Scouting Combine: Day five **LIVE**


Defensive lineman day. Stay tuned throughout for up to date forty yard dash times, reaction and news as it happens.                                        

Group 1 forty yard dash times                                        

Sam Acho (Texas): 4.67 & 4.63                                        

Marvin Austin (UNC): 4.80 & 4.86                                        

Allen Bailey (Miami): 4.77 & 4.76                                        

Christian Ballard (Iowa): 4.70 & 4.75                                        

Jeremy Beal (Oklahoma): 5.13 & 5.18                                        

Da’Quan Bowers (Clemson): DNP                                        

Chris Carter (Fresno State): 4.67 & 4.66                                        

Jurell Casey (USC): 5.07 & 5.20                                        

Ugo Chinasa (Oklahoma State): 4.67 & 4.67                                        

Adrian Clayborn (Iowa): 4.81 & 4.82                                        

Marcell Dareus (Alabama): 4.94 & 4.92                                        

Kenrick Ellis (Hampton): 5.19 & 5.29                                        

Rick Elmore (Arizona): 4.91 & 4.93                                        

Nick Fairley (Auburn): 4.86 & 4.82                                        

Sione Fua (Stanford): 5.33 & 5.28                                        

Lawrence Guy (Arizona State): 4.95 & 5.04                                        

Cameron Heyward (Ohio State): DNP                                        

Jarvis Jenkins (Clemson): 4.98 & 5.13                                        

Cameron Jordan (California): 4.71 & 4.74                                        

Ryan Kerrigan (Purdue): 4.67 & 4.73                                        

Corey Liuget (Illinois): 4.95 & 5.06                                        


The first group of defensive lineman posted some very fast times. Marcell Dareus in particular ran well for a 320lbs defensive tackle – posting in the 4.9’s. Ryan Kerrigan helped his stock with an incredibly fast time, as did Marvin Austin and Sam Acho. Jeremy Beal and Rick Elmore were both disappointing.                                        

Pete Carroll and John Schneider watch the defensive lineman work out


Cameron Jordan impressed me the most during the bag drills and really his stock is limitless at the moment. Big personality, big potential. Christian Ballard made the most of his work out and could push himself further up the board. Chris Carter at Fresno State also performed well.                                    

Group 2 forty yard dash                                    

Cliff Matthews (Sout Carolina): 4.86 & 4.78                       

Terrell McClain (USF): 5.04 & 5.02                                    

Pernell McPhee (Miss. State): 4.94 & 5.00                                   

Dontay Moch (Nevada): 4.45 & 4.48                                  

Drake Nevis (LSU): 4.97 & 5.06                                

Stephen Paea (Oregon State): DNP                                

Jerrell Powe (Ole Miss): 5.27 & 5.41                              

Robert Quinn (UNC): 4.73 & 4.67                              

Brooks Reed (Arizona): 4.67 & 4.66                             

Greg Romeus (Pittsburgh): DNP                            

Jabal Sheard (Pittsburgh): 4.66 & 4.70                            

Aldon Smith (Missouri): 4.74 & 4.76                            

Phil Taylor (Baylor): 5.23 & 5.18                           

JJ Watt (Wisconsin): 4.78 & 4.85                         

Markus White (Florida State): 4.90 & 4.82                         

Muhammed Wilkerson (Temple): 4.99 & 5.00                        


Last week I mocked Jabal Sheard to the Seahawks at #25. Today he ran a 4.66 – backing up the projection. He’s stout enough to hold up against the run and he’s proven at the combine he’s got the necessary speed and size to play the LEO. It’s a distinct possibility.                           

Robert Quinn ran a late 4.6 and a 4.7 which is fine. The problem with Quinn (aside from sitting out 2010) is not a lack of edge speed, it’s a limited repertoire of moves. He won’t be able to rely on the edge as often at the next level against better offensive lineman. The fact Cameron Jordan managed a 4.71 despite being much bigger speaks volumes.                

Dontay Moch didn’t get the mind blowing time but a 4.4 is still credible. He’s a difficult guy to project, I have him as a 4-3 OLB. Brooks Reed ran a blazing 4.6 and like Sheard could be an option at #25.                 

Jabal Sheard ran a 4.66 - he was Seattle's pick in my latest mock draft


Brooks Reed continued to impress during drills. He’s showing good foot work, foot speed and freedom in the hips to match the relentless style you see on tape. Jabal Sheard didn’t do the other drills due to an elbow injury. Robert Quinn looked a little stiff to me, as did Aldon Smith.            

Phil Taylor performed well on the bag drills, flashing a powerful punch, swim and great feet for a guy his size.          

The official times were announced shortly after with Dontay Moch (4.44) leading the way. Chris Carter (4.62), Sam Acho (4.68) and Brooks Reed (4.68) followed. Sheard posted the fifth fastest official time (4.69).          

The 10 yard splits made for interesting reading. Cameron Jordan (who posted an impressive 4.78) had a split of 1.69 seconds. That was actually faster than Sheard (1.70). Acho had the fastest split at 1.60 with several other posting in the 1.6-1.7 range. Robert Quinn’s 1.63 looks good as does Ryan Kerrigan’s 1.65. Brooks Reed had a 1.62, as did Chris Carter.         

Linebackers forty yard dash times         

Akeem Ayers (UCLA): 4.80 & 4.83       

Bruce Carter (UNC): DNP         

Mason Foster (Washington): 4.65 & 4.71        

Mark Herzlich (Boston College): 4.92 & 4.96         

Justin Houston (Georgia): 4.64 & 4.63        

Nate Irving (NC State): DNP         

Greg Jones (Michigan State): 4.76 & 4.75         

Von Miller (Texas A&M): 4.46 & 4.53        

Kelvin Sheppard (LSU): DNP         

Quan Sturdivant (UNC): DNP         

Martez Wilson (Illinois): 4.44 & 4.47     


It’s not a surprise that Von Miller and Martez Wilson posted eye catching times. Both excel with their speed and events like this are perfect for them. Wilson’s stock is rising as people wonder whether he could play 3-4 outside linebacker. I still see Miller as strictly a 4-3 OLB.    

Ayers’ times are a disappointment. He’s a playmaker but he’s shown quality as a pass rusher at UCLA. That time doesn’t translate to anything but a 4-3 OLB, which is what I’ve been mocking him as. He made up for slow times during linebacker drills, showing a good change of direction and great lateral movement.  

Justin Houston worked out with the linebackers although I think he’s better as a pure 4-3 defensive end. He needs to improve his range and run defense, but running in the low 4.6’s is good for his stock. 


Len Pasquarelli is another journalist reporting teams were impressed with the way Ryan Mallett handled himself this week. And that’s all that matters

Da’Quan Bowers didn’t work out today and he explains why to the NFL Network. He’s an impressive guy who had a sensational 2010 season. I can’t see him getting past both Carolina and Denver. 

Robert Quinn had the opposite situation – he did work out, but didn’t even take the field in 2010

You can watch back the defensive lineman running the forty yard dash here.

Todd McShay runs through the defensive lineman drills today:


  1. Matt

    Wow, Cam Jordan is just making money hand over fist the last 6 weeks. He’s got great tape to back it up as well. Would have been a nice guy at 25…no shot now.

  2. Brandon Adams

    Where can I find the vertical leap and short shuttle times for these guys?

    • Rob

      I will provide a link as soon as the tallies are made and listed online.

  3. Dave

    Is there anywhere you can see the splits of the 40 yard dash like what their time was over the first 10 yards? I think that’s what’s most useful when it comes to Linemen

    • Rob

      I’ve listed those among the top ten split for defensive lineman – check the notes following group two of the defensive lineman.

  4. Matthew Baldwin

    Jabal Sheard is a thug. He tossed a guy through a window at an art gallery, beat him senseless even with the cops trying to pull him off. Cops had to use pepper spray and batons on Sheard.

    I’d avoid a guy like that in the 1st.

    • Rob

      He was part of a brawl. I’m pretty sure if he beat a man senseless he would’ve receiver a greater punishment than being forced to apologise, pay the man’s medical bills and have a two week suspension from the facility. I’m not saying we should turn a blind eye to these things, but I also don’t think we should base decisons on isolated incidents and neglect talent trying to find choir boys.

      • O

        I agree we shouldnt turn down a player just based on a past incident, but as for the “I’m pretty sure if…” comment, you would be surprised what these star players get away with (see jerramy stevens)

  5. Matt

    I still laugh everytime I read about Von Miller being a top 5 lock. Really? Have teams not learned any lessons? Don’t get me wrong, if the 9ers or Cards pick Miller over a QB, I will be very happy because LBers don’t win games.

    I obviously wouldn’t not draft a guy because of a position (if he’s that talented), but I keep reading/seeing Von Miller being picked over Dareus, Peterson, Gabbert and just wonder if teams are really dumb enough to not draft high talent players at critical positions. I mean, is there really any fan on this site that would pick Miller over the 3 I listed?

    It’s amazing to me how big time analyst and sports writers think you can win without a QB. A LBer on a bad team will literally do nothing in the W/L column, which should be the ultimate goal.

    • Rob

      Once again we’re singing the same tune, Matt. Agree completely.

    • Meat

      I agree Matt.. Some of the Mocks I have read of late are just from planet bizzaro..

  6. Matthew Baldwin

    Hey Rob,

    I’m not adverse to taking on character risks, just very reluctant to do so in the 1st.

    Example: Jimmy Smith’s 2 minor in possessions don’t scare me off in the slightest. Ruskell probably would have removed him from his board. I’m ok with that type of infraction in the 1st, but not throwing guy through a glass door.

    • Rob

      I understand Matthew – and agree to an extent. Yet it’s hard to judge Sheard without knowing the full facts on that issue. His punishment wasn’t particularly severe, from the law or the school. All I am aware of is that he was in a brawl – if it started as self defense and went too far, then that obviously is very different than being the instigator.

  7. Matthew Baldwin

    Vernon Ghoston was released today. He might be worth kicking the tires for the LEO.

    He’s still just 24. He’d come cheap. And the dude is 6′ 3″, long limbed and fast (4.58 40 with a 1.53 10 yard split).

    He couldn’t make the transition to OLB in the NFL, but the LEO is more like his natural DE position at OSU where he had monster production (25 games, 30.5 TFLs and 21.5 sacks). And we all know PC likes a reclaimation project.

    • Rob

      It’s certainly something the team would consider – yet with all the CBA problems and such I’m not sure exactly what they are able to do or at least what desire they have to sign a guy like Gholston at this point in the season.

  8. Ed

    Miller to Arizona and Green to Cincinnati are two picks I see mocked alot and don’t get.

    Alot of people think paea could fall to us in 2nd, but with his bench numbers he just made some cash.

  9. Charlie

    I know the cba isnt figured out and very well may not be figured out this year but what are your thoughts on kris jenkins and damien woody, rob? both released by the jets recently

    • Matt

      I really like both of them and if you can get them on the cheap, then why not? Problem is, they are aging players with significant injury history. Unless they are cheap, I am not sure how they would fit into the rebuilding plan.

  10. Jeff M.

    Justin Houston looked good throughout the drills to me, and even at 270 lbs he’s more or less right there with Von Miller at the top of the LB list for most of the drills. What do you think of him as a Leo prospect in the first round? I know you’ve generally leaned against picking one, but you had Sheard there in the last mock.

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