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David Fucillo at Niners Nation has a piece quoting official NFL Biographer Dave-Te Thomas with some very positive comments about Colin Kaepernick: “To me, he’s another Aaron Rodgers on the field. With his mobility & off-field character, I see a lot of Roger Staubach in him. He’s what I call a blue moon QB- only comes along once in a blue moon. Folks tortured me when I had Rodgers as my #1 prospect years ago & got on my hynie over Josh Freeman a few years back, but I’m not a draft analyst & judge guys on production & where I feel they will be three years down the road.”

Brandon Adams has the second part of his piece on Ryan Mallett: “In typical fashion, much of the sports community is only now taking a fair look at the Arkansas signal-caller and judging him in the light of actual NFL attributes. He’s a polarizing figure, to be sure. All it takes in this reactionary pre-draft environment is one notable writer or reporter to laud a guy, and suddenly everyone starts jumping on board.”

Chris Kouffman at appears on the NFL Network to argue the case against negative reports on Mallett.

Dan Kelly at Field Gulls has an interview with ex-NFL scout Dave Razzano, who has some interesting things to say about this draft class: “Kaepernick is another QB I feel will be very successful. Everyone is targeting for round two. He will go either late one or early two. Again, Jake Locker, to me, is a Brett Favre clone and the same things people say about Locker they said about Favre.

For more information on the Locker/Favre comparison, don’t forget to check out Kip’s article from earlier today.

Mel Kiper and Todd McShay run through a few draft related topics for ESPN:

And seeing as we’re talking a lot about Colin Kaepernick…


  1. Derek

    Do you have any idea on who is the #1 QB on Seattle’s board? Most likely Locker?

    Also what do you think about WR Greg Little at #57 if we get Locker or another QB at #25? Depending on who is available, do you think they immediately look to add some weapons for the QB?

    • Rob

      That information hasn’t been revealed. If I had to predict, I’d say Locker based around what they’re looking for at the position.

      I haven’t had a lot of opportunities to watch Little due to the suspensions. I think he could end up being that Mike Williams (Tampa Bay) type faller who is a gamble, but ultimately very talented. I don’t think they’ll rule out receiver, but I’ve not heard it’s a position they’re targeting.

  2. ChavaC

    I don’t know if I can get behind drafting Kaepernick if he is going to keep smiling like that.

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