Schefter, Del Rio speculate on Russell Wilson’s future

Trades before the draft?

Regular readers will know what I think the chances of that are.

It’s highly unlikely a team will offer the Seahawks an attractive deal for Frank Clark. He’ll cost at least $65m in guaranteed money. This is a sensational draft class for defensive linemen. You could be looking at a $50m difference in contract guarantees. If the Seahawks were going to deal Clark it likely would’ve been done by now. A much more likely scenario is both parties work towards the July 15th deadline and either come to an agreement or Clark will play on the franchise tag. You can’t force another team to make an attractive offer.

As for Russell Wilson, it’s even more unlikely. You don’t trade your franchise quarterback without a plausible alternative on the roster. They can’t guarantee a rookie quarterback they like will be available in the requisite range. If they try and trade for someone like Jacoby Brissett, the price will be extortionate because the Seahawks will be desperate.

If they believe this is a relationship that can’t last they at the very least need to try and draft a potential replacement first, then exhaust all avenues on a contract extension. Only then would it be right to move on.

That’s my take. Yet something isn’t right.

Adam Schefter isn’t a rumour-monger. Jack Del Rio has no reason to talk about Wilson’s future.

Both indulged in some serious speculating this week:

This is starting to remind me of the Michael Silver piece from just over a year ago. He reported that the LOB era was coming to an end after the week-15 debacle against the Rams. Cliff Avril and Kam Chancellor would retire. Richard Sherman and Michael Bennett were on the way out. Earl Thomas could be moved. It was all true — even though many fought it at the time.

Schefter isn’t reporting Wilson will go but just consider this. He made an appearance on a Mel Kiper and Todd McShay mock draft show. It was all about the draft. Yet Schefter had his own personal segment dedicated to the future of Russell Wilson. He brought up Wilson three separate times in the one-hour special. His body language throughout was interesting too.

Then there’s Del Rio, casually dropping out that Wilson could be moved. His reasoning for it happening was a little flawed and he was a little off on why Seattle has moved on from certain players recently. However — it’s clear there’s talk within the NFL that this could happen. Whether it does or not — it’s still a thing being discussed.

And while I still don’t think Wilson will be traded before the draft (or Clark) — it’d be totally wrong to just ignore this.

It would be a ground-breaking move. It’s hard to imagine they would do this and then simply hope for the best in the draft without a viable veteran option on the roster.

It’s also possible this is just Seattle’s counter in what is increasingly becoming a contract war waged through the media.

It’s set to be an interesting few days as that April 15th deadline approaches. Whether Wilson is traded or not before the draft — there’s a reason we’ve talked up Will Grier. He’s a superb downfield thrower who fits Seattle’s offense. If they can’t get a deal done with Wilson before the draft, don’t be surprised if they spend their first pick on Grier just in case they head towards a parting in 2020.

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  1. Dog

    The more this gets talked about, the easier it is to imagine it happening.

  2. Indian Hawks Fan

    I’m convinced that 99% of these segments are happening because they don’t get to clickbait a trade of a top 5 NFL player most offseasons and the lure must be hard to resist in our current hot-take economy. We have no reason to think either party(RW, Seahawks) aren’t diligently doing their very best to make a deal happen and starting with Cowherd and his irresponsible reporting of an agent’s desires as something that teams are discussing downwards, this has been one giant pile of wankery and mental masturbation by every TV talking head who wants a TRP boost- and yes, Schefter probably likes high ratings as much as any of them. He may not have the racist axe to grind or the vault of bad faith to draw on that the Andy Benoits enter the conversation with, but he’s certainly not Gandhi either. The odds of the Seahawks saying they dont want to pay 35-40 for the guy who’s probably going to be the No. 1 qb in the NFL or close to it over the next 3-5 years seem extraordinarily low to me. I just don’t see any way it happens without the 2 sides actively disliking each other- and thats far from the reality. Temperamentally, PC could go coach for another 50 years and never find a qb who mirrors his own attitude as much as RW does. The synergy between those 2 is just too good to let it happen.

    • Rob Staton

      Do people seriously think Schefter is doing this for ‘ratings’?

      Come on people.

      I’ve admitted many times I don’t think a trade will happen. Eventually we have to accept the smoke in the room.

      • SoCal12

        I don’t think it’s a direct ratings grab or clickbait or whatever, but at the same time it’s hard to have an interesting show that people will listen to without something interesting to talk about, and trade rumors are certainly interesting if nothing else. He certainly got more people on this site to watch the segment than if he hadn’t talked about Wilson, to maybe put it in another way.

        I’m sure there’s some smoke connected to it, but I’m not convinced it’s anything major or more than we already know. At most this feels like the push-pull of negotiations leaking out a bit.

        • RealRhino2

          I feel like it’s more that guys like Schefter are commenting because it doesn’t look quite like all other team-QB negotiations. I never got the sense, for example, that guys like Stafford, Luck, Big Ben, Rodgers, Cam, Brady, Brees, etc., were even possibly going somewhere else. The teams just handed over whatever $$ was necessary to keep them.

          Doesn’t feel the same here, and national media are probably getting an inkling that this thing could really happen, that a team could let an inarguably very good QB go because he just wants more than they are willing to pay.

          • GerryG

            I agree, this feels different.

          • SoCal12

            That’s possible, but I do think there is a bit a bias on our part. Had we followed those teams contracts as closely as we do ours, then perhaps it might have felt different about the other negotiations Most of the neutral sites where there’s other fanbases I visit don’t seem to think Russell is going anywhere.

        • Rob Staton

          But the segment hasn’t even been clipped by ESPN. It hasn’t been talked about by PFT. Schefter hasn’t even tweeted about it.

          If I hadn’t watched the show and clipped it myself (I created that Youtube video) — we’d never know it existed.

          I’m a BBC broadcast journalist. I know when someone is doing something for clickbait and when someone is trying to tell us something. Schefter wasn’t just going for a ratings boost there. No way.

          • SoCal12

            Like I said, I don’t think it’s clickbait. I just think it’s a topic that he found interesting and figured it would make for good conversation on his show. Which there’s nothing wrong with that, but I just don’t see the significance of it as being all that great.

            • Rob Staton

              And presumably Jack Del Rio ‘just found it interesting’ too?

              Come on man. I don’t think he’s getting dealt but let’s not act like this isn’t a thing.

              • SoCal12

                I mean sure, to some extent. I’m not quite sure what sort of ulterior motive JDR would have in this game. Is he trying to do his buddies John and Pete a solid by spreading media pressure on Russ? Seems kind of farfetched.

                I acknowledge the fact that Wilson could be dealt, and I agree I don’t see it as likely. I’m just not sure what sort of ‘thing’ I’m supposed to be convinced of here.

                • Rob Staton

                  Jack del Rio is simply relaying what is being talked about in NFL circles. That Wilson could be dealt. As others, like Schefter, have alluded to.

                  It’s not complicated or difficult. Doesn’t mean a deal will happen. Just means people in the league think it could. And that should be acknowledged and respect — not shot down because people find it difficult to hear.

                  • SoCal12

                    Fair enough. Like I said, I acknowledge and respect the possibility. I just don’t see it as any more likely than it was previously. Negotiations are heating up and all options are being explored in the push-pull. Not much seems to have changed from that.

  3. Trevor

    Rob do think the Hawks will have to stick at 21 if they want to take Grier?

    • Rob Staton

      No idea

  4. Troy

    Rob you know what they say, when there is smoke there is fire. About Wilson, I really don’t think he will be moved unless the Hawks get 3 first rounders plus, which I just don’t think any team would give up in addition to making him the highest paid NFL in the league. Maybe the Vikings if they thought he was the missing piece and worked out a trade of cousins or something back to us or to another team.

    However, Clark should have quite the market. Young pass rusher entering his prime, almost no injury concern. Yes it’s a loaded draft and yes he had to get paid but teams will always pony up picks for young pass rushers in their prime, that is just how it is. Plus, the Hawks need picks and being able to add a second round plus maybe another will be too attractive to JS to ignore I believe. Use their first on a potential great dline prospect, use the new second on best available WR, and let the rest of the draft come to you.

    Fun to imagine possibilities of staying put in first and having a second round pick.

    • Rob Staton

      When you can easily get a top rookie DE in this class for $15m guaranteed instead of $65m, you won’t have a good market for Clark.

      • GerryG

        This 100%

        And next years potential QB class will also keep any motherload haul for Wilson in check.

      • Troy


        Respectfully I think you might be under rating Franks value on the market.

        Can any team draft a rookie DE with the hopes of them being a top dlineman while 15 mil instead of 65 mil? Yes.

        However that is the part left out, every draft has busts. Half of these dlineman could bust, you as a draft expert know that better than anyone. Frank is a sure thing entering his prime, that is why they can get decent value for him. No draft pick is a sure thing, Frank is…

        • Rob Staton

          Troy, trust me… look at the conversations we have on here all too often. ‘How are we going to pay everyone?’

          Every other team has the same question. They have a chance to draft a DL with club control for five years at a bargain price. They will take that every day of the week and twice on Sunday over paying Frank Clark — who isn’t elite yet — $65-70m guaranteed.

          And if anyone was willing to make that deal there’s a decent chance it would’ve been done by now.

          • RPR

            Maybe it is and the team we are trading with is waiting for the draft to fall to them in a specific order to initiate the trade?

            • Rob Staton

              That sounds far-fetched.

  5. sdcoug

    NYG has been mentioned as we are all aware, and a piece of me keeps thinking it’s the perfect match (should Seattle decide a trade is the best course). 3 #1s might seem improbable, but NY strikes me as a market that isn’t going be very understanding with a rebuild. They’ve got the beast RB (Barkley) to pair with Russ already. Eli is only signed for one year and I doubt they start a rookie over him, so perhaps he would be sent to Seattle as a year hedge (not ideal for us, but…)

    • GauxGaux

      …two firsts (2019, 2019)
      …two seconds (2019, 2020)

    • RealRhino2

      My $.02: Forget the Giants. I don’t think Dave Gettleman has a single iota of interest in a RW deal. His front 7 is a mess and his OL isn’t great, either. Think Montez Sweat is exactly his cup of tea at #6, and they will likely pick the best lineman on the board at #17 (LB a possibility if Bush is still around). Maybe next year for RW, but I think they are all in on Eli for this year and realize the lines are bad.

      • Trevor

        Agree completely. I have no doubt Russ would love to go to NY but I think any Giants rumors are coming from the Wilson camp. Gettleman has never given up a 1st round pick in his history as a GM. I think there is almost a zero chance he is traded to the Giants this year.

        I personally doubt there is even a big market for Wilson why would any team give up multiple first round picks for the right to do something the Hawks don’t even want to do in giving Wilson a market setting contract. What teams have the draft capital and cap space to do that deal? I don’t see any good fit really particular before the draft.

  6. GauxGaux

    I’m not trying to troll…
    but why isn’t anyone talking about Kaep as a “hedge?”

    • Rob Staton


      • GauxGaux

        haha, okay then… (assuming a lack of talent?)

        • Kenny Sloth

          ??? Lack of talent?

          Dude doesn’t play football anymore.

    • MyChestIsBeastmode

      Haha, Rob with the quick rebuttal in Kaep.

      But really (and sorry Rob) the Hawks showed interest a couple years back in him for a backup QB but he wanted more $$$. They also liked him in the draft. There’s no smoke around Kaep, but if there’s smoke around this potential trade then you know the Hawks will leave no stone unturned when analyzing potential options for life after Russ and somewhere on that list (IF there is a list (assuming the Hawks would entertain a trade)) I guarantee Kaepernick is one of the select few alternatives to fill the hole at QB or at least some real çompetition for Lynch… As a hedge.

      And am I the only one who thinks Lynch might be more than a scrub. I’d argue he never got a fair shake with his prior clubs and their coaching carousels. Maybe, just maybe the Hawks think they’ve got something. Maybe kinda maybe.

      • Bigten

        I do not share your take on Kaep (I don’t think he would be on any short list of hedges) but I do agree that Paxton didn’t get a fair shot with Denver, and think we could have something with him. He could thrive in the right system, I liked him coming out of college but never liked the fit in Denver for him.

        • God of Thunder

          I liked him in his Draft year, lots of potential. But, got to say …Hmm, he didn’t get a fair shot?
          As I recall he lost out to Trevor Simian. Twice. Not encouraging.

      • GerryG

        Lynch has potential.

        Re Kaep, he hasn’t played ball in two years, and had flaws when he did play regularly, it’s not like he has improved since then.

      • Rob Staton

        Kaepernick isn’t coming to Seattle.

        He had his chance when they were the ones to give him a chance and he blew it.

        He’s not even good.

  7. Denver Hawk

    I really don’t understand the RW trade talk. Yes, three first rounders is appropriate compensation, but who is going to play QB for the Seahawks? Who gives them the best chance to win a Super Bowl next year? A trade with NYG will send Eli and Hawks then still have to use a pick on a QB that may or not pan out. If they don’t pan out, your stuck in no mans land. RW gives the hawks a chance to win a Super Bowl for several years and is someone you build around.

    • Eli

      An angle I’ve been thinking about on a Russ trade – what kind of team would realistically be trading for him? We’ve seen the Giants connected the most, as they have a bevy of draft capital and are a big time market. What I haven’t seen discussed in these scenarios though is that by trading for Russ the team acquiring him is seriously hamstringing their future ability to build around him.

      If the Giants were in theory to give us two firsts this year, a first next year, a couple seconds, etc. then that’s 4 or 5 less chances they have to acquire affordable high impact talent during their window with Russ – who will also be hampered by his new market setting contract. Its tough to figure out what sort of rebuild NY is taking on – they have improved their o-line, have a generational running back, but also just traded their best offensive player and have dismantled their defense. In my mind, they are not a team that is a Russell Wilson away from being a contender.

      Going down that thought line, what team would benefit from giving up multiple 1st/2nd round picks to put them over the top? All the teams that are in theory one piece away likely already have a franchise QB – Atlanta, New England, Chargers, Dallas, Colts, etc. I guess I’m just spit balling here on a train of thought I haven’t seen come up too much requiring the ultimate cost of acquiring Russ.

      • Striker

        I’d argue that NY would have a clear direction in their rebuild. Odell was a headache and very expensive. Maybe the Giants had a bit of buyers remorse after they signed him. And moving him gives them room for another big time acquisition, yet their free agency has been quiet.

        Imagining RW with Barkley is easy to see. The athletic profiles and combo as a threat on the ground is what could make them a really lethal combination. So you give Seattle this ransom, but how do they build around him now that they’ve traded their picks away? Well, by making the move you’re betting your future picks will be late firsts.

        Rob has also made the point it would really boost season ticket sales and merch. Perhaps they too believe in two or three years Wilson’s contract won’t look so bad comparatively to Mahomes and others. Every reason we have is just as much theirs for why they should trade for RW and more. It’s a bigger market for one.

        So why should Seahawks then part with Wilson given all the reasons I say above? Every team is built differently and have different identities, as well very different markets. So if New York values wilson more than we do, e.g. they are prepared to make an enticing offer to acquire and sign him, then itll happen. NY is confident in their ability to draft around Wilson and contend now, SEA is confident in their ability to draft and develop a QB in this scenario. After all, they’ve only drafted Wilson and mcgoo.

      • DCD2

        You’re not wrong here Eli. Giving up a ton of capital, needing a QB and having the cap space to do it limits potential trade partners quite a bit.

        A team like Miami has the cap space and the QB need, but not the draft capital. They do have some good pieces though. Their Tackles were the highest PFF graded duo (Laremy Tunsil and Ju’Wan James), Minkah Fitzpatrick was a first rounder last year and graded really well out of the slot. They have Mike Gesicki (2nd rounder last year)at TE, who a lot of us liked last year. Maybe that’s a framework in some combo of T/NB/TE/Picks? Throw in Fitzmagic as the bridge… still that’s a tough sell in my opinion.

        RW has more value to us than any other team, simply because we don’t have to give up anything except cap space. As much as I really don’t love the idea paying him North of $35M due to the ripple effect of costing us other players as cap casualties, I don’t see a ton of suitors that have that perfect storm of need, picks and cap space.

        Regardless, this doesn’t look like it wants to be over any time soon. I get the feeling we’ll be right back here next year talking about this same topic.

        • Awsi Dooger

          Ju’Waun James signed with the Broncos in free agency. Mike Gesicki was shockingly bad. I don’t know why the Seahawks would want him unless they tried to kid themselves again, like Dion Jordan. I realize rookie tight ends tend to start slowly in the NFL. But with Gesicki it was far, far beyond that. It often looked like he had no business on an NFL field. He has such a bizarre frame and so many klutzy aspects to his movement that often the defender’s biggest problem in guarding Gesicki was not to laugh. I’ve never seen anyone whose SPARQ numbers are total opposite to how he moves on an NFL field. Many Dolphins fans want to give up on Gesicki right now. Others simply hope he can be an occasional specialty piece…like jump balls. He gives no indication he can run an actual route tree on the pro level. I’m disgusted because Dallas Goedert was right there to be had yet somehow the Dolphins preferred Gesicki.

          The high value pieces on the Miami roster are Tunsil and cornerback Xavien Howard, along with Minkah Fitzpatrick.

          Anyway, from a Miami perspective it would be hilarious if Russell Wilson somehow ended up with the Dolphins. Talk about fans suddenly forced to do an immediate jump shift. An overriding argument on Dolphins forums for years has been that there is no difference between Russell Wilson and Ryan Tannehill other than caliber of surroundings. I wish I were kidding. And it was hardly an occasional or mild topic. Many posters based their entire existence on those forums on that theme. They actually argued that Tannehill would win Super Bowls galore with the Seahawks and that Wilson would fare much worse with the Dolphins than Tannehill ever has. Many of us laughed at them but they wouldn’t surrender. Just the opposite. There has never been a greater disconnect between ability and reputation in Miami sports history than Ryan Tannehill. Now those posters are stunned that he is gone. Several months ago I posted on those forums that reality tends to show up in dramatic fashion, and in this case it meant the Dolphins trying to figure out how to get rid of Ryan Tannehill simultaneous with the Seahawks trying to figure out how to pay Russell Wilson.

          As Rob has posted several times, the Dolphins appear determined to undertake a major rebuild and look toward 2020 for a new savior at quarterback. They only had 59 players on the roster until recent days, when they frantically signed about a half dozen AAF refugees. The Las Vegas futures odds on the Dolphins are higher than any team in the league for 2019. Dolphins fans are resigned to a tank or semi-tank season. It would be a bizarre jump shift to suddenly pry away Russell Wilson, with otherwise such an untended roster.

          Frankly, I hope Wilson remains with Seattle. But I am reminded of his sudden shift from North Carolina State to Wisconsin. That is more commonplace now but Wilson was one of the early high profile examples to take advantage. It always made me wonder about his loyalty as opposed to wandering eye and determination to self benefit.

          • Phil

            Awsi – regarding RW’s “sudden shift” from NC State to Wisconsin, it’s my understanding from what I have read that while he was at NC State, RW signed a contract to play baseball professionally and he then had conversations with the NC State head football coach about the coach’s concern that this somehow reflected poorly about RW’s commitment to his football future at NC State. The coach and RW were unable to reconcile their differences and RW was then able to find a willing suitor at Wisconsin. His commitment to football at Wisconsin included being voted the team’s Captain, as I recall.

            So, RW’s actions in leaving NC State don’t appear “sudden” to me nor do they somehow make me question his current loyalty to the Seahawks. On the contrary, I think I’m one of many who have found his support for the team and the Seattle community exemplary.

            • Rob Staton

              What happened was Wilson signed a contract to play baseball and wanted to go and give it a try to see if he wanted to be a baseball pro. When he finally decided he wanted to stick with football, the NC State Head Coach said they’d committed to Mike Glennon and were moving forward with the younger QB. So Wilson, a graduate, was able to consider going to Wisconsin or Auburn and chose Wisconsin.

  8. That Guy

    A little over two weeks until the draft so time to make my rash prediction. Josh Rosen is going to be the next Seahawks QB. John Schneider will trade a 2020 second round pick to AZ.

    • Rob Staton

      No chance

    • Simo

      At least you were bold, while also being rash…

    • Cameron

      Gross. Schneider’s not that stupid.

  9. Bigten

    I’m more concerned about finding a way to get 4 picks on day 2. Rob, if Noah Fant drops to 29 while we are there, do you see anyone wanting to jump above Green Bay (assuming they didn’t take Hock) and New England? Maybe Houston or raiders? Anyways Houston gives us their 2 2nds for 29 (similar trade value)?

    • Rob Staton

      No Houston won’t trade their two second rounders. I don’t see teams trading up for Fant.

  10. Hoberk Unce

    Rob, since you use the site to explore draft scenarios, what do you think it would take to get the Seahawks to trade Wilson? Not going it’s going to happen. Just a ‘what if’?

    I’m going to throw out an idea that I hate, but sounds like something that ‘could be’ tempting if the Seahawks know they can’t get Wilson signed before the franchise tag. You may think this is not realistic, but I’d be interested to hear what you think would be possible.

    Wilson to the Cardinals for AZ 2019 R1 (1), R2 (33), R4 (103), and Josh Rosen. Seahawks pick Nick Bosa at 1.

    • Buckaroo

      Would absolutely hate it. Worst case. I personally think Raiders are a good landing spot. Idk the details of Carr’s contract though, and if they can move him or not. But I know Gruden loves RW. Take Carr, 4, 27, 35 and 2020 1st. Leaves them with a first this year still, then we play the year with Carr and see how he does with PC. All goes well in our system, perfect, before last year, he was seen as a solid starter. If he doesn’t fit then we draft a QB next year. I know there are questions about the class, but it is pretty deep i feel. Tua would be smart to declare, Fromm, Herbert, Montez, possibly Eason, and Hurts.
      For the record, I don’t like the idea of trading him, but when there’s smoke there’s fire, and worth discussing. That or where there’s smoke there is someone smoking weed lol which these guys may be smoking to come up with this stuff 😂

    • Dog

      The Hawks would never trade Russ within the division, but even theoretically… would not take Rosen. If they had the #1 pick (with other draft capital) they would surely rather take Murray.

      Oakland might be a fit except they have no money. NYG would probably be the obvious trading partner (theoretically) unless you maybe wanted to think about the LA Chargers (if Rivers was also cut).

    • Rob Staton

      No, you don’t trade him within the division. We don’t want Rosen either.

  11. KD

    I just want to crawl into a fetal position with a bottle of vodka and a carton of cigarettes until this drama is over. Whether Wilson or Clark are traded or resigned, no matter the outcome, I’ll just be happy when we can all move on to something else.

    • GoHawksDani

      1000000% agreed, it’s so painful to wait :-/

      • Malkavian

        LOL…Post of the day!

        • Hawktalker#1

          Yep. Agree 1000% I’ve already spent way too much time reading and thinking about those subjects. Seems to be a horrific waste of time to be spending so much time on this right now.
          I would much prefer just to talk about Trade down scenarios and our own potential mock drafts.

  12. Ishmael

    Three first-rounders. Two firsts, two seconds. Something like that. At this point I’d probably do it. Been a good run, but all good things must come to an end. Haven’t looked like seriously competing at any point in the last few years, and it’s hard to see that changing in the next couple. Maybe you steal another one like the Giants managed a decade ago, but apart from that?

    Seahawks look like they’re settling in for a period of Rodgers-Green Bay stagnancy with Wilson. Would always prefer that to the trainwreck so many other teams are, and it’s easy to take success for granted, but if someone feels like dealing with the salary they’re welcome to it.

  13. All I see is 12s

    I desperately hope I’m wrong. The other day on 710 Tom Wassel was chastised for suggesting that Wilson may be paving the way for his exit. Many commentators including those close to Wilson took issues with him and called the notion ridiculous. I hope it is too.
    But there are some factors that seen to jive with this notion.
    -The new York/ciara story didn’t come from no where.
    -Seattle is a great market but it is isolated. Russell is clearly about building his brand. Always had been. He wants to be a star in the grandest stage. An east cost market like NY would be ideal.
    – Wilson is good friends with Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter. Arod is notorious for putting business above all else. W illon to do whatever it takes to get what he wanted…now he’s with JLo and has a successful tv career. Wilson emulates Jeter off the field in promoting his business interests and keeping his private life intensely private. Shoot, he even makes his home guests check their phones at the door a la Jeter.
    – he orchestrated a fake baseball trade to the Yankees.
    – Brock Huard mentioned the other day that there is a part of Wilson that feels under appreciated in Seattle. Huard, a proponent of RW, didn’t get that from nowhere.
    I hope all this is nothing
    -mostly though, why is Wilson the one doing this. Ryan, Rodgers, others, all could have played these games and leveraged the franchise tag. They didn’t.(Cousins doesn’t count) Why is Wilson the one doing this?
    As has been pointed out, this should be easy. His salary should be more or less slotted. Why do these negotiations public? There is definitely something else happening here. RW is not the only smart or ambitious qb. This deadline…it’s almost as if he is building in an excuse for what comes next…where the Seahawks are to blame. As if he knows the Hawks aren’t prepared to extend him yet…
    I agree Rob. Soothing isn’t right.
    Maybe, He feels that he’s done all he can in Seattle and is ready for what’s next…
    It just doesn’t sure well.

    • God of Thunder

      Isn’t it hard to compare ARod and Jeter? Jeter is a loyal Yankees legend who always stayed fit and worked hard. ARod is a glory hound who relied on phenomenal natural talent, but who has a pea sized brain. (For one thing he was a Madonna toy boy for a while, and the internet has plenty of his idiocy on display.) RW is hardworking and talented and he has a drive to succeed that’s stratospherically above anything ARod had.

      • All I see is 12s

        I posted below but I meant to respond to you. Wasn’t trying to say Jeter and arod are the same, just saying he is friends with both of them. Also he is business partners with both of them.

  14. All I see is 12s

    Respectfully, I’m not comparing the two. Wilson is known to be friends with both of them.

  15. Dong

    If Giants for RW, is there a chance they’d try some kind of 3-way trade with Arizona for Rosen + picks?

    Compared to any QB we might draft, Rosen seems like a better prospect with some NFL experience and most of the salary advantage of a young QB. His makeup doesn’t seem a great match for the Hawks, on the other hand.

    My thinking is that NYG gets a sure thing QB with years to play, Arizona unloads Rosen to draft Murray, and Seattle gets a solid QB prospect, draft capital, and salary cap flexibility for upcoming free agents.

    • Rob Staton

      Rosen is a non starter

      • Hawktalker#1


    • Cameron

      Rosen is bad, will never be a top 15 QB.

  16. millhouse-serbia

    Wow Jim Nagy is the best follow on twitter for draft junkies. He had some really interesting notes yesterday…here is his answer who would he take for Cowboys at 58 Savage or Thornhill…

    “Savage is a significant upgrade from Heath at SS and Thornhill is a better player than Woods. Savage brings more versatility but Thornhill can play single-high centerfield in Kris Richard’s scheme, which is hard to find. You’re a better team with either one.”

    • Hawktalker#1

      Thanks, appreciate the post.

  17. millhouse-serbia

    Notes from Jim Nagy:

    1. It is possiblle Burns drops to 26. Bad vs run but add weight could help him.

    2. Jeffery Simmons could go late 1st, and he could find argument that he is top 5 player.

    3. Andre Dillard is best tackle in the draft and top 15 pick.

    4. He is doubtful Savage gets out of the 30’s and he coul even go late first.

    5. Rapp is 2nd round guy and pure box safety , just like Abram whou could sneak into late first. But smart teams will take Will Harris or Khari Willis for that role in 4th or 5th round.

    • Sea Mode

      2. Jeffery Simmons could go late 1st, and he could find argument that he is top 5 player.

      Trade down once and TAKE THIS MAN!

      • Trevor


      • GoHawksDani

        I might be too risk-averse because of the McDowell situation, but it would suck to have a guy who we picked in the first and cannot set foot on the field in the first year. Penny was also in a really-really reduced role last year. I want to see our first guy taken to have an impact this year. I might be too short-sighted, but I really really want that (ps.: I know the McDowell and Simmons situation is different, but still…)

      • Simo

        No doubt Simmons is a very good player, but just can’t see the Hawks picking him early. Tough to pay a guy first round money to be in rehab all year long, with no chance to see how he fits in your scheme. He may have been a top 5 pick before the injury, but ACL recovery can be tricky and he may not be the same player a year from now.

        • Rob Staton

          You lose a year of quality club control.

          Guaranteed no year one impact.

          Some teams just don’t draft these guys in R1 and I think the Seahawks are one of them.

  18. millhouse-serbia

    Jim Nagy about scout’s job with different GM’s:

    “Aside from scheme, the biggest difference is mainly how the scouting department is structured. Each team has their own process. Some use scouts as information gatherers and others rely on them as trusted evaluators. You’re part of the process more with some teams than others.”

    And one more note, he has Andy Issabella over Marquis Brown.

    • Sea Mode

      Isabella over Marquise Brown “hands down” really surprised me. The medical concerns with Brown must be serious.

      • Rob Staton

        We also have to remember Jim is very supportive of the Senior Bowl guys.

        • Sea Mode

          Great point.

          And whenever he praises a Senior Bowl-eligible player, it’s always in terms of, “we wanted him at the Senior Bowl, but…”

          What can you say, the man’s doing his job.

  19. charlietheunicorn

    Let’s say for example….

    RW garners the 3 1st round picks from Oakland
    Clark gets a mid 1st round pick (and some draft change) from TBD

    Which 4 guys would or should be the players chosen?

    This would clear out a ton of cap space and truly reset the team for the next 4 years.
    As Rob has said, I don’t believe you get better by subtraction of blue chip talent, but if the doomsday button gets pushed, what happens?

    (I’ve also wondered if Rosen could be gotten for a song and dance, 3rd round pick, and be you immediate starter with another player drafted to take the job in year 2 or 3. I bring this 3rd round pick up, because the Cardinals are said to be asking that on a report I heard earlier today)

    • Rob Staton

      Big no to Rosen.

    • GoHawksDani

      If we wouldn’t trade back at all it would mean:
      1/4, 1/15 (for Clark), 1/21, 1/24, 1/27
      I’m using Rob’s latest mock for input on potential players still up on the board, so I’d pick these guys:
      1/4 – Rashan Gary – DE – Need a replacement for Frank
      1/15 – Clelin Ferrell – DE – co-co-co-combo DE picks. Gary can replace Frank, but we still need some passrush which lacked last year
      1/21 – Will Grier – QB – Hopefully a replacement for Russ
      1/24 – Byron Murphy – nCB – Replacement for Coleman.
      1/27 – Trysten Hill – DT – Give Reed a friend inside

      I would feel this is a pretty good “fill the holes” draft. But I’d probably try to trade back from 1/21 or 24 or 27 to gather more picks.
      I would hate to lose Russ and Clark…but man…the potential would be really exciting for this group…
      Gary-Hill-Reed-Ferrell on the DL. So young and full of potential
      If the team would hit the jackpot this could be one of the most disruptive and young fronts.

      I’m not a Grier fan, but he have some upside. And based on Rob’s comments Murphy could be special.

      My heart would broke because of losing Russ and Clark, but I’d die to watch these new guys in the preseason

    • Cameron

      There is zero need to reset the team for the next 4 years. A fresh SB window is opening with the current roster, there’s no reason to begin tearing it down.

  20. Sea Mode

    Interesting on potential trade partners + competition for trading down:

  21. millhouse-serbia

    On Tony Pauline big board:

    L.J. Collier – 189th

    Dru Samia – 246th


    I will defenetly leave both of them on my table as day 2 targets for seahawks…

    • Sea Mode

      Is that supposed to be updated? Either way, I honestly never pay attention to the rankings/draft grades on his site, just to the insider info.

      • millhouse-serbia

        I think it will be updated few days before draft. We will see where they will end up.

    • Rob Staton

      People all have different views.

      I wouldn’t read too much into it.

      But both will go earlier than that.

    • McZ

      Walterfootball is also low on them.

  22. kerry

    I hate your reaction to rumors.

    Clark can’t be traded without signing the tag, which he would be a fool to do.

    Who cares what Del Rio says?

    • Sea Mode

      Worst. Take. Ever.

    • Rob Staton

      My reaction has been consistently to say neither player will be traded before the draft. But to not bury my head in the ground when people like Schefter speak.

      If you just want flowers and kittens — or hot takes and massive, screechy overreactions — you’ve come to the wrong place.

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      I am not sure what your issue is. There are rumors out there about trading Wilson, and Rob is addressing them. He has been consistently clear that he thinks neither get traded, but he is looking at the “what if” scenarios. If you don’t like it, that’s fine – not everyone agrees with everything – but try discussing it rather than just saying you hate something.

      • Rob Staton

        I’d also say this to anyone who wonders why we talk about what we do. Rest assured nothing is done on a whim. I pour hours into this, never overreact. Everything is weighed up. And in the last few months what have we touched on?

        — Kyler Murray could and should be the #1 pick to Arizona (long before it became a realistic prospect and with many replaying that they’d never do it after drafting Rosen a year ago).

        — The Seahawks won’t have the money to make a splash in free agency (despite a lot of people suggesting otherwise).

        – The Russell Wilson contract saga will be the big talking point of the off-season (when strangely none of the local or national media were really talking about the pending issues).

        • Troy

          Indeed, props to you Rob for often identifying players and issues before the “bigger national” guys do!

        • Group captain mandrake

          And most of us appreciate all the time and effort that you put into this labor of love. We say it all the time, but thanks again Rob! I look every day to see what new content awaits.

  23. millhouse-serbia

    I think possible targets for seahawks in first 3 round are DT, 5-Tech, FS/BigNickel, WR and OL.

    For first 4 positions I know who could be targets but for OL I am not sure…

    Rob, and others…which OL could be potential target on first two days?

    Who fits the most in Solarie’s scheme?

    Ford, Risner, Deither, Samia, Lindstrom, McGary, McGovern?

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think they will take an OL early.

      QB is the position to add to the list…

      • millhouse-serbia

        And exept Grier , who do you see as aerly (firs 3 rounds) pick for Seahawks?

        Because of situation with Russ, it would be great if you could dig little deeper in some of prospects…

        What is strane is that first tima after 3 years there weren’t reports that JS was at pro days of top QB prospects…

        • Rob Staton

          Ive watched most of them and not found another option yet

    • GoHawksDani

      I also think that OL is not a “must have” position. If after trading back we would have like 3 second round and 2 third round picks, they might pick an OG, but with Fluker, Simmons, Iupati, Pocic as guards and Brown, Ifedi, Jones, Pocic, Fant as potential OTs I doubt they have the ammo to pull the trigger now

      • GerryG

        there is no way we can trade back and acquire three 2nds and a third

        • GoHawksDani

          Yeah, I was just wrote that theoretically (like if we’d trade Reed for 2 second and a third round pick)

          • Ashish

            Seriously Reed for 2nd round. He learned the system and after few years and now delivering 10+ sacks and we part away for 2nd and take a chance. He still on rookie contract for a year to give similar performance or better.

  24. GoHawksDani

    I’ll be honest: I don’t even care if Wilson is signed for a 45m APY 100% GTD contract or he’ll be traded for a decent compensation (early first round, second round and next year’s first and third for example)…just close this conversation already.

    I doubt Russ thinks he can get 45m APY fully GTD anywhere. I think he knows he’s maxed out at 40m APY and 80% or maybe 100% GTD 4 years. He won’t ever take 30m APY, so if the Hawks adamant to not give him more then they should just trade him. If they are not close to giving him 40m and Russ won’t take much less, trade him. If Hawks are fine around 35m and Russ can compromise a bit and take like 37m then meet half way and give him something like 36-36,5m APY.
    I’m not fan of fully GTD, but maybe Russ wants that. If Hawks won’t give him that and it’s a dealbreaker then trade him. If they can compromise and meet somewhere like 3 years fully GTD last year 50% GTD then do the extension.

    This year’s QB class is pretty mehh. If a team wants a proven franchise QB they should give up at least 2 first and 2 second. If they don’t have CAP then maybe send us players too.
    For example:
    Raiders send: Derek Carr (15m CAP freed, 7,5m dead money), Gabe Jackson – OG (7m + for them), 1/4, 1/24, 1/27 and 2020’s third round
    Hawks send: RW3, Ethan Pocic, 3/84, 4/125

    Jackson could start with Fluker while Iupati and Simmons could be pretty good backups.
    Carr could either start or be a hedge for the rookie.
    Get Quinnen Williams (DT), Rashan Gary (DE) or Josh Allen (EDGE) with 1/4
    Trade back to 1/29 from 1/21 and get 3/93 and 6/201
    Draft Terry McLaurin (WR) at 1/24
    Draft Will Grier (QB) at 1/27
    Draft Darnell Savage (S) at 1/29
    Draft Trevon Wesco (TE) at 3/93
    Draft Greg Gaines (DT) at 5/160
    Draft Derrek Thomas (CB) at 6/201

    OAK would lose (only things that hurt them): 3 first round pick, starting RG
    OAK would win: RW3 (franchise QB), third round pick
    They would still have picks in rounds 2, 3, 4, 5, 7
    They could draft Lindstrom or Samia with their first pick

    SEA would lose: Russ, 3rd round pick
    SEA would win with the trade: Carr (? not sure how much of a win is this, but as hedge he’s OK), quality OG to play with Fluker, would have 4 picks in the first round
    After the draft SEA would potentially have:
    Hope they have a solid QB with Carr or Grier
    A dominant defensive guy (Allen/Williams/Gary)
    A good WR with potentials
    An interesting S/nCB prospect

    This would be a huge risk….but a line containing for example: Rashan Gary, Poona Ford/Gaines, Jarran Reed, Frank Clark would be brutal
    An OL with Brown, Jackson, Britt, Fluker, Ifedi would be good too.
    A WR group of Baldwin (if he only retires next year), Lockett, McLaurin
    A secondary with Griffin, Flowers, McDougald, Savage, Hill.
    A big boy group of Dissly and Wesco and Dickson.

    Again…a huge risk…but some great potential too.

    So I don’t really care what happens…With a trade it could have some really interesting potential, and new players. With an extension, it’s less exciting, but more safe and would give the franchise some stability at the most important position. But hopefully it’ll happen soon…can’t wait until the draft, I’m too stressed

    • Rob Staton

      Oakland don’t have the cash.

      The moment they sign Wilson to a new contract they have to put all the guaranteed cash in escrow. They wouldn’t be able to do it.

      • Sea Mode

        I have a hard time believing they wouldn’t find a way if the opportunity arose though. So their owner doesn’t have it: find investors, take out a loan, whatever. There has to be a way. Can we really write them off categorically as a potential suitor just for this reason? On the flip side, they did jettison Mack and Cooper with cap space to spare, so maybe it really is a deal-breaker…

        We know Gruden would be interested in RW, but would Vegas really be the big market RW reportedly wants? The move will certainly be at the media forefront, but the sports market? Maybe betting makes a difference?

        Ditto for Arizona. Do you think RW would just take a big deal anywhere he can get it, or is it basically NY or bust if the Seahawks don’t pay up?

        • Rob Staton

          Apparently it’s the reason they traded Mack. Simply couldn’t afford to put the guarantees in escrow. Wilson’s would be even bigger.

          • Sea Mode

            Mayock must have been dying inside in hindsight knowing his team traded Mack away. I remember him being super high on him that draft.

            I guess getting to play around with 3 R1 picks his in first draft softens the blow a bit.

          • Stephen Pitell

            Certainly they could get a bank loan. No? Maybe Davis needs to sell the team if he is this cash strapped.

            • Rob Staton

              This is why they’re moving to Las Vegas. To try and make money.

              But selling a massive asset like a NFL team is like flogging the house you own outright simply because you can’t afford to by a brand new sports car.

              You need to be able to put money in an account, not a loan. The whole point is that you’re guaranteeing your money. If it’s a loan you’re not guaranteeing it.

      • GoHawksDani

        WHAAAAAT? So we’re not talking about CAP space but cold hard cash? This is just sad and funny at the same time

        • Rob Staton

          Yes — when you agree to terms with a player the guaranteed money has to go in escrow. So essentially, you have to be able to afford to sign a player to a mega-deal upon agreement. Or you have to be willing to part with tens of millions of dollars straight up.

          The owners hate this because they’d rather have the money in their account for obvious reasons. But that’s the way it works.

          So for Oakland to make a trade like this, Mark Davis would have to put about $100m in an account for Russell Wilson. Which is about as likely as Mark Davis deciding to have a respectable haircut.

          • Sea Mode

            🔥🔥🔥 he doesn’t have enough cash to set aside for a real barber…

    • Hawktalker#1

      For most, that Carr is a non-starter (pun intended, although a true statement).

  25. millhouse-serbia

    #TCU DE LJ Collier, quietly pushing for the first round, spent yesterday and today with the #Lions and then he heads to the #Eagles and then the #Seahawks facility, source said. He’s booked solid through the 17th of April.

    • Sea Mode

      That phrasing about “quietly pushing for the first round” and “booked solid through the 17th of April” have agent-speak all over them. I hadn’t really thought about that aspect of it before Rob mentioned it the other day.

      Besides, we’ve already know about his visit since March 22. (Just another lame excuse to share the tracker…)

    • Volume12

      teams are probably glad the 1st round ends at 50 or so this year.

  26. Sea Mode

    Wow, just saw this video of Simmons training. Very smart of his team to publish this. Looks like a close second place to Trysten Hill to me as far as movement goes.

    Ian Rapoport

    Thanks to tearing his ACL, Mississippi State standout DL Jeffery Simmons didn’t do drills or tests at the Combine or Pro Day. But here are videos of Simmons at XPE Sports at around 310 pounds, pre-ACL tear. A look at the prospect teams will be getting 👇🏽

    5:28 AM – 9 Apr 2019

  27. Look Who's Hawkin?

    Why in the world has the idea of trading RW to Arizona and/or trading for Josh Rosen come up multiple times in these comments?? Out of all the infinitely possible scenarios, that seems as far out as any.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s bizarre

    • GoHawksDani

      It’s pretty much nonsense, but I brought this up previously just as a quick idea.
      Only logic behind this:
      Cards not set on Rosen
      Cards have #1
      Rosen might be a bit better than he played last year

      But Rosen is the exact opposite what PCJS wants. They wouldn’t trade Russ to a group rival. Only interesting thing could come by it to draft Murray. But won’t happen.

      If Russ goes to somewhere Kyler Murray seems like a natural fit for the Hawks. Likely won’t happen unless the Giants, Cards or maybe the Raiders trade for Russ with their first pick (and other team before the Giants/Raiders pick won’t draft him)

      • GoHawksDani

        Ohh, mistake NYJ for the Giants. But doubt TB or the Jets wants Murray so he could fall to 6th if neither the Cards or Raiders would take him

      • Volume12

        Cards will trade their first pick for ‘Sunshine’ in 2 years anyways.

    • Shadow

      For the life of me, I can’t understand why anybody would want Rosen on this team. The guy reeked of “bust” since before the day he was drafted and last season did nothing to change that.

  28. Logan Lynch

    This goes back to the most recent mock posted by Rob, but I was playing around on Mockdraftable this morning and saw something that caught my eye. I searched Charles Omenihu and was pretty interested by some of the names in the 10 DL comps:

    -Anthony Nelson
    -Kingsley Keke
    -Rashan Gary
    -Rasheem Green

    As Rob already noted, Nelson and Keke could be in play along with Omenihu. Green will get a shot this year and also remember that PC said Naz Jones will now be playing 5T. I wonder if that will have an effect on where they target this type of base DE? It’s clear that they’re looking for an upgrade at that position. Depends on how the draft falls as usual.

    • Sea Mode

      I see that actually as tipping us away from 5T this year: we already spent a R3 on Green last year. Let’s see what he has to offer before we go spending another high pick on another one.

      • Rob Staton

        I think they want a base end. Subtle difference.

      • Logan Lynch

        I could see that. I’d say they’d focus more on Edge, but signing Orchard and Marsh seems like a hedge for that. Maybe pass rushing 3T if they can get one? Just talking DL specifically here.

        • Sea Mode

          I’m thinking DT as well, just because no worthwhile EDGE might be available.

          Rob could probably get me excited again about D’Andre Walker (forgotten man of this draft class so far…?), but I am even cooling on Christian Miller a bit. Just not sure at this point who comes in and really makes a noticeable impact at LDE for us.

          • Rob Staton

            They will add a guy with Dion Jordan size (275-280) to play base end. There are some options.

            • Logan Lynch


              You mentioned there’s a subtle difference between 5T and base end. Could you explain that a bit? My understanding is 5T is seen more as a run stuffing DE with minimal pass rush impact. Red Bryant is the extreme example of that. Are you envisioning the base end SEA is after as a guy who’s more stout against the run, but can still offer pass rush? Maybe like a Michael Bennett that can also kick inside and provide some pass rush if needed in the Nascar package?

              • Rob Staton

                A five-technique is someone who’s more of a two-down DE who can do a bit of rushing but ultimately plays very disciplined run defense and provides solidity to one side. Dion Jordan had the size to do that but the physical upside to be a more dynamic threat as a pass rusher — and that kept him on the field for third downs. I think they’re looking for that type of DE.

                • Logan Lynch

                  Got it, thanks for the clarification.

  29. Rob Staton

    Jason La Canfora on the Wilson situation —

    He proposes two three-team trades. Neither are likely. But the second one, if it was possible, would be more appealing. Three first round picks in 2019. But Oakland can’t afford Wilson. Unless Mark Davis robs a bank.

    • GoHawksDani

      1st would be pretty stupid. It’s basically a Wilson for Murray trade (and some change).
      I don’t think Murray’s ceiling is much higher (sorry, no pun intended) than Russell’s. So it’s mainly:
      ~20 mil APY for 5 years for the risk that Murray will be a bust

      2nd would be fine. I’d definitely take it on draft day (won’t happen then, just a thought experiment) if Murray wouldn’t be taken by the Cards and while the 49ers are on the clock, OAK would come with me with this trade.
      Even if Murray is not available it’s still a decent trade as you can get 3 really good players (for example: Quinnen Williams for the 4th and then Bryon Murphy, Trysten Hill, Will Grier, Terry McLaurin, Brian Burns, Deebo Samuel, Darnell Savage, Parris Campbell, D.K. Metcalf, N’Keal Harry, L.J. Collier will probably be there at #21, #24 or #27 (and we can even trade back))

      But I doubt we’ll get 2-3 first round pick this year for Wilson. We might get 2019 1st, 2nd and 2020’s 1st and 3rd for example. Maybe 2019 1st, 3rd and 2020 1st, 2nd and 2021 1st

    • MJL

      Not sure what their draft pick situation is…but I could see the Dolphins being a possible landing spot for RW. They have the cap room ($100+ million in 2020), have a history of not being shy about throwing big bucks at FA’s (eg. N Suh)..and I’m guessing Ciara wouldn’t mind trading Seattle for South beach.. ;<)

    • JohnH

      JLC is a hack that’s been caught fabricating things from the whole cloth on a number of occasions. The fact that fraud still has a job speaks to the low standards in the sports journalism industry.

      Wilson may be traded, but his thoughts on the matter are no more valuable than someone on Seahawks twitter or r/nfl.

      • Rob Staton

        JLC has contacts in Seattle.

        • JohnH

          Doesn’t change the fact that he’s a well documented liar.

          • Rob Staton

            Whatever man.

            I don’t understand why people get so angry about reporters.

            • SoCal12

              I mean, there are levels of trustworthiness when it comes to reporters no? If a reporters known to fabricate stories, can you blame someone for being skeptical?

              • Rob Staton

                Jason La Canfora has got plenty right on the Seahawks. All these accusations of fabricating stories. I’m not really interested in it. I don’t see the need to hammer journalists.

                • SoCal12

                  I’m not interested in hammering journalists either. However, I also don’t see the need to absolve journalists of accountability entirely. If certain sources are wrong more than others than I will be more skeptical of it than other ones. Is that not a reasonable position to take?

                  • Rob Staton

                    It is when we actually start talking about journalists who are consistently wrong.

                  • SoCal12

                    Fair. I don’t think it has to be so binary though. There’s degrees to it. I’m not the guy calling Canfora a hack or whatever, but I have seen misses from him. Moreso than other sources, so I will trust him less than those ones. Like you said though, he has also been correct on things, so I’m not discounting him entirely. I am also just a naturally skeptical person though.

    • mishima

      Can’t see the Giants giving up next year’s 1st (top 10 / lock) and this year”s high 2nd for Carr.

      • Rob Staton

        I can imagine the Giants being in for Carr. Not sure on price though. Could be a R1.

        • mishima

          Maybe this year’s high 2nd (#37), next year’s 3 or 4.

          If I’m Las Oakland, I just keep my picks, deal Carr for a 2nd. They’re a long way from competing which makes paying for AB a perplexing move, IMO.

  30. Volume12

    Boy there’s a couple names that jump out at ya who will be in the green room beyond Day 1. Wait. This year there should be 46 names shouldn’t there?

    QB Kyler Murray
    QB Drew Lock
    QB Daniel Jones
    HB Josh Jacobs
    WR ‘Hollywood’ Brown
    WR DK Metcalf
    TE Noah Fant
    TE TJ Hockenson
    OT Andre Dillard
    OT Cody Ford
    OT Jawaan Taylor
    OL Jonah Williams
    EDGE Nick Bosa
    EDGE Josh Allen
    EDGE Montez Sweat
    EDGE Brian Burns
    DT Ed Oliver
    DT Christian Wilkins
    DT Quinnen Williams
    LB Devin White
    LB Devin Bush
    CB Greedy Williams
    CB DeAndre Baker

    • ZB

      I think they should only invite like 15 players to the green room every year. It just makes it kinda sad when players are left over.

  31. JohnH

    I’ve really been enjoying the pods Rob, you and Brandan are a great combo! Thanks for doing those.

    Speaking of podcasts, I was listening to Move the Sticks yesterday and something Bucky Brooks said struck me. He mentioned that this time of year he’ll talk to his inside sources at clubs, but that he just assumes everything they tell him is a lie. I really feel like that’s the basis of all of these reports. Wilson’s camp and the Seahawks FO are both probably working the back channels trying to add pressure and get leverage.

    Even as a thought experiment, it’s hard to see what the possible trade partners would be. I can’t think of any team in the league that needs a QB and has the draft capital and cap space to pry Wilson away from the Hawks. It’s also hard to believe that we would either accept whatever sloppy seconds QB is on the team we’re trading with or take the risk of trying to draft a QB. Murray isn’t getting past AZ, Grier has upside but nothing to bet the farm on, and the rest of the QBs this draft are meh incarnate.

    • Sea Mode

      I’m still wondering if it’s not 100% impossible the Cards pass on Murray, unless the Redskins or someone offer their R1 pick for Rosen.

      • Rob4q

        I do think there is a good possibility the Cards trade out of the top spot or just stay put and pick either Bosa/Williams. Then Murray would fall a few spots, but some team would probably trade up to 3 or 5 and take him. Dolphins? Redskins? They would all want to get in front of the Giants…

        Can we really picture the Hawks rolling with Lynch/Grier in 2019? I just don’t see how that makes any sense for where this team is at. Some may not see the Hawks as a SB contender this season, but with a few more pieces I believe we will be one of the top 5 teams in the NFL. I really believe Wilson will be the QB this year whether he plays out his contract or signs a new deal. But I just can’t see them trading him this year…

        • Rob Staton

          If they traded Wilson they would add a veteran, possibly Jacoby Brissett, to the competition. But it’d be an open competition.

          Murray is a lock for #1. You don’t get this far. Rosen has zero weight in the Arizona locker room now.

  32. Stephen Pitell

    As long as we end up with Murray I’d be fine trading RW. I doubt it is doable but every time I watch Murray play QB I think he could exceed what we have seen from RW.

  33. MJL

    As long as we’re speculating about a RW about

    RW to Miami for Ryan Fitzpatrick, 2019 RD 1 (#13) and RD 2 (#48) and 2020 RD 1

    I’d have to give that serious consideration if I was JS…

    • Rob Staton

      It’ll take a lot more than that.

      Plus Miami are in a big rebuild. We can count them out.

      • MJL

        I’m not sure Seattle is in a position to demand much more than that at this point. They would get a serviceable (if not spectacular) starting qb in return, have 3 picks in the top 48 of this years draft, ample cap room to sign the rest of their pending FA’s (BW, Frank, etc)..and lots of ammo for next years qb rich draft.

        As for Miami being in a rebuild..well..what better way to start your rebuild than with a top 5 qb?? Unless they look forward to endless years of 7-9 purgatory..

        probably won’t happen..but wanted to offer an alternative scenario to the usual Raiders, Giants, etc speculation.

        • Rob Staton

          They’re not going to deal for Fitzpatrick.

          They would get more picks than that.

          Miami are building the lines this year and adding a QB next year. Getting a QB now would be futile. They have nothing to build around him with and won’t if they trade all their picks and give him $100m guaranteed.

          If it happened I think it’d be next year, to the Giants, after drafting someone this year and/or signing Brissett as a FA.

  34. Gohawks5151

    I agree there is a lot of smoke in this whole ordeal. Its been said around here before but i think that a lot of the intrigue for this situation has been that like Russ himself, its weird. No one has made such an odd contract deadline before and given people so much to talk about during a football dead period. I don’t think Schefter is a puppet or a ratings hog but i do think he is being fed information. He is a journalist with intel that most don’t have. Of course he would be happy to report it every chance he gets. I’m not a body language expert but I’m guessing he is excited. I believe pride is playing a big role in all this. Not just for Russ who may feel under appreciated but mostly of his representation. The odd tactics and all out media blitz stinks of vengeful business by his agent and other reps that wanted to bring the MLB style big money to Russ the first time and got checked. They want to see Seattle sweat. Leaking info, planting questions, playing a lot of games. If it was just about money I think it would both side would have a resolution in mind already (for better or worse). This is about making a point, whatever that may be.

  35. Phil

    Rob – it’s got to be tough being a journalist these days. The public is so anxious for instant news that the fact that there is no news becomes news. Then, folks jump in to speculate about what it means that there is no new news and their speculations become “news”.

    Let’s all be careful to remember that the negotiations between RW and the Seahawks are being held confidentially, and what people are saying about them is largely speculative. For some folks, it’s fun to play the “what if” game, but after a while, some folks have trouble remembering that the “what ifs” are not based on the facts available.

    • Rob Staton

      Adam Schefter doesn’t deal in lazy speculation though.

      Jack Del Rio isn’t a journalist.

      I’ve been saying for weeks I don’t expect any trades before the draft. But I think some people are in danger of wishing this away because it’s uncomfortable to listen to.

      • Phil

        Neither Schefter nor Del Rio is a party to the negotiations, so they have no first-hand knowledge of what is actually happening. I assume each is paid for voicing opinions and I have no quarrel with that. I just think that some people like to deal with facts and others like to deal with speculations. And, I think there are important distinctions between facts and speculations.

        • Rob Staton

          Schefter is as connected a journalist as there is in world sport.

          If you think he’s just tossing stuff out there on a whim, he isn’t.

          • phil

            Sounds like you want the last word — but at the risk of incurring your wrath, let me point out that you used the word “speculate” in the title of this post. If you think that Schefter’s comments are more than that, then maybe we disagree.

            • Rob Staton

              He is speculating. But just because he’s speculating doesn’t mean he isn’t speaking from a position of knowledge. I’ve done it loads of times. I know what’s going on — I want people to know I know what’s going on — but I can’t spell it out for various reasons. You seem to be implying he’s just shooting from the hip.

              And Phil — it’s nothing about ‘needing to have the last word’. It’s a discussion. It’s OK to actually reply without being accused of wanting the last word.

          • JohnH

            I think there’s a serious difference between “tossing things out on a whim” and being used by the same sources he’s so connected to. No one is saying Schefter is just making things up, just that the connections feeding him info are doing it as a calculated move.

            • Rob Staton

              Wake up people.

              Schefter is not being ‘used’.

    • cha

      “Let’s all be careful to remember that the negotiations between RW and the Seahawks are being held confidentially”

      You’ve got to be joking. Have you not been paying attention the last month?

      RW going on Fallon.

      The “Ciara likes New York” leak.

      The April 15 deadline.

      For sure there’s parts of this negotiations we’re not privy to, but let’s not kid ourselves. These are tactical manuevers by both sides. A chunk of this negotiation is being played out right in front of our eyes.

      • Rob Staton

        It’s being played out in full through the media.

        You’re right cha — not a shred of this is being done with confidentiality.

        • Phil

          All right, I gotta bite ….

          ” If not a shred of this is being done with confidentiality”, then I would be interested in what RW is asking for and what the Seahawks are offering. Then I can decide how concerned I should be about the differences between the sides and how concerned I should be about the Seahawks need for someone other than Paxton Lynch as the next QB.

          Absent that information, I’m not going to spend much time trying to interpret what RW says on Fallon or what Ciara is purported to say about liking New York, or what the latest speculations are from those who think they may have inside information but can’t tell me their sources.

          • Rob Staton

            Wilson wants several things. Percentage of the cap regardless of its number, full guarantees, record setting numbers. Either a combination of these or all.

            That’s been made very clear by Mark Rodgers through the media.

  36. Sea Mode

    This is a cool tracker. Take it for what it’s worth:

    • Ashish

      That’s cool. Looking at chart, first pick will be defense DB or DL & WR /TE being second.

  37. millhouse-serbia

    Matt Mier:
    “Finishing my @DrewLock23 scouting report and it’s obvious he’s the best deep ball thrower in this class. Effortless motion, power and touch.”

    Rob, you dont agree with this?

    • H

      Drew Lock has grown on me a lot.

    • Rob Staton

      No I don’t. Will Grier and Kyler Murray are better downfield throwers. But I’ve not studied Lock as closely.

      • JUJUS

        Rob this talk has me thinking who fits a similar mold to Lynch coming out in this draft…

        Tyree Jackson another 6’7″ Monster armed Statue.

        Have you watched his tape?

        Any thoughts on him?

        I was thinking of toying with a mock seeing what we could get from a Giants RW trade and going budget QB this year Lynch/Jackson.

        • Rob Staton

          I’d be scared to death taking him early.

          Big athletic guy but needs major major work

          • jujus

            I would only take him 5th or later.

            Imagine the haul we could get with those picks though >_<

  38. CaptainJack

    Why would a rebuilding team even want wilson?

    A 30 year old QB who wants to be paid the highest in the league by a good margin but has a bad habit of miserably slow starts to seasons and hasn’t won a playoff game in two years?

    Seriously I feel like every year the Seahawks fandom is complaining about wilson until a couple weeks in when he starts to warm up.

    He’s a great talent but at that age and price tag, not to mention the capital you’d have to give up, you better be REALLY good.

  39. Sea Mode

    Ian Rapoport

    It’s a 1-year, minimum deal. Austin Seferian-Jenkins planned to wait, then the Patriots stepped in. He picked NE over the #Seahawks.

    11:03 AM – 10 Apr 2019

  40. Sea Mode

    Rich Eisen Show

    “I envision one day retiring as a Seahawk. I would never burn a bridge there. I still love my teammates. Hopefully they’ll hang my jersey in the rafters.” -@Earl_Thomas, looking down his football road @Seahawks

    11:32 AM – 10 Apr 2019

  41. millhouse-serbia

    While I completely agree seahawks should take QB early if there is no deal before draft, I have little doubt it will happen because of next:

    1. Number of private workouts with top QBs- Zero
    2. Number of top 30 visits – Zero
    3. Number of top QB’s pro days that JS was at – Zero

    So JS and Seahawks didnt do any homework (that counts 3 things written above), on this year QB class…

    and of course there is always chance they want to hide their interest for some player…

    • Rob Staton

      The private visits mean nothing.

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