Jaye Howard (DT, Florida) tape compilation

Fourth round pick of the Seattle Seahawks


  1. williambryan

    So, It looks like as a pass rushing DT he can dominate a one on one matchup but has no chance to split (or otherwise beat) a double team? That’s what I got from this anyways.

  2. JoeV

    Not a whole lot of highlights in those videos. A couple good plays. Seems to hustle. I think Dan Quinn has the inside scoop on him cause i dont see a whole lot. He shows flashes though.

  3. MattH

    Liked the Ohio St. video. Showed some definite athleticism in some hustle from behind tackles.

  4. Michael (CLT)

    Guy is fast as hell for a big man, has a great motor, good instincts, a nose for the ball. He will not hold up against double teams, and is occasionally slow off the snap.

    Sound like someone we know? A smaller Red?

    Nice 4th round pick.

  5. Josh

    I looks like he takes off plays occasionally. He did several times in the Vanderbilt tape.

  6. glor

    “More than anybody else that was alive in the draft, this guy gives you a chance to have a great player.” What exactly does that mean? That Wilson gives Seattle a better chance to have a great player than Andrew Luck?

    No, it means that of the players still “alive” in the draft, ie available at the time, he was the player they saw with the most up side.

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