardson is

  89. Ashish

    SDB community, I’m outside USA what will be the best way to follow the draft ? Any site or live feed?

    • Hawkdawg

      Well, other than this site, I suppose you could try

  90. Sluggo42

    I’m soooo sick of it all, I just want it to happen already.

    Fortunately Rob, I am now pretty familiar with about 50-75 names, and will know who everyone is as they get picked, through the first round or 2 anyways, after that, I don’t care who else picks who, as long as it’s not one of the guys we want.

    Your work and effort make this possible, and it’s greatly appreciated, and I’m sure I speak for everyone here.
    This year was extra busy with the surprise gift that Russell Wilson gave us, so we basically had a double whammy of info to digest, and without question, we got it all here.

    Just for fun, I think you should pick J Carter in your final mock

    • Palatypus

      What’s the over/under on hours of sleep Rob gets this week?

      Let’s gamble!

      • dregur

        By Sunday? 8 hours.

      • Sluggo42

        Are you talking the whole week, or per day?
        I’d give him an average of 5 hours per night… any more than that is just being Carter (lazy)

        • Palatypus


        • Hawktalker#1

          My favorite Carter reference of the week. Nice offset to all the best talent / pick of the draft I am so sick of reading.

          • Ben

            You’d think he’d kicked somebody’s dog here. He’s not even on the team?!

            Fingers crossed we never have to deal with this in a draft again. Sheesh.

      • Gross MaToast

        Negative four per night until Sunday. Don’t ask me how.

        Then he begins breaking down tape for 2024 and returns to his normal nine minutes.


      • UkAlex6674

        Rob doesn’t sleep.

        He waits.

  91. Jabroni-DC

    My favorite guest of the year. 2 real pros as either interviewer or interviewee.

    The real thing is almost here. Let’s hit it out of the park!

    • Palatypus

      My favorite guest will always be Jim Nagy and I was lucky enough to meet him briefly.

      • Hawkcrazy

        My favorite guest is Rob whenever he is on anyone’s show. If Rob is interviewing Tony Pauline or Jim Nagy it is like hitting a grand slam.

  92. Ryan Purcell

    Nice interview. The Russel Wilson trade is the gift that keeps giving during this (long long long) draft season. Sdb has not been so bubbly in years. Here’s to Thursday!!!

  93. Palatypus

    Alright, so I got a little INTEL recently for next year.

    When I go to Bayview Dog Park here in Pensacola I often run into this guy who works for BLAB radio who is well connected. I never remember his name though. I only remember dogs names and this guy has FIVE golden retrievers. Kevin barks at me all the time and Boone is always smelling my Daisey’s butt.

    So, this guy knows Charlie Ward and Derrick Brooks. We were talking about Charlie and why he had to leave town for Talahassee, when the conversation turned to the NFL draft. I was telling him how I wanted to stake out Felix’s Fish Camp to see what coaches and general managers were meeting with players at next year’s Senior Bowl.

    I thought all of the coaches went to that restaurant, but he said no. They go to the Oyster House on the other side of the causeway near Battleship Park. He said, “Go in there you will see pictures of them all over the walls.” After a quick google search (go ahead I’ll wait) I found out they have a virtual tour on their website. I can see all the pictures but can’t quite make out who is in them.

    So I have given myself a homework assignment to scope it out. I want to be able to post next year when a coach shows up with a player or agent to serve this community better. I’ll probably do it on my way back home.

    And I really love oysters.

    And BTW Rob, if you ever get to come to Mobile to cover the Senior Bowl, check out The Blind Mule downtown. That is where I went to eat right after my weird encounter with Russell Wilson at my first Senior Bowl.

    • Steve Nelsen

      This is awesome. Love to see members putting in the effort to dig out that little bit extra.

    • Lord Snow

      Great stuff

  94. Gaux Hawks

    My Richard Sherman sponsored Draft:

    1. Anthony Richardson
    1. Keion White
    2. Joe Tippmann
    2. Keeanu Benton
    3. Tucker Kraft
    4. Emil Ekiyor
    5. Cory Trice
    5. Chris Rodriguez

    • OakleyD

      Swap Ekiyor for Anthony Bradford and I’m all in!

  95. samprassultanofswat

    Someone mention. The Hawks would have to go with Center with their 2nd 1st round pick. Totally disagree. There are going to be some good centers available at #37.

    Folks keep in mind that both Frank Clark and Poona Ford are still available.

    Seahawks could still pluck one of those guys if they still have a hole in their DL after the draft.
    With that said. It is really nice to have two picks in the first round. And two picks in the second round. The Hawks are going to be able to plug some holes. Not all of them. But they are going to add some much needed youth and talent to their squad.

    Talent over need.

  96. Allen M.

    Saw a mock today that began Young, Tyree Wilson. Interesting scenario to consider, and to be fair, I can see why teams would love Wilson. That would leave two picks with three QBs and Anderson on the board. Interesting how much Wilson at two helps either of most of the fans of SDB’s favorite two Seattle picks: Richardson or Anderson.

    Stroud 3, Levis 4 = win. (choice of Anderson, Richardson)
    Anderson 3, Levis 4 = win. (Richardson)
    Anderson 3, Richardson 4 = Stroud is available. Still a win. (Stroud)
    Anderson 3, Stroud 4 = win. (Richardson)
    Stroud 3 (trade), Levis 4 = win (choice of Anderson, Richardson)

    Tyree Wilson going 2nd overall should be the hope!

    • Allen M.

      Apparently I like the first scenario so much I put it on the list twice. 😅

      • Ben

        Ha! Good way to put it together. Wonder how many permutations they have up at the VMAC. In that scenario, looks good to be the Hawks!!

        I still find it hard to believe Tyree could go so high, don’t quite get Houston. Gotta think they would trade out if they truly don’t want a QB. Fascinating how QB needs, draft order, and talent really makes each draft unique. Trade values are gonna come down to conviction and poker faces. 4, 5, 6, 7 , 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16 could all conceivably trade up and 1, 2, 3, 5 could trade down. Whether for a QB or a top defender. The defenders are all great but have questions, so folks trading up for a defender would be less likely, but I think it also makes it a little less valuable for HOU/ARI just to stand pat and pick if they don’t like their trade down options. Right now I’d lean for an in-division Colts/Houston swap, and Arizona stands pat.

        Just using the Hawks pick 5, is the “value” of the pick more if it’s 2, 3, or 4 QBs picked before 5?

  97. Vichawkfan

    I’m not sold on taking a center at 20, or even at all this draft. Evan Brown is a decent starting level guy and if there’s a playmaking TE like Mayer at 20 we should take the chance at having a Jason Witten for the next decade. Year after year a “top” center comes into the draft. No point in forcing it now – the Creed hangover is legit.

    • Allen M.

      I wouldn’t be opposed to further strengthening the OL at any position except LT. Adding a legit OG and Center or even another OT/OG type of the right player is there. I think the fact there are several starting quality Centers in this draft makes it likely the team will consider drafting one if the value and pick match up in the right way. Having Evan Brown just means we don’t have to reach and can let the draft come to us. I’d be really happy of one of our guys was available with our early 2nd round pick. The last thing anyone wants is to be one injury away from seeing Joey Hunt in the starting lineup.

    • Cysco

      Well in fairness, most talk of Seattle taking a Center with their second pick involves trading down from 20 a bit to the 24-27 range before doing so.

      There was a report last week about Seattle already fielding calls for the #20 pick.

      Not my preference either, but having a stud center for the next 10 years is just as valuable as having a stud TE. I’d prefer them take one of the “tier 2” DL prospects at 20. (Ideally Kancey or McDonald) and grab a C with #37 or 52

  98. geoff u

    Todd McShay said today Houston is putting a lot of work quietly on the back end on Hendon Hooker. They may very well pass on Stroud then take Hooker and redshirt him.

    • Allen M.

      Grabbing their top Edge and coming back around for a QB does make sense if they really want an older QB to redshirt. I like Hooker but Houston needs a franchise guy. That said: “never interrupt your enemy when he’s making a mistake”.

    • Wilson502

      Seattle trading up with Houston to grab Richardson makes too much sense. Hooker would definitely be available at 5 should they want him

      • UkAlex6674

        And we all thought that about Mitch Trubisky aswell….

      • geoff u

        Hooker will be available at 12. So they may trade down (possibly Seattle) or pick the top defender.

        • Peter

          I just don’t see the fit or need. Houston has two firsts next year. Why even bother for a qb this year?

  99. Allen M.

    Let’s assume worst case scenario. Young, Stroud, Anderson, Richardson all are off the board. It makes it more interesting, at least. You draft Levis, stay put and take Tyree Wilson, perhaps? Skoronski a consideration or who? If the team passes on Levis who do they pivot to in this scenario?

    • Palatypus

      I don’t thnk there iis a bad scenario at #5. We are not the fools who allowed this to happen. We are the people that made this happen.

      There will be a really good option at five.

    • Peter

      Wilson or Carter.

    • geoff u

      WORST case scenario? Levis would be a great option. Worst case is all quarterbacks go before us and we get stuck with a mediocre defender.

      • Sean

        Fear not Geoff, 4 QB’s in top 4 will NOT happen.

  100. PJ in Seattle

    Nice interview. Thanks Rob. Now if you can just get him to have PFN double down on getting their mock draft dynamically linked to their real-time consensus hivemind…Even those guys have to know Tyjae Spears, Byron Young (AL), Jonathan Mingo, etc. are not 5+ rounders.

    Totally off topic: Great win by the Kraken tonight to even the series against the defending champs. Aside from the clutch goal to win it in overtime, my favorite part of the evening was hearing the TBS post game guys dunk on our mascot, Buoy.

    “That looks like a dude who’s about to rob a Wal-Mart.”

    Whic is, like Rob’s copious and cogent analysis of future NFL players here, totally SPOT ON!

  101. Coach

    What are your thoughts on the 2 following options? Which would help our team the most? I’m hearing more and more that Hooker would have won the Heisman if he didn’t get hurt and would be a top 5 pick.

    Option A:
    1a. Wilson Edge
    1b. Hooker QB


    Option B:
    1a. Richardson QB
    1b. McDonald Edge

    Thanks for your thoughts!

    Go Hawks!

    • Trevor

      Opfion B and it is not even close.

      • Cysco

        Totally agree. There is a second tier of DL in the middle of round 1 that isn’t a huge ways off of the top guys. Any mock that has them going DL with #5 always feels sub par. It feels like you’re fighting the draft at that point.

        The value at #5 is at QB. The drop off after the top-4 QBs is huge. The value at #20 is DL. The value at #37 is in Center or maybe WR. The value at 52 is probably RB or S.

        • Peter

          Watched a mock yesterday where it might have been the only draft I’ve seen that takes Carter at #5 but then still took White and Mazi Smith acknowledging the need at dline.

          Every other seahawks draft that has taken Carter then say skill position, something else I’ve tuned out on.

    • BK26

      B is the correct answer. A is what I would call purgatory. Or the final nail in the coffin of the current administration.

    • Peter

      Go look at past heisman winners. It’s not a measure of future success. It’s akin to the mvp currently as award for qb who put up the most stats.

      Also our very own Geno Smith was at one time a heisman candidate and threw a near exact stat line of hooker. Only took him 10 years to realize that potential in the pros.

      And before people say he sat behind Wilson the whole league including Seattle felt fine giving him one year back up deals. Even after a solid spot showing in 2021.

  102. Sea Mode

    And a huge headache off their plate too… Does this rival the RW haul scaled for an even older, disgruntled player? I guess we’ll see this season with the Jets.

    Yes, 15 to 13 is not a huge jump, but gets them ahead of NE for a WR.

    Andrew Brandt

    So let me get this straight: the Packers get
    A first-round pick swap in 2023
    A high second-round pick in 2023
    A likely first-round pick in 2024 (at worst a second)
    A $60 million financial obligation taken off their hands
    A player that was never going to play for them again

    • UkAlex6674

      They need O line more than WR at this stage.

      • Hawk Finn

        I would laugh hysterically if they draft a WR after years of AR clamoring for them to do so

        • Peter

          They got him a wr. He just had drops early on and Rodgers stopped throwing to him for about half the season.

          Watson a great Rob find with 611 yards on 41 catches and 7 tds. If Rodgers had been better and actually targeted him more dude could have easily had 800 plus yards and 9-10 tds.

    • Simo

      It seems like an awful lot to give up for an aging player who might be done after this season! Pushed all the chips in

      • Uklex6674

        Good for the Jets. They have a talented team and if they have to wait 2/3/4 years to get a QB to pull it all together it may never amount to anything.

    • AL

      The Jamal Adams trade comes to mind here and it feels good for some reason

  103. Sea Mode

    Around The NFL


    @TomPelissero says most teams have fewer than 20 prospects with Round 1 grades in the 2023 NFL Draft class. So who’ll fill out the back half of Thursday night’s selections? Here are six potential surprise first-rounders

    • Trevor

      I think Anton Harrison has been a 1st round lock all season.

  104. Sea Mode

    The “green room” is decidedly… not green and not a room!

    • Palatypus

      Well, we all know that Marilyn Chambers is Behind the Green Door.

  105. BobbyK

    Let’s just get Anthony Richardson so we can have long-term hope again. Please.

    • Vichawkfan

      BobbyK, where’s Dukeshire these days? Hope ur good man.

      • HawkfaninMT

        Dukeshire! Great shout from back in the Sando TNT days!

  106. CL

    Well if anybody thinks this pre-draft process couldn’t have gotten weirder,

    Will Levis odds to go first overall went from 50/1 to 20/1 and now to 10/1:

    Not going to say it means anything at all, but I would be down for a chaotic draft

    • TheOtherJordan

      Will Levis is just as good of a QB prospect as the other three in many ways. All four have some great qualities and all four have deficiencies. But, it isn’t hard to see how teams may have Levis as QB1 on their board. There’s a lot to like.

      For me, it’s Richardson, Levis, Young, Stroud in that order. But as long as Seattle gets one of the four as the QBOTF, I think this draft is a success and makes the Russell Wilson trade very beneficial to the Seahawks.

    • Ben

      It’s fascinating! Great theatre so far. Fingers crossed for chaos…

    • DK

      I think Rob mentioned that if someone put a $100 or $200 bet down for Levis to go at a certain pick it would move the line quite a bit.

      If Levis goes 1, then the Texans might pivot and go Young at 2, the Cardinals could still look to move out of three, but it sounds like Kyler Murray is banging the drum for them to take Paris Johnson. With Pauline saying a team that wants to deal up to three could be targeting Johnson. Or they stay and take Anderson or Wilson.
      That leaves Indy with Stroud or Richardson. Then Seattle would be sitting at 5 with the last QB, in this case Stroud or Richardson, and potentially Will Anderson.

      I’m am starting to think Bucky Brooks will have the most accurate pre-draft statement in that there will be a lot of surprises based on different teams having different opinions on players.

  107. DK

    Rob, if the Seahawks end up taking a QB at 5, then grab Will McDonald in the late first or maybe early second depending on how the board falls. McDonald weighed in at just under 240 lbs at the combine, do you think his frame can add another 10-15 lbs without hurting his explosiveness, ability to bend-the-arc and overall athleticism?

    If Carroll is going back to a 4-3 based scheme, McDonald strikes me as a great potential LEO.

    • Rob Staton

      He was in the 240’s at Senior Bowl. He had flu at the combine and lost weight.

      I think he can play well at 245-250

    • GrittyHawk

      Also worth noting that he was horribly misused as a DE in Iowa St’s 3-3-5 defense. Lots of snaps where he was lined up over or even inside the tackle, and he held as own as well as could be expected. He gets dinged for his run defense but PFF gave him a 70 run grade last year which is pretty impressive all things considered. Plus nearly all his sacks this year came on a 3-man rush. Even if he only ends up being a pass rush specialist, I think he’ll be a really, really darn good one.

      • Allen M.

        McDonald is one of my favorite players in the entire draft. Count me in.

      • Ben

        Just like Bruce at WVU…

  108. PJ in Seattle

    Pelissero with a list this morning of six guys he thinks could be surprise 1st round picks – although none of these would be surprise to most of us.

    What’s interesting is his note than most teams have fewer than 20 players with a first round grade.

  109. Volume12

    I agree w/ Tony. Never saw Carter take plays off. And if he did, he’s not the only 1 who does. What worries me is exactly what worried me about Albert Haynesworth & KC’s D-line coach @ the time

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