Scouting combine day one review

Jack Conklin and Jason Spriggs have a big day
Athletic offensive tackles go early. While neither player quite got into Lane Johnson range (4.72 forty) they both impressed with a 4.92 for Spriggs and a 5.00 for Conklin. Both looked more athletic than Taylor Decker and could jump ahead of the Ohio State tackle on many boards. Expect both players to go in the top-20.

Conklin’s workout was especially positive. Considered to be a limited athlete who might need to kick inside, he thoroughly dispelled that myth. When you consider he’s also a terrific run-blocker, a combo-block expert and he’s clearly a motivated individual (a former walk on at Michigan State) — it’s very hard to imagine he’ll get by Indianapolis at #18 and could be in play for the Eagles at #13.

Spriggs is a more curious case. He’s the most athletic of the group but isn’t Johnson or Tyron Smith. There are some technical issues to work out (he gets beat inside way too much and can be shoved back into the pocket). The Jets at #20 could be a realistic home.

Derrick Henry performs as expected
Is it going to be enough to get him into round one? Henry’s combine performance was eerily similar to Von Miller’s:

We’re talking about more than just another productive running back from Alabama here. Mark Ingram ran a 4.62 at 215lbs. Henry smashed that time weighing 247lbs.

He’s not Brandon Jacobs despite many attempts to force that comparison. Jacobs ran a 4.56 at 267lbs which is pretty staggering. They’re very different players in terms of running style.

He appears destined to go in the top-40 at least. Is a team willing to take him in round one? He’s a fascinating, unique, intriguing player and a stunning athlete.

Graham Glasgow looks sharp
After running a decent 5.13 in the forty, Glasgow had a nice outing during the drills. He moved very well in the mobility exercise and showed some power in the bag drills. The only area he looked uncomfortable was in the kick-slide — something he won’t have to worry about as a guard or center.

Glasgow is nearly 6-6 and 307lbs with 33.5 inch arms. When you consider Jack Allen ran a 5.29 at just over 6-1, 294lbs and with 32 inch arms — there’s a palpable difference between the pair. It showed in the drills too.

One looks like a third round pick and the other a later round option. Glasgow’s size will be too rich for some teams but he’s almost identical to Max Unger. He plays with a gritty attitude and earned widespread praise from Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh.

He could be a nice option for the Seahawks at either guard or center.

Joshua Garnett stands out
Stanford’s Outland Trophy winner played to the Seattle crowd during his press conference — stating it’d be a “dream come true” to play for the Seahawks. Garnett went to Puyallup High School and a return to his local roots might be on the cards.

There’s nothing wrong with his tape but his conditioning has been questioned. As a run blocker there’s a lot to like and he’s plenty physical. At 6-4 and 317lbs with 33.5 inch arms he passes the eye test for a Seahawks left guard.

Garnett said he spoke to Seattle’s coaches at the combine. “I met with Coach (Pat) Ruel and some of the offensive-line guys. I had a great conversation. I’d love to go back home.”

He ran a 5.32 which is neither here nor there. It’s his work in the drills where he stood out. Garnett looked silky smooth every time he had to move around. He looked like a tremendous athlete considering his size.

It’s hard to determine exactly what his range could be. I’m not convinced he goes in the top-40. Does he last until #56? That’s probably Seattle’s chance but how badly do they want to take a pure guard? Every starting left guard they’ve ever had has been a converted left tackle — Robert Gallery, James Carpenter, Justin Britt. They trained Terry Poole to make a similar switch.

Garnett has what they like though — plus athleticism, a nasty streak, run-blocking skills and size.

Alex Collins was a major disappointment
And he probably won’t be a Seahawk. After running a tepid 4.59 he managed only 28.5 inches in the vertical jump. That’s anti-explosion. Danny Shelton recorded a 30.5 inch vertical and he weighed 339lbs. He’s probably not going to fly down boards — he can still play. But he might be more of a late third or early fourth round pick. The Seahawks will almost certainly look for more explosion than this.

Joe Dahl continues to look very enticing
It was fun watching Dahl and Nick Martin work together at the Senior Bowl and it’s a partnership I’d still be interested to see in Seattle. Dahl doesn’t jump off the screen — he’s subtle but extremely talented. He looks like an ideal right guard for the Seahawks.

His combine performance also compares favourably to Mark Glowinski, drafted by Seattle in round four last year.

Overrated players stay overrated
LSU’s Vadal Alexander and Jerald Hawkins have been talked up a lot despite some extremely average 2015 tape. Both players had their pants pulled down by the Alabama offensive line and just seem to lack any stand-out features. Alexander is just a mediocre athlete who generates minimal push in the run game. Hawkins has average size, average athleticism and doesn’t look like a NFL left tackle.

Alexander lost weight for the combine and still ran a humpty dumpty 5.57. Hawkins’ 5.23 is average — but his 10-yard split of 1.92 was only 0.04 seconds slower than Arkansas’ Denver Kirkland (who weighs 335lbs and ran a 5.55).

It’s amazing that both players have been touted as first or second round picks as often as they have. Maybe the Niners will draft them early?

Keith Marshall makes his case
Kenneth asked me in a recent podcast to name a running back that could go undrafted and still have an impact like Thomas Rawls. I suggested Georgia’s Marshall.

He and Todd Gurley were meant to be the partnership to run the Bulldogs to a National Championship. It started well enough before the injuries kicked in for Marshall. By the time he’d recovered — Nick Chubb emerged as the legit successor to Gurley.

On tape he had speed to burn. He ran away from defenders, could bounce plays outside and make terrific cuts and finish. With so many injuries you had to wonder if he could still light it up. Those questions were firmly answered today.

Marshall ran a 4.31 at 5-10 and 219lbs with an elite 1.53 split. Chris Johnson ran a 4.24 at his combine but weighed 24lbs less than Marshall. Dri Archer ran a 4.26 at 173lbs. Think about that for a second.

That’s the good news. The bad news is a mediocre 30.5 inch vertical. He’s quick — but is he truly explosive?

The Seahawks seem to like lower body power and the ability to be more than just a fast guy. Thomas Rawls had a 35.5 inch vertical a year ago. Christine Michael had a 43 inch vertical.

Who might they consider then?
Notre Dame’s C.J. Procise ticks a lot of boxes. He’s 6-0 and 220lbs, ran a 4.48 and managed a 35.5 inch vertical. His experience catching the ball could also be crucial if they want to make him a third-down back.

Louisiana Tech’s Kenneth Dixon ran an OK-ish 4.58 at 5-10 and 215lbs but did manage a 37.5 inch vertical. Marshall’s fantastic speed is intriguing — but Procise and Dixon are arguably the more explosive, tougher players the Seahawks look for.

The Seahawks are talking to pass rushers
It’s hard to read too much into any of this — teams talk to loads of guys. Both Shaq Lawson and Emmanuel Ogbah said they met with the Seahawks.

They tick the production box. Can they run a 1.5 10-yard split on Sunday?

The length of the D-line class is out of this world
The following players have +34 inch arms:

DeForest Buckner — 6-7, 291lbs 34.5 inch arms
Vernon Butler — 6-4, 323lbs, 35 inch arms
Shilique Calhoun — 6-4. 251lbs, 34 inch arms
Kevin Dodd — 6-5, 277lbs, 34 inch arms
Chris Jones — 6-6, 310lbs, 34.5 inch arms
Darius Latham — 6-4, 311lbs, 35 inch arms
Dadi Nicolas — 6-3, 235lbs, 35 inch arms
Robert Nkemdiche — 6-3, 294lbs, 34 inch arms
Shawn Oakman — 6-8, 287lbs, 36 inch arms
Emmanuel Ogbah — 6-4, 273lbs, 35.5 inch arms
A’Shawn Robinson — 6-4, 307lbs, 34.5 inch arms
Charles Tapper — 6-3, 271lbs, 34.5 inch arms
Jihad Ward — 6-5, 297lbs, 34 inch arms
Adolphus Washington — 6-3, 301lbs, 34.5 inch arms

It’s unusual to have so many long defensive linemen. You can also add the following:

Kyler Fackrell — 6-5, 245lbs, 33 inch arms
Leonard Floyd — 6-5, 244lbs, 33 inch arms
Jordan Jenkins — 6-3, 259lbs, 34 inch arms
Joshua Perry — 6-4, 254lbs, 34 inch arms

The linebackers are pretty long too. And look at the size. The D-liners and linebackers are big and long.

All we need to see now are some athletic workouts. Who makes it into the elite class of 1.5 10-yard split runners? Who can flash explosive qualities in the vertical?

On Sunday the defensive linemen get a chance to show the hype is justified.

Sad news on Jaylon Smith
This is pretty heartbreaking:

Medical testing is a vital part of the combine. A few weeks ago Smith was in contention, legitimately, for the #1 overall pick. He is/was that good. Now there is serious doubt as to whether he’ll play in 2016 or ever play football again period.

What a cruel, horrible twist of fate.

Quote of the day goes to…
A’Shawn Robinson. When asked about how he can improve his pass rush production, he answered, “(I) need to stop patty-caking with blockers and make a play.” Kudos, sir.

The talking nonsense and digging a hole award goes to…
Future non-first round pick Robert Nkemdiche. Judge for yourself via the Seattle Times. Sometimes you’ve just got to take responsibility for a situation.

Keanu Neal being linked with the Cardinals and Steelers
A day after we discussed him as a possible option for Seattle at #26, Tony Pauline had the following to say about Florida’s brilliant Keanu Neal:

I continue to hear glowing reports on Keanu Neal. The Florida junior has been timing in the high 4.4s at 212 pounds and posted a vertical jump of 38 inches in training. He’s looked much better in combine training to this point than fellow junior Vonn Bell. The one red flag I’ve heard on Neal are constant hamstring issues that have plagued him, though sources tell me it’s a situation where Neal played through pain rather than ever letting the situation heal. I am starting to hear first-round grades on the safety and continually hear the names of the Arizona Cardinals and Pittsburgh Steelers as potential suitors in the first frame.

The Steelers own the #25 pick — one ahead of the Seahawks. The Cardinals pick at #29.

He’d make a huge amount of sense for Pittsburgh and he’s ideally suited for that defense. He’s equally well suited to the Seahawks too. And the Cardinals. And any other team interested in winning.

Pete Carroll is in talks over a new long term deal
According to Ian Rapoport. Carroll likely has a contract for life in Seattle. He’ll move on when he thinks it’s time. The key is to make sure John Schneider also gets a new deal too.

Tweet of the day
There are two strong candidates…

I think Tom Cable ‘enjoying’ the combine experience probably just edges it…

I have a clear schedule for the next three days to do a live blog for the rest of the combine. Let me know what you want to see. Are you just interested in a few thoughts and all the numbers? Do you just want a review post at the end of the day? Or do you just want a place to chat in the comments section?

Post any suggestions in the comments section.


  1. Nathan

    Maurice Jones Drew compared CJ Prosise to Beast Mode.

    Said when you see him in the flesh the thickness in his lower body stand out.

    • lil'stink

      Prosise is turning into one of my main draft crushes right now. As nice as the tape on Dixon and Perkins looks Prosise seems like he as a ton of potential to be a big playmaker. Rob Rang has been talking up Devonte Booker every time I hear him, I wonder how much his stock will change after this week.

      • Steele

        I love Prosise. He will make plays running or receiving.

    • Nathan

      Sorry, wrong guy, It was Devante Booker he compared to Lynch.

      • Volume12

        I like Booker. Think he’s gonna have a great pro day.

        Just a really solid back.

        • Naks8

          What round are booker and prosise predicted to go?

          • Coleslaw

            Anywhere from second to fourth.

  2. Darth 12er

    I’ve been waiting for this all day. Personally I would have had a hard time following today’s numbers if it weren’t for the main commenters on your open thread. As helpful as that was, it’s nice to lay in bad at the end of the day with a review post..but that’s just me. I won’t, however, be picky about how you approach your weekend. I’ll read it either way. Thx again!

    • Rob Staton

      Last year I did a live blog and then a review post every day. It nearly killed me. Although I’m tempted to do it again if the interest is there.

      • Michael M.

        Interest is definitely here! Please don’t kill yourself though. Then where would that leave us?

      • Darth 12er

        Agreed, interest is there for sure. But pace yourself. If you wind up just doing a review, the open thread will get us by. Again, I will read either way.

        • Coleslaw

          Maybe a “what to look for” for each day and we can use it as an open thread. You don’t need to break your back for us, man! It’s safe to say we’re all loyal followers and would be happy with anything! Thanks Rob! 🙂

          • Volume12

            Rob, how about an open thread and just posting with us throughout the day?

            That way we’re getting your insight, updates, meaurements, and then you don’t have to overwork yourself doing a review, because you kinda touched all bases.

  3. Nathan

    Surely Fournette seriously looks at sitting out after that news on Smith.

    • Rob Staton

      He should consider it — but probably won’t because he’s a team first type of guy.

      • Michael M.

        I wouldn’t want him to sit out because he’s sooo fun to watch, but I sure hope LSU doesn’t run him into the ground with 400+ carries.

      • Alicamousa

        College football makes me ridiculously angry. These kids putting their bodies on the line for years on end to line the pockets of administrators. I hope Fournette things about the long game, much as he loves his team.

        • HI Hawk

          If they don’t want to play football they don’t have to. 11 year olds are studying every day after school, beyond their homework, just so they can get into Harvard eventually, so they can then get into the medical, law, or whatever graduate program they want. All that is so they can eventually earn six figure salaries. College athletes are free to stop playing sports at any time, they aren’t in jail, they’re in college.

        • sdcoug

          You failed to mention the free college education and degree

  4. smitty1547

    Loved the review

  5. Nathan_12thMan

    Can Dahl play LG in our system? Put on some weight as quick (and smartly) as he can and slide in at LG? If so I gotta say he is our must have. He looked fantastic out there and the idea of getting a starter in the 3rd round (projected) is enticing.

    Under the assumption we lose Okung (would be a big deal to be able to re-sign him) I still hope we address the interior of the line (this draft’s strength) through the draft. Joe Dahl in the 3rd to replace Britt at LG (bench Britt), and Glasgow in the 3rd to start at Center. To have our entire interior line upgraded (Dahl>Britt, Glasgow>Lewis, Glow>Sweezy) would be huge.

    So what happens at OT? Well it depends on if Gilliam can slide to LT where he was originally being developed to go. If he can then we can sign a vet FA RT. I don’t know where he sits in terms of good-to-bad options but Breno could be an option when likely cut by the Jets. For $4mil on a one or two year deal having Breno back to play some decent ball at RT sounds good.
    Then in 2017 you make RT a priority in the draft to find someone to replace him (either right away or someone who redshirts their first year behind him then replaces him).

    What did you think of Perkins today? Still a fan? The one problem with drafting Dahl and Glasgow both in the 3rd is how do you get a RB? Do you have to grab someone in the 4th or do you take a RB in the 2nd round?

    • Rob Staton

      Dahl would fit the LT-to-LG convert part but he’s 304lbs and I wouldn’t want him to add weight personally. He’s more of a right guard in Seattle. Not sure they consider him at LG. Or Glowinski. They love size at LG and want a power element there.

      Perkins had a ‘meh’ workout.

      • Nathan_12thMan

        That really bums me out in regards to Dahl and LG. We are presumably fine at RG, Glow looks like he will be a starter and I think it would shock many to see him compete and lose at that position. We NEED to upgrade away from Britt, but who in this draft is a LG in our system? Given what we like at LG I haven’t heard from any Hawk mock’ers about a O-linemen in this draft that looks like a good player that we’d draft for LG.

        To me the weakest spot on our line is LG because of Britt. I feel alright about Lewis at Center, good about Glow at RG, and OT I think we can do just fine at even if we lose Okung (sign a FA to RT and kick Gary over to LT). But freakin LG is a disaster with Britt.

        • Volume12

          Garnett fits at LG.

          • Volume12

            I think if Okung leaves the disaster is at one of the tackle spots.

  6. Davidess

    I don’t think that’s Tom cable tbh. Looks like him but I don’t think it is.

    • MisterNeutron

      That looks more like Tom Cable’s dad.

      • Darth 12er

        Haha agreed

  7. Davidess

    If it’s possible to get Martin and Dahl in the 2nd and 3rd..I’d love it
    Get a DT in the 1st or early 2nd (via trade back)

  8. kevin mullen

    “I don’t think you’re ready for jelly, I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly, I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly… cuz my body is too bootylicious!”

    -Tom Cable.

  9. Michael M.

    Wow Alex Collins… That’s a pretty dismal vertical. Guess he’s not gonna be a Seahawk afterall.

    • matt

      Collins performance today was perplexing. His tape shows an explosive athlete-that didn’t show up today at all. Perhaps he was sick or something…

      • Coleslaw

        He really does look a lot better on tape, we’ll just have to wait until his pro day.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I wouldn’t worry about it, if you love the RB, you take him in the 3rd/4th or so.. which is where he was projected all along.

  10. bobbyk

    Can’t wait to see how Fackrell does in the 10-yard split!

    • Darth 12er

      Yes, I’m rooting for him.

  11. Yesh

    Gotta take care of yourself first man. Speaking for myself, I prefer to late night round-up/review to the live blogs.

  12. Nate

    Yeah I like the round ups as well. Having an open thread during the day for everyone to leave comments is good enough during the day.

  13. sdcoug

    Rob, can you explain the “how badly do they want to take a pure guard” comment re: Garnett? I understand their draft history, but why does it matter? If you’re not planning on flexing that guard out to Tackle, why can’t you just take a pure guard that is already good at playing guard? I mean, you’re not likely flexing Britt or Poole or Carp out to LT anyway. I get that having a swing Olineman that can jump around is key…but why is it preferable that the guard be a tackle convert?

    • Rob Staton

      I never said it was preferable. The Seahawks have consistently converted left tackles to left guard and given guys they want to play left guard experience at left tackle (Alvin Bailey). That’s just been their approach.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        With Lynch leaving, would Seattle consider a different size or speed of OL at the different spots along the OL. For example, LG has been a large mauler, would they perhaps change it up to a more athletic / slightly smaller LG? Ostensibly, to improve pass blocking out of the guards spots.

        • Rob Staton

          I think it’s very unlikely. The O-line wasn’t so much set up for Lynch as it was for their general ideals.

      • 75franks

        not to nit pick but didn’t we draft carp and britt to play rt? but they failed so we moved them inside. its almost as if they don’t value the LG position cause they keep plugging the failures in there.

        • Coleslaw

          They haven’t valued pass blocking in that spot, everyone that’s played LG for us has been an exceptional run blocker.

          • Coleslaw

            Even Britt is a good run blocker, you have to give him that.

  14. Sam Jaffe

    From a Seahawks perspective, I think the two most pertinent surprise performances were Thuney, Vitale and Prosise. All will be valid mid- and late-round targets for the team now that they reach certain measurables thresholds. A lot of the other guys that were “surprises” to the mass media like Dahl, Westerman, Glasgow, Henry, etc. were more like confirmations than surprises to the readers of this blog, thanks to Rob’s keen eye. The linebackers tomorrow are going to be the most important part of the combine for Seattle. If guys like Jenkins or Parry show plus athleticism, Seattle will start to lock-on to them. Likewise, the team will surely be focusing on all the potential safety-to-linebacker converts for a once-in-a-generation type of athletic performance.

    • matt

      Agreed Vitale surprised me the most out of the RB’s. He tested sparqier than Henry I’d bet. Didn’t see that coming.

  15. Alicamousa

    Desperately sad news about Jaylon Smith. The poor kid. Is he worth taking a shot at in the second? If, and it’s obviously a big if at this point, he can come back… Probably my favourite player in the entire draft. He’s a pretty special talent.

    Thanks for another great write-up, Rob. You’re killing it. Hands down the best draft blog/community I’ve found.

    • Rob Staton


  16. rowdy

    I think a opening tread just to comment in the morning then an overview of the day at night would be way more then enough. If we have questions you always answer most of them, most don’t even comment on their blogs. The extra time you take to do that is vastly appreciated. Plus going through the comments on here is one of my favorite parts.

  17. Jason

    Great stuff Rob! I love any info you provide that I can sit down and check out at the end of the day.

    I’m particularly interested in RB, OLine, DE, LB, WR stuff this year.

    Thanks again for the great content!

  18. HI Hawk

    Westerman seemed to seize the moment, he and Whitehair looked like leaders on that field. He seemed well schooled in technique and balanced. Contact during non-contact drills was a big selling point to me too. Think he impressed the Seahawks? Watching him work and seeing his body language sold me. His tape is awesome, he’s clearly a finisher. His final numbers aren’t among the top 5, but his numbers are more that adequate. Strength being the one outlier, dude dominated the bench press.

    • Rob Staton

      Big fan of Westerman’s. Great fit at center for the Seahawks.

    • Attyla the Hawk

      Westerman in his drill work looked masterful. Incredibly smooth. Maybe it’s confirmation bias. I had him as my top rated OG and if anything, I think I’m even more convinced of this now.

  19. Ukhawk

    Rob. To think a bit contrarian (and bizarrely agree with some pundits), don’t the Hawks have to seriously consider Nkemdichr at #26? He’s is a genuine difference maker at a stated need position where there just aren’t many legit prospects – interior pass rush.

    Character wise have the been other, serious incidents? Don’t know much about it but was was the hotel room that serious, can it be considered a one off; further is his response that bad? He’s saying he was wrong, saying he made a mistake, shouldn’t be there etc; not really blaming others, or making excuses about culpability. Doesn’t seem worse than Clark or Irvins pre draft history. Or is there more fire where there is smoke ?

    In terms of on the field, he’s got the skill set and is physically the type of freak they look for in R1. Full deck in terms of power, speed, size, hands.

    When watching his tape there is plenty of effort. Sure there are off plays but there is also a lot of good, long stretches of production

    In terms of production, he’s massively disruptive – more so than anyone in the class. He compares favourably to the likes of Easily when he was coming out. When comparing with other interior penetrators, he is in a class physically and production-wise by himself. He dominated Alabama where guys like Rankins and Ward were frankly pushed around. In phases of the Miss St, he literally takes over (see +6min on SDB).

    Top 10 talent with some question marks but shouldn’t he be considered at 26?

    • Tien

      His talent is certainly tempting Ukhawk but I for one really hope that the Hawks pass on him in round 1. At round 1(and even round 2), you’re really expecting someone who will contribute right away and you certainly don’t want to gamble there. Nkemdichr already has a reputation as a head case and given the tweet that was in Rob’s column above, it doesn’t appear that he he’s taking responsibility for what happened in that hotel room. According to him, he would have skated if someone else had taken the fall (for him). That tells me that he hasn’t really learned anything from that incident and that he could do more stupid things after being drafted that could potentially get him suspended. No thanks.

      Rob – A review blog at the end of each day during the Combine would be awesome!! Thanks for all your hard work!


      • Ukhawk

        Can’t strongly disagree on the character bit.

        Wouldn’t be even consider it were he at another position. Do think he has a decent chance to make an impact and be special.

        His combine today will wow

        • Ukhawk

          Rather his workout Sunday

      • Steele

        It is pretty typical these days to find thugs not taking responsibiilty.

        I would not rule out JSPC making PR calculations about Nkemdiche anyway.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Talent : A
      Upside : A
      Athleticism: B+
      Brain: D
      Off the Field: F
      Want to: Unknown

      This is the part that concerns me the most. Does he really love football and does he want to work on his craft. He has already admitted to not being particularly focused on the right things from some of his quotes (booze+drugs are more important than football). Not taking TOTAL responsibility for his actions is also very concerning. Frank Clark had some off the field issues, but he seemed genuine. I’m not getting the same vibe from this guy. He is trouble waiting to happen imo.

      • Volume12

        You take Nkemdiche, your getting Johnny Manziel.

        Both of these kids are spoiled brats that came from money. Manziel was oil money, nkemdiche lived in a gated community in a big fancy house.

        How bad does he want it?

    • Rob Staton

      Nkemdiche to me is the type of guy you take off your board completely.

      • RWIII

        Rob. Totally agree. I want NO PART of Robert Nkemdiche.

        • AlaskaHawk

          Good grief. The guy just said there were others in the room. He did take responsibility and was punished. He knows he did the wrong thing. In no way is he like Manziel. Give him a chance coach! Second round would put him in same status as Clark- a steal.

  20. MisterNeutron

    While crème de la crème 1st round guys are lacking in this year’s draft, the amount of 2nd-3rd round-level talent looks staggering. If the Seahawks don’t have a particular player they really want with that #26 pick, trading that, and possibly their 2nd round pick for an extra 3rd and 4th (or another combination) could be a boon–think of how much talent they could stock up on in that scenario.

    Rob (and others), how are you watching the combine? Streaming it live on, or possibly via the NFL’s Xbox or Playstation app?

    • Rob Staton

      I watch the NFL Network via gamepass and have the feed on my laptop.

  21. Demitrov

    Id be happy to have a review at the end of the day with your thoughts Rob. Always well informed. Seahawks coverage just keeps getting better every year on this blog.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I concur. Perhaps a recap of the measurables, then the general impression of a few guys that are likely on the Seahawks radar.

      • Coleslaw


  22. Ukhawk

    So in making a wish list of the most Seahawky guys in the combine so far?

    Conklin. High Effort, pro offense experience, gritty, bully attitude, athletic
    Garnett. Ditto


    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Conklin will be gone by 26 with this combine. Scratching him off the list.
      Garnett is worth exploring some more, a very intriguing size and speed combo
      Kelly lived up to a late 1st round grade, definately worth keeping tabs on for #26
      Martin, the late 2nd round guy to keep tabs on. I can see him playing guard or center.
      Westerman, which has shown up at the combine. Not the best, but very good/solid all around.
      Glasgow, I’m kind of disappointed. I was thinking late 2nd, but now probably 3rd/4th round guy. Didn’t live up to what I thought he would do.. perhaps I’m thinking about Ali Marpet too much to be clear minded about him… since Marpet had a high quality combine last year.
      La’Raven Clark’s measurables are exceptional. I’m very impressed by these numbers. Should Seattle look to take him as a project OT…. 3rd round is a strong possibility. And yes, he is an OT with 11 7/8″ hands.
      Fahn Cooper was also decent. Definately a late round guy worth keeping an eye on. Can play both RT/LT in a pinch. I look at him as a depth guy in year 1.
      Joe Dahl did what I thought “we on the blog” expected in the combine. Later round guy who could eventually start with some training. Sounds like a nice fit in Seattle for Cable to mold.

      • Volume12

        Wouldn’t exactly put speed and Garnett in the same sentence.

        Dahl is more of a 3-4 rounder.

    • Volume12

      RB I’d add CJ Prosise, Derrick Henry, and Daniel Lasco,

      Here’s the thing about this year’s RB group. None of these guys are bruisers or punishers.

      • Volume12

        Henry excluded.

        • david ess

          I don’t know if I would say Henry is a Bruiser/Punisher if that’s what you were saying. I see him to often breaking free from good blocking and not doing much when he has to create. often taken down by arm tackles. like how he tested but like many do, I just go back to the tape, when he gets into the open field hes dangerous. other than that not really impressed. not shifty or elusive. Colin Kaepernick of RBs (running style anyways)

  23. Volume12

    McGovern might be this year’s Mitch Morse. Fantastic combine. Good looking player on tape too.

    Josh Garnett seems to check off every box except some of the measurable drills. IMO he’s the Tyler Lockett of the O-line this year. And yes, his dad played pro ball too.

    Dahl is so intriguing. G, maybe a move to C for a team like Seattle? College LT.

    And I like UCLA’s Caleb Benenoch as a late round/developmental type. Great backstory too.

    Glasgow, I just realized had a pretty good combine. As did Ryan Kelly and Cody Whitehair.

    But, disappointed in the OT group.

    • Volume12

      Westerman too.

      I gotta eat some crow. Jack Conklin was the surprise for me. WOW!

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Garnett is a mauler in the running attack (according to the blurb on him) but is a bit of a liability at containing pass rushers. The write-ups remind me a bit of Carpenter honestly.

      SOURCES TELL US “He’s a physical dude but needs to clean up his body some. The team nutritionist will be important for him. Love the power, but a little worried that he can’t unlock his hips.” ­ — NFC Pac-12 scout

      • Volume12

        And while that’s a fair write-up, he’s the best run blocking G in this class.

        James Carpenter wouldn’t be too bad right about now.

        That’s also one scouts take on him.

        • Ukhawk

          Garnett has that nasty thing that we need

          • Volume12

            That and I’m gonna keep coming back to this, because JS mentioned it specifically. Almost like a clue if you will.

            SRT or Strength-Reliability-Toughness.

            • Ukhawk

              Like that. SRT

    • sdcoug

      It’s worth noting that Dahl only gave up like one or two sacks in two seasons as a LT for the team that led the nation in pass attempts by a wide margin. Think about that for a sec.

    • david ess

      Nice thing about Dahl is that he has often called out blocking assignments when inside I believe it was. I cant remember the games but he was often seen pointing them out. His potential at C is indeed intriguing, although id like him and martin I believe it was who he played well alongside with at the senior bowl.

    • Madmark

      I started watching OL guys at the beginning of last year before the college season started. Here a look at a list for all 6 positions and where they was projected then.
      LT Jake Conklin Michigan St. projected 21
      LG Rees Odhiambo Boise project 103
      C Joe Dahl Washington St. project 653
      RG Nila Kasitati Oklahoma project 587
      RT Connor McGovern Mizzou projected 254 at the beginning of the year I thought if McGovern could be a RT and if not he be a stud guard at the time in September. Joe Dalh just reminds me of a Chris Gray. He lacks the size but what people forget is he has football intelligence to call WSU offensive line formations.

  24. Dylan

    Hi Rob, would be great to see a review on Thuney if you get the chance, since he had such a great combine performance.

  25. Volume12

    Rob, did you not like Connor McGovern’s numbers?

    And here’s another interior O-lineman in a long list of them that had a good day. Oregon St’s Isaac Seumalo.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      One of my favorites from a few years back, prior to injuries. He led the ORST offensive line to respectability blocking for Sean Mannion at QB and Storm Woods at RB. Tough tough tough blocker. He has played both DL and OL in HS, then played G and C in CFB.

      • Volume12

        Yeah- he caught my eye in 2013, but being injured, he was kind of like a forgotten man.

        I do know you mentioned him previously though, if mnemory serves.

        • Volume12

          Charlie my man, thought you might like this.

          First off, Issac Seumalo is gonna have a top 5-7 SPARQ score, he’s played every position, Seattle isn’t worried about guyswith injury concerns, nerve damage, that’s a different subject.

          This cat is extremely ‘Seahawky.’

          Zach Whitman says he comps athletically to B-more’s Marshall Yanda.

    • Rob Staton

      Sure I liked McGovern’s numbers. He’s a very possible Hawks pick.

  26. Volume12

    I’m with CHAWK man, ND RB CJ Prosise seems like the perfect compliment to Thomas Rawls.

    They could also move him all around the formation.

    • Steele

      I’m been saying for a while now. If Rawls stays healthy and continues where he left off, you team him with Prosise, Prosise’s versatility and extensive receiving experience, and you have a 1-2 punch that will keep defenses off balance. That to me is even more effective than taking another more conventional RB.

      • Volume12

        I could see that.

        Then again, Kenneth Dixon is all grit and toughness. He’s up there with Prosise in terms of pass catching ability. Dixon’s production is insane over 4 years. He just has a nose for the end zone.

        And I still wanna see Devontae Booker too. Gets better as the game goed on, and would also be a good 3rd down back.

        Daniel Lasco from Cal has the lower body exploion they like too, and wheh healthy was highy productive.

        Hoping they target one of those 4.

  27. SES

    For what it’s worth, I prefer this format. I don’t know how you do it. I don’t know why your wife allows it. But we love it.

    • Ed

      I second that. Maybe you should have a fund we can contribute to, to make this worth your while and keep your family happy.

    • Rob Staton

      My wife is a very patient woman 🙂

      • David M2

        Does she read the blog?

        • Rob Staton

          No — she’s not a big NFL fan to say the least 🙂

  28. Volume12

    These are the O-lineman I like for Seattle, not including Jason Spriggs or Jack Conklin. They won’t be there.

    Connor McGovern, Mizzou
    Josh Garnett Stanford
    Joe Dahl Wazzu
    Isaac Seumalo Oregon St.
    Cody Whitehair K St
    Ryan Kelly ‘Bama
    Christian Westerman Arizona St
    Graham Glasgow Michigan
    Caleb Benenoch UCLA
    Shon Coleman Auburn
    Nick Martin ND

    Not sure about Germain Ifedi, Le’Raven Clark, Fahn Cooper, Taylor Decker

    Joe Haeg is more ‘finesse’ than ‘finisher’ and NC St’s Joe Thuney and UCLA’s Jake Brendel aren’t even 295 lbs. Extremely rare for a C that size to be drafted.

    • Volume12

      Add Taylor Decker Ohio St and Brandon Shell S. Carolina to the list.

      Joe Haeg ND St, not sure about.

      • Ukhawk

        My favs of those available are Coleman, Garnett & Kelly. They are butt kickers

  29. Steele

    Ryan Kelly did better than Nick Martin in workouts. After all the discussion in here about Martin being a perfect center for the Seahawks, after all of the analysis prior to today, does all the opinion go negative now?

    • Volume12

      I had Kelly the better C, but not by much.

      Martin had a solid combine. He’d still be a great fit.

    • Charles

      I think they probably will go look at the tape and that is where Nick Martin will shine. He may not be killing it at the combine, but often, those numbers don’t necessarily translate to being a good NFL player. On tape he is consistent, and look damn close to as good as his brother did, and he would be staying at the position he played in college. His brother proved he could dominate the NFL level, and if history has any comparisons for us, the closest would probably be the Pouncey brothers. That would be a damn good thing.

    • Rob Staton


    • Ukhawk

      I’d be happy with either. IMO Kelly is a bit more of a hole creator. Martin is just solid, consistent, great technician

  30. Ed

    Been banging the table for awhile about ND players, now even harder.

    2nd Martin
    3rd Prosise
    3rd Day
    5th Smith (why not)

  31. seahawks509

    Terrible news on Smith. Hopefully he can return to full strength. Any chances we take him if he’s there at 26? It’s not like Smith will completely fall out of the draft. He’ll more than likely won’t last past the 2nd. We are one of the rare teams that will be able to red shirt him. A LB group consisting of Wagner, Wright, and Smith would be absolutely insane.

  32. Volume12

    David, Dahl and Martin would look very good together, I agree with ya there.

    Here’s what I’m going back and forth on. Like Rob said, all of Seattle’s LGs were former OT’s. So unless they take Josh Garnett, might not be there and doesn’t fit that trend, who’s the LG?

    Because we know they like big bruising run blockers there. Ya got Dahl, Seumalo, McGovern, but they’re undersized. So unlesd Seattle goes away from what they’ve traditionall gone away from, those guys fit. You could always bulk them up to around 315 or so, but will that hurt their overall game?

    See the confliction?

    Their hands might be tied year in terms of LG.

    • Volume12

      *traditionally gone with

      • Ukhawk

        As above, my favs of those available are Coleman, Garnett & Kell (and Martin). They are butt kickers

        This is if picking early.

        Really like guys who’ve played run heavy or pro style like Mich st, Stanford, ND, Ala etc

        Gets much harder, riskier and time consuming with Spread guys

        So while I like guys like Dahl, Seumalo Benenoch they will take time to transition, if at all. Whilst other guys have some traits but lack something major too be it Technique, agility, or strength with guys like Clark, Cooper Nembot McGovern

        • Ukhawk

          Ps. I’m thinking Coleman could play LT, RT or even LG

  33. Jeff M.

    I calculated Speed Score (Football Outsiders’ metric adjusting RB 40 time for weight, so that Derrick Henry’s 4.54 counts for a lot more than Paul Perkins’) for the guys with official 40 times reported. Not sure if table will paste correctly here but here goes:

    Player Weight 40 Time Speed Score
    Keith Marshall 219 4.31 126.9302191
    Derrick Henry 247 4.54 116.2796022
    Ezekiel Elliott 225 4.47 112.7151832
    C.J. Prosise 220 4.48 109.2296697
    Kenyan Drake 210 4.45 107.1048769
    Dan Vitale 239 4.6 106.7570513
    Daniel Lasco 209 4.46 105.6420565
    Wendell Smallwood 208 4.47 104.1989249
    Marshaun Coprich 207 4.47 103.6979685
    Brandon Wilds 220 4.54 103.5688765
    Soma Vainuku 246 4.68 102.5608686
    Tyler Ervin 192 4.41 101.5259043
    Deandre Washington 204 4.49 100.3863813
    Peyton Barber 228 4.64 98.37685181
    Josh Ferguson 198 4.48 98.30670275
    Paul Perkins 208 4.54 97.91966504
    Alex Collins 217 4.59 97.77751316
    Kenneth Dixon 215 4.58 97.72519452
    Glenn Gronkowski 239 4.71 97.12796019
    Kelvin Taylor 207 4.6 92.46322019
    Andy Janovich 238 4.81 88.92556787
    Shad Thornton 217 4.75 85.25410333

    Basically it’s scaled so 100 is average, 110 is a pretty good athlete, 120 elite, etc. Outside of the likely 1st/2nd-rounders in Elliott and Henry, Marshall and Prosise are really the only two who tick the athletic boxes we’d be looking for (maybe a later-round pick on Drake or Lasco as a 3rd-down back…).

    Maybe there’s a guy out there who didn’t get invited to the combine/didn’t run but blows up his pro-day (or pulls a Rawls, who went from 4.6 at the combine to 4.4 at his pro-day), but right now looks like pretty slim pickings athletically.

    • Rob Staton

      Prosise looks like the best fit at the moment with the speed + explosion (vertical jump).

  34. GeoffU

    The differences between Von Miller and Henry:

    10 yd split
    1.57 vs 1.61

    20 ss
    4.06 vs 4.38

    3 cone
    6.7 vs 7.2

    If there’s a knock on Henry it’s his lateral and short range quickness. Is there a stat out there for broken tackles? Or broken tackles per carry? Seattle is all about this. It might be best to look at running backs in these terms and see how Henry compares. I suspect he’s not the greatest at this.

    • Rob Staton

      He led the nation in missed tackles forced with 60.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        I thought PFF counted 75 MTFs for Henry.

        • Rob Staton

          Who knows how PFF grades anything. They’re all over the place. says 60.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            Derrick Henry, HB, Alabama
            The Heisman trophy winning running back had a strong 2015 season, and finished the year with our second highest rushing grade amongst draft eligible running backs, and leading the class with 76 missed tackles forced.

      • GeoffU

        Well then! That certainly helps his case. He did also carry the ball 58 more times than the next person, though. Would be great if they tracked broken tackles per carry, but still that’s excellent news.

  35. bdawg17

    Rob, not sure if this has been brought up l, however I’ve got to ask. What are your thoughts on Shawn Oakman being converted to a LT? I’m sure it would be a ton of work, and potentially hard to use a 4th or 5th rounder, or something earlier than a 6th or 7th on a conversion project. But man, the measurables… they’re all there.

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