Russell Wilson is making a point

Yesterday a couple of videos emerged on Antonio Brown’s instagram, including this:

It shows Brown clearly working out with Russell Wilson on the quarterbacks property (note the large ‘RW’ logo at midfield). A second video clearly identified Wilson was the person throwing the ball to Brown.

In May John Clayton wrote an article revealing that Wilson ‘would love to add Antonio Brown’. A week ago, Mike Silver connected the Seahawks to Brown by reporting they’d had internal discussions about signing him.

Now, this workout.

So what’s going on?

At the Pro Bowl Seattle’s quarterback made it very clear that he wanted the team to add superstars. None were forthcoming in free agency as the Seahawks failed to bring back Jadeveon Clowney (despite an online appeal by Wilson) and didn’t add any other significant names either — preferring to pad the roster with O-line depth.

This hasn’t been the kind of proactive off-season many expected. The pass rush remains a major issue and there are serious questions over whether the roster has actually improved despite $60m being spent. Many fans are anxious for the Seahawks not to squander Wilson’s prime years. It’s possible the quarterback feels that way too.

By working out with Brown and then allowing the footage to appear on Instagram, Wilson seems to be making a point. He wants this player signed — or at the very least he wants the Seahawks to make a move. He wants this story in the media.

Let’s not be naive and pretend this wasn’t deliberate. The question now is whether the Seahawks will placate their quarterback and if they don’t — is it possible Wilson will start to question how ‘all-in’ the franchise is to get back to the Super Bowl, after an underwhelming off-season.

Regardless, as we noted last week, Brown could face a lengthy suspension which makes an immediate signing unlikely. According to Mike Garofolo, Seattle is Brown’s preferred destination if and when he’s able to continue his career.

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  1. cha

    Shameless cha repost from a couple threads down…

    I find it extremely easy to say pass on AB. The insane behavior, freezing his foot, crazying his way out of Oakland and the myriad of legal challenges all add up to a pretty easy decision.

    But the angle that makes me even consider the idea is the fact that RW appears to be pushing it. This right here is a real growth opportunity for RW as a player. He may be close to topping out with his skills, but showing superior leadership is an area where he can really grow and elevate the team.

    There’s no doubt in my mind that the Seahawks have seriously considered bringing AB in because RW has stumped for him. I can see RW having a conversation about where are the superstars he asked for. And the Hawks’ reply being ‘we had to fill out our roster. But are you willing to work with a guy who has superstar talent and numbers, but has massive red flags? Because you can put your money where your mouth is if you’re willing to take on AB.’ Is RW going to back down from that kind of challenge?

    And if that’s true, RW is putting some things on the line. Not everything, but a lot of his reputation as a leader of men and the top player asset on the team. If RW can (with PC’s help) keep AB in line, whether that’s keeping him focused in practice, or keeping him calm when he’s not getting the ball 10x a game, he’ll reach another level of leadership and trust with his teammates.

    And moreso with free agents around the league. The Seahawks can elevate themselves to the spot the Patriots had for years. Hey, come play for us and our superstar QB for a minimum, rehab your rep, break some records, win a ring and then go get a big contract elsewhere giving us a fat comp pick. They already have a very good rep as a destination to play. This could elevate them to a new level.

    The rewards could be really great. But the risk is also really high. Like really, really high.

    If RW trusts in AB and in his own ability to help AB, I say give him a chance.

  2. cha

    Jason Puckett
    From Garafolo: “he wants to go to Seattle.” Source close to the Antonio Brown camp.
    11:29 AM · Jul 2, 2020

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks for sharing, I’ll add it to the piece.

  3. TomLPDX

    If we do sign AB, what would that look like? How much would it be for, how would the expected game suspensions be addressed, etc. In other words, what kind of deal would it take to get AB on the team?

    • TomLPDX

      I’ve asked this question several times now in different threads and still no response. I’m assuming we just don’t have a clue what he would cost us. I’d rather have Josh.

      • Rob Staton

        Well of course, nobody knows what the price would be as of today. We don’t even know if the league will allow him to play in 2020.

  4. Volume12

    I’m gonna be surprised if Seattle DOESN’T sign AB.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think they will.

      I think this is a Wilson thing, not a Seahawks thing.

  5. Logan Lynch

    Death by a thousand cuts. Could be a hope to desensitize people a little bit and let the vitriol flow now. Then, when he actually signs, there will be less of a reaction than if they would’ve just done it out of nowhere.

    I still prefer Gordon, but it seems highly likely that at least one of those two will be in SEA this season.

  6. Zxvo3

    I really like the idea of Antonio Brown on the field. But off the field, it could be a different story.

  7. Jordan


    Real talk, Josh Gordon is not the answer. Relying on a guy who had like 1 good year of production and getting suspended like a 5th time for drug abuse is not a guy worth counting on nor an upgrade for a like top 10 WR (at his floor) in the league.

    AB is a perfect fit for this offense. He can play inside/outside, can take a short pass to the endzone, can return punts/kicks and is great YAC/RAC and when the play breaks down. AB respects Russ and Russ is a good guy who wont trash AB in the media like Big Ben. And if AB acts up- we can cut him. He has a track record now…

    • Kelly

      Sorry hard pass. We don’t need a guy to complain when he doesn’t get the ball enough when this isn’t even close to a high volume passing offense. We have Lockett and Metcalf. Having Dorsett already and adding Gordon would complete our WR corps. Making Anyone else expendable in my mind.

      • Jordan

        Again, if AB acts up we could cut him… He has a track record and it is pretty clear if it doesnt work out in seattle then he wont work other places.

        As much as you dislike AB, AB is a beast. Extreme work ethic and skill as a WR. Probably the best WR of the last decade. And scheme wise he would be a dangerous add to this team. AB + Lockett + Metcalf + Dorsett would be dangerous. Especially with Greg Olsen, Dissly + Hollister in the middle/underneath and Chris Carson in the back.

        I am confident that Russell has the leadership ability to handle a guy like AB. The Hawks culture is also so strong… and AB seems to be getting some actual help.

  8. TCHawk

    Yes, but would AB be willing to take the Cam approach of accepting a league minimal salary for a year to re-establish his market? I doubt it. I think Josh Gordon’s talent and attitude fit better with the Seahawks than AB’s. AB has talent and skills, but his attitude and behavior have been a cancer. The last few teams he has been on have all suffered as a result. No thanks.

  9. Darnell

    I don’t think someone who has had their grown man act together for as long as Russ has, a married father with such a clean image, would be spending that sort of time, at his home, with someone like AB unless he was very, very comfortable with who AB is.

    Russ has enough professional equity where him vouching for someone carries a lot of weight with me. It should carry weight with the organization at this point too.

  10. Gaux Hawks

    so sad how easily i can be persuaded. rob, would love to hear your take on how/where he would fit with the offense… how does he compare to lockett? thanks!

    • Rob Staton

      Let me state — I’m not trying to persuade anyone on this. I have not offered an opinion on Brown because for me it mostly depends on the verdict of the alleged charges against him. Clearly he’s hard work to control but I also think Wilson and Carroll could probably keep a lid on that somewhat. For me it comes down to whether he deserves a chance and that is something I’m willing to let the law determine and I would urge everyone to feel the same way.

      As for how he’d fit — most teams run a lot of 3WR sets and the Seahawks could create a lot of problems with TL, DK and AB.

  11. Mac

    If we sign AB, I could at least say we’re showing that we want to add star power. Regardless of my thoughts about AB(he is innocent until proven guilty), I wouldn’t mind. Russell Wilson is most likely going to be running for his life with a below average defense. If he can have playmakers that keep defenses from mugging an offensive line without continuity, it may work. It would be difficult for teams to keep Lockett, Metcalf and Brown in single coverage. I just wonder wether AB would be satisfied with just having a job, as great as he is, a good game might end up in 7-8 targets 4-6 catches 78-90 yds.

  12. Pran

    AB worked out with Lamar Jackson and Dwayne Haskins also in recent past. It looks like AB marketing him self for one more opportunity than a SeaHawks thing. However RW has a lot of appreciation for elite talent and like to play with as many as he can.

  13. Happy Hawk

    Make your star QB happy. If his legal issues are resolved it is a no brainer because RW is putting his rep on the line to make it work.

    • RWIII

      Agree with Happy Hawk. Give AB a shot. However, the first screw up and the guy is GONE.

  14. Troy

    I just don’t get why Wilson is pushing so hard for AB, when AB is the complete opposite of the image RW has painstakingly curated his whole career.

    RW and AB appear to be polar opposites as far as character is concerned, I’m surprised that RW isn’t more concerned about AB hurting his “Brand” by being associated with him and pushing for him.

    Wilson seems very opposed to anything hurting his image so this to me is hard to square up. Sure you could say he cares more about winning than his brand and that makes sense but this shows me his image is more of a front than reality if he is seriously considering AB after his past fuck ups and alleged crimes.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think it’s doing anything to Wilson’s image. And it’s certainly not done Tom Brady any harm to be associated constantly with Antonio Brown.

      Wilson’s a winner. He’s never been a choir boy. He wants to win some titles while he can.

      • Troy

        Ya fair point about Brady. I guess I just personally don’t want him due to everything that’s been reported, so given that I wouldn’t expect someone of Rus supposed character to want him either…guess I didn’t read it correctly or I misunderstood Rus

        • Darnell

          Russ, as is widely known, is fairly religious. That can create a worldview of not wanting to shut anyone out, regardless of their past transgressions.

          Personally I find Josh Gordon easy to root for and considerably more palatable of a figure than I do AB. Though AB has never seemed to be the same after getting his head scrambled on that Burfict hit , and for that I am sympathetic.

  15. Hoggs41

    For me it would all come down to money. Your pretty sure you could get Gordon for the minimum if reinstated. Gordon is aks a good dude who fits in. If Brown would come in for close to the minimum is it worth it? Is Brown that much better than Gordon to take that risk?

    • Rob Staton

      If they’re both willing to come in for close to the minimum you might as well sign both.

      • Hoggs41

        I’d be good with that. If you could bat .500 and one of the two worked out it could be a win. Or the funny way to look at it is Brown is suspended the first 8 games and Gordon gets suspended the next 8 games and you have one of the two for all 16.

  16. pdway

    It’s not an easy call – – but all things considered, I’d pull the trigger. Talent is talent – and even AB has to know this is the final final shot he’ll get. If he’s an issue, you cut him.

    We all know a couple things – we have a A+ QB, and a below-average defense – – if we can’t improve the latter, let’s give the former more tools to put points on the board.

    Funnily enough, my only regret about signing AB is that it would likely put an end to the Josh Gordon story, and I kind of liked that story.

    • Robert Las Vegas

      Here is my viewpoint You sign AB. He is a playmaker. You can. Always cut him if he doesn’t work out. You can never have enough playmakers. You wanna bring up Percy. Okay.during the superbowl 2014 when Percy was eating up all yards jet sweeps nobody was complaining on Percy. Or second half kickhalf. Return who was complaining on Percy then . AB and Percy are two different people.If AB is signed he may get suspended okay we could certainly use him the last 8. I say sign AB

  17. Skirmish

    Well…I think i would rather have Gordon for 10-14 games than Brown for 4-6. That is my thinking, availability over talent. I think both are close in terms of talent but for position in this offense I see AB as a Lockett upgrade rather than a compliment to Lockett and Metcalf. Gordon though offers something different to our starting duo.

    • Rob Staton

      What evidence is there that Gordon would be any more likely to be available?

  18. Cortez Kennedy

    Once legal and league things are clearer, sign AB and Gordon and open up the offense. They sure won’t be winning anything with the defense. And if you sign Brown and don’t have a plan for getting him targets you’re asking for trouble.

  19. James Z

    If the SH’s can’t seem to get RW the super-stars on defense he thinks they need to, it makes sense for him to try to influence management to get them on offense. It’s possible that AB may only be available the 2nd half of the season because of a suspension and for a fair price. If the team as a whole can get AB into small ‘d’ diva instead of DIVA, give ‘er a go. RW’s burnished his brand/profile to a marked degree at the point, maybe a bold and sincere push like this for AB will give him the ‘street cred’ that some in the locker room in the early years said he was lacking.

    • Navyguy

      If AB signs with Seattle, Clowney will have a hard time demonstrating that Seattle would not be a good target for the Super Bowl. You never know maybe signing AB causes other players to jump on the Seattle train.

      • Rob Staton

        Affording Clowney on a one-year deal is the bigger obstacle.

        • Navyguy

          I agree but if your implying that you must sign the bigger obstacles 1st or cut a player that you know for sure your gonna cut before you cut other players I disagree. The way Schneider has built this years team anything can happen which includes cutting KJ Wright &/or Mcdougald.

          • Rob Staton

            They’re not cutting KJ Wright.

            The only way they can seriously create room is to hack away at the mediocre death they retained and then either extend or restructure Tyler Lockett or restructure Wilson.

            • cha

              mediocre death

              Freudian slip?

              • Rob Staton

                Predictive text 😂

                It’s meant to say depth

  20. Navyguy

    The players union rep criticized RW for working out with DK, 48 hours later RW is posting videos of a workout with AB. If RW really wants AB I see no reason Seattle would not get him u less it cost to much.

    • Rob Staton

      There are plenty of potential legal reasons why you wouldn’t sign him.

      • Navyguy

        Good point & if there is merit to those legal reasons we have to question RW’s character & judgement. QB, Head Coach, & GM the lines should not be blurred once roles are defined, maybe Pete & John might not think AB is a good fit but are tossing the idea it might be a good way to teach RW a lesson. Maybe this season is an experimental season.

  21. Seahawk65

    Really, I wonder if Wilson is just showing support for another player. He may not be making any other point than saying, this is a good guy who deserves another chance. He also has been seen throwing to Josh Gordon. Hopefully, he’s throwing to Metcalf again this offseason, and some of the other young guys. I don’t take it like he’s telling the Seahawks they need to sign Brown to keep him happy. I’m pretty sure he has a direct line to Carrol and Schneider. His message is to the media showing his support for a good player who is currently unemployed. Yes, he’d be glad to have him on the Hawks, but it’s not like he’s telling the team they must sign him.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I mean Jameis Winston still has a job so

      • Volume12

        Jameis is also blind as a bat. There’s clearly talent there if he every fixes his Mr Magoo a**.

      • Volume12

        See what I did there? Lol

    • Rob Staton

      Mike Garofolo says Wilson is ‘smitten’ with the idea of signing Brown.

  22. Kenny Sloth

    Yuck .

    • mishima

      No doubt.

  23. GoHawksDani

    Not a fan. Primadonnas and locker room issue guys were traded/cut to clean up the org. If they’d wanted a good WR they could’ve draft one (they’ll be kicking themselves for not drafting Claypool). Wilson is like a kid in a candystore, he wants as much candy as he can get. He wants to be recognized and wants to win SBs. But Russ is not a strategist or a manager. He sees a talented WR and that is as far as he thinks of the idea. It’s OK, he’s a QB, not a HC/GM. I really hope PCJS are smarter than this

    • Rob Staton

      I wouldn’t confuse the reset with a desire to banish any player who might constitute not being a saintly figure.

      The Seahawks needed to refresh and regain their culture. That doesn’t mean in future they won’t be open to taking on challenging projects.

  24. UkAlex6674

    All of the anti-Brown comments I have read (not just on here) seem to make out that if he signs the whole organisation will go up in flames, with buildings crashing down at the V-Mac and Century Link turning into a deserted wilderness with wild animals roaming free. Jesus Christ. He’s not the first Uber talented player with issues. He won’t be the last. And there have been far, far worse. If he’s the locker room ‘cancer’ (and I truly despise the use of that word in a context like this), then he is one that performs on the field week in and week out, at the highest level. And yet everyone seems to be clamouring for Gordon over Brown (for the record, I think we should sign both) when the dude can’t even finish a quarter of a season. Let alone put the numbers up like AB when he is on the pitch. Apart from the last 18/24 months I am really struggling to see what AB has done that makes him America’s most wanted. And even then all he has done is throw his toys out of the pram a couple of times. If he’s available to be signed at a competitive cost then do it. I can’t even believe there is any question over it.

    • Navyguy

      I can’t stand the guy but if RW wants him we should go get him. If it turns into a problem it’s on RW and RW should take responsibility for it. I’m really not into a RW I told you so future it’s just that if RW has demons let get rid of them so we can go on a multiple SB run. We can’t say for certain the OL & DL are going to rise to the occasion so I remain open to all ideas. If the OL & DL was tops in the league I’d feel like we have more to lose but right now what do we have to lose.

  25. DC

    Russ ‘IS’ the franchise. He knows it.
    Adding AB to the offense would generate some excitement.

    How much would it cost to pry away Chris Ballard from the Colts? #stirringthepot

  26. Logan Lynch

    My realistic view on this. AB will likely face some suspension, probably at least 6 games from the player conduct policy. Gordon will be available sooner. I think SEA will sign him. *If* AB is cleared of the charges and gets through his suspension, SEA might be interested. That would be later in the season most likely and the need at WR will be sorted out. Someone may be hurt, Gordon might get suspended, etc. Hell, depending on AB’s contract demands they may decide to add him even if they do sign Gordon. Or another team will go after him. Basically, I think they’ll sign Gordon in the short term and let the AB situation play out over time and reassesss it if and when he becomes available.

    • Navyguy

      I don’t like that strategy much. I think we should give him a contract based on his performance & games played. We need to get him in camp and see what happens, if he screws up in camp cut him then let RW explain to the media what his rational was and what RW has learned from the experience.

      • Logan Lynch

        If he’s suspended, he would have to be away from the team during that time anyway. Sure, having him in camp would allow him to learn the offense. However, I doubt anyone will sign him until his legal and potential suspensions are figured out. Unless that happens pretty soon, bringing him in for camp is unrealistic. Therefore, you might as well wait until the suspension is over.

  27. Positrac

    None of us has a crystal ball. But based on past performance I think AB would be great at catching and scoring. Also, a perceived slight could trigger a meltdown at anytime. Would coach/RW use that as a teaching moment? Or could his behavior be perceived as OK by some of the young guys on the roster?

  28. Positrac

    I used perceived 2 much 🙄

  29. Ben S

    Outside of whatever impact ABs signing would have on the locker room, AB is just a terrible person. The Seahawks & Pete like to position themselves as a progressive & open team. If they sign someone who has done some very public and disgusting things, that flies against what the team appears to stand for. If AB is signed by the Seahawks I will personally be suspending my fandom of the team.

    • Rob Staton

      Are you going to suspend yourself from liking Russell Wilson then?

      Because he’s clearly all-in on them signing AB.

      • Ben S

        Yes, absolutely. I have no time for players that present themselves as good people, then support terrible people because it’s beneficial for them.

        • Rob Staton

          OK, as long as you’re consistent.

          Personally I’m not enamoured with AB the person in the slightest and I’m cautious about this but I also think the more serious allegations are yet to be judged in a court of law and until he’s been found guilty of those charges I won’t judge him on those alleged crimes.

          • Ben S

            That’s all well and good. But what about his public response to those allegations?

            What about throwing rocks at (and punching) the delivery person he hired because they asked for payment?

            Both of those things are very public, indisputable and terrible.

            regarding “legal issues”: domestic dispute with the mother of his child, reckless driving, throwing furniture off a balcony that almost hit a toddler, and the trail of people that he owes significant amounts of money. Sure due process is a thing, but do you really think this is a coordinated character assassination of a good man? Or perhaps, where there’s smoke there’s fire & where there’s a mountain of allegations, there’s a man being an asshole.

            Is all of that not enough to decide that AB is a terrible person who should not be rewarded? Is that not enough to decide that players who associate with and promote him should have their morals and ethics questioned?

            • Rob Staton

              I haven’t disputed any of that.

              I also wrote the following view in my last reply: “Personally I’m not enamoured with AB the person in the slightest and I’m cautious about this.”

              But I also know fans have celebrated players with DUI’s and other troubling histories. I’m no big fan of Antonio Brown and the list of issues you’ve raised are troubling. But they’re not enough for me to condemn a quarterback or team for signing a player while giving him an opportunity to make amends. If the allegations I’m referring to are proven to be true, that changes everything. And that’s what I want to know about before judging his potential signing.

              • Ben S

                I know you haven’t disputed anything, I was just wondering why that stuff isn’t enough for you to be confident that signing him would be unethical. You’re willing to go to “cautious,” but not “fully against,” and you are certainly entitled to your stance on the issue. Ignoring the unsettled legal issues; for me, the confirmed Instagram post, reckless driving, video of him assaulting a delivery driver over payment, is enough for me to be in the “fully against” category. The mountain of legal issues are just the icing on the cake.

                I know that isn’t the most popular form of fandom — and others support & celebrate problematic players — but I’m comfortable with not supporting players that prove they’re shitty people. I overlook Marshawn’s DUI because he has demonstrated he is an incredibly kind and compassionate person who has done a lot of good for a lot of people. When AB demonstrates very publicly that he is not a good person, I think it’s fair to not support him or others that associate with him.

                • Rob Staton

                  I think it’s more unethical to say someone has made mistakes therefore they never deserve the opportunity to make amends, change and become a better person.

                  If the allegations prove true that’s different because the crime is a lot more serious than punching someone, being a jerk and throwing furniture off a bridge.

                  • Ben S

                    If AB is able to make amends for what he has done, I’ll probably change my mind. Until then, I will not give him the benefit of the doubt that he will eventually make amends. I think when talking about the ethics of what to do with specific problematic people, the people they have impacted are often forgotten. While it may seem unethical to “cancel” AB, it is much more unethical to support someone who actively makes life worse for others.

                    He has had opportunities and time to at least start making amends. All we’ve got are agent/legal team-crafted statements for PR and his personal aggressive rants.

                    I’m a believer in second chances, people making mistakes, and encouraging personal growth instead of shaming and ostracization. However, when harmful people do not show any sense of regret or growth, their hopeful salvation does not outweigh the damage they’ve done & the needs of the people they have had a real, negative impact on.

                    We can push these people to grow by not rewarding/enabling their negative behaviour. That’s why I will not support AB, I will not support the Seahawks if they sign him, and I will not support RW and his push to sign AB. AB has not demonstrated his intention to make amends or become a better person. He has not indicated any level or regret or responsibility for his actions. He has not done anything to make up for the harm he has inflicted on people. Supporting his campaign to return to the NFL perpetuates his negative behaviour and the impacts it has on others. AB’s career, that he has harmed through his own actions, does not take priority over the lives of people he has impacted.

                    Also, one important distinction, he threw furniture from a balcony onto a street, that allegedly came close to hitting a toddler. He did not throw furniture from a bridge.

                    • Rob Staton

                      What if he needs to be employed and actually earning a living to make amends?

                      This is the problem. Often cancelling or ending a persons livelihood will have the complete opposite impact. If he’s going to change, he’s more likely to change surrounded by supportive, good people with a proven track record of reclamation while earning an actual living.

                      Again, if the allegations prove true then all bets are off. Until then, being a huge jerk a year ago is not really enough for me to feel morally inferior unless I’m saying ‘never ever ever’. Too often in society today we write people off.

                  • Ben S

                    If we’re talking about regular people, sure, writing them off can impact their ability to change and make amends. We shouldn’t be forcing people into a failed, miserable life for making mistakes or behaving poorly. As a society we should be supporting anyone who doesn’t make “unforgivable” offences in their growth. Former Nazis/white supremacist who hate that part of their past and work to make amends/be agents of change probably shouldn’t be permanently cancelled.

                    When we’re talking about someone who has made millions of dollars and has a large platform with influence; what message does supporting AB without his commitment to growth send to victims of his actions? Other victims of similar incidents/behaviour? Perpetrators of the type of toxic behaviour that he demonstrates?

                    If we’re looking at net societal good, sending the message that “personal attacks, dangerous and irresponsible behavior, and assault will not be tolerated” does good, while empowering someone who has done those things and seems unwilling to grow does bad.

                    Also, who says that “cancelling” AB isn’t the best thing that can be done for his own good too? He’s not going to be homeless. Having his career taken away could be a wake up call the leads to a decision to make amends and seek help. Empowering his pursuit of the NFL without his commitment to making amends is very harmful for him and others. I’m “being a huge jerk” when I project my struggles onto my partner and get impatient/upset with her. What AB has established a pattern that is much more than “being a huge jerk” with allegations that are even more severe.

                    Look at Barstool Big Cat who was recently “cancelled” for a racist comment early in his Barstool career. In response he feels terrible, expressed his regret, legitimized the feelings of those he hurt, and is committed to using his massive platform as an agent for positive change. Undoubtedly this social pressure and “cancelling” has made both Big Cat and others better.

                    • Rob Staton

                      Alternatively, a person changing their ways on a worldwide platform can be of great benefit to society. ‘Antonio Brown changed his ways and look at his success now’ is a positive message. And he missed virtually the entire 2019 season, with all the financial benefit that comes with playing. He’s also been publicly castigated. Let’s not pretend he’s been widely supported throughout and hasn’t been used as a negative example. Plenty of people are already willing to write him off. He’s paid for his proven actions, even if people don’t think he’s paid enough yet.

                      I have a major hard time with this idea that he doesn’t have the right to earn a living despite being a free man. If he’s in position to walk the streets, buy groceries, drive a vehicle and gain any kind of employment — who are you or I to tell him he can’t be offered a job in whatever industry he chooses if the offer is there? Or that he can’t do that until he’s been sufficiently tarred and feathered? Especially when the NFL is employing plenty of players who have done bad things. Antonio Brown is simply the most high profile example. Are you going to go through the current Seahawks team and determine who has an unsatisfactory past, yet has gained employment in the NFL without needing to ‘commit to growth send to victims of his actions’?

                      How do you know he’s not going to be homeless? It sounds to me like he’s been fairly reckless with his funds. Maybe he will be homeless?

                      Maybe he doesn’t need to be barred from the NFL to receive a wake up call? Maybe he’s already had that call? When’s the last time he was involved in anything negative? Maybe one of the reasons Russell Wilson, Tom Brady, Deshaun Watson and Lamar Jackson are all prepared to vouch for signing him is because he has turned a corner?

                      I didn’t know Barstool Big Cat had been ‘cancelled’ but personally I find this trawling through history trying to find whatever we can in order to ‘pressure’ people into losing their jobs unless they repent to be one of the most obscene and scary aspects of modern society.

                  • Ben S

                    I would argue that AB changing his ways is not a positive story worth promoting. Bad people that then meet the bare minimum, aka not being an asshole & endangering the lives of others. Anything less than AB becoming an advocate and agent for change is not a positive story, it should just be the expectation. I don’t know why we as a society are so excited to protect people who have done terrible things at the expense of their victims.

                    I know he’s (rightfully) been dragged through the mud, and is just now gaining support. He was supported by Brady throughout everything which is no surprise. People writing him off is not payment for his actions, it’s the consequence for his actions. The payment is making amends, which again, he has not done, so why are we assuming he will when things appear to be going back to normal for him without ever taking responsibility.

                    Let’s not pretend that him being a “free man” in the eyes of the US legal system means anything. The US legal system is not a barometer for ethics and morals. Just because he’s a “free man” doesn’t mean he shouldn’t face social consequences for his actions. The legal system is not the only way to shape the behaviour of individuals within a society. Public pressure is the most important tool for the oppressed because it is the only avenue they really have a chance in. When the public cries out “we are hurt, do not support this person that represents & participates in the pain we experience” how do you not have empathy for that? How is that not the priority?

                    I’m not saying that he shouldn’t accept a job – I’m not even saying he shouldn’t be offered a job. But I am saying I will not extend my fandom to him or those that support him. And if the public at large does not support him, then that is earned.

                    Also, the NFL employing other terrible people is not a reason to employ AB. “Well this murder go off, so all murderers should be set free!”

                    While I don’t research every single player on the Seahawks, I certainly do not support any players I believe actively cause harm to others. Around the league, I will not have players on my fantasy team that I believe to be shitty people (Big Ben for example). AB is the first player that would be a dealbreaker for me.

                    Regarding homelessness, if you’ve made many millions of dollars & can’t go a year or two without employment, you’ve done many things very wrong. I have empathy for people who come into money at a young age & face a lot of pressures leading to poor financial management. Worst case, he can get a regular job to pay the bills. Part of being a public figure is not being a gigantic asshole.

                    Just because he hasn’t been involved in any thing negative doesn’t mean he has turned the corner. It means he shut up. Now is the time for public apologies, for owning his actions, for being an agent of change. He has done not of that, so why give him the benefit of the doubt when he’s doubled down on not wanting to be held responsible.

                    I think there is definitely damage done by trying to cancel people over past actions. For people like Jenna Marbles of Big Cat, they clearly are not the same person now as they were then, they’ve owned their mistakes & they’ve recognized the pain they caused & social opinions are now generally on their side.

                    When someone like that Bon Apetit creator has racist stuff dug up & he continues to operate as a racist & limit POC’s opportunities and pay, he absolutely deserves the backlash and losing his job. The people most impacted by cancel culture are the ones that have earned it. I have a hard time worrying too much about cancel culture when entire populations have been cancelled for hundreds of years without doing anything to deserve it. Cancel culture is the pendulum swinging back. I find the fact that black people in the US have been actively oppressed for centuries to be far more scary than the idea that some people who did shitty things might face an unfair amount of backlash. If all you see is “good people” losing jobs and not the pain behind cancel culture, I don’t know how to help you. Like every single movement there will be people who take things too far, but that does not discredit the movement on it’s own.

                    Bringing it back to AB. The nfl & AB can do whatever they want. I, and many others, will also do whatever they want in response. But if the public opinion decides he is to be cancelled, then maybe he’s earned it, because he sure as shit hasn’t shown us anything positive to work with other than not grabbing headlines for being an asshole for a little bit.

                    • Rob Staton

                      How is Antonio Brown changing his ways not a positive story? You just sound so invested in Seattle not signing someone you don’t want that you’re now being unreasonable.

                      Your basis for doing so, apparently, is him throwing rocks at (and punching) the delivery person he hired because they asked for payment, domestic dispute with the mother of his child, reckless driving, throwing furniture off a balcony and the trail of people that he owes significant amounts of money.

                      Let’s be honest. There are plenty of NFL players with a similar, if not worse, charge list . Some people have grown and become a force for good in society. Others continue to be a problem. Antonio Brown is a free man regardless of your views on the United States legal system and deserves a chance, in a free world, to make amends.

                      I’ve already said, and shouldn’t need to say again, that I am no fan of Antonio Brown and have reservations about signing him. I’ve also said, numerous times, that if certain other allegations prove true then the situation completely changes.

                      If he’s found guilty of sexual assault — then again, the situation is very different. He won’t be a free man any more for a start. But he has not been found guilty of sexual assault. That is an allegation and remains unproven.

                      If those charges are not proven and if he’s not allowed to change or grow unless he meets your own personal set of terms — that’s your cross to bear. If he signs with Seattle as part of an attempt to change and grow — you’ve openly said you will abandon the team. That’s your choice. Just as it will be the choice of many others to continue supporting the team, the quarterback while hoping Brown can become a positive role model who shows he changed his ways.

                      As for this: “If all you see is “good people” losing jobs and not the pain behind cancel culture, I don’t know how to help you.”

                      Please, don’t patronise me. I refer to a piece by Douglas Murray to explain why I am concerned about counter culture:

                      ‘Cancel culture’ is a horrible term because outside of a dictatorship nobody can actually be ‘canceled’ or otherwise ‘disappeared’. All that can happen is that people can be found to have trodden across one of the orthodoxies of the age. A small number of bullies then come for them. And a larger number of otherwise decent people then fail to stand up for them. It is this last part of the matter that is worth focusing on. It is the only part that is fixable.

                      All ages have their orthodoxies. And if writers, artists, thinkers and comedians do not occasionally tread on them, then they are not doing their jobs. Meanwhile human nature remains what it is. And just as some children will always pull the wings off flies and fry small ants with their toy magnifying glasses, so a certain number of adult inadequates will find meaning in their lives by sniffing around the seats in the public square until they find an aroma they can claim offends them.

                      Your final comment… ” if the public opinion decides he is to be cancelled” — how are you going to determine that? Is public opinion twitter? Is that the ultimate deciding factor? Or are you going to hold a vote in Seattle? Or among season ticket holders?

                      Because I guarantee the stadiums will still be sold out, people will still follow every pass, tackle and run and there might be some online ‘noise’ but Twitter isn’t real life. And nobody is getting ‘cancelled’ from the NFL because people shout loudly on social media.

                  • Ben S

                    I’d also like to add that I really appreciate our discussion & the fact that you’re letting differing views live on your website. I appreciate that we have differing opinions but have been able to discuss them without any personal attacks or straying for the discussion at hand.

  30. TJ

    No thanks. He is a train wreck. I don’t want that circus coming to town.

  31. WALL UP

    What does AB, JG & PD all have in common. They were all teammates in NE, but they are also hungry to revive their careers. When you add AB, JG & PD + NoE & DK = one of the most, if not the most dangerous WR core in the league. What’s scary is the odds of that happening are very high. If it does, and they improve drastically in their pass pro = top 3 or 5 offense in the league easily.

  32. Frank

    I’m pretty firmly in the no category on being a fan of this move, and yes I does impact my view of Wilson some as well, although more solidified already conserved ideas about who he is. Wilson would do anything to further his legacy as a winner financially, on the field, and even aim for that GOAT status bye any and all means necessary. We all love Micheal Jordan though and view him as an archetype hero, so why hold Wilson to a different standard? Jordan was never outspoken on social issues, never took a stand against anything (Unless polling numbers for what would sell more Jordan’s said too), was willing to play with anyone that could help further his goals.
    As far as it goes with the Salary cap and putting the best team forth possible, AB has been publicly started that he expects to be well compensated financially and it’s hard to see a scenario where adding AB to an already above average receiving core, is better than adding Clowney to a poor or at least inexperienced defensive line, given they are probably looking for similar pay. If it’s a league minimum it would be too good to pass up, but he’s a diva and going to be mad unless the ball is forced his way constantly. Who knows, maybe it’s all just gamesmanship to talk Clowney into making a move with the Hawks, as every other day Clowney is putting something out on what team he might play for, the newest batch all NFC rivals.

  33. Brazilian Hawk

    Antonio Brown is the best receiver I’ve ever seen on a football field. Russell Wilson is one of the greatest and hungriest leaders in the NFL right now, and one of the best passers in the league. I had no doubt RW would like to take a look at AB and would push for us to sign him.

    The problem is that Antonio Brown has grave accusations on his back, and he demonstrated he doesn’t cope well with frustration, which has been a common theme in Seattle since our SB win. His self-centred, toxic demeanour usually shows out on frustrating situations.

    I don’t think this works out unless the Seahawks can sign him for minimal salary and risk, which I believe AB will pass.

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