The Russell Wilson trade — everything I think

The end of an era

Ok… let’s dive in…

Instant reaction?

Shock that it happened out of the blue, on the day Aaron Rodgers probably expected everyone would be talking about him.

Yet ultimately, not surprised.

This has been on the cards for some time, despite some pretty weighty denials over the last 12 months when a lot of people could see something wasn’t right.

The one thing I wanted to avoid this off-season was more of the same. The Seahawks have become a stale franchise going nowhere. All of the ‘run it back’ talk was disheartening off the back of what amounted to wins against a slumping Arizona (who finished 1-5) and the lowly Detroit Lions.

This was still the same team that lost to Chicago just before those two wins, at home, against the Bears’ third string quarterback.

This was still a 7-10 franchise, a long way from contending.

Big changes were required. The franchise needed a seismic jolt. Many wanted change at the top but it didn’t happen. Yet something needed to be different.

This is the path they’ve chosen.

Has the franchise picked Pete Carroll over Russell Wilson?

No. It’s as simple as this…

Do you want to pay Wilson $45-50m a year, in a new contract, to be agreed over the next 12 months? That’s the going rate — not just for Aaron Rodgers. For Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen and eventually, Lamar Jackson and Kyler Murray.

If you don’t want to pay that amount — then you only had one other choice. It was to see what was out there in a trade.

Furthermore, I don’t think the Seahawks had much appetite to negotiate another mega contract with Mark Rodgers. The last two were fractious. I think they were ready to move on, rather than go down that road again.

How do you justify trading a franchise quarterback though?

Carroll has a sign hung above the door of the locker room. It says ‘all-in’. You have to tap it on your way out.

I don’t think the Seahawks were ‘all-in’ on Wilson and I don’t think Wilson was ‘all-in’ on the Seahawks in their current form.

The most important relationship on any team is the Head Coach and quarterback. It’s not that Carroll and Wilson dislike each other. I suspect they are still really close. But both men wanted different things.

When you get to that point, the writing is on the wall.

They gave it another year. And now, it was just time.

Is it a fair trade?

I think so. People will have big opinions on this deal. I’m comfortable with it.

I don’t think there’s any point comparing it to the Jamal Adams trade. They overpaid for Adams. It was a crap trade and deserves ridicule. The fact is even if Seattle received three first round picks instead of two, it still would’ve been close to the Adams compensation.

The absolute calamity of the Adams deal shouldn’t reflect on what constitutes a fair offer for Wilson.

If the optics were three first rounders and three players, is that better than two firsts, two seconds and three players? I prefer this structure. You get #9 and #40, guaranteed, rather than say two late first round picks in 2023 and 2024.

In this class, I think you’ll get a tremendous player at #40. This is a terrific opportunity for the team that you wouldn’t necessarily have if that pick was a first rounder in 2024.

Plus, the team knows this class by now. I’ll run through some names later in this piece — but future picks come with a degree of unknown. Two picks in the top-40, days after the combine and a month after the Senior Bowl, carries far less mystery.

On top of this, you get a former top-20 pick in Noah Fant. He’ll cost you $2.2m this year — that’s $3.8m cheaper than Gerald Everett, for what it’s worth. Plus he has a fifth year option, which’ll cost about $6.8m.

They just filled a big hole at tight end at a great price.

I’ve spent the last few days pointing out the Seahawks love agility at the position. A good short shuttle (sub-4.40) and a great three cone (sub-7.10) is what they look for.

Fant ran a 4.26 shuttle and a 6.81 three cone. He’s their type of guy. He also ran a 4.50 forty and jumped a near 40 inch vertical. I’m intrigued to see how the Seahawks will use him.

They needed someone who can create sacks in the interior. Shelby Harris has 12 in his last two full seasons combined. That’s the kind of production they need. Adam Schefter reported that the Broncos considered Harris a ‘locker-room leader’. It sounds like he will provide leadership qualities too.

Drew Lock? Let’s not overreact to this one. He’s a shot to nothing. He’s a 25-year-old player with some starting experience who will compete for the job. That’s it. The Seahawks will add other players to compete with him and might draft someone too. He’s not the future — unless he wins that right.

So overall — you’ve filled two holes (TE + interior pressure) and added cheap competition at quarterback, along with acquiring #9 and #40 this year, to go with two picks next year.

I think it’s a fair trade for Denver and a fair trade for Seattle.

Couldn’t they have got more though?

Let’s remember that Wilson had a no-trade clause.

Was it a seller’s market? Absolutely. However, if Wilson wasn’t prepared to go to Washington with their toxic ownership situation, it wouldn’t matter what they offered.

In fact, if he was only willing to go to Denver — and if you’re not prepared to pay him that $45-50m contract over the next year — your options are actually pretty limited. At that point, you have to get the best deal you can with the team your told is an acceptable trade partner.

If anyone was expecting the Broncos to throw in Patrick Surtain or Bradley Chubb — it’s a pipe dream. At best it was going to be Fant or Jerry Jeudy. I don’t blame the Seahawks for picking Fant, if it was a choice between the two.

John and Pete don’t deserve to spend the resources!

I saw this a lot in the comments section on the live stream and I get it. This regime did a poor job with the reset — squandering resources, investing in the wrong areas and then there’s the Adams trade.

They built the team poorly, wasting what was a decent set-up in 2018 to launch a new run.

However, it’s also worth remembering that this same regime built the Super Bowl team. They’re the ones that created a roster that deserves to be remembered as one of the NFL’s greatest.

I can’t say I have much confidence that they’ll come close to doing it again. But I’m prepared to accept that they’re going to be the ones shaping the future — so let’s see what happens.

One other thing on this — I think Carroll, since the 2017 season, has created an uncomfortable situation where he wanted to double-down on his core philosophy and beliefs, while the quarterback (and perhaps some other players) saw a modern, shifting NFL landscape that involved high-octane passing concepts.

Carroll was spinning too many plates. They’d spent money on Wilson and made him the franchise focal point. Yet at the same time, Carroll also wanted to play the game his way. You ended up with a frustrated quarterback who felt he was being held back and a coach trying to accommodate different thoughts, while inside being so determined to stick to his guns.

It never felt like a comfortable fit. The classic example is the way they started the 2020 season on fire, then at the first sign of trouble resorted to type and became deeply conservative.

If nothing else — now Carroll is free to do things his way again, without any pushback. For better or worse.

We get to judge the results.

How will Seattle remember Wilson?

As a hero and a franchise legend, who helped deliver a Super Bowl and did so much for the community.

Marshawn Lynch is always welcomed back to Seattle with open arms — and rightly so. The same welcome should be given to Wilson. I think it will be.

In fairness to Pete Carroll…

In the last few weeks he’s completely turned over his defensive staff, adding fresh ideas. He admitted they’d been ‘arrogant’ about their approach to defense. Now he’s traded Russell Wilson, cut Bobby Wagner and is embracing something many thought he was completely opposed to.

Whether it works out or not, BB-Pete is back.

What do the Seahawks do at quarterback now?

In my opinion, the Seahawks made this trade with a clear idea on what they’re going to do next. That means they have a quarterback, or multiple quarterbacks, in their sights.

It could be that they see several rookies in this class they like. Or one player in particular. Yes, I know the consensus is that this isn’t a good class of QB’s. However, not many people were projecting Russell Wilson to be a legendary quarterback in 2012. That’s why he lasted until round three. Schneider and co had the foresight to make that move and it’s possible, maybe, they like someone just as much this year who can equally prove people wrong.

It’s not plausible to me, though, that you would trade Wilson and enter the unknown without a plan. They must have a plan, that will become obvious by at least the end of the draft.

I think there will be a process now. Firstly, you find out what’s out there. You speak to other teams. Get a feel for the trade market.

One way or another you’re adding another veteran quarterback over the next two weeks. My early guess would be a Tyrod Taylor or Marcus Mariota type. People will also speculate about trades.

It’s not ideal but this is the world we’re in now.

Then there’s the draft. If they really like someone, they might take them at #9 to avoid all doubt. We’ll see. I think it’s more likely, given how this class is viewed, a potential target would be there at #40 — or they might trade into the back-end of round one to get their guy.

In my (now outdated) mock draft published earlier, I actually had the Broncos trading up to #26 to get Matt Corral. The Titans, who don’t have a second round pick due to the Julio Jones trade, could be a good candidate to move down. It might not be that expensive, either.

Who’s your money on?

I’m quite happy to admit I might be doing the whole 2+2=5 here — but I just think there’s something in this picture:

Remember — Carroll probably knew by this point that he was going to trade Wilson. Of course, teams don’t have to tap into relationships they have with the Kiffin’s in order to speak with quarterbacks. Teams can have official meetings during and after the combine.

Was this a classic case of competing by Carroll though? A little bit of extra time with a guy he likes? Out of the meeting-environment? Using his connection to the Kiffin’s to buy a little extra time with Corral?

It’s all speculation, of course.

However, I will say this. Corral went to Oaks Christian School — somewhere Carroll is closely connected to.

Watch this video:

Do you get the same impression I do? Firstly — it’s clear how popular Corral is with his team mates. Secondly, doesn’t he just seem like the kind of competitor Carroll loves?

He has a good arm, he’s incredibly mobile and athletic. The Seahawks have already drafted one of Lane Kiffin’s quarterbacks — Alex McGough. And Carroll will get an honest, detailed report from Kiffin, given their relationship.

I think there’s something in this.

Alternatively, I also felt watching Malik Willis at the combine that he would appeal to Seattle. Schneider loves physical tools. Willis has those — a huge arm, dynamic running ability, he can make magic as a runner and thrower.

I just think Corral is better at keeping an offense on time and in rhythm. Willis is very much a one-read quarterback, who too often rejects progressions to play hero-ball as a runner. If the Seahawks want to fix their third down woes — I’m not sure Willis is the right player for that (unless he can pick them up with his legs).

Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Seahawks also like Desmond Ridder and Kenny Pickett.

Ridder is a fantastic athlete who elevated Cincinnati in a big way. He’s an extremely mature, well-liked individual with strong leadership skills. His accuracy has been erratic at times but he also delivered some of the best passes you’ll see last season, especially during a big win against Notre Dame. He has experience, a history of winning and he has 10 inch hands.

Pickett had a brilliant final season at Pittsburgh and also elevated his team to win the ACC against expectations. The ‘fake slide’ play is a great example of how people underestimate his athleticism. He carries himself well and has a personality I suspect Schneider will like. The hand-size is an issue — but he’s also experienced, has a good physical profile and will be liked by several teams.

As strange as it might sound, given all we’ve said about this quarterback class — the Seahawks might see this quartet — and maybe even someone like Jack Coan too — as attractive options.

I’ll study all of the quarterbacks in depth over the coming days.

Could they make a big trade?

I’m sure they’ll do what they always do and ‘be in on everything’. If Derek Carr becomes available, or Kirk Cousins, they’ll probably enquire. I suppose they’ll start doing homework on Deshaun Watson but that would be a very controversial, and expensive, move.

Carroll is 70 and people have talked about his lack of interest in a rebuild. He might want a big name, proven QB to lead this rather than a rookie. I just hope they don’t overpay if they ultimately target a Cousins type.

This should be an opportunity to create a new young core — not recreate the same thin roster, just with a different highly-paid quarterback under center.

What about the 2023 quarterback class?

My advice is to search for Kentucky’s Will Levis on YouTube.

People love to talk about Bryce Young (lots of potential but needs works) and C.J. Stroud (I think he’ll be the next disappointment from Ohio State).

However, I think Levis is the name to watch.

Thoughts on Bobby Wagner’s departure?

Wagner played with hesitancy last season, was far less aggressive and didn’t make anywhere near enough plays. His best days appear to be behind him.

I don’t think people truly appreciate how poorly Wagner played in 2021. I spent a lot of time studying him, on the recommendation of someone who knows a lot more than I do about the position. I was surprised. Wagner actively avoided contact at times. He didn’t look good. It’s difficult to watch tape of players like Channing Tindall and not think — the Seahawks need more youth and violence here.

This is a loaded linebacker class full of physical, fast, pro-ready players. It’s time to go with youth and speed at the position next to Jordyn Brooks and save even more money to invest in the trenches, cornerback and receiver.

I’m going to talk about the draft next — but the linebacker drills were one of the star attractions at the combine. See for yourself:

It’s the end of an era. Time to create an exciting young core.

What will they do with the #9 pick?

If they don’t just ‘get their guy’ at quarterback, I think it’s obvious.

Get a game-wrecking pass rusher.

If they go and sign a Chandler Jones type next week, it might be a tell of their intentions to pick a quarterback early. Otherwise, I fully expect them to take a pass rusher at #9.

The name I’d focus on is Jermaine Johnson.

He was the star of the Senior Bowl and the true alpha of Mobile. At the combine, he was part of a highly energetic linebacker group that lit up Lucas Oil Field. He was the one firing the guys up during drills.

Pairing Johnson with Darrell Taylor does two things. It gives you possibly the best young pair of edge rushers in the NFL. Plus, they are your heart-and-soul players. They will bring the tone, the energy, the physicality. They can be your leaders.

That’s an exciting prospect.

If it’s not Johnson — it could be Kayvon Thibodeaux. There’s plenty of talk that he could fall after a weird off-season process. While that’s a concern — it’s not that long ago that people were comparing him to a lesser version of Myles Garrett.

You could also trade down and consider Boye Mafe. Plus there’s David Ojabo.

This is where I would look. However — let’s say they do sign a big-name edge rusher next week. Then you can also pivot to Jordan ‘Thanos’ Davis. Or Devonte Wyatt. Or you can look at a corner such as Sauce Gardner or Derek Stingley. Or an offensive lineman.

Either way — the options are extremely appealing at #9.

What about the broader draft class?

For weeks now I’ve been saying this draft is so deep — several teams will be able to build a new foundation with this class. That is the opportunity here.

It’s loaded at several positions — running back, tight end, receiver, linebacker, both lines, cornerback and safety.

I’m still working on adjusting my horizontal board but I’m happy to share where I am currently, as I continue to watch players I hadn’t studied pre-combine.

Click to enlarge the image:

There might not be a ‘Trevor Lawrence’ at the top of the board to headline a quarterback class. As you can see though, there are some great options at various positions.

I truly believe you can build with players like Jermaine Johnson, Zamir White, Dameon Pierce, Kenneth Walker, Cole Strange, Cam Jurgens, Josh Paschal, Cam Taylor-Britt, Perrion Winfrey, Logan Hall, Travis Jones, Roger McCreary, Jalyn Armour-Davis, Channing Tindall, Nick Cross, Smoke Monday, Darrian Beavers, Abraham Lucas and others. So many others. Including, possibly, Matt Corral and the other quarterbacks.

Heck — there’s a safety from Louisiana called Percy Butler who just flies downfield as a gunner and hits people on special teams. Go get him.

The challenge for the Seahawks now is to have a great draft and take advantage of what is available.

Although it’s outdated now, I’d still recommend checking out my mock draft from earlier because it still includes a full seven-round projection for the Seahawks plus an idea of the players who will be available at #9 and #40/#41.

One other final point on the draft — every team should set a target of tapping into Georgia’s brilliant array of talent. Particularly the Seahawks.

What does it mean for the rest of the roster?

It’ll be interesting to see what happens with the free agents. Does Duane Brown want to come back to Seattle now? Or Quandre Diggs? They’ve played on losing teams and might not fancy it. Equally, they seem to like it here.

The fact is there’s now less pressure to keep these players. If you’re trying to ‘win now at all costs’ and start the off-season creating more holes, you’re in trouble. Now, the Seahawks can negotiate with openness around their quarterback situation and anyone who stays is going to be fully bought-in.

They have a lot of resources. The cap space next year is projected to be $130m. Given a lot of contracts have lower year-one cap hits, there’s plenty to play with to either retain, replace or add.

In 2011 they signed Sidney Rice and Zach Miller to big money deals to kick-start the roster construction. They might do something similar next week — adding talent that is at a good age.

I’d keep an eye on Christian Kirk, Carlton Davis, Russell Gage, Brian Allen and D.J. Jones who perhaps fit that mix of right age + talent.

Will they trade Tyler Lockett?

Ignore all of this twitter nonsense about Lockett. Aside from the fact you’d be paying him $28m to play somewhere else, Carroll loves Lockett. He’s called him the definition of what they want in a Seahawk numerous times.

He’s going nowhere.

Will they trade D.K. Metcalf?

Only if they’re unwilling to pay him a market value contract between $20-30m. Davante Adams will soon re-set the market, so there’s a big call to make here.

They can afford him so that’s not an issue. I would expect them to pay him and keep a young star on the roster.

And let’s not forget — this is the same Metcalf who often appeared frustrated with Wilson and was seen pointing at Geno Smith during the Washington game, seemingly implying he should be playing instead of a quarterback struggling after returning from a serious finger injury.

Final thoughts

Two things were clear going into this off-season:

1. Something had to change because this franchise had gone stale

2. The Russell Wilson situation had to be sorted, one way or another

Whether people are completely satisfied with the compensation or the direction of the team, personally I feel energised — because something is different and the Wilson saga is over.

I am not confident the Seahawks will get this right. I am fascinated and excited to see what happens next.

If you missed it earlier, check out our 2.5 hour instant reaction live stream which included guest appearances from Joe Fann & Jeff Simmons:

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  1. JimN

    Just excellent Rob. One question I haven’t heard answered. What are the 2022 cap implications of not having to carry Wilson but the three broncos coming over?

    • Rob Staton

      Curtis said earlier $38m this year and $130m — so that’s more or less where they’re at.

      • cha

        I originally read Harris’ 2021 number as his 2022 number, so it’s a little more than a wash on the cap. Probably $33-34m this year.

        I was slightly distracted today. Something big happened LOL.

        • cha

          Call it $50m now

          • Rob Staton

            I’m pumped for free agency

            That is splurging money

            • MychestisBeastmode

              With $130 next year, we could target any 3 top FAs this year and 3 next year and still outbid all others with a little cash leftover. No QB lowers desire from outside FA’s, but money talks!

    • cha

      They pick up $11m of room from RW, but most of it gets eaten up by the 3 + the two high picks. At the end of the day they’ll have about $33-34m of room. Not a major gain.

      The real room is 2023. They will have in the neighborhood of $130m of room and will have added some promising young talent that is cheap.

      • Rob Staton

        I know a great way to create $16.6m more…

        • cha

          You know what? Today was RW Day, make tomorrow Bobby Wagner Day.

          Rip the band-aid off. Everyone who would be upset about Bobby being let go is already wrecked at RW being traded. Steer into it.

          • cha

            Or you can just do it today.

            Adam Schefter
            Seahawks informed eight-time All-Pro and Pro-Bowl LB Bobby Wagner, a franchise icon, that they are releasing him, per source.

            Wagner arrived in Seattle on the same 2012 day as Russell Wilson and now leaves the same day, too. End of an era in Seattle.

        • Gross MaToast

          Maybe Bobby will want to find a championship caliber team to finish his career?

          • pdway

            the Russell trade makes it way easier to end things w Bobby, optics are better. he’s near the end of a great career, hawks are in a different place now – give him a chance to play for a contending team in ’22.

          • bmseattle

            it’ll be interesting to see what he gets on the open market.
            I wonder if we even tried to trade him, or just released him as a courtesy?

            • cha

              There was no market for a $16.6m 31 year old middle linebacker who played like he did last year.

              • BruceN

                Bobby wasn’t the same player. I wonder how much of it was due to knowing he would get cut this off-season and he was saving himself and avoiding injuries before next season.

  2. Group captain mandrake

    Well, at least the draft will be fun. It will be nice to actually have a shot at some of the players you’ve been highlighting. If they want a qb they can probably get one they like in the second. I’d use 9 to get a DL or maybe trade back a little to gain capital if they think they can still get their guy. Great work as always, Rob!

    • CWagner

      You make some really great points, Rob. You could definitely feel how PC and RW haven’t really synced up the past 5 years. Maybe RW was demanding too much and it wasn’t jiving with PC’s approach. We tried the “let Russ cook” philosophy and it would look great for a couple games only to fall apart. I am bummed to see Russ leave but I also have a hard time justifying 50 mil a year just to lose in the wild card round every year. I hope you’re right and this stale franchise gets some new life breathed into it. It sure would be nice to see some exciting new youth.

    • CWagner

      Sorry Group Captain. I didn’t mean to respond to you with that lol. I agree though, the draft just got fun and I’m hoping for one of those early badass D-linemen!

  3. Gross MaToast

    Pete is here and he’s going to play PeteBall. Let him take his players that define PeteBall – whoever that may be. His ass is on the line now – this is the biggest of all big resets and he will hailed as either be a genius or the damned idiot who traded the best QB the Seahawks are ever likely to have.

    It’s a damn ballsy move, without question, and maybe, if this trade is successful, teams will begin asking whether paying 25% of their salary cap to one guy is the only way to go. Regardless, I like it better than rerunning the past five seasons and more of the ‘will he or won’t he’ drama surrounding Wilson. I think it’s going to be entertaining to watch the rebuild.

    But they better show results…

    • Rob Staton

      Big Balls Pete

    • Peter

      I like a lot of your post but cap schmap. Seattle is paying the same cap hit to two guys who do nothing. Wagner and adams.

      Cut wagner then I’ll start feeling the bb-pete talk. Next year 86 adams and now hou’re talking.

      • BA

        Yeah even next year’s massive number is largely meaningless if they can’t fill it with quality talent, which they’ve shown little ability to do.

      • Gross MaToast

        Do nothing?

        Sir, I will have you know that Jamaaaal Adams has popularized a $2k Gucci coffee cup from which most of us dream of one day sipping a nice latte.

        Also, yes, Bobby should go.

        • Peter

          Listen just because i bought a $2k coffee cup still doesn’t make me think adams is worth it. Though the cup does make everything taste better.

          • Gross MaToast

            Damn right it tastes better. Apology accepted on behalf of #33.

      • CHaquesFan

        Wagner already gone

        • Gross MaToast

          If anyone else has additional requests while I’m here, ask away – remember, we get results or double your money back.

          • jed

            Chris Carson and Jason Myers?

            • Gross MaToast

              Gimme a minute…

  4. cha

    Aside from the fact you’d be paying him $18m to play somewhere else, Carroll loves Lockett.

    I just want to underline this a little further after the chat: The dead cap hit would be $28m to trade Lockett now. So on top of his $10m current cap hit, it would add $18m to the Seahawks’ 2022 cap expense. It would more than cut their cap room in half.

    No, he’s not getting traded.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks, I’ve swapped $18m to $28m

      That guy on twitter should probably check Over the Cap before tweeting rubbish next time 🙂

  5. 206

    THANK YOU Rob, Robbie, Jeff, Joe and whoever else for keeping this blog putting out the most awesome information about the Seahawks. Seahawksdraftblog is the premier place for Seahawks news. Always timely and objective, your work is much appreciated. Let’s see how this all plays out!! The true fan in me is born again.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks 206 💪

  6. Hebegbs

    Minshew=Pete ball. Go get him for at least a stop gap. Minshew>Lock by some margin IMO

    At least this isn’t stale.

    • Rob Staton

      Minshew doesn’t have the physical tools that Seattle craves… IMO

      • Felipe

        What are the right tools the Seahawk’s crave and how does this fit into maximizing Waldron’s effectiveness as an OC?

        • Rob Staton

          They like someone who can throw downfield with significant arm strength.

          • Hawkdawg

            Does that really describe Corral, though??

            • Rob Staton

              He has a really good arm.

              Surprising given his size. But he generates a ton of velocity

          • Hebegbs

            Just suggesting he could be a decent bridge at a lower cost and would allow them to build the D again and pound the rock aka Pete ball as I see it.

            They obviously will do something as Lock isn’t it (I live in Denver now and have seen enough to say that). Tua, Jimmy G, Cousins, or Trubisky (and don’t see Watson)…not sure an improvement over the mustache for what they want to do. Short term…

            Living in Denver kind of get the best of both Worlds on this trade. My Seahawks buds say to tell my Denver buddies happy with the trade “have fun watching Wilson run around and not make decisions”. Made me laugh.

  7. Joe

    Great stuff couldn’t agree more on the adams piece. I hate all this “well if adams was worth” talk. He wasn’t worth it. No team cares about your overpayment on a completely separate deal. Are the hawks just supposed to never make another deal that doesn’t meet those terms?

    • pdway

      100% agree. That trade will always suck. We also all need to move on.

  8. V

    “Titans signed OLB Harold Landry to a 5-year, $87.5 million deal that includes $52.5M guaranteed, per source”

  9. Submanjoe

    I still think they should’ve held out for more later round picks in this years draft, and giving up their own 4th is baffling to me. But I get that they just wanted to get the deal done. To me, Seattle still held all the leverage because they gave up a successful proven starting quarterback, I guess they just wanted to get the deal done.

    Thanks Rob, kept checking in throughout the day whenever I could, every other site is 👎

    • Rob Staton

      Ian Rapoport said Wilson only wanted Denver.

      If he’s only willing to talk to Denver, because of the no-trade clause, you’re not in a fantastic negotiating position. And if you’re not prepared to pay him $45-50m a year you have to get the best deal you can.

      I don’t think there was any holding on for more here.

      This, to me, is a deal worth more than three firsts. Because you get 40 this year, not some random pick in two years.

      • Submanjoe

        I get it, I do. And I’m not worried about a 1st in 24, I want my own 4th this year and theirs and maybe their 6th too. 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, and next years 1 & 2.
        To me this deal was about Pete and Wilson not being in on things together, competing interests, and ultimately Pete continuing to operate “his way”. Which to be fair, hasn’t worked in years. Maybe this will spark a new era of success doing things Pete’s way, time will tell.

  10. Ryan Purcell

    First: Kudos to you Rob, for sticking to your guns on this trade concept when most folks were scoffing at the notion. You should (and probably won’t) get some credit for being willing to call it like you see it. I’m ok with this the Wilson trade. Looking forward to the future and hopeful that can get it done. And a couple of draft seasons with some picks to spend! (And am I crazy to think Fitzmagic for a season might be interesting??)

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you.

      when most folks were scoffing at the notion

      And others were sending me abuse, making horrible comments about my daughter, questioning my mental health. All because I simply had a different opinion on the Seahawks.

      I just say what I think. Right now, I think this exciting. The last two years, I thought this franchise was stale. I thought the Wilson trade stuff was a legit story because of stuff like the Schefter/four teams tweet. I didn’t take Gregg Bell being obnoxious on Twitter as a sufficient counter.

      I hope, after all this, we can just enjoy the bloody the draft and free agency, a new dawn in the world of the Seahawks and realise that robust — even heated — debate is fine. Abuse and BS replacing a proper argument because people are saying things you don’t like about your football team — there’s no place for that.

      • Ryan Purcell

        I was sucked into this site by your ability to turn the draft into entertainment. Stayed for the analysis and commentary. Sorry that the internet (and society in general somehow) has often turned into zero sum games. Looking forward to the draft this year for sure. And I’m glad they drafted Brooks when they did and released Wagner. That makes me feel hopeful there’s some kind of planning in place!

      • SpennyDunks

        Year after year you are right on the nose about everything. You stick to and back up your positions and have been able to consistently read between the lines. I hope a large portion of the Seahawks online fandom take some time to reflect on their opinions and head canons and see that you’re one of the best in the business.

        Gut wrenching trade, but excited at the prospect of something fresh and even more meaningful deep dives from this site as we now have a ton of picks.

        Thanks for everything you do, Rob.

        • Rob Staton

          Thank you 👏🏻

          Really appreciate those words of support

  11. bk matty

    I don’t think it was a bad trade, I agree it was fair value given the situation, what my problem is is how bad the situation got. That is 100% on management. Franchise QBs do not become available at age 33, especially in the new era where they don’t get hit. The fact that he was even on the market is truly stunning and a total indictment of this group of coaches and management.

    of course now we all root for a rebuild and pray the guys who have made horrible pick after horrible pick and view the game in 2012 rose colored glasses all the sudden just get it right. Hope for the best but expect the worst…

    • Felipe

      “Where they don’t get hit.” What games were you watching?

      • Ketch

        Fair point. However, it used to be that when a QB got sacked, you waited to see whether and how he got up. Now, sacks are mostly knock-downs, rather than 330 pound DL’s trying to leave a QB-shaped smear on the field. Saying “they don’t get hit” is certainly a bit hyperbolic, but they are pretty darn protected given how vulnerable they are during any pass play.

  12. Sean

    Rob, thanks for the article and podcast today. I don’t understand your contention that this was not a choice of PCJS over RW. You make the point that the Seahawks decided based on not wanting to pay Wilson on his next deal …but wouldn’t it be PCJS making that decision that they didn’t want to pay him? So if PC and/or JS had been fired, I think we might still have RW. Might.

    • Peter

      If paul allen was around i could see both pete and russel staying and a lot of tge last few years being different.

    • Rob Staton

      I think the choice was to pay Wilson or not pay Wilson, and thus move on. Not a choice of Carroll over Wilson. Because I don’t think Carroll wanted to move Wilson, ideally. But the relationship was strained and if you’re not going to go that far in terms of salary, your decision is made. It’s not like Jody picked Pete though.

  13. Peter

    Come on down Jermaine Johnson.

    If they get johnson, wyatt, mafe, davis this will do a ton to quell my concerns.

    Hardest of passes on Thibodeaux. Weak response at the combine when many others balled out. I mean thanos could have passed on everything after he ran. And still would have boosted his stock. Talk of him taking plays off? I want guys like taylor who battle back from adversity and play with their hair on fire. Like johnson who missed a championship run to show what he is made of.

    Corral? Kind of intriguing. I’m tepid but intrigued. Dark horse? Ridder. Willis. Still nope from me. Big arm no accuracy. Not even a blow you away level runner like newton and lamar jackson. Pickett, actually maybe. Not sure pete is going to love the fumbles.

    Kirk cousins? For a third? Maybe. Former interest. Otherwise sort of undoes the talk of rebuilding.

    Watson won’t play a game for seattle. The demographics and b.s. to deal with him in that market are nonstarters. Also undoes the whole point if this ballsy experiment because seattle would still be a crap team now fielding a pr nightmare.

    Thanks Rob for this. A ton of great stuff to ponder. The child like fan had a dream of a near career run with my favorite qb when i first got into your site. But the grown up hopes they don’t bone this and do truly make a great formidable team out of this.

    • Malc from PO

      I’d like to see us sit tight and take a QB in the second round. I think one of the few that Rob mentions will make it to 40, and with none of them being perfect any of them will do. I’d rather bring in a FA like Mariota rather then spend picks and loads of money in a trade. Lock, Mariota, 2nd rounder competition will allow someone serviceable to emerge at minimum, which is probably fine for this year. I’m not into “tanking” for any reason and though I don’t expect us to be anywhere near Championship ready I’d like to see us be competitive for a 9-8 Wild card with a young, fresh roster and loads of cap space next year.

      • Ketch

        Just to chew on: If the FO doesn’t think we are capturing lightning in a bottle, i.e. another “Franchise QB at draft pick 75”, why spend a pick on a so-so QB in the 2nd round at all? If you have Lock, and (as you suggest) Mariota, why spend anything on a QB? Save the pick fro a starter at 40, at some other position, and go with the “journeyman?JAG” QBs you have, and keep building for another year. 2nd round picks are too valuable to throw away, IMHO

        • Ketch

          Apologies for the IMHO chat speak

  14. Paul

    Initial reaction: They didn’t get enough; even so, this may have been the best they could do.

    Drew Lock: As of today, the franchise’s worst QB situation since thd heyday of Rick Mirer and Dan McGwire. JSPC had better bave a plan that (a) is credible and (b) they can execute.

    Noah Fant: That Fant fits their profile isn’t especially comforting if Luke Wilson and Nick Vannett also fit their profile. Until he shows otherwise, there’s no reason to think that Fant is anything more than a competent pro. Not a bad thing, but not SB ability either.

    Shelby Harris: A journeyman who will fit right in with the rest of the journeymen talent on the DL.

    Draft picks: Plainly, the centerpiece of the deal. Who believes that, based on his track record, John Schneider can convert these into equal value?

    All of this being said, if you don’t see Wilson as worth $50M/yr, it’s best to move on sooner rather than later.

    • Rob Staton

      In fairness, Willson and Vannett weren’t top-20 picks

      And on John’s track record — still the GM that built the LOB, traded for Marshawn, drafted Russ, drafted Lockett, DK, Frank Clark etc.

    • cha

      In 3 seasons Fant has produced a little less than Vannett and Willson have for their entire careers.

      Fant’s production has superseded any concerns about comping him to those two

      • Roy Batty


        The guy has 1343 yards over the last two years playing with mediocre QB’s.

        And he’s cheap, even after picking up his 5th year option.

        • Paul

          Fant is a somewhat above average guy, period. His numbers suggest nothing else. He’s on the last year of his rookie contract, meaning that they can take a look at him and hope for the best knowing that moving will be painless. And this is the best of the three players obtained.

          • Malc from PO

            He fills a position of need that allows us to go elsewhere in draft/FA. I hope we make the most of his talents, that’s the issue. I’d like one of Everett/Dissly back, probably the latter just based on cost and complement to Fant and Parkinson.

  15. Blitzy the Clown


    Do you trade the 2023 1st round pick from Denver for a 2nd round pick this year?

    Seattle will have their native first round pick next year anyway, and it’s likely to be higher than Denver’s 1st round pick. Why not convert that extra first next year into another 2nd this year and tap into this excellent class more?

    • Sean

      If they will be looking to draft a QB in 2023, they’ll probably want both of those picks, in case they need to trade up to the top of the round.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        If they’re as interested in Corral as seems, they could use the Denver 2023 1st to trade back up into this year’s first round to get him.

        • Rob Staton

          You won’t need to do that.

          To move from 40 into the late first won’t cost a future first. You’re talking about a third or a fourth at most.

    • Ketch

      That’s a hard No. This is the first year of what should be a multi-year rebuild. Even if we had the number one pick this year, R1:1, we would not be a contender this year, or likely next year either. We aren’t one pick away from anything. If you look at our picks over the next two or three years collectively, an R1 is an R1. Take some version of BPA (with Best Player Needed informing the options). And lest anyone is missing this, anyone recall how well we did without a solid left tackle for several years? We don’t just need a QB, we also need an LT (despite last year’s trade). The two most important pieces, and we have neither for the future.

      • Ketch

        (Correction: Last year’s draft, not trade, re an LT)

  16. bk matty

    Shelby is 31 and on 9mln next year, he is a 1 and done guy. If he has a great year maybe they give him 2 more to lessen that blow, nice to have in mix but I doubt hes here in 2yrs.

    Fant also very talented but when have we ever been able to take advantage of TEs on the roster?! He is also not a blocker, hes a receiver. Most Denver fans happy with Okwugeidhgehihdvkdhsodh at TE as he can block better. How do you play Pete ball with a non blocking TE? Denver tried, Fant doesnt have the blocking mentality. That will be an issue.

    • Paul

      Realistically, all three are one-and-done guys.

    • MychestisBeastmode

      Shelby is exactly the kind of inside out pass rusher they are looking for in their revised Fangio 3-4 defense. He will be here for the next 2 years of his contract.

      Fant has everything you could want in an elite TE prototype.

      We couldn’t utilize TEs for the same reasons we never used over the middle short and intermediate passing routes or good back shoulder passes — because Russel Wilson is not capable of those by literally being too short to make those reads. It will not be an issue using TEs going forward. That I am sure of.

      • Peter

        Internet friend. He literally made all the throws at WI with a massive line. Brees could make all those throws. Being short has zero to do with it. Either russ can’t because he can’t. Or the team drafts and plays burners and doesn’t care about slot recievers or pass catching backs since marshawn left.

  17. HawkFanGA

    Rob…thank you for the summary and continued great work on SDB.

    Too many “I told you so” and same-old “Adams trade was a disaster” comments in the thread from earlier today, so I was happy to see a new thread here. I must share how disappointing the news of Russell Wilson’s trade was for me.

    As a lifelong Seahawks fan…I will also remember who was playing QB for our first Super Bowl championship. I cried tear of joy and enjoyed every second of that blowout win over the Broncos. Fast forward nine years and nothing has changed in my viewpoint. I’m grateful that this future Hall of Fame QB wore the green and blue and represented our beloved Seahawks so well. Simply stated…Seattle is losing the best QB in franchise history.

    I was also able to see Wilson’s work off the field as my son attended RW’s Passing Academy and even had the opportunity to catch a pass from Wilson during a competition session. Thank you Russell Wilson for being a true professional in every sense of the word. Your impact on our team and the city of Seattle will never be forgotten!

    Go Hawks!

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Wow this is very encouraging.

      Hey even if it fails spectacularly, I give Pete credit for putting on his BB pants

  18. bk matty

    Wagner Cut!

    • bmseattle

      Greg Bell to Pete at next press conference:

      “How good *was* Bobby Wagner?”

  19. Blitzy the Clown

    Wagner being cut all but guarantees one of the early picks will be LB. Carroll and Schneider have never had a problem drafting LBs early.

    I’m just gonna reup my support for the human heat seeking missile Channing Tindall, the ET3 of LBs.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ll take Tindall or one of about 5-6 others.

      Loaded class.

      • clbradley17

        If we can’t get Tindall, would like to see us get Troy Andersen instead. All the reports of him at Senior Bowl week said he was excellent in pass coverage, also great against the run, and he recorded the third-fastest max acceleration of any defender. Then he ran 4.4 at the combine at 6’3″+, 243 with a 128 in the broad jump and 36 in the vertical. Think if we get one of the top edge rushers in FA, Thanos/Davis of GA with our first pick, and this guy, our D becomes much bigger, faster and better very soon. Then we still have another 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 2 5s and can acquire more good players via FA.

  20. Aaron

    Goodbye Russ and all the soap opera drama. Goodbye Bobby and your declining play. What a great day to thank these men for great careers here and also to have hope for the future again. For the first time since the middle of the 2020 season, it’s exciting to be a Seahawks fan again.

  21. Rob Staton

    I’ve updated the article to include fresh notes on Bobby Wagner’s departure.

    • bk matty

      classy move by the org letting him go now, can find a home well before draft. Professional play.

      Cheers to RW and BW, cant wait to see both in the HoF and Ring of Honor.

      • DJ 1/2 way

        Also sad. Bobby was great, and existed for his entire career under the shadow of Russ. Appropriate, but tragic. To depart on the same day with one traded for riches and the other released. Love you Bobby.

  22. OCHawk

    The thing I feel good about, is that I trust JS on QB evaluation:
    -he was at Green Bay when they drafted Rodgers
    -got RW in the 3rd
    -heard chatter that he was high on Mahomes and Josh Allen in the draft…it wasn’t apparent that either would be great

    If he sees the right QB in this draft, then I trust him. When it comes to DL and OL not so much but he has an eye for the most important position.

  23. bk matty

    I think DK is a goner too. Probably holds out here. Hes gonna get 20mln per and I doubt we are ready to pay that.

    • Peter

      Think its tme to trade him. He’ll get more than 20 million. He’ll most likely be able to say i started better than adams so frankly pay me more. Just my thought.

      • Roy Batty

        They can franchise him after 2022 and do a Frank Clark trade, if it came to that.

        There’s really no rush, unless a team offers the farm for DK in the coming weeks. He’s currently dirt cheap and has no leverage.

        • Peter

          He has leverage. And he won’t be dirt cheap. He can hold in or whatever players are calling it now.

          And a franchise tag for wr’s is not cheap if they did that after adams gets paid it’ll still be around 20 million dollars or more if any other WR gets a contract in that time.

  24. Denver Hawker

    Still wild to me that the Hawks just went and ripped off two big bandaids in the same day! Russ and Wagner are HoF players and two of the best this org has ever seen.

    I am also a little sad to see the end of an era. So many great memories and elite level play from those 2 players.

    It needed to be done and I’m excited about picks and cap space, but that doesn’t make it any easier for me to process.

    • cha

      Three. They (rightly) declined to tag Quandre Diggs too.

      • Denver Hawker

        Duane Brown too?

  25. Blitzy the Clown

    FWIW, I think Drew Lock is at least as good as, if not a better QB prospect than, Matt Flynn was when Seattle signed him lo those many years ago. He may not be true starter caliber, but he has to be a better backup than Geno, right?

    And I’m not upset about Fant being part of thet like I thought I was initially (*whispers* I was mistaken as to which Fant they were talking about). I’m sure Carroll is thrilled with TE Fant. His athletic profile is right up Pete’s alley.

    I wonder if Shelby Harris means they aren’t going to look to draft guys like Logan Hall or Josh Paschal?

    • MychestisBeastmode

      Can never have enough good D lineman — even the big fat ones.

      Hoping Jermaine Johnson or Jordan Davis go at #9. But should we trade back, Wyatt, Hall, Jones or other DL I would hope and expect remain high on our draft board.

    • Peter

      I actually read harris’ aquisition as a hedge like they used to do when they were good at this. I wouldn’t be surprised if they weren’t in fact looking for an inside out guy and harris gives them a blanket if they can’t draft one. Plus dude seems decent and this team can use all the pass rusher it can handle.

  26. Gross MaToast

    Seahawk Twitter right now:

    • Roy Batty

      It’s hilarious to see Niners fans celebrating not having to play Russ, then be informed that, yes, you will be playing him next year in Denver, on a better team.

  27. Blitzy the Clown

    I wouldn’t be opposed to converting most of the freed up cap space by trading a Day 3 pick to the Vikings for Kirk Cousins and Danielle Hunter. Unless they’re focused on Corral.

    But even if they are, I’d still be ok acquiring Hunter. We have the cap space to bring him on.

  28. Big Mike

    With the trade of Wilson today and the release of Wagner this evening I believe there is no one left on the roster now from the Super Bowl winning team.

  29. Rob Staton

    Young, aggressive, fast, violent.

    It worked the first time.

    Some names…

    Zamir White
    Dameon Pierce
    Jermaine Johnson
    Channing Tindall
    Josh Paschal
    Cam Taylor-Britt
    Smoke Monday
    Cam Jurgens
    Perrion Winfrey

    • Hawks4life

      Exactly this Rob! I’ve not commented much as of late due to the same BS we’ve been accustomed to dealing with in the offseason but these moves have re-energize me as a fan! I’ll always be a fan of Russ and Bobby for what they’ve done but it’s time to move on! I don’t have much faith in PCJS but what other choice do we got! GO HAWKS

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Devonte Wyatt
      Leo Chanal
      Kerby Joseph
      Cole Strange

    • Roy Batty

      Depending on the desperation level of certain teams, that #9 pick could turn into many multiple picks over the first two days.

      What a great draft for that to be the case.

  30. Ashish

    Rob very happy read your thoughts and good things might happen in future. We don’t know relationship between Russ and Pete better start new chapter.

  31. TomLPDX

    I’m away all day from my computer and what happens! Geeze! What a day in Seahawks history…a day that will live in infamy!

    Love Russ, Love Bobby! Go Hawks!!!

  32. J.P.

    Wagner gone too? They shooting for that #1 pick in 2023?

    • Rob Staton

      Cutting Wagner and replacing him with a young stud from this draft gives you a better chance to win games IMO

      • MychestisBeastmode


        Plus, Pete will never tank. Whether it works out or not, he will definitely strive to put a winning squad on the field.

    • Roy Batty

      They did quite well the last 2 games of 2021 without Wagner.

      Cutting him was a no-brainer.

  33. KD

    Thanks for the podcast and helping to talk me off the ledge a bit. This divorce felt inevitable, and I guess my biggest disappointment (and I still am disappointed) is in line with Robbie in that I was hoping for more. But the question is: disappointment compared to what? Squandering the last 4 or 5 years with only one playoff win? Feeling like this franchise has just been desperately bailing water out of a sinking ship during that time? Desperate, backfiring moves to maintain relevancy(Adams trade)?

    Like you said, SF has had great success with a smash-you-in-the-mouth defense, all with pedestrian Jimmy G at QB. Granted, RW was hardly pedestrian in his first few years, but the addition of Avrill and Bennett really put that defense over the top. Get the defense back to where it was, get some real competition at RB with some bangers and bruisers, and a QB who can simply manage a game and not turn the ball over, and you are now in position to build a team that is ready to seriously compete. Adding more offensive line talent won’t hurt either.

    Yes, I am still disappointed, but now the future feels much more open with many possibilities as opposed to a constrained and very limited one.


    • LB

      Super Bowl winning QB’s:
      – Matthew Stafford – Semi Elite
      – Tom Brady – Elite
      – Patrick Mahomes – Elite
      – Tom Brady – Elite
      – Nick Foles – Elite in Philly when there are no expectations
      – Tom Brady – Elite
      – Peyton Manning – Washed
      – Tom Brady – Yeah him again

      I’m fascinated by the talk of building a Niners like team. I thought the goal was to win the Super Bowl, not get close and falter because of signal caller ineptitude. You have to go all the way back to the the Gruden Bowl in 2003 to find a Super Bowl won by a team whose full-time starter wasn’t elite or semi-elite. Being like San Francisco sounds like what Seattle has been doing since the SB loss.

      I just don’t understand the sudden affinity for San Francisco’s predicament. Is it just a coping mechanism?

      • Rob Staton

        Well, I’m willing to take a shot on matching the Niners and having a 10 point lead in the NFCCG and a Super Bowl in two out of three years.

        See if we can finish the job.

        • Tomas

          Are we trading Pete for Shanahan, then? Jody dumped Russell in favor of PC/JS, the worst case scenario in the minds of many here, including me. We coulda had Doug Pederson, and a future adding a few pieces – and an intelligent offensive scheme – to augment Wilson. We would be competing for a playoff spot this year, instead of a cellar repeat. No way I can view what happened as anything short of an abomination, given the abysmal coaching/drafting record of Pete and John. The bone-smuggler – supposedly a shrewd businesswomen, according to some – was obviously taken in by Pete’s fast-talk and web of bullshit. Yes, I’m very bitter …

  34. Sean Harker

    Excited for the future of this team for the first time in years. Sucks to see legends leave but all good things come to an end.

    The deal for Russ would have been better if we could have gotten Surtain or Chubb, but with a no trade clause Russ wasn’t going to want to see the defense of his new squad pilfered in the trade, I’m sure that had something to do with it.

    Been brewing for years and Seattle’s interest in Josh Allen and Mahomes kind of showed their true feelings on Russ. Would have been nice to make the deal with Chicago last year and been able to have a look at Fields. Maybe Pete fell in love w Matt Corral last week? His make up and moxie reminds me of Mark Sanchez, but with an infinitely highe upside. I have a feeling he is going to be the guy.

    Should be a fun few months here!!

  35. Justaguy

    Trading for Cousins seems like a PC move. What better way to squash all the excitement? Hopefully JS is fully in charge of the roster decisions.
    If the first pick is Matt Corral, and Thanos is available at #9, would it be a good move to trade back with the Chargers #17?

    • MychestisBeastmode

      I think the “trade down train” with multiple trades (a la Bruce Irvin draft) is a very real possiblity. Though, it would be very hard to pass on Jordan Davis and Jermaine Johnson if they we’re there at 9. Still, acquiring more ammo in round 2 may be a good strategy given the number of our holes and the quality/depth of this draft well into the 2nd round.

      Also, I agree with Rob, they could target a DB and I hope they don’t with our first pick. Tre Brown is legit, Sydney Jones is adequate, we have the cap for DJ Reed if we want him. Gilmore feels more likely now than prior to these moves with RW and BW. Regardless, we weren’t losing because of our CB play.

      With more 2 high safety and an improved pass rush, I have a feeling our secondary will look a lot better regardless of who is out there.

      And I have no idea where it if they’ll target Corral, but I hope it is with our 2nd round if possible and not our first (at least not at 9).

      • Rob Staton

        One thing to remember is PCJS have bemoaned their lack of top 10 picks to justify the Adams trade.

        They now have one again. I think they’ll use it on a good player.

        • MychestisBeastmode

          You’re not wrong. It could easily be seen as hubris if they elect to trade down, passing on JJ or Thanos.

          I also wonder/worry they’ll elect to go OL which could be prudent, but also far more risky in terms of potential when compared to the D-Line options likely to be there at 9.

          • Peter

            With the defensive staff aquisitions and pete forever saying “pass rush,” it feels defense first pick for this team. Oline may be prudent. But you can win more right away with a bonkers defense than you can with great oline play…assuming, and i do, that you’re qb is going to be average.

  36. Robert Las Vegas

    Rob I was wondering what your thoughts on Mike Florio comments that Russ dealing the cards here because it can’t be official until the 16 and Russ just might want a new deal. That 25 million next year isn’t going to cut it.

    • Rob Staton

      Wilson has already passed a physical and waived his no-trade clause per Schefter.

      It’s official in all but the record books.

      • Seahawkwalt

        I think the 3 players we got have to pass a physical

        • Rob Staton

          Sure but the deal doesn’t collapse if they fail a medical. They’ll either send another player or add more picks.

          • Roy Batty


            Other players, other than Wilson, passing their physicals does nothing to negate this trade. Denver probably knows who is and isn’t able to pass a physical. And, in the event there is a failed physical, I’m sure they have draft compensation already negotiated as a backup plan.

            This trade will get done, no matter what. Point of no return.

          • Spectator

            Anybody kind of hoping for a situation like we had when dealing with Texans? Haha replace a player when we have the leverage. For either a different player or pick. Like if Harris doesn’t pass and we can get a third instead. Or maybe Harris is worth more than a third, idk. But another day two pick sounds nice

            • clbradley17

              I’m almost hoping both Harris and Lock don’t pass their physicals and we get an extra 3rd this year and another one next year. As deep as this draft is, could turn into a starting very good OL or DB, RB, DL.

  37. Poli

    Anyone else hoping they completely tank for a top 2 pick in 2023 to get C.J. Stroud or Bryce Young?

    • Rob Staton


      Because as the article says, Will Levis is the guy people should be talking about.

      • Poli

        But would you intentionally mail it in this season, roll over the salary to 2023 and get a top pick in 2023?

        • Rob Staton


          I’d attack this draft and free agency with renewed vigour.

          And if you want a QB next year, you have the stock to trade up.

          • DJ 1/2 way

            Awesome day Rob. Again, no other media captures the feeling and insight like you. Thanks again.

            What round for Will Levis? I watched the video. Looks good. Is this another find by Rob who shoots up the draft boards? Wouldn’t it be sweet to replace Russ with another 3rd round pick?

            • Rob Staton

              Thanks DJ

              Levis has a shot at early R1

    • V

      I love Bryce Young and Will Levis!

  38. Robert Las Vegas

    Also looking ahead next year the Seahawks have 10 picks nice.

    • Rob Staton

      Now let’s keep hold of those please…

      • BobbyK

        That’s how you turn franchises around! It’s almost like having two drafts in one year! Extra 1st, 2nd, and 5th next year is much better than the mess they found themselves in the last draft.

      • Roy Batty

        10 picks and $130 million to spend.

        That’s crazy to think about.

  39. God of Thunder

    Great thorough and sensible analysis by Rob. Enjoyable.

    RW traded for a decent haul, with a draft class where there’s real value from ~ 25 to 55. This will restock the talent cupboard.

    RW gone, Bobby cut — hurts but absolutely necessary — and if they can flip DK, I’ll be thrilled with the direction the franchise is taking.

    • MychestisBeastmode

      I do not want to flip DK. We could go another 10 years and not see another WR with DK’s physical profile and ability. Extend him.

      But, if they don’t think he’s worth $25-28 million then do what ya gotta do, I guess.

      • God of Thunder

        Yeah he’s got quite the skill set but I’m not sure spending 20-25 million on that position is the wisest thing. There are very good receivers in every draft. Mind you, we are spending $$$ on safety….

      • Ketch

        Alright, folk aren’t going to like this, I expect, but I don’t believe DK is as elite as folk fall into believing. His physique enthralls. But he seldom is wide open, and for a huge and fast guy, why isn’t he? Lockett far more often has five yards all around him. DK also doesn’t have the hands of Lockett (nor ADB). If DK had the same stats, but looked less god-like, I don’t believe the level of excitement would be near the same. No way I’d spend $20M+ on him, unless this year he shows he can get separation better and hold on to the ball better.

  40. BobbyK

    I bet they try to comPete legitimately in ’22. But I bet they don’t resign Diggs. This seems like the reset when they fired almost all of the coaches. This time around there’s going to be an unusually high amount of player turnaround. Maybe Pete’s trying to get the team back, like he tried when he canned the coaches. I guess Pete is the only constant in this so he should look in the mirror and learn, too. Hope it works! They can’t screw up this many picks, can they?

    • BobbyK

      Get Cousins and draft well and things could really be looking up!

      • God of Thunder

        Agreed! Except for the Cousins acquisition.

        • Peter

          That’s pretty good! And I second that.

  41. HetchHetchy

    When John and Pete had interest in Wilson before the 2012, it was dead quiet. They didn’t want anyone to know they were keen. They’ve let the whole world think it’s gonna be Corral, even meeting with him out in the open. No way. This is a distraction. I see their guy as Ridder. Great physical tools and he “tilts the field.” All that winning in Cincinnati of all places. And you can get him with him one of your second rounders.

    • Rob Staton

      Well, we don’t have a long wait to find out.

    • Peter

      Not sure if it’s Ridder but part of me likes what you’re thinking about Corral being a bit of a red herrinng.

    • GaiusMarius

      Ha, ha, uh no, that’s not recent history, not unless you count the last 20 years. The Mariners had real excitement from 1995 to 2001. Everything before and after has been horrid to close to being good enough for October baseball. They are well set to break the longest playoff drought of any major sports team in North America this season….if baseball can move past its labor dispute. 😉

  42. HOUSE


    Another amazing writeup. I have said it before and will again, I appreciate your open-minded writing that speaks reason to multiple angles.

    I for one didn’t want to see Russ leave, but under the circumstances, I feel we got the best return for someone we probably weren’t going to pay $45-50M/annually and didn’t even know if he’d be on the roster in two years. This draft class has some exciting talent and we’re in the seat to get some impact players. Having the cap space that we now have will also give us some highly touted vets and I don’t see us as a bottom dweller this season. Are we winning the SB? More than likely not. Are we the Jaguars/Jets… Nope


  43. Tomas

    Reality will hit hard when the Broncos, led by Wilson, destroy the Hawks in 2022. Any optimism perhaps admirable, but misplaced, given the Hawks are still led by Pete, John, and Jody … we’d be as well off with Larry, Moe and Curley. The Legion of Gloom has arrived … 4-6 win seasons until Pete shuffles off into retirement, having effectively transformed a once great franchise into the … Seattle Mariners. Relevance is years away. Yes, there’ll be a certain fascination in watching the Hawks — similar to watching a train wreck, or burning building.

    • Rob Staton

      Or maybe it’ll just be fun and positive?

      Let’s see before writing it off

    • Seattle Person

      To be fair, the Mariners never rebuilt or retooled until their most recent one a few years ago. Before that, they were really stale and went no where. This is where the Seahawks are now.

      The Mariners knew they were going no where despite being close to the playoffs. They tore it down and built it back up in a big way.

      The Hawks need to build it up in a big way. They were going no where. Let’s see what they’re going to do with a top pick. Last time they had a top 10 pick they went with Okung and followed it up with an Earl Thomas later. We’ll see.

      • Peter

        You’re speaking recent history. The mariners have actually been alternately e tremely exciting and/or very good. They just let the floor fall out after 2001.

    • LB

      I think you have the right of it. I’m not sure people realize that it was Paul Allen, not the current head coach and GM that transformed this laughingstock of a franchise into a respected organization. I also don’t think people realize just how hard it is find a super bowl caliber quarterback.

      During the livestream Rob kept talking up San Fran and their pass rush leading them to a super bowl and this past NFC championship game. What his praise misses is that SF lost the super bowl to the elite Patrick Mahomes and the NFC champ to semi-elite Matthew Stafford. Carrol and Schnieder are stale and out of lucky charms. The Seahawks are returning to the 80’s.

      • Seattle Person

        Paul Allen turned the organization into a legit one. You are right on that overall. He actually saved the team. To say he turned the team around after Holmgren and Mora is a joke…JS and PC built the teams in the early 2010s.

        Finding a QB is damn hard thing to do. I also think people don’t realize why Wilson got dealt or failed to try to process it. Too much money. Wilson didn’t want to play Seahawk football. Let’s move on. Some exciting options in the draft now with some new added capital.

        • Peter

          Lets not discredit holmgren by placing him with mora. Holmgren did something no coach had done in the previous 3.5 decades. Brought relevance to seattle.

    • MychestisBeastmode

      Russel is a HoFer. Yet, he has real warts in his game and likely will never be better than what we’ve already seen. No middle short and intermediate passes, 4 second pocket leads to a lot of sacks, no longer the scrambler he was to extend plays. Denver may just as well be let down by their investment over the coming years. The risk cuts both ways.

      We’ve lived with RW’s style for a decade so it doesn’t feel too odd. In reality, he forces a very different and limited offensive scheme from standard NFL playbooks because of what he can’t do. This is not to take away from what he can do very well – a truly beautiful deep ball, unwavering confidence, and decisive when making the right reads.

      • Peter

        Guess we’ll find out if yhe first part is even remotely true or if it’s pete who doesn’t like the short and intermediate game. Preferring deep strikes and a run game.

        Also fascinated by what happens when someone like wilson gets to play with an offensive minded coach for the first time in his career.

  44. Cover2

    A free agent I would like to possibly sign is former Vikings LB Anthony Barr. He is 30 years old and could be a good option as a OLB for the Seahawks 3-4 defense playing opposite of Darrell Taylor. The Vikings misused him as an off the ball linebacker. He is best suited as a rush OLB in a 3-4 defense. He is projected to be signed for around 8 million per year.

    Barr is 6ft 5in tall, 255 lbs. with 33 1/2-inch arms.
    His combine numbers…
    1.57 10-yard split
    4.19 short shuttle
    6.82 3-cone
    10ft 5inch broad jump

    Barr’s last two years in college he had 23 sacks and 41 tackles for loss.

    Here are a couple of his highlights

    • Seattle Person

      Or just get a young and cheap stud in Jermaine Johnson?

    • MychestisBeastmode

      I agree and think Barr could thrive here. However, I think there are too many young rookie LBs with real potential for solid starter ability to invest in an ageing LB. But, a 2 year deal would not be a bad move imo if the Hawks chose to extend it to Barr.

  45. lil’stink

    With the Wagner news and the money it frees up… I’m actually kind of excited.

    Jackson or Davis at CB.

    Landry or Reddick as a pass rusher.

    If we get one of the DB’s and one of the pass rushers, especially to 4 year deals, I’d be thrilled.

    If we hit on this draft our defense could take a big step forward next year.

    • Ralphy

      Landry signed a huge deal today.

      • lil’stink


        • MychestisBeastmode

          Things are moving fast today! Reminiscent of the 2008 housing/stock market crash. It seems every few minutes we keep venturing deeper down the rabbit hole and overturning new and surprising updates.

  46. LB

    The return Seattle received is, in my humble opinion laughable. Essentially, they traded a top 10 quarterback in exchange for the return of their original draft pick, an injury prone tight-end they won’t use, a low impact DT and a bunch of picks that’ll be at the end of their respective rounds next year.

    Still, I’m glad Wilson is elsewhere, I’m the type of person who loves to see people freed from situations in which they are unappreciated.

    I’ve read so many Seahawks fan posts dismissing both the talent and impact of Russell Wilson. The Seahawks have done very little since the Super Bowl to support Wilson. I love Angry Doug, but he should have been WR3. Wilson’s magical escapability is the only reason the offensive line didn’t give up record numbers of sacks. The reset defense has been a near total disgrace and the offensive play calling has always been unimaginative under Carroll.

    The fandom and media will tell you this is all the quarterback’s fault, instead of the GM who keeps making stupid picks and trades or the coach who is presiding over his second crumbling dynasty in a row (USC).

    The reality is the Super Bowl contending Seahawks were what Paul Allen made them, not Carroll and John, that much should be obvious by the staggering amount of failure that pair has delivered since Mr. Allen’s passing. Still, I don’t believe this will become obvious until the franchise is a decade into reliving the 80’s, but that’s where we are with sports (and life) these days somebody has to be the scapegoat.

    And Rob if Russell Wilson were 6′ tall, he’d have gone in the top 5 probably to Washington instead of Robert Griffin III. Short quarterback phobia is why he lasted until round three. Drew Brees was a coincidence Russell Wilson made short quarterback success a trend, that now benefits the Baker Mayfield’s and Kyler Murray’s of the world.

    • Hawks4life

      Baldwin as wr3 would have to be one stacked WR room lol

    • Rob Staton

      That is ridiculous

      Last time I checked, Paul Allen didn’t draft Sherm, Kam, Russ, Bobby, KJ, Earl or sign Baldwin. He didn’t trade for Marshawn, or bring in Bennett and Avril.

      You can try too hard sometimes.

      This is an example of that.

    • lil’stink

      This post is so cringey on so many levels it belongs on the Seahawks sub at Reddit.

  47. Morty

    Rob you have mentioned that Levis is the QB to watch next year but who are some others to look at? No one saw Burrow or Zach Wilson’s rise and just want to hear your thoughts on maybe some sleepers next year.

    • Rob Staton

      Well, for me Levis is the sleeper I can give you. Everyone talks about Stroud and Campbell, nobody mentions Levis.

      But as it happens I also like Dorian Robinson-Thompson at UCLA.

      • GoHawks5151

        Who is Campbell? I really hope they go Lock and a Vet this year and draft a QB in 23. Build up DL, OL, LB this year

        • Rob Staton

          Sorry I meant Young. I posted at about 5:30am and was tired

    • uptop

      I think DTR is going to have a big year at UCLA, charbonnet being back. Big arm and strong body

  48. Thomas

    I didn’t come up with this so I won’t take credit for it, but…Jordan Love…? 3rd round pick perhaps…

    • Rob Staton

      It’s a no from me

      Never been a fan

  49. Denver Hawker

    If there is a QB they like in the draft- great.

    I’m just as well to be excited if they don’t take one and just draft half the Georgia defense.

    • MychestisBeastmode

      The Seattle Bullhawks!

      I’m in with your plan. Those Georgia boys are really on one this year.

  50. uptop

    Tank for Arch Manning

    See you guys in 2026!

    • Spectator

      Arch is gonna be a bust. I’m more interested in Ewers in a few years. Or the string of USC QBs.

  51. clbradley17

    Just posted a couple hours ago – 12 min. conversation between Greg Olsen and Colin Cowherd on why RW wanted Broncos trade, and how he knew right away he was the most prepared QB, even in March 2020 during a zoom meeting.

  52. Mick

    I’m positively surprised about Pete having the guts not to hide behind “we need leadership now that Wilson is gone” and cutting Wagner. Hell, you can even get him back on a low contract if he doesn’t get a better deal elsewhere.

    Now if we reconstruct, we should keep our load of 2023 draft picks. We don’t know how this year works out regardless, and you don’t want to end up having traded pick #2 for a player who doesn’t stop you from getting at #2.

    If we now lead the team by not overpaying for people who don’t contribute enough, Duane Brown shouldn’t be extended. We can get a LT in the draft at 40. And Jamal Adams is on the chopping block for next year when we have the money and the picks to get rid of him.

  53. RealRhino2

    Rob, I think this was one of your best, most concise, most coherent write-ups yet. Thank you.

    I think I feel just as you do. I’m filled with a bit of trepidation, and was a bit surprised it all came out of the blue, but ultimately I’m interested and excited to see where we go from here.

    Last but not least, I had barely paid attention to the draft until about 3 days ago because I thought we’d just be adding either another toolsy DE or OL project at best at #41. Even so, my son and I were going to Vegas for Day 1 of the draft, having resigned myself to seeing nothing from the Hawks, and now it looks like that could be a lot more interesting for us.

    • Rob Staton


  54. LouieLouie

    Nice write-up. Wilson was going to walk in 2 years so they wouldn’t have gotten anything except a compensatory pick. His value never would be as high as it is now. Wagner being released was a gesture of respect because now he can sign anywhere he wants with no strings attached. The let Sherman go the same way.

    This draft will be the most exciting one in years for the Seahawks. Wilson was underutilized in Pete Carrol’s offense. It would be ironic if Wilson wins a Superbowl for Denver because he kicked their a$$ in a Superbowl once.

    • Seattle Person

      I think Wilson needs to answer a lot of questions. He is capable of big numbers but we’ll have to see if he can do it for the whole season. This next season will do a lot for him if he elevates his game and cements another chapter of his “legacy.”

      As we have all seen, he does have some ugly warts to his game. The short to intermediate is non-existent to Wilson. Partly to due to his height and partly due to his preferences to look deeper. It will be interesting to see if he can chuck it everywhere. The only time we saw him do it was when Shotty was here. It also led to some pretty ugly interceptions and decision making.

  55. All I see is 12s

    What do you guys think of using these picks to build up the roster and then maybe trying to send a 4th to the Ravens for Huntley? If he works out great, if not draft a qb in 2023. I need to check on reasonable compensation for Huntley though

  56. Budd Inlet Jr

    Right decision, bad execution. We got fleeced for a second time. I feel like JS is a weak negotiator. Terrible compensation imo, this trade should’ve been picks and young talented players only.

  57. Hojo Hawks

    Great write up & analysis Rob. I agree that the Hawks needed to make some moves this off-season. I think your assessment of Pete adjusting his philosophy to accommodate Wilson makes a lot of sense and was potentially a misstep. This off-season has a very different feel to it. I wonder if JS is in the drivers seat or if Pete has realized that he’s strayed too far from first principles and is course correcting. I’m good with either. Go Hawks!!

  58. samprassultanofswat

    According to Jake Heaps. There is a TON of interest in Matt Corral. Here is Tony Pauline’s scouting report on Matt Corral.
    If the Seahawks want Corral they will probably have to trade back into the first round to get him.

    To put it bluntly. Russell Wilson was not going to sign another contract with the Seahawks. So I guess now is the time to trade him. Wilson wanted out. And the Seahawks got rid of him.

    After the trade was announed. Wilson said he only wanted to go to Denver. Why Denver? Denver is not a big market like New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston Dallas. l
    ., Houston

    BTW: Rob loved the article.

    • Malc from PO

      I am guessing he belives in their new head coach, system, and personnel? I read a great satirical article that he liked the altitude because it brings him closer to god… almost something Russ would say for real.

  59. Poli

    Sherman thinks the Hawks are “setting themselves up to be in the sweepstakes for Deshaun Watson”

    • Malc from PO

      That’s a “why’? from me. It would cost the picks we just acquired and leave us needing to pay a ton of money to a QB. If the logical reasons for trading Russ are what motivated the transaction, we can’t be in for Watson. If Pete and Russ just had a breakdown in relationship then I suppose it’s valid. Still don’t want him with the accusations hanging over him.

  60. Nathan W.

    *studies for finals all day*
    *checks sports websites on break*

    Holy crap…. what did I miss in the past 12 hours

  61. Robert Las Vegas

    Rob this is my thoughts on the RW trade if you cancel out the 5 round and 4 the round pick. The Seahawks basically got 7 players for Russ three players and 4 high picks . My second thought is RW may play with his contact this year but as we all know Mark Rogers has one client RW . History of re doing his contact before the Last year contract. One more quick thought Noah Fant do you know he led the broncos in receptions the last 2 years . And his 130 catches in the last 2 years ranks 5 most among NFL tight ends.not bad

  62. uptop

    I am going to be rooting for Russ’ success, I hope he can win a ring with the Broncos.

    But its interesting to look at how stacked the AFC, and AFC is looking like right now. 4 Good QBs in the AFCW with Mahomes Herbert and Carr. A good AFC north with well run franchises. Josh Allen and Bellichik in the east. The south is kind of a mess. But this wont be a cakewalk at all for the Broncos, and I could seee Russ have some growing pains in a new kind of offense for him. Russ is a fantastic quarterback, but he does have flaws that his new team will have to get used to, like his deep drops, need for passing lanes, and some troubles with the short game.

    Selfishly I could see a situation where the Broncos dont do great next year. They have 6 games against good AFCW teams. They have to play the NFC West. They could be in a situation where the picks we get from the next year are decent, and that would be a pretty exciting thing.

  63. UkAlex6674

    So pumped. This is an off season like no other for us now. We’ve got the closure we all wanted. It’s done. Turn the page. Carroll is going out swinging and it’s going to go one of two ways but I’d rather this then death by a thousand paper cuts.

    Am I happy with the trade compensation? It’s not as bad as peope think. I think Harris will be a real star in Seattle. Fant hasn’t been that bad in Denver.

    Strangely excited for Lock though for some reason. More excited to see who else is bought in for QB1 though.

    Rob – just want to say the last 18-24 months has been absolute joy with all your work on this saga, keeping us all informed with how things may play out. So thanks so much.

    Also, I am now off work for a few days so sat down and read all of your combined posts the last few days. I can’t tell you how good it was. Personally I don’t know why peope think the football year is over after the SB – the draft (and free agency) are such a superb part of it, and your coverage makes it even better.

    So thanks so much for it!

  64. steele

    As you say, Rob, nothing would have been worse than more seasons with Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll being uncomfortable, and the same old constipation. Something had to give, and here it is.

    I think the Hawks have a big opportunity with this haul. They can do a lot of things. They haven’t had brilliant offseasons or drafts in too long, and your hope is that they do it well this time.

    There is a chance for an exciting change at QB. Drew Lock could surprise with a change of scenery and coaching. He always had tremendous tools and big potential that the Broncos failed to bring to fruition. Then he had the misfortune of not getting along with Fangio. Lock deserves a serious shot.

    Unless they go for an established veteran QB (but I am not enamored of any of the QBs available, and they’re all overpriced), it should be a fascinating open competition.

  65. UkAlex6674

    Wagners been released!

  66. Dregur

    I think Drew Lock is absolutely a lottery ticket. He has all the physical tools to be a good QB, he just has had some terrible offensive coaching from college and in the NFL. Reading the scouting reports on him, it came up again and again how raw he was, and how much coaching he needed to be a NFL QB.

    Do I personally think he will be good? No. But there is a chance and I’m not willing to completely dismiss him.

    I really hope the Seahawks don’t get tricky and draft a LB at 9, there is just so much talent at DL/EDGE/CB/OT at the top end. I hope they stick at 9 or only drop a handful of spaces no lower than 15.

    I would love another pass rusher or Davis to fill the DL hole we currently have.

    • James

      Well, Drew Lock has a clean slate here. If he’s of the mindset of getting the job done, it’s now or never.

    • Seattle Person

      The the Jackson equivalent to the 3-player competition during Wilson’s rookie’s year. I fully expect them to sign a FA (Flynn). Draft a young guy (Wilson).

      Not a perfect comparison but you get the idea.

      • Dregur

        Remember they still have Eason, and sat on him as the 3 QB after picking him up from waivers as well for almost the entire season. They must like something about him.

    • uptop

      I think they have two routes for their draft:

      At 9 either go with one of the top edge guys (hutchinson, thibodeaux, walker, johsnon) and then go best interior d line at 41 (leal, winfrey, jones)

      Or instead go a top iDL at 9 (Thanos or Wyatt) and then hope a edge falls to lap at 41 with mafe or williams.

      As much as I love Jordan Davis, i want to get a top edge guy.

    • BA

      This reads exactly like the book on Darnold, who also showed nothing in his first 3 years and then generated a bunch of hype, only to still fall flat on his face. Lock is a placeholder for whoever they draft this year

  67. Ashish

    I like two options Rob gave Tyrod Taylor or Marcus Mariota. But how about gardner minshew?

  68. Rob Staton

    A heads up… I’ll be on Jake & Stacy today on 710

    • Ukhawk


      Will be listening

      Still processing but think it was for the best.

      • clbradley17

        Fantastic content Rob. Started the day off with the mock draft, then had to adapt and transition to the trade mid-day without missing a beat, + the 2 1/2 hour YouTube video and additional thousands of words on the trade and scenarios in more articles. Joe Fann looked stunned and in shock about the trade during his time on your video Tuesday.

        I’m hoping we can now get the star of the combine, a possible cross between Vita Vea and Aaron Donald in Jordan Davis at #9, or trade down several picks to get Johnson, Wyatt or Lucas while getting more day 2 picks. Davis and Wyatt were definitely held back by the scheme at GA to stop the run and get the linebackers clear to rush the QB.

        While you’re on with Jake & Stacey, can you ask them if John Clayton will apologize for repeatedly calling everyone stupid or to “just shut up” for daring to mention a RW trade was possible? Thanks again so much for all you do here. BTW, now that our draft has added 2 picks in rounds 1 & 2 since yesterday, what would you do with those now?

        • Rob Staton


  69. mr peapants

    thank you so much for this incredible content. Been reading your blog a long time and it just keeps getting better. Best seahawk info anywhere!

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you!

  70. MattyB

    Never like to lose one of our best player but I have always believed the coach is the most important member of the playing staff and Seattle are backing PC. If your superstar player is at logger-heads with the coach then move on with the best available deal. Let’s hope the franchise is tuned-in to their previous good drafting/free agency that went on to win a SB.

    Fantastic website/blog

  71. SoZ

    Bring me Thanos!

  72. Scot04

    Great work by the SDB crew.
    Amazing write up Rob, especially since you had 0 sleep.
    Brilliant stuff insightful and deep.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Scot!

  73. Dave1401

    Went down the pub to watch the champions league, came back to see the franchise turned on its head. Instant reaction – shit, I can’t believe they actually did it. Very much like Putin and Ukraine, its something you thought was a distinct possibility but its shocking that it actually happened and that it happened so quickly.

    Thanks for having us fully mentally prepared for this possibility. I will never understand the abuse you get and total hatred reddit has for your views. How dare you even suggest the possibility of RW being traded! Or discuss Wagner being cut! It’s honestly like a cult over there with you being chief blasphemer. Sadly, I think they will probably hate you even more now.

    I think we’re all going to be interested to see what Wilson does with an offensive minded head coach where he will presumably get a lot of say. Just disappointing that we didn’t get to see it here. Definitely tempted to put a bet on Wilson for MVP next year. Twice a year against Mahomes is going to be epic.

    Anyway, looking forward to all the interesting discussions on the sub over the next few weeks. Genuinely grateful that you created this sub. Imagine if all we had was fieldgulls and reddit to discuss the Seahawks

  74. Victor

    Rob, what are your thoughts on Branden Smith, LB out of Penn State? From what I’ve been able to see, that guy is a missle. He measured in at 6’4″ 241 pounds with almost 35 inch arms , ran a 4.52 40 yard dash, had a 37.5 inch vertical, and 10-8 broad jump. No recorded 3 cone or short shuttle times.

    To put things in perspective, KJ Wright was 6’4″ 246 pounds and had 35 inch arms. And Jordyn Brooks ran a 4 54 at a similar weight. No one had talked about him because of Micah Parsons being a big name last year, but Penn State fans absolutely love him and coaches believe he is every bit as talented as Micah Parsons

    • Rob Staton

      Smith has all the tools, for sure. I will watch more of him but my initial impression was the tape doesn’t match the traits

  75. Ken

    Hey Rob,

    Great writing as always!

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Ken

  76. Scot04

    Post Wilson PFN Mock Draft using Rob’s Bigboard.
    All players chosen in round projected except Zyon. He was rated a 4th rounder, taken with 10th pick in roun 5. So all very close to make it as realistic as possible.

    Seahawks trade #9 (Matt Corral) to Saints for #18, #49 & a 2023 2nd
    Seahawks trade #18 & 227 (Trevor Penning & Logan Bruss) to Miami for #29 &50
    Seahawks trade #40 (Carson Strong) to Cleveland for picks #44 & 98

    Draft Results
    29. Perrion Winfrey
    41. Desmond Ritter (only Ridder was left from Rob’s Board)
    44. Channing Tindall
    49. Cole Strange
    50. Sam Williams
    72. Rasheed Walker
    98. Tyrion Davis-Price
    115. JT Woods
    153. Zyon McCollum
    Saints 2023 2nd round pick

  77. Ukhawk

    Just don’t think Jermaine Johnson is sudden enough nor has enough bend.

    Wondering if the best option is to trade down, add picks in a deep draft and build a team that has more holes than Swiss cheese.

    3 or 4 of these would be a great start to a rebuild:
    Wyatt, Winfrey, Jones
    Mafe, Neal, Pashal
    Tindall, Walker, Dean
    Lucas, Walker, Tom, Juergens

    Compete this year, draft/acquire in your QB next year with good building blocks

    • Rob Staton

      Trading down is obviously an option.

      But the Seahawks need a blue-chip stud. And if one is there at #9 they need to not mess around

  78. Rob Staton

    Good insider info from John Keim here, on Washington’s pursuit of Wilson and some nuggets on what’s been going on:

  79. TimDB11

    First. Rob, outstanding draft coverage and so thankful for all the write ups.
    Your work has and is a bridge from 1 season to the next.

    Wow our off season just got interesting. Not a fan of trade, I was in the camp of fire Pete hire Sean P. But alas, that ship has sailed. I am begrudgingly in the BB Pete Camp now. Look forward to your coverage.

    Gi hawks

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Tim

  80. Rob Staton

    I have got a suggestion for a new article today that might blow your minds

    • SeattleLifer

      Does it involve Jimmy G?

      • TimDB11

        As long as it means Drew Lock is not our QB

      • Rob Staton

        No — article live now

    • EP

      TOM BRADY !!!

  81. Ben Ft. Worth

    The Seahawks let Russell go this year because they decided 4 things were true: 1) Russ 2022 is not Russ 2012; 2) Better a year too early than a year too late (the risk of injury on a QB that is not as quick as he once was); 3) The drama was affecting the team, and even though they could make the playoffs with a last-place schedule, they’d be out after the wild-card round; and 4) the package was too good, better than anything they’d get next year, when they would have HAD to trade him. I could easily see them not resigning Bobby Wagner as well for some of the same reasons, but that would be a cap casualty deal.

  82. L80

    Incredible day…I started off thinking we diodn’t get enough. Watched the stream with Rob, Robbie, and Joe, and was talked off the ledge by Robs enthusiasm.

    After further thought. I want them to use #9 on one of JJ, KT, or whomever is best/left at #9…..A young stud DE with cheap control for 4 to 5 years. As much as I like Chandler Jones, getting this pick changes everything as far as pass rush is concerned.

    Heck they could even trade one or all of the 3 players they got for more ammo…

    I’m actually excited again to see what happens…..With all that being said, this F.O. has to get this right, it’s a once in a regime chance to set the table.

  83. DriveByPoster

    I agree with Joe Fann that this trade would look a lot better if the Jamaal Adams trade hadn’t happened. Having said that, I agree with you, Rob, that this is a fair deal. One aspect of it that hasn’t been mentioned is that the #9 pick is 1 step higher than the Jets. That means that the Jets will not be using Seattle’s native pick to take a player that Seattle wants. Whoever the Jets take, the ‘hawks will have already picked or traded down. For me as a fan that, kind of, takes the curse off the Adams trade a bit. A little bit. Well, a tiny bit.

  84. David Stacey

    Rob, fantastic work from yourself and Robbie this last week, thanks.

    Enjoyed the livestream last night and loved the positivity. Wagner being cut is also fantastic news.
    The best thing about this, is the next couple of seasons should certainly be exciting and interesting.
    I couldn’t bear to watch a repeat of the boring football we’ve seen for the last 12 months, it really was absolutely tedious.

    This seems like a good trade all round, good for PC/JS to see if they can repeat their success and good for the Broncos / RW.

    I don’t understand the faction of supporters who seem to be a Russell WIlson fan above all else, good luck to RW, but I’m over it already.
    I’m a Seahawk fan and don’t care who our QB is, as long as they give us a chance of winning a SB.
    The next 2-3 years will be fascinating to watch and fingers crossed pc/js can recreate the magic!

    Also, it must be very nice for you to be vindicated!
    It’s actually quite amusing that you in your spare time are able to provide far more cutting edge journalism than the so called Journalists in Seattle who do this full time, as a job, and are privy to interviews, conferences etc… Shame on them.

    Go Hawks!

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks David!

  85. Ulsterman

    Sad to see RW go, but at least ends the will he/won’t of the last couple off-seasons and they now have the draft stock and cap room for a serious rebuild. Let’s hope they don’t blow it.

    My main question now is if they really like one of the QBs in this year’s draft, how high are they prepared to take him?
    If they genuinely like Corral for example, do they just avoid all risk and take him at 9? Or do try to trade back a few places and add another pick.
    I’d love them to take someone like Jermaine Johnson first and be able to trade back into the end of the first to take a QB, but do you risk it if you really think that player is a viable future starting QB?

  86. GoHawksDani

    I like Corral based on this video.

    If we somewhat sort out what’s the situation with the OL and add a passrusher, keep Reed, I think we could trade back with maybe Philly for their #16 pick and get their #51.

    Maybe we could trade next year’s DEN R1 and #41 and move up around #20-24

    That would leave us with: #16, #20-24, #40, #51, #108, #114, #115, #153, #227

    We could pick one of Rob’s 10 DT/DE that has R1 grades or if not available we could pick one of the two OTs or the OG (I’m guessing 2 teams might pick a QB or WR or S or someone that is not marked as R1 with the top 15 picks).

    We could hopefully get Corral or maybe Willis if Matt is not available with the #20-24 pick

    Depending on how it is on draft day we could use #40 and #51 to draft a C and an LB

    In R4 with #108, #114, #115 we could take an RB, EDGE, CB, or OG (depending on which position we filled already)

    R5 and R7 could be a place where we could take someone with high upside but raw, or ST player or maybe a kicker if there are decent ones.

    For example:
    #16 – Devonte Wyatt (DT)
    #20-24 – Matt Corral (QB)
    #40 – Channing Tindall/Quay Walker (LB)
    #51 – Cameron Jurgens (C)
    #108 – Snoop Conner (RB)
    #114 – Smoke Monday (S)
    #115 – MJ Emerson (CB)
    #227 – no idea which OG/OT

    Get Clark (or someone with higher profile, but not sure now without Russ they wanna come here), re-sign Al Woods or someone similar. Re-sign Penny. Keep Duane Brown, if he wants a new contract and open to it, extend him to 1-2 plus years. Re-sign DJ Reed or JC Jackson. Try to sign maybe another FA CB with a level below maybe? PJ Williams, Justin Coleman, Eli Apple or someone similar maybe.
    Either re-sign Diggs or maybe someone like Marcus Williams, Marcus Maye, Anthony Harris or Mathieu. Yeah, it might hurt to push that much money (probably at least 16m in ’22 and 30m in ’23) to two safeties (FA and Adams), but that’s not on the FA safety but on Adams. FS will likely still be an important position in a PC defense. I’d also try to get either Trenton Brown or Morgan Moses or Ifedi to play RT

    The starters would look like this:
    LT – Brown
    LG – Lewis
    C – Jurgens(/Fuller/Pocic)
    RG – Jackson/Haynes
    RT – Either Jones or FA

    QB – Corral/Lock
    RB – Penny, Carson, Snoop Conner
    WR – Lockett, DK, Eskridge
    TE – Fant, Parkinson

    DE/EDGE – Clark, Taylor, Dunlap, Harris (who can maybe slide in on some downs?), Robinson
    DT – Wyatt, Woods/FA, Ford
    MIKE – Brooks
    WILL – Tindall/Walker
    SAM (?) – Adams/Barton
    CB – Reed/Jackson, Jones/Brown or FA, Emerson
    nCB – FA(like Coleman)/Jones/Amadi
    FS – Diggs or FA
    SS – Neal
    nS (bandit or what it’s called) – Adams (he wouldn’t do classic SS tasks, but a specialist, who’s only task is to shoot gaps, attack RBs and QBs from all over the field)

    I think this could be a pretty good secondary, especially something like:
    base (would play in this like 10% of snaps): JC Jackson and Justin Coleman, Diggs and Neal
    big nickel (for running downs mostly and something like 2&5): Jackson, Coleman, Diggs, Neal, Adams
    nickel: Jackson, Coleman, Tre Brown, Diggs, Adams (mostly blitzing)

    A pretty good and deep DL, like:
    base: Clark, Dunlap, (with Taylor rotating in frequently) Wyatt, Ford
    Or a Nascar Clark, Taylor, Dunlap, Wyatt
    Or a bigger guy package like Dunlap, Wyatt, Woods, Harris

    I’d be fine with that offense too. Not too interesting or pumped about, but it’s good enough to not loose a lot of games that the D# could win.
    And if Corral would be decent, we can build around this (OL fixes next year and maybe some bigger RB and better blocking receivers)

  87. Happy Hawk

    I guess I am a lone wolf and think this is our return to the Sea Chicken days. But now after reading all of the positive stuff above – i have a new perspective:

    We get an easy schedule every year now
    Don’t have to worry about games in prime time screwing up my weekly routine
    High draft picks every year
    Shorter lines at the concession stands
    A new jersey to replace RW’s
    No pesky playoff games over the Holidays

    Sounds like what the other J Allen owned team is doing down in Portland – the Blazers have lost every game since the all star break by more than 30pts – tanking for high draft picks.

    Losing RW and BW on the same day doesn’t feel like a “win” at the moment.

    Great reporting Rob –

  88. Al U

    There are many reasons why Seahawks fans may doubt this front office. Trades of 1st round picks for veterans that have worked out on a scale ranging from underwhelming to disastrous; extending every single veteran player with any trade value for huge money; having what I must assume is a well below average hit rate in the draft (especially in the last 7-8 years)… However, the reason that they are still in the job 12 years in is that they were incredibly successful the one time when they had a chance to rebuild the roster, pretty much from scratch.

    And the criticism of Carroll when he took the job is that players would get sick of his message after a few years and that he was better suited to young, hungry players with everything to prove. I think that with the benefit of hindsight this criticism turned out to be mostly correct.

    I don’t know if this rebuild will turn out to be anywhere near as successful as the last one, but I am so excited to watch what happens and find out.

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