Scouting Combine: Day four **LIVE**

The quarterbacks, wide receivers and running backs will go through drills today. I’ll be following events and updating the blog throughout the day as news comes in – whether it’s numbers, thoughts or breaking news.

Blaine Gabbert is the only quarterback who will not throw and Ryan Mallett was the only player at his position not to run the forty yard dash.

Quarterback (Group 1) forty yard dash times

Andy Dalton (TCU): 4.84 & 4.86

Pat Devlin (Delaware): 4.89 & 4.87

Nathan Enderle (Idaho): 5.32 & 5.18

Blaine Gabbert (Missouri): 4.63 & 4.61

Jerrod Johnson (Texas A&M): 4.75 & 4.79

Colin Kaepernick (Nevada): 4.53 & 4.61

Jake Locker (Washington): 4.52 & 4.52

Ryan Mallett (Arkansas): DNP


It’s not a big surprise that Mallett chose not to run, it’s not a strength and wouldn’t have a positive impact on his stock. Jake Locker and Colin Kaepernick both ran well as expected. Gabbert also looked pretty fluid despite looking a lot bigger than the other quarterbacks out there.

Locker was later credited with a 4.59 official time, identical to Cam Newton. Kaepernick was officially timed at 4.53 and Gabbert at 4.62.

Throwing drills

Ryan Mallett looked good throwing the ball – a point made by TFY’s Tony Pauline.

“Ryan Mallett is killing his combine workout. Looks terrific with all his throws.”

It’s not a big surprise. Throwing in shorts under no pressure should be perfect for Mallett to flash his talents. Generally all the big names performed well in the throwing drills but it’s difficult to take too much out of it given the unnatural environment. Blaine Gabbert sat out drills.

Wide receiver (Group 1) forty yard dash times

Jonathan Baldwin (Pittsburgh): 4.52 & 4.45

Randall Cobb (Kentucky): 4.45 & 4.49

Tandon Doss (Indiana): DNP

Edmund Gates(Abilene Christian): 4.35 & 4.36

AJ Green (Georgia): 4.48 & 4.51

Leonard Hankerson (Miami): 4.47 & 4.45

Jerrel Jernigan (Troy): 4.51 & 4.47

Julio Jones (Alabama): 4.43 & 4.39

Greg Little (UNC): 4.56 & 4.58


Julio Jones stole the show with two excellent times. He made major improvements at Alabama in 2010, showing a greater consistency and concentration level. His numbers were impressive given ‘Bama’s preference to run. I just wonder how those times will impact this receiver group. Leonard Hankerson and Jonathan Baldwin also made some waves in the 4.4 range.

Jones later made an excellent 11’3″ broad jump.

Quarterback (Group 2) Forty yard dash times

Cam Newton will be among those running in group two. He just registered a 10’6″ broad jump.

Adam Schefter is reporting that the Seahawks interviewed Cam Newton this weekend.

“For what it’s worth, teams that have interviewed Cam Newton at the Combine include the Dolphins, Titans, 49ers, Seahawks and Cowboys.”

Greg McElroy (Alabama): 4.84 & 4.95

Cam Newton (Auburn): 4.58 & 4.59

Christian Ponder (Florida State): 4.72 & 4.67

Ricky Stanzi (Iowa): 4.93 & 4.93

Tyrod Taylor (Virginia Tech): 4.52 & 4.45

Scott Tolzien (Wisconsin): 4.95 & 4.95

T.J. Yates (UNC): 5.04 & 5.03


Cam Newton ran a very impressive time in the laye 4.5’s. Let’s not forget he’s 6-5 and 248lbs, considerably bigger than most of the other quarterbacks at the combine.

The Auburn QB was later given an official forty time of 4.59 – the same as Jake Locker. Tyrod Taylor was the fastest timed QB with a 4.51 official time. Christian Ponder was timed at 4.65.

Wide receiver (Group 2) forty yard dash times

Jeff Maehl (Oregon): 4.62 & 4.64

Denarius Moore (Tennessee): 4.37 & 4.44

Joe Morgan (Walsh): 4.39 & 4.43

Niles Paul (Nebraska): 4.59

Austin Pettis (Boise State): 4.59 & 4.56

Greg Salas (Hawaii): 4.49 & 4.57

Dane Sanzenbacher (Ohio State): 4.55

Torrey Smith (Maryland): 4.37 & 4.46

Terrance Toliver (LSU): 4.54

Titus Young (Boise State): 4.43 & 4.44

Running backs forty yard dash times

Allen Bradford (USC): 4.56 & 4.56

John Clay (Wisconsin): 4.77 & 4.84

Noel Devine (West Virginia): DNP

Stanley Havili (USC): DNP

Roy Helu (Nebraska): 4.43 & 4.42

Kendall Hunter (Oklahoma State): 4.47 & 4.53

Mark Ingram (Alabama): 4.58 & 4.61

Mikel Leshoure (Illinois): 4.56 & 4.62

Dion Lewis (Pittsburgh): 4.59 & 4.57

Owen Marecic (Stanford): 4.89 & 4.87

DeMarco Murray (Oklahoma): 4.38 & 4.40

Jacquizz Rodgers (Oregon State): 4.64 & 4.67

Evan Royster (Penn State): 4.65 & 4.61

Da’Rel Scott (Maryland): 4.35 & 4.40

Daniel Thomas (Kansas State): DNP

Jordan Todman (Connecticut): 4.44 & 4.45

Shane Vereen (California): 4.51 & 4.47

Johnny White (UNC): 4.56 & 4.53

Ryan Williams (Virginia Tech): 4.55 & 4.59


DeMarco Murray ran a surprisingly high 4.38 to begin. That’s an impressive number for a guy who can do a bit of everything in the backfield. If he ran a bit harder, he could be a s0lid round two pick.

Roy Helu also ran well and should be a solid mid round pick. Da’Rel Scott has some potential bat ball security is a big issue. Mark Ingram’s time wasn’t unexpected, but neither was it good enough to really blow up his stock.

I really liked watching Jordan Todman on tape and he managed a time in the 4.4’s.


Brandon Harris (CB, Miami) was measured at 5-9 today, despite being listed at 5-11 in college. That’s almost certainly taken him out of contention for Seattle.

Todd McShay and Kevin Wiedl combined for an interesting piece on how the CBA negotiations could impact the draft.

“As for the players who do get drafted, their growth will be stunted during a lockout. There would be no mini-camps during which they can get acclimated to new surroundings, schemes and teammates, and it would simply be too much to ask them to step into camp cold in late summer and become significant contributors when the season opens.”

If you want the #1 reason why the Seahawks would want to re-sign Matt Hasselbeck, this is it. They have no means of bringing in a veteran replacement because of the free agency lockout. Trying to force a pro-style scheme on a rookie in a fortnight is illogical. Hasselbeck’s value may be lower these days due to age and performance, but he has some degree of value to Seattle in that if preparations cannot take place as normal he can step in and play.

It won’t stop the Seahawks drafting a rookie QB, but it makes it highly unlikely that player would start in year one – leaving the Seahawks with very few alternatives to what they had in 2010.

Bob Cunningham has a good article on the media attention surrounding Ryan Mallett which has been nonsensical at times.

“He didn’t give the media a soundbite to work with, so they’re going to take to Twitter and their op-ed pieces like a six-year old who had his toy taken from him at daycare and try to make Mallett sound like the worst guy on the planet.”

Funnily enough a day after getting slammed in the media for a perfectly managed press conference in difficult circumstances, Mallett got rave reviews for his Sunday work outs at the combine.

The NFL Network highlights Cam Newton, who participated in all drills today. Newton also spoke to the network to review his performance.

Ryan Mallett discusses his day’s work out.

Mike Mayock provides a scouting report on Jake Locker.

Stephen Paea (DT, Oregon State) set a new record for the 225lbs bench press with 49 lifts. Incredible. His value comes as a run defender and his pure strength makes up for a lack of real size. Phil Taylor (DT, Baylor) managed 31 reps. His stock should rise after this weekend.


  1. Dan

    Why are we bothering with Newton? No way he is there at 25, although it would be amazing to have him in blue and green!

    Do we even have the ammo for a blockbuster move up to grab him? Is that even wise with all our needs?

  2. FWBrodie

    Thanks for all this.

  3. Matt

    Wow…Allen Bradford. How is he not getting more pub? Kinda got screwed at SC.

    • Blake

      No doubt he has looked good in nearly all aspects at the combine. How is his game tape?

      • Matt

        He’s a guy that I just couldn’t understand why SC didn’t just give him the rock 25 times a game. Great YPC and seems to love contact. War daddy running it.

      • Charlie

        thats what i think too. Big physical runner who has a little giddup in him, late round steal?

        • Rob

          Jordan Todman from UConn is another possible mid/late guy who could prove to be a steal.

  4. SammyD

    Paea is absolute beast! 49 times is unreal. I love Samoan football players. I would love to pair him up with Mebane and Red Bryant. Just need a pass rusher like Reed from Arizona st and our D-line would be fierce. I have a full man crash on Mallet now. Hawks need to make sure they can get him even if it takes trading up. I watched his interview and didn’t see the “disaster” all the blogs are claiming happened. He seemed confident and maybe a bit cocky, but he seemed like he loves football and wants to be great. Phillip Rivers is cocky and a great Qb. I want a Qb with a bit of swagger. I’m kinda rambling now but I’m getting more excited for this draft with each day. I hoping the hawks can secure Mallet in the first and somehow still get a stellar d-lineman in the second. Any way Paea falls to the end of the second round? Wishful thinking huh probably. Go Hawks!

  5. 1sthill

    The Seahawks talking to Cam Newton is kind of interesting, but I’m sure they are just doing their due diligence. If Newton does begin to slide in the 1st round, then at some point we might trade up for him. Newton is the guy I would be most excited to see us draft if we could somehow maneuver up the 1st round to get him.

    Paea’s 49 reps on the bench press are impressive, but if I’m not mistaken he has T-Rex arms (short arms). Anyway, I agree that Paea would be a great option for us if he were still available in the 2nd round; the little fire plug could play some 3-tech as well as push Colin Cole for playing time.

  6. Ed

    Please no newton. Off field tool, is overrated on the field. Would take Locker over Newton any day.

    Jones and Baldwin look like faster Fitzgeralds. Tall, can jump and catch with their hands.

    • Ralphy

      That may be but watch tape on Baldwin and he plays like he doesn’t care. I’m not sold on the guy. He cares in Indy because there’s money to be made. Not sure how he’ll be after a contract is signed.

  7. Michael

    I think Mallet will be a phenomenal QB. He moves about as well as Hasselbeck. The reason I like him are for reasons Seattle likes Palmer. Big guy, average feet, great arm, highly accurate, very football intelligent.

    For an alleged druggie to be considered the best reader of defense… well, that seems a bit contrasting.

    Go Mallet!

    • FWBrodie

      Who said Seattle likes Palmer?

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