Robert Turbin tape compilation

Fourth round pick of the Seattle Seahawks


  1. Mike in OC

    I’m liking what I see! I think he’s going to be good for our running game in giving Marshawn a breather, but not the defense!

  2. Micah

    Dances too much, and runs too upright. Seems to break tackles with his feet more than his strength. Doesn’t explode into people enough, minimal leg churn. He probably was still the best back on the board at that point, though. He looks to have a high ceiling and a low floor.

  3. Mike in OC

    …the opposing team’s defense, I mean.

  4. Josh

    @Micah: But didn’t Lynch dance too much as well? Cable will straighten him out.

  5. Michael (CLT)

    Love this kid. All the kids speak well. That said, he is no Lynch.

  6. Ben2

    Looked at 3 of the clips above – Turbin needs a stiff-arm move. Didn’t see him stiff arm a defender for more yards or to break a tackle. Beast Mode is going to have to teach him that. With arms like that he needs to use them. Think (maybe) I remember Shaun Alexander once saying stiff arm was the most important skill he learned…

  7. Phil

    Three issues I haven’t heard discussed re: Turbin. (1) I’m not sure of his pass-catching abilities. He caught only 17 passes in 2011 and from the tapes — half of those must have been screens. Did USU ever split him out as a receiver the way that BSU did with Doug Martin? (2) He missed the entire 2010 season with a knee injury. But, I’m sure that the Seahawk medical staff must have checked him out before the draft. (3) I didn’t see much evidence of his pass protection skills.

    My first impression is that he’s not a change-of-pace, or third-down back like Leon Washington or Forsett, but more of a Marshawn clone. That’s not a bad thing, but I still think there is a spot on the roster for a guy who can come in on third down and either pass protect, or catch a little swing pass and make something big out of it.

  8. Madmark

    We needed a RB. the best 3 gone in the 1st round, Miller and Polk with injury issues, Turbin was a steal in the 4th round.

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