Logan Thomas (QB, Virginia Tech) vs Virginia

This guy could easily be next years #1 pick. I’m a big Matt Barkley fan, but Logan Thomas is the one quarterback who could go above him in the 2013 draft. Big arm, plus mobility, a little Big Ben to his play and he still has another level to reach. He impressed as a first-year starter but can still get even better. He’s at #2 on our top-40 watch-list for next year, but he could be the first name off the board if he declares.


  1. James

    He has the physical skill-set that certainly would place him at the top of the charts. He is somewhat similar in size to Cam Newton, but without the same speed and arm talent. As a QB, he is not even close to Luck, RGIII or Russell Wilson, but let’s see how he does this year.

  2. Joe The Jarhead

    I’m hoping that he does make himself the number 1 consensus pick. With much fewer qb needy teams next year, the farther Barkley is down the charts, the easier it will be to trade for him. And not having such an extreme move to go up and get Barkley assuages the need to put pressure on him to rewrite the history books immediately. Barkley is the most technically gifted qb that has come out recently and he would fit perfectly into our ball control offense. His decision making, lack of making mistakes, and accuracy is taylor made for us. Seriously, his lack of elite athletic ability may discourage him from trying to do too much with his feet and keep him making savvy decisions without overdoing it

  3. Michael (CLT)

    I’m not sold… yet. Guy is Tanneyhill of 2013. Of course, he could actually be good 🙂

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