Thursday notes: L.J. Collier, pass rushers & Seattle’s future

TCU’s L.J. Collier will take a trip to the VMAC

Seahawks meeting with TCU pass rusher

L.J. Collier is a highly enjoyable prospect to watch. He had a fantastic Senior Bowl. He’s a terrific pass rusher with great length and an ability to work to create openings. His hand use, ability to convert speed-to-power and variety of moves is impressive. You can see him planning two-or-three snaps ahead to set up a blocker. He’s not all about technique though and he bullied several big name linemen at the Senior Bowl. He’s a refined brawler.

There are only positive things to say about his character too. He’s a bit of a self-made man and lacks some of the traits you see in the top draft prospects. Yet you can’t fault his effort, intensity and the way he performs on the field.

It was revealed yesterday that Collier will be having an official visit to the VMAC:

It’s pleasing that he could potentially be on Seattle’s radar. Based purely on the tape there’s some base-end/five-technique/inside/out quality to Collier. He’s not going to wow anyone with freaky athletic skills but as a book-end for Frank Clark and a player who can play any down, he has some value.

Admittedly though he’d go against some of Seattle’s previous trends. He has the length they like with 34 inch arms and a near 82-inch wingspan. That’s unusual for a player of his relatively modest height (6-2).

However, the Seahawks have also valued agility and quickness at defensive end. His 4.78 short shuttle is, to put it bluntly, pretty awful. It’s in the 12th percentile for players at his position. Here’s how it compares to some of Seattle’s previous D-line additions:

Rasheem Green — 4.39
Quinton Jefferson — 4.37
Jordan Hill — 4.51
Jaye Howard — 4.47
Malik McDowell — 4.53
Bruce Irvin — 4.03
Frank Clark — 4.05
Cassius Marsh — 4.25
Obum Gwacham — 4.28

As you can see, it’s a test they pay a lot of attention too. Even their defensive tackle picks have excelled in the short shuttle. It’s why we’ve singled out Trysten Hill as a potential target (he ran a 4.38 at 308lbs). Players who do really well in the agility testing with great size and explosive power — that’s a winning combination and increases the likelihood they’ll be drafted by the Seahawks.

If they select L.J. Collier, they’ll be going against this trend. Some of his other tests were also underwhelming. A 4.91 forty yard dash was pretty average at 283lbs, he only had a 30 inch vertical and his three cone (7.71) wasn’t much better than the short shuttle.

The one area he did excel was the broad jump. He managed a 9-10 which was the third best among defensive linemen and is comparable to Rashan Gary and Ed Oliver (both 10-0). It’s possible the Seahawks want an explosive base-end. Considering they’ll be well out of range for Gary and probably Oliver, Collier might be seen as an alternative. That wouldn’t say much for Rasheem Green though — who has the size to play that role with a far superior athletic profile.

Collier’s performance at the Senior Bowl and good tape could’ve secured a place in round two. If the Seahawks want him, it might need to be with their first pick. He’d be a strong selection, albeit a different one for Carroll and Schneider. He’s a very accomplished pass rusher with a varied repertoire. Collier plays with great effort and intensity. He just has some athletic limitations.

Here’s a quick prediction based on the news of this visit — Texas’ Charles Omenihu will travel to the VMAC too. He’s taller (6-5) than Collier but has similar size (280lbs). He has incredible 36 inch arms. He also tested a lot better in the short shuttle (4.36), vertical (36.5), three cone (7.48) and he matched Collier’s 9-7 broad. Omenihu’s tape isn’t necessarily as good but he has all the traits Seattle is looking for in a DE/five-tech type.

Meanwhile, Arkansas linebacker Dre Greenlaw is also set to visit Seattle. He’s a former safety who didn’t run at the combine. He’s projected to have the kind of speed Seattle wants at the position.

Justin Houston is out of the equation

The Seahawks didn’t have the money to make a big splash in free agency. The franchise tag for Frank Clark, keeping key players (Fluker, Kendricks, Wright) plus the addition of Mike Iupati and a new kicker has chewed up most of the cap. There’s about $15m remaining but a portion of it has to be saved for injured reserve and the practise squad.

They were never going to be big spenders.

Even so, it was fair to imagine they would find a way to bolster the defensive line. Instead they’ve lost Shamar Stephen. Dion Jordan is a free agent and could be moving on. They’ve made no subsequent additions.

Perhaps they’re just setting things up for the draft? The strength of the class is, after all, the defensive line.

However, they’ll need to find some contributors in April because the options on the open market are quickly running out.

Justin Houston was an appealing option because he wouldn’t have impacted Seattle’s 2020 comp picks. They were never going to be able to compete with an offer of $12m a year (which the Colts offered before signing him today).

Ziggy Ansah remains surprisingly available but you have to question whether they’ll show interest. If Houston is getting $12m a year, Ansah can expect that too. If they were to sign him even for $8m — it’d cost them a comp pick (and they appear to be trying to protect those after back-to-back years of minimal stock).

Apart from that you’re looking at Shane Ray, Nick Perry, Adrian Clayborn, Aaron Lynch and Derrick Morgan. None are particularly appealing. They might be better off waiting for the draft and making the D-line a priority target.

Will Grier pro-day reports

According to several people, Grier had a solid workout:

He’s pretty much a forgotten man in the draft media. Grier didn’t have a particularly great Senior Bowl and was underwhelming at the combine. However, it’s likely some teams will rate him a lot higher than outsiders.

Grier excels throwing the deep ball — a trait all teams look for and admire. He helped elevate West Virginia. There are mechanical flaws that impact his velocity at times and that will need to be worked on at the next level. Overall though, he’s a much more interesting prospect than many people are projecting.

Here’s a reminder of what PFF said about his college production:

Grier was once again tremendous for the Mountaineers in 2018, finishing the year as the nation’s third-highest graded quarterback. He let it rip with the best of them, sprinkling in deep shots with great accuracy just as quick as he’d hit a crosser over the middle or perfectly lead his targets away from coverage with relative ease. In total, he averaged the fourth-highest yards per attempt at 9.7 while throwing more deep pass touchdowns than any other FBS QB with 20. He goes down as arguably the best deep-ball thrower over the past two seasons as he’s thrown for more yards (2,850), more touchdowns (36) and more big-time throws (54) on passes targeted at least 20 yards downfield than any other quarterback since 2017.

It shouldn’t be a surprise if a team like the Giants passes on quarterbacks at #6 and #17 in favour of selecting Grier at #37 (if he makes it that far).

Mike Garafolo on Wilson, Clark and Baldwin

The NFL Network reporter is an underrated member of the ‘insider’ group breaking all the main NFL news. He also has a track record of good Seahawks info — so what he says carries some weight.

Garofolo was interviewed by Brock Huard for 710 ESPN today. They only played three short clips on air (promising to play the rest tomorrow) but it was all quite interesting. Fast forward to 26:56 here if you want to listen. Here are the highlights:

1. Frank Clark would net a high first round pick via trade

2. On a Russell Wilson contract: “I don’t see an extension any time soon… my prediction would be that he enters the last year of his deal

3. There’s been some talk behind the scenes about Doug Baldwin retiring and he hasn’t decided yet what he wants to do

Huard added he wasn’t sensing/hearing any momentum for a Wilson contract extension.

Whether it’s impatience on my behalf or an inability to get an angle on what the plan is with ‘the big four’ — I’m starting to wonder what the intention is here.

What exactly is the plan for Wilson if they know there’s little chance of an extension this year? Is it just to play it by ear and save some money in 2020 and 2021 by not extending his contract and have him play on the tag? Do they want the rest of the league to help set his market when he’s franchised and can speak to other teams?

And if they know they can’t franchise Clark, Bobby Wagner or Jarran Reed in 2020 because Wilson will get the tag — are they going to start signing extensions now? Free agency is pretty much over. At least in terms of the big moves. Markets have been set. They know what it’ll likely cost to keep Clark, Wagner and Reed beyond 2019. They have cap space in 2020.

How will this play out? Will there be some clarity soon?

You can be forgiven for thinking it’s a little disconcerting — even if in reality there’s a rock solid plan within the walls of the VMAC.

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  1. Trevor

    If they can really get a high 1st round pick for Frank he either has to be extended to a long term deal or traded by draft day right?

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t have any idea what their plan is. Everything they’ve said about Frank since the end of the season suggests they desperately want to keep him. That makes me think they’d turn down any trade offers, even if they were coming in. But if that’s the case, get him signed up. The market has been set really by free agency.

      And if you can’t or won’t re-sign him, go and get the best deal. But yes — if you’re going to get a high first a trade likely needs to happen well in advance of the draft and an extension would need to be ready to go.

    • jb9

      If they can get a high 1st for Clark, he would’ve been traded by now

      • Rob Staton

        Not necessarily.

        That implies they want to trade. Perhaps they don’t but may find a new deal is improbable, so take a trade.

      • GoHawksDani

        Why? Imagine they’d get like the 8th pick. They could get Sweat, Burns and Ferrell for DE/EDGE, they could probably get Oliver, Lawrence, Wilkins for DT.

        By trading Clark it could rip up a huge hole on the roster. I’m not sure either those guys could fill it especially in their first year. I think Rashan Gary and the CAP relief would worth it, but not sure about the above guys.

        If it’s not a top 6-7 pick, I’d need at least a 3rd or 4th and 5th round picks too.

        If they think they cannot extend Clark then a mid-high 1st rounder is OK (better than a comp pick), but I’d have my trust a bit shaken in this FO. If they planned to trade Clark why not do it earlier and try to use some of the CAP to sign 1-2 medium priced DL to help ease the need?

        • jb9

          I’ll take the Top 10 pick + 17-$20M in cap room over Clark any day.

  2. Stinger

    I sure hope they’ve got a better plan than they had for Earl, Kam, Lynch and others. The way things have progressed since 2012, it seems they’re running out of fame as those legendary players have all moved on. I remember someone said it was John Lynch (current 9ers GM) who was responsible for unearthing those 2012 gems.

    The big four will define the JSPC era and what they do to make the best of this dilemma

    • Rob Staton

      John Lynch???

      • Thomas Wells

        Maybe he meant scot mccloughan?

        • Stinger

          Yes, Scott McCloughan. My mistake, confusing former gm with present. Though Lynch is modeling 9ers on Seahawks defense he got from Pete Carroll. So some connection there.

          Point is, Schneider has made some good moves since. But arguably made worse moves. Harvin, Graham, Richardson. Just frustrating

    • Oly420

      I think the plan for Kam and (Lynch) was to keep them under contract and have them continue to be the tone setters and strike fear into the hearts of the rest of the league. I know it didn’t work out but I can’t fault them for that.

  3. RWIII

    According to Mike Garafolo. Frank Clark is an upper first round pick. And then some. I say: Sign me up. I love Frank Clark. But you can’t afford to give everyone these humongous contracts. It will not take long to put you in SALARY CAP HELL. If the Hawks can get an upper front round pick and then some. Can you imagine what John Schneider can do with two first round draft picks. Not only can he restock the roster with young talent. But this will give the Hawks a huge salary cap break.

    BTW: Last year Bill Belichick got a first round pick for Brandin Cooks. Bradin Cooks is good. But he is no Frank Clark.

    • Eli

      Frank Clark is young talent, and he’s also proven talent. If we can’t afford to give a new contract to him, then who can we give one too?

      There’s an angle being missed in this line of thinking – lets say we get a first for Frank and draft his replacement. One of two things will happen: he will be a good player, or he will be a bad player. If he’s a bad player then we will be sorry we gave up on an elite edge rusher entering his prime. If he’s a good player then we will get to enjoy him for 3 or 4 seasons and end up in this exact situation – is he worth paying for?

      I’d rather just pay Frank and sleep easy knowing we already have what we’re looking for. There is a reason why a great QB, LT, or DE gets the big bucks – they play the most important positions on the field and are the hardest to find.

      • Rob Staton

        Theoretically they could keep a first round DL for five years under club control, then use the franchise tag for a sixth year if needs be.

        • Eli

          5th year option for a DE is $14m currently (or so google tells me), would likely be higher in 5 years. So in theory yes there’s some extra control but it doesn’t change the crux of my argument that if we aren’t going to pay Frank, who will we pay? We’d essentially be rolling the dice on finding a generational talent to replace him, and I don’t know if that is a risk that’s worth the reward

          • Rob Staton

            I’m very open to paying Frank but if they don’t want to for whatever reason, it is true that a first rounder would be under club control for six years instead of (in Frank’s case) one year.

            • GerryG

              Seahawks have not been fans of the fifth year option, although it’s not like they have had a ton of first rd picks either. But I wonder as contracts get more and more crazy if fifth year option plus a franchise year is the way to go? Get your six years and reload.

              • Rob Staton

                It could be. Let’s put it this way — if Frank was a R1 they would’ve used the fifth year option. Seattle simply hasn’t had a player to spend it on. Their only two first round picks since the last CBA was signed have been Bruce Irvin and Germain Ifedi. And neither warranted a fifth year option.

      • Dale Roberts

        It’s a question of whether or not you can replace the pressure. If you can get Rashan Gary he slots right in. If you can get Quinnen Williams you get pressure from the center of the line which I think is even more valuable. Obviously the big advantage of trading Clarke is you can use that $20 million a year to sign Reed, Wagner, and Wilson and I think Reed is actually more valuable than Clarke.

        • DCD2

          You are taking a risk on the unknown though. Who’s to say Gary and Williams aren’t JAG’s.

          Fill in this blank: “_____ is the most gifted edge rusher in this draft class. He’s not just a 228-pound edge guy, he’s 261 pounds. He has a freaky first step and he also sets the physical edge against the run game.” — Mike Mayock

          That was Dante Fowler who went 3rd overall in the 2015 draft to Jacksonville. He’s been okay, but he’s no Clark. Heck, we have 2 guys who were top 6 picks from the 2013 draft (Jordan & Mingo) who haven’t amounted to much.

          I’ll certainly grant that the $90M difference between a rookie and Clark could make that a worthwhile risk. I wouldn’t take that risk, but I can see the argument for it.

          • Sanders

            I’m in the same line of thinking. Pass rushing DE and DT are premium positions, and are not easy to draft. Trading Clark and thinking he could easily be replaced with a 1st round prospect this year, is playing with fire.

            49ers DE Solomon Thomas was the #3 pick in the first round and was being talked about being considered a potential All-Pro type of player. Thomas has been a bust up until this point of his career. Thomas is similar in size and athlete as Rashan Gary.

  4. FlappyHawkLord69

    It seems that trade talks are becoming more and more present for Frank Clark amongst the pundits. Because of his apparent unwillingness to participate while on the tag, it seems like fair speculation.

    In order for another team to get him, they would need to give up a highish draft pick and then give Clark the massive contract he looking for, correct? That seems like a lot for another team to pay, especially with the fantastic edge rusher selection this year in the draft.

    If the Hawks could get a 1st in return, I think it would be a good move. I feel that Clark could be replaced with this year’s strong defensive line class for a much smaller price tag.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s not really that big a deal to trade for him and then sign him to a new contract. The Rams did it with Cooks a year ago. The Bears with Khalil Mack. It’s par for the course really and Clark’s only 25-years-old.

      I would rather re-sign Clark than trade him because any pick you get for him likely has to go straight back into replacing him. So you’re not adding anything. However — that scenario is much more appealing than losing him in 12 months for at best a 2021 third round comp pick.

      • Trevor

        That sums up the situation with Clark perfectly Rob! I think most of us would prefer they keep him but they need to do one or they other and learn from past mistakes.

        I feel the same with Russ quite frankly can you imagine a whole year of focus on Russ’s Contract in the media? What does that do to a young locker room? He should be extended before the draft or moved as well IMO a year of this with him is worst case scenario IMO. When he has a good week everyone saying this is why he should get his $35-40 mil and everytime he struggles people saying he is not worth a big contract. No thanks! We have seen that story already in Washington.


        Yes, but how much cheaper would it be also?

  5. Troy

    Hey Rob, it is concerning that you are questioning the intentions of the Hawks FO. I for one agree with you, Earl being a perfect case in point.

    They KNEW they were not going to resign him, and so they tried to trade him. However, when they didn’t get a first, they never pulled the trigger on a lesser deal. The cowboys second round pick ended up being leighton Vander Esch….

    Now it looks like the best they will get for Earl is a super late third round comp pick NEXT draft, instead of a possible second last year.

    They have to realize they can’t do that again with the likes of Bobby, Rus, Frank, and Jarran right?

    My prediction, we will get news of either a major trade or major extension before the draft, involving up to 2 of the “big 4”.

    • Troy

      Oops, their 2nd was guard Connor Willams not LVE

    • Rob Staton

      It’s very possible that I’m simply being a little too impatient and the process needs to play out. By the draft they might’ve re-signed Fran, Bobby and Jarran. If so — we’ll wonder what all the fuss was about. However, while we’re sat here today with no signings and no idea what they’re actually planning behind the scenes — it is disconcerting for fans. And it’s fair to wonder how they’ll solve the dilemma of needing to re-sign four key players within a small time frame.

      • GoHawksDani

        In which order would you handle the big4?

        I think like this:

        I feel Russ doesn’t need to be handled. He’ll be tagged.

        That leaves us with BWagz, Reed, Clark.

        Bobby should be the easiest in my opinion. Not as much bucks as with Clark and he’s been solid over the years. Best of his position, no major injury concerns, not young but not that old. Give him the best ILB contract.

        Mosley got a 5 year, 85M, 51M GTD contract. He’s 2 years younger than Bobby. But Bobby has better stats (slightly but the same or a little better in every category over the last 2 years)

        Give Bobby a 4 years, 75M, 45M GTD contract. He’s a team player, he was always amazing, his play didn’t decline, he’ll have 4 more good years in him. He’s a communicator, he’s the leader on the D#, he’s the RW3 for the defense. He earned it, and we cannot replace him with Kendricks or KJ. We can then draft an ILB in the next 2-3 years to learn and watch Bobby and then take his place after this contract. Do this now, well before the draft.

        Clark would be handled by me second. If I can get a top15 pick and something similar to: 3rd round pick OR 4+5th round picks OR 5th + 6th + 7th OR next year’s second round for him, then make that trade. If it’s a top10 pick and a good situational player, I’d take that too. Or top10 pick + 4th round.
        If only a top10-15 pick, I wouldn’t take that trade for just the sake of trading him. If the market is cold then try to extend him. 5 years, 100M, 60-65M gtd. If you cannot extend him for that amount try to trade him for a top 10-15 pick. If you cannot trade him then for a top10-15 pick then try to extend him for like 5y, 110M, 75M gtd. This is the absolute final offer. If you cannot do it then trade him for a 1st round pick (even late 1st round). This needs to be done quick, with hard negotiation tactics (deadlines for offers, etc). This has to be done before the draft too.

        Reed is a special case. I’d rather extend him but only for a mediocre contract. If he wants a mega contract then forget him and try to trade for either top15 pick (if other team sees him as a top5 DT) OR maybe a 2nd and 3rd pick, OR 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th rounds. Maybe a 3rd round pick this year and a conditional pick (1st to 4th round based on his next year’s stats) could work too.
        If the market is cold and he wants mega contract then do not do anything. If he’s delivering in this year also he must get a monster contract here or elsewhere. I’d rather risk losing him as a ~10 sack passrusher and good run defender DT than to overpay a 4-5 sack guy who can be find in most of the drafts in the top2 rounds.

        • Rob Staton

          Purely because it seems impossible to get Wilson done this year I’d say Clark, Wagner, Reed.

  6. charlietheunicorn

    Are there 2 types of Franchise Tags? One that is exclusive rights and one which would require 2 1st round draft picks if another team signs RW to a deal that Seattle can’t match??

    I also think any long term deal would be foolish for one simple reason, the next CBA is not ironed out yet…. when the new CBA is agreed upon, I think many guys will get the longer term deals they seek. Teams will have a better idea of how to sign the big name / franchise guys…. and with Mahomes likely to get 40M per year…. how a deal can be structured will be extremely important.

    • Rob Staton

      Yes that is correct on the tags. The exclusive rights franchise tag prevents a player from speaking to other teams and in return gets more money. The value of those tags isn’t made official until the RFA period ends.

      On the CBA — I don’t think it’s as big a stumbling block as people are saying otherwise other players wouldn’t have signed extensions. Plus if it’s extended this summer as some are suggesting, teams and players will receive the information they seek this year.

      • GerryG

        Re CBA most of the FA contracts have nothing guaranteed past the expiration date, so I think there is some caution there

  7. Volume12

    Thought this Cover 3 type of look gave Will Grier fits.

    And this is what I meant by a lot of these guys are hard to get a feel for. WR Gary Jennings. 3rd game I’ve watched of him and it’s nothing but free releases. Pure slot receiver. I’m not saying he can’t do things like get away from more physical corners, but I haven’t seen it.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Yeah, a lot of the stuff we’re praising these two guys for is down to activity within the scheme and we know they told Grier to take his shots.

      I’ve seen a ton of corners off in 3 shell this year. That 4.4 group from the combine was scaring DCs across the country, hey?

      I think we’ll see more WR taken early than has been projected by some outlets just depends when the run starts. Metcalf, Brown, Campbell, and McLaurin could all go first frame to a desperate team, for me.

      They could also all last into day 2. It’s a really tricky year to project.

      So many guys with such vast ranges.

  8. Todd Warczak

    Huge ADB fan, but the surgeries are adding up. A post-June 1 release would save 10M! Unless he’s in peak form throughout training camp, you have to consider releasing him. If Clark, BWags, and Reed won’t sign extensions bc the Seahawks offers are 1-2M/year short of their perceived value, sacrificing the last year of past-prime ADB could get them all done.

    Even assuming he makes it through training camp healthy, 1 young receiver competing near his level might get him released anyways. David Moore taking the next step or a 2nd round WR flashing in camp could be enough. If D. Moore AND a rookie look good through camp, JS/PC let him go.

    I could see K. Chancellor and D. Baldwin on the coaching staff in 2021.

    • Eli

      I’d hate to have to be the guy who tells ADB he’s being released.

  9. Volume12

    We know Seattle met with him, but after watching Kentucky CB Lonnie Johnson he really does seem like the best possible late round 3 of later selection at corner for Seattle. For me that is.

    His confidence, physicality, disruption in the timing of receivers routes.

    Not w/o his faults though. Excels in zone looks, struggles in man although from what little I caught of him during the SR bowl it looked like with NFL coaching he showed well in man.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I always hate to pile onto the group w/ the same lines of thinking, but yeah he looks like a really good one.

      Haven’t gotten a good look at him in the press, but that’s the kind of thing you pay your coaches to teach anyway. He’s smooth and aggressive and has the right character.

      Now if we could just pin down the draft range…..

    • Wall Up


  10. Rob Staton

    Added this to the piece…

    Here’s a quick prediction based on the news of this visit — Texas’ Charles Omenihu will travel to the VMAC too. He’s taller (6-5) than Collier but has similar size (280lbs). He has incredible 36 inch arms. He also tested a lot better in the short shuttle (4.36), vertical (36.5), three cone (7.48) and he matched Collier’s 9-7 broad. Omenihu’s tape isn’t necessarily as good but he has all the traits Seattle is looking for in a DE/five-tech type.

    • Eburgz

      Think Ferguson might still be in play considering Collier is? I’d wait on both until our second pick. Both tested badly in agility drills, Ferguson worse.. Pauline said Ferguson had a good pro day despite the bad agility drills and the bashing he took here.

      Not sure why people were surprised with either guy’s results considering both have poor flexibility and it shows on tape. That’s not how they win. JAG’s don’t break the FBS sacks record. Still, I prefer other guys for the hawks, Omenihu included.

      • Rob Staton

        No I don’t think Ferguson is in play. In part because he’s still finishing his three come.

    • Nick

      Yessss! I love his burst off of the snap. Definitely has a high ceiling, but low floor. Just the type of prospect Seattle loves to take in the early rounds.

  11. DCD2

    This is the time when Schneider earns his money (we hope).

    Collaborating with dozens of scouts, to try and slot hundreds of different players onto a board based on need/potential/intangibles/character/injury history/& on and on.

    Trying to imagine all of the scenario’s for trading down, and who might be available at those given spots. What trades would you do that still put you in a position to get the guys you are truly excited about?

    Pro days, meetings and workouts at the VMAC, discussions with college coaches.

    Who is still available as a FA? How about potential cap casualties that could be had via trade?

    Oh ya, how about the contract situations for the big 4?

    Certainly a lot on his plate right now. Prioritizing his day must be a nightmare. I will say that Rob’s point about Clark is extremely valid. The market is set. It’s unlikely that Lawrence or any other tagged player is going to sign an extension. Work off the Flowers deal. $18.5 or $19M AAV is the mark. Either hit it or find a trade partner. Personally, I’d give it to him, as he’s far and away our best (only?) source of outside pass-rush, he’s young, and has been a model Hawk. DE is a spot that I’m okay spending on. Either way, there isn’t a domino left to fall, so I would expect that Frank is the next order of business.

  12. Dale Roberts

    Social comment. When you google “2019 nfl draft pass rushers” Josh Allen is a picture of the Buffalo Bills QB. So is that white bias or QB bias?

    • Kenny Sloth

      I ask the same kinds of questions myself.

      I think in this case it’s more recency bias. Josh Allen QB = waayy more famous than college prospect

    • Rob Staton


    • CaptainJack

      Strange question

      Josh Allen is a starting NFL QB, Kentucky’s Josh Allen is still a nobody to casual fans.

      • God of Thunder

        But, the vast majority of fans don’t CARE about QB Josh Allen, even though he’s much more famous than Soon-To-Drafted Josh Allen because the former will almost certainly never play on their team, while at least a half dozen teams have a reasonable chance of drafting the latter?

  13. Dale Roberts

    Here’s a different scenario to deal with both Clarke and Wilson. We trade Clarke for a third round pick this year and a first round pick next year. We sign Ansah to a one year deal. We trade our 21st pick and the third rounder we got for Clarke to move up and secure another pass rusher. Next year we use the first round pick to secure a new QB in a draft flush with high end QB prospects. The caveat is we have to trade with a team likely to finish with a poor record next year.

    • DCD2

      Miami has the lowest odds via Vegas for 2019. You have to think that Tank for Tua is in effect over there though, so that #1 is probably close to untouchable.

      Also, if we sign Ansah, he’ll probably break our cap and cost our 3rd round comp that we are due from Earl.

      • jb9

        JS had no problem canceling out 4th and 5th rd com picks signing journeyman vets like Mingo and Dickson. They shouldn’t have a problem losing a 3rd rd comp for Ansah.

        • jb9

          I mean two 4th round comp picks

          • jb9

            lol need a delete or edit function

        • Rob Staton

          That was a one off season in the midst of a reset.

          It would be a disaster to lose a third round comp pick for someone as unappealing as Ansah.

    • DCD2

      Here’s my wild scenario. Extend all of our defensive guys. Offer Russ and our 3rd to AZ for Christian Kirk, Rosen and their #1 overall. Trade the #1 to Oakland at #4 so that they can take Murray (Vegas financing gets done the next day) and we pick up #24 and #35.

      Playbook is wide open at that point. Want DL help? Bosa, Williams or Allen will be there at #4. Want to grab a LB, have at it and probably pick up some picks along the way. Want to trade back some more and grab Haskins? Great: more picks. OL still a concern? Grab the best one in the draft.

      Don’t have as pressing a need for another WR, as we picked up Kirk, but we’ll have picks at #21 and #24, so that’s in play.

      With WR addressed (in part) and picks #4, 21, 24, 35 plus our others, JS would be a kid in a candy store. Grier is definitely in play. Trading a 2nd for a 2020 1 is in play. Cap is manageable. Draft is fun and we’re a heck of a lot younger.

      *I have no idea if this would remotely interest AZ
      ** Trading RW in division would possibly instigate a Seahawks Twitter crash as well as small-scale rioting
      *** We’d be counting on some combo of Rosen, Paxton Lynch and the unknown at the helm for 2019 which gives me shivers as well.

      • GoHawksDani

        I mentioned trading for Rosen previously, but actually he’d be an awful fit for our offense.

        BUT maybe move up and down a bit and picking up these guys for example:
        Trade #4 for Denver #10, #41 and 2020 1st round.
        Trade #21 to KC #29 and #92, #167

        T.J. Hockenson (#10, TE),
        Will Grier (#35 – QB),
        With #24 and #29 select Trysten Hill and Parris Campbell (if you can with #24) or Terry McLaurin (with #29 and then Hill with #24)
        Dru Samia (#41 – OG),
        #85 – Marvell Tell (S)
        #92 – Amani Hooker (S/nCB)
        #124 – A DE/EDGE, but I have no idea who might be available in the 4th…Banogu? Collier?
        #159 – Justin Hollins (EDGE)
        #167 – Derrek Thomas (CB)
        And have Kirk

        We would have question mark with Rosen and Grier as QB. But it would boost our OL, DL, secondary and would do magics with our receiving corps (imagine…Baldwin, Lockett, Kirk, Campbell or McLaurin, Dissly, Hock…that would be a pretty scary group. And then top it off with Carson, Penny).

        No way this happens, I’d put big money on that the Hawks won’t trade Russ to a division opponent. It would be really really risky. But if we could get these rookies and Kirk…it would be an interesting situation. If turns out to be a good haul and Grier would be fine then the team could skyrocket. But if it would be a bad decision this could sink the team for multiple years

  14. Eburgz

    I think we’re being impatient with this whole situation. The hawks basically have 3 years of club control with Wilson at a below market rate. Russell stands to make a boat load of money no matter he does but especially if he sits on his hands and refuses to sign an extension. Neither side has a great incentive to get a deal done ASAP.

    Also, I think we’re underestimating the value of a season of all pro production from players. A season of prime Earl or Frank might be more valuable to the hawks than the difference between getting a first trading them or 3rd round comp pick if they let them walk after a year of top level production.

    • Rob Staton

      The Seahawks are nowhere near good enough to be able to say, ‘forget that R1 pick… we’ll keep Frank Clark for one more year and settle on that possible 2021 third rounder.”

      • Eburgz

        How good the hawks are is irrelevant to my point. The Seahawks are trying to win it all every year. I don’t think Pete thinks we’re that far off.

        I don’t think how good you think the hawks are changes the way the hawks value first rounders or production from elite players.

        What’s the difference between a 3rd rounder and a 1st rounder? Like what would it take to move up from R3 to R1? A second rounder and maybe some change? The hawks might value a year of elite production from a stud nfl player more so than a second round prospect.

        My point is I think you and the community here may value first round picks higher than the hawks and you may value elite production from proven commodity’s lower than the hawks. I understand what your saying though.

        With hindsight it’s obvious to say we should have traded earl and sherm for what we could when we could have. Mostly because they got injured and we didn’t win a Super Bowl those years.

        I just don’t feel like the hawks look at these situations the same way as us/you. They get what production they can out of guys while it makes sense and when guys price themselves out they let them walk. Just my opinion or whatever based on history.

        • Rob Staton

          It doesn’t matter whether the Seahawks view things differently. It’s OK to have a different opinion to the team. It’s OK to consider that what they might be doing is wrong. It’s OK to discuss a massive dilemma and consider the ways they are handling it.

          • Eburgz

            Well I agree that all that is ok. I’m trying to understand the “why”. “Why didn’t they trade these guys if they knew they weren’t going to resign them” my whole point is how the hawks may view things compared to how we may sooo in this case it would matter…

            • Rob Staton

              I’m not sure anyone has asked why they haven’t traded these guys though. Some of us have said they’d be better off doing so if they know they’ve only got them for one year. We all understand the ‘why’. We’re debating the purpose of it.

  15. KD


    With the draft being roughly one month away, and though there is still a long list of possibilities to go through, are you zeroing in on that player who you consider to be “your guy” like Ronald Jones last year and Bolles the year previous? That one player who you are rooting for as the Hawks first selection or is it too early to say?

    • Rob Staton

      Well, I will correct you slightly there. Neither of those players were ‘my guy’. They were two players I rated a lot and spoke about in depth. But there were many others too.

      I don’t linger on one player and promote them because it narrows the overall analysis. Seven years ago I focused on one player too much and made a big mistake. I learnt from that. And that’s why this year I’ve mocked several players to Seattle in R1.

      • ZB

        Whatever happened to Ronald Jones anyway. Did he get injured or something?

        • Rob Staton

          About a month or two before the last draft, some issues emerged with Jones. It seems they were legit and are having an adverse impact on his ability to really make the most of his talent in the NFL.

      • Todd Warczak

        Ahhh yes, the Courtney Upshaw hype. We learned that lesson together, Rob. Together.

      • KD

        That’s a fair correction. I usually have “my guy’ in a draft because it makes the draft a bit more fun for me personally, but your explanation is quite fair. I’m just waiting for the full visit list to be complete before I pick my guy. All I’m saying is that if Chase Winovich ends up on that list…..

        ….but if he doesn’t and LJ Collier is the pick, I will not be one little bit disappointed, nor would i be with a dozen other players. Hawks always meet with their first pick, so that will narrow it down.

        I just have a feeling that this draft will be a defining moment for this team. Narrow cap space, least number of picks, future free agents, and you have to make it all work. The Hawks have to nail this one and be incredibly resourceful. I am confident in this coaching staff and FO to know that and make the best decision.

    • Simo

      I would say Rob has zeroed in on a small group of players who are possible top picks for the Hawks. Over the past few weeks we’ve learned a lot about Will Grier, Trysten Hill, Parris Campbell, Terry McLaurin, DK Metcalf, Brian Burns, and TJ Hockenson to name a few.

      Of course a few of these guys are probably going to be out of reach for the Hawks first pick, but it still leaves a solid group of possible future Seahawks.

      There’s also the next group of players Rob has written about, including LJ Collier, Juan Thornhill, Deebo Samuel, D’Andre Walker, Marvel Tell, Amani Hooker, and so on.

      What’s the chance Rob hits on one or more of these players as actual picks?

      • Hawktalker#1

        What are the chances the sun will rise tomorrow?

  16. BobbyK

    If Clark can be traded for a higher first round pick, I’d go for it.

    However, I wouldn’t view it as Clark vs. 1st round pick to replace Clark (and extra cap space for 5 years).

    I’d see it as a high first round pick that they could trade down with to acquire extra draft picks. If this class, as many have said, doesn’t have a lot of true first round grades – then this Clark pick would be appealing for teams to come up and get (more so than coming up to get something at 21).

    And there’s no rule that says the Seahawks could use that Clark pick to only trade down once. It’s possible they could lose Clark, gain over $15 million (or whatever – they won’t gain all the cap space back because they player they replace Clark with would cost money, especially a first round pick), still end up with a pair of first round picks, while potentially adding a second round pick and maybe an extra third rounder or even two (depending on times they were able to trade down with their pair of first round picks).

    If they want to get younger and cheaper, this is a way to do it. Sure, it sucks losing Clark, but this could definitely be a way to think long-term, too.

    With all the cap savings of not having Clark, there would be money available for Ziggy. Can you imagine replacing Clark with Ansah (and still having extra cap space) and drafting a DT/WR both late in round one and then having extra ammunition to draft in rounds 2 and 3 (or maybe three picks in round 3… or whatever). Say they had three total picks on day two – they could go DE. Maybe even two. And still have a pick on a Safety, TE, or G (in this scenario they’d have grabbed a WR at the end of R1).

    Lots of things to consider, but I do like the potential of trading Clark for a singular high first round pick if that’s correct.

  17. charlietheunicorn

    Perhaps the slow moving contracts “situation” is related to the change of ownership of the Seahawks. The financial stuff may not be completed yet, since the untimely passing of Paul Allen.

    Overall, I actually like the direction of the team and the lack of big deals by Seattle. I’m not convinced they are a SB team this season, but they are setting themselves up for 2020 nicely. Don’t get me wrong, they are going to be a tough out for any opponent, if the OL gels and the OC opens up the playbook a little more. The defense will take care of itself.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not sure that’s it —- after all, it’s only the person at the very top who’s changed. And they’re signing deals including a Pete extension.

  18. JD

    Would love to hear some creative (and reasonable) trades for Frank Clark.

    • Rob Staton

      My suggestion was swapping 9 for 21 and Seattle getting #40.

      • JD

        I agree. I like that one a lot.

        Do you think there would be a similar possibility with the Bucs? Swap 5 and 21 and add maybe a later round pick.

        I feel like 5 would be a great value if we wanted to trade down for someone to get in front of the Giants.

        Bucs don’t have much cap space but have talked about Gerald McCoy being a cap casualty with no dead money.

        • Rob Staton

          #5 might be a bit too high. I think dropping from #9 to #21 is realistic because the Bills and Steelers discussed making a similar move (#9 for #20) for Antonio Brown.

          • Simo

            Why not #9 straight up? Didn’t Garafolo just recently suggest Clark is worth a high first round pick? I love the flexibility of two firsts, with one of them a top half pick. Lots of options then…

            • Rob Staton

              I don’t think it’s likely at all that they get a top-10 pick for Clark.

              I think they’d be lucky to get a first rounder and maybe something else.

              • Simo

                You’re probably right, a top 10 pick is a pipe dream. We are talking about a top 5-10 pass rusher who’s only 25 years old though, a much surer thing than a draft pick imo.

                Think I just made the case for the Hawks to hurry up and get a long-term deal done with Frank.

    • mishima

      High 2nd, 4th, player.

  19. Ghost Mutt

    I’m not sure how many teams would be willing to trade a high pick for Frank. They’d need to have retained a ton of cap space after FA (so teams like the Jets are likely out), have a positional need (Colts are well under the cap but just signed Houston), and be under pressure to win now (so unlikely the likes of the Dolphins get involved).

    For me, I’d see the Raiders and Titans in the AFC, the Pack and Lions in the NFC North, and the Buccaneers as the main possibilities.

    • JD

      I agree but I think the Jets would still be players. They still have $30M+ in cap space and lost out on Anthony Barr. I see the Jets, Bills, Raiders and Titans in the AFC. Maybe the Chiefs with the loss of Houston and Ford.

      I think the Pack are out with the signings of Preston Smith and Za’Darius Smith. Lions are most likely out with the signing and big money for Trey Flowers.

      I think the only team in the NFC would be the Bucs and a swap of 5 and 21+ R3 (70 overall) would be ideal.

  20. GerryG

    It takes two to make a deal. As we’ve discussed endlessly RW probably doesn’t want to sign now, and wants to break the bank. Franck Clark also wants superhero $, this is probably his only monster contract. The market seems to say he’s worth 19/year, maybe he thinks he can get Mack $?

    I want both players on the team, but I think they want too much. Unfortunately JS has proven multiple times now that he wants more in return for these players than other teams will give. The next few weeks will be huge. Do they make a move or wind up with Frank gone in a year and the Wilson cliff rapidly approaching?

    • Rob Staton

      The owners meeting next week could/should provide some clarity. With all of the teams in the same building at the same time, it’s frequently where deals are discussed and struck.

      • GerryG

        Good to know, wasn’t aware of that one.

  21. millhouse-serbia

    38″ vartical
    10’9″ broad

    Nasir Adderley pro day for now.

    • millhouse-serbia

      4.52 40yards. Uf I thoght he is much faster.

      • JJ

        He pulled up during the 40 with a hamstring injury.

        • Volume12

          Which means he doesn’t really have a conclusive time.

      • Volume12

        Those broad and vert #’s match his explosiveness on tape.

  22. CaptainJack

    Does trading Clark indicate the Seahawks intend to get wilson signed long term?

    • CaptainJack

      Replace does with would

    • Rob Staton

      They probably intend to sign both long term. Whether it happens or not remains to be seen.

  23. JJ

    Which WR is best at high pointing the ball? I was looking at Miles Boykin. He looks raw, but as a late round option he should be worth a look.

  24. Sea Mode

    I think I remember a few here on SDB liking this guy.

    Ulysees “Don’t Call me Grant” Gilbert, graded as a street free agent prospect entering the season, put on an athletic display during testing.

    Measuring 6002 and 224 pounds, Grant completed 20 reps on the bench press, touched 39.5 inches in the vertical jump and 10-foot-6 in the broad jump.

    His ran super-fast in the 40, as both of his times were clocked under 4.5 seconds on most watches, including a best of 4.46 seconds. His three-cone came in at 6.94 seconds.

    • Rik

      I’ve mentioned him a few times. Stand out LB in the MAC, which has sent some dynamite players to the NFL (including Antonio Brown and Khalil Mack).

  25. Volume12

    Arkansas LB Dre Greenlaw (5’11-6’0, 237 lbs.) has a VMAC visit.

    • Sea Mode

      Thanks. I’ll add him and the ones you posted yesterday to the tracker:

      • Volume12

        Looking at last year’s of your spreadsheet and they added 10 (!) of those names during the ’18 draft.

    • Volume12

      Also met with BC LB Connor Strachan (5’11-6’0, 230 lbs.) during their pro day.

      • Volume12

        Strachan’s #’s:

        4.75 40
        9’10” broad
        4.21 SS
        25 BP rdps
        11.29 60

        He might be a FB convert.

    • Rob Staton

      Was noted in the piece.

      • Volume12

        Ran 4.53

        • Rob Staton

          That’ll have them interested

          • Volume12

            Yup. That backstory too.

            • Rob Staton

              In the year when it’s probably easier than ever to make a reasonable seven round mock, the Seahawks have four picks.

              • Volume12

                Very true.

                Has me wondering if they didn’t anticipate so many prospects fitting their profiles and thresholds? A case of ‘we f***ed up?’ Or them having to do what they had to do even if it was shortsighted?

  26. McZ

    Btw, we should firmly add Ifedi to the list of 2020 headaches. Is there a conceived world, where the Hawks hand him 10m for his 5th year?

    • cha

      The Hawks don’t have replacements ready for RW/Clark/Wagner/Reed.

      They have lots of options for Ifedi’s spot. Fant, Jones, or offering Ifedi a reasonable extension.

  27. David Ashton

    Anyone think Juan Thornhill could be in play in the 2nd/3rd? Seems kinda rangey.

    • Volume12


  28. Volume12

    Kentucky corner Lonnie Johnson with a 4.39 40!

    Kentucky corner Chris Westry (6’4, 199 lbs.) Has almost 34″ arms and an 81″ wingspan had a 38″ vert and a 4.3 40!

    • Volume12

      * Westry 4.35 40 and 10’1″ broad

  29. Hawksince77

    The possibility of trading Wilson hits the mainstream. From

    It’s uncommon for an elite quarterback to hit the open market, but we could see Russell Wilson use the threat of free agency to become the NFL’s first $40 million quarterback.

    I know that number appears staggering at first glance, but the Seattle Seahawks’ QB1 has all of the leverage in this upcoming negotiation, with Wilson heading into the final season of his current four-year, $87.6 million deal. The 30-year-old has led the team to six playoff appearances (and two Super Bowls, with one win) in seven seasons, racking up a sparkling 75-36-1 regular-season record in the process. Most importantly, Wilson is an A-level playmaker who is just entering his prime at a position that has seen the G.O.A.T (Tom Brady) play at an extremely high level into his 40s….

    Now, Wilson could certainly get that kind of money on the open market, but I don’t know if Pete Carroll would want to build a team around a QB1 eating up that much of the salary cap pie. That’s not a dismissal of Wilson’s talent, market value or his contributions to the franchise, but Carroll’s Seahawks reached their greatest heights when Wilson was viewed as a complementary QB playing on an inexpensive rookie deal that allowed the team to pay big money to his supporting cast.

    With that in mind, the ‘Hawks could view Wilson as a trade asset who fetches them a king’s ransom in draft picks and/or players — either this offseason or prior to the trade deadline in the fall. We haven’t seen a Pro Bowl quarterback traded in his prime since Jay Cutler was dealt by the Broncos (along with a fifth-round pick) to the Bears for a pair of first-round picks, a third-rounder and a serviceable quarterback (Kyle Orton). If Cutler could attract a pair of first-rounders 10 years ago, how much would Wilson fetch on the auction block? Think about it. A Super Bowl winner with MVP-caliber credentials would command quite a sum in a league that, less than a year ago, saw pass rusher Khalil Mack included as the central piece of a trade that landed the Raiders two first-rounders.

    Considering John Schneider and Carroll’s solid draft-and-development track record, the Seahawks could build a more well-rounded team by trading away their top asset.”

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not surprised this is getting more traction now in the national media. All of the Fox shows talked about Wilson’s future this week. Rapoport tweeted about it. Brock & Salk did a big piece on it today with Mike Garofolo. There’s a reason we’ve been talking about it on here since the defeat in Dallas. It’s a huge dilemma for this team and any eventuality is possible.

    • OaklandHawk

      With the Oakland Raiders signing of Mike Glennon, I think the final piece of the puzzle has been put in place for a Wilson trade to Oakland.

      1. Seattle gets #4, Carr and #24.
      2. Wilson finally gets his revenge and makes Glennon sit on the bench for the rest of his career.

      (How many people will take #2 seriously?)

      • Rob Staton

        I actually think this might in some way preempt Carr to the Giants.

        Just can’t see Wilson, Ciara and Wilson’s entourage seeing Oakland/Las Vegas as where he needs to be — with Gruden chewing him out all the time and one of the poorest owners in the league.

        • OaklandHawk

          I’d think that cash poor would be short term with the move to Vegas and would have a built-in appeal for Ciara. Vegas is no longer where only the septuagenarian set goes to be entertained. Huge music festivals, artist residencies – there’s appeal. And Wilson would be the star player in that town with no other pro sports competition.

          If Seattle could do the deal I’d listed, they could turn around and trade Carr for the 17th pick. Leave Seattle with 4, 17, 21, 24. Hope that you can score Q. Williams at 4, grab Grier with one of the other #1s, trade down with the other two. It would suck for a year but could put together a monster defense.

          • Rob Staton

            I don’t know man, it’s a hard sell. Nobody knows how Vegas will pan out. No existing hardcore fan base. Poor owner like I said and I don’t think automatically moving to Vegas changes that. I think there’s a reason the Giants’ name popped up. That’s the kind of blue-chip franchise Wilson will want in a major market.

            • GerryG

              Yeah the Raiders are broke, they can’t put 100 million up in guaranteed $$

              • Volume12

                What?!? A team with Derek Carr, Mike Glennon, and Nathan Peter-man as it’s QB stable are winners and anything but broke. That’s money well spent my friend.

      • Sanders

        It’s a good thought out trade that would make sense to both teams. Visiting Vegas for a few days is cool, but living in Vegas would be miserable. I can’t imagine Ciara approving moving their family to the desert.

  30. Trevor

    It is going to be a long year of the media speculation if the Wilson issue is not resolved one way or the and I don’t see how that can be good for a young team. As fan I a dreading the thought.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s a nightmare in waiting. A whole season of speculation about his future and PC being asked about it every week will be beyond tiring. It will be a distraction, it will undermine the team and it could impact the performance of player and roster.

      It won’t be healthy at all. It will miserable.

  31. Kenny Sloth

    TCU LJ Collier on the strangest question he was asked at the combine:

    “The Seahawks asked me how long could I keep my eyes open. That was kind of strange. They asked me to do the ABC’s and count with it too. So, that was kind of weird.”

    • Rob Staton

      So that’s another guy who got the stare-out challenge.

    • Sea Mode

      Jim Nagy

      Replying to @ChaseGoodbread

      Grit test.

      2:30 PM – 3 Mar 2019

    • CaptainJack

      better than calling their mama a h** or whatever happened last year

      • Volume12

        He didn’t get asked how many testicles he still has? Can’t have no one ballers in our league pal!

        • charlietheunicorn

          or 3 ballers 😉

          • Kenny Sloth

            One Baller= Bell Cow

            3 Baller = Committee

    • Volume12


      Was waiting for Collier to say ‘it was definitely an eye opening experience.’

  32. CaptainJack

    Amazing tape, amazing athleticism, amazing production… why isn’t Juan Thornhill being talked about as a first round prospect?

    • Sea Mode

      Athleticism is off the charts and production can’t be argued with (hits all-pro marks across the board by DraftColbern), but I was underwhelmed by the tape. Yes, he had some amazing plays, my favorite being this one:

      but something about his demeanor on and off the field make me wonder about his passion, almost similar in a way to Obi Melifonwu. Now I don’t want to label him a bust like Obi right out of the gate, but his tackling and aggression is just ok. Kind of jogs it out when play is away from him. Cannot disengage from blockers at all and doesn’t really try to. In the interviews I watched, he comes across as just a nice guy, but not very passionate or driven. (I could, of course, be totally wrong. But that’s the impression I got)

      And then there are the rumors he did poorly in team interviews/low football IQ, which could be true or could be just a smokescreen for a team hoping to push him down draft boards, but tbh it wouldn’t surprise me.

    • Rob Staton

      The amazing tape bit is questionable

    • Kenny Sloth

      Because he’s a former corner playing LB on a pretty bad defense.

      Funny I saw the same thing as Sea Mode above. Not a fan of his work rate. He might be a day 2 pick if someone has a role for him.

      Definitely not screaming “Seahawk-y”

  33. George

    This may have been touched on, but Rob did you see Baldwin’s tweet on McLaurin? Obviously DB isn’t in connection with the FO, but I’m pretty sure he called the Paul Richardson pick too if I remember correctly. Regardless, DB is a bright dude and recognizes a special receiver when he sees one. Seems much more of a better fit for Seattle than Parris Campbell, would you agree, Rob?

  34. Volume12

    He’s a 2020 guy, but ya’ll gotta check out Utah St. QB Jordan Love (6’4, 225 lbs.) Special, special player.

    And this might be a guy to keep an eye on for 2020 as well.

    • Sea Mode

      Really nice touch on those passes. You watching Tarver or Raymond to see him?

      Jordan Love Utah State 2018 Highlights

      • Volume12

        Watched Raymond, but the one that made me sit up was the Justin Layne tape.

        Michigan St S Khari Willis also pops in that clip.

        The ball jumps off his hand. He’s still a little mechanical wise, but wow!

        • Sea Mode

          Funny you mention Willis. I was just catching up on digging through pro day results and am looking at Mich. St. as we speak.

          He’s a super leader off the field as well.

          Meet Michigan State Safety Khari Willis | Big Ten Football | The Journey

          Quote from Willis interview:

          On what he thinks teams are most impressed with skill wise…

          I think they like my versatility; my tackling ability; my leadership in getting guys in the right position; they like the fact that I played in the slot this year, guarding a lot of the top slot receivers in our conference; I feel like they like that I can cover and I can tackle, and I think they like that I can play fast as well.

          The 4.52 40yd is a bit concerning, but I think we look at him more for the slot. But Justin Coleman ran a 4.53… though he also had impressive agility numbers.

          Couldn’t find Willis’ agility numbers, even though he did them at Pro Day.

          Looked good in this glimpse of the W drill:

          Converted from RB in HS. Only started 2 years at S. So showed ability to learn.

          And the over-used comps to Earl by teammate Justin Layne:

          “Khari reminds me of Earl,” Layne said of the great Earl Thomas. “He knows everything on the defense: what the linebackers are supposed to do, what the d-line’s supposed to do. He’s just so smart. He watches so much film. And off the field, he’s somebody I want to be like when I’m older, as far as like his faith, how much he’s involved in the community, everything. Khari’s a great guy, for real.”

          Let’s check into that Khari Willis-Earl Thomas comparison with their respective combines:

          * Willis 5-10 7/8, 213, 4.52, 22 reps, 34.5 vertical, 9-10 broad.
          * Thomas 5-10 1/4, 208, 4.49, 21 reps, 32 vertical, 9-5 broad.

          Willis is also a three-time Academic All-Big 10 performer. He intends to return to school later for his masters degree.

          (Not sure where the author got 4.49 though for Earl. He ran 4.43 at the Combine and 4.37 at pro day.)

      • Volume12

        Which I just noticed, you can also get from Raymond vs Michigan St.

  35. Volume12

    Love, love this safety class.

    Maryland’s Darnell Savage here. Check out the :25 clip. Took that man’s life!

    Darnell Savage vs Texas (2018):

    • Volume12

      3:30 mark.

      That read/react is *chefs kiss* This dude covers ground and fast.

    • Volume12

      Florida S Chauncey Gardner-Johnson.

      Just has a nose for the ball. He’s probably the best hybrid DB in this class. He might be more corner than safety though.

      vs Michigan-Peach Bowl-(2018):

    • Volume12

      Trying to find more on Rutgers S Saquan Hampton. The one clip I can find isn’t enough.

    • Volume12

      And speaking of Maryland, had ’em in my Sweet 16, but that LSU game was 🔥 and the best one of the tourney so far.

    • Volume12

      Savage might be the guy for Seattle ya’ll.

      He’s got that ET mentality. Overly aggressive and physical, but just makes big plays. Ability to come downhill, can play in the slot, ball skills, great football IQ too.

      • H

        I absolutely love Savage, a player that truly lives up to his name. I definitely think, with his speed, he could learn to play the single high in Seattle’s system.

        That said, I think they’d have to use their first pick to get him, and I cant see that happening with the way the roster is set up. Maybe if they can grab an early third somehow they could get lucky? I’d be ‘jacked’ if they could find a way to get him.

      • Rob Staton

        Savage would have to last to the middle rounds. They won’t go safety early.

      • Trevor

        I really like Savage too Vol. Savage seemed to play his best against the best competition which is great to see. He is my favourite Saftey in this draft class followed closely by Abraham and Rapp.

        I think all 3 go early in Rd #2 however so I am not sure how the Hawks can get him. Given the needs they have on DL and WR. I tend to think they go that route after a trade back but if he is there in Rd #3 that would be a teal IMO.

      • Trevor

        Read somewhere that Savage with be visiting with the Seahawks as well.

  36. Sea Mode


    Bob Condotta

    Can confirm the reports that Neiko Thorpe has re-signed with Seahawks. Was a special teams co-captain last season. Leaves just 2 of Seattle’s 13 UFAs unsigned — Sebastian Janikowski and Dion Jordan.

    11:12 AM – 23 Mar 2019

    • Volume12

      That’s a low key good re-sign.

      • Kenny Sloth


  37. Sea Mode

    UDFA slot option?

    Jamire Jordan, Fresno St., 5-11, 170

    Jordan had a vertical leap of 42 inches and ran a 4.41-second 40. Of the 42 wideouts who went through the combine only two had a higher vertical jump – Miles Boykin (Notre Dame) and Emanuel Hall (Missouri) both were at 43.5.

    Check out his speed on this FG return:

    And his hops on this amazing catch:

  38. Sea Mode

    fwiw, Syracuse QB Eric Dungey has been working with Jake Heaps at the passing academy and Ford Sports Performance in Bellevue.

    “I think I have a lot of potential. I worked with a variety of quarterback camps over the last several months and I’m excited. My throwing motion was all messed up in four years of college. I just wasn’t using my legs so I’m still fine-tuning that. Working with all these quarterback gurus was such a blessing over the past 10 weeks.”

    Dungey accumulated 9,340 passing yards and 93 total touchdowns in his four-year Orange career and he was throwing the ball WRONG. Just imagine what he could’ve done with this refined footwork and mechanics?

    “It’s kind of crazy to think if I had something different with my fundamentals , I could have put up more yards.”

    From his former teammates in Parris Bennett:

    “Eric Dungey is a guy you’re willing to go to war for. He has the type of toughness you look for in a QB and a leader of a football team. He’s a freak athlete and he shows it whenever he works out. During team runs he always wanted to be in front and that says a lot about a guy. I always knew I could count on No. 2 whenever we needed him. He’s also an overall stand up guy and having a conversation with him just makes you root for him in everything he does. I would love for a team to just give him a shot because i promise they won’t regret having that guy in their locker room and being a part of their team.”

  39. Sea Mode

    Yo, discount Marquise Brown! This dude can flat out fly!

    Scotty Miller 2018-2019 highlights || Bowling Green WR || FLASH ||

    WR Scott Miller, Bowling Green (5-11, 166)
    2018: 71rec/1148yds/9TD

    S.Miller: 5110, 174, 4.32 40yd, 10’3″ broad, 34.0 vert, 15 bench
    Lockett: 5097, 182, 4.40 40yd, 10’1″ broad, 35.5 vert, N/A bench

    Scotty Miller

    Thankful for all of the people that showed up today. Pro day was a success! 🙏🏽
    40- high 4.2’s to mid 4.3’s
    Bench- 15 reps
    Broad- 10’3
    Vert- 34
    Weight- 174.4

    11:32 AM – 19 Mar 2019

  40. Sea Mode

    Wow, this dude is an Athlete! (the usual Penn St. suspects…)

    LB/KR Koa Farmer
    6-1, 228, 4.48 40yd, 1.55 10yd, 25 bench, 37 vert, 10-4 broad, 4.28 SS, 6.87 3C

    Koa Farmer Official Penn State Career Highlight Mix ᴴ ᴰ

    Had no problem dropping into coverage on the Iowa TEs. Did have an ugly open field missed tackle on the RB though in that game.

  41. Sea Mode

    What does Penn St. feed these guys?

    Check out RB Jonathan Thomas. Physically, he’s made in a lab:

    5-11, 217, 4.40 40yd, 1.53 10yd, 39.5 vert, 10-8 broad, 4.22 SS, 6.84 3C, 19 bench

    But he had just 18 career carries… 🤷‍♂️

    S Nick Scott, WR DeAndre Thompkins, the list goes on and on:

  42. Sea Mode

    Interesting. You never know.

    If you don’t know QB prospect Jake Dolegala, here’s why you should

    • charlietheunicorn

      He is a guy I keep having my eye on in the mid rounds for Seattle to target.

  43. Hawkin

    Rob, wondering if hawks are set on Paris Campbell. But as some are now projecting, think he could go late in the first and before we could get him after trading back. Miles Boykin might be a very good alternative somewhere in the 3rd. Tall receiver with some speed and agility. Gets plenty of separation and yards after the catch. Can win on a variety of routes, decent blocker, deep go route is where he excels. Too bad his QB constantly under threw most of them.

    Anyways, it would allow hawks to focus on best available DT DE.

    • Rob Staton

      There’s been some whispers that the Ravens — who desperately need a receiver — are very interested in D.K. Metcalf and Parris Campbell. I think these two are likely to be the first to leave the board with Marquise Brown also in contention there.

      I can imagine the Seahawks really liking Campbell’s athletic prowess. He has no limitations as an athlete. He has good catching technique, he’s a Harvin-type weapon who can be a matchup nightmare and he has good character. But all of those things likely push him into the top-25 and I don’t think the Seahawks will pick that high.

      They will have a lot of options at receiver. It’s a nice thick class of ‘their types’.

  44. Sea Mode

    Yeah, V12, those KY CB’s you mentioned must have been running on fast track or something.

    Anyway, I’m all caught up on digging through pro day results for now. In all the articles that listed the teams present (when not all 32 were there), the Seahawks were never there… Looks like they’ve zeroed in on who they want already? Or they are just going for the big program guys this time around.

    • charlietheunicorn

      Or they love a particular guy… and steer clean of them, not tipping their hand or interest in that player. JS has stated they have done this in the past….. so don’t rule anyone out.

  45. charlietheunicorn

    In the spirit of March Madness

    Are there any NCAA men basketball prospects that could translate into the NFL TE or DE position in the 2019 draft pool?

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