Updated two-round mock draft: 23rd April

Miami's Orlando Franklin doesn't need a helmet to block

I’ve updated the two-round mock draft today to represent how I feel some of the teams may be thinking five days before the draft. 

Essentially it comes down to two factors. Firstly, Colin Kaepernick is very much an option for the Seahawks and they believe they can trade down and target him at the top of round two. If a deal is not forthcoming, does the team still feel comfortable drafting him in round one? To see the latest projection, click here or select ‘Mock Draft’ in the menu bar above.  

Secondly, which players do the Seahawks grade higher than Kaepernick so that they would avoid the position with their first pick in the draft? Mike Pouncey appears to be one of them. I would project that Jimmy Smith is another and I understand one member of the offensive coaching staff is very high on Mark Ingram. I truly believe neither Pouncey or Smith will be available at #25 and the team isn’t trading up for them. Correctly, the Seahawks believe running back would be a luxury considering their investment in the position through Marshawn Lynch and the many other needs elsewhere.  

The impression I’m getting is that they aren’t tied to any one position and that’s an opinion John Schneider expressed in his press conference last week. They would probably like to make an investment in quarterback first and foremost, but they are confident in their ability to perhaps solve three or four problems instead of one. They found some mid-to-late round talent last year, but didn’t strike gold in round two gambling on Golden Tate. You can’t write him off after one year, but evidently he has a lot of work to do to warrant the investment Seattle made.  

Nevertheless, Kaepernick fits the bill in terms of what they’re looking for in a quarterback – mobility, arm strength, the ability to extend plays, the non-reliance on brilliant pass protection in order to make plays, running ability to develop the zone blocking scheme and become part of the overall gameplan, character and playmaking quality.  

It’d be taking a chance, just like trading for Charlie Whitehurst was taking a chance. Kaepernick would not be expected to start in year one, with either Matt Hasselbeck being re-signed or Carson Palmer being brought in from Cincinnati for perhaps a 5th rounder and a further conditional pick depending on performance. I believe a deal like that could be possible to land Palmer and there has been some discussion. Both are stop-gap options that the team likes enough to run with as it re-builds. There are people out there who rate Kaepernick highly, very highly. Don’t sleep on him being off the board before Seattle is on the board at #25, particularly if a team trades back into the first.  

In round two I’ve gone back to the Seahawks taking an interior lineman in Miami’s Orlando Franklin. I suspect guard is an area they are determined to improve and will consider early – but as with other needs, they aren’t going to focus in on the position as a life or death situation.  

Elsewhere, I have Buffalo making a surprise move at #3 taking Cameron Jordan. Make no mistake he is a big-time talent who would instantly upgrade Buffalo’s defense. Adding Phil Taylor in round two could set up that defensive front for a long time, particularly in a division that contains a lot of offensive punch. So why not Von Miller, Blaine Gabbert, AJ Green or Patrick Peterson? No specific reason, but how many people had C.J. Spiller pinned to #9 last year? Or Aaron Maybin and Eric Woods to Buffalo the year before? Zero. That alone is not enough to warrant the Jordan projection, but he is a flashy playmaker who will provide a quick impact at a position of need. To some degree, he could be the back-up option to Marcell Dareus for Buffalo.  

I have Gabbert dropping to #8 and past a few quarterback needy teams. Cincinnati is still a very likely proposition, but would anyone be surprised if they take a receiver in round one? AJ Green may be able to help a mediocre pick at quarterback in round two (such as Christian Ponder or Andy Dalton) look a little brighter. Arizona should take him at #5 but appear to be leaning towards a veteran option (Marc Bulger is the hot tip). San Francisco, for whatever reason, seems an unlikely fit. If Gabbert does squeeze past the first seven picks, you’re looking at Tennessee as perhaps being the floor.  

The reason for the fall in this projection? Gabbert looks the part across the board, yet he was just so completely unspectacular in college. You’re investing in the unknown to a degree. I suspect that Gabbert will be top of a lot of boards in the quarterback department, but may not thrill some GM’s enough to make the call. At the end of the day, Carolina are going to end up taking Cam Newton – a guy with a bigger boom and a bigger bust ratio – over Gabbert, who is the presumed safe option. 

I could be wrong here and Gabbert go as high as #2-#4 overall, or perhaps he will slip a little bit?


  1. Jesse Bartolis

    Sign me up for the Giants mock.

    Check please.

    I was having a twittersatoin with Brian Galliford of Buffalo Rumblings he said Cameron Jordan is the dark-horse pick for the BIlls so maybe you’re not crazy.

    I really hope the Gmen take Smith/Ingram. not pouncey.

    • Rob

      It’s a great position for New York with real value in the late teens. Smith is the kind of player that could really thrive for that team.

  2. Rob

    Thanks to Lance & NorthVanman for the note on the mock error.

  3. elroy

    Rob, I have mainly been a seahawks.net and seahawkaddicts guy but I recently have been really impressed by your site. I dont think you are bs’ing us on your inside guy. You are dead on stating
    if Smith or Pouncey is there we definately take them but the likelood is about 20 percent at best. You have tenn taking Gabbert but I was thinking if they take Fairley, they might be willing to give us their 2nd and 3rd to trade up for a QB. Their coach said V Young is not coming back. Kaepernick and Pouncey have been my draft crushes this year. I rarely hear pundits talk about wether or not QB’s are leaders of men. That is the number one attribute I look for. The only true leaders I see are Kaepernick and Locker. I do worry though about Locker’s ability to throw to the right reciever at the right time in the complex NFL. He just doesn’t seem that smart to me. I have never heard about this OG Franklin before today but in that picture he looks like one bad Mo Fo. I want some mean guys on our o line with Cable now as our coach he wont allow soft guys on his line.

    • Rob

      Thanks for the kind remarks Elroy – it’s really appreciated. Spread the word and let the Seahawks community know that we’re here.

      I can see a situation where Tennessee may think like that. At the same time, I look at their roster and see two key needs – quarterback and cornerback. They also want a receiver, which is why they were the only team to put a waiver request on Randy Moss. I think Julio Jones is a big-time option for the Titans at #8. If Gabbert is there he’s tough to pass on and any of the top three cornerbacks could go #8. A lot of mocks have Fairley going #8, but they don’t have a glaring need there.

      The big problem the Seahawks will have in trying to trade down is the team moving up needs a reason to own the #25 pick. Who in the top of round two is going to think, “We need to get ahead of Baltimore and Atlanta”? Those teams looking for QB’s may be able to wait, or may get a better deal from a New England or Green Bay.

      The other team Seattle needs to determine here is how much worth it is to move down just to acquire one pick. Is a move of +10 down the board (a third of a round) worth a third rounder? Trading with Tennessee means quite a drop.

      • PatrickH

        If the Seahawks FO really want Kaepernick, they should not trade down below Buffalo’s second round pick. If Kaepernick is still there at 34, I think the Bills will draft him. He fits Chan Gailey’s scheme and has the arm strength to play well in Buffalo’s weather. The Bills has Fitzpatrick in place as a stop gap QB, so they will have time to develop Kaepernick. This way, they can take care of their immediate need for an impact defense player in the first round and their long-term need for a QB in the second round.

        • Rob

          That’s a good shout, Patrick.

  4. Ed

    If it falls this way (1-24) would rather have wilkerson and franklin. Helps both fronts and let charlie play (if we don’t resign matt).

  5. kevin mullen

    New England is gonna have a sick DLine class this year: Luiget, Wilkerson, and Houston? I figured that they’d probably address WR since they lost that deep threat that Moss onced provided. But honestly, I’d take their first three picks if it fell like that.

    As far as the ‘Hawks mock, I don’t think I’d have an issue since they get their QB (though a little reach but nonetheless, they didn’t mortgage any picks this year and next’s to get him) and get interior line help. I approve that message…

  6. Darnell

    Franklin makes sense because he can either play G or RT. Plug him in where you need him.

    Then take a decent sized CB in the early 4th like Wright,Marsh,Culliver,Maxwell or a DT like Thornton, Guy, Ellis

  7. wes

    wow i would be pretty pumped with that result for the hawks. Two of the biggest needs addressed with quality players. It would be even better if they pick up a 3rd round pick in the process, but even without I would be excited.

  8. amattson

    That’s interesting because I was thinking Tennessee would be the team wanting to trade up into the end of round 1 to get a qb and then I read one of your bloggers wrote the same thing. Tenn needs a qb and would be willing to give us a second and third for the #25 pick. Then we can still fill our 2 biggest areas of need with Houston, or Sheard at DE and then Hudson G Florida State or Franklin Miami (is he as good as Hudson?) like you stated above. Then in the third round we can get our DT Nevis from LSU. In round 4 we get our corner in Burton from Utah. In round 5 we take Burton WR W. Texas A & M to stretch the field and all of the sudden our team is looking much better. If we do get Palmer for a year of two, that would be better than any of the qb’s in this year’s draft. Also, with our difficult schedule, maybe we have one bad year, then we get Luck or Barkley (Carroll would probably love that) and now we’ve really rebuilded quite nicely and would be ready to make a run.
    Then in Free Agency, we really just need to get 2 positions – I think it’ll be Gallery G from Oakland and then a QB like Kolb or Palmer.
    Please let me know if you think the guys I listed above are good fits and would be the best players available for each pick. I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts and discussing more options as the draft approaches. Go hawks!!

    • Rob

      Hi amattson,

      I have to ask again, why would Tennessee trade with Seattle? Baltimore and Atlanta aren’t taking a quarterback and they are the two picks that follow. If anything, Tennessee may see the Seahawks as a threat and do a deal with New Orleans at #24. Alternatively, they could get a better offer in the late first round from a Green Bay or New England. It’s a long way to trade down (14 picks) and I’m led to believe the reason for moving down would be to target Kaepernick, so not sure they would trade away that opportunity to Tennessee.

      Palmer is a very real option. Kolb may be a bit expensive – I think he may even be a Seahawk already if they could trade the #25, but trading 2012 stock is not wise.

      • amattson

        Would you rather see Kaepernick or Kolb with the first pick? I’d rather have them trade it for Kolb. I was curious to see if my thoughts were similar to your thoughts on who they might take in each round. I guess we’ll go 2nd through 5th since we’re not sure if they’ll even keep the first. Hudson in the second? I’ve seen only positive things about him and think he’d be an immediate impact starter. Nevis in the third – could step in for Mebane if we lose him. Burton in the 4th – could be nickel back at the very least if Thurmond earns the starting spot – would also provide us depth for when Trufant gets hurt. 5th Burton WR to stretch the field – tate and butler haven’t seemed to be able to do that to open up the underneath routes. I appreciate your opinion on each of these players rob and please let me know if there’s someone else you would prefer. Thanks and keep up the great work! Happy Easter!

        • Rob

          Happy Easter to you too amattson and thanks for the kind words,

          I’m a big fan of Rodney Hudson, I’ve graded him top-30 and stuck by it. Great technician, size not an issue for me, instant starter and performer. Should be an early second rounder if scheme fit is there. Nevis is a bit under sized for Seattle but he is a productive pass rusher at the three technique and would add some value there. He could go in round two. I thought Burton could end up being a late first rounder but hasn’t happened, would be great value in R4. The wide out I’m not familiar with unfortunately. It’d be a good collection of picks with some impact, but they need to add a quarterback somehow.

          On Kolb I have mixed feelings. He’s done some good with Philly and some bad, the numbers aren’t great overall. What concerns me is that the good came throwing to elite playmakers like DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin and a running back who’s pass catching numbers compare favorably to Seattle’s #1 receiver.

          His release point is very low and that bothers me. Other things I like… perhaps more than anything the fact Philly were willing to go with him as their starter. Injuries put me off a bit. Kaepernick I’m striving to get tape for because I have two games’ evidence – and it’s not enough. He’s younger for a start and I like the idea of the team bringing in it’s own guy rather than over spending on another team’s prospect.

          If I had to choose, I take the rookie just because you can sit the guy, improve the roster and plan for the long haul. Trade for Kolb and he has to start in week one and suceed.

          • amattson

            Great thoughts – thanks for your reply! I’ve got one more question, so I know who to root for to drop to us in each round. I know we need 3 starters from this draft from our first 3 picks in 1st, 2nd, and 4th and then hopefully a bonus of getting another starter in the 5th. I look at our biggest needs as G,DE,DT, and CB. The thing I don’t know though is who is the best option in each round at each position and that’s where I need your expertise. For example, I know that in round 1 for cb we’d go Jimmy Smith and I’d be very happy with that. OL Pouncey or Watkins – again happy. DE – Houston or Sheard? DT – Wilkerson or Liuget? See, I need your expertise as to which would be the best fit for the Hawks so I know who to root for to fall to us in the draft. Can you tell me the one guy at each position that we’d want in:
            Round 1

            Round 2

            same positions

            Round 3

            Round 4

            If this is too in depth of a question and would take too much of your time, I totally understand. I just thought you’d probably already thought of this and from all of the players available, you thought it’d be best to take DT’s early because there’s better depth at G in the draft and we can get this guy in the 5th who could come in a help us immediately. Thanks so much Rob and keep up the great work!

          • FWBrodie

            Round 1
            G- Pouncey
            DT- Wilkerson, Austin
            DE- Houston, Reed, Sheard
            CB- Smith

            Round 2
            G- Hudson (Rob seems to like Franklin as well)
            DT- Nevis, Casey
            CB – House
            DE – Chris Carter

  9. Rob

    No problem amattson,

    For starters I’d argue that long term quarterback is the team’s biggest need and must be addressed as soon as possible. To answer the question, I’ll name guys who ‘could’ be there although some of these players (eg, Smith, Pouncey) I doubt actually will be.

    CB – Jimmy Smith
    G – Mike Pouncey
    DE – Jabaal Sheard, at a pinch Justin Houston.
    DT – They like Paea, Taylor and Austin, but apparently none will be taken. It leaves little option unless Corey Liuget falls.

    CB – Brandon Harris, Curtis Brown
    G – Rodney Hudson, Orlando Franklin, Danny Watkins and OT/OG James Carpenter
    DE – Not a great area for this position unless you like Cameron Heyward, who isn’t a great scheme fit.
    DT – Jarvis Jenkins, Terrell McClain, Drake Nevis

    CB – Ras-I Dowling, Johnny Patrick, Aaron Williams, Brandon Burton, Davon House.
    G – OT/OG Will Rackley
    DE – Allen Bailey, Pernell McPhee
    DT – Jurrell Casey, Kenrick Ellis, Lawrence Guy

    CB – Curtis Marsh, DeMarcus Van Dyke
    G – John Moffitt
    DE – Sam Acho, Jeremy Beal, Cliff Matthews, Greg Romeus
    DT – Not a great area for the position.

    That’s just off the top of my head.

    • amattson

      Thanks again Rob. So, if we got 4 of the guys you listed, one from each position, you’d be happy? Looks like CB is the deepest from what you listed and DT the weakest. Maybe we want Liuget to fall to us then in round 1, I love Hudson in round 2, then the 4th and 5th is too far out. From what Schneider said though, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see something like this – linemen, linemen, linemen. I do hope we can trade down to get more picks though. Dropping down to the 4th and 5th to find a starting DE (although I heard Romeus could develop into something special – but not sure if he could start right away) and then the 5th for a nickel cb (or maybe the guy from Canada we got will be our nickel guy). Okay, thanks again and can I ask if you were Schneider, who you would pick? You have done various guys in your mock to create discussion you said, but who would you pick if you were in charge of the Hawks. Thanks again Rob – really impressed and thankful for your work. Makes it even more fun for people that love the draft like I do!

      • Rob

        I think it’d be as satisfied as I could be without taking a QB at any point, but I’d still feel bitter about avoiding that position.

  10. Derek

    I am afraid to say it but I think we won’t be able to land a QB in the first couple rounds of this draft, unless we trade back into the second. The draft I laid out below is a draft that I think might be possible, but of course anything can happen and some players may slide that would alter my draft below. I did this projection with the current Seahawks picks, no trades predicted. Some notes: I would not take a LEO candidate until around round 4. This is because I think they can be found later in the draft and our current roster I think is adequate. I like the promising Dexter Davis and would love to see Carroll bring in Vernon Gholston. He played LEO at Ohio State where he was very effective. Also I obviously passed on QB at #25. I don’t think the Seahawks can take a QB there unless Locker is there, which I doubt he will be. I am for allowing Whitehurst and a veteran we bring in through free agency to battle it out for our starting QB spot.

    #25- Marvin Austin DT: Might be a reach but I think a solid pick if he can be lined up next to Mebane. Mebane, if brought back, could also help Austin “mature”.

    #57- Rodney Hudson OG: An obvious immediate upgrade at guard. Okung and Hudson could anchor the left side for years to come.

    #99-Jaquizz Rodgers RB: Rodgers fit in the NFL is questioned but I think he will be an outstanding back and with our current backfield, he won’t be forced to play right away but could take over once Lynch is gone.

    #156- Ricky Elmore LEO: This would be the earliest I take a LEO prospect. Elmore has shown consistent pass rush skills the last two years.

    #157-Ronald Johnson WR: An athletic and speedy WR (plays faster than his 40 time) to line up opposite of BMW and able to stretch the defense deep.

    #173- Chris Conte CB/S: Another weapon to add to our versatile secondary.

    #209- Tyrod Taylor QB: If we are going to be in the market for mobile QBs, might as well take a chance on Taylor. Definitely a 2-3 year project.

    #242- BPA

    What do you guys think? And thanks Rob and Kip for all your effort on this site. You guys keep up to date on all Hawks stuff while I am abroad.

    • amattson

      I think McElroy would be a good late round QB prospect. The guys is a winner – look at his record. I think the guy has lost like 3 games in his life – so the intangibles are definitely there and in my mind, we can develop him like Green Bay did with Aaron Rodgers. Taylor would be a good one to develop also though. If Orton can lead the league in passing, I think McElroy could develop in the same way!

      • Rob

        Not a fan of McElroy at all. For me he’s an UDFA.

  11. Mike in OC

    Here’s a question:

    Everyone talks about trading down to get a 3rd rounder. Why wouldn’t we be looking at trading UP from our several late rounders to get that 3rd?

    If we could do that and still maintain a 4th round pick, here is the way I see that it could play out (with my opinions in parentheses):

    1st round – Locker because that’s who I think the Seahawks have as their #1 QB. If he’s not available, CB Smith (I’m OK with either of these)
    2nd round – DT Nevin, or Kaepernick if they didn’t get Locker
    3rd round – Ras-I Dowling unless they already get Smith, in which case I think they go OL or DT (although I’m enamored by an “out-there” pick, TE DJ Williams from Arkansas – he could really upgrade our offense as an H-back/Fullback)
    4th round – FB Owen Marecic or best OL/DE

    • Rob

      It’s possible because they have the two 5th rounders, however I can’t see a way without trading the 2012 3rd rounder that you keep that early 4th round pick. I’m not convinced they’re depeserate to move into round three, rather they would like the chance to pick in that range.

      I can’t see Locker being available. He only doesn’t go at #10 if Washington made a stunning move for Blaine Gabbert. Even in that scenario, I see a team trading up from the top of round two to usurp Seattle. I really can’t see him lasting until #25, but if he does I think that’s your Seahawks pick. Smith likewise is probably off the board at #25, he’s too talented.

      • Mike in OC

        If these guys are going earlier, then there should be one of the other “quality” players available (someone has to drop if those originally projected later go earlier). So if Pouncey or Liuget, or someone of their caliber is available, I’m all for that in the first. I’m also OK, if a trading partner can be found, of moving back to the 2nd and picking up that 3rd. I was just considering a different angle. So if we pick up an earlier 2nd, we might be able to get Kaepernick. I’m just not sure I want us to use the 25th pick for him…but I’ll trust that to PC and JS.

        • Rob

          What I would say Mike, is I’ve never had Pouncey or Smith falling to #25 as a likely scenario. Maybe in the occassional mock as a ‘what if’, but not often. I’m not sure someone else falls that’s cant miss if they do go top-20.

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