Russell Wilson has been traded to Denver

Live reaction:


  1. DC

    WOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!! Thank didn’t take long. It better be 3 1’s, a couple other pics and a player or 2 to make it go through this fast. Guess I’m not a Bronco’s fan.

    • DC

      Correction, meant that I’m NOW a Bronco’s fan. Makes me really nervous as a Seahawks fan. They better slam dunk free agency and go on a spending spree. Now only if they would cut BW and didn’t sign Adams to an extension…

  2. Blitzy the Clown

    Shit just got real

  3. BobbyK

    But Russell Wilson will “NEVER” get traded! Where are the blowhards who said this is fake news?

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Lotta crow about to get eaten BobbyK

      • BobbyK

        They won’t eat it. They’ll just keep telling everyone how dumb we are.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          And sadly, many will continue to believe them.

          • Michael Hasslinger

            Get yer popcorn out. No need for the group to be bitter. This is exciting and scary. They were gonna suck with Russell most likely. Now, blow up the old guys and go through another 150 transactions in 2022 to find the nucleus.

            I’m so stoked!!! and so scared!!!

            Russell is a good dude, but a selfish player… again, my thoughts and opinion… and I’m wrong all the time.

            But wow… let’s go hawks!

            • Roy Batty

              Oh the misery surrounding John Clayton right now.

              And deservedly so.

              • GaiusMarius

                I never want to hear John Clayton again.
                He should be cut off.

                Also, other personalities and commentators should be canned over this.

        • Don

          They aren’t eating it. They are blaming it on Pete & John. They are saying the Seahawks did this rather than acknowledging that this is what Russ wanted all along. Jake & Stacy are saying, “look this wasn’t free agency, this was a trade”.

  4. TatupuTime

    About to see how Pete Carroll’s system works without a franchise quarterback. I wish they could have made it work with Russ – but I’m real glad they aren’t just keeping Russ and trying the same thing that hasn’t worked the past 5 years.

    • Kendo

      Nope. Now they’ll get some journeyman back up and try the same thing that hasn’t worked the past 5 years. Should we start taking over/unders on much longer Pete and John stick around?

    • LoudHawk

      Pete doesn’t like being dependent on a quarterback. He wants to play D and run the ball at will to set up the pass. Maybe he thinks he can win with a Jared Goff-type.

  5. Burner

    Three first rounders and Patrick Surtain would be a good starting point.

    Cheerio Russell, thanks for the memories, but I feel this is the best moment to move on.

    • DC

      To me, it needs to be more than that. A 2nd or 3rd, and another player.

  6. Blitzy the Clown

    “Multiple first round picks” means 3 (at least)

    • Dominic

      no, it means at least 2. hope it’s 3!

  7. TCHawk

    Wow! I want to hear the details. It better be good…

  8. NickW

    I feel sick…

  9. Ashish

    Is that true? Or some fake news ?

  10. Bmseattle

    That sound you are hearing is John Clayton’s head exploding.

    • Peter

      The professor hyperventilating into a bag doing five stages of grief

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Fortunately, there’s only cobwebs and dry oats in there. No damage done.

  11. Russ

    Good luck to him. Hope he is a success.

  12. Neville

    This was inevitable. $45-50 million for an aging QB? We need to see the details, obviously. Rob pretty much nailed it. Again.

  13. cha

    Adam Schefter
    Drew Lock is a part of the trade to the Seahawks, per sources.

    • DC


    • Ashish

      Well … nothing to say after that. Hey we have peacock

    • Qoolio

      I’m not sure if that makes me feel better or worse about the potential return.

    • Burner

      Hopefully Lock is just part of the deal to save the Broncos some dollars, we are truly screwed if he is starting QB next year, you will need to wear a helmet in the hawk’s nest if he is throwing the ball in that direction.

      • BobbyK

        I’ll take Lock as a backup over Geno.

        • Neville


    • Kendo

      LOOK OUT!!! We’re now locked and loaded to own fourth place in the NFC West for the next few years, lol

    • downtownjewelrybryan

      they misspelled javonte williams

    • Elmer

      This isn’t over. They have to go get a QB. Lock ain’t it. Maybe he can battle with Geno Smith.

  14. James Cr.

    I can’t believe Pete signed off on this. I am shocked. I do think it is the right move though. Hope Wilson can win one more in Denver.

  15. Cougfanstan

    IMO it better be 3 1st’s and Javonte Williams, Pat Surtain, and a 2nd

  16. Mr. Drucker in hooterville

    They just picked up a bunch of cash to play with. I can see them drafting a QB now.

  17. Space Chief

    Obviously this depends if Russ accepts the trade, but it’s going to be weird to see Rob post an article studying quarterbacks.

  18. DC

    Bet Vonn Miller goes back to Denver now.

  19. Blitzy the Clown

    Seriously not happy Drew Lock is part of the compensation. He better be a cherry on top and not any significant portion of Seattle’s take

    • Qoolio

      I’m not even sure about that being a cherry.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Good point

        • Peter

          Better just be a guy who happes to be standing in the room when the trade went down.

  20. cha

    Jody Allen just bet on Pete Carroll and John Schneider to rebuild this franchise.

    • Kendo

      This feels like a decision by someone that has no idea how the NFL is.

    • Thomas Wells

      She chose a 70 year old coach over a HOF QB. Bad bet

    • Big Mike

      Yep I mentioned about a week ago that this was a possibility in that big meeting she had with them.. Now it’s been proven that that’s exactly what happened she doubled down on them

  21. Mick

    I hope I’m wrong but we’re looking at a couple of awful seasons for the Seahawks.

  22. SeahawkNYC

    Oof Drew Lock? What would he have fetched on the open QB market do we think? A 4th at most imo

  23. Ashish

    I started following NFL and Hawks from 2012 season when we drafted Wilson. Feel sick reading this news.

    • Mick

      Me too, European hanging out in Germany with a Seattle girl…

      • Peter

        Not to worry you two. The seahawks were just fine before Wilson.

  24. JJ

    Rob can you get John Clayton on your next stream.

    • Ashish

      Clayton the clown

  25. airkent

    is Malik Willis worth the 9th pick?

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Not at all imo

      • EElmer

        Not only no but hell no. I have proven to be a good counter indicator, so that probably means they will take him and he will work out. I would explore going after someone like Ryan or Wenzhou.

    • Peter


  26. jopa726

    Peter Schrager
    Hearing Drew Lock, multiple other veterans, and a combo of four picks… crystalizing the rest

  27. V

    Hearing Drew Lock, multiple other veterans, and a combo of four picks… crystalizing the rest.

  28. Kyle

    When are we going to find out what we got. I’m sick to my stomach, but we knew thanks to rob that this was almost inevitable. I’ve been telling my buddies to expect it and they laughed at me saying never. Now we get to see if the grass is greener

  29. Blitzy the Clown

    Dave “Softy” Mahler

    Among the Seahawks home opponents in 2022: Denver Broncos

    • James Cr.

      Oh wow – that is awesome!

  30. BobbyK

    Now we can give hundreds of millions to defenders over 30 years old in free agency who won’t even be in the league in a few years and go with crap at QB. Championship!

    I have no faith in these idiots. That’s what they’ve been for a half decade aside from one singular draft (’20).

    Please may they draft/party like it’s 2012 again! That’s the only way to fix this and make it right!

  31. Mick

    This is also kind of a terrible ego hit for Russ, gives a bit the impression the Broncos wanted Rodgers and he was their second best option.

    • Peter

      I dunno. They made this deal essentially after rodgers news. Seems like wilson is smart enough to know the pecking order.

  32. cha

    Adam Schefter
    More compensation for Seattle: Seahawks get back talented DL Shelby Harris, whom Denver considers a locker-room leader, along with QB Drew Lock…and multiple picks.

    • BobbyK

      There’s got to be another player involved?

    • Denver Hawker

      I really like Shelby Harris

      • BobbyK

        Was hoping Javonte!

        • D-OZ

          I think Javonte is a free agent. Led the NFL from the slot corner last year. Really like Shelby. The Bronco’s recently signed him to a cap friendly deal two years ago, or maybe it was last year?
          I love the trade. Drama over!!!

    • Matt

      That’s huge…we are desperate for a 30 year old DE with 22 career sacks…

    • Mick

      We better get at least 6 draft picks. We’re talking a top QB in a year when there’s nobody close to his level available and all we get is a 30 yrs old DE who might as well drop this season and a backup QB.

  33. Blitzy the Clown

    Adam Schefter

    More compensation for Seattle: Seahawks get back talented DL Shelby Harris, whom Denver considers a locker-room leader, along with QB Drew Lock…and multiple picks.

  34. Matt

    HAVE to trade DK now. Have to. This is a full blown rebuild now. No free agents are coming here. Start dumping everybody with any trade value.

    • BobbyK

      You know a 71-year old coach isn’t going to do that, don’t you?

      • Matt

        He just traded his QB.

        • BobbyK

          He thinks he can band-aid the roster. Maybe he can if they draft like 2012.

          • Peter

            They can’t

    • Peter

      Love dk….but let it rip on a rebuild.

  35. UkAlex6674

    Let’s go! Sad to see him go – would rather he stayed 100%. But I’m pumped to see what comes of this. We’ve got closure on the saga now. Let’s focus on what comes next. Go Hawks!

  36. KennyBadger

    Cowherd just said 2 firsts, 2 seconds, and 3 players including lock.

    • Mick

      Wonderful, just wonderful. Trade Wilson for almost the price of Jamal Adams…

      • Kendo

        Damn good point that makes this sting even more.

    • Dominic

      That’s not enough unless the third player is really really good. Sick to my stomach.

    • Qoolio

      A bit underwhelming if true, with Schefter saying more than a dozen teams were reaching out. Waiting to see on the players involved…

  37. Ashish

    Rob, Cha, Big Mike others give your thoughts this news is killing me

    • Big Mike

      Cha said that it’s obvious that Jodie Allen went all in on Pete and John. I mentioned that was a possibility a couple of weeks ago and that’s quite obviously what happened in the big meeting that supposedly she was gonna read them the riot act on. My opinion is this franchise is screwed for a number of years till Caroll finally gets fired and we get someone in who has a clue cause he aint that.

  38. no frickin clue

    Crap. If this had to happen, at least it’s to a team in the AFC.

    Not mad at Russ. He brought us a championship. Definitely feeling melancholy about it though.

    Now it’s time to usher in the Drew Lock Experience. Ugh.

    Does Pete stick around now? At age 70?

    Who do we hope is part of the trade package, aside from Mr. Lock who apparently is included? Bradley Chubb? Javonte Williams?

  39. V

    “”Shelby Harris, Drew Lock, a noted offensive rising star, and four picks…”

  40. Scot04

    Not impressed with compensation so far.
    Sounds like;
    Lock, Shelby, Fant, two 1st & two 2nds

    • Matt

      Fant? F!CK me…

    • Denver Hawker

      Fant sucks- they were not going to extend him.

    • Ashish

      They give everything for Adams their future kids but get fant by the way TE which we don’t use for Russ.

    • BobbyK

      Got a Tight End!!!

      Super Bowl!!!

  41. MoBo

    Oh boy… Will be interesting to see the compensation but at least we’ve got clarity and Rob got some work to do. Forget the sleep 😀

    By the way Rob, don’t let the general disinterest in combine deceive you. Your work was entertaining as always with a very high standard for bringing well written thoughts and coverage on paper. I appreciate your work even if it isn’t your work

  42. jed

    Still not happy, and probably won’t be even after the package is announced. Now we’re just one of the many teams that has a shit QB and won’t be a relevant team until we get one.

    Rob, great job through this whole thing. You’ve been the one person who said this is realistic and not some fake news.

    I wish I didn’t have a lot of real work to do so I can’t follow all the chaos of today. It’s going to be real and I wouldn’t be surprised to see DK moving on soon too. If they don’t want to deal with Russ or pay him $50+ million a year, I don’t think they’ll pay DK his $20+M a year.

  43. Blitzy the Clown

    Seattle will get #9 and #40 in this draft to go with #41 and #73 in the first 3 rounds.

  44. Nicholas

    “Hey Tom Brady, we have some draft picks Noah Fant and two legit wr’s to play with.
    What do you think?”

    • Peter

      He’s not playing in seattle.

      • Nicholas

        I know, I wanted to see what comments would come back. The thought just struck and I threw it out there lol.

        • Peter

          Btw it’s mostly because i think he plays for the niners if at all

          • Nicholas

            Can’t wear 12 in Seattle anyway!!!

          • Roy Batty

            Niners don’t have the draft capital. Tampa can sit on their heels and laugh at any offer until it includes Bosa, Samuels and a boatload of picks.

            In other words, not gonna happen.

  45. BA

    The Seahawks can now enjoy a series of 5-12 seasons with Drew Lock at the helm. Pete’s arrogance gets him exactly what he deserves

  46. EP

    Fucking hell. After all the conversation over the last 2 years I can’t quite believe what I’m reading. It actually happened WOW. Might as well delete that Mock Draft Rob. You’ve got work to do.

  47. KennyBadger

    Seattle giving up a 4th rounder too. Haven’t heard on 3rdplayer yet. It had better be javonte,

    • Ross


      • KennyBadger

        Great. Not like there’s many TEs in this year’s draft. I suppose it won’t matter given we’ll have no one to throw the ball.

        • Peter

          This is getting to be a super distressing pattern. Loaded TE’s let’s trade for one. Soon to be loaded safety class let’s trade for one.

          • Kyle

            Lmao, what a joke. When is Jody selling this team again? Can it be yesterday so I can wake up and this not be an actual thing?

  48. Blitzy the Clown

    Shelby, Lock and Fant aren’t worth even a 3rd round pick collectively, so essentially Seattle traded Wilson for 2 firsts, 2 seconds, and like a late 3rd.

    • Troy

      I thought Fant was pretty good tho, he was a top 20 pic and his numbers look decent, 68 receptions 670 yards and 4TDs last year

    • Peter

      Agreed. Like fant but who cares seattle currently has zero qb’s worth a damn.

      Shelby harris come on down. 30 year old plain old guy.

    • GoHawksDani

      That’s a bit harsh, but I think something like:
      Fant mid R3
      Harris R4
      Lock R4-5
      So we trade Russ for #9, probably next year’s #20-25, #40, around next year’s #53-60, this year’s #85, #115, #130.
      Not sure if those all added together even worth a #1 pick.
      I’d rather have 3xR1 and 2xR2. Or 2xR1, 1xR2 and an elite player.
      This trade feels like roster building a’la Seahawks. Bunch of mediocre players

      • Lex

        How many times will we trade back on those first rounders?

      • Roy Batty

        The NFC West games just made it to the top of the prime time slots.




        If the Raiders are half way decent, that division is going to be a slugfest.

        • Roy Batty

          *Sorry…AFC West.

  49. Pete's Chewing Gum

    I cannot think of three people I trust less with a pile of picks than Judy, Pete, and John. It all starts with good ownership, and Judy has made it emphatically clear she has no plan, no vision, no passion, and no respect for what her brother built for Seattle. I loath her and dread every year this team isn’t passed on to another passionate and capable caretaker.

    I don’t know if Russ was the answer for the Seahawks, but I’m certain we won’t be finding anyone with his abilities or potential anytime soon. In contrast, Pete has made himself irrelevant in the modern NFL, and John has had a questionable draft resume ever since the LoB fell apart. I have no curiosity to see what these two will waste with with more time and resources.

  50. cha

    NFLN just said that 2 other teams made offers but RW wanted Denver.

    • Michael Hasslinger

      This. Denver was playing with a much better hand with Russell only interested in one location. The no-trade clause impacted the package.

  51. Sea Mode

    WOW. It was all planned all the way along.

  52. Henry Taylor

    What a time to be alive. At least this isn’t boring…

  53. ShowMeYourHawk

    Going to have to see what the actual package is but no way that Fant and Lock and less than 3 1sts are fair compensation. I’d rather have Chase Young and 3 1sts, but if Russ didn’t want to join WAS….

    Seems like we were just looking to put an end to the marriage and took a crappy deal…

    • Cover2

      The players we got in return are underwhelming.

      TE Fant is a nice player, but he is projected to make $14 million a year once his rookie contract expires.

      DT/DE Shelby will be nice as a DE for our 3-4 defense, but again not an impact player.

      Lock is a bridge QB.

  54. cha

    Hold the phone everybody. It’s not official until Gregg Bell confirms it LOL.

    Gregg Bell
    Breaking: Working to confirm Seahawks are trading Russell Wilson to Denver for multiple first-round draft choices, pending Wilson’s approval.

    Aaron Rodgers’ new contract with Packers today spurred the action.

    • Roy Batty

      He was in his basement for an emergency when his all went down…so lay off!

      Seriously, how is Bell employed?

  55. Sea Mode

    LOLOL. Take the huge L on this one, Corbin!

    Corbin K. Smith

    So all that drama and Aaron Rodgers is staying with the Cheeseheads. Russell Wilson will be a Seahawk. Now Jimmy Garoppolo might be the most prized quarterback available.

    Carry on…

    • cha

      Oh, that’s gotta hurt.

  56. Scot04

    Why are we sending our 4th this year for their 5th.
    I’m fine with everything but this last part.

  57. Blitzy the Clown

    Honestly, as the details trickle out, I’m becoming more distressed.

    Only two firsts?

    Three JAGs and no starters?

    We gave the Jets two firsts, a third, and a starting safety.

    This is really distressing.

    • Peter

      Hope the matt corral experiment works cause drew lock aint it.

    • Dominic

      This is the worst-case outcome. Seahawks need a new owner, new GM, new coach. Garbage compensation.

    • Burner

      We have been truly destroyed in this trade, you’d think they would have learned their lessons from the abysmal Adams trade, this looks worse!

  58. cha

    Adam Schefter
    Tight end Noah Fant also is a part of today’s trade, per sources.

    • Mick

      Would have been better off with George Fant, I’m afraid 🙂

  59. GoHawksDani

    lolololol not even 3xR1?????
    I’m not mad about a trade but mid R1 potential late R1 and 2xR2 and SOME (not even great or field tilting) players are just crazy bad compensation. I mean we almost give up the same for the peacock.
    Wow, PCJS sucks real bad…but mocking a draft will be more interesting now at least 🤷‍♂️

  60. cha

    Adam Schefter
    Trade package:

    Seattle gets QB Drew Lock, TE Noah Fant, DL Shelby Harris, two first-round picks, two second-round picks and a fifth-round pick.

    Denver gets Russell Wilson and a fourth-round pick.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Am I the only one who thinks this is a crap deal for Seattle?

      • MoBo

        I would say worse than the Adams deal. And we all know how good this deal was…

      • Mick

        Bad deal. But well, this is how the franchise is run, what can we expect.

      • BA

        Nope. Drew Lock is garbage. The picks will be wasted on garbage since Pete can’t draft. We now no longer have the most valuable asset a team can have, a franchise QB. Heck, they could hit on all the picks and they’re still a 7-10 team cause Drew Lock is the QB…just like the Broncos were a 7-10 team.

    • Poli


    • Scot04

      Not excited about the compensation.
      To me the Adams had a big part in this. Feels like Seattle was desperate for picks.
      Two 1sts, Two 2nds & 3 players is fine.
      Definitely don’t understand the 4th for 5th swap. Seemed unnecessary add from Seattle at the end.
      But if you’re not willing to pay you need to move on.

    • Turp

      In the context of the Jamal trade, we’ve been swindled.

  61. jopa726

    The Denver Broncos visit Seattle in 2022.

  62. Denver Hawker

    Does this trade happen if the Jamal Adams trade never happened?

    • Peter

      Maybe John just isn’t that great at doing his job portion of his job.

    • Cover2

      Maybe, if John and Pete like Matt Corral as much as they like Patrick Mahomes and Justin Herbert.

  63. Blitzy the Clown

    My confidence in this FO is zero

    I can’t believe the let Wilson go for only 2 firsts, especially considering they gave up 2 firsts for a massive disappointment in Adams.

    And especially in this QB market.

    Just atrocious roster management.

  64. drrew76

    The young talent is at an unimportant position — Harris is fine, but doesn’t move the needle.

    There is no path to another high level QB unless they luck out with a draft pick.

    This is the kind of deal that leads to a decade of mediocrity as the franchise flails around trying to find a difference maker at QB.

  65. cha

    Quick and dirty 2022 cap implication

    Current cap $33.956m room

    +11m for RW cleared off
    -1.639 for Fant
    -1.057 for Lock
    -1.000 for Harris
    -3.8m for First Round pick
    -1.6m for Second Round pick

    $35.86m cap room currently, give or take

    • CWagner

      Thanks for clearing that up. I was wondering about cap.

  66. CWagner

    I know you just posted your mock draft Rob, but it’s already time to post another…

  67. Ashish

    Has Pete managed to destroy Hawks completely? Probably we would confirm that by next off-season if not sooner.

  68. Moses Lake Brian

    Do we have next year’s 1st rounder still? Guaranteed to be Top 5. This team is a hot mess. Cut up your FA plans. What FA wants to come here now? Can’t wait for the Legion of BS Carroll and others try to spin about this.

  69. TheCarp

    We didn’t get enough with that haul…shows desperation to me.

    Maybe we flip the second rounders for Jordan Love? Maybe go after Minshew?

  70. Nate

    When news of the trade first broke I was not happy, but willing to wait for details. Now though? I want PC and JS run out of town today.

    Seriously, was this the best they could do?! Two first rounders and a grab-bag of players that will have minimal impact and unlikely to stick around after this season ends. Might as well use their brilliant trade skills to sell Metcalf as well for a 3rd or 4th rounder while they are at it.

    I’ve watched the Seahawks for nearly two decades and I have never felt as pessimistic about the team’s outlook as right now (although that one Mora year comes close). Minimal faith that PC/JS have the capability to rebuild this team back into a contender, let alone a playoff team. What a far cry from the organization that was on top of the world just 7-8 years ago.

    On the bright side I guess I can reclaim a couple hours every week on Sunday back…

    • Malc from PO

      Hi, Nate. I said below that I’m mentally moving on, but on relfection the deal is paltry. is talking it up like deal of the century, but it’s pretty good for Denver to acquire a franchise QB for what they sent over. Khalil Mack and Jamal Adams deals are pretty comparable, really. Denver isn’t giving up any talent of note – those three could conceivably not start for us next year, or even make the team tbh. End of round picks in next year’s draft most likely… not great.

  71. BobbyK

    Are you f’ing kidding me? We also have to GIVE UP a 4th round pick, too?

    Three non-good players in return. No Javonte Williams? None of their actual good players.

    It’s like Schneider said, “We want some players, too.”

    Broncos said, “Sure, let us make a list of our 20 best players and you can’t have any of them.”

    Schneider said, “Oh, boy, that would be swell. Thank you.”

  72. Hawkdawg

    Probably not. And that pisses me off. I don’t like this trade as a value proposition.

  73. Malc from PO

    Good luck to Russ, I think Denver will be really good next year. AFC West is a tasty division. The Rodgers deal made it happen. When Mr. Staton brought up the likely cost of that and said that if Seattle aren’t willing to pay that in two years, you have to trade… that’s exactly what has happened.
    From a personal perspective I’ve got to say I’ve already moved on from Russ because of that. It’s just business. No hard feelings anywhere, let’s pick it up and see what’s next.
    As for the deal – I don’t love having to take future picks because they are going to be end of rounders most likely. The acquired players are meh. Next season could be rough but I’m into seeing what we do moving forward. Surely Pete’s last year? We don’t have the horses likely to compete next year so you can’t try to build a one-year wonder, and surely Pete can’t mastermind a full scale rebuild? Groom Desai to take over maybe?
    Mr. Staton, I really enjoyed the combine coverage. Better than watching it on TV, which the NFL has ruined as an experience. Thanks for all you do, what an exciting off-season lies ahead!

  74. Ashish

    Get rid of Bobby Adams and may be DK. Rebuild if you like to say that word.

  75. glor

    ****** *&^%&*&* **&&*****

    the end..

  76. Big Mike

    Does this trade happen if Carroll doesn’t desperately trade for Jamal Adams leaving the franchise low on draft choices? I say no.

    • Matthew

      Wilson would still want out. They’re no going to pay him what he’ll want next year. Really doesn’t even feel like it’s about anything but that. Would have been a nice story if they made a deep playoff run next year, but no matter what happened this is where it was headed. They probably should have taken the Chicago offer from last year.

      • Malc from PO

        Agreed, Matthew. The aaron Rodgers deal moved the market too much for Seattle, that’s why this is happening. Seahawks backed into a corner and not getting an especially good deal in the end. I’m not critical of doing the deal today, but the poor roster management over recent years means that we lost some ability to have the trade on our terms.
        However it will be interesting to see how this moves the QB market for other teams. Unless your QB really is THE BEST, you can’t justify paying him the top money. Anyone other than Mahomes looking for Rodgers money is going to get shipped off like Russ has been.

  77. GoHawksDani

    Please cut BWagz and trade DK now

  78. Big Mike

    Seahawks got fucking FLEECED

    • Sea Mode

      Probably forced to take Denver’s offer even if there were better ones on the table because of Russ’ no trade clause.

      • Roy Batty



        Everyone pointing the finger at Pete and John and no one acknowledging that, for all Wilson’s talk of staying I Seattle, he wanted out once Pete wasn’t fired. I’d say he forced their hand and they took the only offer they could get to a team Russ would play for.

        Still waaaaaaaay too little compensation, regardless.

    • Hawk Finn

      Sheephawks got fleeced, alright

  79. Sea Mode

    Well at least the draft just got that much more interesting.

    Wonder what happens with DK…

  80. drrew76

    Rumors now that Lockett is up for grabs.

    They need to just dump everyone over the age of 26, which I guess also includes one of the guys we just brought in.

    I think all signs point to overdrafting Matt Corral at #9 now — what a fucking mess.

    • Ashish

      Is there a reason to support Hawks? They are just killing me.

  81. Shibu

    Just out of curiosity, does anyone know if DK ever played with Matt Corral at Ole Miss? Or were they too many years a part

    • drrew76

      Corral had 22 total passes in 2018, DK’s final at Ole Miss.

      Corral and DK hooked up for one reception for 30 yards.

      • Shibu

        Thanks, I wonder how much time DK really spent with him to even know him

      • Roy Batty

        Well, that’s one more than Drew Locke.

  82. glor

    man.. trading Wilson for essentially Jamal Adams.. (in terms of compensation..) well done PC, JS

  83. Donovan

    What the hell? Compensation is way too low.

  84. Blitzy the Clown

    Evan Massey

    Per source, following the #Seahawks trading Russell Wilson to the #Broncos, they are also open for business on wide receiver Tyler Lockett. With plenty of teams needing WR help, he’s a name to keep a close eye on.

    Lockett’s on the auction podium too

    It’s a Seahawks fire sale! Yee ha!

    • cha

      Won’t happen. Seahawks would have to take an $18m cap hit to trade Lockett.

      Unless someone wants to give up two first round picks.

      • drrew76

        $7m if designated post June 1st — would provide $3m in cap savings.

        • cha

          You can’t make that trade until June 1st so no 2022 draft picks.

          • drrew76

            2022 draft picks don’t really help this team at this point.

      • ShowMeYourHawk

        If Russ only landed two 1sts and two 2nds, you’d have to think Lockett wouldn’t fetch more than a 1 and a 4.

    • Ashish

      Probably JS and Pete traded their Brains. They are giving away players around which team needs to be built.

      • J

        The teams been built around those players for the last few years, how’s that gone?

    • J.P.

      Well, if they’re in fire sale mode and rebuilding, I’m down with it. Probably will get a top 5 pick at minimum with how they looked last season, maybe even the top pick given the division they play in. Just take BPA now and take a QB next season once they have a first round pick again.

    • GoHawksDani

      Not against trading a WR, but why not DK? Younger, cheaper right now, ton of possibilities (as a sales pitch)
      Will be really expensive, a bit of drama queen, get lost for longer period of times

  85. Thomas Wells


    Seahawks get: Jamal Adams, Shelby Harris, Noah Fant, two firsts (one 9 overall), two seconds, and a fourth.

    Seahawks give up: Russell Wilson, two firsts (one 10 overall), and a third

    Do the math and we traded russell Wilson and a third rounder for Jamal Adams, Shelby Harris, Drew lock, Noah Fant, two second rounders, and a fourth

    Wanna be even more sad? Think about who we draft with those picks. We could turn those second rounders into marquise Blair and dee eskridge and the fourth into deejay Dallas

    • Ross

      Why do people keep combining the Adams trade and the RW trade? They aren’t connected

      • Hawk Finn

        They absolutely are

      • Roy Batty

        The Seahawks didn’t give up two firsts and change for a stud offensive lineman or a major offensive weapon.

        They gave those picks away for a one-trick pony safety.

        That had to make Wilson a tad bit pissed off.

      • Thomas Wells

        In 2018 I had a mansion in Medina and drove a Toyota Camry. The Camry wasn’t flashy but it got the job done and didn’t break the bank. And your house is way more important than your car, so in the grand scheme of things I was sitting pretty.

        But I wanted to upgrade my car, so I traded the Camry and $200,000 for a Range Rover. Sure, the Range blue-booked at $100,000 and some people said I overpaid. But it was brand name car that I knew I really wanted. Why haggle on the price?

        Two years later I realized the Range Rover was a lemon. I put an extra $100K on a credit card to try to fix it, but that didn’t seem to do the trick. I pissed away almost all of my remaining cash on cryptocurrency and amway.

        Nearly broke, I couldn’t afford my property taxes on my medina mansion. Everyone knew I needed to sell the house because I had mismanaged my finances so poorly. So I sold the mansion at a huge loss and moved to a one bedroom condo in Federal Way. I had some cash from the sale left over so I bought a toyota corolla, a kia forte, and a hyundai sonata.The Range Rover is sitting on cinder blocks in the condo complex parking lot and I am still paying off the repairs.

        Someone pointed out to me I used to live in a mansion and drive a decent car, but somehow ended up living in a one bedroom condo with a Range Rover on blocks and three economy cars. They argued that a series of poor financial decisions, starting with my reckless acquisition of the Range Rover at a foolish price, led me to my current position.

        Why do people act like these financial transactions are related?

        • STTBM

          You, Sir, are my hero! Post of the year….

        • bv eburg

          Outstanding Thomas, and correct.

    • Michael Hasslinger

      Jamal Adams is a mistake. To tie Russell trade to it is a bit unfair. To expect a bigger package, when you are competing against the no-trade clause is tough.

      Ultimately, Seattle is betting they can do it again. They are also admitting Russell was not going to be able to carry this team to the super bowl without a more balanced team.

      Is this the correct move to ‘win forever’; probably not. Is it the most logical move with where the team are at and what is becoming a continual disinterested malaise in the team as-is; probably is.

  86. MikeB

    What a load of crap that deal is. Not a single one of the players they offloaded was one we needed. None will be pillars we build around. We didn’t get a DE, OT, or CB. I have no faith in Schnieder’s ability to be strategic anymore. Only 2 firsts, which we inevitably will squander in pursuit of a starting level QB.

    Guess we doubled down on just getting meh players and redemption projects rather than real talent. Our one blue chip ace in the hole to try and boost the franchise was squandered for spare parts. I’m going to go read something more uplifting, like the invasion of Ukraine or rising gas prices.

  87. Trevor

    I am assuming an announcement that Bobby has been released comes next. Lockett and DK should also be moved IMO. If you are going to trade Russ this team needs a complete over haul. Move out any vet who has value and go with youth all over the roster. Get in position for #1 overall pick next year with a ton of cap space going forward.

  88. DC

    This trade is garbage and a fireable offense. You take this offer? Because HOF QBs just grow on trees, total garbage. Clearly they really wanted to move on from RW, they could have driven up the offer and said at least 3 1’s.

  89. Eduardo Ballori


    They might be drinking the Matt Corral Kool Aid and thinking him and Lock can duke it out.

    I hope that one of those 1st picks is next year hoping its a better QB class.



  90. Huggie Hawk

    Credit where credit is due – thanks for keeping it real on Russ, Rob. I’m sad to see Russ go, but we had been treading water for years… here’s to the future.

  91. Happy Hawk

    I hope everybody who was pumping up this move to trade Rw is happy. No QB and no FA interest now, and really no future. It will make this blog fun because we will be picking in the top 5 every year for the foreseeable future. RW and Griffey Jr – best to ever play in Seattle. Fckd up day.

    • Ashish

      That’s sums up the day. Thank you Pete and JS for the wonderful years. Our future will be like Browns Jets.

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Hmmm… Username doesn’t check out….

  92. matt

    First there was Kreig.
    Then there was John Freisz briefly.
    Followed by Kitna.
    Would love to see Gardner Minshew be the next Seahawks no-name/undrafted QB.

    • SeaTown

      YESSS!! Bring in the stache!! Would love to see Minshew in Seattle.

  93. ShowMeYourHawk

    With a trade return like this one, PCJS have to be planning on taking their QB of the future with their natural 2023 first round pick, which will likely be #1 overall.

    It would seem that Pete’s conversation with Jodi Allen was less about the safety of his job and more about getting the approval to send Russ out of town. I’m more excited for the draft than I’ve been in a long time but this season is going to be ROUGH to sit through…

  94. Ryan

    Just a thought…Is there a team in a better position than the Seahawks now to go make a move for Deshaun Watson? We have the draft capital and cap space. If we send our two newly acquired 1st round picks to the Texans, along with Drew Lock (still on rookie contract for a cap strapped Texans team) to compete with Davis Mills. This trade would then net the Hawks a young Pro Bowl caliber starting QB / cap space / 2 second round picks. Again, just spit balling!

  95. Troy D.

    We over valued (in our minds) an aging QB that wasnt going to re-sign.

    If Carroll was gone I think most people would be fine with the haul. The problem is Carroll and probably Schneider. Yet here we are.

    I would be trading DK though.

    • Bo Wel and the Movements

      Trade metcalf. Yep👍💪

  96. Happy Hawk

    I got my seahawks season ticket renewal yesterday? They knew about this! Shame on them. Total disrespect for the great fans of this franchise. No accountability.

  97. Mario

    I’ve been saying for some time that we needed to trade Russ, but NOT LIKE THIS, CHRIST! Really??? The best our FO could get for one of the best QBs is two firsts, two seconds, and a trio of bums???

    Any half competent FO could have gotten more. Honestly, the best thing for this franchise would be to fire JS/PC because I am sure anyone could do better. And I haven’t even mentioned their terrible ability to draft. No sense in wasting these precious few picks we got in return on a FO that is on the way out.

    • Matthew

      The no trade clause really limits things. Washington had a better offer on the table, but what can they do if Wilson doesn’t want to sign off?

      • DC

        Tell Denver to increase price or not trade him. They didn’t have to trade him.

        • Matthew

          Sure, and find themselves without any deal, and having to take even less for him after next season.

          • BA

            Great, Matt Corral then. No difference

            • BA

              Whoops, meant to replay further down

  98. Simo

    I’m a bit sick to my stomach after today’s trade news. Would hate to see the Hawks turn into a perpetual loser like the Lions or the Jets, but I fear some very difficult, frustrating seasons are in store.

    Good luck to Russ though! I understand his need to move on to a different organization. I’ll be rooting for the Broncos now as well as the Hawks!

  99. Brad S.

    On spending the new draft capital incredibly well – I heard a huge portion of the credit for early Pete/John success was Scott Mclaughlin. I love changing up the status quo, and am hoping Pete is truly ready to pair this with leverage the new coaching talent we brought in.

    The big “if” on this update to me though remains the obvious – how effective we will be on spending the draft capital with the current front office and if it was truly John, Scott, or the front office at large that drove the brilliant decision making back in the early 2010’s.

  100. Aaron


    Thanks Russ for a decade of greatness, but I’m glad you are gone. Take your egotistical attitude and your drama somewhere else. Goodbye.

    • BA

      Enjoy Drew Lock’s great attitude and 5 wins a year

      • lil’stink

        Good point. Because PCJS obviously did this trade because they think Drew Lock is the long term answer.

        • BA

          Ok, Matt Corral then, yayyy

    • Chris

      Brady – no ego
      Rodgers – no ego
      Mahomes – no ego
      Burrow – no ego


      Russ – huge ego?

      Are you kidding me? All QBs have a big ego, otherwise they wouldn’t be playing in the NFL at the most demanding position. The confidence they need to have is tremendous. They’re the best QBs in the world.

  101. Cover2

    We could possibly draft the once in a decade talent in DT Jordan Davis at pick #9. Then with our new draft capital, possibly trade back into the 1st round a draft QB Matt Corral.

    • STTBM

      They will likely screw up the picks as bad as they did the Adams and RW trade. How can anyone think they will be successful after nine years of failed drafts and free Agency and trades?!

    • McZ

      Jordan Davis is a Top 5 pick.

  102. capt. poopy

    Love your work – have been reading for years, but hardly ever comment. SO STOKED about this trade, and the amount of cap space the hawks now have to be actually competitive

  103. Justaguy

    Hey Pete! 🖕

  104. Pugs1

    Like most don’t think they got enough but if Russ turned down trades to Was and Phi and only wanted Denver. PC/JS were not negotiating out of a place of strength.

  105. Schrub

    We got fleeced, but this feels like them not wanting to deal with paying RW $50M/yr and the ongoing issues in dealing with his agent and the associated drama for years to come. The longer they waited to make this deal, the worse the compensation.

    • Seattle Person

      Yup. It’s not the mind-blowing deal but it now made the draft very interesting. You can trade down. You can get Jermaine Johnson. You realistically can get one of the DTs. You can get one of the Qbs. I’m moving on.

      Let’s talk draft now!

  106. Kenny Sloth


  107. DC

    Now only if they still had pick #10….

    • Roy Batty


      Next year they’ll be in the top 5…so, yay!?

  108. icb12

    I’m with Rob on this one. I’m excited. For the first time in a loong loong loong time. I’m excited.

    I’m also higher on Drew Locke than most. I don’t think he’s the “bust” YET that people have marked him, but time will tell.

    Lets sign Leonard Fournette in Free Agency.
    Lets replace Duane Brown with Teron Armstead.
    Sign Brandon Scherff.

    • Happy Hawk

      Free agents flocking to Seattle, Detroit, Houston, and Jets and the rest of the has bins = a big fat no unless they are greatly over paid to come.

    • Michael Hasslinger

      This. And for some reason, I feel guilty about my excitement. Weird.

  109. Denver Hawker

    Seahawks fans seem to largely agree that Seattle lost the trade.

    Other fan sites, media, and my anecdotal friend texts seem to believe Seattle won the trade.

    • Matthew

      Sounds like it’s fair trade.

    • Rob4q

      I just watched a little of Drew Lock’s games from last year…he had some moments. He played well against KC. He has great size, is mobile and can actually read a defense as well unlike some of the other young QB’s in the league. Fant is a really good TE and can do everything they want in that position. And Shelby Harris is a really underrated player as well…was the leader of that Denver defense.

      I think this is the best scenario for all at this point. I hope Russ continues to have success and he will be a HOF QB one day. But I think the Seahawks got about what we should have expected in return. No let’s hope they make some good decisions with those draft picks!!!

      • BobbyK

        Fant is a fine player. He definitely doesn’t suck.

      • Peter

        Like the positivity. Harris seems like a rotational piece which is fine. Fant is good. Lo k….probably a back up.

      • BA

        That’s the thing with Lock, he’s got some positive qualities, but he’s firmly in that Bridgewater/Darnold/Heinicke range of somewhat interesting but ultimately inconsequential QB’s that won’t get your team anywhere.

        • Rob4q

          Maybe…but I would say he offers a lot more than Bridgewater or Heinicke. Darnold I think was ruined by what happened with the Jets and Gase.

          Lock has a lot of ability and I can see Waldron coming up with some things for him. I went back and looked at his NFL draft profile and his NFL comp was Matthew Stafford!

          I do hope they bring in another veteran and then draft a player as well…Eason is already on the roster so then you have four guys to compete for the role in 2022.

      • Denver Hawker

        I went to a few Bronco games last year and follow the team pretty closely.

        Lock- Denver fans have been torn on him. He clearly shows talent, but processing and decision making have been a huge minus. Is that him or did he fail to get support from the bad coaching staff???

        Fant- mostly a bust. Denver wasn’t going to resign him when his contract is up. Alfred O is a better TE when not hurt. Fant is slow getting off, doesn’t want to block, and I understand he’s just lazy off the field.

        Harris- solid lineman. Not a game wrecker, but will be a better rotation guy than many think. He’s had steady NFL production and is versatile. Players love him too.

  110. BobbyK

    Where were you when you heard the news?

    This is definitely a day we’ll never forget.

    This is a day where comPete will have the last laugh and he’ll lead us to another Super Bowl and be the greatest Seattle sports figure ever.

    Or he’s going to be an old man I won’t even stand up and politely clap for when he goes into the Ring of Honor one day. I’ll probably go clean cat litter instead if that’s what it comes down to.

    Man, I hope Pete knows what he’s doing…

    • Rob4q

      Agree 100% Bobby…I own three Seahawks jerseys and two of them are Wilson! He will always be one of my favorite Seahawks and will be in the HOF one day. But this day just felt like it was coming with everything that has happened in the last two years.

      Now we get to see if Pete & John can put it all back together again!

    • Matthew

      Found out when I logged on to SDB this afternoon in Seattle when I was taking a break from work. My eyes about fell out of my head. Pete Carroll is living by his word. You’re either competing, or you’re not. The safe choice for him would have been to retain Wilson this year no matter what. Go all in, if it didn’t work, retire. This move makes me think he’s thinking in a 3-5 year window for himself. Excited to see it. Could be legendary like you said. I wish Wilson the best, but won’t be surprised if he ends up like Cam Newton. He depends on his athleticism, and when that goes even more, he’s going to fall off quick.

    • Ashish

      Good one BoobyK. Let’s hope I’m wrong along with many SBD members and Pete does his magic.

      Rob had good prospects lined up, hope we get Minshew as QB that will get me excited at QB position.

    • Dawgma

      Narrator: …bit Pete did not know what he was doing.

  111. Kendo

    Anyone want to start a petition for a new head coach and GM? Hell why not throw in a new owner since they allowed this horrible trade to happen. It really looks like ownership put more value on the oldest coach in the league than one of the best QBs in the league still in his prime. It looks like season tickets are now a money pit.

  112. J.P.

    I have to wonder how much all of this is John Schneider’s doing. It seems like with all the move towards getting young on the coaching staff, whatever they’re doing with Desai, and trading Wilson, it seems more like a John Schneider wet dream than something I felt Pete would’ve preferred. Always thought Pete was the Wilson guy, John always thought about trading him imo.

    He’s been linked to many QBs while Wilson was still young. I suppose if he feels like he can get his guy next year in the draft, I mean, you just gotta go for it. Wilson has his choice too of where he ends up so you didn’t hold all the cards.

    At this point, I just hope they don’t trade for Kirk or something. Just embrace the tank and take the BPA.

  113. RugbyLock

    Welcome to 90s Seahawks football boys…. Might actually root against them til P&J are fired…

  114. Happy Hawk

    Green Bay = good organization with a bright future

    Seattle = total rebuild while playing in the best ( now 2nd best) division in the NFL

    • Matthew

      If you’re going to rebuild in the NFCW, nows the time. The other teams are peaking/peaked, so get things together to be on the rise as they age/fall.

    • BA

      What we’ve set ourselves up for is 2-4 years of wheel-spinning under a delusional Pete. followed by a proper rebuild. This is the worst case scenario

      • Dawgma

        Amen, this is going to get ugly and will probably *stay* ugly until there’s an ownership change.

  115. Mick

    IMO we better use one of these top picks for a LT, Duane made sense with Russ, now we might as well get younger at the position.

  116. Gross MaToast

    Busy all morning and come back to find myself PUMPED AND JACKED!

    I like it for so many reasons (no rerun – stronger presence from JS? – rebuilding with this draft class – $$$$$ – Pete’s ass is on the line) and it’s a breath of fresh air for this franchise.

    Now let Bobby find a new team and really get the rebuild underway.

    Kudos to Rob and the SDB community for absorbing the hate for calling this move.

    I’d like one Jordan Davis at #9, please, but I’m guessing trade-downs.

    • Bankhawk

      Gross-Ma-Toast, I don’t always agree with your posts, but I find myself liking this one, point-to-point.
      I for one, like the possibilities this presents. If many in the community lack faith in the leadership of PC & JS, why would you have trusted them to ‘make all the right moves’ had Russ stayed? The ‘run it back’ scenario had just as many (if not more?) ways it could have come up short of the mark, and if this goes all pear-shaped on Pete and Johnny, haters will get what they want-a new front office to go with the renovated coaching staff and a revamped scheme on O & D!
      I still working through the Livestream post, but Rob, I’m loving your openness to the possibilities. Will there be some pain along the way? Sure-but that was always gonna be the case.
      Big thanks to Rob and Robbie for being Johnny-on-the-spot with this one (as usual). Preciate ya, guys!

  117. GoHawks5151

    Oh boy…. Seems like all the change has been had been for this. Commit to Waldron and a Rams scheme. See if you can squeeze a Jared Goff performance from Locke. Get a top edge guy and bring pressure and man up on D in a scheme that is more flexible and unpredictable. Build a set of base players from this draft

  118. Mike

    Kayvon thibadueox, Derek stingley, Jermaine Johnson, Jordan Davis those options at 9 are going to be sweet.

    At least we will have a sweet defense.

    • drrew76

      Prepare yourself for the Matt Corral overdraft.

      • Sea Mode


        • Hoggs41

          Id be willing to bet we trade down from 9 as someone will want to jump in front of Washington. If we dont count me in on Jordan Davis.

        • Mike

          I think I’d be okay with that too, I’m sure they have a plan in place and it will at least be interesting to see what happens.

      • Qoolio

        I’m preparing for them to trade out of the first round to pick up four more Day 2 picks.

  119. Mike

    Gregg bell… still holding on that it won’t go through is really something lol 😂

    • Sea Mode


    • Big Mike

      John Clayton will be up soon doing the same I’m sure
      Freaking morons

    • cha

      He’s also getting loads of (well-deserved) flak for his dreadful way of handling this story.

      His defense? ‘I had a source in the know that assured me Russell wasn’t being traded. He obviously used me. I’m OK with that and now I’m OK with saying I was wrong.’

      And that’s why Gregg Bell is a joke.

      It’s not that you had a source telling you something.

      It’s that you refused to report on all the smoke the last couple years.

      It’s that you positioned yourself as someone in the know, and berated fans in the most smug way imaginable for even suggesting he do some actual reporting on the matter.

      It’s that you decided to interpret “we’re picking up the phone because that’s our job but we’d like Russell to be in Seattle” as “we’re not trading him, period” which is darn near journalistic malpractice.

      At the end of the day, it’s that while the biggest sports story in recent Seattle history was unfolding, and you had an audience with all of the players, instead of actually covering the story you decided to sit on the bench and take shots at fans begging for information.

      • Gross MaToast

        All of this.

        I remain true to the vision of Saturday mornings with Rob in the Clayton slot, or up against him on a different station.

      • Big Mike

        spot on cha

      • bmseattle

        Bell is trying to weasel out of admission of his terrible handling of this, by blaming “sources” and refusing to acknowledge what a condescending jerk he was to anyone who dared bring this topic up.

        To his credit, he is at least on twitter, responding to people (even if he is still being arrogant)… John Clayton appears to have gone in o hiding.

  120. Roy Batty

    Why do I get the feeling we’re gonna hear a lot of Georgia defensive players names being called when the Seahawks picks are announced a few weeks from now?

    I’m excited for the draft for the first time in AGES.

    • God of Thunder


      Team needed a rebuild, like it or not. I suspect Russ knew this and wanted out.

      I will miss some things about RW but not all.

      • Roy Batty

        To me, as soon as Pete had Jody Allen’s vote of confidence, he was eager to create another defensive juggernaut.

        It also helped him that Schneider was itching to trade Wilson and his agent.

        They don’t nail this draft, though…they’re both run outta town. No question about it.

  121. BobbyK

    Did we trade our Jets 4th rounder THIS year for a Broncos 5th rounder THIS year?

    That part of the trade still confuses me. Anyone help?

    • Pugs1

      That’s the part of the trade that tells me the Seahawks were not dictating the terms of the deal. Russ left them no options leaving them one team to deal with.

  122. Cliff

    I’m very excited to see what picks the Seahawks are going to make in the draft, but slightly more concerned about what players they will pick up in Free Agency considering their recent “haul” of veterans. I hope that PC/JS looks on the top shelf for players instead of gambling on a bunch of mid-tier players.

  123. Hoggs41

    A lot of people complaining. The two second round picks are essentially equivalent to a first rounder and we get them in the next two drafts, not in three years. The players arent bad. Locks is essentially a backup with experience. Harris is a very solid player but doesnt have a long term future and Fant was an early first rounder who is still learning. They are obviously trying to still compete without blowing this whole thing up. Lets let them continue to build this to see where things fall before we judge.

  124. SeattleLifer

    Sad Russ is really going, by far the biggest reason we had so many postseason appearances. So many impossible plays and beautiful throws. Hall of famer gone.

    I’m not overly happy with the return on the trade but : between not wanting to pay him coming up(and dealing with his agent…), the fact he is aging/declining in areas, the front office and team not wanting the drama/distraction of it all and Russ holding the no trade clause this was posssibly the best we were going to get. I think it was unwise of them to not ask for three first round picks and I wonder if they eschewed it with the thought of wanting more picks sooner.

    I don’t know their contract details but if they lose/let walk either Fant or Shelby after just one season of service it would certainly add layers of dissatisfaction to this trade.

  125. Gaux Hawks

    uhhhhhh… what the frack just happened?

    did we just become the laughing stock of the NFL?

    can anyone explain this to me at a kindergarten level?

    • RugbyLock

      ok, I’ll try…

      Pete has gone senile and John is a moron.

  126. Donald_Duck

    Russell Wilson did not buy Pete Carroll’s ‘the dog ate my homework’ excuse

    • Sea Mode

      Doesn’t matter, Jodi did.

  127. Sea Mode

    Wait, he’s already there…? oof.

    Gee Scott Sr.

    Hearing about Russ already being in Denver today feels like when you find out your Ex is already on a date the same day they broke up with you. #Seahawks

    • Hawkdawg

      Everybody on the inside knew this was coming, that’s obvious. No matter what they said publicly.

  128. Morty

    It’s a sad day for sure. I just hope that we can flip some of our picks now into something worth while. I will say that this site was at it’s best when the Seahawks had high draft picks so it should be fun to see Rob do his magic. I know that we all think that a QB will be drafted this year but what does next years class looks like if they decide just to go with Geno or Drew? I don’t even know the names I should be watching for next year.

  129. Poli

    Wait, so did Schefter really just say on TV that the Hawks are looking at Deshaun Watson?

    • BobbyK

      Hope not!

  130. Sea Mode

    Gregg Rosenthal
    · 3h

    Pete Carroll really took advantage of an ownership vacuum to win a power struggle with the best player in Seahawks history

    • Big Mike


    • Tomas

      Staggering, blind stupidity fueled by an aging narcissist, a hugely overrated GM, and a bone-smuggling owner. Welcome to 4-13, and years in the cellar. Jubilation and laughter in San Francisco! Absurd. The Seahawks have become the Mariners. All hope is gone until Pete and John are swept out by a new owner – 3-4 years from now? It’s over for this team. Very happy for Russ – Go Broncos!

      • Big Mike

        I agree with you except for the “Go Broncos” part. I’ve always liked the other 3 AFC West teams since the old AFL days, but I just don’t like Denver. Maybe Russ will change that for me.
        As for the rest, I see what you see. Prove us wrong Pete. Your drafts have freaking sucked for years now but here’s your chance to turn it around. I have zero faith however.

        • Tomas

          Fair point, Big Mike — I could have left off the “Go Broncos,” but I was bitterly imagining Russ saying that after Denver wipes out the Hawks next season. The worst, my most feared scenario, has come true. Bummed.

      • Peter

        Hopefully the team is pretty well stocked up when the new FO comes in.

        Love Rob and his optimism but I don’t actually have to get excited about this. Love the draft implications but if they’ve had since 2014 to consider continuing greatness and they just didn’t care enough.

        It’s like charlie brown and lucy kicking the football….no, really, this time i promise we are going to finally get the draft right…trust us.

    • McZ

      RW wanted out, he is out. As long as PC doesn’t have a winning 2022 season, he is the loser of this trade.

  131. Sea Mode

    FWIW, Lance has Davis at #20 and Wyatt at #30 (to Chiefs, no less)

  132. Sea Mode

    Gotta love Lance, calling people out and telling it like it is:

    Mildly Optimistic Rockets Fan
    Replying to @NFLDraft and @LanceZierlein

    Is KT really falling out of favor that much in NFL circles?

    Lance Zierlein


    • Big Mike

      So we’ll take him then?

      • Peter

        Hope we don’t. Dude is hot and cold. And couldn’t perform at the combine for what reason? Big jordan davis had no problem being a world beater.

        Kayvon and adams taking plays off together or do they switch snaps on who stands around?

        • Big Mike

          Or do they both miss the second half of the season after a first half of “business decisions”?

  133. cha

    In case you didn’t notice Rob, somebody posted your tweet on Reddit and the community pretty much lost their minds.

    The number of edits and backtracks is so, so sweet.

    • Sea Mode

      Oh, drink it in!

      • Roy Batty

        I wonder how many people John Clayton has blocked on his Twitter feed since the trade was announced?

        I’m going with with infinity + 1.

  134. God of Thunder

    Goodbye, and good luck.

    Lots of emotionally freighted hot takes. I hope this, my offering, is a warm take not a hot one.

    I’ll miss the fine and often near excellent QB play. I won’t miss the “me” slash celebrity side of “DangeRuss” RW3. I also feel that age has caught up to RW a little bit. He may play 4-5 more years as a league wide top 10-12 QB, but he may not.

    Now the cupboard can be restocked; the draft will be acutely important and more interesting, now. And in a couple of seasons we’ll be able to assess the trade. Picking one Hall of Fame player and 3 strong starters would be great.

    • Trevor

      I agree completely the Hawks needed to shake things up and Russ’s off field act had become beyond tiresome.

  135. GoHawksDani

    Can anyone tell me a couple of good Broncos games to cheer me up about Lock/Fant/Harris?

  136. Hawkdawg

    Listening to Rob’s stream now, he’s actually cheering me up some…

  137. Bertelli

    It seems a little light, but you never know if the Hawks have plans to use these picks to acquire someone else. I don’t see Lock as the starter, but he may be a good backup to have. Maybe they turn around and move these picks in another blockbuster for someone like DeShaun Watson? My point is that it’s seems too early to judge the deal until we see what they do with the picks.

    • BobbyK

      I love the idea of Drew Lock as our backup. Hate the idea of him as the starter.

      I love D. Watson the player/quarterback.

      I despise what he represents.

      I really don’t want to watch Seahawks games with my 10-year old son and cheer for that slimeball.

      • Peter

        If they trade any of this compensation for Watson that’ll tell straight away there is no plan.

    • Henry Taylor

      I’m ok with the excitement of rebuilding as they are. If they trade for Deshaun Watson I’ll be absolutely furious. They’d be taking something I love away from me because I couldn’t support this team with that guy.

  138. BobbyK

    Anybody know anything about this 4th round pick the Seahawks traded away? Was it a 4th round pick this year? Next year? What?

    Anyone know anything about this 5th round pick we received from the Broncos? Was it a 5th rounder we’ll get this year or next year or 2024?

    • cha

      We don’t have it spelled out yet.

      It was reported the Broncos’ second round pick was their native one this year. #40

      But we haven’t heard anything about the second one. It could be #64 acquired from the Rams in the Von Miller trade, or it could be Denver’s native 2023 pick.

      • Scot04

        Hoping it’s 2022 1st, & both 2nds 2023 1st

        • Scot04

          I’d also feel better if it was our 2023 4th for Denvers 2022 5th

  139. DK

    The Hawks leverage in this situation wasn’t the best. They either have to pay the market rate for a top tier QB, $50m+ per year average value or trade Russ to a team he wants to go to, which apparently was Denver.

    None of us know what is going on behind the scenes, and even if Denver had been working on this deal for two weeks, I don’t care what anyone says, there in no coincidence that this deal was completed soon after the Aaron Rodgers deal was announced. There was no way Carroll and Schneider were going to pay Russ $50+ mil a year, they have looked at dealing him in the past and that deal sealed.

    Throw in the NTC and Russ could control where he was going to and he wasn’t going to allow the assets given up in the trade to really impact the construction of the team he is going to. My guess is that things got to the point where the team knew what is was going to cost to keep Russell Wilson and they made the best deal they could based on Wilson’s veto power.

    Fant and the draft picks are the key to this deal, a young explosive tight end which can be utilized now since there will be a new quarterback. Harris knows Fangio’s system which the team is implementing and adds defensive line depth. Is it the massive haul we all were hoping for, probably not, but any team trading for him also knows the cost to keep him past his current deal. That will also impact the return.

  140. Bertelli

    I agree. I was just using Watson as an example of possibly something else being in the works. I see NO way that Lock is the starter, there’s got to be more to come. They’ll probably move DK to the Jets for the 10th pick and then start their trade-back routine to acquire more picks. As Rob mentioned, this is a great draft to build your team – It’s the QB part that seems in a grey area right now. Who’s out there they could realistically sign or acquire in another trade. Garrapolo? Jameis Winston?

  141. IHeartTacoma

    Makes the draft more interesting, eh? The next several weeks of draft speculation are going to be fun.

    • Roy Batty

      Watching Jordan Davis at the combine was depressing.

      Now, not so much!

      • IHeartTacoma

        His 40 was legend, but I really liked watching him slap down those blue foam cones! Bam!

  142. George

    One thing no one is mentioning, this is going to kill Seattle on the free agent market. You think Chandler Jones or Von Miller want to play for this team now?

    • Roy Batty

      Miller signing with Denver on the cheap would not surprise me right now.

      Jones is still in play, if they offer him a a huge amount. Witch, I hope they do not.

      • Peter

        I think rob, robbie, jeff, and joe were right in saying that the pass rushers probably aren’t coming in free agency.

        Now they can get one in the draft.

    • Jordan

      Pursuing guys that age should only be in consideration if you’re attempting to capitalize on a window with a franchise QB. I don’t want to speak for Rob, but he may have been advocating for a pursuit of those players within a situation where Russ is the QB.

    • icb12

      Is it? They won’t?

      Pay them and they will come. This is the way.

      • Peter

        Players don’t move judt because of money. Years ago kris dielman didn’t sign with seattle literally because of the weather.

        • Big Mike

          That’s the reason Dielman gave. I’ve always thought it was way more Ruskell rubbing him the wrong way when he visited. Regardless, there’s an old wound re-opened man Ouch 🙂

        • icb12

          Sure, you won’t get everyone. But it’s the NFL. Money talks. Plenty of guys WILL move if you offer them money. I don’t think Russ was a huge draw for Free agents personally. I think if anything this deal increases the chances that free agents will come.

          Guys that don’t will have their reasons, be it weather, Pete, Waldron, overall talent, family, taxes, location, or other reasons, but overwhelming the #1 reason they won’t come will be because they receive a better financial offer elsewhere.

          • Peter

            Seriously. Why would a free agent all things relative, money mostly, not come here because of Wilson?

            You think free agents are more likey to go to a team with a qb in flux?

            I dunno. That doesn’t check out to me.

            • Roy Batty

              I’m guessing the problem with signing FA’s lands squarely on Pete’s doorstep.

              • Big Mike


    • Seattle Person

      But now you are getting a pretty good player at #9. Or you can trade down and net more high picks.

  143. Hand of God

    I personally like the trade: we are moving from a player who is clearly unhappy in Seattle, who is up for a MASSIVE contract extension soon (~50MM/yr) and who is getting older (with lots of good years ahead, nonetheless). The package in isolation we received feels fair (comparing this with the Jamal Adams trade is not fair – that was a terrible trade and should not be used as a benchmark). We have spent many seasons now “trying to remain relevant” , making it to the playoffs but ultimately without enough horsepower to make it to the final game. This could potentially change things – of course, conditioned to good selections. I would hope they are patient with their next steps: this is not the year to draft a QB, this is the year for BPA…next year with a better QB pool and 2 st + 2nd rounders we can move up the board and target a more attractive player. In the meantime, Lock or other cheap QB, draft best players available, maybe turn some other players into more picks and beat everything on 2023 – make 2023 the beginning of a new dynasty.

  144. Roy Batty

    Rob or cha, could the 2nd rounder this year be equated to a late 1st next year in terms of value?

    And, since the Broncos might be picking in the late first for years to come, doesn’t that make a 2nd rounder this year better than getting a 2024 1st rounder?

    I’m spitballing, but it would be nice to know.

    • Scot04

      Not Rob or Cha.
      But, Yes a late 2023 1st value is basically a late 2022 2nd.
      So definetly better than a 1st in 2024

      • Roy Batty


        Everyone gets so caught up on the number of firsts that they fail to see the great value, especially this year, in that #40 pick.

    • cha

      could the 2nd rounder this year be equated to a late 1st next year in terms of value?

      No, the 2022 2nd is more valuable. You get a whole year of developing the player. That’s more than worth the gap from #40 in 2022 than #25-32 in 2023.

      • BobbyK

        I’ve always thought that people with long-term thinking are generally more successful, that’s why I’ve always thought a #25 type pick is better than a #40 type pick.

        The problem with assuming the Broncos are going to pick 25-32 is the same as comPete trading a pair of first round picks for Jamal. He assumed they’d pick late in the first round, but in fact that “25-32” pick turned into a top 10 pick. And I know I’d rather have the #10 pick than the #40 overall pick, even if I have to wait a year to get it.

        • cha

          It’s a gamble that’s for sure.

          Seahawks traded #37 to (ironically) Denver in 2009 and ended up with #14 in 2010. Earl Thomas.

          • BobbyK


            With a pair of 1’s and 2’s next year, I can definitely see them try to dangle a 2nd round pick next year for a 3rd round pick this year. Normally I don’t like that, but with the depth of the draft this year – I may actually be okay with that. We’d still have a pick in every round next year and multiple picks in the 1st and 5th round. That’s something to look forward to.

            Rob runs a great draft blog, but them having draft picks actually makes the blog better. There’s more chances we’ll be able to get some of these guys we want badly.

  145. MychestisBeastmode

    The sky is not falling.

    -Noah Fant is actually good and has plenty of potential to be a great TE.
    -Shelby Harris fits the exact profile they need for an inside-out lineman in our reworked 3-4 front with pass rush ability (7 sacks) at 6’3″ 300lbs.
    -Drew Lock… Idk but nobody would have filled RWs shoes. He will likely be part of a competition. That’s the scariest part.
    -2 1sts and this year is #9. Jermaine Johnson is definitely someone I covet. Jordan Davis is in play.
    -2 2nds: A top LB, a solid to great OL, a top RB, Matt Corral, any number of other positions could be had. Having 2 2nds in this draft is a real get.

    Run and defense is our new look. Just have to acquire a QB who can manage games or at least not lose them.

    • Peter

      I have this idea that you might be familiar with the concept of “PMA.”

      Could be wrong. But guessing I’m right.

      Like the optimism. Like Fant quite a bit. Not quite seeing it with Harris.

      • MychestisBeastmode

        I’m crap with acronyms. So, not sure if I am familiar with PMA?

        I don’t think it’s a “great” trade, but I’m content. Finding a QB was always going to be the caveat to any possible success. I too do not know if Harris is game changing, but definitely see that he fits the profile of what I had presumed a few weeks back of who they’d look to acquire in a Fangio defense.

        Also, happy my hot take was literally the same as Rob’s on his Livestream (probably because I build most of my viewpoints from this blog!).

        Friends in my circle agree this is a 3 year rebuild to get to top contention. If we catch fire in a bottle this year with Lock or Eason or other, then it could be instant success (very unlikely, but not impossible). Also, the draft stock for next year puts us in a good place to maneuver for one of the top QBs if we want/need to make that move.

        • bv eburg

          Positive Mental Attitude

  146. BobbyK

    We were destined to pretty much suck with Wilson in ’22. This is a breath of fresh air, even though there are two types of teams in the NFL:

    1. Those that have a QB.

    2. Those that don’t.

    Thanks to Pete/John basically having crap offseasons for a half decade, they created a team so bad that it couldn’t win with a franchise QB. The only thing they’ve done for over a half decade is have a good draft in ’20 – but that FA period that same offseason was terrible (another of many fireable offenses).

    If they can find a QB – they’ll become legends. If they can’t – they’ll be remembered somewhat poorly by many of us, even though they won all the marbles on 2/2/14.

    They’re definitely taking a major risk and their legacies are tied to it. If Russ goes to the Broncos and wins a Super Bowl and Pete goes 7-10 or 6-11, I don’t even know if Pete will ever make it to Canton in his lifetime. I don’t think he will (may get in later and probably eventually, but not the lock he’d be if he can either win without Russ or if he’d simply let Lynch run the ball).

    • Big Mike

      “Thanks to Pete/John basically having crap offseasons for a half decade, they created a team so bad that it couldn’t win with a franchise QB. The only thing they’ve done for over a half decade is have a good draft in ’20 – but that FA period that same offseason was terrible (another of many fireable offenses).”

      Bingo Bobby. I just don’t get why people think these bozos are going to somehow all of a sudden turn it around and get us to a Super Bowl, or at least contending status after this trade. I mean these are the people that traded two 1sts, a 3rd and a starting Safety for a guy that has now been ranked in the 60s by PFF 2 seasons in a row and has become an injury risk while doubling down on it by paying him 17.5 million dollars per year.
      I suppose the shiny new draft pick possibilities make people “pumped and Jacked” for what could be, but all I can say is look at the track record of the individuals involved. Fills me with dread.

      • Peter

        Crap offseasons. Let’s add to the time where you get the rarest thing in sports in a franchise qb and you never, ever bother getting a coordinator that can further develop him and instead just get any old guy that’ll do.

    • TJ

      “Thanks to Pete/John basically having crap offseasons for a half decade, they created a team so bad that it couldn’t win with a franchise QB.”

      That is exactly why I don’t feel good about having 1 firsts, including #9, 2 seconds, and players. I don’t trust them to use this draft capital in any impactful way. PC/JC may very well turn these picks into 4 average players who don’t earn second contracts with the team.

      Get ready to pick near the top of the draft for the next few years.

    • pdway

      Like all of us, I think i’m going through my five stages of grieving over this. But after some hours of it sinking in…i’m sort of ok with it too.

      I agree w Bobby’s point, about the teams/QB’s thing being pretty binary – and it is really hard to accept the reality that Russell Wilson is no longer the guy. Even in these last couple years, he gave us a puncher’s chance to win almost any game.

      But….a couple things –

      I do think his play had peaked and he was on the other (still very good) side of it. I know his stats as well as you all do, but the eye test didn’t always confirm it to me. With peak Russell, I always trusted him to make a play and get us down the field when he had to. Often w his legs, buying time, etc. That part of his game had slipped, and it had a bigger impact than I’d thought it would.

      More than that, I agree that things had gone stale w this version of the hawks, and though I talked myself into an optimistic place nearly every off-season, the reality is that we have been treading water for a long time, and a big re-set will at least bring real change – even if it’s downward for a while.

      I felt like we didn’t get enough in return – but realize now that our leverage was hamstrung by his NTC – and at least I don’t feel as much like we were swindled, it just is what it is under the circumstances.

      So – we move on – still feels strange that this day we’ve talked about for so long has finally come.

  147. Palatypus

    I only have one thing to say about this right now…

    Listen you’re my friend…
    I noticed you haven’t really been yourself recently…
    Yeah, I feel like something’s up…
    How are you?
    Are you okay?
    Is there anything you want to talk about?
    I just want to know how you’re feeling…
    …and listen, even if you don’t know what to say…
    I’m here to talk…
    No matter what you’re going through…
    I just want you to know I’m here…
    I’ve got your back…
    When you want to talk I’m here..

    • Hawk Finn


  148. Scot04

    This was a painful way to break down the trade.

    • Big Mike


    • Peter

      That was a rough way to look at it.

  149. Cysco

    I haven’t been this excited about the Hawks in a long time. I’m pumped.

    If the FO makes the right moves (shedding salaries, good FA signings, good drafts) this team can be exciting again in no time.

    Should be a exciting time be part of this community. Let’s Go!

    • bk matty

      like the last 5 drafts they completely blew? Malik McDowell anyone??

      Or the Jamal Adams trade and now handing away Seattles most iconic sports star in its history IN HIS PRIME…

      Yeah, this is the group I want at the helm…

      • Big Mike


        • Hoggs41

          Schneider was at his best in the beginning. This kind of feels like a restart so lets see how it works out.

      • Peter

        Take the long view. Maybe the came in with two firsts because of a trade with denver and if they blow it they go out with two firsts because a trade with Denver.

        Doesn’t pete have some nonsense about completing the circle…?

  150. Blitzy the Clown

    Adam Schefter
    Specific picks Denver is trading to Seattle in exchange for Russell Wilson:

    Denver’s 2022 first-round pick (No. 9)
    Denver’s own 2022 second-round pick (No. 40)
    Denver’s 2023 first- and second-round picks.
    Denver’s 2022 fifth-round round pick for Seattle’s 2022 fourth-round pick

    Was hoping it was #9, #40 and #62 (or whatever their second 2nd round pick was) but at least the bizarre and kinda tacky 4th for 5th swap is immediate

    • BobbyK

      So we lose our 4th round pick (keep the Jets better 4th rounder) and receive the Broncos 5th rounder this year?

      • Blitzy the Clown

        That’s my understanding which is why I’m glad it’s this year’s 4th because we have the earlier one.

        Still leaves a cheap taste in my mouth that they had to even through the mid round swap in, but whatever.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          *throw not through

    • Scot04

      Definitely don’t understand the pick swap.
      Thought the only reason was to maybe get the two 2nds in 2022.
      But limited options means limited value.
      Feels like Denver dictated that part of the deal.
      I mean would Denver have really said no if you told them were not including our 4th.
      I can’t believe the 5th without our 4th in return would have killed the deal.

    • Rob4q

      Looks like it’s Seattle’s 108 (4th) for Denver’s 145 (5th) as the pick swap in the deal…

  151. cha

    Cardinals you really want to get snarky with Mina Kimes?

    OK then

  152. bk matty

    what a shite sambo. No matter how you cut it this is an unmitigated disaster. Rarely to never do franchise QBs become available at age 33, let alone ones like RW. THIs disaster is solely due to the mismanagement of the team by Pete Carrol and John Schneider. Year after year of wasted draft classes. Year after year of not making good decisions on the OLine or with the offensive scheme. Year after year of not letting RW be more involved and here we are. The greatest sports star to ever play in Seattle by lightyears is walking at the age of 33, still well in his prime.

    Whats worse, and I am aghast to read how people are ‘fired up’ for the draft, is that we cant get rid of PC-JS in time for that draft because its little more than a month away. So we hand them extra picks to shank as they have the last 5 years over and over and over.

    Sorry folks I do not see the silver lining here. You can pay a QB and compete, you just need management that understand the NFL in 2022, not one that lives by a 2012 doctrine that is already well past due.

    • Big Mike


    • Peter


      Pete and co are well and truly cooked on ideas on roster construction but now i’m trying to muster up hope that this solves everything while by the time their contracts are up both pc and js will be here for 15 plus years with one ring and now trending down as we embrace the SECOND (!!!) Rebuild because the first didn’t work…..

      I love the podcasts but I’m not living off the idea of “the did it once before.” That maxim should be on the back of every seattle area fans jersey for every sport. My whole life as a seattle fan has been about holding onto players (bobby,) too long, waiting for players to develop, and hoping against hope that some coach will get their magic back.

    • Gross MaToast

      The past year-plus in the Wilson saga has been a journey. I started out in this camp – no way you can trade this guy; he’s everything – the only thing the Seahawks have going for them. I remained in that camp for the longest time – Wilson is the Seahawks. Combine that with Pete’s past decade of drafting and his handling of any return for Wilson and it all seemed a terrible outcome.

      But after the 2021 season, it was more than apparent that Seattle had nowhere near a Super Bowl roster. They were fourth and fading in the NFC West, much less a race for championships. A great free agency could have helped, but they are traditionally terrible at free agency.

      Then the combine happened and a look at some of the players available who could help rejuvenate a very lackluster defense made the potential loss seem less crushing. The defense can get right in a hurry with this draft.

      The downside, and it is substantial, is that the next QB is going to be nowhere near Wilson.

      Pete is here and he’s going to play PeteBall. Let him take players who define PeteBall – whoever that may be. His ass is on the line now – this is the biggest of all big resets and he will either be a genius or the idiot who traded the best QB the Seahawks are ever likely to have.

      It’s a damn ballsy move, that’s without question, and maybe, if successful, teams will begin asking whether paying 25% of their salary cap to one guy is the only way to go. I like it better than rerunning the past five seasons and more of the ‘will he or won’t he’ drama surrounding Wilson. I think it’s going to be fun to watch the rebuilding.

      But they better show results…

  153. Palatypus

    Well, I just did this on the PFN Mock Draft simulator if it makes anyone feel better.

    SEA 9. Jordan Davis DT Georgia

    SEA 40. Abraham Lucas OT Washington State

    SEA 53.Alec Lindstrom OC Boston College

    SEA 72. Arnold Ebiketie EDGE Penn State

    SEA 86. Channing Tindall LB Georgia

    SEA 115. Jalyn Armour-Davis CB Alabama

    SEA 153. Obinna Eze

    • Peter

      Not bad. Got to think RB comes into play now that pete will likely really need a run game instead of talking about a run game.

      • Palatypus

        I took two tackles and a center.

        • Peter

          No i get it. But….rashaad “big macs,” penny not be a guy I’m counting on for a full season.

          • Big Mike

            Wouldn’t bring him back now. Draft a workhorse (could’ve had Taylor but hey, who n eeds a guy begging to be a Seahawk). The draft choices make a true workhorse back possible.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Has anyone else tried the PFF simulator?

      • Scot04

        Yes, but I try to use Rob’s board so it’s more realistic.
        If rob has a guy ranked 3rd, i won’t take him past the 4th.
        I try to keep all within 1 round of his rankings.
        Works better & a bit more fun that way.

      • Rob4q

        Trader John at his finest came away with this draft and didn’t give up too many of next years picks either…

        14. Jermaine Johnson, EDGE Florida State
        33. Abraham Lucas, OT Washington State
        41. Logan Hall, DT Houston
        44. Jalyn Armour-Davis, CB Alabama
        72. Jack Coan, QB Notre Dame
        109. JT Woods, S Baylor
        145. Zach Tom, OT Wake Forest
        153. Snoop Conner, RB Mississippi
        203. Jaylen Watson, CB Washington State
        248. Kuony Deng, LB California

        • Rob4q

          And the PFN sim has been updated with the trade already:

          SEA 2022
          9, 40, 41, 72, 115, 153, 227

          SEA 2023
          DEN 1st, SEA 1st, DEN 2nd, SEA 2nd, SEA 3rd, SEA 4th, PIT 5th, SEA 5th, SEA 6th, SEA 7th

          DEN 2022
          64, 75, 96, 108, 114, 145, 152, 193, 240, 248

          DEN 2023
          DEN 3rd, DEN 4th, DEN 5th

          • Rob4q

            I’m guessing that DEN 145 or 152 is also coming over to us as part of the deal, but it doesn’t show that in the PFN SIM.

            • Rob4q

              Now it shows with SEA having pick 145…

        • Qoolio

          I traded DK for Philly’s middle first round pick to keep trading down. Part of me expects #9 to be used on Matt Corral, but here’s what I got:

          10. Jordan Davis, DT Georgia
          41. Abraham Lucas, OT Washington State
          53. Channing Tindall, LB Georgia
          66. Cole Strange, OG Chattanooga
          67. Dameon Pierce, RB Florida
          74. Kerby Joseph, S Illinois
          78. Cam Taylor-Britt, CB Nebraska
          85. Wan’Dale Robinson, WR Kentucky
          86. Josh Paschal, EDGE Kentucky
          103. Leo Chenal, LB Wisconsin
          115. DeAngelo Malone, EDGE Western Kentucky
          116. Jack Coan, QB Notre Dame
          133. Zyon McCollum, CB Sam Houston State

          Plus, a fourth and two fifths in 2023

  154. Zane

    Here’s a name I haven’t heard discussed: Jameis Winston.
    I could see Carroll coveting him – athletic, big arm, highly regarded college player. Played decently last year.

    • BobbyK

      He was the NFL Defensive Player of the Year a couple of years ago! Turnover machine!

    • Palatypus

      Dave Wyman brought that up on KJR today.

    • MychestisBeastmode

      He’s exactly the type of B or C tier QB this team will look to bring in to compete as a game manager. Wentz also. Nabbing Cousins would be more ideal. And frankly, I don’t care if Watson got a bunch of hand and oral sex from masseuses –its always sounded very questionable that these weren’t just quid pro quo exchanges — there’s prostitution everywhere all over the world throughout all history, make it legal.

      Elite defense, strong O-line with 15-25 mil invested in QB can be a winning strategy. Not easy, but hell, we were treading water or getting worse with Russel at QB.

      • Peter

        Cousins and Watson are expensive. Wentz may be cheap.

        Watson isn’t getting in trouble for prostitution. It’s a bit more substantive. And if the allegations stick he won’t be playing in Seattle. Not with seattle’s demographics.

        • MychestisBeastmode

          I hear ya and do not mean to belittle the people involved in this sexual assault case, especially with all respect for creating a more open and transparent power dynamic between men and women in the #metoo era. Still, I know of at least 3 simple massage parlors in Seattle where people I know have gotten happy endings by simply asking as much. Not my thing, but not uncommon if that’s what one’s looking for. 20+ women, some were repeat clients, yes they likely felt coerced to some degree, but forced? Idk. And exchange of money for services? Yes — Quid pro quo, even if it wasn’t the original intent of the agreement when the masseuses showed up thinking it was a massage. Poor choice on Watson’s part definitely. Still, far too much gray area for me to be convinced he’s a sexual predator rather than a guy who had an unhealthy perspective of what masseuses are for, how to treat women in general, and how to carry himself as a black superstar in America (don’t mean to make it race based argument, but in general because he’s back he will always get the short end of the stick when compared to if he was white and all else was equal imo). I hold skepticism that while the case may have merit on behalf of the women involved, it’s a civil case which always brings to mind the incentive to get a big payday given a high profile suspect is involved.

          Anyways, happy to talk more about the case, and understand my opinion is likely divisive (though not my intent) but would rather focus on the football player, and Watson is a stud on the field. I would take him even with the poor publicity, assuming he doesn’t end up suspended for some long indefinite period of time.

      • CHaquesFan

        Not touching Watson with a ten foot pole before whatever his issues are are sorted and he goes through court of law etc

  155. Denver Hawker

    Denver radio had a regular Clayton segment cancelled last minute “due to illness”.

    They spent the next 2-3 minutes taking victory laps over this “non-story” and making joking excuses that he had “bad sources”.

    • Big Mike

      Bwa ha ha ha…..

      • Roy Batty

        The snarky karma now being heaped on Clayton is well and truly deserved.

        The shear arrogance of that guy was well worth enduring now that “The Professor” has been shown to be irrelevant in todays NFL.

      • MychestisBeastmode

        But he’s John Clayton, damnit!

  156. Mr. Drucker in hooterville

    It’s going to be awkward hearing RW end all his interviews in Denver with “Go Hawks”.

    • BobbyK


    • pdway

      now you’ve gone and made me sad…

  157. Mr. Drucker in hooterville

    I’d be fine with Gardiner Minshew

    • BoiseSeahawk

      second that.

  158. Robert Las Vegas

    Can I start the the rumors that Tom Brady is next QB for the Seahawks next year

    • MychestisBeastmode

      I mean if he had been in the Blue and green this last decade, we’d likely have won several super bowls. It would complete the circle.

      Can’t believe I’m entertaining the thought as I’ve always had disdain for Brady. But that was likely because he was always opposing side.

  159. KennyBadger

    Appreciate Rob, Robbie, and joe putting in the time today (again), thanks guys. I thought the best play was to build around Russ and jettison Pete and I still think that. However there is quite a lot of opportunity in the next few months and I hope that this trade signifies how aggressive they are willing to be. There’s no way around the downgrade at the QB position, but there’s also no way around Seattle was never going to pay Russ in the escalating market. Let’s hope the remainder of this off season is the polar opposite of last.

    Extra thanks to joe mf fann for calling Gregg’blame my sources’Bell out on his bullshite earlier…

  160. BobbyK

    Time to watch some Matt Corral. If we don’t have a QB – we’re going to be worthless anyways, regardless how much the rest of the team improves.

  161. cha

    Program note: Rob if you have Jeff Simmons on again, can you please ask him to either 1) get a better mic, or 2) make sure he gets it closer to his mouth?

    Several times when he was on, he sounded like he was in a cave, and he frequently tailed off his comments at the end. If you’re listening on headphones I’m sure it was fine. But I had a hard time following him with my (good quality) computer speakers.

  162. Mac

    Too funny:

    “They didn’t get Nick Chubb.”
    Obviously, he’s not on the team Clayton.

    • Peter

      The proffesor is obviously having a rough day🤣

    • Roy Batty

      “That caused me to debate anyone who thought it would happen.”

      It’s not really a debate, John, when all you’re doing is calling the other person a moron and stupid.

      • bmseattle

        “debate”… that’s hilarious.
        Someone should put together an audio montage of all the angry, petulant, condescending interactions that Clayton has had with people over the past year.

        • Big Mike

          And combine it with all the similar tripe from Greg Bell

    • KennyBadger

      Wrong Chubb John. Should be your professional epitaph.

    • MychestisBeastmode

      I don’t hate Clayton and have certainly enjoyed most of his coverage throughout his career. Now, I feel like we’re seeing a man whose world has passed him by and more importantly, I think we are seeing cognitive decline in a real-time. Hope I’m wrong, but his agitation and mixed up recall sings to early signs of dementia. Hope I’m wrong. Either way, it’s enjoyable to see him and others eat crow.

      • bmseattle

        They might (sort of) be eating crow about being “wrong”.
        But none of them are eating crow about their attitudes throughout all of this.
        “I was wrong, it happens” is not sufficient for guys like Bell and Clayton. They’ve been completely unprofessional and patronizing to anyone who dared try to discuss a potential Wilson trade.

        • MychestisBeastmode

          I agree. These journalists didn’t get where they did by apologizing though. Type A assholes (not every type A is an asshole to be clear) always seem to work their way up the ranks moreso than considerate people who care about feelings. I’m happy to never let these guys off the hook every time they say something with absolute confidence without any evidence to back it up (as they’ve been doing throughout this whole saga).

      • Mac

        I don’t dislike Clayton but he started getting extremely defensive and would block a people on twitter for disagreeing with him.

        You can’t hold such strong biases and be a good sports reporter. It’s imperative to have your own ideas challenged, the moment you lose the ability to be objective and introspective is a sign that you should take a couple weeks to come back home to reality.

      • Big Mike

        “……Now, I feel like we’re seeing a man whose world has passed him by……….

        Like Pete Carroll

        • MychestisBeastmode

          Not going to disagree. But, I have a feeling we are going to see a reinvigorated Pete like we haven’t seen in years (weird to think with his usually rah rah talk at baseline). I think the Russel Wilson cloud 🌨️ really took a lot of energy to deal with. Not having your QB buy into to the core philosophy of being “all in” always undermined the rest of the operation.

          Now, we are back to building an imposing defense, a strong running game, with an adequate QB. That’s Pete’s wet dream, right or wrong.

    • Simo

      I was also hoping we would bring back George Everett!

  163. J

    I’m of the opinion that no QB in this draft will help us win in 2023. Maaaaybe Matt Corral but even then probably not.

    Sign a vet, draft a mid/late round guy to compete, focus the rest of the draft on other needs. I’d look at Eric Barriere or Dustin Krum on late day three.

    QB in 2023, even if we are decent and contend for a WC with Fitzmagic or Mariota, we have two 1sts to move up. And it’s a far better QB class, or at least it projects to be.

  164. GoHawksDani

    What do I want?
    Forget elit QB, unlikely to get one, especially this year.
    I need a strong D and a really awesome running game.

    We need better D# scheme and use of players. Utilize Adams to make his strong attributes shine and try to cover his weaknesses. Forget dopping DL into coverage.

    I need a really good DT who can rush the passer too. I need a good EDGE.
    Not sure if we can get big time FAs to come here, but we might be able to get maybe Frank Clark. Him and Taylor with a strong DT presence would look good.

    I’d also like better secondary. Not sure where Adams fit, but if we need to use 3 safeties to make Adams a weapon, instead a liability then decide if Neal or Amadi is good enough or we need someone else. We’d also need a player at least as good as Diggs.
    Bit blurry if we need to push much into it, maybe Diggs (or someone similar), Neal and Adams is enough.

    I like Reed, I’d try to keep him. I’d also push money/pick(s) into a lockdown CB. Reed and another good CB would solidify our pass D# (along with the passrush)

    I’d try to keep Penny and probably try to draft Pierce or someone similar. I’d maybe even try to sign someone in FA.

    I’d also try to get a really good blocking TE or FB or WR. He doesn’t need to be fast or a really good receiver, but be awesome as a lead blocker.

    I’d also try to get a good C and maybe a good OG. OT would be also nice but not sure we’ll have the ammo for it.

    So all in all:
    1 really awesome DT (probably from the draft)
    1 good DE (Clark maybe?)
    1 really good CB (probably from FA as we need picks for OL)
    1 good OC (R2?)
    1 good OT/OG (R2?)
    1 good RB (big, strong who will make 1-3 yards like almost always, R3 or 4?)
    1 good blocker TE/FB/WR (FA or late rounds)

    Keep Reed, Penny and either Diggs or sign someone who’s at least as good as he.

    This seems like a realistic list to me and it would keep the Hawks relevant. Not PO contender but at least would give them a chance to compete in most games.
    Without a good QB it’s unlikely we can put up 30 points/games. The team needs to keep the score low because an OKish QB and a great running game can produce 13-17-20-21 points so if they can keep their opponents under 17-20 points they’ll have a chance. Strong, opportunistic defense and controlling the clock can do that

    • CHaquesFan

      DT: Possibly Jordan Davis at #9 or around there if a trade down
      DE: Taylor/Robinson possible emergence, someone at #40
      OL: other R2 pick, R3, FA
      RB: Pierce in the 3rd
      Blocker: late rounds

  165. Ashish

    Will JS and Pete will get another qb and let lock compete? And will they trade lock for 2 year worth of gum for pete?

  166. bk matty

    Trade the Firsts for Deshaun Watson anyone?

    • Palatypus


    • Scot04

      Definitely No

    • Roy Batty

      Trade away a QB with a perfect reputation, then turn around and trade all that draft capital for a guy accused of multiple sexual assaults?


      • Peter

        And if tgat wasn’t the case….the team would still be mired in mediocrity all over the place. No thanks

    • MychestisBeastmode

      Yes. Except, one 1st, one 2nd, and a 3rd.

  167. fbg

    How far did people think we could go this year with Wilson? With him looking for a new contract soon and getting older and with us having so few high draft picks, the time to trade him is last or this year. You don’t wait until he has no value anymore.

  168. Roland Jose

    I think we are going to make a trade for Kirk Cousins!

    • Rob Staton

      Wouldn’t rule it out

    • Palatypus

      I wouldn’t hate it. The first Senior Bowl I attended in person featured Russell Wilson and Kirk Cousins. I wanted them both. I just had no idea how good Wilson would be.

      • BobbyK

        I’d be fine with Cousins and Lock as the backup, provided he wouldn’t cost too much in draft compensation. I actually like Cousins.

    • MychestisBeastmode

      If a 1st and 3rd can nab Cousins, sign me up.

      RW, 1st (2023), 3rd (2022), 4th (2022)
      Cousins, Fant, Harris, 1st (2022), two 2nds (2022, 2023)

      Not too shabby if this were to occur.

      • Rob Staton

        A first!?!?!?!

        No thanks!

        Minnesota owes him a fortune that they can only get out of with a trade.

        He’s a late rounder at best so that Minnesota can get out of that contract. We’d be doing them a favour!

        • MychestisBeastmode

          Ok. I won’t look a gift horse in the mouth. If a late rounder will get it done, it seems cap space is something we now have in spades. Him and Watson are the two best options for us to win now (all the baggage aside).

          If a 4th or 5th will get it done then great 👍

          • BobbyK

            Cousins is a good person. Watson comes with all that crap. I’ll deal a 5th rounder for Cousins any day. Might be a win-win for both teams.

            I’d actually give kudos to Pete and his puppet if they could turn Wilson into Cousins and a bunch of high picks.

            They still deserve a roshambo for getting herpes though. But this would inch the needle slightly to my not thinking they’re totally incompetent though. And hopefully that would be the start of a new/good trend.

            • MychestisBeastmode

              Ya, peacock will always be a big ugly feather in Pete’s cap. If JA’s shoulder is stable, he may make a few positive waves yet, but will never live up to the cost to acquire and keep him.

  169. JLemere

    Bobby Wagner has just been cut according to Schefter

  170. HOUSE

    Reports saying Bobby Wagner to be released

    • MychestisBeastmode

      Confirmed 👍

      Wagner, the legend, is out.

      This was my line in the sand to see if they were serious about making this defense and team better. I’m happy the front office made this tough choice.

      Nothing but love for Wagner.

      • HOUSE

        Agreed. Nothing but love for Wagz, but changes needed to be made. I think Brooks moves over to MLB and we figure out what we do from there…

        Team is going to look really different.

        • bmseattle

          I agree as well.
          A bittersweet day, in a lot of ways.
          Not because the moves weren’t necessary, but because they were.
          Kudos to John and Pete for facing the truth of the matter.

  171. BobbyK

    Wilson and Wagner came in together and did some unprecedented things as Seahawks.

    It’s only fitting they go out together like this.

    • Palatypus

      They actually played at the Senior Bowl together, I was there. But I think they were on opposite teams.

  172. Seattle Person

    I’m like Rob. Build up the team again! Letting Bobby go. A bunch of F.As. Maybe they did a Mariners self-reflection and realized they were going nowhere with or without Russ.

    • McZ

      The FAs won’t come. PC as a headcoach is a major downturner.

  173. Palatypus

    So how much cap room do we have and what does the depth chart look like?

  174. BobbyK

    I bet they try to comPete legitimately in ’22. But I bet they don’t resign Diggs. This seems like the reset when they fired almost all of the coaches. This time around there’s going to be an unusually high amount of player turnaround. Maybe Pete’s trying to get the team back, like he tried when he canned the coaches. I guess Pete is the only constant in this so he should look in the mirror and learn, too. Hope it works! They can’t screw up this many picks, can they?

    • Seattle Person

      It makes sense now to not resign Diggs. I’ve been saying to move on from him for the longest time. With another 2nd rounder, you can actually target Cine if he’s still there.

      In the next couple of weeks, anyone that is not young should be considered for a release. Someone like Dunlap might go. Keeping Myers makes no sense now. Why would Brown come back?

      • Palatypus


  175. Hawks4life

    Watching Will Levis I can’t help but think of Josh Allen, could you imagine if he turned out like him and we had a chance at drafting him. I really hope we don’t pick a QB in this years draft or go after a vet at the expense of draft picks. I’m completely comfortable going into this year with an average starter and work it out a year from now

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