Saturday draft notes: Paxton Lynch, Sheldon Rankins & more

— I don’t think we should read too much into the Tweet above — but I still think Paxton Lynch will be the #2 pick to Cleveland in this draft. People are sleeping on him because of a bad Bowl game against Auburn. It’s worth remembering Memphis lost their Head Coach just before the game and looked like a team that was unprepared and lacked motivation. If you’re letting a Bowl game influence your opinion it’s a mistake. Lynch to me is an upgraded version of Carson Wentz. He’s more elusive, a better passer and elevated a Memphis team to new heights. Teams will believe they can win with Lynch. His combination of size, mobility, accuracy and arm strength (minus the dabbing) is a skill-set they’ll be watching in the Super Bowl this week. He has the most upside of the top three QB’s and one game has created an overly negative impression of his stock.

— Today I watched the practise video of day two at the Senior Bowl. Sheldon Rankins was incredible. Whatever anyone says about how well he performed in Mobile — until you actually see it, it’s hard to imagine. The Jaguars coaches were grinning from ear to ear. They were looking at each other almost in disbelief. Rankins had the quickness to swim/rip and explode but also the technique to gain leverage and drive blockers into the backfield with a bull rush. It was a dominating performance. The way Jacksonville’s staff reacted — it’d be a surprise if they didn’t bang the table to draft him in round one. If they’re going to focus on defense (and why wouldn’t they?) — Rankins could be in play at #5. That’s how good he looked in Mobile. Seriously.

— I’ve done a bit more study on A’Shawn Robinson. I think the team that takes him will do so based on upside rather than anything he put on tape in college. He can be quite an ineffective, passive player. The Alabama front seven is loaded with talent and more often than not it was Jarran Reed, D.J. Pettway, Jonathan Allen, Tim Williams and Reggie Ragland standing out. Robinson is clearly a fantastic athlete. Against LSU he hurdled the LOS like Kam Chancellor vs the Panthers on a kick attempt. That’s at 312lbs by the way. And yet he barely threatens as a pass rusher and doesn’t play with a relentless attitude like Reed. Robinson had 3.5 sacks in 2015 (2.5 came in one game against Mississippi State) and he had zero sacks in 2014. This isn’t deceptive — he doesn’t seem to have many splash plays either. Is he capable of using his size, length and athleticism to be a great pro? Or is he one of those players who gets by on talent in college and never makes the most of it at the next level? He can be great. But does he want to be great?

ESPN’s Scouts Inc has published a top-32 list. Robert Nkemdiche is at #21, Taylor Decker at #24 and Darron Lee at #26. It’s fair to say it’ll be fantastic news for the Seahawks if that trio last anywhere near the #26 pick. For all of Nkemdiche’s off-field issues he has more upside than anyone else in this draft class. His first-step quickness is elite, he has the length and power to win with his hands and he carries 290-300lbs like a 270lbs edge rusher. He has an opportunity to be one of the best players in the NFL — if you can manage him. At what point is the risk/reward too strong? Decker is an underrated athlete with all the grit you’d want in an offensive tackle. There’s so much to like about his game — he’s a genuine top-20 talent with a chance to be a brilliant right tackle for years to come. Lee is a natural playmaker at linebacker with 4.4 speed and a real nose for the ball. I’m currently mocking all three in the top-15.

— One player I wouldn’t put in the top-15 is Oklahoma State pass rusher Emmanuel Ogbah. The 13 sacks he accumulated last year are deceptive. He’s far from a relentless edge rusher, he shows minimal hustle and effort and he doesn’t have the blazing speed to threaten the top tackles or the counter moves to keep tackles guessing. The non-elite athletes rushing the edge need to show they’re capable of setting up a tackle. Rush twice to the edge and on the third go-around stunt inside or throw in a spin-move. Ogbah’s as creative as he is lethargic in pursuit. I had him placed with the last pick in round two in my last mock draft but he might warrant a home in rounds 3-4.

— Noah Spence is going to go very early for two reasons. One — there’s nobody else like him in this draft class. Two — the fire he’s showing and determination to prove he’s a changed man is likely to usurp any lingering concerns over his character:


  1. Therick05

    Rob, if SEA miss on Nick Martin and Ryan Kelly on round 1 and 2, do you think that Joe Dahl at Center would be a good idea? It could go like…
    Shon Coleman 1st
    Austin Johnson 2nd
    Paul Perkins 3rd
    Joe Dahl 3rd

    Resigning Okung, the OL would look like Okung, Coleman, Dahl, Glow, Gilliam.

    • Rob Staton

      I think you could certainly consider Joe Dahl at center. It’s an option for them.

      • sdcoug

        I really like Dahl, but do you think the FO wants to play the ‘train a center’ card again?

        • Rob Staton

          Not sure to be honest.

  2. CA

    So eager to find out who falls to us in this upcoming draft. The Seahawks just need to do the right thing and land their 2 offensive linemen and a WR within their first 3 picks, particularly at OT and C. I still can’t believe that WR Matthews never worked out, but a weapon on the outside will be critical. A CB and pass rusher in the middle rounds will be nice, and I have a hunch they will look at S depending on how the offseason works out. Get Dahl from WSU please, need a Coug in the locker room!

  3. KyleT

    Rob, what you say about Rankins is really cool, except that it means we are unlikely to get him at #26. Totally agree with you on Ogbah. His production is great, but will likely not translate the same at the next level.

    This is an exciting draft if Nkemdiche, Decker and Lee are projected to fall near 26. What a year to need to reload in the trenches. There are some great players that could be there at 26.

    Who do you pick between Nkemdiche and Decker if both are there?

    • Volume12


      If he ends up in a locker room like Seattle’s or Carolina’s for example, watch out. If he goes to a team like Dallas or NO, he’ll bust or never reach his ceiling.

    • nichansen01

      Ohh… That’s a tough one for me.

      With Decker you are talking about going into 2016 really solid at left and right tackle… Assuming you move the massively improved and speedy Gilliam.

      With Nkemdiche you are taking a massive, massive risk. You could end up next year with an elite defensive lineman on you’re team… Or another first round selection lost.

      I would take Nkemdiche, not that it would be a super smart thing to do. Taylor is the much safer pick.

      I don’t think either will fall to us. I have a hard time imaging Detroit passing up in Nkemdiche. So many teams need tackle help that I can see Decker going in the top 15 pretty easily.

      • 12thManderson

        Nkemdiche is an effort player, not so much a nose for the ball guy. What I mean is, besides his lack of production, he puts so much effort into his initial burst, that alot more often then not he tucks his head and loses all focus on where the play is moving. To me when I watch this, it becomes so repetitive, it’s almost comparable to C-Mike and his lack of changing carry arms. Visible Athleticism, but I’d prefer someone with more of a nose for diagnosing the play. All that said he’s still intriguing at 26.

        • Ben2


    • C-Dog

      Nkemdiche. He makes me nervous. Darrell Docket had a lot of red flags coming out as well, as I remember, and he slid out of the first. I think Nkemdiche pretty much has his natural skill set. The veteran leaders on this D make it more palatable for my nerves, the more I think about it. If Butler was sitting there too, I would rather them take him, but I think Carroll would jump all over Nkemdiche.

    • cover-2

      Getting Nkemdiche at #26 would be like winning the power ball lottery. He may be a supposed head case but well worth the risk at #26.

  4. Volume12

    One guy I think will rise into day 2 is Texas Tech OT Le’Raven Clark.

    He looks like a dancing bear. If Tom Cable takes D-line converts, turns TEs into OT’s, and has overdrafted every O-lineman they’ve had, why not a freak like Clark? 11 inch hands, 36′ inch arms? Yes please.

    I know we’ve discussed and gone over these topics, but I’m begining to crush in this dude’s massive upside.

    He’s also got a Seahawky personality. Grew up/loves hunting and fishing, an avid ‘out-doorsman,’ and has that dislike for the media it seems.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Take him in Round 3 or you think round 4 or 5?

      Most the Seahawks LOVE the media. Only Beastmode avoids it mostly.

      • Volume12

        Not really. I wouldn’t exactly say that Sherm, Baldwin, MosesBread, ET, Irvin, Sweezy, etc. like the media at all.

        I’d take him in round 2, depending on what he does at the combine.

        Every round 2 pick under PC/JS has been big time athletes, high upside, and ‘reaches.’

        • sdcoug

          I get the sentiment here, but i have to think the first two picks at a minimum have to be used on ‘ready to contibute’ pieces. We have holes to fill and a SB window to prop open. Only my opinion, but I believe that raw upside prospect needs to come after round 3.

          • Matt

            Completely agree sdcoug. Clark is nowhere near ready to contribute. It’s possible he could go in day 2 because of his measureables, which are ideal. Watching him the the Senior Bowl practices was baffling. This guy has absolutely no clue how to play tackle. I’m all for drafting raw, high upside players, that most likely won’t contribute their first year, but not until day 3.

            • C-Dog

              What do folks think of Clark as a guard prospect? Supposedly has good knee bend and played guard as a freshman.

    • Trevor

      I agree Vol I aid after the Senior Bowl and saw his measurements he would be our 3rd round pick. His technique is absolutely dreadful but that size, length, hand size and athleticism is incredibly rare and cannot be taught.

      If he can be coached he could be a 3rd round steal IMO. If he can’t be coached then a bust. Incredibly high upside and equal on the downside.

      • Volume12

        If DJ Humphries can go in round one, Le’Raven Clark can go in round 2.

        • Trevor

          Valid point but boy is he going to take a lot of work. Only question is whether he has that nasty streak Cable wants.

          • Volume12

            True. Thing is, Tom Cable loves to coach guys up and put his stamp on them.

            I just don’t see very many OTs in this draft that don’t need work, outside of Decker, Tunsil, Coleman, and Conklin.

            IMO he plays with more of a mean streak than say, Jason Spriggs does.

            • Trevor

              If they go with Martin in Rd #1 or trade back and take him early in Rd #2 then Clark may certainly be the best tackle option after Rd#1 and the guys you mention (Tunsil, Coleman, Decker) are gone.

              If he is a guy they decide they want they may have to take him in the 2nd because he may not be there the end of the 3rd.

              The ore I think about it. I would like to see then take the following OL this draft.

              Rd#1 Coleman
              Rd#3 Laraven Clark
              Rd#4 Jack Allen

              2016 OL if we go all youth and no vet free agents.

              LT Gilliam
              LG Coleman
              C Allen
              RG Glowinski
              RT Clark

              Put them together from day #1 in OTAs and let them gel. They could be our line for the next 4-5 years.

              Incredibly cheap, young, athletic and nasty group.

              • bobbyk

                We say that “Cable takes DL and turns them into OL” that’s fine, but the question is this:

                Of any of the guys that he has turned into OL, are any of them any good? The answer is an easy, “no.”

                It’s not like Cable moved Gilliam from TE to OT either. That was already done at Penn State.

                The fact of the matter is that his two best OL were guys he inherited (not “coached up”). Unger was in Seattle from the Ruskell days and Okung was drafted in the first round the year before Cable came to Seattle.

                Really, Cable hasn’t “developed” anyone overly good. Sweezy isn’t good. Our LG situation has been a mess since 2006.

                Cable has been in Seattle for them using a first (Carp), second (Britt), and third (Moffitt) round picks on the OL and it hasn’t been good.

                The Seahawks ability to navigate the draft under Carroll/Schneider has been fantastic because they seem to have all final say on every position. The only position group on the entire team who has a position coach with as much authority to dictate draft picks has been on the OL (where they have failed the most). Personally, I don’t care if a guy was a good wrestler, I just care that he’s actually good.

                I’ve been in contact with some Jets fans and was surprised to hear they love Carp. Why is it that he leaves and gets better? Part can be attributed to playing between Ferguson and Mangold (although it appears both aren’t as good as they used to be), but it is a bit surprising.

                Cable was at his best here with two inherited players in Okung/Unger. You can make an argument that Breno was his next best player (that’s a sad thought) in Seattle and he was brought in due to Schneider’s connection with him in Green Bay.

                What am I trying to say? Instead of developing someone who probably won’t turn out to be any good, maybe just bring in a guy who actually has a little bit of a track record of not being a terrible NFL offensive lineman. I’m not suggesting to go hog wild on one of the top free agent OL available, but certainly a guy that we’ve talked about such as Phil Loadholt (a potential cap casualty) or someone that all three can approve of early in the draft, as opposed to “Hey Tom, Who do you want? We’ll take ’em.” I remember an interview after the Carp/Moffitt draft and basically Schneider asked Cable about his perfect scenario as to how the draft would play out and Cable to him that it would be to get Carp in the first and then Moffitt. That’s who he wanted. That told me all I needed to know about the pull he has on drafting who he wants. It’s just sad he never wants anyone good with one of those high picks. Lets hope it’s a more collaborative effort this year and we actually get somebody good.

                • KyleT

                  Carp when healthy was really good. Same with Moffit. Is it Cables fault Carp got injured? I’m not surprised the Jets likes him, he put out some great tape in 2014, when he was healthy all year. Was it Cables fault Moffit lost interest I football? Look at his early 2012 tape, he was decent.

                  • C-Dog

                    I think this team missed Carp a lot this year, maybe even more than they missed Breno the year before, and they missed Breno. I pretty much hope the first OL drafted is a LG.

                  • Volume12

                    And we heard all of last year how bad Carp was.

                    Careful what ya wish for.

                  • bobbyk

                    No he wasn’t. He was never “good.” Heck, they even got mad at him late in ’13 and benched him for a game.

                  • bobbyk

                    Actually, I can’t believe that anyone would ever think Carp was “good.” He just didn’t suck as bad as Britt. There’s a difference, imo. It could be worse and it was. If Carp was actually good, they wouldn’t have let him go so easily. They like to keep their own good/important players for the most part. They even tried making a late push for Maxwell last year but wouldn’t go over a certain dollar amount. They didn’t make any push for Carp. That’s telling they know and knew he wasn’t “good.”

                • 75franks

                  great points bobby

                • EranUngar

                  Bobby, may I offer a radical possibility here:

                  The reason the Jets fans like Carp and many of us (excluding me) didn’t is that we are not so easy to please? (Putting it mildly)

                  I personally loved Carp when he facing Jason Smith….

                  Maybe having the 4th best offense in the NFL in both yards and points is an indication that our OL was not the worst ever in the annals of proffesional football.

                  Maybe we should think twice before demanding that both guards and center will be summarily dismissed and replaced by unknown rookies? (Unknown as in never faced NFL level of competition)

                  I know that you believe that Sweezy should be cast away but i personally believe that he was one of the best 6th round or later guards in the NFL. I think that Lewis is one of the best UDFA centers in the NFL and Gilliam is one of the best UDFA RTs. All probably in the top 10 in those caterories.

                  That enabled us to get Lockett and Graham and Clark last year rather than picking top of line offensive linemen.

                  I’m not Cable’s greatest fan, far from it, but there is a big picture here that needs to be seen.

                  Just like we may need to address DT, LB needs this year and may not afford to pick OL with most of our top picks.

                  • bobbyk

                    A bigger picture like drafting good OL instead of ones who are terrible? That has nothing to do with Clark or Lockett. It has to do with having Britt instead of a good player for the line.

                • Ukhawk

                  I subscribe to the GIGO theory. Give Cable something to work with and we led league the league in rushing for a few seasons. Of course that included high picks ( but not as high as the C’boys) so the bottom line is you generally get what u pay for. IMO the OL ‘bill’ is obviously overdue; no more of those high picks are signed on for ’16….time to reload

                  • bobbyk

                    I agree. I think Cable would do awesome with better talent. It’s just that he is a singular huge reason the talent he has to work with is so bad. If they would let Schneider get him players and he’d coach them up – that seems for the best. Instead, Cable has too much say and wants bad players instead of good ones.

                  • bobbyk

                    Not that he knew the players would turn out bad. They just do.

                • lil'stink

                  The Jets run a different blocking scheme than we do. Carp is obviously a better fit in that scheme, which is why he had his best year. I guess the question is can Cable be trusted to find guys that fit his scheme? He obviously thought he saw something in Carp that just wasn’t there. Same thing with Nowak and Britt.

    • cover-2

      2nd round pick on Clark is taking a big risk that I would feel uneasy about. Clark’s potential reminds me of OT Bruce Campbell of Maryland.

      • Robert

        In Senior Bowl drills, the Dlineman faked outside on one particular play. Out came Clark’s long arms to push air because the defender had blown past the plodding giant by darting inside. Just one play, but I hope our FO is prioritizing quicker feet in their prospects.

  5. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Rankins at #5… NO WAY. Maybe top 20. I think Spence goes before the Rankins….. and I can easily see Spence going to Jacksonville. Perhaps we will get more clarity on these guys before the draft….. both are all over the place on mock drafts. If we could just be a “fly on the wall” and listen in to the predraft interviews……

    • Volume12

      Jacksonville doesn’t have o take him at 5. They could always trade back.

    • Rob Staton

      Say ‘no way’ if you like, that Senior Bowl tape and the way the Jaguars coaches reacted had to be seen to be believed.

      • Greg haugsven

        It’s hard to think the Jags are picking number 5. Seems like they had a decent season. Rankins could climb like Donald did 2 years ago.

        • Ben2

          Yeah….looking back would you pick Donald at 5 seeing his success? I would!!!

      • Trevor

        Rob I said the exact same thing after the first 2 days of the Senior Bowl that Rankins and Spence were specail talents and would be top 10 picks based on what I saw in those practices.

        Rankins moves like a 250lb guy not a 300lber. Quality interior guys like Glasgow were not even getting a hand on him some reps. He basically embarrassed anyone he went against.

        Spence was equally dominant and played with an edge and passion as you mention that teams will love.

        I would be absolutely shocked if both made it out of the top 10.

        Mel Kipe made an interesting point when discussing the Senior Bowl and Noah Spence. He said when Bosa and Spence played together at Ohio St. that Spence was the prospect getting all the buzz. It was not till Spence left that Bosa started to get the spotlight shone on him.

        Would love one of those 2 in the first round but might as well forget about it IMO.

        • Volume12

          Yeah- Spence is the premier pass rusher IMO. I’ll be shocked if he’s not a top 10 pick. Maybe even top 5.

          I’m not convinced that there’s very many prospects at the top of this draft that teams will love. And if you don’t love your guy, trade back.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            I keep saying if he blows up the Combine (including the team interviews), Spence could become the first defensive player taken in this draft.

      • Coleslaw

        Rankins is my favorite prospect in this class, he would be such a beast inside between Bennett and Clark!

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        But wouldn’t JAX taking Rankins at 5 primarily based on his Senior Week be akin to say CLE passing on Lynch because he had a bad bowl game?

        • Rob Staton

          I don’t think so. After all, everyone at the Senior Bowl is there and amped up to perform and impress. Rankins dominated in a blistering fashion. There’s quite a difference between excelling in that environment and being part of a team that looked poor across the board in what amounted to a pre-season type atmosphere in a meaningless Bowl.

    • Trevor

      Why would an elite interior pass rusher be a bad pick at #5? I think Rankins, Spence or Ramsey will be the Jag pick at #5 and all 3 will be in the top 10.

      • C-Dog

        The Jaguars drafted a exterior speed rusher last year, it makes a lot of sense for them to draft Rankins this year. Bummer, he was a player I was high on all season long for the Hawks. I don’t think Spence will get out of the top 10.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          I would double down on outside pass rushers if I were Jacksonville.. grab Spence. They need to replace age on the outside on the DL….

    • KyleT

      I’m not on the Spence hype train. What tape I’ve seen made me think he’s not very aggressive, one dimensional as a pass rusher, doesn’t use his hands very well and has a ton of wasted movement, but lots of hustle.

      • Trevor

        Kyle did you watch the Senior Bowl and practices. He was like a man against boys really and the most aggressive guy on the field. Watch his tape at Ohio st as a sophomore.

        • KyleT

          Yeah, will have to look at some more tape I guess

          • Trevor

            I agree though the EKU tape from this year was underwhelming but it is hard to tell with that level of competition IMO.

            • KyleT

              Definitely see it in the 2013 tape. Do you think he’s Vic Beasley+ or a bit better?

              • CharlieTheUnicorn

                Von Miller is a name I have heard a few times linked to reports of guys he would be like in the NFL

              • Trevor

                Different build than Beasley who was a lighter and a little quicker. I think Beasley is a little faster around the edge but the both have great bend and Spence has much better hands and aggression IMO. I often hear the comp to Von Miller and see it so some point but Miller had zero red flags and was incredibly productive in college.

                I just think if you are looking for a pass rusher he is the pick in this draft.

  6. KyleT

    Just watched some Dadi Nicholas tape. What are people’s thoughts on him vs Striker at the end of round 3? Nicholas seems to have more upside, but Striker would be the better player on day 1. Nicholas shows some upside potential rushing the passer, and if he can drop into coverage, we could basically have our Irvin replacement. He might even be there in round 4.

    • Trevor

      Nicols is way more athletic and long than Striker but all the intangibles go to Striker who is a better player, smarter, more productive and an amazing leader. I would take striker all day long but admit Nicols is the superior athlete.

    • Volume12

      I like Nicolas’ upsdide. He’s good in coverage. Wasth him flp his hips, turn and run. Gets good depth on his drops. Explosive. He’s got more than one pass rush movd, realy good hand use, great motor, aggressive, always plays hard.

      However, he struggles to finish, and can’t get off blocks. But, he has the frame and length to add bulk.

      IMO he’s a freak athlete and one of the very few OTTO prospects in this class.

      I’d take him in round 4, designate him as a pass rush specialist, and with his motor, speed, and hustle, he’s gonna be a stud on ST’s.

    • sdcoug

      correct me if I’m confusing him with someone else, but wasn’t it reported Dadi was utterly lost during Senior Bowl practices? I thought I read that coaches spent the entire week just trying to explain basic concepts and instructions.

      • Trevor

        No that’s the guy. He was lost in practice but he did have some splash plays in the game. He is agreat athlete currently IMO but not a great player. His character is also a question mark.

  7. Jarhead's Sokoli Bandwagon

    Speaking of what everyone will be watching tomorrow, and gee whiz when I read the analysts predictions for tomorrow I about vomited. If you were to read what was written, and never watched a game, one would assume this was a team that had never lost a game ever, and beaten every team by 30 points. So now I guess Cam Newton is the only sucessful dual threat QB to have ever played- and will go down as the greatest to have played period. Wow I guess maybe the sub 60% completion percentage is an innacurate measure of his true ability. The NFL media really is such a prisoner of the moment that Carolina had better win. Otherwise the space time continuum maybe rip apart and the state of North Carolina will crumble in to the ocean.

    All sattire aside, while I don’t have a horse in this race, but it would be pretty satisfying to watch #18 ride off into the sunset on the backs of the Panthers, where we went out and knocked the ever living shbang out of the broncos 2 years ago.

    • Trevor

      My money is on Carolina by double digits. The defenses are pretty even but the huge differences are the OL and QB where Carolina has a huge edge IMO. If Denver gets down early it could get ugly if Peyton has to try and air it out the way Carolina turns the ball over.

      Would love to see Peyton go out on top but it is not going to happen.

      • Jarhead's Sokoli Bandwagon

        Let me just ask this: do we remember what Cam looked like last when Bruce live up his rear end? I think that this could be the tale of two Cams, he is still a player who can be shellshocked. I want to see if Denver can finally rattle him

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          The money has been coming in heavy in Denver +6 points last few days…… seems like a good bet

          • C-Dog

            A lot of people I talk to think Carolina is going to crush the Broncos. I think it’s going to be a very close game. I have no bias towards either team. Not a Cam hater. Not a Peyton hater. I think the Broncos are going to upset the Panthers.

            • CharlieTheUnicorn

              Denver has a championship quality defense. This really will be a great game (hopefully)!

              • C-Dog

                Yeah, that’s what I’m seeing. When we played Denver in the preseason, my first thought was, man, am I glad we won’t see them again in the regular season. I know Carolina’s D will make it tough on Manning, but I think Denver’s D might make it really, really tough on Kam. I think Von Miller could end up being MVP, easily.

                • Trevor

                  Carolina does not have NEs OL and Cam is not going to be sitting there in the pocket like Brady. Carolina by double digits.

                  • troy

                    Denver has had success against multiple OLs this year not just NE. The Bronco’s DEF is exceptional, make no mistake about it. They’re more than capable of winning games without asking Manning and the offense to light up the score board. I think they end up holding Carolina to under 20 points and prevail with the W.

    • 75franks

      23-20 denver

  8. smitty1547

    Heart is with Peyton, brain tell me Carolina. Thinks it’s just like are game Peyton can no longer spread the field so you have a very good D packed in and taking away the middle of the field.

  9. Therick05

    Rob, off question, i know you follow the premier league too, do you think Leicester will win it all? I really hope so, they have a Nice story.

    • Rob Staton

      I hope so — and it would be an incredible story. Arguably a life-saver for the Premier League which is dominated by how much money you can waste on transfer fees.

      • Trevor

        Would be the best professional sports story of 2016 bar none. The equivalent of the Browns winning the SB next year Rob or an even great feat? No salary cap in EPL.

        What would their payroll be vs the likes of Man City and Chelsea?

  10. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Congrats to the new HoF group for 2016.

  11. Jack


    What do you think of Jonathan Williams from Arkansas? His situation reminds me of the Vance McDonald/Luke Willson dynamic a few years ago, with one injured during the season (Willson and Williams) and the other more highly touted (McDonald and Collins). Plus it sounds like he’s had a rough upbringing that involved moving across the country several times, poverty, and even being brought up in tough circumstances. Watch his highlight tape and you’ll see why Bret Bielma constantly praises him moreso than Collins, who I know you like a lot.

    • Rob Staton

      To be honest with the injuries I’ve not had a chance to study him properly yet.

  12. nichansen01

    My personal prediction for the first round:

    Titans – Laremy Tunsil
    Browns – Paxton Lynch
    Chargers – Joey Bosa
    Cowboys – Carson Wentz
    Jaguars – Sheldon Rankins
    Ravens – Jalen Ramsey
    49ers – Taylor Decker
    Dolphins – Jaylon Smith
    Buccaneers – Deforest Buckner
    Giants – Noah Spence
    Saints – Jarran Reed
    Eagles – Myles Jack
    Raiders – Eli Apple
    Rams – Jared Goff
    Lions – Robert Nkemdiche
    Falcons – Shaq Lawson
    Colts – Jack Conklin
    Bills – Darron Lee
    Jets – Ezekial Elliot
    Redskins – Corey Coleman
    Texans – Shon Coleman
    Vikings – Laquon Treadwell
    Bengals – Mackensie Alexander
    Steelers – Vernon Hargreaves
    Seahawks – Nick Martin
    Packers – Andrew Billings
    Cheifs – Will Fuller
    Cardinals – Kyler Fackrell
    Broncos – Jason Spriggs
    Panthers – Darien Thomson

    • nichansen01

      Bears – Jarran Reed
      Saints – Vernon Butler

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I really like the Fuller pick for the Chiefs. Seems really reasonable most of the picks.

    • bigDhawk

      There is zero chance the Cowgirls draft a QB at 4.


      Unless its Johnny Football.

      So Jerry can sell jerseys.

      Seriously, Jerry is in total win-now mode with Romo. Jerry’s on record saying the the first losing season with the Aikman reboot was a good thing (no lie) and that’s the same process he wants to go through again when Romo is eventually replaced, which according to Jerry won’t be for another three or four years. Don’t be shocked if they take Nkemdiche at 4.

      • Rob Staton

        I think there’s quite a strong chance they go QB at #4 personally. They probably aren’t going to pick that early again during the remainder of Romo’s career. They can afford to train the next guy over three years. They probably thought they’d sign Johnny Manziel initially but even the Cowboys can’t do that now. I’d almost be surprised if they didn’t draft Carson Wentz.

      • Trevor

        If you are the cowboys this has to be the year you take a QB IMO. How often do get the #4 pick and Romo likely has 2 good years left which would let him groom his replacement. I would be shocked if they did not go QB at #4.

    • Trevor

      A lot of the picks make a ton of sense.

  13. C-Dog

    New Mock reflecting Seattle’s need to getting tough again, again.

    R1. 26 Taylor Decker OT. Big powerful run blocking tackle who might convert to guard or shore up RT. Either way instant impact.

    R2. 56 Javon Hargrave. Seattle misses out on Rankins. They want an interior rusher, he might be the second best option, and they don’t wait to see if he lasts to any of their picks in R3.

    R3. 90 Paul Perkins RB. Adds to the backfield with Rawls, becomes the 3rd down back.

    R3. 98 Joe Dahl OG. Competes with Glow at RG, might be looked at as a center down the line.

    R4. 125. Victor Ochi OLB. Can set the edge, and rush, pursue, stood out in the Shrine game.

    R5. 172. Daryl Worley, CB. 2Rd talent with size, and troubled past, maybe him available here.

    R6. 215. Alex Lewis OT. Tough guy tackle with mean streak to compete at RT.

    R7. 223. Jaydon Mickens WR. Hawks love the skill set of this Husky.

    R7. 245. DJ Reader DT. Massive run stuffing nose tackle to add depth.

    Seattle signs one significant FA OL, and with Decker, give immediate impact improving the OL.

    Seattle re-signs either Rubin or Mebane, maybe both, but on short deals probably, Hill is set to be a FA. Hargrave is an instant member of the DL rotation and has the talent to groom as a starter.

    Perkins is the R3 must get play maker on offense Lockett was last year. Dahl is too good to pass up, and they scouted them well at WSU, they waited it out potentially for him to land to their comp pick.

    Ochi provides pass rush, toughness, and ability to develop at SAM. Worley has talent and the size they love at CB, but character concerns have him slide a few rounds. Lewis provides a nastiness Cable loves and will compete at one of the tackle spots. Mickens is another local college player they know and have scouted well. Reader provides run stuffing depth.

    • Coleslaw

      I don’t think Decker falls that far, but I like those picks, I’d be satisfied with this

      • C-Dog

        Yeah, that’s a very hopeful pickup on Decker. I don’t really think he will make it out of the teens because of the league wide need at OL, but going off of what Rob mentioned ESPN Scout Inc put out.

        I think Hargrave could be a very strong consideration at 56, if Seattle doesn’t snag DT at 26, even though he’s a bit short in the arms. His pass rush production was huge, powerfully low built, and was the star at the Shrine Week.

        The more I think about it, though, Nkemdiche at 26 seems like a classic Pete Carroll pick. Go with the defender with huge upside and the baggage others are too scared to use a high pick on. Even if Decker is there at 26, I can see them going with NKemdiche. I think I’m just growing more enamored with Hargrave.

        Ochi is the other Shrine star defender I think they could take a real liking to.

        • Coleslaw

          The more I think about it the clearer it gets, option 1) BPA (unpassable talent) w) a starting OT (one will fall to 26) or 3) trade back, stockpile picks and start building the trenches

          • C-Dog

            Building the trenches, on both sides of the ball, IMO, is vitally important this year.

            • Coleslaw

              I was saying that’s what I think they’ll do, if we miss out on Lane I’m going to be very worried about CB2

    • oz

      I would swap Vannett for Perkins.

      • Madmark

        I think these are 2 players that are under rated. Paul Perkins or Nick Vannett If Seattle wants one of these guys they will have to use the pick 56 cause neither of these guys will be there at pick 90. I find myself in the same situation as I was the year Seattle took Michaels and Travis Kelce was drafted next by KansasCity.
        I like nick Vannett and lets face it this TE squad went thru the ringer this last year. We need a Zack Miller type TE and Vannett can be that and more. I like Javon Hargrave but I don’t believe he’s warrants a 56 pick, I would look more to him at pick 90 due to the competition he played against. Joe Dahl playing the inside is a 3rd round comp pick steal. In the 6th round a Connor McGovern replaces our Alvin Bailey on the rightside backup and pushes Glowinski and Dahl for the RG position. Competition.

        • C-Dog

          Hargrave also played up to big competition, as well. He had really good game against Clemson. My gut is Seattle would want to cash in on the DT stakes at some point, along with fixing OL needs. They covet DTs that can pass rush, Hargrave could end up being one of the best of this class (if not the best) in a few years time, a really solid value, and they may not want to wait until 90. Classically, as player some might see as a reach, but they see as value they need, (i.e. Frank Clark “there wasn’t going to be another pass rusher available like this at our next pick.”)

          Perkins definitely might be a riser. I think he fits the 3rd down back need for the team right away. I also think Rawls could also develop really nicely as a catcher out of the back field. I guess, I see him more as too good a luxury not to pass up. Braxton Miller is that other potential skill position R3 luxury pick I could see Seattle snagging. There should be other RBs to be had later, though.

          First and foremost for me in rounds 1 through 3 is fix the trenches. My wish list is one DT and at least 2 OL. Don’t really care which order.

          Nick Vannett looks solid. Personally, I would kind of be shocked if Seattle went TE early. But this team has definitely surprised me before a few times.

          • Rob Staton

            Considering the Seahawks have passed on a number of athletic TE’s over the years (earliest they’ve taken one is the Luke Willson pick) — I think it’d be something of an upset if they took a TE in round two with the needs up front and only a year removed from spending their first round pick (and a big salary) on a TE.

            • C-Dog

              Yeah, I would be pretty stunned. Feeds the notion of those favoring dropping JG and his contract free of dead money. Heck of a busted trade to ship your first and pro-bowl center for a TE, only to turn around and spend your 2 round pick the following year on a TE that might replace him. Lotta draft capital and roster going to TE in an OCD manner.

  14. Volume12

    Watching Ohio St LB Josh Perry. Wow! Kid is a missle man. Character through the roof.

    Moves like a safety and is built like Bruce Irvin. Impressive. 3 down LB IMO.

    • C-Dog

      Would give Seattle continual size and speed at SAM. I think he would be a great pick up. Pretty mature player too. He would instantly blend in well with KJ and Bobby.

      • Volume12

        Measured in at almost 6’4, 250+ pounds, and 33″ arms.

        I wanna see what he does at the combine.

        I don’t think he’s as athletic as a Darron Lee, but I think he’s an underrated athlete.

        Very versatile. Built like a DE, can play SAM in a 4-3, MIKE in a 3-4, blitz the A gap and rush off the edge. Great instincts, hard worker, was one of the stars at the weigh-in portion at the Senior Bowl, sound tackler.

        If he doesn’t test well, I’ll strike him off my list.

        • Rob Staton

          Really like Joshua Perry. Just wonder if he’s best suited at MLB. How he tests will be crucial to see if he can replace Bruce.

          • Volume12


            If he tests well, he’s a great fit for Seattle’s SAM backer position.

            • C-Dog

              I hope he tests well. When I’ve looked at him in games, I’ve though KJ before. Not flashy, just solid.

  15. Volume12

    Rob, you still ‘meh’ on Nebraska DT Maliek Collins?

    If Ohio St DT Adolphus Washington slips into round 2, take him or pass?

    • Volume12

      Also wanna see what ‘Bama’s DJ Pettway’s measurements and weight are.

    • Rob Staton

      I will reassess my take on Collins this week. Didn’t like him when he was being touted as a possible first rounder. Thought mid-rounder at the time. As for Washington — like it when he turns it on but he’s very streaky. Just wonder if he’s Seahawky enough in his approach.

    • KyleT

      Washington tape is so boring, if he’s not on, it just puts you to sleep

  16. Ukhawk

    Rob. Where do u get videos of the senior bowl practices. Love to watch too

    • Rob Staton

      They’re all on Youtube. So is the full game.

      • Ukhawk

        Awesome. Thx

  17. Ukhawk

    Really interesting 4 round mock by Reuter on, loving the Hawks picks. Don’t think it’s realistic but makes u think….no comp picks in it either

    He’s got Hawks picking Rankins, Fuller, Beavers, Glasgow. Wow. Coleman and Kelly both go in mid 2nd, personally would maybe swap Coleman for Rankins if it fell this way. Alternatively drop Beavers for Striker ( who goes later) and get Fahn Cooper and/or Dahl with the other 3rd/ post- 4th if poss. What a haul that would be. Nick Martin also goes mid 3rd, could also trade up?

    Anyway I think as we move forward clearly many of the guys discussed on SDB will probably move up hence it’s probably an unrealistic mock …but one can dream

    • C-Dog

      I think a few of the JR DT’s would really have to blow up big time at the combine for Rankins to get to Seattle. I could see Fuller being there at 90, if teams are concerned about body catches and if he’s one trick. If Seattle steps on on FA in the OL, I could see them being patient in the draft at OL, maybe waiting to R3. Carroll said “we will see what the draft brings” in regard to pass rush. He was more board about fixing the OL, making me think it could likely be a combo of FA and draft.

    • stregatto

      Sign me up for Nick Martin mid-3rd!

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