Review: Seahawks reinforce their identity on day two

A year ago the Seahawks re-committed to their identity. They’d lost their way. The running game had completely collapsed. They were no longer bigger, faster stronger. They were older, disjointed and drifting.

Last year’s re-set was necessary to get things back on track.

This latest draft takes things to a whole new level.

The Seahawks aren’t just committing to their identity again with this class. They’re making a huge statement. They’re going after tough, physical, bullying players. There’s absolutely no finesse in this group.

If last year was about getting the offensive identity back and becoming a younger, hungrier team — this is about establishing an even greater edge to the defense.

L.J. Collier — a Michael Bennett-style pass rusher with heavy hands and attitude who describes playing the game as being in a war

Marquise Blair — the biggest hitter in the draft

D.K. Metcalf — a 6-3, 228lbs receiver who runs a 4.33

Cody Barton — an athletic linebacker described as a “wild horse rider” who will “knock the (bleep) out of you”

There’s a theme here — physical toughness. The Seahawks want to be the bullies again. They’re loading up their defense with players who set a tone. Players who leave a mark and combine athletic qualities with an edge that will force opponents to compete at every level.

Before the draft I tweeted the following:

This is basically what they’ve done. They got their identity back and now they’re building up their defense with BAMF’s.

The 2019 draft is an even bigger commitment to their vision than last years class.

I’ll have more on the players in a moment but let’s just recap what happened on an eventful day two…

The headlines

— The Seahawks trade down from #37 to #47 with the Panthers
— As compensation they gained another valuable round three pick (#77)
— They select Marquise Blair (S, Utah) with the #47 pick
— The Seahawks trade up from #77 to #64 with the Patriots giving up #118
— They select D.K. Metcalf (WR, Ole Miss) with the #64 pick
— Adam Schefter reports Doug Baldwin might be set to retire
— The Seahawks trade up again from #92 to #88 giving up #209
— They select Cody Barton (LB, Utah) with the #88 pick

The key to a good draft this year was to try and accumulate picks on day two. Seattle was able to turn #21 and #29 into #29, #47, #64 and #88. That’s a big win.

People will question some of the value simply because the players they took weren’t conventional names selected in a range where the media were predicting. I personally had Collier as a top-40 pick and Marquise Blair in round two. It shouldn’t be a big shock they landed in that range.

Many believed D.K. Metcalf was a first round pick. They got him at #64.

Seattle’s board

#29 (R1) L.J. Collier (DE, TCU)
#47 (R2) Marquise Blair (S, Utah)
#64 (R2) D.K. Metcalf (WR, Ole Miss)
#88 (R3) Cody Barton (LB, Utah)
#114 (R4)
#124 (R4)
#132 (R4)
#142 (R5)
#209 (R6)

There’s so much talent still available and the Seahawks have three great picks coming up in round four. Whether they take any of the following falling players remains to be seen. However, look at the names still available:

Chauncey Gardner-Johnson (CB/S, Florida)
D’Andre Walker (EDGE, Georgia)
Christian Miller (EDGE, Alabama)
Charles Omenihu (DE, Texas)
Anthony Johnson (DE, Iowa)
Keke Kingsley (DE, Texas Tech)
Marvell Tell (S, USC)
Amani Hooker (S, Iowa)
Emmanuel Hall (WR, Missouri)
Dru Samia (G, Oklahoma)
Hakeem Butler (WR, Iowa State)
Rodney Anderson (RB, Oklahoma)
Isaiah Johnson (CB, Houston)

They could easily get some impact players in round four who can come in and compete right away.

Day three is also the kind of range where the following could be considered:

Ryquell Armstead (RB, Temple)
Trevon Wesco (FB/TE, West Virginia)
Justin Hollins (EDGE, Oregon)
Riley Ridley (WR, Georgia)
Daniel Wise (DT, Kentucky)
Renell Wren (DT, Arizona State)
Albert Huggins (DT, Clemson)
Gary Jennings (WR, West Virginia)
Greg Gaines (DT, Washington)
Armon Watts (DT, Arkansas)
Jamal Peters (CB, Mississippi State)
Saivion Smith (CB, Alabama)
Maxx Crosby (EDGE, Eastern Michigan)
Austin Bryant (EDGE, Clemson)
Lamont Gaillard (C, Georgia)
Joe Jackson (DE, Miami)
Gerald Willis III (DT, Miami)
Kaden Smith (TE, Stanford)
Penny Hart (WR, Georgia State)
Dexter Williams (RB, Notre Dame)
Darius West (S, Kentucky)
Michael Jackson (CB, Miami)
Blessuan Austin (CB, Rutgers)
Derrek Thomas (CB, Baylor)

Notes on the three players drafted today

By taking Marquise Blair in round two, that’s the earliest pick the Seahawks have spent on a defensive back since Earl Thomas in 2010.

Here’s what I wrote about Blair in our big draft preview:

Hits like a hammer and will strike fear into any receiver running across the middle of the field. Could be a flag-machine if his technique is off. Decent but not great size (6-1, 195lbs). He ran a 4.48 forty which was faster than expected.

I’d mocked him in round two several times and listed him as a second round prospect in my March tiers, noting:

Utah’s Marquise Blair has the athleticism and quickness to excel at nickel and packs a punch as a tackler/hitter. He too might go a bit earlier than the consensus is predicting.

Here’s the view of one anonymous scout on Blair (courtesy of Bob McGinn):

“He’s the most aggressive head-hunter… I think he’s had four targeting calls. He’s got range. He’s got everything you want. Just really undisciplined. Will probably be off a few boards. He’s had some anger issues. Never been in trouble but he’s just been hard to manage. One of the more fun guys to watch.”

And here’s a slightly different view from another scout:

“He got three targeting penalties on purpose. If he wasn’t crazy I’d take him in the second round.”

That’s the quote of the 2019 draft right there.

I never believed D.K. Metcalf was likely to go as early as some were projecting. His neck injury from 2018 almost ended his career. He’s a one-dimensional receiver currently, running go-routes to exploit his 4.33 speed.

The good thing is that’s the one thing Seattle loves to do — go deep. Pete Carroll has craved a dynamic big receiver like this for years. If Metcalf can make strides as an intermediate and red zone target to pair with his ability to separate downfield he could be an X-factor in the NFL.

Here’s what I wrote about Metcalf in our big draft preview:

There are reasons to think Metcalf won’t appeal to the Seahawks. He had too many concentration drops in college, he had a serious neck injury during the 2018 season, his short/intermediate routes are laboured and he’s pretty much a one-trick pony at the moment (he runs a superb go-route at 6-3 and 228lbs). The thing is — the one thing he does very well is pretty rare. He ran a 4.33 at the combine and the fastest 10-yard split of any player at any position (1.48). There aren’t many humans on the planet who can run that fast at his size. For that reason alone — and considering Seattle’s desire to get the ball downfield — Metcalf has to be included here.

I’d highly recommend checking out this great tape breakdown by Brett Kollman:

Metcalf was listed as the #1 receiver in Bob McGinn’s draft preview. Here are some of the anonymous scout quotes he provided:

“DK’s a freak… You line him up at X and he’s taking the lid off coverage. That’s what he’s doing. He’s a slot receiver. Smart kid. Loves football. He’s better than Stephen Hill coming out, more productive than Josh Gordon coming out. But he’s kind of more in their light than Julio (Jones). Julio has better flexibility, hips, routes.”

“He’s a workout phenom. He can’t catch and he can’t run routes and he doesn’t separate well. Everybody talks about how great he looks but what great receiver is just big? Julio, but Julio wasn’t even that big. The top receivers aren’t these monsters. Odell (Beckham), Antonio Brown. A.J. Green is slender. Being that big doesn’t make you a good wide receiver. In fact, it’s the opposite.”

His interview with the Seahawks at the combine led to this memorable moment:

Most people expected the Seahawks to target D-line, receiver and defensive back with their first three picks and so it proved.

Drafting Metcalf could be especially important given this tweet from Adam Schefter during the draft:

This seems to be trending one way at the moment. There’s too much smoke. Let’s hope Doug Baldwin can play in 2019 but it’s looking ominous at the moment.

Cody Barton wasn’t on my radar coming into the draft because I assumed re-signing K.J. Wright and Mychal Kendricks meant they would avoid the linebacker position. That was a mistake for one big reason — they’ve been waiting for a linebacker like Barton for years.

The Seahawks want special athletic qualities at LB. Amazing speed, explosive traits, length, quickness. There’s been a dearth of players like that available over the last few years. College football has not been pumping Seahawks linebackers into the NFL.

Barton is 6-2 and 237lbs but he ran a 4.03 short shuttle and a 6.90 three-cone. Those are special times. That’s pretty much the same shuttle time as Marvell Tell at 198lbs.

That’s what Seattle is looking for. I noted in this piece (click here) two years ago about the importance of the short shuttle to the Seahawks when looking for linebackers.

Here’s Bob McGinn’s write-up on Barton (including anonymous scouting sources):

“Little bit of a wild horse rider,” said one scout. “Not a bad kid. Will knock the (bleep) out of you. Super fast. Big-time downhill player.” Described by one scout as a classic overachiever. “Man, that (bleep) is a football player,” said another scout. Finished with 235 tackles (24 ½ for loss), nine sacks and five takeaways. “He’s all over the field,” said a third scout. “A really strong, aggressive guy at the point of attack and a really consistent finisher. He’s really good in coverage and a good pass rusher. He does everything pretty well. Nothing excellent.” Recorded the fastest LB clocking in the short shuttle (4.03). Wonderlic of 27.

It also feels like special teams is a big consideration here too. Blair and Barton will likely be expected to be big factors there in year one.

The Seahawks are building real momentum with this draft class. If you want to try and work out who’s next — look for the players with physical toughness left on the board.

They still need more pass rush. Currently they’ve only added L.J. Collier to the defensive line. While they’ll almost certainly add some veterans after the draft — it won’t be a big shock if they target the EDGE and defensive tackle position early. They also need some depth and competition at cornerback and might consider adding a tight end, receiver or running back.

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  1. millhouse-serbia

    So Blair will be SS by Carroll. Huge surprise for me, because i had impression they plan Hill for that role.

    • Spireite_Seahawk

      That’s a surprise for me to as I expected him to replace Thomas or Coleman with hill taking over the other spot.

      As of right now I’m assuming mcdougall at fs, Blair at as and hill at nickel?

      • mister bunny

        Surely it will be a competition for the starting spot.
        He didn’t say he would start there, did he?

  2. Volume12

    Curious to see where Seattle lines DK up at.

    I still can’t get over him IVing with Seattle shirtless while PC was too.

    • mister bunny

      That’s going to go down in meme-history alongside John’s championship belt shot.

    • GoHawksDani

      Pete is not the greatest coach…he’s the greatest living being alive!!! I just love him, such a cool, fun, full of energy guy. 😀

  3. Eli

    Thanks for sharing that video on Metcalf Rob – really highlights the potential we’re taking a chance on. I’m stoked.

    Overall with the draft so far I’m over the moon. We have drafted what I can only describe as some salty ass MF’s. This defense next year is going to pop you in the mouth and steal your lunch money, and then make you apologize to them for having to take the time out of their day to deal with you.

    If we can somehow come away with Dru Samia tomorrow then I’m sold on all of this.

    • Barry

      I love the “You’re gonna catch footballs from Russell Wilson!” from Pete.

  4. AlaskaHawk

    Besides the usual positions – they will pick a guard tomorrow. Someone to get in the mix in case their other guards go down.

    I’m liking the draft so far. All the defenders share a reputation for being tough and hard hitters. Good tackling is exactly what is needed.

    • Rob Staton

      Maybe but you’ve got to remember they already have Pocic, Simmons and Fant.

      They like their O-line depth.

      If they add another it’s because it’s someone they really like. It isn’t a big need.

      • JohnH

        Still hoping they grab Dru Samia, I’m not sold on Iupati.

        • Attyla the Hawk

          I agree this draft is a continued reset of identity.

          In that respect, I have to think Dru Samia is a dead lock to get picked by us today. Seattle has picked an OL player in every draft. Samia is fairly unique in that he fits BAMF to a T.

          I fully expect him to be picked here in the 4th. Unless we trade back and get him later. Fit is too sublime.

    • jujus

      Check this article out

      Something tells me this is a hawk tmrw

      Also Anthony Nelson is the LEO

      • Volume12

        He was awesome in 2018. Had him as an UDFA, but they might pull the trigger on him in the 5th.

        Discovered him watching 2020 prospect JK Dobbins.

  5. CaptainJack

    I think we crushed it.

    Barton is going to be a stud. Has the tools+mindset.

    Metcalf makes our deep passing game so much more deadly. Wow.

    Blair is a great addition to the secondary. I wasn’t happy with Hill McDougald and Thompson. We probably draft another DB though.

    Can’t wait for tomorrow.

  6. Zxvo3

    Now they should go get D’Andre Walker. Would be the LEO across from Collier. Also I am enamored with our picks today. Like Rob said these guys are all tough and are tone setters for this team

  7. Spireite_Seahawk

    Are those picks remaining correct? Didn’t we end up with a 6th from the Vikings after the trade up?

    • Coleslaw

      Yes we moved up 4 spots and swapped 159 for the 6th rounder

      • Coleslaw

        Rob, we have 6.209

        • mister bunny

          Yes, should read:

          #29 (R1) L.J. Collier (DE, TCU)
          #47 (R2) Marquise Blair (S, Utah)
          #64 (R2) D.K. Metcalf (WR, Ole Miss)
          #88 (R3) Cody Barton (LB, Utah)
          #114 (R4)
          #124 (R4)
          #132 (R4)
          #142 (R5)
          #209 (R6)

  8. Ashish

    @Rob, good work as usual on draft. Which TE you think hawks can target? Which round FB Alec degold can go?

    • Rob Staton

      He might be R5 for them. They’re going for tough dudes and he’s one.

      TE could be Wesco or Kaden Smith. Not many options left now.

      • GoHawksDani

        You always leave out Moreau, is that by accident, or…? I think he’s awesome character, great blocker and probably a surprising receiver like Dissly

        • Rob Staton

          He’s a late rounder for me. Tested well but you don’t see it in the passing game.

          • D-OZ

            I like Moreau a lot Rob.I think he is one of the biggest sleepers @ the TE position. I have watched several game tapes of LSU. I watched him one on one stonewall Ferguson all game long. He play’s with his head on a swivel. (see his fumble recovery during the SR. Bowl) He is an excellent downfield blocker and looks to have pretty good hand’s to me. LSU didn’t use as much as a receiver but he did have some key reception’s for them.
            It wouldn’t surprise me if he is our first plck today. GO HAWKS!!!
            LEO with the next pick.

  9. Gohawks5151

    Identity draft for the defense for sure. Need to finish it off right with Walker. I actually can’t believe he is still there. He is a tough as hell alpha and has great pressure potential. Can’t leave the draft without him for me. Unless they go CGJ too I think they have their nickel already. They have filled it in house before. Kalan Reed maybe. UDFA targets for nickel too

    • GoHawksDani

      Reed could play the position. As for passrusher Anthony Nelson for me pls. Third best pressure %, long, tall, quick. Maybe too similar role to Collier, but I see Nelson as a rush end, not an inside-out guy. If we want EDGE, I’m with you on Walker. Or if he’s not there, Crosby could be an interesting option too (although he’s more of a late 4th or 5th guy)

  10. Jeff

    I get that Metcalf is a physical freak and with his current skill set, it sounds like he’ll be a Ricardo Lockette-type player: extremely fast, not the best receiver but a tremendous athlete. Do you think he could be a similar style gunner on special teams, or is his injury history and his relatively high draft status going to keep him as a split end exclusively?

    • mister bunny

      Other option is a Calvin Johnson type player, though he needs to work on his concentration and hands to get there.

  11. Coleslaw

    Seahawks got 3 immediate impact players and one who will backup first year and have a chance to convince them to give him the starting gig after that. KJ is likely gone already and Kendricks is no sure thing.

    Looking good. I like Blair at SS with Mcdougald at FS.

    I want Hakeem Butler tomorrow and CGJ or Marvell Tell. Plus a TE and another DL or 2.

  12. OregonHawk

    Is there any wide receivers from last year’s camp that didn’t make it that might now without Baldwin being available in all likelihood

    • jujus

      Amarah darboh is back on the squad

      • Bigten

        And may be healthy finally.

    • Rik

      Reynolds has some Baldwin-like characteristics. Twitchy. Gets good separation.

  13. TJ

    Great job Rob! Do see the Hawks looking to add a backup QB on the last day? If so, what might they do?

    • Rob Staton

      Possibly. That ship maybe sailed when Grier was picked.

  14. Bob Johnston

    Whether they picked the right players we won’t know until later but I really appreciate the job Schneider has done these past 2 days with these trades. A lot of GM’s would have sat there with their thumb inserted until it was time to pick and called it a day.

    • Tecmo Bowl

      JS turned #21 into #’s 47, 64, 114, 132, 142. Thats quite a haul even for him!

  15. JJ

    Great write up Rob! It’s great getting a summary from someone so dedicated to understanding the team.

    I’d love to see the three 4s and two 5s turn into Samia, Tell, Walker, Wesco and Wren.

    Is there a need to double dip at WR with the news around Baldwin?

  16. Sean-O

    Definitely some solid WR depth on the board. We know PC covets a big, physical WR (and they got THE one in Metcalf, but does anyone see them looking for a quick, shifty slot type of WR with the Baldwin reports?

    Any slot type WR’s jump out to anyone?

    • Bigten

      Johnie Dixon III is my first thought as an UDFA

    • Volume12

      Yes. They’re absolutely gonna go get another receiver tommorow.

      • charlietheunicorn

        I think that is a given actually, no matter what happens with Baldwin.
        I also think they have 1 or 2 smaller school types they will bring in of UDRFAs.

        One of them will have some size and the other is going to be a small guy with speed and good route running abilities.

        spit balling some possible WR targets:

        Emanuel Hall
        Hakeem Butler
        Kelvin Harmon

        Late or URFA
        Dillan Mitchell
        Keesean Johnson

  17. Bigten

    Thanks for the reality check Rob. Was hating the Blair pick and Barton pick, seeing guys get drafted after I would have preferred, but you nailed it with the becoming tough. And I love it. Even though I know a fans opinion doesn’t matter lol. Tomorrow would love to see us grab walker first then look at CGJ, Miller, and a handful of other DT/DEs still available that are interesting. But walker I think fits exactly what you are describing to become dogs on defense.
    Hoping Thomas, dogbe, and Bryant are priority UDFA signings on defense with James Williams and johnie Dixon on offense.

  18. Coleslaw

    I think what I’m most excited about is Blair at SS. That means we’re probably adding 2 young playmakers to the secondary. I love it. We should also pick another DE and a DT then hopefully sign Ziggy Ansah.

    Reload the defense, let’s go!!!

  19. icb12

    Guys I like still left (I think)

    Deandre Walker
    Charles Omenihu
    Bryce Love
    Elijah Holyfield
    Dontavius Russel
    Keelan Doss
    Alec Ingold
    Tevon Wesco
    Travis Fulgham
    Jamaal Peters
    Isaiah Johnson

    Not in any kind of order and I have No idea where all these guys land. Just tossing some names out there.

  20. Kenny Sloth

    I’ll eat my crow. I insisted many times that Trysten Hill would go a full round later than he did. Helluva player.

    Rob called the Collier and the Blair picks a while back. Can’t wait to see what else he got right

    • jujus

      I was looking for trade up options ahead of DAL there was talk they likedd Hill. And they made him their Chritine michael type pick at DT

      • Volume12

        Feel the same way about Hill going to Dallas as I do Dillard going to Philly.

        Rod Marinelli will get everything he can outta Hill and then some.

        Dillard gets to learn from Jason Peters and pick up on the little things that make a great LT.

        While the draft is about value maybe most important is where you land.

        • Ben Ft. Worth

          I kept telling yall that they wer constantly playing his name over and over and over down here on the radio. So I was not surprised at all by this pick. I get the Blair pick now. I fact I feel like I got hit by a truck after I woke up from my mini coma.

          My wishlist for our remaining 5 picks in no particular order: DE, DT, OL, TE, and DB/WR.

  21. Bigten

    Any chance if Deionte Thompson is there in the fifth he becomes our corner convert? Was discussed at beginning of draft season, but it was thought no way he lasts that long. But seeing as he might, what’s the thought?

    • Rob Staton

      Said all along he looks like a Seahawks corner convert not a safety so now we get to find out!

  22. sdcoug

    Daylon Mack – DL. Plug him in the middle next to Reed and watch some pockets collapse. Strong dude.

    Gig ’em Aggies

  23. GauxGaux

    I threw my soul off the sea cliffs when I saw these picks…
    Rob just tossed it back up to me. Round 4 looks like it will be epic!

    • Michael (CLT)

      I remember feeling that way in 2012.

  24. Barry

    Thanks to Rob’s through info as always I was up on the DE out of TCU. It’s had to watch so much filme as a hobbyist, but damn this has been a great draft. I love guys with grit. You never know how a player will pan out but if he’s smart and tough it seems to help shorten the area for error. Then to wrap it up with a player like DK is very much the icing. There are still great players out there:

    Two TEs I like 5 rnd and back are Trevon Wesco from WV and Daniel Helm out of Duke. Trevon has great mean attitude when it comes to blocking. His tech is not the best as he tends to lean more than move his feet but he has soft hands and hard to bring down. Helm reminds me of a Peyton Manning erra TE the Colts would always have. Undrafted, good hands, adequate blocking feels the open zones.

    • Barry

      Sorry missed Rob had already tagged Wesco. But I’d love him for insurance

  25. Kenny Sloth

    You don’t wanna miss this draft selection call.

  26. EranUngar

    Another big statement made by the Seahawks yesterday:

    We believe that Martin/Green are ready to make an impact on the DL.

    With ample opportunities to pick another pass rusher on day two, they went S, WR, LB. They know what they have at home better than anybody else and they just showed us what they think.

    • Barry

      It seems Pete and the team are counting on that because as much as a nice pick Collier is we need pressure on the QB. Watching film on the TE Wescon out of WV and you’ll see a play where he pancakes Collier on a pass then handles him on a run play.

    • Rob Staton

      Yeah… I’m not buying that.

      The pass rush is going to take a step back in 2019. It’s inevitable. They’ll need to get busy in the veteran market next week.

      • D-OZ

        I saw it the other way around !!!!

  27. astraeus

    Metcalf at 228 lbs 10 yard split: 1.48 sec
    John Ross at 188 lbs: 1.49 sec

    Talk about explosive…

  28. Volume12

    Thing I like about Seattle not having a 6th or 7th is right after they make their last selection in the 5th they get on the horn for UDFA and Pete can work his recruiting magic. Ahead of the curve.

    • Coleslaw

      We do have a 6th actually. 159 became 209 in the trade up for Barton.

  29. Paul Cook

    Great job scouting Rob, and this go-to site for all things Seahawks.

    I’m still not believing that Baldwin won’t be back. I know he will be successful after his playing days in some capacity, but he seems like a guy who still loves football and wants to play. We’ll see.

    I like this draft so far. A lot of attitude they added on the defensive side of the ball. It’s going to make training camp interesting. Obviously, I’m still worried about pass rush. How can you not be? You’ve got to get pressure on the QB in this pass-happy league. But I’m sure they well know this.

    On to tomorrow…and then UDFA’s, and FA vet signings down the line.

  30. God of Thunder

    JS and / or PC, to DK Metcalf: “Son, meet Mr. or Ms. Hot Yoga. They will be your new flexibility training partners. Mix THAT in with your reppin’ in the gym, and you got the route wiggle we need you to acquire.”

  31. Michael Matherne

    Get Marvell Tell and Walker from UGA and this is the best draft since Russell

  32. DC

    The Seahawks have officially transitioned from the ‘First Age’ to the ‘Second Age’ in the PC/JS era. If Baldwin is done we have only one player on offense and two on defense remaining from our championship team. The good news is that two of them are future Hall of Famers and the best Seahawks to ever play at their respective positions. KJ has been a marvel in his own right.

    All of the old expectations are laid aside. The damage from stringing out that team’s ‘window’ is now behind us. Fun to witness the next generation of hungry youth enter the front end of the machine and establish their very own story and identity. And sad to see the wake of injuries to so many of our heroes out the back end. Good luck to Baldwin, Chancellor, Avril, Lockette, Thomas, Sherman, Lynch, Clemons & everyone else who gave their bodies up to play this game at the highest level.

  33. CaptainJack

    Going to get political for a second:

    The “Nick Bosa is racist” narrative is ridiculous and needs to end. Absolute hogwash and a deep indictment of our over-reaction outrage culture with social media.

    Kind of hope Nick tears up the league.

    Of course except for when he’s playing the hawks.

    • Ishmael

      Meh. He’s a mess. Followed, and engaged with, some genuinely racist accounts across multiple platforms. Doesn’t necessarily make him a racist but it still says plenty.

      The Niners are welcome to him.

      • CaptainJack

        Imagine caring about who a prospect follows on Instagram. Unbelievable uninteresting and unimportant.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Imagine defending Nick Bosa

      • CaptainJack

        Of course the duck fan hops into the outrage machine. Yawn.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Get some sleep fam. Big day tomorrow.

      • Ishmael

        Okay, so the narrative isn’t actually wrong – you just wish it didn’t exist? That’s fair enough. Some people can’t handle politics in sport. Unfortunately we live in a society.

        He wanted to make his views known to the world, and now people are calling him on it. Social media has been a massive net loss for civilisation, one of our all time worst inventions. We’d all be happier if it didn’t exist.

        If I was a player agent of anyone with even a marginal degree of talent I’d be getting them off it asap, or reading them the riot act and making sure they kept things clean from very, very, early on.

        • CaptainJack

          I agree on social media being a disaster

    • smitty1547

      I 100% agree with you Captain, unfortunately we live in an age where free speech and thought is getting harder and harder.

  34. CaptainJack

    The “Kaleb McGary is a country boy who will have a culture shock in Atlanta” is also silly.

    He moved to fife in high school, just outside Tacoma, and went to college four years in Seattle. But I’m sure he’s going to be absolutely intimidated by Atlanta’s huge airport…

    • Barry

      The only thing that may be intimidating to the kid is the shock of the conditions of the city. Seattle and Portland are known for let’s say having a appealingly clean aesthetic.

      • CaptainJack

        Been to Seattle lately? Lots of areas are… not so clean.

        • Barry

          Actually no not for a few years. That sucks especially for all the business with a upward pointing dial.

  35. Michael Matherne

    That’s a great video on Metcalf. Got me even more excited than I already was!!

    • Barry

      Yeah the kid’s been groomed for greatness by his fam. Let’s hope all this positive really keeps going.

  36. EranUngar

    Drafting LB Cody Barton after signing K.J. and Kendricks is probably the last nail in Mingo’s coffin.

    When you add the money saved by trading Clark(17M) to the millions from cutting Kam(3M) and Mingo(4M) – the Seahawks should end with 15-20M cap space after signing Wags&Reed. Enough to pay for some run stuffing beef on the DL right when those contract no longer effect the compensatory picks.

    • CaptainJack

      I really didn’t feel like Mingo made any impact last year.

  37. charlietheunicorn

    I’m still convinced that a OG might get drafted very soon.

    I can’t tell if OG/C Pocic is a fit or not. They could find an upgrade (perhaps) for back-up center over Hunt. Both suspected starting OG that are penciled in to start have a hard time staying healthy for 16 games, let alone playoffs.

    Simmons is a fine player, but has never shown he can be durable yet, so he is currently a back-up with potential.

    This is the whole reason I keep mentioning and banging the drum for OHST OG/C Michael Jordon. He is ranked as a 4th round prospect and lines up pretty well with their picks…..

    • Barry

      If they were very big on Pocic I’m not sure why you would sign Mike Iupati. But I doubt the big vet cost much so perhaps he’s insurance? I believe 2020 is Pocic’s last contract year and could definitely see a target on a pick for him then.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I said the same thing in an earlier post. I’m not convinced they have two long term starting guards.

    • Roger Davis

      Charlie – on Simmons. I thought he played wonderfully before his knee went on vacation. I don’t believe we can count on him. His knee is a repeat offender. It is a serious, critical, red flag. Too bad because healthy he is a beauty.

  38. clbradley17

    Dreaming of day 3 picks:

    114: D’Andre Walker (EDGE, Georgia)
    124: Chauncey Gardner-Johnson (CB/S, Florida)
    132: Armon Watts (DT, Arkansas)
    142: Trevon Wesco (FB/TE, West Virginia)
    209: Derrek Thomas (CB, Baylor) or Stephen Denmark (CB, Valdosta St.)

    Seeing us go back to the well of tough D twice for Utah players on day 2, could see us draft at least 2 of these tough on offense WVU players on day 3 – Wesco, Jennings and/or Samia, along with with 2-3 more D players like Walker, Watts and another DB.

    Also if QB Stidham keeps dropping, wonder if we may pick him on day 3 to finally get a decent backup to Wilson. Tony Pauline had him as the best QB at the Senior Bowl practices and combine, passed 35+ yards downfield sideline throws on the mark at both events.

    JS is one of the best contacting guys that don’t get drafted to come here, sometimes offering between 5-20k if he thinks they’re worth it like Poona last year. Players like FB Ingold and many others we think should or could have been drafted may wind up here as UDFAs.

    • charlietheunicorn

      I’ll throw a name out there as well, RB Justice Hill from OKST.

      Pre-Draft Analysis
      Hill is an undersized back with outstanding explosiveness and top-end speed. There’s a noticeable burst when he hits the hole between the tackles and is quick around the corner. He makes defenders miss in the hole and has the tools to develop into a weapon in the passing game.

    • Barry

      I can totally get on board with these. Of course I see Greg Gains as a very underrated player and someone who fits the culture here. Love to have him.

      • clbradley17

        Greg Gaines of UW was 1st team Pac-12 and an excellent run-stopper, one of the best in the nation, but he has 31″ arms, and we never draft a DL with those measurements. Hill is a very good RB, but as with Gaines at DT, he doesn’t have the measurements of our previous RBs – 5’10” to 6’0″ and around 225. We did have a RB with similar height/weight as Hill in for one our 30 visits – Darwin Thompson of Utah St., but he is tough as nails with the 2nd most yards after contact in the nation after one of the Memphis RBs.

        RB Ozigbo of Nebraska was third in the nation in yards after contact and has the 6’0″ 225 measurables we look for. The guys that don’t get drafted and have the speed, toughness and measurables JS/PC like, hopefully we bring in as many at all positions as we can for competition, and 2-3 or more exceptional UDFAs could make the roster. CB Darius West Rob listed above didn’t play much this year, but is 6’4″ with 4.3 speed and was said to be the toughest and hardest hitter in the Kentucky secondary by his teammates – another player I’d like to see us bring in as a UDFA if possible.

        • Barry

          Yup, those are the numbers but we have made exceptions just as the numbers have produced talent but not always players.

          • clbradley17

            I agree that Gaines is a very good DT and could be valuable at least in a rotational role on the Seahawks DL. But just like they don’t draft outside CBs with sub-32″ arms, they don’t draft DL with short arms. Probably not even on their board.

  39. Kenny Sloth

    Joey Bosa is a prince. How DARE people acknowledge the obvious history of supporting bigots and promoting homophobic and racist slurs. He shouldn’t be held accountable for the company he keeps because he’s a good boy. If Joey Bosa can be reprimanded and forced to enagage his own hang-ups then I could be too and that scares me.

    Joey Bosa is very fine people on both sides

    • CaptainJack

      “Holding someone accountable” for having “the wrong” opinions or thoughts sounds like something a fascist would do.

      Players have done legit bad things in the past (ie Clark, Simmons, etc) and have gotten drafted high, but sure let’s complain about how Bosa didn’t like a superhero movie.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Woof. Imagine thinking someone had fascist tendencies for expecting better out of student athletes.

        Talk about the outrage machine.

        Two wrongs don’t make a right, Cap. A kindergartner could teach you that.

        Dude messed up and I wouldn’t be an ally if I didn’t speak up on that.

        If Captain Jack helped you off an Elephant would you help Captain jack off an elephant 🐘

        Your take is bad. Idc if you feel bad.

        • CaptainJack

          I feel pretty good about my take.

        • lil’stink

          “I’m not a racist. I just support, and refuse to condemn, those who engage in racist behavior”.

      • Barry

        Honestly I’d like to talk draft and football. Since human interaction itself is politics that word (politics) is moot and to argue it doesn’t belong is silly. Government or social now that you can argue. That being said social acceptance of what a culture deems to be right or wrong has always been decided by the society and hardly fascist. Since society itself is what hold the conversations and the determining factors. Not anything organised i.e. a office, city, state etc. When it does then I’ll be scared. The same case you can’t damn someone for their opinion. But again opinion becomes a bill, the bill becomes law. Before social media there were chat rooms and forums. Before that private clubs etc.. Let’s hope he chooses to keep his private life and opinions more private from now on.

    • Roger Davis

      Kenny, Cap’tJack,Lil’stink and Barry…

      First: I’m a Canadian – feel free to ignore.

      Like all of us, and every visitor to this site, I come here to immerse myself in all things Seahawks.

      America has (LIKE every country on earth) a problem with Racists. Unfortunately for America you have a subset of Racists, many of whom exist in a bubble of perverted Christianity, they have become both Racists and basically hate every word Jesus is “alleged to have said” in the Bible. The result is ugly. Nearly 30% to 40% of you are, to some degree, intellectually disabled by this cognitive disorder.

      These people ARE NOT INTRINSICALLY BAD. They, and their ancestors, have been so damaged by trying to rationalize America’s two founding Original Sins (First Nations Genocide and Slavery) that they cannot be proud of who they are without also hating those who are different. I am white and of stout British stock, I am proudly white and of British stock! However, I admire so much from so many other races and cultures.

      America needs to stop trying to defend the indefensible parts of America’s history and celebrate the multi-cultural powerhouse you are becoming. The PLANET needs AMERICA. The PLANET is at a turning point and perhaps entering an “extinction event.”

      America – PLEASE – expand your “empathy” to more than just your colour, race, club, state and nation and recognize your vital role in helping HUMANITY become our FAMILY!

      literally the WORLD NEEDS YOU. We are all a part of the genetic rainbow of Humanity – you may be black, brown, red or even white – but we are all a shade of the rainbow of human life.

      My heart literally breaks for you. Please ALL OF YOU look into your heart, expand your “empathy,” and become the driving engine of progress the world so desperately needs at this turning point in Human History.


      By the way: “GO HAWKS!!!”

  40. Ishmael

    Favourite thing about this draft is how every player has been picked with a purpose. They all fit the vision PCJS have of the team, and all are in a position to help realise that vision next year.

    It’s not just picking someone because we have a hole. Finally feels like they’ve stopped making reactionary picks, doing what they want to do for the first time in a while

    • CaptainJack

      Only player who felt like we were drafting for a need was Collier.

      Seems like they drafted Blair Barton and Metcalf because they were all just great prospects that fit.

      You can tell they were more pleased than yesterday in the presser.

    • Barry

      I hadn’t watched any film on Collier or Blair. But damn. Collier has that lower body short area explosion and it shows up. His long arms do also. That to go along with his good hand use and the kid makes things happen. Blair just flies around but its in a very controlled way. They are not stars (now) but they sure carry some great wow factors.

      PC and JS definitely have a long arms makes up for speed rule.

  41. millhouse-serbia

    PC on Blair:”We’re going to zero him in to make it focused for him as he starts out at strong safety.”

    Is it even possible 185-195lbs player plays pure SS at seahawks scheme?

    • Ishmael

      Sure. The game’s changed beyond recognition in the last five years, let alone 20. Don’t worry about how much he weighs, or what Seattle have had in the past. A big nickel with McDougald, Blair, and Hill is a nice look. Have to think he’s going to spend a lot of time coming downhill looking to blow receivers and RBs up on short stuff. Hasn’t had any problem with it in the past, no reason why he’ll start to now.

      • Barry

        I can definitely agree but watching him reminds me much more of Earl than anyone else. I think they will have a lot of box/slot schemes for him.

    • EranUngar

      Re Blair, I was listening to the Brock& Salt podcast after day 1. At the beginning of the 2nd hour they were talking about o they envy for a great 1st round pick. Salt mentioned he envies the pick of J. Abram at safety because he is such a physical hard hitter. Brock’s reply was “Go watch the Marquis Blair tape”…cool

      • Trevor

        Have you seen the clip of him blowing up the Guard on a run play. He is not Kams size but man can that oh explode into guys.

  42. millhouse-serbia

    No replacement for Clark so far. What if they allready have him on the roster? What if they ask Rasheem to lose some weight? We now have starting 5tech in this year first round pick.

    • Hi Hawk

      Tough, mean, bullies…

      EDGE: Christian Miller
      G: Dru Samia
      CB: Jamal Peters
      RB: Bryce Love

    • Rob Staton

      No, they need more. They either need to pull a rabbit out of the hat today or sign some veterans next week.

      However, the pass rush is taking a step back in 2019.

      • clbradley17

        Not that anyone wants him to, but if Doug needs to retire combined with the Clark trade and cutting Kam & Mingo soon, we could have $40+ mil. in cap space, enough to sign 2-3 pass rushers to at least prove-it deals. Ansah had his shoulder cleared and visited the Ravens a few days ago, but came away without a deal. Could try and sign him and/or Wilkerson, Perry, or other Edge/DLs, most of them after the comp. pick deadline in a week.

        Would like to see us go all D, possibly all pass rushers this 4th rd., starting with Walker, ending with Watts as an interior pass-rusher, with either Charles O, Miller or Crosby sandwiched in between. Still wouldn’t mind us trading back slightly with 2-3 of the 4s and our early 5th to pick up more late rd. picks. Instead of some of these talented players in this deep draft signing as UDFAs with another one of the 31 teams, they’re locked in with us.

  43. millhouse-serbia

    Rob, if you take slot wr at 114, who would it be?

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t know

  44. McZ

    Identity drafts are like identity politics… they are a non-starter at best, and a major structural risk at worst.

    I cannot get over the #2 and #4 picks. I’ve to say, I like the players in general, but we have paid a lot of draft cash for two questionmarks. Blair… this guy will be on the refs radar from the first second, and there are serious questions regarding his lack of discipline. Barton is a R6 talent on a sealed position. This is something which you don’t do, especially if Connor McGovern as a borderline R2 player is available, or if you need another DL, or if you could get Mack Wilson out of Alabama.

    Metcalf somehow fell to us, and you start to wonder, if other teams see serious medical red flags.

    The bright side is, the talent available to the rest of our picks is still impressive, and I would firmly add Anthony Nelson and Julian Love to the list. Go Hawks!

    Once again, painful to see how the Pats execute to their plan. In Finley, they could add a very good backup QB with a comp pick. There is no hope. Cards keep it simple, picking the best available, having a A++ draft. Niners add lots of crucial position talent, and Rams are doing exceptional with few capital. Our marginal advantage shrinks.

    • UkAlex6674

      Waaaaaaay to much negativity here my man. Blair is a bully. He will take many souls. What are you basing Martins grading on because we didn’t discuss him on here? NFL network grades? If it’s an unknown you can’t judge either way. As for Metcalf…….. one of the steals of the day. And he will be pissed he slid so far. Overall this has been a good start to the draft, and that’s not even taking into account how the FO has superbly traded it’s picks to get more capital.

    • Rob Staton

      The only identity drafting I see here is this… “the identity of the players they took weren’t big enough names for me to be satisfied with.”

      First three picks in 2012 people did the same thing.

      Blair is a legit R2. Barton is their type of LB.

      They added speed and a ton of physicality.

      This is going brilliantly

    • mishima

      “…a major structural risk at worst.”

      LOL. Come on, man.

  45. Coach

    Still a lot of good players available!

    Which player do you like the best for us at the following positions?

    Edge – Walker, Miller, Nelson, Jackson, Crosby, …?
    Nickel – CGJ, Hooker
    WR – What about Renfrow as a Baldwin replacement – catches everything – Mr. Reliable for Wilson!
    TE – Wesco

    I think we will be able to get some difference makers on day 3 as well!

    Go Hawks!

    • Coach

      Who do you see as the best edge rusher left?
      Who do you see as the best Baldwin replacement left if we need to start thinking that way now?
      Any other players that you feel are “Seahawky” for day 3?

      Thanks for all your work! This website is a blessing to us Hawk fans!

      Go Hawks!!

      • Rob Staton

        Best edge rusher is probably D’Andre Walker.

        I don’t see an obvious Baldwin replacement.

        • clbradley17

          Was trying to keep up with our picks and the draft whenever I could on breaks at work last night, and your said it – Terry McLaurin was probably the closest to a Baldwin replacement in your review of the Redskins pick.

          Penny Hart looked great at Senior Bowl week, as did KeeSean Johnson of Fresno St. and Terry Godwin of GA at the Shrine Game. But like with ET, nobody is like Earl, and nobody is like Doug.

  46. clbradley17

    Wonder if Charles Omenihu (DE, Texas) could be another pass-rusher in our system? 6’5″ 280, 36″ arms, 9.5 sacks and 18 TFLs this past year at TX and had a great Senior Bowl week like LJ Collier.

    “He had some very good practices and the game was just the icing on the cake. The Texas product beat Washington State offensive tackle Andre Dillard, who had a great week, on a speed rush. Aside from that, Omenihu was in the backfield quite often, collapsing the pocket or disrupting the run.” The Big 12 Defensive Lineman of the Year recorded three tackles, two tackles for loss, one sack, one forced fumble and one quarterback hurry.

  47. EP

    I’d like to come away with DeAndre Walker and Foster Moreau today if that’s possible. Omenihu or Joe Jackson as well. If feel that with Blair on the roster we don’t necessarily need to take a big nickel type player. If he can contribute at SS I feel as if Delano Hill/Akeem King and Bradley Mcdougald could all play this role to some extent. A mix of safety packages seems better for us with our personnel than with what we ran with Earl and Kam. Toss up between a RB, WR, run stopping DT, outside CB project for the remaining picks.

    Really happy with what we’ve done so far. I don’t like to over judge players because I don’t watch any film and don’t have the skill to do so. I like the positions we’ve addressed and the character and style of all the players. That’s as much as I feel qualified to say.

    • Trevor

      Should send that link to all the Hawks fan complaining about the trade backs this year.

      Think about that they basically got the equivalent of and extra 1st round pick by doing trade backs

      • millhouse-serbia

        I really, really like our draft so far. It would be perfect if Pete said that he plans Marquis as FS. I like Hill much better than T2.

  48. millhouse-serbia

    Marquis sounds like.a really nice guy.

    • hawkdawg

      He does not waste words, that’s for sure…

  49. Trevor

    Wish List for Today

    #114 Edge (Deandre Walker, Christian Miller, Justin Hollins, Jalen Jelks)
    #124 TE (Foster Moreau or Trevon Wesco
    #132 DT (Renell Wren, Armon Watts, Gerald Willis, Daniel Wise)
    #142 WR (Garry Jennings, Hakeem Butler Emanuel Hall, Dillon Mitchell)
    #209 CB (Marvel Tell, Isaiah Johnson or Derrick Thomas)

    • sdcoug

      Still think Daylon Mack is underrated at DT

    • D-OZ


  50. Frank

    I like D’Andre walker and Nelson both quite a bit as well as far as edge talent goes. Definitely agree with you Kenny Sloth on the younger Bosa, he’s a d bag and will be a horrible fit in SF as a city and the most hated man in his own locker room. Lots of talent left, should be a really fun 4th round for hawk fans, it’s been a pretty fun draft all the way up till now as well.

  51. Trevor

    Doug retiring really sucks as he really was an ideal compliment to Locket and now Metcalf who excel on the deep routes. He was a master route runner and his footwork / release off the line was second to none.

    I think they will add a guy today perhaps a Gary Jennings or someone like that but there is no replacing Doug.

    Rob has said it before but next year really is year #2 of a refresh as they rebuild the culture and depth on the roster. Develop the young guys and determine who are long term pieces with the idea of making a legit SB run in 2020.

    Replacing three incredibly unique players (Earl, Clark and Doug) in one off season would not be possible for any front office.

    Still love what they have done so far in this draft and off season. I hope they add some depth guys on Day #2 and then I really hope they give Ziggy a really close look. I know Rob is not a fan but I remember him destroying the Hawks by himself one game. When he is one of the elite speed rushers in the NFL and a lot like Cliff Avril. The Hawks don’t have anyone close to that on the roster. I would trust Pete to motivate him and structure the contract with a ton of performance and per game bonuses. I worry about injury more than anything else. Add a motivated Ziggy Ansah to this defense and it looks a whole lot better.

  52. Trevor

    I absolutely love Pete it he is borderline insane. Imagine taking off your shirt with Metcalf during a team interview. That has to be an all time classic. I think it is awesome. Can you imagine Belicheck or Saban doing something like that.

    Goes back to what Rob says all the time there is no “one way” for NFL teams to successful or for coaches to lead. Funny part is I think BB respects Pete as more or more than any coach in the league despite being polar opposites.

    Anyways I love that our coach is a little off the wall and that his teams kind of take on his personality. His game management and play calling can be a little wonky at times but I will miss him incredibly when he is gone. He is a big reason why being a Seahawks fan is so much fun. Pete, JS and Rob wiht this blog 🙂

    • millhouse-serbia

      He won’t be gone soon. They wouldn’t trade Clark if they plan to be here only 2 more years.

    • Coleslaw

      The storybook beginning to Metcalfs storybook career? Fingers crossed lol

  53. Salemhawk

    I don’t see where this NT has been drafted but also can’t find him on any list. Is he still in the draft?

    P.J. Johnson*, NT, Arizona

  54. David Ashton

    My view is that Abram was their guy on day 1 after seeing them prioritise the Blair pick early r2. It was difficult to draw that conclusion only seeing Day 1 in isolation but that’s now what I think. Pete clearly had a high priority on a high character heat seaking hard hitting missile early in the draft.

    I think that Raiders pinching them at 27 plus the whole mess with trade down from 30 was what left John and Pete in a bit of a grump at end of Day 1 as we saw from the body language in the presser. Those both combined must have been annoying.

    Therefore my view is they probably wanted Abram at 29 and LJ Collier in r2.

    After Day 1 I wondered if it was Tillery or Sweat but honestly they didnt seem that Hawky so I was a bit puzzled. But seeing the tone of the players they selected on Day 2 (a handful of BAMFs), Abram is the one.

    • Rob Staton

      Why was it a mess trading down? I didn’t see any mess.

      And I think people should stop trying to put together a conspiracy that they ‘missed out’ on some key target.

      • David Ashton

        Not a conspiracy Rob, just what I think. In previous years I was 100% they got their guy and it was obvious. Ifedi, McDowell, penny. Obvious. Their pressers reinforced that message. Much less so this year.

        We can respectfully disagree if we’re not on the same page, that’s fine and i can live with it. But I’m not being a conspiracy theorist. Just, as Roy Walker would say, “saying what I see”.

        The bit moving down was the Falcs getting 31 with Rams whereas I’m sure they’d have made that deal. Maybe just timing as you’ve alluded to, but still has propensity to be a bit annoying from their perspective. Body language day 2 v day 1 for instance was night and day different. They looked chuffed yesterday.

        • David Ashton

          Mess probably too strong a word to describe it though. You’re right!!

        • Rob Staton

          If there was someone they ‘had to have’ they would’ve taken them.

          They were fully prepared to miss out on anyone who went in the 20’s.

          I think too much time is spent trying to second guess who they want or wanted.

          • David Ashton

            Understood, but can you conclusively say they didnt? Maybe they thought Abram would last to day 2.

            You cannot deny their interview on Day 1 was not the usual upbeat mood. If you dont then you’re seeing what you might just be seeing what you want to see because you loved the pick. I was happy with the Collier pick but was surprised with the body language in the presser and couldn’t understand why.

            • Rob Staton

              None of us can conclusively say anything.

              But every year people start harping on about them missing out on certain players, trying to parse their body language and words.

              I’ll say again — if they were tied to anyone in the 20’s they would’ve taken them. They weren’t — that’s why they traded down.

              • David Ashton

                Wasnt me that harped on those things in previous years, as I pointed out.

                You must see it all. Themes in the fanbase etc. It doesn’t invalidate people’s views though. In my view, they looked unhappy in the Day 1 presser. Plain as day.

                Thanks again for a wicked year of coverage as I mentioned already!!

  55. mishima

    Day 3 wish list: Walker, Samia, Watts, Hooker, Jennings.

    Great draft, better coverage.

    Thanks, all.

  56. Coleslaw

    Nice. I think mine’s: CGJ, Walker/Anthony Nelson, Kaden Smith, Gary Jennings/ Emanuel Hall, Renell Wren

  57. Hawktalker#1

    Would love to pick up this group as part of our dy three picks (thx Trevor)

    Wish list for Day #3

    Deandre Walker
    Drum Samia
    Trevon Wesco
    Gary Jennings

    • Hawktalker#1

      Would also love CGJ

      • lil’stink

        I wonder why CGJ has dropped. Something up with him, or did we all just like him more than 32 NFL GM’s?

        At this point I would rather we just try and sign Tre Boston. I think he’d be perfect for us. Of course, for all we kno PC is ok to roll with TT 🤮

        • Rob Staton

          I read a report this week that teams had character concerns.

          He’s always been a talker although I didn’t notice anything that bad based on the homework I did.

          It could be he’s just viewed as a nickel without great athletic traits and teams see minimal value. The more space he played in the worse he was. Needs to be up at the LOS as a starting point.

    • Rob Staton

      Armon Watts too for me.

      Or Albert Huggins.

  58. Coleslaw

    Did anyone else think Nick Bosa sounded drunk when he was talking to Deion on stage? He was straight skipping words lol.

    • mishima

      Yes, but bros always sound drunk to me.

      • Coleslaw

        Lol. If he was that’s a problem lol. Cant go 3 picks without a little drinkypoo? Lol

        • CaptainJack

          My lord this is getting tiring

          Now we’re looking for every possible perceived character flaw of Bosa?

          The media and twitter masses has made up their mind he’s a racist Nazi, so now, with zero evidence, we’re also going to accuse him of being a drunkard?

          I remember seeing a photo circulating around of Bosa wearing a jacket with the confederate flag on the inside, turns out the pic was photoshopped and the original picture had the Ohio state logo. That’s this entire situation in a nutshell. Making something out of nothing, with lies and disinformation, for media attention, so the media can have a sensational story to get those sweet sweet clicks.

          And honestly, I’m not afraid to stand up in the face of this lunacy.

          • Coleslaw

            Did I call him a Nazi? Lol no I said he sounded drunk. I’m not sorry at all lol. Chill.

          • Coleslaw

            If it’s getting tiring heres an idea.. dont worry about it.

          • smitty1547

            Captain where to you live? I moved from Seattle to Park City Utah, Love it. Not near as many crazy judgemental people. My wife and 12 year old love it, feel 100% happier and safer.

  59. Rob4q

    So, looking around the league, which teams did well after the first 2 days of the draft? Hard to argue with what Denver did…Elway made some nice moves!

    Noah Fant, Dalton Risner, Drew Lock, Dre’Mont Jones

    How about GB?

    Rashan Gary, Darnell Savage, Elgton Jenkins, Jace Sternberger

    Indy did well too!

    Rock Ya-Sin, Ben Banogu, Paris Campbel, Bobby Okereke

    But seriously, New England again?!?

    N’Keal Harry, Joejuan Williams, Chase Winovich, Damian Harris, Yodny Cajuste

    • Steve Nelsen

      I told my New England buddy yesterday that his team was using Seahawks Draft Blog’s scouting reports. Data experts consistently use New England and Seattle as the two best examples of how to use the draft.

      The trade-value charts have been only slightly modified since Gil Brandt developed them over 30 years ago and the quantity of quality athletes coming out of college today has grown tremendously. I think BB and PCJS are working off a different (and superior) understanding.

    • Bobby54

      I think that KC is killing it. Hardman, Thornhill and Saunders on day 2 was awesome return

  60. Steve Nelsen

    Leaving aside the names, I really like what JS did yesterday moving up and down the draft.

    Three big picture thoughts for Day 3:
    1. New England showed how to beat the pro-version of the college passing game with extra safeties, nickel backs and linebackers who can cover. With Arizona moving to that style of offense, look for Seattle to adapt. Blair and Brody yesterday fit into this model.
    2. There are a lot of Seahawk-style DB prospects and a surprising amount of DL depth still available so I would look for them to tap into those areas.
    3. The Seahawks crush UDFA. I can’t wait to see who our 8th round draft choices are this year; there is probably a FB who can make the game-day roster out there.

  61. Coleslaw

    I saw a graphic on NFL Network and it says that LBs have been picked more than any other position so far with 14.

    DE and DT were second and 3rd to last. One had 7 one had 8. OLBs who are actually DEs play into this maybe?

  62. CaptainJack

    Ugh I know I shouldn’t…

    But I’m crushing on Butler for our first pick today…

    Wilson to Butler deep balls..

    • Troy

      Sir drops a lot? NO THANKS!

  63. SamL

    Absolute dream scenario for day 3…
    – DeAndre Walker
    – Kaden Smith
    – Gary Jennings
    – Armon Watts
    – Alec Ingold

  64. Bigten

    Gimme DeAndre walker, CGJ, Christian Miller/Nelson, Samia/Jordan, wren/Gaines/cowart/Kinglsey/Willis.

    • Bigten

      Or Thompson instead of CGJ

  65. RWIII

    Steve. According to Greg Costello defenses had a minimum of 5 defensive backs 73% of the time in 2018. It is also interesting to not that Barton is a converted safety. He does have cover skills.

    • Steve Nelsen

      With the new Arizona offense style, we will be seeing more 4 and 5 receiver sets than any other team in the NFL. The counter is fast big hitters who can disrupt timing routes and intimidate guys running over the middle of the field. Bailey fits that mold. And you need D-linemen who can create pressure without blitzing. That sounds like Pete’s “pressure percentage” language.

      Good eye. I did take notice yesterday that Barton was a converted safety. Looks like a SAM who can stay in to cover TEs. We need to come up with a clever name for a really-big nickel because I think we will start to see more LB/S hybrids.

  66. RWIII

    Reading Barton’s profile they could also use him in safety situations.

    Hey guys. With the addition of Cody Barton/Marquise Blair and you throw in Delano Hill you have got some guys who can lay the wood. The Seahawks have got some nasty hitters in the secondary. These guys can HAMMER you.


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