Russell Wilson full game vs Oregon (Rose Bowl)


  1. JimQ

    Other than the very end, this was a very entertaining bowl game. I though Wilson looked good at QB and I didn’t see a lot of disadvantages – height wise. However, I think Wisconsin maybe should have used roll-out passes more (and pocket passes less) in this particular game.

    There were a few really good players in this game. I was impressed with our new WR Lavasier Tuinei and I think he could be a suprise for the Seahawks this year (along with Wilson). Others I was impressed by include: Jared Abbrederis, WR, KR, PR (16.1 avg. on punts?); Montee Ball a stud TD-maker at RB; Kiko Alonso, Oregon LB; and: D’Anthony Thomas, Oregon RB, a possible pick for the Seahawks next year? (Leon Washington is getting close to 30).

    A graphic that flashed for a couple of seconds that wasn’t talked about by the commentators:
    “In the last 2 seasons, Russell Wilson has had 21 scrambles for 1-st downs greater than 5 yards, the most among all FBS QB’s”. Interesting!

    Maybe next draft, if Wilson is a good boy, PC can get him an Jared Abbrederis, WR or a Montee Ball, RB along with the black mamba (D’Anthony Thomas, an elite playmaker)?
    A guy can dream!

    • hawkfan

      Thomas is only a sophomore next year and in my view, he is a good college player, but with his size, he will get destroyed in the nfl. He is way to small to play rb and if he ever played slot at wr, he would be leaving on a stretcher, after his first time going over the middle. He has elite speed, but with his size, it will be hard for him to use it. An Oregon type of offense would need to be used, that would put him in space and keep him from getting hit, when unnecessary. Nobody would design that type of offense, so unless he gets much bigger, which his body type suggests is not possible, he won’t have much of a career in the nfl, in my view. He didn’t face many hits last year and the first time a Kam Chancellor type player lays hit on him, might be the last time. I would rather get a slightly bigger back, like a LaMichael James, to replace Leon Washington. I don’t know who that is in next years draft.

      • williambryan

        You’re assuming that defenders in the middle of the field could get to him which I don’t think will happen. He would probably be asked to get 5-10 touches a game and each touch would have great potential to go for a score. I would love it if he became a Seahawk although as you note the soonest it would happen would be in the 2014 draft.

    • Darnell

      Jared Abbrederis absolutely looks like a solid 2nd day pick when he comes out next year or the year after.

  2. NickW

    Just finished the first part. Watching a little here and there as I can. Man I hate watching the Ducks. I remember why I am not a big fan of college ball now. I like to see a competitive game, by that I mean I like to see teams having to work to score. Seems like college ball they score almost every time they have possession. I was also surprised so far in how little Russell actually passes. There has been numerous occasions where they run the ball 5-6 times in a row. What’s up with that? Makes me question his ability as a passer, and I’ve been pretty excited till now that we drafted him. Maybe it’s just this game? Does the coach have faith in his passing ability? When he has thrown it hasn’t really seemed like height was an issue at all for him. It wasn’t like when watching Seneca.

    • Hawksince77


      Check out the interview with Wilson’s coach (the next article above). That should answer your questions.

      • NickW

        Just finished and I feel much better again. Weird the way they would run so may run plays in a row. Must be a college thing or something.

        • Swamp_fox

          They had the biggest O-Line in the nation, running the ball was always going to be a smart strategy.

          I felt the opposite about Wilson after watching – LOVED his strong arm, mobility, toughness (took a few hits and popped right back up), and control of the offense.

          Having watched maybe 5 plays of his all season before this, I give him a much better shot at QBOTF than Flynn or anyone we’ll be able to drat next year. Solid player and in the 3rd round… man that would set us up to keep adding pass rush and playmakers in the 2-3 years ahead.

          Exciting times to be a Seahawks fan!

  3. Donald

    Yes, Tuinei will be a stud at receiver. He made some difficult catches when it counted under pressure. He could take Rice’s place.

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