Scouting notes: Siaki Ika, Dawand Jones & Peter Skoronski

— Upon further review, I underestimated Siaki Ika. His performance against Iowa State was first class. He regularly absorbed double teams and drew constant attention in pass-pro. He was aggressive and powerful at the POA. His movement skills were a sight to behold as he twisted away from 1v1 blocks and at one point he pulled out a spin move. There were strings to his bow I hadn’t seen before.

It was interesting to see him stay on the field for a 2nd and 21 play in the fourth quarter and that speaks to his impact. Baylor were weaker up front when he wasn’t out there. On one snap he worked his way to the outside and matched up vs the right tackle. He drove him backwards into the quarterback, shoved the tackle to the ground with disdain and hit the QB leading to an inaccurate pass that was almost intercepted. He anchored consistently in the run and was able to disengage and release not just stick on a block to maintain gap integrity.

It was a tremendous performance that showed what he’s capable of. I’ve moved him up on my board. He’s very much in the ‘can do a job’ bracket’ as a plus nose tackle with the right combination of mobility and strength.

— It’s taken me a while to get to watching him but I was incredibly impressed with Ohio State right tackle Dawand Jones. I’ve graded him higher than team mate Paris Johnson Jr and put him in the fringe first round range (pre-testing).

For a human to move as well as he does at his size is remarkable. His mirror ability in space was shocking at 6-8 and 359lbs. He did a tremendous job tracking speed off the edge, getting into position. When he latches on and engages he’s a pure finisher with the kind of edge you want to see from an offensive lineman.

He’s not just a power merchant though — he knows when to use momentum against a pass rusher to throw him down, he extends to keep his frame clean and finish and he has a good kick-slide for a man this big. I thoroughly enjoyed watching him.

You might ask whether a switch to guard is viable for such an intriguing prospect. Maybe — but with his height I would be cautious about that. I also think it’d be a bit of a waste to see him move inside given how well he handles duties off the edge. That said, there are other players in this class tailor made to kick inside and if the Seahawks find someone they like they should seriously consider taking them. They’ve been so poor in the trenches in the second half of the season, it should remain a priority on both sides of the ball.

— I’ve re-watched Peter Skoronski tape and I’m still a little bit torn on whether he warrants first round consideration as a guard or whether his likely switch inside will keep him on the board longer than people are projecting. He played left tackle at Northwestern and there are some nice reps on tape. I like how he can get on the move and reach up to blocks in the running game. He has a strong back so that when he loses the initial leverage battle or if a pass rusher drives into his frame, he frequently plants the anchor and just stalls any momentum.

His initial step is very impressive. Skoronski gets out of his stance brilliantly and shuts off the edge by closing the space for the rusher to try and build speed. This can be an issue sometimes when you set so dramatically to the outside because you’re susceptible to the inside counter. Some teams might work that out at the next level. However, I didn’t see him giving up anything inside and he seems to have the agility to re-set and adjust. I went back and watched the Michigan game from last year to see him take on Aidan Hutchinson and David Ojabo and he did a really good job containing the inside against Hutchinson, who struggled to beat Skoronski off the edge.

His feet are choppy and quick when engaged and it means he doesn’t lose balance. Sometimes he splits his legs too wide and you can imagine some issues at tackle if he doesn’t solve that — yet for the most part it wasn’t an issue in college.

There are some rough moments too. Lukas Van Ness buried him with a bull-rush vs Iowa. His lack of arm length can be a real issue in one sense and a plus in the other. For example, a long tackle should benefit from playing inside out, sitting inside and using your length to protect the edge. He has to engage all the time because he can’t lean to the inside and stretch out an arm and mirror. That works though in the NFL sense because if his natural home is guard or center, he’s used to hand-fighting and engaging in combat. The fact he does it well enough on the move at tackle is a feather in his cap.

He has a pedigree. He was Northwestern’s first ever five-star recruit and the grandson of former Green Bay Pro-Bowl offensive tackle Bob Skoronski.

I think he has the capability to be a really good guard. Zack Martin was a five-star offensive tackle at Notre Dame who kicked inside in the NFL and has consistently been one of the best lineman since. He had 32 7/8 inch arms and Skoronski will likely have something similar. If the Seahawks were able to draft the next Martin — of course that would be a really useful thing to do. Martin was rare though — a player who generated very little media hype in college but it was obvious to anyone who really studied him how gifted he was despite his length limitations and a fairly middling testing profile. He dominated opponents with power and intensity, did a great job in pass-pro and looked like a class act snap-to-snap.

Skoronski has some of the technical qualities Martin has but doesn’t look as good or as intense, not that it’s a big issue. At Notre Dame, Martin started 52 consecutive games. Skoronski has played in 33 straight games since emerging in 2020. Martin was seen as a safe, versatile pick and I think Skoronski will end up being viewed similarly.

How early are the Seahawks prepared to draft an interior O-liner? That’s a question that is difficult to answer. If they don’t qualify for the playoffs and end up with a mid-first round pick, it’ll be an interesting talking point. He might be able to tie down a guard spot, like Martin, for the next eight years. There’s something to be said for that — particularly on a team that has struggled at right guard and center this season.

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  1. Trevor

    Great writeup Rob! Your OL/DL scouting breakdowns are brilliant and my favorite of all the great content you provide.

  2. Trevor

    The interior of the OL and DL have been a weakness for almost a decade now in Seattle. If they wanted to solve that issue once and for all they could in this draft.

    Rd #1 Carter and Skoronski
    Rd# 2 Ika and Van Pran or Schimtz

    This would certainly do the trick and set them up nicely in the trenches for the next 5 years.

    • Cheese22

      I can’t help but dream about taking Carter and Mazi Smith with their first picks and having those two for the next several years up front. Seems like having them would be the kind of move that makes others around them better. Then go top interior OL in the second. Might be time to invest in the safety position too.

  3. swedenhawk

    Rob, do you think that the spread of Fangio-style defenses will inflate Ika’s value?

    • Rob Staton

      Maybe. But given how poorly the Fangio defenses are fairing we might see teams move off those systems

  4. ImUrHuckleBerri

    I’ve drafting Siaki Ika in draft simulators for Seattle. My main concern with Seattle is I don’t believe they have the proper personnel skillset wise for a 3-4 defense. I can remember the Cowboys 3-4 defense back in the 04-08 year range being pretty good. I can remember fearing Seattle playing Dallas in those years even with Alexander and company. the 49ers defense in 2013 was meant to be feared as well.

    2006 Dallas Front Seven 3-4
    DE Marcus Spears 6’4″ 315
    DE Chris Canty was 6’7″ 317
    NT Jay Ratliff 6’4″ 303

    OLB Greg Ellis 6’6″ 265
    MLB Bradie James 6’2″ 240
    MLB Akin Ayodele 6’2″ 245
    OLB Demarcus Ware 6’4″ 252

    2013 49ers 3-4 Front Seven
    DE Ray McDonald 6’4″ 276
    NT Glenn Dorsey 6’2″ 316
    DE Justin Smith 6’4″ 285

    OLB Ahmad Brooks 6’3″ 259
    MLB Navarro Bowman 6’1″ 230
    MLB Patrick Willis 6″1″ 242
    OLB Aldon Smith 6’5″ 255

    I know this switch for Seattle’s defense only just happened this year. I want to say people used to say it would take 2-3 years to get the correct personnel when switching to a 3-4. We seem to have players with close to the correct measurables. But is that what their skillset is? Do they have the versatility and athleticism to play the role of the position being asked of them?

    • Rob Staton

      Here’s what I’d say about this…

      1. Is Siaki Ika really any more suited to playing nose tackle in a 3-4 than Al Woods? Having a proper nose hasn’t been an issue for Seattle. Woods has played well and is one of only two defensive lineman in Seattle (along with Shelby Harris) that has graded well according to PFF. So I don’t think we can say that is a missing link or a cause for the defense struggling.

      2. Harris played for Vic Fangio in Denver and by all accounts played well and is playing well in Seattle. So that’s two of the three front spots that are manned by players with experience in the scheme and/or are suited to their roles.

      3. I don’t think we can talk about incorrect personnel as an excuse for this scheme. If you are going to spend second round picks on Mafe and Taylor and then select a scheme where they are essentially non-factors, that’s either a terrible choice of scheme or your coaching isn’t good enough or they aren’t good enough and were crap picks. I don’t think Mafe and Taylor are crap players.

      4. On top of that we’re only two and a half years removed from them selecting Jordyn Brooks in round one. So you’ve listed four second level defenders for the Cowboys and Niners there. Seattle has pumped major resources into Brooks, Taylor and Mafe to be their equivalent and then signed Uchenna Nwosu as their most expensive outside free agent signing ever. Are we really saying they did all this, then picked a scheme that requires an overhaul of the players they’ve just added? Again, that’s either terrible decision making on scheme selection or bad coaching to make this group so ineffective.

      5. It is clear they lack X-factor talent in the front seven and we can all see that. Maybe Jalen Carter can be Seattle’s Justin Smith or Will Anderson can be their Aldon Smith or DeMarcus Ware. Even so, they have added players to this team and selected a scheme which is performing badly. To not be able to come up with an answer to stop the run for weeks and weeks, seeing the same problems emerge time and time again, with a mediocre pass rush that often doesn’t even seem to be putting its players in a position to pressure because when do you see that consistent edge pressure? It’s not good enough. I can accept being average or below average and not having the star quality to be a difference making defense. Giving up 200 rushing yards a game while creating no pressure for weeks on end? That’s unacceptable whoever is on the field.

      6. Why are we again seeing coaches talk about ‘needing to get X player more snaps’? It was Alton Robinson before, now it’s Boye Mafe. The same answer is given each time. ‘Wooops, that wasn’t supposed to happen, better get it right next week’. Meanwhile a bang average older veteran gets a chunk of non-impactful playing time. Not good enough.

      7. If the likes of Mone, Ford, Jefferson, Barton etc aren’t good enough or are bad fits — why were they signed, re-signed or given an unchallenged path to starting this season?

      There are so many questions to ask and for me, not having the right personnel is low on the list.

      • Big Mike

        From 1 thru 7, a fantastic breakdown/summation of the defensive disaster in Seattle Rob!
        It’s time to move on from Pete Carroll and all his coaches. These 7 points illustrate extremely well why that us the case.

        • Troy

          Spot on, Rob. I am so sick of mediocre being OK.

          I listened to the Denver Broncos owner repeatedly apologize to the fan base for the team, product and result put on the field.

          When is the last time we’ve heard anything like this from our head coach, GM or owner. Instead we hear always compete, we’re in on evertyhing, we played better in a 24-10 loss, our tackling wasn’t too bad, etc.

          2013-2014 is a long time ago. We’ve been a mediocre shadow of ourselves ever since. Always compete..

          • Big Mike

            You left out “we’re close” (we’re actually not of course)

      • Joshua Smith

        Rob! Don’t ever quit. 👍😁
        Points 3 & 4 make my brain hurt.
        It’s definitely more complicated, I know, but the large scale picture.
        Have a plan/scheme.
        Hire the coaches in agreement with your plan/scheme.
        Draft players who fit that plan/scheme.
        Execute plan/scheme. If youre grooming young players there are bumps and bruises as they learn and grow. But watching 2nd-3rd year guys looking like inexperienced players and regressing while hearing our coach say “we’re so close”..???!!???
        It blows my mind…

      • cha

        These are excellent points.

        I think it all speaks to the inevitable conclusion: you cannot throw this wild performance on missing men to injury, or not enough resources, or, or, or…it’s simply a mess of coaching and development.

        In case anyone else still thinks this is just some fan opinion and scapegoating PC, Cliff Avril just the other day doubled down on his ‘the Seahawks are not asking the guys to do what they are good at’ and added they need to spend the offseason fixing this.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Excellent summation of the situation and its multiple intersecting aspects Rob.

        This stood out to me:

        Why are we again seeing coaches talk about ‘needing to get X player more snaps’? It was Alton Robinson before, now it’s Boye Mafe. The same answer is given each time. ‘Wooops, that wasn’t supposed to happen, better get it right next week’. Meanwhile a bang average older veteran gets a chunk of non-impactful playing time.

        This is purely a coaching decision. Whom to play, how many snaps, in what down/distance situations — the coaches decide that. It’s not a vague, nebulous, mysterious process. It’s a coach’s (DC/HC) decision, plain and simple.

        Why do coaches play certain players? Two reasons:

        1. To contribute to a win; and

        2. To gain experience to be able to better contribute to future wins

        Take the example of Irvin/Mafe (though it’s equally applicable to Mayowa/Robinson). Irvin doesn’t offer a coach the second reason for playing someone. At this stage in his career, Irvin isn’t gaining experience to become a better player in the future. He’s the player he is and that’s it. Wysisyg. So the only reason Carroll/Hurtt have for playing Irvin is because he contributes to wins.

        [Narrator] But Irvin did not contribute to wins.

        I’m not sure I’d go so far as to call Irvin a liability, but I’m not sure I wouldn’t go that far either. (See cha’s comment above)

        Point is, if Irvin isn’t helping you win games, and he’s not gaining experience so he can help you win games in the future, WTF are you playing him for? Especially when you have a player in Mafe who objectively contributes more to wins (again, see cha’s comment) and who gains experience with every snap to better contribute to future wins for this team for at least the next 3 seasons (barring injury or trade).

        To me, this speaks of a failure of coaching — in particular, a failure of player assessment. It appears that Carroll (and possibly also Hurtt) think Irvin is a better than he actually is, a better player than his stats or his game film show. Moreover, because he doesn’t offer anything in the way of gaining experience, Carroll/Hurtt must so value his contributions to wins as to make up for the fact that he offers the team nothing by way of gaining experience to become a better player in the future.

        It also, and I hate to say it but there it is, it also reeks of old man, of washed up, of has been. What’s that U2 lyric, ‘we look to the past when our future dries up’ or something? That’s what this says to me.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          Correction: cha’s comment below

  5. Big Mike

    You know you’re old when you remember Bob Skoronski playing for the Packers and Lombardi during their 60s dynasty. Sigh.

    Thanks for the article Rob. Outstanding as always.

    • Palatypus

      He’s no Cookie Gilchrist.

      • Big Mike

        Helluva RB btw

  6. Stuart

    Great stuff as always Rob!

    I really like Trevors idea alot. A big problem i see with the 3-4 is it takes 2-3 years to draft the correct personnel but if Pete stays all in on 3-4 and the next coach wants a 4-3….

    Its obvious that our D is atrocious and we should just stick with a 4-3.

    Please retire Pete. The results from this season will play to his narative if we finish at 9-8.

    Think about that, projected to win just 5 game’s and the Russell Wilson haul.

    Say goodbye Pete, its for the best for everyone.

    • Geoff u

      To be fair, our defense sucked for years when it was a 4-3 as well, which tells me it’s not the “scheme” that’s the problem.

  7. Trevor

    If Pete is going to pack it in what would be the most likely timing of an announcement I wonder?

    • Rob Staton

      It would never happen until the playoffs are out of the question

      He’s not going to make it all about him when a post-season tilt is still available

      • Trevor

        Yes agreed. Just wondering if it would happen quickly at end of season I guess or if they lose this week and are out would he announce it before the last game. All just guessing and speculation I guess at this point. The draft position of both Denver and Seattle along with Pete’s status at least make for an interesting 10 days to end the season.

      • Big Mike

        In other words, sometime next week after the loss to the Jets (Mike White is back).

    • Tomas

      Sometime in early 2026, I would venture.

      • Big Mike


  8. Trevor

    If the Hawks decide to roll with Geno instead of drafting the QB of the future then the Raiders moving on from Derrick Carr and Sam Darnold’s solid play in Carolina is a good thing. Jimmy G, Baker, Carr and Darnold are all mid-tier veteran options like Geno so teams have options if they want to go that route. Further evidence that there is not likely to be a bidding war for Geno.

  9. cha

    Great stuff Rob. Particularly since the Hawks badly need trench help.

  10. cha

    For anyone wondering why we’re getting “Boye Mafe needs more snaps” talk now…ahem…

    • Mick

      I mean, why play him more? He grades great against the run and it’s not like our run D isn’t… ah never mind. And of course Irvin is last.

      Speaking of which, Brooks is just terrible in coverage.

  11. Ryan Purcell

    Any thoughts on if the Fangio style of defense is predicated on being more aggressive? More blitzing and more attacking? This then leads to more chances being taken and higher amount of splash plays both negative and positive for the D. Pete (I think) would prefer to stifle a team and force them to execute flawlessly in order to score. Even the legion of boom was not a big attacking D to my mind. They just didn’t let you execute what you wanted to execute.

    • Rob Staton

      The problem is it is set up to be crap vs the run unless you have fantastic players up front or you have the scheme absolutely nailed down to a fine art which only Fangio himself seems capable of doing

  12. Forrest

    Fantastic point above, Rob. It’s easy to say, we’ll draft this DT or DE and our defense will improve. But, you have to also look at it as, who would this player replace. Does taking Al Woods off the field and putting a rookie nose in make you better? I don’t think so. I CAN say that taking Cody Barton or Gabe Jackson off the field and replacing them with a better rookie would make us better.

    Then, you look at the money and Poona, Diggs, Jamal Adams, Austin Blythe and maybe Geno (after this season) could be replaced with much less expensive alternatives (and Mone, Jefferson, Dissly, etc.).

    Next you look at age and Woods’ position needs a longer-term solution. Maybe Geno.

    Finally, you look at injury and Adams and Penny need to be addressed.

    Since chemistry doesn’t seem to be a problem, most of the rest comes down to coaching. Honestly, other than Barton and maybe Poona/Mone, I don’t see glaring problems on defense. So, I’m inclined to think coaching/scheme is more of the issue. As has been pointed out, giving receivers free releases in the Fangio 3-4 has been a killer across the league. San Diego has improved by pressing. So, we could do that. But, that doesn’t fix the issues against the run. In this area, I think Barton is a huge issue, but the the Poona/Mone spot and Diggs’ whiffs could be addressed. I certainly don’t want to go back to dropping big men into coverage from the 4-3, but that’s not necessary. I feel Pete believes that Adams is the key. Which is more than concerning. Tackling has always been an issue, so I don’t think personnel is the problem there.

    Across the league, and over the years, there are plenty of examples of successful defenses to model – and they played against MUCH better offenses than the ones we have struggled with this season!

    • MountainHawker

      I don’t think any rookie lb in this class would play better than Barton. Jackson I agree with. Add Blythe to the list. His callouts are great but I’ve seen him get destroyed every single game

  13. Mr Magic

    Any updates on Lucas peck? That would be a big injury if its torn, could cost him serious time and influence our view on drafting OL early as well…

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think it would impact the draft. You’re not looking to draft a backup early

      • Trevor

        That would be another advantage of drafting a guy like Jordan Mcfadden in Rd 2-3. You bring him in to play Guard but he can play OT in a pinch as well. Same goes for guys like Skoronski earlier.

    • Mick

      We can start Forsythe and Curhan there, I wouldn’t waste a pick on a backup.

  14. DCSeattle

    Ultimately I just want to see them draft o-lineman to play o-line. I’m hoping things are trending that way given the past draft. Too many years of converting d-lineman to o-line, taking on projects (like Fant) and tinkering around with high draft pick o-lineman never letting them settle into a spot (think Britt, or even Damien Lewis to an extent). More than anything, I want to see a real center. Find a guy that can be plugged in there for the next several years and anchor things for whoever the next QB is.

  15. cha

    Rob on Ika, do you think the Iowa St game is a good enough sample to avoid the dreaded DT “only plays when he wants to” or “limited motor” tag?

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve seen him have a couple of nondescript games too I will seek to watch more but wanted to write about what I saw vs Iowa State

  16. Blitzy the Clown

    Corbin Smith chimes in on Mafe

    Corbin K. Smith @CorbinSmithNFL

    More fun Boye Mafe stats: The #Seahawks rookie ranks fourth in solo tackles among first-year edge defenders and third in run stops (20) per @PFF.

    The only two players ahead of him in run stops? #1 overall pick Travon Walker and #2 overall pick Aidan Hutchinson.

    Walker and Hutchinson have each played at least 90 more snaps against the run than Mafe.

    Obviously, pass rush numbers haven’t been there in comparison, but he’s had half as many opportunities as Hutchinson, Walker, George Karlaftis.

    Let’s just put it this way… Playing under 25 snaps per game at this point is simply unacceptable. Hopefully Pete Carroll and Clint Hurtt will figure out their rotations to ensure that Mafe will truly get more chances in the last two games.

    9:51 AM · Dec 29, 2022

    • Matt

      YET…Corbin will continue to carry the water for this staff. These guys have good insights but have more concern about maintaining “buddy-buddy” status with the staff. It’s a shame.

      • McZ

        This text is a damning statement; it basically summarizes that this coaching staff has actively sabotaged a ProBowl worthy season of Boye Mafe.

        He called this out as unacceptable. A strong wording you basically never read in Seahawks-la-la-land.

        And still, in the moment he realizes that he writes the damning truth nobody in the 12s braintrust wants to hear, he includes Clint Hurtt in the statement. The roles are set… PC defensive genius, who cannot depend on this coaches; the coaches as scapegoats.

  17. Blitzy the Clown

    Hard to argue with those numbers

    Or with the Sonics dagger the NBA thrust into in my heart

    Zac Stevens @ZacStevensDNVR

    The Broncos-Rams blowout game on Christmas had more viewers (22.57M) than all of the NBA games COMBINED (21.59M).

    The NFL is king.

    6:14 PM · Dec 28, 2022

    • God of Thunder

      The sheer irrationality of neglecting to give certain younger players some vital reps — and instead playing bang average vets, as Rob said — surprises me so much that I think it’s done to send a message.

      • God of Thunder

        Oops meant to post that higher up.

  18. Peter

    Rob more great stuff!

    Also enjoyed the back and forth between you and Matt (commenter) about what Carter is and isn’t and how some fans think about him fixing all the dline woes…….

    That said can’t link nor do I care to but for all the old heads here I woke up to YouTube recommending me a video saying:

    “Carter is Tez 2.0″…..yikes….

    • Matt

      Carter is really good and will absolutely help this team. But, people are really making him out to be something he hasn’t shown yet. I got in a debate on Twitter about him and was basically told, “well production doesn’t matter when comparing players.”

      Which I think is dumb. Why? While production in college needs an asterisk, it’s not totally useless because it shows said player was able to produce despite: scheme, competition, opportunity, role, etc. For example, while Quinnen Williams and Jalen Carter *may* have similarities – only one completely dominated for an entire season to the tune of 8 sacks and 19 TFLs. That’s Quinnen Williams. That production outdoes Carter’s entire career.

      Now – that doesn’t mean Carter can’t produce in the NFL. And that’s never been my argument about him. What it means is he hasn’t shown that yet; so we are talking strictly potential, at this point.

      To your last comment; these people are setting themselves up for heartbreak when JC is not putting up 8-10 sacks a year. The reason I’d pass on Carter at 3 is because I’d rather have a combination of Ika/Smith AND Kancey at a discount. If Carter isn’t wrecking games – then that #3 pick is poor value. That’s just reality.

      I’d rather swing and miss on a QB or pure pass rusher at #3 over getting a well-rounded, merely good DT. Why? Because a merely good DT isn’t winning you a super bowl where a good QB or Pass Rusher can. Am I saying Carter is bound to merely be good? No. But if he’s not great or dominant – I think you diminished the value of the pick. And as of right now – he hasn’t shown he can generate sacks or TFLs at an elite level. Smith and Ika give you an athletic profile that can become a pass rusher while Kancey has shown he can generate sacks at a high level. Again, I’m ok getting a potentially “3rd down-only pass rushing DT who is not in the game on run downs” in the late 1st or Day 2 than I am a well rounded but not dominant DT at #3.

      • Roy Batty

        The funny thing about all the Georgia star defenders is that almost every one of them has shown a downturn in stats for 2022.

        When a team is that loaded on that side of the ball, I can only guess that they are shutting down offenses quicker, resulting in less snaps in total, and other star players emerging from their constant flow of top recruits.

        Just a guess, but the way they have dominated, it makes sense.

        • Matt

          Very fair point. I do get concerned about guys coming from loaded teams. Georgia has been loaded and I’m struggling to think who has translated great to the NFL besides Roquon Smith, in recent years.

          Again – I think Carter is very, very good.

          On a side note – this is what is intriguing about Bryce Young. He really proved he can play at a high level when his team takes a clear step back talent wise. I’m shocked how bad the WR corps was for Bama, this year.

  19. God of Thunder

    Not sold on Carter or Anderson. I mean to say, they are good players, undoubtedly first rounders. But not the kind of transcendent players at their position that warrant a top 3 or top 4 draft pick.

    It’s likely not a great draft “up top.” (Smart thorough chaps like Rob would know; I’m just offering an opinion.) The best draft value at the very top of the draft order might be Levis or Richardson. If the Seahawks are picking top 3, say, I think they should do what they can to leave the draft with one of those two QBs. That is the best value move.

    • Matt

      Right there with you. I really, really like both Anderson and Carter. But I don’t see either as a sure thing/no brainer at #3. I think Anderson is a terrible scheme fit and Carter is all “potential,” granted great potential.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Combine testing will be big

        Carter will quiet a lot of doubters if he runs a 40 in 4.7 with a 1.6s 10 yard split, +30″ vertical, 7 second 3 cone, etc.

        • Matt

          What doubters?

          Besides Rob and I; there are very few (and even we aren’t doubters, per se). And all of us recognize the traits – it’s always been about production, which the combine will not change.

          • Matt

            There’s not one person on earth who doesn’t expect him to test amazingly well.

          • Matt

            Put simply – I think Carter is a great athlete and will absolutely be a good NFL DT. Thinking he will be a dominant DT involves living up to his potential and doing things he hasn’t done yet. Doesn’t mean he can’t do it. But, the fact remains is that many are assuming he will be a better player in the NFL than he was in college…and he’s coming from the most dominant program in CFB. It’s not like he was in a Will Levi’s like situation. Things will be more difficult for him; not easier.

      • Big Mike

        I’m with you too Thunder. Take Richardson or Levis. It’s too good an opportunity. If there was a Nick Bosa in this draft, I might feel differently. There isn’t as Rob has pointed out on numerous occasions. I might also feel differently if Seattle didn’t have a stockpile of picks. They obviously do so if take the big swing on the QB and he ends up just being meh, the draft would still be very good if you did well on the other picks

        • dand393

          Couldn’t have said it better I hope this is exactly what they do

        • Henry Taylor

          I also think Bryce Young should be included in this list, his size is obviously a huge concern and I think many Seahawks fans, including myself, are over having an undersized QB. But I also don’t think we should overlook the guy as a potential very high pick. He’s just so good.

    • Forrest


  20. SoZ

    The length of the leash given to PC and JS to trot out very subpar OL and DL lineups year after year is baffling. It seems Michael Bennett was the last Pro Bowler on the DL 5 years ago. Duane Brown the only OL Pro Bowler in years. No All-Pros on either since Max Unger in 2012. Last DL All Pro Patrick Kerney?

    Obviously those awards aren’t everything but what is the main reason for this lack of talent? Or are the reasons really fixable with this leadership?
    Poor drafting? Poor free agent signings or unwillingness to spend? Poor coaching? Playing middling vets?

  21. DriveByPoster

    RIP Pele. The man who made me love sport!

  22. GoHawks5151

    Great info Rob! I to was impressed with Ika. It was nice to see him stay on the field on long distance downs. Hell even Jordan Davis didn’t even do that (Yes Davis is the better player). I like Skoronski but prefer the Clemson dude if we are going converted guards.

    Not to add to your list Rob but have you watched Kitan Oladapo, Safety from Oregon State? Kids a thumper. Multiple 14+ tackle games. 1st team PAC 12 defense. Used as a Drone Buchanan deathbacker type at times too. If they miss out on Skinner I’d give him a look in the mid rounds

  23. cha

    Titans starting Josh Dobbs tonight at QB over Malik Willis.

    Dobbs has been with the Titans for…(checks calendar)…eight days.

    • Big Mike

      But, but….Seattle should have drafted Willis dontcha know?

      How bad has Willis been to warrant this? Must be awful beyond belief.

      • Geoff u

        Have you watched him play? He may as well just make the switch to running back now…

        • Matt

          They should honestly make him like a Red Zone weapon. He has no chance of playing QB long term.

          Last years QB class was atrocious – my God. Ridder looks awful too.

        • cha

          Remember in preseason and Vrabel benched him? He said “I wanted him to the throw the ball and he wouldn’t, so we pulled him.”

          Think about that. ‘I was asking my QB to throw and he refused and ran instead.’

          My goodness.

        • Big Mike

          I have not seen him Geoff. Sounds like a real horror show.

          • Peter

            Our guaranteed first round pick:

            8 games. 50.8% on 61 attempts. 3 ints. No tds.

    • Roy Batty

      Murf Baldwin said Willis would lead Seattle to the playoffs. Said it was a no-brained to take him in the top 10.

      But he preaches that hyperbole about A LOT of draft prospects.

      Gotta get them clicks, I guess.

  24. samprassultanofswat

    Rob: Great write up. As everyone knows. What the Seahawks do with the second first round pick will determine who they take with their first pick in the first round. On January 9th the Hawks will know where their first four picks will be in the draft(assuming the Hawks don’t get into the playoffs).

  25. Palatypus

    So Cha, is it fair to say that Alton Robinson and Tyreke Smith do NOT get an accrued season? Please remind me how this works.

    • cha

      They do get accrued years. Injured Reserve for at least 6 games (which both have already surpassed) accrues them a season. They will be Unrestricted FA’s when their contracts are up, same as if they were playing this year.

  26. Big Mike

    Sorry to interject something personal but I badly need to vent. Please folks, for the love of God don’t ever again book a flight on Southwest airlines. My wife was stranded at airports in San Diego for nearly 2 days which wasn’t great, and then again in Oakland for a day and a half over Christmas Eve, Christmas day and the day aftet. In Oakland she had no access to any restaurants because they are all up at the gates and without an active flight/boarding pass you’re not allowed up there. She barely ate anything, just snack type stuff and she and her friend were told by security not to even consider leaving the airport like to try to get a room because it’s a very bad area.
    I had to drive 10 hours one way from Vancouver, WA to Oakland to rescue them so to speak as they were told they might not get out until today (Thursday) and that was Monday morning!! And considering what I’ve seen on the news, I’m not sure that would’ve happened, it may have been tomorrow or ??
    It is my most sincere wish this company dies an unceremonious death because this is just one nightmare story of thousands and thousands this piece of shit company is responsible for this holiday season, some of which are still ongoing.

    • Rob Staton

      Very sorry to read that Mike, that sounds awful

    • BobbyK

      That sucks! Sorry, man:(

    • Big Mike

      Thanks guys, I really do appreciate the kind words.

    • bmseattle

      Sorry, Mike. I”ve heard similar stories from people I know.
      I was about to book a flight for late March to Vegas on Southwest.
      No way I’m doing that, at this point.

    • Palatypus

      Sorry to hear that Mike. If you ever decide to go to the Senior Bowl, you will probably be flying DELTA. They are based out of Atlanta.

    • TomLPDX

      So sorry to hear this. Are you all safe and sound now?

    • Mick

      Damn Mike, I hope you and your wife and her friend are all good now.

    • Big Mike

      Again thank you all for the support. Some damned fine people here.
      And yes, I got them home by Tuesday late afternoon.

  27. Happy Hawk

    Heard KJ Wright on an interview today- said he thinks if Seattle has “their” qb in their sights when they draft – they will take him early and continue the rebuild. Also, said that Geno has earned another contract somewhere if not in Seattle.

    • Rob Staton

      And that shouldn’t be a controversial statement

      The quarterbacks in this class, at the top end, are talented players with bags of potential

      There’s not a Joe Burrow type but then Mahomes/Allen/Herbert were not seen as sure things

      If you believe one of these players can reach their levels, then it’s a fantastic opportunity to get them — whether Geno re-signs or not.

      • Matt

        Perfectly put. I think outside of Burrow, Lawrence and Luck (at draft time) – you can say there have been ZERO surefire QBs over the last decade.

        If there is a guy they love and think can be a top of the NFL QB – you *have* to take him. Sounds extreme, but you *have* to do that.

        If they aren’t sold on anybody – then refrain.

        I think it’s actually simple – in large part thanks to Geno’s level of play and age.

        • BobbyK

          If you go with Geno again save salary cap space and spend money on your PR BS propaganda staff… and trade all your good picks this year so you can get someone you believe in next year.

          You either have a QB or you don’t.

    • BobbyK

      Geno was better than I thought he’d be but ultimately he’s still Geno Smith. If your goal is mediocrity (even if everyone gets a trophy and makes the Pro Bowl these days) congratulations on your Seahawks season. But my bar is high and I want that rookie QB who can give us hope. A season isn’t wasted if you can see the progress. For me, this season was a waste before it even started and I knew I’d be proven right. So glad it’s close to over and it’ll be time to finally have a bunch of picks to actually launch this movement forward.

      • Matt

        This really resonates with me. I think mediocrity is a purgatory you want to avoid at all costs. I’m fine taking a step back if that means we feel like we are truly building something great. The bandaid treatment is the worst possible action.

        • Peter


          This is why I’m in the miss the playoffs camp.

          Some sense needs to come from losing seasons.

          It’s time to change things. Even down to player evaluations. Most notably dline size. I count 24 players Seattle has drafted or spent picks for in trade though my numbers may be off +/- 1-2 because I honestly could not remember everyone they did those ridiculous oline conversions with. Plus I added mafe and Taylor because as outside linebackers pass rush is the name of the game.

          Regardless of those Jarran Reed and Frank Clark were the only ones who were good to something better.

          I’m all for having a type. Or size. Or whatever. This process as it were is not working. How gutted will we be if they pass on Kancey and he is someone that approximates even 60-70% of Donald because of nothing more than size.

  28. BobbyK

    When I do my mock drafts, I have been drafting Ika and Kancey together a lot in the early 2nd round (though I know you have Kancey in the 1st round in your mock).

    I think if a team could double-dip at DT with those two, it could lead to great things. One is an undersized dynamo but he’d be paid with a guy who would never get bullied by anyone. Gives you your interior pass rusher who may command double teams next to a guy you have to block with two because he’s such a monster.

    • Peter

      Love the logic of this.

      • Old but Slow

        Similarly, I have been looking at a Kancey/Mazi Smith combo.

        • Rob Staton

          Problem is this regime really values length inside and both of these players have short arms

          • Peter

            Your breakdown of their draft code has been amazing all these years.

            It’s (not you….) fundamentally flawed.

            Their ability to scout dline talent might be their worst scouting evaluations over all this time.

            They won’t do it but it’s well passed time to change something even parameters of players when you hit on TWO total players.

            • Crosljam

              From memory, and correct me if I’m wrong, one of the reasons we thought seattle wouldn’t take boye mafe was arm length? Maybe a sign they are softening that area? Or is it even more a thing for DT them edge?

  29. Blitzy the Clown

    Let’s go Dawgs!

    Beat them Longhorns!

    • KD


  30. Palatypus


  31. Palatypus

    Quin Ewers is the next Colt McCoy.

    • BobbyK

      You mean a guy who won’t be a good NFL player unless he’s playing the Seahawks?

  32. KD

    ffs. Refs missed a blatant PI call there

    • Palatypus

      And a foul on that fair catch.

  33. Palatypus

    That announcer just called the Huskies “Washington State.”

    What’s next? A booth review by Bill Levy?

    • cha

      A discussion about farting in the press box due to eating too much brisket.

  34. Justaguy

    Is Jaxson Kirkland a viable 4th or 5th round LG option for Seattle? Dude is massive

    • Matt

      Probably later, if not UDFA. He’s gonna be 25 next year and hasn’t been all that good for several years. Injury really derailed him.

      • Justaguy

        I didn’t know about the injuries. Jaxson looks agile for his size and is absolutely holding it down tonight. To be fair I don’t follow the Huskies.
        I don’t think age for a IOL is a huge concern though. Joel Bitonio is 31 and All Pro.

        • Matt

          Once in the NFL, I agree. But age has to be a factor when evaluating tench players in college. 24 year olds should physically dominate 19-21 year olds.

    • Palatypus

      On a related note, senior OT Jazton Turntine, listed at 6’7″ #336, had a gruesome injury late in the Cheez-It bowl. Not sure where he was projected to go.

  35. Matt

    Rob – what’s your take on Michael Penix?

    *Yes, I’m kidding

  36. Nate

    Why is Michael Penix Jr a pro prospect again? When the first read is covered, he can’t function and has that look on his face like “What do I do now coach?! Help!” Add in a legitimate pass rush and the dude struggles super hard. Plus he has medicals that make Tua’s look like a clean bill of health.

  37. Draft guy

    Took a sec to find the numbers, for my draft people:

    Draft prospects to watch in this game (Current rough draft grade)


    #58 Mazi Smith, DT (2nd)
    Blake Corum, RB (3rd) *Injured
    #5 DJ Turner, CB (3rd)
    #90 Mike Morris, DE (4th)
    #55 Olusegun Oluwatimi, OC/OG (5th)
    #76 Ryan Hayes, OT (5th)
    #8 Ronnie Bell, WR (6th)
    #14 Roman Wilson, WR (7th)
    #6 RJ Moten, S (UDFA)
    #18 Eyabi okie, EDGE (UDFA)


    #1 Quentin Johnston, WR (1st)
    #1 TreVius Hodges-Tomlinson, CB (3rd)
    #79 Steve Avila, OC/G (4th)
    #33 Kendre Miller, RB (5th)
    #98 Dylan Horton, DL (5th)
    #21 Noah Daniels, CB (6th)
    #24 Josh Newton, CB (6th)
    #11 Derius Davis, WR (7th)
    #15 Max Duggan, QB (7th)
    #13 Dee Winters, LB (UDFA)

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