Review: Seahawks select L.J. Collier at #29

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Seahawks fans should love their teams first round pick.

I suspect some won’t because he’s not a ‘big name’. People will say they could’ve had Montez Sweat at #21.

Here’s a statistic to pay attention to….

2018 pressure percentages:

Montez Sweat — 20.2%
Brian Burns — 19.7%
L.J. Collier — 19.2%

Granted, Collier doesn’t have the extreme length and speed of Sweat or Burns. What he does have is a complete pass rush repertoire, extreme power and an ability to win in multiple ways.

Now let’s compare overall pressures:

Josh Allen — 57
Clelin Ferrell — 56
L.J. Collier — 54
Chase Winovich — 53
Montez Sweat — 48

Clearly the numbers prove he was right up there with the best pass rushers in this draft based on production.

How does he win? He’s highly explosive — scoring a 3.20 in TEF. He has a +82 inch wingspan and 34-inch arms. His technique is on point. He can bull rush, crash the edge, stunt inside, engage and then use his heavy hands to push/pull and he can bend the arc and straighten to the QB.

Hand-usage is so vital in the NFL for pass rushers. You’re going to need to engage linemen, not simply sprint past them like a lot of these college speed rushers are allowed to do. You need to win 1v1 battles. Collier does that.

Don’t believe me? Here’s Brian Baldinger:

Earlier today I posted my tier lists for the early picks and listed L.J. Collier among the top targets. Here’s what I wrote in the blurb:

L.J. Collier is one of my favourite players in the draft. I wish he tested better but here’s the facts — he’s a bad ass who wins with power, hand-use, speed, stunts and setting up blockers.

Collier dominated at the Senior Bowl and really emerged on our radar after Mobile. Here’s an article I wrote about him in March.

He’s also had to fight and work to get to this point in his career. Collier had one recruiting offer in High School — Texas Tech — and it was pulled. He eventually landed at TCU. He’s turned himself into a force.

For so long people complained about the Seahawks ‘overthinking’ and relying on athleticism for their picks. In Collier, they’ve taken someone who didn’t have an amazing combine. He just worked his tail off to be a success, is incredibly tough and physical and has excellent production.

Would he have been available later? He was always a top-50 pick. I had him going to Jacksonville at #38 in my second round projection. They needed a defensive end and they got their guy at #29.

For me this is an attempt to replace Michael Bennett. I’ve seen some suggesting it’s a replacement pick for Rasheem Green. They’re very different players — in terms of profile and size. Collier will demand attention at one end, will play stout against the run and get after the quarterback. The key now is to provide a quicker compliment on the other side.

This was a great start to Seattle’s 2019 draft. Here’s a recap on the headlines:

— The Seahawks trade down with the Packers, moving from #21 to #30
— They acquired two fourth round picks from Green Bay (#114, #118)
— They spent the #29 pick on TCU defensive end L.J. Collier
— Pick #30 was traded to the New York Giants for #132 & #142
— They now possess nine total picks

They now own nine picks in total:

#29 (R1) L.J. Collier (DE, TCU)
#37 (R2)
#92 (R3)
#114 (R4)
#118 (R4)
#124 (R4)
#132 (R4)
#142 (R5)
#159 (R5)

The Seahawks control rounds four and five. The #37 pick is in a good range. With this deep defensive draft and some decent options at receiver and tight end — they have some great options for Friday and Saturday.

What will they do next? A run on receivers could start now that N’Keal Harry has been taken with the #32 pick. Seattle could consider Terry McLaurin or Parris Campbell. Do they look at D.K. Metcalf too? Tight end is an alternative (Dawson Knox) and there are good offensive linemen still on the board (Cody Ford).

The big strength remains on defense though. Only one of the cornerbacks went in round one. Is this the year for the Seahawks to consider a Lonnie Johnson, Justin Layne, Isaiah Johnson or Sean Bunting in round two? Do they focus on the nickel/safety hybrids like Juan Thornhill and Chauncey Gardner-Johnson? Byron Murphy is still available as is Jaylon Ferguson, Chase Winovich and Trysten Hill.

A new podcast will be available shortly. Join us again tomorrow for another live blog, more reaction and I’ll update the tier list before the start of round two.

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  1. Volume12

    Rob, have you noticed it isn’t the combine that teams reacted to this year? It was the SR bowl.

    They comp’d him to Bennett. Said he’d play the 5 and Green would compete with him there, but there’s other ways to get both on the field simultaneously.

    • Jared Marshall

      Not that I’m a team, but count me among those who reacted to it. Most of my lasting impressions and players I covet were because of what I saw over those days. Recency bias may be playing a part in it, but I can’t ever remember being so heavily influenced by the Senior Bowl like I was this year.

    • Trevor

      I have always found the SR Bowl a good indicator s the guys who shine there have normally done well at the next level. That is why is it many of our favourite weeks of the pre draft season.

      Hope they had a eye on Mclaurin and Edoga too as I think both guys will be steals at some point on day #2.

    • Rob Staton

      It was a great week in Mobile this year.

  2. Gohawks5151

    Reads very much the same. Slight on the athletcism, but great strength, length and hand fighting. A strategic mind as well, setting up moves. Bennet had a great 10 yes split though. They are clearly not done. I want Walker now. Hill may be less of a priority unless he drops. As for this pick though I really like it. Get the man some tiny shoulder pads and let’s get to it.

  3. Nick

    Rob, what are your thoughts on LJ Collier’s age? Isn’t he like 24 or something?

    • Rob Staton

      Doesn’t bother me. Bruce was a similar age.

  4. AndrewP

    I’d love to see one more small move down tomorrow (~45), then an aggressive packaging of picks to see if they can strike twice in RD 3.

    If they could come out of tomorrow with a combo of three of an explosive WR (McLaurin), dynamic nickel (Murphy, explosive edge player (Walker) and dynamic DT (Hill)…

    Day 3 damn-near becomes gravy.

    • CC

      McLaurin is one of my favorite WR in this draft – would be happy to see him picked

      • God of Thunder

        Yeah he seems solid but many have mocked him in the 3-4 rounds. We might have a chance st AJ Moore or Deebo Samuel!

        • red

          B Murphy kind of small even for a nickel

          5′ 11″
          190 lbs
          30 1/8”

  5. OregonHawk

    Thank you Rob, great job!

    Like this kid L.J.

    (above should read #34 instead of #30)

  6. mister bunny

    Replacement pick for Rasheem Green? Who would say that — Rasheem Green hasn’t even had a chance to be Rasheem Green yet! These two could BOTH be the next great edge rushers in Seattle’s powerful defensive lineage.

  7. SoCal12

    Small typo Rob, but you still have #30 on that list of our picks instead of #37. Just looking out.

    Great writeup though. I’m sold on this guy. Baldy breakdown was pretty hype. I can see why they want this dude as Clark’s replacement. Just tossing dudes around like the Hulk. That’s exactly what PCJS want from their DEs.

  8. CC

    We made a pick on the first night 2 years in a row!!

    I was very happy with this pick – I really wanted Tillery but when he was picked just ahead of us I was worried we might keep trading down. I know people were impressed by Sweat and his combine but his heart issue scared me and I’m happy we chose a guy who can hopefully play right away. There are still a couple of guys Keke and Ferguson who I’d be happy to see picked on the dl.

    But really looking for that WR at 37 or if Chauncey is there – might be tough to pass on him. I know the speed of Paris Campbell is great but I’d rather see Hakeem Butler at 37.

    With all those 4th rounders maybe they can trade up higher in the 3rd and get another impact player.

    • KF

      Exactly what I was thinking; all these 4ths provide good ammo to trade up and grab a player they like (ala Tyler Lockett, Dickson)

  9. Eli

    Love the pick. When I was scouting Collier I had definitely thought of him as profiling similar to Bennett – I’m glad to see you’re so high on him. What’s even greater is I think you and I were on to something when a few posts back we speculated our first pick this year could be along the lines of a huge surprise/a player the media would pan as a reach.

    Excited to see how the rest of the draft plays out. Happy I get to share it with such a great community.

    • Frank

      He looks like a player, just surprised bye how far away from their previous criteria in the top of the Draft. Really happy with the pick personally but wouldn’t have ever expected it from JS/PC draft board. They’ve always liked that type of player in free agency, but not so much on their draft board. Way to see past the tendency Rob, and realize a very good fit. Ferguson next would be amazing IMO.

  10. DHawk

    RE LJ’s age: Wikipedia has his birth year as 1996 and a Twitter friend wished him a happy birthday on September 12th. I could be wrong, but it looks like he’s 22 going on 23, not 24 going on 25.

    • millhouse-serbia

      His date of.birth is 9/12/1995

    • Kenny Sloth

      How dare you try to take away Seattle fans’ cause for criticism


      • Brashmouse

        Completely agree. Just look how the Wilson character turned out.

  11. RWIII

    Collier has got Michael Bennett written all over him. Collier is a bad boy(in a good way). He is all ball. Powerful. My guess is that they will use him as an interior pass rusher in passing situations. But they can Collier all over the defensive front.

    • McZ

      I’m not sure if Collier was their guy, but if you watch him smashing Lindstrom into the dust, you get what they like about him.

      Think, the FO had a tremendous night, we have cashed in enormous fire power in the 100-150 value sweetspot of this draft, while having the 5th pick in R2 and R3#29.

      If we manage to get Byron Murphy, Taylor Rapp or one of the top WRs, we pretty much have nailed it. Another DE (possibly Zach Allen?) in R3, and we have a Championship ready team.

      Add to this that according to ratings, McLaurin, Armstead, Sternberger, Saunders, Pratt, Cajuste, Isabella, Tell and some other handsome guys are available.

  12. millhouse-serbia

    I am so so happy for this pick. One of my favorites from the beginning.

    I hope tomorrow they go S (thornhill, adderley, cgj) with 37, then edge after trade up with 92 + some 4th (walker, crosby)…

    And Rob…one huuuge huuuugeee bravo for you because of clemson trio…maybe you were the only one on internet “scouts” sky who was so high on all of them…

  13. Coach

    I’m hoping for Ferguson at 37 tomorrow or Winovich and then we can feel good about our pass rush.

    Add Liuget in FA and add some Shaqueem blitzing packages and look out!

    Go Hawks!!

    • Michigan 12th

      Yes Winovich

      • Ben Ft. Worth


  14. DC

    If Seattle ended up selecting Cody Ford I wouldn’t cry in my La Croix about it. That OL line would have the chance to become a named unit with a real identity. Ford could start at LG in 2019 & potentially take over a tackle position when the need arises.

    Brown, Ford, Britt, Fluker, Ifedi… Them is some BIG boys! They’ll let you burn that clock up!

    Lots of cool options left.

    Because I’m interested in selecting him, that almost guarantees that the 49ers take him at #36.

    • McZ

      The 49ers need a playmaker more than the Hawks. I’m making a wild guess, they draft a WR.

  15. Kenny Sloth

    Baldy said it best

    “He plays the game the right way”

    I was hoping we’d get him in the second. Maybe tthey really wanted that year of club control.

    IE the one we didnt have with Clark


      My suspicion at the time was that they were trying to trade down again and didn’t get a suitable offer.

  16. Malik's Crashed ATV

    I guess I’m the only one not happy with the pick? Sweat was there for the taking. I think it was obvious Pete & John were going to their back-up option because when it was time to select THEY TOOK FOREVER if you remember. I don’t think we were expecting the Redskins to sneak in there like that and swap w/ the Colts. Trading down bit us in the butt. We had a chance at a real difference maker stud player and we played games. Even the Patriots had a better pick and they were AFTER us. I don’t believe all the hype or so-called “Michael Bennett” comparisons. He played for 1 year. As for a first impression I wasn’t impressed with his call. I get being excited and having family/friends but Pete couldn’t get his attention or even one word in. John barely was able to say “here’s coach”. Pete covered saying something about celebrating like he should be but this is life changing. Give us that confidence & respect. It was like he walked away from the phone….. I think this is another 1st Round Bust I’m sorry. I hope they can fix it tomorrow. This makes me miss Frank even more.

    • Rob Staton

      They took forever because they essentially created a 20-minute negotiating window for trades with back-to-back picks.

      I suspect they were very keen to move back both picks into round two. C’est la vie.

      If they wanted Sweat they would’ve taken him at #21.

      This is a great pick for the Seahawks.

      • WALL UP

        Agreed. This is the type of physicality they’re striving for with their D. He’s a true tone setter.

        • Mark Souza

          As for Sweat, the Seahawks drafted a LT out of Marshall they were high on. He wound up having a heart issue and never played a down in the NFL. I’m sure the Hawks did their due diligence getting the question of “can this condition be managed so he can play?” The answer was probably “maybe,” which given their experience with heart issues wasn’t good enough. I love what Sweat could bring and was hoping Seattle would draft him – he a freak in the very best ways. I’m sure there was a reason they didn’t pull the trigger.

    • Group captain mandrake

      If they wanted Sweat, they probably would have picked him at 21. And in Collier they get a more complete player who can win with more than just speed. Sweat is, at this point a one trick pony and that one trick is no guarantee in the NFL.

    • Del tre

      You’re right, historically they’ve only taken Frank Clark and Jarran Reed this early. Both those guys suck so no way this guy is good.
      Sweat is a one trick pony who doesn’t like being yelled at and has a significant heart condition. Having a fast 40 times doesn’t mean very much.
      We got a tough gritty football player who pressures the QB and doesn’t rely solely on athleticism.

      • Michigan 12th

        A report came out that Sweat was misdiagnosed. I would have rather had Sweat myself, but if I keep telling myself that Collier is not really a DE, but rather an inside out guy. Then I feel better about the pick. He is 283 pounds so I guess his combine should resemble more of a DT. Anyways will trust the Seahawks office that they did their due diligence and made the right choice.

        • Del tre

          I liked sweat a lot until I watched him against Auburn and Alabama. He doesn’t have any moves beyond his speed rush, he’s a great physical prospect but also not very gritty.
          Collier is a bully and one of the most violent and mean rushers in the draft other than Gary. The Hawks like mean mfs.
          I’ve seen a few of those reports too, but you don’t run a faster 40 than Von Miller and then drop into the bottom half of the first without your game having a lot of issues.
          Before last night i agreed, but after spending all morning watching games I like the decision a lot.

  17. RWIII

    As usual when I first hear the name of the pick. I am scratching my head. Until I really study the pick. Then the more you learn about John Schneider’s picks. The more you get excited about the player.

    BTW: Rob your article nailed it.

    Also John Schneider and his scouting crew does their homework.

  18. Ben Ft. Worth

    I loved this guy’s tape! I remember watching 3 DE’s highlights. Gary’s, Ferrell’s, and Collier’s. Anyone of those 3 I would’ve been happy with. So I’m glad we got him instead of Sweat. It’s the cherry on the sundae that he’s a local kid from Ft. Wortb to root for. Go Frogs! Lol! Seriously though, I bleed LSU.

    I’m hoping that we might be able to move down from our 2nd and up from our 3rd. I don’t see why we couldn’t with this year and next’s draft capital. Schneider, you are THE MAN, right next to our buddy Rob. Can you imagine Rob Staton and John Schneider in our War Room!???? Unfortunately the Blog would go bye bye though. Sad for us.

    In no particular order, I like Campbell, Ferguson, Winovich, Hill, and Ya-Sin. D.K. Metcalf would be cool, but he doesn’t scream Seahawk to me. I’m not sure why everyone is so high on McLaurin other than his character from what I’ve heard. I wasn’t that impressed by his tape. I expect one of our next 2 picks to be someone that we LEAST expect. Maybe a TE?! Maybe an OL that I keep hammering on. Either way, I’m confident we’re gonna get some great players. 1 more DL, and I can start to relax a little bit. Then hopefully we can grab some FA stop gaps along the way afterwards.

    Go Seahawks!

    • God of Thunder

      Good points. I am not super impressed by either of the two Ohio St receivers. I think we can snag McLaurin somewhat later (if we want him that is). There are better route runners if we want a receiver at 37.i agree though that McLaurin is a character guy, according to reports.

    • Mark Souza

      Watch McLaurin’s highlight reel. We’re so high on him because he’s an ankle breaker like Baldwin getting off the line. He runs great routes with quick sharp breaks that create separation. He also has 4.36 speed and can take the top off a defense. He also a physical and willing blocker in the vein of Golden Tate. He has a great attitude and will do whatever you ask without complaint, like being a gunner on special teams, or returning kicks. He has the attributes and talent to be a #1, #2, or a slot guy. That’s why we’re so high on him.

      • Ben Ft. Worth

        I did watch it. Like I said, I wasn’t really that impressed. No offense. I respect your opinions highly on this blog. I just don’t see a 2nd rd WR, or maybe even a 3rd. I agree with the special teams and attitude for sure, but hey I’ve been wrong before. I’m just telling you what I see, or don’t in this case. If we do end up taking him, then I hope you’re right! It should be a fun day though. Let’s go get us some more badasses and take advantage of this DL RICH draft and quit worrying about offense huh?!

  19. DC

    I just listened to John & Pete’s selection phone call to L.J. It brought tears to my eyes. Can you imagine how exciting that would be? I’m stoked for this guy!

  20. schuemansky

    With all these highly rated WR, CB and OL prospects and Drew Lock left on the board I see PCJS trading back to about 45. They can still find one of the Nickel prospects they like there and get a pick in the mid 3rd giving up one of their R4 picks.
    With that pick they should be able to get an Edge like Miller, Walker, Crosby, …

  21. clbradley17

    Tony Pauline and several other draft websites kept mentioning all week of Senior Bowl practices that Collier dominated the one-on-ones.

    Senior Bowl practice report:
    “TCU defensive end L.J. Collier helped himself with a strong opener on Tuesday. Collier was a good run defender for the Horned Frogs last season, but he showed some nice pass rush in the one-on-ones. He used his strength to push Washington right tackle Kaleb McGary into the turf and then closed on the quarterback to get one win. Collier manhandled Kansas State’s Dalton Risner for another win.”

    Senior Bowl practice player of the week LT Chuma Odega said Collier was the best player he faced in the one-on-ones, very active with a variety of moves.

    Collier was the most productive lineman at the Senior Bowl, notching two sacks and two tackles for loss, totaling 36 yards lost for the opposing offense. He also forced a fumble.

  22. Ben Ft. Worth

    If memory serves me correct, John Schneider felt that the strength of this draft was in the middle rounds, and that he was NOT that impressed with anything in the later rounds. Which is why I believe you see him loading up on all these middle round pick selections. If this is indeed his strategy, then he’s crushing it!!

    • UkAlex6674

      And if memory serves me correctly then the exact same comment above is on a feild Gulls thread! Insert puzzled emoji! 🙂

      • Ben Ft. Worth

        I didn’t realize that I was only allowed to post comments in Seahawkdraftblog and no where else. Thank you “observation Ollie”.

    • neil

      The Hawks penchant for loading up on mid to late picks is purely financial. You do not have to pay them big signing contracts, plain and simple.

  23. Troy

    Hey Rob,

    While you should get kudos for predicting the Hawks would have strong interest in Collier, his selection is a bit of a divergence from what the Hawks have typically done. Per your own previous blog posts, the Hawks have typically used their first round pics on freaky athletes who can jump out of the room.

    This looks to not be the case with Collier; however he does look strong and he does appear to have great technique. I think overall while he may not be a pro bowler he could end up as a solid starter with the upside of being a poor mans Michael Bennett (which is not terrible at all).

    • Ben Ft. Worth

      L.J. Collier quote:

      “I love to be in your face the whole game. I’m not a player who is going to say much, but if you say something to me, I’m going to let you know it’s going to be all game.” 

      “I’m going to get in your face and kick your ass the whole game. It’s that simply, really.”

      He also describes himself as the “meanest” guy on the field. 

      Pete Prisco of CBS gave us a B+. 

      He’s sounds very Seahawky to me. Has pass rushing ability but is expected to contribute in the run D as well.

      • Kenny Sloth

        He said a 340 lber can get real light real fast LOL

  24. Ishmael

    Happy with the Collier pick. Kid knows how to play, physical and aggressive. Glad we went with him rather than a freakier specimen like Sweat. Going to be a 5+ year player, know exactly what you’re going to get.

    On a darker note, the Tyreek Hill audio that’s just been released is vile. Absolutely disgusting human. I don’t really believe in prisons, but it’s hard not to want him kept away from society for a while. Despicable.

  25. H

    I mocked DK to the Seahawks and id still be cool with that (again props to Rob for saying he could fall, i didnt see that but you were right). But this pick has given me a small change of heart. I’m in the mood for badass defensive players who’s tape speaks for itself.

    Byron Murphy next please.

    • Ben Ft. Worth

      I know I said I’d head to bed, I just can’t sleep. It’s like Xmas for me. The NFL Draft is literally my favorite time of the year. It’s like a shortened Hannukah!! Lol!

      Wide Receiver might just be the hardest position to transition to from College to the NFL. I just don’t see the talent at WR that would lead me to believe the Hawks are taking one in the 2nd or 3rd rounds. However, that’s the beauty of John Schneider and the Draft. You never really know. I’d like us to grab a talented TE off the board if there is one still available when it’s time for us to turn a card in.

  26. SoCal12

    On another topic, I’m curious where Josh Rosens going now that Murrays a done deal. Pretty good value for a QB needy team if you deal a second for him, but Drew Lock is still on the board as well as Grier. Will the Cards just try and dump him for whatever value they can get? Or keep him and risk a wonky locker room and wait till a team gets desperate during the season?

    • Kenny Sloth

      Rosen not worth a second imo.

      • SoCal12

        I’m curious what your value on him is. He’s young enough with enough potential where I think second would be fair if I’m a QB needy team. I can see an argument that he’s worth less though, since he’s already gone through one year of his rookie contract and the Cards have little leverage in the situation though. Like is he more valuable than Drew Lock and Grier I guess might be the question.

        • Kenny Sloth

          The leverage is the major thing.

          You could maybe get a late 3rd for him, but that’s only because of QB market and his possible potential. He didnt show much in limited snaps last year and couldn’t win the trust of his team at any point.

          His stock has been plummeting since February and it’s a buyer’s market. There’s little chance he sees significant time and it’s just a matter of taking the risk if you want him.

          He’s rotting away on the AZ roster and the whole league knows it.

          It’s really hard to get a return on investment for NFL players imo.

          • SoCal12

            Yeah I can see that. I guess this goes back to the original question of what to do if you’re the Cardinals. As a Seahawks fan it’s fun to laugh at their rock and a hard place situation, but I’m also curious what the move is here just from a game perspective. Do they just bite the bullet and cut their losses if teams are just lowballing them with 3rds and 4ths? That seems like quite the steal for a former no.10 pick. Or do they just hang onto Josh and let him waste away in the desert waiting for someone to knowck with a better offer?

            • Kenny Sloth

              And 49ers got an easy to hate tool.

              F*** Joey Bro-sa and the 9ers

              • H

                +1 can’t wait for Duane Brown to put that guy on his arse.

              • SoCal12

                Yeah I’m actually glad they passed on Quinnen. I gotta laugh at the 9’ers forcing Baby Nicky to scrub his mess of a twitter account. I think it’s going to be hilarious watching SF have to root for someone so completely on the other end of the political spectrum of them.

              • mishima

                +12: From Kaep and Reid to MAGA Bro. Richard Sherman says, ‘hello.’

  27. Robert Loeder

    Why is nobody talking about AJ Brown. He’s a phenomenal route runner and exceptional after the catch.

    • Rob Staton

      Not a great fit in Seattle.

      • Ben Ft. Worth

        Not at all impressed with a fat WR. I’ll pass on Laquon Treadwell 2.0.

        • Del tre

          He ran a 4.4 and has consistent production. Idk how he is in any way Laquon Treadwell.
          I’m confused how Rob thinks he isn’t a fit but Terry McLaurin is.
          Either way Brown gets open, makes moves after the catch, maybe personality wise he doesn’t match up well, but calling him a fat wideout makes you sound like the same guy that called Sherman “fat and slow, and he’s on drugs” it’s pretty overboard.
          All I know is the Hawks have a history of taking receivers with a significant amount of production early, they let guys without numbers fall down the board.
          Lockett and Richardson had huge production coming out, Darboh didn’t and I bet that makes them even more hesitant this year when it comes to receivers. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Brown go to the hawks.

          • Rob Staton

            It’s fairly obvious to be honest Del tre. McLaurin is sudden, gets downfield, blocks in the running game and is an amazing special teams gunner. Brown is a much slower, bigger receiver who’s at his best operating as a big slot. It doesn’t take major research on either to see one is a great fit for Seattle’s offense and the other — well they’ve never even sniffed at adding a player like AJ Brown.

  28. Ben Ft. Worth

    I’d love to move back to #48-55 and hopefully grab either Winovich or Trysten Hill. Then maybe move up from #92 to somewhere around #75 and grab the other guy if he’s there. Don’t be surprised if Dallas ends up stealing one of them either. They need help along their line. And living down here in DFW, I can tell you I’ve heard both if those names come up more than a few times. Ferguson is another option too. I think we could hold off on WR until the 4th or 5th rd. I don’t see anything that I really like. Next year’s Draft is supposed to be the “Year of the Receiver!” So we may end up waiting to get that high round weapon we so covet for Russell Wilson. If we do grab one in the 2nd or 3rd, I’m crossing my fingers for Campbell. You can’t coach speed!(4.31 was it?)

    • smitty1547

      I feel you, those are the 2 players, I most hope for Hill, and Winovich then either Ohio WR

      • Ben Ft. Worth


  29. EranUngar

    Just wondering, could the Seahawks original plan was – trade back to 30, pick Montez at 29, trade back to 37, pick Collier and it was interrupted by WAS trading up to 26 and picking Montez?

    That could have been a draft for the ages.

    Oh well, Love the Collier pick, just give me Winovich on day 2 and the rest is just gravy.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Winovich much more likely now considering the Collier pick. Versatile, athletic, hard nosed, reliable.

      Hoping for one of these DBs.

      Idk when Lonnie Johnson is gonna come off the board, but I would love to add him to our team.

    • Rob Staton

      According to the NFL Network, Oakland was prepared to take Sweat at #27.

    • Frans Geraedts


      I do believe that you are right. Especially after watching C&S interview. They definitely saw some Dline prospects taken by others they imagined to be available. “Bodyblows”, is the word they used. Montez? Could very well be. Collier a bit later? I think so.

      • Rob Staton

        I think people are reading too much into it.

        My initial thought is they were bummed because a trade didn’t come off. They moved from #21 to #37 and didn’t get ANY extra day two picks. And I bet they had about five guys they wanted badly in rounds 2-3.

        Sometimes disappointment isn’t about the players off the board. It’s about players you know you’re not going to be able to add.

        • Uncle Bob

          Exactly!! Somewhat surprised more 2-3 didn’t materialize. Maybe other teams are wising up to the Seahawk way….

          • Ben Ft. Worth

            They’ll be kissing our ashes next year though!

            • Ben Ft. Worth

              Goddamn you “Spellcheck”!

    • James

      There is no way John ever would have expected Sweat to fall from 21 to 29. He knows that is exactly the type of player teams trade up for as he drops. If he wanted him, he would have taken him at 21. What John indicated was that they were disappointed they could not trade both picks into early R2, but the way DLs were coming off the board, LJ would not be there at 37.

      • Ben Ft. Worth


  30. Ishmael

    Have the Seahawks fans crying about N’Keal Harry ever watched Russell Wilson throw a ball? Five metres separation is barely enough for him.

    Sweat I can understand a bit more. He’s a bigger name, got the freaky upside the team usually looks for, but is he an ass kicker? I think they want to go back to being the roughest toughest team in the league. Time to make everyone else scared again.

    • H

      I’m honestly so relieved he’s off the board.

      • Ben Ft. Worth


  31. Ben Ft. Worth

    I don’t think the plan was to ever to Sweat, or they would’ve A)grabbed him at #21, or B) not nearly have moved down that far in the 1st rd knowing that so many teams could’ve jumped on him before #29. He got exactly what he wanted. A shit load of picks right in the “heart” of this draft in rounds 4 and 5. He now doesn’t just the ammo to fill the holes on the roster with draft picks, but has the ammunition to maneuver around the board to get “their guys” as he see’s fit! Seattle is in a great position right now. Collier was a badass pick as Rob stated before! The last time I was this excited for a pick off the board WAS “Frank Clark!” I shit you not.

    Gonna get some rest. Its 3:40 am here in Texas, and I’ve made about 10 mock drafts for tomorrow, and MOST of them I really really like.

    Thank you so much again Rob. “With great blogs, comes great responsibility!”

    • Kenny Sloth

      I was pretty stoked for Malik McDowell not gonna lie.

      Maybe only Ifedi made me happier because we actually were super locked in on him.

  32. Kenny Sloth

    Hope I’m not steppin on the toes, Rob

    Here’s the reaction pod for anyone staying up with us.

    Much love to everyone staying up with us West Coasters. Wherever you are, Seattle’s w/ you too

    Draft started at 5 PST; I think 1 am in England. So that’s pretty late to wait for LJ

    • H

      Yeah it was like 5am when the pick was announced, the Seahawks taking a full 20minutes to announce their pick was not what I needed at that hour.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks for posting

  33. All I see is 12s

    I am very happy with Collier. And maybe Schneider was just playing pre-draft games, but isnt round four exactly after the ledge that we were trying to avoid? I was hoping we would have multiple twos and threes after trade downs. There weren’t many trades this draft. So I’m guessing not much was being offered. Hopefully some really good guys fall to us in the 4th on Saturday morning.

  34. Kenny Sloth

    Damien. Harris.

  35. H

    Having listened to the pod, this may be the first time Rob is more ‘jacked’ about a pick than Pete. And that is saying something.

  36. Clayton B. Russell Jr

    Did I call the Green Bay trade or what? Super excited, so many good prospects are left on the table. Seattle has a lot to choose from and the ammunition to restock the roster; this year and next year (12) picks.

    Go Hawks.

  37. Trevor

    Still think JS is going to figure out how to have at lease 4 picks on Day #2 by using the 2nd we got in the Clark trade next year and some of the 4th and 5ths perhaps. Seemed pretty adamant the other day that there was a drop off talent wise after Rd #3.

    Happy with the Collier pick and extra draft capital I have to admit.

    • CestrianHawk

      Quote ” Seemed pretty adamant the other day that there was a drop off talent wise after Rd #3.” EndQuote

      I’ve seen a few people make this comment … but when you listen to the pre-draft press conference, it is clear that JS was answering a question on the perceived depth of the D-Line candidates, not on the draft strength as a whole.

      • Trevor

        Thanks I will listen to it again. Perhaps you are right I just think they will trade back up on Day #2 and end up with 3-4 picks today.

    • Tecmo Bowl

      The Anthony Miller trade in last years draft could be a template to get back into the 2nd round.

      #105+2019 2nd round for #51

      I’d like to see us keep both our 2020 2nd’s, but if we got a McLaurin, Deebo, CGJ, Thornhill, Hill or a calculated move for an EDGE I wouldn’t complain.

  38. H

    Reporter at the presser indicating that LJ kept his eyes open for around 5 minutes. Was there ever any doubt…

  39. Hawkin

    What gives? Why was the trade back value so bad? Moving from 21 to 30 is 180 points but we only got 124 in the picks we got from GB? Sounds like Green Bay took advantage of a desperate Seahawks who needed picks.

    • Drew Castleberry

      Probably weren’t any other offers, teams general stick to the trade chart but if there’s not much interest and they’re the only ones wanting to trade, it is what it is. Plus rather than trying to push to get full value, which we’ve seen JS do multiple times, teams will be more willing to trade with us. We still got decent value, better than only have 1 pick.

    • Rob Staton

      Nobody was giving up day two. Not this year. Too much value. Shame — but it is what it is. Seahawks will own R4.

      • Hawkin

        I saw some team give up a 3rd after us. I think it was Washington

        • Rob Staton

          They traded way up though — from #46.

          Was anyone really willing to drop that far?

          • Ben Ft. Worth

            For another 2 yeah! Lol

  40. Trevor

    By the end of Day #2 I think the Hawks end up with 3 of the following 10 guys. If they can it would be an A+ draft and anything they do on Day #3 is a bonus.

    Terry Mclaurin
    Juan Thornhill
    Parris Campbell
    Deandre Walker
    Trysten Hill
    Chancey Gardner Johnson
    Chase Winovich
    Byron Murphy
    Cody Ford
    Justin Layne

    The more I think about the Collier pick the more I like it. Went back to look at the Senior Bowl practices and he really did look awesome. Seemed much quicker and faster than he tested. The Bennett comp is legit.

    • GoHawksDani

      That would be pretty much cheating. I think we might get one of these guys. They’ll mostly go in the second in my opinion, some might slips to 3rd but more into the early 3rd round

    • Tecmo Bowl

      The more I think about the Collier pick the more I like it.

      Same here. Like many others I had Gary in the first- an outside/inside DE. Collier fits that role and is more STR.

    • Ben Ft. Worth

      Gimme Winovich, Hill, Campbell in that order.

  41. Trevor

    Rob you brought it up so I have to ask. What does this pick mean for Green?

    Where does he fit on the OL. If Collier is the 5 tech and slides into 3tech on passing downs where does Green play now? Is he a DE or do they move him inside as a 3 tech?

    • GoHawksDani

      I’m not Rob, but there’s 2 sides of the line, so I think they could do (if Green plays well also)
      Collier – Ford/rookie – Reed – Green
      and Green – Collier – Reed – Martin on passing downs
      I’m not afraid about too much talent if both plays good 😀 Green could also play inside if I remember well, so Green could play 3T on base downs and switch with Collier on passing downs or be in a rotation with QJeff, Naz and everyone else

      • Rob Staton

        End of the day — nothing wrong with stacking your DL with options and a rotation.

      • charlietheunicorn

        and they will bring in 1 or 2 more veteran options on the DL.

  42. GoHawksDani

    Haha, Rob dominated all those “draft experts”. I’m not always 100000% agree with you, but you nail things. The top3, the Hockenson top10-15, the Metcalf is not a top10-15 thing, and a lot more. I’m happy with Collier, but I would have been happier with him in the late 2nd or 3rd round. I could see Anthony Nelson, Oshane Ximines if they want to add more outside rush. I think if they want any of these two they have to pick them in the 2nd round. If they want inside potential then Trysten Hill. If he has on their board, I think they’ll take him here, if they not taking him in the second, he’s potentially not even on their board (because character issues).
    So for the #37 if they go DL/rush, I guess Ximines, Hill, Nelson (in this order)
    If they want nickel/secondary I’d guess Thornhill, CGJ or Murphy (also in this order)
    If they want WR, I’d guess Campbell is the most likely. They might like McLaurin more, but I think they might try to get him in the 3rd.

    My prediction is that we’ll try to move up from one of our 4th to the 3rd (using maybe this year’s 4th and 5th and next year 3rd maybe?)

    Mock for 2nd and 3rd day:

    #37 (R2) – Juan Thornhill (nCB/S)
    #80-90 (R3 via trade, giving up #114, #124, #159 and next year’s third also getting 6th and 7th rounder in return) – Terry McLaurin (WR – maybe a bit of a dream…)
    #92 (R3) – Trevon Wesco (TE)
    #118 (R4) – Devine Ozigbo (RB)
    #132 (R4) – Justin Hollins (EDGE)
    #142 (R5) – Armon Watts (DT)
    #180-200 (R6 via trade) – Greg Gaines (DT)
    #220-240 (R7 via trade) – Stephen Denmark (CB)

    I feel my mock from yesterday was more realistic. I don’t feel we’ll pick 4 times in the 4th, but this trade is just too much, and I’m not sure McLaurin would be available in the 3rd or Gaines in the 6th.

    If we’d stay put with our picks another mock:
    #37 (R2) – Juan Thornhill (nCB/S)
    #92 (R3) – Charles Omenihu (DE)
    #114 (R4) – Foster Moreau (TE)
    #118 (R4) – Armon Watts (DT)
    #124 (R4) – Devine Ozigbo (RB)
    #132 (R4) – Michael Jordan (G/C)
    #142 (R5) – Stephen Denmark (CB)
    #159 (R5) – Alec Ingold (FB)
    Priority UDFA (or making some really slight move back to acquire a late 6th or 7th) – Johnnie Dixon (WR)

    And final mock with only moving up in the 3rd and to end of the 3rd (picking up a 6th also) from the early 4th to select a player:
    #37 (R2) – Oshane Ximines (EDGE)
    #80 (R3 via trade by giving up #92 and #118) – Dru Samia (G)
    #101 (R3 via trade by giving up #114 and #124) – Marvell Tell (nCB)
    #132 (R4) – Foster Moreau (TE)
    #142 (R5) – Armon Watts (DT) (or maybe Greg Gaines DT)
    #159 (R5) – Stephen Denmark (CB)
    #205 (R6) – Johnnie Dixon (WR) (or maybe Alec Ingold FB)

  43. EP

    Pete loves a gritty backstory doesn’t he. Could almost plot the entire draft board by finding out what players have faced real adversity.

    • Brandon Adams

      More like, the Seahawks do.

  44. clbradley17

    Rob, if you had your druthers, who would you pick with our #37? Terry or Paris of OSU at WR, Juan Thornhill or CGJ at safety/slot CB, Trysten Hill at DT, DE/LB Walker of GA, or someone else? Do you think they’re going to use some of their 4’s and/or other draft picks to trade up into the 3rd for an additional day 2 pick?

    • Rob Staton

      I want speed on defense to compliment the pick they just made. That can be front seven or back end.

      Also happy to consider receiver here or tight end but I’d prefer to keep building up the defense.

      Look at Green Bay the last two drafts. All defense early. I want to see the Seahawks commit draft resources to re-building their D.

      • Trevor


        I like some of the WR but they need more on defense.

        I think Doug will be back so build up the D this draft then look to offense next year. Next years WR group is thought to be comparable to this years DL class.

        • Ben Ft. Worth

          +2 Trade back 10 spots. See what you can get, grab Winovich at #48, then take the remaining capital and trade up from #92 to #75 and hope for Trysten Hill is my dream scenario.

          • Greg Haugsven

            That would work for me.

            • clbradley17

              I’d be extremely happy with DT Hill and either Winovich, Walker of GA or Miller of Alabama as an additional pass-rusher at DE/LB. And now that we have 2 2nds in 2020, wouldn’t be surprised to see JS package one of those 2nds with a 4th and/or 5th from this year to pick up a lower 2nd tonight, say with Houston which has 2 2nd rounders. Still want to see us go for the other picks Rob had in the lower rounds – Watts is a run stopping and pass rushing DT, Tell and Thomas are fast tall DBs and Jennings is a big WR that gets good separation.

              Now that Frank is off the books, we can not only sign Bobby and possibly Reed to extensions, but sign players like Shelton, Perry, possibly Wilkerson or Ansah for 1 year prove-it deals after the May 8 deadline where signings don’t count against comp. picks.

              • Rob Staton

                They won’t be able to get into R2 with a package of 2020 R2 and a 4th.

                It would take their third too.

  45. Steve Nelsen

    There was a great article in the Washington Post this week, “Smart teams trade back in the draft but most teams aren’t smart.” I love what JS did yesterday. I think they got a great DL prospect and the kind of guy fans will get to like quickly. Anybody complaining about this pick didn’t pay attention to the Senior Bowl. I have to admit when they drafted Rob’s “favorite guy in this year’s draft” I chuckled out loud.

    Statistically 9 picks instead of 5 greatly increases the likelihood the Seahawks will draft a pro-bowler and more than one starter this year. The statistical drop off from #21 to #37 is far exceeded by the additional value of three 4ths and a 5th.

  46. CaptainJack

    Ok, I know dissenting opinion is frowned upon on this blog…

    But I’d rather have sweat than Collier and two extra fourths.

    Collier, Penny, Ifedi, McDowell?

    When will this team get the first pick right?

    • Trevor

      I have to admit I liked the idea of adding Sweat and was disappointed when they traded down missing out on him.

      But Collier is a really good player that fits the culture they want to build and they obviously did not view Sweat as a must have guy.

      I still think Penny will be a good pick.

    • ZB

      You just witnessed it last night.

      • Ben Ft. Worth


    • Steve Nelsen

      What you are experiencing is a psychological effect called the confidence bias. It means you are more confident in your pick (Sweat) than data shows you should be. You may turn out to be right and Sweat may turn out great but the data from past drafts shows that the guy at 21 is only slightly more likely to be a Pro-Bowler or starter than the guy at 31.

      Lots of NFL GMs behave according to this bias and historically it has not worked out well for them overall. Lots of Seahawks fans also behave according to this bias, especially after Seattle trades back in the first round 🙂

      I wrote an article about it for this blog years ago. The Seattle Times carried it online so if you google confidence bias and NFL draft it will come up.

    • Brett

      1st rounders under PCJS regime:
      2010 Okung (was NFL highest paid OT for awhile there, no?)
      2010 ET (heading to HOF, screw-loose-but-awesome!)
      2011 Carpenter (journeyman, still hanging around – guess he sux?)
      2012 Bruuuce (pretty dominant pass rusher for quite awhile there)
      2013 NP
      2014 NP
      2015 NP
      2016 Ifedi
      2017 NP
      2018 Penny (bit early to write him off, eh?)
      2019 Collier (bit early to write him off too, eh?)

      So… out of the first rounders they took under this regime, a HOF-er, a couple of top-flight starters, a journeyman starter who is still playing, plus one ‘meh’. That seems pretty darn good, especially given that after 2012 most of these have been late to very-late in the round. 80 pct ‘playahs’, 20 pct ‘meh’, a couple TBD.

      • Michael (CLT)

        Great comment.

      • TK

        When was bruce a dominant pass rusher?? He turned into a solid LB, but he was never a dominant pass rusher in the NFL.

    • mishima

      No problem with dissenting opinions, but you haven’t given any reasons for preferring Sweat to Collier? Is it his 40 time? The hype?

      IMO, Sweat is a better athlete, but not a better pass rusher (technique, hand usage, moves, etc.) or run defender.

      Collier was a great pick.

      • TK

        For the same reason we liked Bruce, tons of potential upside. Collier is what he is, but one of those things isn’t what we are considering an “athlete” Sweat potentially has more upside which is why he was more hyped. I’m good with the Collier pick now I guess, Rob talked me off the ledge, just wasn’t a sexy pick, per usual.

    • Rob4q

      We’ll, you like Sweat better, but obviously the Seahawks didn’t…they could have taken him with their first pick. So when making a comment about them “getting it right” I think we just have to trust they know what their doing. McDowell was unforseen, nothing you can do about it. Penny will be a stud that s season and all lot of the chatter about him not being a good value pick will go away. Ifedi got a lot better by the end of last season and hew grew up some…will be interesting to see if they do the 5th year option on him…

      I love the Collier pick and think he brings just what they need!

    • Kenny Sloth

      So tired of this argument. How many times a day do we have to go through this?

      You want Sweat until he busts and our fourth round picks are Dissly and KJ type steals.

      Everybody has their opinion but man if it isn’t annoying to see the same one’s be refuted every single day

  47. Seahawkwalt

    Rob thank you for your hard work! This is the best Seahawks site bar none. I think Seahawks draft D again. If it came down Winovich or Ferguson, who would hawks choose? Your thoughts on wr fits for us in round 4?
    Thank you!!

    • Rob Staton

      Winovich is a better contrast to Collier but man, Ferguson gets after the QB.

      Gary Jennings is a guy for R4 I think.

    • D-OZ

      Winovich all day long. I am not a Ferguson fan.

    • Michigan 12th

      Please not Ferguson, that guy gets after the QB, but will his game transition to the NFL, with his lack of speed. There is a reason why NFL teams keep going after really fast guys, because the Olineman in the NFL are way faster then what you get in College. Give me Chase for the Winovich

  48. UkAlex6674

    Penny was good in limited action, Ifedi has turned into a very serviceable right tackle, and McDowell ……..Not sure how you can lay the blame at the FO on that. Accidents happen. Is it just because Sweat is the bigger name? You can’t just make your comment and not expand on why you think Collier is the wrong pick.

  49. Trevor

    Rob the Hawks took one of your favourite players with the 1st pick. Huge props for that as he was certainly not a surprise pick for anyone her on the blog based on all the work you had done on him.

    Who are a couple of your personal favourites on Day #2, 3? Not guys who necessarily fit the Hawks draft profiles but just players you like.

  50. Steve Nelsen

    There are three big picture things I’m looking for today and tomorrow.

    One, the need for DL and the strength of this draft being DL has me predicting they will take at least 2 more, including at least one today.

    Two, Rob commented recently that there are a lot of Seattle style DBs in this draft. I agree and I think with the extra picks from yesterday we get two tomorrow.

    Three, Seattle does not currently have any picks in the 6th or 7th rounds and you KNOW there are some guys they will want late so look for for some more trade backs.

    • Mark Souza

      I don’t know, I’m kind of happy where we are right now. Nine rookies seems like a good number to bring to camp, and all selected before pick #160. I wouldn’t want to give up quality to get additional quantity. Nine is plenty. Now if they could get some 6th or 7th rounders by trading mid-round picks to get an additional round 2 pick, I’d be okay with it.

      • MJL

        Hawks seem to have better luck with UDFA’s than late round draft picks also….so yeah..keep those 4’s…

  51. millhouse-serbia

    Rob, and others…

    Would you rather have Giants picks that we get or Falcons picks they gave to Rams? I am confuse we didn’t do deal with Atlanta.

    • Rob Staton


      I think they were perturbed not to get that deal.

  52. ZB

    At #37 I believe the only 2 worthy prospects at the DE position are Winovich and Ferguson. Winovich is a bit undersized and just doesn’t seem to me to be a seahawk. Ferguson has great size and numbers but his personality is a bit off for me as well as being maybe a bit too much like Collier.

    My guess is we trade down again or take a different position. I’m still hoping for T. Hill with our next pick.

    • Ben Ft. Worth


      • D-OZ

        Winovich is totally a Seahawk guy!!!

  53. Denver Hawk

    So far the draft is playing out okay for the Hawks. Disappointed they haven’t been able to get more picks in rounds 2-3 though. Obviously other teams value those highly. Trading down twice from 21 to add more picks was expected before the Clark trade.

    They basically traded Clark for Collier and cap space at this point (I know next year 2nd rounder). Still looking at how they can make THIS years team better without Clarke. Defense is still worse right now without Clark and Coleman.

    I say grab best available nickel at 37 and another DE or DT at 92 (or better yet- trade up to do the same). WR is tempting here but need more defense to replace lost talent.

    • Tecmo Bowl

      “They basically traded Clark for Collier and cap space at this point (I know next year 2nd rounder). Still looking at how they can make THIS years team better without Clark.”

      This this spot on. We fully expected trading down from #21. Drafted Collier with Clark pick. Let’s use some of the newly acquired capital to fill in day 2.

      #114+ 2020 2nd for late 2019 2nd. Not saying this is the smartest long term move. It would help this year’s team though.

      Teams with 2+ 2nd rounders- Broncos, Colts, Texans, Chiefs, Patriots(who made this same trade last year with Chicago), Eagles

      • Trevor

        I think Collier will come in and start day #1.

        Then they need Green and Martin to improve and I am certain they add a vet pass rusher like Nick Perry.

        • Tecmo Bowl


          We’ve yet to see how the $17.1m in cap space will be used. I keep overlooking that, and shouldnt be. JS certainly did some work bringing in DL vets on visits. Perry could fit well if we miss out on an EDGE in the draft.

  54. David

    So almost everyone considered this pick to be a Frank Clark Replacement or a pass rusher but I think the Seahawks didn’t necessarily look at this pick that way. That is why despite people blowing their Gasket this is what I’m incredibly overly giddy about today. So a reach blah blah blah

    Last year the Seahawks changed up their drafting philosophy. If they didn’t I think they don’t pass on Sweat there and here is why. Previously they would draft players with huge upside even if they saw risk or limitations, even if they didn’t fit their view of a Seahawk the upside of skill meant more than getting what Pete and John say is “OKG” Our Kind Of Guy.

    What is LJ Collier? A football player. I would guess if you could do a metric on all of the players in the first round taken on how much they love football I would bet on Collier being unmatched.

    When you talk about someone actually working on their hand fighting and leverage this guy gets it already. You want have to try and teach him out of bad habits or positioning which I think Gary/Sweats of the world will never learn not because they aren’t capable but they aren’t that type of technician or care.

    “Because of the fire I play with, and the tenacity, and aggressiveness I bring to the table. I fear no one. I come from the country, and guys think that because I come from a small town they think they don’t have to respect me, so I’m going to make them respect me.”

    “I love that feeling cause I know offensive linemen don’t like to be hit in the mouth over and over,” Collier said. “I love to do that. I love the physicality of it. I love to be in your face the whole game. I’m not a player who is going to say much, but if you say something to me, I’m going to let you know it’s going to be all game.”

    This is Collier. He is a no non-sense, punch you in the mouth play every down football player who will excel at both stopping the run and pass and not take downs off. To me Collier is not just Michael Bennet he is actually a little more physical mean and nasty. He’s not just looking to beat you with an angle but impose his will on the opposing player.

    I think this is exactly who the Seahawks want. The Combine hero’s are nice but if they also don’t have that mentality they aren’t OKG’s.

    WHICH is why we need Trevon Wesco too. You can see a clip of him dumping Collier on his back in pass pro. Dude is a Beast!

    • AlaskaHawk

      Sweat reminds me of Bruce Irvin. Irvin was taken in the first round after multiple trade downs with the intent that he play edge. He had a gritty backstory and was billed as a tough person. But the thing about being a speed edge rusher is that you must expect to get your face planted into the turf multiple times, with some big tackle laying on you. If you don’t have the fight to get up and do it again, time after time, you won’t succeed. Irvin tapped out as an edge rusher, but he went on to have a successful career at other positions.

      Collier is a little bigger and he considers himself to be mean. This is just what the Seahawks needed.

    • Uncle Bob

      Funny how inconsistent some analysis can be. Some of the most frequent positives about Nick Bosa is how advanced his hand use is compared to most college players. Looks like Baldy is the only media guy who gets Collier.

    • D-OZ

      I saw Wesco getting dumped by Collier…

    • Michigan 12th

      If this is true, then we still have not replaced Clark and we absolutely must in this draft. There is no veteran free agent out there who is going to be able to replace his production. So if we are not going to get someone to replace his production, then we need a young player with the potential to replace him, Collier, will not be a 13 sack guy a year. He may be productive like Michael was, but he will not be Clark. Not saying Clark is better than Michael, but we still need a speed guy now.

  55. Madmark

    Before the draft John and Pete did and interview and now there was comment by each one that makes more sense to me. The first was John said that the talent takes a drop after the 3rd round and I believe that’s why we only got offers for 2 early 4th rounders in the first trade down. Pete’s comment about sometimes you have to overlook the stats on a player or you can really miss out on the goods ones. I had Collier in a early mock draft as my first pick with a trade down after he had visited the VMAC and rob wrote about him. Then as we got into it more I dismissed him because of his combine numbers.
    Now we have this guy for the next 5 years on a rookie contract, we get younger, and we have more cap space next year to resign Bobby and Jarren. If you throw in 12 picks next year this team will be ready to take that next step to get back to super bowl for next 4 to 5 years.

  56. GerryG

    Put me in the keep drafting defense camp. Give me some speed and playmaking.

    I’m also in favor of getting one more pick today. Next years extra second rd pick is a maybe (unless they think they have a vet they can get with that pick). I’m ok with letting it go to have another pick in Rd3 tonight. As everyone has written, there is a lot of talent to be had this evening.

    Love the Collier pick.

  57. Erik

    Would we consider moving up a bit today, say by trading our 2 5th’s and early 4th for 93? That matches up on the draft chart and would give us 2 picks in 3rd (back-to-back) and still leave us with 3 picks in 4th, for a total of 7?

    If there is a range of value that extends through 3rd/4th, this could be an option perhaps?

    • Brashmouse

      We couldn’t get picks in the 3rd with or first and ended up taking a loss of the equivalent of a 5th with pick 21 just to get someone to bite. No chance that 2 fourths are more enticing now let alone 2 5ths and a 4th.

  58. Greg Haugsven

    so who is it going to be tonight at 37 boys? a WR, Safety, or another Defensive Lineman?

    • H

      I’ve got a feeling about Byron Murphy.

      • CaptainJack

        Byron Murphy will be gone by 37, TBH

        • H

          It’s only 4 picks away…

          • Ben Ft. Worth

            Trade down or flip the league the middle finger by grabbing “THEIR GUY’ in Winovich or Ferguson.

          • H

            I am actually reading that he’s going first to the cards, so never mind.

            • D-OZ

              Cards need to go O-line, WO…

  59. CaptainJack

    Here is my mock for the rest of the draft:

    37: R2P5
    92: R3P28
    114: R4P12
    118: R4P16
    124: R4P22
    132: R4P30
    142: R5P4
    159: R5P21

    • CaptainJack

      Juan Thornhill-
      The Seahawks can convert him to nickel. This is a really rare athlete we’re talking about here.
      Terry McLaurin-
      This man reminds me of Doug Baldwin in many ways. Team player who will try to help the team win however he can. Described as the “anti-diva” wide receiver.
      Anthony Nelson-
      People forget about Nelson, but he has an elite combination of size and athleticism. A bit boom or bust, but another addition to the commitee to replace Clark.
      Rodney Anderson-
      If he wasn’t injured he’s a first round pick. Seahawks need to replace Mike Davis.
      Jace Sternberger-
      Nothing about his physical or athletic profile really stands out, but he makes plays.
      Dru Samia-
      Seahawks can’t count on either Simmons or Iupati to stay healthy. Samia is a physical player who makes sense after losing Sweezy.
      Maxx Crosby-
      I kind of doubt he lasts until here but this kid has a lot of potential, he just needs to build up his body more. An interesting piece to add to the D-Line.
      Armon Watts-
      Kind of solid but unspectacular, good against the run, pretty much what the Seahawks look for in a rotational interior run stopper.

      • Ben Ft. Worth

        Gimme Sternberger and Samia out of all of those guys. The rest I pass on unless they are there in the 4th.

    • trevor

      Really nice group of players but if they want Mclaurin they are going to have to trade back into Rd #2.

  60. Rob4q

    Rob, just wanted to say thanks again for this awesome blog and all you do. Your insight along with so e of the posters here has made me much more knowledgeable about the draft and why the Seahawks do things they do!

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks man

  61. sdcoug

    JSPC have double-dipped in the past when there’s a clear need. Wouldn’t be surprised to see them target a Winovich of Ferguson next

    • CaptainJack

      Thornhill is next.

      • Ben Ft. Worth

        +1 scout

        -1 CaptainJack

        No offense to all parties.

        • Ben Ft. Worth


  62. JohnH

    After having a chance to sleep on it and watch some of the stuff on him, I am excited for Collier. Excited to see where we go from here, and would not be surprised to see them bundle some of the later round picks to move back up into an extra 2/3 tonight.

    Thanks for your hard work Rob, I know this was super late night in the UK. Really enjoyed the enthusiasm on the pod!

  63. Trevor

    Just listened to LJ Collier on Brock and Salk. Easy to see why PC/JS made that pick. I cannot think of a more Seahawky kid. He is going to be a fan favorite real quick.

  64. Coleslaw

    I’m hoping for Trysten Hill now.

    Collier will be at his best wrecking 1 on 1s and giving OL fits. Hes the type of DL that will make an OL cry because he cant guard him (lol).

    Let’s get another bada** in the middle with Reed, so they always have to double team one of them. Grab a speedier DE too and our DL looks pretty complete.

    The only thing I’m disappointed with is that we didnt pick up another 3rd round pick by trading down. We could want to move up if a lot of our guys start to go.

    • Coleslaw

      I think we can get by without drafting a speedy LEO right now, if we got a Trysten Hill. Martin and Marsh can speed rush, man. That’s probably our brightest spot on the DL other than Reed.

      • Ben Ft. Worth


        I like Hill, but think its early. I wouldn’t be mad if we took him here, but I think we can still grab one of Winovich or Ferguson before we turn in the card for Hill.

        • Coleslaw

          Would be early for Hill, but were well into this tier of DL, you better get your guy cause you never know who other teams like. I also dont think Hill would last until 92, but would be super down to trade up for him after grabbing someone else at 37.

          • Ben Ft. Worth

            I hear you brother. Like I said, I ain’t mad if T. Hill is the pick. I think we can both safely say we’d be happy here with him. But what if we took Winovich at #37 and traded #92 with a 4th and a 5th to move up to #75 to grab Hill. Do you not think he’ll last that long? Cause taking him at #37, even for me is a REEEAAAACHH!!! LOL

            • Coleslaw

              Hard to say. I want to say he’s gonna be there at 75, since the run on DL already happened, and other positions are virtually untouched. But that’s still 43 picks away.

              • Ben Ft. Worth

                I feel you. I’d be pissed if we missed on him too. Hopefully Schneider’s got a plan, excuse me! Hopefully Schneider’s plan works!!! Lol

            • Madmark

              I think its more possibly for Winovich dropping into the middle of 3rd round instead of Hill.

              • D-OZ

                Winovich won’t make it out of the 2nd.

                • Ben Ft. Worth

                  Agreed. I think Rob is right that “Winovich compliments Collier the best”. But I’d hate to miss on guys like Ferguson and Hill. If I’m GM my foot is on the gas pedal to loading on DL with the next 2 picks. I’d either stand pat at #37 or trade down very very slightly. And become super aggressive about moving up from #92 to get the next “OKG”. Forget packaging picks to get another pick up in the 3rd. Just use what’s left to fill out your roster with what’s left of 4th and 5tb picks. A TE, OL, WR, DB or 2, and call it a day!

    • j hawk

      Just saw on NFL channel that the Cowgirls are interested in Trystan Hill at 58. We could trade back and still get him. We need to get another pick in rd 2-3 area.

      • Ben Ft. Worth

        This is what I’ve been saying!!!! They could try and trade up in front of us to get him!!!

  65. Ulsterman

    Seahawks are in a great spot at 37, there are a ton of really good players left and they might do another slight trade down.
    If not I think they either go Murphy/Gardner-Johnson or Jaylon Ferguson with the next pick.

    I’ve read a few other Seahawks sites since Collier was picked and stunned by how many posters had never heard of him. This site was all over him as a possible choice.

  66. BruceN

    “Earlier today I posted my tier lists for the early picks and listed L.J. Collier among the top targets. Here’s what I wrote in the blurb:”

    I read your write up before the draft. Good call.

    JS and PC were pretty busy yesterday and maneuvered a lot to manufacture more picks. The only thing is they could’ve got better value when making the trades. They basically traded 800 draft points for 744 draft points (see below). But still ended up with 4 additional picks. Needed more picks in the 2nd and 3rd where the values are. But ended up with 3 4s. Will see what the second and 3rd day will bring. Keep up the great work.

    Traded the 21st pick (800) for 30th (620), 114 (66), and 118 (58). So traded away 800 draft points and got back 744. Then traded 30th (620) and got back 37th (530), 132 (40) and 142 (35). So we traded away 620 draft points and got back 605. The two trades returned slightly lower draft points but picked up additional picks. So bottom line, we traded the 21st pick for 37, 114, 118, 132 and 142.

    • Madmark

      I’m astonished they as much as they got. The other teams were just not giving the 3rd round picks away. It isn’t over yet we could trade into the early 40’s get there guy pick another 4th or 5th and use one or 2 to move back into 3 round. I’m actually excited with Collier pick we are also looking at players with heart and passion. I’ll be watching if Chase Winovich might be considered for the LEO spot.

      • BruceN

        Yes. I agree they did a good job of picking up so many additional picks from one pick. It’ll be good to get more picks in the 3rd (2nd is out of the question) but I think they won’t do it because it’ll cost too much capital. They love 4th and 5th rounds and they have actually done better there than rounds 2-3 (if I remember correctly).

  67. That Guy

    I was shocked that Green Bay traded up to pick Savage. They went all in on this kid. Huge gamble on Gary and Savage that I would grade around a D-, but what do I know Savage could be Earl level of greatness.

    • Volume12

      That Green Bay D is fantastic.

      Z’Darius & Preston Smith on the EDGE
      Adrian Amos & Jaire Alexander in the secondary with Darnell Savage now
      Kenny Clark, Mike Daniels on the D-line
      Rashan Gary might be a guy they move around /experiment with until they find his best fit.

      • charlietheunicorn

        When was the last time GB had a stout defense? Yeah, Rogers has had to carry the team way too long. Now getting closer to the end than beginning of his career, maybe they are going to start playing more Seahawks style of football, rushing more and throwing less…. since they will be in every game, due to a quality defense.

        I’ll echo that they made 2 quality selections. I can’t hate on what they did.

    • Look Who's Hawkin?

      Why a D- ?? Trading up for Savage is a bit rich, but he is an outstanding player. And they got great value with Gary at 12. For whatever reason (as Rob has continuously highlighted) Gary received WAY too much unnecessary criticism. It’s like the PFF guys decided they didn’t like him because he didn’t have enough sacks, so it became the trendy opinion. Gary is a stud and a generational athlete. I like what GB did in the draft, that defense is absolutely loaded with talent.

  68. Ulsterman

    What are people’s thoughts on Jachai Polite? He’s had a disastrous build-up to the draft after being seen as a 1st round pick.

    How far would he have to fall for you to consider him?

    • Coleslaw

      I’d take him with one of our 4ths personally, no sooner. If we had another pick before then, I might consider it at 92.

      • Gohawks5151

        Agreed, the fourth sounds right. His only crime was taking bad workout advice and reacting poorly to the criticism that followed. Could be a steal.

  69. Volume12

    Neither one are elite at their position, but it goes back to what I mentioned at the top of the thread. Teams reacted to the SR bowl this year. Look at Greedy and Metcalf. Rare for guys who have as many traits as they do to still be on the board.

    • Volume12

      And I hate to be this guy, but Jawaan Taylor was the prospect this year who the league didn’t see the same way as draft media/twitter.

      • Darin Korbut

        Jawaan Taylor is dropping due to concerns with his knee and back. Those reports came out late yesterday.

        • Volume12

          That’s my point. Teams just didn’t get that info yesterday.

    • Ben Ft. Worth

      Huge LSU fan here as most of you know by now. I was right about OBJ, and was banging the drum for Landry over PRich. And this is one of the few times I’m ever gonna say this. Gimme a pass on Greedy. Not because I didn’t love watching him play or what he did for us down in Baton Rouge, but because he doesn’t scream “Seahawk”. The dude does NOT tackle well. And I just don’t see him fitting in with Carroll’s type of defensive back. Devin White on the other hand!!! We all knew he wouldn’t last. I’m so happy he didn’t go to AZ or SF! We NEED to keep loading up on DL.

      • TomLPDX

        I’m with you on Greedy. Not impressed. When I watched the Texas A&M/LSU game (yes, that game) I was specifically watching him since there was already buzz about the hawks drafting him. I remember him getting beat time and time again and not doing a very good job tackling either. The thought was “this guy is definitely NOT Sherm”. I hope we pass on him.

      • JohnH

        Isn’t Greedy basically like DRC? Great cover corner who’s allergic to contact and tackling?

  70. Coleslaw

    If we do trade down again, I think they might look to target a 2020 pick, it’s the only way to get value out of the pick, unless you package it to move up from 92. Trade down from 37 to 47 for a 2020 3rd?

    • AlaskaHawk

      I’m not all that excited about 4th round picks. Better value, but how many will be game changers? How many will even be on the team in two years? Statistically speaking, you go through 5 fourth rounders just to find one starter.

      They are useful, but just not great. You know the Seahawks have 13 cornerbacks and safeties on the roster right now. I’m expecting at least two more to get picked. Where will they use all these players? At some point they need to concentrate on quality over quantity.

      My hope is that they trade back up into the third round.

      • cha

        If the Hawks think Collier was value at 21, then those 2 4th rounders are basically free. Better than a kick in the teeth.

      • rowlandice

        Conversely, you gotta have cheap players that may contribute in a positional rotation and play on special teams. Nothing wrong with the 4th rounders in my opinion.

  71. MyChestIsBeastmode

    The draft clue is so obvious now.

    “If you need a friend CALLLL me. I’m tellin ya CALLLL me’

    Tanslation: If you need a friend, COLLier.

  72. Volume12

    Ya gotta respect Mel Kiper for who he is and what he started, but that man starts so many false narratives it ain’t even funny. ‘Does Jerry Tillery even like football?’

    Why because he reads and put his scholarship to use?

    Oh you mean on the field? Had one of his shoulders torn up and still played half the season? That guy?

    • cha

      I just stuck to NFLN. Didn’t even bother with ESPN.

      What did Kiper say about Kyler Murray’s height? Anything close to the Kiper-Gruden-McShay dustup when the Hawks picked RW?

      • Volume12

        I don’t have NFLN, ain’t paying extra for it when I already have three streaming services to pay for. Can hardly afford to keep my lights on so I was watching ABC. No idea what he said about Murray.

        Still waiting on him to retire since he said he was going to it Jimmy Clausen wasn’t a franchise QB.

        • Ben Ft. Worth

          HA!!!!!! LMAO!!! @ Clausen!! Good ole’ Mel!!!!

        • cha

          Or Hugh to eat his microphone

    • Look Who's Hawkin?

      ESPN’s draft coverage is painful, but unfortunately the only option with basic cable (ABC). It was nice last year when NFLN broadcast was shown on Fox in syndication. I miss Mayock, he was always my favorite draft analyst.

  73. FallbrookHawk

    Great draft. Trades were smart. Collier will be an every down DE they needed to replace Frank.

    Too many 4th rounders, trying to trade up with two of them (and maybe a next year pick) into the late 2nd round would be great. Who too trade with is the question, will be tough.

    I agree with Rob, more defensive line picks with our 2 and 3. WR and defensive backs are available in rounds 4 and 5.

    • Look Who's Hawkin?

      Is there such a thing as too many picks in one round? Sure, more day 2 picks would be nice, but having 4 picks in the 4th is money. They can do whatever they want with the talent that’s left on day 3. And mark my words (or go look at the remaining players available) there will be A LOT of intriguing players left after tonight.

      It isn’t by accident that PC/JS accumulated 4 picks in a single round. They know what they’re doing.

      • Ben Ft. Worth


  74. Jon

    Just wondering who would do something like this? Say a team like NYJ want to move all the way up from early 3. Are we willing to take 67, 105 and a 2020 2nd? This matches in the trade chart

    • SeaHusky

      I wouldn’t. We already have two 2020 2nds and 12 picks overall. While it would be nice to have 3 2nds next year, we need quality contributors from this draft. I wouldn’t be surprised if we stuck at 37 to pick and then traded some of our 4ths to trade up into the 3rd.

      • Ben Ft. Worth


  75. j

    Overall it doesn’t look like teams were that interested in trading up in this draft. Supports the fact that day two is strong. NYJ were all about trading down from three but couldn’t find a buyer apparently. NYG got their guy but probably would have preferred to move down to do it.

    Clelin Farrell was a good pick by Oakland. So much is made of upside in the draft. But when have the opportunity to pick high, you can’t afford to bust. Aaron Curry type picks hurt your team a lot. If you look at the DL who went after him, most have a higher bust potential.

    Speaking of bust potential. Jonah Williams at 11 and Ed Oliver at 9. Williams is both small and unathletic and I don’t see how he will function as a NFL tackle. Oliver is athletic but his pressure percentage was low and due to his size I don’t know where he fits. Maybe linebacker???

    Speaking of bust potential – Daniel Jones and Dwayne Haskins. Jones is just meh overall. Good decision maker, accurate at times, not a great arm. I don’t know. More of a guy you take late in the first. But if he was the Giants guy, it doesn’t seem like teams were that interested in trading up. So I get why they did it. Haskins falls apart under pressure which, when you are moving to the NFL, is not a good thing.

    Philly got their heir apparent to Jason Peters in Andre Dillard, and it is a good situation for Dillard to come in and learn from him. Love that pick. Love that the screwed over Houston after they screwed us in the Jeremy Lane deal.

  76. WallaSean

    One bullet dodged, no undersized, overrated one trick ponies taken at DE. They are getting back to a rotation all along the DL that has versatility. Next bullet in the chamber, WR with no route running or separation, big pass on Metcalf, Butler. We need to have options that can get separation when the run game gets stuffed, especially in the playoffs(last game?). I like McLaurin, but I’m ok if they go Campbell, DB, DL, TE, or even OL. Dodge two bullets and it’s PC/JS in the matrix on D3.

    • MJL

      Agreed..when the Hawks defense was at it’s best..M Bennett used to provide us with about 8 sacks..15 TFL’s per year with solid run game support..I think Collier has the potential to fill that role perfectly. Now to find our “Avril” to pair with him…I still like Winovich for that role.

  77. drewdawg11

    Today is the day which will truly determine how this draft is rated. I’m all about them taking a WR like Campbell/McClauren, a hybrid/safety such as Thornhill, Chauncey or Taylor Rapp, and I am still sort of enamored with Jaylen Ferguson. Bookend those two, young ends and watch them hunt. I also wonder if they’ll pull a surprise and snatch a Greedy Williams, despite his tackling issues and just coach him up. Its intriguing… I do not wish to see another trade down fr the sale of trading. Why not package some 4ths and move into the third round for another pick, or move up from that original 3rd and get into the second? I think John just freaks out if he has to go a round without a pick.

    • smitty1547

      At this point in the game, tackling is want, you either have it or you don’t. I would not take Greedy with one of are 4th if he fell. You got to be be prime time good to not want to support the run game and that he is not.

      • drewdawg11

        I disagree completely. It can be improved, and the team’s expectation can force a player to put more into it. Pete and company are some of the best teachers of form tackling in the league. He’s passed his “hawk style” tackling technique on the Jimmy Lake and the coaches at UW. I spent last saturday at the UW coaches clinic and Lake spent a tremendous amount of time going over their fundamentals, and they emphasize it at the start of every practice. I’m not saying they will take him, but he does possess some size and elite traits, (speed and man coverage)

  78. Ukhawk

    Dreaming they:

    1 Take Walker or Miller to get a nice young hybrid LB/ LEO to pair with Martin and to learn from our experienced LBer crew

    2 Grab Hill to pair with Reed on obv passing downs

    Our 2 deep depth on DL would be fantastic

    • Ben Ft. Worth

      Interesting scenario. I wouldn’t be mad. Then target Gary Bennett in the 4th! You might be on to something.

  79. Volume12

    This man gives zero f***s.

    Kim Jones: if you think Eli Manning can play multiple more seasons, does this end that possibility here?

    Gettleman: Absolutely not. Absolutely not. Maybe we’re going to be the Green Bay model, Kim. Where Rodgers sat for three years. Who knows? You can never have too many good players at one position.

    Reporter: Did you just say you drafted a QB #6 and he might sit for three years?

    Gettleman: Who knows? I may go out in my car and get hit. You don’t know, Sal. We drafted a QB that we think is a franchise QB. That’s really the long and short of it.

    Reporter: If you think Eli can play three more years, wouldn’t you take someone at #6 to help Eli do that?

    Gettleman: It’s the same question Kim asked me. We don’t know. Life’s to short. You don’t know how this is going to work out. So, again, there’s people drafting defensive tackles when they already have two stud starters. Why you doing that? Because that’s where the value fit meets the draft pick.

    * Gentleman also wasn’t sure if Ohio St was still in the BIG 12

    • H

      I think it’s a terrible pick, but for all the flack they’re catching, I kinda hope I’m wrong and it works out.

      Show those doubters what’s what.

      • Volume12

        Who knows? Daniel Jones might slip in his shower and that’s that.

        • Ben Ft. Worth

          I was just happy it was one less DL taken off the board before we picked. AND WE GOT L.J. COLLIER!!!!! F**K YEAHH!!!!!

    • cha

      I liked Gettleman saying Jones has “fiber”. Because the pick is about exciting as a bran muffin.

      • charlietheunicorn

        Always room for a nice dump in the early portion of the draft.

    • Tecmo Bowl

      Wow! Sounds like Gettleman himself isn’t sure what the plan is.

      Vol12- you made a great point yesterday- NYG traded Harrison for peanuts, then drafted DLaw at #17. Like both players a ton, but man that’s poor use of draft capital.

      A not so subtle reminder how lucky we are to have JS/PC.

      • charlietheunicorn

        The Giants have a bunch of needs and a roster requiring major re-tooling. Seattle has less concerns and are much closer to a SB than the Giants. The only thing the Giants have going for them, they are in a weak division, so could rise to 8-8 this season.

  80. James

    Rob, you totally nailed the LJ call, no surprise to any of us who appreciate your work. The thinking has shifted from 4.5 Leos to the power rush, which gets more pressure and disruption on the QB. Teams have mastered steering the Leos past the pocket, when what you need is to collapse the pocket. All I ask is that one of the picks today (I think we will find a way to obtain an extra late R2 or early R3) will be a WR. You just made Russ the highest paid player in the league, now get him another weapon.

    • Ben Ft. Worth

      Wait til next year. “The Year Of The Receiver!” If not, I hope Parris Campbell is the pick(Doug Baldwin insurance).

  81. Bobby54

    I have some mixed feelings after the first round.


    – Managed to accumulate more picks by trading down multiple times. #37 is a great place to pick with guys like Thornhill or Byron Murphy probably available. Should definitely address DB now.
    – Got a solid DE in Collier that fits our style and who can distribute right away. We needed to address Dline early and he can fill in at 5-tech. Like him as a player. Can go after speedy rushers later.


    – Missed out on all the high priced DLiners. Maybe we should have been a little bit more aggressive after seeing all these Dliners go early. Once Dexter was off at #17 the cliff was real.
    – Picking Collier in the first round might be a slight reach. Would have preferred to trade completely out of the first round to bolster our day 2 choices and pick him up in the mid second. But not completely mad that we got him for 5 years now.
    – Bit disappointed that we only came up with multiple day 3 picks in these trade downs. Would have preferred more day 2 picks instead. Why didn´t we got a similar deal like the Rams-Falcons one where they got #45 and #79 for #31. Isn´t that way better than #37, #132 and #142 for #30? Maybe they don´t think their guy is there at #45?

    All in all: We didn´t kill day 1 but we did a pretty decent job. Still 2 days to come and we have pieces to olay with. Hoping for a very aggressive approach for day 2 now.

    Go Hawks!

    • Gohawks5151

      I would have also like some of the 4ths to be 3rds but I think that is more about teams views on the draft than the Seahawks. Jets couldn’t even trade away the #3 pick. Tough year to trade back and not enough talent at other positions to start a run on a position. JS said in the press conference that the board fell just like they thought it would and that is not a good thing.

      • Bobby54

        Absolutely. The other teams also know that day 2 is the day you want to be a player. But we can still trade up and I hope we do. Use these 2020 picks and make some noise today

        • Gohawks5151

          Definitely. I think another trade back a few spots is coming. I love CGJ but if Murphy is there he would be a crazy Nickel pick. Then Mclaurin and Walker and i would be good.

          • Bobby54

            Murphy, Terry and Walker? Would kill for that

  82. Paul difuria

    I was listening to Tony Softli and Hugh Millen on KJR after the pick last night. Tony had Collier rated as a day 3 selection. The two of them started reading CJ’s combine test results in disbelief. Candidly, I was questioning our brain trust for a moment.

    I should have remembered how Hugh slammed the Frank Clark pick (not to mention RW years ago). Millen argued that even if you ignored off the field issues, Frank had no moves or bend – he was genuinely irate that draft night. Yesterday, they both sounded genuinely flummoxed.

    When I got home, I read your posts and your recent article from a month ago on Collier and I imagine it precisely mirrored the Seahawks own internal scouting report. Tony and Hugh are paid to give their immediate opinion on the draft to a city obsessed with the Hawks and I have to rely on a bloke who covers English soccer to really know what’s going on. I don’t know, Rob….maybe these guys ought to follow your blog or something. Seriously.

    • cha

      I was at the Seahawks draft party last year when the Hawks traded up for Dickson and Wyman pulled a serious face and made some pretty critical comments at the time. I think we can say it’s worked out.

      • Ben Ft. Worth

        I think it’s because people are too lazy to go and watch tape if were being honest with each other. I’ve probably watched close to about 200 highlight reels so far. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to fucking see that L.J. Collier would have been a badass pick for the Hawks. So when I hear 710 ESPN whining about not understanding our picks, the only guy who I take seriously over there is Brock Huard’s and even that is 75% of the time. Shit, Rob should be doing there job, or calling games with Brock, he’s got a decent enough voice.

        As far as DB’s and WR’s go, that is out of my realm. I don’t even try to pretend I know what to look for other than a few things, Speed, Intangibles, measurements, combine drills, and past historical selections.

        • Rob Staton

          Stop swearing please Ben

    • Michael (CLTJ


  83. CaptainJack

    Hope we draft Jalen dalton, round 4

  84. Look Who's Hawkin?

    I love the Collier pick, he is a beast. I wish he had a bit quicker get off, but I think his technique and prowess as a pass rusher makes up for it. Which shows up on film. Anyone panning this pick is just sour because they wanted a big name ala N’Keal Harry (don’t get me wrong, I liked Harry). I’ve also seen some griping because Collier is 24 – this isn’t always a bad thing, I would argue he is further along in his development than a lot of the other younger, raw talents.

    I’ve pretty much accepted that Seahawks fans will whine on Twitter regardless of what the team does, so it’s sort of comical at this point.

  85. Coleslaw

    If we move down with the Patriots to 56 we might be able to get 97 and 101.

    I would jump on that in this draft.

    • Coleslaw

      Which would you rather have?

      1.29. L.J. Collier DL

      1.29. L.J. Collier DL

    • Coleslaw

      We would probably have to give up a 2020 6th or we could maybe give 159 for a 7th this year.

      • Bigten

        I would much rather have the 3 3rds. I just don’t see patriots making that trade.

        • Coleslaw

          They would still have 37, 56 and 64.

          Maybe they want a top TE to replace Gronk too. Maybe theres a defensive guy they love? The Patriots are unpredictable, it could happen man

        • Coleslaw

          37, 64, 73*

  86. HawkfaninMT

    I’ve seen mentioned several times that next year is supposedly the year of the WR for the draft…

    Does anyone have any insight on this? Is supposed to be top heavy with 2-3 amazing prospects (that will hopefully be out of our range)? Or are we talking 8-10 1st round grades that the Hawks will have an opportunity to take a bite out of given a 10-6 (or so) assumption for the record.

    I ask because if they fee like a 1st round type WR will be a possibility for them next year, then I could see WR being saved for the 4th or later. If too heavy with just 2-3 guys, then campbell seems very attractive to me

    • charlietheunicorn

      It looks like there are around 8-10 prospects of 6’0+ size that are top 3 round guys. There also maybe 4-6 day 1 guys….. but 2020 is the year of the QB as well, so that might be elevating some of these prospects, since they have quality QBs spinning them the ball.

    • Gohawks5151

      Jeudy and Shenault are the prizes. Like charlie said, a lot of size, weight, speed, kind of dudes as well. The most hyped from Michigan and Texas AM i think. Possible bigger QB year though. Tua, Fromm, and Herbert potentially.

  87. charlietheunicorn

    Names to watch day #2

    DE Jaylen Ferguson
    OG Cody Ford
    WR Parris Campbell
    DT Trysten Hill
    DE D’Andre Walker

    I’m inclined to pick Parris, but John Clayton said he is thinking Seattle might go double dip on DL and the guy might be Ferguson. He would bring some speed to mate up with the CJ Collier power. I’m also into Hill at DT…. that guy is going to be money.

    • drewdawg11

      I would be great with that. I was contemplating a “double-dip for D-linemen a lot this week. I was hoping for a Simmons/Sweat/Gary/Ferguson combo. Still, there will be someone really great at our pick in round two. If they trade down again… I don’t know. Also another name to think about: JJ Arcega-Whiteside. He may be a third rounder, but he would add some serious value to the WR corp, and give us someone that we don’t have. Great hands, wins jump balls, underrated speed. Red zone monster. If you can get him with a trade up from round three after getting a Ferguson or a Safety, that’s a great haul.

      • Coach

        I would be super excited about that! Who are the other Edge, nickel, and WR’s who we still think would contribute at a high level day 1?

        Edge – Ferguson, Winovich, ?
        Nickel – Thornhill, Hooker, ?
        WR – Whiteside, McLaurin, Jennings, ?

        Thanks and Go Hawks!!

  88. charlietheunicorn

    Dolphins trading for Rosen…. probably 2nd round pick…. :O

    • Kenny Sloth

      Surprising, I thought they’d only be able to get a 3rd or 4th for him.

      Report says Miami wants a pick too and I’d say that’s probably fair. A mid 2nd is a great return for Rosen at this point

  89. JimQ

    Some pretty darn good players available without even trading down again. The guy’s I’m hoping for…

    #37-FS-Chauncy Gardner-Johnson (Big nickel = viable need in a pass happy league + he’s a leader.)
    #92-DT-Trysten Hill (Add some power & nasty to the interior DL rotation.)
    #114-EDGE-Maxx Crosby (A wild man, plays with his hair on fire, just needs NFL coaching)
    #118-WR=Gary Jennings (Decent size and speed + good separation abilities, RW will love him.)
    #124-FS/CB-Marvell Tell (PC can coach up this kid to reach his full potential)
    #132-TE-Trevon Wesco (A big addition to the rushing game with + blocking & maybe some –> FB?)

    The UDFA’s signed this year could provide a few gems as well & we all know the Seahawks will very likely harvest well (again).

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