Seahawks linked to Antonio Brown again

In the video above Michael Silver connects the Seahawks and Ravens to Antonio Brown. He notes Brown has been working out with Geno Smith recently.

Brown hinted on social media earlier this month that he could be joining a new team soon. Shortly after, he resolved a January arrest by pleading no contest to multiple charges arising from an altercation with a moving truck driver whom Brown didn’t want to pay.

There are still plenty of hurdles in the way in terms of returning to the NFL.

For starters, he will be disciplined by the league for the January incident. He remains subject to NFL policies despite not being contracted by any team and pleaded no contest to two felonies (burglary and battery) that entail a minimum prison sentence of one year.

He won’t go to prison because he negotiated a different outcome. Yet the league will have to act as part of any reinstatement and that could mean a suspension.

The NFL also continues to investigate Brown for a civil allegation of sexual assault and rape. He also remains under investigation for allegedly harassing via text message a woman who spoke out about him to the media.

If and when he’s cleared to return to play, there’s every chance he’s going to miss significant time. Not to mention the aesthetics of signing him. Brown has trashed his reputation in the last 12 months and some of the allegations made against him are extremely serious and unsettling.

The Seahawks are well known for looking into every opportunity. Silver’s report merely states they’ve had internal discussions. Keeping the door open isn’t a problem. Signing him isn’t even a problem — as long as he’s cleared of those allegations and your own internal homework is thorough and comes to a satisfactory conclusion.

How viable is it, however, to return a satisfactory outcome? Brown has been a whirlwind of drama for a long time. Even if the allegations prove to be false — he’s provided so many other reasons to steer clear.

Yet Jake Heaps, who is close to Russell Wilson, validates the possibility of Brown being added by stating on twitter that the discussions are serious.

Earlier this summer John Clayton suggested Wilson has been pushing for the team to sign Brown. Even Brown himself posted a ‘jersey swap’ on social media — a picture of him wearing a Seahawks uniform.

Wilson pushed for superstars at the Pro Bowl and none were forthcoming (unless you want to include Greg Olsen). The Seahawks know they need to help Wilson as much as possible because currently, the roster isn’t good enough to win a Championship — even though their quarterback most certainly is.

It’ll be interesting to see what the consequences of Brown’s inevitable reinstatement are — and if it creates a plausible opportunity for Seattle to bring him in.

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  1. James C

    I would absolutely despise this signing. Josh Gordon seems like a generally good guy trying to get his life together whereas AB to me seems like a complete POS. Just my opinion of course. I do find it interesting that RW is a big fan of AB. Seems like oil and water to me, no matter how good AB might be on the field.

    • Navyguy

      Sign both of them! Seattle can put the young slots on the practice squad without fear of losing them. My heart is with Gordon too, AB is a jerk but if RW wants him I’d rather watch the jerk score TD’s & get first downs than watch David Moore do whatever you call it he does.

    • TomLPDX

      You know, this pretty much hit it for me. I don’t dislike anyone and believe that all of us can be redeemed…but AB seems to be such a hardcore diva that I’m not sure he will ever change. Josh Gordon please. I believe in him more than AB.

      • Michael P Matherne

        At least with Gordon you know exactly what to watch out for. With AB it could be anything. He falls somewhere on the spectrum between 1,800 yards and 15 TD’s and Aaron Hernandez. Any team that signs him better be really confident which side of that scale he’s closer to.

    • Eli B

      I agree. Gordon has been in Seattle working out, it seems he’s earned a shot ahead of AB.

    • Ben Ft. Worth

      Seattle needs to do something. This is the only team in the League that doesn’t build their team around the QB. I’d hate to see us waste the career of Russell Wilson.

  2. Navyguy

    Love the fact their thinking ahead. When he’s reinstated if the Seahawks need him they should sign him to a no risk contract. Both RW & Brady said they want him on their team after his screw ups without their endorsements I wouldn’t want him playing for Seattle.

  3. DAWGfan

    Can’t say this would be a great thing for the team. Would AB be able to fit in with out core receiver? What happens if he plays 3rd fiddle in consecutive games? HARD PASS!!

    • Navyguy

      I don’t see how your not right but RW wants him so I think we got to go get him.

      • Cameron

        Of all the people, Russ shocks me the most to be willing to make such a significant moral compromise for the sake of a better WR to throw to. It really clashes with the image he’s strived to cultivate over the last 8 years. Really poses a threat to his moral standing when he stresses religion and “things greater than football” first.

        Gross, not a fan of the prospect at all.

        • Jesse

          Couldn’t agree more or have said it better; it just doesn’t make sense with the persona of Russ we have accepted and expected.

  4. vbullen65

    Did AB cause any problems while he was in New England? I know he wasn’t there for very long, but would be interested to hear what the Patriot players thought of him.

    • smitty1547

      He bad mouthed the owner and organization as he was departing.

  5. Nick

    I would be very disappointed in the Seahawks if they went this route (no pun intended).

    Hopefully, we can bring back Josh Gordon. I’m very happy with a WR corps of Lockett, Metcalf, Gordon, Dorsett, and Moore. That would legitimately be one of the best sets of WR Russ has ever had.

    Thanks for keeping the content coming amid these dark times, Rob! Hope you and yours are well.

  6. Trevor

    If the Hawks add both Gordon and Brown they would have two of the most talented but troubled receivers in the league. That would be a handful and likely a ton of drama. On the plus side between the two of them they might get 16 games with the the best #3 WR in the game.

    Gordon is a low risk high reward signing.

    Brown is an ultra high risk and high reward signing.

    Of the two I would prefer Gordon because of the locker room drama with Brown but if they take a flier on both it will be interesting to say the least. I think PC/JS know they are going to need to score 30+ per game to win with the pass rush hey have so that is why hey are considering guys like Brown.

    • God of Thunder

      I’m not sure Gordon is a high reward signing. How about solid reward level signing?

      Tbh, he’s not entirely low risk either. How many suspensions is Gordon currently at?

      By the way, I’m all for signing him.

  7. mishima

    If you need Antonio Brown, you’re doing something wrong.

  8. Bertelli

    Wow, Russ sure seems to have an affinity for AB. I’m all for doing what Russ wants and I’d be all in for getting both AB AND Josh if that will make him happy. I know the potential locker-room cancer everyone is talking about, but maybe Russ can have a cooling effect on AB’s ego and let him know it’s about championships and not your personal stats. It’s not like we don’t have the room for both of them. Imagine having Lockett, Metcalf, AB and Gordon as the top 4, plus the TE group. Is that the superstars he was asking for? I would guess YES! Just my opinion.

  9. Michael P Matherne

    My official prediction trifecta:

    1. Antonio Brown goes unsigned and doesn’t play a down this season.
    2. Josh Gordon balls out for 5 games before receiving a substance abuse suspension which ends his season/career.
    3. D.K. Metcalf puts up 1200 yards and 12 TD’s and we all look back and laugh at ourselves for even having this discussion.

    • OlyFan

      Considering that smoking weed has been a primary problem of Gordon’s & that marijuana is now decriminalized by the NFL (since April) I’m betting on Gordon.

      • God of Thunder

        Alcohol and PED, too. Plus whatever we don’t know about.

        I really hope the lad gets his life in order. And plays well for the Hawks.

  10. James Z

    This has a ‘Percy Harvin’ scenario written all over it. Hard pass… but then they did win the S.B. when Harvin was on board, so, maybe a soft pass…

    • TomLPDX

      Percy was the icing on the cake, not the reason we won the SB.

      • James Z

        I am aware… was thinking along the lines of a ‘luck’ thing and made the remark tongue-in-cheek. Sometimes on the blog things are taken way too seriously. Perhaps I should include a ‘wink, wink’ emoji next time.

    • Gaux Hawks

      completely agree… soft pass.

      • Jordan

        Completely disagree. We wont be trading for AB, not signing him to a large multi-year deal, and can cut him given ABs track record. AB is a game changer. Before last year he was in the discussion of best reciever in the entire NFL.

        • TomLPDX

          And then he did AB things. No thanks…but just my opinion.

        • Gaux Hawks

          for those reasons he’s not a hard pass, and only a soft pass.

          soft pass? culture fit.

          • Ben Ft. Worth

            AB doesn’t deserve to be in the League in my opinion. He’s everything a human being should never strive to become. And yet our QB wants him on the team. Hard to argue when you’re franchicse locker room leader is banging the war drum. I’m either way at this point. I’d prefer it if we don’t sign AB and let him become someone else’s headache, or never gets to play another down in this league for that matter. But I won’t be screaming “Holy Hell Mary!” if we actually do ink him either, mainly because Russ trusts him.

  11. Gaux Hawks

    just imagine if the OL actually gels…
    we get lockett, gordon and metcalf going early…
    mix that with a healthy TE room (temporarily sans parkinson)…
    and a healthy RB room (temporarily sans penny)…
    and we’ve put together an extremely dangerous offense…
    of course, quarterbacked by one of the best…

    now, back to the DL…

    • Gaux Hawks

      (and thank you for the continuous stream of great content, rob!)

  12. cha

    I find it extremely easy to say pass on AB. The insane behavior, freezing his foot, crazying his way out of Oakland and the myriad of legal challenges all add up to a pretty easy decision.

    But the angle that makes me even consider the idea is the fact that RW appears to be pushing it. This right here is a real growth opportunity for RW as a player. He may be close to topping out with his skills, but showing superior leadership is an area where he can really grow and elevate the team.

    There’s no doubt in my mind that the Seahawks have seriously considered bringing AB in because RW has stumped for him. I can see RW having a conversation about where are the superstars he asked for. And the Hawks’ reply being ‘we had to fill out our roster. But are you willing to work with a guy who has superstar talent and numbers, but has massive red flags? Because you can put your money where your mouth is if you’re willing to take on AB.’ Is RW going to back down from that kind of challenge?

    And if that’s true, RW is putting some things on the line. Not everything, but a lot of his reputation as a leader of men and the top player asset on the team. If RW can (with PC’s help) keep AB in line, whether that’s keeping him focused in practice, or keeping him calm when he’s not getting the ball 10x a game, he’ll reach another level of leadership and trust with his teammates.

    And moreso with free agents around the league. The Seahawks can elevate themselves to the spot the Patriots had for years. Hey, come play for us and our superstar QB for a minimum, rehab your rep, break some records, win a ring and then go get a big contract elsewhere giving us a fat comp pick. They already have a very good rep as a destination to play. This could elevate them to a new level.

    The rewards could be really great. But the risk is also really high. Like really, really high.

    If RW trusts in AB and in his own ability to help AB, I say give him a chance.

    • TomLPDX

      Cha, as much as I want to believe that Russ can redeem AB, I just don’t see it happening. All the Offensive help we add will not change the fact that we are going to be a bottom 1/3rd of the league on defense. We need a more balanced approach to make it happen. Gordan will be a vet minimum and we need Dline help more than anything to even think about being competitive as a whole.

      • cha

        I’ve been singing that song for 2 months Tom. Couldn’t agree with you more.

        But this is a conversation in a vacuum about AB. Paying AB a vet minimum won’t change what the Hawks do or don’t do with the defense.

        • TomLPDX

          I guess my point is that I’d rather take my chances with Josh than AB since I believe that Josh is more genuine in what he is trying to do. All good my man!

        • BruceN

          Is there a chance of AB signing for a vet min? I realize his situation. But I’m not sure he realizes his situation.

    • Bertelli

      Thank you – I mentioned this on an earlier post above though you explained it much better! It’s all about getting AB to think about Super Bowls instead of 130 receptions and it might just work.

  13. Tony

    Id be open to AB becoming a hawk. If its cheap, to rebuild his rep. It seems low risk to me, if he becomes a disgruntled POS, then cut bait. Im sure whatever contract he signs will have plenty of out clauses. But if he comes back and balls out, with DK, lockett and potentially gordon. That offense could be ridiculous. 4 wr set would be like a madden game. So its dumb not to even consider signing a HOF calibre receiver on the low.

  14. Bankhawk

    I’m gratified to see that I’m more or less swimming with the tide here. Too many dark clouds on the horizon with AB. Sign JG and call it good. Should the Diva side emerge, the impact on a youngish locker room could be huge. It smells too much of ‘Percy Harvin: The Sequel’ to me and I don’t want to see that movie again.

  15. Martin

    I’ve heard people say the locker room wouldn’t like this move, especially the WR room. Comparisons to Harvin and the problems he caused, mostly due to his massive contract shading the other WR’s, namely Tate. But Brown’s contract would b minimal and the first time he streaks by a DB and hauls in a RW bomb, the locker room will be just fine. My question is— will he be satisfied with #2 or #3 status.

    • Volume12

      In all seriousness, I would love to see a ‘Last Ride’ ESPN doc on that ’08 Florida team. Urban Meyer, Tim Tebow, Aaron Hernandez, and Percy Harvin. Hell, just do one on Percy alone. Man is a sociopath.

  16. Jordan

    Lets do it! If Hawks are really about the always compete then we should bring AB in. His floor is like a top 10 receiver and AB seems to be getting some real help. If AB causes problems we can just cut him.

    • Gaux Hawks

      hard to argue against that… unless he creates a rift in the locker room, which can take years to fix (see 2015).

  17. BoiseSeahawk

    Nope, we need at least a DT and one of Clowney or Griffen before we look at adding anything else.

  18. Positrac

    What happens when AB takes DK out for a night on the town? I dont want our young star to be ruined.

    • Bayahawk

      DK’s father is a much bigger influence than any teammate could be. Combine that with his religious faith and I think you’re worrying about something that won’t happen.

      • Jordan

        Agreed. And AB has a bad reputation now. Young players will not idolize him and blindly follow him now- as they may have had when AB was praised in the league.

  19. Kenny Sloth

    To go slightly against the grain, I couldn’t care less what Russ thinks of this guy. Russ isn’t any kind of anointed or expert on morality.

    He’s a good guy. Doesnt mean I give a hoot who he thinks would be a good addition

    I honestly dont care if he wants more superstars on the team either.

    I’d love to have Josh back, but I don’t want nothin to do with AB.

    I resent having Jarran Reed on the squad.

    • Volume12

      WAS a superstar. Is he gonna vibe w/ 4 targets a game or so? I think we’re about to find out.

      • Kenny Sloth

        He certainly has been a superstar in the past and I’m by no means saying russ shouldnt have his voice heard in this regard, but just cuz he’s buddies with a guy doesnt mean a single thing about where they stand as an acquisition

    • mishima

      Thank you.

    • Nick


  20. Hoggs41

    Even if they sign him he might not play until the second half. Just feels like there is more negatives than positives. I’d rather have Gordon.

  21. Jace

    Big no from me on AB. If he was signed though how much do you think he would want to be paid? I feel like he wouldn’t want to sign a vet minimum contract.

  22. Ishmael

    You’d want to be pretty serious about your homework, and to be sure that all of the people who have broken ties and made accusations about him have been lying, to take him on. His behaviour suggests that he’s either in need of medical help, or just not a great person. If they can get him the help he needs, then fair enough, but if that’s not the issue…

    Extremely unfussed about what Wilson wants. Carroll and Schneider’s miserable offseason to date doesn’t mean they should double down and go chasing good money after bad. He signed his contract, knew exactly what sort of team he was going to be playing for. If he really wanted to go to a team that would babysit him and give him all his favourite toys he’s had opportunities to make that happen.

    Of course, Brown would almost immediately be the second or third best player on the roster. Seahawks wouldn’t be the first to tolerate absolute scum on a roster if it gave them a better chance of winning, and they won’t be the last.

    • God of Thunder

      If all that homework is fine methodically, we can expect AB signed around 2023.

      • God of Thunder

        *If all that homework is DONE on AB…

  23. Ishmael

    Also, the comparisons to Percy Harvin are deeply unfair to Harvin. Sexual assault and witness intimidation are significantly more grim than anything Harvin was ever involved with at the Hawks.

  24. Mac

    I wish AB all the best. I’m just not sure we have the staff that can provide the support he needs. He needs help with his mental health, to learn empathy, how to shut up etc. I’m just not sure that we have the organizational makeup necessary for him to grow as a person. Given that, I’m not sure any team will have what he needs.

  25. UkAlex6674

    No risk no reward. Many posters on here think this is not a championship worthy roster, and we need to give Russ what he wants to maximize each year he suits up. Then get this guy. We are going to have to put up a lot of points on the board if the D can’t stop squat. This will go a very long way towards that. We don’t know if he will thrive in the Seahawks culture or not. But at least give it a go.

    • Jhams

      I’d rather miss the playoffs without a rapist on the roster than win a Super Bowl with one.

  26. Kingdome1976

    I don’t see an AB signing happening. I certainly could see the Ravens getting him though.

    • Jeff108

      Hollywood is AB’s cousin.

    • charlietheunicorn

      Ravens more or less said they were not interested. They have a similar issue that Seattle does, they do not have enough footballs to keep everyone happy… and if he is on the team, they are still going to be a run heavy offense. The team fit just doesn’t jive for me. Maybe a team more like the saints, that chucks the ball everywhere might be a better fit for him. Maybe the Jaguars, since they will be behind most games and have to play catch-up through the air…… hum… intriguing

  27. Logan Lynch

    To me, this is whatever. They’re talking about it and keeping an eye on the situation. Ask me around the middle of the season when this actually is a possibility. By then we’ll know how the WR situation is working out and what suspensions AB was given.

  28. BobbyK

    They certainly could use the talent. But they don’t need the headache. But they’re not winning a Super Bowl with the current “talent” level. They could with another superstar or two. AB is a superstar. But he’s a supercrap teammate, too. I might not like AB – but Pete wanting him is all that really matters.

    • UkAlex6674

      If he was a supercrap teammate and still caught 100+ catches a season imagine if he is actually a good one in Seattle!

      • BobbyK

        That’s a lot of imagining. That’s the kind of fantasy land thinking that “made” them trade for Percy Harvin. Granted, AB wouldn’t cost anything after an X number game suspension…


  29. Volume12

    I love a lot of these new cut-ups. Get the overhead cam and the ALL-22.

    N. Dakota St. LT Dillon Radunz. Circle this name. He’s a 1st round type of talent.

    • Rob Staton

      Jim Nagy was full of praise for Radunz.

      • Volume12

        I can see why. He’s the complete package at LT. Size, length, toughness, high effort, movement, finisher. I didn’t think he’d be as good as he is.

        • Gohawks5151

          If it happens it would be cool to see him VS Thibodeaux down in Eugene

  30. hawkdawg

    By all account’s, including eventually Harvin’s, Percy struggled mightily with psychological issues when he was with the Hawks, and after the dust settled even Schneider basically admitted they got star struck by his obvious physical gifts and figured that Pete could reach the guy.

    He couldn’t. And even Pete eventually admitted that, too.

    It seems utterly apparent, at least to me, that Brown isn’t just a “diva” or maybe even primarily a diva, but instead is mentally unbalanced, and therefore a HUGE management issue. Here’s hoping Pete and John don’t make the same mistake twice. Percy cost us a pick and a bunch of money, and perhaps Brown could be less costly in that way for part of one season. But his potential cost in team chemistry and the like seems pretty darn high to me.

  31. Jhams

    It would be weird and disappointing for a team that once made a thing about not signing domestic abusers (lol Frank Clark and Jarran Reed) to go out and sign a rapist. Setting aside the fact that he is legitimately insane and would almost certainly never see the field.

    • Rob Staton

      You need to be VERY careful making accusations that haven’t been proven, especially on my website.

      Please don’t do it again.

      • Jhams

        “Alleged” rapist then.

        • Rob Staton

          Even now, you’re saying that with a tone that suggests you’ve already judged him. He’s guilty in your eyes.

          Imagine if every accused person was treated that way.

          Quite aside from the fact that you and I don’t have magic forcefields that prevent us from being sued because you’ve decided to write what you did on my website.

          Please, just think before you bloody post.

          • Jhams

            You know, I forget that Britain doesn’t have the same robust free speech protections as the US, and that however unlikely it’s not impossible you might actually get in trouble for that sort of thing. Apologies.

            • Rob Staton

              It’s not a free speech issue to call someone a rapist when they haven’t had a day in court to argue their case.

              If Antonio Brown read this both of us could be in bother.

              • Jeffers

                The concept of innocence until proven guilty applies only to specifically criminal trials, there is no obligation of the public to assume the innocence of anyone. I understand why you think it could be bad to trust any allegation thrown at someone, but it is extremely important to at least listen to those allegations. From what I have read about the specific allegations pertaining to Antonio Brown there is a good chance there is at least some validity to the claims, and I personally would have an incredibly dirty taste put in my mouth rooting for a team that paid a man that could have done something like that millions of dollars.

                • Rob Staton

                  You don’t have to assume anything.

                  At the moment he is only alleged to have committed certain crimes. Therefore, people should refer to that, rather than calling him a ‘rapist’ which hasn’t been proven.

                  Whether people want him to sign or not is a separate matter. I’m talking about the proper use of language as we proceed with this topic.

                  It’s also about common decency. I’d prefer us to treat this topic with seriousness and maturity while also acknowledging that a man deserves a chance to argue his case. Imagine if you were accused of such crimes and were innocent and yet someone was on the internet saying, ‘well seems to me based on stuff I’ve read that he’s likely guilty’. There’s no need to even go there. Let’s just note the allegations, the situation as it pertains to the Seahawks potentially being interested in him and the fact that a resolution needs to be concluded in court on those charges.

  32. Frank

    He simply isn’t the same person since the Burfict hit. No need to bring in someone who has the potential of a Hernandez, or even the WWE wrestler Benoit. He’s clearly mentally Ill and suffering from CTE, and it is irresponsible at the highest level to entertain allowing him to play in the league. I can’t even begin to express the amount of disappointment that anyone could consider putting him on a roster again. It’s not just that he’s a locker room cancer, it’s that he is a time bomb waiting to go off. I’ll refrain from speaking more on this, because it’s a touchy subject and without doing an autopsy not something that can be proven, but there’s no way I could feel okay about myself as a human being and be in favor of this move, or be a fan of any team that would.
    There’s Josh Gordon out there, so it’s not like their isn’t a better option available without having to give up your Humanity.

  33. ZacScratch

    Good on the Seahawks for exploring every opportunity and being in on every deal (until they’re not). Here’s my take: sign Gordan for a league minimum deal and get him into training camp. At most I think he’s looking at a 2 (more) game suspension. Who knows when Brown will be reinstated and I’m guessing he’s looking at at least a 6-8 game suspension. By week 8 the Seahawks will have a much better view of the situation. Maybe Gordon is gone, maybe someone got injured, maybe Brown had another incident, maybe another team is willing to pay him much more than we are, maybe we are stacked and decide we don’t need him. Having internal discussions now to better prepare yourself for later is absolutely the right thing.

  34. smitty1547

    We basically have new ownership, all this talk of John & Pete signing off on AB, I think when you bring in a player like AB, it would go all the way to the top. There is a lot of discussion of alleged rape and what not, but what is undisputed is him yelling at the mother of hid kids with them present and then thinking it was cute enough to post. I’m going with most women would not feel comfortable with an employee like that. But again just a guess.

    As for a talent with are already discussed DL talent we may need to hang 40 a game to win, so there is that to consider.

    • Rob Staton

      Pete and John make every football decision.


      • TomLPDX

        But they don’t do it in a vacuum. You can assume they bring it to Jody for a final check-off.

        • Rob Staton

          I don’t assume that.

          Jody Allen has basically had ownership thrust upon her. I think it’s very likely Pete and John do what they want. And I highly doubt she would tell them what they can or can’t do.

          • TomLPDX

            Since neither of us know, and from comments from John and Pete about how they deal with Jody, I will assume that they DO run things past her to make sure it is ok.

            • Alex H

              Hard pass for me. Locker room culture is every bit as important as talent. I also don’t want bad influence on DK.

            • Rob Staton

              Assume if you want. I think too much is made of Jody Allen’s role because she inherited a team in sad circumstances. She is not telling Pete and John they can’t do something.

  35. Brian Sanders

    HELL NO!!!!!!! Petulant, Self Absorbed….Should I continue! Ok, I will; Locker Room Cancer!!

  36. Jordan

    So much hate on AB. He is definitely worth signing for the Hawks.

    Schematically, what we are missing is a YAC receiver. AB can play outside/inside and is great YAC. Just two years ago AB was the #2 Voted Player in the entire NFL. Yes, he has had personality issues, however, he seems to be getting actual help.

    AB has a track record. We could just cut him if he starts acting up. Josh Gordon has had like over 5? drug suspensions? He has shown talent but he is not on the same tier or even close to AB. AB also respects Russ. I highly doubt he will turn on him as he did Big Ben. Big Ben also called players out and talked smack over radio… Russell is not that guy.

    Reminder of how good this guy is…

    If you look at the Patriots and even Raiders this year- the players themselves did not have a problem with AB. AB’s worse relationships was with the front office and the media. It seems like he is really trying to get help now. The NFL has players who have actually been convicted of sexual assault and domestic violence already. What AB has alleged to have done is bad but its not as heinous as what other players have been convicted of in the league.

    • McZ

      He is getting help?
      He is on two years of probation and is forced to accept help. The alleged rape issue is still looming, and there are reportedly a couple of other legal cases piling to a steep mountain of s***.

      The Seahawks need to understand the issues of such a signing. They cannot afford the offense we rely on to turn into a circus, while the PR implications range from messy to catastrophic. I don’t want this team to be the NFLs drama queen.

      I would’ve signed the 2018 AB in a heartbeat, but that player isn’t anymore.

  37. charlietheunicorn

    AB has limited upside with the Seahawks. Unless they are trading away a young WR, then they really don’t have room in the offense for 3 WR sets, since they have stated they were going to try to use 2 TE grouping more this season. Heck, AB complained about not getting the ball enough, with over 100 catches in Steelers land, imagine what it would be like if he going maybe 40-50 balls.

    If he signed a vet min deal, then perhaps, but in all honesty, pay 2 mil to Gordon and call it good.

  38. Jace

    Does anyone with more knowledge than me on the new CBA know how strict the weed policy is for players applying for reinstatement? Does Josh Gordon have to stay completely clean or would he be allowed at the same levels as the rest of the league?

    • Robert Las Vegas

      I think AB has higher ceiling then Josh Gordon .If you line up With lockett Metcalf and A Brown that’s scary . Is it just me the niners. Have better roster then the Seahawks.If AB plays with at full potential and nothing off the field happens. How much closer are the Seahawks to the 49ers.Pete has said first priority is winning the division

    • Volume12

      Yes. He doesn’t get amnesty. Because of his history he can be suspended.

  39. Spireite_Seahawk

    If AB starts the season with an 8 match ban is he on the exempt list or will he actually take up a roster slot?

    • Rob Staton

      He’d be on the exempt list.

  40. Georgia Hawk


    Just in case I wasnt clear on where I stand: HELL NO!

    Brown’s skill set is short area quickness, being able to create immense space between himself and a DB cause he can (almost) literally run circles around them. We haven’t seen him play in more than a year. He’ll be 32 when the season starts. Short area quickness is generally the first skill set to go as you age. Throw on top of that the Diva nature, the legal problems that could hold him out for much of the season, lack of familiarity with the offense, the offense itself and the run first mentality, the eventual contract demands you know are coming….

    The list goes on and on. Flash is such a better option at this point. He has something to prove, already proven himself within the offense, brings a more complimentary skill set, has GREAT rapport with WIlson and the other WRs already, and WANTS to play football. Its a no-brainer to me…given the option.

    • Jordan

      Josh Gordon had one good year of production that has given him like a “halo effect” on his talent. AB has been a 1st team all pro like 8 times… and as much as you dislike the guy, no one has EVER questioned ABs work ethic. That guy trains like a mad man. He still has the speed and will be in the shape. PLUS Russell WANTS AB. Also one of ABs best skills is getting open when the play breaks down. Schematically ABs an excellent fit

      Josh Gordon has def not proven himself in this offense. Besides making like 2 clutch catches he hasnt done anything. Putting all your hope for a guy who has suspended like 5 times for drugs isnt much better than relying on a guy like AB. Very possible that Josh Gordon could be suspended again this coming year… If we really want to be able to beat the 49ers, we need a game changer like AB. Again, in ABs like 1 game with the Patriots (with like a week of practice) he put up numbers. That dudes got talent.

      I doubt DK would become like an AB if AB joined. Juju did not. Its possible that DK could even learn from ABs work ethic. ABs work ethic is respected in the league.

      • Chase

        I agree with this take. Both of them are reclamation projects anyways, and it’s kind of ironic how the argument for keeping Gordon is because “we have a strong locker room that can help him,” yet that’s the argument people use against AB because “he will tear the locker room apart.” It’s so contradictory. However, I don’t care which one we get, I just want Russ to have all the weapons he can get.

        • Jordan

          Agreed Chase. The addition of a talent like AB would make our offensive have enough firepower as the Chiefs. Whether we would actually adapt and let Russ “cook” is a different question. But the addition of an AB could be electric for this team.

          And again, if it doesn’t work out we could just cut him. AB has a reputation now. If he acts up we can just cut him. The current roster is good, but do we really think were in shape to win the NFC West? Imagine how scary the 49ers would be if they added AB given all their WR injuries.

          • UkAlex6674

            AB isn’t a reclaim project. Put him on the feild and he performs. I really think people are overstating the issues this guy brings.

      • Georgia Hawk

        I have absolutely no issue with AB’s work ethic. The dude has proven himself to be one of the hardest workers out there. Also haven’t given Gordon any more than what he has shown in his time in Seattle.

        Where I do have issue is we don’t know what AB will bring to the team. He will want to be paid like an 8x All Pro, and get the ball like one…we have no idea if he will actually perform like one, especially in this offense. He has been nothing but trouble everywhere he went.

        Gordon showed he was more than willing to take the role he was given. He showed what skills he can bring to the Hawk’s offense, that is is good in that role, and that most importantly Wilson trust him in it. He also won’t be demanding the money that AB will.

        Sure, AB’s ceiling is likely 10 ft higher than Gordon’s, but thats fine. We don’t need that right now. Its not like the Hawks would actually use him to that potential anyways. In a perfect world where he suddenly discovers sanity, its a huge waste of resources for him.

        You could easily make the argument that AB would put them in the top 2-3 in terms of passing game potential. I wont argue that at all. The problem is this is still the Hawks, this is still Pete, this is still a Run the ball until they stop it, then run some more team. All that potential doesnt do squat without a drastic change to the offensive philosophy. If Russ consistently threw the ball 35-40x a game I’d be all for it. I just dont see the pay off to be worth the risk.

        Think back to when Harvin and Graham joined the team. People went nuts with “the Hawks are going to have an unstoppable offense” both times…myself included. Then Pete ball brought those expectations back to reality. We saw in the alter half of 2015 what Russ could do if he was the focal point of the offense. Salivated at the thought that maybe Pete would open it up the following year and it never happened.

        I just dont see the value in bringing in AB, as much as he could POTENTIALLY bring to the team.

        • Jordan

          True, I agree with you on the contract standpoint. If AB is asking for an exorbitant amount of money then he is not worth adding to the team. Given our cap space though, he may be an extremely great value for the production he would bring.

          Unlike Graham and Harvin though, I believe ABs game is much more multi-faceted and a better natural fit with the Hawks. What we are missing is a WR who is great RAC/YAC. ABs the type of player who can run the entire route tree, play opposite of DK and keep Tyler in the slot and take a screen pass/short slant to the house… This could be paramount in games vs. the Rams/49ers when our dline is feasting on our OL. Also AB is great return man, which we currently need.. AB, unlike Harvin and Graham, can fit schematically within our offense. David Moore/Dorsett/Gordon? would be the most impacted.

          I’d like to think the Hawks are serious this year with letting Russell throw it more. Unlike years past, it seems like the coaches have admitted this offseason they would like to throw more with Russ. I’ve read reports that we are experimenting with a faster paced offense… Hopefully we actually do let Russ “cook” this year. An AB signing would be a great indication and signing if we actually do go that route. And again, if it doesnt work out we can cut him or not resign him to another contract. One of the biggest problems with Graham and Percy were that they were also paid a lot and hurt our cap flexibility for years. I doubt we would have that problem with signing AB… Just think of how dangerous it would be if the 49ers signed AB after Deebo injuries. I’d bet that move would be lauded by people in the media.

          • Georgia Hawk

            I dont really disagree on any part. If he had just put up another AP season last year I might be more open to the idea. We don’t know what he can currently do. We also dont know if he would accept a role on am offense like the Hawks’…even if they do open it up more. That’s like saying Bojangles has announced they are going to focus more on making more shrimp meals. I mean we know they do shrimp, but we also know they are a fried chicken place first. Until they prove it, it’s just talk.

            There was a really good SI article not long ago about AB and all his trouble. I dunno, maybe that one article completely ruined him for me. Nothing would make me happier than to come back here Super Bowl week and say I was wrong and he was the difference on the year.

  41. Volume12

    Whew! Did I just see the most garbage take or what? *whispers* I did.

    Some guy claiming that 2 players are ‘dropping down boards’ due to maturity issues. In June!? Due to them wanting to see change and because they speak out?

    Anyways, apparently it’s Florida St DT Marvin Wilson & Miss St. HB Kylin Hill.

    • mishima

      Fact checking his coach, leading team meetings, working to improve voter registration, raising funds / advocating for underprivileged children.

      Wish I had those ‘maturity issues’ at 21.

      • Volume12

        Lol. Right? These kids are much smarter, much more mature, just better human beings than I was at that age. I won’t even get into the s**t I was doing at 21. Troubled youth is putting it mildly.

        • Big Mike

          Don’t be surprised if they are dropping down the boards of some teams with shall we say, less enlightened owners cough *Jerruh* cough. Remember he’s a huge Trump supporter and these guys may well be seen as not willing to know their place.

  42. cha

    Field Yates just proposed a depth trade: Pocic to Philly for Sidney Jones.

    I think I’d do that trade. A cheap CB option for depth behind for a guy who likely isn’t going to be on the active roster Week One anyway.

    • Rob Staton

      Jones doesn’t fit what they go for at corner though.

      And not sure why Philly would want Pocic.

      Seahawks need DL. It’s all about the DL.

      • Gohawks5151

        Not even if Jones plays in the slot?

        • Rob Staton

          What makes him a worthwhile slot corner?

  43. Gohawks5151

    From what remember he was sticky in man with good change of direction. Pretty sure he was in their range for short shuttle. Beyond that he had that “always around the ball” ability that many of our recent picks lack. Real good at tracking the ball. His 2 picks last year would tie for second on the Hawks. If we are trading for each others outcasts could be worse

  44. Kenny Sloth

    Pulisic playing pretty well. Needs to keep finishing, hopefully more clinically. Showing the physicality and speed that were question marks going to a new league. You can tell he was hungry to get back!

  45. TomLPDX

    Here is a feel-good story about Jordyn Brooks that I read at ESPN:

    Looking forward to seeing how good he can be after spending time with Bobby and KJ.

    • Hoggs41

      Just read it. Great story, hopefully for Seahawk fans this translates to success for him.

    • Volume12

      That was awesome. A must read. In a world full of chaos, it was nice to read something uplifting and levelheaded.

    • Sea Mode

      Good stuff. Thanks.

      Easy to see what PC/JS were talking about with drafting guys who they think will be quick learners in a strange, shorter off-season.

  46. RWIII

    TOMLPDX: Thanks for the article on Jordynn Brooks. What an amazing struggle/story.

  47. TomLPDX

    Let’s say we do bring AB in and sign him. What do you think the contract would be for (number of years and cost)? If he were to be suspended for, say, 6 games, would we have to pay him while he is on suspension?

  48. Sea Mode

    DK doing some high pointing!

  49. Rob Staton

    Got some more 2021 scouting notes coming this weekend.

    • Sea Mode

      Awesome. Looking forward to them. Have been busy with other stuff but I’m always checking in.

      Hope you and the family are well, Rob, and enjoying (as much as possible right now…) the summer so far.

      • Rob Staton

        Been so busy with work these last 10 days, not had a day off really apart from my birthday last Tuesday. But the weather has been outstanding in the UK which is nice and the family are all well. New article up tomorrow so apologies for the delay this week.

        • TomLPDX

          Happy belated birthday, Rob! Glad to hear your family is all doing well and thanks again for all the great articles and commentary. SDB rocks!

          • Scot04

            Glad all well with u and your family. Thanks for all the continued content and a Belated Happy Birthday.

            • Rob Staton

              Thanks Scot 👍🏻

          • Rob Staton

            Thanks Tom 👍🏻

  50. RWIII

    Rob: Whenever I read your article I feel like I am reading notes from John Schneider. Your articles seem to nail it.

  51. Hoggs41

    I cant believe Jake Heaps wrote an article today of possibly wanting to sign Brown for $4-$5m base with incentives. I’m not even sure I would want him for the minimum.

    • Rob Staton


  52. charlietheunicorn

    Tony Pauline had an interview on 710 (I think, I didn’t hear it live only a brief summary). He has talked with someone close to Clowney and he is now willing to do a 1 year deal. The thing that didn’t quite jive was that he wanted to go to a contender, but stated that the Cowboys and Eagles were leaders right now. The one problem, both teams are absolutely strapped for cash… and still have some deals they need to do before the 2020 season.

    Nothing like one crazy twist and turn after another with Clowney.

  53. UkAlex6674

    Rob, I see Obi Melinfonwu is a free agent. I remember him being highly coveted on this blog in 2017, and there is a story about Caroll and Schneider being really pissed off when he was drafted as it appeared they played it wrong. What do you think are the reasons he’s hasn’t lived up to his hype, and is it worth getting him signed for camp? You had some good ideas of how he could be used.

    • Rob Staton

      We talked about him a lot pre draft because of his insane athletic potential. That was three years ago though and he’s not done anything since.

  54. Volume12

    If Duke EDGE Chris Rumph was 20-25 lbs. bigger? 1st rounder all day long. Probably top 20.

  55. Gohawks5151

    Kind of got that Clemons/Jacob Martin height weight speed profile. Added him to the watch list

    • Gohawks5151

      Ugggh. That was for Vols post above

  56. TomLPDX

    1983. Do you remember it? This was such an exciting season for us…

    From, this is awesome!

  57. charlietheunicorn

    Cleveland 30 for 30 was pretty good on ABC today.

    I feel like Seattle and Cleveland have similar histories.
    Right at the cusp of greatness and gets snatched away in multiple sports.
    1995/1997/2001 Mariners / 1983/2005/2014 Seahawks / 1978/1990s Sonics (and they moved just like the Browns did to Baltimore)…. it is crazy some of the parallels.

    I didn’t realize what a big deal it was when James brought them a NBA championship in 2016. Felt almost exactly like when the Seahawks won the NFL Championship.

  58. hawks31


    I hate even writing this, but would you consider trading Bobby Wagner for Chris Jones? Chiefs are in their championship window with Mahomes on rookie deal and are going to be cash strapped soon. They would get a cheaper proven all-pro with Wagner while the hawks get someone younger at a position of need, with Jordyn Brooks being a high pick and reallocating cap to another position group.

    • Rob Staton

      The Seahawks can’t trade Wagner. Per the terms of his contract, it would cost them $22m this year for him to play somewhere else.

      • Jordan

        Rob, on this note. Who do you think we could trade (that KC would actually want) for Chris Jones. It doesn’t seem possible that they can resign Jones plus Mahomes this offseason. Maybe if they got rid of Watkins but they kept him.

        • Rob Staton

          It’s actually very plausible for them to re-sign Chris Jones. They have about $33m in available cap space for 2021 but that already includes a $24m cap hit for Mahomes. Any Mahomes extension is unlikely to see that cap hit raised. So essentially, they would have about $20m available to spend on Jones without making any moves. If they sign him to a long extension, his cap hit in 2021 would likely only be between $6-10m anyway based on what they did with Frank Clark. If they needed to create any more money, they save $15m by cutting Tyrann Mathieu and $6m by cutting Alex Okafor. So their cap situation is fairly healthy and they can easily keep Jones and Mahomes.

          • Jordan

            Ohh wow. Thanks for the information Rob. Dang thats unfortunate but makes sense. It would be unlikely a team as good as the Chiefs would handle their cap that poorly to lose Jones.

  59. Troy

    Literally comes down to how badly Russ wants him. We keep surrounding Russ with scrap heap OL and hoping receiving talent works out while haphazardly approaching key facets of the game like pass rush and I could see Russ wanting out. If Russ is wanting Brown, give him Brown.

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