Revis trade paves way for Jets to draft a quarterback

John Idzik has seen it all before. A quarterback earning a boat load of guaranteed cash, sitting on the bench holding a clipboard. It’s not unusual.

In his final season in Seattle he was part of a front office that signed Matt Flynn and gave him $10m. In return, they got a backup. The reason? A much cheaper rookie quarterback was simply superior. Both in the short and long term, it made sense to take the financial hit and move on.

History could be about to repeat itself.

By trading Darrelle Revis to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a similar situation could be unfolding. The deal will give the Jets at least the #13 overall pick on Thursday to go with the #9 selection. The Jets also own the seventh pick in round two. That’s a veritable bounty for a franchise that needs to get better, younger and cheaper.

People are already suggesting the Jets could use their two first round picks on a pass rusher and a replacement cornerback. I don’t buy that. What was the big problem last year? It was the titanic white elephant of an offense  that destroyed any chance the Jets had to be competitive. They ended the year a laughing stock.

Part of this was down to the way they handled the quarterback position. The Tim Tebow experiment was a disaster, Tony Sparano was an odd choice to replace Brian Schottenheimer and the whole plan served only to undermine Mark Sanchez, who’d just been re-signed to a hopelessly flawed extension. They had no serviceable running back and a dearth of talent at receiver. It was a shambles.

If that team wants to get back to relevance, the offense has to be the starting point. Rex Ryan can put a defense on the field that is respectable. That’s why he’s even in New York. Everything points to an offensive rebuild in the draft.

There are two schools of thinking when it comes to Sanchez. Most people have written him off. Others believe he’s been harshly treated. After all, he’s had nothing to work with in New York. No talented pass catchers. No running game. Nevertheless, it’s time for the Jets to move on. Giving him one last chance will simply add to the soap-opera style drama we’ve seen with this franchise the last two years. The guy was booed mercilessly in the Knicks-Celtics playoff game last night when he appeared on the big screen. The same thing will happen every time he throws a bad pass or makes a basic error. It’s passed the point of no return. Rightly or wrongly, you can’t live with that kind of atmosphere.

The Jets won’t be able to move him until next year when he becomes a free agent. A guaranteed salary of $8.25m secures his place in New York for one more season. But that doesn’t stop the Jets spending a high pick on a quarterback. The cheap cost of a rookie makes it palatable to draft a replacement at #9, #13 or #39. Look at the salaries of the players drafted in those positions last year:

#9 Luke Kuechly — 4-years, $12.58m

#13 Michael Floyd — 4-years $9.97m

#39 Janoris Jenkins — 4-years, $4.99m

Kuechly’s cap hit as a rookie in 2012 was $2.285m. That’s the kind of cost the Jets will face if they draft Sanchez’s replacement with the #9 pick. It’d be even cheaper if they waited until #13 or the top of the second round.

This has to happen. And having made that choice, they need to start bringing in some skill players to support the new quarterback. So what kind of scenario could we see?

Buffalo are picking one place above the Jets at #8. Until we hear differently, I expect the Bills to draft a quarterback with that slot. It could be Geno Smith. It could be someone else. Right now, I actually think it’ll be Matt Barkley. It’s a hunch. A hunch that a few people have. Maybe it’ll prove to be misguided, but I suspect the Bills will be one of the handful of teams that look beyond the physical limitations and see an effective game manager that can start quickly. I don’t think it’ll be a great spot for Barkley, but I can see it happening.

If they do take Barkley in that slot, the Jets should take Geno Smith. I can’t see him going to Jacksonville, Oakland or Cleveland. New York will get a shot if Buffalo passes. And they should pull the trigger.

Rather than following that up with a pass rusher or any other defensive player, they should race back to the podium and take Tavon Austin at #13. Instantly Smith gets a receiver he’s familiar with. The Jets get a difference maker, a guy who can put points on the board and make chunk yardage. Basically, something they’ve not had for a long time.

Immediately, there’s some kind of plan on offense. A spark. They can move beyond the Sanchez era. The fans in New York aren’t used to patience, but rest assured they’ll be willing to stomach growing pains for a Smith-Austin combo much more than another year of watching Mark Sanchez.

At #39, I’d continue the trend. Go after a running back (Eddie Lacy, Jonathan Franklin, Montee Ball, Christine Michael). Keep building that offense. If Lacy’s there it should be a no brainer. Geno Smith, Tavon Austin and Eddie Lacy. The Jets have an offense all of a sudden.

It basically comes down to these scenario’s for me:

If Geno Smith goes in the top eight — #9 Tavon Austin, #13 Jonathan Cooper/Chance Warmack, #39 Ryan Nassib/Matt Scott/Tyler Wilson

If Geno Smith is available — #9 Geno Smith, #13 Tavon Austin, #39 Eddie Lacy/Jonathan Franklin/Christine Michael

Sure, they’d still need a pass rusher in either scenario. They might have to coach someone up. And? Who’s to say a player like Corey Lemonier, Jamie Collins or John Simon wouldn’t be available in round three? There are still veteran pass rushers on the open market. They can also target cornerback replacements later, with Logan Ryan, Sanders Commings, Marc Anthony, Will Davis, Jordan Poyer and David Amerson providing plenty of mid-round depth in the secondary.

If they take Barkevious Mingo and D.J. Hayden at #9 and #13 they’ll be the same old Jets next year. That offense needs a revolution. Benching Sanchez and his gigantic guaranteed salary would be no different to the benching of Matt Flynn in Seattle. Costly, but necessary.


  1. woofu

    It is being reported that the J-E-T-S want to trade down in the first. More picks more rebuilding and the variations would be even more muddied. Sanchez just might work out ok for them if they can establish a WCO with some talent. Perhaps Rex moves on next year paving the way for Bevel to get the gig.

    I would not give up on Sanchez just yet despite being booed, the Jets fans are a fickle bunch and would rally around him (they love their victums), should he prove capable with weapons AND a real attempt at a WCO.

  2. Ralphy

    Great read and plan. The only thing I would argue is that Stephen Hill is a fairly exciting weapon for a half way decent QB. Regardless if I was a NYJ fan the Geno Smith, Austin, Lacy draft would have me very excited.

    • woofu

      If they trade for Ivory and keep their other RBs, Lacy is not needed. A 4th or 5th for Ivory, some trade downs and an OL rebuild along with a TE and Idzik will look like a miracle worker with or without Sanchez. Also Holmes will be liquidated at some point so targets will get spread around.

  3. John_s

    I wonder how much of Schneiders philosophy of finding a QB that tilts the room Idzik will take with him.

    The Jets are not a QB away from contending. JS/PC was in the same situation in their first draft with 1st round picks in the same area and drafted Okung and Earl.

    Idzik would be smart to follow the same philosophy and address the other needs and find a QB when they will be closer to contending.

    • Rob Staton

      Possibly, but it’s worth considering the Seahawks had little opportunity in the draft to get a first round QB. In 2010 — no options. They picked in the late first in 2011, then in 2012 they’ve watched the top three QB’s leave the board and they get RW in round three. They didn’t pass on guys in the top 10-15 like the Jets would have to do this year.

  4. JC

    Well, I’d take Austin before Smith if that’s the Jets’ gameplan, though I suspect Austin might be the Bills’ pick at #8. If not, the Titans, Chargers and Dolphins would be unlikely to take Smith, but I could see any of the 3 taking Austin.

  5. Cameron is available. I just checked :p

    • Rob Staton

      Not surprised… no other team has a blog like this… 🙂

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        I tell you whhhat

      • A. Simmons

        This is part of makes being a Seahawk fan such a great experience. Bloggers like yourself providing us with high quality information. I’ve always felt we have some of the most cerebral NFL fans.

  6. Nolan

    If I was a jets fan I would be pretty stoked by this plan… I’d rather have Barkley, Tavon, and lacy then geno smith but either way might as well overhaul that offense… Then after you move on from Rex Ryan next year I like the idea elsewhere in the comments of hiring bevel to be the lead guy idzil and bevel then try to build around the young offense and they can work to establish the D next year.

    • Kenny Sloth

      The reason you take Austin with Smith is for chemistry. If you take Barkley it makes sense to go for Woods.

      • Nolan

        Well I think you would go with the receiver you thought was best Austin or woods… Maybe Barkley, G, woods could be the order if you wanted woods…

      • Michael

        If the reason to take Austin is for chemistry, why not wait until the third and grab Stedman Bailey? You could argue that he and Smith have an even greater “chemistry” built up, and he wouldn’t cost a high/mid 1st rounder? If it were me, I’d go:

        #9 – Geno Smith
        #13 – Chance Warmack
        #39 – Zach Ertz/Tyler Eifert
        #74 – Stedman Bailey

        #136 – Trade for Ivory (as has been speculated)

        How’s that for a rebooted offense?

        • Troy

          Impresive enough Id say

        • Rob Staton

          That is a very good point… and that offense would be competitive.

  7. Scott Allen

    They’ve got to be loving our boy Idzik in New York. He’s had no other trade options for Revis and yet somehow he’s managed to hardball his position with them and likely garner more than just the 13th pick. Whether he trades down or not, it seems that he is going to work some miracles rebuilding this team with a decent pool up upper level picks in a relatively deep draft. Way to go John!

  8. Nate

    Dirty Sanchez…from all the sack stains, lol.

  9. Rock

    The Jets will be in a good spot to trade back a little and still take the guys they desire. It just depends on how highly they value Geno Smith. If it were me, I would bank extra picks and target Matt Scott or E J Manuel in the second round.

  10. Seth

    That is putting a lot of trust in the quarterback class this year. Geno Smith this year or be bad another year and get Teddy Bridgewater or Johnny Manziel. Sorry I would take the 2014 class of qb’s vs this class. the rest of the plan to make the Jets better on offense I think is great but they would be asking way to much from Geno just like they did with Sanchez. Idzik saw Pete and John pass on qb early so maybe they go after someone like Scott or Maunel and get a pass rusher or corner early.

    • Ben

      but what if the QB class of 2014 does a nosedive like this one?

  11. Madmark

    Good topic to start with, gets the attention but I could careless about the trade of Revis. If he’s healthy? He’ll do what he does and that’s hold his side. What we won’t stop hearing about next year was the trade a good one. On to a subject in your article
    The salary numbers you put up for potions in the draft completely intrigue me. I know that Russel got a performance bonus from the league for 200k.
    The 2 questions I have for ya is what was RW salary for being a pick 75?
    The next is could you explain this CBA performance bonus for me?

    The topic was on QBs. I think Matt Barkley is a 1st round pick in the right system. He has that leadership you need at the pro level. Going to the Buffalo Bills because of the conditions, I’ll just say I played football in the NW outside. The rain in winter is like a sticky, numbing cold and I’m glad RW played in Wisconsin.

    • Ben

      If Revis does go to the bucs he will play against seattle.

    • Rock

      Wilson signed a four year rookie contract for just under $3 million. His 2012 base salary was $390K with a prorated bonus of $154K, He would have received the entire signing bonus of $619K in 2012. I believe the $200K comes from a team bonus pool established for rewarding guys that out perform their contracts. His deal cannot be renegotiated per CBA rules. You can see it all here:

      • Madmark

        Kool , thxs for info rock

  12. Colin

    I’m as big of a fan of Matt Barkley as you are Rob, and I will go on record, for better or worse, believing he is going to be a great QB in this league- but I don’t see him going highly in round 1, even with the Jets having 2 1st round picks. If he is ‘THE GUY’ you trade back into rd 1 and take him. Use the 1st two picks to get him some help and go back in and secure him. If he’s your guy, you can justify the trade up for him. It’s all about conviction. If you walk away from the 2013 draft with Matt Barkley, Tavon Austin and Johnathan Cooper, (hypothetical) you’ve made the NYJ exponentially better. Do what you have to do.

  13. Snoop Dogg

    I heard Darrell Revis is getting paid around $16 million dollars. This is insane! Would you rather pay that much for Richard Sherman, or trade him? (I personally would rather trade him)

    • Jon

      I have been thinking this same thing. My oh my!?!?!?! 16 million!?!?!?!?

      I could see it playing out a couple different ways for Seattle and Sherman, and paying 16 m per year is not one of them. I just hope that we can keep him from holding out this season. If we can keep him for 2 more years and then franchise him, we can buy a couple of years of service and then trade him under the tag. The thing is as far as his value in a trade. I could see the Hawks getting a 1st and a 2nd (or even 2 firsts) for him if he performs for the next years at his current level. I don’t know if you can pay Harvin 13m, Okung 10m, Thomas 10m, Sherman 15m, and Wilson 15-20m per year.

      I really like Sherm and don’t want him to leave in the next couple years, but this may be one of those situations that we as fans must see the team as more important than keeping possibly the best CB in the league.

  14. Kenny Sloth

    I know this isn’t scientific at all, but Mark Sanchez just seemed tired and nervous. He wasn’t the clean cut golden california boy that he was when he was drafted. He looked depressed and played like it. The same thing happened to Mason Crosby before he got replaced. Once a player loses his confidence, he must be replaced. It’s a cruel game and I think Mark Sanchez is another victim.

    • Rob Staton

      FAO Kenny – I edited the above comment. You’ll know which bit if you read back. Very poor taste and some people could find that pretty offensive.

      • Kenny Sloth

        I’m sorry? I don’t understand, Rob. Was I being offensive, if so I apologize.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Oh crap! I see now. Please accept my apology. You’re right, that was in poor taste. That’s unnacceptable

        • Rob Staton

          No problem.

  15. JW

    Nice move on their part…if it was me: I’d go QB, WR, WR (rather than RB with that third pick). Look for a RB later and start getting the passing game oriented.

  16. James

    Revis gets $16 mil/yr….whew! Happy the 49’ers could not afford him. Sure glad I don’t have to figure out the Seahawks salary cap after Sherman and Wilson get paid. Going to need a lot of other guys on rookie contracts…making this a hugely important draft for the future of the team.

    • Rob Staton

      Of course, there’s always the possibility they let Sherman walk. After all, they’ve found talent in the secondary fairly consistently. Paying RW is one thing, Sherman might be expendable in two years. We don’t know how this will pan out. If the Seahawks lose him, they’ll get a compensatory 3rd rounder. Or maybe they even trade him. Lot’s of different possible scenarios. But I can’t imagine this team paying $16m for a corner when Wilson’s contract is close to needing to be renewed.

      • Jon


      • Jon

        Do you think Sherman will play next year on his rookie contract.

        • Jon

          next year being 2014 not this year which is 2013.

      • James

        I agree that the Seahawks won’t pay Sherm $16/mil, hopefully they can land him for something a little more reasonable, but it will probably be in the $12/mil range, I would think. They say that the four key positions on a team are quarterback, left offensive tackle, defensive end and cornerback. The Seahawks now have pro bowl talent at each of those positions, and with Sherm’s ability to take away half the field, it would take a heck of a draft pick to replace him with comparable talent. I believe the correct strategy is to keep your pro bowlers if they are in their mid-20’s, and fill in the other positions with young talent on rookie contracts.

        • Jon

          I think they would try to make it work at 12, but comparing that to other top CBs, I would guess Sherm will at least split the difference between them and Revis if his level of play continues. Sherm believes he is the best, and will not take a 25% discount in the prime of his career.

          Also, a lot of teams don’t have the problem (if you can call it that) of elite talent at what is deemed the 4 most important positions on the field, plus elite talent elsewhere. Seattle is in great shape personel wise, but I think in the end you have to see some players leave your team. I do not want to be in the same cap position as the Raiders in 4 years. I would rather keep 3 of 4 elite positions and draft for the other. The thing is that we have 2 or 3 drafts to replace one of our players.

          Sherm and Thomas are under club control for 2 years (I believe Sherman will hold out next year, hopefuly I’m wrong)

          Wilson, Okung, Wagner, Have three years left (May not have to tag any of these

          At DE we have Clem and Avril at LEO for 2 years and Irvin for 3.

          Our teams contributors besides Tate, Chancelor, Browner (Probably wont get much as far as a contract) and now Bennet are all signed through the 2014 season. However, I believe that the contracts of Red, Clem and Rice are restrictive next year. I believe that with the future in mind, we have to cut ties (hopeful we can get something in a trade) with two of these 3 players.

          I think that there will be a player or 2 for the next few few years that our fan base will hate to lose. I just hope that the Hawks get something worthwhile for the lose each season. Man I am glad to be a fan, but the job of this FO is going to be hard for a couple years as far as personel decisions.

    • Turp

      Zero guaranteed…great move by the Bucs GM. Amazed Revis accepted that deal.

      • Rock

        Yep, good for the Bucs and bad for Revis. He must have wanted out of NY bad to do that. The Bucs can cut him if he isn’t 100% and will not even have to give up the 2014 pick. Revis gets a ‘restructured’ contract any time the Bucs feel the need. It is likely he never sees the $96 million. Sherman would be smart to take $8 million guaranteed than $16 million that is not.

  17. Nolan

    That would be hard to trade the best corner in the league or not resign him if the team is good that would definitely seem like a step back and Sherman is so popular there would be a huge backlash … But your right how can they pay him 16 mil and how can he take less the revision when he thinks he is better

    • Jon

      rather trade him for a huge bounty a couple years from now (either if he holds out in 2014, or if we franchize and trade him in 2015) than get only a third round compensatory pick when we cant afford to re-sign him though.

      Also, the Hawks have gotten Chancelor and Sherman in the 5th. They have two more years to replace him. I don’t necessarily like him being gone (as I said above) but I am certainly going to prepare myself, even if it is two years away.

      • Jon

        the other thing about trading him is we would be in control of the team that he goes to.

        • Nolan

          All true but that’s a big PR hit

          • Jon

            Sherman, Thomas, Wilson, Okung, Tate, Wagner, Harvin (based on what I hope he is for this fan base), Chancelor, Clemons (May be a cap casualty next year), Red (see Clemons). Others who I am missing?

            These are all players that will hurt very much when they leave, and it seems that the writing is on the wall that some will move on.

            Even if you concider the elite of just Sherman, Thomas, Wilson, Okung. In the end a smart FO lets one go and does it in a way that benefits them. I honestly prefer keeping Thomas if it comes down to the decision between Sherman and him. And I realy think that is the dicision that has to be made. Thomas will be around 10 m per year. Sherman possibly 16m/year.

            This is not an easy decision, and any of these hard decisions about these players will have PR ramifications.

            Remember 3 years ago when they traded Tapp for Clemons and a 4th. That was a hard PR decision, but looking back on it, seems the Hawks should have been giving Tapp and a 2nd for Clemons instead. That is just one comp from the hawks/PCJS era in the past.

          • Jon

            The good news is that we will not have to worry about it for at least one and hopefuly two or three more years.

  18. Will

    Does anyone else catch themselves actually hoping the Jets have a great draft because of Idzik? That’s how far my love for the JS regime seems to be stretching.
    I’m scared and confused. What happened to the deeply embittered Seahawk fan I used to be? Why don’t I hate everyone any more?

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